Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1766 – Where Are You Going?

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Chapter 1766: Where Are You Going?

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Even though the Chen and Liang families did not control Jindo City, they could still find someone pretty easily. Previously, Chu Sheng had deliberately hidden from Chen Xuyao, but he managed to find her anyway. It was only a matter of time. After Lu Xingzhi finished speaking, he pulled Jiang Yao out of

the bedroom. First, he went to the kitchen to see what she had bought.

“You cook, I’ll go back to the bedroom to laze for a while.” Jiang Yao leaned against the door. She watched as Lu Xingzhi took vegetables from the refrigerator that she had just bought. When she saw the fruits, her eyebrows raised. Suddenly, she said, “I bought ice cream for those children today.”

Lu Xingzhi said, “You’ve told me already.”

Jiang Yao wanted to tell him that.

“Even though it was so hot that it made me want to eat it, I still listened to you.”

Then, Lu Xingzhi raised his head to look at Jiang Yao. He smiled with a hint of indulgence and helplessness. From the look in his eyes, he finally understood what she meant when she said that.

She was not waiting for him to praise her. Instead, she was waiting for him to reward her with a plate of fruits.

It was apparent that she would be hot and thirsty when she came back since the weather was so hot. Jiang Yao had been incredibly hard-working when he was not around. However, as long as he was around, his wife would laze around and wait for him to feed her.

However, Lu Xingzhi liked her coquettish ways.

When a woman truly loved a man, she would reveal her true self in front of him without any reservations.

Lu Xingzhi took some fruits from the fridge and led Jiang Yao to the stove with one hand. He took a fruit knife and a vegetable board to peel apples for Jiang Yao. He also washed a bunch of grapes for her and then placed the fruits on the fruit plate.

Jiang Yao smiled brightly as she tiptoed and kissed the corner of Lu Xingzhi’s lips. Then, she held the plate of fruits and turned to leave.

“Where are you going?”

Lu Xingzhi quickly pulled her back.

“Tm going to the living room to eat some fruits.”

Jiang Yao gently shook the fruit plate in her hand.

“Just eat them here. I’ll cook, and you’ll accompany me.” After saying that, Lu Xingzhi went straight to the living room to grab a chair and place it on the side. He did not mind her sitting there and getting in the way. He pressed Jiang Yao onto the chair so that she would sit there and accompany him.

The sound of cooking in the kitchen was not low. Jiang Yao’s gaze was fixed on Lu Xingzhi. Her hand occasionally delivered some fruits to her mouth, but she focused on Lu Xingzhi.

The weather was hot. He was wearing a short-sleeve training uniform. The clothes seemed to be tailor-made for him. It fit him perfectly. He had broad shoulders and a slim waist. In addition, he was wearing an ap.r.o.n. He still looked very handsome, but he looked more homely than he did on the training


He was an elite soldier, but he was willing to put aside all his glory at home and cook for her. He could spare time to learn how to cook some of her favorite dishes to entice her to eat more.

“Oh, right.”

Jiang Yao suddenly thought of an important matter that she had almost forgotten. “Uncle Liang called me this morning. He said that YN is going to war. Will it affect us if YN really goes to war?”

“It will affect border security to a certain extent,” Lu Xingzhi said. “Uncle Liang said that there would be a war soon.. He wants Jiang Lei to come home as soon as possible, right?”

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