Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again Chapter 725 – Brother Quan Is Really Too Handsome!

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Chapter 725: Brother Quan Is Really Too Handsome!

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Early next morning, Beitang Lie sent the surveillance footage to Chi Jiao’s


As Chi Jiao ate the breakfast Quan Jue prepared for her, she looked at the

content on her phone.

“Jiaojiao, it’s your birthday tomorrow. Do you want me to prepare your gown

for you, or do you want to do it yourself?” Chi Mingwei asked with a smile,

holding his coffee cup with both hands.

“I can prepare it myself,” Chi jiao said without looking up. When she saw Quan

fue and She Qi fighting on the phone screen, her eyes lit up.

Brother Quan was really too cool!

Actually, she didn’t have to worry about her birthday dress at all.

Previously, every time she celebrated her birthday, Yan Qingqging would

prepare at least dozens of gowns for her to try. Her excuse was that she wanted

to amaze everyone, but in fact, it was just to satisfy her desire to dress up a

life-size doll.

Chi Mingwei nodded. “I have to go to the police station to make a statement


Fang Xiaowei’s body had suddenly gone missing, and she had even come to his

house. Although this matter was very mysterious, they still had to go through

the usual procedures. He had to go to the police station to make a statement.

At the same time, because Fang Xiaowei’s corpse had gone missing, it also

proved that his previous statement was not a lie.

Fang Xiaowei was still running around even though she had died.

“T’ll go with you later,” Chi Jiao said without hesitation.

After breaktast, not long after they left, Quan Jue also went out.

First, he went to school and attended as usual. Then, he took advantage

of the lunch break and went out of campus to meet someone.

At a snack shop near the school.

“Vegetarian b.a.l.l.s, chicken with potatoes, fried pork, and yellow croaker, one

each.” The little fatty sitting opposite him looked at the menu and quickly

ordered a few dishes before looking up. “Brother Quan, what do you want to


Quan Jue lowered his eyes lazily. “Anything”

“Then, let’s add another fishball dish. That’s all. Thank you.” Yin Xiaoxuan

handed the menu to the waiter behind him.

After the service staff left, Yin Xiaoxuan went straight to the point and asked,

“Brother Quan, have you thought about that matter?”

Previously, he had listened to Quan Jue’s opinion and found a more respectable

person from the Xuan Sect to discuss with him, hoping that he could enter the

Xuan Sect.

However, Quan Jue did not agree immediately.

Yin Xiaoxuan had been staying in White City the past few days, waiting for

Quan Jue to make his decision.

“After entering the Xuan Sect, will the sect be under my control? Quan Jue


Yin Xiaoxuan nodded. “You’re the boss, so of course, you have the final say.

However, my second grandfather should have told you that if you want to be

the boss, you have to first pa.s.s the Xuan Sect trial.”

This was the rule of the Xuan Sect. No one was exempt from it.

Quan Jue nodded indifferently. “Tll return to the Xuan Sect with you in three


Yin Xiaoxuan hurriedly poured a cup of water for him. Holding it with both

hands, he respectfully placed it in front of him. “Yes, Boss!”

Great, this young master finally understood.

“But before that, I also want to see the strength of your Xuan Sect,” Quan Jue

suddenly said.

Yin Xiaoxuan looked at him in confusion, not knowing what he meant.

Quan Jue took out a screenshot of She Qi from the surveillance footage and

showed it to him. “Takea look at this person. Do you know him?”

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