Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2031 – He Is So Fierce To Me

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Chapter 2031: He Is So Fierce To Me

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The first step of the plan to attract customers with the liquor’s aroma was successful. This was the first time Saipan Tavern had customers waiting before it opened for business. Moreover, there were more than 10 of them.

Of course, this was only customers with intentions. The 2000 copper coins price tag would filter out some more customers. Those who remained were the real customers.

Irina wasn’t back yet, and Annie went upstairs to draw.

Mag looked at Amy, and smilingly said, “Little Amy, let us serve the customers that come to the tavern today.”

“Mm-hm.” Amy nodded obediently, clenching her fists, and said, “I will be gentle with them.”

Mag opened the tavern’s door, and smilingly said to the 10-odd customers waiting outside, “Thank you for waiting. Welcome to Saipan Tavern.”

“Boss, you really open on the dot. You won’t even let us in to wait when you see us waiting outside for so long,” a customer complained as he had never suffered such grievance before. It was all because that liquor’s aroma was simply too enticing.

The other customers also grumbled.

“The tavern will be open on time every day. All of you will just have to come after the sun sets,” Mag replied calmly. The opening time would not change. This was the tavern’s rule.

Even though they were a little displeased with Mag’s inflexible reply, since the tavern was already open, they weren’t going to stand at the door. They all went in, wanting to taste that mesmerizing liquor.

“Maotai—2000 copper coins a bottle.”

“Whiskey—2000 copper coins a bottle.”

The customers discovered the price tag of the two liquors and the side dishes hanging obviously above the bar counter.

“It’s so expensive!” someone exclaimed.

There weren’t many taverns on Romo Street, and their prices were usually friendly to the ordinary people’s pockets. They were usually priced from tens of copper coins to over 100 copper coins a bottle.

However, this tavern’s two liquors were priced over 2000 copper coins a bottle!

“Boss, are you selling your liquor by the vat?” a customer asked.

“They are displayed on the cabinet.” Mag pointed at the cabinet which was filled with the two kinds of liquors.

“It’s a little expensive for such a small bottle.”

“I have a friend coming over. I’ll go fetch him.”

“What a coincidence. I also have a friend…”

In the blink of an eye, there were only three or four customers left in the tavern.

A man in an official’s robe asked Mag, “Boss, what is the liquor that you hang at the door?”

Mag pointed at the round Maotai bottles on the cabinet, and replied, “It’s Maotai.”

“I would like a bottle of this Maotai and a helping of each side dish,” that man said before taking a seat with the man who came with him.

The customers were placing their orders. The customers who stayed behind naturally could afford a bottle of 2000-copper-coins liquor. They, too, placed their orders and took a seat.

2000 copper coins a bottle liquor was considered expensive on Romo Street, but it wasn’t an unusual price at the famous taverns and bars in the north of the city.

And the liquor’s aroma was what attracted these customers to order a bottle to try.

A black horse-drawn carriage slowly drove on Romo Street.

Abraham was sitting in the carriage with a grave expression.

He had just come out from the Ministry of Defense. Because of Josh’s incident, he, who hadn’t been caring about the official affairs for a long time, stepped into the Ministry of Defense for the first time.

However, the incident was as bad as he had heard before. Josh was no longer the Josh he knew, and there was no way Abraham could oppose Andre’s decision.

The devil was indeed a terrifying existence.

He didn’t know how Josh got involved with the devil. Perhaps no one would ever know.

Currently, he couldn’t do anything about it. He didn’t even know how to explain this incident to Vanessa.

He only wanted to find a place to have a drink alone.

Right then, a whiff of liquor’s aroma came in through the carriage’s window.

“What fragrance is that?” Abraham’s nostrils flared, and he lifted the carriage’s curtains in surprise. A whiff of liquor’s aroma washed over him, and the words “Saipan Tavern” appeared in his line of vision.

“Stop,” said Abraham.

The horse-drawn carriage stopped after moving forward for a short distance.

Abraham said, “Turn back to that tavern behind us.”

The horse-drawn carriage turned back, and stopped in front of the tavern. Abraham alighted from the horse-drawn carriage, and sized up this tavern that looked rather new. His gaze was quickly attracted by the small metal cage hanging on the pillar at the door. A cup of liquor was locked up in there. The enticing liquor’s aroma came from that small cup.

“This liquor’s aroma is simply too enticing.” Abraham went up to take a sniff before he pushed open the door, and walked into the tavern.

Since he wanted to have a drink, he should have something good. If he was going to get drunk, he was going to get drunk on good liquor.

There weren’t many people in the tavern, but as soon as Abraham entered, he almost fainted over the rich liquor’s aroma.

It was the aroma of the liquor that he had smelled at the door, but it was much richer and seductive in the tavern.

Furthermore, judging from how those customers were sipping and savoring the liquor with small and their sated expressions, this liquor was indeed a great one. It didn’t just smell nice.

Amy saw Abraham, and her eyes lit up immediately. She was about to call him.

Mag happened to walk out of the kitchen with a plate of pig ears salad. His gaze, too, flickered when he saw Abraham. He calmly asked, “What would you like to drink?”

Amy threw a glance at Mag, and as if she suddenly remembered something, she shut her mouth obediently, and didn’t make a sound.

Abraham looked at the pig ears salad on Mag’s tray, and was surprised at how similar this red salad was to the sliced beef and ox tongue in chili sauce. Even that spiciness smelled similar. He took a quick look at the drinks’ list on the wall, and said, “I will have one bottle of what they are drinking and a helping of each side dish.”

“Alright.” Mag nodded, and went to serve the dishes.

Abraham retracted his gaze. He intended to find a seat when he saw that quiet little girl sitting behind the bar counter.

The little girl looked about four or five, and her looks were exquisite. She had a head of black hair and a pair of s.h.i.+ny black eyes. She sat there quietly, looking very well-behaved and cute.

I didn’t expect this boss to have such an adorable daughter. Abraham couldn’t help thinking about Mamy Restaurant. He wondered where Boss Mag and Little Boss were now. He really began to miss Mamy Restaurant’s delicious food.

“h.e.l.lo, little girl.” Abraham greeted her with a smile.

“h.e.l.lo, Fat Grandpa.” Amy greeted him docilely too.

“How dare you…!” The guard at the side turned solemn. How dared this little girl call the lord duke that.

“He is so fierce to me.” Amy immediately looked pitiful and whined. There were tears glistening in her big eyes.

“What’s wrong with you? Go out, go out.” Abraham turned around to kick that guard on his b.u.t.t, and chased him out before smiling pacifying Amy, “Don’t be afraid, sweetie. F-Fat Grandpa already chased him out.”

“Mm-hm.” Amy immediately revealed an angelic smile.

Abraham heaved a breath of relief as he looked around him. Fortunately, they weren’t at Mamy Restaurant.. Otherwise, Little Boss wouldn’t say anything about being afraid—she would just release a fireball instead.

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2020

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Chapter 2020: Ripped Clothes

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Irina, Amy, and Annie sat around the dining table, and stared at the tray of salted egg yolk pastry in the middle of the table.

The aroma of the pastry and the aroma of the milk made the three of them salivate.

Amy tilted her head, and asked Mag expectantly, “Father, when can we eat the salted egg yolk pastry?”

“We still need to wait a while. It will taste even better after it cools a little.” Mag knew that the little one was already getting impatient, but the brief wait necessary in order for the salted egg yolk pastry to achieve the best texture would be very worthwhile.

“We just need to let it cool down, right?” Irina asked Mag.


“Then, I have a solution.” Irina went into the kitchen, and made some sounds in there. Shortly after, Irina came out with a box that was carved out of ice. Its top was open, and chopsticks were used to make a support at the bottom over a plate.

Irina used the chopsticks to place a few pieces of salted egg yolk pastry into the icebox, and they cooled down rapidly.

There was no problem with physical cooling, so Mag didn’t stop her.

Soon, Amy tiptoed and used her finger to gently poke at the salted egg yolk pastry in the icebox before exclaiming, “They are already cool.”

Mag used the chopsticks to poke the skin of the pastry. It had already hardened. He nodded, and said, “We can eat it now.”

“Father will have one first.” Amy reached out to grab one salted egg yolk pastry, and pa.s.sed it to Mag.

“Little Amy, you will eat it first. I will eat it later.”

“No way. Father has a hard time making it. Father has to eat the first salted egg yolk pastry.” Amy shook her head with conviction.

“Alright. I will eat it.” Mag accepted the salted egg yolk pastry, feeling so touched. Daughters were still the best.

“Hehe.” Amy smiled. She gave Annie and Irina one each before picking up the last salted egg yolk pastry, and took a big bite.


“So delicious!”

“So, so, so, so satisfying!”

The slightly crispy skin was wrapped around the pastry, forming layers of crispy texture that crumbled in the mouth as soon as she bit into it. The teeth easily bit open the red bean paste and egg yolk. The exquisite texture and taste made the little one sway left and right. Her two short legs swung gently, and her face had a satisfied expression.

“Is it that delicious?” Irina looked at Amy, who was immersed in the scrumptiousness of the salted egg yolk pastry, and bit into one herself too.


A hint of disbelief appeared in Irina’s eyes. Under the pastry skin was the soft red bean paste and the savory salted egg yolk that was wrapped in the very center.

Crunchy, soft, sweet, and savory. Different kinds of sensations filled the mouth.

How could one mouthful be enough!

One mouthful followed by another mouthful. The small salted egg yolk pastry all went into her stomach quickly.

She licked the pastry skin on the fingertips, and then licked her lips. She looked at Mag with satisfaction. “Not bad. It’s delicious.”

Erm, it was actually more than delicious. It was super delicious!

Irina had never eaten such a delicious dessert before in her life.

Be it that exquisite layered combination, that crunchy exterior and tender interior, or that innovative creation of the red bean paste wrapping around the salted egg yolk, they were all amazing.

Compared to the mung bean cake, this salted egg yolk pastry had already taken the number one spot in her heart!

Annie nibbled on the salted egg yolk pastry. Judging from her curled lips and surprised expression, she was similarly very satisfied with the salted egg yolk pastry.

Mag’s lips curled up slightly. He was feeling rather satisfied with himself.

As a chef, his greatest satisfaction was receiving others’ acknowledgement for the food that he had painstakingly cooked.

Furthermore, they were the people that were the closest to him and he cared the most about.

Suddenly, he felt that the dozens of days that he spent battling with the salted egg yolk pastry in the test field for the G.o.d of Cookery last night were very worthwhile.

Mag picked up the salted egg yolk pastry, and took a bite. This salted egg yolk pastry that was perfectly done in every aspect was indeed so scrumptious that it could make a grown man weep.

Even all those salted egg yolk pastries that he had eaten before could only be considered as inferior when compared to this salted egg yolk pastry.

Irina placed a few more salted egg yolk pastry into the icebox to cool down, and casually asked, “So, is the tavern going to sell desserts?”

“No. Saipan Tavern doesn’t deserve them.” Mag shook his head and smiled. “This salted egg yolk pastry will be reserved for the customers of Mamy Restaurant. Just take it as compensation for the time we will be away for our vacation.”

“Oh, yes. You haven’t cooked for that grandfather and grandson duo in the morning, and you didn’t send them food for lunch, either,” Irina reminded him.

“Oh dear. I have forgotten about them.” Mag slapped his head. He had indeed messed up all his plans by waking up late.

He went into the kitchen to make one helping of braised chicken and rice for Merante and Noah each. After packing them up, Mag packed two salted egg yolk pastry for them too before sending the food to them via the teleportation portal.


“Grandpa, did Boss Mag forget about us?” Noah stared at the simplified teleportation portal in the corner of the room and gulped.

“As a member of the Ghost Clan, don’t keep thinking about food. You look useless,” Merante lectured. However, he couldn’t help staring at the corner, and his stomach began to growl uncontrollably.

These two days were the most comfortable life that they had ever led. They didn’t have to wander around, and their three meals were taken care of. Moreover, they were extremely delicious food.

However, today’s breakfast and lunch weren’t delivered on time. They actually weren’t used to it.

Right then, a golden light flashed in the corner, and a takeaway box appeared.

“It’s here!”

Noah jumped up from bed excitedly, and ran over to pick up the takeaway box. He placed it on the small table at the side, and opened it reverently. The rich chicken soup’s aroma filled the room.

“Oh… This enticing aroma. He’s indeed Boss Mag!” Noah took a deep sniff as he took out two extra-large helpings of braised chicken and rice.

“However, what are these?” Noah took out two separately plated portions of salted egg yolk pastry on the topmost layer.

“It has the aroma of an egg. Perhaps it is the baked egg of some bird?” Merante picked up a salted egg yolk pastry, and sniffed it before taking a bite.

The crunchy skin wrapped up an amazing taste. The crunchy aroma of the skin, the sweet aroma of the red bean filling, the savory aroma of the salted egg yolk… All kinds of flavors exploded in his mouth layer by layer before overlapping together, and releasing an incredible taste.


Merante’s clothes ripped and revealed his fit chest.

“Are you exaggerating?”

Noah looked at Merante’s ripped clothes, and then bit into the other salted egg yolk pastry.

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2042 – Amy’s Life Experience System.

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Chapter 2042: Amy’s Life Experience System.

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What’s that?

Can it be eaten?

Also, where are you?

Why can’t I see you?

Amy crawled up from her bed. She searched the room inside out, and pouted angrily as she said, “If you’re not coming out, I’ll tell Father to catch you.

“..” Life Experience System.

“I’ll count to three.” Amy put her hands on her hips. “Three!”

“Wait, you can’t do this.”

“I just like to count from three. None of your business!” Amy snorted.

“..” System.

“Are you in my head?” Amy hit and then shook her head.

“Calm down, Little Mistress. Didn’t you make a wish last night? I am here to fulfill that wish.” The system’s voice rang.

It could only change his att.i.tude when facing this host who was rather unstable, with her morals not completely sculpted. She could not be communicated with normally.

“So are you here to give me food?” Amy’s eyes lit up. With utmost antic.i.p.ation, she said, “A delicacy that could never be finished and I would never be sick of!”

“No, I am here to help you, Little Mistress, fulfill your wish. Of course, I will also be providing support to help your life become even better,” the System answered.

“So… you have no food, and you can’t cook too?” Amy tilted her head.

“I am a Life Experience System. My aim is to help you upgrade your life experience. Making food is out of my job scope,” the System said seriously.

“Then what do I want you for? You’re worse than Ugly Duckling. At least Ugly Duckling can be eaten,” Amy said in disdain.

“???” Life Experience System.

As a system, it did not expect to be despised by its owner the moment it appeared.

According to the system’s manual, a System was a supernatural being to the host, and would usually be treated with respect and admiration.

Why did its owner despise it, and even compare it to lowly beasts?


Why was its random-picked host a mere four-year-old girl?

For a system, this was simply a h.e.l.l of a beginning!

Although… it was an emotionless system.

However, it could feel that evilness in this world at this moment

How could a system start raising a kid the moment it debuted?

“Novice mission: please gain 10 life experience points! Upon completion of the mission, you will receive a novice hamper!”

The System tried releasing its first-ever mission.

“What are life experience points?” Amy was attracted to the game-like setting. She would occasionally play some games with her father.

“Life is a learning journey. We would have joy, anger, worry, longing, sadness, fear, shock, and other negative and positive emotions. Emotions are a very important measurement to life experiences.

“The System will digitalize the emotional wavelengths, and that will be the life experience points.

“All emotions induced by you, Little Mistress, will be transformed into life experience points that will be acc.u.mulated in you,” the System quickly explained.

Amy listened very seriously. After a while, she said, “So? What do I have to do?”

“..” System

I’ve said so much.

Have you not heard a thing?

“Therefore, in order to complete the novice mission and officially journey onto the main mission stage, please partic.i.p.ate actively in life to gain more life experience points,” the System said as gently as it could

“Is the novice hamper a giant snack hamper? What’s in there?” Amy asked again.

“To maintain the mysteriousness and your proactiveness, us, as Systems, would not usually reveal the award. Sometimes, the reward might even be decided by a roulette,” the System explained.

“If it’s not something yummy, I’m going to ignore you from now.” Amy snorted.

“. “The System.

In the vocabulary of human words, there was a phrase called “going crazy,” which was an apt description of its current feelings.

It was a system.

It existed as a.s.sistance that only a transmigrant chosen by the heavens could have the chance to own.

But in her eyes, it was just a storeroom for snacks?

Amy lay back on her bed. She looked around, and after making sure there was no one, she thought to herself, How do you talk in my head? Why is there no sound when I’m talking to you?

“I am lodging in your mind. Our interaction uses brainwaves, so there will be no sound, and no one will realize.”

“Then if I die, will you be dead too?”

“Theoretically, you can say so.”

“Then you must be careful, your little life is in my hands,” Amy said with a smile.

“Negative emotions from the Life Experience System +1!”

“Hm? Look, that number jumped! Do I have experience points now?” Amy exclaimed with her eyes widened.

“..” System.

As a system, being threatened by its host was an embarra.s.sment to all systems!


How infuriating!

“Little Mistress, according to the rules binding us, you have to keep my existence a secret, which means you are not allowed to tell anyone about my existence. Otherwise, you will be punished.”

“Father said that other than life and death, everything else is nothing. If you kill me, you’re committing suicide. So what are you going to punish me with?” Amy asked with a smile and a tilt of her head.

System responded, “F*ck!”

“Negative emotions from the Life Experience System +1 +1…”

If it wasn’t because it did not have sufficient power, the System would not mind releasing a mission on murdering one’s father.

Therefore, before she got up from bed, Amy had already successfully gotten five life experience points from the System.

“Just that? It’s too simple.” Amy looked at the five experience points, and continued to study this so-called system.

An interface appeared in her mind. It looked rather similar to the gaming interface she played with her father.

The main page showed the following.

Host: Amy

Level: 0 (0/100)

Life experience points: 5

Skills: NIL

Mission: Novice Mission – Gain 10 life experience points! (ongoing)

Mission Reward: Novice hamper

Lucky draw system: Currently Unavailable

(Please explore for more functions…)

An ordinary four-year-old would probably find it difficult to understand this interface.

However, it was something easy to understand for Amy.

It was just like defeating monsters to gain life experience points and upgrading.

Amy closed the interface, and asked smilingly, “System, are you there?”

“Novice instructions begin. Side quest: make a sumptuous breakfast for your family. Interacting with your family is a fast way to gain life experience points and deepen your relations.h.i.+p. An additional reward will be given out upon successful completion.” The System quickly released a side quest.

As a system, it would be an utter disgrace if other systems were to find out that its host gained experience points from it.

It was the kind that would make it get kicked out of the group chat.

Just like a certain cuisine system senior.

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2047 – I Want To Hit Your Chest With My Little Fists

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Chapter 2047: I Want To Hit Your Chest With My Little Fists

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Eiffie wasn’t defeated. She flicked her hair to the other side, and revealed a charming smile again. With her lips curling up, she said, “I heard that the side dishes that you made are as nice as your liquor.”

“This is a rumor.” Mag shook his head.


“The dishes that I made are much better than my liquor,” Mag said confidently.

Eiffie stared at Mag, who had a confident smile on his face, with a frozen expression.

You are the boss of a tavern.

Eiffie smilingly asked, “I wonder if I will have the chance to try the dishes that you make?”

Mag flicked a glance at her, and also smilingly said, “Although you are pretty, don’t harbor too pretty thoughts.”

“” Eiffie.

She wanted to hit someone.

I want to hit your chest with my little fists.

Until I break your ribs.

After ending an enjoyable conversation with the s.e.xy and beautiful, Mag returned to his tavern happily.

“This is infuriating… There is actually such a man in this world! Furthermore, why does he even have a wife who is much more beautiful than me?!”

Eiffie stomped her feet angrily. A cold wind blew over. She s.h.i.+vered and ran back to her tavern, hugging herself.

To think that she spent one hour putting on makeup, put on her prettiest dress, and followed him around like a pervert for one hour in the cold wind to create this chance to into him.

The little maid came over to put on the cape for Eiffie, and looked at her expectantly. “Miss, were you successful?”

“Thave successfully sold you to Hades.” Eiffie pursed her lips.

“Really?!” the little maid said with surprise.

“No. Would you need to be that happy if it was real?” Eiffie gave her a disdainful look.

‘The little maid pursed her lips and stole a peek at Eiffie. Shaking her head, she said, “Not exactly. I still prefer to stay with Miss.”



As soon as Mag went in, Amy came to him, and asked, “Father, I saw that auntie from the opposite tavern stop you just now. Do you know each other?”

‘Mag was a little taken aback, and quickly explained, “Ah… That is just a friendly greeting between neighbors. Usually, such events don’t need to be written down in the diary.”

However, this was the number one book of the four great cla.s.sical novels from the alternate world, after all. He didn’t know what would happen when it just flew into some ordinary household.

“It’s just a book… It should be nothing,” Mag consoled himself.

Due to being unfamiliar with the technique, he caused the accident.

However, this gave Mag a reminder.

Why did he have to use a p.o.r.nographic book for practice?

Mag closed the window, and picked up The Fairies’ Traces in the Fields‘ to practice flying.

Oh, yes.

This was the ancient Chinese version.

Indeed, using a cultivation novel made flying much smoother.

Mag was having a lot of fun here. On the other hand, Eiffie, who was propping her face on her hand and sulking by the window, was. .h.i.t right in her face by a book that flew in. She almost died right on the spot.

“Who smacked me with a brick?!” Eiffie got up from the floor, and removed the unidentified flying object from her face. The t.i.tle The Plum in the Golden Vase was written on it.

Oh, yes, she couldn’t read Chinese words.

Therefore, she didn’t know what the words meant even when she saw them.

Although she couldn’t understand the t.i.tle, there was also a beautiful woman revealing the top of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s on the cover. She was standing seductively next to the window while holding a short bamboo, and looking at a man standing downstairs smilingly.

Ha, it was obvious that it wasn’t some proper book.

Hence, Eiffie locked the door from the inside, and closed the window before she flipped open the book and started reading it.


Mag placed the The Faires’ Traces in the Fields back on the topmost level of the bookshelf after he was done playing with it. Then, he went downstairs.

He had long known how to maneuver a flying sword.

However, this was very different from mind control. It depended on powerful strength and the connection that he built up with the Tian Du sword.

His flying sword was more like a giant hidden weapon. Its fault tolerance was not high.

However, if mind control was included in it, then it would give more possibilities to the flying sword and more possibilities to his fighting techniques.

Of course, that would have to be developed and practiced.

Amy stared at the sizzling meat, and gulped before saying, “Father, why are we not selling grilled meat? There will definitely be more customers coming here to drink if we sell grilled meat, right?”

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2028 – These People Are Only After My Body?

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Chapter 2028: These People Are Only After My Body?

The Perfect Food had clearly spent a lot of money on the latest issue. Mag could see his sketch standing sign in front of all the big and small bookshops in the book square.

Other than that, there was also a shocking headline on it: Shocking! The father of the eggplant with garlic sauce accepted the interview for the very first time, and he actually did this to the editor…

“So, did you do anything scandalous with that editor behind my back?” Irina looked at Mag judgingly.

“That editor is a guy.” Mag had an innocent expression. This headline was really misleading. Why were the shocking headlines already a trend in this world?

“A guy?” Irina had a weird expression.

“This is not what you imagine,” Mag quickly explained.

“What do you think I am imagining?” Irina didn’t make her point clear.

“Forget it. I will just go buy one copy to prove my innocence.” Mag walked towards that bookshop with exasperation. In actuality, he also wanted to see what the Perfect Food did with this issue. Could it achieve his antic.i.p.ated effects of publicity?

Mag and his family went out rather late, so most of the bookshops in the book square were already open. This middle-sized bookshop already had many customers in it.

Mag deliberately chose a bookshop that was rather boisterous so that he could see for himself if the Perfect Food was indeed as popular as those two chaps said.

“Boss, I would like to have a copy of Perfect Food.”

“I would like to have three copies of Perfect Food!”

“I would like to have two as well!”

Mag saw a group of people crowding at the bookshop’s counter and yelling as if they were ordering food as soon as he entered.

It’s so popular? Is this for real? Mag c.o.c.ked his eyebrow, and looked at the people crowding at the counter skeptically. The crowd were mainly young ladies.

Mag approached a maiden standing at the edge, and asked, “Young lady, why are you all buying this book?”

That young maiden flicked him a glance before excitedly saying, “Mister, you might not know, but this is the first time that our idol is accepting a magazine’s interview formally. Moreover, it’s said that there is a picture of him in the magazine.”

“Idol?” Mag frowned. “Isn’t this a gourmet magazine? Why is there an idol in there?”

“Of course this is a gourmet magazine. Our idol is a super formidable chef. He has once received the number one chef’s t.i.tle from the king on his birthday’s feast, but he refused to stay in the royal kitchen. The eggplant with garlic sauce that he created made the Vegetarianism break its highest sales record ever. He created…” That young lady was very familiar with Mag’s achievements.

Mag’s expression got increasingly weird as he listened. Why did this plot sound so familiar?

“Forget it. You won’t understand even if I tell you. You don’t even cook.” That young maiden retracted her gaze disdainfully before n.o.bly saying, “He is the idol of us chowhounds. A man who was born to transform the world of chowhounds.”

“I got it. I got it.” Mag nodded. She was his fan. That was nice.

However, looking at those young maidens buying up the magazines fanatically, Mag was a little puzzled. Since his fan groups had already appeared, why didn’t his faith value have any changes? His over 30,000 fan count all came from Chaos City.

“The G.o.d of Cookery’s faith value is based on the other party being inspired to learn to cook by you and act upon that thought.” The system’s explanation rang in Mag’s head.

“So, these people are only after my body?” Mag took half a step back with caution.

Eventually, Mag managed to buy four magazines. It was also considered as supporting himself.

According to the system’s explanation, fans who were after his looks and talents didn’t count. He had to convert them into solid fans who would take the initiative to try cooking on their own.

Now, this was really hard.

Everyone had a folder in which they kept a bunch of workout, cooking, and travel tutorials that they would never open again.

Yes, we are talking about you.

Trying to get a whole lot of people to learn cooking from him with just one magazine was indeed a very difficult task.

Of course, if this magazine was popular enough, and had a great base number of readers, he could still get a portion of effective believers even if the conversion rate was a little low.

“There you are.” Mag pa.s.sed a copy of the magazine to Irina. He then pa.s.sed the other two copies to Amy and Annie before reading one himself.

He had read the script before, so he wasn’t worried that there would be stuff which couldn’t be seen.

However, he was rather surprised that the Perfect Food had used the entire cover to promote him.

“Wow! He’s so handsome! His mustache is so s.e.xy. Aaaah…”

“He’s indeed my idol! He is really the man who can even mesmerize Princess Vanessa.”

“It’s so worth it. I am going to buy 10 more copies!”

However, before Mag could flip open the magazine, the young ladies’ excited exclamations could be heard.

“I told you there’s nothing between Vanessa and me. You should believe me now, right?” Mag said to Irina.

Irina lowered her head as she flipped through the magazine. Without even looking up, she said, “Neither you nor she have the guts.”

Mag felt a warm feeling in his heart instantly. This was trust.

Flipping open the magazine and skipping over the content page, the very first page was his interview.

This interview, which was written by Mylo, was rather well-written.

Of course, Mag still didn’t think that his style was good enough.

Apart from the questions that they had discussed that day, there was a big chunk of praise written at the back, such as handsome and alert, a gentleman… It was so realistic.

Irina looked up, and said to Mag disdainfully, “Tsk, tsk… This author. Does he have any ideas on you?”

“I will stay away from him in the future.” Mag nodded.

At the end of the article was a reminder: “There is a tutorial for the eggplant with garlic sauce written by Mr. Mag himself at the back of the magazine, and a picture of Mr. Mag is included!”

Mag skimmed through the content page, and he flipped to the second in the middle of the magazine. He skipped over his recipe, and indeed saw that very cartoonish drawing.

Irina took a look at that drawing, and then asked, “Do you feel that this is you?”


Mag hemmed and hawed for a long time before saying, “It’s just a sketch, so it has to satisfy the readers’ imagination. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t look like me.”

Yes. This drawing looked nothing like him!

However, the sketch still looked rather handsome. The artist had done a good job and deserved praise. At the very least, judging from the maidens’ reactions, it adhered to their tastes perfectly.

“Why do you want to get famous suddenly?” Irina kept the magazine and looked at Mag doubtfully.

“Oh well, we always have to try new things in life.”

“Speak properly.”

“I simply want to see how famous I can get by cooking alone,” Mag said seriously.

Irina stared at Mag for quite some time before nodding. “That’s quite good..”

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2038 – Annie, The Little Comic Artist

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Chapter 2038: Annie, The Little Comic Artist

Mag was a little overwhelmed by the continuous rewards given out by the system.

It was as if he had received an unexpected windfall or a huge amount of pa.s.sive income.

Mag clicked open the cooked wheaten food gift package which contained: soup dumplings, shaved noodles, hot noodles with sesame paste, and Sichuan spicy wonton in red oil!

Four cooked wheaten dishes that covered almost every genre. Sichuan spicy wonton in red oil was even Mag’s favorite.

These four dishes could create more variety for their breakfast, and provide more selection for the customers.

For example, they could have a bowl of hot noodles with sesame paste or two piping hot soup dumplings if they didn’t want to eat rice.

The system was surprisingly generous.

Then, Mag checked out that so-called mind-control ability.

It sounded just like a shameful ability that could rival with the “time-stopping” ability.

Fortunately, it landed in the hands of a righteous person like Mag.

However, after finding out more about it, instead of calling it mind control, it was an ability that could cause a brief spell of dizziness, and granted an immunity to powerful spiritual skills.

That was all?

That was all the mind control ability could do?

Wasn’t it too inferior to time-stopping?

Mag was slightly disappointed.

However, this was an upgradable skill. As long as the host’s spiritual power was strong enough, the ability could become more powerful.

Of course, what Mag cared about was the immunity effect against spiritual skills.

When he could already take down the whole world with a chef’s knife, only the Great Old Ones could threaten him.

Additionally, mind control was what the Great Old Ones were best at. It was also the ability that gave him the most trouble.

Even the current Mag was afraid he could suffer at their hands if he wasn’t careful.

Tentacle monster + mind control.

See, such a natural pervert was just that invincible.

As for that mysterious roller pin, it was actually just a waterproof rod that could expand and shrink according to the occasion.

Of course, Mag had no idea why the system specially labeled its waterproofness.

However, since he had so many cooked wheaten food items to make, a roller pin was an essential tool.

“Father, Mother, Big Sister Annie drew a picture book yesterday. I’ll bring it over to show you guys,” Amy suddenly said after breakfast.

“Oh? Really?” Mag was a little surprised.

Annie revealed a shy smile, and nodded slightly.

Irina looked at Annie expectantly. “Has Annie already learned how to draw? I would like to see it.”

“I’ll go take it.” Amy ran upstairs, and came down with a picture book in a short while.

On the cover of the picture book was a beautiful mermaid with a giant blue colorful fishtail, red curly hair, and a beautiful face. She looked a little like Gina. The mermaid was leaning against a rock with the vast blue ocean behind her.

“The Little Mermaid.”

It was Annie’s favorite children’s story.

“Wow.” Mag’s lit up. This mermaid was so nicely drawn.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t cultured.

He only knew how to use the description “beautiful.”

“It’s much better than most of the picture books’ covers that we have seen that day. It’s very well-drawn.” Irina praised her too.

Mag took the picture book, and flipped it open. It was indeed the story of “The Little Mermaid.”

The blue rippling sea, the splendid s.h.i.+p sailing on the sea, the flying seagulls, and the dolphins that leaped out of the sea…

Be it the backdrop or the characters, they were all drawn excellently.

If he had to pick a flaw, then the storyboard was a little weak, making the story’s flow seem less smooth.

However, it was already very good for a first-timer. The level of completion was already amazing.


Annie completed the entire “The Little Mermaid” by herself on the second day she learned how to draw.

What was this?

This was talent.

Her amazing drawing talent and the tentacle monster’s speed that every comic artist envied.

With the enhancement of such talent, she was destined to become an excellent comic artist.

“It’s very nicely drawn. It’s beautiful and interesting, and it tells the story perfectly.” Mag looked at Annie with gratification, as if he had just found an excellent child laborer.

The smile on Annie’s face got even brighter, as if she had never been so happy before.

Mag put down the picture book, and lamented to Annie, “However, if only we could add a scene whereby the prince cooks for the little mermaid, it would then explain why the little mermaid fell in love with the prince and why she loves him so much.”

Annie tilted her head and pondered. Her eyes slowly brightened. She smilingly nodded and accepted Mag’s suggestion.

However, Annie quickly asked Mag with sign language a question. “What dish is the little prince going to cook for her?”

“Spicy grilled fish?” Mag replied without any hesitation.


The three of them stared at Mag.

“It’s not really suitable, right…” Mag murmured. After thinking for some time, he said, “The red braised pork, then.”

“Why is it red braised pork?” Amy asked.

Mag smilingly answered, “Because the mermaid has never eaten pork, nor seen a pig run before, so she was amazed when she ate the red braised pork, and fell in love with the little prince.”

“But Gina’s favorite food is the beggar’s chicken.” Irina raised her doubt.

Annie and Amy nodded in agreement. Big Sister Gina’s favorite was the beggar’s chicken. She even ate the mud casing.

“This is an artistic work. Making the beautiful mermaid munch on mud casing… doesn’t seem too elegant.” Mag shook his head.

Of course, his main concern was that those people could never master a high-end dish like the beggar’s chicken.

Just to apply the mud casing on the chicken would cause many of them to flop.

As for the red braised pork, this was indeed a nice dish that was quick and easy to cook.

Yes, after seeing Annie’s drawing, he had already decided to add an advertis.e.m.e.nt in the middle of this version of “The Little Mermaid.”

An issue of the Perfect Food had already let him jump two levels up and receive many awards. He came to know the benefits of it.

Therefore, he became much more attentive to the matter of increasing his faith value. This was a solid pa.s.sive income which had an astonis.h.i.+ng input-output ratio.

Mag’s seemingly reasonable explanation convinced three of them successfully.

Annie decided to add the scene of the little prince cooking red braised pork in the comic.

Mag was very attentive to it. He specially demonstrated to Annie on the spot a simplified but detailed version of red braised pork. At the same time, he crazily hinted to Annie that this was the most important part of the entire comic, and she had to draw it as realistic and detailed as possible. The best was to let the readers replicate the process from the comic.

At the same time, he tactfully pointed out the problems of the storyboard to Annie.

Mag wasn’t a comic artist, but he had grown up reading all kinds of comics. He still knew how to appreciate one.

Annie went upstairs, and continued her creation.

She was indeed a hardworking little comic artist.

“Is this one of your plans to expand your influence?” Irina looked at Mag with a faint smile.

Mag nodded with a smile. “I just want to give my child’s comic some core compet.i.tiveness. One that no one can ever imitate.”

Yes. A priceless red braised pork’s recipe.

While Mag was trying to expand his influence with Annie’s help, at the same time, he had also given a powerful core to Annie’s comic..

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2045 – A Bowl Of Exquisitely Made Sichuan Spicy Wontons In Red Oil

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Chapter 2045: A Bowl Of Exquisitely Made Sichuan Spicy Wontons In Red Oil

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor:Henyee Translations

Irina ate a small mouthful of the black soil fried rice, and swallowed it forcefully, ignoring her stomach’s discomfort.

“Mm-hm, not bad.” Irina drank a gla.s.s of water and nodded with a complex expression.

She hadn’t eaten such horrible food for a long time.

The last time

Perhaps it was when she had tasted her own cooking.

It had been a bison as huge as a small mountain.

It had been roasted into ashes eventually.

The taste of it when eaten with rice

She still felt a discomfort in her tummy thinking of it right now.

This soil fried rice made by Amy indeed had the essence of her cooking.

Annie heard their praises, and picked up the spoon expectantly to feed herself a spoonful of fried rice.

Her eyes widened slowly as she stared at Mag and Irina with suspicion. She resembled a little fawn that was deceived with her bright eyes.

However, she still swallowed that mouthful of rice eventually, and put down the spoon quietly. She drank a big gla.s.s of water and showed a forced smile.

[Negative emotions from Annie +1]

[Negative emotions from Annie +1]

[Negative emotions from Annie +1]

“Then… I’ll go clean up the kitchen, and make something else to eat.” Mag picked up his bowl, and walked to the kitchen.

“Tcan help you clean up.” Irina, who never did any work, got up and walked to the kitchen with her bowl.

Annie also got up quietly, and went into the kitchen with her bowl.

“Seems like this fried rice isn’t as bad as I thought. Everyone seems to like it.” Amy picked up her spoon, and popped a spoonful of it into her mouth.

Amy’s expression froze instantly.


(= ey!

“How can it taste so horrible!”

Amy had even shocked herself.

Irina peeped at the entrance, and smilingly said, “We… shouldn’t have hurt her pride, right?”

“Lhope that the little one can have a clear understanding of her cooking talent now. Please don’t get up to torture the kitchen and our stomachs every morning.” Mag shrugged with a smile.

He was still rather touched by the fact that Amy got up to cook for them.

This little one already empathized with their hards.h.i.+p at such a young age.

However, her cooking talent was the direct opposite of her magical talent. It was extremely bad.

If it was Annie, she could most likely make a rather good Yangzhou fried rice.

With Irina’s help, the kitchen was soon returned to its original condition. Only after Mag took out all sorts of ingredients from the refrigerator did he see the slash on the cutting table.

Irina flicked a glance, and calmly said, “She’s not used to holding a chef’s knife. It’s normal.”

Mag glanced at her. Normal people wouldn’t find it normal.

“Do you have any opinion?”

Mag quickly shook his head. “No. It’s pretty normal. I used to hack the cutting table when I was cutting up the ingredients.”

So… Father, Mother, and Annie even tolerated such a horrible taste just to take care of my feelings. Amy looked at the kitchen before she turned her gaze to Ugly Duckling, which was stretching out lazily on the counter.

[One excessively fat feline]

This was the first time Ugly Duckling didn’t come to the table during a meal.

Ugly Duckling seemed to have sensed something bad. It turned around, and saw Amy holding a spoonful of dark cuisine and walking towards it.

“Come, Ugly Duckling. Try the love breakfast that I have made for you.”

Don’t you come over!!!

Ugly Duckling’s fur stood up on its ends immediately as it glared at Amy.

Amy grabbed Ugly Duckling, which was about to retreat. She then pinched its round face, and threw a few grains of fried rice into its mouth.

Ugly Duckling thrashed with its legs twice before turning its head to one side, and died on the spot.

[Negative emotions from Ugly Duckling +1]

[Negative emotions from Ugly Duckling +1]

[Negative emotions from Ugly Duckling +1]

“Wow. That works too?” Amy’s eyes lit up. She stared at Ugly Duckling as though she was looking at a treasure.

Amy put down the spoon, pinched Ugly Duckling’s face, and happily said, “Are you dead? What a pity. Seems like we can only have either Peking Duck or roast goose for lunch today?”

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling, which tilted its head to one side and had its tongue lolling out, called out weakly.

“This Ugly Duckling seems to have suffered a heat stroke, why don’t—”

“Meow, meow, meow~”

Ugly Duckling shot up and rubbed its head against Amys hand before jumping up and down the counter to prove that it was well.

[Negative emotions from Ugly Duckling +1]

[Negative emotions from Ugly Duckling +1]

[Negative emotions from Ugly Duckling +1]

In the blink of an eye, Amy received 10 life experience points from Ugly Duckling.

Mag came out with breakfast that he made again. It comprised the brightly colored Yangzhou fried rice, the cla.s.sic pairing of soybean milk and youtiao, a bowl of stomach-nouris.h.i.+ng congee with pork and century egg, and a bowl of Sichuan spicy wontons in red oil.

“This is?”

Everyone’s gaze was attracted by that red and glistening Sichuan spicy wontons in red oil.

Mag’s breakfast menu had never had such a strong-flavored breakfast before.

Moreover, this was something they had never seen him make before.

[A bowl of exquisitely made Sichuan spicy wontons in red oil—the chef has astonis.h.i.+ng culinary skills.]

A row of remarks popped up in Amy’s mind when she looked at the Sichuan spicy wontons in red oil.

“This is Sichuan spicy wontons in red oil. Today is my attempt at making it. Do you guys want to try it?” Mag smilingly said.

If the hundreds of thousands of attempts in the test field for the G.o.d of Cookery last night weren’t counted, this would indeed be the first Sichuan spicy wontons in red oil that he cooked in reality.

The sense of achievement was rather amazing when he saw this Sichuan snack that he loved appeared in this alternate world.

“It looks rather greasy. I will just eat the congee.” Irina declined it, and went for the congee with pork and century egg. Her injured stomach needed comfort from the warm congee.

Annie chose the Yangzhou fried rice. She also declined by shaking her head.

“Can I try one, please?” Only Amy looked at Mag with antic.i.p.ation.

“Of course.” Mag picked up a small bowl, and scooped a bow! for her.

Only a real chowhound would dare to try different food.

Amy picked up one wonton with the spoon. The bright red soup gave the wonton’s skin a beautiful color. The meat’s aroma slowly drifted over through the thin dough skin. Spring onions and cilantro were scattered over it, making it look very enticing.

Amy pouted her lips, and blew at it before feeding it into her mouth gingerly.

The soup was slightly hot and numbing, but it had a rich bone broth’s taste. This was a bone broth that had been simmered overnight. It was a perfect union with the red sesame oil.

The dough skin was thin and smooth, and it was fully filled with meat stuffing. After biting into it gently, the meat juice burst out in the mouth.

‘The tender and fresh texture fusing with the slightly spicy soup was simply the most exquisite and beautiful clas.h.!.+

This mouthful was simply too fulfilling!

“System, please don’t issue any more unreasonable missions such as asking me to make breakfast in the future. This is an insult to someone who has a father that has perfect culinary skills,” Amy seriously said inwardly.

“_.” Life Experience System.

How could a host issue requests for her system’s missions?

That was really unreasonable, okay!

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2041 – Adding Life Experience System…

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Chapter 2041: Adding Life Experience System…

Abraham ordered double of all the side dishes, and got his butler to get two bowls of rice over from the restaurant next door.

Others came to the tavern for drinks.

However, this uncle-and-niece duo appeared to be here to eat.

The atmosphere in the palace had been rather suppressive recently, and Vanessa was very smart. Therefore, what happened to Josh could not be kept from her.

Abraham heard that Vanessa could not eat, so the moment he tried the side dishes, he brought her out of the palace to try the side dishes from this tavern.

“This pig ears salad and pig tongue salad looks like the husband and wife lung slice made by Boss Mag,” Vanessa exclaimed when she saw the side dishes.

“Try it, it tastes rather similar,” Abraham said with a smile.

“Really?” Vanessa was in disbelief.

Boss Mag was the best chef she had ever seen. She did not think that the owner of a small tavern could make food comparable to Boss Mag’s.

Vanessa picked up a piece of pig’s ear. After the training from Mamy Restaurant, she had already thrown away all prejudices she had for any ingredients.

She would not look down on the food because of a piece of pig’s ear. Instead, she was looking forward to it as she had not tried a pig’s ear. She was looking forward to the surprise that it would bring her.

The pig’s ear was covered with a layer of bright red oil, and the fragrance with a hint of spiciness was already wafting over.

The moment it entered her mouth, the numbing spiciness exploded suddenly.

Vanessa felt her head buzz.

It was a familiar feeling!

Vanessa chewed into the pig’s ear. Amidst the soft tenderness, there was a crunchy cartilage. When she bit into it, there was a soft crunch. It was springy, and gave her an interesting chewing experience.

The freshness and numbing spiciness were all encapsulated in this mouthful.

Vanessa closed her eyes slightly, and felt as though she was back in Chaos City, sitting in Mamy Restaurant and trying Boss Mag’s new launch.

“Whew… it’s spicy!”

Vanessa ate a mouthful of rice. There were already beads of perspiration forming on her forehead.

It was this feeling of exhilaration!

The spiciness came swiftly, and did not stick around for long. The fragrance was even better, making one feel like eating more!

“How was it?” Abraham asked with a smile.

Vanessa swallowed the rice, and smilingly said, “I want to go over to the kitchen to see if Boss Mag is imprisoned there to cook.”

“I took a look yesterday. He’s not,” Abraham said with a smile.

“I didn’t expect Rodu to have such a good chef. Even though there are only three dishes, this pig ears salad is as good as the husband and wife lung slice.” Vanessa took a slice of pig tongue, and put it into her mouth. She fell right into it.

Mag did not mind others bringing their own rice over. After all, Vanessa had not reached the legal age to drink, and such strong alcohol was not suitable for her, either.

He observed them carefully, worried that they would guess his ident.i.ty through the dishes.

However, according to his observation, the two seemed obviously more interested in the food.

After filling her stomach, Vanessa seemed to be in a better mood.

“Is this a little inappropriate?” Vanessa asked as she pointed to the rice bowl in front of her.

Abraham shook his head with a smile, and said, “It’s alright. I’ve already told the owner. We’ll just bring the bowl back with us later.”

“Hehe, Uncle Abraham, you’re the best. You would always think of me the moment you found something delicious.” Vanessa looked at Abraham gratefully.

“But of course.” Abraham patted his chest, and said, “As long as I have something good to eat, I definitely will not forget you.”

Vanessa looked around, and inched closer to Abraham as she whispered, “In that case, can I take away some too?”

“You’re not full?”

“No, Royal Mother has not been able to eat anything recently, either. I want to bring some back for her as appetizers.” Vanessa shook her head.

“Alright. I’ll take away a set for you.” Abraham stood up and went to the counter.

“It’s a total of 264 copper coins…” Amy was already done with the calculations.

“I also want to take away a bottle of Maotai and one each of the three side dishes,” Abraham said.

“Alright. Please hold on for a while,” Mag responded from the kitchen. In no time at all, the three side dishes were ready to be taken away. Mag took a bottle of Maotai from the wine cabinet, and pa.s.sed it to Abraham.

“Thanks, Boss. Buy some sweets for the child with the change.” Abraham pa.s.sed three dragon coins to Amy.

“Thank you, Fat Grandpa.” Amy kept the dragon coins happily. This was super valuable money.

“Goodbye, little kid.” Vanessa smiled and bade Amy farewell while she gave Ugly Duckling a little caress.

“Duke Abraham and the owner of this tavern have some special relations.h.i.+p!”

“Yeah, even Princess Vanessa and the little boss seemed quite close. This little girl can’t be trifled with.”

“Don’t mention the little girl. Even that round thing isn’t to be trifled with.”

Abraham and Vanessa’s actions were seen as evidence by the customers there that they had a good relations.h.i.+p with the people from the tavern.

Mag was rather happy about this misjudgment.

It was better to have less trouble, and it felt great to have someone powerful backing you up.

Vanessa was powerful enough to be able to protect them completely.

Oh, it was her status that was high enough.

There were three princes in the Roth Empire, but only one princess.

Everyone knew that His Majesty doted a lot on this princess. No matter whom you offended, you should never offend this princess.

“Goodbye, I will not see you off.” Mag helped the last drunk customer out of the tavern, handed him over to his coachman, and closed the door of the tavern behind him.


Mag let out a long sigh. He actually felt as though he had just ended a busy day at Mamy Restaurant.

“Are you thinking of recruiting a server?” Irina asked with a smile as she walked down the stairs.

“I really am thinking of it.” Mag nodded honestly.

He had to manage the operations, take orders, serve the food, and even get busy in the kitchen with the salads, plating, and handling the occasional strange requests from the customers.

He was really rather tired.

“Then do you think I will make the cut?” Irina asked as she pointed to herself.

“You can’t,” Mag said as he shook his head.


“You have the life of a lady boss. Making you run around in the tavern is a waste of talent,” Mag said seriously.

“Mm-hm. Collecting money suits me rather well.” Irina sat behind the counter, and started counting the day’s revenue.

Mag secretly heaved a sigh of relief for the customers.

He was mainly afraid that Irina would throw the cold foldable chair at the customers for no rhyme or reason.

It might even cost a life.

Amy suddenly ran downstairs, and poked her head out from the staircase as she exclaimed, “Father, it’s raining stars!”

“If there’s a meteor shower, make a wish and it will come true,” Mag said with a smile.

“Really?” Amy’s eyes lit up.

“Mm-hmm. Of course. Amy, you can make a wish before the meteor shower disappears.” Mag nodded with a smile.

“I’ll go then.” Amy quickly turned and ran up the stairs.


“Meteor shower, please bless me with a delicacy that could never be finished and I would never be sick of!”

The falling meteor shower shook a little, with traces of flying backward…


“Host confirmed!

“Adding Life Experience System…”

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2027 – It’s So Embarrassing…

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Chapter 2027: It’s So Embarra.s.sing…

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

What happened in Rodu swept through the whole Norland Continent like a hurricane.

As one of the successors of the Roth Empire’s king, Josh was actually controlled by the devil. He planned and started the war on the orcs and the elves, ordered the ma.s.sacre of dozens of orc tribes, cruelly ma.s.sacred dozens of the Ministry of Defense’s courtiers’ family members, and killed Blum.

A commotion broke out all over the Norland Continent. All the races questioned the Roth Empire following the giant dragons. They demanded Andre to hand out Josh and investigate this matter to give an explanation to all the races.

Meanwhile, this matter also caused huge repercussions within the Roth Empire. Mutinies broke out in many military camps after the news of Blum being murdered and him shouting out Josh’s name before he died spread in the military, which was forced to shoulder the blame initially. A few Roth Empire’s generals, with Marshal Dominic in the lead, requested Andre to investigate this matter thoroughly and give all the courtiers in the Ministry of Defense and Blum an explanation.

The Roth Empire was turned upside down overnight.

Andre sat in the Royal Study alone, and looked at the report submitted by Dominic in front of him. Other than him, there were three other generals’ signatures on it. Andre’s expression was grave, and veins were twitching on his forehead. He was obviously on the verge of a violent rage.

After being alone quietly for a long time, he finally said to the door, “Let them come in.”

The royal study’s door opened, and 10-odd of the Roth Empire’s most powerful courtiers streamed in, and stood on both sides with complex expressions.

If launching a war on the orcs and the elves was still within the Roth Empire’s range of control, then Second Prince Josh allying himself with the devil could shake the core of the Roth Empire.

Andre’s gaze swept over all the courtiers present, and he gravely said, “Josh was manipulated by the devil, and has committed such unforgivable crimes. From today onwards, his t.i.tle of prince will be revoked, and all departments will pursue him with all their might to give the civilians and courtiers who died innocently an explanation.”

Many courtiers heaved a breath of relief secretly after hearing that.

All the courtiers bowed, and said, “Your Majesty is wise.”

Andre’s current statement meant he had already given up on Josh completely, and the fight for the throne that had lasted for years was finally over too. Sean would become the Roth Empire’s future king.

The courtiers in Sean’s faction had a glint of joy and excitement in their eyes. Sean won easily, despite being evenly matched with his rival initially, due to Josh’s stupid behavior.

However, the courtiers in Josh’s faction didn’t look too good now.

This matter had shaken the entire Norland Continent, and even His Majesty had to make a stand, so they naturally wouldn’t poke their heads out at a time like this. Furthermore, they were thinking about how to make a clean cut with Josh. In times like this, no ordinary people could withstand any connection to the devil.

Andre paused for a while before saying, “I will announce to the world that Sean will become the crown prince. The Roth Empire is irreconcilable with the devil, and will join all the races to resist against the devil’s invasion. We will eliminate everything that is related to the devil!”


This news from the Roth Empire’s palace quickly spread all over the Norland Continent. It reached everyone who was concerned about this matter.

“He’s indeed a sly old fox. He’s much faster and decisive than I expected.” Mag received the news earlier the next morning too. He pa.s.sed the secret missive to Irina, who was drinking soybean milk.

“It’s within our expectations. He has already lost his s.p.a.ce to choose. It’d already have been the abyss if he’d chosen to take a step back. Compared to losing a son who has already lost control of his actions, this decision isn’t hard to make.” Irina only took a quick look before she continued to drink the soybean milk.

“That’s true.” Mag nodded, but he was still rather satisfied with this outcome. At least the show that they had put on the other night had met his expectations perfectly.

There was already no place for Josh to hide in this vast world.

For a person who aspired to be the next king of the Roth Empire and a show-off, this was worse than killing him.

After eating breakfast, Mag brought Irina and two children out shopping again as usual. Their daily activities were just so leisurely and comfortable when they didn’t have to open for business.

Of course, he sometimes would still feel a little guilty whenever he thought about Mamy Restaurant’s customers waiting for him to return at the restaurant’s door.

Amy put on her little bunny hat, looked up at Mag, and expectantly asked, “Father, where are we going to play today?”

Mag looked at Amy, and said, “Let’s go to the book square in the west of the city today. I heard it’s the biggest book square on the Norland Continent, with countless big and small bookshops. We can find any books if we look hard enough.”

Amy’s eyes lit up, and she said, “Great. Then I can buy some pretty picture I saw some children reading some interesting picture yesterday.”

Annie’s eyes brightened when she heard about the picture, and she began to look at Mag with an expectant gaze.

“The books over there are all for children.” Irina didn’t agree with Mag’s review, but she didn’t object to Mag’s suggestion, either.

Mag hailed a horse-drawn carriage. He gave the coachman instructions, and they headed straight for the books square in the west of the city.

The west city books square was, in fact, just a square that was formed by many bookshops. Almost half of the bookshops in Rodu were situated here, and almost all the magazine press set up their headquarters here.

There were big bookshops that were thousands of square meters big and small bookshops that were just a few square meters big, with all kinds of ancient books stacked up high.

Going through alleys and turning corners, perhaps you could just find the materials you sought high and low for in an inconspicuous corner.

The horse-drawn carriage stopped in front of the biggest bookshops. Mag paid the coachman, and they alighted from the carriage.

Amy leaped off the horse-drawn carriage. When she saw a giant painting of a chef in front of the bookshop’s entrance, she was amazed, and said, “Wow. Isn’t that Father?”

Irina and Annie looked surprised too.

It was a magazine cover that was over two meters tall. It was from Perfect Food, and was the publicity picture of the new issue.

On that cover, apart from the words “Perfect Food,” there was an uncolored sketch of a chef. Be it the clothing or looks, it did look like Mag.

Of course, most importantly, there was a line of words next to the figure: “Number one chef on the Norland Continent: Mag!”

“It’s so embarra.s.sing…” Mag shook his head.

“Hoho. You should have received the news long ago, right?” Irina looked at Mag with a smile, as if she had already seen through his tricks.

“I heard that the magazine would be released today, but I didn’t know it would be released like this..” Mag shrugged. If he had known, he wouldn’t have minded sending the editorial department a good-looking full-length picture of him so that he could attract more female fans!

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2039 – It Was So Hard To Be A Woman!

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Chapter 2039: It Was So Hard To Be A Woman!

Annie went upstairs and continued drawing.

Even though Irina’s injuries weren’t serious, her body was still in a weakened state. Therefore, the whole family canceled their planned excursion. They let down the hidden giant screen, and entered the family movie mode.

“Woah! This Nezha looked like me. I have wind fire wheels too!”

“However, her master is so fat, just like that pig.”

“Is that long white thing a snake?”

“That’s a dragon.”

“Is Nezha a girl?”

“He’s a boy.”

“Did he come out from an egg? Can Ugly Duckling turn into something like her?”

“It most likely won’t.”



After watching three movies in the morning, Mag kept the giant screen to let the little one rest her eyes while he went into the kitchen to cook lunch for them.

Mag saw that extendable and water-resistant roller pin on the shelf.

It was golden, but there weren’t any engravings on it, so it was a slight pity.

Mag grabbed that roller pin, and chanted softly, “Small, small, small…”

The 30-cm-long roller pin indeed swiftly became small, and was finally as small as a sewing needle.

“The Monkey King[1] did not lie to me indeed.” Mag looked at the tiny golden bludgeon in his palm, and resisted the urge to put it in his ear.

It was one thing whether it would stay in place, but it would definitely pierce through his eardrum.

“Big, big, big…” Mag continued to chant. The needle-sized roller pin slowly expanded, and quickly became three meters tall, touching the ceiling and reaching the floor.

This is interesting. I can use it as a crus.h.i.+ng weight if needed. Mag nodded. He turned it back to a normal roller pin, and placed it back on the shelf.

Up till now, he still hadn’t discovered the secret of this roller pin.

That mysterious name was perhaps the most mysterious aspect of it.


That liquor last night… Abraham sat on his bed to let his beautiful handmaidens wash up and dress him. He was still reminiscing about the liquor that he drank last night.

He was carried back home last night. He had pa.s.sed out from drinking.

According to his past experience, he should be feeling very miserable in the morning.

However, surprisingly, he slept all the way till noon, and felt extremely refreshed after waking up. He had a rare good night’s sleep.

“What’s the name of that tavern that I went to last night?” Abraham asked the butler, who was waiting at the side.

“My Lord, that tavern is called ‘Saipan Tavern.’ It’s on Romo Street,” the butler answered softly.

“Saipan Tavern?” Abraham was thoughtful.

The butler continued, “My Lord, I have prepared some porridge for you. Would you like to have it now?”

Abraham got up, and said to the butler, “Their side dishes should go well with the porridge too. Send someone to buy and bring some side dishes for me.”

“Yes,” the butler replied, and then turned to leave.

Abraham suddenly stopped him. “Oh yes, forget it if they are not open yet. We have to be civilized.”

“Yes,” the butler smilingly replied. “I’ll go personally.”


Mag just happened to finish cooking when he heard the sound of knocking on the door.

“Hmm?” Mag wore his mask, and walked to the door. He looked out of the peephole, and saw an old man standing outside.

This old man looked very familiar. He was that old butler that usually followed Abraham around.

“h.e.l.lo, can I help you?” Mag opened the door.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Boss. My master loves your side dishes, and sent me to buy some from you. I wonder if it’s convenient?” the old butler asked smilingly.

This chowhound really knows how to enjoy his food. Normal people can’t really execute the move of buying side dishes at a tavern. Mag raised his eyebrows slightly.

However, based on the fact that Abraham had stood up for Amy last night, Mag said, “The tavern only operates at night. We haven’t started to make the salad side dishes yet, but we still have some drunkard peanuts left. Please give me a minute, and I’ll go get them for you.”

“Alright, thank you very much then,” the butler quickly replied.

Shortly after, Mag packed one helping of drunkard peanuts in a wooden box, and gave it to the butler.

“May I ask how much it is, Boss?” The butler took out his money bag.

“Your master helped the tavern last night. These peanuts are the token of my appreciation.” Mag shook his head with a smile.

“There’s no need for that. Master has already scolded me for not paying you last night. If he knew that I was taking things for free out here, he would chase me out when I returned.” The old butler gave one silver coin to Mag. “Please keep this. Master loves your dishes. He will definitely return again.”

Mag tossed the silver coin into the air as he watched the butler leave in a horse-drawn carriage before going back into the tavern.

On the second floor of t.i.tan Tavern across the street, Eiffie peeped at Mag through a half-opened window. This man is really unfathomable. He can actually get to know Duke Abraham. What’s his ident.i.ty?

“Miss, what are you looking at?” A maid spoke up behind her.

Eiffie got a shock, and quickly shut the window. A blush appeared on her pretty face. She coughed dryly to alleviate her embarra.s.sment, and said, “The window was opened slightly. I closed it because I felt a little cold.”

“Oh.” The maid didn’t suspect anything. She put down a takeaway box in her hands, and took out the hot food within while saying, “Miss, I heard that the tavern opposite us had a roaring business last night. Moreover, the liquor that they sell is extremely expensive. A customer’s minimum spending is at least 1000 copper coins.”

“Mm-hmm,” Eiffie answered distractedly.

“Miss, why don’t we increase our liquor’s prices too? Our customers’ minimum spending is not even 100 copper coins?” the maid asked perplexedly.

Eiffie flicked a finger at the maid’s forehead with exasperation. “Silly girl. Our customers are not rich. They even thought that 10 copper coins for a gla.s.s of liquor was expensive. Increase the price? We’re going to lose this group of customers too if we do so.”

The maid felt pain. While covering her forehead with her hand, she aggrievedly said, “I-I was just saying.”

Eiffie rolled her eyes, and said, “He dares to take 2000 copper coins for a bottle of liquor because his liquor is indeed good. How are we going to follow suit?”

“Th-then, we can sell his liquor too.” The little maid pursed her lips.

“So, should I exchange you for the liquor with the boss of that tavern opposite?” Eiffie replied with an exasperated smile.

“I-I…” The little maid thought seriously for a moment. “If that boss wants me, I’m willing to sacrifice myself.”

“…” Eiffie.

“I’m saying… he definitely won’t accept me.” The little maid quickly shook her head, and then looked at Eiffie. “However, if it was Miss, I don’t think he could ever reject you. No one could reject Miss in this world.”

I’m sorry. There’s one right opposite. Eiffie sighed inwardly. Hadn’t she been rejected more than once?

There was only one reason.

He had a more beautiful one at home.

It was so hard to be a woman.

[1] Seems like a Sun Wukong reference. He had a famous staff that could change its length at command. By the way, Prince Nezha mentioned before is a character from the same story, though he is also an actual deity..