A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 1017 – Arousing Kang Ruicheng’s Suspicion

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Chapter 1017 Arousing Kang Ruicheng’s Suspicion

Since yesterday, Mu Sijue had been thinking whether Xu Youning would leave any clues if she had noticed that he knew the truth.

Xu Youning glanced at the surveillance camera just now. He wondered if she was hinting that she knew he was looking at her behind the camera.

It was not an unfounded speculation.

He remembered that Xu Youning once sneaked into Kang Ruicheng’s study and was almost caught by him.

Fortunately, Ah Jin ran upstairs to tell Kang Ruicheng that Auston had stopped by, and then Kang Ruicheng went downstairs, which saved Xu Youning from trouble.

Ah Jin said that he had taken a look at the monitor before he went downstairs. If Xu Youning was watching the surveillance camera, she would know he looked at her. He wondered if she understood what he meant.

Mu Sijue wondered if Xu Youning tried to hint to him as Ah Jin had done.

His guess might be correct, but it might just be a coincidence, and he might have read too much into it.

Lost in thought, he stared into s.p.a.ce with expressive eyes.

One of his men was driving the car. “Seventh Brother, we’ll be there soon,” the man said, noticing his expression.

Mu Sijue looked out of the window. He could calculate the speed from the views moving backward. “Drive faster,” he ordered in a deep voice.

“No problem!”

As the man sped up, the views also sped up. They headed for the hospital quickly.

At this time, Xu Youning was in the examination room, followed by Kang Ruicheng instead of the doctor.

Xu Youning was surprised that Kang Ruicheng was allowed to enter the examination room because only patients and medical staff could enter according to the hospital’s regulations. She a.s.sumed that he might have reached some agreement with the doctor.

However, it disrupted her plan.

The doctor did nothing unusual in the consulting office but conducted the regular inquiries. There were few hints indicating that the doctors were arranged by Mu Sijue.

But she didn’t give up. She decided to sound out the doctor’s intentions and test if the doctor was arranged by Mu Sijue when she was alone with the doctor.

However, it turned out that she was too optimistic.

Kang Ruicheng was more alert than she had imagined.

Fortunately, she didn’t do anything suspicious in the consulting office but only glanced at the surveillance camera.

If Mu Sijue knew that she would be seeing a doctor in the hospital today, he would definitely keep track of her somehow.

Undoubtedly, it would be the best way to track her through the surveillance camera.

He would know her movements at any time through the cameras even though he did not stay by her side.

If he watched her through the camera, he would meet her eyes when she glanced at it just now.

“Can he notice my hint?” she thought.

Actually, she found out the secret of the surveillance cameras because of Ah Jin.

She sneaked into Kang Ruicheng’s study the other day, but she was almost caught because he came back early. Fortunately, Ah Jin ran up and told him that Auston had come and led him downstairs.

She noticed that Ah Jin glanced at the surveillance camera before going downstairs. At that time, she found it strange but did not realize that Ah Jin was hinting at something.

She wondered if Mu Sijue would realize that she was giving him a hint by glancing at the camera as Ah Jin had done the other day.

“That’s right. Just relax,” the doctor said in a soft voice, “Ms. Xu, it’s just an examination. It’s not painful. Please relax.”

The doctor’s voice was so soothing that she gradually calmed down and stopped worrying. She wondered if it was a psychological effect.

She was fully aware that there was no point worrying since she had begun the examination.

No matter whether the doctor was arranged by Mu Sijue or not, Kang Ruicheng would know the results of the examinations sooner or later. So, there was nothing else she could do.

It was better for her to face it calmly and play it by ear. She might be lucky enough to buy herself more time.

“Ms. Xu, you’re doing well.” The doctor continued to comfort Xu Youning in a low voice. “Let’s start the first examination.”

Xu Youning closed her eyes and did everything she was told.

Standing there, Kang Ruicheng stared indifferently at Xu Youning, as she underwent examinations by various machines.

He was not worried that Xu Youning would be in pain because he a.s.sumed that Xu Youning was used to it.

Xu Youning became who she was today after several years of hardships in the training camp. He sent her there. He believed that she was now insensitive to pain.

What he cared more about was the result of the examination.

After undergoing several checks, Xu Youning was taken to another examination room.

The doctor told her to lie down. “This is the last examination. You can take a rest after it,” the doctor said as he looked at her.

She nodded as she laid down. As the doctor operated the machine, she suddenly realized that it would be a pregnancy test.

She was sure about it because she had done it several times.

She quickly pushed the doctor’s hand down and looked coldly at Kang Ruicheng. “Why do I have to do this?”

Kang Ruicheng didn’t answer her, while the doctor explained in a businesslike tone, “Ms. Xu, you must do it. Your baby’s condition is important to your treatment.”

Sneering, she stared at the doctor with a serious look. “Why is it important? I’ve lost my baby.”

Glancing at her impa.s.sively, the doctor warned her in a low voice, “I am a doctor. I’m the one in charge here.”

Silently, Xu Youning slowly released the doctor’s hand.

She didn’t know much about complicated medical knowledge, but she knew that no doctor would explain the question to a patient the way he had done.

Obviously, Kang Ruicheng ordered the doctor to do it. That’s why the doctor was so impolite to her.

“Are these doctors not arranged by Mu Sijue?

“Will the fact that my baby is still alive be exposed?”

Despite being nervous, she had to pretend to be calm.

Kang Ruicheng stood beside her. He would be suspicious even if she showed the slightest bit of nervousness.

She didn’t know the results yet, and it was just an a.s.sumption that Kang Ruicheng bribed the doctor, so she must keep calm.

She put her hands aside obediently and lay there calmly with an impa.s.sive look on her face.

Kang Ruicheng stood by her side, without saying a word.

He would have wholly trusted Xu Youning if she had not sneaked into his study without his permission.

It was suspicious ultimately, even though she had not been there for a long time, and she didn’t take anything important away from there.

Therefore, he had to reconfirm through the reexaminations that she was not hiding anything from him.

Otherwise, he would never trust her again unless she personally killed Mu Sijue.

The pregnancy test was smooth and quick. It ended in less than 15 minutes. The doctor turned off the machine and looked at Xu Youning kindly. “Well, Mr. Kang, Ms. Xu, you’ll know the results in 30 minutes. Just wait outside.”

Both of them left the room. The doctor glanced at Xu Youning from behind and slowly took off his gla.s.ses before the door closed.

Kang Ruicheng had offered him some money to find out if Xu Youning was hiding anything. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so mean to her.

Kang Ruicheng was obviously suspicious of Xu Youning. Therefore, he could only hint that he did it to help Kang Ruicheng by being mean to her.

All he hoped now was Xu Youning would not tell Mu Sijue about what happened today. Otherwise, he would be dead meat.

Xu Youning walked quickly along the corridor, leaving Kang Ruicheng far behind.

“A Ning!” Kang Ruicheng called her in a sullen tone.

Xu Youning stopped and looked back at him with a sneer when she heard his voice. “A dead fetus is important to my treatment? Kang Ruicheng, what a good excuse you’ve made up!”

“A Ning!” Kang Ruicheng shouted sternly with a sullen face, “Don’t lose your temper here!”

“You wanted to see if I was lying, didn’t you?” she said in a sarcastic tone, “Tell me, what else do you suspect me of besides the baby thing?”

“If you’re not lying, how can I suspect you?” he roared while approaching her, “A Ning, you can’t blame me. You’ve been acting so strangely these days.”

In other words, it was all her fault that he was suspicious of her.

Xu Youning was speechless.

After a moment, she turned around and walked toward the lounge without saying anything.

She had been careful since she returned to the Kang family. However, Kang Ruicheng still suspected her.

Even if the test result this time did not expose the fact that her child was still alive, he would know everything she had hidden soon.

However, she was too weak to kill Kang Ruicheng now.

So, the only thing she could do was run away and go back to Mu Sijue.

She walked quickly and soon arrived at the lounge. Thinking that Mumu was inside, she took a deep breath before pushing the door open.

Mumu was leaning against the window, looking at something. He turned around when he heard the door opening. It was Xu Youning coming in as he had expected. He threw himself into her arms excitedly. “Is everything done?” he asked.

“Yes.” Xu Youning nodded. “It’s done.”

“Well,” Mumu held her tighter and said in an expectant voice, “Did the doctor say when you would get better?”

She caressed his head. “He won’t tell me until he gets the results of the examinations. I’ll let you know when he tells me, okay?”

Mumu guessed from her voice that she was upset, so he looked at her from head to toe. “Auntie Youning, what’s wrong with you?” he asked.

Xu Youning shook her head. Before she could say anything, Kang Ruicheng came in.

Mumu was a sensitive child and he immediately noticed that Kang Ruicheng’s face was sulky.

Realizing something, he bounced toward Kang Ruicheng immediately and glared at him with his hands on his hips. “Daddy, did you upset Auntie Youning again?”

A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 1018 – Youning, I’m Close to You

If you are looking for A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 1018 – Youning, I’m Close to You you are coming to the right place.
A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu is a Webnovel created by Tang Yu, 唐玉.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

Chapter 1018 Youning, I’m Close to You

Xu Youning knew Kang Ruicheng’s traits very well after all the years she had been with him.

She knew that everyone, including Mumu, had to leave him alone when he was angry.

So, she pulled Mumu back and shook her head at him, indicating that she was fine and he should stop asking.

Mumu looked doubtfully at Kang Ruicheng with his head tilted. Intimidated by Kang Ruicheng’s sullen look, he held Xu Youning’s hand silently.

Xu Youning tried her best to pretend nothing had happened and walked toward the sofa with Mumu.

Deep down, she was sweating buckets.

Before Xu Youning and Mumu sat on the sofa, Kang Ruicheng blurted out, “A Ning, if the test results were irregular, no one could help you, including Mumu.”

His words held a certain warning.

Xu Youning tensed up and she felt Mumu gripping her hand even more tightly.

“Is he even more worried than me?” she thought.

Strangely, her fear faded away the moment she felt Mumu’s worry. She turned around and looked into Kang Ruicheng’s eyes calmly. “What would you do to me if no one could help me? Hopefully, you can find something unusual.”

Kang Ruicheng stared at her silently with a piercing look. He didn’t expect Xu Youning to be so composed.

Ignoring his stare, Xu Youning held Mumu’s hand and spoke to him as if Kang Ruicheng was not present, “Let’s sit here.”

Mumu sat down obediently and gave Xu Youning a thumbs-up when Kang Ruicheng was not paying attention to them. “You were amazing!” he mouthed silently.

Xu Youning secretly gave him a high-five with a smile on her face. She knew that Mumu praised her for having the courage to talk back.

Actually, that was all she could do because she was almost at the end of her tether. But it was too abstruse for Mumu to understand.

To put it another way, she just pretended to be certain of the facts.

Anyway, there would be two kinds of examination results. One was that the doctor found her child was still alive, which proved that she lied to Kang Ruicheng, and the other was the opposite.

However, there was no need to worry as long as the results were not out yet.

What if she was lucky enough to pull it off again?

Or what if the doctor who ran the tests for her had been arranged by Mu Sijue and he would help her hide it from Kang Ruicheng?

Anyway, she was still optimistic about it even though the doctor had been rather mean to her.

So, all she had to do now was wait for the examination results.

When she was waiting for the results anxiously, Mu Sijue arrived near the hospital.

There were two paths in front of him.

If he turned left, he would get to the hospital, where Xu Youning was.

If he drove straight forward, he would get to the block in front of the hospital, but it was a short distance away from Xu Youning.

If the hospital had not been that heavily guarded, Mu Sijue would rush into the hospital, fight with Kang Ruicheng, and forcibly bring Xu Youning back.

He would be more likely win the fight with Kang Ruicheng in the hospital rather than in his house.

However, it would be an impulsive decision to rush into the hospital now.

The hospital was heavily guarded by Kang Ruicheng’s men, so he was not sure he could succeed. If he failed, Xu Youning and the child might die.

Mu Sijue thought for a second as he looked at the road to the hospital. “Head straight to TC Building,” he ordered coldly.

Once a suitable opportunity presented itself, he would definitely save Xu Youning and bring her back.

But this was not the right time.

“Yes, sir!”

The driver sped up immediately, and they arrived at TC Building in less than two minutes.

TC Building was an office building owned by Lu Enterprises. The offices on the 18th floor had been vacated and had not been rented out.

Lu Boyan said that one could see the Eighth People’s Hospital gate from the 18th floor of the building and even see almost the whole hospital from the largest office there.

In other words, Mu Sijue could see Xu Youning from the offices on the 18th floor anytime she came in and out of the hospital.

Mu Sijue thought it would be a good opportunity. So, he immediately ordered his men to lurk about in advance upon receiving the news that Kang Ruicheng had made a health examination appointment for Xu Youning.

And here he was at the site too.

He got off the car, walked into the building, and went straight into the elevator.

He pressed the b.u.t.ton for the 18th floor. As the number lit up, the elevator doors closed slowly and made its way up, level by level.

Mu Sijue clenched his hands into fists silently.

He couldn’t appear in the hospital even though it was closer to Xu Youning.

It would be dangerous for Xu Youning if Kang Ruicheng found him. Therefore, it was the best choice to watch them from here.

But he would do more than just watch.

The ding sound was heard in less than one minute. As the elevator doors slid open, half of the empty office appeared in front of Mu Sijue.

“Seventh Brother.” One of his men greeted Mu Sijue and gestured for Mu Sijue to follow him. “We’ve arranged everything.”

Led by that man, Mu Sijue walked into the largest office.

The whole office was vacant, except for curtains at the windows.

With the curtains closed, the whole office could not be seen from outside. There was a telescope by the window.

Mu Sijue walked toward the telescope and saw the hospital gate through it, which meant that he could see Youning when she walked through there.

He closed the lens cap and looked at the Captain beside him. “Have you discovered anything?”

Before Kang Ruicheng and Xu Youning arrived at the hospital, the Captain came here with his men, so Mu Sijue a.s.sumed they might have discovered something.

“We saw Kang Ruicheng and Ms. Xu going into the hospital,” the Captain continued after a moment of hesitation, “Besides, the whole hospital is guarded by Kang Ruicheng’s men, so it’s difficult for us to get in there and save Ms. Xu.”

Mu Sijue did not say anything. It was obviously bad news for him.

The Captain glanced at Mu Sijue and continued, “Seventh Brother, all of us are ready to rescue Ms. Xu. We’re not afraid to fight with Kang Ruicheng and even lose our lives for it as long as you tell us to do it.”

The other men remained silent, which meant they agreed with the Captain. All of them would do anything to get Xu Youning out to safety.

Mu Sijue glanced at them.

Xu Youning was important to him, but he couldn’t let his men risk their lives.

The Captain signaled to them with his eyes, telling them to go out. “Seventh Brother, we’ll wait outside. Call us if you need anything,” he said.

Even though he didn’t know what Mu Sijue was thinking about, he thought it would be good to leave him alone now.

Mu Sijue adjusted the angle of the telescope, enabling him to get a better view of more people through it. But none of them was Xu Youning.

He checked the time. He a.s.sumed that Xu Youning should be waiting for the examination results in the lounge at the moment.

The lounge was well-hidden, which was why it was chosen by Kang Ruicheng. Due to its special angle, Mu Sijue could not see what was going on there through the telescope unless Xu Youning came out of the lounge.

To prevent Xu Youning from exposing herself, the doctor would not tell Xu Youning that he was Mu Sijue’s man. So, Xu Youning might be waiting for the results in the lounge. She might not have left yet.

Mu Sijue closed the curtain to cover the telescope and walked out of the office. His men were busy with their work. No one was chatting and no one was relaxed.

Seeing Mu Sijue, the Captain walked over and said, “Seventh Brother, everything is under control.”

“Okay.” Mu Sijue exuded a cold and vicious aura and his pupils contracted slightly. “Keep an eye on them, and don’t let any chance slip by,” he ordered.

“Yes, sir!” The Captain nodded.

Mu Sijue looked out of the window. He could see the outpatient clinics of the hospital from here.

Xu Youning was in some room there, but she didn’t know he was close to her now.

Xu Youning had been waiting for 25 minutes in the lounge.

She would get the examination results in five minutes.

Xu Youning was on the edge of her seat.

However, she had to pretend to be calm because she could by no means expose her secret.

Mumu, sitting by her, grabbed her hand hard and glanced at her from time to time to show his support.

Instead of showing any concern, Kang Ruicheng stood aside coldly, waiting for the results that would determine Xu Youning’s life.

The door was pushed open five minutes later, but the doctor didn’t come in but stood outside with the report in his hand.

Kang Ruicheng turned around, walked out, and closed the white door as if he had a tacit agreement with the doctor.

Mumu stood up, looking at the door with an anxious and confused expression. “What is the doctor going to talk about with daddy?”

He was too anxious to wait for Xu Youning’s answer.

When he strode out, Xu Youning stopped him in time and shook her head at him. “Mumu, let’s wait for your daddy here.”

Mumu knew that Xu Youning kept something from Kang Ruicheng. As a little boy, he was afraid that Xu Youning would expose her secret. “But…” He looked at her with anxiety written on his small face.

Xu Youning gave him a rea.s.suring smile. “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”

Mumu chose to believe Xu Youning. He nodded and sat down beside her again.

Outside the lounge, the doctor asked as he handed Xu Youning’s pregnancy examination report to Kang Ruicheng, “Mr. Kang, do you need me to explain it to you?”

Kang Ruicheng knew little about medicine, so he said with a sullen face, “Yes.”

“I see. Medicine is not your major after all.” The doctor smiled. “Don’t worry. Let me explain it to you.”

With a snort, Kang Ruicheng looked at the baby’s profile in the report with a cold expression. “Tell me if the child is alive. That’s all I want to know.”

The doctor cast a meaningful glance at the report. Then, he recited the answer that Mu Sijue had ordered him to memorize to tell Kang Ruicheng.