Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2769 – Pray to Your God!

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Chapter 2769: Pray to Your G.o.d!

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The corpses and iron debris piled up in the pathway were finally blown over by the guards outside.

The defenders were led by more than ten super-heavy crystal suits, followed by two or three light crystal tanks. Who would have thought that a terrifying monster like Li Yao would sneak into their secret laboratory? Such a force was the best that the defense of the floating fortress could do for now.

Li Yao did not even bother to look at the weak toys. He simply spread his legs apart and raised his left arm. Every scale armor covering his arm stood up like an infuriated hedgehog. The Six Barrel Rotary Crystal Cannon around his left arm was revolving at a high speed, raising a ferocious tornado.

Murderous streaks of brightness were born in the tornadoes and condensed into a storm of destruction together with spluttering electric arcs.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Earsplitting noises of metal fatigue echoed below Li Yao’s feet.

The floor made of super alloys turned into a steaming orange after being savaged by the flames, before it turned as soft as mud and almost melted.

How high was the temperature below his feet?

“Close your eyes.”

Li Yao said to Chu Zhiyun and the other ‘heretical children’, “You will be blinded.”

Half a second later, a volcano eruption took place on his left arm!

The torrent of destruction entangled the magma with electric arcs and rushed out in the form of a pillar of light. The diameter of the pillar of light immediately expanded to more than five meters, and the blast simply blew all the ‘heretical children’ away.

Even though they were not Li Yao’s targets, they still felt suffocated by the simultaneous firing of thousands of cannons. There was no need for Li Yao to remind them. No teenager could open their eyes under such terrifying attacks.

Even though they had closed their eyes and covered their faces with their hands, they could still feel that the scorching brightness was stinging their eyes. They felt that their eyeb.a.l.l.s were being stabbed by thousands of steel needles, and they were about to lose their sight.

He felt that the entire floating fortress, no, the entire planet, was going to collapse in the next second!

It was not until half a minute later when the waves gradually died down that the boldest teenager among them dared to open his sore eyes and observe the environment outside through the gaps between his fingers.

Gone. The guards who had filled the pathway and tried to break in were all gone. They seemed to have been blown into powder by Li Yao’s casual attack and perished in the electric arcs and magma.

Even the pathway, which was made of super alloys, could not withstand Li Yao’s fury. The ceiling and the walls were completely melted. Liquid metal flowed down and consolidated with the crystal suits and crystal tanks, blocking the pathway completely.

Looking at Li Yao again, his left arm was still soaked in the extremely high temperature and emitting a dark red color. White smoke was rising from his fingertips.

In the meantime, he was focusing all his attention on the crude cannon in the air, the ‘Super Crystal Destruction Cannon’, which was made of dozens of super-compressed crystal reactor. He extended his right arm into the operation hole behind the cannon.

It was like his right arm had deformed and expanded to ten times the size of his body!

The ‘heretical children’ immediately widened their eyes, their scalps tingling.

The casual strike of his left arm just now already boasted such appalling power.

Now that the energy of dozens of crystal reactors had been condensed in his right arm, how much damage could he deal?

‘Were they dreaming?

If it was a dream, it must be the most terrible nightmare!

No. They hardly ever dreamed. Even if they did, they could never imagine such a horrifying scene with their limited imagination!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

While the ‘heretical children’ were shuddering in fear, earsplitting noises were echoing inside the cabin walls. Li Yao had extended his soul and torn off hundreds of curved steel plates with his bright gold tentacles, blocking the teenagers and the operation bed.

“Lie down, close your eyes, and open your mouth, or your internal organs will be shattered into a pool of blood.

Li Yao said.

The ‘heretical children’ looked at each other in bewilderment. Was there a second option?

At this moment, all the adults in the preparation room had been terminated by Li Yao. Only Zhou Xiuyun’s 3D image had not dispersed yet. She was still gazing at him in a twisted posture.

“It’s you.”

She was dazed for a long time. She seemed to be sending a request to the leaders of a higher level for data retrieval, only to receive an effective response. Her lips curled into a vague smile as she said, “The lightning-like methods of refining and modification, the unparalleled damage, and… the reckless

behavior. We already know who you are. You are walking right into our trap!”

“Hehe. So what if you do?

Li Yao sneered, “A man never changes his name when he does something. That’s right. I am the greatest mortal enemy of the people of the Sanctuary Alliance. I have just turned the tide in the imperial capital and become a pillar of the Imperium of True Human Beings. I am the most popular man in front

of the emperor. My Cultivation is at the peak of perfection, and my personality is brilliant. I am Long Yangjun, president of the Demon Hunters’ a.s.sociation!

“Are you scared now?

“It’s useless. Even if you have studied me thoroughly and dissected every cell of my body, even if you have a hundred ways to kill me, you cannot stop me. Under the soaring fury of me, you sc.u.mbags will all die!”

Zhou Xiuyun was dumbfounded again.

However, the dullness at this moment did not seem to be because he was confused and did not know Li Yao’s real ident.i.ty. Instead, it seemed to be because he was curious as to how the ‘big devil’, who ranked among the top in the dangerous database of the Sanctuary, could be so shameless as to utter such

nonsense that n.o.body would believe.

“Anyways, cut the c.r.a.p. Just wash your neck and wait for me!”

Li Yao grinned hideously. “By the way, you can pray to your ‘G.o.d’!”


‘When the word ‘prayer’ escaped his mouth, the dozens of super-compressed crystal reactor connected to his right arm exploded at the same time.

Centered at Li Yao’s right arm, a supernova-like light ball was born, expanded, and filled the entire preparation room.

Even though they were blocked by the steel plates, all the ‘heretical children’ still felt that they were being swallowed by the scorching sun and that their senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch had been deprived.

Surrounded by the terrifying light b.a.l.l.s, time and s.p.a.ce were both meaningless. They were not even sure whether or not they were still alive!

‘When the main gun of the super wars.h.i.+p roared at the highest output, the feeling when he was crouching inside the barrel was nothing special.

It was as if every inch of their skin had been burnt, their nerves and veins torn apart, and even their cells melded into the waves of destruction into furious ripples!

Maybe it was one second later, or maybe it was an entire day later, but their cells, veins, nerves, muscles, fats, skin, and internal organs gradually returned to normal, allowing them to sense their real self again.

Everything around him had changed beyond recognition.

Other than them, who were protected by the iron plates, the cabin walls nearby had been burnt to the ground. Spiderweb-like cracks and b.u.mps were appearing on them, too.

In the direction where Li Yao’s right arm was pointing, an immeasurable orange hole had been blown out. The hole was like a tunnel drilled by a drill of mystic rays and led to the control room at the center of the floating fortress, which was still emitting the smell of burning metal.

Zhou Xiuyun’s 3D phantom had vanished. Even the seemingly holy white light had been wiped out by Li Yao’s scorching flames.

Hu… Hu… Hu.

Li Yao controlled Tonka’s chest to rise and fall rapidly for ten seconds. It was the only anomaly after his earthshaking attack.

Then, Li Yao snapped his fingers.

The broken pieces of the cannon fell off from his right arm, but some of them flew out and hit the shackles of the ‘heretical children’ precisely, shattering all the shackles.

The ‘heretical children’ moved their sore limbs, not knowing what to do.

“Right now, you are clear about your ident.i.ty. There are only two paths in front of you.

Li Yao said, “You can either crawl into the pathway that was created by brute force together with me and fight for a freedom and hope that are even more uncertain than 1%, or you can stay here and wait for the arrival of the new purification troops. You will be tied up, modified, and subjected to decades

of experiments just like them.

Naturally, the ‘heretical children’ knew who Li Yao was referring to.

Not to mention the students who had been tortured, tortured, and even turned into a brain in a tank when they were just captured and brought to this place. The students in front of them, who had just undergone preliminary modification surgery and had their brains melded with metal helmets and thick

crystal cables, were definitely not something that they could endure.

“Who… who are you exactly?”

Chu Zhiyun took a deep breath and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you a G.o.d or a devil? How did you… land on Tangka’s body? What happened to Tangka? Are you going to be alright after using such tremendous strength?”

“Look around you.”

Li Yao said casually, “Do you see a floating fortress?”

“Of course.”

Chu Zhiyun did not understand what Li Yao meant. “Aren’t we inside a floating fortress?”

“That’s right. It means that I’m still controlling my strength carefully. Tonka will be fine.”

Li Yao said, “If I had been unscrupulous enough to exploit his body to the limits, the floating fortress would’ve been long gone!


Chu Zhiyun and all the ‘heretical children’ glared at him.

“As for whether I am a G.o.d or a devil, the question is meaningless.

Li Yao said, one word after another, “Remember, always remember that the so-called ‘G.o.d’ is just a definition created by human beings. In other words, human beings created the ‘G.o.d’, not the opposite.

“Whatever you think I am, I am. Whatever you think you are, you are. I can help you, but more importantly, you must save yourselves.. Who is a G.o.d, who is a devil, and what the future holds are all up to you!

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2767 – I Will Decide Your Destim

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Chapter 2767: I Will Decide Your Destim

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“This is…”

Ina daze, Chu Zhiyun looked at the top of the giant hand, only to find that the wrist of the purifier, which was as thick as a boa, had been bitten by two slender, young fingers.

Although the two fingers were biting the crystal suit as casually as chopsticks, the arms of the purifier, as well as the bones inside the crystal suit, were emitting cracking noises as if they were under tremendous pressure. Very soon, sparks were spluttering and smoke was popping up. The crystal suit had

reached the limit of fatigue!


Chu Zhiyun’s eyes moved upwards along his fingers until he reached a face that was both familiar and strange. He could not believe his eyes.

Tonka’s facial features were still deeply etched in her memory, but the young man’s face was both furious and unpredictable, as if he were the dominator of the entire planet, no, the entire universe. None of the evil creatures in front of her could escape his fury!

Every time Tonka took a step forward, the purifier would take a step back. If Tonka took another step forward, the purifier would not be able to stand steadily, and the crystal suit on his body would crumble at any moment.

The nerves of the purifier next to him seemed to have been suppressed by the dominating aura bursting out of Tonka’s body. Even his so-called loyalty to the ‘G.o.ds’ was not enough to stop him.

‘There was nothing but silence in the preparation room. It was so quiet that even the sound of a needle falling to the ground was deafening. Chu Zhiyun, all the students, the purifiers, and even Zhou Xiuyun, who had shown up in the form of a phantom, were all staring at Tang Ka, who had suddenly

attacked. n.o.body understood what was going on!

“Lused to wonder how evil it could be to make the Imperium of True Human Beings pale in comparison.

Tang Ka’s eyes were as deep and dark as the main gun of a super a.r.s.enal wars.h.i.+p. A cold, hard voice came out of his throat, with unconcealed killing intent lingering in his every word. “It was not until this moment that I had to admit that such evilness had far exceeded my imagination.

“The dignity and will that human beings are most proud of, and the feelings and thoughts that are most precious for human beings, have been stomped and castrated by you. You have denied your own value and the significance of human beings!

“You are deceiving yourself in such a way by lowering yourself to the level of pets and tools to avoid your fear of the unknown universe and your destiny… But how long can you keep deceiving yourself? What are you, who have been castrated for everything?

“No, it shouldn’t be like this. Real human beings shouldn’t be like this. The destiny of human beings is definitely not what you described!

“We are the strongest fighting species in the sea of stars. We are the ‘new G.o.ds’ destined to replace all the old G.o.ds! Nothing is worthy of our submission, be it the boundless sea of stars, the dark, cold universe, the powerful among us, or the primeval species that once bestowed upon us genes and legacies!

If we want to express our sincerest grat.i.tude and respect, defeating them once and for all is the best way!

“The primeval era is long gone. This is the era of mankind! Gather our courage, stimulate our soul, and push our hot blood and wisdom to the limit. Explore the unprecedented territory, break the borders of the three-dimensional universe, and fight to our heart’s content against the G.o.ds and devils of the

universe. Let the glory of our civilization blossom to its heart’s content. Let the raging flames of our civilization illuminate the entire universe. Even if we die and our civilization is destroyed, our once-extremely brilliant flames will forever change the future of this universe—this is our most sacred

mission. Do you understand or not?”

“Tt seems that we’ve caught a big fish.”

She was dazed for a long time. It was not until she received new instructions from somewhere that she put on an ugly smile again. “You are not a ‘devil child’. What are you exactly?”

“Big fish?”

“Tang Ka’ sneered, revealing his white and sharp teeth. “I’m afraid that the fish is so large that it will break your entire chopping block and chew you into pieces!

With each roar louder than the last, the veins on the young man’s face, body, and limbs bulged. The shackles that had been torn in half silently a moment ago exploded with a bang. His body quickly expanded like an inflatable ball, while the soul power from the depths of his brain expanded ten times

faster than his body. In the blink of an eye, a bright gold human figure that looked like a devil had arrived had been formed outside his body.

No, this was not the end.

While his skin was chapping and his muscles were expanding, the blood spluttering out of Tonka’s body was vaporized into a cl.u.s.ter of blood mist. The blood mist gradually rose up and turned into a giant swirl in midair. A pair of enormous wings grew out of the swirl, followed by a pair of horns that were

as sharp as sabers. In the end, a hideous, murderous Blood Demon crawled out and overlapped with the bright gold shadow, enveloping the young man’s body that had been deformed after he unlocked his genetic power.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, everybody.”

The two deities who respected each other laughed hideously at the same time. Li Yao rubbed his hands and grimaced at the mental devil, while he said at the same time, “According to my own understanding and definition, I feel that I am an angel who has truly inherited the legacy of the G.o.ds and come to

rescue you. Thank you!”

“Angel? Angel?”

Chu Zhiyun almost vomited blood on the ‘angel’.

The other students were also dumbfounded. They could not believe their ears. “Are you kidding me? Such an… angel?”

In the three-dimensional illusion, Zhou Xiuyun was dazed for a moment. “What?”

“Alright. By your definition, you can consider me a devil, too.

Li Yao grinned hideously. “It doesn’t matter whether I’m an extraterrestrial devil or an angel. What matters is that you’ve finally p.i.s.sed me off! Congratulations! What an amazing achievement! n.o.body in the entire universe has ever dared to p.i.s.s me off like this. Very good. Whatever is hiding behind you

and wherever it is hiding, I’m going to dig you out and cut you into pieces. I’m going to blow every sc.r.a.p of your body into molecules. I’m going to dismantle every molecule into atoms. I’m going to squeeze out the nucleus of every atom alive. I’m going to tear apart the nucleus and crush the neutrons and

protons that make up a sc.u.mbag like you!

“Do you hear me, sc.u.mbag? Don’t you believe in destiny? This is your destiny, brought to you by me, an ordinary human being! From the moment you infuriate me, destruction is your only ending!

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2763 – “Devil’s Child” Project

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Chapter 2763: “Devil’s Child” Project

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Faced with the bewildered and frightened teenagers of Cla.s.s 1, the three shadows clapped their hands with fake smiles at first, before they tapped their forehead, lips, and chest with their hands to show the highest courtesy of the Holy Alliance. Xia Yuren, dean of the Holy Light Inst.i.tute, said softly, “Congratulations, students. You’ve just completed a marvelous test and provided a lot of valuable data for our research. You’ve made great contributions to the most sacred cause in the universe.

“I know that you are very confused and scared right now. There is no need for you to be confused or scared. Believe me. Whatever appears in front of you must be the guidance of the G.o.ds. Whatever is imposed on you must be the blessing of the G.o.ds. You just need to be calm and accept it.

“Ah. Today, two distinguished guests from afar were asked by the Great Sage to come here and celebrate your grand graduation ceremony’. It is not hard to tell how much the Great Sage values you, the Children of Holy Light’. This is Lieutenant General Qiu Yuanjia, commander of the ‘Ninth Purifying Troop’. She is a loyal and keen senior Purifier. As for this… Let’s call her ‘Ms. Zhou Xiuyun’. Her name is just a code name. The most important thing is the gift that the G.o.ds bestowed upon her. She is one of the best Meditation Healers and brain experts in the entire Sanctuary. She is also the supervisor of the ‘Devil’s Child Project’. In the next few years, she will replace me as your guardian. I believe that you will get along very well.”

“h.e.l.lo, everyone.”

In the morning, in front of Tang Ka and Chu Zhiyun, ‘Zhou Xiuyun’ was still unkempt and anxious. But right now, she was a completely different person. She seemed to be enshrouded in a faint mist. Although she was greeting the students with a smile, she was looking at the young men as if they were lab rats.

All the teenagers took a step back in fear because of her cold and merciless eyes.

Chu Zhiyun was in disbelief, too. It was not until their eyes met that she realized what was going on.

What is going on?

In a trance, Chu Zhiyun mumbled, “The so-called ‘ultimate test’ is simply a lie. No. Not just the ‘ultimate test’. The entire Holy Light Academy, including those who want to train us, the Children of Holy Light, into ‘purifiers’, are all fakes! From the very beginning, we were never selected and trained for the purpose of purifiers’. Lies. Everything is a lie. The entire Holy Light Academy is a lie!”

“It’s true that you boast keen insight and thorough thinking ability, just like your mother. That’s why we picked you and you.

‘Zhou Xiuyun’, the supervisor of the ‘Devil Child Project’, said calmly, “It’s true that you are not fostered to purify the troops. The selection criteria of the ordinary purifiers are not very high. Those who are slightly stronger than the ‘soldier bees’ and the ‘worker bees’ can fill the vacancy. When necessary, the cold spiritual puppets can complete the simple purification tasks. It is not worth building a ‘School of Holy Light’ and investing a lot of precious resources to nurture you.

“No, you are a hundred times more important than the ‘Purifier’. Don’t let your imagination run wild and think too lowly of yourselves. There is a reason why you entered the ‘School of Holy Light’. You all carry extremely special genes and are one-in-ten-thousand abnormal people’. You have a mission that is a hundred times more difficult and sacred than the ‘Purifier’. And you have ‘luckyly not let down’ and completed your mission very well without you knowing it. Especially in the ‘Ultimate Test’, many people released their natural instincts to their heart’s content and displayed the deepest secrets of their genes. Liao Meng, Chu Zhiyun, and even the once inconspicuous Tang Ka. Uncontrollable and extremely powerful strength and will burst forth from the depths of your hearts. It’s truly amazing. You can’t help but want to praise the G.o.ds for creating the perfection of our kind of life.”

While talking, Zhou Xiuyun made a gesture of praise the G.o.ds’.

Chu Zhiyun, on the other hand, was s.h.i.+vering. There was no telling whether she was angry or scared. She asked in a s.h.i.+vering voice, “If we are not purifiers, what are we exactly?”

“You are the Children of Holy Light.

Zhou Xiuyun replied casually, “Or rather, ‘Devil’s Child’.”

“Devil’s Child?”

Chu Zhiyun ground his teeth and chewed on the t.i.tle with his molars. “What is a ‘devil child’?”

Zhou Xiuyun didn’t answer him directly. Instead, she opened her arms, and ivory brilliance of holiness and brilliance flowed out of her body, as if she had turned into pure white, fluffy wings on her back. Even her voice sounded more airy and transparent. She said from the bottom of her heart. “Praise be to the G.o.ds for creating all things in the universe and us. Even before we fell into eternal rest, they had already planned our fate and bestowed upon us the special and sacred abilities of the five great masters. We can read the prophecy and miracles left by the G.o.ds.

“It was with the a.n.a.lysis of our master that we were able to excavate countless treasures left by the G.o.ds of the primeval era and recreate the most powerful technologies and wonders of the past. We also awakened the powerful techniques that the G.o.ds left in the depths of our cells, which could move mountains and overturn seas

and destroy the world.

“Therefore, with the prophecy and gifts of the G.o.ds, the guidance and interpretation of the Great Master, and the

loyalty and devotion of the citizens, the alliance of the Holy Accord was established and consolidated. With the barren fear and resources in the sea of stars, the darkness in the center of the sea of stars was driven away and the devils that corrupted the universe were eliminated. Light, harmony, and order were brought to the entire


“However, as you all know, the battle between light and darkness has lasted for millions of years and has never been able to determine the final winner. Even though the G.o.ds shed their last drop of blood for the war and

finally banished and sealed the devils at the edge of the universe, the evil existences known as ‘Extraterrestrial Demons’ are still restless and want to corrupt and corrupt the most perfect creation of the G.o.ds—we.

“It’s a pity that, when we were created by the G.o.ds, the shadow of the extraterrestrial devils had been looming over our heads. We were born with the original sin that we could not get rid of. It was very easy for the extraterrestrial devils to invade and corrupt us.

“If it were normal pollution, where the feelings and desires that shouldn’t exist were triggered by the extraterrestrial devils and we were controlled by the b.e.s.t.i.a.l instincts, there wouldn’t have been much damage.

“But if you are corrupted by the extraterrestrial devils to the level of logic, not only will you have wild emotions and animalistic desires, you will also have rebellious thoughts. You will question the leaders.h.i.+p of the Great Sage and even question the existence of the G.o.ds. Such dangerous people are not ordinary ‘contaminators of the extraterrestrial devils’, but ‘heretics’!

Zhou Xiuyun’s tone was sharper and sharper. When she said ‘heresy’, her teeth seemed to have turned into two

sharp guillotines that were going to cut every word into pieces.

“Doubt the existence of the G.o.ds!”

All the Children of Holy Light gasped, including Chu Zhiyun and Tang Ka.

Although they had fallen into a ridiculous and tricky trap and even discovered that their life over the past ten years might have been a sham, their trust in the Great Master and their belief in the G.o.ds were still deeply engraved in their hearts.

Even the most rebellious Chu Zhiyun did not dare to imagine a world without G.o.ds.

The ‘heretics’ were truly insane!

“The ‘heresy’ is the most fatal threat for the entire Sanctuary Alliance. In many cases, it is even more dangerous than our external enemies, the Imperium of True Human Beings.

Zhou Xiuyun explained, “The ‘heretics’ are not like the ordinary ‘contaminators’ of the extraterrestrial devils. They may not show strong emotions and desires, nor will they be driven by the low-level emotions and l.u.s.t. Instead, they focus their attention on the things of a higher level. They will even disguise their feelings and thoughts and pretend to be the most loyal believers and warriors of the G.o.ds so that they can crawl into the leaders.h.i.+p of the entire Sanctuary Alliance. Our central nerves and our ‘brain’ will trick more people into believing their wrong thoughts and gradually expand the range of their pollution. The innocent and innocent citizens of the Sanctuary Alliance will be greatly confused.

“Take the war in the Black Wind Defense Line, one of the most important defense lines of the Imperium of True Human Beings, for example.

“At that time, the entire defense line of the Imperium of True Human Beings collapsed, and tens of thousands of stars.h.i.+ps were in chaos. It was a great opportunity for the fleet of the Sanctuary Alliance to crush the imperium and restore the glory of the G.o.ds to the entire universe.

“But because of the appearance of an extremely dangerous ‘heresy’ in our organization, countless people were persuaded to join her evil organization in order to compete with the five great sages. The great sages were forced to devote a lot of precious resources, soldiers, and computational ability to internal cleansing, which eventually led to the failure of the frontline. In the end, the imperium managed to secure the second defense line, which was a tug-of-war that lasted a hundred years.


The young men had studied the entire process of the Battle of Black Wind a hundred years ago in the ‘School of Holy Light’. They did not know that there was such an internal reason for the retreat of the Holy Alliance.

Even Li Yao was secretly surprised. He thought to himself that the fall of the Black Wind Sector a hundred years ago was indeed the starting point of everything. Countless turbulent events in the future, including the expedition of the Black Wind Fleet to the Star Glory Federation, the rise of ‘G.o.d of War’ Lei Chenghu, the opportunity for the Infinite Commerce Alliance to control the economy and trade of the world outside the imperium, and the glamorous return of the Black Wind King, were all related to the war.

Right now, even the ‘heresy’ inside the Sanctuary had shown up!

There was no way that the ideology of human beings could be blocked or exterminated. As long as human beings had a highly developed logical thinking ability, it was impossible for them to stop the birth of all kinds of weird ideas. As far as Li Yao was concerned, it was impossible for the opinions of the five supreme masters to be completely unified. They all had their own ideas and plans. Therefore, it was not strange at all that a few Theretics’ were born in the internal strife of the leaders.h.i.+p.

However, he could not figure out how the ‘heresy’ of the leaders.h.i.+p was related to the so-called ‘devil children’..

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2771

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Chapter 2771: You Are Long Dead!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

White steam was spurting out of the rotten meat. There was no telling whether it was anger or suspicion. Then, it withered like a bag that was riddled with holes.


Behind Li Yao, Summer Rain, dean of the Holy Light Inst.i.tute, suddenly let out a high-pitched shriek. She took out more than ten glittering silver syringes and stabbed them into her carotid artery, her glabella, her temples, and her Baihui acupoint, injecting the drugs with suspicious const.i.tuents into her


For a moment, her eyes turned almost transparent.

It flowed out of her eyes in the form of magma and interweaved on her face.

Very soon, her entire face was like red-hot steel. At first, it turned orange, then milky white. Her facial features seemed to be melting in the terrifying ‘holy light’.

“Repent, you devil!”

She screamed, “In the light of the G.o.ds!”

Hundreds of pale electric arcs spurted out of her ‘eyes’, which were now two white holes, and covered Li Yao’s head instantly!

Li Yao’s brain was immediately cracking. Blood mist was popping up from all his orifices.


The ‘heretical children’ watching the battle were all anxious and clenching their fists.

Today was the first time that they had met ‘Zhou Xiuyun’, the manager of the ‘Devil’s Child Project’. They did not know much about Zhou Xiuyun, but they knew clearly how strong their dean ‘Xia Yu’ was.

In addition to being an outstanding brain researcher, Xia Yu was also a Meditation Healer with extremely powerful mental strength. In the past, as long as she was alone, without the help of any magical equipment or facilities, she would be able to spread the holy light into the brains of thousands upon

thousands of students, allowing the students to hear the voices of the “deities”, allowing them to see the myriad of forms and illusions presented by the holy light. She would even be able to make the students unconsciously speak the secrets at the bottom of their hearts, making them repent for their sins.

Her gaze seemed to be able to see through the hearts of every student. Her voice contained a power that could not be defied. Her every action was so harmonious, sacred, and perfect. In the hearts of the students, Dean Xia was the “closest person to G.o.d” besides the Supreme Master.

Over the past few years, no one had ever seen someone from the Summer Rain Tribe stimulate their mental power to such an extent.

Even though they were merely bystanders, they could feel that the mental power leaking out of Xia Yu’s body was their cerebral cortex like sharp scalpels, making their heads hurt so much that they felt that they had to repent immediately.

However, Li Yao, who was the first to bear the brunt of the attack, seemed to be unaware of the lightning-like brightness in his brain and continued marching toward Xia Yu.

“Is this your trick?

Wreathed in electric arcs and holy light, he said coldly, one word after another, “You are just a puppet. You don’t have your own soul and will at all. How can you talk about ‘mental power? The brainwaves you release are powerful, but they do not have the temperature that a normal intelligent creature

should have. They are just emotionless, meaningless, and powerless waves. Even if you stimulate your brain cells to burn crazily with all kinds of strengthening drugs, it will be useless because your brain has been dead for a long time. Right now, it is nothing but a frozen ocean and an empty grave!

“It’s impossible…”

Xia Yu’s face was almost melted together with her brain. “Holy light!”

“Let me show you what real mental power is!”

Li Yao roared, “The most important thing is not the intensity of the brainwaves, not the frequency of the braincells, not even the spiritual root, the level, or the Cultivation, but the courage, the emotions, and the hot blood that can make all the braincells burn. That is the most precious, the strongest, and

the mental power that can tear the universe apart!

Amid the roars, Li Yao’s eyes turned crimson, both like boiling magma and like a swirl of thousands of crimson lightning.

‘When he blurted out the last word, the crimson lightning rushed out of his eyes and shattered the pale electric arcs, the so-called ‘holy light’ that enveloped him, and pierced into the eyes of Xia Yu!

Xia Yu’s eyes immediately turned as red as Li Yao’s.

The zigzagging blood quickly spread to her entire face like a spider web.

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhh!”

Xia Yu, dean of the Holy Light Inst.i.tute, who had always been calm, elegant, and tranquil, finally held her head and screamed miserably.

Very soon, crimson flames were spurting out of her ears, nose, and mouth. The flames congregated and turned her head into a burning, melting candle. After only half a minute, her entire head was boiling, burning, and turning into ash.


The ‘heretical children’ were all dumbfounded. Even Chu Zhiyun, who was the calmest among them, could not help but put on a dumbfounded and shocked expression.

From the moment Li Yao blew up dozens of decks and cabin walls inside the floating fortress, they had known how strong Li Yao was.

However, no matter how hard he tried to imagine it, he never thought that Li Yao would be so strong.

How—how could he blow up their dean’s head while they were talking and laughing?

Right now, other than them, only Zhou Xiuyun, the manager of the Devil’s Child Project, was still standing next to them.

But Zhou Xiuyun’s reaction was very strange.

She did not resist stubbornly like Qiu Yuanjia and Xia Yu did, but she did not intend to run away, either. She simply stood aside and observed Li Yao’s combat with her eyes wide open, as if she were trying to collect every detail of Li Yao’s habits and patterns.

“You are the only one left.”

Li Yao warmed up his wrist slowly and tured to Zhou Xiuyun. “Why didn’t you attack or run away?”

“can’t beat you, nor can I run away. I’m no match for you.”

Zhou Xiuyun’s face was calm, and there was even a hint of curiosity in it. However, the ‘curiosity’ did not seem to be her own. It seemed to be the emotion of someone who was manipulating her in the darkness. “You are one of the top experts of the Imperium of True Human Beings. You are best at

individual combat and decapitation tactics. In terms of ‘individual threat level’, you are among the top three in our database. I, on the other hand, am just a Meditation Healer who is to brain research and barely has the strength to truss a chicken. It is meaningless to resist or run away from an

expert such as yourself.

“This is outrageous and unforgivable!”

Li Yao raised his eyebrow and said hideously, “Is my personal threat ability only in the top three? Are you kidding me? How do you do your intelligence work? Who are the other two?”

Zhou Xiuyun was dazed for a moment, as if she was not used to Li Yao’s rambling. It was not until three seconds later that she returned to herself and said, “Kill me, or even destroy the floating fortress and the entire ‘Devil Child Project’. We both know that it is useless.

“Lam just a tiny cell on the body of the G.o.ds, a tiny ripple raised by the will of the G.o.ds, a projection left by the brilliance of the G.o.ds on everything in the world. You have killed one of me. Naturally, thousands of me will be reborn in the favor of the G.o.ds and continue the mission of the G.o.ds, the sacred


“The ‘Devil’s Child Project’ is just one of the countless brain and human nature research projects of the Star Glory Federation. All the experimental data has been uploaded to the G.o.ds by our master and can be recovered at any time.

“Therefore, what’s the point of killing me and destroying this place?

“But you—

“I don’t know what kind of delicate method you used to send your soul directly to this place across billions of stars, but whatever the technology is, such a long-distance projection of your soul must consume a lot of your soul power, spiritual energy, and mental power. It must be very risky, too.

“Maybe, you were planning to use the technology to spy on us, but I don’t know why you are so stupid as to go on a killing spree. The more people you kill, the more your soul and spiritual energy will be consumed. Your body and your mind will run dry, and the long-distance connection will be more


“You’ve killed so many people, but many purifiers are still coming from the floating fortress. Even if you can control the entire floating fortress and destroy them, so what? There are still a lot of our legions and fleets in the thousands of square kilometers nearby. They will surround and annihilate you at

any moment, or at least lock you down. They will never allow an extremely evil devil such as yourself to invade our sacred body.

“Hehe. So, just kill me. I will trade my life and half of the ‘Devil Child Project’ for the soul of an important subject of the imperium. It is a very good deal. What do you think, Black Wind King Li Yao?”

There was not the slightest fear of death on Zhou Xiuyun’s face. Instead, it was filled with enlightenment and the joy of returning to the embrace of the G.o.ds.

Li Yao, on the other hand, sighed.

“There is one thing that you haven’t figured out yet. I’m not trying to kill you, including Qiu Yuanjia and Xia Yu.

Li Yao replied, “Because the real you are already dead. Right now, somebody is manipulating your bodies and turning you into a bunch of crazy zombies.”

“I’s impossible for a human to die twice. Therefore, I don’t want to kill you. I just want you to rest in peace.

“You were already dead. The real you was already dead the moment you became the first Devil’s Child in the embryo state before you were born.

“It must’ve been very painful. After he became the first generation of demonic children, he was savaged brutally when he was still a baby. Other than physical torment, his spirit was twisted and castrated, too. He never had the chance to grow and blossom to his heart’s content.

“In the end, not only were you refined into what they thought you to be, even your daughter could not escape such a sad destiny. She was reduced to a tool that was manipulated, refined, and tortured. She was an experiment subject.

“Tell me, have you really forgotten such unforgettable pain?

“Did you lose the ability to feel pain, or did you kill it every time you felt pain so that you could fool yourself and pretend that the pain did not exist?

“Swear to your G.o.d that you have never thought of ending all the pain and giving your daughter, who carries all your genes and hope, a completely different future?

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2765 – Venomous Like a Scorpion!

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Chapter 2765: Venomous Like a Scorpion!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhou Xiuyun opened her arms and embraced all the young men warmly.

If one ignored the content of her words and only looked at her kind expression and the milky white ‘holy light’ behind her back, it really seemed as if she was giving the teenagers a great ‘blessing’.

However, the ‘gospel’ made all the teenagers shudder in anger.

“It’s—it’s—it’s hilarious!”

Chu Zhiyun finally couldn’t hold it back any longer. He was so angry that two streams of tears were rolling down his face. He shouted, “What kind of ‘gift’ is this? Even the demon kings in the deepest level of h.e.l.l would not be so sordid and evil! And you are calling us ‘heretics’? No. We just want to know the

true face of the Great Master and hear the truth of the G.o.ds in person. We didn’t expect that your true face would be like this!

“In my opinion, you are the heretics, the devils, and the devils who betrayed the G.o.ds and did the dirty work in the name of the G.o.ds. You will never get my cooperation. I—”

The girl struggled with all her might. The shackles on her hands and feet were rattling. The streaks of lightning were s.h.i.+ning in the blink of an eye. The electric arcs flowed all over her body again and whipped her delicate skin brutally, turning her tears into sticky blood. Her next words turned into sobs,


“If you are not a heretic, why don’t you take a small test?”

Faced with Chu Zhiyun’s curses, Zhou Xiuyun’s fake smile did not change at all. She continued calmly, “It’s a simple logic. If you truly believe in the G.o.ds and believe that everything is the arrangement of the G.o.ds, you should believe that what is happening right now is a test of the G.o.ds for you. You should

welcome the test peacefully or even cheerily and test your devotion to the G.o.ds with the most extreme pain.

“You must believe that the more rigorous, painful, and protracted the tests of the G.o.ds are for you, the more important, sacred, and crucial the mission that the G.o.ds are going to hand over to you is.

“However, look at yourself. Look at yourself jumping up and down and roaring like thunder. You dare not face the test of the G.o.ds at all! What are you if not a heretic?


Chu Zhiyun was so angry that he was almost laughing. “I will not believe your bullsh*t anymore. If it were a normal test, I would be fearless even if I was faced with the iron torrent of the imperium! But right now, you are trying to erase my emotions, memories, and thoughts, and even dissect my brain

for research. Who would agree to such an absurd, crazy test? If it were you, would you still be absolutely calm and devoted to the G.o.ds under such circ.u.mstances?”

“Yes. I know you don’t believe me, but you don’t need to say ‘if it were me’. I have indeed gone through the same test as you.

“Yes. Judging from the meaningless blood relations.h.i.+p, we share the same mother.

Zhou Xiuyun said casually, “Our mother was the most evil ‘heresy’ of the Star Glory Federation more than a hundred years ago. She was even the most dangerous, evil, and bewildering ‘heresy’ in the history of the Star Glory Federation. Although she was annihilated by the divine punishment more than a

hundred years ago, her poison is still corroding the body of the Star Glory Federation to this day. The heretic organization that she established is showing signs of revival.

“The ‘Devil’s Child Project’ was originally created to study her mind and behavior. For a hundred years, we tried to combine her genes with various normal or dangerous genes and raised new ‘devil’s children’ generation after generation. I was the first generation, and you are already the 29th generation,

very close to her generation.

“In the process of creating you, we have tried our best to eliminate the influence of the patrilineal genes and only kept the genetic features of the mother, which made you more than 97% similar to her. From a certain perspective, you are not only her daughter but also her daughter.

“Therefore, we’ve been observing you since a long time ago and were surprised by your unbelievable ability. We know that you have the ability to control the brainwaves and the secretion of hormones freely and that you can simulate extremely indifferent brainwave models with your extraordinary

computational ability to create a vivid ‘disguise’. On the surface, you appear to be indifferent and emotionless, no different from other people of the Sanctuary, but in fact, you are a pa.s.sionate and self-righteous man. You don’t believe in authority or anything that other people tell you. You have your own

world, and you are… your own G.o.d!

“This is a genetic defect, or rather, an ‘awakening bomb’ that was implanted into the body of a human being by extraterrestrial devils in the primeval era. It was with such an evil gene that the Nuwa Clan and the human beings betrayed the Pangu Alliance. However, the ‘genetic bomb’ inside your body did

not explode until hundreds of thousands of years later.

“Look, we know everything, Right now, we’ve located the genetic defect precisely. As long as we find a cure for the genetic defect or eliminate all the people who carry the genetic defect, it will be impossible for the heretics to rise again. This is the sacred mission that you’ve been entrusted with. It is also a

way for the two of us to redeem our mother, who has been corrupted by the extraterrestrial devils and fallen into the deepest level of h.e.l.l forever.

“Is there anything else, my sister?”


Chu Zhiyun’s mind was in a mess. The two rows of teeth that had just been frozen finally collided with each other with cracking sounds.

Her pale lips trembled for a long time before she opened her mouth to ask, “I want to know, what is the relations.h.i.+p between you and Little Tiantian? Is she really your daughter? Also, we clearly hit a roadside bomb, fell into the sewer, and were washed all the way to the south of the city. Even we don’t

know where we are. How did you lock onto us so quickly?”

“Little Tiantian is indeed my ‘daughter, but such an ident.i.ty is meaningless.

Zhou Xiuyun said coldly, “The so-called ‘mother-daughter relations.h.i.+p’ is just the residue of animal instincts in our bodies. In order to devote ourselves to the sacred mission, they should be cut off without any hesitation. For me, Little Tian Tian is just a test subject for the ‘Devil Child Project’, or even a

tool to test whether or not I am ‘recovered’.

“As for the problem of locking onto you, it’s very simple. I didn’t do anything to your body, but I have injected a special tracing drug into Little Tian Tian’s veins. For 24 hours, it can release extremely special aura and waves with the consumption of her heat. Only I—her biological mother—can sense it.. As

long as you are not five hundred kilometers away, no matter how many skysc.r.a.pers are in between, I will lock onto you precisely!”

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2768 – Absolutely Strong!

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Chapter 2768: Absolutely Strong!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


‘With the help of Tonka’s body, Li Yao squeezed his right hand that had just been raised to the sky, as if he were really crus.h.i.+ng the molecules, atoms, protons, and electrons.

In every direction, the spiritual energy bullets that had been consolidated by his force field exploded at the same time, turning into almost a hundred rapidly-revolving s.h.i.+ning b.a.l.l.s that bounced back to their owners in the same trajectory.

Li Yao seemed to be the center of an earthshaking storm!

Dozens of purifiers were blown away like kite whose string had been cut off.

‘The muscular demons, together with their crystal suits, weighed several tons or even more than ten tons. But after being savaged by the blast, they were like dry leaves in a blowing wind and could not do anything about it.

But Li Yao’s attack would not end so easily.

Light that could pierce through the entire planet beamed out of his eyes. He sniffed and appeared in front of the dozens of purifiers in the thousands of phantoms.


Li Yao covered Tangka’s right arm with his own spiritual flames, as if he were putting on a glamorous armor of b.l.o.o.d.y flames. Then, the b.l.o.o.d.y flames pierced through the air like a whip and slapped the cleaner’s chest brutally.

Something absolutely impossible had happened!

Every time the b.l.o.o.d.y flames. .h.i.t one of the purifiers, they would turn into thousands of venomous snakes that tied up every joint on his body and twisted, tore, and tore the crystal suit on his body into pieces. The crystal suit collapsed and splashed!

‘When the purifier’s chest collapsed and he fell to the ground heavily with blood spurting out, there was no armor covering his body anymore. Even the last metal piece was blown into the air!

It was as if Li Yao had shattered all their crystal suits with a single strike!

Dozens of purifiers suffered such heavy blows at the same time. Dozens of crystal suits turned into the most fundamental components and danced in the sky. Together with the blood that rose up like a fountain, it was an unforgettable scene for the Children of Heresy.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Earsplitting alarms finally echoed inside the preparation room. The doors on both sides of the room were opened, and countless purifiers and battle puppets crowded in.

“It’s my turn!”

The mental devil roared impatiently. It turned into, no, a hundred streaks of redness and darted at the intruder.

From the moment the mental devil accepted Professor Mo Xuan’s legacy, it had become a ‘Heavenly Devil of the Spiritual Nexus’ in a certain sense. After it arrived in the imperium, it had been in touch with the information creatures such as Xiao Ming and Wen Wen for a long time. It had also controlled

the mainframe crystal processor of the Gold Crystal Tower and trained its hacking and control ability through the most powerful crystal processor system in the primeval era. It was safe to say that it was now an ‘intruder of the Spiritual Nexus’ that was even more powerful and tricky than Professor Mo

Xuan and Lu Qingchen.

For it, attacking the brains of the purifiers while attacking the Spiritual Nexus system that controlled the puppets was a piece of cake.

It was also trying to pry into the mysteries of the control system of the floating fortress through the control system of the battle puppets so that it could destroy and control it!

Zi! Zi! Zi Zi! Zi! Zi!

Unusual electric arcs were echoing inside the bodies of all the battle puppets. Even the crystal suits of the purifiers seemed to have been hijacked by devils and did not listen to their masters’ commands. After an earsplitting shriek, they somehow maneuvered their masters’ arms and aimed their guns at

each other before they pulled the triggers brutally!

Dozens of purifiers and almost a hundred battle puppets collapsed on the spot. The dead bodies and the debris blocked the pathway on both sides. The defenders at the back were not able to rush close for the time being. There were no heavy weapons such as crystal cannons or crystal tanks inside the

floating fortress, either. They could only watch Li Yao and the mental devil wreaking havoc inside. There was nothing they could do in their hurry.

While the mental devil was showing its skills, Li Yao was not idling around, either.

He controlled Tonka’s right hand again and raised it high. Gold flames spurted out of his index finger and wreathed the units and components of the dozens of crystal suits floating in midair.

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

‘The specific performance of the units and the broken components immediately flooded into Li Yao’s soul like a waterfall of information. In the middle of the splashes, thousands of modification pictures were formed.

Under the horrified gaze of Chu Zhiyun and the other ‘heretical children’, the hundreds of thousands of units and the broken components started revolving rapidly. Many of the components collided and rubbed against each other, producing colorful, brilliant fireworks. Hot streams of various colors

surrounded the components like glamorous rainbows and tied them up.

In fact, Li Yao’s polis.h.i.+ng and adjustment only lasted twenty seconds.

But for the ‘heretical children’ whose eyes had been opened wide, it felt as long as a year.

They felt that their eyeb.a.l.l.s had been attracted by Li Yao’s marvelous modification skills. They were trembling along with the rapidly-revolving components and were almost going blind.

Their skin could also feel the heat that was as hot as magma near a volcano—it was the high-speed friction of tens of thousands of components, which almost ignited the air!

“How is it possible?”

“How can there be such an unbelievable modification technology in the world? Is it still in the category of refining?”

“He did not even move his hands. He only extended one finger. One finger!


It was like a spring that had been compressed to the extreme. Once it rebounded, its strength would be the strongest.

‘The young man who had been fostered and suppressed his feelings for more than ten years, when he realized his true ident.i.ty and his last line of defense collapsed, did not hide his feelings at all.

They looked at Li Yao with complicated feelings. There was no telling whether the ‘angels’ who came to rescue them or the ‘devils’ who dragged them into the abyss of destruction.

Li Yao, on the other hand, had no time to care about the shock and admiration of the teenagers. His soul was focused on the fingertip of Tang Ka.

This was the first time that he had performed his remote manipulation and refining skills to the maximum when he was above the Divinity Transformation Stage.

It was indeed seamless and natural!

Very soon, after hundreds of thousands of components were sc.r.a.pped, a hot crystal suit that was still emitting orange colors was ready!

If there were two words to describe the crystal suit, they would be ‘magnificent’ and ‘ferocious’!

The standard crystal suits of the Star Glory Federation used to be the same as the calm, emotionless people of the Star Glory Federation. There were not many changes in them. They were just gray, cold coffins.

However, after Li Yao’s modification, he had installed the weapon system of more than ten crystal suits on one crystal suit. Not only were there more than ten chainswords and vibration sabers on the back of the crystal suit open like a fan, there were also thick and long Six Barrel Rotary Crystal Railguns

on the arms and the waist of the crystal suit. The crazy lunatic had a.s.sembled six crystal railguns that used to have only one barrel and significantly modified the fire control system and the spiritual energy transmission system, increasing the output of the crystal railguns by more than 300%!

Such a hideous crystal suit was like a hybrid of a porcupine hundreds of times larger and an iron armored dragon.

Li Yao was still in the mood to carve a raging star on the chest of the heavy crystal suit. In the middle of the star was a grinning face.

However, the people of the Sanctuary who saw the smiling face were not likely to smile.


‘The spiritual energy bullets that Li Yao collected from the Cleaners exploded around the brand-new crystal suit one by one, releasing freezing frost that cooled the crystal suit down instantly.

When the temperature dropped to 200-300 degrees, Li Yao could not wait to step inside.

The heavy crystal suit, which seemed heavy and clumsy, had been polished by Li Yao’s hands. In fact, it was so close to Tang Ka’s body that there was not the slightest gap. It was like the second skin of a young man.

The modification above their heads was not over yet.

After all, it was impossible for a crystal suit to carry all the weapon systems of dozens of crystal suits. However crazy Li Yao was, he could only insert three super-compressed crystal reactors into the waist and the back of the crystal suit. It would be a waste if he simply gave up the other crystal reactors.

Therefore, the remaining crystal reactors, magical equipment units, and broken components were gradually a.s.sembled into an ugly cannon.

When the barrels of almost a hundred storm bolters were a.s.sembled together, they looked like a square metal box, with dozens of super-compressed crystal reactor connected to the back to ensure that the destructive spiritual energy could be output to the maximum instantly. The key was how to control

the surging destructive force to be pointed forward. But then again, this was the depths of the enemy’s floating fortress. Even if the energy was flowing in all directions, it wouldn’t matter, would it?


Li Yao suddenly said.

“What’s going on?”

The mental devil shrieked, “I’m trying my best to hack the enemy’s control system through the battle puppets. What’s wrong with you? Don’t interrupt me if there’s nothing wrong!”

“A very important question.”

Li Yao said casually, “I suddenly remember that I haven’t named the brand-new crystal suit yet. This is the first time that I’ve shown up in front of the Holy Accord Alliance, not to mention that there are so many ‘heretical children’ who love and wors.h.i.+p me. I should give the crystal suit a cool name no

matter what. It will be a great test point for the history courses of the students of the federation, the imperium, and the Sanctuary!”

The mental devil was dazed for a moment, before it replied, “Alright. Why don’t I help you think of a name? Let’s call it ‘Go to h.e.l.l’, shall we?”

“Don’t be so grumpy. I was just joking to liven up the atmosphere and relax my nerves!”

Li Yao’s lips curled into a cruel smile. “If I don’t calm myself down, I’m afraid that I might kill the entire planet in my excitement!

Thave great news for my dear readers.

Thanks to everyone’s concern, Old Cow was finally discharged!

Right now, the pain in his feet was basically no longer a problem. As long as he rested in bed for two more days, Old Cow would probably be able to resume the normal updates tomorrow. In the future, he would have the opportunity to slowly make up for what he had previously owed to everyone. Many

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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2776 – : Army Obliteration

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Chapter 2776: Army Obliteration

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Li Yao felt that he was an iron giant reborn in the raging flames.

‘The more he combined his soul with the crystal processor, the more the strength hidden in the deepest part of his soul spurted out and adjusted the balance between him and the crystal processor so that his senses and thoughts could reach every tube and every corner of the floating fortress smoothly.

Right now, he was the floating fortress.

The sh.e.l.l of the crystal suit and the fully- automatic turrets was his solid body.

The complicated tubes and crystal cables were his veins and nerves.

The crystal reactor that was thousands of degrees hot when it was fully functioning was his abdomen.

‘The crystal processor group made of dozens of super crystal processors was his brain.

And all the crystal cannonb.a.l.l.s engraved with offensive array glyphs and emitting roars of tigers and dragons were his angry fists!


Li Yao’s field of vision was expanded by ten times instantly. He scanned and locked onto more than five hundred targets, large and small, a hundred kilometers away. They were the reinforcements who had discovered that something had gone wrong with the ‘Devil’s Child Project’.

‘They formed two lines and gradually opened like pincers. One team came to hara.s.s Li Yao, while the other team was ready to bypa.s.s the floating fortress and chase after the ‘heretical children’ such as Chu Zhiyun, Tang Ka, and Little Tian Tian.

Naturally, Li Yao would not let them have their way.

A distance of a hundred kilometers was still far beyond the effective shooting range for most of the weapon systems on the floating fortress. Even though the firepower could cover the distance, the precision was not guaranteed.

However, that was before, under the ‘general state’.

“Try this, you resurrected corpses!”

Li Yao burst into laughter. In his crazy laughter, dense data and aiming lines appeared in his vision, which tied up 572 targets, all of which were high-speed scout vehicles and low-alt.i.tude attack boats that were the greatest threats to the ‘heretical children’. Then, more than a thousand light b.a.l.l.s were

popping up from the floating fortress in the enemy’s direction. The crystal cannons, railguns, and heat cannons were all triggered by his spiritual energy to the point that they exceeded 200% of their maximum output, not to mention the heavy crystal cannonb.a.l.l.s more than one meter in diameter. They

were all tied up by his spiritual energy and revolving at a high speed while they were still on the rails, significantly improving their speed, shooting range, accuracy, and damage!


Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

With the enhancement of Li Yao’s soul, a mere floating fortress boasted the aura of thousands of cannons firing at the same time. Thousands of straight pillars of light tangled with the crooked exhaust flames and turned into a destructive net of fire that enshrouded the sky within a hundred square

kilometers. It was already late at night, but he had illuminated the sky as if it were daylight!

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The crystal suits, armed shuttles, crystal tanks, battle puppets, and the low-alt.i.tude attack stars.h.i.+ps in the atmosphere that could send warnings all issued the most earsplitting warnings. The sharp crests were about to break through the limits of the light beam, indicating the unprecedented high-energy


Most of the reinforcements who came in a hurry only knew that the floating fortress where the ‘Devil’s Child Project was carried out had been invaded by the enemy. They did not know that the enemy was a tricky guy such as ‘Black Wind King’ Li Yao. Even if they had guessed it, they did not know that Li

Yao could deal such devastating damage by himself!

Almost a hundred armed shuttles and battle puppets were the first to bear the brunt of the attack. They were crushed mercilessly by Li Yao’s web of fire and exploded in the blink of an eye, turning into ash and powder in the colorful blast.

The crystal suits and crystal tanks behind them raised their spiritual s.h.i.+elds in time, but they were inevitably riddled with holes, too. Black smoke was popping up nonstop, and they all fell to the ground.

The low-alt.i.tude a.s.sault stars.h.i.+p at the rear managed to resist Li Yao’s bombardment, but its spiritual s.h.i.+eld had been damaged, too. The mystic rays and waves that were scanning the no man’s land had been seriously jammed, and the ‘heretical children’ were nowhere to be found.

Their attention and firepower were deeply attracted by Li Yao—with a big fish like the Black Wind King, who would be interested in small fries like Chu Zhiyun, Tang Ka, and Little Tian Tian?

Three hundred kilometers away, deep inside the uninhabited area.

The ‘heretical children’ heard the earsplitting noises behind them and sensed the blast that tured into a strong wind five hundred kilometers away. They slapped the sh.e.l.l of their carriers and opened the cover of the carriers one after another. After putting on their goggles, they craned their heads out to

take a look.

Then, their eyes were deeply attracted by the splendid view on the horizon again and were almost blinded.

Right now, the dim sun had already set. The entire continent was enshrouded in darkness. Because of the smoke and the venomous fog, they should not have been able to see the moon and the stars no matter how hard they tried.

But not only did they see the red ‘moon’ and the gold ‘star’, they also saw a burning, raging sun that was releasing the most brilliant vitality. It was rising higher and higher and larger, almost dying half of the sky gold and tearing apart all the darkness covering the earth!

Although they were three hundred kilometers away from each other, the broken waves of Li Yao’s spiritual flames still fell upon the heads of the ‘heretical children’ like burning snowflakes.

It was like a brilliant golden drizzle that was soaking their wounded souls.

“So spectacular, so… beautiful!”

This was the first time the youths had seen such a magnificent and inconceivable battle scene.

For them, this was perhaps an out-and-out ‘miracle’.

Some of them could not help but reach out to catch the burning snowflakes, but the snowflakes were always extinguished and dispersed before they were caught, leaving only a vague warmth that crawled into their hearts through their palms.

“The Black Wind King, Li Yao?”

Wearing the goggles, Chu Zhiyun gazed at Li Yao’s direction and the burning horizon. The horizon seemed to be the last defense line that Li Yao had built for them. No matter how many enemies there were, Li Yao would not let the sc.u.mbags come close at all.

While Chu Zhiyun was reading, hot and wet liquid flowed out of his eyes again and shook inside the goggles like flowing crystals.


While they were watching, one of the ‘heretical children’ asked, “I don’t understand. Why is he doing this and helping us without a good reason? No matter how strong he is, it is barely possible for him to do this. It is very dangerous, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know.”

Chu Zhiyun was silent for a moment. Then he shook his head and said, “Maybe, it will take us a long time, if not a lifetime, to find the answer. I have a vague feeling that the moment we find the answer is the moment we become real human beings like him!

His words put all the teenagers in deep thought.

Flames that looked like volcanic eruptions hundreds of kilometers away were etched in their eyes and would never be extinguished.

Li Yao seemed to be dominating and dominating, but his soul was declining at a visible speed and soon became an arrow at the end of its flight.

The floating fortress that he invaded and controlled was not a super firepower model after all but a large mobile experiment base.

A lot of fuel and ammunition chambers on the standard models had been modified into cells and laboratories. The ammunition and fuel that he carried were seriously insufficient. After the wanton bombardment just now, all the a.r.s.enals had run dry.

Besides, the floating fortress was not so automated that it did not require anybody to operate it. The soldiers who were still inside the floating fortress were apparently not going to obey Li Yao’s command. Instead, they would respond to their companions’ call and destroy the fortress from the inside, like

the bugs in Li Yao’s stomach.

There were too many troops stationed on Black Castle. When they were marching close, their spiritual s.h.i.+elds were all maximized, as if they were wearing a turtle sh.e.l.l. Li Yao was no match for them in a head-on battle of attrition.

Very soon, the hundreds of cannons on the attack level of the floating fortress were all overloaded and sc.r.a.pped due to lack of replacement components and cooling liquids.

A lot of important internal facilities had been occupied by soldiers and cut off from the control center. Li Yao’s ‘nerves’ had been cut off, too. His brain had lost connection with his eyes, ears, and skin.

Not to mention that the attacks of the army of the Sanctuary Alliance hit the floating fortress ten times more heavily like a storm. The floating fortress, whose spiritual s.h.i.+eld had collapsed, was riddled with holes. Explosions were everywhere, and flames were soaring to the sky. Even the anti-gravity

system could not be maintained. It exploded, lowering the alt.i.tude and spinning like a gyro.

Li Yao’s soul was as empty as the a.r.s.enal and fuel tanks of the floating fortress.

In the meantime, he had bought enough time for the ‘heretical children’ to disappear among the black hills.

It was time for him to leave with a smile and conceal his achievements.

“Let’s go!”

Li Yao called out to the mental devil affectionately. “Mission accomplished. Let’s call it a day. If we don’t leave now, we are going to be surrounded by the thousands of stars.h.i.+ps of the enemy and beaten to the point that even our parents will not recognize us!”

“I know.”

“But we can’t,” the mental devil said coldly.

If his soul could sweat, Li Yao would be soaked in cold sweat right now. “What do you mean by ‘can’t walk’?”

“You think I don’t want to go?”

The mental devil said calmly, “Since three minutes ago, when we loaded the last round of on all the turrets, I’ve been trying to get away from the chaotic battlefield, but I couldn’t. The interference was too severe. The fierce bombardment from both sides seriously disrupted the spiritual magnetic

field in all directions and put us in a ‘full-frequency blockage’ state. No matter what form the waves were in, they could not be transmitted out intact.

Li Yao was dazed for a long time. He tried to send out a telepathic thought.

As it tumed out, the previously un.o.bstructed air had turned into a thick swamp in which thorns were everywhere.

His soul was too weak right now. Without the protection of his body, it was barely possible for him to move forward. He would be tom to pieces within fifty kilometers.

d.a.m.n. I’ve run into such c.r.a.p again!

Li Yao cursed in a low voice, “Why didn’t you say anything just now? Also, why are you so calm when the situation is so serious?”


The mental devil was silent for a moment before it replied casually, “I’m used to it.”

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2773 – Walk Forward Boldly!

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Chapter 2773: Walk Forward Boldly!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


Chu Zhiyun thought for a long time and said hurriedly, “If we leave just like that, won’t you be left to fight against an entire army by yourself? Your situation right now is very—very bad, isn’t it? How can we?”

“Don’t be silly, little girl. I, ‘Vulture Li Yao’, have dominated the sea of stars and roamed the universe for more than a hundred years. I’ve slain demons, slain G.o.ds, and annihilated devils. I’ve been through all kinds of storms. This little scene in front of me… Tsk tsk tsk tsk. It’s really smaller than a sesame

seed. It’s so small that I’m simply not interested. I’ve condensed 100% of my strength. Cough cough cough cough. I can do it again. Cough cough. What can you do to me?”

Li Yao coughed and smiled. “Don’t worry. It’s just that I was fighting too hard just now. As long as I rest for three to five minutes and overcome my fatigue, I will be able to blow up a planet, not to mention those shrimps, pests, and rats!”

“Is that so?”

Chu Zhiyun was suspicious. He bit his lips and said, “But I can see that you are sweating hard and look extremely haggard. Are you sure you are not bluffing?”

She carefully extended her finger and poked Li Yao—Tanka’s chest.


Li Yao narrowed his eyes and grimaced. “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! What the h.e.l.l are you, this audacious junior, doing!? I’ve just recovered 99%! I’m about to completely recover! I’m coming back to life! With this jab of yours, all my previous efforts will be wasted! I’ll have to start all over again!

Tl have to lie down for at least seventy to eighty minutes! Half an hour to two hours, alright!?”

“In short, let’s cut the nonsense. Even if I can control the entire floating fortress, it’s impossible for me to stop those soldiers for too long. You must seize every second to save yourselves and as many people as possible.

“Hurry up and take action. Pick up the portable crystal processor in the backup control panel and keep in touch. I’ll clear the way for you!”

At Li Yao’s urging, Chu Zhiyun and the ‘heretical children’ gathered themselves together and opened a green gate on the right side of the control center. As they expected, Little Tian Tian was lying in a med bay and being monitored by a body.

Her biological mother was already dead. n.o.body would be able to locate them through her anymore. Without any hesitation, Chu Zhiyun broke open the med bay and picked up the sleeping Little Tian Tian.

Then, under Li Yao’s guidance, they lunged at the prison cell of the ‘devil child’.

As Li Yao expected, without the command of Zhou Xiuyun, Qiu Yuanjia, and the three leaders of Summer Rain City, the remaining purifiers and the professors of the Holy Light Inst.i.tute were in a mess, not to mention the soldiers of the lowest level.

They were like worker bees and soldier bees that had lost their queen insects. Their eyes were confused, and their heads were spinning. They were mumbling meaningless words in their throats, or sitting in their chairs obediently with their hands on their knees and their backs straight, waiting for further


Of course, there were also some professors or commanders who possessed the basic logical thinking ability and realized that something abnormal had happened inside the floating fortress.

However, Li Yao had hijacked the control center through the mental devil and locked the pathways leading to the control center and the cells of the ‘devil children’. Considering the rigidness of the people of the Star Glory Federation and the lack of active behavior, it would be a long time before some of

them dared to break the closed cabin door.

Therefore, in less than an hour, Chu Zhiyun and the other ‘heretical children’ rescued a lot of ‘devil children’ who could act on their own.

Most of the ‘devil children’ had been locked in this place for years. The prolonged suffering almost broke their minds.

Fortunately, they still retained their original memories. The students who vaguely recognized them shed tears of pain and excitement.

Li Yao picked a few tank-type carriers with simple driving methods for them. With the elite education that the ‘heretical children’ received, it should not be a problem to drive hundreds of kilometers.

In the meantime, Li Yao had moved the floating fortress to the edge of the no-man’s-land. Looking into the distance, he saw endless scorched earth and mountains that looked like black shadows.

The shelter was among the mountains.

Even with the technology of the Sanctuary Alliance, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack to search for several well-hidden shelters on such a large planet.

‘When Chu Zhiyun and the other ‘heretical children’ gathered in front of Li Yao again, he had already caught his breath and was able to stand straight by holding the edge of the control panel.

“We—we cannot rescue everyone…”

There were traces of blood on Chu Zhiyun’s face, which had been accidentally splashed when she rescued the ‘devil child’. In a trance, she was still dwelling in the shocking scenes and said in a trembling voice, “So many b.l.o.o.d.y ‘devil children’. It’s terrible. I—I can’t save everyone. I should’ve rescued them.


“Don’t blame yourself. You will have a clear conscience as long as you try your best.

Li Yao smiled. “By the standards of a thirteen-year-old girl, you’ve done well enough. If you really can’t forget the blood of today, just engrave it in your heart and train yourself hard in the days to come so that you can better control your strength. Try to save more people one day!”

“Now, it’s your turn to run away.

While talking, Li Yao grunted and slowly closed his eyes while controlling Tonka’s body.

Then, bright gold mist that looked like chimneys and running water flowed out of Tang Ka’s seven orifices and condensed into Li Yao’s true self in midair.


This was the first time that Chu Zhiyun and the other ‘heretical children’ had seen Li Yao’s soul. Seeing that his real self was such an ordinary person, they could not help but exclaim.

Without the enhancement of Li Yao’s soul, Tangka’s body twisted and collapsed.


Reflexively, Chu Zhiyun hugged Tang Ka.

“Rest a.s.sured. His soul is merely in a coma because of the blast.

Li Yao vibrated the air and explained, “It’s also a protective mechanism in case his soul is torn to pieces by my soul waves. Therefore, I sent him to the depths of his brain for a good sleep. I estimate that he will wake up at night. After that, he should be fine after ten to fifteen days of rest.

“Besides, his limbs and veins have been broadened by my spiritual energy, and his brain has been expanded by more than ten times by my soul. He has been reborn, which will be very beneficial for his future training. He will be able to develop into a battle-type Cultivator.

“Here. Now, I’m returning him to you. Also, input the coordinates of the few shelters nearby into this mini crystal processor. Destroy the portable crystal processor after you’ve memorized them. Otherwise, if the coordinates fall into the enemy’s hands, you will still end up as ‘experiments’.

“Go now. I’ve lowered the alt.i.tude of the floating fortress to less than fifty meters. I wish you a safe journey… Children.”


Translucent liquid was rolling in the commer of Chu Zhiyun’s eyes. His lips trembled for a long time, before he mumbled, “If we take Tangka’s body away, won’t your soul lose its support?”

“Don’t be silly. Didn’t I tell you just now that, as the best warrior of the Pangu Universe, I don’t need the enhancement of my body in such a shabby situation?

Li Yao smiled. The bright gold flames were raging, as if he were putting on an intimidating, dominating armor for his soul. “Tang Ka’s body is more like a shackle than a reliance. It has sealed 90% of my strength. Without your interference, I can wield 300% of my combat ability.

“It’s true. After you got off the floating fortress, you rushed to the north without looking back. Remember, you must run at the highest speed for three to five hundred kilometers, no, seven to eight hundred kilometers before you stop to rest. Otherwise, you might still be accidentally injured by the blast of

my attack. It is not a joke.”

“L.. got it.”

Chu Zhiyun lowered his head and said sadly, “We are too weak right now and will only be a burden for you. We cannot help you at all. We—we are not fit to fight with you!”

“What are you talking about?”

Li Yao couldn’t help but laugh. He extended his tentacles and patted the girl’s head, while he said softly, “Believe me. You are definitely not my burden, but the significance of my fight. One day, we will fight side by side and face the cold, dark universe together with all the tricks in it.

“But right now, we have to go our separate ways and carry out different missions. Your mission is to bring the most precious things out.

Li Yao pointed at Little Tian Tian.

“Little Tiantian?”

Chu Zhiyun asked.

No. It’s hope.

Li Yao’s soul was beaming with joy. “Promise me that you will bring hope out. However much darkness you encounter, don’t let the feeble light of hope die down. This is your mission. It might be even more difficult than mine. Can you do it?”

Chu Zhiyun sniffed hard.


‘The girl straightened her back resolutely.

“Excellent. Let’s go!”

Li Yao paused for a moment and said, “Wait. There’s something else. I don’t know whether or not I should tell you about Tonka. Just don’t be angry when you hear it.”


Chu Zhiyun blinked quickly. “It has to do with Tangka. How can I be angry? Please tell me, Master!”

“In fact, Tangka… has always liked you very much. He liked you so much that he could barely sleep at night.

Li Yao looked at Chu Zhiyun sincerely and said, “Believe me, it is definitely not the ‘like’ that kids play house with. It is the pure and innocent love of the first awakening of love.”

Chu Zhiyun was dumbfounded. “Well…”

“He has been deeply in love with you for a long time. It was only because of the harsh environment and his shy personality that he could not confess to you. He could only hide his true love deep inside his chest.

Li Yao said solemnly, “It was only in the dead of night, when there was nothing but silence, that he dared to take out his sincerity and sigh for a long time. He was so troubled that it only added to his pain. Even I was in so much pain because of him. I thought of my painful and happy first love. My first



Two red clouds were burning on Chu Zhiyun’s cheeks. In front of so many ‘heretical children’, he did not know whether to continue hugging Tangka or to put him down. Embarra.s.sed, he stomped his foot and exclaimed, “How is that possible?”

“What else could it be?”

Li Yao narrowed his eyes. “Are you suggesting that I, the best expert of the Pangu Universe, the pillar of the Imperium of True Human Beings, and the top devil in the library of the most dangerous people in the Holy Accord Alliance, would be so bored as to make up such a sordid lie to fool an immature

girl like you?”

“Tdon’t mean anything by telling you this. I just think that Tangka is a good kid with a lot of good points. For example, he is, uh, quite… lively and has a nose and eyes. Anyway, you have nothing to do in the shelter. If you are bored, you might as well consider it.

“Alright, kids. This is all I can do for you. Protect your hope carefully. I believe that we will fight side by side someday.”

“Go ahead. I’m here to block you. You can—go ahead boldly!”

Let’s warmly celebrate Old Cow’s discharge from the hospital. Today, let’s give everyone a little fun!

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2766 – Unforgiveable!

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Chapter 2766: Unforgiveable!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“How could you do this to your own daughter?”

Chu Zhiyun could not believe her ears. Her face was as awful as a broken gla.s.s mirror. There was nowhere for her to run to. She was almost crying. “That is your flesh and blood!”

“As it turns out, you don’t understand. As I said just now, ‘family love’ is just the residue of our primitive animal instincts. It is a very primitive, backward, and stupid emotion.

Zhou Xiuyun said casually, “The so-called ‘human nature’ is the combination of ‘animal nature’ and ‘G.o.dliness’. Only by meditating and training, by overcoming and destroying our own animal nature, can we gradually move closer to divinity. In the end, we will be integrated into the glory of the G.o.ds and

become part of them.

“Right now, you—you don’t understand, but it doesn’t matter. If you are lucky enough to withstand the ‘test’ of the next few decades, then you will certainly understand that all suffering and suffering are just illusions. All the so-called seven emotions and six desires and free will are just illusions. Only the

‘G.o.d’ is the only real existence in the universe, the only thing worth defending and pursuing,

“Time is up. Prepare to welcome your… future!”

She smiled and extended her arm, trying to touch Chu Zhiyun’s cheek.

Chu Zhiyun was dazed for a long time. Seeing that his opponent’s fingertips were about to touch him, he felt that he was faced with a hissing viper.

She suddenly let out a shriek as she broke away from the purifiers on both sides and crashed into Zhou Xiuyun without caring about anything.

However, her collision only raised tiny ripples and twisted Zhou Xiuyun’s image.

The three persons in charge of the ‘Devil’s Child Project’ were Zhou Xiuyun, Xia Yuren, and Qiu Yuanjia, who had appeared in front of them in the form of a 3D phantom. There was no telling where their real bodies were hiding in the depths of the floating fortress, like the mysterious, mysterious Master


Chu Zhiyun exerted too much strength and pa.s.sed through Zhou Xiuyun’s phantom, falling to the ground.

The electric arcs exploded again. b.l.o.o.d.y plum blossoms immediately burst out on her fair skin.

“Cla.s.s monitor!”

Tangka was so angry that he was about to lunge at Chu Zhiyun without caring about his own safety. But the shackles on his back were emitting powerful electric arcs, too, making him curl up like a shrimp. He vomited a lot of foam and fell to Chu Zhiyun’s side.

As for the rest of the students, as long as their emotions were beyond the warning line, they had all tasted the feeling of being whipped by electric arcs and pierced by shackles. It was as if thousands of arrows had pierced through their hearts. The pain was bone-piercing.

Although the ‘devil children’ were the most dangerous combinations of genes that the Star Glory Federation had collected over the past thousand years, they were still teenagers and did not stand a chance against the purifiers who had received special training and were as cold and tough as steel.

The purifier watched the young men cramping hard coldly until the last electric arc drilled into their veins and wreathed them in scorching white steam. Then, he lifted them up and dragged them to what seemed to be a preparation room through a transparent tube.

‘When the teenagers gradually woke up, they discovered that most of the students who had been eliminated and mysteriously disappeared over the past few days had been imprisoned in this place.

Some of them were still lying on the bleeding operating tables, as if they had just undergone craniotomy. Something had been implanted or removed from their brains.

Some of them even drove seventeen to eighteen iron nails into the eyebrow bone and smashed a circle of iron hoops to act as rails for the brain scanners and the control equipment. All kinds of magical equipment could be installed easily.

He had completely calmed down and lost the ability to be angry—perhaps forever.

“Liao Meng…”

For some reason, Chu Zhiyun felt like crying.

She had never liked Liao Meng, who was always energetic like a burning animal.

But she disliked Liao Meng even more right now, the walking dead whose will had been castrated and whose life suppressed after receiving the ‘treatment’!

However, she and Liao Meng were in the same boat. Liao Meng’s current appearance was her coming ending.

Chu Zhiyun finally burst into tears.

“Go ahead and cry!”

She thought to herself, This might be the first and last time that I can cry freely!

Maybe just like her, most of the students nearby were also sobbing.

But Tonka stood behind her silently and did not cry at all.

No. He was still uttering sounds. Not cries, but noises that were similar to the crazily growing nerves, the popping of cells, the burning mitochondria, and the raging gene strands.


Chu Zhiyun heard Tonka speaking in a weird voice and said softly, “Absolutely, unforgivable!”

Before Chu Zhiyun realized what was going on, two purifiers in heavy crystal suits walked toward her like iron towers.

Zhou Xiuyun’s phantom appeared in the sky of the ‘battleground of flesh and blood’ again. The sacred brilliance around her and the terrifying scenes around her were in sharp contrast. But she was used to it. Looking at Chu Zhiyun, she smiled and said, “You are the most perfect ‘devil child’ in this batch.

Let’s start with you and solve all the mysteries about ‘heresy’!”

‘Two purifiers surrounded Chu Zhiyun from both sides.

Behind them, an automatic operation bed that carried all kinds of scalpels, bone saws, and artificial arms rose up from the ground, blossoming like a carnivorous flower.

One of the purifiers reached out and grabbed Chu Zhiyun’s head.

Chu Zhiyun’s head was completely blank. The muscles all over his body were still paralyzed by the electric arcs. He could not move at all and could only watch the devilish hand covering his face.

But just as she and all the other students were about to give up all hope, the steel hand strangely stopped!

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation Chapter 2772 – Exhausted Li Yao

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Chapter 2772: Exhausted Li Yao

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Zhou Xiuyun’s calm and collected face finally cracked.

It was like a dam that had been sealed by billions of tons of flood. After cracking noises, the first shocking gap appeared.

“It’s—it’s hilarious.”

With a rigid face, she said, “I didn’t know that the legendary Black Wind King Li Yao, who suppressed the entire Empyreal Terminus Sector by himself and shouldered half of the empire of the True Human Beings, would be so smart!

“You know very well whether or not I have a glib tongue.

Li Yao said calmly, “I know that many people will try to rationalize or even sanctify the pain that is absolutely unavoidable when they are faced with it. It is the only way that can ease the pain that is worse than death.

“It is just like how many people surrender before they truly explore the boundless universe, admitting that they are insignificant and humble, in order to avoid the ultimate fear of vastness and eternity.

“But pain is pain after all, and fear is still fear. It will not be diminished by your self-deception. The more you try to avoid it, the more it will linger in your veins like a curse and you will never be able to get away.

“shut up. I’ve learned the meaning of life and found eternal peace in the embrace of the G.o.ds. What pain? It’s hilarious!”

The corners of Zhou Xiuyun’s eyes were twitching, and her face was twisted. She gnashed her teeth. “You guys who are haunted by the extraterrestrial devils and drowned in the mud of emotions and desires are the real pain. We are saving all mankind and the universe!

“It’s useless. Stop fooling yourself. I can see your brain clearly.”

Li Yao sighed and said, “I sensed the black area hiding in the deepest part of your brain and the waves of pain and desperation that were released from there. What are they? Are they the remnants of the real Zhou Xiuyun? Are they the indelible imprints of the natural instincts of human beings? Although

your brain has been castrated and the black area is heavily sealed, I can still sense their existence and the deepest pain that you are enduring all the time.

“Tcould even hear a very weak voice, as if an arm was stretching out from the depths of the swamp, shouting ‘Save me, kill me’. Was that the voice of the real Zhou Xiuyun?

“In any case, everything should be over.

“You can finally get rid of ‘them’ and have a good night’s sleep. Your daughter will live in a new world that is completely different from this one. She will live a happier and freer life, including her offspring. Your genes will bloom like thousands of flowers. I guarantee it.

“Rest in peace, Zhou Xiuyun.”

Li Yao extended a finger and lightly tapped on Zhou Xiuyun’s forehead.

Zhou Xiuyun seemed to be attracted by an inexplicable force. Her eyes gradually turned blank, and every muscle and nerve on her face was relaxed.

A moment later, something seemed to have emerged from the deepest part of her brain and regained control over her body for the first time in decades, Real and vivid emotions appeared on her face.

Her facial features were all scrunched up. Tears were flowing down her face, while she was screaming miserably, as if the pain that had been suppressed for almost a hundred years was bursting out at this moment.

Pure flames spread out from Li Yao’s fingertip and enveloped Zhou Xiuyun.

She was dancing like a b.u.t.terfly that was on fire. As the flames grew more and more intense, the pain was gradually relieved. Having lost the shackles of her body, her remaining soul was finally freed. She flew to the sky in a cl.u.s.ter of pure white ash and dispersed into ripples.

In the end, all that was left was a long sigh, telling her how relieved and happy she was.

Li Yao watched Zhou Xiuyun vanish into thin air in a daze. There was a hint of pity on his face, but the volcano-like fury in his eyes did not diminish at all.

Zhou Xiuyun was right about one thing.

She, Xia Yu, and Qiu Yuanjia were merely insignificant characters and cells of the ‘deities’.

Before he entered the Sanctuary Alliance, Li Yao had thought that the ‘deities’ that the people of the Sanctuary Alliance referred to were the Pangu Clan, which had been hibernating for hundreds of thousands of years. They were the objects that needed to be awakened.

But right now, he had a vague feeling that the so-called ‘deities’ were not just the sleeping Pangu Clan but a different, more specific existence that was responsible for the transformation of the Sanctuary into what it was today!

For the ‘cells’ such as Zhou Xiuyun, Xia Yu, and Qiu Yuanjia, it was useless no matter how many of them were eliminated. The so-called ‘deities’ could reproduce or produce more ‘cells’ easily.

Li Yao swore that he would find the ‘G.o.d’ behind the scenes and stuff its head into its a.s.s!

“This is… Master?”

The ‘heretical children’ looked at Li Yao in fear.

After Li Yao killed Qiu Yuanjia, Xia Yuren, and Zhou Xiuyun without any hesitation, he had become a ‘master’ in the eyes of the teenagers!

“Are—are you alright?”

Chu Zhiyun looked at him worriedly. There was no telling whether he was worried about Li Yao’s soul or Tangka’s body. He observed Li Yao’s expression for a long time and asked carefully, “You’ve eliminated so many purifiers and cut open dozens of cabin walls and decks. Even Dean Xia, the commander

of the purifiers, and the manager of the Devil’s Child Project have been killed by you. Are you sure that you can hold on?”


Li Yao nodded. “Good question. It’s true that I can’t hold on any longer. Oops!”

He was resolute and decisive. Without any hesitation, he fell to the ground and opened his arms and legs. He was cramping and foaming at the mouth. There was not the slightest hint of blood on his body.

“What—what the h.e.l.l?”

Chu Zhiyun was dumbfounded. He did not expect Li Yao to lie down so easily. “What happened to you?”

“Tm exhausted.”

Li Yao was lying on the ground with his arms and legs stretched out. He couldn’t even move his fingers, but his face was calm. He said casually, “Didn’t you hear what Zhou Xiuyun said just now? The super long-distance projection of my soul consumed a lot of soul power and spiritual energy. Even if I

lurked inside Tangka’s body, there would still be a certain risk, not to mention the high-intensity battles where I controlled his body. How could my soul not be exhausted and my spiritual energy not be exhausted?

“So, I’m exhausted. Oh, I’m so tired. I can’t even blink. I’m so tired.”

“How—how—how did this happen?”

Chu Zhiyun and the ‘heretical children’ found it hard to believe. “You were so confident three seconds ago. How did you become like this? You seem to have collapsed!”

“This is the unique superpower of an unparalleled expert such as myself.

Li Yao continued calmly, “If it were an ordinary so-called ‘expert’, they would certainly be affected by their injuries and fatigue. They would show signs of weakness in battle, which would affect their combat skills.

“As for me, a super expert who stood at the peak of the evolution of mankind and could slay G.o.ds and devils with ease, I was able to suppress all my injuries and fatigue with my amazing body control ability and my iron-like willpower. I did not leak even the tiniest bit of my strength in the battle so that

the enemy would have the desperation that I would never be injured or tired. Only after I had completely defeated my opponent would the suppressed injuries, fatigue, and exhaustion burst out and completely crush me.

“Maybe you still can’t understand the formidability of this ability, but it doesn’t matter. In the first place, it’s not something that just anyone can understand. Aiya, I’m so uncomfortable. I’m about to suffocate. I’m so tired, so uncomfortable!”

“Since you are already so weak, don’t be ‘indifferent’ when you talk, alright?”

Chu Zhiyun was almost in tears. “What should we do now? We’ve only cleared the control center. There are still a lot of purifiers cruising outside. Besides, there are camps of the purifiers outside the floating fortress. There must be other legions and fleets further away!”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m just exhausted for now. After resting for twenty minutes, my soul will be condensed again, and my spiritual energy will be refilled again. Of course, it will be best if you can help me find some strengthening drugs and high-nutrition drugs. I believe that there must be such ‘Energy

Supplier’ in the comer of the control center.”

Li Yao said, “As for the soldiers outside and the legions further away, we don’t need to worry about them. When we were fighting Zhou Xiuyun just now, one of my clones had already hacked into the control system of the floating fortress, cracked the defense barrier inside the mainframe crystal processor,

and tampered with the highest permissions. In other words, the floating fortress now belongs to us!

“Ican observe the movements of all the soldiers inside the floating fortress at my will and close the main channels and cabins, locking them inside. They are all ‘soldiers’ and ‘worker bees’ who lack the basic logical thinking ability. Now that their leader is dead, they cannot attack the control center

automatically without clear orders.

“But, but… This is my limit. I cannot protect you all the way to the safe shelter. You will have to walk on your own.

“Chu Zhiyun, from this moment on, you are the new leader of the ‘heretical children’.

“Do you see the green door over there? If my senses are correct, Little Tiantian should be behind us. Let’s rescue her first.”

“Then, I will retrieve the permissions to open the door of all the cells of the ‘devil children’ and guide you to them. You can rescue as many people as you want!

“Thave detected that there is a fairly large hangar inside the floating fortress that is carrying a lot of armed shuttles, crystal tanks, and light carriers. You must’ve all learned the basic driving skills. When the time comes, find a few vehicles that are simple in structure and reliable.

“Twill find an opportunity to put you on the ground and give you the coordinates and methods to open the shelters. As long as you reach the no man’s land in time and enter the shelters, you will have a chance to escape!