Demon’s Diary Chapter 917: Demons Assemble

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Chapter 917: Demons a.s.semble

Liu Ming hurriedly stepped back a few steps, and the pain in his body suddenly disappeared. However, the rune in his body trembled again, seemingly unable to control anymore.

At the same time, there were sounds of something falling from the sky!

Pieces of gray-black flesh and blood were falling in pieces from the dense green mist in mid-air, and a disgusting stench filled the air.

Those demons really exploded themselves just now.

Just when Liu Ming’s face looked uncertain, the young woman in palace costume woke up.

She glanced at Liu Ming not far away without any expression, then she sat up and consumed 2 elixirs.

Although the woman’s face turned pale due to her injury and there was a layer of black gas on her forehead, she still had a cold look.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help laughing bitterly.

This woman did not look at the scattered demon flesh at all. She just recovered herself in front of him without hiding. Whether she was insensitive or she had other means, Liu Ming admired her boldness.

Speaking of which, from the moment he met this Beastkin Clan woman, she rarely talked. Although her pretty appearance added a bit of charm to her, she still looked completely different when she was casting illusion.

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never believe it would be a person.

The enchantment was still planted in his body, so he couldn’t leave this place!

Liu Ming’s mind shifted as he touched the hidden sword pouch at his waist. His eyes also exuded a hint of murderous intent.

The young woman in palace costume also seemed to feel the murderous aura of Liu Ming, and she cast a cold glance.

Liu Ming narrowed his eyes and was about to say something.

Suddenly, there was a strange screech in the mist on the other side!

Liu Ming was startled as he looked over..

The dense green mist suddenly tumbled violently and gathered in the middle. It became smaller and smaller; from 30 meters in size to 10 meters in size.

The gray-black demon’s flesh that had been scattered all over the ground also suddenly squirmed as if they were alive. As the green mist above shrank, they rose into the air one after another and quickly merged in the air.

As the demon flesh kept merging, there was a burst of crackling from the mist.

Liu Ming just swept with Divine Thought, and he could vaguely feel that the demon flesh was getting bigger in the mist. The aura was also skyrocketing.


The young woman in palace costume suddenly stood up and launched a palm into the mist without hesitation.

“Poof” sound.

An invisible giant force suddenly swept forward with flying sand and stone, but as soon as it came into contact with the mist, it disappeared completely.

Such a strange scene made the young woman startled. For the first time, a dignified expression appeared on her face.

At the same time, the low voice of the leader demon came out from the mist,

“Hehe. As expected of a nine-tailed beastkin fox, your recovery is quite fast. Although the green blood pill is very effective, you are contaminated with my demon clan poison, so you don’t have much spiritual power left to use!”

“It seems that the enchantment I placed in you has been removed. You are not just a simple demon right?” The young woman retrieved the red cloth not far away while glaring at the squirming flesh in the mist.

“Hmph, you don’t need to know who I am, but since you forced me to this stage, it will not end until one of us dies.” The voice in the flesh cl.u.s.ter suddenly became extremely cold.

As soon as the voice sounded, a disgusting stench, accompanied by a surge of demonic qi, surged out from the mist.

Liu Ming looked very solemn. He was suppressing the beastkin rune in his body while observing the flesh cl.u.s.ter in the mist.

At this moment, the flest ma.s.s in the mist was already 6 meters in size. Arms, legs and a head seemed to have formed.

“One of us die? With your ability alone?” The young woman in palace costume sneered.

“Yes, just me alone!”

With a loud “boom“, all the gray-green thick mist suddenly dissipated, revealing a ferocious demon of 6 meters in size.

The appearance of this devil was exactly the same as that of the previous leader, but his body was several times stronger. His aura even broke through the Real Pellet State later stage!

Liu Ming was full of despair seeing this.

“Celestial State? It’s impossible for you to enter this place with such cultivation?” The young woman in palace costume was also surprised.

“Hehe, with my cultivation, it is indeed impossible to enter this place directly, but what if I split myself into parts?” The new demon said with a smile, and his eyebrows were full of pride.

“It turns out that the previous few people are just your clones. No wonder the aura is so close. But before this, you have lost 1 clone. Now, in order to break my enchantment, you blew yourself up, so your cultivation should be affected too! What’s more, this realm will not allow Celestial State powerhouse to stay. Now that you have returned to your true form, you will suffer from the realm law and have your Celestial State cultivation plummet.” The young woman in palace costume said with an ugly expression.

“You’re right. My true body can’t last long in this realm, so I won’t waste any more time. The enchantments in this place are mostly removed now. Now, I will harvest the lives of you 2.” The demon smiled sinisterly. He extended 1 arm forward, and a giant black demonic claw phantasm was condensed in the air. There were gray-green demonic qi entangling the claw. The momentum was astonishing.

“I’ll temporarily lift the enchantment on you, get me out of this place first and buy some time. When I fully suppress the poison in my body, we will join hands to deal with him!” The young woman in palace costume was also a very decisive person. When the demon launched an attack, she appeared beside Liu Ming and launched a white light into Liu Ming’s body.

When the white light went into his body, he felt relaxed. The agitating beastkin rune in his sea of consciousness finally calmed down. He quickly patted the 8 tentacles sea beastkin on the chest, and a pair of silver wings grew on his.


Liu Ming picked up the young woman in palace costume and turned into a silver-black escape light that charged toward the corridor.

He knew very well that since the Celestial State demon had returned to his true form, he could only join forces with the Beastkin Clan young woman.


The huge black demonic claw brushed past the silver-black figure, hitting the ground where they stayed just now.

Immediately, a vortex of black air, mixed with countless flying stones, swept up.

The black air quickly disappeared, and a huge claw pit with a depth of a dozen meters appeared on the ground.

From the young woman in palace costume speaking to Liu Ming using the beast armor technique to escape with the young woman, it was only 2 seconds. The demonic claw was really lightning fast.

“Tsk tsk, your response is quite fast! But I want to see where you can escape!”

The reborn demon did not expect that Liu Ming, who was at the Pseudo Pellet State, had such a fast reaction and speed. After letting out a low groan, he turned into a gray-green demonic shadow and pursued Liu Ming.

At this moment, Liu Ming was running desperately in the corridor ahead. The soft body in his arms exuded a pleasant fragrance which could make people move.

However, Liu Ming was just frantically channeling spiritual power into the wings on his back.

The young woman in palace costume did not expect that Liu Ming would hug her into his arms. When she came back to her senses, she found that the surrounding scenery was rapidly moving. Most of her body was snuggled up into his arms.

The woman felt the body temperature from Liu Ming’s strong body, and she couldn’t help blushing. Her beautiful face looked even more unparalleled because of this.

Since she had the nine tail fox blood, she must be someone with great history in the Savage Wild Continent. With her stunning appearance, she had countless admirers in the Savage Wild Continent There were many people with extremely high status, but due to family reasons, she never had such close skin-to-skin contact with a person of the opposite s.e.x.

Now she was injured in this otherworld ruins alone, this human cultivator was able to carry her and run away together decisively. This aroused a strange feeling in her.

This feeling was already very far away. It gave her a long lost sense of security when her grandfather protected her.

However, this strange emotion was quickly suppressed by her. She had the pride that was born with her ident.i.ty, making her unable to have any thoughts that did not fit his ident.i.ty.

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Demon’s Diary Chapter 912: Fierce Battle

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Chapter 912: Fierce Battle

The young woman just glanced around coldly, chanted lightly and flicked the red cloth in her hand.

Wherever the red cloth pa.s.sed, rays of red lights emerged in the air. The red lights were still increasing as the young woman chanted.

The young woman’s figure also became blurred, and she split into 9 figures in the red lights.

There seemed to be 9 young women in palace costumes dancing in the intertwining red lights. Every move seemed at ease and elegant like they were playing a fabulous dance music.

This illusive scene made Liu Ming, who was more than a hundred meters away, couldn’t help but feel ecstatic and intoxicated.

But the next moment, he bit the tip of his tongue, and he woke up under the pain. He muttered to himself with a pale face,

“What a powerful illusion!”

This young woman in a palace costume was hundreds of meters away from him, and he still got affected. What’s more, his mental power couldn’t be compared by the ordinary cultivators.

At this moment, a scalp-tingling humming sound came from the distance!

The overwhelming black demonic insects surged into the red lights.

However, when the demonic insects charged in, they slowed down and began to tremble.

The young woman waved the red cloth, then more than a dozen demonic insects were turned into wisps of demonic qi again.

It was just that the number of these demonic insects was too many. Although many had been dissipated, the remaining still surged forward.

The moment these demonic insects touched the young woman, her body collapsed into white light spots.

However, the next moment, the nearby s.p.a.ce fluctuated as another white figure emerged and danced with the red cloth.

In just 10 minutes, the overwhelming demonic insects were destroyed by half, but the young women in palace costume still remained 9. As the demonic insects got lesser, their steps became lighter.

At the same time, there were more and more red lights in the sky. The expanded range was about to touch the 7 demons too.

Before the few demons reacted, a white figure appeared behind 1 of the demons with a flash.

The demon quickly turned around in shock and launched a palm with black air.

A m.u.f.fled boom.

The white figure was. .h.i.t by an unstoppable force, and she turned into white light spots.

However, before the demon turned around, a young woman in white palace costume appeared behind him again. At the same time, the red cloth had covered the demon’s head. The young woman clutched his back with 1 hand and his shoulder with another hand, then she turned and threw him out.


The demon was slammed to the ground.

Although the demon didn’t seem to be injured, there was a faint red light lingering on his head, which made him feel a little dizzy.

With this delay, 1/7 of the demonic insects turned into black air and dissipated.

On the other side, another white figure flashed behind another demon, and she also wrapped the demon’s head with the red cloth and launched a quick palm in his stomach.

The black demonic qi on the demon collapsed, then he was thrown away as well.

From the young woman made a move and threw out 2 demons, it was only a few seconds.

The strange movement and terrifying strength displayed by this woman made Liu Ming’s heart shudder.

“How long are you planning to watch? You don’t want the treasures in this ruin anymore?” A voice suddenly sounded in Liu Ming’s ear. It was the leader in a gray robe.

Liu Ming thought swiftly, and he finally turned into a black shadow and charged forward.

The speed of the black shadow was extremely fast, causing wind to blow from the sides of his body. He turned into a black line and split into 2 black shadows on the way, then the 2 shadows split into 4 shadows in a flash. They rushed toward the battle at hastened speed.

“Hey, doppelganger technique? There’s even a human hidden here!”

Among the 9 young women, a crisp and sweet voice suddenly came out, but the tone was calm as if there was no trace of emotion.

In just a moment, 2 more demons were thrown out by the young woman with the red cloth.

At this moment, there were only 3 demons who were still controlling the black demon insects, including the leader in a gray robe. The demonic insects in the black lights were only 1/3 from its initial number.

The leader in a gray robe was launching symbols frantically, but he frowned slightly.

At this moment, the 4 black phantasms that Liu Ming transformed into finally appeared in front of the criss-crossing red lights, and he rushed in without stopping.

The 4 phantasms flickered and surrounded a young woman in palace costume from 4 directions.

For some unknown reason, the red lights seemed to have no effect on the phantasms, allowing these phantasms to go right in.

The young woman in palace costume looked surprised. She moved her arms and whipped the red cloth in her hands at the 4 phantasms.

The 4 phantasms ignored the red light and advanced instead. They accurately dodged the red light and appeared beside the young woman in palace costume, then they extended their hands to grab.

The young woman in palace costume suddenly spun in the air and bounced back in a strange angle.

“Poof poof!”

Several rays of red lights flashed through the 2 phantasms, and the 2 phantasms dissipated into black light spots.

At this time, another black phantasm appeared behind the woman like a ghost and launched a palm at her back.

The woman in palace costume twisted her waist, dodged the black shadow attack, and waved her hand, but her hand just pa.s.sed through a black mist.

At this time, the last black phantasm condensed on her side and punched out a mist dragon. Liu Ming only revealed himself now.

It was too late for the girl to try to dodge any more, so she could only launch her slender hand to block it.


After the black mist dragon appeared, her pet.i.te body was immediately swept up by a black wind, and she staggered back several steps. A burst of dust was stirred up.

“Poof poof!“

The remaining young women dissipated into light spots in the air.

Although Liu Ming’s punch did not cause any damage to the woman, he had canceled her illusion.

The young woman in palace costume wanted to get up, but she spouted blood instead. It seemed that breaking her illusion had caused a huge recoil to her.

Liu Ming glanced around with a complicated expression.

At the same time, the remaining 3 demons, including the leader, were delighted. They changed their gestures and turned the remaining demonic insects into demonic chains that wrapped the young woman in palace costume.


Taking advantage when the young woman was recoiled by the illusion, the black demonic chains wrapped her like snakes.

The leader in a gray robe didn’t seem to be at ease. He threw out a black talisman that turned into a black cage and covered the young woman.

The demons who were thrown out by the young woman in palace costume also woke up from the illusion at this moment. They once again surrounded the young woman in the middle.

The young woman’s eyes were flickering with red lights. Her body that was entangled by the demonic chains looked even more charming.

“Looking at your technique, you must be from the Savage Wild Continent dominated by Beastkin Clan! Now that you are bound by the demonic, even if you have unstoppable power, you won’t escape so easily. You should…” The man in a gray robe said with a smile, but halfway through he spoke, dense white runes suddenly appeared on the young woman. At the same time, a terrifying beastkin aura rose into the sky!

After a few “clicks“!

Above the black prison, long and narrow cracks suddenly appeared, and they spread rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Several demons were startled by this. They hurriedly channeled demonic qi into the cage, repairing the cracks.

The black cage was still trembling slightly, and it made a low buzzing sound.

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Demon’s Diary Chapter 916: Fierce Battle Again

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Chapter 916: Fierce Battle Again

Liu Ming frantically formed gestures, and the golden lightning arcs on his body gradually disappeared. The five color thunder seal also dimmed down. The recondensed “Pseudo Pellet” in his sea of ​​consciousness trembled a few times before completely returning to normal.

This cl.u.s.ter of Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, which was almost 5 times larger than the original, was finally re-sealed by Liu Ming.

But at this time, he didn’t look great. Most of his body had been burnt black, and his clothes were even more ragged.

Under surprise and shock, he saw that the surrounding lightning was still flashing wildly. More golden lightning snakes were launched toward him. Without a slight hesitation, he shouted and punched the golden bead in midair.

“Boom“, the entire room shook slightly, and the golden bead just swayed for a while, but it did not burst open.

Liu Ming was startled by this, and the lightning snakes. .h.i.t him again, but the armor blocked them.

Liu Ming took this opportunity to take out a Heavy Water Droplet, poured spiritual power into it frantically, and then punched it hard.


The Heavy Water Droplet was launched and turned into a hill phantasm in midair. At the same time, the rolling black gas from his punch also turned into a solid black mist dragon.

A loud impact!

The pale golden bead finally cracked and burst apart under the joint attack of the hill phantasm and the mist dragon.

The entire hexagonal lightning enchantment, together with the 6 lightning walls, dissipated in an instant.

After the remaining golden lightning arcs bounced wildly in the air, they disappeared without a trace.

Liu Ming only breathed a sigh of relief this time. He quickly took out a new shirt to put on.

Seeing that Liu Ming had broken the enchantment, all the demons showed joy; the young woman in palace costume was surprised too. She said with satisfaction,

“Very good. I originally planned to let you try it out, but I didn’t expect you to actually break the lightning enchantment that contained the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder. This green blood pill is your reward. After getting in, your benefits won’t be less.”

After the young woman said this, she flicked a green elixir to him.

After Liu Ming thanked her and checked the healing elixir, he swallowed it directly.

At this time, the young woman casually waved her hand against him.

Liu Ming only felt a shock on his body, and the golden armor turned into a ball of golden light and flew away. At the same time, his mouth became hot again as the lightning protection bead also shot at the young woman.

After the young woman in palace costume received the 2 items, she continued moving forward.

Seeing this, the other demons followed immediately.

At the same time, Liu Ming felt the true effect of the “green blood pill”. After feeling a surge of blood in his body, he immediately sat cross-legged.

After a while, fresh tissues had grown back on his charred hands and feets. They regained vitality quickly as if they had been reborn. His spiritual power had also been refilled.

After a while, Liu Ming moved his arm and found that the original numbness had disappeared, and he could move as normal. His injuries had already recovered.

When he checked inside his body with Divine Thought, he found that the enchantment planted by the Beastkin Clan young woman was still there. He couldn’t help but let out a wry smile again before moving forward.

Behind the thunder enchantment was a deep corridor, which was about 12 meters wide. On the gray stone walls on both sides, there were carvings of various beastkin patterns.

Most of them were rare beastkins that had long gone extinct in the human realm. Liu Ming also read some related books when he hunted and killed beastkins for the xuan notice mission. So at this time, he could recognize 6 out of 10. Even so, he couldn’t help but be amazed.

Just as Liu Ming carefully looked at the stone walls on both sides, he suddenly felt that there were violent fluctuations of spiritual power and fighting sounds at the end of the corridor.

He was shocked suddenly. Almost at the same time, the enchantment planted by the young woman in palace costume in his body started to move. It seemed unstable.

Liu Ming was shocked. This enchantment contains a trace of her natal soul. Could it be that something unexpected happens to her?

Liu Ming was thinking swiftly. He made gestures and channeled spiritual power from the 153 crystals that had formed a cl.u.s.ter. Waves of purple aura entangled on the enchantment, trying to forcibly suppress the restless beastkin aura.

Immediately afterward, he took another deep breath, and he turned into a phantasm wrapped in black gas that rushed in.

The entire corridor was about 1200 meters long, but with Liu Ming’s speed, he came to the end in just seconds.

As a result, he was surprised by the happening scene!

5 demons had circled and launched desperate attacks at the young woman in palace costume.

These people seemed to have undergone some kind of transformation, which enlarged their height to 6 meters tall. Each of them was wrapped in gray-green flame. Their robes had long gone, revealing their bodies full of black-green spirit patterns. Their handsome faces had become distorted in gray-black color. Their arms were several times thicker with thick veins. They launched attacks with their half foot long sharp nails at the young woman.

“Don’t forget that the enchantment in you all. Even if you can suppress it with spiritual power, how long can you guys hold?” The young woman in palace costume held the red clothes to block all the claw shadows.

“Mr. Liu helps us quickly! This beastkin woman just ambushed us and wanted to swallow the treasures here! As long as we kill her, the enchantment she planted will be gone.” The leader demon noticed Liu Ming’s arrival, and he immediately groaned.

After Liu Ming flickered, he appeared near the battle.

“You guys want to crack my enchantment? What a joke. Do you think you are a Celestial State powerhouse?” The young woman in palace costume just glanced at Liu Ming, then replied with a sneer. Then, strange incantations came from her mouth.

Before Liu Ming could say anything, he only felt an uncontrollable feeling of bloating in his chest. He kneeled on his knees with a painful look.

The 5 demons surrounding the young woman in palace costume were obviously also affected by the power of the enchantment. Their bodies were trembling violently. After letting out a furious groan, they all charged toward the young woman in palace costume.

In mid-air, the 5 people stretched their arms forward, and their palms transformed into blurred black palm phantasms, giving people a terrifying momentum!

Seeing this, the young woman in palace costume seemed to be surprised, but she flicked and released the red cloth, turning it into a red hurricane around her.

The m.u.f.fled ‘poof’ sounds occurred one after another!

As soon as the dense palm phantasms the red hurricane, they collapsed one after another, but the red hurricane quickly became dim.

At this moment, a pale white crystal light flashed on the young woman in palace costume, and she rose up from the red hurricane that was about to collapse.

The next moment, the red hurricane was torn apart, turning back into the damaged red cloth that fell from the air.

The 5 demons, who missed the attack, looked up at once. They slashed out s.p.a.ce fissures in front of them and went in.

At this moment, Liu Ming was sweating profusely with 1 hand supporting the ground. He resisted the pain and barely stood up.

At this moment, he could clearly feel that the beastkin rune in his sea of ​​consciousness was becoming more and more unstable. The escaping beastkin aura had already lost control. If he didn’t channel spiritual power to contain it, his pseudo pellet would have been crushed.

Just when he looked up, 5 huge green figures appeared from the cl.u.s.ters of green flames around the young woman.

“Gaga. You can’t escape!”

The 5 demons didn’t let out strange laughter at the same time, and the green demonic flame swelled.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was startled. He resisted the discomfort in his body and stomped the ground to retreat.

The young woman in costume palace, who was in the air, frowned slightly. She spat out a white bead and formed gestures with both hands.

There was a burst of silver light from the white bead. Several nearly transparent silver lights flew out from it, coiling around the young woman like a coc.o.o.n.

Just when the young woman in palace costume had just finished all this, a loud explosion came from the air!

The 5 green demonic flames transformed by the 5 demons burst open one after another. there The radius of 30 meters in the air was covered with thick green mist. The violent shake made the corridor behind Liu Ming shake.

A white figure flew out from the billowing mist, and it happened to land beside Liu Ming heavily.

It was the young woman in palace costume, but at the moment, her beautiful eyes were closed. Her body was drenched in blood. Her left shoulder even got a big hole that was wrapped by traces of green demonic flames.

TL: They just perished together? What a good situation for Liu Ming…

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Demon’s Diary Chapter 914: Eight Eyes Pattern

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Chapter 914: Eight Eyes Pattern

Because the distance was very close and the accident happened suddenly, Liu Ming only retreated more than 60 meters away at the moment; the other 3 demons only retreated not more than 30 meters.

The other 3 demons on the side wanted to help them, but it was too late.

But at this critical moment, Liu Ming suddenly stopped and charged forward. The green bull phantasm emerged on his shoulder, then it shot a green gale from its mouth. The gale wrapped the b.l.o.o.d.y light beam, and it was swallowed by the green bull phantasm.

At the same time, a dragon roar sounded!

A lifelike mist dragon flew out from Liu Ming’s arm and charged straight to the b.l.o.o.d.y eye pattern on the octagonal spirit patterns on the stone tablet.

With a loud noise, the entire surface of the stone tablet shattered with the b.l.o.o.d.y eye pattern at the center.

The young woman in palace costume who was meditating in the distance saw this scene, and her eyes flashed strangely.

4 b.l.o.o.d.y light beams disappeared in a flash.

Afterwards, the green bull phantasm dissipated into light spots before rolling back into Liu Ming’s shoulder.

The leader demon let out a long sigh, then he glanced at Liu Ming and wanted to say something.

But before he could speak, a pop sound came from the bottom of the stone tablet, then a 6 meters blue array emerged.

“You guys are really lucky. Don’t you know that 1 eye of this “Eight Eyes Pattern” can’t be activated?” The young woman in palace costume emerged ghostly, and she said in a cold tone.

“What, it is actually this enchantment? No wonder it’s familiar.”

Liu Ming was shocked when he heard this!

It was only now that he remembered that this eight-eye pattern was a kind of ancient strange array. This pattern looked different, but the principles were generally the same. The distinctive sign was the 8 strange eyes of different shapes.

Only the person who set up this array knew which eye couldn’t be activated. Without clues, one could only guess it.

The young woman in costume palace said so, but no one knew she had figured out the way to breach this array or she was just bluffing.

At this moment, the young woman in palace costume walked into the array. A mild blue light wrapped her, and she disappeared instantly.

Seeing this, Liu Ming also stepped into the array.

After a flash of blue light, he felt the world spinning around him. When he regained his vision, he found himself in a magnificent palace.

The palace was about 30 meters wide, and the walls were made of pieces of white marble that were smooth as mirrors. On the top of the hall, there were rows of neat moonstones, which were flashing with a faint light.

Due to the reflection of the marble wall, the whole hall was reflected brightly.

At the end of the hall, a gray light curtain was looming. Above the light curtain, there seemed to be a huge ghost creature roaming around. The big eyes were rolling up and down, and the pair of fangs looked extremely sharp, looking very hideous.

The young woman in palace costume was standing not far from the light curtain.

She heard the movement caused by Liu Ming and looked over.

At the same time, in a cave on the belly of a small mountain with dense green forests and a faint black light. Jin Tianci, Qiu Longzi and other Taiqing Sect disciples were resting here.

This cave was quite s.p.a.cious. More than a dozen disciples of the Taiqing Sect were scattered in twos and threes.

In a corner, Jin Tianci and Qiu Longzi were sitting cross-legged facing each other.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, we have been staying here for a long time. If all goes well, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu should have returned to join us. If we still wait for him, I’m afraid we can’t finish the tasks a.s.signed to us by sect master.” Qiu Longzi said slightly solemnly towards Jin Tianci.

“You’re right, all the rare treasures around here have been collected by us for the past few days. It’s time for us to leave this place.” Jin Tianci glanced back at the rest of the Taiqing Sect disciples and said faintly.

“However, what if Liu Ming comes to join us, but we have already left?” Qiu Longzi asked worriedly after thinking about it.

“It can’t be helped. We can’t delay the tasks a.s.signed to us because of a person. Notify them to take a rest tonight, then we go to the next destination tomorrow morning. If anything really happens to Liu Ming, it is a waste of time to wait for him. If he is fine, it means that he has his own encounters, so we don’t have to wait any longer.” Jin Tianci sneered.

At the same time, in another corner of the cave, Ouyang Qian and Quyang Qin were also whispering something.

“Sister Qian, this upper realm ruins is indeed a paradise. In just over 10 days, our harvests are so much! Although we have to hand up half of them to the Taiqing Sect, this harvest is still not comparable by the ordinary secret realms!” Quyang Qin was happily touching a storage bracelet on her wrist and said excitedly.

“We still can’t take it lightly. Don’t forget the encounter at the beginning and the advice of several grand elders in the clan. Now that Liu Ming has not returned, the other disciples in the Taiqing Sect don’t have the obligation to save us. We are on our own.” Ouyang Qian said with a frown. She was not as relaxed as Quyang Qin.

“Hehe, Sister Qian doesn’t have to worry about Liu Ming. That guy has a lot of means!” Quyang Qin said with a smile.

“You little girl, making fun of your sister again!” Ouyang Qian’s cheeks couldn’t help but blush.

Half a day later, Liu Ming and the 6 demons, under the coercion of the young woman in palace costume, joined forces to destroy several enchantments in the ruins one after another.

With the previous lessons learned, they did not dare to be so reckless in breaking the arrays. Although the speed was a little slower, the journey was quite smooth fortunately.

During this period, Liu Ming got a worn-out book and a few spiritual herbs thousands of years old in a room similar to a bedroom.

For some reason, Liu Ming found that whether these 6 demons or the young woman, they didn’t care much about the worn-out books and spiritual weapons. They just went straight to the deepest place of the ruin as if the treasure deep inside was only their objective.

After several days of exploration, Liu Ming had also roughly figured out the situations in this underground ruin.

The entire ruin should be the underground cave house of a certain powerhouse in this world, and he seemed to be very proficient in arrays.

If it wasn’t because most of the array’s power had greatly reduced by time, they wouldn’t be able to get here easily.

Although Liu Ming still didn’t know who the owner was, he admired his enchantments.

At this moment, they were walking in a building complex consisting of halls and corridors, which seemed to extend in all directions, but in reality, they were like a labyrinth.

There were many kinds of enchantments between these buildings, and they were mysterious and unusual. If one wanted to forcefully break in, he would be asking for trouble. He could only break the enchantments step by step.

At this moment, in a dark hall, a hexagonal golden array with a size of a dozen meters blocked the tunnel in front.

This array was surrounded by 6 golden lightning walls. On each lightning wall, there were golden snake lightning arcs moving around constantly, and the buzzing lightning sound occurred from time to time.

At the center of the array was a pale golden sphere about a foot in size, which was suspended in mid-air and spinning slowly.

“It should be here. The final enchantment is really made with lightning! Okay, you guys can start.” The young man in palace costume lowered her head and looked at a broken map in her hand, and a hint of joy appeared on her cold face.

“Lightning enchantment? This is a great restraint for both Beastkin Clan and the Demon Clan. It’s really good to use for sealing, but this level of enchantment seems to be too simple.” The leader demon was surprised at first, then he said with a smile and eye gestured another demon beside.

The demon understood, and he patted his chest. A silver armor appeared on his body in a flash.

On the armor, there were silver threads all over it. On the shoulders, an unknown and strange rune was inscribed.

“The superb armor with lightning protection effect? ​​I didn’t expect you demon to spend so much for this place!” The young woman in palace costume glanced at the demon and said expressionlessly.

At this moment, the demon man shook his arms, and a layer of silver flames suddenly appeared on the silver armor. He came to a lightning wall, extended his hands and pulled out.

A loud ripping sound came!

A hole was torn apart on the lightning wall.

The golden lightning snakes all moved toward him instantly.

Just as the lightning snakes touched the silver armor, they disappeared at once.

These lightning snakes couldn’t breach the protection of the armor at all!

Seeing this, Liu Ming was a little surprised.

As a result, when the demon wanted to jump in, something happened!

A pale golden lightning arc was launched from the array. It split up in mid-air, revealing a thin five color lightning silk, and went toward the demon’s forehead.

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Demon’s Diary Chapter 915: Facing the Heavenly Thunder Again

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Chapter 915: Facing the Heavenly Thunder Again


The five color lightning silk pierced through the superb armor and hit the demon’s forehead.

After this demon screamed in pain, he was turned into a ma.s.s of ashes.

After the five color lightning silk bounced again, it returned back into the array.

The crack on the lightning wall that opened up by the demon recovered instantly without the demon holding it.

The others didn’t show a good face after seeing this. The leader demon even said “Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder”.

“This is impossible. Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder can only exist outside of the ninth heaven. I have never heard of any array that can attract this divine thunder and store it.” Another demon also murmured with a pale face.

The young woman in palace costume was surprised too, but she immediately glanced at Liu Ming.

Ordinary lightning had a lot of restraint on beastkins and demons, let alone this Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder.

In addition to being shocked, Liu Ming couldn’t help but let out a wry smile.

It couldn’t be helped. He was the only human among the people present, and he didn’t do much in the previous enchantments, so he had to do it.

But this place really deserved to be the upper realm ruins, the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, which was rarely seen in human realm, could be encountered so easily.

“Human, the mystic art you used before should have the effect of weakening or even swallowing lightning. Now it’s your turn to break this enchantment.” The young woman in palace costume finally spoke slowly.

Several other demons also nodded.

“Wait a minute, although the totem mystic art can be activated, I’m not certain that it can completely resist Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder. I’m afraid I need some external help.” Liu Ming heard the words and immediately replied.

“Okay. I have a golden silk lightning protection armor here. This is much stronger than the armor by the previous demon. I also have a lightning protection sacred bead that can also weaken the lightning damage. I can borrow them to you. If you are still unwilling to do it, you know what will happen,” The young woman in palace costume replied coldly.

As soon as she finished speaking, she took out a golden armor from the storage bracelet on her arm and a round bead flickering with white light.

“The reason why we invited you is also to deal with this kind of enchantment. It is indeed Mr. Liu’s time to show your skill.” The leader demon said with a sneer.

Seeing this, Liu Ming naturally knew that he had no choice. He took the 2 lightning protection items from the young woman.

Speaking of which, he once practiced Heavenly Thunder Spell, and he even sealed the real Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder in him. With the buff of the totem art, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Liu Ming briefly checked the 2 spiritual weapons, then he put the golden armor on his body and channeled spiritual power into the armor.

“Swish swish!” came the soft sound.

After the golden armor was injected with spiritual power, the gold silks became bright. A golden flame gradually rose from the armor.

Afterward, he put the lightning protection sacred bead into his mouth.

As soon as the bead entered his mouth, warm currents permeated from the bead, making him feel like being wrapped by a warm feeling. A layer of light stream gradually appeared on his body surface.

“According to my observation, this enchantment is mainly supported by the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder in the hidden array, so that intruders can’t get close to it at all. If you can destroy its center, which is the golden round ball in the air, this array will be easy to solve.” The leader demon looked at the hexagonal lightning array for a moment, then he suddenly said to Liu Ming through voice transmission.

Hearing this, Liu Ming smiled and charged toward the lightning wall.


Before the lightning wall touched Liu Mng, the golden flame on the armor had opened a hole on the lightning wall.

He flashed into the hole and went into the golden lightning array.

Immediately, the entire lightning array made a crackling sound, and waves of lightning came from all directions.

The smaller lightning arcs were deflected by the golden flame on the armor before causing damage to Liu Ming.

A few thick lightning arcs with great power even struck on the armor, but they still bounced away after touching the golden light on his skin.

“The lightning protection sacred bead is really magical!”

Liu Ming knew that the biggest threat was the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder hiding in it.

Although he was in the array at the moment, he could not clearly feel where the five color lightning was hidden, but after all, he had obtained a real divine thunder. He could still faintly perceive a clue.

Liu Ming immediately released Divine Thought, always paying attention to the movement around him while walking slowly toward the center of the array.


A golden lightning snake that originally shot toward Liu Ming suddenly shattered on the way, then a slender five color lightning emerged. The speed was hard to catch.

However, Liu Ming had expected this. He tried to dodge, but “bang!“

The five color lightning suddenly turned and blasted toward Liu Ming’s forehead.

Liu Ming was startled. He raised his arm without thinking, and the five color lightning flashed into his arm.

When the lightning hit, Liu Ming only felt his arm numb. A burst of fiery pain came from his arm. When he looked down, his elbow had already been scorched. His arm could no longer move.

In the face of this five color lightning, although the golden silk lightning protection armor and lightning protection sacred bead could reduce the lightning power, the five color lightning could still pierce through the protection.

After the five color lightning hit, it disappeared into the surrounding golden lightning arc.

The young woman in palace costume on the side and the remaining five demons seemed to be relieved when they saw that Liu Ming was not directly smashed into pieces.

Liu Ming was now less than 6 meters away from the pale golden ball at the center of the array. He ignored the injured arm and launched a tiger head phantasm at the golden ball.


The black tiger head phantasm hit the golden ball, and it exploded.

After the ball flashed wildly, small cracks appeared on its surface.

Seeing this, the leader demon outside was delighted while the young woman in palace costume still had a frosty expression.

At this moment, a “bang“, a thick golden lightning arc suddenly shattered before hitting Liu Ming’s back. The five color lightning that was 10 times larger was launched.

Liu Ming was shocked. He shouted and cast the green bull phantasm to cover his entire body.

The five color lightning first pierced through the green bull phantasm, then it flashed into the golden armor before giving Liu Ming a critical blow.

Even though the five color lightning was much smaller, Liu Ming knew that he could defend the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder with his own powerful body and the sacred bead. When a scorching sensation came, he immediately channeled spiritual power into the thunder seal on his chest and opened the seal.

A low, inaudible sound came from Liu Ming’s sea of consciousness. The five color thunder seal on his chest suddenly emitted a five color light.

The “Pseudo Pellet” in the sea of consciousness trembled, then a five color lightning came out from it. It collided with the five color lightning that just went into his body.

After a burst of crackling sounds, the 2 were entangled and condensed into a cl.u.s.ter that was about to explode in Liu Ming’s body.

However, at this moment, Liu Ming quickly made a gesture. A thunderous sound came from his body as a golden lightning arc emerged from his body, making him look like a thunder G.o.d.

At the same time, the “Pseudo Pellet” in the sea of ​​consciousness suddenly disappeared in a blur.

The next moment, near the cl.u.s.ter of Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, 153 crystal grains flashed out. Dense crystal filaments were released from them, wrapping up the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder that was larger than before.

Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder flashed wildly, and a terrifying scorching aura erupted from it. Some of the crystal filaments were instantly swept away.

Liu Ming, who was desperately channeling Heavenly Thunder Spell outside, immediately spat blood essence and pointed desperately with his finger.


The blood essence turned into several b.l.o.o.d.y runes that went into the thunder seal on Liu Ming’s chest.

In an instant, all the crystal grains in Liu Ming’s body trembled violently again, and they appeared in the sea of ​​consciousness again in a flash. The Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, which was wrapped by many crystal filaments, was also pulled into it.


Liu Ming groaned as he made a gesture with both hands.

The 153 crystal grains all charged toward the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, then they condensed back into the “Pseudo Pellet”.

TL: Will the Heavenly Thunder Spell be powered up again after absorbing another trace of Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder?

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Demon’s Diary Chapter 913: Nine Tail Fox

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Chapter 913: Nine Tail Fox

Seeing this, Liu Ming was astounded. An extremely dangerous feeling immediately burst out from the bottom of his heart. He backed off without thinking.

At the same time, the young man in the black cage was already full of white light. After a blur, she suddenly turned into a snow-white spiritual fox bound by chains.

This woman was actually a beastkin cultivator.

However, before the few demons tried to use other means, the entire black cage burst open in countless white light silks. A wave of terrifying air wave swept out wildly.

The 7 demons were forced back by a dozen steps before stabilizing themselves.

At the same time, after a gray light swept out, a snow-white giant fox with 9 tails appeared. She was wrapped in a white flame.

The demonic chains that bound her had long since disappeared.

As soon as she appeared, it glanced at Liu Ming indifferently.

Judging from the demonic aura emanating from her body, this woman had suddenly risen from the previous Real Pellet State early stage to the Real Pellet State perfect stage, which greatly shocked Liu Ming and the 7 demons.

In these upper realm ruins, the cultivators above the Real Pellet State were not allowed to enter. This woman was already the top among the cultivators in these ruins. She was only one step away from Celestial State, and she was also a beastkin cultivator that had a greater physique than the cultivators of the same realm.

In shock, the leader demon spat out a silver bell spiritual weapon from his mouth.

Liu Ming subconsciously touched the hidden sword pouch around his waist.

Under such circ.u.mstances, if he didn’t go all out, he would really die here.

Before they could do anything, the white spiritual fox jumped and disappeared in the air.

The next moment, a white shadow emerged in front of the leader demon and knocked him away. The demon couldn’t channel the silver bell at all.

The white shadow flickered and disappeared again.

Then, a series of impacts sounded one after another!

The remaining 6 demons were also blown away by 1 blow without fighting back.

In an instant. The 7 demons of the Pseudo Pellet State were lying on the ground. Their chests were all deeply dented as if they had been hit hard by a giant object. Their bodies were wrapped in white silks, which restricted their movement.

At this moment, the nine tail spiritual fox flickered and appeared again, and she looked coldly at Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s heart tightened. Just as he was about to make a move, the young woman’s cold voice suddenly came from his ear,

“Human. Don’t move or don’t blame me for being rude!”

Liu Ming really stood still.

At this moment, the nine tail spiritual fox withdrew the beastkin aura and turned back into human form. A red light came down from the sky and covered her. It was the red cloth.

“It seems that returning to your original form is also a huge cost for you. Mr. Liu, don’t have to be afraid. If we join forces, we may not be his opponent…” Although the leader demon couldn’t move on the ground, he spoke to Liu Ming with a ferocious face.

“What a bold take!”

Before waiting for him to stand firm, the young woman in palace costume raised her hand, and a strong white beastkin wind knocked him onto the mountain wall.

This time, the leader demon spat a few mouthfuls of blood. He couldn’t speak for a while.

“I advise you to stay honest. Although I’m not interested in killing you weaklings at all, since you sneak attacked me, I won’t let you go so easily.” The young woman in palace costume said slightly disdainfully.

“Oh, what does fairy…” Liu Ming finally said with a change of expression.

“The enchantment here is quite troublesome. Although I can break it alone, it will take a lot of time. If you can help me obtain a certain treasure in the ruins, I will consider letting you go. If you don’t want to, then I don’t mind throwing you directly into the enchantment, leaving you to die on your own.” The young woman glanced at everyone and said indifferently.

“Since you can find this place, you must have some understanding of this ruin, but can we trust you? If you really only need 1 treasure, we really don’t have to fight.” He was a little calm.

“You demons are really arrogant. You still dare to speak like this in front of me! I have made my words very clear. If I find what I need, I will leave. If you want the remaining treasures, you can take them if you have the ability. I won’t stop you. As for whether I can be trusted, you have no choice!” The young woman in palace costume said slightly sarcastically, then she flicked 1 hand.


Silver runes were shot at the demons and disappeared into their bodies. It seemed to be some kind of enchantment.

Liu Ming also couldn’t escape from this too. A silver rune also flew toward him.

After Liu Ming hesitated for a while, he took it with a wry smile.

After seeing the terrifying power of this Beastkin Clan young woman, he didn’t think it would be a wise choice to avoid it.

As a result, he felt a cool feeling when the silver rune entered his body. His aura seemed to be buffed instead, but his chest was hurt slightly as if something was imprinted on it.

Liu Ming immediately used Divine Thought to check his body. He found that in his sea of ​​consciousness, there was a strange silver rune, which was slowly rotating and exuding a strange beastkin aura.

“You don’t have to think too much, this beastkin rune can help you restore your spiritual power, but it contains a trace of my beastkin soul, which is connected to my heart. If you don’t obey, you will know what the consequence is. Okay, now go and break the enchantment of the stone tablet first.” After a few simple explanations from the young woman in palace costume, she instructed Liu Ming and others. She made a gesture to remove the white silks on the demons.

Several demons immediately got up with gloomy faces, and they quickly consumed elixirs.

The leader demon discussed with the others with voice transmission, then they walked toward the giant stone tablet.

The young woman in palace costume sat down on the spot, waiting for them to break the enchantment.

Liu Ming’s eyes swept across the young woman who sat cross-legged, then he walked over to the stone tablet and a.s.sessed it.

The surface of the huge stone tablet was still covered with a layer of faint blue light curtain. There were 8 vertical grooves with a width of a few feet lining up side by side. At the top of the groove, a strange octagonal spirit pattern was inscribed. There were 8 eyes inscribed on it, but these 8 eyes had different sizes; the big one was like a bull’s eye and the same one could be in bean size.

When Liu Ming saw the octagonal pattern, he was moved. He always felt that he had seen it in a book, but he couldn’t remember it immediately.

At this moment, the 3 grooves counted from the left had been filled with glittering aura. On the octagonal spirit pattern above, there were also 3 eye patterns that were glittering.

“It seems that we just have to inject spiritual power into these grooves and light up these eye patterns.” After the leader demon for a while, he said slowly.

The other 6 demons didn’t say a word, which seemed to acquiesce to this person’s judgment.

Although Liu Ming also had the same idea, he always felt something was wrong in his mind, but he couldn’t tell for now.

“If that’s the case, don’t waste time. Mr. Liu will be in charge of the one on the far right.

We will take care of the rest.” Seeing that Liu Ming didn’t speak, the leader demon said decisively.

The 4 of the other demons immediately raised their arms and began to condense black runes and launch them into the 4 empty grooves on the left.

Seeing this, Liu Ming also condensed runes full of spiritual power and channeled them into the groove on the far right.

As the runes went into the groove, a light beam suddenly appeared in the groove. It extended upward little by little.

The blue light curtain on the surface of the stone tablet also flickered.

As the light beam rose, there was no other abnormality in the stone tablet, and Liu Ming gradually felt relieved.

Liu Ming and the other demons tacitly controlled the infusion of runes, allowing the 4 light beams to grow at the same rhythm.

After about 10 minutes, 5 soft poof sounds occurred.

The remaining 5 grooves were finally filled at the same time with the concerted efforts of Liu Ming and the 4 demons.

The stone tablet immediately trembled violently, and the blue light curtain on the surface also shook.

The eye patterns on the remaining 5 corners of the octagonal spirit pattern above the groove was even more sparkling.

It was just that 1 of the eye patterns suddenly turned bright red like blood.

“Not good!”

When Liu Ming saw this scene, his complexion changed immediately. He patted his shoulder, and the green bull phantasm emerged. Simultaneously, he stomped the ground and pushed his body backward.

Before the few demons on the side could respond, there was a swoosh sound from the stone tablet!

A b.l.o.o.d.y light beam was shot from the b.l.o.o.d.y eye pattern, piercing through the demon that was right in front of it.

The demon’s body immediately swelled and exploded. The black-red flesh splashed all over.

The other 3 demons were shocked, and they retreated hurriedly.

But at this moment, another change happened!

The b.l.o.o.d.y light beam suddenly split into 2, and the 2 split into 4 toward Liu Ming and the 3 demons.

TL: The beastkin woman just wanted to use them to sweep the traps!

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