Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1764 – Need To Grumble

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Chapter 1764: Need To Grumble

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“This is your reward for being sensible. Eat them quickly.” Jiang Yao handed the bag of ice cream to the youngest child and left without waiting for them to say anything else.

There was a shop that sold cars across from the bus station. It was not very big, and it did not have that many models. Since there were few customers, the shop’s employees sat in front of an electric fan to cool off. When they saw Jiang Yao walk into the shop with bags of vegetables, they did not think

much of her. It was obvious that she had just been to the market.

Jiang Yao did not like the cars they had in the shop; she liked the black car in the brochure. Jiang Yao did not have any interest in cars, so she did not know much about them. When she thought the price was suitable, she immediately made a down payment for the vehicle.

After the bank transferred the money, Jiang Yao left her phone number with the salesperson and left. The bus had just arrived when she left. Jiang Yao carried the vegetables and got on the bus to return to the army base.

The salesperson stood at the store entrance and watched as the customer left. It was like a dream-like illusion. The customer had bought the car like she had shopped for an extra cabbage at the market.

He lowered his head to look at his watch and silently calculated. The customer had only spent less than ten minutes in the shop.

That was probably the most pleasant customer he had met in his career.

Jiang Yao was already at home when Lu Xingzhi retuned. He must have heard that Jiang Yao had gone out in the morning, so the first thing he did when he got back was to look for Jiang Yao. He was worried that she was unfamiliar with the city. She might not know her way home.

‘When he entered the study and saw Jiang Yao sitting cross-legged on a chair reading a book, he heaved a sigh of relief. He looked at the book’s t.i.tle and asked, “Did you go out to buy vegetables this morning?”

“Yes, I’ve already put the groceries in the fridge. I also bought some fruit. I even bought some pears. They’re bigger and tastier than the ones you picked for me in the mountains.” Jiang Yao returned the book to its original place. “I saw the children you sponsored at the market. They’re much more sensible

now. They’re earning money to buy a birthday cake for their director. The sun is so hot, but none of them felt bitter about it. Oh, right! When I came back, I also bought a car. It’s not in stock yet; it will arrive in two days. It’s black, and it’s the same brand as the car I was driving in Nanjiang City.”

“Hmm, where did you buy it? Tell me the address, and I’l get someone to get you a special license plate.” Lu Xingzhi did not ask how much it was. In fact, he did not even know what kind of car Lu Yuging was driving in Nanjiang City. Whether it was buying groceries or cars, it was fine as long as Jiang Yao

liked it.

“By the way, did Chen Xuyao call you?”

Coincidentally, Lu Xingzhi’s phone rang just as he finished asking Jiang Yao. It was Chen Xuyao.

Jiang Yao burst into laughter. “Speak of the devil. Is that him?”

Lu Xingzhi nodded and let Jiang Yao pick up the phone.

“Chen Xuyao, Lu Xingzhi asked me if you called me just now. I didn’t even have time to answer before you called ” Jiang Yao teased Chen Xuyao. “So there’s no need to grumble..”

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