Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 1274 – Sea of Silver Stars

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Chapter 1274 – Sea of Silver Stars

“Keep going!” They weren’t the kind of beings that would give up. Even if it meant losing half their lives, they would continue.

Fire-type fundamental cosmic forces swept past them like giant beasts. Without the shackles of the fusion formation, this was their paradise to roam free and wreak havoc. There were holes in Tianming’s shield, but fortunately they pa.s.sed through a fiery barrier and reached a new area. Before their eyes was a dazzling golden light. Obviously, these were metal-type fundamental cosmic forces. They gathered together in the nova source. Like an ocean, it was impossible to see where it ended. There was definitely enough for the birth of Fifth; the advantage of a nova source lay in its size and quant.i.ty.

The metal-type fundamental cosmic forces formed an ocean of gold, like endless molten iron. The hot, piercing sensation was more terrifying than the fiery storm. Some of these fundamental cosmic forces combined with divine ordered patterns to form divine hazards. Like wild beasts, they raged in the ocean of fundamental cosmic forces. Venussoul, majestic electricsteel river, blackcrystal flamestar… there were at least hundreds of thousands of them, all of which were grade-five divine hazards. Also visible to the naked eye were metal-type divine hazards above grade-six, such as the grade-nine golden helios or the astralriver steel that glittered like a river of silver stars.

“This is the moment we’ve been waiting for” Tianming was as excited as the little silver eggs. Without regard for life or death, they dived in. Any hesitation would be a discredit to their struggle for Fifth to come into this world.

A hundred thousand little silver eggs flew out from his lifebound s.p.a.ce. It was finally vacant. Lan Huang and Xian Xian breathed a sigh of relief.

“Quick, stretch your limbs and get moving! Our little brother will return to occupy his s.p.a.ce once he’s born.” At the thought of that, Lan Huang began practicing gymnastics.

The thing the Primordial Chaos Beasts had in common was their optimism and ignorance to plight. When it was time to play, they wouldn’t hold back.

“Little Sis, I’ll take you riding!”

“Okay! Wait for me, Turtle Bro!”

With its roots wrapped around Lan Huang, Xian Xian flicked its long whip as Lan Huang galloped around Tianming’s lifebound s.p.a.ce. Meow Meow opened its misty eyes, summoning a great effort just to glance at the two buffoons, then fell back asleep. There were five Primordial Chaos Beast eggs beside it. Meow Meow used one as a pillow, placed two on its bottom to protect its b.a.l.l.s, and held one in each hand, stroking them from time to time. The five remaining eggs had been licked until they were smooth and glossy.

Outside the lifebound s.p.a.ce, Tianming and a hundred thousand little silver eggs had arrived at the sea of metal fundamental cosmic force. Due to the opposing force of the fire and metal fundamental cosmic forces, a vacuum had formed where they met. It was far more stable here, and they could start cultivating.

“Let’s get started!”

A hundred thousand little silver eggs formed a vortex as they revolved around Tianming. Following Fifth’s inhalation, the sea of gold and silver fundamental cosmic force began rising. At first, only a tiny bit diffused through eggs, like drops of water. The little silver eggs piled up around Tianming, forming a symbiotic connection with him.

“This is different from before. The four of them came from just one egg. On the other hand, Fifth has a hundred thousand eggs… just what the h.e.l.l is it?”

This was a great environment for its birth. Tianming firmly believed that the answer would soon be clear. Silver light flickered before his eyes.

They were linked to each other via symbiotic cultivation. During the process, Tianming gradually felt the power of the fifth Primordial Chaos Beast’s bloodline as thousands of densely packed little silver eggs spun and fluttered before his eyes. As they absorbed metal fundamental cosmic force, the eggs emitted soft cracking noises, a sign that Fifth would soon emerge from its sh.e.l.l.

Tianming was dazzled by a silver mirage. Amidst a loud explosion, light and shadow alternated and a dream appeared once more. Tianming was a little nervous every time he dreamed. The last time he saw Feiling in his dream of Xian Xian, he was thunderstruck.

A buzzing filled his ears.

Amidst the dense fog, the scene before him changed again. Like the dream brought about by Ying Huo, Tianming suddenly found himself in an endless void. This was a world devoid of sound or borders. Compared to drifting in the ocean, the loneliness and insignificance he felt was stronger. The silence was all-pervasive and the sound of his own breathing was loud and clear. His heart pounded violently against his chest. In that instant, starlight came flashing from behind. When he turned around, he saw a silver astral vortex in the distant end of the world. Trillions of stars shone—it was a sea of stars.

Whizzing across the endless void, Tianming was taken toward the stars. They grew brighter and brighter. Like sand in the desert, the silver starlight was so dense it occupied his entire field of vision. Tianming grew closer and closer to the stars until he finally crashed into them. The world around him was filled with silver starlight that nearly blinded him.

“This is….”

He remained within the sea of stars and gradually approached the nearest star. It was a silver-colored metal planet, not made up of fundamental cosmic force, but was alive.

Tianming immediately surmised that Fifth was the astral vortex. Xiaowu. These trillions of silver stars were part of its body. Tianming stared in a daze. The planet that made up one trillionth of Fifth was at least the size of Lan Huang’s body. It was spherical; a smooth and shiny surface without any imperfections. Not only was its hardness unparalleled, its starlight was brilliant.

“The fifth Primordial Chaos Beast isn’t an individual, but a group? Or is it an individual consisting of a group?”

Tianming had long wondered which of the hundred thousand eggs was Fifth. Was there a difference between the main body and clones? But he didn’t notice a particular egg that seemed like the main body. When he was submerged in this sea of stars, he realized that they were all exactly the same, unlike broodmother-type lifebound beasts that had a clear distinction between mother and child.

“What sort of life form was this?”

Just as Tianming puzzled over these doubts, changes occurred and the silver stars flew into the distance. Tianming was shocked to find that the silver stars around him made a harsh sound of metal grinding against metal. Every star began transforming. As they morphed, the starlight grew so bright that he couldn’t help but close his eyes. When he opened them again, the entire sea of stars had disappeared like the little gray egg had at the beginning. However, he knew it still existed. The invisible sea of stars transformed into a silver river, surging forward. As it wandered about the starry sky, Tianming followed it. He was very curious to see what the silver stars had transformed into.

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