Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3206 – Encountering Jin Hong Again

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Chapter 3206: Encountering Jin Hong Again

“Kun Tian, come on down!” Feng Xue looked at Jian Chen disguised as Kun Tian. Her voice was velvety, enough to render people powerless.

She moved around in the lake gracefully like a fish while being completely unclothed, bobbing in the water. Coupled with the beautiful landscape in the surroundings, it formed a wonderful scene.

This scene was enough to stir the most primitive urges of all men.

However, Jian Chen was completely unfazed as he stood on the sh.o.r.e. His heart was utterly unperturbed. No matter how charming and gorgeous Feng Xue was, he remained impa.s.sive.

“I’ve already come here with you and given you what you want. Now, it’s time for you to uphold your promise.” On the sh.o.r.e, Jian Chen directly stared into Feng Xue’s eyes. His expression was chilly and slightly stern.

Feng Xue stiffened. She gazed at Jian Chen with resentment and mixed emotions, as Jian Chen had already returned to his original appearance by now. The “Kun Tian” in her eyes had already vanished.

After a moment of silence, Feng Xue grumbled, “I want you to spend a day here with me as Kun Tian. I want one last beautiful memory.”

“You will be leaving the Darkstar World one day. Once you leave, I won’t be able to see Kun Tian again.”

Feng Xue smiled faintly again, curling her finger at Jian Chen again in a charming manner. She said delicately, “Quick, change back. Come down as Kun Tian. We can be like before.”

However, Feng Xue’s flirting with Jian Chen was completely useless. He said emotionlessly, “I need to go back and refine pills. I don’t have enough time to waste here with you. Farewell!”

With that, Jian Chen immediately vanished like he had teleported away, leaving through the Laws of s.p.a.ce. He only left behind a booming message that seemed to resound from the sky, echoing through the mountains and even shaking up the trees. Even the surface of the lake rippled as a result.

“Don’t forget about your promise. Don’t bother me again in the future!”

In the lake, Feng Xue completely stiffened. Her charming smile completely vanished, and her face darkened.


Suddenly, Feng Xue let out a great roar. Powerful energy surged through the mountains and trees. With a great boom, the mountains shook, collapsing one by one.

Immediately, the entire place was rendered beyond recognition. The surrounding mountains and beautiful lake had all vanished.


Sure enough, Feng Xue stopped bothering Jian Chen from then onwards. He remained on the mountain, refining G.o.dking pills day after day, year after year.

With his rate of refining G.o.dking pills, he produced ten thousand of them each century.

Time flew by. Another two centuries pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. It had already been over four hundred years since Jian Chen arrived in the Darkstar World, and he had produced forty thousand high grade G.o.dking pills already.

These high grade G.o.dking pills had all been distributed by the Darkstar Emperor, basically all used to replenish the power of the thirty-six major cities.

During the years he refined pills, Jian Chen would use the senses of his soul to check on the Darkstar race from time to time, personally investigating whether any latent side-effects had appeared on the people of the Darkstar race that had consumed G.o.dking pills.

But to his joy, nothing strange happened to them even until now.

“Looks like high grade G.o.dking pills are safe. If that’s the case, I can freely use them to strengthen the clan when I return to the Tian Yuan clan the next time.” Jian Chen was eager. He had waited far, far too long for that day.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s expression changed, and a smear of surprise appeared in his eyes. He gazed into the distance and murmured, “There are actually Infinite Primes fighting there. Hmm? This presence…”

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed, becoming surprised. In the next moment, he vanished.

This was the first time he had left here in his two centuries of refining pills.

At this moment, in an uninhabited area of the Darkstar World, several figures brushed past each other in the air. They surged with energy, forming b.a.l.l.s of light that clashed together.

There were a total of four people fighting, except it was three people against one. They carried out a battle to the death.

From the energy and presence of the trio, they were clearly experts of the Darkstar race, while the person outnumbered clearly possessed energy and presence that did not belong to the Darkstar World. He was an expert of the Saints’ World.

He was the young master of the Dire Wolf clan, Jin Hong!

Jin Hong’s present strength had already reached the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime.

Of course, the reason why he could cultivate so quickly was not due to his talent or the Grand Exalt’s legacy he had obtained.

Instead, it was because of the droplet of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood he had obtained from Jian Chen!

The Grand Exalt’s essence blood possessed extraordinary energy. Not only had it strengthened Jin Hong’s bloodline, allowing him to reach Infinite Prime prematurely, but it also allowed his strength to grow in a way that defied logic over the past few years.

Of course, after reaching the Fourth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime, the droplet of essence blood from the Grand Exalt was completely depleted. His strength began to grow at a regular rate once again.

Even though he was a Fourth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, his battle prowess had completely surpa.s.sed his current realm due to the Grand Exalt’s legacy. He was invincible within his own realm. Add to that his various secret techniques, he was extremely powerful. Even some Fifth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes were not his opponent.

However, he had clearly lost the upper hand right now as he faced three opponents at the same time. He was forced into a retreat by the three Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race, forced to back away in the direction of the Two World Mountains.

There were even many wounds on his body, dripping with blood. He was already quite injured.

“I represent the Dire Wolf clan. I’ve specially come to negotiate with the Darkstar race. I hope to reestablish the connection and trade between our worlds. I have no ill intentions,” Jin Hong said sternly. Among the three Primordial realm experts he faced, one of them was the second hall master Arna, a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

Faced with Arna, Jin Hong clearly stood no chance. He was completely overwhelmed.

The other two experts were vice hall masters of the second divine hall.

“Hmph, an outsider Primordial realm expert has snuck into our world. You must be up to no good, yet you still try to deny it!” the second hall master Arna said coldly. He used his full strength without holding back at all, such that Jin Hong could only defend. He was completely incapable of fighting back.

At this moment, a figure appeared in the distance with a flash. As powerful presences radiated outwards, more Primordial realm experts of the Darkstar race had rushed over at the news of this.

There was a great group of people this time, over a dozen of them in total. The ten divine halls all sent vice hall masters.

The tenth hall master Feng Xue had arrived with all of her vice hall masters as well.

A foreign Primordial realm expert infiltrating the Darkstar World was without a doubt reopening the Darkstar race’s scars from the past. It immediately filled them with anger and killing intent.

They could permit foreign G.o.dkings, as no matter what G.o.dkings did, they could not upheave the entire world.

However, they definitely could not permit Primordial realm experts.

Once discovered, their standard practice was unleas.h.i.+ng the strength of the entire race to kill them.

Immediately, Jin Hong became caught in a tight encirclement.

“I have no ill intentions! You shouldn’t go too far!” Jin Hong roared out furiously. Even though he was heavily surrounded, he did not panic at all.