Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1761 – Prettier Than You

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Chapter 1761: Prettier Than You

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It was still summer break for the primary schools, but Ye Xueli did not want to return to the army base. Other than the inconvenience of entering and leaving the base, the people there were too dull. She had grown up there, and she did not like the monotonous life in it.

Even though it was already past ten o’clock, Ye Xueli was still sleeping. When she heard the knocks on her door, she thought it was her roommate. She even complained in her heart as she wondered why they did not have keys with them and had to bother her sleep. However, she saw Ye Jianguo when she

opened the door.

“Eldest Sister, you look well. You don’t go home during the summer vacation, and you’re still sleeping at this time.” Ye Jianguo shook his head when he saw Ye Xueli’s messy hair. However, he was not there to complain about Ye Xueli’s laziness.

“When Colonel Lu moved next door, weren’t you quite curious about his family? Auntie said you asked her a lot of questions about him.” Ye Jianguo grinned. “Guess who I met on the way here? You definitely won’t be able to guess!”

Ye Jianguo did not wait for Ye Xueli’s reply before he opened her mouth excitedly. “I met Colonel Lu’s wife! Haven’t you always been very curious about her? It’s a pity that you didn’t go home. Otherwise, you’d have met her. Do you want to go home with me to take a look later today?”

Ye Xueli did not believe it at all. She thought that she was beautiful. There were not many ladies as beautiful as her in a big city like Luo City, let alone that small army base. She did not lack suitors either.

“Mrrs. Lu is better-looking than you. If you don’t believe it, then forget it.” Ye Jianguo chuckled. “I don’t know where you get your confidence. Anyway, I think Mrs. Lu is much better-looking than you.”

Ye Xueli felt as if there was a thorn in her heart. She thought Ye Jianguo was deliberately looking for trouble that day.

“Apart from being good-looking, a woman must also be smart and have a decent job. Otherwise, what good are good looks? Sooner or later, our faces will age. No matter how good-looking we are, we will still get old.” Ye Xueli tidied her messy hair as she snorted.

“You are right. I agree with you on that point.” Ye Jianguo nodded very thoughtfully. “Mrs. Lu is a good-looking person with talent and a decent job. She is a graduate student from Nanjiang Medical University. She is also her professor’s a.s.sistant while she is still studying. She must be good at her studies,

so her professor asked her to be his a.s.sistant. She will definitely go to a prominent hospital to be a doctor when she graduates..”

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1756 – I Need To Borrow It

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Chapter 1756: I Need To Borrow It

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After putting the note into the drawer, Jiang Yao looked at the time on her phone. It was already past nine in the morning. No wonder he brought her breakfast.

At that time, he should have gone to the meeting after his morning training.

She had slept so soundly that she did not even know when Lu Xingzhi had left.

‘Who was to blame for that?

It was all because of someone who had overindulged last night!

Jiang Yao also had to help herself out of bed to wash up. Since Lu Xingzhi said he would be back at noon to cook for her, Jiang Yao decided to get some food in the city.

If Jiang Yao were uncomfortable in the army base, it would be because she did not know anyone there.

At least she had Mrs. Lin in the Jin City army base. However, she did not know anyone there.

She had seen Colonel Ye’s wife next door, but she knew they would not get along. She did not know if she could get a car out to the city at that time or if she could get a ride home after that.

Zhou Weiqi used Lu Xingzhi’s car in Jin City as the latter was too lazy to bring it with him. He had planned to buy another car in Luo City, but he did not have the time to do that yet.

Jiang Yao wanted to buy a car for herself when she returned to school. Just as Lu Xingzhi had said, she would be free during the summer vacation. If she chose to stay in Luo City, she could find the time to go back to the army base to water the trees in their home. It would be convenient for her if she had a


Jiang Yao put the idea at the back of her mind as she prepared to go out and ask someone about a ride into the city. She did not expect to into someone outside her house when she opened the door.

“Mrs. Lu, are you going out? It’s so hot outside. Where are you going?” It was the old woman who lived two houses after Colonel Ye’s house. Jiang Yao had heard Liang Yueze mention a big family living in that house, but she could not remember their surname.

Well, no matter what their surname was, it would not be wrong to address them as Old Madam.

“Tm going to buy some vegetables. Did you want to speak to me, Old Madam?” Jiang Yao replied with a faint smile because she remembered Liang Yueze had mentioned that the old woman liked to gossip. She was not well-liked in the military compound because she always took advantage of others.

Fortunately, she did not have any other significant problems other than that.

However, not everyone thought the same. Some did not take kindly to people taking advantage of them unnecessarily, especially when it involved their homes.

‘The old lady said, “The hoe in my house is broken, so I wanted to borrow one from you.”

“We just moved here, and we haven’t bought all the things yet, so we don’t have a hoe.” Jiang Yao smiled amiably. “Old Madam, why don’t you ask Colonel Ye’s family? They probably have one since they planted something in their courtyard too.”

“You don’t have it? Then how do you plant the trees in your yard? Oh, right! I heard that you didn’t plant vegetables. How wasteful! Why don’t you rent the empty s.p.a.ce in your yard to my family? Since you don’t use it, we will give you a few bucks a year to rent the s.p.a.ce.”

Then, the old lady asked again, “Oh right, I forgot to ask you what your job is. I heard that you were in poor health and went back to your hometown to recuperate.. Have you recovered? Are you going to live here in the future?”

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1750 – First Things First

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Chapter 1750: First Things First

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“Mrs. Lu, we’ve finally met you. Colonel Lu doesn’t take it easy on women. During the selection process, he was extremely cold and ruthless toward us. We’re just looking forward to meeting you as soon as possible. Please, give


Before the female soldier could finish her sentence, Lu Xingzhi appeared behind her. He asked, “What if I give it to you?”

The female soldier shrank back, and the group of people dispersed, laughing as they quickly left Jiang Yao’s side. It was not an exaggeration to describe Lu Xingzhi as a ferocious beast.

“Don’t listen to their nonsense.” Lu Xingzhi placed the plate in front of Jiang Yao. “Just eat a little tonight. I’ll cook something delicious for you tomorrow.” Jiang Yao looked at the plate in front of her—they were all her favorite dishes. Was that what he meant by making do?

However, Jiang Yao did not refute his words. She watched him turn around to go get soup, so she waited for him. After Lu Xingzhi came back with a small bowl of soup, she handed a pair fork and spoon to him.

“What’s wrong with Ouyang Chenrui?” After sitting down, the first question Lu Xingzhi asked was about Ouyang Chenrui. He had asked her once before, but Jiang Yao’s cla.s.smate interrupted him.

Jiang Yao hummed and drank the soup, but she was not in a hurry to answer him. After swallowing the food in her mouth, she said, “Well, I don’t know what’s going on either? Maybe he found out from Professor Ouyang that I’m now studying at University A, so he came here for me. He said that he has a company here, but I don’t know whether that’s true or not.”

“Bullsh*t.” Lu Xingzhi snorted and looked at Jiang Yao’s face with bright eyes. Jiang Yao knew what that guy was thinking when she saw his expression. “Don’t touch Ouyang Chenrui. After all, he is Professor Ouyang’s son.” After Jiang Yao said that, she tried to explain again. “What I mean is that we can’t touch his company either.”

The corner of Lu Xingzhi’s mouth twitched contemptuously. He was indeed thinking about how he could destroy Ouyang Chenrui’s company so that he would leave to go back to Nanjiang City. Well, that was if Ouyang Chenrui did have a company there.

“Be good, be obedient.” Jiang Yao copied the tone that Lu Xingzhi often used with her. Then, she picked all the onions from the plate and put them into Lu Xingzhi’s bowl. “There’s no need to hold him back. I don’t like him. It’s useless for him to appear in front of me.”

Lu Xingzhi was unhappy because she spoke to Ouyang Chenrui, so Jiang Yao kicked him under the table. She did not expect Lu Xingzhi to ignore her.

Was he angry? Was he unhappy?

Jiang Yao poked the bowl with her spoon. Her eyes were observing Lu Xingzhi. When did that guy become so narrow-minded?

“Hey!” Jiang Yao poked Lu Xingzhi’s arm.

She thought he would at least look at her; she did not expect him to pull away from her. It was clear that he was still ignoring her.

Jiang Yao thought for a moment and said, “Lu Xingzhi.”

The man glanced at her, but it only took two seconds.

“Why didn’t you talk to me just now?” Jiang Yao moved the plate toward Lu Xingzhi. “Help me pick out the green onions..”

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1760 – My Husband’s Family Is Rich

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Chapter 1760: My Husband’s Family Is Rich

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation “A hundred bucks a month? Is there more? Then won’t Colonel Lu’s wife’s salary be higher than his?” Those people had awkward expressions on their faces.

They thought that a man was strong. No matter how capable a woman was, she could not beat a man. It was customary for a man to earn a high income at home. It was abnormal fora woman to do better than a man and make more money. That couple would suffer because of that.

No man would like a woman who was better than them, and no woman would like a man who was not as good as them. “I don’t know how much our teachers earn, and I’m not a teacher either. I’m just a graduate student who just pa.s.sed the entrance exam. I’m my teacher’s a.s.sistant, not an employee of the school. My teacher pays my salary. A new a.s.sistant like me does not earn much, but I don’t care how much money it is.

After all, I am still a student.” Jiang Yao quickly explained as she looked at those people who seemed like they wanted to turn her pockets inside out to see how much money she had.

Those people did not want to steal her money; they were just too curious about other people’s personal matters.

That was normal, but Jiang Yao was a little conflicted.

She did not like people asking her personal questions, and she would never ask others how much money they earned ina month.

That was not polite. “Really?”

These ladies obviously do not believe you. If you don’t have much money, can you afford to use a cell phone? The phone bill costs a lot per month, right? How can Colonel Lu spend money like that?”

Jiang Yao thought for a moment and could only give them another explanation. “My husband’s family is rich.”

Then, she smiled as she waited for the but to arrive. She wanted to let them know that she did not lack money to spend. Otherwise, everyone would pay attention to Lu Xingzhi’s salary and wonder where she got her money.

Jiang Yao’s answer instantly made everyone quiet down. It was a little heart-wrenching for those who still had problems purchasing daily necessities.

Those with financial problems would naturally develop a kind of envy and jealousy toward the rich. Therefore, they all felt they were a little out of place with Colonel Lu’s wife, just like the gap between the rich and the poor.

Jiang Yao did not care about their opinion, but she was clear where everyone stood on that matter.

The bus arrived at the station a few minutes later. After everyone got orn the bus, Ye Jianguo stood beside Jiang Yao and continued to talk to Jiang Yao. She was the only one not affected by Jiang Yao’s words. “Are you going to school or somewhere else?” Ye Jianguo asked. “I’m going back to school to find someone. If you are heading there, we can go together.” “Im going to the market to buy some vegetables. I’m not going back to school.”

Jiang Yao shook her head. She was glad that she was not going back to school.

Otherwise, with Ye Jianguo’s noisy personality, she would be annoyed all the way.

When the bus reached the downtown area, the sun was already s.h.i.+ning so brightly that people could barely open their eyes. Jiang Yao asked for directions and went straight to the first market.

Ye Jianguo, who was supposed to head to school, turned around and went to Ye

Xueli’s dormitory to look for her.

Even though they had the same parents, Ye Xueli and her younger brother Ye Jianguo did not have a good relations.h.i.+p. Ye Xueli had always thought that her younger brother was a little silly. He could get along well with their stepmother and another younger brother at home. She felt that Ye Jianguo was not someone who would stand on her side.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1749 – There’s No Need For You

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Chapter 1749: There’s No Need For You

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“Thank you, Miss Jiang!” The soldiers’ spirits were lifted after Jiang Yao’s encouragement. Then, they stood there and watched as Hades Lu led Miss Jiang away.

After the people from the Blue Team got into their cars and left, they still stood there and watched. After a long time, they shook their heads.

“What are you doing?” Commissar w.a.n.g and Shao Fucheng walked out of the auditorium and saw those soldiers there.

“Commissar w.a.n.g! Colonel Shao! We were just watching Miss Jiang leave.” The talkative soldier whispered, “Miss Jiang is such a good person, so why did she marry Colonel Lu? It’s unfair to such a good girl like her.”

“Why didn’t you just ask Doctor Jiang?” Commissar w.a.n.g looked at them cheerfully and said, “All of you are so stupid. Doctor Jiang married Colonel Lu when she was. Would she stay with him if Colonel Lu didn’t treat her well? You don’t need to worry about them. The organization doesn’t need to worry about personal matters. Look at all of you.”

Commissar w.a.n.g glanced at them. “How old are you? You’re not even married. Are you waiting for the army to give you a wife?”

“We’re in the army base all day long. If we don’t wait for the army to give us a wife, where can we go find one?” The soldier retorted, “We’re just waiting for the army to give us a wife! We don’t have high requirements; just someone like Miss Jiang will do.”

Commissar w.a.n.g glared at the soldiers in front of him. He was so angry that he picked up the doc.u.ments in his hands and hit them with those papers. “Requirements? Maybe we’ll give you seven fairies?”

“If the army can give us seven fairies, we want them too!” Even though the soldier covered his head and ran away, he still refused to admit any wrongdoing.

“Colonel Lu is in the army all day long, and he can find himself a fairy-like wife. Can you guys do the same? You deserve to lose in that exercise!” Commissar w.a.n.g was so angry that he did not chase after them.

“Commissar, you hurt us by saying that.”

Shao Fucheng pretended that he did not understand what Commissar w.a.n.g meant. Since Commissar w.a.n.g was dealing with the young soldiers, he was so happy that he decided to leave.

Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao returned to the army base just in time for dinner. It was impossible for him to cook dinner for Jiang Yao personally, so he held Jiang Yao’s hand and led her to the cafeteria.

They continued to hold onto each other. They did not let go of each other throughout the entire journey, making the pa.s.sersby jealous.

When they reached the cafeteria, the diners focused their attention on her and Lu Xingzhi. The people there seemed to have made a deal. A few seconds later, a greeting almost toppled the cafeteria’s roof.

“h.e.l.lo, Mrs. Lu!” All the soldiers opened their mouths to join in the fun, so it was loud.

“Sit down, and I’ll go get the food for you.” Lu Xingzhi held Jiang Yao’s hand and sat her down in an empty seat. Xiao Gao went to them and asked, “Mrs. Lu, what do you want to eat? I’ll get it for you.”

“There’s no need for you to do that,” Lu Xingzhi said as he pulled Xiao Gao with him.

When Lu Xingzhi left, the female soldiers swarmed toward Jiang Yao and shouted, “Mrs. Lu! Mrs. Lu! I didn’t expect you to be Colonel Lu’s wife. The scouts told us about a beautiful doctor on the Red Team, but Colonel Lu said that no one was as beautiful as his wife. It seems like Colonel Lu was serious!”

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1754 – Her Scent

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Chapter 1754: Her Scent

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Editor: Endless Fantasy Translation

He wanted the entire Zhu family to disappear from Ping City. He wanted the

Zhu family to cease to be prosperous. He wanted the Zhu family to be like stray


The Zhu family had acc.u.mulated much wealth over the past hundred years. Lu

Xingzhí wanted them to lose everything overnight

Every girl was more or less afraid of thunder, especially in the summer in the

south. It was so loud that it sounded like an explosion.

Jiang Yao could see flashes of light through the gap in the bathroom window.

Coupled with the thunder, it was strange for such a night. It somehow

reminded Jiang Yao of the ghost movies she saw when she was younger

She hurriedly put on her pajamas and opened the bathroom door. She was

relieved when she saw the lights in the house. Just as she was about to run into

the bedroom to find Lu Xingzhi, a hand suddenly reached out and pulled her.

She was so scared that she almost screamed.

“Im here.” Lu Xingzhi could tell from her expression that she did not see him

leaning against the door waiting for her. As soon as she stepped out of the

door, she looked at the bedroom. She did not even turn to look at where he was.

He knew that she must be looking for him. She must have thought that he was

in the bedroom. Hearing his voice, Jiang Yao took a deep breath and patted her chest. “You

scared me to death. Can’t you make a sound when you see me coming out of the

bathroom? Also, why are you standing here?

“Waiting for you.” Lu Xingzhi lowered his head and sniffed her neck. She

smelled fresh from the shower. It was the same with her hair, with a faint

lemon smell. He remembered that the body wash and shampoo were given to

Jiang Yao by Luo Ruoran.

“My wife smells so good,” Lu Xingzhi said and kissed her neck. He found it

interesting when she shrank her as she was ticklish. He moved to the other

side to kiss her.

People said that ticklish women loved their husbands. Lu Xingzhi also

remembered a saying in his hometown-ticklish men were afraid of their

wives. Similarly, a ticklish woman would also love her husband.

Jiang Yao had heard that saying before, but she felt that it did not make any

sense because Lu Xingzhi was not ticklish. Anyway, when the two of them

quarreled, he would only tickle her when she was ticklish. There was no chance

for her to counterattack him.

The rain grew heavier-the droplets were huge. They could hear the loud

pitter-patter sound of rain.

Jiang Yao was standing at the bathroom entrance. Then, Lu Xingzhi carried her

in his arms. She could see that a curtain of rain had formed at the corridor

entrance. They would not be able to see such a beautiful scene in the new


Jiang Yao looked up at Lu Xingzhi and said with a chuckle, “It seems like the

fruit trees in the yard don’t need to be watered tomorrow.”

The weather will probably be like this for the next few days.” Lu Xingzhi

half-hugged and half-held Jiang Yao as he brought her into the bedroom. It

looked like there would be no more thunder, so he was prepared to take

another shower before going to bed.

However, he needed Jiang Yao to do something for him before that.

Lu Xingzhi let Jiang Yao sit on the bed. He turmed around and opened the

luggage bag he had brought back from the mountains. He took out the metal

box that he had hidden at the bottom and walked toward Jiang Yao with it in

his hand like a treasure. Then, he opened the box in front of Jiang Yao and took

Out all the papers he had opened. He placed them in front of her.

“I have opened more than half of the paper cranes. These are all the ones that I

have seen. Help me fold them back, and please fold them properly. Then, put

them in the drawer. I will take those that have not been opened yet.” The

closed-door training was not over yet; he would not be able to see her until it

Was over. He still had to rely on the paper cranes to spend every lonely night

missing her..

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1753 – Keep An Eye On Her

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Chapter 1753: Keep An Eye On Her

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Yes, Young Master Liang helped arrange it. There was a plane crash, so

Director Jiang and Young Master Liang used that to announce that the Divine

Doctor had died in a plane crash when she was on her way home. Now that

everyone in the world knows that the Divine Doctor has pa.s.sed away, there is

no more Divine Doctor in this world. However, it seems like Director Jiang

doesn’t regret that arrangement, Big Ke said.

Lu Xingzhi listened as Big Ke told him everything that had happened to Jiang

Yao in detail. He thought that Jiang Yao’s decision was the most appropriate


The Divine Doctor’s death could cut off everyone’s crazy greed for the Divine

Doctor’s help and allow her to get some peace.

The Zhu family was involved in this matter. Ruan Yongjun’s people killed Zhu

Qjanlan. General Min Pang had taken over all the Zhu family’s businesses in

Zhu Jiu returned to the Zhu family in Ping City. They had fallen into a

complicated internal conflict. Everyone is dissatisfied with the current Zhu

family head. Everyone wants to replace him. And there’s also the Qjan family in

Jindo City,” Big Ke said.

Big Ke explained what the Qjan family had done to Old Madam Liang and what

they had stolen from Jiang Yao’s research inst.i.tute.

When Lu Xingzhi remained silent, Big Ke asked, Young Master Lu, what are

we going to do now?

Lu Xingzhi said, “My wife has no reason to swallow her pride after being

bullied to that extent.”

Naturally, he had to do something, but he had no plans to do so at that


“The Liang family will take care of the Qjan family”

The Ping City’s Zhu family was also in Province A. Even though they had yet to

gain a firm foothold there, the Zhu family had already lost one of their wings

Unfortunately for them, the internal conflict was not enough.

“Get someone to keep a close eye on the Zhu family. Let their internal conflicts

reach a point where they can’t resolve them peacefully. Then, after my

closed-door training is over, I will take care of the Zhu family.

He had not thought about what to do with them. He needed some time to

consider and make arrangements

However, he would have to start his closed-door training again in two days. He

would be cut off from all external communications. Therefore, he still had to

wait until he finished his training before making any plans.

“She should be returning to the school the day after tomorrow. I will arrange

for someone to send her back. You guys protect her well.” He felt as if he had

not said enough.

“Keep an eye on her. If there is anyone with ulterior motives toward her, do

what you have to do. Don’t be soft-hearted.”

His wife was so attractive that Lu Xingzhi felt that people like Ouyang Chenrui

would be around her like annoying flies.

After instructing Big Ke to keep an eye on Jiang Yao and not let her eat any

popsicles secretly, Lu Xingzhi hung up the phone. Big Ke shook his head and

turned around to whisper to Ah Lu. “I feel like we’re becoming like old ladies.

We’re helping Young Master Lu manage Director jiang’s meals, drinks, and


While Lu Xingzhi was talking on the phone, the summer wind had cooled down

a little, which had initially been stifling. It was already late at night, and dark

clouds were already in the sky. Lightning danced on the distant mountains,

and there was even the occasional dull rumbling of thunder.

Lu Xingzhi thought Jiang Yao would be afraid, so he waited for her outside the

bathroom. As he listened to the sound of water, his mind was filled with the

information he got from Big Danke, and he thought about his subsequent


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1759 – Can’t Compare

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Chapter 1759: Can’t Compare

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor:

EndlessFantasy Translation

“Yes!” Ye Jianguo nodded repeatedly. “I heard that you’re Colonel Lu’s family. Then we are neighbors! I didn’t expect it to be such a coincidence!”

“Ye Jianguo, what do you mean? Are you saying that Colonel Lu’s wife works at your school? Or is she also a student at your school?” an older woman asked Ye Jianguo curiously.

“Theard from my schoolmate that this year’s medical school’s postgraduate supervisor is a professor from Nanjiang City Medical University. That professor was also a postgraduate supervisor. How can our university compare to Nanjiang City Medical University? They are on the same level as Jindo

University and Jindo Medical University. Our university can’t compare to them.”

Ye Jianguo’s words were direct. It did not sound like he loved her university. “I heard that those who graduated from Nanjiang Medical University would always get a good job after their graduation. Many hospitals would want them. Our school isn’t that popular. Miss Jiang is a professor’s a.s.sistant, right?

That should count as working for the Nanjiang City’s Medical University, right?”

a.s.sistant? Those illiterate older women did not understand it. However, their perception of Jiang Yao changed when Ye Jianguo said that Colonel Lu’s wife worked for Nanjiang City’s Medical University.

Initially, they were just sizing her up, but after that, they had a feeling that she was unattainable. They were also complaining in their hearts—no wonder a young girl like her could afford to use a cell phone.

They would have been very impressed if she were only a primary school teacher or a middle school teacher. Colonel Ye’s daughter was a teacher at a huge primary school, and many people envied her for that.

They did not expect that Colonel Lu’s wife, who looked younger than Colonel Ye’s daughter, Ye Xueli, had a job that was hundreds of streets ahead of her.

“So, you are Colonel Lu’s family? Do you know Colonel Ye’s daughter, Ye Xueli? She’s teaching at Luo City Primary School. Her salary is very high. She receives so much money a month, and there’s also a bonus every year. She even has three months of vacation a year and two days off a week. Look at how

comfortable her life is, how well she dresses every day. How much do you earn a month? You can afford a cell phone, so you must make a lot, right?”

Those women were curious about Jiang Yao’s salary.

‘When Ye Jianguo heard that, he cut her off. “My sister’s job? She’s just an elementary school teacher. How can she compare? Look at how well my sister dresses. Her monthly salary is spent on clothes, shoes, bags, and cosmetics. Sometimes, her salary isn’t even enough, so she still has to ask my dad for it.”

Jiang Yao glanced at Ye Jianguo. A 20-year-old boy was thoughtless. She thought she was fortunate to have been the youngest in her family. She would strangle him to death if he were her brother, especially if he would ruin her reputation with outsiders.

Ye Jianguo did not know what Jiang Yao was thinking, but he continued to say, “The teachers in our school receive 100 bucks a month, and some even get several hundred. Nanjiang City is much richer than our city. Nanjiang Medical University is also a key national university, so their teachers’ salaries are

definitely higher than ours..”

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1758 – I Remember You

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Chapter 1758: I Remember You

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“Have you been feeling much better lately? My mother has been asking about you. She has been feeling better ever since she started taking your medicine. She also slept well at night and had a good appet.i.te.” Mr. Liang did not hang up immediately after talking about serious matters. Instead, he asked

about Jiang Yao’s health. After all, she had suffered severe injuries. He had not had the time to visit Jiang Yao in town while she was recovering.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Liang, I am good. I’m not in Nanjiang City now. I’m in Luo City. I followed a professor from our school to Luo City.” Jiang Yao was also happy when she heard that Old Madam Liang was in good health. “Next time, if Old Madam Liang comes to the south, I’ll definitely bring her to see

some nice scenery. Last time, I had too many things to do. I felt regretful that I couldn’t bring her around.”

“Luo City?” Liang Yueze might have known about that, but Mr. Liang did not. Mr. Liang thought that it was a piece of good news—she would be close to Lu Xingzhi.

Mr. Liang was amused. That young couple had a good relations.h.i.+p, and he was envious.

He had two sons. The older one seemed to have a good relations.h.i.+p with his wife, but anyone could see it was only an act. His younger son had even lost his wife, who had since remarried.

He would be satisfied if one of his two sons could be like Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yao called Jiang Lei to inform him about the news. Jiang Lei was in YN, so he already knew about the situation.

“Even if you didn’t call me, I’m already making preparations to return to the country in the next two days. We do feel that the atmosphere here is starting to become tense. We don’t like going to the city center. We’d rather hide in the countryside. It’s only a matter of time before they start fighting.” Jiang

Lei had already made all the necessary arrangements in the past few days.

“That’s good.”

Jiang Yao nodded and told Jiang Lei that she was not in Nanjiang City. He seemed quite busy—he had been talking to other people while he was on the phone call with her. So, Jiang Yao hung up to not continue to disturb her brother.

Jiang Yao did not notice that the entire bus stop was staring at her while she was on the phone. Some people were staring at her face, while others were staring at the phone in her hand. Some were even trying to eavesdrop on her call.

At that time, a phone was quite rare. One could say it was a luxury item. Some people were even reluctant to buy a black-and-white TV. So, those people were envious when they saw Jiang Yao with a phone that only a big boss could afford.

“I finally remember who you are!”

A boy about the same age as Jiang Yao pointed at her and shouted, “Miss Jiang! You’re the new Miss Jiang from our university! ”

Before the boy continued to speak, he pushed the people in front of him and ran toward Jiang Yao. “Miss Jiang, I’m also a student at the university. I saw you the day I went back to school! I also saw you with our medical graduate students. I heard them calling you Miss Jiang. I didn’t expect to see you in

the army base!”

Jiang Yao heard the boy’s words and asked, “Are you Colonel Ye’s family member?”

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Chapter 1743 – She Is Mighty

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Chapter 1743: She Is Mighty

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Jiang Yao stood there and sneered, “What ability do you think I have to send a message to the Blue Team? All the information about that drill was kept secret. Before entering the mountain, we didn’t even know what we would do, what our mission was, and who we’d be in that drill. The special forces team was in closed-door training. You are also a soldier. You should know that they have been in closed-door training for several months. Even though I am his wife, I didn’t know he was on the Blue Team before I was caught. I also didn’t know that the Blue Team was the special forces. What kind of information can I provide them?”

Jiang Yao snorted, “The doctors are like a burden on your team. Colonel Shao didn’t tell us the details of that drill at all. You thought the female doctors should sacrifice our tags, so you won’t tell us anything. When the Blue Team attacked the Red Team’s command center, I used my ability to escape through the window. At that time, I thought that I had a chance to escape. I can also tell you that if I had known that the person from the Blue Team chasing me was Lu Xingzhi, I would have sacrificed my tag just like Jing Mengjie and the others and not dragged you down.”

Jiang Yao’s words were sonorous and powerful, and her eyes were filled with determination. There was not the slightest bit of fear. Even in the face of everyone’s doubts, she would never allow anyone to slander her, not even Lu Xingzhi!

“One more thing, if I had wanted to help the Blue Team, I could have revealed my ident.i.ty as his wife after he caught me. You would have undoubtedly felt that the drill was unfair when you knew my situation. You would have treated the training with a negative att.i.tude. The Blue Team would have won very quickly if that was the case. Why would they have to wait until today?”

She hated it when someone accused her falsely and blindly. No one was allowed to do that!

“Lu Xingzhi and I did not tell anyone about our relations.h.i.+p because we thought that you would figure it out eventually. In the beginning, no one even knew about the Red Team’s soldiers. I believe that you only found out about it after the end of the exercise, right?”

Jiang Yao asked, “So, tell me, what reason do you have to blame me? What gives you the right to s.h.i.+ft the blame to me? Tell me again, what useful information could I have pa.s.sed to the Blue Team to affect the outcome of that exercise?”

Then, Jiang Yao stood there and swept her gaze across the Red Team. She stood up straight.

No one could answer Jiang Yao’s question because they realized that she really did not have any information about the Red Team.

The Blue Team had captured her just as the operation had started. By then, she had lost all communication with the Red Team.

Furthermore, Colonel Shao never said anything about the Red Team’s arrangements and operations to those doctors.

She was also right about one thing. Colonel Shao had treated the female doctors as sacrificial lambs from the beginning, so he did not think it was necessary to tell them anything.

“She is right!” Old Yang took the lead and applauded Jiang Yao. “She is so mighty!”