Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 2273 – Living in seclusion

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Chapter 2273: Living in seclusion

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Thankfully, the women had all advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier at least, and were qualified to touch the Regulations of heaven and earth. Thus, everyone was taking turns to hold the Origin Magic Cube, and would still be able to comprehend something.

Unfortunately, the time acceleration effects of the Black Tower and the Reincarnation Tree could not be used any longer.

Frankly speaking, this was all Regulations, the power of the heaven and earth, and the two were based on the Celestial Realm. Now that they had left the Celestial Realm, it was like being a fish out of water or a weed without roots. They would very quickly exhaust all the power that had been stored up.

The Black Tower was still very useful as it could provide a hiding place at least. Thus, its power naturally could not be exhausted, and they would lose this very most important use thereof.

Even if it took time, it would be fine. There was no rush.

Year after year pa.s.sed. At least 300 years later, Ling Han finally recovered his injuries, and the women had also had some slight improvement in the comprehension of Regulations, but they were still who knew how long away from being capable of disguising themselves as members of the Foreign Realm,

and just made a grand appearance.

Thankfully, the Immortal’s Tribulation would only come once every 100,000,000 years, and there was no need for them to worry.

1000, 5000, 30,000 years!

Time pa.s.sed quickly, and it was a rare opportunity for Ling Han and the women to enjoy a relaxed, peaceful life. If it were not for the fact that they still had too many concerns, they would really plan to just spend the rest of their lives in this manner.

Ling Han smiled. With these 30,000 years of comprehending Dao, he had finally fully strengthened his foundations, and was now qualified to break through to the Severing Mundane Tier.

‘Come at me!”

He exited the Black Tower, and began breaking through to the Severing Mundane Tier.

Because he had actually advanced to the Severing Mundane Tier long ago, this was equivalent to destroying his cultivation level and starting again from the very beginning. Thus, there was no need for him to go to any Severing Mundane Tier Mystery Realm. The moment his cultivation had reached that

level, he would naturally be able to break through.

It only took a mere three days, and he had once again become a Severing Mundane Tier.

Bang, thunder boomed in the heaven and earth as dense clouds rolled over, lightning flas.h.i.+ng in their depths.

Ling Han released a battle cry as he charged up into the skies, and began to confront the heavenly tribulation.

This was a heavenly tribulation of the Foreign Realm, Ling Han was very interested in it, and wanted to experience it properly.

Boom, a wide bolt of lighting struck downwards, as if a Divine Sword.

Ling Han confronted it with raised fists, and the moment they came into contact with each other, he nodded internally. The heavenly tribulation of the Foreign Realm was indeed stronger than the Celestial Realm’s. Thus, in a battle of equal levels, the cultivators of the Foreign Realm should be stronger.

It was no wonder that even s.h.i.+ Chanzi, Hong Huang, and other Monarch Stars were no match for them. Only the Rain Emperor, Ji Wuming, and Hu Niu could be exempted. That was because the side of the Celestial Realm was at a disadvantage by nature.

The people of the Foreign Realm kept calling the Celestial Realm a super low-level dimension, and this was indeed correct.

“Then what level of dimension is the Foreign Realm?” Ling Han mumbled. “I am really quite curious.”

The heavenly tribulation of the Foreign Realm actually took a long time, about 16 hours. When Ling Han’s figure descended, he was already a First Severance.

“First Severance.” Ling Han nodded. “If I returned to the Celestial Realm now, I would be able to easily defeat a Third Severance.”

This was extremely extraordinary. It was because those striking the heaven and earth could only be called kings, and only a Fifth Severance could be called an emperor tier. At present, Ling Han was only a First Severance, so it was natural that he had not entered into the ranks of monarch tiers, yet could

actually win even with a gap of two minor levels. This was practically inconceivable.

“The power of Regulation of the Celestial Realm is indeed inferior to the Foreign Realm’, yet it is not a full advantage. Furthermore, there are still some desirable traits. With each compensating for the other’s shortcomings, that is why my battle prowess can be so strong.”

Ling Han was very pleased. Though he had been forced into escaping to the Foreign Realm, this actually could not be considered a bad thing. When he returned to the Celestial Realm, Ji Wuming probably would not be able to match him any longer in a battle of equals.

“I should go and check out farther places!”

Ling Hans strode forwards, roaming the expansive world of the Foreign Realm, and experiencing the charms of this world.

In truth, there was no good or evil about the heaven and earth. After one had truly entered into this world, one would uncover the beauty of this world. However, in the Foreign Realm, the human-shaped beings would all have tails of an ox and horns, while the fierce beasts would be those insect types.

Occasionally, he could see ma.s.sive worms crawling in the jungle, hunting mosquitoes, flies, ladybugs, and so on. The overlords that flew around in the skies were no mighty bird, but rather moths and c.o.c.kroaches.

The plants here were also slightly unique. They were mainly colored in dark themes. In fact, even the rolling waters of rivers were more inclined to darkness, making one wonder if they could really be drunk.

Ling Han shook his head, and mumbled, “If Hu Niu knew, she would definitely feel sad because there is no beast meat here for her.”

Three years later, he walked out of this barren plain. The first city of the Foreign Realm appeared ahead of him.

His first reaction was “Is this really a city? This is completely a bird’s nest!”.

However, this bird’s nest was really majestic and colossal, definitely no smaller than a city of the Celestial Realm.

“”TIl sneak in and take a look.”

Though that was his plan, Ling Han did not immediately put it into action, but rather observed the other people that were entering the city. He had to know what kind of payment there was for entering into the city. If it required something like Star Stones, and he could not produce it, wouldn’t that draw


He definitely would not believe that the Heavenly Venerate of the Foreign Realm would allow him to roam around freely here and be a guest.

After watching for a while, Ling Han found out that the currency used in the Foreign Realm was actually no different than what was used in the Celestial Realm, and was also Star Stones. However, because the heaven and earth of the two Realms were different, Star Stones were actually different as well. If

Ling Han took out the Star Stones of the Celestial Realm, that would be equivalent to announcing that he came from another world.

‘Thankfully, I killed a great many Celestial Kings of the Foreign Realm before, and I have also obtained a great deal of Foreign Realm Star Stones.

Ling Han strutted over. In the Foreign Realm, Six Lotus had just entered into the ranks of elites. He tossed out some Star Stones, and the guards did not even dare to say anything, but merely invited him respectfully into the city.

This was a city that was mainly occupied by “humans.” There were people that walked on two legs everywhere, but they just had horns growing from their heads, and were dragging a long tail behind them.

Ling Han found a restaurant, and then sat down, sipping wine slowly, and listening to the idle conversations of those around him.

A restaurant was always the place to get information the fastest.

As expected, he had become a wanted criminal. The Foreign Realm Heavenly Venerate had issued a Heavenly Venerable Tier decree, requesting that everyone in the entire Foreign Realm mobilize and search for an intruder from the Celestial Realm. The decree mentioned that this person should have

grasped the ways of the Foreign Realm, so any unusual situation would have to be reported to the higher-ups.

Unlike the Celestial Realm, even a normal person here knew of the existence of the Heavenly Venerable Tier, and honored them as supremely n.o.ble deities, wors.h.i.+ping them reverently as they could gain a boost of battle prowess.

Realization dawned on Ling Han. Those “evil cults” in the Celestial Realm should also be wors.h.i.+ping these Heavenly Venerates of the Foreign Realm. This kind of power was indeed great to actually be usable even in the Celestial Realm.

“Power of belief!

This suddenly came to him. This was a power that was independent of the heaven and earth, and was born from the hearts of the people, which did not belong to the heaven and earth.

No wonder it could be used in the Celestial Realm.

‘Tam nowa fugitive,’ Ling Han thought. ‘Though I have used the Regulations of the Foreign Realm to disguise myself, without the Heaven Deceiving Technique, probably even a Ninth Lotus elite would be able to see through me.

“Hence, I must avoid encountering these elites.’

He stayed a whole day in the restaurant before he finally left. Then, he looked for a Time Cultivation Chamber in the city… or something along those lines.

Don’t say, though the level of this city could not be considered high, it really had this kind of place, but the acceleration effect was only 10 times.

This was already very extraordinary because this city was equivalent to a One-Star City of the Celestial Realm. In the Celestial Realm, how could a One-Star City possibly have a Time Cultivation Chamber? That was something that only a Four-Star City could be equipped with.

Ling Han went there. Though the 10x time acceleration effect was pitifully small, it was better than nothing.

He focused on cultivation, progressing through the cultivation levels quickly.

He was standing at the heights of Immortal Palace Tier, and re-cultivation of the Severing Mundane Tier would only require making up for the Regulations, and added with the fact that he also had the Origin Magic Cube, it would be strange if his progress was slow.

Thus, merely 3000 years later, Ling Han had come once more to the Fifth Severance…

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 2271 – Hunted down by a Heavenly Venerate

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Chapter 2271: Hunted down by a Heavenly Venerate

The Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable stated evenly, “I will leave that unworthy brat to you.”

“Small matter!” Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate nodded, and set off in rapid pursuit of Ling Han.

Meanwhile, the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable stretched out his hand towards Hong Huang as he asked, “Is there anything in this world that I cannot accomplish? Hehe!” A majestic light surged in his hand, turning into a seal that was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with life energy.

Clang, the lightning in the skies blazed even brighter, as if a ma.s.sive hole was cracked open. Even more lightning giants surged forth, pouring down like floodwaters, and charging towards the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable.

“If wish you to live, you will. If I wish for your death, then you can only die, and even the heavens cannot stop me,” the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable said calmly as he pressed down the seal. Boom, a dazzling light immediately blazed within Hong Huang’s body. That seal had turned into an image,

and was being stored into Hong Huang’s body.

Those that were at the Celestial King Tier could see it. Hong Huang’s spirit that had originally disprsed was actually being consolidated under a mysterious power, and entered once more into his body. Furthermore, it was quickly fusing back as one.

In an instant, all the Celestial Kings were gaping, stunned to the point of absolute speechlessness.

When one died, his Dao would be destroyed. Just now, Hong Huang’s soul had definitely been shattered, making him deader than dead. It should be known that Ling Han presently had the strength of the Pseudo-Heavenly Venerable Tier, so wouldn’t it be a simple thing for him to kill an Immortal Palace


“Urgh…” Hong Huang released a moan, and his eyes suddenly opened. At first, he was completely dazed, but then got his wits back. He quickly knelt down in front of the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable. “Master, thank you for saving my life!”

The Celestial Kings were even more astounded. This was too shocking. Even Celestial Kings like them could not believe the extent that Heavenly Venerable Tier power had reached and how he could even resurrect a dead man!

However, they also had some guesses internally. This should only be effective for those who had just died. Though their spirit had shattered, it had not yet dispersed completely and returned to the heaven and earth. Otherwise, even a Heavenly Venerate would be able to do nothing.

Even so, this was still an extremely astonis.h.i.+ng and heaven-defying power.

What exactly was that seal?

Did the Celestial Realm have this kind of Regulations?


A furious bolt of lightning suddenly struck towards Hong Huang, yet it had completely surpa.s.sed the range of the Immortal Palace Tier, and had reached Celestial King Tier.

Hong Huang’s death and revival was completely a breach of the Regulations of heaven and earth. Thus, the heaven and earth sent down a punishment of lightning, intending to erase this kind of existence.

The Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable waved his hand, and looked towards the skies. “You will not be able to kill anyone that I wish to live. Whatever karma there is, I will bear it!”

Clang, the heaven and earth raged even fiercer, repeatedly sending furious bolts of lightning, but even the strongest was only at the Ninth Heaven Celestial King Tier. However, there were really too many of them. Even the strongest Ninth Heaven Celestial King would be tired to death, but for a Heavenly

Venerate, this was like child’s play.

Half a day later, the divine lightning disappeared. Though the heaven and earth was powerful, it could only take action via the Regulations. Even a divine punishment could only last half a day. Once that time pa.s.sed, it could be considered as having obtained the approval of the heaven and earth.

In other words, Hong Huang had truly come back to life, and would no longer be targeted by the heaven and earth.

This power… was heaven-defying, really heaven-defying.

All the Celestial Kings all looked at the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable reverently. Practically no one had ever seen a Heavenly Venerate move, but now it was only a slight glimpse of a sliver of their might, and they knew that the power of a Heavenly Venerate surpa.s.sed any limits that they could


The Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable crossed his hands behind his back. He looked at the neutral zone, and suddenly frowned.

Boom, the sound of a colossal explosion was heard, and an indescribable shock wave of power surged over. As the whole Clear Heaven Pa.s.s trembled violently, brick after brick fell off of the strong fortress, as if it was about to be destroyed.

When this blast surged past, everyone shockingly discovered that a colossal pit had appeared in the distance. A frightening kind of energy originated from the ground, flowing up towards the skies. It could be seen that the Regulations there had become an ocean, pieces and pieces of them.

The neutral zone had disappeared, and had now become a whirlpool of wild energy.

Not even Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings could barge into this whirlpool of energy. They would definitely be killed, because this had surpa.s.sed Regulations. It was the heaven and earth howling.

Probably even Heavenly Venerable Tier would keep away from such great power. No wonder the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable had frowned.

What exactly had happened?


That said, Ling Han raced rapidly, steering the Black Tower. Xiu, his speed was astonis.h.i.+ng. Though the Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate had appeared, Small Tower had previously been very confident. Though it could not oppose a Heavenly Venerate, it was not diffult for it to flee from the pursuit of a Heavenly


“You can’t escape!” Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate moved. Before his voice was even heard, his hand had already descended. It was actually hot on the tail of the Black Tower. Like the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable. he, too, was attacked by countless lightning giants. Though they could not harm him, it

still affected his attacks and speed.

As his palm descended, the Black Tower flashed, and narrowly escaped, continuing to charge forwards at full speed.

Small Tower’s confidence was not for nothing.

Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate humphed. He felt a mysterious discomfort, and kept feeling that Ling Han had some karmic connection with himself.

Even a Heavenly Venerate’s memory would be erased after leaving the Timestream because this was a power of heaven and earth. As long as you could stand and battle freely in this world, that meant that your strength was still inferior to the heaven and earth, so how could he possibly oppose the heaven

and earth?

To a Heavenly Venerate, this kind of feeling was very, very rare, but since it had appeared, he would get to the bottom of things.

Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate moved once more, and grabbed out at Ling Han.

However, with how fast the Black Tower was going, it entered the neutral zone in a flash.


This blow from the Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate landed on the heaven and earth of the neutral zone. The whole world immediately shook uncontrollably. It was as if it was formed from fragile crystal, and could be shattered at any moment.

Even inside the Black Tower, Ling Han spat out a mouthful of blood. He was one and the same with the neutral zone. If one was damaged, the other would be harmed as well.

However, he exited the Black Tower without hesitation. With a thought, he already appeared on the other end of the neutral zone, the end that was connected with the heaven and earth of the Foreign Realm.

His form immediately changed as horns sprouted from his head, and a tail sprouted from his behind. Meanwhile, his feet became the hooves of a bull, and his skin tuned red. Furthermore, his aura was also drastically changing. It was incredibly and extraordinarily weak, but had perfectly a.s.similated

with the Foreign Realm.

Pa, he took a step, and entered into the heaven and earth of the Foreign Realm, and the heaven and earth of the Foreign Realm had no reaction, and did not target him.

Correct. Ling Han had never considered taking shelter in the neutral zone. He had long since thought of his escape plan, and that was the Foreign Realm!


Firstly, the Tower of Three Realms had revealed itself, and he would defintiely be hunted down by Heavenly Venerable Tiers after this. Then, at most, he would only be able to attain Eleventh Secret, and would never have any hope of advancing into the Ascending Origin Tier. This was something he could

not accept.

Only if he fled into the Foreign Realm would the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable and the others be unable to continue hunting him. Even if they did, he was not afraid. The Regulations of the two Realms were different, and even a Heavenly Venerate could not predict his whereabouts.

Secondly, the overall level of the Regulations of the Foreign Realm was superior to the Celestial Realm’s. If he cultivated here, he could raise his battle prowess to a higher level.

Of course, he had had practically no contact with the Regulations of the Foreign Realm before, and had to start again from the very beginning, For example, his cultivation level had now fallen back to the Genesis Tier.

To completely conceal his ident.i.ty, Ling Han gave up all Regulations of the Celestial Realm. His own battle prowess had already boundlessly decreased, but there were still Regulations of the Celestial Realm locked up within the Black Tower. Though he could not get any replenishment, it was enough to

allow Ling Han to unleash the battle prowess of a Second Secret Monarch Star after extracting them, and battle vigorously for a good few times.

Thirdly, Hu Niu, the Empress, and the others could also be tempered in the Foreign Realm. Who knew, perhaps they would be able to rebuild their foundations, and advance into the ranks of Monarch Stars..

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 2275 – Hundred Fruits Tree

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Chapter 2275: Hundred Fruits Tree

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ling Han stared at that young man, and said menacingly, “If you continue to pester me, I will kill you without mercy.”

That young man glared harshly at Ling Han, yet did not dare say anything else.

He was no idiot, and naturally knew just how wide the gap was between himself and Ling Han. If he continued to act stubborn, and said some fierce lines, it would only be asking for his own humiliation. He simply turned and left, actually ascending the mountain first.

He should be going off to sow discord.

Ling Han thought for a while. There was a celestial medicine on the mountain, and it was certain that a battle would break out between him and the master of that young man if he wanted to interfere, so he was not concerned that the other party would be wailing about him.

He was naturally unafraid. It was not that he had not seen Monarch Stars of the Foreign Realm before. Worse come to worst, he would extract the power of Regulation of the Celestial Realm from the Black Tower, battle fiercely, and then flee quickly.

Of course, this was a last resort.

He had entered the Foreign Realm not merely to evade the pursuit of a Foreign Realm Heavenly Venerate. A more important mission was to train himself to a higher level in the Foreign Realm.

Ling Han had made a detailed comparison of the Regulations of the two Realms. For example, in the case of Regulations of Time, the Foreign Realm’s was more comprehensive.

To make a slightly unsuitable a.n.a.logy, the Regulations of the Foreign Realm and Celestial Realm were like two houses. One was built from stone, while the other was made from wood. They both could be considered shelters, but the degree of protection they offered was strikingly different.

Because he had once been the master of a world, Ling Han had a deeper understanding of this—the overall level of the heaven and earth of the Foreign Realm was indeed higher than the Celestial Realm. Thus, the Regulations were more comprehensive, detailed, and abundant, and in fact, they had a

higher upper limit.

There was one thing that Ling Han had long since noticed, and that was that when the Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan appeared, he had not been struck by lightning from the heavens.

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Heavenly Venerable Tier had surpa.s.sed Regulations, and was not recognized by the heaven and earth. The moment they appeared, they would be hated by the heaven and earth, and if they moved, they would suffer a backlash. Both the Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate and Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable had

proved this point.

But this could not be seen with Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan.


Was it because the overall level of the Foreign Realm was higher, and could allow Heavenly Venerable Tier to avoid it?

Ling Han could not confirm, because it might be that Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan was the only exception. It could also be that he had obtained some kind of secret technique. Ling Han needed a case study of more individuals to confirm this hypothesis.

As he thought this, he strode up the mountain.

This mountain was not very tall, yet it was extremely majestic, with a vast aura and possessing an indescribable imposing air. As Ling Han walked, a strange feeling rose up in him. It was like there was a mysterious power that was making him want to kneel down in sincere wors.h.i.+p.

He humphed. For better or worse, he had once been the master of a world, so he was very broad-minded. How could he possibly kneel down to anyone?

However, there were really a great many people kneeling on either side of the mountain path. Their faces were filled with reverence and even fanaticism.

Ling Han was slightly curious. Could it be that this mountain had some kind of significance? Unfortunately, the map that he had bought was too simple and crude. He could only find the names of great mountains and rivers. As for this mountain, it was too small, and hadn’t even been drawn on the map.

There were really many people that were kneeling along the way, but they were all Six Lotus without exception. In other words, they were cultivators of the Severing Mundane Tier. There were both those of the Demon Race and Angel Race present, but the Insect Race and Holy Beasts appeared here as

mounts, and their cultivation level also looked to be only Fourth or Fifth Lotus.

Ling Han understood now. Like the Celestial Realm, the dominant role in the cultivation world was still played by humans. Beast type could only cast off their image of a mount or ferocious beast after they had attained a very high cultivation level.

There was very great pressure here. It was formed by Regulations. Ling Han studied it closely, and discovered that it was of slight value for reference, but compared with the Origin Magic Cube, it was still inferior. It was really only worthy of slight reference.

According to that, could it be that this place was some kind of holy land?

The people kneeling on the ground were not only wors.h.i.+ping; more of them were comprehending Dao.

The mountain was really not very tall, but because of this pressure, Ling Han wasn’t walking very fast, either. He only arrived at the summit after a whole 30 minutes.

The top was a ma.s.sive plateau, and there were at least a dozen circles of people here. The highest number was definitely in the outermost circle, where there were more than 200, and there were only 11 people in the innermost circle.

And in the center of this plateau, there was a purple celestial tree, bearing fruits of various shapes and types. There were some shaped like humans, beasts, and insects. There was no fruit that looked the same as another.

Ling Han counted, and there were a total of 108 fruits here.

Mm-hmm, that adhered to the number of stars in the Big Dipper. As expected, celestial medicines did not just grow randomly.

His eyes swept over, and saw that the carriage belonging to Fairy Yunhe that he had seen previously was stopped at a position below the summit, and Long Tu was presently seated at the outermost circle, staring intently at that celestial tree, as if he hoped that a fruit would drop from it.

Why was he not harvesting it?

Very quickly, Ling Han understood. There was a giant seal beneath the fruit tree, vaguely flickering with light, and causing one to feel trepidation.

This was a Celestial King Tier seal, and might possibly have reached Ninth Heaven Celestial King Tier, or Eighteenth Lotus.

Strange. Since even an Eighteenth Lotus King had planted this seal, why did so many people dare to come? Could it be that they wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h food from the tiger’s mouth?

Someone turned around, and shouted at Ling Han, “Don’t just stand there. Find a place to sit down quickly. Don’t you know this is a holy land?”

It was a person that was seated in the outermost circle, his expression filled with impatience. That was because Ling Han was standing just behind him, causing him to feel annoyed for some inexplicable reason.

Ling Han chuckled. At present, he was not sure of the situation, so he squeezed in outside, and sat together with that person.

This person was of the Angel Race, with an especially handsome appearance.

Ling Han began to strike up a conversation with this person, and soon found out the details of this person.

He was An Jun, the attendant of a prodigy who was a character like Long Tu. This time, he had also come with his master. Initially, there was absolutely no possibility that he could come here. It was all thanks to his master.

And this mountain was called Enmity Mountain, and it had been boosted with great power by an Eleventh Lotus King after succeeding Dao. He had planted a Celestial medicine here, and its name was Hundred Fruits Tree. It would only bloom every 10 billion years, and then bear fruit, but it would take

another 10 billion years for the fruits to ripen.

When flowers bloomed, this would become a holy land of cultivation. The fragrance of the flowers contained the Regulations of the Great Dao, and after bearing fruit, an image of Great dao would soar from the whole Celestial medicine. Similarly, it would also have the effects of helping in comprehending


But the most precious ent.i.ty was naturally still the fruits. Consuming one would bring extremely great benefits. However, supreme Regulations had been planted on the celestial medicine, and it could not be easily harvested.

It was not that it could not be harvested, but rather harvesting it would be extremely difficult. This was the gift bestowed by that elite on future generations, and was also a test as well.

If you wanted it, you could take it. That depended on your own abilities.

Why were only Six Lotus cultivators visible here? That was because this Eighteenth Lotus elite had thus ruled. Only Six Lotus could ascend this mountain, and others would not be able to do so. Whether their cultivation level was higher or lower, they would not be allowed to join in on the excitement.

This Hundred Fruits Tree had borne fruit, whose greatest use was to a.s.sist cultivators in advancing to the Fifth Severance.

Of course, it would only be a.s.sistance, and did not mean absolute certainty of success. In fact, there was less than 1% that could succeed, but this was already very astonis.h.i.+ng. At the very least, it allowed a sliver of hope.

Ling Han was astounded. The Foreign Realm actually had something like that?

It should be known that in the Celestial Realm, only Heavenly Dao Jade had that kind of ability, but it could only be produced with an epoch’s time. In comparison… The Foreign Realm was practically freakish.

No wonder there were more monarch tiers and Monarch Stars in the Foreign Realm. This was because this heaven and earth was really too good, being practically filled with benefits.

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 2270 – Slaughtering Celestial Kings

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Chapter 2270: Slaughtering Celestial Kings

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ling Han’s hand descended, and the Heavy Metal Celestial King quickly stepped back.

Though he had spoken very uncaringly, it was unknown just how wary he was of Ling Han. This was the Pseudo-Heavenly Venerable Tier, and he definitely could not oppose this power.

Ling Han charged forwards. At present, he was the strongest being on the scene. Anyone’s life could be decided on his mere whim. However, he could also understand the reasoning behind the majority wanting to put their own safety first, and was not incited into wanting to unleash a great ma.s.sacre. However, he would definitely kill those few that had been the most vocal.

Using his celestial techniques, he bore down on the opponent.

A Ninth Heaven Celestial King stepped in, helping the Heavy Metal Celestial

King to resolve his crisis. Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings were pillars of support for Clear Heaven Pa.s.s, and any one of them was an incredibly precious part of local battle prowess. How could they just simply stand by and watch as one died by Ling Han’s hand?

However, a Pseudo-Heavenly Venerable Tier was too strong. Even a powerful

Celestial King like the Imperial Void Celestial King could only flee in a panic, and only managed to escape by fleeing with his full efforts. The other Celestial

Kings would not be qualified to do even that.

Thus, Ling Han struck the Heavy Metal Celestial King in a mere few moves

With a harsh stomp, this Ninth Heaven Celestial King had turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y mush. Clang, a rain of blood descended from the heavens, and all life grieved together.

This was too shocking. A mere Immortal Palace ‘Tier had actually killed a Ninth

Heaven Celestial King!

Everyone paled. Even if Ling Han had drawn on the power of the Black Tower, this kind of battle accomplishment was still incredibly dazzling.

It could not be copied; just how many Heavenly Venerable Tier precious tools were there in this world?

Hong Huang’s expression was dark. He had never imagined that Ling Han was actually also the heir of a Heavenly Venerate, and was stronger than him at that. Moreover, he had a Heavenly Venerable Tier precious Tool in his possession!

He could not compare!

However, his expression did not change in the slightest. Instead, he only moved his feet, planing to rapidly leave the palace and flee.

Ling Han had summoned his trump card, and it would defintiely draw the three Heavenly Venerates over. Thus, he was undoubtedly going to die. Now,

Hong Huang naturally had to avoid his sharpness. Otherwise, if he was killed by Ling Han, it would really not be worth it.

Ling Han suddenly appeared in front of him, and demanded in a cold tone, “Where are you going

Hong Huang couldn’t help but pale. At first, he had planned to flee using the opening created by the many Celestial Kings ganging up on Ling Han. He had not thought that Ling Han would actually have an eye on him even in sucha situation, causing his plan to fail. “My master is the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable. Don’t seek your owm death!” He did not panic, and issueda threat towards Ling Han.

Ling Han couldn’t help but smile. “Hong Huang, I thought you would not feel afraid.

Hong Huang humphed. Anyone would feel afraid, but the way that people handled fear was different. Some would kneel and beg for mercy, some would a.n.a.lyze the situation calmly, and some would battle with courage.

His previous words were not humble, and it was also a real threat. What was wrong with that? “Ling Han, don’t cause harm to yourself” Hong Huang said calmly. “If you leave now, there is still a sliver of hope. Otherwise.. your death is guaranteed!”

Ling Han cracked a grin, and said, “I beg to differ! Since he had already antic.i.p.ated that this kind of situation would happen, how could he possibly have missed thinking of a way out?

He moved, and grabbed out at Hong Huang “SCram” Hong Huang roared furiously. This word actually took solid form, emanating an aura of supreme dominance.

It actually had a sliver of Heavenly Venerable Tier might!

This was a technique that the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable had planted on him to use at the most dangerous moment to save himself. It could resolve even the attack of a Ninth Heaven Celestial King

However, the person standing in front of him was no Ninth Heaven Celestial

King, but Ling Han, who was at the Pseudo-Heavenly Venerable Tier!

Weng, Ling Han’s hand descended, and with a blast, this word was shattered.

Practically without any pause, his giant hand descended resoundingly, grabbing Hong Huang ina single stroke. “Ling Han, do you dare battle me as an equal!” Hong Huang shouted loudly. He was really defiant. He was a great Monarch Star, the disciple of a Heavenly

Venerate, with boundless future prospects laid out ahead of him. He definitely would be able to enter the ranks of the strongest of the Celestial Realm. “Battle your sister!” Ling Han ignored him, and turned to deliver a punch, hitting a Nínth Heaven Celestial King that wanted to save Hong Huang. After he sent out this punch, he bore down on him, planning to kill him witha single stroke.

Even more Celestial Kings stepped out to stop him, but how could they possibly be able to block Ling Han? Celestial blood spurted time and again as Celestial

Kings were killed by Ling Han’s hand. The heavens continuously rained down blood without any pause.

Hong Huang’s expression became uglier and uglier. Ling Han was killing Ninth

Heaven Celestial Kings as easily as ifhe was slaughtering dogS, without any bit of hesitation at all. In comparison, what was he worth?

If there were no accidents, he, too, would stop at the Ninth Heaven in future, and that was a matter of many years later.

In this battle, it was almost like a hole was punched into Clear Heaven Pa.s.s itself. Celestial Kings died by the dozens. They were those that had previously been the most vocal, and wanted to hand Ling Han over to the Foreign Realm to be dealt with.

Weng, a terrifying aura attacked, and a hole was ripped open in the skies. A figure appeared, bearing an indescribably majestic aura.


The heaven and earth raged, pouring lightning on that person, as if the world was about to end.

Even if this was a Ninth Heaven Celestial King, they would be hard-pressed under pressure, but that man was completely at ease, and only acted as if this lightning was merely a light shower of rain. Wherever his gaze pa.s.sed, the stars themselves were trembling, while winds and clouds were torn. This was too extraordinary.

The Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable!

He was the first to appear. “Master!” Hong Huang immediately called out, his tone filled with pleasant surprise. As he saw it, the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable only had to appear, and everything could be easily resolved. He naturally would not die either. “Let him go,” the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable said evenly, but his voice was filled with a supreme intimidation, and even the Ninth Heaven Celestial

Kings would involuntarily obey his words.

This was a power that surpa.s.sed Regulations.

Yet Ling Han merely looked coldly at the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable, and did not show a sliver of reverence. Even without the Black Tower, he, too, had experienced power beyond Regulations. Though he had not been as strong as the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable, qualitatively speaking, it was similar in level.

He replied indifferently, “No!”

The Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable did not speak any further. Instead, he stretched out a hand, and grabbed out at Ling Han. Boom, the moment he moved, he arrived in front of Ling Han, and pressed his palm heavily down on him.


Lightning flashed once more in the heaven and earth. Innumerable lightning giants formed. They were all at the Ninth Heaven Celestial King Tier, and were even boundlessly close to the Pseudo-Heavenly Venerable Tier, just like the

Imperial Void Celestial King. However, their number was overwhelmingly great.

These lightning giants all lunged, unleas.h.i.+ng a fierce a.s.sault on the Sealed

Emotion Heavenly Venerable.

This was equivalent to thousands of Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings; too terrifying!

No wonder the Imperial Void Celestial King had previously said that the

Heavenly Venerates were hated by the heaven and earth, and could not move they willed. Indeed, he only had to appear, and he would be pestered by the divine lightning. The moment he made a move, he was targeted by the heaven and earth, which manifested millions and millions of lightning Ninth Heaven

Celestial Kings to besiege him; this was extremely terrifying

Ling Han quickly retreated. The Pseudo-Heavenly Venerable Tier only had the additional label of Pseudo; how could that match a true Heavenly Venerable


The Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable was unafraid of those lightning giants, and did not even bother moving to parry their strikes. He merely charged forwards. Peng, peng, peng, wherever he pa.s.sed, all the lightning vere smashed into bits and pieces, and could not cause the slightest bit of harm to him at all.

His speed was too fast, and he caught up with Ling Han in an instant.

Ling Han laughed, and retorted, “So what if you are a Heavenly Venerate? You are definitely not omnipotent!”

Pa, with a harsh twist of his hand, Hong Huang’s neck was instantly broken, and under the barrage of the power of Regulation, Hong Huang’s mind also exploded. He was completely and utterly dead.

The reason why Ling Han had not immediately killed Hong Huang was because he had wanted to do this in front of the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable so that the latter would know that even if he was a Heavenly Venerate, he, too, would have something that he could not accomplish.

With a casual toss, Hong Huang’s corpse was thrown aside. Then, with a flash,

Ling Han entered into the Black Tower. Xiu, the Black Tower exploded with its full speed, shooting towards the neutral zone. “Can you escape? Another cold voice rang out. The skies were torn apart, anda supreme being with an astonis.h.i.+ng aura walked out.

Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate!

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 2274 – Demon, Angel

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Chapter 2274: Demon, Angel

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Hu Niu and the other women gradually broke through to the Severing Mundane Tier.

It could not be helped. Previously, they had not had the free time to study the Regulations of the Origin Magic Cube. Furthermore, with such ***** use of the Origin Magic Cube, they naturally could not be compared to Ling Han. However, it was fine once they had advanced into the Severing Mundane

Tier. They could disguise themselves, and move freely in the Foreign Realm.

At present, there was completely no difference between Ling Han and any other person of the Foreign Realm. His forehead had a six-petal lotus flower, with five leaves beneath it.

This was the most direct sign of cultivation level for a Foreign Realm cultivator. Six petals meant that he was in the Severing Mundane Tier, and five leaves indicated that he had completed the Fifth Severance.

Of course, the lotus flower could also be withdrawn, and there was no need to show it to others.

After Hu Niu and the other women advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier, their rate of cultivation immediately sped up. The major tier was a barrier, especially when it was a switch from the Regulations of the Celestial Realm to the Regulations of the Foreign Realm. This was really, really difficult.

But once they had crossed over, it would be a level road ahead of them. Of course, Liu Yutong and the other women were initially only at the First Severance as well, and definitely could not be compared to Hu Niu, the Empress, and Bewitching Maiden Rou.

Ling Han decided to switch locations. The time acceleration effect of 10 times was really too low, and he was not short of cash. Previously, he had robbed countless Celestial Kings of all their wealth. At present, he only wanted to spend, spend, and spend.

He first understood a vague outline of the situation in the Foreign Realm, and then set off, heading to Fire Beacon City.

It was a Five-Star City, with Time Cultivation Chambers that reached an efficiency as high as 500x time acceleration boost.

As Ling Han saw it, he had to recover his cultivation level to the Immortal Palace Tier as soon as possible, no matter what.

He purposely bought a carriage for transport. This trip to Fire Beacon City would take as long as three years, and that time could not be wasted. Furthermore, he had also spent a lot of money to build the carriage itself as a Time Cultivation Chamber as well. Really, not even the slightest bit of time would

be wasted.

They exited the city, and headed north. Very soon, Ling Han discovered that aside from the Regulation of Darkness, the Foreign Realm also had another type of Regulations.

Regulations of Light.

Light and darkness were opposites, and were incompatible with each other. Where there was light, there would definitely be no darkness, and where there was darkness, there would be no light. They were even more starking opposites than water and fire, with absolutely no possibility of coexistence.

When Ling Han sensed the Regulations of Light, he, too, had entered into a completely different area.

‘These words were spoken by the coachman, also a young man. He, too, had snow-white feathered wings, with a halo above his head, his eyes like b.a.l.l.s of lightning.

“Long Tu!” The young man that had spoken previously showed a hint of wariess. “So Fairy Yunhe has arrived. Forgive the impoliteness!”

“Now that you know, scram!” the coachman, Long Tu, said disdainfully.

“Long Tu, my respect is for Fairy Yunhe, not you!” the young man said. “Our Lady Darla is ranked equally with Fairy Yunhe, so what are you so proud about?”

Long Tu smiled arrogantly. “How can Darla be capable of being our fairy’s equal; a horse really doesn’t know it has a long face!”

“Arrogance!” The young man from before immediately moved, leaping towards the carriage.

“How dare you!” Boom, a palm struck from within the carriage. It was as fair as jade, yet bore a frightening might. Peng, that young man was immediately sent flying, traces of blood at the corner of his lips.

“Long Tu, ascend the mountain.” A voice rang out from the carriage again. it was very crisp and melodious, yet also carried a boundless pride.

“Understood!” Long Tu replied respectfully, his eyes sweeping over the young man on the ground. His face bearing an expression of contempt, he flicked his horse’s whip, and the carriage instantly set out again, heading up the mountain.

That young man also got to his feet as he wiped away the traces of blood at the corner of his lips, an expression of malice on his face. When his eyes swept over, and spotted Ling Han, he couldnt help but show a furious expression, and shouted, “What are you looking at? Are you tired of living?”

He was already angered, yet knew that there was absolutely no way he could get his vengeance on that “Fairy Yunhe.” This made him even more p.i.s.sed off, and he wanted to find someone to vent his anger.

Ling Han smiled, and asked, “I am only a pa.s.serby; whom have I offended?”

“Me!” The young man moved, grabbing out at Ling Han. Weng, his fingers tuned into blades. This blow was definitely not for capturing Ling Han, but rather to kill him.

Ling Han originally did not have any positive feelings for people of the Foreign Realm, and seeing how this man was so arrogant, his killing intent also blazed naturally. With a casual strike, siwa, a sword light surged past, and pu, the right arm of this man was severed.

If it were not for the fact that he was presently a fugitive, Ling Han would not have restrained himself so much. He would have long since taken the youth’s life.

“Ah!” the young man screamed, his face filled with pain. At the same time, there was also disbelief in his expression. This average-looking young man in front of him actually had such great strength..

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 2272 – First arrived

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Chapter 2272: First arrived

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Ling Han had never been sloppy in his actions. Thus, after he made his decision, he put it into practice without any hesitation.

He strode forwards. This was already the heaven and earth of the Foreign Realm. It was completely barren, and he was only at the Genesis Tier at present. In other words, that was the Fifth Lotus of the Foreign Realm, which was pitifully weak, a little like how he had been when he first entered into the

Celestial Realm.

However, his true cultivation level was the Immortal Palace Tier. Even if he had to re-cultivate the Regulations of the Foreign Realm, his rate of cultivation would still be astonis.h.i.+ngly rapid. He only had to make some slight adjustments.

‘Ican’t use the Black Tower anymore. Without replenishment from the power of the heaven and earth of the Celestial Realm, every use means one use less left. It can only be used at the most crucial time,’ Ling Han thought as he continued to walk forwards.

His Body Art had long since attained the Ascending Origin Tier. Though this was not of much help in improving his battle prowess, it was very useful at this time. Even if he did not have the support of power of Regulation, his speed was still extremely fast, being capable of matching the Severing

Mundane Tier.

Oh, now that he was here, this should be Six Lotus.

Peng, behind him, the neutral zone was trembling madly, causing his face to pale as he spat out another mouthful of blood.

Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate was still blasting the neutral zone, as if he was determined to barge in by force.

A terrifying aura surged past, and a figure as tall as millions and millions of meters appeared at the Foreign Realm’s side of the neutral zone. His whole body was enshrouded in flames, and was indescribably terrifying.

Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan!

“Eriend, what is the meaning of this?” Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan asked calmly. “Do you wish to ruin our agreement?”

Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate’s message immediately traversed over via divine sense. “The heir of the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable has fled into this region, and I must capture him!”

“However, if you destroy this heaven and earth, you will definitely destroy the stability of the connecting point between the two Realms.” Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan stated the stakes of the matter. “Friend, don’t forget our goal. What else could compare!”

Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate humphed, and retorted, “That brat has also obtained the Origin Magic Cube, and has now escaped into this area. If I do not destroy it, who else could do anything against him?”

“En?” Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan faltered. He had completely not expected that the heir of the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable and the brat that had obtained the Origin Magic Cube were actually the same person.

“What great fortune!” he said.

Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate nodded. “Do you know why I am so determined to get rid of him now?”

“To prevent a second Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable from appearing, this boy must be gotten rid of,” Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan agreed.

“Then let us destroy this heaven and earth together,” Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate said.

He alone was naturally also capable of doing so, but it would need some time, after all, and at present, he wanted no unexpected surprises—the longer the time he spent here, the more powerful the backlash from the heaven and earth would be, and eventually the heaven and earth would even suppress

him directly. This was something that even he could not bear.

Boom, the two great Heavenly Venerates moved at the same time, blasting the neutral zone.

“Wa…” Ina far location, Ling Han threw up blood continuously, feeling like his body was about to shatter.

Thankfully, the focus of the Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan was completely on blasting the neutral zone. Otherwise, he could have discovered his presence with only a careless sweep, and might have been able to see something off.

Half a day later, the whole neutral zone shattered with a boom, and Ling Han spat out practically the last drop of blood in his body, being weakened to the extreme.

He stumbled onwards, wanting to leave this dangerous location.



Both Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate and Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan exclaimed in surprise. While the neutral zone had already been destroyed, and turned into a whirlpool of wild energy, they still did not see Ling Han flee from within.

This brat had the protection of the Black Tower, and was also the master of the neutral zone, so he had to have fled before the world crumbled. Why was there completely no movement?

“Friend, are you sure this brat entered into this area?” Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan asked.

This was nonsense. How could a Heavenly Venerate have seen wrongly?

Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate shook his head, and asked, “Could it be that you have not seen if that brat has fled over to your side?”

“No.” Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan shook his head. “If a person of the Celestial Realm came over here, they would be like a sun in the darkness. There is absolutely no way that they could escape from my senses.”

Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate’s expression changed. “That brat has obtained the Origin Magic Cube. That is a fusion of the heaven and earth of the two realms, and must carry a sliver of the power of Regulations from your side.”

Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan paused, and asked, “What you mean is that brat has already comprehended the Regulations of our realm, and disguised himself as one of our realm?”

“Other than that, there is no way to explain this matter,” Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate said with absolute certainty. Ling Han had definitely not fled here just to wait for death.

“All right. I will immediately issue a decree to hunt down that brat.” Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan nodded. “Even if he could comprehend the Regulations of our Realm, his cultivation level must be extremely low and weak. I will inspect the world, and if there is any heresy, they would definitely not escape my

eyes and ears.”

“Then I will trouble you, friend,” Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate answered smilingly.

“It is all for the sake of truly surpa.s.sing the heaven and earth.” Heavenly Venerate Chi Yan also smiled. Then, he turned around, and his gigantic figure also immediately disappeared.

If anyone from the Celestial Realm was here, they would definitely pale in shock. Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate was actually fraternizing with a Heavenly Venerate of the Foreign Realm, as if they were good friends. No wonder the three Heavenly Venerates had never moved against the invasion of the Foreign

Realm. They were calling each other friends.

And at this time, Ling Han had already run to a mountain village. The buildings here were strikingly different from the Celestial Realm’s. They were all houses made from wood, with sharpened sticks stabbed everywhere, as if the whole house was made into a porcupine.

The people staying here were all human in form, but some bore a sole horn, while some had twin hors or three horns, and this was the only difference.

Ling Han did not enter into the village, but rather found a remote location in the nearby mountains, and began to heal his injuries.

All the alchemical pills in his possession could no longer be used. Furthermore, the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll was also completely useless because it was drawing only from the Regulations of the Celestial Realm, and that could not be done here.

Thankfully, Ling Han’s physique was indeed stunning. This part was genuine and solid, and would not be weakened just because the heaven and earth was different.

Depending on his own physique, he slowly recovered. After all, it was not himself that was injured, but rather that he had sustained a backlash from a world shattering. What this needed was only time.

And now, Ling Han had a considerable amount of time.

He entered into the Black Tower. The time acceleration effects inside had already stopped. This would greatly expend the power of the Black Tower, and in this place, this had become an exorbitant luxury.

“Ling Han, what happened?” Hu Niu asked hurriedly.

Meanwhile, the Empress helped him up, using her extremely feminine and seductively captivating b.r.e.a.s.t.s to cus.h.i.+on Ling Han’s head.

Ling Han grinned, and replied, “Almost got into a fight with a few Heavenly Venerates.”

Everyone could not help but sweat madly. This husband was really getting more and more capable.

Liu Yutong and the other women also came over, and Ling Han narrated the present situation they were in, which the women were shocked at. They had actually come to the Foreign Realm!

“No need to worry!” Ling Han said smilingly, and drew out the Origin Magic Cube.

Initially, it had already fused with him, and there was no way he could take it out, because no matter how strong he was, there was no way he could match the heaven and earth. However, now the neutral zone had already been destroyed, and the Origin Magic Cube had also become a vessel purely for

comprehending the Regulations of the two Realms.

“Everyone, just get ready to become residents of the Foreign Realm for a good number of years.”

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 2277 – Depressed

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Chapter 2277: Depressed

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The appearance of the Angel Race was very close when compared to the people of the Celestial Realm. The only difference was that they had a pair of wings and a halo above their heads, and their eyes were also extremely bright. However, every single one of them was very fair, the men handsome and the

women beautiful.

Fairy Yunhe was one of the more well-known ones at that. Whether it was judging via the aesthetics of the Angel Race or a member of the Celestial Realm, she was a rarely seen beauty.

More importantly, this beauty also possessed astonis.h.i.+ng natural talent for cultivation, which naturally caused men to scramble madly over her.

“Then I will have to thank Brother Di.” Fairy Yunhe nodded. She could not refuse this favor, but she had immediately made her decision internally. She would repay him with valuable gifts, and immediately return this kindness.

Di Fei’s expression was arrogant. He had already been in the Fifth Severance for a great many years. Not only had he pushed his main focus, the Regulations of Light, to an extent of perfection, he had also cultivated another three types of Regulations, and they had all reached a considerable height as well.

In the past, he had already stimulated a fruit using the Regulations of Light, and the same person using the same Regulations would not be able to do it again after using it once. Thus, he would need to use the other three Regulations, but this naturally would be enough.

Even if there were others that had also cultivated the corresponding three types of Regulations, who would be able to compare to him?

He was a Fifth Severance monarch tier!

He talked eloquently, talkig about his experiences in recent years and the various types of ancient sites he had visited, which were filled with danger but also innumerable gains, and all who listened were captivated. Even Fairy Yunhe couldn’t help but look at him with her beautiful eyes, showing a rapt


Firstly, he was eloquent, enchanting any listener, and secondly, he had indeed experienced a considerable number of events that would make others gasp and become fascinated.

He became the center of attention, and quite a number of women looked besotted. Di Fei only had to crook his figner, and they would probably immediately jump onto his carriage, and roam far and wide with him.

‘These women were from the Angel Race, and that was one thing, but more importantly, there were a few females of the Demon Race that were also looking captivated, their eyes bright and intelligent, wanting nothing more than to jump into his arms, and causing the men of both races to go mad with


But what could they do? Di Fei was a monarch tier, a man that was destined to be capable of becoming an Ancestral King, and could even reach the height of Thirteenth or Fourteenth Lotus.

The admiration of the strong would surpa.s.s any differences in race.

“The fruits are ripe!” It was unclear who had called out, but everyone’s eyes were immediately focused on the Hundred Fruits Tree, as if Di Fei had instantly lost all his attraction.

..If compared, what would be more important than their own strength?

Di Fei couldn’t help but feel displeasure, but thinking further about it, why did he have to be annoyed with a tree? He shook his head, and rose up, intending to immediately stimulate a resonation from the celestial fruit.

After all, there were still a great many emperor tiers here, and they were also qualified to stimulate the celestial fruits. If he was too late, the fruit would definitely be s.n.a.t.c.hed.

He had only grasped three additional Regulations.

Di Fei channeled the Regulation, beginning to stimulate a celestial fruit.

In just a short while, he had locked down a celestial fruit. That was a Fire Element fruit, and was reacting slightly under his power of Regulation.

Immediately, he tried his best, pouring the entirety of his spirit over.

Weng, weng, weng. This fruit trembled slightly. It was shaped like a blazing flame, appearing both beautiful and dangerous. It would allow cultivators who cultivated the Regulations of Fire to have a sliver of hope of breaking through to the Fifth Severance, and was incredibly valuable.

‘Come on, come on,’ Di Fei said mentally. He actually only needed a single fruit to win the favor of Fairy Yunhe.

This was a celestial fruit, and even if an Eighteenth Lotus King had planted a restriction here, allowing only Severing Mundane Tiers to come to pluck these fruits, it was still not something that could be done in the blink of an eye. He continuously channeled the Regulation, causing the resonance between

the two to become stronger and stronger.

He couldn’t help but look complacent. When he had been in the Fourth Severance, he had spent three days and nights to finally manage to stimulate a celestial fruit, but now he only needed around two hours to be able to do the same thing. This speed had increased by who knew how many times over.

When two hours had pa.s.sed, that Fire Element celestial fruit trembled violently, as if it was about to fly off its branch, and lunge towards him.

Di Fei smiled slightly. He was close to succeeding.

Pu, the celestial fruit trembled lightly, and suddenly left the branch, shooting outwards.

Yet Di Fei’s expression changed suddenly because this celestial fruit was actually not flying towards him, but rather in a different direction.


He was inexplicably stunned because it was in the last instant that he had also uncovered that another surge of willpower was invading, and had easily stimulated the celestial fruit, causing the celestial fruit to escape his grasp.

This feeling was really very terrible. It was like he had courted a woman for a very long time, and just when it looked like they could finally have s*x, another man suddenly charged out, and stole the woman instead.

Di Fei’s eyes followed the course of flight of the celestial fruits, and when his eyes spotted a person, he almost spluttered.

That was because that person’s hands actually held a pile of celestial fruits, a pile, a pile, a pile…

Was this a f****** monster? Even an emperor tier could only stimulate a single celestial fruit, and this was actually a f***** pile. There were at least a few dozen fruits. How did you do that?

It was not just him. There were a great many others that were looking at Ling Han like they were looking at a monster. However, the latter had been too focused on stimulating the celestial fruit, and so had not noticed how the others looked like.

It was just two hours, and this guy had actually stimulated dozens of celestial fruits. What kind of terrifying speed was this? No wonder the other party only had to divert his attention slightly, and managed to s.n.a.t.c.h the celestial fruit that Di Fei had been “communicating” with for a very long time.

Di Fei gritted his teeth, and suppressed the urge to make a move. Instead, he continued to communicate with a second celestial fruit. As he saw it, Ling Han had plucked so many celestial fruits, so he should have exhausted all the Regulations that he had grasped.

He attempted to stimulate the resonance, and a celestial fruit responded very soon, soothing his unease. He had really feared that the fruits that corresponded to the three types of Regulations he had grasped would already have been taken by others.

However, the tragedy repeated. A forceful divine sense swept over, and the fruit that he had been communicating with instantly departed from its branch.

Di Fei did not even have to turn his head. Just looking at the course of flight of this fruit, he could be sure that it had surely been that person.

‘d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n it! d.a.m.n it!

‘What fruit can’t you pick? Why must you contend with me? Moreover, you have already plucked so many, so why are you still so greedy?”

He immediately wanted to make a move, but recalling that he still had another Regulation that he had not channeled, he suppressed his fury. Instead, he channeled his last Regulation, and then he immediately discovered that there was no fruit that resonated with him.

..The Hundred Fruits Tree had 108 fruits that corresponded to 108 different Regulations of the Great Dao, but in truth, the total was not such a great number. Furthermore, many of them were split out from a main branch of Great dao, such as the Regulations of Fire that had split out into nine Dao, and

totalled nine fruits.

The Regulations everyone cultivated would ultimately have an affinity with one fruit, and whether one could stimulate it or otherwise would have to depend on the extent of affinity and on the depth of their grasp of the Regulations.

This time, Di Fei had not stimulated any fruit, which meant one thing, and that was the fruits that corresponded to his Regulations had already been completely harvested.

Only one person could have done it so quickly-Ling Han!

‘You’ve gone too far!”

Di Fei suddently stood, and shouted loudly at Ling Han, “Hand over all the fruits, and scram off the mountain!”

“That’s right, hand them over!” The others called out as well.. If Ling Han alone got close to 60 fruits, then what would be left for them?

Alchemy Emperor Of The Divine Dao Chapter 2276 – Di Fei

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Chapter 2276: Di Fei

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Ling Han’s heart throbbed. Liu Yutong and the others were not monarch tiers, and originally would definitely not be able to achieve the Fifth Severance, but if they obtained the celestial fruits of the Hundred Fruits Tree, there was a sliver of possibility that they could break through.

Though there was only a sliver, it was still worth a try.

However, it was still not time for the fruits to ripen yet. Everyone was just waiting, and as the fruit ripened, they could comprehend the profound secrets of the evolution of the heaven and earth from within them, which was similarly extremely beneficial.

Thus, minor characters like Long Tu had also followed suit in ascending the mountain, sitting at the sidelines to study it.


Ling Han sat at one side, filled with enthusiasm. He did not have the women come out, because their grasp of Foreign Realm Regulations was still weaker, and it was not certain that they would be able to deceive Six Lotus. Thus, it was better that they continued to stay inside the Black Tower.

He asked that young man how the fruits of the Hundred Fruits Tree could be retrieved.

“You?” That person looked completely disdainful. “Just save it. The fact that we are allowed to come is already extremely great luck, so don’t have any extravagant hopes.”

He blabbered on and on, lecturing Ling Han first. However, he then spoke of the method to retrieve the fruits, and that was to channel their power of Regulation to stimulate the fruit. Because there were 108 fruits, every fruit contained unique Regulations. If there was resonance, it could then be retrieved.

However, the difficulty lay in this resonance.

‘Why could everyone have a sliver of hope of breaking through to the Fifth Severance just with a fruit? That was because the 108 fruits corresponded to different Dao, and they weren’t suitable for everyone.

Ling Han stared at the Hundred Fruits Tree. Under his focused stare, he could only see slivers of Celestial Qi soaring from the fruits, developing into various shapes and forms, and elaborating on the true meaning of the great dao.

He studied it, and discovered this was actually quite useful, allowing him to have a deeper understanding of the Foreign Realm’s Regulations.

“There is really no end to learning,’ he thought. ‘I thought that I had fused the Regulations of the two Realms, and my grasp of Regulations had already reached an absolutely detailed and precise extent, yet I have new discoveries every time. Looks like one really cannot become proud.’

As time pa.s.sed, these fruits became more and more amazing. It was as if they had departed from the original shape of fruits, and had really a.s.sumed the shapes of various beasts and humans. They flew and roared as they channeled the various techniques through the ages.

Right at this moment, the sound of hoofbeats was heard. Everyone turned to look, and as expected, a luxurious carriage was indeed rapidly approaching.

Anyone that could manage to steer their carriage here definitely had a powerful background. Otherwise, their transport would not have been able to sustain this kind of pressure at all.

The coachman was an astonis.h.i.+ngly tall man, a member of the Demon Race, and the steed was a divine bull. This was an extremely strange matchup. How could a Holy Beast possibly be involved with a member of the Demon Race?

“Look at that sign!” Someone suddenly pointed at an emblem on the carriage.

It was a sun, dazzling with endless brilliance.

“Di Fei!” everyone exclaimed simultaneously, their faces showing reverence.

“What is he here for?”

“That’s right. He is already a Five Leaf monarch tier. The Hundred Fruits Tree is not of much use to him, and he is still here to join in on the excitement?”

“Hush, Di Fei is incredible. It is rumored that his natural talent is outstanding, and he has hopes of becoming a Monarch Star in the future.”

“Don’t offend him. I have seen him directly slicing a king tier of the Demon Race into pieces with a light blade just because the latter took another look at him.”

“It is said that his elder brother, Di Pang, is even stronger. He is already a Monarch Star.”

“To have two monarch tiers from a single clan, that is too extraordinary!”

“The coachman of his carriage is also a king tier of the Demon Race, who was subdued by Di Fei.”

“Humph, is this meant to provoke our Demon Race?”

“When I become a monarch tier, I will definitely ask him for a spar.”

Everyone discussed the newcomer spiritedly. The cultivators of the Demon Race all showed expressions of wariness and dislike. By nature, they hated the Angel Race, but Di Fei was too strong. They did not dare express it.

As they spoke, the doors to the carriage opened, and a man of lanky build walked out. His wings were white, and the halo above his head was blazingly white, even surpa.s.sing his eyes that shone like miniature suns.

He was dressed in rich robes, untouched by a speck of dust, yet his feet were bare, and were astonis.h.i.+ngly fair. Probably 99% of women would have to admit their inferiority. And what was even more astonis.h.i.+ng was that his toenails were actually painted a bright red color.

“What a sissy.” Ling Han immediately tagged this label on Di Fei mentally.

However, this person’s aura was indeed astonis.h.i.+ng. A white lotus flower bloomed on his forehead, bearing six petals and five leaves, which showed that he was a Fifth Severance.

Di Fei’s eyes swept over, and stopped on a woman of the Angel Race. Instantly, his eyes lit up as he exclaimed, “Fairy Yunhe!” He leaped off his carriage, and walked forwards.

“F*ck off!”

People were seated in all these circles, and he was not flying over their heads, but rather kicked them directly. Peng, when his words fell, he had sent three people who had been blocking his path flying, and the three of them spurted blood like mad while they were still in midair. When they landed on the

ground, they were already exhaling more than they were inhaling.

Fifth Severance. This was when a monarch tier had the most serious suppression on others in the Severing Mundane Tier. Just like when a Dividing Soul Tier faced a Severing Mundane Tier, it was absolute invincibility.

Thus, a mere Second Severance or Third Severance would naturally be sent flying with a kick from him.

Everyone was furious, especially the masters of those three coachmen. They wanted nothing more than to imediately make a move, but when they recalled that they were only at the Fourth Severance, and it was practically suicide to face a Fifth Severance, they forcibly suppressed the urge.

Di Fei continued onwards. This time, the people that were blocking his way hurriedly stepped aside, fearing that they would be mercilessly sent flying as well.

And in this manner, circle after circle of people moved aside, not daring to face his sharpness at all.

Di Fei’s expression was filled with arrogance. The behavior of the crowds was only a matter of course in his eyes. He strode forwards, only one person in his vision—Fairy Yunhe, a beautiful, delicate flower.

“Lord Di Fei!” Some youths of the Angel Race approached, appearing like stars gathered around the moon as they surrounded Di Fei.

When facing those who were similarly from the Angel Race, Di Fei’s patience was considerably better. He made an exception by nodding at these people. There were a few that still had the apt.i.tude of an emperor tier, and he might be able to take a few of them as his subordinates.

He arrived beside Fairy Yunhe, and gazed at her adoringly. He said proudly, “Yunhe, I’l help you pluck the celestial fruit.”

Yet Fairy Yunhe did not give him much regard, and merely replied calmly, “No need. I can do it myself.”

Though Di Fei had been rebuffed, he did not show any signs of impatience, and continued, “I naturally know you can, but don’t you also want to pluck one for your younger brother?”

Fairy Yunhe’s aura couldn’t help but weaken. She had enough certainty that she could stimulate a celestial fruit, but she had limited energy, after all. She merely cultivated one type of Regulations. Thus, she would also only be capable of stimulating a single celestial fruit. Wanting to pluck a second fruit was

practically impossible.

Yet she doted extremely on her younger brother, and wanted to get a great future for her younger brother as well. Thus, she appeared hesitant now, her rejection no longer so firm.

“Since Lord Di Fei is showing such great kindness, it would be better for you to agree, Fairy Yunhe.”

“That’s right. Lord Di Fei has purposely made this trip, his true nature and true love is absolutely sincere and genuine.”

Those around them began to persuade her. Though some people were saying this, they showed signs of envy. That was because Fairy Yunhe was truly captivatingly beautiful.