Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again Chapter 723 – : Anyone Who Targets Your Man Will Be the

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Chapter 723: Anyone Who Targets Your Man Will Be the

One in Trouble

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Beitang Lie suspected that his boss was a monster. Otherwise, how could she

be so energetic?

“Brother Quan just called and said that he would be home soon. It’s been almost

an hour and he’s still nowhere to be seen. How could I not be worried? The

more Chi Jiao spoke, the more uneasy she felt. She muttered to herself, “Could

something have happened to him?

“Anyone who targets your man will be the one in trouble,” Shen Xing said


Beitang Lie nodded in agreement.

Chi Jlao couldn’t be bothered with them. She was burning with anxiety. After

waiting fora few more minutes, she finally saw Quan Jue from afar.

“Brother Quan!” Chi Jiao was delighted until she saw that he was drenched.

Chi Jiao’s little heart immediately leaped to her throat, and she rushed towards

him. “Brother Quan, what happened to you? Why are you so wet?

Chi Jlao pulled his arm and hurried him into the house.

The cold wind blew. Quan Jue gave a light sneeze and looked at her. “T met She

Qi on my way back:”

Quan Jue’s words caused Chi Jiao’s expression to change. She quickly brought

him in and asked him to take a shower and change his clothes.

Beltang Lie and Shen Xing were also shocked and quickly got busy. They

poured hot tea for Quan Jue and made ginger soup.

After fussing for an hour, everyone finally sat down.

Quan Jue had already showered and changed into a set of clean pajamas.

However, Chi jiao still felt that it was not enough. She used her own blanket to

wrap Quan Jue tightly. She then picked up the ginger soup and made him drink

two bowls at once to dispel his chill.

Beitang Lie looked at Quan Jue. Apart from the abrasions on the back of his

hand, he did not find any other injuries.

This man could escape unscathed from a monster like She Qi.

But now, he was being completely dominated by Chi Jiao. She had wrapped him

up in a furry blanket and made him drink ginger soup.

Beitang Lie:

What a contrast!

“Brother Quan, what happened?” Chi Jiao was finally relieved when she saw

Quan Jue obediently drinking the ginger soup. She looked at him in confusion.

It’s like this”Quan Jue recounted the incident.

Chi Jiao’s cheeks puffed up as she stomped her feet angrily. “That long worm

dared to touch my man!I don’t care. The next time I meet him, rll skin him

alive and hang him up to dry

The cormers of Beitang ILie’s and Shen Xing’s lips twitched.

They knew very well that Chi Jiao wasn’t just saying those words out of anger.

She would really do as she said.

“She Qi’s motive was to test my strength. However, I sensed that he’s actually

targeting jiaojiao,” Quan Jue said.

“I thought that She Qi was already powerful enough. I didn’t expect him to have

the ability to control water. Coupled with your earlier experience with him, I

can tell that he’s an elite Esper.” Beitang Lie sighed.

“I don’t think that guy can be described as an Esper. We should call hima

monster,” Shen Xing said as it ate its lollipop.

“No matter what he is, I won’t let him off.” Chi Jiao held Quan Jue’s hand with

concem as she looked at him worriedly. “Is this the only place where

injured? Are there any other injuries? Brother Quan, take off your clothes.I

want to check..”

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