Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 1276 – Silver Stardust

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Chapter 1276 – Silver Stardust

The fifth beast had its own symbiotic cultivation technique called the Myriadworld Immortal Codex. As it had been reduced to a mere speck compared to what it used to be, it had to cultivate anew. When its bloodline entered Tianming’s body, it brought with it a completely new change. His body could now disa.s.semble and recombine without end.

When the hundred thousand eggs gathered on Tianming’s body, it looked like he turned into a gigantic silver egg. They began absorbing the metallic fundamental cosmic force as both of them channeled the Myriadworld Immortal Codex.

What Tianming was most curious about was what kind of lifeform it was. So far, he still wasn’t aware of where its main body was, or if it even had one. If it didn’t have a main body, how could it make beast veins or spiritsources?

But soon, he figured it out. If even a tree could go through the process, why not this bunch of eggs? Instantly, they grew past the level of mortal lifeforms. The entire group of eggs was like its main body. Everything, from beast veins, to spiritsources, to unity fields formed around it. Then came the manifestation of heavenly will, followed by the terrifying transformation into a saint lifeform, which included becoming a samsaran. The saint palace and saint springs formed within the fused egg.

During the Ascension stage, the saint palace and saint springs shattered, converting into countless albi that contained all the energy of the body. This was a crucial step. Once its astral physique was formed, the gigantic egg immediately split apart. Now, it resembled the creatures within the dream much more closely. Tianming found himself in a sea of silver, surrounded by blinding light and crunching metallic sounds.

Quite a lot of time had pa.s.sed. The ‘momentum’ of its hatching had pushed it past every level of the Ascension stage. The two of them continued absorbing fundamental cosmic force, forming the fifth myriaddiscs in their albi. The discs looked just like the sea of silver from his dream—sharp, shiny, and indomitable.

“I left a three-star universal manna for you to use. We’ll get a better one later for you to catch up to your siblings.” Tianming took out a universal manna called the Starsky Metalsoul, which he’d picked up in the Voidsky Realm. Naturally, he gave it a bunch of lower-tier manna beforehand so that it could evolve step by step.


Finally, the cultivation and evolution process came to an end. The countless transformations were dazzling. An egg that was as hard as a sword appeared beside him. For Tianming, his astralforce had increased in capacity and his body had grown somewhat stronger. Not to mention, he had added another fighting unit to his team. Seeing what it had looked like in the dream, Tianming was quite confident in its fighting abilities.

“Nice to meet you. You looked like a silver sea of stardust in the dream, so I’ll give you a poetic name. Let’s call you Yin Chen,” Tianming said awkwardly. Yin Chen, the silver dust of the storm.

“Blergh… vomit…” the critter said.

“Alright, Yin Chen it is, even if you don’t like it! I’ve been waiting far too long for you.” Currently, the many silver eggs were still circling around him. Though they were each the size of a chicken egg, they were quite sizable when gathered together. Not to mention, they seemed to be capable of increasing their number until they filled the skies one day.

“So you don’t have a true main body, which means each and every egg is a part of your body and your consciousness exists in all of them. So the only way for you to die is for all of your bodies to be destroyed, right? As long as a single one exists, you’ll be able to endlessly recover, correct?” If there was a center to its being, it would be the consciousness itself.

“That’s right…” it answered, with the same two-word format. Looked like it wasn’t a broodmother-type beast after all. There was no master or child unit, all were just as equally important.

“If all the eggs spread across the entirety of Orderia, wouldn’t you be able to see everything across the entire star and gather information that way?”

“Of course… that’s possible,” it answered proudly.

“So you can peep at people bathing everywhere then,” Ying Huo said.

“You’re shameless.”

Ying Huo wasn’t surprised at the reaction. It had been rather prideful even before hatching.

“Come in and show the others your abilities,” Tianming said.

“Okay okay.” It seemed a little unwilling, but did what it was told. A stream of silver eggs entered the lifebound s.p.a.ce, taking up much of the s.p.a.ce within.

“Whoa!” Ying Huo, Lan Huang and Xian Xian all widened their eyes curiously.

“Cat Bro, wake up. Fifth has hatched,” Xian Xian said, nudging the black cat.

“Huh? I’ll just… wait for the sixth to hatch first….” It turned around and went back to sleep. Everyone else wanted to see what the eggs were made of.

The metallic crunching sound could be heard again. Each egg split into ten units, making a million of them in total. Then they began growing antennae, legs, and blade-like wings, becoming some kind of insect.

“What is this? c.o.c.kroaches? Haha…” Ying Huo and the rest laughed with fascination.

“So cute!” Xian Xian picked one up. They looked less disgusting than normal insects, as they were made entirely out of metal. They had completely smooth surfaces and antennae that curved downward. The two black googly eyes were still there, adding a bit to their cuteness. The one Xian Xian picked up looked at it and climbed out of its grip. “So dirty… dirty dirty.”

When it landed on the ground, it kept shaking the legs that had touched Xian Xian, as if to shake off the filth. It appeared to be quite a clean freak, all of them, in fact. The c.o.c.kroaches crawled around the lifebound s.p.a.ce and kept kicking their legs in the same manner, as if they had stepped on something dirty. Still, their shiny bodies didn’t seem to allow any speck of dust to stick to them, otherwise they wouldn’t be so reflective. Tianming could only brush off its obsession with cleanliness as its Primordial Chaos Beast quirk.

Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 1274 – Sea of Silver Stars

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Chapter 1274 – Sea of Silver Stars

“Keep going!” They weren’t the kind of beings that would give up. Even if it meant losing half their lives, they would continue.

Fire-type fundamental cosmic forces swept past them like giant beasts. Without the shackles of the fusion formation, this was their paradise to roam free and wreak havoc. There were holes in Tianming’s shield, but fortunately they pa.s.sed through a fiery barrier and reached a new area. Before their eyes was a dazzling golden light. Obviously, these were metal-type fundamental cosmic forces. They gathered together in the nova source. Like an ocean, it was impossible to see where it ended. There was definitely enough for the birth of Fifth; the advantage of a nova source lay in its size and quant.i.ty.

The metal-type fundamental cosmic forces formed an ocean of gold, like endless molten iron. The hot, piercing sensation was more terrifying than the fiery storm. Some of these fundamental cosmic forces combined with divine ordered patterns to form divine hazards. Like wild beasts, they raged in the ocean of fundamental cosmic forces. Venussoul, majestic electricsteel river, blackcrystal flamestar… there were at least hundreds of thousands of them, all of which were grade-five divine hazards. Also visible to the naked eye were metal-type divine hazards above grade-six, such as the grade-nine golden helios or the astralriver steel that glittered like a river of silver stars.

“This is the moment we’ve been waiting for” Tianming was as excited as the little silver eggs. Without regard for life or death, they dived in. Any hesitation would be a discredit to their struggle for Fifth to come into this world.

A hundred thousand little silver eggs flew out from his lifebound s.p.a.ce. It was finally vacant. Lan Huang and Xian Xian breathed a sigh of relief.

“Quick, stretch your limbs and get moving! Our little brother will return to occupy his s.p.a.ce once he’s born.” At the thought of that, Lan Huang began practicing gymnastics.

The thing the Primordial Chaos Beasts had in common was their optimism and ignorance to plight. When it was time to play, they wouldn’t hold back.

“Little Sis, I’ll take you riding!”

“Okay! Wait for me, Turtle Bro!”

With its roots wrapped around Lan Huang, Xian Xian flicked its long whip as Lan Huang galloped around Tianming’s lifebound s.p.a.ce. Meow Meow opened its misty eyes, summoning a great effort just to glance at the two buffoons, then fell back asleep. There were five Primordial Chaos Beast eggs beside it. Meow Meow used one as a pillow, placed two on its bottom to protect its b.a.l.l.s, and held one in each hand, stroking them from time to time. The five remaining eggs had been licked until they were smooth and glossy.

Outside the lifebound s.p.a.ce, Tianming and a hundred thousand little silver eggs had arrived at the sea of metal fundamental cosmic force. Due to the opposing force of the fire and metal fundamental cosmic forces, a vacuum had formed where they met. It was far more stable here, and they could start cultivating.

“Let’s get started!”

A hundred thousand little silver eggs formed a vortex as they revolved around Tianming. Following Fifth’s inhalation, the sea of gold and silver fundamental cosmic force began rising. At first, only a tiny bit diffused through eggs, like drops of water. The little silver eggs piled up around Tianming, forming a symbiotic connection with him.

“This is different from before. The four of them came from just one egg. On the other hand, Fifth has a hundred thousand eggs… just what the h.e.l.l is it?”

This was a great environment for its birth. Tianming firmly believed that the answer would soon be clear. Silver light flickered before his eyes.

They were linked to each other via symbiotic cultivation. During the process, Tianming gradually felt the power of the fifth Primordial Chaos Beast’s bloodline as thousands of densely packed little silver eggs spun and fluttered before his eyes. As they absorbed metal fundamental cosmic force, the eggs emitted soft cracking noises, a sign that Fifth would soon emerge from its sh.e.l.l.

Tianming was dazzled by a silver mirage. Amidst a loud explosion, light and shadow alternated and a dream appeared once more. Tianming was a little nervous every time he dreamed. The last time he saw Feiling in his dream of Xian Xian, he was thunderstruck.

A buzzing filled his ears.

Amidst the dense fog, the scene before him changed again. Like the dream brought about by Ying Huo, Tianming suddenly found himself in an endless void. This was a world devoid of sound or borders. Compared to drifting in the ocean, the loneliness and insignificance he felt was stronger. The silence was all-pervasive and the sound of his own breathing was loud and clear. His heart pounded violently against his chest. In that instant, starlight came flashing from behind. When he turned around, he saw a silver astral vortex in the distant end of the world. Trillions of stars shone—it was a sea of stars.

Whizzing across the endless void, Tianming was taken toward the stars. They grew brighter and brighter. Like sand in the desert, the silver starlight was so dense it occupied his entire field of vision. Tianming grew closer and closer to the stars until he finally crashed into them. The world around him was filled with silver starlight that nearly blinded him.

“This is….”

He remained within the sea of stars and gradually approached the nearest star. It was a silver-colored metal planet, not made up of fundamental cosmic force, but was alive.

Tianming immediately surmised that Fifth was the astral vortex. Xiaowu. These trillions of silver stars were part of its body. Tianming stared in a daze. The planet that made up one trillionth of Fifth was at least the size of Lan Huang’s body. It was spherical; a smooth and shiny surface without any imperfections. Not only was its hardness unparalleled, its starlight was brilliant.

“The fifth Primordial Chaos Beast isn’t an individual, but a group? Or is it an individual consisting of a group?”

Tianming had long wondered which of the hundred thousand eggs was Fifth. Was there a difference between the main body and clones? But he didn’t notice a particular egg that seemed like the main body. When he was submerged in this sea of stars, he realized that they were all exactly the same, unlike broodmother-type lifebound beasts that had a clear distinction between mother and child.

“What sort of life form was this?”

Just as Tianming puzzled over these doubts, changes occurred and the silver stars flew into the distance. Tianming was shocked to find that the silver stars around him made a harsh sound of metal grinding against metal. Every star began transforming. As they morphed, the starlight grew so bright that he couldn’t help but close his eyes. When he opened them again, the entire sea of stars had disappeared like the little gray egg had at the beginning. However, he knew it still existed. The invisible sea of stars transformed into a silver river, surging forward. As it wandered about the starry sky, Tianming followed it. He was very curious to see what the silver stars had transformed into.

Beastmaster of the Ages Chapter 1277 – Five-form Monster

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Chapter 1277 – Five-form Monster

Tianming had a feeling that would be its quirk after seeing how sparkling clean it was in the dream. Not to mention, with how well-coordinated every movement of the swarm was, it might even have some form of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“Are you calling me dirty?!” Xian Xian snapped. It was a celestial maiden!

“Dirty dirty.” Millions of metal c.o.c.kroaches jumped about every corner of the lifebound s.p.a.ce. Suddenly, it spotted Lan Huang and recalled bathing in its nine kui seas, among the cleanest places of all. Then they all swarmed together and lined up to bathe, emerging once more with completely shiny surfaces. They all flew, not wanting to touch the floor.

“Dammit, will you be sticking to Lan Huang after every fight to bathe?” Ying Huo said. It had a feeling that its siblings were getting weirder and weirder.

Even Tianming was finding it troubling. That aside, what could these metallic c.o.c.kroaches do? The moment the thought occurred to him, all of them suddenly disappeared, but it wasn’t just normal cloaking. They had vanished without the slightest presence at all, yet they still existed within the lifebound s.p.a.ce.

“I see… if Yin Chen had hatched in the Voidsky Realm, I could’ve sent all of them out to track people without being found out. Gaining a million points would’ve been easy beyond belief.” Tianming loved how his range of detection had increased. If he was training in a sect, he could have Yin Chen spread out all over the place, constantly keeping eyes and ears on others. No plot would be able to evade its detection, and even if it was discovered, it didn’t matter. As long as all million of them weren’t killed at the same instant, it couldn’t be killed. It was truly a game changer.

The c.o.c.kroaches reappeared and reformed together.

“Do you have other tricks?” Tianming asked.

“Of course.” Ten metallic c.o.c.kroaches repeatedly merged into one egg until their total number went back down to a hundred thousand. Then they turned into their second form: silver locusts. There were ten thousand of them in total, each one ten times larger than the c.o.c.kroaches from before. Like before, they had shiny bodies and two large eyes. But they were longer and had strong rear legs. The parts that stood out, though, were their mandibles. Tianming noticed the text of his Aeonic Grandbane on them. “d.a.m.n, you broke the curse right after your birth.”

Their blessing was called Metalbane, Undying t.i.tan. Yin Chen’s bodies were completely silver, save for the text that was made from a kind of black metal, which made its mandibles even more terrifying. The c.o.c.kroaches excelled at splitting up while these locusts excelled at devouring everything. Tianming remembered seeing nova source worlds completely stripped clean after the locusts pa.s.sed. Not to mention, the eggs could eat metal even before they hatched.

“How cute….” Xian Xian couldn’t help playing with the metal locusts.

“You woman… buzz off.” The insects all glared at Xian Xian with their googly black eyes. It was hard to deal with, after all.

“Naughty eggs. How dare you be so rude to your sister? Don’t make me spurt muddy water at you!” Xian Xian snapped.

Yin Chen began panicking and quickly ducked into a corner. Ying Huo and Lan Huang looked at one another and couldn’t help but laugh. It turned out that dealing with their new proud sibling was as simple as threatening to make it dirty, something Xian Xian had immediately picked up on.

Yin Chen showed off three other forms, namely, scorpions, spiders, and centipedes. They all looked rather adorable with their flawless, shiny bodies as well. The scorpion form seemed ideal for combat with the bane text focused near its stinger, allowing it to conjure up some kind of metal toxin called ghost.w.a.ter mercury. Once it entered the body, it could cause it to metallize. The metallic transformation could easily affect organs and cause death.

As for its spider form, the Aeonic Grandbane enhanced the threads the spiders spun. The ten thousand silver spiders could spin a single web of infinite proportions called Infinite Siverthreads. They could greatly limit the enemy’s mobility and even cause death.

Finally, the silver centipedes had many legs that could interlock with one another as Tianming had seen in his dreams, forming a gigantic centipede that was about the size of Lan Huang. It was a terrifying close-range fighter in that form. The Aeonic Grandbane turned the legs of the centipedes black, making them much tougher.

Yin Chen would be really hard to deal with, what with its ability to shift forms, split up and recombine. It was practically unkillable, especially when it could split into a million c.o.c.kroaches and spread all over the place. It was a miraculous ability with boundless potential. In terms of combat, Tianming’s other beasts already did well enough, so it was nice to have Yin Chen that was extra tricky to deal with.

“I don’t think it has any abilities,” Ying Huo said.

“That’s right.”

Yin Chen didn’t possess any special abilities; its strength was its transformations. At the first level of the Constellation stage, it only had five forms. But Tianming recalled seeing thousands of different forms in the dream, including every insect he had ever seen or heard of. The transformations allowed Yin Chen to use their innate abilities. For instance, in its firefly form, it could join together to let out a beam of light far more powerful and blinding than nova source.

“Looks like evolving through universal manna can allow it to unlock bloodline shackles and undo the seal on those abilities.” It was similar to Xian Xian in that respect, who had ten different flowers but countless variations.

“Powerful indeed,” Ying Huo agreed.

“That’s right. In terms of innate talent and potential, the ones who hatch later seem to have it better.” Though Ying Huo was the Aeternal Infernal Phoenix, it seemed the most normal out of the bunch. Still, seeing Yin Chen bathe on Lan Huang again after demonstrating its tricks made Tianming worry for the future. “No matter how powerful, these Primordial Chaos Beasts are all unruly children.”

He recalled the clouds of white that seemed to have emerged from the xenomemory s.p.a.ce. It looked like something countless times larger than a wondersky realm. Right when the thought occurred to him, a crisp sound came from within his lifebound s.p.a.ce. Everything turned silent within. Meow Meow was still hugging five of the eggs as it slept, only to yawn and wake up.

“This egg has gone cold….” It picked up the egg it used as a pillow and noticed that there was an additional crack on it. “Oh no! Sixth already started making a fuss before Fifth hatched!” Meow Meow reported.

The fine crack meant that the hatching process had begun, though it would still be some time before the final stages. Still, it was par for the course in the lifebound s.p.a.ce. The hatching of one egg always signaled the start of another, but this time it was different.

Meow Meow hugged the white egg as it mumbled, “Why’s this one so gloomy? It’s like a baleful spirit or something….”

Then, the hundred thousand silver eggs that were lining up to take a bath suddenly chaotically bounced around, then before landed. They opened their eyes and glared at the pale-white egg.

“What’s wrong?” Tianming asked.

“Utterly hateful… utterly hateful!” Yin Chen kept on repeating those words agitatedly.

“Huh? Fifth has already hatched? Why are you calling me hateful?” Meow Meow asked. Then, it tossed the pale-white egg away and began to stretch. “Don’t worry. Cat Bro will give you a good lick and ensure you stay nice and shiny.”

The silver eggs saw its saliva and immediately scattered like fearful flocks of sheep.

Tianming took out the pale-white egg from his lifebound s.p.a.ce and smiled. “Interesting… I know who you are… You’re the cloud that fought with the Myriadworld Immortabeast in that dream, right?”

He hadn’t expected that would be the sixth Primordial Chaos Beast. The fifth and sixth looked to be old enemies. “Don’t worry. One day you’ll join the family, and bygones will be bygones.”

But would it really be that simple, though?


When it all ended, Tianming headed upward. He was within the core of the nova source and staying there for too long could kill him. Though Yin Chen had hatched, he had to find a way to survive. “It doesn’t look like I can just leave the fusion formation of the sun. What do I do….”

The nova source was far too hot. Tianming didn’t want Yin Chen to die right after hatching here; that would be tragic. Eventually, he made his way to the fusion formation. This was the most complicated formation he had seen up to now. It was tens of thousands of meters thick and had completely sealed off his escape route. When the nova source surged, he would be reduced to ashes where he stood. Nowhere was safe.

As he wracked his brain to think of a solution, he felt something change on his forehead. Using his third eye, he saw a white marking on it. It was the ancient character for ‘sky’, written a little like the character for ‘void’. He had no idea why it had appeared, nor what it did, but he knew that it was the stigma of Sky Palace. It marked him as a member of Sky Palace and meant he had pa.s.sed the test. However, he had done nothing of the sort and was instead imprisoned within the nova source. What in the world was going on?