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Chapter 383: Uninvited Guests

“Jiang Li, stop joking.”

Yan Hong’s first reaction was naturally disbelief. Didn’t he know his own situation?

However, when the word Golden Core was mentioned, it immediately triggered his memories from a period of time ago.

“Wait a minute, is this true? I… I… I’ve reached the Golden Core realm?”

Yan Hong’s round face perfectly displayed his confusion.

Then, he immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and circulated his water attribute cultivation method that was only at the first level of the Qi Refinement chapter to check the cultivation situation in his body.

In the end, Yan Hong was only an outer sect disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley.

Towards these many outer sect disciples, the sect naturally could not nurture them as fully as inner sect disciples.

Instead, there were many restrictions on them.

The cultivation methods and spell techniques they had learned were all the foundation of the sect, so they naturally could not spread them privately.

When he first entered the sect, he only obtained the first level Qi Refinement chapter cultivation method. It was the same for Jiang Li back then.

Only after breaking through would they be allowed to go to the Scripture Storage Pavilion to exchange for cultivation methods of this realm.

Before breaking through, it was not only impossible to obtain the next level of cultivation method, but it was also extremely difficult.

Most sects did this. The Scripture Storage Valley placed greater importance on their own inheritance.

Before he was robbed by the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard, Yan Hong had always been in the Qi Refinement realm, so he naturally did not have any subsequent cultivation methods.

After eating the unreasonable Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fruit, the Nine Nether Earth Fruit, although his cultivation was forcefully pushed to the Golden Core realm, there were almost no traces of cultivation in the Golden Core.

It looked like a white piece of paper.

This was also the reason why Jiang Li had never used the Nine Nether Earth Fruit to madly acc.u.mulate his cultivation. To him, the gains would definitely not make up for the losses.

If he used that method, how could Jiang Li possess his current Quintet Dao Foundation, Dragon Pearl Golden Core, and even fuse five Golden Cores together?

Of course, that was also because Jiang Li’s cultivation was different from others.

To Yan Hong and the vast majority of the other cultivators, although this situation had some drawbacks, it was still a meteoric rise.

Moreover, the side effects of the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Fruit could be said to be the least. He could only spend time slowly cultivating the cultivation method.

Otherwise, if he slowly cultivated, there would be many people who could not break through even when their lifespan was exhausted.

“I’ve really reached the Golden Core realm!”

Yan Hong sat cross-legged on the ground and confirmed for a long time before finally opening his eyes. Joy and disbelief erupted in his eyes.

Although he had suffered a huge calamity, while there was no danger, a huge opportunity landed on him.

To Yan Hong, this change was really hard to say. Should it be a good thing or a bad thing?

The sudden surprise made this guy’s hands not tremble anymore, and his mood was also comfortable. He got up and sat on a chair at the side, constantly trying to mobilize his Golden Core.

However, other than having a Golden Core, he could not keep up with anything else. It was as if this Golden Core was not his at all.

If he wanted to master this Golden Core, without any accidents, it would at least take nearly a hundred years of hard work.

“That’s right. You’re a cultivator of the same level as me now. I’ll make you a small elder when we get back.”

Previously, in the Great Mountain Alliance, because Yan Hong’s cultivation was really too low, he could not speak no matter where he went. Even Jiang Li was unable to arrange any decent positions for him.

However, in the future, there would no longer be such an awkward situation.

By planting more people in the Great Mountain Alliance, it could greatly help Jiang Li consolidate his status.

Moreover, in terms of being a businessman, Yan Hong was indeed talented. Moreover, every time Jiang Li needed anything, Yan Hong could basically get him anything that could be found in the market. This was indeed very helpful to him.

“Then it’s a deal.”

Yan Hong raised his eyebrows and did not refuse. He had been coveting the position of Foreign Affairs Elder of the Great Mountain Alliance for a long time.

However, he recalled something else and his excited expression became solemn again.

“Jiang Li, I think we should leave this place quickly. This Five Banishment City is not a good place.”

After the excitement pa.s.sed, Yan Hong held his head and began to comb through his memories.

“There’s no rush. Isn’t there a lively wedding in Five Banishment Daoists in three days? Do you know which one of the Five Banishment Daoists is preparing to marry this time?”

Yan Hong recalled for a moment, and then he looked at Jiang Li with a slightly strange expression.

“It’s not one, but all five of the Five Banishment Daoists who want to marry.”

Yan Hong’s expression was that of “you know what I mean”.

“All five of them are going to marry? Doesn’t that mean they have to bring back five brides?”

“These five demons are quite ambitious. Which forces are they going to marry? Which greater demon is it?”

Jiang Li tapped his fingers on the armrest of the chair and began to think about the conflict of benefits. The combined efforts of the five demons could already radiate a considerable area in the surroundings.

If they continued to tie the other demons to themselves through marriage, the other demons in a radius of thousands of miles might not have a good life.

However, Yan Hong quickly overturned his guess.

“No, you’ve misunderstood. They only have one bride.”


After Jiang Li heard Yan Hong’s words, even with his temperament, he could not help but be stunned. His fingers that were tapping the armrest subconsciously stopped.

“Five of them are… marrying one bride? Are they that close?”

Jiang Li’s expression became strange as well. What was going on?

“That’s right, it’s what you think. This wedding is for one female to attend to five husbands!”

Jiang Li looked shocked and sighed in his heart. The n.o.ble circle was really chaotic.

The Five Banishment Daoists were Ox, Sheep, Pig, Dog, and Donkey respectively. Even among the demons, these five were powerful in reproduction and had strong desires.

Especially when these five people were extremely powerful, the situation would naturally be much more intense.

It was said that every night, they had to kill a few women who served them, be they humans or demons.

“Who’s the other party? She can actually withstand those five together?”

Jiang Li temporarily did not consider anything regarding morality.

From a purely physical point of view, if they wanted a woman to serve these five demons, her physique had to be extremely powerful.

Who could be so powerful?

“I’m not too sure about that.”

“It seems to be a fox demon from some place called the Tu Mountain. It’s also at the level of the Mountain King, but its reputation is not very famous.”

“The other party was naturally not willing. It’s those five fellows in Five Banishment City who took a fancy to her beauty and family fortune.”

“Then, they used some methods to force the other party to agree to marry them.”

Yan Hong explained what he knew.

The Nine Nether Wood Spiritual Root’s greatest strength lay here.

Even if his personality was changed, his strength, intelligence, temperament, and talent would not be changed.

Yan Hong did not lose his merchant instincts. During this period of time here, he had been probing for all kinds of information. At the very least, he had all the information that was spread on the surface near Five Banishment City.

Jiang Li originally nodded as if he was listening to a story, but one word attracted his attention.

“Wait, what did you say? Tu Mountain? There’s a Tu Mountain in the Ten Directions Region?”

Jiang Li could not ignore it. This place had produced an existence like the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox, and it was definitely an ancient legacy. Perhaps there was an extremely great opportunity hidden within.

At this moment, his coffin also had a group of black and white foxes from Tu Mountain.

Moreover, there was also a finger bone of the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox that he had carefully stored. According to the Human Emperor’s inheritance, he actually had the obligation to send this nest of foxes back to Tu Mountain.

“There should be. Is there a problem with this Tu Mountain?”

However, Yan Hong did not know why Jiang Li was interested in this name. This was only one of the many Demon Mountains in the Ten Directions Region.

The cultivation civilization of the continent of the Nine Provinces had been broken for too long, so they knew very little about the secrets of the ancient times.

Back then, such a huge Bodhisattva statue could not be sold for a high price at an auction. This situation was clear at first glance.

Tu Mountain was a place that had always avoided the world. Even Jiang Li only knew of Daji, a Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox.

After all, the other party was the Human Emperor’s Empress. All her information was hidden very well.

Apart from the rare group of higher-ups at that time, the news basically did not leak out. Coupled with the suppression of Tu Mountain later, even in the ancient times, they had remained silent, let alone now.

However, if others did not know, how could Jiang Li not understand? That was the legendary Tu Mountain!

Originally, Jiang Li also wanted to rescue Yan Hong and the group of Hidden Rock cultivators and leave this dangerous territory.

At most, they would attack a few weaker demon territories and try their best to save some of the humans here.

However, from the looks of it, he had to get involved.

Jiang Li’s thoughts raced, and then he asked Yan Hong carefully about the exact situation in this area.

What powerful demons were there? What was the relations.h.i.+p between their personalities?

When he heard Jiang Li’s question, Yan Hong knew that this good friend of his did not intend to leave immediately.

However, he also believed in Jiang Li’s methods and did not persuade him much. He only told him the information he knew bit by bit.

In the room on the top floor of the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn, Jiang Li and Yan Hong were plotting something.

On the street at the entrance of the inn, three seemingly travel-worn bear demons walked over.

They walked to the front of Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn and stopped. The larger bear demon took out a map and looked at it before looking up at Prosperous Jiang Hong’s signboard. His expression became ugly.

After looking inside for a long time, he decided to enter and asked for a room.

After entering the room, the larger bear demon immediately took out a set of formation flags and skillfully set them up. Soon, the room was completely enveloped by a spirit design that isolated aura and sound.

Then, the three bear demons actually began to take off their fur. A moment later, their true bodies were revealed.

They were three human cultivators.

In the room, an elder, a youth, and a young girl revealed their true bodies under the protection of the array formation.

Restraining one’s own spiritual qi and using the demon core’s demonic qi as a disguise was naturally not a comfortable thing.

After removing their disguises, the two youngsters heaved a sigh of relief and eagerly stretched their bodies.

The young female cultivator ran to the paper window in the room and quietly observed the streets outside.

“Grandpa, is this Five Banishment City? There are many strange demons in the city.”

The young female cultivator spoke excitedly, giving people the feeling that she was here to travel.

“That’s right, this is our destination.”

“The inheritance of our ancestors is buried here. As long as we obtain that inheritance, our family will definitely be able to regain our former glory.”

The old man among them also walked to the window, his eyes emitting a hopeful light. He seemed to know some unknown secrets of Five Banishment City.

He then looked at the two youngsters beside him.

“The two of you have the best bloodline talent in our family. You’ll definitely succeed this time.”

“Whether the family can regain its former glory will depend on you!”

Being looked at by the elder with such high hopes, the two youngsters could not help but become much more serious. They had already heard this sentence countless times.

While feeling responsible, they also felt heavy pressure.

The family had been preparing for this trip for a long time.

Taking advantage of the wedding day of the five demons, they would definitely lower their guard in certain places. At that time, it would be their chance.

The origins of this Five Banishment City were ancient, and there were some secrets that even the Five Banishment Daoists did not know. This was their chance.

“Grandpa, we understand.”

“But Grandpa, why are we staying here?”

The two youngsters nodded in agreement. Then, the slightly older man asked.

This was because on the way to the Ten Directions Region, their grandfather had repeatedly emphasized to them about their actions and plans after entering the Five Banishment City.

They had originally prepared a place to stay in the city. However, he clearly remembered that it was not this Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn.

However, his grandfather revealed a helpless expression.

“This is our original secret base.”

“However, the world of the demons is too chaotic. This place should have been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by others not long ago.”

The Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn in Five Banishment City had just opened for about a month, but where did this shop come from? It was naturally s.n.a.t.c.hed.

This store originally belonged to a group of demons without any faction. After Yan Hong took a fancy to it, the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard directly attacked and forcefully took it down.

Perhaps due to the influence of someone’s luck, the place they took down happened to be pressed against an unknown secret pa.s.sage.

“Then, Grandpa, what’s our plan?”

He was indeed a little nervous when he was young.

“It’s fine. That secret pa.s.sage is very secret. Apart from our family, no one else can open it.”

“The demons who s.n.a.t.c.hed this store shouldn’t have discovered it. On the day of the wedding, everyone must go and support the Five Banishment Daoists. At that time, it’ll be our chance to act.”

The Five Banishment City was decorated with lanterns and colored banners, bustling with preparations for the immoral demon wedding in three days.

On the other side of this joyous matter, there was an inconspicuous mountain called Tu Mountain in the Ten Direction Region.

An extremely beautiful woman who was far more beautiful than anyone Jiang Li had seen was sitting on the throne and looking at the wedding clothes that had just been delivered below.

A pair of eyes that were like clear springs were emitting endless coldness..

Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration Chapter 381 – Demon City Inn

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Chapter 381: Demon City Inn

After understanding the current situation of these humans, Jiang Li waved his hand and transformed it into a thorn whip with sharp spikes. He personally ran into the coffin s.p.a.ce and used the whip technique to accelerate the speed at which these wolf demons were parasitized.

Half a day later, Jiang Li let them out.

The few leaders of this wolf demon team were wrapped in thick bandages for some reason.

However, the group still continued to advance towards their target, Five Banishment City, as if nothing had happened.

After another few days of travel, a huge city stronghold appeared ahead.

Then, a strong beastly smell spread out from the village.

Demon beasts still retained many of their beast habits.

They generally did not like to be clean. There were also some demon beasts that were carnivorous and had the instinct to mark their territory with excrement.

With such a huge stronghold filled with so many demons, it was strange that the smell was not strong.

However, here, there were gradually more traces of human life.

It was not that humans could live well in this city.

It was because for some reason, although the five great demons in Five Banishment City were demons, they called themselves the Five Banishment Daoists.

Moreover, it seemed that they yearned for the extravagant life of humans.

When demon beasts disguised as humans, no matter how much they pretended, they still did not look genuine. Therefore, under the management and requirements of the five of them, the humans inside carried the fear of being killed at any time and acted as the prosperous front of this city stronghold.

The humans who worked hard to live calmly formed a sharp contrast with the demon beasts that could be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys.

Looking at the city stronghold from afar, Jiang Li could sense that the five powerful auras that shot into the sky in the city were all stronger than the ordinary Mountain King.

This Five Banishment City was the largest gathering place of the demons in a 500-kilometer radius.

It was also the place with the most livestock and humans. Many demons wanted to eat humans, but there were five powerful demons presiding inside, and it was sufficient to intimidate the surrounding thieves.

“Baldy, let’s enter the city.”

After Jiang Li checked that the disguise on his body was not obvious, he summoned the wolf demon and walked towards the Five Banishment City.

The structure of this Five Banishment City was slightly different from ordinary cities.

The fortress structure was mostly for convenience and practical use. The doors were divided into east, west, south, and north.

However, this Five Banishment City was different. There was only one door in this stronghold, and it was built side by side.

This kind of structure was neither practical nor beautiful. Presumably, it had some other special uses.

There were demon soldiers guarding each of the five city gates. With a slight glance, one could tell that the strength of these demon soldiers was not bad and were completely capable of suppressing some small conflicts.

What Jiang Li and the others entered was the second city gate on the right. The ones guarding the gate were two humanoid donkey demons.

As for the demon soldiers guarding the other four doors, their characteristics were very easy to recognize. They were ox, dog, sheep, and pig.

One could imagine that the five great demons who called themselves the Five Banishment Daoists in this city should be an ox, dog, sheep, pig, and donkey respectively.

This phenomenon caused Jiang Li to sigh with admiration.

It was normal for demons to fight each other. Between the same race, two tigers could not share one mountain.

Even if they were from the same mother, it was very difficult to form an alliance.

However, it was very strange that these five completely different demons could work together in this Five Banishment City.

Jiang Li wanted to know more secrets, but it was a pity that this group of wolf demons usually did not pay attention to the gossip. Their Black Bamboo Mountain was also more than ten demon territories away, so they knew even less.

“The subordinate of the Black Bamboo Mountain’s Green Wolf King is here to send a congratulatory gift to the Five Banishment Lords.”

As they approached the city gate, the bald wolf leader took the initiative to step forward and negotiate. A wolf demon of this level naturally recovered a little flesh injuries very quickly.

The bandages from before had already been removed.

After saying this, the donkey demon only glanced indifferently. Then, it stretched out its hooves that had already transformed into a palm structure and waved at them.

It was obvious that he wanted the city fees.

Even if it was a guest who had come from afar to deliver a congratulatory gift, if they wanted to enter the city, they still had to pay the entrance fee.

The greed of the demons was vividly displayed at this moment. Even their regular invitations were a way to acc.u.mulate wealth.

However, since he was here to give a gift, he naturally could not embarra.s.s his master.

The bald wolf took out a large bag of spirit stones with a pained expression and handed it to the donkey demon guarding the door.

Speaking of which, this bag of spirit stones should also be Jiang Li’s property.

Jiang Li looked at the five city gates. They were all charged by different small demons and did not seem to interfere with each other.

Presumably, these five demons each held the city entrance fees.

After following everyone into the city, Five Banishment City was covered in lanterns and bright colors. Red cloths were hung everywhere. Clearly, the city was preparing for a joyous event.

There was a joyous occasion in Five Banishment Daoists recently. It was said that someone from the Five Banishment Daoists was about to get married.

Only then did they send out a large number of invitations to the famous demons nearby.

These five demons had a preference for such things. They controlled a city stronghold and could be said to be grooms at night. However, it was indeed a rare thing to hold a wedding with such fanfare.

It was unknown which one of them was going to marry a demon.

If the other party was also a greater demon, did that mean that this Five Banishment City would become the Six Banishment City in the future?

Regarding this, the surrounding Mountain Kings were all rather worried. If their strength increased again, they might attack their neighbors one day.

The Black Bamboo Mountain Green Wolf was a little far from them. Originally, they did not have much of a relations.h.i.+p.

However, it was said that the Five Banishment Daoists held an orthodox inheritance in their hands. Their strength was much greater than ordinary demons through cultivation.

They were also five people of the same faction, but the surrounding mountains were in a state of disunity. Therefore, the influence of Five Banishment City in the nearby area had always been considerable.

In order to prevent offending these five, after receiving the invitation, they could only let their subordinates choose 30 human girls from the mountaintop to send over.

Of these five, this was the best. However, ordinary human women with weak bodies would probably not last more than two hours if they became toys in their hands.

He first got these wolf demons to bring the girls to a place to stay.

Jiang Li carried the appearance of a fish demon and walked around the city.

There were indeed many humans in Five Banishment City.

They carried out their work numbly, not daring to casually communicate or look up.

They had seen many things in the environment of the Demon City. They could see these strange creatures every day, but this did not reduce their fear of demons.

From time to time, a few people would be dragged away and eaten on the streets. In such an environment, how could they live in peace?

When they saw each demon, their eyes revealed fear, afraid that they would be seen and dragged away.

When Jiang Li walked on the streets and looked at them, they would often lower their heads and avoid him, not daring to look him in the eye.

Their civilization’s inheritance was still slightly better than the Black Bamboo Mountain. All kinds of shops that could be seen in the human world could be seen on their side.

If not for the various demons on the streets and the numb, despairing expressions on the human faces, Jiang Li would probably really think that he had returned to the human world.

Along the way, Jiang Li was mainly checking the array formations in this city. This was his habit every time he went to a new place.

Only by making full preparations could he leave a way out.

Right when Jiang Li turned a corner, his gaze was suddenly attracted by a signboard.

Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn!

The fifth Parallel Mind had already received most of the soul inheritance of the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard.

However, because the soul battle at that time was too tragic, many memories were severely missing.

He only knew that the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard had previously set up a stronghold near Five Banishment City and tried to open a store in it.

However, he could not confirm the exact location.

However, he did not expect Yan Hong to be so fast. In just a short period of time, he had opened the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn.

This was also an important reason why the Nine Nether Wood sent Yan Hong and the others back to this place.

He took a fancy to the process of collecting souls in the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn.

He was the Nine Nether Wood, the ancestor of the Yin Wood in the world. Although his need for souls was not as great as Jiang Li, ghosts could also increase his combat strength to a certain extent.

The ghosts in the Nine Nether Wood’s soul were the best proof.

Therefore, the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard had actually not planned to use Yan Hong and the others to threaten Jiang Li from the beginning.

It was purely because he wanted Yan Hong’s help in running a business.

In such a short period of time, they had opened a branch of the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn in the dangerous Ten Directions Region. Yan Hong’s ability had improved greatly.

Jiang Li looked at the familiar signboard and sighed for a moment before entering the store.

The layout inside was still the standard layout of the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn. However, the person standing behind the counter had become a vine demon.

No, on a closer look, it was a demon disguised as a vine wrapped around a human cultivator.

This should be a disguise specially made by the Nine Nether Wood to allow them to survive in the Land of Infinite Demons.

Such a simple binding looked relatively ordinary.

It was fine to deceive low-level demons, but not true figures.

Jiang Li took a closer look. He had some impression of this person in the vines.

This was a Golden Core cultivator from the Hundred Tempering Mountain. After he subdued him back then, he became the earliest batch of Hidden Rock cultivators.

He provided Jiang Li with considerable help in controlling the Hidden Rock Army. He was also part of the group of people that Jiang Li trusted the most and had always helped him do all kinds of dirty work.

However, later on, the Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard seized control of him and sent him to this d.a.m.ned place.

With the lost Hidden Rock cultivator here, Yan Hong would probably not be far away.

“Bring me to your shopkeeper.”

Jiang Li walked to the counter and got straight to the point..

Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration Chapter 385

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Chapter 385: White Moonlight

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

He had almost made a mistake.

This fox demon only had a tail so Jiang Li’s first impression was that it was an

ordinary fox demon.

Fortunately, he was cautious in the end. He captured the other party’s aura and

let the Nine-Tailed Fox Race in the coffin identify him.

They confimed that although this aura was a little mixed and impure, it was

definitely their Nine-Tailed Fox Race.

Moreover, its tail was even above four. It was very powerful.

The Nine-Tailed Fox Race that had always lived in Empress Daji’s tomb were

able to preserve 10 to 20 fox demons of the thinnest bloodline through the final

resort of the last Human Emperor.

The lifespan of the Nine-Tailed Fox Race was very long, far longer than

ordinary wild beasts. They could slowly reproduce inside and maintain their

bloodline purity.

However, Tu Mountain’s branch could actually retain their bloodline after

experiencing the long Cultivationless Age and reach this stage. It was indeed

not easy.

Jiang Li took a closer look and noticed that the fox demon’s strongest attack

should be that tail, but it had never used it.

When the fox tail lashed out a few times, one could see that the root of the tail

was still stained with blood.

This was also the reason why the bald wolf demon had smelled blood on her.

Before coming here, there was only one tail left.

At that time, there were no traces of battle on her body. In other words, it was

very likely that she had cut off the additional tails?

However, what was the point of crippling her own strength before entering

this tiger’s den?

Jiang Li felt a little strange when he saw the fox demon that was surrounded by

the five demons and was barely holding on. However, right at this moment,

Yan Hong sent him a message.

Someone was stirring up trouble at the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn.

The Prosperous Jlang Hong Inn did not offend anyone in the Ten Directions

Region. It did not look like a rich place, yet it could actually be robbed?

Jiang Li had also thought of taking advantage of the chaos.

However, looking at the current situation, the five demons were simply at ease.

Now, if anyone dared to cause trouble, they could immediately react.

There was basically no opportunity to take advantage of it.

Moreover, if he wanted to take advantage of the chaos, he should go to the

residences of these five guys. Why did he come to an inn for no reason?

The coffin lid slid open, and a tree root emerged from the palm-sized coffin.

After falling to the ground, it directly entered like a fish swimming in water.

Jiang Li’s second Nine Nether Wood was the strongest clone he had subdued

since he started cultivating. Its foundation and strength had already reached

the peak of the Soul Formation realm. Any further and it would become a

Demon King

Although it had been heavily injured and its strength had fallen greatly, the

foundation in its soul was still there. Jiang Li had used the Bodhisattva Heart

Sutra with his Golden Core cultivation, so it was not so easy to completely

devour its shattered soul.

At the very least, up until now, the parallel mind had only absorbed less than

half of the soul fragments.

However, other than this, Jiang Li’s Nine Nether clone had already successfully

grown a second statue with the help of the Immortal Peach Fruit.

Just as he thought, it was an Asura who looked very similar to Jiang Li.

The current Nine Nether clone was already equivalent to a human Soul

Formation cultivator. No matter where he went, he could hold his own.

When something happened, he got the Nine Nether clone to run back to the inn

to check.

Jiang Li flipped his hand and grabbed a finger bone that was warm like jade.

After obtaining the Human Emperor’s inheritance of King Zhou, he could be

considered to have some relations.h.i.+p with Tu Mountain.

It was one thing if he did not meet them, but since he had encountered the Tu

Mountain Fox Race that was in trouble, he should partic.i.p.ate in this farce. Not long after, the fox demon in the center of the battle was about to collapse.

She attacked the pig demon desperately, leaving hundreds of claw marks on

the thick-skinned white pig.

However, with her current strength after she severed her tail, it was very

difficult for her to stand a chance against these five demons in a one-on-one


Not to mention five against one.

To the white pig, those hundreds of claw marks were only superficial injuries.

On the contrary, her body suffered several heavy blows, and her condition


Presumably, it would not be long before she was forcefully taken down by

these few animals and subdued physically.

Just as she could not persist and could not even drag someone down with her, a

throbbing sensation from the bloodline suddenly appeared in the fox demon’s


The intimacy and shock that came from the source of his bloodline.

It made her forget that she was fighting. Her eyes stared ina certain direction

in the crowd, trying to find the person who made her feel so.

Just sensing this bit of aura made the spiritual qi in her body surge. The

bloodline that had originally become impure after tens of thousands of years of

crossbreeding began to boil at this moment and slowly became purer.

This feeling shocked the fox demon who originally had six tails.

Recovering the Tu Mountain Nine-Tailed Bloodline was the wish of their race

for many years. Now, just an aura had reached this effect.

If she could find the source of the aura, there was a chance that Tu Mountain

would rise up.

Then, because of this distraction, she was grabbed by the ox demon among the

Five Banishment Daoists and ruthlessly flung to the ground.

Her seemingly weak body created a huge hole in the ground, and she was

heavily injured again.

The Five Banishment Daoists took out a golden rope at the same time and

projected it down, intending to restrain this fox demon.

However, at the next moment, a white light shot into the sky from the huge

hole filled with dust.

A white light and the bright moon in the sky reflected each other with an

increasingly cold light. In an instant, all the creatures who saw the white light

fell into a beautiful illusion.

Even the Five Banishment Daoists were no exception.

This was the fox demon’s illusion technique, White Moonlight!

After using an illusion technique to temporarily freeze the surrounding

demons, Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya darted out of the huge hole. She reached out and

grabbed the pig demon, pulling out a pearl.

This was the betrothal gift that Five Banishment City had originally agreed to

give her, but it was a pity that these five fellows did not plan to give it to her

directly. It was also because they had gone too far that the fox demon was

forced to attack directly.

Previously, she had attacked in a bid to obtain this pearl first. Presumably, this

thing should have soame additional meaning to her.

Now that she had the pearl, the fox demon should have fled immediately.

However, she stopped in the air and stared at the motionless demons, still

trying to find the person who emitted the power of the same bloodline.

She indeed knew this fox demon illusion technique, but even at her peak, the

strength she could unleash was less than 10% of this time.

It could only confuse experts of the same level for an instant.

Unlike now, when it erupted and froze the thousands of demons in the

surroundings, including ten greater demons.

The only reason why it had such an effect was because of the person or thing

that had responded to her just now.

Although she had not directly touched it and it had greatly strengthened her

illusion technique to unleash that power,

that person definitely had a deep relations.h.i.+p with the Tu Mountain and the

Nine-Tailed Race.

If she could find the other party or obtain that thing related to her bloodline,

she might be able to make Tu Mountain stand out in the world again.

Sweeping her gaze across the demons, she really discovered the person she

was looking for.

At this moment, they were enveloped by the illusion technique. Everyone was

immersed in the white moonlight illusion with happy expressions.

However, one of them opened his eyes and looked at her with interest.

When the two sides looked at each other, the Tu Mountain Fox Demon

immediately knew that this person was helping her just now.

With a flash, this beautiful fox demon rushed to Jiang Li’s side and stuffed the

pearl she had just obtained into his hand.

Thank you for your help, Fellow Daoist. My name is Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya.

Help me send this thing back to Tu Mountain. The Fox Race will definitely

repay you!

After taking another deep look at Jiang Li, before he could reply, Tu Mountain’s

Wu Ya flashed towards the distance.

It was not good to stay here for long. Although she had come here with the

determination to die, it was naturally better to survive.

After White Moonlight was used, it had only taken a few breaths for Tu

Mountain’s Wu Ya to leave.

However, at this moment, the eyelids of the Five Banishment Daoists, who

were still floating on the spot, began to tremble slightly.

This meant that they were about to break free from the illusion.

Although these five guys committed all kinds of crimes, for some reason, they

cultivated an orthodox cultivation method of thhe Dao Sect. Their mental

resistance was much stronger than other Demon Kings.

Under the enhancement of the finger bone, this fox demon’s illusion technique

was indeed very powerful, but it was not to the extent of being able to toy with

the enemy.

At this moment, as long as they were attacked, they would immediately wake


The demons had powerful defense and tenacious vitality. With Wu Ya’s

methods, she could not kill any of them in one strike.

That was why she gave up this good opportunity and fled into the distance.

Although she could not do it, Jiang Li was quite confident in succeeding.

He had wanted to take advantage of it previously, but now was the perfect


Time was tight, and there was no time to hesitate or waste.

His figure leaped out of the group of demons and rushed forward. A blood-red

lotus platform had appeared in his hand at some point in time.

With a shalke of his hand, the Blood Lotus Platform swelled up with the wind

and enveloped the dog demon among the Five Banishment Daoists.

He only had one chance to launch a sneak attack. This time, if he could make

the Five Banishment Daoists lose a member, it would greatly reduce the threat

of Five Banishment City.

Jiang Li’s target was this dog demon.

Although this dog demon was not the strongest among the Five Banishment

Daoists, its sense of smell was really powerful. Since he planned to help the Tu

Mountain Fox Demon, he might as well help more.

After taking in this yellow dog, without its nose, the escaping Tu Mountain’s

Wu Ya had a higher chance of survival

The lotus platform enlarged in the air. Just as it was about to envelop the

yellow dog, an instinctive sense of danger woke the dog from the illusion.

Two thick arms reached up and actually grabbed the edge of thhe lotus platform

petal, preventing it from pressing down.

“How dare you! Who are you!”

The dog demon roared boldly and was about to counterattack Jiang Li, but the

grade of the Blood Lotus Platform was terrifying. He did not have the bull

demon’s strength, so he was unable to push it away for a time.

In the next moment, another chain flew over and wrapped around the yellow

dog’s waist.

From the bottom up, there was a coffin with the bottom wrapped upwards.

Karma Cleansing Lotus, Dragon Imprisoning Lock, and Yin Burial Coffin.

Although these three were not purely offensive artifacts, they were even more


If one was. .h.i.t by any of these three artifacts, those below the Earth Immortal

realm would be helpless.

Could the yellow dog block the first one, avoid the second, and escape the


The large demon yellow dog that had just woken up from the illusion realm

and was ambushed was directly placed into the coffin by Jiang Li

Then, the coffin quickly shrunk, turning into a black light that landed in Jiang

Li’s arms.

Due to the dog demon’s roar just now, the other demons were about to break

free from the illusion technique.

Jiang Li landed at the fastest speed and directly used the Nine Nether escape

technique to enter the ground.

Then, he converged all his aura and hid underground, not moving at all. He

held the Ground Control Flag in his hand. Once he was discovered by these

demons, he would escape with all his might.

d.a.m.n it! That fox escaped!

The other four demons among the five demons woke up almost at the same


Looking left and right, they were fl.u.s.tered and exasperated.

“Where’s the dog? Could it be that he woke up and chased after that woman?

They discovered that the dog deamon was not around and were not worried.

How could anyone let a big demon do anything at this moment?

What a lecherous dog. Pig, find the whereabouts of that woman!

“Leave it to me.”

Ignoring the missing dog, the big white pig among the four demons rolled its

huge pig nose and began to suck the surrounding air like a bellows.

There was a strange aura?

The pig demon looked at the place where the yellow dog had vanished earlier.

He smelled the energy aura that Jiang Li had emitted when he attacked earlier.

If he searched deeper, he might be able to find Jiang Li underground.

However, at this moment, their minds were all on Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya.

Immediately, they ignored this trivial matter and focused on finding the fox

demon’s aura.

Although a pig’s sense of smell was slightly inferior to a dog, it was definitely

not much different. This pig’s nose could easily pierce a mountain and had the

miraculous ability to track people from thousands of miles away.

Soon, from the countless wisps of chaotic aura, they locked onto the direction

in which the fox demon fled.

“She’s over there. She hasn’t run for long!”

The remaining four demons did not plan to leave one here to guard the house.

They directly rode the demon wind and flew out.

The scattered demon wind woke up the other demons who had fallen into the


These demons were not good people.

“Hahaha, Madam Five Banishment actually fled the marriage!”

“Little ones, let’s go after her too. She’s already an arrow at the end of its flight.

If we catch up, we might be able to taste the flavor of the Madam Five

Banishment first!”

Pursuing prey was an instinct engraved in the souls of demons. When

something ran in front, they would instinctively pursue it. Furthermore, the

one running in front was a peerless fox demon, stimulating the beast blood of

these demons.

Immediately, the demon wind swept out, and countless demons rose into the

sky, chasing after the fox demon.

Only after the demons flew far away did Jiang Li crawl out from the ground.

A few small demons that were cleaning the ruins in the surroundings saw him,

and they were instantly killed by Jiang Li before they could react.

He took out the thing that Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya had given him.

It was a spiritual pearl with a high concentration of spiritual qi and a white fox

demon fur.

He did not know the exact use of that spiritual pearl.

However, the white fox demon fur gently floated in one direction without


This was guiding him somewhere.

The fox demon, Wu Ya, wanted him to send the pearl to Tu Mountain’s Wu Ya.

Clearly, this hair was pointing in the direction of the mountain.

Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration Chapter 380 – Unable to Speak

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Chapter 380: Unable to Speak

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Brother Baldy, we’ve finished all the wine we brought. Why don’t we kill a few sheep and drink some sheep blood to quench our thirst?”

Under the scorching sun, the group of wolf demons stuck out their tongues and breathed heavily, looking listless.

One of the wolf demons looked at the flock of sheep chasing after them. It was drooling as it ran to the front and suggested to a bald wolf demon in the lead.

Wolves loved to eat sheep.

The bald wolf demon clearly wanted to as well, but when it recalled the boss’s cold gaze, it forced itself to endure the urge.

“No, there are still more than ten Mountain Kings left. If there are no more sheep, I’ll tie you up and offer you to those Kings.”

The wolf demon was helpless. It could only shake its tongue and return to its seat.

The cultivation of demons was not as orthodox as human cultivators.

Human cultivators could usually abstain from eating after reaching the Foundation Establishment realm. Under normal circ.u.mstances, they only needed to drink a little water to last for months or even years without eating additional food.

However, demon beasts were different. Their cultivation often followed their instincts.

When cultivating, one would not restrain their instincts and desires. That way, after their cultivation level increased, their instincts and desires would not slowly disappear. Instead, the influence on demon beasts would deepen.

Even after their cultivation level increased, they would still want to eat blood. The weather was a little hot, and they were all complaining endlessly.

The strength of these demon beasts was not weak. They had only walked for a few days. This was not the extreme weather of the Flame Mountain. It was impossible to have a substantial effect on them.

If this could make them die of heat and thirst, then the cultivators would not have to work so hard against the demons.

On the other hand, because the water in the cage had been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by them, the human girls hanging in the cage these few days were also very weak from the sun. They could only suck some of the dew from the bamboo cage every morning.

If not for this red cloth, they might have died from heat stroke.

At this moment, the few wolf demons in front suddenly sniffed as if they had smelled something.

Soon, all the wolf demons became energetic. It was a charming wine fragrance that came from not far away.

“There’s wine! That’s great!”

The noses of a group of wolf demons were extremely sensitive. They immediately captured this smell.

The leader of the group had a bald wolf demon on his forehead. It was also very thirsty.

At this moment, how could it resist the temptation of wine?

“Look after the King’s gift. Don’t worry, I’ll leave a few bowls of wine for you.”

After letting the subordinates continue to drive the convoy forward, it brought a group of wolf demons and ran out on all four feet, quickly rus.h.i.+ng forward.

Soon, they discovered a tavern in the wilderness.

On the door of the tavern, there was a gray signboard with the word “Liquor” written on it.

There was actually a tavern in the wilderness. If it was placed in other places in the Eastern Region, it would obviously be a scam.

Typically, cultivators without any ability would not dare to enter.

However, the Ten Directions Region was different. Everyone was a demon beast, so how could it be divided into barren mountains?

After the wine was brewed, as long as the seal was opened and the fragrance spread out, it would attract enough customers. After selling it all, it would start to brew another round.

This group of wolf demons was extremely lucky to have encountered them on the way.

“Which tavern is this? Hurry up and come out to welcome the guests! Serve all the good wine and meat to us!”

A group of burly wolf demons rushed into the tavern, slapped the table, and began to shout loudly.

They looked more like bandits than customers.

A moment later, a pangolin walked out from behind. It was also walking upright, but it was only half the height of a person.

Clearly, it was a Pangolin Demon.

“Guests, this is a small tavern that brews wine for the Pangolin King. Please wait a moment, I’ll go get some wine to entertain you.”

The first thing the Pangolin Demon said was the King that was involved in its tavern. Only this could prevent this group of wolf demons from causing trouble.

As for this tavern, it might not really be the property of the Pangolin King. They should only be handed over offerings regularly to receive the King’s protection.

In the Land of Infinite Demons, if one was not strong enough, they often had to hide and survive cautiously. Otherwise, they needed a strong backer to maintain their life.

This was especially true for those who did business. If individual demons dared to open their business, the final outcome would be robbery.

Only those who knew a few demons well in private could be considered reliable.

“Sorry for the wait, guests.”

“This is fruit wine brewed by a small demon harvesting the fruits and snakes in the mountain.”

“Although it doesn’t have the flavor profile of the wine in the Monkey Mountain, it still has the unique fragrance of a homemade wine. Everyone, try it.”

A few jars of fruit wine were brought up. The fruit wine poured out from them was red in color and the fragrance was indeed as the wolf demons had smelled.

The wolf demons were already thirsty and could not endure the alcohol. They immediately gulped it down.

Unfortunately, there was nothing to eat, so they could not drink to their satisfaction.

At this moment, the wolf demons suddenly saw that there was someone sitting quietly at a table in the corner.

He wore a wet cloak that dripped from time to time on the cloth. Black scales covered the skin that was exposed to the arm.

Be it its appearance or aura, it looked like a fish demon.

On its table, there was a plate of beef and a plate of sour plums.

This person was none other than Jiang Li.

He had been following this wolf demon team for the past few days.

Along the way, he wanted to attack them several times, but in the end, he did not find a suitable opportunity.

After discovering this tavern, he was certain that this group of wolf demons would definitely come here to have fun and drink, so he entered first and waited for them here.

In the beginning, he really wanted to try if the wine brewed by the demon, the Pangolin Demon, had any special flavor.

However, after looking at the color of the wine and then at the tavern owner’s red teeth,

Jiang Li could no longer hold the wine bowl.

If he was not wrong, the Pangolin Demon’s brewing technique was to chew the materials together with its mouth and put them in the barrel to let them ferment on their own.

This method was too much for him.

As a result, the wine jars and wine bowls on his side were all intact.

He even specially took out a large piece of b.l.o.o.d.y beef and a plate of sour plums that could make one’s mouth water.

The group of wolf demons stared blankly.

“Owner, are you looking down on us brothers? Why does he have side dishes while we don’t?”

The bald wolf demon leader immediately grabbed the pangolin boss in dissatisfaction.

It bared its teeth fiercely. Saliva mixed with wine dripped down the corner of its mouth.

“Misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding. Those small dishes were brought by that guest himself. This store really doesn’t have them.”

“I still have some mountain fruits here. Lord Wolves, if you want to eat them, I’ll send them over immediately.”

After all, this was a pangolin tavern. It was already good that they were not given ants or earthworms as snacks.

With that said, the wolf demon released the pangolin boss. After all, this was the territory of the Pangolin King.

It was fine to scare them, but if they really attacked, they might not be able to leave this mountain.

However, there were no lakes or rivers nearby.

The pangolin could not be targeted, but a mere fish was nothing to fear.

This group of wolf demons immediately turned to look at Jiang Li.

They stood up together and surrounded Alliance Leader Jiang with unfriendly expressions.

Wolf demons were demons that lived in groups and hunted. After forming groups, their courage would rise exponentially.

Coupled with the fact that they had just drunk a little, their beast nature was exposed.

“Where did you come from?”

“Don’t you recognize us? We’re the subordinates of the Green Wolf King of the Black Bamboo Mountain. Why don’t you come up and show respect when you see us?”

There was no water nearby, and Jiang Li was alone. Coupled with the fact that the aura on his body was not strong, he was treated as an easy target to bully.

The group of guys bared their fangs and brandished their claws for the meat and fruits on the table.

Due to the fact that there were a few thick earth veins in this mountain range and the spiritual qi was relatively abundant, the demons who occupied this mountain were especially dense.

It was not easy to attack here, but it did not mean that Jiang Li did not have the methods to deal with them.

He was not angry and pushed the two plates in front of him.

“This is top-grade water buffalo meat. If you want to eat it, there’s no need to stand on ceremony.”

“There’s also a plate of ten-year-old sour plums. Eating one on a long journey will quench your thirst the most. If you don’t mind, please give it a try.”

The two plates on the table were prepared for them, so how could Jiang Li refuse?

“At least you’re sensible.”

Seeing that this fish demon was so sensible, they were very satisfied.

It picked up the two plates of side dishes and returned to its side.

The portion of the water buffalo meat was only about ten kilograms, and it was naturally s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the bald wolf demon in the lead. It ate it all in two bites and smacked its lips, still not satisfied.

The other wolf demons swallowed their saliva but were helpless. They could only look at the plate of sour plums.

Although it was their nature to eat meat, they had already cultivated their demon bodies after all. It was not a bad choice to eat wild fruits occasionally.

They each grabbed a sour plum and placed it into their mouths. If they did not eat it, they would not know. As soon as they placed it into their mouths, it was indeed as Jiang Li had said, it was sour and refres.h.i.+ng. Their mouths watered, and the exhaustion they felt all along the way seemed to have been completely eliminated at this moment.

“Good fruit! Hey, fish demon, do you have more?”

This fruit was naturally a good fruit. It contained the spiritual root seed, so how could it not be a good fruit?

“I naturally have more sour fruits here. However, this sour plum can only be eaten once in a day. If I eat a second one immediately, it will become bitter and astringent.”

The group of wolf demons did not believe it and wanted to eat.

However, just as Jiang Li had said, the delicious sour plums really became bitter and astringent at this moment. As soon as the fruits entered the mouth, they hurriedly spat them out.

This was also a trait of the spiritual root seed. It prevented creatures from eating the second spiritual seed and causing unnecessary waste.

After eating the bitter taste, the few wolf demons immediately wanted to flare up and find trouble with Jiang Li.

However, when they raised their eyes again, Jiang Li was nowhere to be seen.

After a while, the team behind caught up.

The remaining wolf demons also ate sour plums to quench their thirst.

Even the human girls in the cages had obtained a few bowls of clear water and some rations to alleviate their hunger.

After resting for half a day, the wolf demon convoy continued forward.

However, as time pa.s.sed, other than the few wolf demons in the lead, the eyes of the other subordinate wolf demons changed.

They looked at each other and completed the secret plan without making a sound.

After leaving another large demon territory and arriving in an uninhabited region, the bald wolf demon was just about to turn around and say something when a sharp blade pierced through its waist from behind.

The intense pain made the bald wolf demon turn around in shock, only to discover that the other wolf demon leaders had suffered the same treatment at the same time.

Before they could understand the situation, they waved their claws and sent the wolf demon who had ambushed them flying. They were about to ask why they had betrayed them.

In the next moment, all the wolf demons in the team rushed forward.

The wolf demons were good at teamwork. Some of them bit their limbs, while others bit their necks. Wherever they could bite, they were bitten by wolves.

They pulled their leader to the ground.

“What are you doing! What are you doing! Are you trying to rebel!”

The strongest bald wolf demon was still struggling violently despite being pressed down by a total of 30 wolf demons. From time to time, wolf demons would be flung away.

After all, their levels were inferior. Even if they worked together, they could not suppress it for long.

But that was enough.

Just as the bald wolf demon flung away most of its mouth, a foot stepped on its back, causing it to be stunned.

It felt that its internal organs had all moved, and more than ten bones in its body had been broken. For a time, it lost the ability to resist.

Then, it was lifted up and thrown into a coffin.

It was as if this coffin contained an endless abyss. After entering, no one could come out without the approval of their master.

Then, the other wolf demons equivalent to Nascent Soul cultivators were also thrown into the coffin.

Creatures of this level had the ability to discover and resist the spiritual root seed of the Nine Nether clone.

Therefore, in the tavern earlier, Jiang Li did not alert the enemy and only secretly controlled their subordinates. Only at this moment did he act together from the inside.

He took them all down in the shortest time.

“What’s your name?”

Jiang Li removed the red cloth on a bamboo cage and fed the girl inside some water and food before asking in the most common language.

However, the other party still had a cold expression as she looked at Jiang Li blankly.

Was she too afraid? Or did she not understand Jiang Li’s words?

Jiang Li switched to several different languages, but the girl in the cage still did not react.

He turned to communicate with the other girls. After repeated attempts, he discovered that these girls did not seem to be afraid to answer because they were afraid. Instead, they seemed to simply not understand.

In the end, Jiang Li simply released a few ghosts and entered their minds to investigate.

He discovered that the language and words these girls grasped were extremely poor.

They did not seem to have their own names and could only recognize a few simple orders.

For example, standing up, sitting down, coming here, kneeling down, etc.

This group of girls should be the ones from the human village reared by the Green Wolves of the Black Bamboo Mountain.

The inhabitants of this mountain were not very powerful, and the humans inside were only living in a village.

Having been oppressed by the wolf demons all year round, the humans inside could not live well, let alone educate their children.

In the end, they were already more than ten years old and did not even know how to speak.. Their usual interactions were only with the wolf demon’s orders, which was why this situation ended up like this.

Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration Chapter 379 – Gift to the Five Banishment City

If you are looking for Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration Chapter 379 – Gift to the Five Banishment City you are coming to the right place.
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Chapter 379: Gift to the Five Banishment City

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Ferryman, did anyone cross the river from you before?”

The Blood Saber Elder of the Myriad Slaughter Sect was also rich and imposing. He directly threw a bag over. It was filled with spirit stones.

Moreover, he also revealed his aura.

He had to give these rogue cultivators some benefits before they would work properly. At the same time, he had to tell them that he was not to be trifled with and that the other party would not have any crooked thoughts.

As expected, after Third Brother He received the spirit stone bag, he smiled shrewdly like a businessman.

“Sir, you’ve asked the right person.”

“I own the only raft in this region of water.”

“Six hours ago, a generous young man just sat on my raft. Are you perhaps looking for someone?”

The elder in the lead looked at the compa.s.s in his hand again. The long needle was still pointing forward and swaying slightly.

“The aura is right ahead. It’s not far. Don’t let him escape into the depths of the Ten Direction Region. Chase!”

“Ferryman, quickly send us across the river.”

Twenty ferocious cultivators jumped lightly and landed on the bamboo raft.

“Lords, this won’t do. My raft can only carry ten people.”

Third Brother He even deliberately rejected it.

Then, another bag of snacks was thrown into his arms.

Two Blood Saber Guards stood beside him.

“Don’t worry. We all know some light movement techniques. As long as this bamboo raft doesn’t sink, it’s fine as long as we have a foothold.”

“I believe your raft won’t sink.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the two Blood Saber Guards standing beside him unsheathed their sabers. A b.l.o.o.d.y aura immediately spread out. This was a blatant threat.

The people of the Myriad Slaughter Sect knew a little about the methods of these people.

If they did not carry two sabers with them, they would not feel at ease sitting on the bamboo raft.

“Of course, of course,” Third Brother He acknowledged repeatedly and pushed his bamboo pole forward towards the opposite sh.o.r.e of the Flowing Sand River.

Seeing the reaction of the needle in the compa.s.s becoming more and more intense, this Blood Saber Guard was also excited.

When he captured that so-called Great Mountain Alliance Leader, he would definitely teach him a lesson. He could have run anywhere, but he had to come to this dangerous Ten Direction Region. He hoped that that guy did not go too deep.

However, as soon as he arrived at the center of the lake, dark clouds were swept over by the violent wind.

In just a moment, bean-sized raindrops fell from the sky.

For a time, the water level rose again in the Flowing Sand River, but in a moment, it was surging.

Even the bamboo raft made of Dragonfly Water Bamboo swayed violently under the current, about to fall apart.

The Soul Formation Blood Saber Elder in the lead turned around and narrowed his eyes as he looked at the group. He did not panic and turned around to slash three blood sabers at the sky.

Three terrifying blade lights tore through the dark clouds in the sky, causing the rain to suddenly decrease.

Sunlight shone in from the area where the blood saber split open, and the weather was about to turn sunny.

The terror of Soul Formation cultivators was that they actually used the saber light to change the weather.

“Cowards hiding in the dark, our Myriad Slaughter Sect is handling matters. If you’re here, quickly get lost.”

After dealing with the dark clouds in the sky, this Blood Saber Elder shouted in all directions, warning certain existences.

If it was really the natural climate change of heaven and earth, how could it be so easy to change?

This was clearly done by someone.

However, when he reported the name of the sect and wanted to scare away the enemies who had ill intentions, everything on the bamboo raft instantly started to spin.

A stream of water suddenly spewed out from the river below, sending the entire bamboo raft and all the cultivators on it flying.

They tried their best to stabilize themselves in the air, but under the influence of the Flowing Sand River World, they finally landed in the water.

The two Soul Formation Blood Saber elders took out their sabers in the water and immediately observed their surroundings warily.

Soon, they discovered the creature who ambushed them.

It was a huge dragon fish with eight lumps on its head.

The original head and these eight lumps gave it the name of the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish.

The dark clouds and rain just now were summoned by it, and the surging water flow was also spat out by this Nine-Headed Dragon Fish.

The new catfish that joined Jiang Li was not stupid.

After receiving Jiang Li’s orders, it became bait and intercepted the enemies that came.

Although it was a water demon and had a huge advantage in the Flowing Sand River, how could it be a match for the powerful pursuers at the Soul Formation realm?

Therefore, it immediately used its head to smash into the underwater reef. After injuring itself, it hurriedly sought help from the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish.

It was told that outsiders had come to provoke them and had even beat up a fish subordinate. In a few hours, they would come again and stew the strongest Dragon Fish in this water to make fish soup.

What bad intentions could a fat-headed catfish have? After all, it had been working for so many years. The boss of this water area did not doubt much and believed the catfish’s words.

How could the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish, a dignified Flowing Sand River demon, endure this anger? It had long run here to wait for this group of people.

Now that the two sides met, their eyes were especially red.

They fought on the spot.

In this Flowing Sand River, the other cultivators below the Soul Formation realm of the Myriad Slaughter Sect could barely survive. There was no need to expect them to attack.

The Soul Formation elders were fighting two against one. Although there were more of them, they might be stronger.

However, falling into the water and being unable to fly or escape was very disadvantageous to them in an away game.

It was impossible to win against the Dragon Fish Great Demon in the Flowing Sand River.

Whether they could escape unscathed would probably depend on whether the two of them had the ability.

Waves erupted in the Flowing Sand River. The two of them and the demon fought for an entire day and night. In the end, the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish won, and it was unknown if the two Soul Formation Blood Sabers were dead or alive.

Jiang Li held the Great Mountain Alliance Leader Token and also learned the situation over there.

After Third Brother He fell into the water, he was saved by the large catfish. Then, he immediately used the communication spirit stone to send the situation to Jiang Li in real time.

His previous guess was correct. There were indeed pursuers following behind him. It was not in vain that he emitted a bit of aura from time to time to lure this group of Blood Saber Guards here.

The Myriad Slaughter Sect would not give up on him.

Both sides were already in a situation where they would fight to the death. This situation was not strange.

When enemies met, it would depend on whose methods were more brilliant.

After putting away the Alliance Leader Token, Jiang Li continued to trek through the forest.

The Ten Directions Region was indeed worthy of being the gathering place of myriad demons. The situation was greatly different from the place occupied by human cultivators.

The main difference was that there were almost no decent paths in this region.

Without the establishment and maintenance of humans, how could the beasts and birds in the mountains need a flat and straight path?

Many years ago, when humans were still flouris.h.i.+ng here, some of the paths left behind were already difficult to see because they had not been cleaned all year round.

At most, they could only see some beast paths that had been stepped on all year round in the mountains.

Traveling through the wilderness of the forest, it was not a wise choice to follow the beast path.

If one followed the beast path, he might into a ferocious beast patrolling this place at any time. He might directly walk into a Demon King’s cave, which would spell even more trouble.

However, no matter how careful he was, he would inevitably encounter some demons here.

Compared to the Great Mountain Region and other places in the Eastern Region, because the Ten Directions Region rejected human cultivators all year round and did not suffer the hunt and plunder that lasted for a long time, the ecosystem was maintained very well.

As the stories often said, wherever spiritual herbs grew, there would be demon beasts guarding them.

Jiang Li had encountered such a situation several times.

However, after happily killing the demon beast, he discovered that the spiritual herbs guarded by this demon were everywhere in the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm of the Great Mountain Region.

After all, most of the truly good things had already fallen into the hands of the demons who ruled over the mountains.

The remaining ones were either what they looked down on or the location where they grew was too hidden and steep. It was really not easy to find.

“What a strong fishy smell. Do you smell it?”

Just as Jiang Li carefully left a large demon territory, he heard a voice coming from afar.

“Fishy smell? Are you sure? We’ve been walking for three days, and there’s no river or lake here. Where did the fishy smell come from?”

“Hurry up and send the gifts to the Five Banishment City. If we delay the important matter, the King will definitely not forgive us.”

“Yes, yes, yes. The King’s tributes are more important. Let’s go.”

A group of wolf demons drove more than ten large walking beasts and a group of ordinary goats past the foot of the mountain.

Jiang Li, who had already quietly approached, restrained his aura and was hiding on the treetop while looking at the group of wolf demons.

The smell that this group of wolf demons had smelled earlier was probably Jiang Li. He had come into contact with large catfish before and his body was covered in dragon scales. The fishy smell was indeed not light. Even if he concealed it, it was very easy for the wolf demons with sensitive noses to notice it.

Of course, Jiang Li’s hearing was similarly not bad. As soon as the wolf demon spoke, he was immediately noticed.

However, demons had a very heavy concept of territory and generally would not easily step into other people’s territory.

There did not seem to be a place where wolf demons gathered in the nearby area. Where did this group of wolf demons come from? What was their goal in crossing such a distance?

From their conversation, it seemed that they were going to send gifts. Was their destination the Five Banishment City?

These wolf demons were covered in armor and accessories made of bones and teeth. They were also holding extremely rough weapons in their hands. It seemed that they were not wild demons. There should be a mountain force behind them.

Demons also had their own complicated social needs. At this moment, the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn that Jiang Li opened had no less than 2,000 shops, and had interacted with countless demons.

Even those small demons would form groups and shower all sorts of praises cunningly.

It was indeed not strange for these demons with intelligence that was not inferior to humans.

At the front of the wolf demon group, there was one holding a small gong. It knocked on it every time it walked and repeated loudly.

“The Green Wolves of the Black Bamboo Mountain are taking the path. Great Kings of the various mountains, we seek your understanding~ The Green Wolves of the Black Bamboo Mountain are taking the path. Great Kings of the various mountains, we seek your understanding~”

Behind it were two wolf demons. Every time they arrived at a new territory, they would bring out two goats from the group and tie them to a tree.

This was the rule of the Ten Directions Region. When using someone’s path, one had to pay tolls and gifts to the Kings of the territory.

The two goats were naturally nothing, but this was also an expression of att.i.tude.

With proper etiquette, both sides would be pleased and would not get into a conflict.

Apart from this group of goats, they were also herding a group of walking beasts.

These large walking beasts did not look intelligent. They were only trained and used as ordinary livestock for transportation.

However, on these beasts, there were two large cages.

In this wolf demon team, there were a total of fifteen walking beasts and 30 cages.

These cages were all covered by a red veil, and there was a large flower ball hanging happily above. It should be the congratulatory gift they were talking about.

It was covered by the red veil and could not see what was in the cage directly.

However, Jiang Li’s ears could clearly hear low sobbing coming from the bamboo cage covered in the red veil.

This voice…

Jiang Li frowned and circulated his demonic qi to blow it forward.

The demonic power transformed into a demonic wind. Immediately, a violent wind blew, blowing up the red veil on the bamboo cages.

The wolf demon team was immediately in chaos. They picked up their weapons and guarded the congratulatory gifts.

Ignoring the chaotic wolf demon team, Jiang Li clearly saw that the 30 bamboo cages contained human girls in red dresses.

They were the congratulatory gifts to the Five Banishment City. Demons used humans as gifts. Such actions were practically unheard of in the Great Mountain Region.

Among these human girls, the youngest was only 11 or 12 years old, while the oldest was only 17 or 18 years old. They were the best years of their lives.

However, at this moment, there was no light in their eyes.

Only a few would cry in sorrow, most of their faces only had a numb expression. They had long known the outcome, so they no longer held any hope.

Just like the information Jiang Li had obtained earlier.

In the Ten Directions Region, humans had not completely disappeared.

Instead, a portion of them was left behind and reared by the demons here.

They could eat and kill humans whenever they wanted.

It was no different from the livestock in the human world.

Humans ate beasts, and beasts ate humans. This world was really cruel.

Even though he knew this would happen, Jiang Li’s gaze still became abnormally cold as he looked at that group.

However, he looked at the mountain behind him and did not attack in the end.

The quality of the catfish demon core in his stomach was not high, and he was not good at using demonic qi.

If he attacked now, it would be difficult to quickly kill this group of wolf demons with only the power in the demon core.

However, if he used other powers or caused too much of a commotion, he would definitely be discovered by the demons in the mountain behind him.

At that time, when they fought, the surrounding demons would gather and attack. Even he was not confident that he could escape unscathed.

However, it seemed that Yan Hong’s location was near Five Banishment City. Jiang Li was just worrying that there was no proper path and it was difficult to find the exact location of the target.

With the wolf demons leading the way, it would save him some trouble.

Moreover, the Five Banishment City?

What an arrogant sounding name.

He wanted to see what these demons were doing.

Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration Chapter 378 – How Many Guests?

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Chapter 378: How Many Guests?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The river water of the Flowing Sand River was rapid, and there were countless undercurrents that carried a large amount of fine but sharp sand.

This was just like the water jet cutter in his previous life.

For ordinary water flow, no matter how high the pressure was, its cutting ability was still very ordinary. However, if diamond sand was added into it, the water jet would be a true saber. It could cut through metal and jade in an abnormally terrifying manner.

It was the same for this Flowing Sand River. The high-speed water current wrapped in yellow sand could sharpen a lump of iron ingot in a short period of time.

Ordinary cultivators could not fly or float in the air before the Flowing Sand River World, much less enter the water.

Ordinary flesh and blood bodies would be completely destroyed underwater for a moment.

However, Jiang Li possessed Dragon Blood, Dragon Pearl, and Dragon Soul. With a shake of his body, he became a black dragon.

He could not overturn the world with his current strength.

However, the Dragon Race was the ruler of the water. The world was huge, and it was extremely difficult to find a place where the dragons could not go to.

Even if the environment in the Flowing Sand River was terrible, as long as it was a river and contained water, Jiang Li was not afraid.

The main reason was that he did not want to become enemies with a water demon as soon as he arrived. Therefore, he chose to cross the river in a normal way.

However, this guy dared to harm him after receiving the money. That was really courting death.

With a wave of his dragon tail, Jiang Li’s speed in the water was even faster than flying in the sky. The rapid chaotic flow was unable to obstruct him at all and could instead a.s.sist him.

In an instant, he arrived in front of Third Brother He who had been thrown into the river.

The huge dragon claw of the five fingers grabbed the other party. When he left the water surface again, hundreds of small scratches had already appeared on Third He’s body.

Even the Flowing Sand River ferryman with excellent swimming skills could not withstand the grinding of the sand in the water.

“Dragon… Dragon! d.a.m.n it! A dragon has appeared in the Flowing Sand River!”

“Wait! Lord River G.o.d, please spare me!”

This person was quite smart.

When he saw an unfamiliar black dragon appear in front of him, he thought that a True Dragon had appeared in some dragon cave and had now occupied this water area.

He panicked and shouted for the River G.o.d to spare him.

Since ancient times, the Dragon Race had been in charge of the Great River and was basically given the t.i.tle of River G.o.d everywhere. With this call, perhaps this black dragon would not eat him when he was happy.

When Jiang Li saw that this person who plotted against him did not recognize him, he originally wanted to put on an act and scare the other party.

However, in the next moment, the dragon whiskers on both sides of his nose sensed in the water that a demon was rus.h.i.+ng towards him.

These dragon whiskers were not a decoration. It was a special organ of the water creatures. It could sense the changes in the water flow and pressure. It was very sharp and was even more effective than both eyes and ears in the water.

Many aquatic creatures had similar abilities and organs, but they were not as strong as the dragon whiskers.

With the demons approaching, Jiang Li temporarily did not have the intention to play. He threw the guy into the coffin, then turned around and rushed into the water.

His dragon eyes emitted a bright divine light. Even in the murky sand river water, his vision was very clear.

From afar, he could already see that it was a large gray, fat-headed catfish.

This catfish did not have nine heads, and there was no sign of the Dragon Race on its body. Could it be that this was not the so-called Lord Nine-Headed?

“Where did the black… black dragon come from!?”

“Impossible! What a bold little demon! You actually dare to play tricks in front of me, the Catfish General!”

“How dare you enter Lord Nine-Headed Dragon Fish’s territory! Let me eat you! Let’s see if your flesh smells like dragon meat!”

This large catfish opened its mouth and spat out a stream of black water that was obviously poisonous that surged towards Jiang Li.

Hearing that the other party called itself the Catfish General, it could be seen that this was indeed not the big demon in charge of the water section of the Flowing Sand River.

Perhaps it was the demon general under the Nine-Headed Dragon Fish.

The area in front of Jiang Li was already 200 kilometers wide and tens of thousands of kilometers long.

Although every river was controlled by different water demons, these demons could not patrol the water all day long. They took in some low-level demons to work for them.

This was a catfish, so it should be one of them.

He sensed that the other party’s aura was roughly equivalent to the Nascent Soul realm of human cultivators.

This was normal.

If it could casually encounter a Soul Formation realm demon in this Flowing Sand River at the border, how dangerous would the Ten Directions Region be?

Jiang Li did not move on the spot and only waved his tail again.

The powerful dragon tail stirred, controlling the water in the river with the talent of the Dragon Race.

The direction of the water immediately reversed, wrapping around the black water and rus.h.i.+ng back intact.

Although he had never practiced a water attribute spell technique, under the circ.u.mstances of the Black Dragon Transformation, he would basically not lose to others when playing with water.

The huge catfish was washed away by the black water for a long time.

After suffering such humiliation in the water, and seeing that the black water that it was good at was broken, the Catfish General was also a little exasperated.

In the Flowing Sand River World, everyone was originally guarding their own territory and living in harmony.

Wasn’t it a provocation to appear in the territory of Lord Nine-Headed?

As the general under Lord Nine-Headed, it could not be afraid.

After seeing that his black water was ineffective, it paid no attention to anything else and opened its mouth to bite Jiang Li.

There were a total of 3,600 sharp teeth in its mouth. With this bite, no matter how thick the meat was, it would be sc.r.a.ped clean.

However, as soon as the catfish approached, it heard a low dragon roar.

With a dragon roar, a ripple spread out and quickly spread in the water.

The moment the ripple struck the fat catfish, the catfish demon’s body tightened and froze in the water. Then, it lost all control over its thousand-year-old body.

The Ancient Dragon Race was the leader of a million aquatic creatures. This dragon roar was mixed with the prestige of the Dragon Race and the special ability of the merman race in the sea.

It could affect any aquatic creature.

Although he could not directly control the Soul Formation realm water demon, the water demons below the Soul Formation realm could not resist him.

Even the merman Namur and Natier could control so many sea beasts. With the power of the merman and dragon, he could only be stronger.

After the so-called Catfish General persisted for a moment, the control of its body no longer belonged to it, and it was controlled by Jiang Li to swim under him.

A moment later, the head of the large catfish surfaced. A young man dressed as an ordinary rogue cultivator was standing on it.

Jiang Li had already retreated from the Black Dragon Transformation and returned to his original appearance.

The large catfish floated on the water surface, becoming Jiang Li’s mount as it swam towards the sh.o.r.e of the Ten Directions Region.

“Lord Black Dragon, this little fish is willing to abandon evil and seek justice. In the future, I will follow Lord Black Dragon.”

The huge catfish was very fast. In less than half an hour, it had already arrived at the sh.o.r.e.

After sending Jiang Li ash.o.r.e, he originally wanted to turn around and leave.

However, his body still did not listen to him. Clearly, this black dragon from nowhere did not plan to let him go.

“Lord! Lord Black Dragon! I have many treasures hidden in the cave abode. If Lord Black Dragon likes them, I’m willing to offer them all. Lord, please spare my life.”

Seeing Jiang Li’s unfriendly gaze, the large catfish immediately expressed its loyalty and begged for mercy.

Feeling the dense dragon might pressing down on its body, its body and soul instinctively trembled. Its demonic strength, which was not bad, directly collapsed.

Now, it somewhat believed that a True Dragon had appeared in this world.

However, Jiang Li did not buy it. He controlled the large catfish and jumped onto the river bank.

When this fish reached the river bank, 50% of its strength disappeared, and it became even more fl.u.s.tered.

Even the fish on the chopping board could flail twice. However, as a dignified Catfish General, it could not even resist.

Sure enough, there was a pain in its stomach, and the white fish stomach was slashed open by Jiang Li’s Immortal Slaying Flying Sword.

Jiang Li reached into it and took out a fist-sized demon core.

The demonic qi on the demon core surged into the sky, and the smell of blood was abundant. With a glance, it could be seen that this guy ate no less than a hundred people.

Looking at the dying catfish with its demon core dug out, Jiang Li thought for a moment but did not kill it directly.

The local catfish in the Flowing Sand River could use the terrain to make many powerful cultivators fall. It might be useful to keep it alive.

“I can give you a chance. If you can do well, I’ll spare your life.”

He took out a Nine Nether Earth Fruit from the coffin and touched his forehead. A moment later, he pulled out a red wisp.

He stuffed this red wisp into the Earth Fruit and quickly disappeared as if nothing had happened.

Then, he threw the Earth Fruit into the mouth of the huge catfish.

With the nourishment of the Nine Nether Earth Fruit, although the large catfish was unable to make up for the loss of its Demon Core, it was sufficient to protect its life and do something for Jiang Li.

He also released Third Brother He who he had thrown into the coffin. After feeding him a Nine Nether Earth Fruit, he asked him to continue working.

Jiang Li had another use for the demon core of the catfish.

The fist-sized demon core was stuffed into Jiang Li’s mouth.

He closed his eyes for a moment and used his Dragon Pearl Golden Core to mobilize the power in the demon core.

A dense and b.l.o.o.d.y demonic qi slowly arose from Jiang Li’s body.

This aura was almost identical to that huge catfish.

The place he was about to enter was the Ten Directions Region called the Land of Infinite Demons.

Among them, there were countless demons everywhere. If his human aura was discovered, it would attract countless trouble on the way.

Jiang Li’s current strength was not bad, and he could barely protect himself. However, he still had to be careful in such a place.

If a certain demon king discovered him, he would be in great danger in the Ten Directions Region.

A Demon Core could resolve this problem to a large extent.

After activating it with the Dragon Pearl Golden Core, a status called [Power of the Catfish Demon] appeared on Jiang Li’s interface.

It could provide him with some enhancement and a considerable amount of demonic power.

However, Jiang Li really did not fancy the turbid demonic power that had eaten too much human blood. If it was left in his body for a long time, it might even pollute him.

It was difficult for him to determine if such a status had more benefits or disadvantages.

After leaving the Ten Directions Region, he would definitely delete it.

He controlled the Black Dragon Transformation and grew a thin layer of black scales on his body. As long as one did not observe carefully, the fine dragon scales did not look much different from fish scales.

At first glance, his status as a fish demon was stable.

With this, he could walk normally in the Land of Infinite Demons.

After he obtained some information from the catfish demon and the ferryman, Jiang Li headed towards the depths of the Ten Direction Region.

After the ferryman recovered from his injuries on the spot, he built a new bamboo raft and continued to do the same.

Thousands of miles away, a group of cultivators was resting on the spot. They were all equipped with blood sabers, and their strength was formidable. The bones and flesh on their bodies could be seen to be suffused with a faint layer of blood qi.

Suddenly, the Soul Formation cultivator in the lead sensed something.

He took out a compa.s.s and opened it in his hand. A red needle on the compa.s.s swayed and finally pointed in a direction.

“The target’s aura has appeared again. Follow me!”

This group was the Blood Saber Guards sent by the Myriad Slaughter Sect to pursue Jiang Li.

There were very few heads that the Myriad Slaughter Sect’s Sect Master, Wu Fan, could not obtain.

Before Wu Fan left the Great Mountain Region, he risked being punished by the envoys of the Cloud Manor to plant a method on Jiang Li.

It was to kill this kid who ruined his plans.

After leaving the Great Mountain Region, although it was impossible for Wu Fan to capture him personally, he still sent out the Blood Saber Guards.

Jiang Li of the Great Mountain Alliance had some ability, but he had not reached the Soul Formation realm in the end.

This time, he sent out two Soul Formation elders to kill that imp who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth.

Then, he would put his soul into the Blood King Crown and endure a hundred or thousand years of torture to vent the hatred in his heart.

These Blood Saber Guards had originally planned to wait for a long time. However, the target was very bold. In just a few days, he had already left the Great Mountain Region, giving them a superb opportunity.

However, for some reason, the aura was intermittent.

This made it a little difficult for them to track him. If they could not complete the mission, Wu Fan would not think that there was a problem with his methods.

At that time, they would suffer.

Now that the aura appeared again, they immediately flew in the direction it pointed. They had to take that kid’s head and offer it to Sect Master Wu.

Although the Myriad Slaughter Sect had been a little unlucky recently, Wu Fan’s strength was indeed increasing day by day. One day, when he completely controlled the Blood King Crown and obtained the loyalty of the Tragic Death City, at that time, even if it was the Cloud Manor, they would not be afraid.

However, the more they flew, the more strange they felt.

Why did this direction seem to be towards the Ten Directions Region?

That place was definitely a troublesome place. Even if they entered, they might not be able to come out unscathed. They had to be careful.

Twenty streaks of blood light quickly arrived at the sh.o.r.e of the Flowing Sand River that Jiang Li had once come to.

Even Soul Formation cultivators could not ignore this natural flying restriction domain.

“Ferryman! Come and bring us across the river.”

It was not their first day outside. They quickly saw the ferryman on the river.

Third Brother He came over with the bamboo raft and asked with a smile, “Guests, how many of you are there?”

Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration Chapter 384 – Live Show?

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Chapter 384: Live Show?

“Lord Six-tailed! Five Banishment City is like a tiger’s den. You definitely can’t go!”

“Moreover, it’s a huge humiliation to have a female serving five men.”

“You’re the Spiritual Maiden of the Tu Mountain. How can the future of our race be humiliated like this!”

“Lord Six-tailed! Please let me go in your place!”

Below the throne, other than the red wedding dress that was sent to Tu Shan,

In the stone hall, there were hundreds of fox demons kneeling below.

Most of them had yet to transform.

Only the two kneeling at the front could barely form a human shape.

However, they were not as tall as Lord Six-tailed. Some parts of their bodies still retained the characteristics of a fox.

Of course, even so, their appearance was overwhelming in the fox demon group that was good at charming people.

Moreover, compared to their alluring beauty, their auras were quite extraordinary. There was not much demonic qi on their bodies, and they looked more like fairies who had fallen from the clouds.

Moreover, behind the fox demon in the hall, there were two or more tails that grew. They hung behind it and swayed about, making people’s hearts beat faster.

This was because they were indeed not ordinary fox demons, but the ancient Nine-Tailed Race of Tu Mountain.

In essence, these two were actually not the same species. They only looked similar.

The race that should have been extremely n.o.ble had once followed Emperor Xuanyuan into the Primordial World and made extraordinary contributions.

However, their glory rose with the Human Emperor and declined along with his fall.

After the Shang Dynasty, the bloodline of the Human Emperor was severed. Tu Mountain’s fate was severed by Jiang Ziya. From then on, this demon faction that could match the Dragon Palace could not help but decline.

There were no more traces left in history.

However, everything was predestined.

After the Cultivationless Age, there were no longer any Immortals or G.o.ds. Now, there were only two descendants of the Nine-Tailed Race left.

Compared to the descendants of the last Human Emperor in the Empress Tomb, the group that stayed behind to guard Tu Mountain and gradually became the last group had been going downhill since ancient times. When the Cultivationless Age descended, most of their clansmen had already turned into the lowest-level demon beasts.

Low cultivation meant that the need for spiritual qi was decreasing. This also allowed a portion of the Nine Tails’ clansmen to survive the calamity.

Then, in the tens of thousands of years of the Cultivationless Age, they were all reduced to ordinary beast-like existences. They reproduced like the most ordinary mountain beasts, and only then did the thin bloodline last until now.

As spiritual beasts, their intelligence was even harder to awaken than ordinary demon beasts. During the period when spiritual qi was first awakened, they, who had the Nine-tailed Bloodline, had never been able to awaken.

This caused Tu Mountain to miss the first period of development. It was not until hundreds of years ago that the first Tu Mountain Fox Demon gave birth to a second tail and found the opportunity to cultivate on this lost Tu Mountain.

However, one step slower meant one step slower. Up until now, no demon king had been born.

There were not many people and there were no experts to protect them. In the end, due to some reason, the Six-Tailed Spirit Fox of Tu Mountain was targeted by the Five Banishment City’s rulers.

“There’s no need to say anything else. I’ve already made up my mind on this matter. From now on, Tu Mountain will hide from the world until a Seven-tailed Fox appears. Only then can we protect our race!”

Three days later, in Five Banishment City.

Clang! A gong sounded. A few small demons walked through the streets, shouting as they walked.

“The Five Banishment Daoists are getting married to the Fox Maiden of Tu Mountain, Lady Wu Ya.”

“The Five Banishment Daoists are celebrating! Congratulations, Five Banishment Daoists!”

In the streets and alleys of the entire city, there were hundreds of such small demon teams striking the gong and spreading the news of the marriage to every corner.

All the humans who heard the voice had to stop everything and kneel on both sides of the road to pray to the Five Banishment Daoists.

All the demons in the city had to stand on both sides of the road to watch the ceremony. Under the pressure of authority, they pretended to be harmonious on the surface.

“What a grand scene. However, demons are still demons after all!”

An unknown cultivator standing at the entrance of the Prosperous Jiang Hong Inn, who was pretending to be a large and two small bear demons, could only be forced to witness the ceremony in order to prevent arousing the suspicion and attention of others.

The young cultivator muttered in dissatisfaction until his grandfather glared at him. Only then did he shut his mouth.

“Look, the bride is here.”

Someone in the crowd suddenly shouted.

A strange fragrance came from the end of the road.

In Five Banishment City that was filled with the stench of various beasts, this fragrance was especially prominent.

Petals were thrown into the air and scattered down. The two flower girls led the way in front, and behind them was a huge red sedan carrying 16 flowers. They followed the path like stars surrounding the moon.

It looked a little similar to human weddings.

The sedan was hung with red gauze curtains on all four sides, but a faint outline could be seen. It could be seen that the woman inside was definitely drop dead gorgeous.

Jiang Li who was in the crowd naturally paid attention to this side.

He could not see the person in the sedan clearly and could only observe the other demons carrying the sedan!

Many of them were part of her family’s dowry.

The first two scattered flowers and the four attendants behind them. Looking at the tails that could not be refined on their backs, it was obvious that they were all fox demons.

However, what surprised him was that they only had one tail behind them.

Could it be that it just happened to have the same name, or was it a group of ordinary fox demons that occupied Tu Mountain?

“Master, I smell blood.”

Right when Jiang Li was pondering, the bald wolf demon standing by his side suddenly twitched its nose, and then it spoke to Jiang Li with slight uncertainty.


Could it be that the fox demons had menses?

Jiang Li did not comment. He followed the baldy and the other wolf demons to the venue.

They were here on behalf of the Black Bamboo Mountain to send their congratulations. There were also a few cultivators whose strength was equivalent to a human Nascent Soul cultivator. Apart from those demons who ruled over the mountain, they were also the ones with some reputation.

It was not to the extent that they could not even enter the banquet.

After he sat down, Jiang Li finally saw the five masters of this city, the Five Banishment Daoists.

They were not as strange as he had imagined.

The transformed bodies of these five demons could be considered handsome.

Ox, sheep, pig, dog, and donkey were not spiritual beasts with powerful bloodlines. Such demons naturally had the advantage of ease when they transformed.

However, what was strange was that the appearance of these five guys’ transformed bodies was surprisingly very similar.

Even their races were different, let alone their blood relations.h.i.+p.

Apart from being based on racial characteristics, the Body Transformation also had a lot to do with the minds of demons.

These five guys looked so similar. There might be something else amiss.

“Baldy, shouldn’t they be undergoing the wedding rituals? Why are they eating and drinking with the guests as soon as they come out?”

Jiang Li tasted the unique roasted demon beast of the Ten Directions Region and asked the bald wolf demon beside him.

“Master, there’s no such thing as etiquette among demons.”

Demons were not like humans. They did not wors.h.i.+p the heavens or the earth, nor did they have an ancestral hall. Only the moon hanging in the sky at all times emitted a power that could help demon beasts cultivate.

In terms of wors.h.i.+p, they only had some admiration for the moon.

Therefore, the ceremony of the demon’s wedding could only be held when the full moon rose to the sky. They would bow three times to the full moon.

It was not time yet, so they naturally invited the guests.

The bride with the red veil was arranged to sit on a red chair and not move at all. The Five Banishment Daoists started to leave the stage and continuously toast the demons who came to the wedding banquet.

However, between the cups, their eyes frequently looked at the red chair, and their eyes were filled with greed.

After drinking a few hundred kilograms of wine, the moon gradually rose. Under the stimulation of the spiritual wine, the smiles of these five demons who called themselves the Five Banishment became more and more fearless.

“Lord Five Banishment, the time has come. You can bow now.”

An old goat demon who was staring at the moon rail ran over hurriedly and reported to them.

The five demons looked at each other and smiled sinisterly. Just like bandits and bullies s.n.a.t.c.hing their wives, they walked to the middle and surrounded their bride.

“Wife, we five brothers greet you.”

“Here is a precious pearl. From now on, you’re the wife of the five of us!”

They first took out a pearl and shook it in front of the sedan. The fox demon under the cover seemed to be moving deliberately as it raised its head slightly to look at the pearl.

Then, in the next moment, a rough hand directly pulled off the cover, revealing her beauty that made people’s hearts stop.

Just this face alone was enough for the wretched Five Banishment Daoists to attack Tu Mountain without any other motive.

If it was Jiang Li, he would probably have some thoughts about kidnapping this fox demon into the coffin first.

The fox demon bride was expressionless, but the Five Banishment Daoists’ saliva had already flowed down.

Perhaps it was because of the spiritual wine or perhaps it was their nature, but the five of them had never thought of treating the Tu Mountain Bride kindly. After removing the cover, an even more bold idea was revealed.

“All your guests have come from afar. It’s too boring to just wors.h.i.+p the moon. Why don’t we let the guests see something interesting?”

“Brothers, what do you think?”

The ox demon among the Five Banishment Daoists was the first to speak. The other four also laughed understandingly. They actually began to remove their clothes and approached the red-robed fox demon in the middle.

From the looks of it, they planned to change the moon wors.h.i.+p ceremony of the demon wedding to a live show.

Not only did they want one female to serve five husbands, but they also wanted to show everyone the process in public. Such taste was really shocking.

Jiang Li could not help but wonder what deep hatred these five fellows had with that fox demon? They actually had to do such a thing.

Jiang Li who was sitting in the outer area had an expression of an ignorant country b.u.mpkin. He stared fixedly at the center to see how the situation would develop.

Could that bride really endure this?

The Five Banishment Daoists pounced at the bride in the middle while drooling.

“You’re going too far!”

As the clear female voice fell, two sharp claw shadows suddenly appeared from under the dignified red dress and instantly grabbed at the crotch of the five demons.

Crotch Claw!

Five figures were sent flying and collided along the way. Countless tables and chairs made the originally bustling wedding venue suddenly become chaotic.

However, that sharp claw strike did not succeed.

“Hahaha! What a spicy little fox demon. I like it, I like it, I like it!”

In the pile of rotten wood, the Five Banishment Daoists stood up one after another and patted their bodies as if they were not injured at all.

“Dear wife, you can’t scratch this place recklessly.”

“Hehe, little fox demoness, you can’t escape. Today, the five of us will definitely show you some love!”

The originally human skin was burst open, and a white-skinned pig that was more than a hundred feet tall appeared at the banquet.

Then, the green-black water buffalo, the long-bearded old goat, the yellow dog, and the huge donkey appeared in their true forms. They rushed towards the fox demon in the middle of the other party in an even more crazy and violent manner.

A huge battle was about to break out. Six demons equivalent to the Soul Formation realm of humans collided with each other. Their power was enough to change the terrain and flatten the mountains!

This originally bustling banquet hall was instantly destroyed. When Jiang Li and the others who were partic.i.p.ating saw that the situation was bad, they had already retreated far away.

However, they were not too far away. They stopped in the air and watched the scene in the middle.

“They’re fighting, they’re really fighting. That Tu Mountain woman is really bold. Who do you think will win?”

“Who will win? Is there a need to say this? The Five Banishment Daoists have five bodies. When they join forces, they can even compare to demon kings. How can they lose to a mere fox demon?”

“Hehe, everyone, don’t be in a hurry to leave. Perhaps we can watch two more big scenes tonight?”

“That woman is really beautiful. It’s good that we can’t eat her. The Five Banishment Daoists are really generous demons.”

The surrounding demons were not surprised by this sudden battle. There were fights every day in the Ten Directions Region and dead demons every day. Such a scene was not rare at all.

Instead, they teased and cheered loudly. However, no one spoke up for the fox demon. They were basically all villains.

Jiang Li himself was also quietly observing.

The fox demon was not bad, but it was only not bad.

If she only fought one of the Five Banishment Daoists, she might have a chance of winning.

However, against five of them, she was at an absolute disadvantage. The other party clearly had the ability to complement each other and greatly increase their combat strength. As soon as they fought, she was suppressed to an absolute disadvantage.

If not for these five guys holding back due to fear of damaging the fox demon’s body, she would have been heavily injured.

In the battle of understanding, Jiang Li had always been observing carefully, but there was indeed only one tail on her back.

This caused Jiang Li to be slightly disappointed. It seemed that she was not an orthodox fox descendant of the Tu Mountain he knew. Then, her life and death were meaningless to Jiang Li.

Jiang Li was just about to turn around and leave when he recalled what the baldy had said to him earlier.

The fox demon indeed had a b.l.o.o.d.y aura on its body. Moreover, looking at the way she fought, Jiang Li had a feeling that this fox demon had already suffered considerable injuries.

Could there be something else going on with this fox demon?

He quietly raised his hand and grabbed a few wisps of energy that seeped into the air.

Under the status of medium-grade Merit Blessing, Jiang Li could casually do this.

He removed the five forces that belonged to the Five Banishment Daoists and left behind the fox demon’s energy alone.

After throwing the energy into the coffin, the nest of two or three-tailed fox demons living in the coffin immediately approached. After smelling the energy aura, they began to nod crazily..

Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration Chapter 386 – Five Banishment Livestock

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Chapter 386: Five Banishment Livestock

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ten Direction Region, underground of Five Banishment City.

In an underground tunnel that even the Five Banishment Daoists, who had

been entrenched here for hundreds and thousands of years, did not know, an

old man was slowly advancing with two juniors.

Their actions were not discovered by anyone and did not trigger any alarmn

array formations. It was as if they were the masters of this demon city.

It was difficult to imagine that as the local tyrant, Five Banishment Daoists,

actually did not understand their territory as well as the three outsiders.

This was because this fortress was actually not established by the so-called

Five Banishment Daoists from the beginning

These five demons had inherited it from others.

It was not robbery, but true inheritance.

The old and young duo walked forward step by step along the pa.s.sageway that

opened from somewhere in the Prosperous Jíang Hong Inn.

Many years ago, this pa.s.sageway was used to maintain the underground core

array formation.

However, due to the pa.s.sage of time, the core array methods at the bottom had

been occupied by demons for a long time. Without the protection of

cultivators, they had been abandoned for a long time.

The secret maintenance pa.s.sage underground naturally lost its meaning of

existence and had long been forgotten.

In the long-lost pa.s.sage, many places even collapsed. Water acc.u.mulation was


The three of them flowed along with water that was half the height of a person.

Sometimes, they had to dig it up to pa.s.s through.

Fortunately, this pa.s.sageway was not complicated. After spending some time,

they successfully found the end.

The old man who had an ancient leather scroll lying in his hand heaved a sigh

of relief. Fortunately, the map left behínd by their ancestors was correct.

Otherwise, their plan would have been ruined before it could even begin.

At the end of the pa.s.sage was a stone door made of red rocks that blocked their


The stone door was without any holes or locks and was extremely hard.

High-grade Profound-rank artifacts could only produce a few sparks when

they struck it.

Ordinary methods were utterly unable to open it. If it was Jiang Li’s main body,

e would probably be helpless before it.

However, it was clearly the elders first time here, but he seemed to be

prepared. He searched the stone door and found two small b.u.mps.

He turned around and took out two daggers, handing them to the two children

behind him with expectations.

Without any hesitation, the male and female cultivator cut their palms with the


Both of them were quite fearless when they stabbed themselves


Two blood-stained palms pressed on the two grooves of the stone door.

It was unkmown what reaction it caused.

The heavy stone door in front of them suddenly relaxed. After a thousand

years, it slowly opened again.

A rotting smell came from inside. The air inside must have been here for a long


The old cultivator did not care about the thick dust inside and rushed in


A few spell lights shot out, illuminating the underground s.p.a.ce completely

enveloped by the northern red rock

What was hidden under Five Banishment City was a house that did not look

very gorgeous and had a strong garden aura.

On it, the words “Banishment Immortal Residence” were written in simple ink.

Who was the original owner of this place? He actually called himself an


If not for the fact that this house was only a few thousand years old, one would

really think that this was the residence of an immortal who had been banished

in ancient times.

However, even Earth Immortals were considered immortals now.

“Hahaha! It’s indeed here, its really here!”

“Luocheng, Luoxing, quickly come and pay respects to the ancestor!” e

The two young cultivators followed his instructions and walked to the

Banishment Immortal Residence to bow three times.

“Grandpa, was this Five Banishment City where our family used to live? The

young female cultivator asked her question.

That’s right. This Five Banishment City is actually not called the Five

Banishment City. This place was originally called the Banishment Immortal

Residence. It’s the place where our Lu family’s ancestor, Lu Shoushan, lived in


“Hmph, don’t look at how impressive those Five Banishment Daoists are. Those

five guys were only five livestock raised by our Lu family’s ancestor back then.”

“They were enlightened by the ancestor, Lu Shoushan, so they had the chance

to develop intelligence and walk the path of cultivation.”

“Those five guys were ungrateful. A hundred years ago, our family came to

retrieve our ancestor’s relic. Not only did they stop us in all ways, they even

injured my people.”

“This time, we’ve taken back our ancestors’ artifacts. We must make them

understand their ident.i.ties!

This elder looked at the Banishment Immortal Residence in front of him and

spoke of a shocking past.

The Five Banishment Daoists who suppressed this region was actually

livestock raised by humans.

However, on careful thought, weren’t cows, sheep, pigs, dogs, and donkeys the

few livestock that people in this era often raised?

Previously, when the few demons returned to their original forms, it was

obvious that they were not wild.

Especially that huge white pig. How could a wild boar grow like that? It was

clearly a breed that had been nurtured carefully.

This was also the reason why the cultivation methods of these five demons

were orthodox and their forms were very similar.

That was because they had indeed been enlightened by an expert, and their

master, the Lu family’s ancestor, Lu Shoushan, must have an extremely great

image in their hearts.

Therefore, when they transformed, their appearance naturally leaned towards

their master.

The five livestock that were casually left behind all grew into great demons and

inherited their master’s name. They did not know how powerful Lu Shoushan

was originally.

After the three of them bowed respectfully to offer incense, they immediately

began a carpet search. They believed that the treasures left behind by their

ancestors were buried here.

However, they did not notice that a snake-like tree root had quietly entered.

On the ground, Jiang Li’s main body did not leave immediately.

He diverted his attention to use it more often. As he controlled the coffin to

suppress the enemy, he let the statue clone hiding inside suppress Yellow Dog

as quickly as possible.

He used the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra with all his might to monitor the leaving


The demons were very fast. After all the demons left his hearing range,

Jiang Li opened the coffin again, and then a ball of dark clouds suddenly surged


This was Jiang Li’s Yin Burial Ghost Soldiers.

The well-trained ghost soldiers were not like ordinary ghosts who flew around

as soon as they came out.

Under Qin Shuman’s guidance, these guys had already learned complicated

super realistic role-playing

In terms of arranging troops, they were even more restricted.

At this moment, Qin Shuman was also dressed in martial attire. She

transformed into a manly ghost general holding two large flags and

commanding the Yin Burial Ghost Soldiers.

Under her command, the ghost soldiers quickly dispersed and formed a small

team that spread towards the entire stronghold in an orderly manner.

Now that the Five Banishment Daoists were not in the city, Jiang Li wanted to

take advantage of this period of time to pack everything away.

Although there were still some demon generals, it was not easy to kill a million

ghost soldiers.

Every time they encountered these enemies, the Yin Burial Ghost Soldiers

would fuse together and become even stronger ghosts to block those demon


More ordinary ghost soldiers were spread throughout the entire city. They only

had one mission: bring back all the living things they could see.

Be it ordinary humans without cultivation or weak demons, they would capture

everything they could.

There were approximately 300,000 humans and more small demons in this


For every three ghost soldiers, they only needed to bring back a living person

or a small demon.

Taking advantage of this time, he could quickly take these people away.

Jiang Li had already adjusted an empty s.p.a.ce without Yin qi in the coffin in

advance, and it could provide these mortals with temporary stay.

Jiang Li planned to bring these humans to the outside world to live. It could be

said that after obtaining the Human Emperor’s inheritance, he would do

something for the humans.

As for those small demons, they could be used as materials transformed from

the Armored Trolls. No matter how many small demons there were, he could

transform into as many Trolls. After removing the mask, they could all be

exchanged for merit points.

Although he had already joined the Divine Judgment Hall, merit points were

always useful currency. No matter how much they were, it would not be too


At this moment, the coffin was placed at the largest size. Countless ghost

soldiers dragged mortals and small demons into it.

Jiang Li did not stay idle as his figure shuttled through the entire Five

Banishment City.

His targets were the demon generals guarding the city.

These demons equivalent to human Nascent Soul cultivators were not weak.

They had to fuse with 10,000 ghost soldiers to resist them.

Moreover, every time he collided with the other party, he would lose more than

a hundred ghost soldiers. He needed to continuously replenish the ghost

soldiers and fuse them to maintain the balance.

The 6 million new souls had yet to develop into ghost soldiers. The current

Soul Burial Ghost Soldiers on hand were only around 3 million. Moreover, they

could at most withstand the fusion of 10,000 ghost soldiers.

If he could not deal with them, this rapid robbery operation would also be

delayed. Moreover, the battle of the Nascent Soul cultivators was too loud. The

aftermath alone was enough to destroy the city and kill most of the humans in


In order to reduce such losses, Jiang Li could only do it himself.

He stepped on the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword and his figure turmed into a

stream of light that ordinary people could not see clearly.

Endless power gathered in his hand and smashed the head of a donkey demon.

This was already the fifth Demon General he had dealt with.

For an existence of this level, unless it was a prehistoric variant with special

abilities, it was already very difficult to receive his punch.

“Squeak squeak. I didn’t expect there to be a human here. Your coffin is not bad.

Why don’t you give it to me”

Just as Jiang Li rushed towards the next bull demon, a flesh-colored whip

silently tore through the air and actually caught up to him from behind at a

speed faster than the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword.

Jiang Li did not hear any sound, and he only felt a burning sensation on his

back. Then, a strong force came, and his entire body went numb. Everything

before his eyes started to spin.

He was directly sent flying from the flying sword and smashed to the ground,

rolling far away with the inertia. He shattered a pile of buildings and was

buried under the wreckage of those buildings.

“Hehe, good treasure, you’re mine!”

In the distance, a wretched and short figure carried a black cloth bag that was

almost dragged to the ground and was walking out of the residence of one of

the Five Banishment Daoists.

Clearly, Jiang Li was not the only one with the intention of taking advantage of

the situation. This short demon directly rushed into the Five Banishment

Daoists’ residence to steal something

Looking at the bulging pocket on his back, it was obvious that he had gained

quite a bit.

When he came out ot the dog demon mansion, he immediately saw the Yin

Burial Coffin floating in midair.

If it was the Yin Burial Coffin that was in a silent disguise, its miraculousness

would naturally not be so easily discovered.

However, now that the coffin’s might was fully released and had fallen into the

eyes of experts, the grade of an Earth-rank artifact naturally could not be

concealed anymore.

He saw that the person using the artifact was actually a human cultivator.

Even this bandit who only stole and did not rob could not help but make a

move. His tail slapped Jiang Li who was flying in the air to the ground, and it

was unknown if he was dead or alive.

The flesh-colored whip that stretched out for more than ten thousand feet

quickly retracted, turning into a three foot long tail that hung behind this


After that, he paid no further attention to Jiang Li because he had already

appeared by the coffin.

“Hehehe, an Earth-rank artifact! What a treasure! It’s even a rare spatial-type

artifact. Good, good, good! Follow me in the future. I must fill it with


The wretched and short thief jumped onto the coffin, kissing and touching it


Earth-rank artifacts were rare in the cultivation world of the human race. In

the Ten Direction Region, which was filled with demon beasts and no

sub-occupation masters, they were even rarer.

This Lord of Thieves who claimed to have stolen all the treasures in the world

had never seen a true Earth-rank artifact in his life.

“Squeak! Oh my ancestor, is this coffin about to advance?”

He was studying this coffin when he suddenly frowned and looked up.

“Oh? Presumptuous ghost, how dare you stop me!”

When Qin Shuman, who was flying in the air, saw that a demon was trying to

steal her master’s artifact, she immediately led the 300,000 ghost soldiers


However, n the cultivation world, the gap between grades was too great. Many

times, quant.i.ty could not be of use.

The tail whip reached out again, turning into a stream of light from below and

instantly piercing through the ghost clouds above.

Even with hundreds of thousands of monsters as obstructions, Qin Shuman,

who was the core of the million ghost soldiers, was still heavily injured. She

screamed and was pulled back into the ghost cloud, not daring to show her face


“Hmph, you overestimate yourself.”

“Good treasure, let’s go.”

The short and wretched demon grabbed the coffin and wanted to carry it away.

However, with some force, the coffin floating in the air only moved slightly for

an inch before stopping

The demonic power that this great demon who called itself the Lord of Thieves

threw in also disappeared without a trace like water entering the sea. It did not

have any effect.

Clearly, this precious coffin did not want to follow him.

“If you want to take it away, why don’t you ask me first?

The ruins that pressed down on his body exploded, and Jiang Li who had

smashed into the ground earlier walked out.

The rogue cultivator uniform he was wearing hada large hole torn open on his

back, and some dried blood could be seen inside.

This great demon’s ability was very special. Be it walking or attacking, it was

silent. Even Jiang Li did not notice its existence just now.

He had really taken the full brunt of that tail whip earlier.

His skin and flesh were lacerated, and seven or eight of the ribs on his back

were broken.

However, if it was only bone and flesh injuries, with Jiang Li’s Earth-rank

medicinal pill statuses and the healing spell technique he obtained later, War

Clear Spring, he would be able to completely recover in a few breaths.

However, there was still a thin layer of hard fur on this guy’s tail. After being

lashed to the body, the fur would pierce into the wound and enter the blood

vessels. As the blood vessels quickly flowed through the entire body, it would

pierce through the internal organs, causing the injured to feel extreme pain.

Most importantly, the fur was poisonous.

If anyone else was struck by this, even if they did not die, they would live in

pain for decades to come until they slowly expelled the hard fur from their


This was because the hard fur was too difficult to remove. Even if jiang Li had

the Immaculate Body, it still took him such a long time to clean up all the

foreign objects in his body.

He did not expect that someone would dare to take advantage of him. This

fellow was courting death!

Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration Chapter 382 – Yan Hong Recovers

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Chapter 382: Yan Hong Recovers

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The other party naturally did not recognize the current Jiang Li.

Even if they recognized Jiang Li, the original owner, the Hidden Rock cultivator who had his personality modified would only think that he was an enemy.

The only solution was to change their personalities again.

“Sorry, Sir, our shopkeeper is very busy. I’m afraid he’s not free… The waiter will bring you to a private room upstairs. Please wait a moment, the shopkeeper will be here soon.”

The cultivator behind the counter spoke halfway. His expression stiffened for a moment before he suddenly changed his words.

That was because Jiang Li was holding a small coffin in his hand. At this moment, the coffin lid slid open a little.

The fifth clone, who could already control his body, immediately controlled this cultivator and made him understand that the person in front of him was his master.

The Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard had already fallen into his hands. The control of these Hidden Rock cultivators naturally returned to Jiang Li’s hands.

However, Jiang Li was no longer blindly trusting the parasitized puppets like before.

As a Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth, the Nine Nether Wood had its own unique points. However, if he encountered other existences of the same level or with deeper roots, they might discover him and crack his control.

Not to mention anything else, the Mu family’s patriarch should also have the ability to destroy the seed of the Nine Nether Earth Fruit.

This time, he had suffered a huge loss. He had to be more careful in the future.

Jiang Li followed the shop a.s.sistant upstairs. The hidden cultivator behind the counter immediately ran back to inform Yan Hong.

He was not asked to wait, and nothing unexpected happened. In next to no time, a figure that was similarly wrapped in tree vines pushed open the door and walked in.

Wasn’t this chubby guy the missing Yan Hong?

Yan Hong looked at Jiang Li. From his appearance, he still did not understand the situation.

Jiang Li waved his hand. Through his fifth clone, he suppressed the intense soul modification effect of the spiritual root seed on Yan Hong, causing his mind to slowly recover and regain his rationality.

Yan Hong’s originally normal expression suddenly became stunned.

His eyes gradually filled with a layer of confusion, and his breathing became more and more rapid. Then, he suddenly woke up from his drowning state.

His entire body shook as he looked around in confusion.

“What… what’s going on… what happened!”

After eating the Nine Nether Earth Fruit, Yan Hong felt as if he had fallen asleep and had a dream that he could not wake up from for a long time.

He actually had blurry memories of everything that had happened during this period of time. If he recalled carefully, he could recall everything, but he always had a strange feeling as if he had never experienced this.

It was as if he had never been the one controlling his body. This feeling made him feel at a loss.

He had just woken up and his blood pressure had increased to at least 500.

Then, he could not stand still. His entire body immediately went limp on the ground, trembling uncontrollably.

He was terrified of everything he had experienced.

This was also the reason why Jiang Li had never wanted Yan Hong to consume the Nine Nether Earth Fruit to increase his cultivation.

Although the Nine Nether Earth Fruit was precious, the growth speed of this spiritual fruit was actually very fast.

As long as they absorbed the origin of demon beasts or cultivators, their lives and cultivation would quickly grow.

To Jiang Li who held the Nine Nether Wood Branch, it was really nothing.

Jiang Li ran deep into the mountains and caught a few demons before using the parasitism of his spiritual root to extract one. It would only take a day or two to produce one.

With Jiang Li’s relations.h.i.+p with Yan Hong, it actually did not take much effort to get him one or two pills to increase his cultivation.

However, the effect of changing one’s rationality was too terrifying.

Jiang Li was unwilling to let Yan Hong become his puppet.

However, due to a freak combination of factors, Yan Hong still ate the Nine Nether Earth Fruit and was controlled by others for such a long time.

Regarding this, Jiang Li could only light a few Concentration Incenses and stick them beside Yan Hong to make him feel better.

“Jiang… Jiang Li, is that you?”

After an hour pa.s.sed, Yan Hong finally recovered from his shock, and then he raised his head to look at Jiang Li.

As expected of Jiang Li’s good friend. Even if his disguise was not removed, he still recognized him.

Of course, he was a mere Qi Refinement cultivator without any background or status. Only Jiang Li could enter the Ten Directions Region to save him.

Jiang Li nodded, switched back to his original appearance, and sat by his side.

“How is it? Do you feel better?”

How could the terrible feeling of his personality being tampered with be so easy to accept? Yan Hong only barely nodded and forced himself to maintain his rationality.

“Jiang Li, what exactly happened to me?”

Yan Hong held his chest tightly as he asked Jiang Li with a trembling voice. However, at the very least, his tongue was no longer tied up.

“What captured you was a tree demon. It’s the huge tree demon that appeared in the Mother River back then. It has the ability to influence people’s minds.”

“After the last battle, that tree demon lost half of its origin. This time, it’s probably back to take revenge on the Great Mountain Alliance.”

“They didn’t find me, but they found you instead.”

Jiang Li hesitated for a moment before telling him about the Nine Nether Wood.

However, the big secret that he knew was nothing in Yan Hong’s eyes.

There were many methods to control people in the cultivation world. Yan Hong was only a Qi Refinement cultivator previously. He could easily find a large number of people who could control him through unorthodox methods.

If he wanted to control a Qi Refinement cultivator, with Jiang Li’s current level, he would probably only need to draw a black talisman.

Although that kind of control was far inferior to the power of the spiritual root seed, it was not much different in Yan Hong’s perspective.

Therefore, even if Jiang Li told him this, he did not take it too seriously.

To him, how different were Nascent Soul, Soul Formation, Earth Immortal, and even True G.o.ds? They were all existences that could slap him to death.

“I see. Jiang Li, how did you find me? Also, will I still remain like that in the future?”

Yan Hong did not probe deeper. In his eyes, there were too many such figures. He was not concerned about the origins of that tree demon.

What he cared about was whether he would return to that state in the future. If that was the case, he might as well let Jiang Li kill him…

“Don’t worry, I’ve already helped you take revenge. That guy is indeed powerful. However, since I can find your location, that tree demon has naturally fallen into my hands.”

“However, your suffering is not without benefits. Congratulations, Yan Hong. You’re now a proper Golden Core cultivator.”

The Nine Nether Wood in the graveyard had fed Yan Hong the Nine Nether Earth Fruit. The powerful effect of the Spiritual Root Fruit of Heaven and Earth had allowed him to obtain a cultivation level that others might not be able to reach in their lifetime in an extremely short period of time, causing him to have a lifespan of 500 years.

He only had an empty cultivation base and the spell techniques he knew were still at the Qi Refinement realm.

Moreover, his cultivation had not been polished, and his mind was still at its original level. He could only use about 20% of his cultivation.

His true combat strength was probably only slightly better than a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

If he wanted to polish his cultivation bit by bit, it would take at least a hundred years of hard work.

However, to Yan Hong, it was a huge opportunity. Moreover, with his Golden Core cultivation, although he did not have any combat strength, he could barely qualify as a businessman.

Without this cultivation, no one would take a fancy to him.

Now, he could help Jiang Li again.