Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1752 – I Didn’t Eat It Secretly

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Chapter 1752: I Didn’t Eat It Secretly

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was too hot in the summer, and Lu Xingzhi was afraid that the ice cream would melt, so he ran back to Jiang Yao. When he was in front of her, he stuffed the ice cream into her hands. “Eat it quickly, or it will melt.”

Jiang Yao smiled so widely that her eyes curled into crescent moons. She took a bite. The ice cream melted in her mouth and instantly swept the sultry summer heat and worries away.

“Why did you buy me ice cream?” Jiang Yao handed the ice cream to Lu Xingzhi. “Do you want some?”

Lu Xingzhi had no interest in girly food, but when he saw her small teeth marks on the ice cream, he changed his mind and lowered his head to take a bite of where she had bitten.

The milk-flavored ice cream was very milky. It was too greasy for Lu Xingzhi, but it was incredibly fragrant for Jiang Yao, who liked that flavor.

Lu Xingzhi said, “You can tell me if you want to eat it in the future, but you’re

not allowed to eat it secretly during the winter when I’m not here. It’s hot in

the summer, but you can only eat one a day. Eating too many popsicles is not

good for your health.”

“I will not eat it in the winter,” Jiang Yao said, but Lu Xingzhi chuckled. Clearly,

he did not believe her.

Jiang Yao inmmediately thought of what Xiao Gao and Old Yang had told her

during the drill. Lu Xingzhi already knewwhat she had written in the paper

crane, so he must have learmed that she had secretly eatena popsicle the

previous winter, right?

She still remembered the first time Lu Xingzhi bought her an ice cream. It was

around the same time that year. She had received her acceptance letter last

summer, and he had taken her back to her village on his bicycle.

Since she was sweating profusely in the back seat of the bicycle, he took her to

the snack bar and got her some ice cream. He did not ask which one she

wanted, but he got her favorite all the same.

At that time, Jiang Yao thought it was a coincidence.

Later, she found out that he knew her better than she had expected.

When they got home, Lu Xingzhi had boiled water for her shower because she

was sweaty. After Jiang Yao went to take a shower, he took Jiang Yao’s phone

and called Big Ke.

At that time, Big Ke and Ah Lu must have been in the city. He also needed to

know some things about her during his closed-door training.

When Big Ke received the call from Jiang Yao’s phone, he heard Lu Xingzhi’s

voice over the phone. He was stunned for a few seconds before he snapped back

to her senses. “Director Jiang is with Young Master Lu now?

“Yes, she’s with me in the army base,” Lu Xingzhi explained briefly. Then, he

asked, “Has anything happened during this period?”

He had wanted to know if Old Madam Lin had gone to hara.s.s Jiang Yao.

When Big Ke heard that question, he said, “Directory Jiang encountered so

many problems that Ah Lu and I were annoyed on her behalf. Everything that

you expected to happen had happened. YN’s Master Sen and Master Zhu sent

people to the country. They orchestrated a situation with your second uncle to

force the Divine Doctor to appear. There was evena death. Fortunately, your

family is fine. Finally, Director Jíang was so angry that she told the public that

the Divine Doctor had pa.s.sed away.”

The Divine Doctor has pa.s.sed away? Was the Divine Doctor not his wife?

Lu Xingzhi had predicted that of the occurrences, so he made a lot of

arrangements in advance in case she got hurt. However, it did not involve the

Divine Doctor’s death..

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