Almighty Sword Domain Chapter 1844 – It’s Too Fragile!

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Chapter 1844 – It’s Too Fragile!

The mountain range was quite strange. Because if one looked down from the sky above, it didn’t exist at all. It was a vast plain instead. However, when one looked from the ground, one would notice that it was a mountain range that extended far into the distance.

A formation!

Yang Ye took just a moment to realize that there was a formation here around the mountain range, and it had concealed the entire mountain range!

After pa.s.sing through a few mountains, Yang Ye followed the Calligrapher’s group to a palace. The palace occupied an area of over 1km, and it was completely pitch black. There were strange inscriptions all around it.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and he noticed that the surroundings were quiet and there were no auras here.

He couldn’t sense anyone’s aura!

If he used the Sword Domain to envelop the surroundings, then he would naturally be able to sense them. However, he didn’t dare to do that right now because others would be able to notice his presence as well.

Meanwhile, the palace door swung open.

The Calligrapher walked in, but the three shadows behind him just bowed slightly to him and vanished on the spot.

At the moment before the door closed, Yang Ye snuck into the palace.

The palace wasn’t lit up at all, and it was very dark.

The Calligrapher walked to the center of the palace and stopped there. A middle aged man in black clothes was not too far ahead of him.

The middle aged man had his back to the Calligrapher and was silent.

The Calligrapher bowed slightly, “Third Leader!”

The middle aged man turned around to gaze at the Calligrapher. At this moment, the middle aged man was facing the Calligrapher and Yang Ye, but Yang Ye couldn’t see the man’s face. It was because the middle aged man was wearing a leather mask!

The Third Leader asked, “Do you know what the Night Emperor promised us?”

The Calligrapher shook his head slightly.

The Third Leader said, “20 Lifespan Fruits, 30 Strengthening Pills that can temper the bones and bloodline, and one more even more important treasure. He promised that if our Heaven’s Net needs his help, he’ll help us once.”

The help of a Quasi Enlightened Realm expert!

The Calligrapher’s face fell. Needless to say, the price that the Night Emperor was willing to pay was very tempting. Especially the final condition, the promise of a Quasi Enlightened Realm expert to help them. It was very valuable.”

Meanwhile, the Third Leader added, “All of that isn’t important. The most important thing is that he agreed to share the wooden sword with us if he can kill Yang Ye.”

The Calligrapher frowned, “You’re wise enough to be aware that there’s a problem with all of this, right?”

“Of course!” The Third Leader replied, “The Night Emperor isn’t a good person. There’s definitely a reason why he promised such abundant rewards. He clearly wants to make us his ally upon getting the wooden sword and protect it from the other powers and experts that want the wooden sword.”

The Calligrapher hesitated for a moment and said, “I suggest that we don’t interfere in this!”

The Third Leader nodded slightly, “We naturally can’t get ourselves dragged into the vortex related to the wooden sword, so we can help him find Yang Ye, but refuse to become allies with him, and we won’t ask for the wooden sword either. We won’t lose anything if we just help him find Yang Ye!”

The Calligrapher spoke solemnly, “Yang Ye isn’t ordinary. If we help the Night Emperor, he’ll definitely take revenge on us. If it was in the past, our Heaven’s Net would naturally have no need to fear him, yet now…”

He told the middle aged man everything he saw earlier.

Five breaths of time later, the hall fell silent.

A long time pa.s.sed before the Third Leader spoke again, “Looks like the Night Emperor didn’t just pay such a huge price for us to find the wooden sword. Because if Yang Ye is allowed to grow, he will be able to pose a threat to the Night Emperor!”

The Calligrapher suddenly said, “And he can be a threat to us too!”

The Third Leader replied, “Indeed. So, if we take the Night Emperor’s side, then we must make him die early. Otherwise, we’ll face endless potential troubles!”

The Calligrapher spoke solemnly, “Third Leader, are you sure?”

The Third Leader replied, “We can’t just reject the deal and make those fellows through Heaven Pillar Mountain laugh at us, right? We can’t let them say we’re afraid of Yang Ye, right?”

The Calligrapher fell silent.

Meanwhile, the s.p.a.ce before the Third Leader trembled, and then a scroll appeared before him.

The Third Leader tapped it, and then it transformed into a ray of white light which entered his forehead.

Three breaths of time later, he gazed at the Calligrapher, “Notify the others. Find those women who were with Yang Ye. I want to know where they are within a day. I….”

Suddenly, the Third Leader and the Calligrapher’s expressions changed drastically, and then a speck of cold light appeared before the Third Leader’s forehead. The Third Leader’s reaction was extremely fast, and he raised his palm to stop the sword before it could press against his forehead.

However, the sword was merely twisted lightly, and then it pierced through his palm with ease, and then it was pressed against his forehead.

The surroundings fell silent.

A man in green clothes had appeared before the Third Leader. It was Yang Ye, of course.

The Third Leader stared at Yang Ye and said, “I didn’t expect you to be able to sneak in without alerting anymore. Looks like your ability in concealment is even superior to my Heaven’s Net!”

Yang Ye said, “Answer me. Does your Heaven’s Net intend to become my enemy? Yes or no?”

How should I answer him? The Third Leader fell silent for a short while, and then he said, “You won’t be able to leave if you kill me. The formation in the surroundings has been activated, and there are countless experts too. You….”


The sword stabbed through his skin.

Blood flowed down his forehead. Fortunately, the sword hadn’t gone very deep.

Yang Ye looked the Third Leader in the eyes, “I don’t want to listen to your nonsense. You only have to answer yes or no!”

The Third Leader spoke in a low voice, “I can’t make that decision!”


A ray of light flashed, and the Third Leader’s head flew up into the air. Blood surged out like a fountain from his neck, and it was a rather magnificent sight to behold!

Meanwhile, the Calligrapher was stunned. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would just kill like that!

Yang Ye turned to look at the Calligrapher, and he said, “Bring someone who can make the decisions. Of course, you and those other fellows hiding in the shadows can choose to attack me.”

The Calligrapher stared at Yang Ye in silence.

At the same time, countless auras locked onto Yang Ye.

Yang Ye looked around in the surroundings and said, “There are quite a few experts here. Come! Will all of you attack in succession, or will you join forces? Allow me to say something that may be a little arrogant, I advise all of you to join forces!”

The surroundings remained perfectly silent. However, those auras which were locked onto Yang Ye had become slightly sharper.

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed while a bright glow flickered in his eyes. A moment later, his sword moved.


An ear piercing sound of collision resounded.

A man wearing a silver mask had suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye. The man was holding a sharp spike, and the tip of a sword was pressed against the tip of the spike. It was the wooden sword in Yang Ye’s grasp!

Suddenly, Yang Ye twisted the wooden sword slightly.


The masked man was blasted 300m away while a 300m long wave of energy swept out from in front of Yang Ye. It was created because the masked man’s figure had torn through s.p.a.ce and not because s.p.a.ce had been shattered.

The full force of Yang Ye’s attack had converged on the masked man, and that was why s.p.a.ce hadn’t shattered!

The masked man glanced at the spike in his grasp, and he noticed that its tip had cracked open. It wasn’t just the tip which had cracked, there were cracks running through its entire body!

The masked man looked up at Yang Ye, “What an exquisite attack, and what a powerful wooden sword! The sword is great, but the technique is good too!”

Yang Ye walked in the masked man’s direction, “I don’t care how you found me, but I hope that it’s the last time you do that.”

The masked man asked, “What if it isn’t the last time we find you?”

Yang Ye stopped and looked the masked man in the eyes, “Is that your final answer?”

The masked man said, “I’m not the only one who’s unwilling to give up just like that, everyone throughout our organization isn’t willing to give up just like that. How about we have a fight? If I lose, then my Heaven’s Net won’t accept any requests related to you. Moreover, we won’t accept any requests related to the people close to you.”

Yang Ye asked, “Can you make that decision?”

“This is our Second Leader!” Meanwhile, the Calligrapher spoke abruptly, “Our leader doesn’t manage the organization, so it’s our Second Leader and Third Leader who manage everything in the organization.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Since that’s the case, then make your move!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the auras around him vanished.

The Second Leader’s hand moved slightly, and then the spike in his hand was instantly exchanged for a curved saber which was as thin as a cicada’s wings. He looked up at Yang Ye, “My cultivation is higher than yours. You make the first move!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “You do it!”

The Second Leader asked, “Why?”

Yang Ye replied, “If I attack first, you won’t have a chance to attack!”

The surroundings instantly fell silent when Yang Ye finished speaking.

It was deathly silent!

The Second Leader gazed at Yang Ye for a long time and nodded, “Alright!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot. In an instant, four rays of cold light suddenly appeared around Yang Ye. These four rays of cold light were fine like strands of hairs, and they were almost invisible to the eye. Moreover, their trajectory was extremely tricky and were aimed at lethal points!

Suddenly, the wooden sword in Yang Ye’s grasp vanished, and then he clenched his right fist before slamming it forward.


A deafening explosion resounded through the boundless mountain range.

Two breaths of time later, everything fell silent.

The Second Leader was standing around 1m away from Yang Ye.

Yang Ye walked slowly out of the palace while the Second Leader remained motionless on the spot.

Once Yang Ye walked out of the palace…


The entire palace exploded into bits.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye continued forward. At the same time, his voice resounded, “That palace was too fragile. Don’t forget to use better materials next time!”

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