Devil’s Son-in-Law Chapter 832: Law Rudiment

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Chapter 832: Law Rudiment

The buildings around the Fountain of Resurrection had disappeared, and the originally calm springwater was rising into the sky, forming a water pillar that wrapped a flat square silver box.

The lock of the box was loosened, and a seam opened, revealing an indescribable fluctuation.

Silver box: The most mysterious thing in Chen Rui’s cognition.

Even in the eyes of the Pseudo-G.o.d powerhouse, the silver box was a hot object. Among the 2 Pseudo-G.o.d powerhouses of the Demon Realm known to Chen Rui, Satan let his apprentice Tiffany enter the 4th floor of the Book Collection Hall and turned her into a ‘key’ in order to unlock a mysterious place with a silver box. Meanwhile, Sariel also coveted the silver box. He did not hesitate to bestow Chen Rui the Evil Pupil and the badge of summoning avatar.

There was more than 1 silver box. It was 1/7 and half of a complete part, which was puzzling. There are currently 2 known silver boxes. From the half-sentence that Sariel unintentionally leaked, Chen Rui speculated that there might also be silver boxes in the temple of the Holy Light Mountain. However, the Light Elemental King once advised him to never set foot in the Light Divinity Temple without the strength of the Pseudo-G.o.d. This sentence was basically verified by the avatars of the 4-winged angel Ze Hongen and the supreme Angel Raphael.

Then, the silver box must be related to the road to G.o.d, or is it the key to becoming a G.o.d?

It had been a long time since Chen Rui got the silver box, dating back to when he was looking for the poison dragon treasure in Silent Night Wetland. At that time, he had not even reached the Demon Emperor level, so he did not research it. Zola even refused to tell him about the silver box. She just said that he had to at least step into the kingdom level before he could start researching the silver box. Chen Rui knew that the reason why Zola did this was not for her own sake, but for his own good. However, the change in the silver box might have caused Zola to lose control of the box. Therefore, in order to wake Zola up, he must close the silver box.

Chen Rui’s thoughts moved, and he sneaked toward the silver box. As soon as he got close, the originally weak fluctuations instantly became strong. Chen Rui felt dizzy, and there was only 1 thought left in his mind – Destruction.

This was not the first time Chen Rui had a similar feeling. When he first opened the silver box in Silent Night Wetland, he had experienced such an ‘illusion’. At that time, some kind of power also entered his body, fused with the inner demon, resulting in Shura, his mortal enemy.

Perhaps due to the Fountain of Resurrection, the strange force of the losing vitality did not appear at the beginning, but the ‘annihilation’ became clearer and clearer. In Chen Rui’s soul sensing, the ‘destruction’ was infinitely magnified as if to make his body and soul turn into nothingness.

This kind of destruction could no longer be replaced by simple law. It was a kind of feeling similar to origin. Under this origin, skill like [Sneak] was useless.

Chen Rui knew that he couldn’t resist it with a glance, so he activated the strongest power without hesitation, [Pole Star Transformation].

The dazzling starlight resisted the destruction power, but it only lasted for an instant before it collapsed. Chen Rui had just completed the transformation of [Pole Star Transformation], and he immediately felt the terrifying sense of crisis. The stars appeared around him as he activated the [Blue Star Kingdom]. At the same time, a pair of giant wings blocked in front of him.

However, the Star Wing Guardian that could block the peak stage kingdom-level attack could not stop the fluctuation of the destruction. Large cracks quickly appeared on the wings, and even the illusive [Blue Star Kingdom] image began to collapse. Chen Rui couldn’t help being astonished.

With a ‘bang’, the wings that had never been really damaged all shattered, and the planets of [Blue Star Kingdom] burst into disintegration. At this time, a large s.h.i.+eld blocked Chen Rui in time – the Demon s.h.i.+eld, 1 of the 7 artifacts. As soon as the Demon s.h.i.+eld came out, the atmosphere of destruction seemed to be attracted by something, and it quickly gathered over.

Chen Rui felt the pressure doubled, and he couldn’t move his whole body. He could only instinctively hold the Demon s.h.i.+eld for defense. He was like a bow pulled to its maximum that might break beyond the limit at any time.

[Blue Pole Star Transformation], [Blue Star Territory] and the strongest defensive s.h.i.+eld. Chen Rui had used his strongest trump cards, but it was still unstoppable!

The silver box actually has such a terrifying strength. This is just a seam!

Different from the loss of vitality when the silver box was opened back then, it should be that his own strength had reached a certain level now, which had triggered the real power of the silver box.

Maybe it’s just a trace of true power… but it’s already unbearable.

The essence of destruction… Chen Rui had a flash of inspiration, and a trace of blood suddenly appeared in his eyes. He had recalled Shura’s avatar from the human world.

As soon as Shura’s avatar merged with his original body, Chen Rui’s pupils suddenly magnified. He felt like he was in a scene where countless stars were annihilated. Strangely, he no longer felt the danger as if he was part of the destruction.

Chen Rui felt his soul shook violently. It was not fear or crisis, but in sync with the ‘rhythm’ of a certain destruction. This wonderful feeling also appeared in the coma illusion he had after his fight with Teris. However, it was not as clear and real as it is now.

Creation of life is the process of pursuing completion. Completion means new creation.

That is to say, destruction is also a part of creation, an innate part.

Life and death; death and life.

Destruction, creation: life, death.

Chen Rui seemed to realize something, and he suddenly made an astonis.h.i.+ng decision. He put away the Demon s.h.i.+eld and let the terrifying destruction wave wrap around him.

The star armor on his body shattered and collapsed as it couldn’t resist the terrifying destructive power. Before it fell onto the ground, it turned into particles and dissipated. Even the Mystic Jade Armor and the rest of the equipment on Chen Rui were broken down and annihilated.

Chen Rui’s body was full of terrifying wounds, and his real body became blurred. As he was about to become nothingness and be annihilated, he suddenly flickered and became clear again. It was not only his body that became clear, but also the nearby star phantasms.

By right, after the [Pole Star Transformation] collapsed, he should not be able to activate the [Blue Star Kingdom] containing the mystery of the kingdom or be reduced to the ordinary [Galaxy Territory]. However, instead of disappearing, the [Blue Star Kingdom] had become unprecedentedly s.h.i.+ning and bright.

Chen Rui clearly sensed that the vast faith power surged out uncontrollably and merged into the [Blue Star Kingdom]. Gradually, there was a new charm in the trajectory of the planet. Chen Rui’s soul and that kind of ‘charm’ merged into 1, entering into the mysterious feeling.

This is law!

It is not the original star law of [Blue Star Kingdom], but a law that contains a trace of destruction origin power!

Chen Rui clearly felt the great power of this kind of law, but the current law was only the initial rudiment and needed a lot of ‘nutrients’ to grow and stabilize. Thanks to his comprehension and harvest in the Star Tower, it had laid a solid foundation for the generation of this law. As long as the basic strength was strengthened step by step and the demand for ‘quant.i.ty’ was met, it would have ‘qualitative’ changes without any obstacles. The real law could then be nurtured, breaking through the existing realm.

At that time, it would be the easiest advancement.

The scene of the star destruction gradually dimmed, and they were finally absorbed into the deep black pupils. The [Blue Star Kingdom] also disappeared.

Chen Rui exited that mysterious realm and found himself in front of the Fountain of Resurrection. The water of the Fountain of Resurrection, which had become a water pillar, had returned to its normal state while the strange silver box was closed, lying quietly in the springwater as if nothing had happened.

Chen Rui slowly breathed a sigh of relief. It was definitely not an illusion. Although it was only a fleeting moment in reality, he could clearly sense the existence of the law’s rudiment in his body. This time he was very lucky, using Shura to comprehend the precious law. It was indeed a huge gain.

Compared with this gain, the pain all over his body was nothing, but Chen Rui was not most concerned about these, but Zola’s condition.

There was a sudden wave of powerful magic power from the back. Chen Rui looked back and saw that the fairy dragon had been attracted by the change here and appeared not far behind.

The closing of the silver box did not seem to make Zola immediately sober, and she still exuded a strong hostility. After the baptism of the silver box, Chen Rui’s soul power had increased significantly. Combined with the strength of the Evil Pupil and [Deep a.n.a.lysis], he saw some abnormalities beside Zola.

Brilliant colors.

There were 6 colors in total: black, white, blue, green, red, and yellow.

It should correspond to the 6 elements. The 6 colors intertwined and mottled which looked chaotic.

Among them, white and blue colors appear very faint while the other 4 colors were much thicker. Perhaps this imbalance was the source of chaos.

Chen Rui’s mind moved. Before Zola could make a move, 2 rays of light appeared in his hands – 1 white and 1 blue.

As soon as the 2-color light appeared, it immediately attracted Zola’s attention. She didn’t seem to make any move, but the white light and blue light flew over automatically.

These 2 kinds of light were the wind source power and the light source power. After flying close to Zola and the surrounding elements, the blue and white colors representing wind elements and light elements begin to light up.

By the time the wind source power and the light source power disappeared from Zola’s body, the colors of blue and white were completely consistent with the rest of the 4 colors.

The 6 mixed up and entangled colors finally stagnated. The fairy dragon’s originally absent-minded purple pupils became more crystal clear while the manic and chaotic element breath in the air gradually returned to gentleness.

In the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], Zola’s strength reverts to S++.

In the midst of the bright light, the fairy dragon with flas.h.i.+ng b.u.t.terfly wings disappeared as she changed back into a human form.

Zola looked haggard with messy hair, ragged clothes, and shattered, leaving only the frame.

Ms. Fairy Dragon appeared in front of Chen Rui in a flash and looked at the scars all over his body. While recalling the scenes of losing control in her memory, her eyes suddenly turned red.

Her lips moved again and again as if she had a lot to say, but she could only say 3 words in the end.

“Does it hurt?”

Chen Rui smiled and shook his head, “It doesn’t.”

When the 2 words were spoken, Ms. Fairy Dragon had already plunged into his arms and hugged him tightly.

TL: Shura better not lose control again after ‘showering’ in that ‘destruction’.

Devil’s Son-in-Law Chapter 830: Advancement and Crisis

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Chapter 830: Advancement and Crisis

In the sky, the sun shone a blood-red light. Although it was not very dazzling, it gave people a strange feeling.

The red light shone out the b.l.o.o.d.y waves on the ground. Upon closer look, this was actually not an ocean wave, but ‘waves’ of monsters.

These monsters were blazing with light. They were not very big, and their attack power was not very strong, but their jumping ability was shocking and their number was extremely terrifying. Everywhere they pa.s.sed became scorched land with no sign of life.

There was a small town on the hilltop in the distance of the waves of monsters’ advancing route. There were only a dozen people in the small town. There were magicians wearing light armor and holding staff, warriors in heavy armor, and 2 huge metallic puppets about 10 meters high. 2 dark goblins were actually sitting on the puppets’ shoulders.

The combat power of each 1 here was far superior to those little monsters, but in the face of the terrifying monster wave, it only took a small ‘wave’ to turn these people into nothing. In the face of such a terrifying number of enemies, everyone’s tension and solemnity were apparent.

“Leader, why is there no news from Nalu?” A magician asked anxiously.

The leader was a burly man with a shrewd light in his eyes. He was obviously not a simple-minded person. “Don’t worry, our mission is to hold on for 3 hours. We are forced to give up Town Kata because the powerful monster horde. This small lonely mountain city is the last line of defense. Regardless of whether Nalu succeeds or not, we must defend it. Otherwise, all the hard work ahead will be in vain. Regus, how long does it take before the monsters get here?”

“5 minutes at the most,” said one short warrior.

“Everyone, stand by!” The burly man ordered, “This is our last hope. We must guard it!”

About 5 minutes later, the ground began to shake violently, and countless red monsters had rushed to the mountain foot, swarming toward the small town.

The magic crystal cannons in the small town began to emit strong rays of light, and the nearby monsters vanished into nothingness. However, the cleared area was filled by the monsters in the blink of an eye. Whether it was the magic of the magician or the arrows of warriors, it was only a negligible damage to this monster horde.

They were monsters that had climbed or jumped up the walls, and casualties had begun to appear in the crowd.

Seeing that the situation was critical, the 2 metallic puppets jumped off the city wall without hesitation, rushed into the oncoming monster horde, and trampled the little monsters into meat sauce. The cannon in their hands kept shooting blazing flames, harvesting the enemy’s lives. It attracted the attention of the monsters, and the front ‘wave’ began to change into a line of defense.

It was a pity that the 2 giant puppets didn’t have time to go too far. They were overwhelmed by the beast horde, leaving no traces.

Not only the leader, but everyone’s eyes were red. In this battlefield, no one regarded the 2 goblins as cowardly and incompetent trash, but real comrades and partners. The 2 goblins also interpreted this with their own actions.

Seeing more and more monsters approaching the city wall. The team members showed expressions of grief and indignation. We are going to die anyway. Let’s just fight to the death!

At the critical moment, a vast white color appeared on the side. It was a rus.h.i.+ng river that engulfed a large tract of little monsters like a roaring water dragon, and the spirit of those who thought they would die was suddenly lifted.

“Nalu made it!”

“He managed to blow up the embankment!”

Under the impact of the river water, the monster horde was split into half. The surviving teammates fought bravely and resisted until the mission time was up.

In a flash of time, everyone suddenly turned into rays of white light and disappeared.

At the same time, everyone in a certain ‘world’ heard a prompt sound.

“The Red Squad has completed the first part of the dungeon, ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Prologue’! 9 surviving team members; rated C-. All team members will be rewarded with a Level C white crystal treasure chest which can be used to draw equipment or materials. As the first team to complete this chapter, each player will receive an additional reward of 10 reputation points and a Level C purple crystal treasure chest.”

It turned out that it was the dungeon of the magic game, the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’. The whole process could be described as thrilling, but in the end, the mission was completed by will and wisdom.

This time, the first completion of ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Prologue’ got the ‘megaphone’ announcement of the whole server, which caused a lot of discussion among players.

“How could someone finish the first episode of ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Prologue’ so quickly!”

“Our team also tried the ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Prologue’, but we were completely destroyed in less than 10 minutes. The difficulty is simply ridiculous. I wonder how the Red Squad did it? Should we ask them?”

“What’s the point of asking them. They will definitely not tell you. Although the completion conditions of the dungeon are fixed, the map changes immediately. Even if the Red Squad enters the dungeon again, under different terrain, they may not be able to complete it again. “

“I wonder what good equipment are there in the Level C purple crystal treasure chest.”

“It’s useless for you to be jealous, but the red team has only completed the first chapter, so the rewards are limited. Last time, the Poison Dragon Squad that killed the one-eyed monsters’ boss even got the Level C black crystal treasure chest!”

“Let’s work hard on training and leveling, then get the better equipment!”


These were just a microcosm of the game. Before they knew it, the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ had completely integrated into the lives of the demons, becoming an almost inseparable part.

Correspondingly, not only the players got the entertainment and training, but the Great Grand Master ‘Aguile’, the creator, also gained ma.s.sive faith power.

Even though the faith power was gratifying, Chen Rui’s mind was now focused on 1 place, the City of Stars in the Blue Lake Mountain Range.

It had been more than 2 months since the end of the alchemy compet.i.tion. During this period, Chen Rui spent 90% of his time in the City of Stars. In the last week, he had been staying behind closed door and was dedicated to the alchemy castle’s upgrading works.

After various adjustments and preparations, the City of Stars finally managed to advance to level 3.

In the cla.s.sification of the ancient alchemy civilization, the level 1 and 2 civilizations belong to the ‘castle’ while after entering the level 3 civilization, it could already be called ‘city’. Level 4 and above were called ‘capital’.

This was a qualitative upgrade with the construction of 2 new facilities, the enhanced creature warehouse and the cultivation tank.

The enhanced creature warehouse could enhance the qualities of the city’s alchemy beings and increase the production rate of leader-level alchemy beings.

The cultivation tank had more powerful functions which were divided into 3 parts: energy cultivation, material cultivation and creature cultivation.

Energy cultivation could convert organisms into the life energy needed by the alchemy civilization. In Doruda’s journal, there was an enemy who slaughtered the entire city and threw all the corpses into the energy cultivation tank to convert energy. Chen Rui had an almost inexhaustible supply of aura fruit, and aura fruit could be converted into the highest level of energy cubes, so there was no need for this gruesome conversion. The energy cubes produced by the energy cultivation tank, which were also aura fruit, were much higher in quality and quant.i.ty than ordinary converters.

Material cultivation was the use of energy and existing materials to produce or convert the special materials needed by the alchemy civilization. This was exactly what Chen Rui needed urgently. For instance, the Dragon Power Essence necessary for the creation of giant crystal beasts. Dragon Power Essence was the essence of dragon soul that did not dissipate after death with dragon breath and a small amount of soul power. It was very rare. Even if Chen Rui had the supply from the old father-in-law Auglas, the amount obtained by the exchange was extremely limited. Now that there was a material cultivation tank, other materials could be used to create an imitation type Dragon Power Essence. Although the effect was not as good as the real Dragon Power Essence, it was enough to make a giant crystal beast. As for the giant crystal beast produced by the original Dragon Power Essence, its strength could be enhanced through the enhanced creature warehouse to be closer to the leader level.

The creature cultivation tank could carry out high-grade biological research and experimentation. This object was not only aimed at alchemy beings, but also 1 of the necessary facilities for the manufacture of the t.i.tans.

After the advancement, the central life crystal Crystal Phoenix’ had a great leap in control and calculation ability. After testing, Crystal Phoenix could very intelligently deal with some problems in the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ in a timely manner. The benefits brought by the city upgrade were far more than these. Crystal Phoenix automatically obtained the permission data of the level 3 life crystal including the blueprints of some city-level alchemy weapon. The original castle-level weapons could be upgraded. It happened that the original weapons were too late to be repaired because they were damaged, so they were currently being re-manufactured.

Alchemy creatures that could be controlled by a level 3 city were tripled compared to a level 2 castle. 60,000 gremlin servants, 30,000 crystal beasts, 15,000 lamp spirits, 3,000 a.s.semble puppets, and 300 giant crystal beasts. Without considering the ultra-combat power, once this lineup was fully produced, it was enough to build an empire or let the Fallen Angel Empire dominate the Demon Realm. Unless the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire and the Dark Shadow Empire joined forces, the combat power of the empire alone was definitely not his opponent.

Deterrence by force was a must, but war was only a last resort. Besides, the materials were still extremely scarce, and the energy cultivation tank was not high-level. It would take a lot of time to fully gather the auxiliary materials and create the materials required for the army.

If he upgraded to level 4, the speed would be greatly improved. Of course, Chen Rui has no such extravagant hopes now. Fortunately, this time was much more abundant than the time left for him in the Warlock Fortress battle, and there was still more than half of the 2-year deadline of the armistice agreement. Whether it was the construction of the City of Stars or personal training, the time was completely sufficient.

After arranging the rest of the work, Chen Rui left the central control palace. It was already night outside. When he walked out of the City of Stars, he unexpectedly saw Kia with an anxious face.

Chen Rui was taken aback by the little succubus maid’s first sentence, “Something happened to Zola!”

Zola closed the Rainbow Valley for closed door training to understand the mystery of the kingdom after Chen Rui went to the human world. However, just 2 days ago, the Rainbow Valley s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage that was connected to the residence suddenly trembled, revealing countless terrifying element breath. If Paglio and Dodo, who happened to be in the residence, had not joined forces to suppress it in time, the entire residence would have been razed to the ground.

The elements gradually weakened after a while. Just when everyone thought it was all right, the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage of the Rainbow Valley suddenly collapsed and the entrance disappeared.

At that time, Paglio and others felt that the element breath leaked from the Rainbow Valley was not only berserk, but also abnormally disordered. It was obviously out of control. With the collapse of the pa.s.sage, it was almost certain that there was a problem with Zola’s closed door training.

The trouble was that now the pa.s.sage of the Rainbow Valley had collapsed, and even the pa.s.sage on the capital side was the same. After a long search, everyone could not find the entrance, so they had to wait for Chen Rui to come out of the City of Stars.

Kingdom of Element was a powerful kingdom in the memory of the fairy dragon bloodline. It could build a kingdom with elements as ‘believers’. Elements were omnipresent. The power of this kingdom was far superior to its peers, but it was also the most difficult. One must have an extremely profound understanding. There were only a handful of successful people among the fairy dragons.

Zola chose not a single element, but the strongest [6 Elements Kingdom], and the difficulty was naturally the greatest. Every time an element was added, the difficulty and danger of training would increase exponentially.

The element source power was the most quintessential origin power of the Elemental King. Zola could use the source power to greatly enhance the perception and reduce the danger of the Kingdom of Elements. Unfortunately, since Chen Rui returned from the human world, Zola’s closed door training was still not over, so the wind source power and the light source power at hand had never been handed over to her. Unexpectedly, something had happened now!

Chen Rui knew that Zola’s closed door training was not to directly break through the kingdom level, but to further feel and comprehend the concept of the kingdom which would increase the probability of breakthrough in the future. However, [6 Elements Kingdom] was far more dangerous than the general kingdom, so Chen Rui didn’t know what danger Zola would encounter. However, judging from the collapse of the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage, it was by no means a small problem.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help feeling anxious. He greeted Kia, opened the [Star Gate], and returned to the residence in Dark Moon City immediately.

Chen Rui returned to the yard and found that the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage entrance originally set up in the flower garden had completely disappeared, and no trace could be found at all. After asking Paglio and others about the situation at that time, he made a decisive decision and rode the Incubus Beast toward the north at full speed.

Since the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage of the house had disappeared now, the only access to the Rainbow Valley was the desolate valley on the outskirts of the capital where Chen Rui entered when he first met Zola.

To reach the outskirts of the capital, he had to go north to the Red Spirit Estate, which was not something that could be accomplished in a day or two. For short distances, Chen Rui’s flying skills were far better than those of the little black horse, but it was no applicable for long distances.

The little dark horse who had been taking devil fruit and aura fruit for many years had already reached the peak stage Great Demon King level, and was only one step away from the Demon Emperor. Its physique and strength were even beyond the ordinary Demon Emperor level, but it had not awakened the territory talent in its bloodline, so it was not really a Demon Emperor-level demon beast. (Unfortunately, even if the little dark horse was successfully promoted to Demon Emperor, it was only the mascot with the lowest strength in the house)

The little black horse sensed the master’s anxiety, so it activated its strongest form and began to run at full speed without bothering if it would shock the world. The horse’s hooves were blazing with fire like red lightning that split the night.

Devil’s Son-in-Law Chapter 833: Kingdomized in Advance

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Chapter 833: Kingdomized in Advance

Rainbow Valley.

A white light appeared in Zola’s hands. It was the first time Chen Rui saw Zola activating light element treatment, which was naturally related to the light source power.

The water element treatment was obviously inferior to the light element. The treatment of the light element could not only heal wounds on the surface, but it also stimulated the body’s self-healing ability to speed up recovery and dispel some debuffs within a limited range.

Of course, in a sense, magic healing actually used the potential of the body to promote healing, so it had a considerable limit. If it was used repeatedly in a short time, the effect would not only be reduced, and it would also cause hidden diseases due to exhaustion of the body strength.

One’s own physique and self-healing ability were the real ‘treatment’. Magic was more of an aid or first aid. This principle was actually the relations.h.i.+p between physical exercise, injections and medicines.

With the [Body of Light Glory], self-healing physique and light element treatment, the scary wounds healed quickly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Okay, Zola.” Chen Rui felt that Zola’s strength was still unstable, “What happened?”

Zola withdrew her magic, looked down and bowed her head, “I’m sorry.”

“This is not like my Zola.” Chen Rui took her into his arms, “Don’t worry, no matter what it is, I face it with you.”

Ms. Fairy Dragon felt the warmth of the man’s embrace and nodded slightly.

It turned out that Zola began to close the Rainbow Valley training after Chen Rui went to the human world last time. At that time, she already had 4 element source powers, namely earth element, water element, fire element and dark element. In theory, for each additional element source power, the success rate of the [6 Elements Kingdom] would be higher. However, the element source power was far more powerful than expected, especially the mixed source powers. The previous earth element source power was fine. The character of the earth elements was originally mellow and stable. However, when mixed with water, fire and dark element power, it gradually became uncontrollable.

Objectively speaking, the speed at which Zola absorbed the 4 source powers was still too aggressive.

In fact, this had a lot to do with Chen Rui. When Chen Rui first met Zola, he was still at the weak middle-level strength. In just a few years, he had grown to the level on par with her, and there was even a faint momentum of surpa.s.sing her. Ms. Fairy Dragon might be a little compet.i.tive, but this was not the main reason. The real reason was that in the battle of the Warlock Fortress, Chen Rui said goodbye to her and almost died at the hands of Raizen. This scene made Zola greatly stimulated. She was determined to reach the kingdom level as soon as possible so as not to let this happen again. Not only that, but she also wanted to defeat Raizen in the fight 2 years from now.

After absorbing the 4 source powers, Zola instinctively sensed that something was wrong, but she was confident to resolve it with the fairy dragon’s magic body talent, so she didn’t say it.

With the pa.s.sage of time, the element power became more and more difficult to control, and the danger became higher and higher. Even the fairy dragon’s natural magic body could not reconcile it, so she was forced to frequent closed door training to try to find a solution.

In this closed door training, Zola intended to take the risk once and for all to condense the most important law rudiment for kingdomization. As long as this ‘structure’ was formed, element power would also be absorbed and controlled, fundamentally resolving the previous troubles.

However, the [6 Elements Kingdom] was too difficult. Although Zola was mentally prepared, the difficulties encountered in practice were far beyond imagination, especially the 4 elements with source power that were too strong to be balanced with the other 2. Zola lost consciousness for a while under the shock of the terrifying element recoil.

Fortunately, the fairy dragon’s magic body talent was very powerful, so this loss of consciousness was phased. She was sometimes awake and sometimes chaotic. While awake, Zola kept trying to control the elements, but unfortunately, she failed every time.

In times of chaos, Zola would unconsciously destroy everything, looking for a way to vent the power. The silver box was opened accidentally when she was unconscious.

Due to the strange power of the silver box, Zola’s spirit had climbed to the kingdom level. Not only the law rudiment, but also the entire law actually took shape, but this was not a good thing. On the contrary, it would become the deadliest threat.

As this powerful law was not comprehended by Zola himself, but was ‘forcefully extracted’ from the silver box, so the changes and mysteries inside were not comprehended at all. This meant that once the law was formed, Zola was very likely to be annihilated by the uncontrollable ma.s.sive recoil power.

The most terrible thing was that the law was about to be completed and couldn’t be canceled. That was to say, this step was irreversible; Zola must face it. With the danger of the [6 Elements Kingdom] and this unexpected factor, Zola was akin to receiving a death notice.

“Why is this happening!” Chen Rui, who learned the truth, felt his heart tighten instantly and almost lost its ability to beat.

He worked hard and desperately to collect the 6 element source power just to reduce the risk of Zola’s advancement to kingdom, but he never thought it would turn into the current situation.

Zola shook her head, “The pursuit of strength has to pay a price. I have seen countless powerhouses fall along the way to this point. In fact, since I initially chose this path, I have already realized something. This is not necessarily a mortal death. Now that the 6 element source powers have been a.s.sembled, and the element powers have been balanced, as long as I can control the law, I can directly succeed in kingdomization.”

Chen Rui knew that this was a comforting word. It was easier said than done to control the law, and it was even such a powerful 6 element law.

“How sure are you?”

Zola held up 2 fingers, thought about it, and put away 1.

“10%?” Chen Rui’s heart sank. He never thought that his beloved Zola would suddenly be so close to death.

“Chen Rui, in your life, I’m…”

“You are an integral part of my life.” This was what Chen Rui said to her when he bade the final farewell at the Warlock Fortress. Chen Rui knew what she was going to say and shook his head, “We are far from giving up hope. “

“Oh.” Zola didn’t explain. In fact, the 1 finger meant 0.1%.

“For a super powerhouse, equipment and potion can’t play a big role, unless it’s an artifact.” Chen Rui pondered and said, “In any case, we can’t let go of any kind of supportive measures that increase the probability.”

Zola’s eyes were a little hazy as Chen Rui took out each piece of equipment, carefully selected and calculated it, then helped her put it on. She suddenly felt very content.

Some people live tens of thousands of years and are always alone.

Some people, even if they only live a few years, are not alone.

In the past tens of thousands of years, I can’t remember how I came here, but I remember every bit of the past few years, the unprecedented joy and happiness, even sadness and anger. In every scene, there is his figure.

All of a sudden, Zola felt a strange power. She fixed her eyes and saw a cl.u.s.ter of light. She lost her voice, “Symbiotic contract!”

Chen Rui gently stroked her purple hair, “Integral part of life is not just talking about it.”

Zola stared at him dazedly as if she didn’t see the light of the contract, but tears welled up in her eyes.

“You can’t hide it from me.” Chen Rui pinched her nose, “This time should be your life’s biggest test. I said, no matter what it is, we will face it together. “

Zola didn’t pretend to be dazed anymore. She just shook her head desperately. Tears fell as she shook.

At this moment, the power fluctuations on Zola’s body rippled involuntarily, and the surrounding element breath gradually became richer.

“Zola! Quickly accept the contract!” Chen Rui was shocked and grabbed her shoulder, “Your law has begun to form! Remember the ‘star conferring’ I told you? I can pa.s.s a certain power through the contract. Back then, you said that you don’t need to use strengths that don’t belong to you, but now it’s different. The more help you have, the more chance you have of success, even if it’s just 0.01%!”

“It’s the Star General, Star Servant, and Star Apprentice from the ‘faith buff’ in the great grand master inheritance you mentioned last time?” Zola bit her lip, “I want Star General, okay?”


Chen Rui suddenly remembered that when he mentioned star conferring last time, Zola, Athena, Isabella, Kia, and Shea were all present. The number of star conferrings was 1 Star General, 2 Star Servants, and 3 Star Apprentices.

In the Tower of Glory in the Dead Sea, Chen Rui once conferred the Star Servant to Dodo. After the Warlock Fortress, Chen Rui canceled all master-servant contracts. Dodo’s Star Servant t.i.tle in the link disappeared, so the star positions available were still 6.

Star General’s star buff was ‘Strength: S-’. Special attribute [Break Army]: Increases damage and doubles damage.

Star Servant’s star buff was ‘Spirit: A+’. Special attribute [Concentration]: Accelerates magic casting speed and spirit recovery.

Star Apprentice’s star buff was ‘Speed: ​​A’. Special attribute [Lightning Dash]: Accelerates movement and attack.

Chen Rui’s original intention was that Star General was the strength type star position which was the most suitable for Athena or Shea, the spirit buff was for Zola and Kia, the speed type was for Isabella, followed by Athena and Shea. He thought that with 6 slots, it should be more than enough for 5 girls. He shouldn’t have said ‘free choice’ because everyone chose Star General, and no one was willing to let it go.

Chen Rui was a little dumbfounded at the time, but later he realized that there was only 1 Star General, and it was an S buff, which was obviously the lead of the stars. So, the girls naturally linked it to the status of the crystal harem and did not give in to each other.

In order to avoid conflicts in the harem, the matter of star positions was ‘temporarily put on hold’ and left for the next crystal harem meeting.

Up to now, at this moment, Zola has not forgotten to occupy this lead. Chen Rui couldn’t help but wipe a sweat, “Don’t be headstrong. Star Servant has the spirit buff, and it can also increase spirit recovery which is necessary for you now.”

“Alright, you change the symbiotic contract to a normal equality contract.”

It turned out that this sentence was the true intent of Ms. Fairy Dragon.

Chen Rui looked at Zola deeply. At this moment, he could clearly see the determination and stubbornness in those beautiful purple eyes. If he didn’t change the contract, she would never want this star position, even if it was now the life and death moment of the law outbreak.

“Zola, I was wrong, we don’t need this kind of contract.” Chen Rui kissed her forehead, “From the time we promised to be together forever, we have established a life-and-death contract.”

Zola said nothing, kissed his face, and accepted the power of the normal equality contract.

At this time, the concentration of elements had reached an extremely astonis.h.i.+ng level. Chen Rui felt the terrifying pressure. Knowing that the time was running out, he immediately entered the Star Conferring Platform with his mind.

The Star Conferring Platform was a large open s.p.a.ce with a high platform in front of it. Behind which there were faith plants such as the Snow Dallet Tree, phantom flower, and prayer gra.s.s, which could generate additional buffs to the star position.

Chen Rui turned on star conferring, and he got a prompt: After star conferment, 1 faith crystal will be consumed every day. It takes 3 days to cancel the original star conferment, and it can only be re-conferred after 1 month.

Spend 1,500 faith crystals to confer the star position of Star Servant to Zola in the equality link?

Chen Rui confirmed the conferment and felt a strange connection in his spirit. In the spiritual link, there was a blue Star Servant t.i.tle in front of Zola’s name. Remarks: Spirit buff: A+, Attribute: [Concentration]. (The Snow Dallet extra spirit buff: 30, phantom flower extra speed buff: 20) Consume 1 faith crystal per day.

Not only Zola, Chen Rui’s own spirit seemed to have grown a lot. It seemed that this star buff was 2-sided.

When Chen Rui exited the Super System, Zola’s figure had moved far away. Her breath had soared to an astonis.h.i.+ng height, and the element power lingering all over her body materialized again to turn into 6 colors.

This time, the originally dull white and blue had been consistent with the rest of the 4 colors, and the 6 element source power had reached a balanced height. This also meant an increase in danger.

In the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], Zola’s spirit had climbed to SS- again. The star conferring buff was not enough to reach this level – the law was starting to form!

Zola shook her body, revealing the original body of the fairy dragon. This time she was awake. It was completely different from the previous chaos state. When flapping the 2 b.u.t.terfly wings, the 6-color light turned into a faint rainbow, wrapping the body.

In the rainbow, rune-like symbols of various colors were vaguely visible, constantly interlacing and disappearing. A large number of cracks began to appear on the nearby solid enchantment ground which quickly spread around Zola.

Chen Rui quickly activated the strongest ancient runes protection to stabilize the enchantment.

When each cycle of those symbols flashed, the depth of the rainbow color deepened. Half an hour later, the light of the rainbow illuminated the entire Crystal Valley, and the feeling of coldness, thickness, slowness, heat, and so on appeared alternately.

In the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], Zola’s spirit had reached SS, and the rest of the qualities had also reached SS- which was completely kingdom-level strength, but Chen Rui’s expression was getting more and more nervous because he could clearly sense Zola’s vitality rapidly decreasing at this point. The body of the fairy dragon in the rainbow became blurred. Once the maximum load was exceeded, the body and soul would be annihilated by the force of this terrifying element law.

“You must hold on!” Chen Rui clenched his fists tightly; his fingernails had been deeply embedded into his flesh. However, he didn’t realize it. He just stared at the increasingly dimmer figure in the dazzling rainbow.

At this time, he suddenly sensed a strange power transmitted from his body to the rainbow. This strength was very familiar. It is faith power!

Faith power was continuously transmitted into the rainbow, and there was a golden light in the rainbow. The fairy dragon’s body exploded and turned into particles that scattered.

Chen Rui was shocked, then he reacted again – Wait! The [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] data is still there! And the spiritual link with Zola hasn’t gone away either!

TL: She did it?

Devil’s Son-in-Law Chapter 834: The Secret of Star Conferring

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Chapter 834: The Secret of Star Conferring

Zola’s body, which seemed to be scattered, did not collapse, but scattered into countless rays of light and merged into the rainbow. Those changing symbols gradually gained a special sense of rhythm.

The light of the rainbow shone more and more brightly. The breaths of slight warmth, heat, and cold were all mixed together. The colors of the rainbow were also fading, merging into a kind of gold color which was the color produced when the faith power was transmitted.

The golden light gradually changed from dazzling to soft. Chen Rui felt that Zola’s vitality was stronger than ever before, and the element power was completely stabilized. Knowing that she had overcome the difficulties, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

All of a sudden, Chen Rui felt that everything around him came to a pause like the pause after using the time law. However, it was not a pause, but another more mysterious ‘stillness’.

At this point, Zola’s voice sounded, “Where is this place, Chen Rui? Where are you?”

The sound didn’t come from the golden human figure. Chen Rui felt strange and suddenly realized – Super System!

Almost without thinking, Chen Rui immediately entered the Super System. In the Super System, he was the absolute controller, and he immediately noticed that there was 1 person in Galaxy Divinity Temple. To be precise, on the Star Conferring Platform.


Seeing Chen Rui appear in front of her, Zola finally felt relieved. This unknown place revealed an indescribable breath which was ethereal and illusory like an ancient G.o.d. It subconsciously made her feel reverence.

“Zola?” It’s not that Chen Rui doubted his vision, but the fact that Zola entered the Super System was so bizarre that it surprised him even more than the automatic transmission of the faith power just now.

The answer was revealed soon. Ms. Fairy Dragon jumped onto him with a single jump. This was the secret skill that Alice taught to Teacher Zola. The ‘little loli jump’ for Zola was the ‘royal sister jump’.

Chen Rui hugged Ms. Fairy Dragon’s alluring body while feeling that familiar breath. The scene of Zola’s body disintegrating in the rainbow just now almost broke his mind. Fortunately, he did not lose her.

Zola hugged tighter. No matter where this is. As long as both of us are together, I am not afraid of anything.

After a long time, the 2 overlapping figures separated a little.

Zola looked at Chen Rui in amazement, “You seem to be a little different as if you are a G.o.d that needs to be looked up and wors.h.i.+ped. Why do I have this strange feeling?”


Chen Rui didn’t get it for a while. Zola looked at the Star Conferring Platform curiously, “Where is this?”

“You can think of it as a… kingdom inherited from the great grand master.” Chen Rui shrugged. Since the excuse of ‘great grand master’ has been used many times after all. As for crossover and the Super System, it’s still better to completely keep it in my heart. Even the most intimate couples also have their own private s.p.a.ce and little secrets.

“Inherited kingdom!” Zola was surprised, “The power generated by element law was too strong. When my will was about to collapse, a huge and pure power came from you to merge with my soul. Especially the spirit power was incredibly powerful that it allowed me to completely control the entire law. Is this the inheritance power of the great grand master?”

“To be precise, it is the faith power of this kingdom.”

“Faith power!” Zola was stunned, “No wonder it feels so special as if it has a fatal attraction. However, faith is generally not possible to sense until the late kingdom level. It can only be mastered at the Demi-G.o.d level, why… Could it be that I became a believer of the great grand master?”

Ms. Fairy Dragon seemed to think of something again, and she asked suspiciously, “Did that great grand master… resurrect or devour your soul?”

“I can answer you for sure, no.” Chen Rui smiled and shook his head, “Alright then.” Zola was relieved and said cheerfully, “This faith power is constantly circulating as if… it is a permanent possession? Faith is the key to Demi-G.o.d. If this is the case, it should be much easier for me to break through to the Demi-G.o.d level in the future.”

Permanent possession? Chen Rui thought about it. Just now, it was indeed the output of faith power that saved Zola. This mutation must be related to star conferring, but why didn’t this happen when Dodo was conferred?

He had an epiphany – If Zola can enter the Super System, so that means other people can also come in? Does this mean that I can build a mobile home and take my family with me at any time?

Once this idea popped up, it would be difficult to extinguish. While imagining, there was more information in his consciousness.It was actually from the Star Conferring Platform. There was a tree diagram on the Star Conferring Platform.

On the top was his name: Blue Pole Star Emperor – Chen Rui. There were several branches below. Most of them were empty. Only 1 column of texts flashed a dark blue light.

True Star Servant – Zola.

Base spirit power buff by 30%. Attribute: [True Concentration]. Doubles magic casting speed, spirit power recovery and element control.

True Star Servant? [True Concentration]?

The original attribute of Star Servant is to buff spirit power A+, increase the speed of magic casting and the spirit power recovery. The attribute of this True Star Servant is much stronger, but how is ‘true’ generated? Is it… related to kingdomization? If one does not reach a certain strength, there is only a simple attribute buff without real star power?

When Chen Rui’s mind focused on the connecting line between the Blue Pole Star Emperor and the True Star Servant, a prompt came.

1. Emperor’s Deterrence: Star prowess: Awe, to put an end to all betrayal will. (can be canceled)

2. Devotion: Faith reinforcement: Faith cannot be changed independently. (Can be canceled)

3. Faith Link: Able to bestow faith and absorb faith feedback. (Scale can be adjusted)

‘Faith Link’ should be a long-term relations.h.i.+p of investment and return. The star person could get the faith power support of the Super System (such as the golden light just now). Similarly, the faith and strength would also be returned, which was equivalent to a cycle or a pyramid structure. The highest ratio of bestow was 20 degrees, and the lowest ratio of bestow was 100 degree. Although he still didn’t know how much this ‘degree’ was, it was certain that it was a business that would make no loss. As the emperor on top of the pyramid, the benefit must be the greatest.

No wonder during the star conferring, not only the star person, Chen Rui, the Pole Star Emperor, was enhanced to a certain extent.

These 3 should be the relations.h.i.+p and authority between the Blue Pole Star Emperor and the True Star Servant. In fact, the authority of the Pole Star Emperor was more than that, but Chen Rui was now the most basic Blue Pole Star Emperor. When he breaks through to the next Pole Star Level, there should be a new authority.

“Huh?” Zola’s surprised voice sounded, “The wors.h.i.+p feeling is gone? The faith in me seems to have increased a lot?”

This was of course a move by Chen Rui, who canceled ‘Emperor’s Deterrence’ and ‘Devotion’ for Zola. These were all redundant, and he had also maximized the bestow ratio of the faith link.

“You can’t see the name there?”

“You mean that high platform?” Zola asked curiously, “What name?”

Chen Rui knew that it was an authority issue, so only he could see it. He shook his head and said, “It’s nothing. I’ll take you out for a walk. This place is called Star Conferring Platform which is part of the entire Galaxy Divinity Temple…”

Strangely, Zola could not leave the range of Star Conferring Platform. While Chen Rui was wondering why, Zola’s body faded and soon disappeared from the Star Conferring Platform.

“Zola!” Chen Rui was startled. He quickly quit the Super System. The previous ‘stillness’ had returned to normal. Although it had been more than 10 minutes in the Star Conferring Platform, it was only a moment in the reality.

Oh, it was Zola’s soul, not her body, who entered the Star Conferring Platform just now. Chen Rui felt pity for a while. It seems that the imaginary ‘mobile house’ has to be given up temporarily.

All the golden light converged into the condensed human figure in front. It was Zola.

Ms. Fairy Dragon’s momentum was ordinary. It was not particularly powerful, but in Chen Rui’s Evil Pupil, there was an unfathomable sense of danger.

Race: Dragon (Fairy dragon)

Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: SS-

Physique: SS-, Strength: SS-, Spirit: SS, Speed: SS-.

[a.n.a.lysis]: Magic body, element talent, incantation proficiency, magic defense pierce.

Danger level: Extremely dangerous!

Chen Rui’s spirits were lifted: No doubt, this time, it is the real kingdom level! And she also has the magic defense pierce ability!

The process of Zola advancing further revealed the mystery of star conferring. As long as one reached the level to be able to sense faith, he could confer the true star position and get the protection of part of the Super System’s faith power. Paglio and Dodo, who were already close to the kingdom level, absolutely had the greatest benefit. Although he didn’t know if the star position would limit the training, according to Zola, it would be much less difficult to break through to Demi-G.o.d in the future with faith power.

Ms. Fairy Dragon looked at her hands in disbelief as she felt the new tremendous power, and her eyes flashed with surprise.

“Chen Rui!”

As soon as Chen Rui heard Ms. Fairy Dragon’s excited voice, he felt dizzy and was pushed to the ground.


The power of this push was a little too strong. A certain man’s back slammed heavily on the ground, and suddenly there was a shallow human-shaped pit.

“It hurts to death…” Chen Rui almost rolled his eyes. This is the strength of SS-!

The reason was very simple: Zola had just advanced to kingdom level with the help of faith power, so she couldn’t control her strength for the time being.

Zola was also startled. She didn’t dare to move anymore and maintained a flirtatious posture. When her body suddenly trembled slightly, she fell softly on top of him, and her face blushed.

“Hehe, that’s a normal man’s… natural reaction.” A wretched laughter sounded from below, and the naught hand had already unb.u.t.toned Ms. Fairy Dragon’s skirt from behind. “By the way, you still can’t control your strength well. Let me do you a favor and use the [Dual Training] secret technique inherited from the great grand master to help you stabilize it.”

Zola felt hard object stood up against her, and her intimate part couldn’t help flooding. She also reached out to take off his clothes.

“Hiss!” Ms. Fairy Dragon failed to control her strength again, and his clothes were actually torn apart, leaving a few bloodstains on a certain man’s chest.

Because the mood was a little high, element power accidentally leaked a little. “Buzz buzz…” The electric spark flashed, and someone’s hair stood up.

“Wait a minute.” Chen Rui realized that he seemed to have made the wrong decision at the wrong time.


“Ouch! Wait! Zola!”


“Buzz buzz…“


Devil’s Son-in-Law Chapter 831: Fairy Dragon

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Chapter 831: Fairy Dragon

After several days of traveling day and night, Chen Rui finally arrived at the outer suburbs of the Fallen Angel Capital.

In order to get there as soon as possible, he flew by himself on the last day while the little black horse was placed in the Red Spirit Estate.

This valley in the outskirts of the capital was also called the Rainbow Valley because every time a rainbow appeared, the valley of Zola would appear too. When the rainbow disappeared, the valley would disappear again. Some people who entered by mistake would be sent out.

The appearance of the Rainbow Valley had no fixed time, sometimes for months, sometimes for years, sometimes for hundreds of years…

In fact, the so-called ‘rainbow’ was caused by the explosion of Zola’s experiment which caused the s.p.a.ce enchantment to loosen. This ‘accident’ wouldn’t happen again theoretically after Chen Rui completed the stone slab of ancient runes to greatly consolidate the stability of the s.p.a.ce.

The valley was already controlled by the imperial guards sent by Shea. Several magic circle masters headed by Stiller were studying how to open the s.p.a.ce entrance, but it had been nearly 10 days and they still haven’t found a way. Stiller was Zola’s named apprentice, and she had also learned some corresponding knowledge, but unfortunately, the enchantment of the Rainbow Valley was still too high level for her.

Of course, Chen Rui was an exception.

Back then, Chen Rui used the knowledge of the Dragon Inscription and magic circle to open the s.p.a.ce node of the Rainbow Valley and entered it. After becoming lovers with Zola, the 2 studied ancient runes and improved together. The new enchantment of the Rainbow Valley was even set up by both of them.

Chen Rui had discovered the imperial guards in the valley long ago. He put on a mask and descended. The imperial guards were the lamp spirits. They bowed when they sensed the master’s breath. This move made Stiller and others immediately determine the ident.i.ty of the Royal Highness Prince Consort. Now the Royal Highness Prince Consort had become the legend of the Fallen Angel Empire. Whether it was strength or the status of alchemy great grand master, it was enough to make everyone look up.

“Stiller, you go back to the capital first. The imperial guards will stay here for the time being.”

Stiller was Zola’s apprentice. She knew Chen Rui and Zola’s relations.h.i.+p well, so she didn’t dare to ask more. She bowed respectfully and left the valley with the few magic circle masters.

Chen Rui ordered the lamp spirits to expand the guard range, then He took a deep breath to calm down the restlessness and began to crack the enchantment.

It was easy to open the s.p.a.ce nodes.

The rest of the imperial guards were all Chen Rui’s people, so he also did not have any scruples. One after another strange runes jumped out from the pointers and scattered. Those were the ancient runes condensed by Star Power.

Under the touch of these runes, several white luminous spots appeared in the air, and the white luminous spots were connected by lines of light, faintly showing a huge outline of s.p.a.ce.

Since the last time the Rainbow Valley was nearly destroyed by Auglas. Chen Rui and Zola once again strengthened the s.p.a.ce. Even a Demi-G.o.d-level powerhouse would not necessarily be able to break it. As one of the builders of the s.p.a.ce enchantment, Chen Rui didn’t spend too much time determining the position of the entrance in the invisible void. Using some means, the enchantment entrance slowly opened.

Once the enchantment entrance was opened, streams of terrifying and extremely sharp power breath came out. Chen Rui was caught off guard, and his mask was instantly cut into pieces. The cloak was also torn apart, and the ground was swept by countless blades, crisscrossed with cracks. Fortunately, he sent away the lamp spirits long ago, otherwise casualties would be inevitable.

Chen Rui’s thoughts moved, and a translucent dome appeared around him, blocking the sharp qi. The sharp qi changed again and converted into a thick and dignified breath. The scarred ground was lowered as if it was under heavy pressure. Those cracks turned into huge cracks and spread quickly.

“Wind element and earth element power?” Chen Rui wiped the 2 bloodstains on his cheeks and frowned tightly. Although he didn’t know magic, he could clearly feel that these 2 element powers were berserk, chaotic and seemed to be out of control.

Under the interference of element power of this intensity, the entrance of the pa.s.sage enchantment couldn’t maintain its stability. It might close at any time and it would be difficult to open it again.

Chen Rui rushed in against the manic element power without hesitation. As soon as he entered the pa.s.sage, the entrance disappeared with a bang. Then, the outlines and nodes of the s.p.a.ce disappeared, leaving only the shocking traces of destruction on the ground.

The Rainbow Valley.

There were 6 elements’ power in chaos everywhere: sometimes calm, sometimes rampant. Especially those elements that were inherently repulsive. Once interlaced, it would produce terrifying destructive power.

Chen Rui turned on the defensive s.h.i.+eld and moved forward carefully. Many of the original protective magic circles were destroyed by the enormous element power, especially those key nodes. Once changed, the entire magic circle would undergo unpredictable changes. Even the person who set up had to be cautious.

“Boom!” The nearby Dragon Inscription exploded uncontrollably. The powerful destruction power cracked the defensive s.h.i.+eld a little more. Although the defensive s.h.i.+eld had the ability to heal itself, Chen Rui was worried about Zola’s safety. He couldn’t afford to wait at all now, so he simply rushed forward with the power of the explosion.

The concentration of elements was getting stronger and stronger to the terrifying level that it was almost materializing. With the naked eye, he could actually see the rays of light.

Chen Rui sensed something and turned his head abruptly. He saw a blur of phantasm in the woods on the right. Before he could see clearly, an overwhelming and suppressing wave of magic power came. It was so strong that the defensive s.h.i.+eld collapsed instantly.

Chen Rui instinctively had a strong sense of crisis. His figure flashed, and he appeared in the distance. Now his strength had reached the top of the peak stage of the Demon Overlord, plus the law realized by activating [Pole Star Transformation], he had vaguely mastered a few s.h.i.+fting skills that only kingdom-level could activate. However, he was still a step slower. His facial expression turned pale for a while, obviously suffering from internal injuries.

Compared with the injury, what surprised Chen Rui the most was the data shown in the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] just now.

Race: Dragon (Fairy dragon)

Comprehensive Strength a.s.sessment: SS (S++)

Physique: S+, Strength: S+, Spirit: S++, Speed: S++.

[a.n.a.lysis]: Magic body, element talent, incantation proficiency.

Danger level: Extremely dangerous!

SS! Zola has reached the kingdom level? Chen Rui was shocked and immediately reacted. No! Judging from the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes] display, Zola’s real strength has not reached the real kingdom level, but for some reason she has temporarily reached the kingdom level. It is similar to the pope can unleash the kingdom power with the help of the faith power of the Divinity Seal Hall.

Then, what happened to Zola’s strength?

At this moment, the phantasm suspended in the air had become clear. This figure was about 6 meters long. It looked like a dragon from the outside, but it was different from the rough and ferocious feeling of ordinary dragons. This dragon had an extra delicate appearance, faintly glowing with colorful rays of light with large purple eyes and a pair of huge b.u.t.terfly wings. This pair of b.u.t.terfly wings gave people a surreal feeling which was somewhat similar to the angel wings that Chen Rui had seen.

This is the original body of the fairy dragon!

Although she already had the closest relations.h.i.+p with Zola, Chen Rui saw her dragon body for the first time. Due to her talent, the fairy dragon who did not need to combat in close distance looked very delicate. Among the dragons, the fairy dragons were the most friendly. Her outer temperament was friendly and lovely. However, those were ordinary fairy dragons. Zola’s reputation as the ‘Mad Scientist’ was very famous among the Demon Realm dragons. Even the peak stage of the Demon Overlord giant dragon like Paglio and Daniel would run away when they see her.

Flames flickered around Zola’s body, lingering with terrifying and chaotic element power. The trees in the forest were sometimes scorched and sometimes frozen into ice. The power was out of control.

“Zola!” Chen Rui shouted.

As soon as Zola looked up, Chen Rui immediately felt a burst of terrifying spirit power. In the next second, her eyes turned fiery red.

A terrifying spherical flame enveloped Chen Rui and crashed into a huge rock behind. The fire element raged rampantly. The huge crystal rock, known for its st.u.r.diness, was quickly melted and burned into a human-shaped hole.

The [Fire Phoenix Stigmata] on Chen Rui immediately played a role. The [Fire Phoenix Stigmata] could reduce fire damage by 90%, and there was a 10% chance of complete immunity. Even if it was weakened to 10%, he still felt that terrifying burning if it was not for the [Anti-Magic] physique, perhaps that 10% power would still cause him to be severely injured.

Kingdom-level damage!

Chen Rui, who had fought against kingdom-level powerhouses several times, immediately determined the intensity level of this flame. Fortunately, it was a fire element attack. If it was another element, it was definitely life-threatening if the [Pole Star Transformation] was not activated. Obviously, Zola, who was temporarily promoted to the kingdom level for unknown reasons, lost her mind and he had to try to wake her up.

The power of the flame gradually weakened. Chen Rui’s thoughts moved and he activated [Sneak] as he silently left the area.

[Sneak] was very wonderful. Zola was in a state of chaos at this time. Even with the spirit power of SS, without locking on the target in advance, she couldn’t detect Chen Rui’s location.

The fairy dragon who lost her target did not attack again. Instead, she continued to daze in the air. The element power flying around her was still chaotic.

Use [Pole Star Transformation] to fight Zola and make her sober? With the strength of [Pole Star Transformation], it should not be difficult to suppress Zola, but Zola’s Spirit power at the moment obviously exceeds the limit that a Demon Overlord can bear. If I forcibly use strength to control her, it will cause her spirit power to suffer unbearable recoil ranging from severe damage to life-threatening.

The safest way to suppress it is with her will.

While Chen Rui was hesitating, he suddenly sensed a vague and somewhat familiar wave in the distance. He glanced in that direction. That place seemed to be the location of the Rainbow Valley’s Fountain of Resurrection.

Chen Rui was suddenly horrified, and he finally remembered what the fluctuation was. Silver box!

TL: Is the G.o.d in the silver box waking up?

Devil’s Son-in-Law Chapter 829: The ‘Infinite Warrior OL’

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Chapter 829: The ‘Infinite Warrior OL’

It had been a week since the Fallen Angel Capital’s alchemy compet.i.tion came to an end. However, instead of showing any signs of cooling down, the upsurge of this compet.i.tion was getting higher and higher.

The alchemy grand master had not appeared in thousands of years in the Demon Realm. In this alchemy compet.i.tion, there were actually 3 of them. From the initial rise of Tetenis, to the ‘Saman’ pretending to be the arbitrator, and then to the incredible trio-specialized genius ‘master’ – ‘Arthur’. All of them were duo-specialized grand masters of potion and mechanics that would be recorded in history.

Among them, the most eye-catching was the Fallen Angel Empire’s Prince Consort ‘Aguile’ who was once aliased ‘Arthur’. In front of this mechanic and potion great grand master, whether it was his Teacher Tetenis or the enemy ‘Saman’, they all appeared eclipsed.

Especially in the gambling battle with its ups and downs, and its climaxes. In the end, Aguile defeated ‘Saman’ in the alchemy life-and-death battle, and exerted the power of super powerhouse to kill the powerful dracolich that he transformed into. Even the top powerhouse Raizen solemnly issued a formal challenge to Aguile.

For a time, the reputation of the super powerhouse and great grand master spread all over the Demon Realm.

The most exciting was, of course, the Fallen Angel Empire. From the n.o.ble families to the commoners, all of them were talking about the legendary Royal Highness Prince Consort.

Especially at the upper level, the initial voices questioning the ident.i.ty of ‘Aguile’ had long since turned into a tribute to Empress Shea’s discerning eyes. ‘Aguile’ and his Teacher Tetenis were both duo-specialized grand masters, which was an extremely powerful resource for an empire. Especially since there were only these 2 grand masters in the entire Demon Realm.

The power of ‘Aguile’ that could move Raizen was also an important factor. Although Demi-G.o.d (kingdom, Demi-G.o.d, Pseudo-G.o.d) above the level of Demon Overlord usually would not take action against ordinary people, there were no absolutes in the world. Especially a ruler who represented the interests of an empire, Raizen’s near-killing of Shea in the Warlock Fortress was a prime example. Now, the Fallen Angel Empire finally had a super powerhouse that could compete with Raizen and Catherine.

When ‘Aguile’ followed Shea to attend meetings or events, even the behavior of ‘wearing a mask is detrimental to royal etiquette’ was reasonably interpreted as ‘low-key mystery’. The suspicious and hostile gazes changed to awe.

Like the Fallen Angel Empire, the Fallen Angel Empire’s Alchemist a.s.sociation’s influence was rapidly expanding.

The president of the Mechanic a.s.sociation, Fonsaq, was the son-in-law of Grand Master Tetenis. Meanwhile, the president of the Potioneer a.s.sociation, Aldas, was the apprentice of Grand Master Tetenis. By the way, Tetenis was also the teacher of the Great Grand Master ‘Aguile’.

Even though Aguile was still low-key, Tetenis also lived in the palace of the Fallen Angel Empire and stayed behind closed doors, but it did not dampen the fanaticism of the potioneers and mechanics. The masters who had been at the bottleneck for many years and thought they had no hope of advancing for life did not return to the empire after the alchemy contest ended, but they stayed in the Fallen Angel Empire, wanting to have the opportunity to consult the grand master.

Those independent alchemists who did not belong to any empire joined the Alchemist a.s.sociation of the Fallen Angel Empire, so the strength of the a.s.sociation was unprecedented.

Top-quality equipment and black potions were the treasures that everyone covet. Even if they couldn’t get precious products, they would benefit a lot from being able to get closer to the 2 grand masters. Many people, including the n.o.ble families of the Fallen Angel Empire, had tried their best to befriend ‘Aguile’ and Tetenis, but unfortunately to no avail.

At this time, the Fallen Angel Empire released an announcement that the magic game the ‘Infinite Warrior’ was about to receive 1 of the most important upgrades. The new version would be renamed the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’.

What did OL mean? The people of the Demon Realm didn’t understand, but the official confirmation of the news made the Demon Realm in a commotion. The main founder of the ‘Infinite Warrior’ was the Great Grand Master ‘Aguile’! And this OL version upgrade was carefully designed by ‘Aguile’. In his original words, it was a new version that was ‘enough to change the world’.

From this point of view, everyone could easily have the works ‘made’ by the great grand master.

For a while, the magic game helmet and magic television, which had just cooled down, once again set off a sales boom and broke the record.

The upgrade this time was very different from the adjustment and correction patches several times before. One needed to bring the game helmet to the Mechanical a.s.sociation of the Fallen Angel Empire to manually upgrade – Considering the situation of the rest of the 2 empires, the Fallen Angel Empire gifted upgraded instruments to the Mechanical a.s.sociation of the Dark Shadow Empire and the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire and sent professionals to guide them. If they didn’t want to upgrade, they could continue to use the single-player version of the ‘Infinite Warrior’.

The structure of the magic game helmet was no longer a secret. The core structure was the mystic crystals. The special energy in the mystic crystals could generate an illusion similar to the spiritual territory. This was the principle of the game.

The energy in the mystic crystals was limited. Therefore, it must be recharged after depletion. After it reached a certain period, it would spoil or be permanently damaged. This matter was explained in detail when the magic game helmet was released. Mystic crystals could be provided with maintenance and replacement for free for life, but for charging, a certain fee must be paid to the local Mechanical a.s.sociation.

This charging method was once boycotted by the Dark Shadow Empire at the time, but then the b.l.o.o.d.y Empire’s unexpected acceptance of the charging fee plus the urgent demands of game lovers within the empire, forced the Dark Shadow Empire to compromise. However, Catherine was not easy to deal with. After negotiation, 20% of the charging fee would be given to each empire’s treasury.

Unsurprisingly, this upgrade really caused a huge commotion.

New plot! New map, new monsters! New career! New equipment item! New mission system!

The most important thing was… the big open stage!

Everyone could fight against each other or as a team on the same battlefield!

This was not a boring personal training, but a common battle platform that could communicate directly with other players! To be precise, this was another world!

The maps in the game were expanded and were strictly divided into levels. They would start in the novice village. Then, after the level and combat power reached a certain level, they could enter the new map which increased level by level. Not only that, the concept of dungeon was introduced for the first time. The monster difficulty in it was much higher than ordinary maps, and the benefits obtained were naturally better, which greatly increased the challenge.

Everyone’s level in the single-player mode would not be counted in the OL version, but players on the single-player ranking list could use it to get the corresponding game currency and item rewards.

In addition to the original magicians, warriors and puppet pilots, the game’s occupations had added life occupations like potioneers, mechanics and magic circle masters. The game introduced the concept of ‘combat power’ for the first time. Combat power was equivalent to a comprehensive evaluation of various factors, not only the level, but also equipment, killing monsters, mission scores and so on.

The addition of life occupations made the game more interesting, and these life occupations were no trivial matter. Just like the combat department, the life department were directly linked to reality. For example, in the game, you could learn the basic real pharmaceutical knowledge, and you could advance step by step. Some of the insights you get could also be integrated in reality after leaving the game. It was said that after reaching a certain level, the master would come to teach in the game. If you were lucky and completed a certain mission, you would also be taught by the 2 grand masters, Tetenis and even ‘Aguile’.

In terms of gameplay, most of the items or equipment created by life occupations were not as better as those sold in the stores, but the cost was much lower. Some equipment could also be tailored to meet one’s own greatest needs.

The currency circulating in the game was quite valuable. Combat professions needed currency to purchase equipment items, life professions needed currency to improve proficiency and level. Besides, some maps and towns required currency to enter, so ‘money’ would be the most in-demand ‘goods’ used for a long time.

The mission system was 1 of the new elements of the game, which allowed players to obtain basic life coins and many necessary materials. Some missions were quite rewarding.

The biggest difference between the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ version and the ‘Infinite Warrior’ was the interaction between people. No matter which world, where there were people, there were fighters. The players could team up to complete missions, enter the dungeon, trade, and set up a small team for PK. Generally speaking, there were 2 ways to duel. First was using currency or items to bet on the battle in the virtual arena in the city, and the winner would win the bet. Second was an outdoor private duel. The name of the one who attacked first would be red. After death, there would be special punishment such as equipment and level drop. Chen Rui copied these from the online game of his previous life.

In addition, the most attractive was the ranking list in the game.

Rank list, combat power list, equipment list, life skill list, dungeon record list, battlefield list… Those who end up on the list every month would get extra precious item rewards and a chance to draw a real item. The highest prize was black potions or devil fruit!

Whether it was the various elements of the game or the attractive rewards of reality, this was a new big stage for the compet.i.tive demons.

Of course, the daily gaming time was still strictly limited. After all, the virtual world couldn’t replace the real world. The reality was the foundation of the virtual world while the virtual world served the reality. The organic combination of the 2 to achieve real power and benefits was the true intent of the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’.

The Fallen Angel Empire also launched new inst.i.tutions such as banks and royal colleges which attracted the attention of the 2 empires. They launched the ‘copycat version’ in time, and began to establish colleges and banks too. However, these things paled a lot in the face of the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’ heat.

In less than a month, the number of people in the game had skyrocketed many times. Not only trainers, even alchemists had also surged into the game. The popularity had far exceeded expectations.

No matter which town or corner one was in, one could hear the topic of the ‘Infinite Warrior OL’. More and more people had felt its charm. As ‘Aguile’ said, it was a product ‘enough to change the world’.

TL: Now that Raizen knew Chen Rui was a kingdom level powerhouse, will he notice his plan to gain faith?