Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again Chapter 726 – He Hurt the Most Important Person to Me

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Chapter 726: He Hurt the Most Important Person to Me

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Quan Jue was just asking casually.

Unexpectedly, Yin Xiaoxuan’s eyes widened when he saw She Qj’s photo.

He took the phone from Quan Jue to take a closer look at the photo.

“I’ve seen this person before!” Yin Xiaoxuan said confidently.

Quan Jue’s gaze darkened. “Where have you seen him before?

“I’ve seen him in my family’s records,” Yin Xiaoxuan said slowly, his eyes filled

with disbelief. “But those in my family’s records are already dead.”

“He’s a member of the Snake Race,” Quan Jue said slowly.

“My family members are all upright people, and no one is from the Snake

Race.” Yin Xiaoxuan scratched the back of his head, looking even more

confused. “But are there people in this world who look exactly the same?

“Apart from twins, I don’t think so,” Quan Jue replied in a mild voice.

Yin Xiaoxuan really didn’t understand what was going on. The last time he

viewed the family records was six years ago.

“How about this? Send this photo to my phone and I’ll let my grandfather take

a look.” Yin Xiaoxuan paused for a moment. “hy are you looking for this


He’s a wanted criminal now. Quan Jue’s tone was still calm, his eyes dark. “He

injured the most important person to me.”

“Understood. Ill let you know if I find anything,” Yin Xiaoxuan said.

Quan Jue nodded.


After completing his statement at the police station, Chi Jiao accompanied Chi

Mingwei home.

“Jiaojiao, will that woman appear again?” When Chi Mingwei thought of hoOW

Fang Xíaowei looked no different from a zombie, he didn’t feel particularly

afraid. He just felt uneasy.

Chi Jiao was also worried that Fang Xiaowei would appear again.

This was because she couldn’t follow her father 24/7

Chi Jiao cleared her throat and asked, “Daddy, do you want me to help you read

your fortune? Let’s see how your luck will be for the next few days. If she won’t

be appearing, your luck will definitely be good”

Chi Mingwei nodded. “Sure.”

Chi Jiao decided to take the blood from Chi Mingwei’s fingertips to check his

future. She had recently exhausted a lot of her mental strength and was

worried that reading with her mental strength alone would be wrong or


Using the old method, she took out the Nine Trigram Lines Sh.e.l.l and had Chi

Mingwei p.r.i.c.k his finger and drip a drop of blood on it.

This was the first time Chi Mingwei had seen Chi Jiao’s “fortune-telling” with

his own eyes. He found it very novel.

Chi Mingwei was very nervous when Chi Jiao placed her hand on the Nine

Trigram Lines Sh.e.l.l and closed her eyes to look into his future.

About 10 minutes later.

Chi Jiao finally opened her eyes.

“How is it? Jiaojiao, how’s my future?” Chi Mingwei asked impatiently.

Chi Jiao looked at her father sympathetically. “Daddy, you have been

experiencing Mercury Retrograde lately.”

Mercury Retrograde was a rather new internet slang, but Chi Mingwei knew it

well. He often surfed the internet.

Chi Mingwei agreed with what she said and nodded with a sigh. “I have indeed

been down on my luck. Otherwise, why would this happen?

Ever since he was pestered by Fang Xiaowei, he had been plagued by bad luck.

It seemed that he had to pay his respects to the G.o.ds when he was free.

“Fang Xiaowei will still come and find you.” Chi jiao looked at him. “But Dad,

you don’t have to worry. I know when she will come. We’ll set up a trap in

advance and wait for her. Then, we’ll catch her like a fish in a barrel!”

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