Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Protoss

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“What do you want me to do?” Lin Huang asked after seeing the desperation in the Yeti’s eyes.

It would not be an exaggeration to think that a Yeti with that body size could kill him with just the touch of a finger.

“Follow me.”

The Yeti extended his arm. A gush of wind pushed Lin Huang forward and he fell into the Yeti’s palm. After Lin Huang was able to find his balance, the Yeti led Lin Huang to the inner part of the valley.

There seemed to be an invisible protective layer surrounding the Yeti’s as any snow that touched its skin would automatically disappear. Lin Huang realized that this world was indeed mysterious.

The snow valley had a windy path.

The Yeti spoke stories about his past while they walked.

“I could still clearly remember 700 years ago, I met a beautiful lady on a snowy day. I became her favorite monster. I was a s…o…b..ll Monster that knew nothing and had a muddled memory. I could only remember that she was a very gentle lady and she treated me well…”

“Since I’ve become a mutated s…o…b..ll Monster, I slowly regained my memory. At that moment, I knew that she was not human but a monster like me. She was powerful to the point where she could not be identified by human knowledge and experience. She yearned to live as a human. Therefore, she tried to live amongst the humans in their world for a long time. One day, she told me that she fell in love with a man… I could still remember how happy she was and from that day onwards, she barely visited me…”

“However, one day when she returned, she was covered with blood stains all over her body. She confided in me. She told me that the human, her lover had discovered her ident.i.ty. They fell out of love and he betrayed her. He led a group of hunters to kill her but because she was powerful, she killed them all in anger except for that man.”

“Ever since then, she stayed in the valley and never left. Sometimes, she would carve the man’s face on the ice. There were big and small ice sculptures with different facial expressions. She oftentimes stared blankly at them the whole day, reminiscing everything. She had also carved sculptures that gave her happy thoughts and had placed her favorite ice sculptures beside the lakes while she danced by the lake. It made her happy as she recalled that the man loved to see her dance…”

“Soon after, the man arrived at the valley, alone. She thought that the man had returned to look for her. As the man entered, he told her, “I know who you are. You’re the most precious protoss in the monster world. That was why you had a perfect human figure. Each protoss has a divine fire in their body. Now, if you truly love me, give it to me.”

“..and do you know what her response was?” The Yeti asked.

Lin Huang shook his head. It was either a love story with either a happy or tragic ending.

She said, “I will give it to you for I am not trying to prove anything.”

“She tore her body apart and crumbled her own heart. She took the ice-blue ember out from within and threw it to the ground in front of the man’s feet. He did not even bother to look at her or thank her. He instantly picked it up and left. He knew that without the ember of divinity, she was bound to die soon.”

“Her body got weaker by each pa.s.sing day. In less than a month, she could not get out of bed. After she died, she was buried in front of a small house by the lake. Her death caused the entire valley to turn into frozen, snow-covered land. If the love of her life dripped his or her blood onto the lake, the ice and snow covering the valley would melt and she would come back to life.”

“She sank to the bottom of the lake. Her blood spread throughout the lake and entered my body. I mutated for the second time and I became a Yeti ever since. After the mutation was complete, I regained my consciousness and saw that the whole valley had turned into this…”

Lin Huang saw a small house covered in snow at the end of the valley.

“So you wanted to use my blood to see if I could bring her back to life?” Lin Huang finally guessed the reason he was brought there.

“Yes, you’re right.”

“Why did you choose me?” Lin Huang hesitated.

“It’s because you have a good character. Not many people make it past the ice walls. You are the third person in seven hundred years.” The Yeti answered.

“How much of my blood do you need?”

“One drop would suffice.” The Yeti said before adding, “Once the process is complete, I will let you go and if your blood is able to break the curse, I’ll erase your memories of ever meeting me.”

“Let’s begin.” Lin Huang was certain that probability of success was almost zero.

“Thank you.” The Yeti thanked him and led him toward the direction of the ice lake.

Once at the lake, the Yeti stretched out his hand and Lin Huang stood onto it. The Yeti then placed him in the middle of the lake.

Lin Huang took out a pocket knife and made a slight cut on his left index finger and a drop of blood oozed out.

Nothing happened after the drop of blood fell into the lake. He then looked up at the Yeti and gave an apologetic head shake, “I’m sorry, I’m not the man of destiny that you’re looking for…”

Soon, the Yeti looked worried. There was a cracking sound beneath his feet and within a split second, the ice layer began to crack.

It immediately took Lin Huang into its palm and retreated a few steps backward.

The speed at which the ice cracked became faster. The ice began to melt and within a minute or so, the lake returned to its initial state with blue water from left to right.

Soon, the snow covering the whole valley subsided and the thick clouds dispersed themselves, revealing the crescent moons that had not appeared for a long time. There were plants and flowers that began to grow!

The snowy white world now turned into the rich greenery.

“Was my blood so nutritious?” Lin Huang sucked his wounded finger.

In less than 10 minutes, the glacier valley regained its liveliness. The plants were flouris.h.i.+ng and the scent of flowers was breathtaking.

After observing the valley, Lin Huang noticed a crystal clear coffin floating to the surface of the lake from the bottom. Once it was at the surface, the coffin began to melt and a beautiful lady in a white dress emerged.

Her face was still as if she was sleeping on the surface of the water. Slowly, her eyes opened and she slowly stood up on the lake.

From afar, she saw Lin Huang and the Yeti. She smiled and walked towards them, her eyes a.s.suring and her lips smiling.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 734 – Lin Huang Versus Zhu Xing

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Chapter 734: Lin Huang Versus Zhu Xing

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“Did the attack just strike him?”

Lin Huang witnessed Zhu Xing’s body being enveloped by the G.o.d Crasher’s attack. However, he was unsure if the attack struck him since he was a Virtual G.o.d in the past. There were many ways he could save himself.

A black figure suddenly descended from within the golden beam.

After the black figure landed, Lin Huang immediately appeared next to it to confirm if Zhu Xing was dead.

Lin Huang frowned the moment he laid eyes on the barely-recognizable black figure.

Although it really looked like a burnt corpse, he instinctively felt like this was not Zhu Xing’s corpse.

There was no notification from Xiao Hei as well.

Although he would not be able to obtain cards or human pieces from killing humans, there was still a chance for him to obtain skill card, skill pieces, or even relics.

The moment Lin Huang confirmed that Zhu Xing was still alive, he sensed danger coming from behind and immediately retreated hundreds of meters away.

Zhu Xing was holding a sword as he appeared at the position where Lin Huang was standing at earlier. The sword in his hand sliced through Lin Huang’s shadow without even a hint of hesitation.

Zhu Xing did not chase after Lin Huang despite missing him. Instead, he smiled at Lin Huang and said, “I didn’t expect for you to come to me after I’ve given up chasing after you.”

“Of course! I had to run since you brought a demiG.o.d along with you. Think about it. If I attempted to kill you with a demiG.o.d, would you run?” Lin Huang laughed.

“You’ve indeed been monitoring me all this time! What amazing skill you have.” As he listened to what Lin Huang said, Zhu Xing confirmed that Lin Huang had been keeping track of his movements all this while. This was why he was always late.

“I do agree that you’ve done a great job in setting me up with the Fading Petals. My heart is still fluttering with fear. You’re kind of brave. However, if you think that you’ll have a chance to kill me after the demiG.o.d died, you aren’t that brave after. You’re being too naïve.” Zhu Xing laughed at Lin Huang as he said this.

“Thank you for the compliment. It’s the first time I’ve been praised for being too naïve. Do you know that naiveté actually means that a person is kind, straightforward, real, and loves to stride toward freedom.” Lin Huang smiled while he lectured Zhu Xing. Then, he continued, “Of course, I’m hoping others would think that I’m more innocent than naive.

“You’re a sharp-tongued boy!” Zhu Xing did not want to argue with him any longer. “Since you’re here, you’ll just die here. Don’t worry. After killing you, Wu Mo’s inheritance will be extracted from your dead body. It won’t just die here.”

After finished uttering those words, Zhu Xing took a step forward and transformed into a ghostly figure. His movements were eerie.

Now, Lin Huang could no longer distinguish his true body from the ghostly figure and was unable to take aim with the G.o.d Crasher.

The limited attacks the G.o.d Crasher could perform required him to take some time to restore its energy.

Just as Zhu Xing was approaching, the flock of birds flying in the sky pounced on him once more, enveloping the ghostly figure that was Zhu Xing.

His shadow was ripped apart by the flock of birds, and he had to use his true body to clumsily fight against the birds.

At this moment, Lin Huang’s G.o.d Crasher took aim at Zhu Xing once more as red flares gushed out of the muzzle to drown Zhu Xing in wave-like flames.

Before Lin Huang could confirm his death, Zhu Xing’s body was gradually formed behind Lin Huang.

“Correct me if I’m wrong but… this flock of birds and the attack I encountered earlier are from your monitoring skill?” Zhu Xing squinted his eyes and looked toward Lin Huang. “Is it a spiritual control? Puppet control? Illusion control? What skill is it? I think birds aren’t the only monster that you can control. You’ve control over other monsters too, right?”

Zhu Xing was close to the truth. However, he did not expect that Lin Huang would own a monster like b.l.o.o.d.y who could control the leech pods.

Lin Huang smiled in silence. He heard it from Wu Mo that Wu Zhi, who was also known as Zhu Xing, was good at gleaning the truth from one’s conversation. He would definitely not reveal anything if he kept quiet.

Since Lin Huang did not respond, Zhu Xing could guess what he was thinking. “It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me. There’s no difference regardless of the skill being used. You have four more chances to attack me with the G.o.d Crasher. However, I can activate my molting ability endlessly so you’re going to die as soon as you’re done using the attacks of the G.o.d Crashers.”

Zhu Xing laughed arrogantly as he finished his last sentence.

“Is it possible to unravel his molting rune?” Lin Huang communicated with b.l.o.o.d.y telepathically. He did not even attempt to whisper since he was afraid that Zhu Xing had the ability to detect what he just said.

“It’s probably the effect of the compound rune which allows him to unleash his molting skill multiple times within time limit. That’s why he doesn’t need to activate the rune repeatedly in order to obtain its effects.” Then, b.l.o.o.d.y continued its a.n.a.lysis. “It’ll take me some time to observe the type of compound rune that can produce such an effect.”

“Alright, I’ll try my best to buy you some time. Please be fast.” After communicating with b.l.o.o.d.y, Lin Huang lifted his head to look at Zhu Xing.

“Didn’t you know? As the saying goes, whoever laughs the last, will laugh the longest. It’s too early for you to feel happy.”

“Is that so? I guess I’ll be the one who laughs last since you’ll already be a corpse by then,” Zhu Xing said before taking another step forward. Then, he transformed into his ghostly figure and lunged toward Lin Huang.

Again, the swarm of birds went into a frenzy mid-air and enveloped Zhu Xing’s ghostly figure.

Soon, the shadows were torn apart into pieces by the swarm of birds identified Zhu Xing’s true body.

Lin Huang did not launch an attack. Instead, he took aim at Zhu Xing from afar and targeted his true body.

“Why didn’t you launch an attack? Is it because you know that you only have four chances left, and you’re afraid that the game will end after those four attacks?” Zhu Xing teased while he killed off the birds.

Lin Huang kept quiet as it was useless for him to attack before he managed to decipher his molting rune. He knew fairly well that the number of attacks he could make with his G.o.d Crashers were limited. Once he had used up all the attacks, he would be pinned down by Zhu Xing.

In just a short while, Zhu Xing managed to wipe out all the birds. Then, he picked up his sword and dashed toward Lin Huang, appearing instantly before him.

Lin Huang did not dodge as he glared at Zhu Xing who was less than 10 meters away from him coldly. It was then that a flare suddenly shot out from the G.o.d Crashed to envelop Zhu Xing in it.

After a few moments, the flare vanished and Zhu Xing’s body regained its form hundreds of meters away. He squinted his eyes and looked toward Lin Huang before showing him three fingers. “You only have three attacks remaining.”

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1447 – Lin Xuan’s Secret

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Chapter 1447: Lin Xuan’s Secret

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With the addition of True G.o.ds—the Sword Servants and the imperial monsters—the Virtual G.o.d battlefield was now a one-sided ma.s.sacre.

Less than ten minutes later, all the virtual G.o.d-level invaders had been annihilated; not a single one had survived.

Lin Huang had already stored the loot and monster corpses from the True G.o.d battlefield into his s.p.a.ce storage much earlier.

On the Virtual G.o.d battlefield, the Hunter a.s.sociation, Dynasty, and other organizations, as well as the Bug Tribe, were rapidly sorting out the loot.

Dongfang Bai, chief of the Union Government, walked over to Lin Huang.

The expression in his eyes as he gazed at Lin Huang was completely different now.

Before, he had regarded Lin Huang as one of his peers, mainly because Lin Huang was the Emperor of Dynasty. After seeing Lin Huang’s true abilities in this last battle, however, Dongfang Bai was now completely in awe of this young man.

Everyone on the third layer of the Abyss Brink knew that if Lin Huang had not been present at this invasion along with the reinforcements and imperial monsters that he had brought with him, the invaders would long since have broken through into the gravel world.

“Emperor Lin, on behalf of the Union Government, I offer our sincere grat.i.tude!” The first words out of Dongfang Bai’s mouth were his heartfelt thanks.

“Chief Dongfang, you’re most welcome. The gravel world is also my homeland.” Lin Huang felt the change in Dongfang Bai’s att.i.tude as well and gave him a slight nod.

“Where on earth did these invaders come from?” Dongfang Bai asked this because he had noticed Lin Huang holding up Teng Ran’s head to read his memory after Lin Huang had killed him.

“They are from the G.o.d Territory—a top grade-4 organization by the name of the Thousand Snake Sect,” Lin Huang explained briefly.

“We’ve killed so many of their people; will there be trouble from them the future?” Dongfang Bai asked, frowning. He was rather worried about this.

“There’ll be some trouble, yes.” Lin Huang nodded. “As to the specifics of the situation, I’ll pay a visit to the Union Government in a few days, and I’ll explain it all in detail then. Chief Dongfang, if you could, please help me make an appointment with Chief Jiang—it would be preferable if all the higher levels of the Union Government can be present.”

“Of course! If there’s anything that the Union Government can a.s.sist with, please do let me know.” Dongfang Bai nodded quickly.

The two of them chatted for a while; the Virtual G.o.d battlefield was finally cleaned up as best as could be done.

The upper tiers of all the various major organizations came over to exchange words with Lin Huang one after the other. After all, Lin Huang had already established himself as the most powerful individual in the gravel world, with Dynasty—one of the organization giants—under his command.

In the wake of this war, Dynasty had faintly overshadowed the Union Government in terms of the limelight.

After Sun Zhuo, the Heretics’ Presiding Judge, had greeted Lin Huang, he gathered all his subordinates and departed from the third layer of the Abyss Brink.

When they returned to the second layer of the Abyss Brink, Cao Ya could not help speaking out.

“I feel more and more that that silly girl Xia Yu’s failure to pull Lin Huang back into the Heretics last time was a huge mistake!”

“That’s true. If Lin Huang were the Heretics’ Presiding Judge, it wouldn’t be Dynasty in the limelight now, but us Heretics!” Zhou Tong’s response was m.u.f.fled as he inserted his little finger into one nostril.

“Hey, that’s enough, you two. Are you so brazen already, to be able to say something like this to my face?” Sun Zhuo’s expression was black with anger.

“If Lin Huang was our Presiding Judge, I think we could move our headquarters into that hive. Think about how awesome it would be with millions of virtual G.o.d-level bug guards! Not only that, anywhere you wanted to go, you could directly fly over in the hive. No matter where we went, everyone would be envious,” Zhou Tong ignored Sun Zhuo, continuing to agree with Cao Ya.

“I think that white-haired imperial monster is incredibly handsome. I’d move my desk opposite him; even if I had to remain in the office every day I’d be more than willing!” After this comment, Cao Ya abruptly turned to look at Sun Zhuo. “I think that you should go get plastic surgery and marry someone from Dynasty. Then you can gift the Heretics to Lin Huang as dowry…”

“F*ck off!” Suddenly Sun Zhuo had the urge to resign from his post of Presiding Judge.

On the third layer of the Abyss Brink, following the departure of the contingent from the Union Government, all the various major organizations also departed after they had greeted Lin Huang.

Lin Huang recalled the hive and all the imperial monsters. After the people from Misery left, he returned to Emperor City as well with the people from the Dynasty.

Wu Mo temporarily returned to the floating land.

Lin Xuan followed Lin Huang and returned to the Emperor City.

After requesting Huang Tianfu to help Lin Xuan find a place to stay, Lin Huang, Mr. Fu, and the upper tiers of both Dynasty and Misery held a short video conference.

Lin Huang explained about the Thousand Snake Sect and Myriad Tribe Palace; he also informed everyone present of the potential crisis in a year.

After finding out this information about Myriad Tribe Palace, everyone present—who had been feeling relieved for less than half an hour—suddenly felt twice the amount of pressure from before.

After the meeting, Lin Huang went to look for Lin Xuan at the first possible opportunity.

Because of the war happening previously in the Abyss Brink, there were many questions that he had not asked Lin Xuan. Now, he finally had the time to do so.

“I always a.s.sumed that it was either Leib Labs or s.h.i.+abelle Studio that cloned you. I didn’t expect it to be the Union Government.”

“The Union Government obtained gene technology from an ancient ruin more than three hundred years ago. Two years after they completed explorations in those ruins, they set up a genetic laboratory. Later, they obtained related biotechnology from several ruins in succession and trained a large number of biological researchers. Right up until a hundred or so years ago, they obtained cloning technology once again from a nearby ancient ruin. After that, the entire laboratory’s work focused on that direction.

“Over the past hundred years or so, they have carried out many cloning experiments in secret. It wasn’t until eleven years ago that the technology reached an initial level of advancement sufficient enough to successfully clone cultivators. Eight years ago, they began to use demiG.o.d-level samples for cloning experiments. Among these samples were the remains of Mo Kui. I’m one of those clones…”

“The level of security in this sort of laboratory is generally extremely high; it’s certainly not inferior to what’s used at the Union Government headquarters. How did you escape?” This was the question that had puzzled Lin Huang the most.

“Previously, I’d always thought that I had escaped too. Then I returned to my place of origin, only to discover that I was sent out.

“The reason for this was that the laboratory found that all clones don’t have the ability to advance via hunting and killing monsters. Our bodies can’t integrate Life Seeds to become transcendent, let alone Life Fire tinder. Hundreds of laboratory staff have spent years on this problem, but none of them were unable to solve it.

“Therefore, someone in the laboratory suggested sending clones into the gravel world to conduct differentiated social observation experiments. They would allow the clones to develop freely and see whether it was possible for them to find a way to evolve.

“Four years ago, they selected a hundred clones just like me and placed them in the gravel world as a social observation experiment.

“Most of these one hundred clones were adopted, but most of them were adopted into ordinary families and didn’t become cultivators. Only a few individuals, myself included, were exposed to the Life Power of cultivators. Aside from me, however, the Life Power in the others’ bodies quickly dissipated within a year, and they could not a.s.similate Life Power a second time.

“It was only later that I also discovered that if it weren’t for you teaching me Army Attack Tactics, I wouldn’t have been able to embark on the path of cultivation. There is only one way that clones can cultivate—that is, you must learn the cultivation method that the parasite body used in its cultivation path to be able to cultivate normally.

“The cultivation path of my parasite body, Mo Kui, was based on Army Attack Tactics, and what you taught me happened to be Army Attack Tactics. So, I became the only cultivator among one hundred cloned individuals.

“However, the Union Government has been continuously keeping me under observation. They also know that you infused me with Life Power, which allowed me to a.s.similate into a silver-level cultivator. However, due to the short duration of my exposure to Army Attack Tactics, my combat strength never advanced to gold-level, which led them to think that ancient cultivation methods were not that effective. That’s why they left me alone.

“Later, the drop of Mo Kui’s G.o.d Blood that Mr. Fu left behind transferred a lot of Mo Kui’s memories to me. At that time, I didn’t know that I was a clone. I thought I was Mo Kui, who had been able to regenerate through some means.

“Because of my incomplete memories, as well as too many unanswered questions, I desperately wanted to search for the truth so I left you all…

“After I received Mo Kui’s G.o.d Blood and left you, I was finally free of the Union Government’s surveillance. My combat strength improved every day and my abilities also became more powerful. I also quietly continued to investigate the mystery of my own origins.

“In only half a year, I advanced to virtual G.o.d-level. After another six months, I elevated to Virtual G.o.d rank-3 and finally located the Union Government’s genetic laboratory.

“There, I fought a ma.s.sive battle with the Virtual G.o.d who was in charge of overseeing the place. After I won, I finally learned the truth from the scientific researchers themselves.

“After that, the Union Government contacted me many times to negotiate with me. In the end, Jiang Shan personally came to inform me of the crisis in the gravel world and offered certain terms in exchange to persuade me to cooperate with the subsequent cloning experiments.

“Those few batches of Virtual G.o.d clones on the battlefield were all created by them with the information and physical data that I provided…”

After listening to Lin Xuan’s experiences over the past few years, Lin Huang was silent for a long time before he stretched out his hand, placing it on Lin Xuan’s shoulder. “You’ve had it rough these past few years.

“What do you plan on doing next?” Lin Huang asked again.

“I don’t know. Now that the mystery of my origins has been untangled, I’ve not much of a purpose anymore.” Lin Xuan shook his head and smiled bitterly. “If I have to give a purpose, then maybe it might be advancing to True G.o.d.”

“Why not go to the great world together with us then?” Lin Huang suggested, “With your current Virtual G.o.d rank-9 combat strength, you’ll only be able to advance further if you go to the great world.

“Xin Er is also Virtual G.o.d rank-9 already, and there’s really no need to stay in the gravel world any longer. Our family can be reunited in the great world,” Lin Huang continued, “Teacher will also head to the great world with us. You should have a lot of memories of him in your mind, right?”

“Teacher…” Lin Xuan fell silent after hearing this. Of course, he had memories of Mr. Fu. Mr. Fu had adopted Mo Kui from an early age and raised him. To Mo Kui, Mr. Fu was both master and father.

Lin Xuan had previously emphasized that he was Lin Xuan when he met with Mr. Fu in the Abyss Brink, mainly because he did not know how to face Mr. Fu. After all, he was not Mo Kui. Yet, Mo Kui’s memories were like Lin Xuan’s personal experiences, which made him felt like Mr. Fu was both his master and father.

“Don’t think too much about it, just let things develop as they will.” Lin Huang also noticed Lin Xuan’s struggle. However, he also knew that Mr. Fu had no children, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that he thought of Mo Kui as his own since he had raised Mo Kui as an infant. He would inevitably think of Mo Kui when he saw Lin Xuan, who was exactly the same in appearance and temperament.

The relations.h.i.+p between the two would indeed be very awkward.

“I may still need to remain in the gravel world for a month or two. After that, I’ll take Xin Er and the others to the great world,” Lin Huang continued, “Don’t get all knotted up about it, let’s just go together. You’ll have to go to the great world sometime anyway.”

“Alright then,” Lin Xuan finally agreed.

After all, he had nothing more to worry about in the gravel world. The only ones who had ties here were Lin Huang and Lin Xin.

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 503 – The Mingyue Palace, Consort Zhao’s Plan

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Chapter 503 The Mingyue Palace, Consort Zhao’s Plan

Now it was all right. Duke Ding explained the situation to the Emperor, which indicated Ding General Manor took the side of the Emperor and would also completely cut off their support of the Empress Dowager. Anyway, Ding General Manor would never stand on the Empress Dowager’s side anymore, and thus, of course, would never rebel with King Ning.

Duke Ding mentioned this intentionally in order to gain the Emperor’s approval. Just as King Chu had expected, the Emperor cleared Rui’er of her crime and regained her place as the first consort. It was also considered a way of returning the favor and making Ding General Manor look good. At the same time, it also hinted that Duke Ding could not act rashly.

This was what Duke Ding hoped for the most right now. After all, it was not the right time to fall out with the Empress Dowager. In others’ eyes, she came from Ding General Manor anyway. If he offended the Empress Dowager, who knew how she would deal with him? After all, he was a subject, as well as a junior. He was in a weak position in every respect.

It seemed that the Emperor did not intend to do anything to the Empress Dowager and King Ning for the time being. He should make a plan before he acted. Duke Ding was hoping that the Empress Dowager would stay quietly in the palace. Compared to the Emperor’s methods, the Empress Dowager’s was somewhat too common. If King Ning really rebelled, the Empress Dowager would be a rebel. As the Empress Dowager’s parents’ family, Ding General Manor would not be able to escape.

Thinking of this, Duke Ding felt that it was so good to follow King Chu’s advice to show his loyalty to the Emperor and report to him!

At least he was now on the Emperor’s side. Moreover, there was the Empress and Consort Chu. In the future, the Empress Dowager’s matter would not have much to do with him.

After wiping the sweat off his head, Duke Ding excitedly went out of the palace. What happened last night did not stir too much trouble in his heart. No matter which prince did it, he would not really deal with the Four Great Manors for the time being. Only several unimportant servants and concubines died in the manor, which was not worthy of his attention.

As soon as Duke Ding turned the corner of a palace, he saw a maid standing on a path. When she saw him coming, she came over and said respectfully, “Greetings, Duke Ding.”

“What’s the matter?” Duke Ding asked as his face darkened.

“Hearing that there were in Ding General Manor last night, Her Majesty was very worried and wanted to ask you about the situation in the manor. Please come with me, Your Grace,” the maid said politely with a smile.

The incident happened last night, and this morning, the Empress Dowager who lived in seclusion in the palace and claimed to be indifferent to the world knew everything. However, a few days after what happened to Ling Rui’er, Duke Ding went to the Cining Palace to plead, the Empress Dowager pretended that she knew nothing about it and asked him to tell her everything.

Duke Ding pretended to be in a hurry and said to the maid, “Please report to Her Majesty that most of the people in the manor are safe, and only a few servants were killed. Nothing serious. However, many people are frightened. I’ll go back to calm them down first. I’ll come to the palace and tell Her Majesty in detail later.”

He really didn’t have time to come to the Empress Dowager’s palace at this time. He had to go back and tell something to Ling Rui’er. The Second Consort Mo was not in King Chu’s Manor either, and Ding General Manor had to make a gesture in order to shut people up. Besides, he had just thought that his Second Uncle had quite a lot of power in the manor. He might as well take this opportunity to get rid of some of his people so that he could forcefully control his Second Uncle and the Empress Dowager in the future…

Ling Rui’er had once again become Consort Chu. She expressed that she had repented thoroughly of her misdeeds. She had even come to a.s.sistant Minister’s Manor with many people to apologize to the injured Second Consort Mo who was lying on the bed. Besides, she even asked servants to beat the maid who knocked Second Consort Mo and caused her miscarriage to death right in front of Mo Yarui.

Ling Rui’er apologized to Mo Yarui sincerely. She even disregarded her own status and cried on the spot, attempting to kneel down in front of Mo Yarui. How could Mo Yarui allow Ling Rui’er to do it? She forced herself to get up to lift Ling Rui’er. She said that she, as a second consort, didn’t deserve the first consort’s apology.

At this point, Ling Rui’er sincerely asked for forgiveness and repeatedly said that she would treat Mo Yarui well and look after her. Mo Yarui, who was weak by nature, also expressed that she wanted to go back to King Chu’s Manor. As a daughter who got married, she couldn’t stay at her parents’ home all day long. a.s.sistant Minister Mo had no choice but to allow his daughter to go back with Ling Rui’er and secretly told Mei Yu, Mo Yarui’s maid who went to King Chu’s Manor with her, to look out for her.

Unlike Mo Yarui, a.s.sistant Minister Mo felt that Ling Rui’er would not be so kind, and was always worried about his daughter. Thus, he sent some people to work at the back door of King Chu’s Manor, afraid that his only daughter would be soft-hearted and be tricked. Otherwise, she would not know how she died. He could only smile bitterly in his heart when his daughter had fantasies about King Chu.

When his daughter lost the baby, King Chu had not yet entered the military camp. How could he know nothing about what happened in his manor? King Chu had not even asked about the accident that had happened to the child in his daughter’s belly. It could be seen that he had no feelings for his daughter. a.s.sistant Minister Mo only hoped that his daughter would not get into trouble. He was willing to take his daughter home.

However, Mo Yarui still believed that Feng Yuxuan loved her and thus she followed Ling Rui’er back to King Chu’s Manor.

Put aside how Mo Yarui was, there was someone who was completely unaffected by the current situation. He Yufen was in a good mood over the past few days because she was about to finally fulfill her wish—marrying into King Xuan’s Manor. Although she was still somewhat unhappy that she could not become a second consort, the unhappiness was just a small amount of dark clouds compared to her desire to enter King Xuan’s Manor.

She had been a sacrifice when she had come to the capital. In order to stay in the capital, she could only marry Yu Mingyong who was a good-for-nothing. He Yuxiu looked smarter than her, so her father and Second Uncle had both chose He Yuxiu to marry into King Xuan’s Manor.

But she couldn’t accept it. Yu Mingyong was a playboy. How could He Yufen accept it? She had always thought she was beautiful. How could she let her beauty do no good? Luckily, something happened to He Yuxiu in the palace, so she had to marry Yu Mingyong. When she thought of Consort Zhao’s protection for her last time, she knew that she was on her side, which made her more daring.

With Consort Zhao backing her up, how could the little girl, Mo Xuetong be compared with her?

He Yuxiu’s inexplicable disappearance didn’t make her feel any burden. On the contrary, she felt that it was better. Without the tart He Yuxiu, the He family would only favor her more. She didn’t want to be against He Yuxiu either. It was best for He Yuxiu to die. Without her, there was no one to compete with her for the favor.

Tomorrow was the day she would marry into King Xuan’s Manor. He Yufen took inventory of her belongings early in the morning. The He family had really treated her well and had placed 36 boxes for her. Such a dowry was enough for her to live a comfortable life in King Xuan’s Manor. Of course, He Yufen knew that at least half of the boxes were empty, but even so, her status was raised.

Just as she was happily watching, the people sent by Consort Zhao had come from outside, especially asking her to enter the palace.

Hearing Consort Zhao’s order, He Yufen happily followed the little eunuch who came to invite her to the gate of the palace and came to the Mingyue Palace.

A palace maid had been waiting there for a long time. When she saw He Yufen approaching, she greeted her respectfully and led her into the palace.

Consort Zhao’s Mingyue Palace had always been deserted, but the decoration inside was extremely gorgeous. He Yufen had been to the Empress Dowager’s Cining Palace. After observing the things here, she immediately felt that even the Cining Palace couldn’t compare with this one. And she was more confident that she would become Consort Xuan.

With Consort Zhao’s favor to her, it would be easy for her to get Mo Xuetong out of the position.

Of course, He Yufen, who had been in a small city in Jiangnan, didn’t understand that the Empress Dowager intentionally kept a low profile because she wanted the Emperor to feel that she was peaceful and was very satisfied with her present life.

“Greetings, Your Highness.” Upon entering, He Yufen saw Consort Zhao and bowed gracefully.

“Yufen, take a seat.” Consort Zhao smiled warmly as she pointed at the chair on the side. He Yufen thanked her for her kindness and sat down in a little bow.

Consort Zhao smiled slightly, picked up the green lotus teacup by her hand, and took a sip before she asked, “You’re going to King Xuan’s Manor tomorrow. Do you know what to do, Yufen?”

He Yufen was slightly stunned. She did not understand what Consort Zhao’s meaning. The things after she entered King Xuan’s Manor had already decided, and her father and uncle had no longer reminded her. The first thing she did after she came to King Xuan’s Manor was to defeat Mo Xuetong. Then, she would seize Feng Yuran’s heart and control him.

She hesitated for a moment and asked, “Do you think there’s something wrong, Your Highness?”

“There is indeed something wrong. The first thing you should do after you marry into the manor is to capture Old Eight’s heart. I heard that after the matter about tea leaves last time, he has gained his original habit. There is a new concubine in the inner courtyard and she is not of low status. Those concubines might also be released. Mo Xuetong is no longer the most powerful person in King Xuan’s Manor. So it’s useless just to get rid of Mo Xuetong,” Consort Zhao slowly said.

This was the conclusion she had reached after a.n.a.lyzing the matters in King Xuan’s Manor.

Something must have happened between Feng Yuran and Mo Xuetong. Although nothing had been found out, those things had indeed happened in the back courtyard. A few days after Feng Yuran had been restricted by the Emperor, the back courtyard became lively again. It was said that the concubines who had been grounded in the past also had the opportunity to come out. Mo Xuetong had met them once.

It was at that time that Concubine Qin had caught Feng Yuran’s attention and been promoted.

It was said that Feng Yuran did it without discussing it with Mo Xuetong. It seemed that he was not so good to her as he used to be.

This was also the reason that Consort Zhao had specially asked He Yufen to come to the palace.

He Yufen was naturally smart now that she was able to stand out among the girls adopted by the He family. She immediately understood the meaning of Consort Zhao and nodded in agreement at once.

Consort Zhao cast a sidelong glance at her and gave her an admiring look. Then, she instructed her, “Yufen, you must be mentally prepared. When you marry into his manor tomorrow, Old Eight might not come to you. With his arrogant personality, how could he possibly care about a mere concubine?”

It was the first day a concubine married into his manor and many people knew about it, including the Emperor. Why would he not come and take a look at her? He Yufen was a little dazed. She had thought that Feng Yuran might not like her very much right now, but she had never thought that Feng Yuran would not come to see her. She was fl.u.s.tered and asked, “Your Highness, what should I do then?”…

Reincarnation: I Married My Ex’s Brother Chapter 536 – Possession

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Chapter 536: Possession

“Move to where?” Ji Yinbing did not notice anything different about him because his expression was always cold,

Ji Yinbing realized that her master’s voice had become colder. As she thought, perhaps her request had violated his dignity as the master. She lowered her head and said softly, “Move to the school.”

Yan Nuo stared at Ji Yinbing with a complicated gaze. He understood that as long as he said no, Ji Yinbing would definitely stay at home. However, he also thought that it was a good thing for Ji Yinbing to move out. If he didn’t see her, he would forget about her.

Those thoughts that he should not have would eventually disappear. In the end, all the impetuousness would return to calm.

Yan Nuo hummed expressionlessly.

Seeing Ji Yinbing’s relaxed expression, he was especially unhappy.

Did she really want to move away that badly?

The man who had already agreed to Ji Yinbing’s request suddenly changed his mind. He said, “You can move to the school, but you have to come back for the holidays.”

Ji Yinbing frowned and thought for a moment.

She was unwilling.

She knew that Miss Vera did not like her. In order not to affect Miss Vera’s relations.h.i.+p with her master, she had to move as far away as possible. Out of sight, out of mind. Miss Vera would definitely love her master well. Ji Yinbing wanted to reject him, but when she looked up and met Yan Nuo’s cold and heartless eyes, all the words that she wanted to say were gone.


She had a feeling that if she dared to reject him, her master might not allow her to go to school.

That would not do.

Seeing that she agreed, Yan Nuo was willing to give up.

The next morning, Ji Yinbing carried her packed luggage to school.

La Pu realized that since that Bing had left the house, Young Master had been standing at the window, looking in the direction of the front door. What was he thinking?

La Pu was shocked at the thought of some possibility.

No way. Bing was untouchable…

La Pu his head and thought to himself, I must be overthinking this. Young Sir and Miss Vera are in love. How could he like that Bing…

In university, there were still not many girls. Ji Yinbing was not even sixteen years old, and she was the youngest person in the school. She did not make friends and was studying all day, almost forgetting to sleep and eat. As promised, after the holidays, Ji Yinbing returned home to stay.

Even though they would go home for a day every few days, Yan Nuo and Ji Yinbing barely met.

When she came back, either Yan Nuo had taken on a mission and left or Yan Nuo had something on. Occasionally, Yan Nuo happened to be at home when he was free, but Ji Yinbing had something on in school. Therefore, almost a year had pa.s.sed, but the two of them had never met!

Even Yan Yu was staying less and less at home. She was always running around the world.

Yan Nuo actually felt lonely.

It was Christmas in the West.

India had its own religious culture. Everyone was a believer. They didn’t care about Christmas in the West at all. They had all kinds of holidays in their country too. There was almost one holiday every few days. Most of these holidays are related to religion and politics.

Yan Nuo asked the high-tech research team under his name to create a chat software for him and name it OK. He sent the OK software to a few of his most trusted friends, who were all friends he had met at the Mensa Club.

Everyone joined the group.

At this moment, Yan Nuo was not as cold as he used to be.

He watched everyone enter. Every time they entered, he would greet them like they were greeting a host.

Zhuang Long had already joined this group…

Suzanne had joined the group…

After waiting for a while, Yan Nuo said, “I got someone to develop this software. It’s just an internal chat software for us. Everyone can speak freely on it.” Yan Nuo spoke in English.

Suzanne then said: [You didn’t invite An?]

Yan Nuo: [I did, but he didn’t agree.]

Zhuang Long: [Fang Yusheng was in Thailand a few days ago and almost died. He’s back in the Fang family now. The last time I went to look for him, I realized that he…] Zhuang Long sent a long ellipsis. In the end, he said: [I’m very worried about him.]

Suzanne: [Can his eyes really be cured?]

Zhuang Long: [It’s very risky.]

Yan Nuo: [The next time I go to China, I’ll visit him.]

Suzanne: [Okay.]

Zhuang Long: [Yan Nuo, come and give me a red packet.]

Yan Nuo: [Why not give one to me?]

Zhuang Long: [You don’t celebrate Christmas in India but it’s Christmas here. I’m already hanging socks at the head of the bed. Hurry up and give out red packets!]

Suzanne: [Red packet! Red packet!]

Yan Nuo: [A group of greedy wolves!]

His hand trembled as he sent two random red packets.

Zhuang Long and Suzanne opened it almost at the same time.

Suzanne: [Thank you. Picture attached.jpg] Yan Nuo opened Suzanne’s screenshot and saw that she had s.n.a.t.c.hed more than 5,000 yuan.

Zhuang Long also sent a screenshot.

Zhuang Long: [F*ck!]

Yan Nuo opened the photo and saw that he had s.n.a.t.c.hed about five yuan.

Yan Nuo: [… Congratulations.]

Suzanne: [Character determines luck.]

Yan Nuo chatted with them for a while before leaving the app.

He looked out of the window at the scorching sun and thought of something. He suddenly stood up and left home with his car keys.

Ji Yinbing left the library with her bag containing the books she had borrowed from the library. She rode her bike back to the dormitory and from afar, she saw a familiar SUV parked under the dormitory building. It was Yan Nuo’s Hummer.

Ji Yinbing was stunned.

Was her master looking for her?

Yan Nuo saw Ji Yinbing from the rearview mirror.

She was sitting on her bicycle and had clearly seen his car, but she did not come over immediately.

What was she hesitating about? What was she afraid of?

Through the rearview mirror, Yan Nuo sized up the graceful figure with a greedy gaze. She was actually wearing Ji Yinbing was wearing a white s.h.i.+rt and blue jeans. She did not know when it started, but the s.h.i.+rt that used to look empty around her chest was now a little elevated.

This little slave slowly grew up.

Her beauty was about to be exposed. Soon, other people would discover her beauty. Yan Nuo suddenly grabbed the steering wheel with so much strength that the leather gloves on the steering wheel creaked. On his handsome but cold face, his expression was dark and scary.

After thinking for a moment, Ji Yinbing still walked towards him.

She knocked on Yan Nuo’s car window.

After two seconds, the car window rolled down. The person in the car had a cold gaze and a calm expression. There was no trace of the maliciousness and ruthlessness. Yan Nuo turned to look at Ji Yinbing and said, “Please take a few days off. We’re going to a faraway place.”

If it was in the past, Ji Yinbing would definitely run after him without a word.

But the current Ji Yinbing was no longer that little girl.

She hesitated for a moment before asking, “Just the two of us?”

Her question made Yan Nuo unhappy..

I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot Chapter 2927 – Let Me Think About It

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Chapter 2927: Let Me Think About It

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor:

Atlas Studios

Besides, Madam Mo was not the only one hurt in this relations.h.i.+p. Tang Ya’s mother was also considered a victim.

“So, Dad didn’t know that she was already pregnant at that time. Then, does Tang Ya think that Dad has let her mother down, so she’s targeting the Mo Family and standing up for her?”

“Perhaps. She and her mother always relied on each other, so they have a good relations.h.i.+p. It’s not impossible.”

“What do you plan to do if Tang Ya is really your half-sister?” Qiao Mianmian asked.

Even if Mo Yesi had no feelings for his half-sister, she was still his blood-related sister.

It was impossible for him to deal with her like how he dealt with ordinary people.

However, Mo Yesi said coldly, “No matter who she is, I won’t be merciful if she attacks the Mo Family.

“The grudges of the previous generation have nothing to do with me. I only know that I will not forgive anyone who dares to hurt my family.”

So what if she was his biological sister?

“Should we let Dad know about this?” Qiao Mianmian thought for a while and expressed her opinion. “If Tang Ya is really his daughter, should we let him know about this? Besides, if Tang Ya is really targeting the Mo Family because of her mother, is there a misunderstanding? Only Dad knows clearly

what happened back then. Can we ask him?”

“Tm thinking about this, too.” Mo Yesi said after some thought, “Let me think about it.”

After recording “My Intern Parents”, Qiao Mianmian did not take on any other jobs for the time being and went on leave.

During this period, she would visit Jiang Luoli and her niece occasionally, go to Mo Yesi’s company to accompany him, or go back to the Bai residence to spend time with Mother Bai and Father Bai. Even though life seemed peaceful, time pa.s.sed really quickly.

On this day, Qiao Mianmian made some pastries for Mo Yesi at home.

She had learned how to make pastries from Mother Bai, and she thought that they were pretty good after tasting them.

For the past few days, she sent Mo Yesi something every day.

Either she made the pastries, or she made the fruit juice herself. She didn’t know if Mo Yesi liked it or not, but he was very supportive every time. He ate everything she sent over.

His support made Qiao Mianmian’s afternoon tea even more enthusiastic.

She had been sending them for a week.

On the way to the Mo Corporation… Qiao Mianmian received a call.

It was a surprising call.

The person who called her was Madam Gong.

“h.e.l.lo, Ms. Qiao. I’m Gong Zeli’s mother. Do you have time now? Is it convenient for you to meet me?”

“Madam Gong?” Qiao Mianmian was very surprised. “You want to see me? Is that something you can’t tell me over the phone?”

The other party was silent for a while before answering, “There are some things that I think we should talk about. Ms. Qiao, don’t worry. I’m trying to cause trouble for you. I just want to ask you for a favor.”

Qiao Mianmian agreed to see Madam Gong in the end.

Even though she didn’t know why Madam Gong was looking for her, she could guess that it had something to do with Gong Zeli.

Madam Gong arranged for them to meet at a high-end cafe, a good place for afternoon tea.

Half an hour later, Qiao Mianmian arrived at the agreed-upon location.

After she got off the car and walked into the cafe, a waiter came up to her. “Ms. Qiao, right? Madam Gong has booked a private room. Please follow me..”

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 690 – Overnight At The Monster Lair

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Chapter 690: Overnight at the Monster Lair

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The giant ape leaped in mid-air. Each time it jumped, it would cover a huge distance. Although it could not fly, its running speed in mid-air was on par with Lin Huang who had activated his double acceleration.

As soon as his double acceleration had been activated, Lin Huang only managed to stay about 1,200 meters away from it at the beginning. The giant ape then sped up and did not give up chasing him. He had no way of getting rid of the giant ape.

However, Lin Huang did not panic. He was in a direction where n.o.body would travel, and he managed to make the Heaven Alliance members stay a distance away from the giant ape.

The giant ape had been chasing him for 20 minutes. It was now thousands of kilometers away from its own territory, but Lin Huang was almost close at hand, and it did not want to give up chasing after him.

After pursuing him for a long time, it let out a furious roar. It even activated its Life Power to attack him in bursts.

Since it was within the area that Lin Huang’s territory could cover, Lin Huang managed to dodge its attack with ease. Also, each time it attacked, Lin Huang was able to increase the distance between them. After several attempts, it gave up the thought of attacking him.

Although the giant ape was strong, it was not the strongest enemy that Lin Huang had ever met. Lin Huang recalled his encounter with the king sea monster that was on demiG.o.d-level and the humanoid monster that had transformed from the Virtual G.o.d’s arm. The rest might feel nervous as they encountered the giant ape. However, Lin Huang did not feel anxious at all. The reason why he took the initiative to lure the giant ape away was that he was capable of escaping from it.

Ten minutes had pa.s.sed. The chase had lasted for more than half an hour, and Lin Huang felt that it was almost time. He then asked b.l.o.o.d.y, “Half an hour has pa.s.sed. Shen Tao and the rest must be far away from us now, aren’t they?”

“They’re now thousands of kilometers away from us. The giant ape will take half an hour to go back. It definitely won’t be able to chase them.” b.l.o.o.d.y had been monitoring their movements.

“That’s great. The giant ape has wandered around for a while. It’s time to leave.” Lin Huang looked back, and the giant ape was still staring at him furiously. As he turned his head back, it grinned and roared.

Lin Huang smirked. “Monkey King, let’s stop here. I’m going somewhere else, and I’ll have fun with you another day.”

The giant ape was stunned as it could not understand what Lin Huang meant. Soon, it realized that he was teasing it and it got even angrier.

Lin Huang then summoned Thunder and rode on its back as he waved at the giant ape. “Bye, Monkey King!”

The giant ape then spat Life Power out as it wanted to attack Lin Huang. However, Thunder flapped its wings, and they were surrounded by its electric glow, which transformed into a purple glow and they fled at a tremendously fast speed.

Seeing that they were getting farther away, the giant ape immediately spat a column of Life Power to maim them. However, Thunder managed to dodge it with ease. The giant ape continued spitting columns of Life Power. Yet, it could not hit its target.

After ten seconds, Thunder completely disappeared from the ape’s vision.

The giant ape was dumbstruck as it found it unbelievable. It continued ahead for a certain distance, but still, it found no trace of Lin Huang. It then confirmed that Lin Huang had indeed fled away. It then stopped in mid-air and slapped its chest hard, letting out a furious growl in the direction where Lin Huang and Thunder had disappeared to.

However, Lin Huang could no longer hear the growl as Thunder’s speed exceeded six times that of the sonic speed.

Lin Huang, who was riding on Thunder, finally managed to get rid of the giant ape. After some careful thought, he decided not to return to the Heaven Alliance team.

Despite feeling quite contented being with them, he was already used to being alone. Also, he could not reveal some of the secrets to the Heaven Alliance members.

Encountering the giant ape was an accident. Hence he took the opportunity to leave the team so that he could fight on his own.

Aside from the Union Government, most of the organizations did not have a proper understanding of the ruins. Exploring the ruins blindly was definitely a waste of time.

With b.l.o.o.d.y’s guidance and the Treasure Card he had on hand, acting alone would definitely be more efficient than working in a group. If he were to join the Heaven Alliance, he could not reveal the existence of b.l.o.o.d.y and the Treasure Card. He could only follow the majority. If he found out about something, he could only hint at Shen Tao and the rest, but he could not say much. He would have more freedom exploring the ruins on his own.

“b.l.o.o.d.y, did you discover any places with treasure?” When he could confirm with b.l.o.o.d.y that the giant ape was no longer chasing them and had returned to its lair, Lin Huang immediately got down to business. His primary purpose of going to the ruins was to look for a variety of treasure.

“Nothing has been discovered so far.” b.l.o.o.d.y twisted around Lin Huang’s left arm, shaking its head. “All the areas that I covered are smothered with ice and snow. Similar to the natural safe zones, not a single human building can be found. I supposed that it’s because the area that the Leech Pods can cover isn’t big enough. The ruins might be the same as the human world. Most of the areas are occupied by monsters and only a small part of the ruins is the human foothold.”

“Although the ruins are located above the Peaceful Ocean, it’s unlikely that n.o.body has ever discovered this before us. Even if it wasn’t discovered during the new epoch, people must’ve been here during the old epoch. It’s strange that no traces of humans have been found.” Lin Huang agreed with b.l.o.o.d.y. Most likely, the treasure would be kept in the human buildings. However, no human buildings were found possibly because the area covered by b.l.o.o.d.y’s detection was not wide enough.

“Perhaps we’ll have to wait until 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. so that my Leech Pods can cover the entire ruins,” b.l.o.o.d.y said. “If we can really find any of the places with the hidden treasures, we’ll depart tomorrow.”

“It’s about 4 p.m. now. Perhaps the sky will turn dark in less than two hours. Let’s look for a place to rest.” Lin Huang had entered the ruins for more than four hours. However, he had never stopped throughout his journey. Since b.l.o.o.d.y’s Leech Pods had picked nothing up in the ruins, he was going to look for a place to rest so that he was well prepared for the next day’s journey.

Guided by b.l.o.o.d.y, Lin Huang soon arrived at a monster lair on top of the snow mountain. After killing all the ursine monsters, Lin Huang then occupied its lair.

There was a rock wall that jutted out at the entrance of the cave and blocked the wind, making it warm inside.

After dinner, Lin Huang started training his sword skills.

At about 10 o’clock at night, he summoned Lancelot to keep watch. He then set up his tent and set a monster skin as his mat. He then snoozed in his sleeping bag comfortably.

The Solar Magnet Part 1

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The Solar Magnet.

by Sterner St. Paul Meek.

The milling crowd in front of the Capitol suddenly grew quiet. A tall portly figure came out onto the porch of the building and stepped before a microphone erected on the steps. A battery of press cameras clicked. A newsreel photographer ground away on his machine. Wild cheers rent the air. The President held up his hand for silence. As the cheering died away he spoke into the microphone.

“My countrymen,” he said, “the Congress of the United States has met in extraordinary session and is ready to cope with the condition with which we are confronted. While they deliberate as to the steps to be taken, it is essential that you meet this danger, if it be a danger, with the bravery and the calm front which has always characterized the people of the United States in times of trial and danger. You may rest a.s.sured–“

A slightly built, inconspicuous man who had followed the President out onto the porch was surveying the crowd intently. He turned and spoke in an undertone to a second man who mysteriously appeared from nowhere as the first man spoke. He listened for a moment, nodded, and edged closer to the President. The first man slipped un.o.btrusively down the Capitol steps and mingled with the crowd.

“–that no steps will be neglected which may prove of value,” went on the President. “The greatest scientists of the country have gathered in this city in conference and they undoubtedly will soon find a simple and natural explanation for what is happening. In the meantime–“

The President paused. From the crowd in front of him came a sudden disturbance. A man sprang free of the crowd and broke through the restraining cordon of police. In his hand gleamed an ugly blue steel automatic pistol. Quickly he leveled it and fired. A puff of dust came from the Capitol. The bullet had landed a few inches from one of the lower windows, fifty feet from where the President stood. He raised his weapon for a second shot but it was never fired. The man who had come down the Capitol steps sprang forward like a cat and grasped the weapon.

For a moment the two men struggled, but only for a moment. From the crowd, stunned for a moment by the sheer audacity of the attack, came a roar of rage. The police closed in about the struggling men but the crowd rolled over them like a wave. The captor shouted his ident.i.ty and tried to display the gold badge of the secret service but the mob was in no state of mind to listen. The police were trampled underfoot and the would-be torn from the hands of the secret service operative. Every man in reach tried to strike a blow. The secret service man was buffeted and thrown aside. Realizing that the affair had been taken out of his hands, he made his way to the rear of the Capitol where his badge gained him ready pa.s.sage through the cordon of police. He entered the building and reappeared in a few moments by the side of the President.

Two hours later he leaned forward in his chair in Dr. Bird’s private laboratory in the Bureau of Standards and spoke earnestly.

“Dr. Bird,” he said, “that bullet was never meant for the President.

That man was after bigger game.”

The famous scientist nodded thoughtfully.

“Even a very rotten pistol shot should have come closer to him,” he replied. “He must have missed by a good forty feet.”

“He missed by a matter of inches. Doctor, that bullet struck the Capitol only two inches from a window. In that window was standing a man. The bullet was intended for the occupant of that window. I was directly behind him when he raised his weapon for a second shot and I am sure of his aim. He deliberately ignored the President and aimed again at that window. That was when I tackled him.”

“Who was standing there, Carnes?”

“_You_ were, Doctor.”

Dr. Bird whistled.

“Then you think that bullet was intended for me?”

“I am sure of it, Doctor. That fact proves one thing to me. You are right in your idea that this whole affair is man-made and not an accident of nature. The guiding intelligence back of it fears you more than he fears anyone else and he took this means to get rid of you un.o.btrusively. Attention was focused on the President. Your death would have been laid to accident. It was a clever thought.”

“It does look that way, Carnes,” said the doctor slowly. “If you are right, this incident confirms my opinion. There is only one man in the world clever enough to have disturbed the orderly course of the seasons, and such a plan for my would appeal to his love of the dramatic.”

“You mean–“

“Ivan Saranoff, of course.”

“We are pretty sure that he hasn’t got back to the United States, Doctor.”

“You may be right but I am sure of nothing where that man is concerned.

However, that fact has no bearing. He may be operating from anywhere.

His organization is still in the United States.”

A knock sounded at the door. In response to the doctor’s command a messenger entered and presented a letter. Dr. Bird read it and dropped it in a waste basket.

“Tell them that I am otherwise engaged just now,” he said curtly. The messenger withdrew. “It was just a summons to another meeting of the council of scientists,” he said to Carnes. “They’ll have to get along without me. All they’ll do anyway will be to read a lot of dispatches and wrangle about data and the relative accuracy of their observations.

Herriott will lecture for hours on celestial mechanics and propound some fool theory about a hidden body, which doesn’t exist, and its possible influence, which would be nil, on the inclination of the earth’s axis.

After wasting four hours without a single constructive idea being put forward, they will gravely conclude that the sun rose fifty-three seconds earlier at the fortieth north parallel than it did yesterday and correspondingly later at the fortieth south parallel. I know that without wasting time.”

“Was it fifty-three seconds to-day, Doctor?”

“Yes. This is the twentieth of July. The sun should have risen at 4:52, sixteen minutes later than it rose on June twentieth and fifty-three seconds later than it rose yesterday. Instead it rose at 4:20, sixteen minutes _earlier_ than it did on June twentieth and fifty-three seconds earlier than yesterday.”

“I don’t understand what is causing it, Doctor. I have tried to follow your published explanations, but they are a little too deep for me.”

“As to the real underlying cause, I am in grave doubts, Carnes, although I can make a pretty shrewd guess. As to the reason for the unnatural lengthening of the day, the explanation is simplicity itself. As you doubtless know, the earth revolves daily on its axis. At the same time, it is moving in a great ellipse about the sun, an ellipse which it takes it a year to cover. If the axis of rotation of the earth were at right angles to the plane of its…o…b..t; in other words, if the earth’s equator lay in the plane of the earth’s movement about the sun, each day would be of the same length and there would be no seasons. Instead of this being the case, the axis of rotation of the earth is tipped so that the angle between the equator and the elliptic is 23-1/2.”

“I seem to remember something of the sort from my school days.”

“This angle of tilt may be a.s.sumed to be constant, for I won’t bother with the precessions, nutations and other minor movements considered in accurate computations. As the earth moves around the sun, this tilt gives rise to what we call the sun’s declination. You can readily see that at one time in the year, the north pole will be at its nearest point to the sun, speaking in terms of tilt and not in miles, while at another point on the elliptic, it will be farthest from the sun and the south pole nearest. There are two midway points when the two poles are practically equidistant.”

“Then the days and nights should be of equal length.”

“They are. These are the periods of the equinoxes. The point at which the sun is nearest to the south pole we call the winter solstice, and the opposite point, the summer solstice. The summer solstice is on June twenty-first. At that time the declination of the sun is 23-1/2 north of the equatorial line. It starts to decrease until, six months later, it reaches a minus declination of 23-1/2 and is that far south of the line. The longest day in the northern hemisphere is naturally June twenty-first.”

“And the shortest day when the sun has the greatest minus declination.”

“Precisely, at the winter solstice. Now to explain what is happening.

The year went normally until June twenty-first. That day was of the correct length, about fourteen hours and fifty minutes long. The twenty-second should have been shorter. Instead, it was longer than the twenty-first. Each day, instead of getting shorter as it should at this time of year, is getting longer. We have already gained some thirty-two minutes of sunlight at this lat.i.tude. The explanation is that the angle between the equator and the elliptic is no longer 23-1/2 as it has been from time immemorial, but it is greater. If the continuing tilt keeps up long enough, the obliquity will be 90. When that happens, there will be perpetual midday at the north pole and perpetual night at the south pole. The whole northern hemisphere will be bathed in a continuous flood of sunlight while the southern hemisphere will be a region of cold and dark. The condition of the earth will resemble that of Mercury where the same face of the planet is continually facing the sun.”

“I understand that all right, but I am still in the dark as to what is causing this increase of tilt.”

“No more than I am, old dear. Herriott keeps babbling about a hidden body which is drawing the earth from its normal axial rotation, but the fool ignores the fact that a body of a size sufficient to disturb the earth would throw every motion of the solar system into a state of chaos. Nothing of the sort has happened. Ergo, no external force is causing it. I am positive that the force which is doing the work is located on the earth itself. Furthermore, unless my calculations are badly off, this force is located on or very near the surface of the earth at approximately the sixty-fifth degree of north lat.i.tude.”

“How can you tell that, Doctor?”

“It would take me too long to explain, Carnes. I will, however, qualify my statement a little. Either a variable force is being used or else a constant force located where I have said. The sixty-fifth parallel is a long line. The exact location and the nature of that force, we have to find. If it be man-made, and I’ll bet my bottom dollar that it is, we will also have to destroy it. If we fail, we’ll see this world plunged into such a riot of war and bloodshed as has never before been known. It will be literally a fight of mankind for a place in the sun. Due to its favorable location in the new position of the earth, it is more than probable that Russia would emerge as the dominant power.”

“Undertaking to destroy a thing that you don’t know the location of and of whose existence you aren’t even sure is a pretty big contract.”

The Englishman and Other Poems Part 6

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That was a most uncanny dream; I thought the wraiths of those Long buried in the Potter’s Field, in shredded shrouds arose; They said, ‘Against the will of G.o.d We have usurped the fertile sod, Now will we make it yield.’

Oh! but it was a gruesome sight, to see those phantoms toil; Each to his own small garden bent; each spaded up the soil; (I never knew Ghosts laboured so.) Each scattered seed, and watched, till lo!

The Graves were opulent.

Then all among the fragrant greens, the silent, spectral train Walked, as if breathing in the breath of plant, and flower, and grain.

(I never knew Ghosts loved such things; Perchance it brought back early springs Before they thought of death.)

‘The mothers’ milk for living babes; the earth for living hosts; The clean flame for the un-souled dead.’ (Oh, strange the words of Ghosts.) ‘If we had owned this little spot In life, we need not lie and rot Here in a pauper’s bed.’


The Muse said, Let us sing a little song Wherein no hint of wrong, No echo of the great world need, or pain, Shall mar the strain.

Lock fast the swinging portal of thy heart; Keep sympathy apart.

Sing of the sunset, of the dawn, the sea; Of any thing or nothing, so there be No purpose to thy art.

Yea, let us make, art for Art’s sake.

And sing no more unto the hearts of men, But for the critic’s pen.

With songs that are but words, sweet sounding words, Like joyous jargon of the birds.

Tune now thy lyre, O Poet, and sing on.

Sing of


The Virgin Night, all languorous with dreams Of her beloved Darkness, rose in fear, Feeling the presence of another near.

Outside her curtained cas.e.m.e.nt shone the gleams Of burning orbs; and modestly she hid Her brow and bosom with her dusky hair.

When lo! the bold intruder lurking there Leaped through the fragile lattice, all unbid, And half unveiled her. Then the swooning Night Fell pale and dead, while yet her soul was white Before that lawless Ravisher, the Light.

The Muse said, Poet, nay; thou host not caught My meaning. For there lurks a thought Back of thy song.

In art, all thought is wrong.

Re-string thy lyre; and let the echoes bound To nothing but sweet sound.

Strike now the chords And sing of


One day sweet Ladye Language gave to me A little golden key.

I sat me down beside her jewel box And turned its locks.

And oh, the wealth that lay there in my sight.

Great solitaires of words, so bright, so bright; Words that no use can commonize; like G.o.d, And Truth, and Love; and words of sapphire blue; And amber words; with sunshine dripping through; And words of that strange hue A pearl reveals upon a wanton’s hand.

Again the Muse: Thou dost not understand; A thought within thy song is lingering yet.

Sing but of words; all else forget, forget.

Nor let thy words convey one thought to men.

Try once again.

Down through the dusk and dew there fell a word; Down through the dew and dusk.

And all the garments of the air it stirred Smelled sweet as musk; And all the little waves of air it kissed Turned cold and amethyst.

There in the dew and dusk a heart it found; There in the dusk and dew The sodden silence changed to fragrant sound; And all the world seemed new.

Upon the path that little word had trod, There shone the smile of G.o.d.

The Muse said, Drop thy lyre.

I tire, I tire.



Here are the orchard trees all large with fruit; And yonder fields are golden with young grain.

In little journeys, branchward from the nest, A mother bird, with sweet insistent cries, Urges her young to use their untried wings.

A purring Tabby, stretched upon the sward, Shuts and expands her velvet paws in joy, While st.u.r.dy kittens nuzzle at her breast.

O mighty Maker of the Universe, Am I not part and parcel of Thy World, And one with Nature? Wherefore, then, in me Must this great reproductive impulse lie Hidden, ashamed, unnourished, and denied, Until it starves to slow and tortuous death?

I knew the hope of spring-time; like the tree Now ripe with fruit, I budded, and then bloomed; We laughed together through the young May morns; We dreamed together through the summer moons; Till all Thy purposes within the tree Were to fruition brought. Lord, Thou hast heard The Woman in me crying for the Man; The Mother in me crying for the Child; And made no answer. Am I less to Thee Than lover forms of Nature, or in truth Dost Thou hold Somewhere in another Realm Full compensation and large recompense For lonely virtue forced by fate to live A life unnatural, in a natural world?


Thou who hast made for such sure purposes The mightiest and the meanest thing that is – Planned out the lives of insects of the air With fine precision and consummate care, Thou who hast taught the bee the secret power Of carrying on love’s laws ‘twixt flower and flower, Why didst Thou shape this mortal frame of mine, If Heavenly joys alone were Thy design?

Wherefore the wonder of my woman’s breast, By lips of lover and of babe unpressed, If spirit children only shall reply Unto my ever urgent mother cry?

Why should the rose be guided to its own, And my love-craving heart beat on alone?


Yet do I understand; for Thou hast made Something more subtle than this heart of me; A finer part of me To be obeyed.

Albeit I am a sister to the earth, This nature self is not the whole of me; The deathless soul of me Has n.o.bler birth.

The primal woman hungers for the man; My better self demands the mate of me; The spirit fate of me, Part of Thy plan.

Nature is instinct with the mother-need; So is my heart; but ah, the child of me Should, undefiled of me, Spring from love’s seed.

And if, in barren chast.i.ty, I must Know but in dreams that perfect choice of me, Still will the voice of me Proclaim G.o.d just.


When in the even ways of life The old world jogs along, Our little coloured flags we flaunt: Our little separate selves we vaunt: Each pipes his native song.

And jealousy and greed and pride Join their unG.o.dly hands, And this round lovely world divide Into opposing lands.

But let some crucial hour of pain Sound from the tower of time, Then consciousness of brotherhood Wakes in each heart the latent good, And men become sublime.

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1716 – You Are Ding Tingding

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Chapter 1716: You Are Ding Tingding

Translator: Henyee Iranslations Editor: Henyee Iranstations

The crowd parted like the tide.

A person wearing a deep purple coat traced in a gold design walked over

handsomely, his wide sleeves aflutter.

He was as exquisite as jade. He had long hair, and his bewitching eyes were


There was originally a distant smile on his handsome face, but his icy

expression froze when he met Qjao Mu’s eyes. He then instantly revealed a

radiant smile.

“Qjaoqiao!” That person swept his sleeves before quickly walking up to Qjao

Mu. He then beamed at her and said, “It’s such a surprise to meet you here. Say,

is this called meeting a thousand kilometers away if there is fate?”

Qjao Mu observed the man in front of her expressionlessly and backed away

imperceptibly, increasing the distance between them. “Who are you.”

“Qjaoqiao, I’l be heartbroken if you say that.” “The man gazed at her pitifuly as

if tears were about to spill from his eyes. He even pulled open his collar and

gestured, “Look, the mark you left here hasn’t worn away yet! How could you

just forget me like that? Im so heartbroken, Qiaoqiao. You trampled all over

my sincerity. It really hurts!”

QJao Mu’s icy gaze settled on a faint sword scar below his collarbone.

That was an injury caused by her hand.

“You are Ding’Tingding.” “This should be Ding “Tingding’s true appearance

She had already lost count of how many times he had switched his appearance

There was the snake beauty and the lad with the iron wok. He had also hurt her

mom in order to act as her mom so as to deceive her.

Would this kind of person actually have sincerity?

What freakin kind of sincerity could this prodigal who tirelessly frequented

the pleasure quarters have

So, do’t be joking!

Qiao Mu gazed at him coldly without a ripple or hint of warmth in her eyes, as

if she were looking at an icy corpse.

Qjaoqiao, how could you look at me like that.” The man clutched his chest in

affected grief. “It hurts so much. Qjaoqiao is actually looking at me like I am a

dead man. Do you want me to go die that much.”

IfI said I wished for it, would you go die?” Qjao Mu’s callous voice instantly

made everyone hold their breaths.

Cult Master IDing’s gaze settled on the little lady’s frosty face, and he was

unable to utter a sound.

Qjaoqiao, you’ve really forgotten, forgotten everything, right?” Cult Master

Ding sighed lightly, and the light radiating from his eyes slowly dulled, leaving

only a black darkness.

Qjao Mu couldn’t help but be startled, causing her to look at him with knitted


She naturally knew now that when she had been afflicted by the rapid

cultivation curse, she had interacted with him for one day? Two days?

She didn’t remember at all.

But did he have to look at her with such a sorrowful expression?

They originally weren’t too familiar with each other. What was the use of

pretending to be so close?

Cult Master Ding’s depressed mood came and left quickly, and his eyes

instantly glowed brightly again. That moment of dejection pa.s.sed by so quickly

that it was basically unnoticeable.

Qjao Mu naturally did not discover that Duanmu Qing was the only person who

noticed Cult Master Ding’s change in mood.

Duanmu Qing did not know why he felt that Qjaoqiao’s icy expression right

now was abnormally terrifying

That indifferent expression that read “you are clearly a stranger, so why

pretend to be familiar and pester me” made him feel so stifled.

“Qjaoqiao, have you also come to take part in the tournament?

“I can’t?” Qjao Mu cast him a cold look.

“You can, you can. Of course you can.