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Chapter 82: Uncle’s Relations.h.i.+p Advice

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Carefree City was a peaceful little city. The streets were crowded with people at the many restaurants that lit up at night. As time pa.s.sed, it became a major attraction of this foothold which beckoned many tourists. It was late in the evening when Lin Huang and Leng Yuexin arrived in Carefree City. All the restaurants were opened for business, many tables and chairs were arranged in the alfresco area.

Looking at the crowds in the restaurants on both sides and the smell of food in the air, Lin Huang started to get hungry. He just realized that he only had breakfast that day before his mission. Leng Yuexin was a little panicked in the crowd as she hardly went to places that were crowded.

“I bet you’re hungry. It’s my treat,” Lin Huang offered. He was hungry himself but he did not want Leng Yuexin to feel left out so he suggested a meal together.

“Huh?” Leng Yuexin hesitated as she had never eaten at places like this before.

“What would you like to eat?” Lin Huang asked.

“Anything… is fine with me…” Leng Yuexin did not want to reject Lin Huang as he saved her life. Even if the food was terrible, she would force herself to eat.

“I’ll order then. Can you take spicy food?” Lin Huang asked.

“I’m okay with that,” Leng Yuexin nodded.

Lin Huang was not familiar with the food in this world as there were so much more varieties here than on Earth. He would usually eat something that he was familiar with but there were many dishes he had never tried in this place. However, Lin Huang was experienced when it came to finding good food. He used to travel a lot, and aside from browsing food recommendations on the Internet, he would come up with useful food guides that were about the crowd a place had, the number of people eating at a restaurant, which location had better tasting food and so on, trying to make the experience of finding the best meal much simpler for his readers.

Although most of the dishes were unfamiliar to him, it was not difficult to tell which restaurants had good business based on his guide.

“Let’s go to that one!”

Lin Huang strolled around and found a restaurant with quite a long queue. He then pulled Leng Yuexin into the queue. Leng Yuexin’s appearance attracted many wandering eyes. Although she did not dress up, her beauty could not be hidden.

10 minutes later, it was finally Lin Huang and Leng Yuexin’s turn to enter the restaurant. The restaurant owner was a middle-aged man. He stood behind the counter and looked at the both of them. He smiled at Lin Huang and commented, “Little man, your girlfriend is so pretty!”

Leng Yuexin blushed as Lin Huang waved his hand, “Uncle, that’s a misunderstanding, we’re just friends.” Lin Huang explained.

The restaurant owner smiled and did not dwell on the topic, “What would the both of you like to order?” he asked.

“Please recommend your specials, good sir,” Lin Huang asked politely. He knew that the owner would always recommend their specialties to convert people into regular customers at their establishments.

“Our food portions are pretty big, two dishes and a soup would be sufficient for the both of you. If you order more, the extra food might go to waste,” the restaurant owner said with a hearty laugh. “We have two specialties here. One of them would be the Roasted Iceberg Pig Tenderloin while the second would be the Grilled Steak which is made from the Ox Devil’s Ribs. For the soup dish, let’s get you guys the Twin Vine Flower Soup. It’s light and healthy,” he said.

“Sure, we’ll get everything you recommended,” Lin Huang nodded with satisfaction.

“Can the both of you take spicy food?” the restaurant owner asked.

“Just slightly,” Lin Huang replied.

“Sure, take a seat. Your food will be sent to you soon,” the owner said.

Seeing there was an empty table at the al fresco area, Lin Huang lead Leng Yuexin to take a seat. When he was in the university, Lin Huang would usually go to the beach with his roommates for a barbecue and a few beers during the summer. Later on, although he needed to eat out with his customers a lot, he hardly ate street food anymore.

Al-fresco street food places like this made him reminisce about his simple life back on Earth.

Leng Yuexin sat across from Lin Huang. Seeing him staring into s.p.a.ce, it was quite awkward for her. She broke the ice by asking, “Do you usually come to places like this?”

“No, this is my first time,” Lin Huang was stunned, he shook his head and said, “There used to be street food like this in my hometown but it has been a long time since I’ve eaten there.”

“Oh…” Leng Yuexin nodded and did not know how to continue the topic.

“Have you not been to places like this?” Lin Huang asked as he noticed that Leng Yuexin seemed uneasy.

“No,” Leng Yuexin shook her head and said, “My family wouldn’t allow me to eat at places like this.”

Just then, Lin Huang recalled that she was royalty. Although he did not know much about the royalty here, he concluded that they should be similar to the knights in the olden days that lived by certain principles such as having good manners and strict rules both at home and in public. It was normal that they were not allowed to eat by the streets. Since that topic involved Leng Yuexin’s family, Lin Huang did not want to pry any further so he changed the subject and asked, “What’s that monster that lived underground?” He asked.

“That was a Floating Orchid, an undead species from the abyss. A transcendent from our family sealed it in w.a.n.gyou Forest more than 100 years ago so that generations to come could kill it to level up into a transcendent. My purpose here this time was to kill it so that I could level up. I didn’t know that it had mutated twice since then. Although its combat strength remained the same, its ability was more than 10 times stronger than it was 100 years ago. If you were not there, I would have surely died,” Leng Yuexin told Lin Huang the story of the monster that lived underground in the w.a.n.gyou Forest.

“Did you hire Li Yanxing as your a.s.sistant?” Lin Huang asked.

“No, I was alone when I departed but I b.u.mped into them. Our families had a good relations.h.i.+p and he knew that I was there to kill the monster so he decided to help. I knew that he was up to something but I did not want to reject him so we decided to go on the mission together. No matter how strong a companion is, we always have to be cautious. Thankfully you were there so that he could not carry out his evil plan. I am so grateful we met you,” Leng Yuexin finally told him about the real reason why they were together.

After listening to Leng Yuexin’s explanation, Lin Huang thought how Li Yanxing b.u.mped into her was quite strange. Just as they were talking, the waiter came with their food so their conversation was interrupted. Lin Huang had tried many delicious delicacies but the specialties the restaurant owner had recommended was incredible! The spices and seasoning alone were better than the food he would die for on earth. The restaurant owner was brilliant in the kitchen. Not only did Lin Huang feel that way, Leng Yuexin did not stop eating too. She did not like street food but the food they were having was irresistible.

The both of them cleared all the food. Leng Yuexin wiped her mouth and said, “I’ve never tried street food. I didn’t know it was so good! Thank you!”

“If we’ve another chance, I’ll bring you to other places too,” Lin Huang said with a smile.

“I’ll have to leave in a while, my family sent someone to pick me up. You will leave soon too, right?” Leng Yuexin asked.

“I’ll leave tomorrow morning. If I stay here any longer, my sister will be worried,” Lin Huang told her and smiled awkwardly in embarra.s.sment.

“Oh…” Leng Yuexin kept quiet for a while and asked, “I have been wanting to ask you this but I don’t know if I should.”

“Please do. Don’t worry I’ll answer your questions the way I know how to,” Lin Huang said as he nodded. He had made up answers to all the possible questions she could ask in his mind.

“I want to know why you saved me?” Leng Yuexin asked. Out of all the questions he had prepared himself for, this was the one question that Lin Huang had not expect. She actually had many questions for him, among them were the reasons why went underground? What kind of healing magic did he possess to have saved her twice? She could tell clearly that the guy in the cave was not his avatar, how did he manage to get out of the cave? However, she chose to ask why he had saved her instead.

“Maybe…I like you,” Lin Huang answered, just making up the first thing that came to mind. He could not tell her that he was on a mission and that saving her was mandatory.

“That’s it?” Leng Yuexin asked. She did not seem to accept his answer.

“That’s it. I like you, so I saved you,” Lin Huang nodded and answered in all seriousness.

“Alright, I shall accept your answer,” Leng Yuexin knew that Lin Huang was not telling the truth but she did not want to dwell on it. She then looked at the time on her ring and stood up, “It’s almost time, I need to go now,” she said.

“Alright, we shall meet for food if there’s another chance in the future,” Lin Huang stood up as well.

“I will send you the stuff that I’ve promised. Goodbye!” Leng Yuexin said politely. She then turned around and left.

Seeing her walking away, Lin Huang then waved at the restaurant owner, “Boss! Bill, please!”

The restaurant owner walked to him with a smile, “What’s wrong, didn’t it go as you expected? I don’t mean to nag, but men should always cling to girls they like. You’ll understand this when you’re my age. Girls that pretty are hard to come by even if you’ve lived an entire lifetime. How could you give up just like that? Go chase after her, maybe there’s still a chance to turn things around. You should treat her better, go somewhere nicer…” He advised Lin Huang with a sincere look in his eyes.

“Uncle, we are really, just friends…” Lin Huang replied. He paid immediately and left soon after. The owner was confused because the young man looked like he was running for his life.

“Sigh… Such a nice lady. Why did they break up just like that? Young people nowadays… How strange…” The middle-aged man sighed as he watched Lin Huang leave.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1616 – I Would Be Able To Elevate All The Way To Ninth–Rank!

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Chapter 1616: I Would Be Able To Elevate All The Way to Ninth-Rank!

Sword12 stepped forward as soon as Lin Huang and the group entered the Sword Alliance.

In fact, he had sensed familiar auras the moment they teleported here.

“Lord Swordmaster, Master Guardians,” Sword12 greeted.

“For the next few days, help them familiarize themselves with this new environment.”

“Of course, Lord Swordmaster!” Sword12 responded immediately.

“Did anything happen during the month or so that I was away?” Lin Huang asked.

Although he was an absentee leader, he would still occasionally ask about recent developments.

“The delivery person who came from Death Sickle the last time dropped by again two days ago. He gave me an encrypted ring, saying that the exchanges for the items you wanted have all been completed. Everything is in the ring. He also left a note inside,” Sword12 answered and brought out two storage rings.

“There’s another encrypted ring as well. A man in a mask delivered it over a month ago. He said his name was Virtuoso, but he didn’t say very much more. He only asked me to tell you to inform him when you returned.”

“Alright, I’ve got it.” Lin Huang casually took the rings from Sword12. He already had a rough idea of what was probably in them.

The storage rings were encrypted because they had not been sent to Lin Huang directly but through someone else. It was not that Virtuoso or the delivery person from Death Sickle did not trust Sword12. It was just a regular procedure for items when a middle person was involved.

As for the encryption pa.s.sword, it would usually be sent directly to the receiver’s communicator.

Lin Huang had not had the chance to check his communicator yet.

After a.s.signing Sword1 and the others to Sword12, Lin Huang returned to his courtyard again.

He tapped on the communicator’s contact page and soon found the pa.s.swords that Virtuoso and Death Sickle’s delivery person had sent.

Lin Huang entered the two pa.s.swords into the rings accordingly and unlocked the two storage s.p.a.ces.

Inside the ring that Virtuoso had sent were the G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants of five Abyssal half-step Lords. Not only that, the Abyssal energy in all five G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants had been cleansed—something Lin Huang had not expected at all.

It was very clear that the hundred over Nirvana Trees were insufficient to be exchanged for five cleansed and purified Abyssal half-step Lords’ G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants. The only logical explanation was that Virtuoso had found someone else to handle this for them after obtaining the G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants.

“Virtuoso really is considerate.” Lin Huang could not help giving a quiet sigh. In reality, he would have preferred if G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants were not cleansed, as the Abyssal energy was a rare delicacy to the Eternity Fire in his body.

After setting down the ring that Virtuoso had sent, Lin Huang checked the other ring.

There were many items in this second ring.

There were twenty-one half-step Lords’ G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants alone, as well as a considerable number of various rare materials.

Lin Huang very soon saw the note that the delivery person had left for him.

He immediately picked it up to read.

The rough gist of the note was that Death Sickle had tried their best to collect half-step Lords’ G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants for him. However, twenty-one was the most they could gather. It was probable that in the entire G.o.d Territory, there would not be half-step Lords’ G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants on the list of commodities in the immediate future. This was because Death Sickle had purchased all of the available ones. The remaining exchange items had been traded for various rare materials to subst.i.tute for the G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants.

“All the half-step Lords’ G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants on the G.o.d Territory market have been purchased?!” This piece of news was something Lin Huang was not expecting. However, after thinking it through carefully, he realized that it was nothing unusual.

Half-step lord-level powerhouses hardly had any opponents.

In all probability, since the founding of the G.o.d Territory, the number of deceased half-step Lords could likely be counted. Even if this were expanded to include the entire great world and the total number of deceased half-step Lords from every tribe were tallied up for every battle throughout history, it would not come to very many at all.

For Death Sickle to collect the G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants of over twenty half-step Lords within a month or so was already no small feat.

The number of G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants Death Sickle had managed to gather had completely surpa.s.sed his expectations—that was what Lin Huang felt, even. It was just that he now had a slight problem—how to gather more half-step Lords’ G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants later.

Only when he had taken all the items out from the two rings and put them away in his storage s.p.a.ce did Lin Huang turn on his communicator and call Virtuoso’s number.

A moment later, the video call connected, and Virtuoso’s figure was projected into his room.

“It’s been over a month, and you’re only contacting me now. How was it? Did you get the items?” Virtuoso was still wearing their mask, and their expression could not be seen. However, Lin Huang could tell from their tone that they were in a good mood at the moment.

“Yes, I did, thank you very much.” Lin Huang nodded.

“I specifically looked for someone to cleanse them for you,” Virtuoso added.

“Yes, I noticed. That was very considerate of you,” Lin Huang expressed his grat.i.tude again.

“That’s all you have to say? Let me tell you, the value of these G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants has increased at least tenfold after the cleansing,” Virtuoso emphasized.

“Actually… I do have a method of cleansing them,” Lin Huang had no alternative but to be forthright.

“Alright. Apparently, I poked my nose in where I shouldn’t have,” Virtuoso said in a huff.

“Have you finished refining the Phantom City?” Lin Huang changed the subject rather stiffly.

“I have. I’ve also elevated to first-rank heavenly G.o.d-level now.” Virtuoso sounded rather smug at this point. They thought that since Lin Huang had just elevated to ninth-rank true G.o.d-level, it was unlikely that he would advance to heavenly G.o.d-level in such a short time.

“Oh, I’ve elevated to second-rank,” Lin Huang returned expressionlessly.

“What?!” Virtuoso was stunned when they heard this.

“I said I’ve elevated to second-rank heavenly G.o.d-level,” Lin Huang repeated for emphasis.

“You only elevated to ninth-rank true G.o.d-level over a month ago, didn’t you?” Virtuoso was completely bereft of speech. “You’ve advanced to heavenly G.o.d-level so quickly, aren’t you afraid that your foundation won’t be stable?!”

“My foundation is very stable. If I had enough resources, I would be able to elevate all the way to ninth-rank.” What Lin Huang said was very true.

However, to Virtuoso, this was clearly bragging.

“I don’t want to listen to you anymore. If there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up.”

“Wait a moment.” Lin Huang stopped Virtuoso, who was about to terminate the call.

“If you’ve got anything else to say, hurry up and say it!” Virtuoso snapped irritatedly.

“Do you know if there’s any way to obtain a large number of half-step Lords’ G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants?” Lin Huang asked.

“Why do you want so many half-step Lords’ G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants for?” Virtuoso was getting more and more puzzled. “Oh, that’s right, when I got out of closed-door cultivation a few days ago, I received news that Death Sickle has been gathering G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants lately. Were they helping you collect them, then?”

“Just tell me how to obtain them, that’s good enough.” Naturally, Lin Huang was unwilling to reveal his secret.

“How else would you go about it? You’d have to trade resources for them.” Virtuoso was practically speechless.

“Of course I know that. What I mean is, do you know if there are any channels to do so?” Lin Huang persisted.

“What, aren’t Death Sickle’s channels enough for you?” The words were barely out of Virtuoso’s mouth when they suddenly froze for a moment, then snapped back to their senses and stared at Lin Huang, eyes wide. “You’ve cleaned out the G.o.d Territory’s resources?!”

“That’s right… That’s why I asked you about other channels,” Lin Huang had no alternative but to admit it.

“You’re really something!” Virtuoso gave Lin Huang a thumbs up; his feelings were convoluted.

“How do I say this? Things like half-step Lords’ G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants aren’t regular items. For one, the demand is very low, so not many people specifically supply these commodities.

“Not many people collect these things, even at the Club, so even if you send out a request there, you’ll probably only be able to obtain a few. After all, compared to all those major organizations in the universe, the Club has too few members.”

After they finished speaking, Virtuoso cupped their chin and pondered for a while.

“There’s an organization called Royal here in the great world. It’s a branch of Royal in the universe. It seems low profile in the great world, but its combined strength is actually on par with any grade-7 organization. It’s said they have a special channel that can bring in resources from the universe and other worlds. That’s why many major organizations collaborate with them. I think you could go talk to them.”


If Virtuoso had not brought it up, Lin Huang would have almost forgotten that he also had Royalty status.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 364

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Chapter 364: The Rules of the Mystery Auction

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The doorbell rang as Lin Huang finished his breakfast early in the morning. It was Tyrant who opened the door as Lin Huang was doing the dishes in the kitchen.

“Erm, does Lin Huang stay here?” Leng Yuexin was confused when she saw Tyrant at the door, thinking that she had gotten the wrong house.

“Yes, please come in.” Tyrant took a step back, gesturing for Leng Yuexin to come in. Tyrant had heard from Lin Huang that they were expecting a guest. Looking at the human lady, he was sure that she was the visitor that Lin Huang was talking about.

Leng Yuexin was stunned for a moment before she walked in.

“Please give me a minute, I’ll be out soon.” Lin Huang was almost done with cleaning in the kitchen when he heard the both of them talking. Leng Yuexin peered into the kitchen when she heard his voice.

“Are you doing the dishes?” Leng Yuexin asked as she saw Lin Huang piling the plates.

“Yes, I’m done. Take a seat, let me wash my hands.” Lin Huang drained the water in the basin, washed his hands with soap and turned around to wipe his hands with the cloth on the dining table.

“What would you like to drink? Juice or tea?” He asked with a smile when he saw Leng Yuexin standing next to the dining table.

“I’ll have juice,” she answered without thinking twice.

“Sure!” Lin Huang nodded and took out a pastel mug with cute rabbit prints from the cabinet. He then poured the freshly squeezed juice from the refrigerator and pa.s.sed the mug to her.

Leng Yuexin took the mug and stared at it for a while, then she gawked in puzzlement at him.

“My sister bought this mug two days ago. It’s a long story…” Noticing the way Leng Yuexin was staring at him, Lin Huang explained helplessly. Ever since all their plates and mugs at home were eaten by the Seventails, Lin Xin initiated to buy new ones by herself but he did not expect all of the items to be in pastel colors with girly cartoon prints on them.

“It’s…nice,” Leng Yuexin commented with a raised eyebrow, then took a sip. The both of them returned to the living room and she started staring at Tyrant again. She kept thinking that there was a peculiar aura from Tyrant. Finally, she could not help so she asked, “May I know who this is?”

“His name is Tyrant. He’s my summoning monster buddy,” Lin Huang beamed while introducing Tyrant.

Leng Yuexin was surprised at Lin Huang’s answer. She finally figured out what was with the peculiar aura. Besides being abnormally large in size, Tyrant looked no different from a human. That was why she did not realize that he was a monster.

“Hi,” Tyrant giggled.

“Hi!” Leng Yuexin was dumbfounded for a moment before responding.

“A white flame-level human-form monster that can talk, it must be at least double mutated…” Leng Yuexin thought to herself.

After chatting for a while, Leng Yuexin summoned her dimensional relic while Lin Huang brought Tyrant along. As they pa.s.sed through the relic, the three of them arrived on top of a tall skysc.r.a.per.

“So, this is Haitian City?” They were looking out at a blue ocean stretched in front of them. Haitian City was an grade foothold with a huge inland sea. Those who stayed by the ocean could see the beautiful sea that touched the sky. That was how the city was christened Haitian City.

“Yes, the Mystery Auction’s headquarters is here,” Leng Yuexin confirmed.

Considering that Lin Huang could not fly, Leng Yuexin gave up the thought of jumping from the building and took the elevator instead. As they got out of the building, Lin Huang turned around and realized that the building was a huge mall.

“The hotel that I booked isn’t far from here.” Leng Yuexin walked in between the both of them after leaving the building. Around seven to eight minutes later, the three of them arrived at the entrance of a luxurious hotel.

After checking themselves in, they brought Tyrant along to the room. The three of them stepped out of the elevator when they arrived on the 117th floor. They were staying in rooms 27 and 28 across each other.

“Get settled in your room. I’ll come to get you later,” Leng Yuexin opened the door to room 27 and said to Lin Huang before shutting the door.

Lin Huang scanned his keycard on the door and entered with Tyrant. It was a huge suite, even more luxurious than most of the hotels that he had ever stayed in before.

“It seems like you won’t have to sleep on the carpet for these few days,” Lin Huang teased Tyrant with a smile when he found out that there were a few bedrooms in the suite. When Tyrant was at home, he would always sleep on the floor in the living room as its gigantic body could not fit on the couch.

“This is a good carpet,” Tyrant stepped on the carpet and chuckled happily.

“You can sleep in the bedroom.” Lin Huang pointed at the second bedroom.

“I’d like to sleep on the floor. It’s bigger,” Tyrant shook his head and declined.

“Up to you then…” He did not know Tyrant had such an odd preference.

“Seventails loves eating mugs and Tyrant loves sleeping on the floor. Will other monsters have different peculiar preferences?” Lin Huang thought to himself. He was satisfied after bringing Tyrant to tour the suite. There were three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen. The rooms were big and totaled to almost 3,000 square meters. The biggest one was the living room which occupied 800 square meters of the suite. The master bedroom was s.p.a.cious too. There was a balcony that was three meters wide in the south and was connected to the living room. There was a bathtub measuring three meters long in the bathroom.

“I can soak myself in the bathtub tonight!” Lin Huang’s favorite part in the entire suite was the bathtub. Soon, Leng Yuexin knocked on his door.

“It’s not bad here,” Leng Yuexin looked around and commented as she entered.

“Please take a seat.” Lin Huang pa.s.sed her a gla.s.s of juice.

She stared at Tyrant that was sitting on the floor.

“Don’t mind him, he likes sitting on the floor.” Lin Huang rolled his eyes.

Tyrant nodded like Lin Huang was complimenting him. After tossing a bottle of green juice to Tyrant, Lin Huang got himself a bottle as well and sat on the single-seater, his back facing the balcony.

Leng Yuexin took a small sip of juice and placed the gla.s.s on the coffee table. “Let’s talk about the things that you should take note of at the Mystery Auction.”

Lin Huang took a sip of his green juice and put it down.

“The Mystery Auction is an auction exclusively for the royal families. They send out invitations to prestige and mid-range royal families around two months before the auction starts. They include the items that will be auctioned in the invitation, but not those that are sold underground. Those royal families that don’t receive the invitation will have to apply for an invitation by themselves. Most of the mid-range royal families will pa.s.s the application. However, the lower-range ones will need someone to help or else, they won’t be able to join.”

“Our family is considered a prestigious family in Division7 and we receive their invitation every year. If any of us in the family need anything from the auction, we can go to the auction. Those who hold the invitation can bring three visitors with them. The both of you will be the two visitors that I’m bringing this year. However, visitors are not eligible for the bidding. If you would like to bid, you’ll have to go through me. I’ll be the one doing the bidding, paying and receiving of items. So, just tell me if you need anything.”

“Got it!” Lin Huang nodded.

“There’s another rule that you should follow. n.o.body is allowed to fight in the auction. Even if you meet the person who killed your parents at the auction, you’ll have to settle that outside the auction or else, you’ll be punished. If anybody steals the items on auction, the person will be considered dead to Mystery and will be killed on the spot. Even if the person managed to escape, the person will be tracked down and killed…”

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: Purplish-Gold Lightning

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as Kylie the Nephilic Judge entered, the battle became more intense.

Three of the double mutated white flame-level monsters clashed with each other, causing the clouds in the air to disappear. The remaining energy caused the ground to tremble a little.

The intense collision resulted in a strong wind pressure that resembled ripples on the water surface, spreading far and wide. The crushed rocks on the ground sprayed everywhere like bullets and waves even appeared on the ocean of lava that was initially calm.

Seeing the three monsters battling each other in the sky, Lin Huang exclaimed, “A Transcendent is indeed like nothing else. Even if it’s just at holy fire-level, its power for destruction can never be achieved by a normal human!”

Before becoming a Transcendent, Life Power could not be detached from one’s body. Aside from some monsters with special skills that allowed their Life Power to be separated from their body, most of the monsters were just like humans and they chose to use mainly short-range attacks as their main battle strategy.

However, once they were upgraded to holy fire-level, the quality of their Life Power changed. Their Life Power could be detached from their body and this made the difference between the monster’s fighting style and that of humans’ whereby the damage caused would be increased as well.

The same thing had happened to Lin Huang now as he could not join the fight among the three Transcendent monsters at all. One of the reasons he could not do so was because he could not fly and the other reason was that his Life Power could not be separated from his body.

Despite the fact that his speed and defense strength was on par with the three Transcendent monsters, even for his close-range combat, he still could not approach them. The Fire Phoenix’s reflexes could easily keep Lin Huang away.

“Under such circ.u.mstances, I can’t even go close to them…” The battle in the air was so intense and Lin Huang panicked.

The sky got darker and the monsters in the ruins became more active. Although many of the monsters around them were terrified by the battle between the three Transcendents, the energy fluctuation caused by the battle might trigger monsters that were even more powerful to hunt them as prey.

“Don’t delay anymore. Quickly end the battle!” Lin Huang knew that it would get them into greater trouble if the battle was dragged out for too long.

As soon as he contacted Kylie with his mind, she suddenly exited the battle.

Along the purple long spear, a golden beam of light flowed continuously and a golden Thunder Sphere was quickly formed. The Thunder Sphere took only a few seconds to expand to the size of a human fist.

Kylie then picked up the Thunder Sphere with the tip of her spear and it blasted off into the sky. In just a short moment, it penetrated through the atmosphere and exploded, turning into a dazzling, golden laser beam.

Soon, a loud explosive noise was heard and dark clouds were instantly formed in the air. Within the dark clouds, beams of golden electric arcs were flickering wildly.

Not only did Kylie activate her Lightning Control , purple electric current flowed through Lin Huang’s body as well as he stared at the cloud layers.

After a short while, beams of purple electric arcs appeared out of nowhere, enhancing the beauty of the golden electric arcs. The cloud layers were a mishmashed painting of different shades of gold and purple, making it look very mysterious.

On top of the volcano, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang raised their heads and gazed at the sky. The sky was dark and the purple golden l.u.s.ter appeared to be rather appealing.

“The golden lightning appears only on the human-like monster’s body. Where does the purple lightning on the cloud layer come from?” Li Lang felt curious.

“Look at Lin Huang…” Yi Yeyu mumbled. Li Lang then noticed that there were faint purple electric arcs flickering on Lin Huang’s body.

“Is that a type of skill to control the elements?! The little brat sure picked up a lot of things!” Li Lang was astonished.

Yi Yeyu remained silent, fixing her gaze on Lin Huang as she fell into deep thought.

Lin Huang had just thought about overlaying both Thunder Control skills. By doing so, there would be a substantial increase in the frequency and density of lightning strikes, hence distracting the Fire Phoenix’s line of sight.

The dark clouds had enveloped an area of more than 10 kilometers in the sky.

Of course, the Fire Phoenix noticed that. However, it did not bother as the lightning element could not restrain it. If it turned out to be an ice element attack, the Fire Phoenix might be afraid of it but there was not much difference between the lightning strikes and normal Life Power attacks. At most, it would numb the Fire Phoenix.

However, on top of the dark cloud layer, lightning did not strike even after a long while. Lin Huang was shocked. He then activated Boundless Vision and gazed into the sky.

He then noticed that on the cloud layer, Kylie’s golden lightning and his purple lightning were intertwined together and strangely, they started to merge, forming into a purplish-gold color that differed from the two previous colors.

“How can such a mutation happen? Did they merge because they are skills of the same type?” Lin Huang could not find a better explanation for that incident. His Lightning Control was extracted from Kylie’s skills. However, such a mutation was out of his expectation.

As soon as the merging of the first beam of lightning had succeeded, the rest of them seemed to be infected as other purple and golden lightning branches started merging with each other rapidly.

In just a short while, the purplish-gold radiance had completely disappeared and it was replaced with purplish-gold lightning throbbing vigorously between the cloud layers.

On top of the volcano, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang noticed the changes too. However, only the Fire Phoenix remained oblivious.

Kylie the Nephilic Judge immediately exited the battle. The Fire Phoenix did not chase after her, focusing on killing the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit instead as it wanted to get back its Fire Spark.

As a fire element monster, the Fire Phoenix’s attack had a limited effect on the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. Therefore, it had chosen to engage it in close combat.

During the battle, the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit had powerful defenses in addition to the appearance of its Punishment Chain from time to time. Although it seemed like it could not fight back at all, it would not be easily defeated in a short period of time.

Purplish-gold lightning had formed in the sky, revealing its ferocious nature. At that moment, the sky was getting darker. On the cloud layer, a beam of purplish-gold lightning penetrated through the sky and attacked the Fire Phoenix at a terrifying speed.

At almost the same time when the beam of lightning appeared, the Fire Phoenix seemed to have sensed that danger was coming from atop. Before it could dodge the attack, the beam of lightning had already struck its back.

A screech and the rumbling of thunder were heard simultaneously. Right after the attack hit the Fire Phoenix, its body sank and a black burn mark appeared on its back.

Although it was not severely injured, pain that it had never felt before seared through its body. The Fire Phoenix immediately flapped its wings and escaped from the battle with the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit, staring at the sky in fear…

Between the cloud layers, the second beam of purplish-gold lightning was formed, indicating the arrival of a terrifying power.

The Fire Phoenix immediately flapped its wings vigorously to dodge the attack. Although the first attack did not cause any internal injuries, it obviously had broken through the Fire Phoenix’s feather defense. It was in so much pain and felt numb at the same time. It definitely did not want to be struck by the lightning again.

The second beam of lightning missed the Fire Phoenix as it dodged it. However, there was the third, fourth and fifth beam that rained down crazily like a thunderstorm…

Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 492 – Whose Baby Was She Carrying

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Chapter 492 Whose Baby Was She Carrying

Feng Yulei turned his head sideways to take a cold look at You Yue’e, and succeeded in calming down the infuriated woman. She lowered her head slightly. They should not provoke the people at this time.

Taking two steps forward, Feng Yulei walked up to Auntie Qing and looked up at her proudly. After a while, he lightly asked, “You are the concubine of the Mo Manor, Second Consort Mo’s mother, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Auntie Qing looked at Feng Yulei’s chilly eyes and gave a little shudder. But she knew immediately that she could not hold back at this moment. Remembering what Mo Huawen had told her before her departure, she had to go out due to the current interests. With red eyes and a handkerchief over her mouth, she whimpered, “Your Highness, Qiong’er has died a strange death. Shouldn’t you say something? Qiong’er treated her sisters kindly at home. How could she do something to set up her sister and drag the whole Mo Manor down when she had only been in your manor for several days? As a Second Consort, how could she be so adept in trickery and do such a big deal? Is Your Highness’s back yard so loose that any man can enter at will?”

She didn’t start with Mo Xueqiong having an affair with another man, but with Mo Xueqiong framing Mo Xuetong. Even though she was crying, she was justified in what she said, and immediately won the cheers of the crowd.

Feng Yulei’s eyes hardened and his aura got cold. He did not expect that an ordinary concubine of the Mo Manor stood out and was so eloquent. Instead of starting with Mo Xueqiong’s biggest crime of adultery, she did the opposite. It seemed that she had been prepared for this. If he explained it in this way, things would be even more confusing, and eventually, he would get caught up in it and not be able to get rid of it.

Any man could enter his manor’s back yard at will? That sounded like a slap in Feng Yulei’s face.

“Madam, how could a man be allowed to enter my manor’s back yard? Consort Yan has done a good job in managing the back yard, but your daughter herself is too shameless. Unable to get in touch with other men, she hooked up with a manservant. I still don’t understand why she eloped with someone else when I fed her so well.”

He especially emphasized the word “eloped”, and put the emphasis on it.

Sure enough, Auntie Qing was shocked and a little fl.u.s.tered.

“Can’t there be any other men in the back yard besides the manservant?” asked another woman, sobbing heavily.

Only then did Feng Yulei get a glimpse of the elderly female servant. He turned to the woman whose face and nose were red and swollen due to crying and said, “How can anyone be allowed to come to my back yard at will?”

“So how did a manservant seduce Fourth Miss? How did Fourth Miss have an affair with him? Besides, Your Highness, the manservants who can walk in and out of the back yard should be young, right? And shouldn’t all your personal servants be eunuchs? How did they do this?” The elderly female servant called out angrily. Then she took two steps forward and knelt down in front of Feng Yulei, supporting Auntie Qing who was leaning on the wall and sobbing. She opened her eyes wide and did not flinch.

She was a courageous servant, who seemed loyal to her master. She cried even more sadly than Mo Xueqiong’s own mother. Feng Yulei looked at the woman in front of him carefully.

Feng Yulei thought the woman in front of him was just a slouch servant who looked the boldest but didn’t have rich experience.

“Of course I have eunuchs to serve me, but it’s normal to have some more manservants. The manservants who could come in and out of the back yard are very young, but the manservant in the study is older than them. Usually, he can’t walk in the back yard often, but he occasionally helps me to pay the people in the back yard. I didn’t mistreat Mo Xueqiong, but I didn’t realize that she was so promiscuous that she picked up my manservant at the slightest opportunity. Shouldn’t I kill the manservant? As for Mo Xueqiong, she knew she was too ashamed to face people and ended her life with a rope; and she deserved it,”

Feng Yulei said in a steady voice with a cool aura.

Some large families were generally like this—the manservant who grew up around the male master would only serve him in the study of the outer yard after growing up, and occasionally would send messages and rewards to concubines of each yard for the male master, because he had served the male master by his side before and knew the situation of each yard and could handle affairs with ease.

As for the eunuchs, although there were eunuchs in the prince’s manor, most of them were given by the Emperor, so there were not a lot of them. The prince had a lot of things to deal with, and it was normal to have a few more manservants.

Feng Yulei had a point. He not only explained why the manservant hooked up with Mo Xueqiong, but he also blamed it on her. If it wasn’t for her lewd nature, how could she hook up with a manservant who occasionally appeared in the back yard and even eloped with him?

Of course, he wouldn’t say that Mo Xueqiong and the manservant really had anything. On the one hand, the royal son’s dignity prevented him from becoming a cuckold; on the other hand, it was because of the man’s dignity. It didn’t matter what the rumor was out there. If he did admit it, he would be a cuckold.

As long as Mo Xueqiong committed the crime of elopement, she was unwomanly. She was a runaway concubine, and she would die. Feng Yulei didn’t have to humiliate himself anymore. He had been disgraced by such a thing, but if he had dug deeper, he would have lost his manly dignity.

“Your Highness, you mean that Fourth Miss actually took advantage of the chance to meet the manservant occasionally and hook up with him. As your second consort, wasn’t she afraid of your wrath and death?” cried the female servant.

“Who knows what was wrong with her? Or the daughters of the Mo Manor have been…” said Feng Yulei slowly. As he found that Auntie Qing was just crying and could not speak, his voice immediately turned cold and he was ready to blame it all on Mo Xueqiong. The Mo Manor’s daughter Mo Xuemin had a bad reputation, and then plus Mo Xueqiong, people would certainly doubt whether there was a problem with the Mo Manor’s family education, and, of course, would suspect Consort Xuan Mo Xuetong as well.

“Fourth Miss and the manservant only met a few times before they had an affair. What about my daughter, Your Highness? Why is it that my daughter was pregnant and the baby was killed by Consort Yan and you ignored it? Who was the father of the baby in my daughter’s belly? Didn’t you say other men couldn’t get to the back yard at all?” the female servant cried even louder, cutting Feng Yulei off.

If there was no other guy in the back yard, it was Feng Yulei who got the maidservant pregnant. If he really crossed his own second consort, hooked up her maidservant, then the prince was really cheap enough.

“Yes, Your Highness, you may say that Qiong’er had an affair with the manservant, but what about the baby in Mo Yan’s belly? When so many people watched her lose the baby in the Puguang Temple, why did no one help her? You were there, and so was Consort Yan, right? Is it possible that Mo Yan’s baby was conceived because she had an affair with the manservant?”

Auntie Qing also cried and questioned.

Whose back yard was not strictly regulated? When a second consort’s maidservant was pregnant, this must be related to the male master. Otherwise it was impossible to happen quietly. Just now Feng Yulei admitted that Mo Xueqiong had run off with the manservant, implying that they were having an affair, but they didn’t have time to do anything.

When the manservant had no time to do anything with the second consort, how could he have time to do anything with a maidservant? Besides, she was only a maidservant. Was she so powerful in the back yard?

Her words were so sharp, and she used what Feng Yulei had just said himself, that it was like a slap in his face. The calm on Feng Yulei’s face froze. He did not expect a female servant’s words to be sharper than the concubine’s, which struck at his unprepared weakness.

About Mo Yan, King Yan’s Manor adopted a vague approach to blur the matter in the sight of the public. Anyway, there was something about Mo Xueqiong that got in the way. It was only about Mo Xueqiong that everyone disputed. A second consort whose marriage was bestowed by the Emperor eloped with a manservant. It was something that had never happened before, and it attracted everyone’s attention.

When Feng Yulei and You Yuecheng were setting Mo Xuetong up, they were worried about the failure of their plan. Therefore, they had already taken into account both the manservant who was guilty of the crime and the incident when he entered Mo Xueqiong’s yard, which was seen by many people. It indicated that the manservant did have contact with Mo Xueqiong before. More than one person in King Yan’s Manor saw it; even if someone wanted to investigate, it was impossible to find anything.

All they could do was to prove that Mo Xueqiong had eloped with the manservant because King Yan had given her the cold shoulder and she didn’t want to be lonely. As for the ledger and doc.u.ments in Mo Xueqiong’s hand, it could be explained that the manservant thought they were worth a lot of money, so he stole them and brought them out to Mo Xueqiong for money.

Of course, it was used when Mo Xueqiong failed to frame Mo Xuetong.

But the reality had changed. No one thought that Mo Yan was pregnant, and Mo Xueqiong pushed her, which caused her to miscarry on the spot. Most importantly, the doctor came to verify that Mo Yan had been pushed into miscarriage. The lady who brought the doctor to the Puguang Temple for incense was no ordinary, and there were so many ladies and young ladies present. There was no denying it.

Such a sudden incident caught Feng Yulei off guard, so he made the scene so that Mo Xueqiong seemed to be hanging out. At the same time, he gave Mo Yan a bowl of poison and arranged it into a scene of ma.s.sive bleeding. Then he made Mo Jiao look like she’d been killed by herself in front of Mo Xueqiong’s coffin. It was a sure thing in a hurry. The two maidservants were used to testify against Mo Xueqiong. They didn’t have to die.

But with such an accident, Feng Yulei just wanted to destroy all the evidence, so of course the three of them had to die together.

So what happened to Mo Yan was a complete accident. All Feng Yulei could do was keep it as vague as possible. No matter how big the matter about Mo Xueqiong became, even if the Emperor sent someone to investigate him, he was not afraid. Things had already been decided, and the prince’s manor was full of hints that Mo Xueqiong was in cahoots with the manservant.

When Feng Yulei was punished by Emperor Zongwen, Emperor Zongwen didn’t ask him much about this, but asked him why he wanted to hurt his brother. He didn’t even give him a chance to refute, so he just drove him back to King Yan’s Manor with angry words. After that, the imperial guards sealed King Yan’s Manor’s gate and banned all access inside and outside the manor. Feng Yulei could not even defend himself.

The plan he had devised for Mo Xueqiong had not been carried out. He now hoped that the Emperor would send someone to investigate the matter. As soon as the investigator arrived at the manor, everything would be directed to Mo Xueqiong. At most, he was guilty of marrying a lewd and vicious second consort, and had nothing to do with the crimes the prince had hurt his brother.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1093 – Tan Lang’s Visit

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Chapter 1093: Tan Lang’s Visit

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When it was almost past 2 p.m., Tan Lang brought a bunch of people to Emperor City.

Lin Huang heard the news immediately and instructed Huang Tianfu to invite them to the Dynasty headquarters.

Lin Huang greeted them wearing a white t-s.h.i.+rt.

There were a total of 13 people visiting this time, and Lin Huang knew five of them.

Apart from Tan Lang, Shen Tao, Jian Fei, Gu Fei, and the Bug Master Li Jia came along too.

He knew Shen Tao before knowing Tan Lang. Meanwhile, he was familiar with the current chief of Heaven Alliance, Jian Fei and the deputy chief, Gu Fei. About Li Jia, he only got to know him when they went into the Fallen G.o.d Land.

Lin Huang only learned from the True G.o.d consciousness Gong Sun that Li Jia possessed Divine Telekinesis like he did after Tan Lang and the rest left the Fallen G.o.d Land. Not only that, his Divine Telekinesis was even more powerful than Lin Huang’s but he chose to hide it all the way.

Although he only had a combat strength of immortal-level rank-9 and barely looked threatening at all, his ability could not be measured by his combat strength.

However, Lin Huang did not behave differently and he treated him like his friend. He paused when he looked at Tan Lang and the other four of them.

Although Tan Lang had told everyone that Lin Xie’s true ident.i.ty was the Emperor of Dynasty Lin Huang, they found it a little hard to believe when they saw Lin Huang in real life.

“Are you really Lin Xie?” Shen Tao asked looking in disbelief.

“It was a disguise,” Lin Huang said and used disguise skill to transform his face looking like Lin Xie. He then taped open Lin Xie’s Emperor’s Heart Ring and called Shen Tao’s number, “A person can disguise into someone else but I guess you can’t get a fake Emperor’s Heart Ring?”

Each Emperor’s Heart Ring had an exclusive code of its own. Moreover, it would be locked to the person as soon as owners.h.i.+p was claimed. Even if it were unlocked, one could only open the storage s.p.a.ce. As long as the original host was not detected, the Emperor’s Heart Ring network and communication signal would remain shut.

Such a setting on the Emperor’s Heart was to prevent others from using the ident.i.ty to carry out crimes.

For hackers who created fake ident.i.ties such as Yang Ling, he would reformat the ownerless Emperor’s Heart Rings to its default setting whereby everything in the ring would be erased, including the serial number. A new serial number would be a.s.signed which was no different from a brand new one that came fresh from the factory.

Lin Huang could use Lin Xie’s Emperor’s Heart Ring to prove that his ident.i.ty was real.

Initially, Tan Lang and the rest were a little concerned. They thought Lin Huang might have kidnapped Lin Xie and forced him to get them here. Now, it seemed like they had been overthinking.

“Mr. Fu was attacked by virtual G.o.d-level powerhouse before I came to the core zone. It has something to do with the Union Government which knew very well that I’m Mr. Fu’s disciple. Apart from that, I offended some underground organizations such as the Purple Crow, the Saints, the Heretics, and more when I was in Division 7. My ability was too weak for me to be able to protect myself, so I disguised as Lin Xie for safety purpose. Since then, I’ve been using Lin Xie’s ident.i.ty in the core zone,” Lin Huang explained briefly while smiling.

They looked shocked when they heard this revelation. They never thought that Lin Huang would have had such a difficult past.

Not only did he have to avoid the Union Government, but he would also have to avoid the top three underground organizations at all times. If he showed any flaws before he grew powerful, he might have faced disaster.

“Fortunately, you managed to hold on. Now that you’re the Emperor, the Union Government will have to think twice before doing anything to you, let alone those underground organizations.” Tan Lang patted Lin Huang’s shoulder.

Jian Fei looked rather awkward. He was worried that Lin Huang might call him out for being the acting chief of the Heaven Alliance. Now, it seemed like Lin Huang did not even care about being the chief of the Heaven Alliance.

If the Heaven Alliance were to be put on Earth, it could only be considered as the top university. However, Dynasty would be one of the top companies in the world if it were put on Earth. Why would a director from a top company want a place as the President of student affairs in a university?

Li Jia, on the other hand, seemed normal. He behaved just like an ordinary member of the audience enjoying the story just like everybody else. However, Lin Huang had no idea what he was really thinking about.

Lin Huang glanced through everyone, saying nothing while smiling.

Only he knew that he had the confidence to reveal his ident.i.ty. He was not depending on his ident.i.ty as the Emperor of Dynasty, but on his own abilities.

Just like two months ago, the Union Government had to let him go despite knowing that it was he who killed Zhuge Feifan not because he was the Emperor, but they knew his real abilities. If they came after him and ignored the consequences, they would definitely lose a bunch of top powerhouses.

Lin Huang knew that his ident.i.ty was just a name. His ability was what set him apart from everyone else.

No matter how high a person’s position might be, he would lose everything that came with his ident.i.ty when he lost it one day.

Just like the presidents of some countries on Earth, their glory days were just the mere few years during their term of office. Their glory would fade as soon as they were done with their appointment. Some would even continue their lives like an ordinary person and were worse off than a wealthy man.

Naturally, a high position brought many benefits. You would not have to do many things on your own since you can get people to do it for you. A high position could even bring people connections and resources. Many people would come to you for your position to give many advantages. A high position brought huge influence to a person. When a person’s position was powerful enough, whatever the person did or said might gain the world’s attention.

However, no matter how powerful a person was, there was a limit. That was the reason why Lin Huang accepted the position of Emperor. a.s.suming such an ident.i.ty gave him access to Dynasty’s power. He could accomplish what he wanted to do which would take a ma.s.sive amount of time and effort to do in the past like a piece of cake now.”

“Let’s go. We’ll visit Boss Chan now.” Lin Huang was unwilling to dwell on his ident.i.ty and power. He led them towards where Chan Dou was staying.

On the way there, Tan Lang could not help but finally ask, “How did you find Chan Dou?”

Everyone kept their ears peeled as soon as he asked that.

“I suppose all of you have heard about the organization called G.o.d Bless which everyone has been talking about these past two months, haven’t you?” Lin Huang asked.

“I think everyone knows about this recently. Looking at the notice the Union Government sent out, it’s indeed a terrifying organization. They’ve been hiding from this world from over 700 years and n.o.body knew about their existence. Moreover, they’ve so many members who’ve penetrated so many organizations and some even became their core members and upper echelon.” Shen Tao took over the conversation.

The Union Government had published a notice about G.o.d Bless’s existence two months ago, so everyone present was familiar with the organization.

“They were the ones who took Chan Dou away.” Lin Huang was half fibbing when he said that. “Their people attempted to me. I captured them and managed to ask them all about this unintentionally.”

“I spent some time getting into where Chan Dou was captured. I managed to save him, but he had been in a coma and only woke up this morning. After I spoke to him, I realized a big part of his memory was lost.”

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2769 – Pray to Your God!

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Chapter 2769: Pray to Your G.o.d!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


The corpses and iron debris piled up in the pathway were finally blown over by the guards outside.

The defenders were led by more than ten super-heavy crystal suits, followed by two or three light crystal tanks. Who would have thought that a terrifying monster like Li Yao would sneak into their secret laboratory? Such a force was the best that the defense of the floating fortress could do for now.

Li Yao did not even bother to look at the weak toys. He simply spread his legs apart and raised his left arm. Every scale armor covering his arm stood up like an infuriated hedgehog. The Six Barrel Rotary Crystal Cannon around his left arm was revolving at a high speed, raising a ferocious tornado.

Murderous streaks of brightness were born in the tornadoes and condensed into a storm of destruction together with spluttering electric arcs.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Earsplitting noises of metal fatigue echoed below Li Yao’s feet.

The floor made of super alloys turned into a steaming orange after being savaged by the flames, before it turned as soft as mud and almost melted.

How high was the temperature below his feet?

“Close your eyes.”

Li Yao said to Chu Zhiyun and the other ‘heretical children’, “You will be blinded.”

Half a second later, a volcano eruption took place on his left arm!

The torrent of destruction entangled the magma with electric arcs and rushed out in the form of a pillar of light. The diameter of the pillar of light immediately expanded to more than five meters, and the blast simply blew all the ‘heretical children’ away.

Even though they were not Li Yao’s targets, they still felt suffocated by the simultaneous firing of thousands of cannons. There was no need for Li Yao to remind them. No teenager could open their eyes under such terrifying attacks.

Even though they had closed their eyes and covered their faces with their hands, they could still feel that the scorching brightness was stinging their eyes. They felt that their eyeb.a.l.l.s were being stabbed by thousands of steel needles, and they were about to lose their sight.

He felt that the entire floating fortress, no, the entire planet, was going to collapse in the next second!

It was not until half a minute later when the waves gradually died down that the boldest teenager among them dared to open his sore eyes and observe the environment outside through the gaps between his fingers.

Gone. The guards who had filled the pathway and tried to break in were all gone. They seemed to have been blown into powder by Li Yao’s casual attack and perished in the electric arcs and magma.

Even the pathway, which was made of super alloys, could not withstand Li Yao’s fury. The ceiling and the walls were completely melted. Liquid metal flowed down and consolidated with the crystal suits and crystal tanks, blocking the pathway completely.

Looking at Li Yao again, his left arm was still soaked in the extremely high temperature and emitting a dark red color. White smoke was rising from his fingertips.

In the meantime, he was focusing all his attention on the crude cannon in the air, the ‘Super Crystal Destruction Cannon’, which was made of dozens of super-compressed crystal reactor. He extended his right arm into the operation hole behind the cannon.

It was like his right arm had deformed and expanded to ten times the size of his body!

The ‘heretical children’ immediately widened their eyes, their scalps tingling.

The casual strike of his left arm just now already boasted such appalling power.

Now that the energy of dozens of crystal reactors had been condensed in his right arm, how much damage could he deal?

‘Were they dreaming?

If it was a dream, it must be the most terrible nightmare!

No. They hardly ever dreamed. Even if they did, they could never imagine such a horrifying scene with their limited imagination!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

While the ‘heretical children’ were shuddering in fear, earsplitting noises were echoing inside the cabin walls. Li Yao had extended his soul and torn off hundreds of curved steel plates with his bright gold tentacles, blocking the teenagers and the operation bed.

“Lie down, close your eyes, and open your mouth, or your internal organs will be shattered into a pool of blood.

Li Yao said.

The ‘heretical children’ looked at each other in bewilderment. Was there a second option?

At this moment, all the adults in the preparation room had been terminated by Li Yao. Only Zhou Xiuyun’s 3D image had not dispersed yet. She was still gazing at him in a twisted posture.

“It’s you.”

She was dazed for a long time. She seemed to be sending a request to the leaders of a higher level for data retrieval, only to receive an effective response. Her lips curled into a vague smile as she said, “The lightning-like methods of refining and modification, the unparalleled damage, and… the reckless

behavior. We already know who you are. You are walking right into our trap!”

“Hehe. So what if you do?

Li Yao sneered, “A man never changes his name when he does something. That’s right. I am the greatest mortal enemy of the people of the Sanctuary Alliance. I have just turned the tide in the imperial capital and become a pillar of the Imperium of True Human Beings. I am the most popular man in front

of the emperor. My Cultivation is at the peak of perfection, and my personality is brilliant. I am Long Yangjun, president of the Demon Hunters’ a.s.sociation!

“Are you scared now?

“It’s useless. Even if you have studied me thoroughly and dissected every cell of my body, even if you have a hundred ways to kill me, you cannot stop me. Under the soaring fury of me, you sc.u.mbags will all die!”

Zhou Xiuyun was dumbfounded again.

However, the dullness at this moment did not seem to be because he was confused and did not know Li Yao’s real ident.i.ty. Instead, it seemed to be because he was curious as to how the ‘big devil’, who ranked among the top in the dangerous database of the Sanctuary, could be so shameless as to utter such

nonsense that n.o.body would believe.

“Anyways, cut the c.r.a.p. Just wash your neck and wait for me!”

Li Yao grinned hideously. “By the way, you can pray to your ‘G.o.d’!”


‘When the word ‘prayer’ escaped his mouth, the dozens of super-compressed crystal reactor connected to his right arm exploded at the same time.

Centered at Li Yao’s right arm, a supernova-like light ball was born, expanded, and filled the entire preparation room.

Even though they were blocked by the steel plates, all the ‘heretical children’ still felt that they were being swallowed by the scorching sun and that their senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch had been deprived.

Surrounded by the terrifying light b.a.l.l.s, time and s.p.a.ce were both meaningless. They were not even sure whether or not they were still alive!

‘When the main gun of the super wars.h.i.+p roared at the highest output, the feeling when he was crouching inside the barrel was nothing special.

It was as if every inch of their skin had been burnt, their nerves and veins torn apart, and even their cells melded into the waves of destruction into furious ripples!

Maybe it was one second later, or maybe it was an entire day later, but their cells, veins, nerves, muscles, fats, skin, and internal organs gradually returned to normal, allowing them to sense their real self again.

Everything around him had changed beyond recognition.

Other than them, who were protected by the iron plates, the cabin walls nearby had been burnt to the ground. Spiderweb-like cracks and b.u.mps were appearing on them, too.

In the direction where Li Yao’s right arm was pointing, an immeasurable orange hole had been blown out. The hole was like a tunnel drilled by a drill of mystic rays and led to the control room at the center of the floating fortress, which was still emitting the smell of burning metal.

Zhou Xiuyun’s 3D phantom had vanished. Even the seemingly holy white light had been wiped out by Li Yao’s scorching flames.

Hu… Hu… Hu.

Li Yao controlled Tonka’s chest to rise and fall rapidly for ten seconds. It was the only anomaly after his earthshaking attack.

Then, Li Yao snapped his fingers.

The broken pieces of the cannon fell off from his right arm, but some of them flew out and hit the shackles of the ‘heretical children’ precisely, shattering all the shackles.

The ‘heretical children’ moved their sore limbs, not knowing what to do.

“Right now, you are clear about your ident.i.ty. There are only two paths in front of you.

Li Yao said, “You can either crawl into the pathway that was created by brute force together with me and fight for a freedom and hope that are even more uncertain than 1%, or you can stay here and wait for the arrival of the new purification troops. You will be tied up, modified, and subjected to decades

of experiments just like them.

Naturally, the ‘heretical children’ knew who Li Yao was referring to.

Not to mention the students who had been tortured, tortured, and even turned into a brain in a tank when they were just captured and brought to this place. The students in front of them, who had just undergone preliminary modification surgery and had their brains melded with metal helmets and thick

crystal cables, were definitely not something that they could endure.

“Who… who are you exactly?”

Chu Zhiyun took a deep breath and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you a G.o.d or a devil? How did you… land on Tangka’s body? What happened to Tangka? Are you going to be alright after using such tremendous strength?”

“Look around you.”

Li Yao said casually, “Do you see a floating fortress?”

“Of course.”

Chu Zhiyun did not understand what Li Yao meant. “Aren’t we inside a floating fortress?”

“That’s right. It means that I’m still controlling my strength carefully. Tonka will be fine.”

Li Yao said, “If I had been unscrupulous enough to exploit his body to the limits, the floating fortress would’ve been long gone!


Chu Zhiyun and all the ‘heretical children’ glared at him.

“As for whether I am a G.o.d or a devil, the question is meaningless.

Li Yao said, one word after another, “Remember, always remember that the so-called ‘G.o.d’ is just a definition created by human beings. In other words, human beings created the ‘G.o.d’, not the opposite.

“Whatever you think I am, I am. Whatever you think you are, you are. I can help you, but more importantly, you must save yourselves.. Who is a G.o.d, who is a devil, and what the future holds are all up to you!

Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Various Aspects of the Problem of Abortion in NewZealand Part 4

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(2) That the recruits be guaranteed continuity of employment and remuneration as long as their service was satisfactory;

(3) That they undergo whatever training is considered desirable at technical school or otherwise;

(4) That they agree to perform service wherever required by the Domestic Service Department, which Department shall ensure that the living and working conditions are up to standard;

(5) That the service be made available to all women, and that first consideration be given to expectant mothers, mothers convalescent after childbirth, and mothers who have young families, and that the service be either free or charged for according to the circ.u.mstances of each case.

Again, realizing the fact that many of the considerations involved in this question of domestic help are beyond the scope of this Committee, we recommend that a full investigation should be made of the whole matter.

_Obstetrical Aid._–As for obstetrical help, we believe that the position is in the main adequate and good.

As far as the larger centres are concerned, no woman, however poor her circ.u.mstances, need lack complete ante-natal supervision, for which no charge is made, and proper confinement care, at most moderate cost, in the St. Helens Hospitals or the various maternity annexes of the public hospitals; where the mother is actually indigent, free provision is available through the Hospital Boards or St. Helens Hospitals.

The country mother in certain districts is, however, much less well placed, although the Health Department through its district nurses, maternity annexes, and subsidized small country hospitals is trying to meet the need.

We commend all possible efforts in this direction, and suggest that transport difficulties as they affect the country mother be given special consideration.

To a certain extent transport difficulties can be eliminated by making more use of public hospitals nearest to the patient’s residence, or of private maternity hospitals subsidized by the Hospital Board of the district.

Certain general criticisms of the maternity services are elsewhere discussed and certain recommendations are made.

It is in respect of overburdened and debilitated women of those who are not in a position to obtain it privately that we have suggested that the State might make provision for birth-control advice.

It is for such mothers especially that we have recommended the establishment of birth-control clinics in connection with our public hospitals.

We realize, however, that genuine economic hardship is not confined to the unemployed, the wives of struggling farmers, and those on the lowest wage-levels; relative to their own circ.u.mstances and responsibilities, the difficulties of many women whose husbands are in the lower-salaried groups, or in small businesses, for instance, are just as anxious. For these we should also advocate the extension of the maternity allowance and such further direct financial encouragement of the family as can be devised.

Here, too, is the definite need for domestic help–possibly on a subsidized plan.

Many of these women prefer to make their own private arrangements for their confinements, and to enable them to do so we suggest that further a.s.sistance might be given by the provision of more maternity hospitals of the intermediate type, in which these mothers may have all adequate facilities with the right of attendance by their own doctors. Here, too, we believe that proper knowledge of child s.p.a.cing is most desirable, though we consider that this is a matter for private arrangement.


It has been indicated that whereas the majority of witnesses expressed the opinion that the fear of pregnancy and labour played little part in the demand for abortion, and that the majority of women were satisfied with the help and relief which they received at the time of their confinement, yet there were some witnesses who held very strongly that inadequate pain relief and lack of sympathetic understanding of the individual on the part of the attendants were factors of considerable importance.

We believe that these complaints are, as far as the maternity services in general are concerned, entirely unjustified.

Taken as a whole, there is probably a more general use of pain-relieving measures in New Zealand to-day than anywhere else in the world.

Nevertheless, while commending what has already been done, we trust that every endeavour will be made by the Health Department, the doctors of the Dominion, and those responsible for the management of our maternity hospitals to do everything possible to extend these pain-relieving measures within the limits of safety, and to encourage that sympathetic consideration of the individual which is so desirable.

While deprecating certain attacks which have been made on the St.

Helens Hospitals, and appreciating the fact that there are other considerations involved besides the relieving of pain, we feel sure that the Health Department will investigate the possibility of improving the services rendered by these Hospitals by the introduction of resident medical officers.

We agree with one witness who expressed the opinion that too much had been done in the past in the way of publishing the risks of maternity.

We feel that there are real grounds for confidence in the obstetrical services of the Dominion and that any fear of pregnancy which does exist would be largely removed if the public were made aware that New Zealand now has a very low death-rate in actual childbirth, that relief in labour is largely used, and that further developments in this direction are continually being investigated.


The evidence before the Committee indicates that, while this is not the major problem, it is, nevertheless, an important one.

Obviously, the main cause is a looseness of the moral standard, and the remedy must be educational.

It is not the province, nor is it within the capacity of this Committee, to make detailed recommendations on this matter, but we would urge upon all those concerned–the educational authorities, religious bodies, the various youth movements and women’s organisations, and individual parents–the importance of enlightened education of the young in the matter of s.e.x problems.

One factor of great importance we believe to be the widespread use of contraceptives amongst the unmarried.

It might, at first thought, seem likely that the use of contraceptives, however reprehensible, would tend to diminish the incidence of abortion.

But we believe that actually this is not the case: there is reason to think that many young women, relying on undependable methods of prevention, are tempted, and then, finding themselves in misfortune, resort to some method of abortion.

It is our opinion that not only is immorality encouraged by the indiscriminate sale of contraceptives, but, indirectly, criminal abortion has increased amongst the young.

For these reasons above all we are convinced that there should be a determined effort to suppress the indiscriminate sale of contraceptives.

While realizing the great practical difficulties, we believe that much could be done.

In particular, we believe that some effective measures could be devised to control the distribution of that type of contraceptive which is mainly used in these circ.u.mstances.

We recommend the consideration of the licensing of the importation of certain contraceptive goods.

We urge that the sale or distribution of contraceptives should be restricted entirely to registered practising chemists, doctors, hospital departments or clinics, and that their sale by other persons should be illegal and subject to severe penalty.

Evidence placed before the Committee showed that, a profit up to 300 per cent. was being made on contraceptive appliances.

We recommend that the restriction on the advertis.e.m.e.nt of contraceptives should be more rigidly enforced, and particularly that the promiscuous advertis.e.m.e.nt and sale of contraceptives by “mail order” agencies should be made illegal.

We recommend that it should be made unlawful to supply contraceptives to young persons.

Difficulties and possibilities of evasion are of course obvious, but, nevertheless, similar restrictions have been applied with at least some measure of success in other directions.

We would also appeal to the Pharmaceutical Society and to the individual chemists, since the responsibility rests so largely with them, to co-operate most earnestly in this matter.

With regard to abortifacients, the recommendations we later make apply with even greater force to unmarried women.

Several witnesses, speaking on behalf of women’s organizations, advocated the introduction of women police for the guidance and protection of the young in places of public resort.

Reference to the effect of alcohol on moral restraint has already been made.

The second big consideration is the care of the unmarried woman who is in trouble.

It has been suggested that if there were a more tolerant att.i.tude towards such girls many who now resort to abortion would be prepared to go forward and face the future.

As one witness stated:–

Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1586 – Terrifying Jinxes Master

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Chapter 1586: Terrifying Jinxes Master

Translator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen became alarmed when he felt the power in the point of light.

This power was actually attracted by the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder. It flew towards the Heaven-Opening Scripture engraving on the Wheel of Destiny and landed in it, disappearing with a flash.

Could these things… be parts of the shattered Zone Core of the Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds? Zhou Wen’s expression changed as he looked at the points of light.

More and more points of light flew towards the s…o…b..ll in the sky at an accelerated pace. In just a moment, countless points of light gathered together, forming a huge cloud-like blob of light in the sky.

G.o.dsfall used Connate Insight, but he failed to dissipate the light blob with one strike. Instead, he boosted the power of the light blob. He immediately knew that this thing was likely triggered by his strength.

After some thought, G.o.dsfall gathered his strength and charged at Zhou Wen.

Regardless of what the blob of light was, all he needed to do was kill Zhou Wen and leave the Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds before that thing fully formed.

He held the Connate Insight in one hand and grabbed at Zhou Wen with the other. Zhou Wen immediately felt an immense suction force suck the Chaos Egg towards his palm.

Just as Zhou Wen was considering how to deal with it, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Light shone brightly in the sky as a beam of light suddenly shot down from the ball of light. Like lightning, it struck G.o.dsfall’s head.

G.o.dsfall was alarmed, but he couldn’t dodge the lightning, All he could do was gather his strength to resist it.

Lightning struck G.o.dsfall’s head, but it didn’t produce any sparks or electric bolts. G.o.dsfall’s body trembled as his legs went limp and he fell to the ground.

‘The Connate aura on his body instantly vanished without a trace, resulting in the Connate Insight losing its driving force and dimming. It stopped spinning and turned back into the stone talisman before falling to the ground.

As for the blob of light in the sky, it became even more dazzling as it smote down with lightning.

G.o.dsfall’s expression changed drastically as he hurriedly gathered his strength again. However, he had none left. He wanted to dodge, but it was too late. All he could do was summon a bird-shaped Companion Beast to s.h.i.+eld his head.

The lightning seemed to have a life of its own as it circled around and struck G.o.dsfall.

G.o.dsfall had been drained of his Connate Essence Energy. The lightning landed on him and vanished like previously, but the change in G.o.dsfall’s body wasn’t as simple as the disappearance of Essence Energy.

G.o.dsfall, who was originally rather handsome, instantly had his hair tun white, his face covered in wrinkles and his eyes turbid. His vitality dropped to rock bottom, like an old man on the brink of death.

Everyone was alarmed when they saw this scene. Even someone as powerful as G.o.dsfall had ended up in such a state after being struck by two bolts of lightning. It was shocking.

Youkai and Carlos turned around and ran. Who knew if the blob of light would treat them as its next target after killing G.o.dsfall.

Even G.o.dsfall couldn’t withstand two bolts of lightning. They probably couldn’t even withstand a single strike.

“Jiuyang… Save me…” The aging G.o.dsfall was like an old man. It was difficult for him to even struggle to his feet. He used all his strength to cry to Jiuyang for help, but he only let out an extremely weak and hoa.r.s.e voice.

‘When the third bolt of lightning struck down, Jiuyang’s body emitted light as he condensed the Sun G.o.d Light and smote the lightning that descended from the sky.

The lightning seemed bent on hitting G.o.dsfall. Before it collided with the Sun G.o.d Light, it strangely vanished. When Jiuyang saw it again, the lightning had landed on G.o.dsfall.

“Ah!” As the third bolt of lightning descended, G.o.dsfall let out a tragic cry. The flesh on his body shriveled at a discernible pace.

A layer of withered skin clung tightly to the bones, almost no different from a skeleton.

However, G.o.dsfall didn’t die just like that. His eyes protruded due to the shrinking of his flesh. They were filled with horror and despair.

With his current body, it was difficult for him to even crawl up. Alll that was left was death.

Zhou Wen was alarmed when he saw this. After all, he was at the h.e.l.l level, and comparable to a Heaven-level powerhouse with the use of the Connate Insight. Yet, he still ended up in such a state.

Zhou Wen didn’t feel any pity for him, but when he thought of G.o.dsfall’s outcome and how he might have been harmed by Jinxes Master, he felt uncomfortable.

Tiger Soul General had always followed him in the past. Furthermore, he had an even more ferocious Bamboo Blade resulting in double the Jinxes Master. He was lucky that nothing had happened to him.

In the past, he only felt that Jinxes Master had some influence like resulting in him getting hurt, but it wouldn’t lead to his death.

However, to see G.o.dsfall reduced to such a state left Zhou Wen’s heart trembling as his legs went limp. It was a first.

Although it’s quite a pity, it can’t be considered a bad thing if Tiger Soul General dies with G.o.dsfall, Zhou Wen thought.

He originally wondered if he should find an opportunity to retrieve Tiger Soul General, but after seeing G.o.dsfall’s death, Zhou Wen felt that he should cherish his life and stay away from Jinxes Master.

After losing the Human Realm Tiger Soul General, he could still obtain other Companion Beasts. If for some reason he failed to hold back Jinxes Master one day, it wouldn’t be as simple as losing a Companion Beast. His life would be over.

Zhou Wen was already considering whether he should throw the Bamboo Blade out. This was too terrifying, He didn’t wish to become like G.o.dsfall.

Now wasn’t the time to think about this. Zhou Wen and Carlos reacted the same way. They turned around and prepared to run, Who knew if that thing would treat them as its next target after killing G.o.dsfall?

G.o.dsfall had Tiger Soul General, and he had the Bamboo Blade. They were both lethal things.

Just as Zhou Wen was about to run, he heard a boom. An explosion sounded from the blob of light as another bolt of lightning struck down.

Zhou Wen originally imagined that the lightning was aimed at G.o.dsfall to kill him, but to his surprise, the lightning didn’t strike at G.o.dsfall. Instead, it came at him.

Holy sh*t! Zhou Wen was so frightened that he immediately instant transmitted, hoping to dodge the lightning.

However, it was useless. The bolt of lightning struck him amidst his instant transmission, blasting him back into reality.

Zhou Wen was blasted out in an instant. No matter how strong his previous opponent was, they could at most strike him down before he instant transmitted or after he completed it. He had never encountered such a situation.

G.o.dsfall, who was on his last breath, seemed to feel a little more delighted when he saw Zhou Wen being struck by the lightning.

“Come to h.e.l.l with me.” G.o.dsfall gritted his teeth, his hoa.r.s.e voice almost inaudible..

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1530 – Gold Sickle–Level Missions

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Chapter 1530: Gold Sickle-Level Missions

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang checked out a couple of threads in the information section before looking through the missions section.

This time the missions section was clearly different from the one previously.

Before this, Lin Huang’s status was only that of a Black Sickle. There had been only two panels in the missions section—one was missions for reserve members, while the other was Black Sickle missions. Now, there were four panels for reserve missions, Black Sickle missions, White Sickle missions, and Gold Sickle missions.

As soon as Lin Huang clicked into the missions section, his default choice was the Gold Sickle missions panel.

The difficulty level for Gold Sickle missions was that of fighting Heavenly G.o.ds.

Ordinarily speaking, one would either have to a Heavenly G.o.d, or they would encounter conflict with a Heavenly G.o.d powerhouse during the mission.

Lin Huang glanced over the missions list and discovered that the missions were sorted according to the time they were posted. The later the posting, the closer to the top of the list it would appear.

He immediately changed how the missions were sorted, choosing to display them in the order of the most handsome rewards.

The missions list immediately changed.

He scanned through the list again and found out that most of the missions in the top spots had been published for years.

The one that ranked first was posted over 8,000 years ago.

As for the objective of the mission, it was to kill a half-step lord-level Bug Tribe Queen Mother.

Lin Huang merely glanced at the t.i.tle and skipped past, not even bothering to see what the reward was.

At his ability, he had to avoid half-step lord-level powerhouses for now, what more a half-step lord-level Bug Tribe Queen Mother.

One must know that a Bug Tribe Queen Mother of such combat strength could ma.s.s-produce high-level Heavenly G.o.d Bug Kings and even Bug Queens as long as they had sufficient material. They might even be able to produce half-step lord-level Bug Kings and Bug Queens.

Apart from that, a Bug Tribe Queen Mother with such combat strength was a treasure to the Bug Tribe. There would be at least several half-step lord-level Bug Servants guarding her closely or even lord-level Bug Tribe powerhouses.

Never mind Gold Sickle members—Lin Huang felt this mission might not be possible even with all seven Blood Sickle members working together.

He looked at the second mission right after skipping the first one.

After reading the heading, he was speechless again.

This was because the mission was to kill a Bug Tribe Queen Mother as well. However, it was to kill a fallen Queen Mother in the Abyss. The fallen Queen Mother also had the combat strength of a half-step Lord.

From Lin Huang’s point of view, if one did not consider external influences, this fallen Queen Mother might have an overall ability that was even more powerful than the Queen Mother from the first mission.

The reason she was ranked second was probably that she did not have any Bug Tribe Lords by her side as bodyguards.

However, Lin Huang believed that the fallen Queen Mother would have Abyssal lord-level powerhouses behind her.

The reason for this was that the Queen Mother was an excellent tool for conquest. It was impossible that Abyssal lord-level powerhouses would be unaware of the fallen Queen Mother’s existence.

The reason she had been able to hide herself so well in the Abyss without being noticed was most probably because she had become the subject of a lord-level powerhouse.

Therefore, the difficulty of hunting this fallen Queen Mother was actually no less than that of hunting the Queen Mother from the previous first-ranked mission.

“Does Death Sickle have a problem with Queen Mothers…” Lin Huang grumbled, then looked at the third mission—hunting the half-step lord-level Succubus Mia.

“Succubus?” Lin Huang tapped open this mission with some curiosity.

There was no reason other than a succubus being the s.e.xiest creature in the world, and he wanted to see for himself exactly how s.e.xy it was.

When he clicked in, there was only a description of the mission. There were no pictures at all.

Regarding the nonexistent pictures, Death Sickle’s explanation was that a half-step lord-level succubus possessed the ability to affect most creatures below half-step lord-level through images and sound.

If pictures of the succubus were attached, it was entirely possible that the Gold Sickle members who clicked in from Death Sickle’s website would be affected.

“She’s so powerful she can affect people through pictures and sound?!” Even Lin Huang thought this was unbelievable.

However, that was not the only powerful thing that he noticed about this succubus.

According to the mission’s description, she had at least three lord-level paramours and some powerful half-step lord-level lovers.

One would have to be prepared to be hunted by at least three Abyssal Lords and over ten half-step Lords if one were to kill her.

“I’m terrified already!” Lin Huang hurriedly closed that mission thread immediately and looked at the missions below it.

He looked through over ten missions, one after the other, and all of them required the killing of half-step Lords.

Further down, there were missions to kill ninth-rank Heavenly G.o.ds, but the targets were either supreme G.o.d-level rank-5 geniuses, half-step Lords, or even the supporters of a Lord.

There were thirty missions on the first page, but Lin Huang did not see any that suited him.

At present, all of them were beyond his scope.

He thought about it for a moment. Instead of going to the next page, he directly typed ‘G.o.d Territory’ into the section on mission rewards.

He would need to obtain a ma.s.sive amount of Rule Bending Power from the G.o.d Territory within Heavenly G.o.ds’ bodies in order to elevate his combat strength. Killing Heavenly G.o.ds was one way; obtaining the G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant in a dead Heavenly G.o.d’s body was another.

Moreover, he knew that Death Sickle had many missions that gave out G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants as rewards.

In reality, a normal G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant was not like the half-step Lord Sh.e.l.l Remnant that he had obtained from Buried Heaven previously.

The G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant that Buried Heaven gave him was cleansed because it had been utterly contaminated with Abyssal energy.

He would not have been able to integrate it if it were not cleansed.

Integrating it directly would have caused his G.o.d Territory to be contaminated with Abyssal energy as well.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, when Death Sickle’s Gold Sickle members killed a Heavenly G.o.d, they would retrieve the Heavenly G.o.d’s G.o.d Territory entirely and keep it perfectly preserved. The Rule Bending Powers, sequence powers, and even the number of creatures in there would not undergo any significant changes compared to the time the Heavenly G.o.d was still alive.

If the fallen Heavenly G.o.d’s G.o.d Territory was damaged, causing the internal Rule Bending Powers and sequence powers to be missing, it had to be mentioned when it was retrieved and sold on the market.

This was because an incomplete G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant would be sold at a much lower price.

The G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants that Death Sickle used as mission rewards were generally complete.

The half-step lord-level G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant Lin Huang got from Buried Heaven was just an exception.

Meanwhile, the rewards for the missions he was looking at were complete G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnants.

This was also something that he needed most at the moment.

Lin Huang sorted the missions in the order of G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant rewards, then he sorted them again so the best rewards would be shown first.

The first one that gave generous rewards was the killing of a ninth-rank Heavenly G.o.d.

Lin Huang gave up on that mission right away and proceeded to check the next one.

Only when he got to the third page did he see a mission to kill a fourth-rank Heavenly G.o.d. The reward was a complete fourth-rank Heavenly G.o.d’s G.o.d Territory Sh.e.l.l Remnant.

Lin Huang chose this difficulty level, not because his ability was that low, but because he could only display that level of ability in front of Death Sickle’s upper echelons. It would be too unusual if he displayed more than that.