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Chapter 445: Situ Lanqi

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Turtle Armor was ferocious and domineering. It directly chased after Great Destruction until it reached the Spell Realm.

It executed the Turtle Fist Technique that it had created. When its fists were raised, wind, thunder, rain, anger, sun, and sunset were all in this punch.

Although the name of Turtle Fist wasn’t nice, its might was ferocious.

Great Destruction knew this very well.

He was really afraid of Turtle Armor now.

But he didn’t expect that even though he had escaped to the door of the Spell Realm, Turtle Armor still wouldn’t let him go. It crossed worlds to kill him.

“The base camp of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age is right ahead. You dare to kill me here?” Great Destruction roared angrily and without confidence.

“Every time an era is destroyed, there will always be people at the King Realm who will die and be buried with them. Since the Seven Races of the Ancient Age want to destroy the current mortal realm, then you can be the first King Lord to be buried with it,” Turtle Armor shouted domineeringly. Its eyes were cold. With a punch, it split the heaven and earth and rectified the chaos of the world.

Its fist cut through the primal chaos and struck the void. Under its fist, the evolution of a Major World played out.

This punch connected the future, creating a path that no one knew where it led to.


A vast fighting spirit accompanied by a suffocating fist technique instantly drowned Great Destruction.

Just before the Spell Realm, the Human Realm powerhouses were looking at the starry sky.

Turtle Armor wanted to kill Great Destruction.

It did as it said.

With this punch, all the demonic creatures, ill fate, and all other things in the future were shattered, revealing a new world. This new world was the burial place of Great Destruction.

Great Destruction was drowned in it and practically had no room to resist. Even if he tried his best to retaliate with the Great Destruction War Spear, it was useless.

Because after the Great Destruction War Spear was activated, it immediately exploded.

Facing Great Destruction who was in a weak state, Turtle Armor’s full force strike was simply a crus.h.i.+ng force.

At this moment, Great Destruction was like a lamp in the wind that could be extinguished at any moment.

A powerhouse that surpa.s.sed the Immortal Emperor Realm should have been impossible to kill.

But in front of the Turtle Fist, even the life of a King Lord seemed to become fragile.

Great Destruction wanted to struggle with all his might, but all his efforts were in vain. At this moment, Turtle Armor’s killing intent was high. It wanted to kill Great Destruction in front of all the powerhouses of the Spell Realm and the mortal realm.

“In the past, I would take action in every era, but I have never saved any era. The people and things that I cared about in the past have all left me following the destruction of the era and the collapse of the world.” Turtle Armor’s eyes bloomed with light. It seemed to have seen the end of different eras in the past.

He missed those eras.

But he also knew that he couldn’t go back to the past.

Hence, after he came to the mortal realm from the Weapon Armory Valley, he joined the team of comrades that he was once familiar with. He also came with them for the calamity of the mortal realm this time.

The autumn wind and fallen leaves were irreversible.

Turtle Armor was the first to make a move. It was so powerful that it made one tremble in fear. It didn’t have a warlike character. It just felt that instead of making a move at the end of an era, it was better to use all of its strength before the era was destroyed.

Great Destruction reigned supreme for several eras and wiped out several eras. He was a symbol of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age, so Turtle Armor targeted him.

At this moment, Turtle Armor seemed to have returned to the past.

With each punch, it poured out everything that it had once missed.

All the way until the Turtle Fist reached its peak.

A surging punch was thrown in the blink of an eye, directly making Great Destruction feel the aura of death.

“Not good. This punch can destroy the body of a King Lord Realm cultivator.” Great Destruction’s pupils shrank violently. He was shocked. He felt the aura of death.

This was unprecedented.

Great Destruction instantly shouted, “Lord Situ Lanqi, save me!!!”

This shout reverberated throughout the land.

His voice was hoa.r.s.e.

Like a cuckoo weeping blood.

Even the high and mighty King Lords would also be afraid in the face of death.

This intense shout had an effect.

Suddenly, a change happened.

When Turtle Armor punched out and was about to kill Great Destruction, a vortex appeared above the Spell Realm in the vast starry sky of the universe.

This vortex burst out with a powerful force that practically tore through the ages.


In the very next moment, a streak of light poured down.

This red light seemed to be a blade light, a sword light, or an aurora. It descended and scattered a rainbow in the sky, bringing with it the aura of redemption that filled the long distance between the Spell Realm and the mortal realm.

“You can’t save him!” Turtle Armor said coldly. It knew that someone had come, but even if someone came, they wouldn’t be able to save the Great Destruction.

Its fist waved, directly striking the rainbow light as if it was splitting the world apart. At this moment, a series of explosions appeared, as if stars were exploding.

It was very magnificent.

The galaxy was resplendent. The battle between the rainbow light and the fist was extremely intense. Turtle Armor directly struck the rainbow light forcefully. A rumbling explosion reverberated through the sky and the mortal realm.

But the result was that Turtle Armor’s Turtle Fist didn’t move this rainbow light.

After enduring the powerful attack of Turtle Armor, the rainbow light was dilapidated, but it didn’t collapse. It directly swept Great Destruction into it, escaping the danger and sending him into the Spell Realm.

Turtle Armor’s expression darkened. It had just said that it wanted to kill Great Destruction, but in the blink of an eye, Great Destruction was saved. This was equivalent to it being slapped in the face.

“What kind of powerhouse are you, hiding in the Spell Realm and not daring to come out?” Turtle Armor shouted coldly.

“Turtle, you’ve lived for so long. Yet, instead of hiding, you still dare to appear in this world. It seems that the ten King Lords didn’t scare you last time.” A cold and disdainful voice sounded. With a lofty att.i.tude, a person walked out of the Spell Realm.

This figure was tall and incomparably majestic. Standing in the starry sky, he was like a huge demonic mountain. The aura emitting from his body was incomparably terrifying, suppressing the eternal blue sky.

He walked very slowly, but he was relatively terrifying. It was as if he had experienced the Boundless Tribulation. His body was combined with the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth. Standing in the starry sky, he was the Great Dao itself.

When Lin Jiufeng, who was far away in the mortal realm, saw this person, he instantly frowned and said in a low voice, “Situ Lanqi!”

When he acted as De Lin II back then, a huge matter happened in the Spell Realm. In order to s.n.a.t.c.h the Great Millstone of Destruction, a few of the ancestors of the Spell Realm awakened and fought. One of them was this Situ Lanqi.

Although he didn’t manage to s.n.a.t.c.h the Great Millstone of Destruction in the end, one could see how powerful he was.

“Situ Lanqi! You’re still alive?” Turtle Armor who was far away in the starry sky immediately shouted in surprise when it saw this person.

Turtle Armor also knew this person.

It was deeply surprised.

It should be known that when it was facing Outer Heaven, Ancestral Peak, and Great Destruction, its att.i.tude was still very high. It didn’t take these three King Lords seriously.

That was because Turtle Armor wasn’t afraid of these three people.

But Situ Lanqi was different.

He was a terrifying existence born in the same era as Turtle Armor.

He lived all the way to this day.

Moreover, Situ Lanqi was already more outstanding than Turtle Armor back then. Although they were both at the King Lord Realm, his strength was completely on a different level from that of Outer Heaven, Ancestral Peak, and Great Destruction.

There was also a gap between the strength of the King Lords too.

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