Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again Chapter 724 – What Nonsense Are You Spouting?

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Chapter 724: What Nonsense Are You Spouting?

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Quan Jue glanced at Beitang Lie and Shen Xing.

The two of them looked away tacitly, pretending not to have heard anything

Even so, Quan Jue’s ears were flushed.

“Apart from my knuckles, there are no other injuries,” Quan Jue said as he

lowered his voice and leaned closer to her. “Even if you want to check, the two

of us should go back to our room to do it.”

The young man’s low voice was suggestive.

Chi Jiao’s heart stirred.

Only then did she realize that what she had just said was a little inappropriate.

“Beitang, go and check the surveillance footage of the place where my Brother

Quan met with trouble. Give me a copy of the surveillance footage tomorrow.”

Jiao Jiao said, “Erase wlhatever is necessary.”

Quan Jue had used his power to deal with She Qi. He would definitely be

captured by the surveillance cameras nearby.

It would cause quite a bit of trouble if the surveillance footage were to spread.

“Got it.” Beitang Lie stood up and left.

He didn’t want to be the third wheel here, anyway.

Shen Xing obediently also returned to its room.

In the blink of an eye, only Chi Jiao and Quan Jue were left in the living room.

“Brother Quan, it’s all my fault.” Chi Jíao looked at him apologetically.

If not for her, She Qj wouldn’t have attacked him.

That d.a.m.ned pervert better not fall into her hands.

Otherwise, she would really tear off his scales piece by piece!

“What nonsense are you spouting? Quan Jue looked at her dotingly. “Tll punish

you if you continue to spout nonsense.”

Chi Jiao stuck out her little tongue.

“Did something happen at home, too?” Quan Jue suddenly asked. He was also

an Esper, and his perception of magnetic fields was much stronger than

ordinary people. He could clearly sense that the magnetic field at home was


“It’s like this.” Chi Jiao told him about how Fang Xiaowei came to her house to

attack her father.

“Is your father alright?” Quan Jue asked immediately.

“He’s fine. He just got a scare and is resting upstairs now,” Chi Jiao said.

“This has something to do with She Qi, right?” Quan Jue’s tone was affirmative.

Chi Jiao gave him a meaningful look. “Indeed, I have the same thoughts as you.”

“What does this person want?” Quan Jue narrowed his eyes, a dangerous glint


If not for the fact that She Qj could control water, he would have died today.

He had never killed anyone before.

This was the first time that Quan Jue had thought of killing someone.


In that man’s current state, he might not even be human anymore. He was

more like a monster.

A monster that was a threat to Jiaojíao had to be eliminated.

A murderous look flashed across his handsome face. Quan Jue felt that he had

to do something

“I don’t know his motive for now.” Chi Jiao stroked her small chin with a

thoughtful expression. “I feel like he’s trying to come up with some shocking


“Don’t think too much for the time being” Quan Jue hugged her. “You must be

tired out. rll carry you back to your room to rest.”

Chi Jiao nodded and laid in his arms like an obedient little kitten.

No matter how tired she was, she would be able to rejuvenate as long as she

rested in her safe spot!

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