Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2040 – Acting Cute Can Also Sustain A Living

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Chapter 2040: Acting Cute Can Also Sustain A Living

News of Aulden from the Ministry of Law being bashed up by Duke Abraham in a little tavern at Romo Street started spreading around the royal court.

The little wish of many officials was fulfilled in a little tavern.

On top of that, the name of this little tavern that was spreading around also became a new spot for many officials to go for a drink at night.

Romo Street had declined for many years, but it was still a part of their youth.

The beautiful ladies who used to stand by Romo Street in front of little houses under bright red lights, showing off their beauty to pa.s.sing customers, how were they?


“Peanut with porridge?” Abraham looked at the wooden box filled with drunkard peanuts. He chuckled and threw a peanut into his mouth.

The thrill of the spiciness woke his taste buds up immediately. He took a sip of warm seafood porridge.


A peanut and a sip of porridge, and just like that, Abraham finished three bowls of porridge before he ended his brunch, wanting more.

“Master, now there are rumors outside that you invested in and opened that tavern,” the butler said as he pa.s.sed Abraham a silk handkerchief.

Abraham wiped his hand with a smile, and said, “The owner of this tavern is rather interesting. Let them spread the rumors so that he will have less trouble going for him.”

“Alright.” The butler nodded.

“Prepare the horse-drawn carriage. I’m going to the palace.”

“To see His Majesty?”

“No, to pick Vanessa up. You don’t have to prepare the formal dress.” Abraham walked out. “She will definitely like the side dishes from this tavern.”

“Master, isn’t it a little inappropriate to bring the princess to a tavern?” The butler voiced his worries.

“What’s inappropriate? We’re there for the food,” Abraham said with a smile.


Before even opening, there were already more than 10 customers waiting outside Saipan. Most of them were wearing courtier uniforms.

Of course, they did not arrive earlier to book a spot. Most of them did not know when the tavern opened, so they came early.

“Woah, look at their tavern. There are already so many people waiting before it even opened.”

“Yeah. How envious. It has been years since we saw such a sight at Romo Street.”

“I heard that this tavern might’ve been opened by Duke Abraham. These courtiers aren’t here for the wine.”

“No matter who opened this tavern, it is a good thing for Romo Street. There is finally some life here.”

The business operators along Romo Street gathered together as they chatted softly and looked at Saipan Tavern enviously.

No one would have expected that this tavern would be able to win over so many customers within a short span of a few days.

Mag did not expect the popularity of the tavern to increase so quickly. After dinner, he rested for a while, and when he opened the door, he almost got a shock from the customers outside.

“Please, come in.” Mag opened the door, and welcomed the rather displeased lords.

“If this tavern hadn’t been related to Duke Abraham, I would have taught this owner a lesson. How could it let an old man like me stand outside for so long,” an old courtier grumbled as he pounded his legs.

“Calm down. What happened to Aulden yesterday is a warning. The owner here isn’t to be trifled with,” an official who came over with him said with a smile.

“Not to be trifled with. We’re just here for the drinks. I heard that the wine here is really good,” the old courtier said with a smile.

Everyone took their seats, and ordered their wines and dishes.

Romo Street was not far from the various ministries, so it had its glory days.

Everyone chatted and reminisced about the old days.

Time pa.s.sed by in a flash, and everything on Romo Street had changed.

The wine was good, and it was worth its price of 2,000 copper coins.

The side dishes were even more of a surprise. They would never find an even better side dish to go with drinks in any tavern around Rodu.

They would not be able to find anything like that even in a restaurant.

“This is a tavern with a good chef and good brewer.” That old courtier took a sip of the fine wine, and smacked his lips in satisfaction.

His displeasure had completely disappeared, just like the wine that went down his throat. The only regret he had was not discovering this tavern earlier.

“Yo, why are there so many people here today?” Abraham brought Vanessa into the tavern, and was shocked to see that more than half of the place was filled with seated customers.

“What a strong smell of alcohol.” Vanessa covered her nose, and took half a step back.

“Come on in. When did I ever lie to you? There really is good food,” Abraham said with a smile.

Vanessa glanced around, and saw the side dishes ordered by one of the customers. The bright red salad resembled the husband and wife lung slice.

When she saw the customer pick up the glistening pig’s ear covered with a layer of red oil and put it in his mouth, heard that clear crunchy sound of the cartilage, and took in that expression of enjoyment…


Vanessa swallowed her saliva.

Ever since she had come back to Rodu, she had not seen such beautiful red oil.

Therefore, she took a step forward again.

When Abraham and Vanessa stepped inside, the noisy tavern turned quiet immediately.

Princess Vanessa had attended a few royal events, so the courtiers were all rather familiar with her.

As for Abraham, there was no need to speak further. Most of them were here because Abraham beat Aulden up here.

Most of the courtiers stood up immediately to greet Abraham and Vanessa.

“Alright, just take it as you don’t know us. Don’t affect their business.” Abraham raised his hand to stop the bootlickers who wanted to come over.

Upon hearing that, everyone stopped in their tracks, and did not dare to speak further.

Hmm? Big Sister Vanessa! Amy, who was sitting behind the counter, saw Vanessa, and her eyes lit up. However, when she recalled her father’s words, she resisted the urge to greet her.

What a cute little girl. Vanessa also noticed the small Amy behind the counter. It was a little girl in a cotton dress. Her two short legs dangled over the chair, swaying gently, and making her look very cute.

There was a round black-and-white pet beside her. It was lying on its back, sleeping soundly. It had a round face and large round eyes, making it look very cute.

“h.e.l.lo, pretty big sister,” Amy said to Vanessa.

“h.e.l.lo, you’re so obedient.” Vanessa smiled. She reached over and stroked the belly of the pet, and said, “He’s cute too.”

Ugly Duckling opened its eyes and glanced at Vanessa. After that, it continued to sleep.

“Mm-hmm. It’s just a little stupid, but everything else is fine,” Amy said with a nod.

“What pet is this? Is it a magic beast?” Vanessa asked curiously. It was too cute, and was just like the kitty that the little boss had called Ugly Duckling. If only she could have one as a pet.

“This is a panda. It is not a magic beast. It is an animal that sustains a living through acting cute.” Amy shook her head.

“Can acting cute sustain a living?” Abraham asked with a smile.

Amy propped her chin upon her hands, tilted her head, and said, “Fat Grandpa, Ay hasn’t eaten for three days, can you give me some monnies to buy some bread?”

“How much do you need? I’ll give you all I have…”

“Look, acting cute can also sustain a living,” Amy said with a smile as she shook the money pouch in her hand..

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2023 – What Design Is This?

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Chapter 2023: What Design Is This?

The night fell, and Romo Street was as forlorn as ever.

Some customers who were nostalgic would come over to take a look. However, looking at the deserted street and the few opened restaurants and taverns, there wasn’t much urge to go in and spend in their hearts.

This scene had continued for over a year, and the remaining shops’ owners were also beginning to consider the issue of closing down. They couldn’t survive on pa.s.sion alone.

A few Ministry of Defense’s officials followed Lucien on Romo Street, and one of them said, “Lord Lucien, there aren’t many taverns left on Romo Street apart from t.i.tan Tavern, but t.i.tan Tavern is too boisterous. Why don’t we go somewhere else?”

Some of the officials lamented, “Yes. It’s only been a year, and it’s already so deserted. Romo Street was once the top choice for entertainment.”

“Let me bring you guys to a good place. We really can’t find another place like it other than on Romo Street,” Lucien said with a smile.

The officials were surprised to hear that. Lord Lucien had invited his colleagues from the Ministry of Defense out for a drink today. Due to the big incidents that had happened recently, and how they had nothing on hand to do, they all felt stifled, so they all readily agreed to join Lucien.

“Come to speak of it, it was Bobby who brought me here,” Lucien said to Bobby, who was standing at the edge.

“So it was Lord Bobby who recommended this place. Then, it must have great drinks.” The officials were thoughtful and mindful at the same time.

Everyone in the Ministry of Defense knew that Hector and Bobby were great friends, and they often drank together.

Besides, Lucien and Hector were close friends too. Now that Hector had left, Lucien and Bobby got close to each other. In fact, with Bobby’s rank and status, he shouldn’t be among the main Ministry of Defense’s officials to be invited for a drink, but Lucien still brought him along. Hence, this gave people something to ponder.

“I happened to into this newly opened tavern two days ago, and the drinks were not bad, so I dare to bring my lords here to try them out,” Bobby humbly replied. His rank was the lowest among them, and Lucien probably brought him along to give him a leg up in his career. He naturally had to put on his best performance.

Soon, their group arrived at the door of Saipan Tavern.

All the courtiers were surprised that there was a new tavern here, but since it was Lucien who brought them here, they naturally wouldn’t make any comments. They followed him into the tavern.

This was a new establishment, but the decor and furniture were all very simple. It wasn’t opulent at all, and was vastly different from the taverns they used to frequent.

However, due to the recent incidents, they really didn’t have the mood to enjoy themselves at the taverns. They only wanted to find a quiet place to drink and chat so that they could ease their dejection.

“Oh, we have customers again.” Amy poked her little head out from the counter, and looked at the group of people that just came in curiously.

“Woah, what an adorable little girl.” Everyone’s eyes lit up as they looked at the exquisite little girl, and they couldn’t help smiling.

“How do you do?” Amy smilingly said. She was well-behaved and adorable.

“Mm-hmm. How do you do, young lady?” Lucien smilingly replied. He had a great impression of this tavern. He enjoyed himself thoroughly last night too.

He had a rare good night’s sleep when he went home last night, and woke up fresh this morning. He would have thought that it was a great day if not for the news of Blum’s murder.

Mag heard the voices, and came out from the kitchen. His lips curled up imperceptibly when he saw Bobby. It was as if the latter was the tavern’s promoter. He brought people here to drink frequently, and the groups got bigger and bigger.

“What would you gentlemen like to drink?” Mag asked calmly. He wasn’t intimidated by their officials’ attire and aura at all.

Lucien took a quick look at their group of eight, and pondered briefly before saying, “We’ll have three bottles of Maotai, a bottle of whiskey, and two helpings of the dishes to go with the drinks. Oh, yes, two extra helpings of drunkard peanuts, please.”

“Alright, please give me a minute.” Mag nodded and went into the kitchen.

A courtier chuckled, and said, “This boss is really interesting. Wherever we go for drinks or meals, those bosses would try their best to suck up to us, but he isn’t fl.u.s.tered at all.”

A courtier also doubtfully said, “Yes. This boss looks very young. Can he really brew great drinks?”

“Perhaps that is his character. However, this boss does indeed brew great alcoholic drinks,” Bobby explained with a smile.

All of them chose seats that were further in, and started chatting. They soon began to talk about Blum’s

They saw that the tavern was empty, with just a little girl playing at the bar counter, and the boss busying himself in the kitchen, so they began to discuss it tactfully.

Blum was an important general in the military, but he didn’t hold any position in the Ministry of Defense, so the Ministry of Defense’s officials weren’t familiar with him. Hence, his death wasn’t as impactful to them as the deaths of several Ministry of Defense’s officials and the ma.s.sacre of their families.

However, this brought out other information, which terrified them in hindsight.

If it was really Second Prince Josh who killed Blum, then the murderer who ma.s.sacred their colleagues’ families was very likely to be Josh too.

Those courtiers were already sent to prison because of Josh, and their families were ma.s.sacred before they could be proven innocent. Therefore, many of them committed suicide in prison because they couldn’t withstand it.

As a highly ranked courtier and due to the sensitivity of this matter, Lucien quickly changed topic after saying a few words about it.

“Your drinks and dishes. Please enjoy.” Mag quickly served them their drinks and dishes before retreating cleverly.

“What design is this? It’s so unique.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw the three roly-poly Maotai bottles and the thin and narrow crystal whiskey bottle.

Given their ident.i.ties and status, they naturally had drunk good liquor before, but no taverns had spent so much effort on their liquor bottles before.

“This is Maotai, the most scrumptious liquor I have ever tasted.” Bobby picked up a bottle of Maotai, and twisted the cap open familiarly.

A rich liquor aroma wafted out instantly.

“This smell!”

All the courtiers’ eyes lit up. Some of them who were alcohol lovers even took a deep sniff of it.

“I know it’s a great liquor just by smelling its aroma. I didn’t expect such great liquor to exist in a newly opened tavern on this Romo Street,” a courtier praised.

Bobby took a few, and poured a gla.s.s for each of the courtiers.

“I’m not drinking Maotai, either. I want to try the taste of this whiskey.” Lucien declined Bobby’s drink, and instead picked up the bottle of whiskey on the table.

It was rare to see crystal bottles of such design. Mag could even get a good price just by selling this crystal bottle alone, but he was using it to hold the liquor. The 2000-copper-coins-a-bottle liquor was already worth its price tag just with this bottle alone.

“Let me open it for you.” Mag approached just at the appropriate time. He took the whiskey from Lucien, and removed the seal before using the opener to remove the cork.

“Please enjoy.” Mag put down the whiskey..

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2048 – Cats In The Alternate World Are Afraid Of Cucumbers Too

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Chapter 2048: Cats In The Alternate World Are Afraid Of Cuc.u.mbers Too

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Of course, selling grilled meat was a good business.

This had already been proven in Mamy Restaurant.

Furthermore, the combination of grilled meat with alcoholic drinks was irresistible.

However, be it the roast beef kebabs, roast mutton kebabs, or roasted pig’s eyes, they had all been introduced at Mamy Restaurant. If they were introduced at Saipan Tavern, they would be exposed.

Vanessa and Abraham had already come in search of one aroma. It was better for them to be more careful.

Mag gave Amy two pieces of grilled meat. Shaking his head, he said, “Because Saipan Tavern will become Mamy Restaurant if we sell grilled meat.”

“Oh.” Amy nodded. She popped a piece of meat into her mouth. After a while, she continued, “Then, can we increase the number of side dishes? The kinds that haven’t appeared in our restaurant before.”

“Of course, we can, but…” Mag paused, and lamented, “It’s not easy to create a delicious side dish to go with the drinks.”

“Ding-dong! Side mission released: Help Father create a delicious side dish to go with the drinks! Mission reward: unknown. Are you going to accept the mission, Little Mistress?”

Right then, the system’s voice popped up in Amy’s mind.

“Ding! Mission released: could the Host please create a new side dish to add on to the tavern’s menu! Mission reward: receive two side dishes’ recipes!”

At the same time, the system’s notification beeped in Mag’s mind.


Mag and Amy were both taken aback at the same time.

Annie looked at the two of them with befuddlement. She picked up a piece of grilled wild boar meat, dipped it in the sweet and spicy sauce, and wrapped it in a piece of fresh lettuce leaf before biting into it.

The sliced wild boar meat had already been marinated. The marbling allowed the meat to remain tender after grilling. The meat juice burst out in the mouth with just a gentle bite. The numbing spiciness and sweet spiciness created a beautiful melody by interweaving together. Together with the crunchy

lettuce, it was absolutely satisfying.

“Cooking with Father? It sounds so interesting. I accept it!” Amy replied inwardly.

“Creating a new side dish with Amy?” Mag agreed too after a brief moment of hesitation.

After all, such buy-one-get-two-free deals didn’t often happen with the system.

“Father, then can I create a side dish for the customers with you?” Amy looked at Mag, and expectantly said, “Although I can’t cook, I… can eat it.”

See, what a reasonable request.

“Sure, of course.” Mag nodded, a little surprised by Amy’s enthusiasm.

The little one had always been interested in eating, but she wasn’t interested in the cooking process.

However, she could also be interested in the failed products during his creation process.

Since he had accepted the mission, Mag began to ponder what kind of side dish to add to the tavern’s menu after lunch.

Salads were naturally the easiest. After the practice with pig ears salad, pig tongue salad, and sliced beef and ox tongue in chili sauce, he was now very adept at making a salad’s dressing.

Moreover, among the salads that were suitable to eat with drinks, such as century egg salad, cuc.u.mber salad, chicken feet salad… They were all excellent.

“The pig tongue salad and pig ears salad are both quite greasy. It would be nice to have a refres.h.i.+ng and crunchy cuc.u.mber salad.” Mag’s eyes lit up as he had an idea.

Century egg would easily remind others of the congee with pork and century egg in Mamy Restaurant. After all, the century egg didn’t exist in this world.

Meanwhile, although the chicken feet salad was nice, it was… troublesome to make.

Be it the control of heat, the technique to process the chicken feet, or the chicken feet’s marinate, they all needed to be tested again and again.

Chopping cuc.u.mbers was different.

Who didn’t know how to chop cuc.u.mbers?

Thinking of it, the cuc.u.mber was indeed a delicious and easy to use high-end ingredient.

Sitting across from Mag with her chin propped on her hands and swinging her short legs, Amy stared at Mag for a long time before she couldn’t help asking, “Father, what kind of dish should we make together?”

“We are going to make a smashed cuc.u.mber salad. Let’s go and try it out now.” Mag rubbed the little one’s head, and walked to the kitchen.

There were different flavors of smashed cuc.u.mber salad. Some liked the sweet and savory one, while the others liked the spicy one. As for Mag, his favorite was the sour and spicy one.

The refres.h.i.+ng sour and spicy smashed cuc.u.mber salad was not only great to eat with drinks, it was also excellent to eat with porridge.

‘There weren’t any cuc.u.mbers in the refrigerator, but Mag got a batch of them from the system, using the mission as an excuse.

The long and straight cuc.u.mbers were about the size that could be easily grabbed by the hand.

Hmm. They were indeed the perfect size for making smashed cuc.u.mber salad.

“Is this the cuc.u.mber?” Amy asked curiously.


“But why is the cuc.u.mber” green?”

“Errr…” Mag was at a loss for words at that moment. The little one asked something that he had no idea about.

Amy tiptoed and picked up a cuc.u.mber from the refrigerator. She brandished it around. “It looks like a bludgeon. I’ll go scare Ugly Duckling with it.”

Then, she went out with one cuc.u.mber, and placed it gently next to Ugly Duckling, which was snoozing away on the counter.

Amy stepped back, and called out, “Ugly Duckling.”

“Meow~” Ugly Duckling opened its eyes in a daze and answered before it saw the unknown long green object next to it.



Ugly Duckling sprang up and leaped up a few meters into the air. It hit its head on the ceiling, and then fell to the ground.

It scrambled to Annie, who was drawing at the side, and hid behind her. Then, it poked out its head to size up that cuc.u.mber on the counter warily.

[Negative emotions from Ugly Duckling +3]

[Negative emotions from Ugly Duckling +2]

[Negative emotions from Ugly Duckling +1…]

Amy laughed even harder.

Mag was also laughing. A new piece of knowledge had appeared: cats in the alternate world were afraid of cuc.u.mbers too.

“Ugly Duckling, you are so stupid. It’s just a cuc.u.mber.” Amy picked that cuc.u.mber and waved it around.

Ugly Duckling stared at it warily as it remained hiding behind Annie.

“Alright, I’ll stop teasing you.” Amy went into the kitchen with the cuc.u.mber, and asked Mag, “Father, how are we going to eat this cuc.u.mber?”

“Actually, we can eat this cuc.u.mber right away after was.h.i.+ng it.” Mag took the cuc.u.mber from Amy, ran it under the water, and broke it into two.

“Give this portion to Annie, and you can eat this portion.” Mag gave Amy the cuc.u.mber.

‘The system’s cuc.u.mber was green and crunchy. It even had a faint fragrance after Mag broke it apart. It looked just like a kind of fruit.

Moreover, the entire growing process was organic without using any pesticide, so they could eat it right away after rinsing it with water.

“Can we eat it right away?” Amy took a bite of the cuc.u.mber.


It was refres.h.i.+ng with a hint of sweetness. Amy’s eyes tured into crescents. After swallowing it, she took another bite, and happily said, “The cuc.u.mber is delicious.”

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2033 – I Wonder If I May Have The Honor Of Pouring Your Wine?

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Chapter 2033: I Wonder If I May Have The Honor Of Pouring Your Wine?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The unrest during this period in the Roth Empire court had caused those in the Ministry of Defense, as well as the Ministry of Law, to be very busy.

A few of the prisons in Rodu were filled as almost all the crimes in Rodu had been dug out to catch the arsonists or the murders of the generals’ families. In the end, almost all the criminals of other age-long crimes had been dug out.

Yesterday, when the king announced that Josh was the culprit of the case, the heavy burden on the shoulders of the Ministry of Law was finally put down.

Today, a few of the courtiers from the Ministry of Law had decided to come out for drinks. They heard from the Ministry of Defense that there was a newly opened tavern on Romo Street, and the wine there was too good to be true. Therefore, they came over to try.

The moment they stepped in, the fragrance did hit them.

However, upon seeing the simple renovation, most of them frowned. But they still sat down on account of the alcohol.

Aulden was one of the higher-ups in the Ministry of Law. He was the one who organized this drinking session, and most of those who came along were his confidants. After days of suppression, he invited everyone over for a drink and to relax.

To him, this tavern was rather bad. The price of the wine was high, but there were only three pathetic types of side dishes. Even things like peanuts, pig’s ears, and tongue were served on the table.

However, this tavern was decided on by Lord Joseph, who was Aulden’s superior, and joined in this drinking session at the last minute. Therefore, Aulden could not reject him.

However, the service of this tavern was terrible. There was not a single service staff available to pour their wine. In other taverns, the moment they entered, the owner would personally go up to them and pour their wine. Therefore, he targeted the little girl sitting behind the counter.

Although the la.s.s was a little small, she was rather cute. Getting her to pour their wine would still be rather pleasurable.

Therefore, Aulden pointed at Amy, and commanded, “Little brat, come over here and pour us some wine.”

Aulden’s voice was not soft, and his command made many heads turn.

Many of them had noticed the owner’s cute little daughter. She appeared to be only three or four years old. How dare someone come up with such an unreasonable request, getting her to pour wine?

However, when they turned to look and saw Aulden and the gang, they quickly looked away.

Many officials were wary of the Ministry of Law since nothing good would come out of being noticed by them.

Joseph frowned upon hearing that as well. He glanced at Amy, who was sitting behind the counter, and said, “It’s alright. A child so young wouldn’t know how to pour wine.”

“Sir, there is no need to sympathize with her. It’s just a bottle of wine. Since they can’t afford service staff, someone got to pour the wine for us, right?” Aulden waved his hand with a laugh. He looked at Amy, who was still sitting behind the counter, and said coldly, “Little brat, didn’t you hear what I say?”

“Little brat? Are you referring to me?” Amy looked at Aulden in bewilderment as she propped her chin on her hands.

“Is there anyone smaller than you?” Aulden glared at Amy.

“Here.” Amy lifted Ugly Duckling, which was on the chair next to her. “You must be calling him, then.”

“Aoo.” Ugly Duckling, who was dressed up as a panda, yawned and continued sleeping on the counter.

Everyone smiled upon seeing that.

“You… Are you kidding me?!” Aulden’s face turned black. No one had ever dared to tease him in front of so many people.

Amy shook her head seriously, and waved her hands as she said, “You don’t look fun to kid.”

Aulden slammed the table, and stood up as he howled, “Impudent! Do you know who I am?”

“Sir, since you’re an official, isn’t it inappropriate to bring up such a request to a child?” Mag walked out from the kitchen with a cleaver in his hand as he stood beside Amy.

Irina happened not to be in the tavern. Otherwise, the foldable chair would probably have smacked this high-ranking little fatty to the ground.

The other customers in the tavern also looked at Aulden with displeasure. How could such a big-sized official treat such a cute little girl so unreasonably? That was simply detestable.

Aulden laughed. He looked at Mag, and said, “You darn peasant! I am an official in the Ministry of Law. Getting her to pour my wine is her honor. Aren’t you afraid that I will close down your little tavern and throw the two of you into prison?”

“Exactly, you’ve only opened a pathetic little tavern, and you think you’re somebody?”

“Aren’t you going to apologize to Lord Aulden? Otherwise, it would only take a word to seal this tavern of yours.”

The other officials at the table chimed in. They had not seen such an arrogant person in a really long time.

Upon hearing that, the other customers quickly turned away, afraid to be implicated.

Joseph was rather unhappy hearing that. He hesitated, but did not speak.

Mag pressed his lips together. He swung the cleaver in his hand, and decided that he would not want this tavern anymore.

“Prison your head!” Just then, a shout came from the corner. A big silhouette rushed over from the corner, and he pressed a plate of half-eaten pig ears salad into Aulden’s face with a smack.


The plate fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

The tavern was dead silent immediately.

Everyone looked at the stupefied Aulden with his face smeared with red oil and pig’s ears in shock.

This was a big boss in the Ministry of Law. Such a distinguished status and ident.i.ty.

“Sir.” The other law officials were also stunned. They did not expect someone in this small tavern to do such a thing to Aulden.

“This fatty is getting into trouble.” Everyone looked at the plump, rich businessman, and could not help but worry for him.

Although he had done something that everyone wanted to do, he also had gotten himself into trouble.

“F*ck…” Aulden came back to his senses and was furious.

“Your… Your Highness!” Joseph, who was at the side, stood up immediately. He was stunned when he saw Abraham, who was dressed like a rich businessman.

“Your Highness?” Aulden was stumped. He removed the pig’s ear that was covering his eyes, and saw what the large man actually looked like. His legs went jelly, and he kneeled down immediately on the broken pieces of the plate.

Duke Abraham!

One of the most distinguished persons in the Roth Empire, and also the beloved and most trusted brother of the king.

Although he almost had no real power, everyone knew very clearly that Duke Abraham was ranked way higher than the other dukes in His Majesty’s heart. In the past, Duke Abraham contributed greatly in helping the king ascend the throne.

Although he was a high-ranking official, it was nothing at all in front of this duke.

“Your Highness!” The other officials at the table quickly stood up, and bowed respectfully to Abraham.

This duke had not interfered with politics for many years, so they had not managed to recognize him immediately.

“Lords of the Ministry of Law, I wonder if I may have the honor of pouring your wine?” Abraham asked with a seeming smile as he received the handkerchief handed over by his butler to wipe the red oil on his hand.

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2035 – Big Sister Amy Will Protect You In The Future

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Chapter 2035: Big Sister Amy Will Protect You In The Future

After a few days of recuperation, Merante had almost recovered from his injuries.

Moreover, Merante could even get to eat the scrumptious food that Mag delivered every single day. The initially thin Merante plumped up obviously. His face became rosy, and looked healthier than before he had been injured.

However, because of that, he looked less like a member of the Ghost Clan, and more like an ordinary old man.

“Come on in.” Mag naturally wouldn’t reject their request to come in for a drink. Since Merante had recovered from his injuries, he would return to his search for Josh. He was a giant living radar.

Mag closed the door, and smilingly asked, “What would you like to drink?”

“Boss Mag, we will have the liquor that you gave me previously. My grandpa has been scolding me for wasting good liquor for the past few days,” Noah replied miserably. He had been lectured by his grandpa for that small bottle of liquor in the past few days.

“Is it Maotai? Take a seat first. I’ll go make you some side dishes to go with your drinks.” Mag nodded, and went into the kitchen.

Shortly after, Mag came out with three side dishes and a bottle of Maotai.

Noah was playing with strings with Amy.

“You are so stupid. You can’t even do this.

“Oh heavens. It’s not like this. You have to go through here first. You are so stupid.

“It’s not this string, it’s that one. So stupid.

Amy, who wasn’t good at playing strings, met Noah, who was very bad at playing strings, and finally discovered the fun of this game.

Seems like… I’m really stupid? Noah stared at the bunched up yarns in his hands with wide eyes, and thought hard.

Merante crossed his legs as he watched Amy and Noah smilingly. He looked just like an ordinary old man, and not like a big boss from the Ghost Clan.

Mag pulled out the cork, poured Merante a gla.s.s, and asked, “How’s your injury, old master?”

“I have completely recovered. I can do anything now,” Merante answered, but his gaze was completely attracted to the liquor in the gla.s.s in front of him.

This liquor was extremely fragrant. He had never smelled such an enticing liquor’s aroma even when he had lived for 700 years.

Therefore, he kept thinking about it after he drank the last few drops of liquor in the bottle that day. He already couldn’t wait when he smelled that liquor’s aroma which drifted in from the street in the house. He came to ask for a gla.s.s of liquor after the tavern closed.

“Come, have one.” Mag could see that Merante was focused on the liquor, so he wasn’t in a hurry to discuss the matter.

Merante picked up his gla.s.s, and solemnly said to Mag, “Thank you for saving us and for your hospitality.”

“You’re welcome.” Mag clinked his gla.s.s with Merante’s before taking a sip.

Merante downed his gla.s.s in a single gulp.

This liquor was sweet and soft when it hit the throat. Its rich aroma spread in the oral cavity like a dense fog, trapping one within it.

“This is good…” Merante only opened his eyes after a long time, letting out a long sign.

He had never had such great liquor in his life before. He felt a little high after downing one gla.s.s of it. A warmth emerged from the bottom of his heart, making him feel warm throughout.

Mag poured another gla.s.sful for him, and smilingly said, “If you like it, old master, just drink as much as you like. We have plenty of it.”

“Then, I won’t stand on ceremony with you.” Merante picked up his gla.s.s, and downed it in one gulp again. He hadn’t drunk a sip of alcohol for the past few days while he was nursing his wounds. He couldn’t wait to drink alcohol again.

“C-can I have some too?” Noah said softly as he reached out for the bottle.

Merante looked up, and said to him, “A child can’t drink alcohol. You’re just responsible for pouring it for us. Go get yourself some water.”

“I’m already an adult,” Noah reb.u.t.ted.

Merante pursed his lips, and said, “That’s according to human standards. In the Ghost Clan, you are just a baby. You’re not even as old as Little Boss.”

“I…” Noah was actually lost for words at that moment.

The eyes of Amy, who was holding a gla.s.s of freshly squeezed juice, lit up, and she smilingly said to Noah, “Really? Then, can I call you Little Brother Noah in the future?”

“No, you can’t.”

“Little Brother Noah.”

“I said no, you can’t.”

“You have to be good, Little Brother Noah.” Amy reached out to pat Noah’s head before taking out a candy, and pa.s.sed it to Noah.

“I don’t want it.” Noah rejected it with exasperation.

“This is a preserved plum candy. It’s sour and sweet. It’s super delicious. You definitely have to try it,” Amy said with a serious expression.

“Really?” Noah threw a glance at the tiny candy in Amy’s palm and gulped.

“Come, sniff it.” Amy tore open the wrapper, and got close to Noah. The preserved plum’s faint sourish aroma could be detected.

Noah gulped. It was indeed the preserved plum’s sourish and sweet taste.

“For you.” Amy placed the candy on Noah’s hand.

After a brief hesitation, Noah still tossed that preserved plum candy into his mouth.

The sourish sweet taste made his face scrunch up for a second, but after he got used to it, the taste was mesmerizing.

Smiling, Amy said to him, “After eating my candy, you will be my little brother in the future.”

“Hmm???” Noah was full of question marks.

“Father said that you can’t beat me, so resign to your fate.”

Amy was still smiling brightly, but in Noah’s eyes, that smile became the smile of a little devil.

She was indeed the offspring of formidable parents. Although Amy was only four years old, she was Alex and Irina’s daughter!

A product of such a terrifying union had to be an existence with extraordinary talents. Otherwise and Urien wouldn’t have fought to have her as their disciple.

As for whether she was indeed more powerful than Noah, the latter had already heard about how she had won the champions.h.i.+p at the Magic Caster Tournament by defeating an 8th-tier magic caster after coming to Rodu.

Hence, it’s all this little preserved plum candy’s fault that I became your little brother?

Noah was a little sad, and he looked at the sky.

“It’s fine, little brother. Big Sister Amy will protect you in the future,” Amy spoke in a mature tone to her new little brother.

Noah had no doubt about that.

This was a monster that had defeated an 8th-tier magic caster at four years old. Perhaps she would become a great magic caster before she turned 10.

Moreover, she was a super-second-generation who was well-versed in both long-range offensive and close combat magic, and had a father who was the mightiest powerhouse in this world and a mother who was the most beautiful in this world.

In fact, even the princess of the Roth Empire paled when compared to her.

Of course, he would kneel down even quicker if he knew that the archbishop of the Holy See was currently searching for her everywhere to get her to be their holy maiden.

Since they were drinking, Mag didn’t discuss any serious matters with Merante, as the latter would forget everything when he woke up tomorrow morning. Mag might as well save his effort.

After drinking half a bottle of Maotai, Merante was knocked out and lying on the table.

Mag put down his Maotai, which still had half of a small cup left, and said to Noah, “Come and have breakfast tomorrow morning. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

“Alrighty.” Noah, who didn’t drink a single sip, carried Merante on his back and left.

Looking at Mag, who just returned after closing the door, Amy expectantly asked, “Father, did I perform well today?”

“Mm-hmm. Little Amy has done an excellent job. You’ll be rewarded with a big chicken drumstick tomorrow.” Mag nodded. The little one’s acting skills were so natural that n.o.body could link her to that cute and fierce little boss who placed her hands behind her back when she collected money from the customers.

A smile bloomed on Amy’s face, and she nodded her head.. “Little Amy likes big chicken drumsticks!”

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2021 – What’s Wrong With A Man Being Perverted?

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Chapter 2021: What’s Wrong With A Man Being Perverted?

“This texture! This taste! How can it be so delicious!”

Noah’s eyes widened. Tears welled up in his eyes uncontrollably, and soon slid down his cheeks.

This scrumptious sensation was simply too touching.

This food made a grown man weep, and ripped the s.h.i.+rt of a 700-year-old man. Was this the test of humanity…

“A grown man weeping over a tiny dessert,” Merante said disdainfully.

Noah sniffled as he reminded Merante, “Then pull up your s.h.i.+rt first, Grandpa. Take care of your image.”

The tiny salted egg yolk pastry went into their stomachs soon.

The two of them looked at each other, and saw the unfulfillment in each other’s eyes.

If it weren’t for the fact that they couldn’t go out now, and they were embarra.s.sed to ask Boss Mag for more, they could easily eat another 10.

“Come, let’s eat.” Noah took out the braised chicken, sat down, and started eating.

They didn’t know if it was because they had missed breakfast, but the braised chicken and rice tasted extra delicious today. Even the rice tasted better as they chewed.


The news of the great general’s residence being burnt down and Great General Blum being last night had already spread in the city of Rodu. It became one of the people’s hot after-meal discussion topics.

Together with the ma.s.sacres of the few Ministry of Defense’s courtiers in the past two days, all the courtiers began to fear for their lives. Even the ordinary folks were terrified.

Furthermore, there were gossips that General Blum had called out the name of the second prince, Josh, before he died, and the 10th-tier knight Lear, who was in charge of his protection, mentioned Josh too.

There was also news that the orders to invade the orcs and the elves were also given by Josh behind the king’s back. He ma.s.sacred the Ministry of Defense’s courtiers’ families because he was furious over getting exposed.

Of course, such news couldn’t be spread aboveboard, but because it was shocking and rather reasonable, it began to spread uncontrollably.

Of course, the news of Great General Blum’s horrible death spread together with that bit of gossip. Some said he had met a ghost, while others said Josh was the devil.

No matter which piece of news it was, they were all terrifying and nerve-wracking.

Moreover, n.o.body had seen Josh going to court during this time, so it sort of proved the authenticity of this news circ.u.mstantially.

The palace.

In the royal study, Andre swept the doc.u.ments that were piled up high onto the floor, and yelled angrily, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

The courtiers in the royal study lowered their heads in fear. They didn’t dare to make a sound.

Lear stood in a corner with his head lowered nervously too.

He reported the incident to His Majesty in the palace last night. The king was furious, and ordered 10-odd 10th-tier powerhouses to comb through Rodu a few times, but the suspect couldn’t be found.

Richard bowed, and said, “Your Majesty, this matter hasn’t been investigated thoroughly yet, but there were already rumors about Prince Josh becoming the devil’s puppet and ma.s.sacring the courtiers. I think we should stop the spread of such rumors.”

Andre’s gaze landed on Richard. It was razor-sharp.

Sweat began to bead on Richard’s forehead.

“Then, you will go get me Josh, and let him explain to me face to face,” Andre said coldly.

“I… have no idea where Prince Josh is right now.” Richard’s voice quivered.

“If so, how can you prove that he is innocent? Lear saw with his own eyes. Blum called out his name before he died. Have you seen his body? If he hadn’t seen something so horrifying, how could an experienced veteran general have died of fright? How could he have gotten drained of all his blood?” Andre’s tone became piercing.

Richard dropped to his knees with a plop, and his sweat began to drip onto the floor.

Andre coldly said, “Find him. However, I don’t want to hear anything about this incident anywhere else.”

“Yes!” all the courtiers answered, and a few of them quickly left.

“All of you may go now. Lear, stay back,” Andre said.

All the courtiers left, and Lear was the only one who stayed.

“Are you certain that it was Josh that you saw last night?” Andre asked Lear.

“Yes. Although he was wearing a black robe, I wounded him when I was fighting with him. I happened to see his face, and I am certain that it was Prince Josh.” Lear nodded.

“He is a magic caster who has never learned how to wield a sword.” Andre frowned.

“His movements were s.h.i.+fty and weird. He didn’t fight with me directly, but his power should be above the 9th-tier, and not that of a magic caster’s. Furthermore, there was an uncomfortable aura emanating from him. It made one fearful when one got close to him.” Lear recalled the situation where he fought with the man in black robe last night. He was still getting chills down his back.

Andre nodded slightly, and frowned silently for a while before waving his hand, and said, “You may leave.”

“Yes,” Lear answered, and quickly retreated out of the royal study.

Andre sat down slowly. He was silent for a long time before saying to a corner, “What do you think about this?”

A black shadow slowly appeared from the corner, and said hoa.r.s.ely, “Your Majesty, Lear isn’t lying. Blum’s corpse is indeed weird too. I checked the scene last night, and an eerie evil aura was indeed found there. Although I am not certain that it was done by the second prince, I’m afraid it has something to do with the devil.”

“Find him and bring him back to me,” Andre said.



“What’s going on now? Seems like Josh has indeed become the devil’s puppet. He has even killed Blum. I’m afraid he will kill more people to start a war so that he can absorb more resentment,” Louis, who was next to the window, told Douglas, who was sitting at the table.

“It seems like Andre doesn’t want anyone else to know about it. Even when his son has done him a misdeed behind his back, he would rather undertake all this silently himself after he came back,” Douglas coldly said. “But we can’t let him cover this up. The Norland Continent will never have peace if the devil a.s.sumes control over him too.”


“We will pull off his underwear since he wants to cover it up.”

“Woah. Are you that perverted?”

“What’s wrong with a man being perverted?”

“It’s great. I like it. But, what do we do?”

“Since he doesn’t want people to know about this, we will make this known to everyone on the Norland Continent, and make Josh a wanted man. We will find him, and then kill him,” Douglas said coldly.


“I need to run an errant. I’m going to get a letter,” Mag informed Irina before going out.

The Gray Temple had an office in Rodu. As an individual who had received the highest clearance, Mag had gotten in touch with the Gray Temple’s office on the first day that he arrived at Rodu. He could receive the latest intel every day.

This was much more convenient and accurate than the intel that he had to search for and buy outside himself. These were the latest first-hand news. Perhaps even Michael hadn’t even received them yet..

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2043 – Exclamation From the Life Experience Ssystem +1

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Chapter 2043: Exclamation From the Life Experience Ssystem +1

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Prepare reakfast?

Amy sat up and thought seriously for a while. After that, frustrated, she said, “But I don’t know how to cook.” “Little Mistress, do not worry, as a Life Experience System, I will provide you with all-rounded a.s.sistance and guidance to ensure that you can prepare a delicious set of breakfast,” the system said confidently. “Alright. I will get up first.” Amy climbed up softly so that she would not startle

Annie, who was sleeping beside her. She dug out a little ap.r.o.n from her wardrobe, and tiptoed out of the room.

Amy appeared in the kitchen with her little ap.r.o.n. She looked at the pots and pans on the stove and the other knives and kitchenware hanging on the wall, and was a little stunned.

The System was a little stunned as well.

Is this really. a fantasy world?

Why is there kitchenware from so many technological worlds? And. electricity?

This makes no sense!

The system tlipped its system manual for verification.

This was indeed a fantasy world. It was a fantasy world with giant dragons flying in the sky, trolls pounding on the ground, and succubí showing their charms.

However, what was a rice cooker?

Could it be some demon or beast that had transformed into one?

The System felt that its fragile worldview had met with a huge impact.

Maybe.. there was a mistake during the time of my descent, and technology had been developed in this world?The System tried to convince itself. “Breakfast, what should I make?” Amy asked.

A four-year-old child would need patient guidance.

The System tried to speak as amiably as it could. “Little Mistress, what would you normally have for breakfast?” “Youtiao with soybean milk, or a helping of Yangzhou fried rice, the congee with pork and century egg is pretty good too. The tofu pudding is a little too troublesome, but the stir-fried chicken is good, and sometimes we would adda salted egg yolk pastry.”e “Hold on.. this food.. what are they doing in this world?!”

The System’s worldview collapsed once again.

It was even.. a little confused.

From what it found from its database, this food should be from a lowly star called Earth, which was where the place named Yangzhou was. “So, what should we make” Amy pointed her two index fingers together gently as she fell into a dilemma. “It’s too dangerous to make the youtiao, and the procedures for the salted egg yolk pastry and tofu pudding are too complicated. They are not what you could master easily. Therefore, the only choice right now is the Yangzhou fried rice or the congee with pork and congee with pork and century egg. I suggest that you make the congee with pork and century egg. It’s simpler,” the System suggested.

Amy shook her head, and said, “No, Father said that we should always take on challenges. I choose to make the rainbow fried rice!” “”System.

Right now, it wanted to drag that legendary father out a hundred times! “Alright. The ingredients you need right now are prawns, eggs, ham, s.h.i.+take mushroom.” “No, it’s these.” Amy opened the refrigerator, and s.h.i.+fted a little stool over to step on it. She pulled out the different ingredients needed for the Yangzhou fried rice from the freezer compartment.

There were prawns the size of Amy’s arms, top-grade egg, top-grade ham that had been marinated for years, fresh and rare tree mushroom.. “Why are there so many rare ingredients! The System was stunned.

According to the Life Experience System’s ideology of taking things one step at a time, the first step to making a delicacy should start with planting and harvesting ingredients.

For example, rearing a piglet in preparation for the marinated ham, hatching an egg froma chicken, going to the mountains to pluck fresh tree mushrooms, and going down to the sea to catch fresh prawns.

In the end.

Everything was there in the refrigerator?

On top of that, they were all good-quality ingredients.

Amy placed everything on the kitchen counter, and asked expectantly, “So, what do I do next? What should I do?

Although her father did teach her cooking before, she really could not master

Therefore, she gave up.

However, making breakfast for her parents was rather interesting. “Choose a cleaver that feels good to hold and chop all the ingredients into cube-size.” The System started its tutorial.

Amy took the cleaver her father used often from the knife rack. She climbed onto her small stool, grabbed a piece of ham, and hacked it.



The steel kitchen counter was chopped into two pieces and fell apart. “Huh Amy opened her mouth slightly with the cleaver in her hand.

System: (4+!!


What kindof monster is that!

Chopping the vegetables became chopping the kitchen counter

This kitchen counter doesn’t seem too st.u.r.dy..” Amy said blankly.

Can you blame it for not being st.u.r.dy?!

The kitchen counter would probably flip itself upon hearing that.

Youre the one who used too much force! “In that case.. What should I do now? I broke Father’s kitchen counter. If he ees it, he will be very angry.” Amy said in a fl.u.s.ter after coming back to her senses. “Don’t worry, Little Mistress, it’s just a kitchen counter. I believe your father would not blame you. After all, you’re so cute.. “If Father gets angry, does that mean I can also gain life experience points? “What??

The System was stunned. However, it still replied, “Theoretically speaking, it is true” “No, no. I can’t make Father angry or upset. He’s been working hard every day to support me and Mother.” Amy shook her head, and placed the cleaver aside.

She picked up the ingredients that had fallen on the floor, and propped the chopped kitchen counter back up.e “It’s already broken. You’ll need a weaponsmith to forge it back together. This is obviously not what you can do,” the System persuaded.

Of course, propping upa steel kitchen counter weighing hundreds of kilograms with her bare hands was not like what a four-year-old little girl could do.

In any case, from what it seemed, this host was not simple.

However, it was just an ordinary Life Experience System! “Fire can melt steel, and ice can solidify it again,” Amy said as she looked at the broken kitchen counter. “Theoretically, it is true. However, it would need a blacksmith to first melt the steel in his workshop and then.”

A flame appeared in Amy’s palm, and it traveled along the crack. The two sides of the thick steel started to change in color and melt.

After that, Amy reached her left hand out, and chilly air started expanding out.

Two thick layers of ice appeared on the top and bottom of the kitchen counter, trapping the melted steel between them.

Three minutes later, the ice fell off and disappeared.

The kitchen counter had been joined back together. The surface was smooth, and other than a black line left behind, it was completely the same as it was before.

The System.

Although the extreme cold could break the internal structure of steel and cause the joint area to become brittle, this was already considered an extremely difficult thing for a four-year-old to do. “Exclamation from the Life Experience System +1!”

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2034 – He’s So Fierce, I’m Very Scared

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Chapter 2034: He’s So Fierce, I’m Very Scared

Aulden was stupefied.

He merely exerted his dominance in a little tavern, and did not expect to trifle with Abraham, the sleeping tiger.

Aulden’s face had already become swollen, and it was beginning to hurt. He even had a few pieces of pig’s ears hanging on his face. The red oil trickled down his face to his neck, dripping on his official suit, but he did not dare to wipe it away.

Abraham was known to be good-tempered. However, those of a certain age, or of a certain position, would know very clearly that he had killed two of his older brothers in the past to help the current king ascend his throne. He was a ruthless person.

“I wouldn’t dare… I wouldn’t dare…” Aulden quickly shook his head as drops of perspiration formed on his forehead.

As someone with a lot of experience in the political scene, being aware of the situation was basic. Aulden could tell that Abraham was in a bad mood right now.

Joseph quickly said, “Your Highness, you must be kidding. How could we have you pour our wine? We didn’t notice you in the tavern earlier. We should have gone over to greet you.”

The other officials from the Ministry of Law all agreed. They were all fl.u.s.tered, and were no longer as arrogant as they were.

“So it’s Duke Abraham. I didn’t expect him to be drinking here too.”

“Yeah. These lords are in for a good time.”

“In that case, this tavern has quite some backing. Even Lord Abraham is backing them up.”

The other customers in the tavern understood the situation. While they were shocked at Abraham’s ident.i.ty, they were also watching the show to see how things would turn out for Aulden and the gang.

Their arrogance just now had rendered them so pathetic. This turn of events was rather satisfying.

Abraham looked at the kneeling Aulden and scoffed. “I think you’re so used to being an official that you think everyone has to bow down to you when you’re outside, right? Even such a young and cute little girl has to pour your wine?”

“Your Highness, listen to me…”

Just then, Amy, who had been watching the show, suddenly turned to grab Mag’s arm with tears welling up in her big eyes as she said pitifully, “Boohoo… He’s so fierce, I’m very scared…”

“It’s alright, it’s alright.” Mag glanced at Amy. When did this little fellow become such a drama queen?

“Look, you’ve scared the little girl, and you’re still trying to find excuses.” Abraham kicked Aulden to the ground, and felt even angrier.

He was furious to begin with, and this incident completely pushed his temper out. Aulden coincidentally came over, and became the target for him to vent his anger.

Aulden was walloped, but he did not dare to retaliate or dodge. Even his moans had to be stifled.

Joseph and the others watched at the side with their expressions changing, but none of them dared to go up to stop or persuade Abraham.

Even if they were officials from the Ministry of Law, with Abraham’s status, he would at most get some scolding from His Majesty since the beating was done. Nothing would really happen to this duke because of them.

Aulden got into trouble because of his words. At least Abraham would not beat him to death there and then.

Abraham got tired of beating Aulden and stopped. He glanced at the man who was lying on the ground, covering his crotch, and said, “I’ll let tonight’s incident go. Let me tell you. This tavern is under my care. If any of you need someone to pour your wine, look for me, and I’ll make sure to satisfy you.”

Everyone quickly shook their heads. Who would dare to actually do that?

Mag looked at Abraham in shock. He did not expect Abraham, who was back in his place, to be so fierce and overbearing.

However, it was a good thing for Saipan Tavern to be under the care of a duke.

I didn’t expect to have a sugar daddy so quickly. Mag nodded. It was naturally the best if he did not have to handle some small problems personally.

With Aulden as a warning, there would probably be no one who would dare to create trouble at the tavern for a long time.

“You wasted a plate of my pig ears salad. I’m taking this away.” Abraham took the set of pig ears salad away from the table, thought for a while, and took the pig tongue salad along with him as well.

Joseph and the others naturally would not say anything about that.

Abraham went to the counter with a smile, and told Amy, “Little girl, don’t be afraid. Fat Grandpa is here. n.o.body will dare to bully you again.” He was a completely different person from who he was just now.

“Mm-hmm. Thank you, Fat Grandpa. You’re so suave!” Amy nodded her little head as she looked at him with admiration.

“Hehe.” Abraham returned to his seat with satisfaction as he mumbled to himself, “This little fellow is so obedient. If only Little Boss Amy spoke half as nicely as her.”

Aulden was helped up from the ground. Some of his companions took out a handkerchief to help him wipe away the pig’s ear and red oil on his face. There was still a very clear plate mark with a bruise here and there. It was a very sorry sight.

“Hmm… I… will not drink with everyone today.” Aulden was completely embarra.s.sed. Right now, every part of him was in pain. All he wanted to do right now was to find a healing magic caster to heal him.

“I’ll see Lord Aulden out.” One of the officials helped Aulden out.

The rest also knew that Aulden would not be able to stay behind, but they could not leave. If they left, it would be akin to saying that they were unhappy with Abraham.

Mag brought a mop over to clear the red oil in case the other customers were to slip on it.

Joseph and the others started to see Mag differently.

He was a mysterious owner of a tavern, and his daughter actually dared to call Duke Abraham “Fat Grandpa.” Who exactly was this fellow?

You’d be shocked if you knew. Mag smiled. He naturally knew what these lords were thinking.

After Aulden left, Joseph and the others drank cautiously. Although they had great wine with them, they were in no mood at all.

Abraham was drunk. He finished more than half a bottle of Maotai, and had six plates of side dishes alone.

“His Highness was a great help just now, so this meal will be on the house,” Mag told the butler, who was about to foot the bill.

The butler glanced at Mag, nodded, and said, “Alright. I will tell His Highness.”

Mag watched with a smile as four big men came in to bring Abraham out.

This was the benefit of a powerful fatty going out. There would be people to carry him home even if he was drunk.

After Abraham left, Joseph, and the others who were tipsy, settled the bill and left.

At 9.30 pm, Mag sent out the last drunk customer. He flipped the tag hanging at the door to announce the closure of the shop for the day.

“Boss Mag, can we still go in for a drink?” An old man and young man looked at Mag with a smile at the door..

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2044 – Negative Emotions From Mag +1 +1

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Chapter 2044: Negative Emotions From Mag +1 +1

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Exclamation points from the Life Experience System +1.

“Surprise points from the Life Experience System +1.

“Anger points from the Life Experience System +1.

“Sadness points from the Life Experience System +1.

“Fear points from the Life Experience System +1.

“Ding dong!

“Congratulations on completing the novice a.s.signment, Little Mistress. You have received one novice’s gift package. Please accept your gifts!”

Amy finally received all the experience points needed for the novice a.s.signment from the system after she completed that shockingly charred Yangzhou fried rice.

“Wow, this novice a.s.signment is as easy as cooking this Yangzhou fried rice,” Amy said happily.

“…” System.

“Am I right, System?” Amy didn’t forget to ask.

“Negative emotional points from the Life Experience System +10!”

“There’s no need to. You’re being too nice.” Amy waved her hands.

“What the heck is this + thing…” The system felt like crying.

During the process of cooking the fried rice, it watched Amy reduce all the various precious ingredients to this wok of charcoal.

She even almost blew up the kitchen a few times while cooking. The process was so thrilling, but the result was so una.s.suming.

It felt as though it had been played.

‘As anew system, it actually let its host complete the novice a.s.signment on it.

This was a scandal that could crucify it on the pillar of shame!

“Now, I want to check on my snack’s gift package.” Amy looked at that s.h.i.+ny gift package in her mind, and clicked it open expectantly.

“Congratulations on receiving a copy of ‘The King of Jokes.’ You have received the ability of ‘Attribute Identification.”

The system’s notification sounded after the gift package was opened.

Amy looked around her before asking, “Where’s my snacks?”

“Let me solemnly explain… This is the novice gift package, not a snack gift package!” the system emphasized.

Amy pursed her lips, and aggrievedly said, “Liar! You said you were here to help me fulfill my wishes, but you only gave me a copy of “The King of Jokes. I didn’t even get a packet of egg biscuits. I’m not going to play with you anymore.”


The system was getting a headache.

It didn’t have the ability to pacify children in its setting.

Perhaps G.o.d had never expected that it would end up with such a host too, right?

“Please don’t cry. You can read ‘The King of Jokes’ if you feel sad. Besides, the ability of ‘Attribute Identification’ is really fun.” The system tried its best to pacify her.

Amy stopped feeling sad, and clicked open that ability of ‘Attribute Identification’.

The learning process only took a minute. When she opened her eyes, and looked at that wok of fried rice in front of her, she saw a line of text: [A wok of exploded Yangzhou fried rice].

“…” System.

Thave exploded.

“What are you doing, Little Amy?” Mag suddenly appeared at the kitchen’s entrance. He looked at the messy kitchen and Amy, who was still holding a spatula, with shock.

“I-Iam making breakfast for you guys.” Amy turned around to look at Mag. She had two black charcoal traces on her face as she revealed a pure smile with crescent eyes. She looked superbly adorable.

“Are you making breakfast?” Mag stepped over a chef’s knife that was stabbed into the floor at the entrance, and came to the stove that was covered with rice. The corners of his mouth twitched as he stared at that dark cuisine on the stove.

Even with the insight of a professional chef, he couldn’t see what the heck that black thing in the wok was.

“Yes. This is the rainbow fried rice that I have made for you guys. You guys have worked very hard, so I wanted to make breakfast for all of you.” Amy nodded. She flicked a glance at the fried rice in the wok, embarra.s.sed, and said, “But… it seems to turn into black soil fried rice now.”

Mag looked at Amy, who seemed a little dejected, and felt a warm feeling in his heart.

“No, it’s pretty well done.” Mag patted her head with a smile.

“Impressed points from Mag +1.”

Amy lit up her eyes. She was happy as long as her father was happy.

“Did the kitchen explode? Why is there a burnt smell?” Irina walked to the kitchen’s entrance with a frown. She was stunned for a moment when she saw the messy kitchen. “Did it really explode?”

Mag turned around, and smilingly said, “Little Amy got up early to make us breakfast. It’s normal to have some accident on her first attempt.”

Smiling, Irina replied, “I see. Then, it’s a little better than my first attempt at cooking.”

“What nice food did you make?” Irina walked into the kitchen. The corner of her mouth also twitched when she saw that blackened wok.

Amy smilingly introduced, “This is the rainbow fried rice, but there were too many dark clouds today, so it became black.”

“N-not bad.” Irina nodded.

Oh well, she was her daughter who had completely inherited her cooking talents.

Amy was greatly encouraged. As she took the bowls out from the cabinet, she said, “Since Father and Mother like it, let me get you two some.”

Mag’s and Irina’s eyes widened at the same time.

“Are we really going to eat this early in the morning?” Irina whispered at Mag’s ear.

“It’s hard to reject her.” Mag sighed softly.

Amy scooped up four bowls of black Yangzhou fried rice, and the family of four stared at one another at the table.

The faint charred smell drifted from the bowl. The best ingredients still managed to give out a whiff of stubborn fragrance under such horrendous cooking circ.u.mstances.

“Let’s eat. Don’t be shy. There is more in the wok,” Amy said to the three of them expectantly.

“..” Mag.

Mag looked at the pure smile on Amy’s face. Seeing the expectations in her eyes, he simply couldn’t reject her. After a brief hesitation, he still picked up the spoon and fed himself a mouthful of that black fried rice.


How should he describe this feeling?

It was as though all the ingredients were rolled around in a salty alkali ground before they were tossed into the fire and stir-fried with plant ash. Then, everything was finally plated on a layer of soil.

That such a taste could be created was beyond his imagination.

One had to know that the best and most precious ingredients had been used. It wouldn’t have tasted bad if she had just added water and boiled them.

“How is it? Is it tasty?” Amy asked with a hopeful look on her face.

Mag, who had already lost his desire to chew, continued chewing after he saw Amy’s antic.i.p.ated look. At the same time, he had to maintain the smile on his face. He then quickly picked up the gla.s.s of water next to him, took a big gulp, and swallowed all the food down.

“Negative emotions from Mag +1 +1.”

“Not bad…” Mag nodded with a smile.

What could he do? This was his child, so he had to bear it.

“Hehe.” A happy smile appeared on Amy’s face, but she was a little puzzled inwardly.

Why did her mind show negative emotions when her father clearly liked her fried rice?

The system must be broken.

Mm-hmm, this stupid system.

“What do you think, Mother?” Amy’s gaze turned to Irina.

“Negative emotions from Irina +1.”

Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2029 – Writing Novels Is A Dead End

If you are looking for Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 2029 – Writing Novels Is A Dead End you are coming to the right place.
Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant is a Webnovel created by Qing Yu Jiang Hu, 轻语江湖.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

Chapter 2029: Writing Novels Is A Dead End

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The city’s western book square was a paradise for people who loved books. As long as one looked hard enough, one could find the books they wanted.

Mag and his family found a bookshop with many picture but no customers, and went in.

The two children looked for the picture that they liked in the midst of the books, while Mag chatted with the bookshop’s manager.

Mag swept a quick glance in the shop, and said, “Boss, why are you not selling Perfect Food magazine? The other shops are doing a brisk business selling it.”

That bookshop looked at the customers who were crowding at the other shops’ respective entrances to buy the magazine, and pursed his lips disdainfully as he said, “Ha. What’s the point of selling a gourmet magazine? You can’t earn much selling that. If I can get the exclusive selling rights of a few bestsellers, that will really earn me money.”

“Oh, there are bestsellers here?” Mag was a little surprised. Although he had collected many ancient books, he didn’t know the books’ market in this world very well.

The boss pointed to the next-door bookshop that was still closed, and said, “Oh yes. Can you see that bookshop next door? They only sell three books. They released one issue every 10 days, and they can sell 300,000 copies every month. With those sales alone, that boss married his eighth wife last month.”

With a shocked expression, Mag asked, “You can marry eight wives here?”

“Your focus is rather unusual.” The boss gave Mag a weird look.

Irina’s gaze swept over, and she looked at Mag with a mysterious smile. “Why? Are you planning to marry eight wives too?”

Mag went white. He realized that he had said the wrong thing, and quickly corrected himself, “No, no, no. How would I ever have such l.u.s.tful and extravagant thoughts?”

The boss looked at Irina, and enviously said, “Your wife is much more beautiful than his eight wives combined.”

“Of course.” Mag stood up even straighter.

Irina curled her lips slightly and retracted her gaze. She flipped through a picture alb.u.m randomly.

“Oh, yes. What kind of books are the most popular in this book square?” Mag asked the boss.

“The bestselling books have to be the knights’ storybooks. Alex’s story books were breaking all the sales records back then. Men, women, adults, and children were all crazy over Alex’s storybooks. Every edition was a bestseller. No one could break his record now. Those colored storybooks and picture with Alex as its protagonist are even more highly sought-after.” The boss looked wistful, with a hint of nostalgia.

“Hmm? There is something like that?” Mag raised his eyebrows. He felt that something was amiss?

“Don’t tell you don’t know who Alex is?” The boss gave him a disdainful look before continuing, “Irina and Alex had made a great name for themselves on the Norland Continent back then. They left behind countless stories and legends, which are important source materials for countless authors. They supported a big group of authors.”

“Yes. I just moved to the city from the countryside.” Mag nodded, and then looked around quickly. “But you don’t have any picture that are related to him now?”

The boss finally got it. He now understood why he was a country b.u.mpkin. He explained, “Alex reappeared recently, and he put on a shocking show of ‘The Return of the King’. He saved the world alone, and created new waves in the hearts of the Roth Empire’s people. He is very popular now.

“However, he deserted the Roth Empire, and was disrespectful to the king in his words. No authors would dare to write about him, let alone we, bookshop owners. Who isn’t fearful for their own lives?”

“I see.” Mag was thoughtful. He wondered if he could attract more fans since his popularity was so high now.

The boss picked up a storybook from the shelf at the door, and smilingly said, “The knights’ storybooks are still the main attraction in our shop. The children love to read stories about knights defeating the villains, the maidens love to read the stories about knights defeating villains and saving beauties, the men love to read the stories after the knights defeated the villains and saved the beauties…”

Mag looked at the storybook that the boss pa.s.sed to him: Dragon-riding warrior battles Medusa in a demonic cave!


Mag frowned slightly before putting that magazine down calmly. “Sounds like a heated battle.”

“Hehehe.” The boss made a series of obscene laughter that all men knew very well.

Mag pretended not to understand, and said, “Boss, are your authors popular? Do they have a lot of fans?”

“About this. It depends on the individual,” the boss said. “Usually, the ugly authors wouldn’t show their faces. They would try their best to create a sense of mystery, and give the readers s.p.a.ce for imagination.

“Meanwhile, most of the authors who are handsome like you would get great ill.u.s.trators to paint their portraits on the books to attract fans who like them besides their talents.

“Of course, there are also some shameless authors who would dress in drag to keep their fans. Naturally, such methods are not permanent. The fans are all fickle now.”

“There are actually so many secrets within the trade.” Mag was amazed. He didn’t expect that there were so many trade secrets.

“Oh, yes. Didn’t you see that Perfect Food magazine’s cover earlier? It’s really shameless. It’s a gourmet magazine, but it failed to promote food, and instead used a chef’s portrait as the selling point. Does one make more delicious food simply because he’s more good-looking? Moreover, perhaps that chef looks like a ghost,” the boss said disdainfully.

Mag frowned a little. He felt that the man was scolding two people.

The owner sized up Mag, and asked, “Why are you asking so many questions? Don’t tell me that you want to write novels too?”

“I… am just asking casually.”

“It’s good that you are not serious about it. Writing novels and drawing comics is a dead end. Not everyone can do it. I make 10-odd ill.u.s.trators and authors cry daily,” the boss said with a laugh.

As soon as he spoke, it showed that he was an old capitalist.

Mag flipped through the picture on the shelves casually as he chitchatted with the boss. He was thinking about the probability of transforming the teaching tutorials into picture

Compared to the immature spread of video technology and the dry literature, the picture with words and pictures had a relatively mature operating system and a group of readers. Wasn’t it quite a suitable means of transmission?

The two little ones chose a bunch of picture books. Annie rarely chose more picture than Amy. She took dozens of them. It was obvious that the little one liked picture books a lot.

After paying and leaving the bookshop, they spent half a day in the book square, and Mag bought many ancient books and popular storybooks. He even sneakily bought a storybook about Alex from a boss in a small corner bookshop.

Amy halted her footsteps, and turned to say to Mag, “Father, I’m hungry. What are we eating today?”