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Chapter 1751: Rascals

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“I’m not called Hey. How would I know who you’re calling if you don’t use my name?” he answered mercilessly, but he still picked out the green onions for her.

Jiang Yao was not very picky about food, but she did not like green onions. However, the cook there liked to add some scallions to the food.

“Of course, I’m calling you because you’re beside me.” Jiang Yao looked at him with a smile. Then, she said softly, “No matter how Ouyang Chenrui loiters in front of me and how he tries to gain my attention, he will never be able to compete with you. You are my husband and the person in my heart. It’s meaningless for you to be jealous of him. After all, Ouyang Chenrui and I are not even good friends. It’s not like how I am with Du Chen.”

How could she think he would be happy to hear that she had a good relations.h.i.+p with Du Chen?

However, he was happy to hear her say that he was the one in her heart.

“If he bothers you, you can have Big Ke and Ah Lu beat him until he’s scared. If that doesn’t work, you can have Big Ke tie him up and send him back to Nanjiang City.” After Lu Xingzhi finished speaking, his mood improved. Then, he pushed Jiang Yao’s plate back toward her. “Finish it. Don’t waste food.”

Jiang Yao nodded and smiled before her eyes narrowed. Then, they sat next to each other and started eating.

The two had no idea how many soldiers envied them during that meal. Those soldiers suddenly wanted to find a partner.

After lunch, the sun had already set. The air outside was also slightly warmer. It was no longer as hot as in the afternoon when the entire land was like a barbecue machine.

Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yao’s hand as they slowly walked back. Those curious

about Colonel Lu’s wife had a field day that day.

The last time Jiang Yao returned to the army base, she did not go out since she was still in poor health. Not many people in the base had seen her. Colonel Lu was famous in the army base; that was why everyone was curious about his wife.

She had become an attraction. Many people pretended to pa.s.s by and took a few glances at her before walking away. They thought she did not notice them. “A bunch of rascals.” Lu Xingzhi was so angry that his teeth hurt. If they were his soldiers, he would have scolded them. If they had the time to look at his wife, they might as well take the time to train themselves.

“Wait for me here,” Lu Xingzhi said. He looked ahead and raised his hand to pat Jiang Yao’s head. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back in five minutes.”

Without waiting for Jiang Yao to reply, he had already strode toward the dark corner in front of him. It did not take long for Jiang Yao to hear the cries of a group of people as she stood there. She almost burst out laughing.

He said that he would be back in five minutes. The cries only lasted for less than half a minute before they stopped. When Jiang Yao thought that Lu Xingzhi would be back as it had gotten much quieter there. When he returned to her, there was ice cream in his hand.

Jiang Yao had perfect eyesight. She recognized it was her favorite brand of ice cream. Her eyes almost lit up.

Did he go and buy ice cream for her?

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