Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 1271 – The Sky Palace Seal

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Chapter 1271 – The Sky Palace Seal

The Voidsky Skirmish could indeed allow disciples to become members of the Sky Palace. However, before the age of a hundred, new members were only allowed periodic intervals of short-term cultivation in the Sky Palace. After that, they could enter the palace for long-term cultivation, but they could also stay in their original sect to serve and repay them. Only after reaching five hundred years old would they completely belong to the Sky Palace. That was very important, because their ident.i.ties were completely different from then on. If the Sky Palace had members attack their original sect, the orders must be executed.

Since the Sky Palace absorbed talents from the Myriad Solar Sects, these sects wouldn’t give up their disciples in vain. That was the reason behind the five-hundred-year rule of repayment. Beyond that, members would break away from their original sects and completely focus on the Sky Palace. That was the agreement between the Sky Palace and Myriad Solar Sects that had been implemented in ancient times. In other words, before the age of five hundred, they were members of the Sky Palace, but might not be able to execute the Sky Palace’s will.

The five hundred years were also a test period. Before they permanently remained in the Sky Palace, members would be deprived of their ident.i.ty if they performed too poorly. What Tianming and the others faced was merely the first step; the real test would last for five hundred years. The series of harsh rules enabled the Sky Palace to maintain their majesty.

“Because of this rule, they still have to cultivate within the sect even if they enter the Sky Palace and become members. Since the Azuresoul Palace doesn’t have the conditions to support their talents, the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect is their best option,” Long Wanying continued. That was the premise behind their offer. Otherwise, there was no point in accepting Tianming if he became a member of the Sky Palace and continued cultivating there.

“Let’s take a look at the specifics. The two of them could fall into four scenarios—they both enter, Li Tianming enters alone, Yu Ziqian enters alone, or they both fail to enter. If the first scenario happens, the Sky Palace must be up to their tricks. In the end, most of the treasures from the dragon palaces would belong to members of the Sky Palace. No one can take the Divine Worldeater Cauldron from them, either, thus the world would remain stable. According to the rules, Li Tianming and Yu Ziqian will return to the Azuresoul Palace. In fact, we can persuade them to join the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect together with Feng and Xiaoxiao with the help of Jiang Qingliu. Although they’ll eventually return to the Sky Palace, there’s a lot they can do for us over the next five hundred years. That way, we’ll be on good terms with the Sky Palace. Additionally, we’ve obtained the Ninedragon Imperius and might eventually be able to keep the Dragonblood Desecration within the sect. There won’t be a fight for the Divine Worldeater Cauldron and we would gain immensely. The probability of the second scenario happening is very high. If Yu Ziqian doesn’t make it, the cauldron would be considered partially unowned. However, I heard that it was Li Tianming that gave the cauldron to Yu Ziqian. Given Li Tianming’s personality, he might keep the cauldron first. Others are less likely to steal from a member of the Sky Palace. In that case, we can keep the cauldron in the sect for the time being. There won’t be a problem as long as we don’t use it, at least not openly. We can discuss this further with Li Tianming. Anyway, it isn’t a loss for us. There’s only a small probability for the third scenario. If so, the Divine Worldeater Cauldron would belong to the Sky Palace. In that case, we protect the three disciples and give the cauldron according to our original plan. It won’t be a loss for us either. In fact, the fourth scenario is most likely to happen.”

Their decision to give up the cauldron was aimed at that situation.

“If they both fail, we must give up the Divine Worldeater Cauldron and take in all three disciples. If Yu Ziqian is willing to come back with us, we can also accept him. However, we must hand over the cauldron. It doesn’t matter who acquires it, that will have nothing to do with us.”

Long Wanying was finished with her a.n.a.lysis. The probability of both Tianming and Yu Ziqian failing to enter was the greatest, followed by the second scenario, where only Tianming was accepted. The other two scenarios were extremely unlikely.

In the beginning, they had a.s.sumed Tianming would be defeated by Weisheng Moran. Meanwhile, Yu Ziqian had barely done anything throughout the Voidsky Skirmish. He wasn’t convincing at all. With the firm belief that none of them would succeed, they had to discuss whether or not to surrender the Divine Worldeater Cauldron. But now the situation had changed.

Of the four scenarios, the first three were beneficial for the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. In the last scenario, they would still evade danger by giving up the cauldron.

“We’ll go with that.” The Saintdragon Emperor nodded.

“Let’s see which of the two achieves success.” Stroking his long beard, the Greendragon Emperor looked at the Skyward Stele with a profound smile on his face.

“Girlie,” the Violetdragon Empress called for Long Wanying.

“Aunt Lin?” Long Wanying looked up.

“Make sure Jiang Qingliu remains steady. When the time comes, we’ll require his mediation,” she said.

“There aren’t any issues on his end. I’ve already spoken to him. He says he only hopes Yu Ziqian is safe.” Long Wanying glanced at Jiang Qingliu in the distance.

“What about the other three? He doesn’t care?”

“That’s not true. It’s because I have my eye on them.” Long Wanying smiled.


Millions of experts caused a scene outside the Voidsky Flame Pillar as they watched Tianming defeat Weisheng Moran and enter the Sky Palace’s test with Yu Ziqian. There were many others hidden in the dark, covetously eyeing the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect.

“A fight would’ve broken out if the disciple named Feng hadn’t surrendered.”

“What the h.e.l.l does the Sky Palace want? Why not keep the treasure for themselves? Are we supposed to fight for it?”

“What a joke it would be if Li Tianming and Yu Ziqian both enter the Sky Palace. They’d be treating us like monkeys.”

“The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect has gained so much. The Dreamless Celestial Nation, warG.o.deans, and Voidword Shrine each obtained a treasure, but that’s nothing compared to the Ninedragon Imperius and Divine Worldeater Cauldron.”

“After all, those treasures were left by an ancestor of the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. It’s fine as long as they’re willing to give up the Divine Worldeater Cauldron….”

“We’ll see who has the Sky Palace seal on their forehead when they emerge.”

The Xuanyuan Dragon Sect, who ranked second on the myriad sect ranking, occupied the best position due to their large numbers. The others could only watch from the side.

Few dreamless celestials had come to watch, which was somewhat strange. The fourth-place warG.o.deans, the Empyrean Sword Sect in fifth place, and the Blueblood Starocean in tenth place had all called for ma.s.sive reinforcements. The number of experts from the first-rate forces were comparable to the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect. At the moment, they seemed to have the Xuanyuan Dragon Sect surrounded, blocking off all exits.


Amid the raging fire and rain, the warG.o.deans and experts of the Blueblood Starocean were gathered together. The Tumulus Pill G.o.d stood silently in front of all the warG.o.deans, holding a black skeleton staff in hand as black mist swirled around him.

“Tumulus Pill G.o.d, Emperor Lan from the Bluedestiny Palace is here.”

“Take me to him.”

Turning around, the Tumulus Pill G.o.d left with the warG.o.dean experts.

“Tumulus Pill G.o.d, it’s been a long time since we last met.”

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