80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled Chapter 443 – : The Powerful Turtle Armor

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Chapter 443: The Powerful Turtle Armor

An unknown bridge crossed from the intersection of heaven and earth.

It carried with it supreme might and rumbling sounds that directly swept away the auras brought by the arrival of the three King Lords of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age.


Suddenly, this supreme might descended from that bridge. The aura of a King Lord filled the entire scene with a rumbling sound. The sound waves of the Great Dao were deafening.

In the sky, misty green air currents fell one after another. Each of them was as huge and heavy as a mountain. From afar, they looked like celestial rivers falling one after another.

In the endless sky, shrouded in primal chaos, earth, wind, water, and fire elements rotated. A huge bridge was faintly discernible, emitting an extremely terrifying power.

This was an aura that covered the sky and the earth. It was righteous and peaceful. There was no aggressive aura, but there was a holy and inviolable dignity.

At this moment, not to mention the cultivators of the mortal realm, even the powerhouses of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age looked at this familiar yet also unfamiliar bridge with stiffened bodies.

The powerhouses of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age had all seen this bridge before. It had appeared above the Spell Realm before.

At that time, even though the King Lords of the Seven Races acted, they also didn’t stop the terror of this bridge.

The true powerhouses of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age all believed that there was a problem with this bridge. It was just that they didn’t expect that at the moment of the destruction of the mortal realm, this bridge would actually descend with three King Lords.

It instantly reversed the situation of the mortal realm.

Lin Jiufeng knew these three people.

Emperor Yuan, Emperor Ming, and Turtle Armor.

Among the supreme King Lords standing on this bridge was Lin Jiufeng’s younger brother, his nephew, and a friend that he had just met.

Emperor Yuan and Emperor Ming were shrouded in primal chaos. They no longer looked like the emperors of the Yuhua G.o.d Dynasty. Instead, they descended with the radiance of supreme powerhouses.

At the side, Turtle Armor also swept away the decadence it showed in the Weapon Armory Valley and displayed a sharp edge.


At this moment, Turtle Armor flicked its finger gently. Light gathered in its palm like a light. It struck the air as if the void was a copper bell that had been pa.s.sed down for countless years, emitting a heavy sound.

“Seven Races of the Ancient Age, it’s been a long time since we last met.” At this moment, Turtle Armor shouted. It was quite domineering. It took a step forward and descended from the bridge. The aura around it made the s.p.a.ce tremble.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the very next moment, a halo formed behind Turtle Armor. It quickly expanded and was resplendent. It suppressed the sun in the sky and transformed into a round disc. The gorgeous, dazzling, and powerful suction force devoured the vital energy of all living beings, plundering the vital energy of the world, and created an immortal treasure wheel.

As it continued to absorb, the treasure wheel shone and rumbled. It was like a wheel of reincarnation that pointed directly at the three King Lords of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age.

This treasure wheel condensed behind Turtle Armor. It became increasingly dazzling, making Turtle Armor look like a G.o.d. Its entire body was crystal clear.


The treasure wheel shone and rotated. In the sky, it was like a wheel of reincarnation, illuminating Turtle Armor and causing the power of reincarnation to appear around its body.

At this moment, Turtle Armor was completely different from its appearance at the Weapon Armory Valley.

The faces of the three King Lords of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age sank when they saw this mysterious bridge and the three King Lords on it.

“d.a.m.n turtle, you’re actually still alive?” Outer Heaven directly cursed.

“You, this son of a turtle, aren’t dead yet. How can I, your grandfather, die?” Turtle Armor said lightly. Its words could anger someone to death.

“Back then, you were jointly killed by ten King Lords, but you actually didn’t die?” Outer Heaven felt that this was incredible.

“You have no idea how tough your grandfather, me, is. What are ten King Lords to me? Before I eliminate all of you from the Seven Races of the Ancient Age, how would I dare to die?” Turtle Armor curled its lips in disdain.

Ten King Lords had once joined forces to kill it, but it still escaped and hid in the Weapon Armory Valley for tens of thousands of years. Now that it had returned, it once again faced the Seven Races of the Ancient Age.

The Outer Heaven that was just a small fry back then had now grown to become a King Lord.

“Who are the other two?” Great Destruction asked curiously. His gaze wasn’t on Turtle Armor, but on Emperor Yuan and Emperor Ming.

“I don’t know, but they feel familiar.” Ancestral Peak stared at them solemnly and said slowly.

“Is there no one else in the mortal realm? In this era, there actually isn’t a single King Lord. The mortal realm can only depend on you old guys?” Outer Heaven said disdainfully.

“What has it got to do with you whether there’s any King Lord in the mortal realm? The humans of this era can’t rise to become King Lords, but we from the past are still alive. If you want to destroy this mortal realm, you have to step on our corpses,” Turtle Armor said disdainfully.

Ever since this unknown bridge descended into the mortal realm with the three King Lords, Outer Heaven, Great Destruction, and Ancestral Peak didn’t take another look at Lin Jiufeng.

No matter how powerful Lin Jiufeng was, he was only at the Immortal Emperor Realm. His threat was incomparable to that of a King Lord.

“We didn’t kill you back then, so we shall do so now.” Great Destruction reached out and grabbed his magic treasure, the Great Destruction War Spear. He pointed it at Turtle Armor and said coldly.

“When I ruled over the world back then, you were just an embryo. You actually dare to boast shamelessly in front of me?” Turtle Armor had its hands behind its back. Its eyes were thunderous as it said disdainfully with its former domineeringness.

“You guys are just trash that has been pa.s.sed down from ancient times. Your only merit is that you have lived for a long time. Real powerhouses won’t talk about how long they have lived for.” Great Destruction smiled in disdain. He understood Turtle Armor’s past quite well.

“Six Paths of Reincarnation!”

Great Destruction shouted angrily and was relatively domineering. The ripples created by his step made the universe tremble. The Great Destruction War Spear pressed down from the sky and suddenly pierced out. Six black holes hung in the sky, suppressing the entire sky ball to the point that it was about to return to the primal chaos.

Although his words were disdainful, Great Destruction still showed some respect to Turtle Armor.

He executed his supreme nomological power.

But Turtle Armor wasn’t afraid of him at all.

“You dare to challenge me with this bit of strength? Back then, the might that your ancestors erupted when they fought with me made me tremble in fear. But you guys are getting worse with each generation. This move is simply unsightly. Watch me as I destroy your attack.” Turtle Armor directly rushed out at this moment. Its entire body instantly shrank back into its sh.e.l.l. At this moment, no matter what divine laws or all sorts of spells were used, they were all useless.

This scene stunned all the powerhouses in the mortal realm.

Turtle Armor shrank its entire body into its sh.e.l.l. Even though the various nomological powers transformed into blazing lights that landed on its sh.e.l.l, they were also unable to break through.

At this moment, mysterious and ancient words flickered on the turtle sh.e.l.l, forming countless array formations. Array formations were organized one after another, forming an absolute defense barrier that negated Great Destruction’s powerful attack.

The Great Destruction War Spear cut through the sky and directly hit the turtle sh.e.l.l. With a clang, it erupted with a gorgeous and dazzling light that spread all around the world.


Extremely terrifying energy surged.

Turtle Armor’s turtle sh.e.l.l was forced back for 3,000 miles. It was beaten until its body jumped out of its sh.e.l.l and coughed non-stop.

Of course, that was all.

Countless powerhouses were dumbfounded by this scene.

This was a powerful strike from a King Lord who had existed for several eras. It actually only made Turtle Armor cough continuously without even spitting out blood.

“General Appointing Platform, tell me clearly. What exactly is the background of this turtle?” Lin Jiufeng asked eagerly.

He knew that Turtle Armor was very powerful. He also knew that Turtle Armor was at the King Lord Realm, but he didn’t know that the Turtle Armor was actually so powerful.

In the battle with Great Destruction, Turtle Armor had the complete upper hand.

The other party used all of his strength and even threw out the Great Destruction War Spear, but it didn’t even break the turtle sh.e.l.l. From this, it could be seen that the realm and defense power of the two were on completely different levels.

“Didn’t I tell you about the might of Turtle Armor before?” General Appointing Platform asked.

He had no idea about what happened to Turtle Armor in the past. He only knew Turtle Armor after it came to the Weapon Armory Valley.

“There probably isn’t anyone in the world with a defense more freakish than this turtle. It directly received a King Lord’s strongest strike without being damaged,” Lin Jiufeng said with emotion.


Great Destruction shouted. At this moment, he held his Great Destruction War Spear. With it in his hand, it seemed even more dazzling. It burned fiercely and sank down to suppress Turtle Armor.

With a roar, thousands of mountains collapsed. Even the clouds hundreds of miles away were shocked by his aura. At this moment, Great Destruction’s aura devoured the world and pressed upon the mountains and rivers.

“You can’t compare to me in being domineering, I’m even more domineering than you.” Turtle Armor didn’t show any weakness. It was fearless and also roared.

At this moment, it took the initiative to stick its head out of its turtle sh.e.l.l. It waved its pair of dark old fists and instantly collapsed the world. It came down from the mysterious bridge and roared, “Turtle Fist!”

The solemn Turtle Armor and the powerful aura made everyone look forward to its attack incomparably. But in the end, it ended up with such a funny name that made everyone want to laugh but didn’t dare to.

Turtle Armor itself was a huge turtle, although it didn’t admit it.

But in everyone’s eyes, it was just a turtle.

Hence, it was natural for its attack to be called Turtle Fist.

At this moment, Turtle Armor rushed up. Its two old black fists moved like two millstones. The heaven and earth, the mountains and ravines, as well as the King Lord’s defense, seemed to be made of paper. They were all struck by his fist and shattered as they flew into the distance.

Great Destruction was greatly shocked. He saw various divine nomological powers densely packed on these two black fists. Each of them could amaze the world.

It was at this moment that Great Destruction finally understood how terrifying Turtle Armor was. No wonder he could use his body to shatter all the secret techniques of a King Lord.

But he didn’t have time to think too much. Turtle Armor attacked again and tangled with him. It had to be said that Turtle Armor was completely domineering at this moment. Its two old fists directly shattered the void and destroyed all obstacles.

It instantly delivered 999 punches. Although a large portion of them was negated by Great Destruction, at least one or two punches landed on his body.

Dong dong dong dong.

Great Destruction’s heart pounded from the impact. His vital energy and blood surged. The Great Destruction War Spear also trembled steadily, and traces of cracks appeared in its core.

Before Emperor Yuan and Emperor Ming could make a move, Turtle Armor defeated Great Destruction alone.

In an instant, Turtle Armor struck Great Destruction until he spat out blood non-stop.

“Remember, although what I hit you is called the Turtle Fist, I’m not a turtle.” Turtle Armor emphasized solemnly.

This scene stunned Lin Jiufeng and the people of the world. Even the top powerhouses of the Seven Races of the Ancient Age watched in a daze.

Since when did such a powerhouse appear in the mortal realm?

At this moment, many people simultaneously thought of this question.

“The waters of the mortal realm are really too deep.” Lin Jiufeng sighed and lamented..