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Chapter 2276: Di Fei

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Ling Han’s heart throbbed. Liu Yutong and the others were not monarch tiers, and originally would definitely not be able to achieve the Fifth Severance, but if they obtained the celestial fruits of the Hundred Fruits Tree, there was a sliver of possibility that they could break through.

Though there was only a sliver, it was still worth a try.

However, it was still not time for the fruits to ripen yet. Everyone was just waiting, and as the fruit ripened, they could comprehend the profound secrets of the evolution of the heaven and earth from within them, which was similarly extremely beneficial.

Thus, minor characters like Long Tu had also followed suit in ascending the mountain, sitting at the sidelines to study it.


Ling Han sat at one side, filled with enthusiasm. He did not have the women come out, because their grasp of Foreign Realm Regulations was still weaker, and it was not certain that they would be able to deceive Six Lotus. Thus, it was better that they continued to stay inside the Black Tower.

He asked that young man how the fruits of the Hundred Fruits Tree could be retrieved.

“You?” That person looked completely disdainful. “Just save it. The fact that we are allowed to come is already extremely great luck, so don’t have any extravagant hopes.”

He blabbered on and on, lecturing Ling Han first. However, he then spoke of the method to retrieve the fruits, and that was to channel their power of Regulation to stimulate the fruit. Because there were 108 fruits, every fruit contained unique Regulations. If there was resonance, it could then be retrieved.

However, the difficulty lay in this resonance.

‘Why could everyone have a sliver of hope of breaking through to the Fifth Severance just with a fruit? That was because the 108 fruits corresponded to different Dao, and they weren’t suitable for everyone.

Ling Han stared at the Hundred Fruits Tree. Under his focused stare, he could only see slivers of Celestial Qi soaring from the fruits, developing into various shapes and forms, and elaborating on the true meaning of the great dao.

He studied it, and discovered this was actually quite useful, allowing him to have a deeper understanding of the Foreign Realm’s Regulations.

“There is really no end to learning,’ he thought. ‘I thought that I had fused the Regulations of the two Realms, and my grasp of Regulations had already reached an absolutely detailed and precise extent, yet I have new discoveries every time. Looks like one really cannot become proud.’

As time pa.s.sed, these fruits became more and more amazing. It was as if they had departed from the original shape of fruits, and had really a.s.sumed the shapes of various beasts and humans. They flew and roared as they channeled the various techniques through the ages.

Right at this moment, the sound of hoofbeats was heard. Everyone turned to look, and as expected, a luxurious carriage was indeed rapidly approaching.

Anyone that could manage to steer their carriage here definitely had a powerful background. Otherwise, their transport would not have been able to sustain this kind of pressure at all.

The coachman was an astonis.h.i.+ngly tall man, a member of the Demon Race, and the steed was a divine bull. This was an extremely strange matchup. How could a Holy Beast possibly be involved with a member of the Demon Race?

“Look at that sign!” Someone suddenly pointed at an emblem on the carriage.

It was a sun, dazzling with endless brilliance.

“Di Fei!” everyone exclaimed simultaneously, their faces showing reverence.

“What is he here for?”

“That’s right. He is already a Five Leaf monarch tier. The Hundred Fruits Tree is not of much use to him, and he is still here to join in on the excitement?”

“Hush, Di Fei is incredible. It is rumored that his natural talent is outstanding, and he has hopes of becoming a Monarch Star in the future.”

“Don’t offend him. I have seen him directly slicing a king tier of the Demon Race into pieces with a light blade just because the latter took another look at him.”

“It is said that his elder brother, Di Pang, is even stronger. He is already a Monarch Star.”

“To have two monarch tiers from a single clan, that is too extraordinary!”

“The coachman of his carriage is also a king tier of the Demon Race, who was subdued by Di Fei.”

“Humph, is this meant to provoke our Demon Race?”

“When I become a monarch tier, I will definitely ask him for a spar.”

Everyone discussed the newcomer spiritedly. The cultivators of the Demon Race all showed expressions of wariness and dislike. By nature, they hated the Angel Race, but Di Fei was too strong. They did not dare express it.

As they spoke, the doors to the carriage opened, and a man of lanky build walked out. His wings were white, and the halo above his head was blazingly white, even surpa.s.sing his eyes that shone like miniature suns.

He was dressed in rich robes, untouched by a speck of dust, yet his feet were bare, and were astonis.h.i.+ngly fair. Probably 99% of women would have to admit their inferiority. And what was even more astonis.h.i.+ng was that his toenails were actually painted a bright red color.

“What a sissy.” Ling Han immediately tagged this label on Di Fei mentally.

However, this person’s aura was indeed astonis.h.i.+ng. A white lotus flower bloomed on his forehead, bearing six petals and five leaves, which showed that he was a Fifth Severance.

Di Fei’s eyes swept over, and stopped on a woman of the Angel Race. Instantly, his eyes lit up as he exclaimed, “Fairy Yunhe!” He leaped off his carriage, and walked forwards.

“F*ck off!”

People were seated in all these circles, and he was not flying over their heads, but rather kicked them directly. Peng, when his words fell, he had sent three people who had been blocking his path flying, and the three of them spurted blood like mad while they were still in midair. When they landed on the

ground, they were already exhaling more than they were inhaling.

Fifth Severance. This was when a monarch tier had the most serious suppression on others in the Severing Mundane Tier. Just like when a Dividing Soul Tier faced a Severing Mundane Tier, it was absolute invincibility.

Thus, a mere Second Severance or Third Severance would naturally be sent flying with a kick from him.

Everyone was furious, especially the masters of those three coachmen. They wanted nothing more than to imediately make a move, but when they recalled that they were only at the Fourth Severance, and it was practically suicide to face a Fifth Severance, they forcibly suppressed the urge.

Di Fei continued onwards. This time, the people that were blocking his way hurriedly stepped aside, fearing that they would be mercilessly sent flying as well.

And in this manner, circle after circle of people moved aside, not daring to face his sharpness at all.

Di Fei’s expression was filled with arrogance. The behavior of the crowds was only a matter of course in his eyes. He strode forwards, only one person in his vision—Fairy Yunhe, a beautiful, delicate flower.

“Lord Di Fei!” Some youths of the Angel Race approached, appearing like stars gathered around the moon as they surrounded Di Fei.

When facing those who were similarly from the Angel Race, Di Fei’s patience was considerably better. He made an exception by nodding at these people. There were a few that still had the apt.i.tude of an emperor tier, and he might be able to take a few of them as his subordinates.

He arrived beside Fairy Yunhe, and gazed at her adoringly. He said proudly, “Yunhe, I’l help you pluck the celestial fruit.”

Yet Fairy Yunhe did not give him much regard, and merely replied calmly, “No need. I can do it myself.”

Though Di Fei had been rebuffed, he did not show any signs of impatience, and continued, “I naturally know you can, but don’t you also want to pluck one for your younger brother?”

Fairy Yunhe’s aura couldn’t help but weaken. She had enough certainty that she could stimulate a celestial fruit, but she had limited energy, after all. She merely cultivated one type of Regulations. Thus, she would also only be capable of stimulating a single celestial fruit. Wanting to pluck a second fruit was

practically impossible.

Yet she doted extremely on her younger brother, and wanted to get a great future for her younger brother as well. Thus, she appeared hesitant now, her rejection no longer so firm.

“Since Lord Di Fei is showing such great kindness, it would be better for you to agree, Fairy Yunhe.”

“That’s right. Lord Di Fei has purposely made this trip, his true nature and true love is absolutely sincere and genuine.”

Those around them began to persuade her. Though some people were saying this, they showed signs of envy. That was because Fairy Yunhe was truly captivatingly beautiful.

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