7 easy steps to more panic room: house of secre hack gold tokens

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You think its difficult to use a hack tool on the mobile game? Let us prove you wrong with our gold token generator  for gold tokens Panic Room House of Secrets hack !

Why use the gold token hack generator tool  to Panic Room?

You will find that many players are using the hack tool for mobile games. This practice has become widespread since the games type so-called freemium still called pay-to-win.

As suggested by the qualities of the games, it is necessary to pay if you want to win a few games and why not.

If you prefer to save your money, you will not save time however as to get more chips gold token, you will need to evidence of death… patience! At HackJr Community, thanks to the gold token generator, you can now cut short of hours waiting and make financial and time savings!

The interest of a hack tool you’ll realize is that beyond the savings, you will benefit from its services safely: each of our generators has a transparency system and anti-ban script that acts undercover within the system of the game.

This hack allows the user to be completely anonymous to the game publishing server and accordingly be completely untraceable.

Recently, we decided to integrate additional security to each of our generators. As a result of a survey that we had with our HackJr Community most loyal Gamers, we add transparent security system was very important to each hack generator tool.

Now, several months every regular user, HackJr Community Gamers or not, is obliged to validate this security end-of-generation portal. If you aren’t a familiar with HackJr Community, we recommend that you take a look at the guided we added at the top of this article.

It allows you to understand how to do this validation in just a few clicks! Despite reading this tutorial questions would remain pending, if you write a comment, we answer you as soon as possible!

Finally, it seemed important to point out that a series of controls is performed after each hack tool design. Test them first even in our hackjr-lab, on a different device with different operating systems and then we send them in hacking commission so that made some final checks.

That stage is critical for the publication of a hack tool to publish on our blog. We hope you understand why some games are not yet equipped with a generator or a bot.

Now you are unbeatable on the tokenizer for Panic Room, let’s move on to practical convenience.

Activation of the gold toke hack generator tool

  1. go to the page where is installed the generator of resources by clicking on the button “To access the generator” placed at the top of this page.
  2. in the box, enter to choose either the pseudonym, address Facebook or ID allowing you to connect to your download platform (this information is necessary so that the generator identifies the account to be credited).
  3.  then select the operating system that is used by your device: iOS
  4. in the corresponding drop-down bar, choose a number of chips of bronze and gold chips you want to create your account.
  5. then click on the button “generate” to start the process.
  6. validate our security system using the video posted at the top of this article
  7.  your ava coins and your gems are finally available! Return to Panic Room: House of secrets to enjoying all your resources and your game without limits!


Do not hesitate to leave us a comment to share your experience with any other HackJr Community Gamers on Panic Room: House of Secrets gold token generator.

Panic Room – House of Secrets

Only available on iOS, Panic Room – House of Secrets presents itself as a hidden object game around which a plot revolves: the atmosphere, the scenario, the depth of the characters and the regular updates to actually do much more than a simple game of quest items.

The synopsis? You wake up in a luxurious room, slightly heavy head and you hear a voice. It is actually of a puppeteer who makes you understand that you have to fight to get your freedom and get out of this gigantic Manor in which you are locked (e).

It is through many hidden object scenes and resolution of puzzles you’ll unravel the mystery of this strange dwelling where the plot is ubiquitous. Discovering the history of your comrades in misfortune, maybe learn you about your kidnapper as well as the underlying reason for his actions? But it is not without danger.

Tokens of bronze and gold that you just built you will be of great use to enjoy your games without interruption on Panic Room: House of Secrets. You will finally be able to enjoy your game to its fair value.