God of Fishing Chapter 1604 – Holy Altar Dvil Cave

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Chapter 1604: Holy Altar Dvil Cave

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‘The Dragon Octopus Tree caused a lot of noise, rolling in all directions and rising tides.

Han Fei took advantage of the opportunity and got a ride.

In this energy tide, the Dragon Octopus Tree suddenly appeared, and it seemed to be walking rather anxiously. If Han Fei had been slower, he would have almost missed the ride.


Although this Dragon Octopus Tree was huge and seemed stupid, its speed was extremely fast. Its octopus head was like a missile, breaking through the water and emerging from the void in the next moment.

After a minute, someone said, “Dragon Octopus, keep a low profile. Those who don’t know better might think that the Demon Beast League is coming.”

It was a weird python.

However, this python body was a vine, only in the shape of a python. On its head, there was a curved horn that extended to its back. This python was a thousand feet long and appeared beside the Dragon Octopus.

‘The Dragon Octopus quickly shrank until it was about three hundred meters long. Then he said, “Oh! Big Snake Vine, long time no see.”

Han Fei was lost for words. F*ck, you’re in the same forest, “Long time no see”? Why do you sound you are so distant from each other… Besides, the name “Big Snake” sounds a bit lame?

The big snake vine hissed and laughed. “Dragon Tree! Your memory is really bad. We have seen each other six times this year. Such a powerful energy tide has erupted six times this year. Regular energy tides can’t wake me up at all. Only your loud noise woke me up!”

Dragon Octopus Tree: “Oh? Really? I feel boundless energy.”

The big snake vine smiled and said, “There are six gatherings in a year. The sacred altar should be crowded. Shall we turn into human beings?”

The Dragon Octopus Tree said slowly, “Don’t change. We’ll eat slowly if we take human form.”

Hearing their conversation, Han Fei was puzzled. It was just an energy tide. What was wrong with six times a year?


The old turtle said, “It comes again.”

The next moment, the energy tide came again.

At that moment, the nine tentacles of the Dragon Octopus Tree spread out like a big net. The countless suckers on the tentacles opened and exposed the sharp teeth inside. A tremendous amount of energy was sucked into the tree by these suckers.

This was the first time Han Fei had seen such a way of swallowing energy. With such a big mouthful, wouldn’t the energy eaten be beyond the tolerance limit of this thing?

The old turtle said, “They are spiritual plants that can absorb a lot of energy. If they have excess energy, they can use it to grow. Therefore, they grow quite fast. By the way, these demon plants consume a lot of energy when cultivating.”

Han Fei said leisurely, “Yes. The mouth of the python is like a black hole.”

Along the way, Han Fei discovered that all the plants he saw when he pa.s.sed through the dark green forest spread out as much as possible to absorb energy. The energy ripples would probably be eaten up after pa.s.sing through the wall of algae.

Along the way, Han Fei saw sea bamboo people, poisonous dragon sea urchins, seven-colored sponges… These strange mutated Venerables were all rushing along.

Han Fei was surprised to find that the plants here were all mutant creatures. This mutation made them completely monsters. They became… weirdos that didn’t look like plants or animals… However, the strength of these creatures couldn’t be underestimated. In short, Han Fei had already encountered

more than ten Venerable-level demon plants along the way.

At this moment, Han Fei, who had been attached to the Dragon Octopus Tree, was listening to a group of demonic plants chatting.

The big snake vine said, “Everyone, since the frequency of the outbreak in the Holy Altar Dvil Cave is so high… This time, we might as well stay here and cultivate.”

A seven-colored sponge that had no eyes or mouth replied, “Many people have done that a long time ago.”

A humanoid old man carrying bamboo and wearing a straw hat said, “Cultivating outside the altar is not necessarily a good thing. The initial violent energy is too impure, which can easily stimulate the mutation and make you lose yourself.”

A.woman with a purple flower ring on her head sat on the Dragon Octopus Tree and smiled. “It’s not far away anyway. Besides, most of the time, the Blood King is cultivating there. Who wants to see him every day?”

Listening to these people’s conversation, Han Fei immediately understood that this Holy Altar Devil Cave was where the energy tide erupted.

However, Han Fei still felt that the energy tide was too chaotic. It was like garbage that was thrown out after extracting pure energy. It would be strange if these demonic plants didn’t mutate if they cultivated under this energy every day!

A moment later.

When Han Fei followed the Dragon Octopus Tree and other demon plants to the so-called Holy Altar Devil Cave, he was dumbfounded.

Han Fei and the old turtle exclaimed in their hearts, “Another array eye?”

Han Fei was stunned for a long time.

He had searched high and low only to find it here.

Han Fei had planned to search with the Vast Ocean Navigator! Who could’ve known that he would reach the other eye of the Heaven and Earth Array the moment he entered the Forest of Terror?

This huge array eye was exposed in the Forest of Terror, about ten thousand kilometers in diameter.

Han Fei knew that the real array eye was definitely much bigger than this one. What he saw was just the outer part of the array eye.

The old turtle said, “You have to be careful. There are 58 Venerables near the array eye, and four of them are in the Half-Venerable realm. This doesn’t include the other demon plant experts…”


As soon as the old turtle finished speaking, Han Fei saw that a tremendous amount of impurities energy was spewing out of this so-called Holy Altar Devil Cvae.

Han Fei could even see aurora-like clouds.

Han Fei immediately frowned and said, “Old Yuan, it seems that our previous judgment has a problem! The place that absorbs energy should be the eye of the Forbidden Island. And this eye of the array seems to be used to expel impurities. Look what strange things these demon plants are?”

The old turtle said, “No matter how impure the energy is, it’s still energy. Although energy seems to be spat out here, why is it the most violent this year? Besides, according to them, this is the sixth time.”

Han Fei said, “It means that the one on the Forbidden Island ate too much energy, so the array has to p.o.o.p and some impurities have to be discharged…”

The old turtle was lost for words. “You’re disgusting,”

Han Fei:

Han Fei was speechless. What is this old turtle thinking?

Han Fei snorted. “What I want to say is, why did Zhao Xianglong put the dragon head here? If he wants to punish the dragon head, he should have put the dragon head and tail both on the Forbidden Island. What’s the use of putting the dragon head here besides being impacted by impurities?”

The old turtle said, “We have to go down and take a look…”

“Phew ~”

Han Fei calculated in his heart. Since he could come out from under the Forbidden Island, he could definitely come out from here too.

However, when he came out of the Forbidden Island, he met Zhao Xianglong, who was his old acquaintance and looked after him.

However, it might not be the case to come out of here!

Han Fei said, “At this moment, energy is erupting. I can’t go in with my strength. I have to wait for the energy tide to stop. Old Yuan, I’m going into Forge the Universe.”

“Wait a minute.”

Suddenly, the old turtle’s action puzzled Han Fei. What did Old Yuan find?

The old turtle said, “I seem to sense… an acquaintance.”

“Huh? An acquaintance?”

Han Fei burst into laughter. “Cut the c.r.a.p! What era are you from? The Age of G.o.ds… You have an acquaintance here? If you do, we’ll all be doomed.”

However, the old turtle shook his head and said, “No, he’s someone you know.”


This time, Han Fei couldn’t laugh anymore.

Someone he knew? Someone he knew was in this Forest of Terror? No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t figure out who it was.

At this moment, a large number of red roots, intertwined like blood threads, blocked the sky.

The surrounding temperature suddenly rose at this moment, not once or twice, but several thousand degrees.

However, Han Fei had forgotten the temperature.

‘When he saw the roots, Han Fei was shocked. Are these… the roots of the Big Red Trunk? I once dug up the Big Red Trunk.

However… although these roots looked similar to those of the Big Red Trunk… In terms of quality, they were obviously much stronger.

At this moment, they saw a young man wearing a black robe. The lower half of his body was roots, and the upper half was a human. At this moment, he was standing on the roots.

“Blood King!”

Many Venerables bowed respectfully to the young man.

If Han Fei guessed right, this must be the fake king of the Forest of Terror.

‘The young man nodded slightly and chuckled. “Everyone, the energy tides in the Holy Altar Devil Cave are getting more and more frequent. It seems that my efforts have finally paid off. My efforts have finally shaken the cage. Now, I’ve confirmed that the cage is connected to the outside world. It can be

opened within a hundred years, or even sooner.”


Around the array eye, many Venerables exclaimed.

“What? The energy tide was caused by the Blood Kin;

At this moment, with the fake king around, only this sound could be heard.

However, Han Fei could clearly tell that the others didn’t seem to believe him.

The Blood King didn’t seem to mind. Instead, he said casually, “Today, I can send some of the Venerables away from the cage. Of course, they’ll have to share the risk of the void channel, which is necessary. Does anyone want to come?”

God of Fishing Chapter 1608 – Death of the Dragon Head

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Chapter 1608: Death of the Dragon Head

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Han Fei’s two attempts failed.

It turned out that this dragon head had already possessed consciousness and had taken the initiative to swallow many demon plant Venerables. In addition, it had swallowed too much chaotic power, resulting in an inexplicable mutation.

Now, this dragon head could no longer be called a real dragon head, but a freak.

Han Fei’s heart sank. In this case, it was unlikely that he could get ownerless souls from the dragon head!

Han Fei thought that he might suffer a loss this time..

The old turtle suddenly said, “Look, it’s twisting. “Huh?

Han Fei looked at the platform and found that after the dragon head fought him, the vines, sound waves, shadow stings, dragon roars, domains… all these messy energy still existed and were sweeping each other.

Han Fei was stunned. “What’s going on?”

The old turtle said leisurely, “It seems that.. this dragon head can’t completely control these abilities. Or rather, the original owners of these abilities… Their consciousness hasn’t been completely wiped out… Therefore, this dragon head only used its powerful soul power to forcibly suppress the will of these demon plant Venerables!

Hearing what the old turtle said, Han Fei’s eyes glittered. “In that case… I just need to keep provoking the dragon head, so that the powers inside it will fight each other when it can’t hold back anymore?”

The old turtle grunted. “That’s very likely. However, a sneak attack shouldn’t be of much use. Your clone alone won’t be able to resist the dragon head. You can’t shake it, and it can swallow energy from the void at any time. How long do you think it will take for you to mess it up?

The soul fire in Han Fei’s eyes jumped, and he suddenly remembered the

Trigram of Greatly Ominous.

The old turtle was right.

He could only fight the dragon head with his black or white mist body that could only burst of great strength in an instant and could barely resist the dragon head. Once he used it, he wouldn’t be able to resist the attack of the dragon head.

However, Han Fei had even tried the divination result of Impa.s.se. How could he be afraid of a Greatly Ominous one?

Although there was no more Chaos Qi to change his luck now, Han Fei’s strength was no longer what it used to be. Earlier, when Han Fei fought a

Half-King in his strongest state, he could hold out for at most five seconds.

But now, Han Fei’s pure strength had reached 9,000 waves, exceeding the upper limit of an advanced Venerable. Even in the peak-level Venerable realm, he wasn’t weak.

With the power of his Great Dao, in terms of strength, even Li Santong, a power-type Half-King in the Black Blood Royal City, was no match for him.

There was no turning back for him now.

He had to fight this battle!

Han Fei recuperated for a day and then continued to attack with the Twin

Divine Technique.

This time, his black-mist body and white-mist body entered the platform at the same time.

This time, the domain barrier immediately enveloped Han Fei.

However, Han Fei didn’t panic at all.

The power of this dragon head’s domain could only find his black-mist body.

In terms of combat, the dragon head’s strength was limited. After all, it couldn’t break out of this cage. Therefore, its limit of strength wouldn’t be much higher than his. He would be in danger at most.

Sure enough, the dragon head used a barrier, and Han Fei used Blade Inferno.

The dragon head pounced at his soul, and Han Fei activated the Soul

Controlling Array.

A dragon roar erupted from the dragon head, and Han Fei launched a Hundred

Beast Soul Devouring back.

Han Fei’s five senses were sealed, so he couldn’t hear the sound wave at all.

However, the air was compressed by the sound wave, so Han Fei had to fight back with the invincible fist mark.

This was a contest of strength, but in fact, Han Fei was no weaker than the dragon head. After ten seconds, Han Fei’s twin bodies fused.

At this moment, the soul fire in Han Fei’s eyes was beating fiercely, and his aura surged. The dragon head opened its mouth slightly and began to absorb the energy in the array eye.

Han Fei roared, “All laws forbidden in this s.p.a.ce..”

All of a sudden, the devouring power of the dragon head came to an end. The soul fire in Han Fei’s eyes flickered as he rushed to the dragon head and punched it.

Boom Boom Boom-

In an instant, thousands of punches were thrown at the dragon head.

Han Fei was waiting for this moment. He crazily consumed the dragon head’s energy from the very beginning. He would fight it head-on when the dragon head needed to swallow energy.

The vines whipped at him one after another. Although the huge force was not as powerful as Li Santong’s Attacks, Han Fei estimated that it was at least 15,000 waves.

However, at this moment, Han Fei had unleashed a terrifying force of 20,000 waves. “Chi la -”


One dragon tentacle after another was torn apart by Han Fei.

Wherever the fist shadow pa.s.sed, vines withered and dragon blood splashed.

After a hundred seconds, there was no more monster here. It was torn by Han

Fei into a mangled bald dragon head.

The weird vines, tentacles, and horns were all removed by Han Fei.

Unlike the dragon head, Han Fei’s Infinity Water wouldn’t be restricted by the law ban. Infinity Water had its own characteristics and was just a weapon.

Therefore, the vines and flesh that Han Fei tore off were easily minced.


At the moment when the law ban was over, Han Fei attacked first, followed by the Hundred Beast Soul Devouring and the Heavenly G.o.d Stab. Wherever

Snowmourne slashed, frost spread…

Soul fire jumped in Han Fei’s eyes. He was as strong as this dragon head, so there was no Greatly Ominous sign. Then, the only possibility of a Greatly

Ominous situation was a soul fight.

However, Han Fei knew that he had the Demon Purification Pot!

Therefore, there was no reason for him to lose in a soul battle.

When the Void Lines were attached to the dragon head, in an instant, several kinds of chaotic soul power attacked Han Fei’s soul.

Han Fei’s soul power was not weak. He quickly read from those souls for a moment and found a pure, b.l.o.o.d.y soul of slaughter.

This soul didn’t have the memories of the dragon race, but it was filled with darkness and swallowing. At the moment the souls collided, Han Fei could feel its coldness and killing intent.

However, the old turtle said, “The original dragon soul failed to hold on and was swallowed by this new soul body. However, this new soul body was too bloodthirsty and crazily swallowed other demon plant Venerables, causing it to go crazy and go to the extreme.”

Han Fei launched the Heavenly G.o.d Stab crazily. Golden blood oozed out of the meatball, which was the result of the soul collision. “T’m gonna kill you!

While Han Fei and the dragon head soul were fighting for control, a cold message was transmitted to Han Fei.

In the next moment, the void exploded anda storm formed.

Han Fei’s Indestructible Golden Body couldn’t help but roar

It turned out that this dragon head soul had detonateda Venerable soul that it had swallowed.

In such a narrow s.p.a.ce, the soul explosion was definitely a move that would both hurt the enemy and the dragon head itself.

However, the dragon head soul didn’t care. This was the first time that it was attacked, so it had to kill this person no matter what.

Han Fei’s soul was damaged and lost a thousand points of soul power

Han Fei immediately knew that he couldn’t go on like this! It wasn’t easy for him to acc.u.mulate some soul power. He couldn’t waste it on fighting the dragon head. “Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique!”

This time, Han Fei directly offered a thousand years of vitality and performed the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique.

The Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique at this moment was completely different from the one Han Fei launched when he was still an Explorer.

At this moment, Han Fei’s thousand-year vitality was enough to repair the foundation damage of dozens of Venerables.

A pillar of light suddenly descended from somewhere.

With loud roars and slapping sounds, a large amount of filthy energy seemed to be burning as it emerged from the dragon head.

It was like a scene of a vampire basking in the sun and turning into smoke. “Roar.. Boom… Boom..”

Under such circ.u.mstances, Han Fei grabbed a holy light with his hand and used the light as a knife. With continuous popping sounds, Han Fei wanted to cut off the dragon’s head.


After the violent collision sound, Han Fei was dumbfounded. Although this dragon head had mutated many times, it was once in the king realm. In terms of the hardness of flesh and blood, it was not something he could cut.

The vines that grew out later were fine, but as for the dragon bone, Han Fei’s full blow only cut some flesh.

Since it couldn’t be killed, Han Fei could only control the soul of the dragon head. Now, this was the only way.

After about ten seconds, the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique disappeared. Han Fei could clearly feel that the dragon head was no longer as powerful as before.

At this moment, Han Fei continued to control the dragon head’s soul.

Everything seemed to be going well.

Another ten minutes later, something unexpected happened.

Although it was heavily wounded by the Heaven Enlightenment Divine

Technique, it was still a king-level soul.

At the moment when the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique disappeared, when Han Fei thought that he could subdue it… The dragon soul jumped directly from the dragon head to the center of Han Fei’s brows, intending to possess him. “F*ck

Han Fei couldn’t move anymore.

Is this dragon soul trying to control my body?

At that moment, Han Fei wanted to use the Twin Divine Technique, but his mind was beyond his control. This dragon soul was trying to stop him from thinking!

At that moment, Han Fei was horrified.

If he was controlled, he would become a puppet, an extremely powerful one. “Puff-

Han Fei sneered, anda small green vine slowly stretched out from between

Han Fei’s eyebrows.

The vines buckled, and the dragon roar rang ceaselessly.

This dragon soul probably didn’t expect to encounter such great danger when it tried to possess Han Fei!

After being captured by soul, the dragon head stopped fighting. The other souls, without the control of the main soul body, were in a mess, biting each other.

As the Demon Purification Pot rolled its vines, a soul tide was raised on the entire platform.

A large amount of faint blue soul fire scattered in the void.

Han Fei saw with his own eyes that a small dragon-like soul was dragged into the Demon Purification Pot and disappeared.

At this moment, Han Fei knew that the dragon head couldn’t escape.

Wasn’t this the moment he bet on? The Greatly Ominous sign definitely referred to his soul’s weakness. However, he had the Demon Purification Pot.

What did the dragon head have?

At first, Han Fei was worried that he might not be able to get any ownerless souls.

However, when Han Fei took a closer look, he found that the Demon

Purification Pot had left a large number of ownerless souls of various sizes!

God of Fishing Chapter 1603 – Forest of Terror

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Chapter 1603: Forest of Terror

Han Fei was very happy to challenge a Half-King again, which would let him know his current strength.

However, Yu Tianai didn’t intend to fight Han Fei.

They were both in the Half-King realm. Although Han Fei had left the range of the Forest of Terror and blocked his way, this made Yu Tianai realize the att.i.tude of the Forest of Terror even more clearly.

Yu Tianai felt that it must be the fake king of the Forest of Terror who transferred the strong masters who were familiar with the Black Blood City away. He even specially arranged for a Half-King who never showed up in the Black Blood City.

However, now Yu Tianai was even more certain that something must have happened in the Forest of Terror. Also, it must be something so big that they even refused to meet the Black Blood City!

This was not a good sign.

Just as Han Fei said, the Black Blood City didn’t gain any benefits from either side of the Life-and-Death Gorge and the Immortal City. Hundreds of their Venerables had died! Under such circ.u.mstances, they couldn’t afford to offend the Forest of Terror.

Yu Tianai smiled faintly. “Since you’ve made it so clear… then I won’t ask anymore. However, I have to say that the Black Blood City is much more powerful than you think.”

Seeing that Yu Tianai didn’t want to fight him, Han Fei didn’t provoke him anymore.

Otherwise, it would seem strange.

He didn’t know what secrets were hidden in the Forest of Terror.

However, what Han Fei could be sure of was that he intensified the stalemate between them and the Black Blood City.

Seeing Yu Tianai leave quickly, Han Fei asked, “Is this guy really gone?”

Old turtle: “Yes.”

Han Fei curled his lips but didn’t leave in a hurry.

He took out the Nine Palace Luck Ruler and calculated. Then he got a “Flat” divination result.

This meant that there shouldn’t be any special surprises today.

For the time being, Han Fei didn’t intend to kill anyone. Therefore, this infiltration was just a simple infiltration. The purpose was to find the other Tai Chi Eye of the Heaven and Earth Array. Then, he would take the dragon head, swallow the dragon soul, and become an intermediate Venerable.

Half a day later.

When Han Fei saw a wall of algae, he narrowed his eyes.

The algae wall here was much bigger than the seaweed wall in the level-three fishery. The most obvious difference was that the one in the level-three fishery was a seaweed wall.

In the seaweed city wall, the main plants were various kinds of seaweed.

But the main plants in the wall of algae were algae, followed by seaweed. At a glance, Han Fei found that there were dozens of kinds of algae.

This algae wall was at least a million kilometers wide.

Above the algae wall was the Seaborne Prairie. Similarly, the Seaborne Prairie here was much more terrifying than the one in the level-three fishery. That one was full of poisonous barriers.

On this Seaborne Prairie, there were all kinds of mouths. Some looked like straws, some like man-eating flowers, and some like furry tentacles.

Above the Seaborne Prairie, small vortexes of spiritual energy were swirling.

Han Fei exclaimed, “Old Yuan, these algae are really big eaters! According to this eating speed, these algae will absorb much more energy than the so-called void storm in the Black Blood City.”

The old turtle asked in confusion, “It can’t be that simple. How many experts will be created in such a huge area? Try going in.”

In the past, Han Fei could pa.s.s the algae city wall by force. However, in this place, it was obviously impossible for low-level cultivators to enter like this. Here, even some ordinary seaweed were in high realms.

Poison Tooth Sea Algae

This is a mutant algae that has been contaminated by impure energy for a long time. The Poison Tooth Sea Algae have a consciousness and a brain, It can release poisons according to the flow of water and trigger a range of poisons, agitating and reminding other algae that there are



Rare (Mutated)

9,883 points


Poison Teeth

Han Fei glanced at the algae and found that there were dozens more kinds of algae that were almost at the same level as the Poison Tooth Sea Algae. Some released poison, some paralyzed nerves, some created illusions, some corroded souls, and some parasites

In short, there were all kinds of fatal algae here.

Among them, there was an explosive algae whose leaves were like small hammers. Once they found an enemy, they would explode, and their strength was not weak.

These were the demonic plant creatures that Han Fei observed with the naked eye at the periphery. Once he entered it, there would probably be countless creatures like Divine Seaweed Octopus. After all, it was easy to hide a few aquatic creatures in such a terrifying wall of algae.

Of course, nothing could stop Han Fei. After all, under the effect of the Twin G.o.d Techniques, Han Fei was like a mist or water and was a ma.s.s of pure darkness. As long as he didn’t make a sound, they wouldn’t be able to find him even if he pa.s.sed by the algae.

Han Fei discovered the reason why there were so many mouths on the sea. There were also void cracks in the algae wall. Once a void crack appeared, a large area of algae would be minced. To make new algae grow, a lot of spiritual energy was needed.

Three days later.

In order not to make any noise, Han Fei quietly pa.s.sed by the wall of algae for three days and three nights. Fortunately, Han Fei could enter Forge the Universe to rest. Otherwise, it would be difficult for Han Fei to perfectly pa.s.s the dense algae obstacles even in the Twin Divine Technique state.

In the algae city wall, although the old turtle sensed powerful creatures, they were not on Han Fei’s way, so Han Fei simply ignored them.

However, when Han Fei was about to leave the area of the algae wall, he encountered a Venerable-level creature guarding it.

Han Fei took a deep breath. The area of the algae city wall was so large. Why did he encounter a Venerable-level creature?

Perhaps, for plants, nothing was impossible. After all, Han Fei had been with the Water Immortal for so long and knew that most demon plants were different and of distinct characteristics.

At this moment, the weird demon plant that Han Fei saw was called the Void Vine.

Only part of this demon plant was exposed to the algae wall, and most of it was in the void. It looked extremely weird with the naked eye, like a vine that had been cut off from somewhere. At least, ordinary cultivators who didn’t know the concept of the void would think that this thing was broken in

half… Maybe, they would think that it was dying and could be their chance!

Fortunately, Han Fei could read its information.

Void Vine

A vine born in a void rift. It can grow freely in reality and the void. It’s good at void exchange techniques, Void Lost Dao, and other means. Due to mutation, its vines contain poison.

« 84.

Legendary (Mutated)



Void Fluid

As soon as Han Fei read the information, he heard the old turtle say, “This is a Void Vine, a rare demon plant that can use part of the Great Dao of s.p.a.ce. This kind of creature doesn’t have a body shape. Maybe one of its tentacles grows here, and the other one grows thousands of kilometers away. That’s

why it’s difficult to hunt Void Vines. If you can kill this thing, you’d better kill it as soon as possible. Once it grows up, it will be a headache.”

Han Fei was lost for words. “How can I kill them? As you said, their body parts can be tens of thousands of kilometers away from each other… No matter how fast I am, I can’t cross tens of thousands of kilometers in an instant!”

The old turtle sneered. “There is a way to kill them!”


The old turtle said, “I’ll teach you later. Anyway, you can’t kill them now, so it’s useless to learn it. Go there slowly. The Void Vine is extremely sensitive to spatial changes. This thing might sense your dark body…”

Han Fei secretly chuckled. “Fine! Keep it to yourself. Anyway, I want this technique. If I can’t cross tens of thousands of kilometers in an instant after I learn it, I’m gonna…”

His black-mist body quietly pa.s.sed the Void Vine.

Just as Han Fei was about to cross over, a large part of the Void Vine’s tentacles suddenly drilled out. Han Fei immediately dispersed, turning into tiny particles.

Han Fei’s speed changed from fast to slow like a mayfly.He floated with the seawater and moved extremely slowly. Han Fei wondered if this thing had detected him.

After a full hour, the Void Vine finally retracted its vines, and Han Fei was hundreds of kilometers away.

Han Fei couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. “Phew! An intermediate Venerable-level demonic plant almost discovered my existence?”

‘The old turtle said, “The way demonic plants observe the world is different from other creatures. The so-called five senses of you humans and some feelings that you humans can’t sense are all owned by demonic plants.”

Han Fei said, “I think you’d better pray that I’m lucky…”

Crossing the algae wall, Han Fei saw a creepy, dark green world.

Han Fei saw a strange demon plant that resembled the Twisted Jungle on the Scattered Stars Island. These demon plants spread out in all directions, forming a forest.

The dense palm-sized dark green leaves fell occasionally and then split into dozens.

Han Fei felt that it would be more beautiful if they turned into peach petals.

It seemed that there weren’t many moving demon plants in this forest.

After all, unlike humans, demonic plants were plants. Just like the dark green trees Han Fei saw, each of them was at the Explorer level, and each of them was actually a treasure.

Han Fei was swimming in the middle of the forest.

Suddenly, the seawater trembled. Han Fei asked the old turtle, “Old Yuan, what’s wrong?”



In the next moment, an energy tide sent Han Fei flying.

“F*ck! There’s so much energy, but it’s extremely chaotic. I can even feel death energy. What is this?”

‘The old turtle: “Someone is coming.”

Han Fei stopped asking.

However, after a minute, Han Fei saw a giant tree above his head.

However, what shocked Han Fei was that it didn’t look like a tree but more like a big octopus with bark. Han Fei could even see the suckers clearly.

This giant tree was no more than 500 meters tall, and its vines… or rather, its tentacles were 30,000 meters long.

“Wow, what a big guy.”

Han Fei took a closer look, and information popped up in his eyes.

« Dragon Octopus

This is a mutated Dragon Octopus Tree. It has a trace of dragon bloodline. Because it absorbs impure energy all year round, it’s half alive and half dead. This state can allow them to live long. The Dragon Octopus Trees are good at dragon stings and their suckers have sharp teeth, so they

can kill strong masters several times stronger than them.


Legendary (Mutated)



Dragon Octopus Wood

Han Fei said in surprise, “Another Venerables… Huh? He seems to be on his way..”

God of Fishing Chapter 1601 – Passing the Black Blood City

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Chapter 1601: Pa.s.sing the Black Blood City

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor Henyee Translations

Han Fei had already made arrangements to take the child named w.a.n.g Hai to

the Forbidden Island.

Han Fei believed that the golden boy might be interested in this child.

However, would Zhao Tong carry out his orders? Han Fei didn’t know.

Opportunities depended on luck.

After that, Han Fei stepped into the void and stopped watching the game.

Han Fei went straight to the Fire Stone Island. However, there were not many

people on the Fire Stone Island at this moment, and many of them were

injured. They were all Han Fei’s subordinates.

Perhaps they weren’t his subordinates. He just temporarily directed them.

Before Han Fei left, he asked them to hunt for more resources. Now, he

couldn’t fulfill his promise..

In his current state, since everyone thought he was dead, let it be!

This way, he would be remembered better.

The power of faith was what he needed. His spiritual energy could be

disa.s.sembled by 81%, which was all thanks to the tremendous power of faith!

Han Fei estimated that it would take him decades to deduce it even if Forge the

Universe existed.

Han Fei couldn’t accept the long wait. After all, he was not an ascetic but a

person who liked to explore the unknown.

Without any hesitation, Han Fei left the territory of the Immortal City.

Han Fei felt that smart people should know when to leave. There was no point

in staying in the Immortal City anymore..

At this moment, it couldn’t be said that he had completely resolved the crisis in

the Immortal City… However, he had at least reorganized the relationships in

the cage.

The Black Blood City had nearly 100 Venerables die. If they still came out to

attack other forces, there must be something wrong with their head!

Leaving the outer sea of the battle line of the Immortal City, Han Fei felt the

feeling of a dragon returning to the sea again. At least, this feeling was

comfortable than watching the lives of countless people.

About a million kilometers away from the Immortal City, Han Fei discovered

that someone was hunting sea creatures.

Yes, the battle strategy of the Immortal City seemed to have changed!

As the battle line of sea demons was abandoned, the s.p.a.ce that humans could

expand was getting bigger and bigger. This was certainly a good thing.

Han Fei killed several explorers.

When the Void Lines absorbed the souls of those creatures, Han Fei discovered

that with his strength as an intermediate peak-level Venerable, it was actually

possible to absorb their soul power. However.. the amount he absorbed was not

much. After all, these sea demons were too low-leveled!

An Explorer-level creature fed Han Fei about 10 to 30 points of soul power.

Therefore, it didn’t seem necessary to attack them again. After all, he had to

kill nearly a hundred of them to get a thousand points.

And reaching this thousand points meant that Han Fei would have to run

around the sea all day, which would alert the enemy..

Looking at Han Fei’s helpless look, the old turtle said, “Actually, it’s not that

the soul power they feed you is getting less and less… It’s just that the quality

of their soul is too poor compared to the quality of your soul. Therefore, the

soul power you can use is very little. If there are tens of thousands of explorers,

you can kill them however you want… In fact, even without going to the forest

of horrors, you can make up for your soul power.”

Han Fei curled his lips and said, “According to this soul feedback speed, how

many Explorer-level creatures do I have to kill? Even if there are so many

Explorer-level creatures that I can hunt.. their death will add too much

pressure to this cage. And if they live, they can constantly digest and devour

the energy and spiritual energy in the cage.”

Of course, Han Fei wanted to hunt. He just didn’t want to spoil the ship for a

halfpenny worth of tar.

Of course, as long as he was willing, as long as he hunted a few more times, he

might be able to attract a Venerable to quickly restore his soul power.

However, once too many strong masters died in the cage, the pressure on the

Heaven and Earth Array, and the consequences would be much more severe

than killing thousands of explorers or a few Venerables!

There were at least a million explorers trapped in the cage. If they were

outside, the Yin-Yang World and the Water-Wood World would definitely


On the contrary, if a big explosion occurred in the cage, everyone inside would

probably be annihilated.

Therefore, neither result was what Han Fei wanted.

Three days later.

Han Fei came to an abandoned sea demon city. This place was full of void

turbulence, with saber beams, sword marks, rod shadows, and fist auras


Broken walls were everywhere. It could be seen that this city had experienced a

devastating blow. All kinds of buildings had basically collapsed.

Even so, there were still many Dao Seekers and a few sea spirit creatures

exploring this city in groups.

The place where the strong fought became a haven for adventurers.

There might be opportunities everywhere here.

Many sea demon Venerables had died. Some Venerables lived in these cities, so

the resources they left behind couldn’t be too poor.

In fact, there was.

Han Fei saw that there was an array in a corner of the city.

Han Fei summoned Little Black and Little White. Little White’s perception

indicated that there was nothing good.

Yes, Little Black and Little White were already intermediate explorers, so they

were very picky.

After walking for another half a day, Han Fei saw three cities like the one he

had just seen.

It could be seen that during the battle in the Immortal City last year, the Black

Blood City must have been attacked by the Venerable experts of the Demon

Beast Union. Many cities had been abandoned.

Pa.s.sing by a few abandoned cities, Han Fei also found some new sea demon

cities. Many low-level sea demons were coming and going, looking very busy!

The old turtle asked, “Shall we go to these cities? Maybe we can get some good


Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Am I so easily satisfied now? What good stuff

can there be in these newly-built cities? The real good stuff is in the Black

Blood City.”

The old turtle was lost for words. “You want to go to the Black Blood City in

your current situation? Do you think your bones are not shining enough, or do

you think you don’t have enough death energy?”

Han Fei was lost for words. Although his golden body was shining, he had the

Twin G.o.d Technique! If he launched a sneak attack with his black-mist body,

even the Black Conch King might not be able to find him!

However, whether or not he entered the Black Blood City, Han Fei had to at

least take a look and see where the Black Blood City was.

Black Blood City.

Different from the White Sh.e.l.l Royal City that Han Fei had seen.

There was also a large array surrounding the Black Blood City, which couldn’t

be entered easily.

However, this couldn’t stop Han Fei. Han Fei stuck to the back of a great demon

in the Half-Venerable realm and floated in.

As soon as he entered the Black Blood City, Han Fei found that screw-shaped

buildings were everywhere.

Here, there were Dao Seeking Conchs everywhere.

Han Fei was lost for words. How much did the Black Evil Conch King like his

own kind? Why were conchs everywhere here?

Because conchs might like to eat algae, there were two kinds of algae in the

Black Blood City.

The first was luminous algae, which was for viewing and lighting. After al,

bright s.p.a.ce was better than darkness. The fish had their own pursuits!

Apart from that, it was the kind of algae with thick leaves that could be eaten

by sea conches.

The area of this entire Black Blood City was actually not much larger than the

White Sh.e.l.l City. It was only a thousand kilometers in radius. In this

thousand-mile area, there were only real towns in the radius of more than 300


Other places were like the outskirts of the city. Some Explorers lived here.

The sea demons, as well as some explorer-realm marine creatures, were also

here. Occasionally, they could see the two sides fighting, but they weren’t

fighting fiercely

Here, Han Fei didn’t use his perception anymore but let the old turtle inform


The old turtle said, “There are 92 Venerables in the city. It seems that they have

completely let go of the battle line on the Immortal City.”

Han Fei sneered. “It’s just for the time being. This is the characteristic of sea

demons. They just want to recuperate for a while. Once they recover, they will

press on the battle line again. However, I hope that by then, they won’t be

killed by me.”

Han Fei quietly swam into the Black Blood City. Because it didn’t affect the

water currents or cause any spatial fluctuations, no one would find him for the

time being

Even if it was the Black Evil Conch King, he wouldn’t sweep his house every


A moment later, Han Fei came to a building that looked like an ancient castle,

standing at the peak of the Black Blood City.

There were buildings halfway up the mountain and at the foot of the mountain.

The people living inside were all Venerables.

The whole mountain was filled with demonic Qi. It must be a demonic mine.

Seeing the demonic mine, Han Fei’s first thought was, Can I blow it up?

However, this crazy thought was soon ruled out by Han Fei. He had more

important things to do! Even if others could ignore this in the cage, he


As if he were used to being bold, Han Fei quietly crept over.

Suddenly, Han Fei sensed that a figure was rushing crazily behind him.

Without using his perception, he saw that it was a big conch. Witha bang, it

knocked away Han Fei’s shadow.

Fortunately, he was in the mist form, which was pure black, and the big conch

was black too. Got b.u.mped by it, Han Fei attached himself to the big conch.

The old turtle reminded Han Fei, “You’re really lucky. This is a Half-King”

Because the speed was too fast, Han Fei heard someone say, “Conch Soul, don’t

rush over so rashly every time. Those who don’t know might think that

someone is attacking our Black Blood City.”

The speed of Conch Soul slowed down, and he said with a hum, “Yu Tianai,

don’t cause trouble! I need to talk to the king”

Yu Tianai sneered. “Don’t you know that the king is recuperating? Why do you

have to ask him for help? Because of the matter in the Forest of Terror?

At this moment, in the castle at the top, a voice said, “Shut up, what’s the fuss?

You two, come here.”

Han Fei didn’t expect that he would meet an old acquaintance the moment he

came to the Black Blood City.

God of Fishing Chapter 1611

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Chapter 1611: Earth Vein Spring Water

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Hearing what the old turtle said, Han Fei actually wanted to say that he still had a complete dragon corpse!

However, Han Fei, who had recognized the strength of dragon bodies, felt that he was too shortsighted about the deal he made with the Azure Dragon.

‘When he had time, he would bargain with the Azure Dragon. That way, it wouldn’t be counted as violating his oath!

Two years pa.s.sed.

Han Fei had acc.u.mulated 709 wisps of Chaos Qi.

Although Han Fei wanted to stay for another two years so that he might be able to acc.u.mulate more than a thousand wisps of Chaotic Qi, he had used up all the spiritual spring and ultra-quality demonic stones in Forge the Universe.

The energy that filled Forge the Universe had been mostly consumed. At the same time, this energy was improving Han Fei’s physique.

Having run out of resources, Han Fei had to leave Forge the Universe.

It had been almost four months outside.


‘When Han Fei appeared in the outside world, he was surprised to find that the thousands of arrays he had set up had been destroyed. There wasn’t much energy left in the array eye.


Han Fei opened his mouth, and a large amount of impure energy was absorbed into his body. Then, the energy circulated in his body, and in a moment, 90% of it was spat out by Han Fei again.

This was the unique ability of the Grand Desolate Body Technique. It could swallow demonic energy, savage murderous aura, and poison… and transform it into a power that nurtured the body. It was said that whoever mastered it would be immune to all poisons.

However, this energy was too impure. Even the Grand Desolate Body Art could only transform ten percent of the energy. If it were someone else, they would definitely become a monster too.

At this moment, what Han Fei needed was not just a little energy, but a lot of resources.

Although cultivating in this array eye could provide sufficient energy and spiritual energy, cultivation wasn’t just about acc.u.mulating energy in the body.

After strengthening his body, he still needed to go through actual combat.

However, before going out, Han Fei still needed to make some preparations.

‘What if there were still many demon plant Venerables waiting outside? What if there were multiple Half-Kings guarding outside? In that case, he would definitely be in trouble.

Therefore, after preparing some fish-skin array maps for himself, Han Fei took out the Nine Palace Luck Ruler and calculated his luck.

Han Fei was slightly relieved when the marker fell on the “Flat”.

A moment later, when Han Fei activated the Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel and was rolling outside, he seemed to trigger the array eye. Looking at the energy surging from all directions, Han Fei was speechless. “Not good! I triggered an energy tide…”

Different from the array eye under the Forbidden Island that was absorbing energy, this array eye was releasing energy, so they had to go the opposite way.

Han Fei’s Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel couldn’t directly spin him out, but gathered endless energy from all directions. Only when the array eye was filled with enough energy would an energy tide erupt and send him out.

Fortunately, Han Fei had the Grand Desolate Body Technique that could transform energy. Otherwise, he would inevitably mutate in the impure energy.

During this process, energy and spiritual energy were replenished at any time. The Supreme Yin-Yang Wheel spun for half an hour.

Han Fei felt that he might be crippled if he kept spinning!

At this moment, the energy surging in the eye of the array spurted out like a volcano.


‘When Han Fei rushed out of the array eye with the energy tide, he was already prepared for battle. After all, it took him more than half an hour to get out.

To Han Fei’s surprise, there was no one here at all!

“Huh? Where are they?”

‘Wasn’t it said that the Holy Altar Fiend Cave was in turmoil and the energy tide was ceaseless, so some demon plant Venerables had already stayed here? But now, it was quiet and there wasn’t even a ghost. Did something happen?

Han Fei immediately took out the Vast Ocean Navigator. It turned several rounds and pointed in one direction.

“Oh? Where is the Blood King?”

Han Fei immediately activated the Twin Divine Technique and quickly rushed towards the place where the Blood King was.

Half a day later.

Han Fei didn’t reach the place where the Blood King left. When he was more than a hundred thousand kilometers away, he found that many demon plants had withered and died.

After he traveled another 50,000 kilometers, some Demon Plant Venerables were fighting here.

Bam! Bam!


Crack ~

Huge creatures were fighting an even larger super giant.

‘There were many roots, vines, and branches on the super giant creature, which were as thick as dragons.

When Han Fei saw this thing, he suddenly exclaimed, “Blood Sea Divine Wood Branch?”

Han Fei had seen this thing before.

Earlier, Yang Ruoyun took a piece of the Blood Sea Divine Wood and refined it into a treasure, killing several of her teammates.

‘At this moment, the branch Han Fei saw was billions of times larger than the one Yang Ruoyun used.

The old turtle said, “This is from the outside world. It’s the Blood Sea Divine Wood in the king realm. It’s absorbing the power of the ground veins in the entire forest.”

“Absorb the power of the ground veins? Is he trying to destroy the forest of horrors?”

The old turtle sighed. “I don’t know! However, it’s certain that this branch has the power of a king. Although it’s only part of the root, it’s still a king-level creature. This is not something ordinary Venerables or explorers can resist.”

In the field, the seven-color light twisted, and the seven-color sponge roared, “No, his growth speed is too fast. He can continuously obtain energy from the ground veins, unless… cut off his absorption of energy.”

Abig snake complained, “It’s f*cking useless. We destroyed the ground veins just now, but this b * stard found a new place on his own… to absorb energy.”

The sea bamboo man said, “This creature is at least at the level of a fake king. Is he the Blood King?”

Someone was lost for words. “How can the Blood King be capable of that? Besides, there’s no need for the Blood King to swallow the Forest of Terror! If he really wanted to, why didn’t he swallow it before?”

A weirdly-shaped giant fish with spines all over its body cursed, “Regardless of whether it has anything to do with him or not, this thing is from the outside world. It wants to swallow the power of the ground veins of our forest! With such terrifying power, its strength far exceeds all of us. The power this

demon plant has has already exceeded the Blood King.”

Zi Luo said, “The problem is, how can we deal with this thing now? It won’t fight us. It will only fight back when we try to kill it. And these days, everyone has already tried many times… Under our combined efforts, it can still slowly swallow the ground veins… Unless we call all the Venerables on the front

line back! Otherwise, how can we resist this demon plant?”

Most people looked solemn. Someone mumbled, “Are the demon plants outside so terrifying? I suspect that the Blood King has been killed.”

Many people nodded. “Although the Blood King isn’t weak, he’s not good at fighting. It’s impossible for him to survive such a creature.”

Someone felt lucky. “Fortunately, I didn’t go with him to the outside world a few months ago. Otherwise, we would have died.”

While these people were discussing, Han Fei also said solemnly, “Old Yuan, this matter probably has something to do with the fake king of the Blood Sea Divine Wood City… Is he going to transcend the tribulation?”

The old turtle nodded. “Obviously. Although the Forest of Terror is not a good place… the power of the ground veins in this entire demon plant territory is huge. It’s more than enough to help a person survive the king’s tribulatio

Han Fei snorted coldly. “It seems that he failed to lure these demon plants out last time. Now, he took the initiative to get back at them. However, how can it be so easy for him to transcend the tribulation?”

Han Fei ignored the demonic plants that were fighting the Blood Sea Divine Wood. Instead, he followed the direction of the Vast Ocean Navigator to the Blood King clone.

It must be the Blood King’s clone that caused this mess.

Han Fei didn’t want the Blood Sea Divine Wood to break the cage now… With his current strength, he couldn’t resist the chaos of the cage!

The Blood Sea Divine Wood drilled holes everywhere in the seabed.

Han Fei crept into one of the holes with his black mist body.

Han Fei crawled through the holes like dirty dust.

Two hour pa.s.sed.

Han Fei easily reached the roots of the Blood Sea Divine Wood, the center of the explosion.

Then, Han Fei saw a young man whose lower body was roots standing among the roots. Under the young man’s body, his roots drilled into a green liquid.

Seeing this scene, the old turtle immediately said, “Kill him. What he absorbed was the Earth Vein Spring Water, a treasure comparable to Life Spring Water.”


Han Fei exclaimed, “What did you say? That thing is comparable to Life Spring Water? How many drops are there?”

The old turtle shook his head. “You can’t measure it this way. One drop of it is certainly not as good as Life Spring Water. However, a hundred kilograms of Earth Vein Spring Water will be equivalent to a drop of Life Spring Water. This place will probably have tens of thousands of years of vitality.”

Han Fei was shocked. If he stuffed it into the Thousand Mountain Ancient Realm, wouldn’t he be able to revive it easily?

Although the Thousand Mountain Ancient Realm had always been in his hands.

Han Fei could at most throw some energy and spiritual energy into it. However, the death energy there was heavy and the vitality was weak. With Han Fei’s ability, he could only slowly revive them.

However, if he had the Earth Vein Spring Water, the Thousand Mountain Ancient Realm would probably be revived immediately.

Immediately, Han Fei quietly approached.

He must kill this Blood King clone..

God of Fishing Chapter 1606 – Han Fei Ruined His Plan

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Chapter 1606: Han Fei Ruined His Plan

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor:

Henyee Translations

Han Fei was shocked by the old turtle’s idea!

He was stunned for a long time.


Han Fei couldn’t help being horrified. It seemed possible… Well, maybe it was very likely. This was the only fake king he had seen who could open the cage barrier with his own strength.

However, did the fake king have the ability to open the cage of the Heaven and Earth Array? Obviously not.

If possible, the fake kings of the Demon Beast Union, the Black Blood City, and the Immortal City were not weak either.

It was said that the king of the Blood Sea Divine Wood City had never left the city.

However, he had once fought Queen Life and the White Armor Emperor alone. Therefore, the Blood Sea Divine Wood City had a relatively high status in the Water-Wood World and became one of the three major factions.

However, who said that he would definitely be a king if he could fight two kings alone?

Demon plants were usually very powerful in their own territory.

If the Blood King was the mysterious king of the Blood Sea Divine Wood City, why would he trap these demon plants? These people could be his henchmen!

The old turtle said, “Did you not figure it out? But if you think from another perspective… What if the one in the Blood Sea Divine Wood City is his reincarnation?”

Han Fei:

“Shoot ~”

Han Fei was horrified again. “This means that the guy in the Blood Sea Divine Wood City is actually not a fake king but a half king. He hasn’t transcended the king’s tribulation yet. Then, if he really take these demon plants out, he might not be able to suppress them. Therefore, the Blood King’s real

purpose is not to take them out, but to kill them?”

The old turtle said, “Or rather, he swallowed them, or enslaved them… But in any case, he should be preparing to transcend the tribulation.”

Han Fei was puzzled. “Why?”

The old turtle said, “If the one in the Blood Sea Divine Wood City is really the Blood King’s reincamation, why did he call the Blood King over? After all, the reincarnation body and the original body are two different people.”

Han Fei thought for a moment. “However, the two are equivalent to the same person. Then, can the Blood King resist the lightning tribulation?”

The old turtle said, “Theoretically, it’s possible as long as their source is the same. But in order to ensure that nothing goes wrong, it might be safer if the two fuse in the end.”

Han Fei was confused. “I still don’t think it’s necessary for him to kill the demonic plants unless it can help him with his tribulation.”

The old turtle said, “We’ll find out when you can really sneak into the Blood Sea Divine Wood City… Now, no one knows what the situation is like on the other side. Anyway, if these demon plants really choose to go there, they will definitely die. However, these demon plants are all sea plants, intimate

with sea demons, and not at peace with you humans. It doesn’t matter if they die or not.”

Han Fei said, “But we can’t let the Blood King successfully transcend the tribulation! What if our guess is right? This guy can challenge two king-level experts without being defeated even though he’s only a Half-King. What if he becomes a king?”

At this moment, no matter what, Han Fei couldn’t let the Blood King… successfully lure so many people away. Even the Blood King himself couldn’t leave!

He had promised Queen Life that he would help her conquer the Blood Sea Divine Wood City and the White Sh.e.l.l Royal City in the future. If the Blood King could even challenge an emperor, how could he kill him?

Han Fei sighed. “Old Yuan, help me destroy this exit.”

‘The old turtle was lost for words. “I only have strong soul power now. You want me to destroy this exit in front of so many people? Are you looking for death?”

Since the exit couldn’t be destroyed, he could only cause trouble!

On the Dragon Octopus Tree, a cloud of dust was escaping.

What did they talk about next? It didn’t matter.

The Blood King’s goal was to fool those people.

And these people didn’t seem to believe in the Blood King, which could be used.


The energy tide was still erupting.

Every time it burst out, it was like a shock wave that swept across the entire Forest of Terror. Under this kind of turbulence, Han Fei could run easily without worrying about being discovered.

‘Twenty thousand kilometers away.

Even a peak-level Venerable could sense the commotion here, let alone Half-Kings.

Han Fei simply threw out a large number of ultra-quality demonic stones and detonated them.


Just as many people were tempted by the Blood King, they heard a violent explosion tens of thousands of kilometers away, instantly attracting the attention of most people.

The Blood King was taken aback as he looked 20,000 kilometers away.

However, dozens of demon trees were blown to smithereens.

‘The faces of the others changed greatly. This was because seawater gathered into words in the explosion, which read, “The Blood King lied and wanted to kill you.”

Han Fei’s operation was so simple and violent.

Many people had doubts about the Blood King.

Now, someone had pointed out the truth. Who could easily risk their lives to accompany the Blood King to the outside world?

“Humph! Who is slandering me?”

The Blood King’s speed was so fast that Han Fei didn’t dare to imagine it.

In less than a second, a vine drilled out of the ground and appeared in the place of the explosion.

At the moment of the explosion, Han Fei had already escaped 3,000 kilometers away with the waves. Han Fei could stick to the bottom of the sea and turn into dust without being discovered.

Unless the Blood King swept through every blade of gra.s.s and every grain of dust within ten thousand kilometers… Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to find him. This was the power of the Twin Divine Technique.

Immediately after the Blood King, three people appeared in the explosion.

Zi Luo said leisurely, “Lord Blood King, what do you have to say?”

The Blood King glanced at Zi Luo coldly. “Why? Are you suspecting me?”

Zi Luo chuckled and looked at the other two. “I dare not… But what do Qianlong and Sea Bamboo think?”

The sea bamboo man smiled. “Lord Blood King, why don’t you ask the Venerables who went out to talk to us? Otherwise, I think we’d better wait for the cage to break…”

Qianlong said, “I think I can still live tens of thousands of years. If I cultivate a reincarnation body, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to live another 50,000 years. I can wait for a mere hundred years.”

Following that, a group of people quickly arrived. Although they didn’t speak, they all had their own thoughts.

‘The Blood King snorted. “Are you intimidated by a mere n.o.body? It seems that I overestimated you. I just don’t want you to continue to be caged… Since you don’t believe me, you can stay here.”

Under the watch of everyone, the Blood King still said proudly, “If I wanted to kill you, I would have done so long ago. There’s no need to wait until now. I’m leaving. If you want to follow me, you can come.”

Han Fei wanted to follow him, but the old turtle reminded him, “Don’t move! It’s full of vines underground. He’s looking for you.”

Han Fei stayed in the dust form and didn’t dare to move. Only the old turtle could see the situation in the distance with his perception.

About half an hour later, the old turtle said, “That guy has opened the void, but the vines and tentacles underground haven’t completely left… He’s still looking for you.”

After more than 20 seconds.

The old turtle said, “He went into the void rift. However, those slimy vine tentacles are still stuffed in the spatial rift. There are some remnants of vines underground… Heh, he didn’t really leave. He must have left a clone behind. It should be a Half-King.”

Han Fei was puzzled. “Has he left?”

The old turtle said, “The s.p.a.ce he pa.s.sed through has closed. There are only several dozen feet of cracks left. Obviously, most of his body has pa.s.sed.”

Han Fei was puzzled. “He just pa.s.sed by at this time? He didn’t even absorb much of the tide that erupted in the Holy Altar Devil Cave?”

The old turtle said, “His Half-King clone is still here, hidden in dozens of vines. You can come out now.”

‘As the dust floated, Han Fei quietly moved forward.

‘When Han Fei came thousands of kilometers away from those people, he found that the temperature here began to drop rapidly. Many Big Red Trunks began to wither, gradually turning into powder.

Zi Luo and the others were also puzzled.

She said, “It seems that he has really left. I didn’t find any clones left.”

Qianlong nodded. “His roots have all been removed, and these trees have withered. However, these void cracks are still there, and there are still roots inside… I’m not sure if he has completely gone out.”

The sea bamboo man said, “This guy has never done what a king should do. He spends all his time thinking about how to get out of this cage.”

Someone smiled and said, “It’s good that he’s gone. Anyway, I don’t really believe him. In the past tens of thousands of years, he sent more than 50 people out. I don’t believe that none of them were trying to help us open the pa.s.sage from outside… But none of these people appeared!”

Someone agreed. “That’s right. The Blood King is not credible. However, we do have to take the problem he mentioned seriously. This year, it was indeed abnormal. The tide has erupted six times in a row. It’s a good thing, but it feels strange.”

Chi la!

Suddenly, a vine emerged from the void.

There were more and more vines, and a moment later, a twisted face appeared. It was the Void Vine that Han Fei saw.

The Void Vine said, “I feel that someone broke into the Forest of Terror. However, the spatial fluctuations are extremely small and difficult to detect. I immediately sealed that area but didn’t find it.”

‘The sea bamboo man said, “That person reminded us. I don’t know why. Maybe he’s also a mutant demon plant. He just doesn’t want to show up.”

Zi Luo said, “I don’t think he is a demon plant, but we still have to be careful. Recently, a lot of things have happened. The Demon Beast Union, the Black Blood City, and the Immortal City have all partic.i.p.ated in the battle. Only our Forest of Terror is safe. Anyway, the Blood King doesn’t care about

anything. It doesn’t matter if he leaves or not… However, the news of his departure can’t be released! I suggest sealing the forest.”

Qianlon: “I agree.”

Sea Bamboo Man: “I agree

God of Fishing Chapter 1610 – Cultivation in Seclusion

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Chapter 1610: Cultivation in Seclusion

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Han Fei really didn’t know what level his Indestructible Body was at. Ever since he experienced the heavenly tribulation, there was something wrong with his Indestructible Body.

Han Fei cursed, “It’s all that old b * stard Ren Tianfei’s fault. What kind of technique is this? I finally mastered the Golden Body, but now my flesh and blood have something wrong.”

Of course, the root of the problem was not Ren Tianfei, but the heavenly tribulation.

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Old Yuan, logically speaking, I have transcended a heavenly tribulation… Has my body also transcended a heavenly tribulation? Why is it that only my Indestructible Body is so much stronger than before?”

The old turtle was lost for words. “What do you mean by ‘your flesh and blood haven’t become stronger? In the past, your bones were stronger than your flesh and blood. Now, it’s just that the heavenly tribulation exacerbated your problem. Do you remember that after the third lightning tribulation, you

had to use the Heaven Enlightenment Divine Technique to recall your flesh and blood? However, your Indestructible Body has completely weathered the heavenly tribulation from beginning to end. Do you think the lightning tribulation modified your bones more or your flesh and blood more?”

Han Fei sighed.

He had thought that when he broke through to the advanced Venerable realm, he would return to his strongest state.

But now, he still couldn’t.

Although this body could attach to the bones again, there were more and more cracks… Obviously, it still couldn’t withstand it!

When Han Fei practiced the Indestructible Overlord Body, he had fused the power of his soul into his bones.

However, from now on, Han Fei made up his mind that if he had ownerless souls again, he would definitely stuff them into his flesh and blood. He wouldn’t stop until his flesh and blood reached the same level as his bones!

In Forge the Universe.

A month later, Han Fei managed to maintain his current state.

Although his flesh and blood were full of cracks, making him look like a porcelain doll that was full of cracks and would collapse at the slightest touch, this was already Han Fei’s best state.

“Hoop, Hoop, Hoop ~”

Han Fei was practicing the Dragon Swallowing Technique and absorbing a dragon bone.

At the same time, his recovered body was absorbing the energy in Forge the Universe, cleansing his body, and modifying his body.

His body automatically absorbed energy. This was the power of the “Grand Desolate Body Technique’.

The Grand Desolate Body Technique was an ancient technique from the primordial age, and it was the path of great acupoints merging.

Besides, unlike the Desolate G.o.d Body, the Grand Desolate Body Technique was to refine the entire body into a major acupuncture point. It was like a holeless body, where energy could only enter but couldn’t leave unless the owner let it.

Han Fei practiced both arts to strengthen his body.

Han Fei had discovered the benefits of the Dragon Swallowing Technique.

With his disa.s.sembling speed, with the concentration of energy in Forge the Universe, he could easily absorb five or even six wisps of Chaos Qi in a year.

However, it only took Han Fei half a month to absorb the first wisp of Chaotic Qi from the dragon bone.

This speed was four or five times faster than directly absorbing Chaotic Qi from spiritual energy.

Han Fei happily practiced the Dragon Swallowing Technique crazily!

However, because of the Dragon Swallowing Technique… in addition to swallowing chaos energy, could also swallow dragon energy, dragon Qi, and dragon luck.

Dragon energy could strengthen the body, dragon Qi could temper the body, and dragon luck… Han Fei didn’t seem to feel it yet. In short, he could get too many benefits from this azure dragon.

It was exactly because Han Fei had been practicing the Dragon Swallowing Technique that he could stabilize his realm so quickly.

Otherwise, it would take at least one or two years for a Venerable to stabilize his realm after the breakthrough, but Han Fei only used a month.

Spiritual Power: 115,401

Perception Range: 43,000 kilometers

Strength: 1,2001 Waves

First Spiritual Heritage: Unknown

Second Spiritual Heritage: Unknown

First spiritual beast: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level 76)

Second spiritual beast: Emperor Sparrow (level 59)

Main Art: Sky Stealing Technique, level six of Void Fishing (Venerable Level, Divine Quality)

“Hiss ~”

Han Fei immediately shouted, “Old Yuan, Old Yuan… I made a breakthrough. Did you see that?”

The old turtle: “I’m not dead. I know.”

Han Fei exclaimed, “I made a breakthrough in four years! Old Yuan, I didn’t borrow any power but cultivated on my own. Isn’t this speed fast?”

The old turtle said unhurriedly, “Do you know how much spiritual energy and energy you consumed? Half of the spiritual spring and ultra-quality demonic stones in your calabash world are gone. According to this cultivation speed and consumption, even if all the resources here are added up, they won’t

be enough for you to improve…”

Han Fei looked at his spiritual spring and ultra-quality demonic stones and was a little horrified. He didn’t expect to consume so many resources when he reached the advanced Venerable realm!

Han Fei immediately thought of Tang Yan.

Other people might not know that there were hundreds of billions of ultra-quality demonic stones under the Empyrean Waterfall, but he did! However, he was unmoved

At this moment, Han Fei roughly understood Tang Yan.

He was only an advanced Venerable. After bitter cultivation, he had still consumed a lot of resources. When he became a peak-level Venerable or even a Half-King, how many resources would he need?

The old turtle said, “You should know by now… In order to become a king, the energy acc.u.mulation in the early stages alone is an astronomical number. In the battle in the Immortal City, hundreds of Venerables and thousands of hundreds of explorers died. If the energy is transformed into resources, it

will be enough for one or even two people to transcend the tribulation and become a king.”

Han Fei licked the corner of his mouth and grinned. “Resources… It’s not a big problem. There are many places for me to take resources.”

Han Fei thought of the Zhang family.

He was now an advanced Venerable.

If he snuck into the Zhang family again, who could find him?

At that time, he would directly confiscate the Zhang family’s treasury, then go to the Chu Sect, and then go door to door.

Han Fei smiled contemptuously. “Resources are not a problem. I’m very good at absorbing the Chaos Qi. I’m going to continue to cultivate until my resources are exhausted. Then, it’s time for me to go out.”

Han Fei raised his hand and looked at the cracks on his body.

His mastery of Great Desolate Body Art made his body much stronger. However, his bones were also getting stronger. However, the power of the Indestructible Golden Body should have reached a point where it was difficult for him to improve further, but there was still a lot of room for his flesh and

blood to grow.

Therefore, at this moment, the cracks on Han Fei’s body weren’t as large as before. Earlier, his flesh and blood looked like they were pasted on his body, but now, they just cracked.

Han Fei thought that as long as he absorbed the dragon bones for another two years, hunted some Venerables, got some ownerless souls, and melted them into his flesh and blood… when he became a peak-level advanced Venerable, he should be able to fuse his flesh and blood with his bones!

suddenly, the old turtle reminded him, “I know that you can continue to trade with the calabash… You can continue to modify the time flow here… However, don’t forget that the dragon bones are limited. These are your fastest source of Chaotic Qi. Once it’s exhausted, it won’t be easy to get them again.”

God of Fishing Chapter 1609 – Advanced Venerable Realm

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Chapter 1609: Advanced Venerable Realm

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The soul of the dragon head was extracted by the Demon Purification Pot.

Han Fei had already guessed it. How could he become a king without taking some risks?

For a lunatic who loved adventure, Han Fei felt that he was much calmer in the face of danger.

The old turtle’s soul was also suppressed in the depths of his consciousness.

However, the dragon head’s soul was absorbed by the Demon Purification Pot. Not only was the soul absorbed, but the Demon Purification Pot also extended two small vines.

As the vines rolled, Han Fei saw… one… two… a total of 27… souls or something was swallowed by the Demon Purification Pot.

The old turtle was trembling. “These are the Great Daos of the demon plant Venerables who haven’t been completely absorbed and a.s.similated by the dragon soul. Although the Great Daos of these Venerables are only average… they were ruthlessly stripped away…”

The old turtle didn’t continue, fearing that it would p.i.s.s off the Demon Purification Pot.

At this moment, soul fire was burning in Han Fei’s eyes, and he laughed. “I don’t care! Anyway, these are all deformed creatures and have already died. Even if they aren’t eaten by my calabash, they will be digested by the dragon head soul in the end. It’s better to provide nutrition for my calabash….”

The battle came to an end because of the Demon Purification Pot.

As early as when the dragon soul was about to possess Han Fei, it was destined to die.

Even the old turtle, an emperor, was imprisoned by the Demon Purification Pot for possession.

The soul of this dragon head was just a wisp of the soul of the Azure Dragon. How could it be comparable to the old turtle?

As for the rest, they were all messy ownerless souls. Han Fei’s skeleton body trembled as if it was laughing.

In the next moment, the soul fire between his eyebrows spread out to prevent these souls from dissipating in the array eye.

After collecting the ownerless souls for three hours, Han Fei discovered that there were more ownerless souls than he expected. Although he had guessed that there would be more souls sealed in the dragon head than the dragon tail… Han Fei didn’t expect so many!

At this moment, Han Fei checked the information repeatedly. His soul power had increased from 61,646 to 110,683 points. He had obtained nearly 50,000 points of soul power so easily.

Han Fei sighed. After all the ups and downs in his cultivation, his soul power finally restored. Besides, after his soul power broke through 9,999 points, it didn’t seem to be restricted by the realm at all.

Han Fei hurriedly asked, “Old Yuan, the power of my soul has exceeded the limits of my previous soul. It seems to have surpa.s.sed the realm of an intermediate peak-level Venerable.”

The old turtle said leisurely, “The realm is decided by humans. In fact, as long as your body, spiritual heritage, bones, race, and bloodline are strong enough… you will be stronger than others. Becoming a king is insignificant. Compared to those ancient…”

Seeing that the old turtle didn’t continue, Han Fei asked, “Ancient what?”

The old turtle sighed slightly. “Ancient divine beasts and prehistoric ferocious beasts are born peerless powerhouses. From bloodline to spiritual heritage, they can be said to be the favored children of the heavens. I admit that you are indeed lucky and powerful. However, in terms of level, you are at most

similar to me. After all, your spiritual heritage is built with my Great Dao. Therefore, your limit will be higher than others. Now you think you are strong enough, but that’s only relative to people at your level. If you were at a different level, you would know what the difference is…”

The soul fire in Han Fei’s eyes trembled. “What’s the difference?”

‘The old turtle thought for a moment and said, “For example, if your Emperor Sparrow grows to your level, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to beat two or three of you combined.”

“Heh ~”

Han Fei felt that his blood was freezing. What? Are you kidding me?

However, Han Fei knew that the old turtle wouldn’t lie to him about such things. According to what the old turtle said, because he was a human being, his bloodline wasn’t strong enough, nor was his spiritual heritage strong enough.

As if afraid of hurting Han Fei’s self-esteem, the old turtle also said, “However, I won’t lie to you. With your potential, it’s more than enough for you to become a king. In the king realm, you may be able to rank among the top thousand hundred.”

Han Fei was speechless. “I’m only among the top 100?”

The old turtle said, “I mean thousands hundred, not hundred.”

Information popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

Owner: Han Fei

Level: 87 (Advanced Venerable)

Chaotic Qi: None

Spiritual Power: 114,371

Perception Range: 42,000 kilometers

Strength: 9,806 Waves

First Spiritual Heritage: Unknown

Second Spiritual Heritage: Unknown

First spiritual beast: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (Level 75)

Second spiritual beast: Emperor Sparrow (level 59)

Main Art: Sky Stealing Technique, level six of Void Fishing (Venerable Level, Divine Quality)


Han Fei swallowed. He had finally reached the advanced Venerable realm!

His spiritual power had also increased by more than 3,000 points, but it only grew naturally with the breakthrough.

His strength increased by 806 waves.

Han Fei knew that because too much power was squeezed in his body, his strength had soared.

Generally speaking, the limit of a peak-level Venerable was about ten thousand waves.

As for the Half-Kings, they were definitely at least ten thousand waves.

This was the reason why the Venerables became way stronger with each step in this realm!

There was no way to compare an Explorer to a Venerable. In the eyes of a Venerable, an Explorer was no different from a kid.

There was no shortage of Venerables who regarded those below the Venerable realm as ants. Naturally, the kings thought the same of Venerables. This was a normal chain of contempt.

After the breakthrough, Han Fei’s body slowly dispersed. In the end, his flesh and blood covered Han Fei’s Indestructible Body.

Han Fei immediately felt that his five senses had returned!

The feeling of being able to see and hear was really great!

Crack ~

“Puff ~”

However, as soon as the flesh was attached to him, Han Fei made a few random movements, and a crack appeared on the flesh. Some flesh and blood were torn apart.

The old turtle reminded him, “Although you made a breakthrough, your bones are still growing. Therefore, you still have to continue cultivating your body…”

God of Fishing Chapter 1605

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Chapter 1605: Blood King

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When the Blood King said that he was the one who triggered the energy tide, Han Fei didn’t believe him anymore. Did this guy lie to his own people just to strengthen his dominance?

But when he heard that, he realized that something was wrong. The Blood King could send people out? There were only Yin-Yang World and Water-Wood World in the outside world, and there had never been any powerful demon plants in Yin-Yang World. The three major powers in the Water-Wood

World were very strong. How could they accommodate these demon plants?

Han Fei couldn’t help thinking, If the Blood King really had the ability to send people out, why didn’t he go out?

And judging from the reactions of the other demon plants here, they clearly didn’t believe this guy. The demon plants in the Venerable realm couldn’t be fools.

Someone said, “Lord Blood King, since the channel can be opened in a hundred years, we’re not in a hurry. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient if we go together?”

Someone echoed, “Yes! Anyway, our lives are long. It’s just a hundred years.”

Immediately, a few powerful demon plants echoed. Han Fei was stunned. This was the least respected fake king he had ever seen. You’re already a fake king. Why don’t you show some kingliness?

The young man seemed to be used to this scene. He smiled casually. “I won’t force you. You can wait for a hundred years. The strong anomalies in the Holy Altar Devil Cave indicate that a great horror is coming. Today, I’m just here to tell you that if no one goes out, I’ll go out myself.”


Many people were alarmed. The Blood King was leaving the cage? Today?

Immediately, the Big Snake Vine, the Dragon Octopus Tree, and the others all moved. The fake king was going to break out of the cage and leave. This was definitely not a small matter.

The people who doubted him were also stunned. Could they really leave?

The Blood King said, “I’m here today because I want to invite all of you to watch how I break free from the cage.”


The Blood King’s voice, accompanied by the tide of energy, sounded particularly intimidating.

Immediately, Han Fei saw a withered vine wrapped with many small snakes said leisurely. “Since Lord Blood King is leaving, we should go to watch the ceremony.”

Fora time, the energy tide didn’t seem to be fragrant anymore. Compared to swallowing energy, breaking out of the cage stirred their hearts more.

Han Fei felt that if it were him, compared with fighting the Demon Beast Union every day, he would definitely not let go of the opportunity to leave.

Especially those super strong masters who had reached the Half-King realm. If they couldn’t become kings in the cage, they might be able to do so outside the cage.

In fact, if they really went to the Water-Wood World, as long as the three kings didn’t take action, they might really be able to transcend the tribulation and become kings.

Therefore, many people immediately followed the Blood King to attend the ceremony.


On the back of the Dragon Octopus Tree, the purple-haired girl said, “Dragon Octopus Tree, follow him. I want to see how he can break out of the cage.”


Han Fei glanced at the Holy Altar Devil Cave. Although his goal was this Devil Cave, he had already found it and the energy tide was still erupting. He might as well follow it. The Blood King was obviously lying, but he was about to get out of the cage. Even Han Fei was puzzled.

The Forest of Terror was called the Forest of Terror because the demon plants here were too big, There were seven or eight creatures as big as the Dragon Octopus Tree here, and some of the plants had covered up their real forms.

After traveling about a million kilometers, the Venerables came to a place that was burned by flames. It was a kind of sea fire that looked like blood, covering a radius of a hundred thousand kilometers.

On this land, Han Fei discovered the Big Red Trunk in shock. His first reaction was that the Blood King was a Big Red Trunk demon. This explained why he was so hot. Only an exotic creature like the Big Red Trunk could burn at the bottom of the sea all day long.

Speaking of the Big Red Trunk, Han Fei couldn’t help but think of the Blood Sea Divine Wood City in the Water-Wood World. If the Blood King was the Big Red Trunk, what was his relationship with the Blood Sea Divine Wood City?

The old turtle suddenly said, “That’s right. This familiar aura is that king’s.”

Han Fei was shocked. “You mean… the mysterious king of the Blood Sea Divine Wood City?”

The old turtle said, “Probably. I’m an emperor. How can I not know such a trivial matter? Although the king never showed up, I’m already used to his aura after staying outside the Blood Sea Divine Wood City for so long.”

Han Fei asked, “Are you saying that the Blood King is related to the Blood Sea Divine Wood City? Has he been in contact with the king in the Blood Sea Divine Wood City?”

Han Fei was shocked. If the two had something to do with each other, if the Blood Sea Divine Wood City could summon so many Venerable-level powerhouses at the same time, its strength would probably soar to become the strongest in the Water-Wood World. If all the demon plants in the Forest of

Terror went over, this power would be enough to sweep across the Water-Wood World. The Cloud Sea Divine Tree and the White Sh.e.l.l City combined wouldn’t be able to defeat the Blood Sea Divine Wood City.

At this moment, a group of people had already entered the Blood King’s territory. Although they didn’t like flames, they were Venerables. It wasn’t a big deal for them to endure it for a while.

However, there were still complaints, such as the purple-haired girl on the back of the Dragon Octopus Tree. “I hate fire. It makes me want to fight.”

The withered vine said, “Zi Luo, bear with it. After all, the Blood King is going to break out of the cage. This is a big thing!”

“Heh ~”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Looking at the woman who smiled disdainfully, he remembered that Yu Tianai wanted to see this woman.

The Venerables ran and soon came to the center of the wood. Then, they saw hundreds of cracks that stretched out into the ocean. The cracks varied in size from a few feet to a hundred feet. In these cracks, slimy vines of varying thicknesses jutted out into the sea.

Because there were too many of them, the slimy vines had penetrated dozens of kilometers.

Han Fei had never seen this kind of vine. It didn’t look like a vine of the Big Red Trunk. It might be the original body of the Blood King.

The Blood King stood in midair and looked at the cracks. “Because of the energy tide in the Holy Altar Devil Cave, I’ve forcefully opened a void and touched the outside world. You may not believe it, but I can show you the outside world.”


Upon hearing the Blood King’s words, someone immediately asked, “Lord Blood King, what’s the outside world like?”

“Blood King, please show me.”

“Blood King, don’t keep us guessing.”

Han Fei also looked at the Blood King curiously. Endless vines suddenly extended from the lower half of his body and plunged into the ground. Immediately afterward, the slimry vines that drilled into the void began to swell. In the sky full of cracks, a crack that was more than 300 feet long at the center

was forcibly opened.

With cracking sounds, like gla.s.s cracking, everybody could see that weird energy was repairing the cage.

Energy surged from the Blood King, attracting the tide that had just swept over to gather around the Blood King.

‘When the crack grew wider and wider, everybody saw that red fish were swimming in a fuzzy area on the other side of the crack.

“Puff ~”

A hook pierced a big fish in an instant. As the slippery tentacle quickly retracted, the cage was quickly closed.


With a cry, Han Fei saw that a Millennium Snapper had been caught and appeared here. Then he realized that there was no Millennium Snapper on the Big Red Trunk here.

Han Fei felt that something was wrong, and the Dragon Octopus Tree, even Zi Luo, seemed shocked.

The big snake vine exclaimed, “This creature is only in the Sea Demon Realm. It seems that the environment outside is much safer than the cage!”

The Sea Bamboo Man couldn’t help but ask, “Lord Blood King, can you show us the outside world for a while longer? We didn’t see it clearly!”

Someone echoed, “That’s right! Lord Blood King, didn’t you send some people to the outside world? Why don’t you ask them back to describe the outside world to us?”

The Blood King said grumpily, “Do you really think I’m a G.o.d? You’ve seen how difficult it is to open this pa.s.sage. Furthermore, due to the chaotic void, the place I open is not fixed, so I can’t find them back to talk to you. Today, I’m preparing to go out by myself. I can consume 30% of my cultivation and

forcefully open the pa.s.sage in a short period of time, but it won’t last more than three seconds. It’s up to you whether you want to go or not. That’s all I have to say. Let’s see how you choose.”

‘When the Blood King said this, Han Fei and the old turtle said at the same time, “It’s fake.”

The two of them were quite synchronized.

Han Fei sneered in his heart. You’re making it sound like you’re so selfless. The Blood Sea Divine Wood City is right outside, guarded by a king. If they go there, they’ll either be enslaved or die. Even if the Blood King goes there himself, he won’t have a good time there.

The old turtle said, “No! The Blood King must have gone out long ago. Otherwise, where do you think the Big Red Trunk came from? He’s just luring these demonic plants to go out.”

Han Fei said in surprise, “That’s true, but what’s his purpose? Does he need to recruit a large number of demonic plant experts for the Blood Sea Divine Wood?”

The old turtle said leisurely, “What if… the Blood King is the same person as the king of the Blood Sea Divine Wood City?”

Han Fei:

God of Fishing Chapter 1602 – Dark King of Destruction

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Chapter 1602: Dark King of Destruction

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

In the ancient castle of Black Blood City, the palace where the Black Evil Conch

King was.

It was an ancient castle made of the sh.e.l.l of the Black Evil Conch King and

silkworm slough.

Han Fei could feel the gravity here and the looming array patterm

The sea demons probably preferred their original forms. When at home, t

Black Evil Conch King appeared as a giant conch, like a small mountain.

Conch Soul and Yu Tianai stood under the huge black conch.

The Black Evil Conch King asked, “Conch Soul, what the h.e.l.l is going on with

the vibration in the Forest of Terror?

Conch Soul said angrily, “King! I think the Forest of Terror must’ve become

arrogant after we were greatly weakened. When I went to ask about the

anomaly in the s.p.a.ce, I was blocked outside and they said that it was just a

problem appearing when they offered up a sacrifice… Humph, they’re obviously

lying. Who are they going to make offerings to? King, I think they must be

hiding something big from us.

The Black Evil Conch King frowned. “Is the Forest of Terror so disrespectful to

us now?

Conch Soul nodded. “Yes. I think if our Black Blood City hadn’t remained so

powerful, I wouldn’t have been able to return.”

Black Evil Conch King “What do you mean?”

Conch Soul: “I feel that those guys are even crazier.”

Han Fei heard the conversation between Black Evil Conch King and Conch Soul.

There seemed to be something wrong with the Forest of Terror. That was why

Black Evil Conch King asked Conch Soul to inquire about it. However, it was

obvious that the people in the Forest of Terror ignored this big conch.

Yu Tianai said, “Conch Soul, is it because you were too aggressive? This is not

the first time.”

The big black conch roared angrily, “What are you talking about? Do you think I

will be aggressive to them in their territory? 1 just find it strange. The

relationship between us and the Forest of Terror has always been good.

However, in the past year, our relationship has plummeted. This is definitely

not a good thing.”

The Black Evil Conch King said leisurely, “What we can be sure of is that the

relationship between the Forest of Terror and the Demon Beast Union is

definitely not better than our relationship. According to the personalities of the

demon beasts in the Demon Beast Union, they won’t befriend the Forest of

Terror. Then, the Forest of Terror won’t be too hostile to us. At least, it won’t

become our enemy. But no matter what, this alliance cannot be broken. Yu

Tianai, go to the Forest of Terror again. Our relationship with the Forest of

Terror cannot be severed. After all, the Demon Beast Union and human beings

have already formed an alliance.”

Yu Tianai immediately said, “Yes, my king”

Han Fei sneered in his heart.

This was a good opportunity!

(u Tianai, right? Now that his strength had improved greatly, he could try to

kill a Half-King. If he killed Yu “Tianai, would it cause a hostile relationship

between the Black Blood City and the Forest of Terror?

However, as soon as Han Fei thought of this, he heard the old turtle say, “Are

you not considering the stability of this cage?”

Han Fei’s heart sank. He forgot about it again!

However, it was still challenging to kill a Half-King.

Unfortunately, the old turtle was right.

Although it was tempting to kill a Half-King, Han Fei decided to give up this

plan for the sake of the big picture.

Or rather, why did he have to kill Yu Tianai?

He could pretend to be a demon plant from the Forest of Terror. After all, the

entire Thousand Mountain Ancient Realm was in his hands, but he hadn’t used

it yet! What a waste!

Conch Soul snorted and looked at Yu Tianai. “T’d like to see what you can find


Conch Soul and Yu Tianai seemed to be at odds.

However, the two of them didn’t start a fight in front of Black Evil Conch King,

who suddenly exclaimed.

He scanned the entire Black Blood City with his perception.

He asked,”Conch Soul, did anything else happen on your way back?

Conch Soul was puzzled. “No! No obstacles on the way.”

The Black Evil Conch King nodded slightly, thinking that maybe he was


He said, “Okay, Yu Tianai, go to the forest of horrors again. Conch Soul, try

again seeing if there’s any chance of saving the cracks in the cage. Humph, Han

Fei is dead. We can consider entering the Yin-Yang World again”

Conch Soul said in surprise, “My king, aren’t there a lot of strong masters in

the Yin-Yang World? If we go there, will the power of the Black Blood City be


Black Evil Conch King: “It’s okay… Recently, the energy turbulence in the cage

has been getting more and more violent, and the void cracks have increased

several times. This is not a good thing! We’d better be prepared in advance

Han Fei frowned. Does the Black Blood City control other cage cracks?

The Black Evil Conch King was not a real king after all, so he didn’t discover

Han Fei.

It was like when Han Fei was still a junior explorer, Ning ling didn’t discover

him at all.

Anyway, he didn’t intend to kill Yu Tianai now. Han Fei simply attached

himself to the sh.e.l.l of Conch Soul and left the city.

On the way, Conch Soul grunted. “Leave the cage? Humph, how can it be so

easy? We finally found a way, but it collapsed. Now that d.a.m.n place is filled

with void storms, how can we still find a way out?”

Han Fei listened to the complaints of Conch Soul.

Led by Conch Soul, they found the so-called void storm place.

In the void, a fissure more than 300 feet long looked like an eye. In all

directions, billowing energy and spiritual energy filled this place.

Han Fei’s first reaction was to wonder if this thing was the Sage Realm that the

Black Evil Conch King created in the Yin-Yang World.

But there was a big difference in size and shape.

This place seemed to have just been formed.

In the dark void fissure, dense void cracks were opening and closing. Every

time they opened and closed, a void crack swallowed a lot of energy and

spiritual energy.

Then, new void cracks appeared again.


Han Fei asked in shock, “Old Yuan, is the cage leaking energy to the outside

world in this way?

The old turtle said, “This method won’t last long. Because this cage is too

st.u.r.dy, it has been supplied with endless energy. There shouldn’t be many

places that can have void cracks. With this speed of energy leaking, it’s almost

negligible compared to the two huge array eyes

There were Venerables guarding the crack.

When he saw Conch Soul, he immediately said, “Master Conch Soul.”

Conch Soul nodded. “OK! I’ll take care of this place. You can go elsewhere.”

“Yes, my lord.”

After the Venerable left, the conch soul sat down in a place full of energy and

spiritual energy.

His big sh.e.l.l began to shine, and energy and spiritual energy quickly gathered.

Han Fei was lost for words. You’re already a f#cking Half-King. Why do you

still want to cultivate? If you continue to cultivate, won’t you face a king’s



Conch Soul suddenly sensed something. It had absorbed a lot of energy, so it

scanned the area.

Only then did Han Fei quietly peel off Conch Soul and leave quietly.

He was just pa.s.sing by the Black Blood City, so it was quite important for him

to roughly understand their situation. Since they couldn’t go to Yin-Yang

World, he should tease Yu Tianai..

As soon as he left the Black Blood City, Han Fei’s speed naturally became faster.

Han Fei tracked Yu Tianai’s location with the Vast Ocean Navigator, only to find

that he was still in the Black Blood City. Of course, Han Fei didn’t panic.

Very slowly, Han Fei came to a place about a million kilometers away the

Forest of Terror.

In fact, some greasy algae had already appeared here. Because they were very

greasy and sticky and stuck to the bottom of the sea, it looked like a carpet at

the bottom of the sea.

Han Fei was sure that these algae were unconscious, so he stayed here and

waited for Yu Tianai.

One day.

Two days.

It wasn’t until the third day that Yu Tianai finally arrived.

Besides, Yu Tianai looked like he was here for a vacation.

The old turtle had long sensed Yu Tianai’s arrival, so he had informed Han Fei.

From a distance, Yu Tianai saw a Hydra Gra.s.s that was more than 300 feet tall

on the way.

When Yu Tianai scanned it with her perception, the Hydra Gra.s.s began to

shrink. Soon, it turned into a young man with nine snake heads.


Han Fei wasn’t worried at all that Yu Tianai would see through him. With his

current strength, he didn’t need to be afraid of him. Besides, it was the old

turtle who helped him disguise himself.

With the power of an emperor, it was easy to enchant a Half-King.

Yu Tianai narrowed his eyes and said, “Half-Kinge realm? I never knew that

there was a Half-King realm Hydra Gra.s.s in the Forest of Terror. Besides, isn’t

it said that you are a land demon plant?

“Humph! Don’t compare me to the Hydra Gra.s.s. I’m a Dark Hydra. You’re Yu

Tianai, right? Why are you here when Conch Soul just left?

Yu Tianai asked, “Did you talk to Conch Soul?

Han Fei sneered. “I don’t know that Conch Soul. However, I’m here under

orders. No one from the Black Blood City shall enter.”

Yu Tianai sneered. “Can you represent the Forest of Terror?

On Han Fei’s head, nine snake tongues stretched out and flicked. “Why? Do you

have a problem with it?

Yu Tianai sneered. “I haven’t seen you before, so I don’t want to talk to you. You

can call over Zi Luo or Qjanlong to talk to me.”

“Hahaha! Who do you think you are? You think you can meet whoever you

want? How can you be disrespectful to me, Dark King of Destruction?.. You

guys have suffered two major defeats in the Life and Death Gorge and the

Immortal City… Why, do you still want to challenge the Forest of Terror?