Emperor’s Domination Chapter 4303: Old Acquaintance?

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Chapter 4303: Old Acquaintance?

The old man saw Li Qiye and astonishment struck him like a lightning bolt. His eyes brimmed with a bright flash, albeit only for a split second – virtually unnoticeable.

He staggered backward, unable to stay calm.

Of course, w.a.n.g Weiqiao and the other disciples didn’t notice this at all. Li Qiye was the only one privy to the minute changes.

He took a deep breath and calmed down, finally meeting Li Qiye’s gaze.

“So we meet again.” Serenity returned to his eyes. After all, the past was so long ago now; there was no point in holding a grudge.

Li Qiye wasn’t overly surprised to see him: “You being alive is nothing short of a miracle.”

He remained silent for a bit before answering: “The sky shattered and the earth collapsed. My return was due to fate.”

“Fate?” Li Qiye chuckled in disagreement: “Do you actually think that you’re alive right now thanks to fate?”

“If you think you’ve done me a favor, I didn’t ask for it.” He said.

“That’s exactly what happened. This world was built and ruled by me and you’re growing on it, so isn’t it due to my grace that you’re still alive?” Li Qiye smiled.

He had no choice but to admit: “Correct, but all you did was given an unsolicited gift. I owe you nothing, it’s due to my own fortune.”

The others had no idea what was going on in this conversation. They attributed this to Li Qiye’s eccentric nature and decided to stay quiet.

“There is logic and truth in what you’re saying. Without my gift, your achievements could have been even greater, still standing out at the apex.” Li Qiye nodded.

He didn’t say anything.

“I suppose you don’t owe me anything, but, you do owe him, got it? You have always owed him and still owe him. This isn’t only because of his love and expectation for you.” Li Qiye stared at him.

He took a deep breath and let it out before nodding: “You are correct, I don’t owe you but I do owe him.”

“Then shouldn’t you be doing something?” Li Qiye asked.

“The world has you, I don’t need to do anything since you can do a better job.” He responded.

“What if it needs you? And why does it have to be me? Haven’t you thought about doing something for him?” Li Qiye asked.

He fell into silence.

“There can never be enough praise for your innate talent. Do you know what makes us different?” Li Qiye continued.

“Me.” He eventually answered in a sentimental manner.

“Your desire drives and imprisons you.” Li Qiye said: “Now, you get a redo. Will you be a slave to it again?”

“It is rather difficult. I am still me, nothing has changed.” He clenched his fists and sighed.

“Don’t do it for you or me or anyone else, do it for him. It is that simple, pay the debt.” Li Qiye concluded.

He eventually loosened his fists and accepted this: “Right, it’s been long enough, I should repay the debt.”

Li Qiye smiled and stopped talking about this issue. He looked at the stall and said: “Decent items.”

“Want to buy? They’re all ancient artifacts from the forbidden zones. Each has its own uses and profundities.” The old man reverted to his current state.

“Really?” The disciples were glad that the confusing conversation was over and took a look at the few items.

They looked old and rusty, not much different from sc.r.a.p metals.

“See if there’s anything you like.” The old man looked particularly attentive to w.a.n.g Weiqiao and said: “Little Brother, come, one might be right for you.”

The two were similar in age and appearance yet he called w.a.n.g Weiqiao “little brother”. This could be construed as impoliteness.

They took a look at the items. Alas, nothing seemed worthwhile.

“Hey, are they really from the forbidden zones?” One disciple murmured, thinking that the old man was unreliable.

After all, these zones were extremely dangerous. The treasures from there should have incredible visual phenomena – immortal lights or clouds… The ones here seemed to be on the opposite end of the spectrum.

“Those connected by fate should be able to see the mysteries.” The old man smiled and didn’t overly peddle.

As for Li Qiye, he only spectated without interfering.

“How about this?” w.a.n.g Weiqiao found something looking like a tiny hatchet, no longer in a usable state.

“If you think it’s good, it’s good.” Li Qiye smiled.

“How much is it?” w.a.n.g Weiqiao liked it and thought that it was somehow meant to be with him.

“I’ll give you a friendly price, three million sovereign jades.” The old man raised three fingers.

“What?!” The other disciples became startled. Weiqiao himself put the item back on the stall.

“That’s a friendly price?” One of them complained.

This was a monstrous sum to them. In fact, selling the entire sect wouldn’t yield this sum.

“It’s too expensive.” Weiqiao smiled wryly and shook his head. He didn’t even have 30,000 Bronze Tendon Refined Jades, let alone the sovereign level.

“It is fate that we meet today, I’ll reduce it to three hundred bronze tendon jades.” The old man said.

“…” The sudden drop in price surprised Weiqiao. The old man sounded like a swindler.

“Boss, what are you trying to do here with these prices? I don’t think this item is even worth three hundred bronze tendon jades.” One disciple said: “It is worth one hundred at best, don’t take advantage of our nice senior brother.”

The old man only smiled and didn’t refute.

“What do you think, Master?” Weiqiao liked the item but still found this whole thing strange.

“That depends on you. If the thing is actually worth the initial price, he’s selling you a favor.” Li Qiye said.

“A favor.” Weiqiao carefully thought about it.

“Do you want it, Little Brother? If so, just three hundred.” The old man said.

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 4305: Wonton

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Chapter 4305: Wonton

The disciples from Little Diamond didn’t know what to do. Though they were just a tiny sect, if their sect master wanted a dao companion, she still had to be a cultivator.

Even the weakest cultivators rarely married mortals. After all, they were from two separate worlds.

“What type of girl do you have in mind?” He smiled while staring at the aunt.

“…” His fellow members exchanged glances, speechless.

An older disciple secretly pulled Li Qiye’s sleeve in order to remind him about his status.

“There are many.” The aunt’s eyes flashed brightly as she responded: “I”m not exaggerating but I have quite a reputation in Bodhisattva. I know everyone and can help you find the right bride, do you have anyone in mind?”

“That sounds pretty great, I guess good things just happen to me because I’m handsome?” He phrased it like a question.

Some disciples nearly spat out their food. Their sect master was such a narcissist?

Even a blind guy could see that the word “handsome” and he had nothing to do with each other. He looked as common as can be. Nonetheless, he still spoke with confidence and didn’t feel any shame.

“That’s obvious, your handsome appearance can shake the heaven and earth.” The aunt laughed: “Given your appearance, just say the word and hmm, Butcher Zhang’s daughter, Tailor Liu’s little girl, oh, Lad Bai from the eastern n.o.ble clan… you can pick any of them.”

“Our sect master isn’t interested.” Finally, a disciple got up and protested.

None of those mortal girls are worthy of becoming their sect mistress.

“Who says I’m not interested?” Li Qiye waved his hand, gesturing for the disciple to sit back down: “I’m definitely interested, it’s just that given my das.h.i.+ng looks, it would be awfully unfair for me to marry just one, no? I would be doing myself a disservice.”

“…” His disciples became speechless because of their sect master’s rampant ego.

“Sect Master, this, this isn’t quite right.” Elder Hu quietly whispered since this was heading down an unsavory path.

“No, it’s perfect. Aunt, what do you think?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Perfect indeed.” The aunt seemed to understand Li Qiye and said: “You might just be the most handsome man in history. Yes, yes, just marrying one wife is letting down the heaven and earth for sculpting you. Three wives and four concubines? Not enough either. Hmm, three palaces and six chambers should be a good starting point.” [1]

“Well said, you took the words right out of my mouth!” Li Qiye clapped and laughed.

This ridiculous conversation made the disciples think that Li Qiye had given the boss a big tip, hence the enthusiastic flattery and reception.

“Sigh, it must be nice being young, capable of doing whatever and enjoying the happiness of this world.” She suddenly became sentimental and let out a sigh.

“From the start of time, the things that cause the most pain to humans are emotions and ties, don’t you think?” Li Qiye said.

This sudden s.h.i.+ft in this conversation caught the students off guard. He went from bragging shamelessly to becoming philosophical.

“Sigh, let’s not talk about this depressing subject.” The aunt regained her good spirit and said: “Pick the day, young brother, and I will introduce you to all the girls.”

“It’s alright, no need for such meticulous planning. Leave it to fate. Once fate comes, it’ll happen naturally.” Li Qiye smiled.

“It’ll happen naturally when fate comes.” The aunt nodded in agreement and appreciated the comment: “How open-minded. Very well, once you find a girl you like, let me know. Even if she doesn’t like you, I’ll tie her up and bring her to you.”

“…” This rendered the students speechless again. The woman turned from a matchmaker to a potential kidnapper.

Moreover, they felt quite strange about this meeting. The aunt clearly knew that they were cultivators yet still acted familiar with them, especially their sect master. The way they interacted resembled a mother meeting her future son-in-law.

The closeness between these two was akin to two friends, not strangers meeting for the first time. They didn’t know why their sect master was acting so nice towards a mortal either. The two weren’t on the same level at all.

Cultivators didn’t want to speak casually to a mortal aunt. On the other hand, mortals didn’t dare to speak to cultivators in this manner either.

Mortals looked up to cultivators and acted in a subservient manner. Alas, this aunt felt no pressure while being in their presence.

“Accept my early grat.i.tude then.” Li Qiye smiled.

Despite this weird development, the members of Little Diamond continued eating without commenting.

w.a.n.g Weiqiao didn’t ask anything since he remembered Li Qiye’s advice early on – just observe and speak less.

“Sigh, this is a great place.” Li Qiye spoke while eating another bowl, once again confusing the listeners.

The shop only had their group right now because no one else wanted wontons at this hour.

However, a customer finally came in – a youth wearing a regal robe that was meticulously embroidered. Each line was crafted perfectly – a testament to its exquisite and expensive nature.

Earlier, Li Qiye and the aunt were talking about him being handsome. This youth matched that description far more than Li Qiye.

His facial features were immaculate – bright eyes and long brows. Staring at him made others feel quite good.

He was clearly born of n.o.bility and has been pampered since birth. He carried a long box on his arm. It appeared to be quite old, most likely containing a precious treasure.

“Boss, one wonton bowl please.” He asked the woman.

“It’s getting late, there isn’t any left.” The aunt said without bothering to look at him.

“Aren’t they eating?” The youth asked.

“I said there is none left.” She repeated.

The members of Little Diamond wondered about her cold att.i.tude. Logically, the youth was more handsome than Li Qiye so she should be more enthusiastic.

“That’s okay then, how about just a bowl of soup?” The youth still had a smile on his face.

1. All idioms and normal conventions ☜

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 4308: A Trick?

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Chapter 4308: A Trick?

“Indeed, this is fate.” One disciple happily said.

They didn’t mind at all. The guy sounded like he wanted to join their sect, hence all the mentioning of “bonds” and “friends.h.i.+p”.

After all, the sect didn’t have strict requirements for new recruits. Just this treasure alone was enough to let Zining become an elder’s disciple.

“Sigh…” Zining continued touching the box, seeming reluctant.

“Your heirloom isn’t of much use in your possession.” A disciple stared at the box, eager to finish the transaction.

“You’re right, let’s do this.” Zining made up his mind and opened the box.

“Buzz.” The same radiance appeared again along with the runes and the beautiful roars.

The individual ray stopped people from seeing it. Even Elder Hu could only see a faint figure – something resembling a heart.

“The heart of a divine beast? Or a special dao bone?” He became emotional.

As for the disciples, their eyes became wide open with excitement, wanting nothing more than to embrace this treasure. They had never seen anything like this before.

“Is this really a treasure?” w.a.n.g Weiqiao murmured. He still found the whole thing quite strange, thinking that there was something off about it.

Was it w.a.n.g ZIning or the treasure? Or everything including the boss of this store? No, even the street was off. Intuition told him that this all happened the moment they set foot in the city.

Of course, he wasn’t in a position to stop his peers from buying this treasure. These were mere conjectures and he had no proof.

The disciples from Little Diamond raised their hands, wanting to finish the deal.

“Where’s my money?” Zining asked.

“It’s right here, do you want to count?” The senior wanted to pay as fast as possible before the guy change his mind.

“What’s the hurry?” Li Qiye finally spoke and all eyes turned on him.

“Keep the money, the deal is off.” Li Qiye ordered.

The disciples couldn’t believe it. They wasted so much saliva convincing Zining to sell. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Se-sect Master, this is a great treasure, it’s a rare chance.” One disciple winked repeatedly at Li Qiye, telling him not to ruin the deal.

“It’s not worth anything, don’t buy.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What…” The disciples disagreed with Li Qiye’s a.s.sessment.

“Sect Master, this has to be a valuable treasure.” One of them didn’t give up but Li Qiye seemed h.e.l.lbent on canceling this transaction.

Though unwilling, they still listened to their sect master and took back the money.

“You don’t want it anymore? What’s going on?” Zining looked confused while holding the treasure.

“As for you, a little interesting. Quite audacious as well.” Li Qiye then spoke to him directly.

“What do you mean, Sir?” Zining scratched his head, looking like an inexperienced and naive young master.

“What do you think about me?” Li Qiye suddenly asked.

“Sir, you have an exceptional appearance, definitely a true dragon among men or even a true immortal.” Zining stared at Li Qiye and said.

“Are you being honest now?” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed.

Though the young ones didn’t notice anything, Zining felt himself being pierced by Li Qiye’s gaze.

He took a deep breath to calm down before speaking in a serious tone: “Sir, you are matchless indeed.”

“Not so clever now, are you?” The boss of the restaurant standing to the side sneered.

Zining ignored the comment, still looking quite calm.

“Take this piece of c.r.a.p away. You might be able to fool the children but doing this in front of me is rather unwise.” Li Qiye said.

Zining had thick skin and put his treasure away, albeit with a wry smile.

The disciples scratched their head in confusion. By this point, they realized that there was something off but were still uncertain.

As for w.a.n.g Weiqiao, he thought that this treasure was fake, just not the exact details. Only his master noticed from the very beginning.

“You said something about a bond of friends.h.i.+p?” Li Qiye asked.

“Zining wishes to have a bond with you, Sir.” He bowed towards Li Qiye.

“No need for that, just speak.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“What do you mean, Sir?” He didn’t expect this response.

“What is your goal? Just to have a good relations.h.i.+p with us?” Li Qiye smiled.

He pondered for a bit before replying: “Not quite, I wish to attribute the goodwill of this meeting to my sect.”

“Mmm. So be it, this karmic knot has been tied. Give it to them.” Li Qiye agreed then pointed at the young disciples.

“I will obey, Sir.” He bowed deeply.

Li Qiye then took out a bronze coin. This coin was completely worthless in the eyes of cultivators. In fact, it could only buy a meat bun at best in the mortal world.

He flicked and it landed on Zining’s table.

“This coin will be the payment for your box. The bond is forged.” Li Qiye said.

“The box?” The disciples were astounded. Li Qiye didn’t want the radiant treasure but this old box?

Was this a real-life case of buying the box but returning the pearls? This box was clearly less valuable than the treasure earlier.

Of course, Li Qiye was still getting a good deal because the box should be special given its old age. One bronze coin for it was as cheap as can be.

“Your insight is incredible, Sir.” Zining finished his scouting attempt and confirmed Li Qiye’s ability.

“A bond is forged, Sirs.” Zining slowly pushed the box across the table towards the young ones.

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 4307: A Deal

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Chapter 4307: A Deal

“It won’t go anywhere that high but just name a price.” One disciple tried to steer the direction of the price, thinking that a mortal n.o.ble wouldn’t understand the economy of the cultivation world.

w.a.n.g Zining seemed indecisive at first but eventually gritted his teeth and responded: “Sirs, though this might be an heirloom of sorts, but since you all seem to like it so much, I will begrudgingly sell it for one million sovereign jades, how about it?”

“One million sovereign jades?” The disciples from Little Diamond were astonished to hear the sky-high price.

Not to mention one million, their sect couldn’t muster a single one since it has been tough recently. This level of jade was too expensive and precious.

“You’re being unreasonable here.” One disciple said: “No one will buy it for one million sovereign jades.”

Only a few disciples could produce this sum, and they were definitely from the behemoths.

“Then, then how much? How about just five, five hundred thousand sovereign jades?” Zining said.

“That’s still a ridiculous price.” The disciple shook his head: “Do you know what a sovereign jade is? One is enough to let a mortal like you live lavishly for the rest of your life. One million is enough for a cultivator to do the same.

The disciple was right about the value of sovereign jade. They were all valuable regardless of the secondary level.

If a mortal were to somehow able to exchange a sovereign jade for usable resources, they would be set for generations to come. In this case, Zining could ask for a hundred million taels instead and Little Diamond would be happy to oblige. It was far easier for them to obtain mortal currency compared to a single sovereign jade.

“Then I just want one hundred thousand. After all, the treasures in the auction house sell for millions, even tens of millions.” Zining became impatient.

“You’ve only heard rumors. Keep in mind that those treasures have heaven-defying origins and are peerless. Yours is only an heirloom, I’m sure your ancestors aren’t big shots or anything. The thing in there should have limited power, it’s not the same at all.” The disciple elaborated.

Though they were definitely trying to take advantage of Zining, they were right about the a.s.sessed value of this heirloom.

“Well…” Zining became worried about not being able to make the sale. He asked: “Sirs, then what is your offer? Give me a fair price because otherwise, I won’t sell this heirloom.”

The disciples exchanged glances. In reality, they didn’t have an exact valuation for this treasure. Nonetheless, this thing was obviously amazing.

“Let us discuss it for a bit.” A senior brother told Zining.

The latter thought about it for a moment then agreed: “Very well, Sirs. I will trust that you all will give me a fair price.”

The group got together and the oldest senior asked Elder Hu: “Elder, how much do you think we should pay?”

“Pay what you can.” Elder Hu pondered and didn’t have a strong opinion.

In fact, he didn’t recognize this treasure either so he couldn’t give a definite price.

The disciples started counting their money and wanted to pay the highest price possible. Though they tried their best, they still thought that they were still getting an amazing deal.

That heirloom should exceed all expectations, meaning that it was outside of their price range.

Eventually, they came over and the senior took charge: “We have a total of three thousand, two hundred and sixty-one Violet Marquis Refined Jades. This is our best price so if you are willing, let’s do it.”

They were sincere in spending every coin possible. This was their highest possible offer. It was a large sum for those from a tiny sect.

Sure, they wanted to obtain this treasure but at the very least, they were honest enough in their offer. Others might not have done the same because Zining was nothing more than a mortal young n.o.ble. Any of them could crush him like an ant.

They would just wait until he was alone then dealt with him. Such things happened every day in the cultivation world.

Alas, they never thought about resorting to such a cruel and despicable method.

“Only this much?” Zining was disappointed to hear the offer.

“This is the most we can do.” The senior shook his head: “We can’t get you more even if you want more. Others might not be willing to pay at all.”

“…” Zining hesitated in silence.

“Honestly, it is hard for you to sell this treasure on top of being potentially dangerous.” Another disciple said.

“Impossible, don’t scare me.” Zining blurted out.

“I’m simply telling you the truth, plenty of people with treasures have been robbed and killed.” The guy shrugged.

“I see… Fine, then this price. We can consider this transaction as a sign of friends.h.i.+p, a karmic bond. How about it, Sirs?” Zining was successfully persuaded.

“Absolutely!” The young ones cheered and heaved a sigh of relief.

Though they spent every single coin, this was definitely worth it.

“This is my heirloom.” Zining stroked the box and became sentimental, not wanting to let go: “The money isn’t important here. What matters is the bond we have forged today, okay?”

Emperor’s Domination Chapter 4311: I Want You

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Chapter 4311: I Want You

The disciples looked rather awkward and confused after hearing this. Some stole a glance at the aunt and couldn’t help shaking their head.

She was on the verge of being called a grandma instead of an aunt. This was her hour of twilight yet she never had any exceptional qualities in the first place. Even the lowliest cultivator would refuse her advances.

Now, their sect master claimed to be interested in her. His heavy taste left them speechless.

If he were lecherous and preferred pretty girls, even mortals, that’s still acceptable. But liking this old and ugly aunt? They could bear to watch no longer.

“Young n.o.ble, please stop joking.” The aunt shook her head, looking a bit awkward.

“I’m not joking in the slightest, I am indeed interested in you.” Li Qiye flatly responded.

“Sect Master…” A few students winked at Li Qiye, hoping that he would think about the sect’s reputation.

Elder Hu smiled wryly, wondering why the sect master was acting so strange. He surely had his reason for doing this.

“You’re being serious, Young n.o.ble?” The aunt appeared a bit bashful.

“Of course.” Li Qiye smiled: “Follow me if you wish.”

“Sect Master, I don’t think this is necessary…” An older disciple quietly said.

“I’ll really believe you if you keep this up, Young n.o.ble.” Meanwhile, the bashful aunt lowered her head while touching her braids, looking like a little girl. This scene was naturally not a sight for sore eyes.

“Yes, follow me. I need a maid anyway.” Li Qiye smiled.

The group suddenly realized something – their sect master didn’t have a servant.

“Sect Master, if you need one, we’ll take care of it when we get back.” Elder Hu whispered.

It was normal for a sect master to have a maid taking care of his daily essentials. However, it should be a female disciple, not this aunt.

In fact, given his young age, numerous girls would be willing to take this position.

“Who would want to be your maid?!” The aunt became angry and slammed the teapot against Li Qiye’s table.

“Don’t tell me you were talking about marriage?” Li Qiye teased.

“Pah! So shameless, how dare you tease me? My son is older than you!” The aunt snorted.

“Are you sure? Plus, I don’t think you have a son.” Li Qiye smiled implicatively at her.

The aunt didn’t bother responding this time.

“Being my maid is an honor.” He added.

She stared back at him for a while before sighing and shaking her head: “I’m old and faded now, running this shop for the rest of my life is satisfactory.”

Her tone completely changed this time. The others found her voice to be rhythmic and interesting.

w.a.n.g Weiqiao and Elder Hu exchanged glances, thinking that there was more to this woman than meet the eyes.

“Everyone has trauma and problems as they cross the endless dao. Those who stop either do it for personal reasons or because of emotional ties. Which one are you?” He asked.

The aunt became frozen; her eyes pierced back to the past – a better day than now.

Li Qiye took a sip of tea and patiently waited. As for Weiqiao, he felt something special after seeing the flash in her eyes. It was as if this body of hers couldn’t contain her soul.

On one hand, her bag of skin was at the bottom of any scale but as for her soul, it appeared to be extraordinarily beautiful and moving.

This was such a strange feeling. How could an old lady possess this quality? Nonetheless, Weiqiao truly felt it.

Once he calmed down and looked again, her eyes lost their l.u.s.ter, akin to two pearls being covered in dust.

“I’ve forgotten.” She finally answered.

“If one can forget everything in the world, that would be a great thing. Ignorance is bliss, but this does not apply to your case. There is no happiness here, only guarding.” Li stared at her and said.

“I’m not guarding anything. I have no ambition or fantasy beyond what I’m doing right now.” She disagreed.

“Not guarding the world means guarding the heart and mind. That’s the thing keeping you alive and sane.” Li Qiye said.

“…” She didn’t say anything.

“No? Do you believe that your fate is preordained or does it belong to you alone, not the heaven?” He continued.

“Well…” She couldn’t come up with a response right away.

He took another sip of tea and gave her time to digest.

Elder Hu has been paying attention but still felt completely lost. Weiqiao did the same, appreciating every word in this dialogue. He seemed to be grasping something but it was mere feelings. He couldn’t describe it with words.

“Not letting go means ending here, the result is death. Letting go means potentially moving forward, s.h.i.+ning for one last time.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What did you let go of?” She took a deep breath and asked.

“Everything outside of that faraway place.” Li Qiye’s eyes became profound for a split moment before returning to normal.

“Is it worth it?” She asked.

“Live free while moving forward, that’s the best memory. Otherwise, you might live until the sea becomes land but that’s only a life filled with resentment.” He answered.

“Holding on like this isn’t beautiful. Remembering that you never gave up after billions of years is far more worthwhile.” He went on to say.

“I see.” She murmured.

Meanwhile, the audience was completely lost. At first, their sect master seemed to be teasing the old woman but the conversation became philosophical all of a sudden. This naturally caught them off guard.

Only w.a.n.g Weiqiao seemed to be benefiting from this confusing exchange.