Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 2011: “The Man Inside the Cave (1)”

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Chapter 2011: “The Man Inside the Cave (1)”

If it weren’t for the sake of finding Bai Yan, perhaps… Di Ling Yan would never have been able to withstand the pain at all.

It was precisely because of her attachment to her own mother that the baby princess could be so strong.

“Ling Yan,” Jin Tian the little glutton quickly toddled over and reached over with his hands to check on his twin sister, “don’t cry okay? I’ve brought you all the good food, it’s all for you….” His eyes became filled with longing at the delicacies in his possession but still stuffed it into his siter’s hand.

“Woohoo,” Ling Yan was still whimpering, and the tears had soaked the ground in front.

Getting upset and helpless, Jin Tian quickly turns to the phoenix lady for help on how to comfort his twin sister.

“Little Prince,” Suzaku touched the glutton’s head, “your sister just endured an incredible amount of pain in her body, it’s okay for her to cry. Let her rest and she will slowly come back to normal.”

Not quite understanding why, Jin Tian tilts his head and glances back and forth between the two girls until he finally stops at the sister. Reaching over with a hand, he stroked Di Ling Yan’s hair like a good older brother for once.

“Ling’er don’t cry, brother will be here with you. If someone hurts you in the future, brother will beat them for you, okay? Don’t cry….”

He didn’t know exactly what happened to his twin sister, but he did know something was wrong with Ling Yan and that Suzaku needed to remedy it.

“Woohoo.” Throwing herself into Jin Tian’s arms as she continued to weep, her tears and snot rubbed all over his clothes: “I miss Father, Mother and Big Brother.”

Blinking his eyes in confusion, the little glutton didn’t understand why she’s so sad: “Didn’t Father and Mother go out to play? They will be back very soon. Until then, I will look after you.”

Suzaku did not tell the two kids where Bai Yan and Di Cang went so they a.s.sumed the parents went out on a trip. Unfortunately, Di Ling Yan was too sharp and caught on with her clever head after Bai Xiachen’s departure.

Slightly calmer now after the cry, “It’s okay, I am fine now Second Brother. Soon, I will go find them myself after growing as strong as Big Brother….”

Jin Tian scratched the back of his head and turned to look at Suzaku, his big eyes showing doubt and obviously not knowing what his sister meant by those words.

It’s just that…. whenever he sees the pipsqueak’s tear, the boy would instantly tense up and feel uncomfortable inside.

“Sister Song.” When Di Ling Yan turned her head, the once ailing girl from the Heavenly Domain had already walked behind her brother, “I’m fine, don’t worry. Actually, I am very happy. This way I not only lifted the danger hidden within my body, I can also grow stronger at a faster rate…. I’ll be able to help everyone fight the bad guys together.”

Upon remembering what had happened to her to-be uncle, Di Ling Yan’s heart would unconsciously feel a surge of sadness welling up. But more than that, the emotion of anger over State Teacher’s death was the biggest.

“Everything’s going to be fine now,” Suzaku wiped the sweat from her forehead due to the fatigue and turned to her companions, “I need to go rest first. You three take care of the princess and prince while I’m asleep.”

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