Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 2275 – Hundred Fruits Tree

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Chapter 2275: Hundred Fruits Tree

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Ling Han stared at that young man, and said menacingly, “If you continue to pester me, I will kill you without mercy.”

That young man glared harshly at Ling Han, yet did not dare say anything else.

He was no idiot, and naturally knew just how wide the gap was between himself and Ling Han. If he continued to act stubborn, and said some fierce lines, it would only be asking for his own humiliation. He simply turned and left, actually ascending the mountain first.

He should be going off to sow discord.

Ling Han thought for a while. There was a celestial medicine on the mountain, and it was certain that a battle would break out between him and the master of that young man if he wanted to interfere, so he was not concerned that the other party would be wailing about him.

He was naturally unafraid. It was not that he had not seen Monarch Stars of the Foreign Realm before. Worse come to worst, he would extract the power of Regulation of the Celestial Realm from the Black Tower, battle fiercely, and then flee quickly.

Of course, this was a last resort.

He had entered the Foreign Realm not merely to evade the pursuit of a Foreign Realm Heavenly Venerate. A more important mission was to train himself to a higher level in the Foreign Realm.

Ling Han had made a detailed comparison of the Regulations of the two Realms. For example, in the case of Regulations of Time, the Foreign Realm’s was more comprehensive.

To make a slightly unsuitable a.n.a.logy, the Regulations of the Foreign Realm and Celestial Realm were like two houses. One was built from stone, while the other was made from wood. They both could be considered shelters, but the degree of protection they offered was strikingly different.

Because he had once been the master of a world, Ling Han had a deeper understanding of this—the overall level of the heaven and earth of the Foreign Realm was indeed higher than the Celestial Realm. Thus, the Regulations were more comprehensive, detailed, and abundant, and in fact, they had a

higher upper limit.

There was one thing that Ling Han had long since noticed, and that was that when the Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan appeared, he had not been struck by lightning from the heavens.

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Heavenly Venerable Tier had surpa.s.sed Regulations, and was not recognized by the heaven and earth. The moment they appeared, they would be hated by the heaven and earth, and if they moved, they would suffer a backlash. Both the Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate and Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable had

proved this point.

But this could not be seen with Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan.


Was it because the overall level of the Foreign Realm was higher, and could allow Heavenly Venerable Tier to avoid it?

Ling Han could not confirm, because it might be that Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan was the only exception. It could also be that he had obtained some kind of secret technique. Ling Han needed a case study of more individuals to confirm this hypothesis.

As he thought this, he strode up the mountain.

This mountain was not very tall, yet it was extremely majestic, with a vast aura and possessing an indescribable imposing air. As Ling Han walked, a strange feeling rose up in him. It was like there was a mysterious power that was making him want to kneel down in sincere wors.h.i.+p.

He humphed. For better or worse, he had once been the master of a world, so he was very broad-minded. How could he possibly kneel down to anyone?

However, there were really a great many people kneeling on either side of the mountain path. Their faces were filled with reverence and even fanaticism.

Ling Han was slightly curious. Could it be that this mountain had some kind of significance? Unfortunately, the map that he had bought was too simple and crude. He could only find the names of great mountains and rivers. As for this mountain, it was too small, and hadn’t even been drawn on the map.

There were really many people that were kneeling along the way, but they were all Six Lotus without exception. In other words, they were cultivators of the Severing Mundane Tier. There were both those of the Demon Race and Angel Race present, but the Insect Race and Holy Beasts appeared here as

mounts, and their cultivation level also looked to be only Fourth or Fifth Lotus.

Ling Han understood now. Like the Celestial Realm, the dominant role in the cultivation world was still played by humans. Beast type could only cast off their image of a mount or ferocious beast after they had attained a very high cultivation level.

There was very great pressure here. It was formed by Regulations. Ling Han studied it closely, and discovered that it was of slight value for reference, but compared with the Origin Magic Cube, it was still inferior. It was really only worthy of slight reference.

According to that, could it be that this place was some kind of holy land?

The people kneeling on the ground were not only wors.h.i.+ping; more of them were comprehending Dao.

The mountain was really not very tall, but because of this pressure, Ling Han wasn’t walking very fast, either. He only arrived at the summit after a whole 30 minutes.

The top was a ma.s.sive plateau, and there were at least a dozen circles of people here. The highest number was definitely in the outermost circle, where there were more than 200, and there were only 11 people in the innermost circle.

And in the center of this plateau, there was a purple celestial tree, bearing fruits of various shapes and types. There were some shaped like humans, beasts, and insects. There was no fruit that looked the same as another.

Ling Han counted, and there were a total of 108 fruits here.

Mm-hmm, that adhered to the number of stars in the Big Dipper. As expected, celestial medicines did not just grow randomly.

His eyes swept over, and saw that the carriage belonging to Fairy Yunhe that he had seen previously was stopped at a position below the summit, and Long Tu was presently seated at the outermost circle, staring intently at that celestial tree, as if he hoped that a fruit would drop from it.

Why was he not harvesting it?

Very quickly, Ling Han understood. There was a giant seal beneath the fruit tree, vaguely flickering with light, and causing one to feel trepidation.

This was a Celestial King Tier seal, and might possibly have reached Ninth Heaven Celestial King Tier, or Eighteenth Lotus.

Strange. Since even an Eighteenth Lotus King had planted this seal, why did so many people dare to come? Could it be that they wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h food from the tiger’s mouth?

Someone turned around, and shouted at Ling Han, “Don’t just stand there. Find a place to sit down quickly. Don’t you know this is a holy land?”

It was a person that was seated in the outermost circle, his expression filled with impatience. That was because Ling Han was standing just behind him, causing him to feel annoyed for some inexplicable reason.

Ling Han chuckled. At present, he was not sure of the situation, so he squeezed in outside, and sat together with that person.

This person was of the Angel Race, with an especially handsome appearance.

Ling Han began to strike up a conversation with this person, and soon found out the details of this person.

He was An Jun, the attendant of a prodigy who was a character like Long Tu. This time, he had also come with his master. Initially, there was absolutely no possibility that he could come here. It was all thanks to his master.

And this mountain was called Enmity Mountain, and it had been boosted with great power by an Eleventh Lotus King after succeeding Dao. He had planted a Celestial medicine here, and its name was Hundred Fruits Tree. It would only bloom every 10 billion years, and then bear fruit, but it would take

another 10 billion years for the fruits to ripen.

When flowers bloomed, this would become a holy land of cultivation. The fragrance of the flowers contained the Regulations of the Great Dao, and after bearing fruit, an image of Great dao would soar from the whole Celestial medicine. Similarly, it would also have the effects of helping in comprehending


But the most precious ent.i.ty was naturally still the fruits. Consuming one would bring extremely great benefits. However, supreme Regulations had been planted on the celestial medicine, and it could not be easily harvested.

It was not that it could not be harvested, but rather harvesting it would be extremely difficult. This was the gift bestowed by that elite on future generations, and was also a test as well.

If you wanted it, you could take it. That depended on your own abilities.

Why were only Six Lotus cultivators visible here? That was because this Eighteenth Lotus elite had thus ruled. Only Six Lotus could ascend this mountain, and others would not be able to do so. Whether their cultivation level was higher or lower, they would not be allowed to join in on the excitement.

This Hundred Fruits Tree had borne fruit, whose greatest use was to a.s.sist cultivators in advancing to the Fifth Severance.

Of course, it would only be a.s.sistance, and did not mean absolute certainty of success. In fact, there was less than 1% that could succeed, but this was already very astonis.h.i.+ng. At the very least, it allowed a sliver of hope.

Ling Han was astounded. The Foreign Realm actually had something like that?

It should be known that in the Celestial Realm, only Heavenly Dao Jade had that kind of ability, but it could only be produced with an epoch’s time. In comparison… The Foreign Realm was practically freakish.

No wonder there were more monarch tiers and Monarch Stars in the Foreign Realm. This was because this heaven and earth was really too good, being practically filled with benefits.

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