Seven Knights Hack Unlimited Ruby and Gold

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7kBeing a fierce warrior wishing to have some fun inside a game that asks for your funds, then you’re in the place to help you do that, the latest Seven Knights hack allows players to fully enjoy their game without spending any money.


Presented by HackJr Community, the brand new Seven Knights Hack can totally boost your game experience because we help you acquire gold and rubies without spending one dollar so that you could fully enjoy the overall game without spending money. The Seven Knights Hack runs on both Android and iOS devices and is competent to generate unlimited gold and rubies in a short time, all by simply a few clicks, it is totally safe and doesn’t require any Apk modding because this is based on the cloud server.



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About the game

Seven-Knights-GameplayThe land of Ladenburg is in desperate need of brave warriors who is capable of facing the God of Destruction and preserve peace. It is your decision you to actually join Evan and Karin, that will put together a band of warriors to achieve victory!

Made from South Korea’s game developer Netmarble Games, this game has turned out to be successful. In fact, its’s more than a game. It is an adventure. This game features a huge selection of heroes and engages the player from the beginning since it presents an easy battle system.

Seven Knights feature a limitless number of 3D battles. Countless heroes can possibly be combined for powerful combinations in the battles by enlisting teams. The game is brought to life by the dynamic effects and the diverse skill animations, if you haven’t already you can download it here(Android) or here(iOS).

The Gameplay

The game offers strategy playstyle. As soon as you form your team, you are able to do several moves to get ready them for their quest for Ladenburg. The ultimate quest requires your team to have improved on their skills and have increased power for battles. You are also able to equip yourself for your quest and rank them up against other teams.

The truly amazing aspect of this game is because when you eventually combine the heroes, you could possibly customize for your own preferences to make the formidable team. Unlike other games in which you are not able to customize the team’s skills, in Seven Knights, it’s possible and far better is the idea that you can customize your team’s formation too with a purpose to strategize get ready for battles.

This game has different modes that the player can select based on their own preferences. In Adventure Mode, you go through different continents. After you conquer a continent, you progress to the other. When you move ahead, you are able to train your heroes and improve the skills and formation of your team. Once you conquer the continents and you also turn into a pro, then you move to Battle Mode. In Battle Mode, you contest against other players who are skilled to prove your worth.

In case you enjoy cooperating with other people, down below the Celestial Tower, you’ll be able to cooperate with other people to earn the honor to becoming the best guild. The Daily Dungeon is a daily challenge which you could gain hero supplements and boost the potential of your hero as soon as you display your strength. In Celestial Tower mode, you could possibly challenge your limit as you battle levels which have increasing difficulty.

In the whole of your adventure, it’s possible to collect over 200 heroes while you enhance their strengths and build an unstoppable army. The overall game has numerous stages which you fight through with simple automated combat and active skills available which you can use.
The game offers numerous quick stages based upon making the progression from one particular stage to another. Just like many RPG games, it provides three difficulty levels; easy, normal and difficult. The various difficulty levels have different features such as locations, bosses, and maps. As soon as you complete the easy level, you unlock the normal and once complete this level you progress to hard. The truly amazing bit is the idea that you’ll be able to travel with your heroes as soon as you start throughout the different stages.

In each single stage, you will find enemies that the player must defeat to advance to the next stage. The enemies dependent upon the stage could be a wave of one to 3. Some of the rewards that include completing a stage include hero and player experience, gold which you can use to buy weaponry and improve your heroes gear. For some stages, you might be awarded with monsters who is going to join the party and make the team formidable. Stages are short which can take minutes to complete. This game provides an ‘auto skill’ and ‘2x speed’ feature and as soon as activated, it speeds things up. The overall game keeps you engaged by the storyline throughout the side dialogue and new characters who is capable of joining the team.

The heroes collected include the monsters you are able to defeat. Heroes can be summoned too through the Gacha system, the game interface provides. There are different categories of heroes including Mage, Striker, Tank, Priest and All-Round.
The game shares many similarities with Crusaders Quest. They both have adventures allowing the player to collect more than 200 heroes. There are also monsters to fight and different levels across continents. They also both offer PvP battles.
However, Seven Knights goes a notch higher to obtain the automate feature and 2x speed. It has better graphics plus the gameplay is a bit more engaging with the character dialogue and the side dialogue box. However, Crusaders Quest has more modes and the player is able to transverse over many more locations from the thick forest, across the blazing desert, under the waves of the ocean, through the heart of a volcano, and traverse the frozen tundra as compared to Seven Knights.

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Seven Knights Hack

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