Almighty Sword Domain Chapter 1854 – Brother Monkey, Many Are Coming For Your Head!

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Chapter 1854 – Brother Monkey, Many Are Coming For Your Head!

He hadn’t even escaped from the experts behind him when another one had appeared before him!

Yang Ye didn’t panic. He calmed down and looked towards the right. There was a man with a black cape around 300m to his right, and the man looked to be around the age of 30.

As soon as Yang Ye looked at him, a black card appeared in the man’s hand, and then it transformed into a ray of black light that shot towards Yang Ye. It arrived before Yang Ye in an instant.

Yang Ye was about to attack when the black card suddenly transformed into an ethereal figure. The figure held a huge ax, and it instantly swung the ax down at Yang Ye.

It seemed like it was capable of chopping the world apart!

Yang Ye was shocked. He didn’t dare act carelessly, but he didn’t put up any defenses either. He flicked the wooden sword upwards instead.


As soon as they came into contact, the ethereal figure vanished into thin air, but Yang Ye was blasted backwards. During this process, the caped man’s figure left behind a string of afterimages as he shot towards Yang Ye.

At the same time, numerous black cards shot at Yang Ye like blades.

Yang Ye’s profound energy surged while he waved his sword. Numerous strands of sword energy surged out from the wooden sword, but Yang Ye was astounded to notice that as soon as those black cards were about to collide with his sword energy, they would suddenly stop, turn rapidly, and then go around his sword energy. After that, numerous black cards instantly enveloped him.


An explosion rumbled through the surroundings.

A breath of time later, Yang Ye appeared over 10km away. There were almost 30 b.l.o.o.d.y injuries on his body. As for the black cards, they’d flown back to the caped man and were spinning rapidly around him.

Yang Ye glanced at the injuries throughout his body, and then he looked up at the caped man with an extremely solemn gaze in his eyes. If his body wasn’t strong enough, he might have been minced apart just now.

Every single one of those cards had been aimed at a vital point on his body!

Meanwhile, the caped man suddenly said, “Your body is truly strong!”

He was about to attack again when a powerful aura suddenly appeared, and then Xiao Hanyi arrived with his spear in hand.

The caped map immediately stopped when he saw Xiao Hanyi.

Xiao Hanyi glanced at Yang Ye, and then he gazed at the caped man, “The Phantom Hand, Gu Huan!”

Gu Huan, the caped man, spoke indifferently, “Xiao Hanyi, I didn’t expect you to be interested in his sword too.”

Xiao Hanyi replied, “Likewise!”

Gu Huan didn’t say another word. So, the surroundings fell silent, and no one attacked.

Yang Ye glanced at them, but he didn’t run. If he were to run, it was obvious that they would join forces against him. But so long as he didn’t do anything, both of them wouldn’t attack him. After all, no one wanted to do all the work for the other to reap the rewards!

However, he knew that this couldn’t be allowed to continue for long. Because once more and more would arrive. At that time, he wouldn’t be able to leave even if he wanted to.

As soon as he thought up to this point, Yang Ye stopped hesitating. He glanced at them, and then he vanished on the spot.

The Grand Teleportation Technique!

It was the first time he’d used it to escape!

After he executed the Grand Teleportation Technique, Yang Ye instantly appeared over 50,000km away. However, a third of the profound energy within him was instantly consumed. Coupled with the profound energy he’d exhausted earlier, there wasn’t much profound energy left within him!

Fortunately, he had the high purity violet crystals that Snowy created!

He hurriedly withdrew one of them and swallowed it before vanis.h.i.+ng on the spot.

Less than two breaths of time later, Xiao Hanyi and Gu Huan appeared where Yang Ye had been standing just a moment ago, and then they vanished on the spot again.

Not long after they left, over a dozen powerful auras flashed by.

They were following without any intention of stopping!

In the vast starry sky, Yang Ye flew on his sword. His speed was at his limits. It could be said that if he flashed past an ordinary True Realm expert right now, that expert may not even be able to notice him. They would just think that he was a gust of wind!

However, even if his speed was at such a level, he was still unable to shake off those two people who were chasing after him. Their auras refused to leave him, causing him to be unable to conceal himself!

Suddenly, Hou Qing said, “Kid, this won’t do!”

Yang Ye replied, “Senior, do you have any good ideas?”

Hou Qing replied, “I don’t! Watching you now makes me recall what happened to me. I was in a similar situation when the Sovereign of Man was pursuing me. No, I was in a much worse situation.”

Yang Ye said, “Senior, you were only pursued by a single person, but I’m being pursued by numerous people!”

Hou Qing replied, “Can they even be compared to the Sovereign of Man? However, Kid, I think that there might not be a place for you in the human race anymore.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why?”

Hou Qing explained, “The Sovereign of Man is a just person, and he detests the evil. But you, Kid, you’re beyond evil, and that sword is in your possession. Most importantly, the holy sword of the human race is actually changing slowly in your hands. So, he’ll definitely kill you if he finds out!”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

Hou Qing continued, “But it’s fine because if the human race has no place for you, you can come to my shaman race. My Shaman King is fond of people like you. He’ll definitely welcome you!”

“Don’t listen to him!” Suddenly, the Divine Yin Flame’s voice resounded in Yang Ye’s mind, “You’re my master’s successor. So, even if the Sovereign of Man is unhappy, he wouldn’t dare to act against you!”

“Successor? Successor my foot!” Hou Qing continued, “Does anyone in the large universe know that he’s your master’s disciple? Does anyone know? No one! Even if he knows, the Sovereign of Man wouldn’t dare to kill him, but what about others? What about your master’s senior brothers and junior brothers? Would they be afraid to kill him?”

The Divine Yin Flame said, “Hou Qing! I know what you’re planning. You want this kid to join the shaman race with you, and then this paG.o.da will become a treasure of your shaman race. At that time, your shaman race will have another trump card against the human race! However, have you thought about whether my master will let this paG.o.da stay with him if he joins your shaman race?”

Hou Qing grunted coldly, “We don’t need this paG.o.da. So long as this kid is willing to join my shaman race, my Shaman King will definitely foster him with the full strength of the shaman race. Kid, you won’t die without this paG.o.da. Trust me, so long as you join my shaman race, you’ll have a bright future!”

The Divine Yin Flame was about to say something, but Yang Ye suddenly said, “Can both of you stop discussing the human race and shaman race? Can you discuss what I should do right now?”

Both of them fell silent.

Yang Ye’s face twitched. At this moment, he wanted to curse them!

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s expression changed because the s.p.a.ce before him suddenly started trembling, and then a black spear flashed out from there. The powerful and fierce aura it carried instantly slowed him down.

I can’t stop! Yang Ye flipped his palm, and then numerous rays of sword energy shot forward from the wooden sword, and all of them struck half an inch to the right of the spear’s tip. Because the spear wasn’t being controlled, his sword energy had been able to blast it away.

However, two powerful auras suddenly enveloped him.

They’d caught up!

Yang Ye twisted his right foot slightly and vanished on the spot. He was 50,000km away when he appeared again.

The Grand Teleportation Technique!

At the critical moment, Yang Ye had executed the Grand Teleportation Technique again!

However, his countenance instantly turned pale. At the same time, there wasn’t much profound energy left within him. At the very least, he wouldn’t be able to execute the Grand Teleportation Technique for the next four hours. Yet now, he’d merely temporarily increased the distance between him and them.

They would catch up again in less than ten minutes!

Yang Ye’s face was gloomy as he shot forward swiftly on his sword. A short while later, he said, “Senior, help me unseal the wooden sword!”

Under normal circ.u.mstances, he was utterly incapable of fighting the two of them on his own, and the only way for him to have a chance was by unsealing the wooden sword.

“It’s best if you don’t do that!” Hou Qing continued, “Once it’s unsealed, the Sovereign of Man will immediately sense your location. At that time, that person the Sovereign of Man sent down here will immediately find you. Even if you can deal with him, the Sovereign of Man will definitely send even stronger experts for you, and he may even come down here himself! So, once this sword is unsealed, your problems will be amplified by many times!”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Senior, forget about the future. If I don’t unseal it now, I wouldn’t even be able to survive past this moment!”

Hou Qing fell silent.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye descended onto a dead planet, and then he withdrew the wooden sword and said, “Unseal it!”

Hou Qing asked, “Are you sure?”

Yang Ye replied, “Yes!”

Hou Qing sighed softly, and then the wooden sword in Yang Ye’s grasp started to tremble violently. A powerful wave of sword intent swept out from it, causing the mountains in a huge area around Yang Ye to be obliterated.


Suddenly, a strand of flames shot up into the air from Yang Ye’s right, and then a golden rod shot down towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s expression changed when he saw it, and he immediately swung the wooden sword which still hadn’t been unsealed yet.


An explosion resounded. Yang Ye was blasted over 30km away, and his entire body cracked open in an instant.

Meanwhile, a ray of golden light flashed, and then a monkey with a golden rod in his hand appeared before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched at the sight of the monkey. So it’s this fellow!

The monkey stared at Yang Ye. He glanced at the wooden sword in Yang Ye’s hand and was about to attack. However, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Brother Monkey, many people are coming for your head! Run!”

As soon as he finished speaking, two extremely powerful auras enveloped down towards Yang Ye and the monkey.

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