Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 2010: “Heartache (4)”

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Chapter 2010: “Heartache (4)”

“So, I can stand it,” Di Ling Yan wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and made a firm face to avoid showing scared she actually was inside, “go ahead Suzaku.”

This Divine Water Stone was brought back thanks to the efforts of her father, as such, she must endure this little trial. Her mother was waiting, and like a good daughter, it’s only right she do her part.

Song involuntarily furrowed her brow up over this sight. She’s feeling rather useless ever since she came to the Demon Realm from the Heavenly Flame Domain. Aside from eating and sleeping, what else has this once ailing girl done? Nothing, that’s what.

“Song,” Jin Tian the little glutton toddles over from the back with a snack still flinging around in his hand. When the boy saw his twin sister tearing up, he immediately became stunned and asked the dragoness, “What’s happening with Ling Yan? She looks to be in so much pain….”


Is it because she is hungry?

Unable to bear the uncomfortable feeling, Jin Tian tightly gripped the snack against his chest and wanted to run up and help despite not knowing what was wrong.

“What are you going to do?” Song widened her eyes in shock and hurriedly grabbed the boy back.

“Ling Yan is crying, she is crying…” Jin Tian cries out for his sister and grows sobby, “woowoo, I’m going to go to my sister’s side.”

“Your sister’s body encountered some problem so Suzaku is helping her solve it. You can’t go over there right now, otherwise it will disturb the process.”

Having said that, Song’s glances back over to her friend who’s already looking rather white in the face. This only made the older girl more worried as she too wanted to run up and help.

“But… my sister keeps crying,” Jin Tian sobs and starts hiccupping, “it’s only right that I keep her company since she’s hurt.”

Don’t a.s.sume the little glutton was clueless and rude because he likes to steal his twin sister’s snack. He cares a lot about the pipsqueak, just that he doesn’t show it often out in the open.

Turning around, Jin Tian didn’t give the slightly older girl to stop him this time and ran towards his twin sister.

Shaking her head helplessly, Song knew her words were useless now. In the end, she could only follow from behind in silence and wait.


Demon Mountain.

The water stone in Suzaku’s palm had gradually disappeared into Ling Yan’s chest by this point, and as a consequence, the baby’s chest had become soaked in sweat due to the ordeal.

“We’re done now…” She finally breathed a sigh of relief and slowly withdrew her hand.

Only now did Suzaku realize her hand had gone numb during the treatment. She’s been so nervous that she never dared to move an inch of her fingers, thus the reason why it took so long for her to notice the tingling numbness.

Likewise, Di Ling Yan also became overly tired and tumbled backward. Thankfully Tsing Yi the dragoness caught the child in time.

“Is it over?” Di Ling Yan takes a peep by popping one of her closes eyelids before looking up with that palish contour.

Suzaku nodded, “We’ve succeeded Princess.”

“That’s Good then,” she smiles brightly, “afterward, I will grow stronger and stronger in until my cultivation lets me find Mother on my own….” At the end, the little sweet bun started to whimper out with a tear river flowing out.

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