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Chapter 1605: Blood King

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When the Blood King said that he was the one who triggered the energy tide, Han Fei didn’t believe him anymore. Did this guy lie to his own people just to strengthen his dominance?

But when he heard that, he realized that something was wrong. The Blood King could send people out? There were only Yin-Yang World and Water-Wood World in the outside world, and there had never been any powerful demon plants in Yin-Yang World. The three major powers in the Water-Wood

World were very strong. How could they accommodate these demon plants?

Han Fei couldn’t help thinking, If the Blood King really had the ability to send people out, why didn’t he go out?

And judging from the reactions of the other demon plants here, they clearly didn’t believe this guy. The demon plants in the Venerable realm couldn’t be fools.

Someone said, “Lord Blood King, since the channel can be opened in a hundred years, we’re not in a hurry. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient if we go together?”

Someone echoed, “Yes! Anyway, our lives are long. It’s just a hundred years.”

Immediately, a few powerful demon plants echoed. Han Fei was stunned. This was the least respected fake king he had ever seen. You’re already a fake king. Why don’t you show some kingliness?

The young man seemed to be used to this scene. He smiled casually. “I won’t force you. You can wait for a hundred years. The strong anomalies in the Holy Altar Devil Cave indicate that a great horror is coming. Today, I’m just here to tell you that if no one goes out, I’ll go out myself.”


Many people were alarmed. The Blood King was leaving the cage? Today?

Immediately, the Big Snake Vine, the Dragon Octopus Tree, and the others all moved. The fake king was going to break out of the cage and leave. This was definitely not a small matter.

The people who doubted him were also stunned. Could they really leave?

The Blood King said, “I’m here today because I want to invite all of you to watch how I break free from the cage.”


The Blood King’s voice, accompanied by the tide of energy, sounded particularly intimidating.

Immediately, Han Fei saw a withered vine wrapped with many small snakes said leisurely. “Since Lord Blood King is leaving, we should go to watch the ceremony.”

Fora time, the energy tide didn’t seem to be fragrant anymore. Compared to swallowing energy, breaking out of the cage stirred their hearts more.

Han Fei felt that if it were him, compared with fighting the Demon Beast Union every day, he would definitely not let go of the opportunity to leave.

Especially those super strong masters who had reached the Half-King realm. If they couldn’t become kings in the cage, they might be able to do so outside the cage.

In fact, if they really went to the Water-Wood World, as long as the three kings didn’t take action, they might really be able to transcend the tribulation and become kings.

Therefore, many people immediately followed the Blood King to attend the ceremony.


On the back of the Dragon Octopus Tree, the purple-haired girl said, “Dragon Octopus Tree, follow him. I want to see how he can break out of the cage.”


Han Fei glanced at the Holy Altar Devil Cave. Although his goal was this Devil Cave, he had already found it and the energy tide was still erupting. He might as well follow it. The Blood King was obviously lying, but he was about to get out of the cage. Even Han Fei was puzzled.

The Forest of Terror was called the Forest of Terror because the demon plants here were too big, There were seven or eight creatures as big as the Dragon Octopus Tree here, and some of the plants had covered up their real forms.

After traveling about a million kilometers, the Venerables came to a place that was burned by flames. It was a kind of sea fire that looked like blood, covering a radius of a hundred thousand kilometers.

On this land, Han Fei discovered the Big Red Trunk in shock. His first reaction was that the Blood King was a Big Red Trunk demon. This explained why he was so hot. Only an exotic creature like the Big Red Trunk could burn at the bottom of the sea all day long.

Speaking of the Big Red Trunk, Han Fei couldn’t help but think of the Blood Sea Divine Wood City in the Water-Wood World. If the Blood King was the Big Red Trunk, what was his relationship with the Blood Sea Divine Wood City?

The old turtle suddenly said, “That’s right. This familiar aura is that king’s.”

Han Fei was shocked. “You mean… the mysterious king of the Blood Sea Divine Wood City?”

The old turtle said, “Probably. I’m an emperor. How can I not know such a trivial matter? Although the king never showed up, I’m already used to his aura after staying outside the Blood Sea Divine Wood City for so long.”

Han Fei asked, “Are you saying that the Blood King is related to the Blood Sea Divine Wood City? Has he been in contact with the king in the Blood Sea Divine Wood City?”

Han Fei was shocked. If the two had something to do with each other, if the Blood Sea Divine Wood City could summon so many Venerable-level powerhouses at the same time, its strength would probably soar to become the strongest in the Water-Wood World. If all the demon plants in the Forest of

Terror went over, this power would be enough to sweep across the Water-Wood World. The Cloud Sea Divine Tree and the White Sh.e.l.l City combined wouldn’t be able to defeat the Blood Sea Divine Wood City.

At this moment, a group of people had already entered the Blood King’s territory. Although they didn’t like flames, they were Venerables. It wasn’t a big deal for them to endure it for a while.

However, there were still complaints, such as the purple-haired girl on the back of the Dragon Octopus Tree. “I hate fire. It makes me want to fight.”

The withered vine said, “Zi Luo, bear with it. After all, the Blood King is going to break out of the cage. This is a big thing!”

“Heh ~”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Looking at the woman who smiled disdainfully, he remembered that Yu Tianai wanted to see this woman.

The Venerables ran and soon came to the center of the wood. Then, they saw hundreds of cracks that stretched out into the ocean. The cracks varied in size from a few feet to a hundred feet. In these cracks, slimy vines of varying thicknesses jutted out into the sea.

Because there were too many of them, the slimy vines had penetrated dozens of kilometers.

Han Fei had never seen this kind of vine. It didn’t look like a vine of the Big Red Trunk. It might be the original body of the Blood King.

The Blood King stood in midair and looked at the cracks. “Because of the energy tide in the Holy Altar Devil Cave, I’ve forcefully opened a void and touched the outside world. You may not believe it, but I can show you the outside world.”


Upon hearing the Blood King’s words, someone immediately asked, “Lord Blood King, what’s the outside world like?”

“Blood King, please show me.”

“Blood King, don’t keep us guessing.”

Han Fei also looked at the Blood King curiously. Endless vines suddenly extended from the lower half of his body and plunged into the ground. Immediately afterward, the slimry vines that drilled into the void began to swell. In the sky full of cracks, a crack that was more than 300 feet long at the center

was forcibly opened.

With cracking sounds, like gla.s.s cracking, everybody could see that weird energy was repairing the cage.

Energy surged from the Blood King, attracting the tide that had just swept over to gather around the Blood King.

‘When the crack grew wider and wider, everybody saw that red fish were swimming in a fuzzy area on the other side of the crack.

“Puff ~”

A hook pierced a big fish in an instant. As the slippery tentacle quickly retracted, the cage was quickly closed.


With a cry, Han Fei saw that a Millennium Snapper had been caught and appeared here. Then he realized that there was no Millennium Snapper on the Big Red Trunk here.

Han Fei felt that something was wrong, and the Dragon Octopus Tree, even Zi Luo, seemed shocked.

The big snake vine exclaimed, “This creature is only in the Sea Demon Realm. It seems that the environment outside is much safer than the cage!”

The Sea Bamboo Man couldn’t help but ask, “Lord Blood King, can you show us the outside world for a while longer? We didn’t see it clearly!”

Someone echoed, “That’s right! Lord Blood King, didn’t you send some people to the outside world? Why don’t you ask them back to describe the outside world to us?”

The Blood King said grumpily, “Do you really think I’m a G.o.d? You’ve seen how difficult it is to open this pa.s.sage. Furthermore, due to the chaotic void, the place I open is not fixed, so I can’t find them back to talk to you. Today, I’m preparing to go out by myself. I can consume 30% of my cultivation and

forcefully open the pa.s.sage in a short period of time, but it won’t last more than three seconds. It’s up to you whether you want to go or not. That’s all I have to say. Let’s see how you choose.”

‘When the Blood King said this, Han Fei and the old turtle said at the same time, “It’s fake.”

The two of them were quite synchronized.

Han Fei sneered in his heart. You’re making it sound like you’re so selfless. The Blood Sea Divine Wood City is right outside, guarded by a king. If they go there, they’ll either be enslaved or die. Even if the Blood King goes there himself, he won’t have a good time there.

The old turtle said, “No! The Blood King must have gone out long ago. Otherwise, where do you think the Big Red Trunk came from? He’s just luring these demonic plants to go out.”

Han Fei said in surprise, “That’s true, but what’s his purpose? Does he need to recruit a large number of demonic plant experts for the Blood Sea Divine Wood?”

The old turtle said leisurely, “What if… the Blood King is the same person as the king of the Blood Sea Divine Wood City?”

Han Fei:

God of Fishing Chapter 1602 – Dark King of Destruction

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Chapter 1602: Dark King of Destruction

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In the ancient castle of Black Blood City, the palace where the Black Evil Conch

King was.

It was an ancient castle made of the sh.e.l.l of the Black Evil Conch King and

silkworm slough.

Han Fei could feel the gravity here and the looming array patterm

The sea demons probably preferred their original forms. When at home, t

Black Evil Conch King appeared as a giant conch, like a small mountain.

Conch Soul and Yu Tianai stood under the huge black conch.

The Black Evil Conch King asked, “Conch Soul, what the h.e.l.l is going on with

the vibration in the Forest of Terror?

Conch Soul said angrily, “King! I think the Forest of Terror must’ve become

arrogant after we were greatly weakened. When I went to ask about the

anomaly in the s.p.a.ce, I was blocked outside and they said that it was just a

problem appearing when they offered up a sacrifice… Humph, they’re obviously

lying. Who are they going to make offerings to? King, I think they must be

hiding something big from us.

The Black Evil Conch King frowned. “Is the Forest of Terror so disrespectful to

us now?

Conch Soul nodded. “Yes. I think if our Black Blood City hadn’t remained so

powerful, I wouldn’t have been able to return.”

Black Evil Conch King “What do you mean?”

Conch Soul: “I feel that those guys are even crazier.”

Han Fei heard the conversation between Black Evil Conch King and Conch Soul.

There seemed to be something wrong with the Forest of Terror. That was why

Black Evil Conch King asked Conch Soul to inquire about it. However, it was

obvious that the people in the Forest of Terror ignored this big conch.

Yu Tianai said, “Conch Soul, is it because you were too aggressive? This is not

the first time.”

The big black conch roared angrily, “What are you talking about? Do you think I

will be aggressive to them in their territory? 1 just find it strange. The

relationship between us and the Forest of Terror has always been good.

However, in the past year, our relationship has plummeted. This is definitely

not a good thing.”

The Black Evil Conch King said leisurely, “What we can be sure of is that the

relationship between the Forest of Terror and the Demon Beast Union is

definitely not better than our relationship. According to the personalities of the

demon beasts in the Demon Beast Union, they won’t befriend the Forest of

Terror. Then, the Forest of Terror won’t be too hostile to us. At least, it won’t

become our enemy. But no matter what, this alliance cannot be broken. Yu

Tianai, go to the Forest of Terror again. Our relationship with the Forest of

Terror cannot be severed. After all, the Demon Beast Union and human beings

have already formed an alliance.”

Yu Tianai immediately said, “Yes, my king”

Han Fei sneered in his heart.

This was a good opportunity!

(u Tianai, right? Now that his strength had improved greatly, he could try to

kill a Half-King. If he killed Yu “Tianai, would it cause a hostile relationship

between the Black Blood City and the Forest of Terror?

However, as soon as Han Fei thought of this, he heard the old turtle say, “Are

you not considering the stability of this cage?”

Han Fei’s heart sank. He forgot about it again!

However, it was still challenging to kill a Half-King.

Unfortunately, the old turtle was right.

Although it was tempting to kill a Half-King, Han Fei decided to give up this

plan for the sake of the big picture.

Or rather, why did he have to kill Yu Tianai?

He could pretend to be a demon plant from the Forest of Terror. After all, the

entire Thousand Mountain Ancient Realm was in his hands, but he hadn’t used

it yet! What a waste!

Conch Soul snorted and looked at Yu Tianai. “T’d like to see what you can find


Conch Soul and Yu Tianai seemed to be at odds.

However, the two of them didn’t start a fight in front of Black Evil Conch King,

who suddenly exclaimed.

He scanned the entire Black Blood City with his perception.

He asked,”Conch Soul, did anything else happen on your way back?

Conch Soul was puzzled. “No! No obstacles on the way.”

The Black Evil Conch King nodded slightly, thinking that maybe he was


He said, “Okay, Yu Tianai, go to the forest of horrors again. Conch Soul, try

again seeing if there’s any chance of saving the cracks in the cage. Humph, Han

Fei is dead. We can consider entering the Yin-Yang World again”

Conch Soul said in surprise, “My king, aren’t there a lot of strong masters in

the Yin-Yang World? If we go there, will the power of the Black Blood City be


Black Evil Conch King: “It’s okay… Recently, the energy turbulence in the cage

has been getting more and more violent, and the void cracks have increased

several times. This is not a good thing! We’d better be prepared in advance

Han Fei frowned. Does the Black Blood City control other cage cracks?

The Black Evil Conch King was not a real king after all, so he didn’t discover

Han Fei.

It was like when Han Fei was still a junior explorer, Ning ling didn’t discover

him at all.

Anyway, he didn’t intend to kill Yu Tianai now. Han Fei simply attached

himself to the sh.e.l.l of Conch Soul and left the city.

On the way, Conch Soul grunted. “Leave the cage? Humph, how can it be so

easy? We finally found a way, but it collapsed. Now that d.a.m.n place is filled

with void storms, how can we still find a way out?”

Han Fei listened to the complaints of Conch Soul.

Led by Conch Soul, they found the so-called void storm place.

In the void, a fissure more than 300 feet long looked like an eye. In all

directions, billowing energy and spiritual energy filled this place.

Han Fei’s first reaction was to wonder if this thing was the Sage Realm that the

Black Evil Conch King created in the Yin-Yang World.

But there was a big difference in size and shape.

This place seemed to have just been formed.

In the dark void fissure, dense void cracks were opening and closing. Every

time they opened and closed, a void crack swallowed a lot of energy and

spiritual energy.

Then, new void cracks appeared again.


Han Fei asked in shock, “Old Yuan, is the cage leaking energy to the outside

world in this way?

The old turtle said, “This method won’t last long. Because this cage is too

st.u.r.dy, it has been supplied with endless energy. There shouldn’t be many

places that can have void cracks. With this speed of energy leaking, it’s almost

negligible compared to the two huge array eyes

There were Venerables guarding the crack.

When he saw Conch Soul, he immediately said, “Master Conch Soul.”

Conch Soul nodded. “OK! I’ll take care of this place. You can go elsewhere.”

“Yes, my lord.”

After the Venerable left, the conch soul sat down in a place full of energy and

spiritual energy.

His big sh.e.l.l began to shine, and energy and spiritual energy quickly gathered.

Han Fei was lost for words. You’re already a f#cking Half-King. Why do you

still want to cultivate? If you continue to cultivate, won’t you face a king’s



Conch Soul suddenly sensed something. It had absorbed a lot of energy, so it

scanned the area.

Only then did Han Fei quietly peel off Conch Soul and leave quietly.

He was just pa.s.sing by the Black Blood City, so it was quite important for him

to roughly understand their situation. Since they couldn’t go to Yin-Yang

World, he should tease Yu Tianai..

As soon as he left the Black Blood City, Han Fei’s speed naturally became faster.

Han Fei tracked Yu Tianai’s location with the Vast Ocean Navigator, only to find

that he was still in the Black Blood City. Of course, Han Fei didn’t panic.

Very slowly, Han Fei came to a place about a million kilometers away the

Forest of Terror.

In fact, some greasy algae had already appeared here. Because they were very

greasy and sticky and stuck to the bottom of the sea, it looked like a carpet at

the bottom of the sea.

Han Fei was sure that these algae were unconscious, so he stayed here and

waited for Yu Tianai.

One day.

Two days.

It wasn’t until the third day that Yu Tianai finally arrived.

Besides, Yu Tianai looked like he was here for a vacation.

The old turtle had long sensed Yu Tianai’s arrival, so he had informed Han Fei.

From a distance, Yu Tianai saw a Hydra Gra.s.s that was more than 300 feet tall

on the way.

When Yu Tianai scanned it with her perception, the Hydra Gra.s.s began to

shrink. Soon, it turned into a young man with nine snake heads.


Han Fei wasn’t worried at all that Yu Tianai would see through him. With his

current strength, he didn’t need to be afraid of him. Besides, it was the old

turtle who helped him disguise himself.

With the power of an emperor, it was easy to enchant a Half-King.

Yu Tianai narrowed his eyes and said, “Half-Kinge realm? I never knew that

there was a Half-King realm Hydra Gra.s.s in the Forest of Terror. Besides, isn’t

it said that you are a land demon plant?

“Humph! Don’t compare me to the Hydra Gra.s.s. I’m a Dark Hydra. You’re Yu

Tianai, right? Why are you here when Conch Soul just left?

Yu Tianai asked, “Did you talk to Conch Soul?

Han Fei sneered. “I don’t know that Conch Soul. However, I’m here under

orders. No one from the Black Blood City shall enter.”

Yu Tianai sneered. “Can you represent the Forest of Terror?

On Han Fei’s head, nine snake tongues stretched out and flicked. “Why? Do you

have a problem with it?

Yu Tianai sneered. “I haven’t seen you before, so I don’t want to talk to you. You

can call over Zi Luo or Qjanlong to talk to me.”

“Hahaha! Who do you think you are? You think you can meet whoever you

want? How can you be disrespectful to me, Dark King of Destruction?.. You

guys have suffered two major defeats in the Life and Death Gorge and the

Immortal City… Why, do you still want to challenge the Forest of Terror?

God of Fishing Chapter 1607 – Mutant Dragon Head

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Chapter 1607: Mutant Dragon Head

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor:Henyee Translations

Han Fei didn’t care if these people wanted to seal the Forest of Terror.

Anyway, it didn’t matter to him whether to seal it or not.

At this moment, although he had exposed a cheat, Han Fei was not happy. In fact, the Blood King didn’t really leave, and his clone was still lurking here.

Therefore, all of this was just a self-directed trap. Now that the trap had exploded, the Blood King probably hadn’t achieved his goal. Otherwise, there was no need to leave a clone behind. He could just go out to transcend the tribulation and become a king.

In fact, regardless of whether Han Fei came or not, the Blood King was prepared to do this. However… Han Fei happened to arrive and ruined his plan.

From the mouths of these Venerables, Han Fei could clearly sense that they didn’t like the Blood King at all and didn’t care if this person existed or not.

The Blood King had just left, so they didn’t investigate this area carefully. After all, even the Blood King hadn’t found anything. What could they find?

The group of people hurried to the Holy Altar Devil Cave. Only the Void Vine stayed there for a long time. Its vines crawled out from here and there as if trying to find something.

Half a day later, Han Fei returned to the Holy Altar Devil Cave too.

In his heart, Han Fei cursed, “Old Yuan, is there any effective way to kill this Void Vine? This thing is too annoying.”

The old turtle said, “This Void Vine is not strong enough, much weaker than you. If there weren’t so many demonic plants here, you could’ve killed it at any time.”

Han Fei was speechless. “Of course. If it weren’t for these Demon Plant Venerables, I would have killed this guy long ago.”

Two days pa.s.sed.

The energy tide finally stopped erupting.

Half of the demon plant Venerables near the altar had dispersed. Those demon plants that were at the peak of the Venerable realm wouldn’t stay here to wait for the energy tide to descend again.

There were only a few demon plant Venerables below the advanced Venerable level left here.

‘When the energy tide disappeared, Han Fei dove into it.

Unlike the other side, the energy here poured out. The power produced in an instant was terrifying!

If it was during the eruption, Han Fei wouldn’t have been able to get through at all. Fortunately, the energy was no longer erupting, so Han Fei could find a way to get in.

This Holy Altar Devil Cave was originally a bottomless hole.

Han Fei entered the endless darkness and let his body fall. After only half an hour, Han Fei felt a suction force.

Huh? Is there also a suction force inside?

At this moment, it was dark in all directions, and the old turtle couldn’t find a way out. Han Fei felt as if trapped in the array eye again.

However, as soon as he entered this place, Han Fei felt that the energy here was too impure. It was much more impure than the energy on the other side. When all kinds of strange powers wanted to enter Han Fei’s body, Han Fei naturally rejected them.

He set up an array and took out the Nine Palace Luck Ruler. The scale began to float and soon stopped on the “Greatly Ominous”.

Seeing this divination, Han Fei narrowed his eyes and said, “Old Yuan, it seems that the dragon head is much more powerful than the dragon tail!”

The old turtle asked, “Do you need to make some preparations?”

Han Fei shook his head. “No. No matter what I do now, my body will absorb energy. Even if I extract the Chaos Qi, there will be a steady stream of energy pouring into my body. If this goes on, my body will explode… Greatly Ominous, heh, as long as it’s not an ‘Impa.s.se’, everything is fine.”

At this moment, Han Fei had already fused his twin bodies and turned into his real body. His Indestructible Golden Body carried his flesh and blood on his back and controlled the Vast Ocean Navigator to find the array eye.

Sure enough, just like last time, the Vast Ocean Navigator began to spin crazily as if it had malfunctioned.

Based on the spinning ability, Han Fei controlled a puppet to walk in the opposite direction to calculate the perimeter, take the center point and find the array eye.

Since this move was applicable on the other side, it was also applicable here.

Sure enough, although the distance calculated was a little deviated, it only took Han Fei two days to find the array eye.

This time, what Han Fei saw was a white circular array eye.

On the bright white slices, Han Fei saw… an extremely strange monster but no dragon head.

Han Fei looked at the thing that was more than 2,000 meters long and looked like a pile of rotten wood roots. He was puzzled. Was the dragon head replaced?

“Wait a minute ~”

Han Fei found that the huge rotten wood was somewhat similar to a dragon head. However, there were too many long whiskers or vines on the dragon head. Also, it had eight dragon horns, which seemed to be made of strange red flowers.

Han Fei was silent for a moment. “Old Yuan, was the dragon head we saw possessed by a demon plant?”

The old turtle said, “I don’t know if it’s possessed or not. However, it seems that it’s mutated by impure energy.”

Han Fei wanted to go closer and see if the Demon Purification Pot would show any message. However, once he approached it, it would mean the beginning of a battle.

Han Fei said, “Old Yuan, let me try it first.”


Han Fei activated the Twin G.o.d Technique and descended with his white-mist body.


‘The moment Han Fei approached the white platform, a dragon roar sounded, and tens of thousands of Void Spikes appeared.

Han Fei’s reaction was quite fast. He stomped on the Soul Controlling Array, launched the Hundred Beast Soul Devouring, and activated the Heavenly G.o.d Stab.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Soul Controlling Array was broken too fast. Although many Soul Spikes around Han Fei were shattered by Han Fei, many still fell on him.

The Heavenly G.o.d Stab bought Han Fei some time to rebuild the Soul Controlling Array.

Ina head-on clash, Han Fei didn’t gain anything or suffer any losses.

But in the next moment, weird shadow vines began to grow on this platform. Han Fei kept flashing in the void for a short distance. Infinity Water gathered around him and fought a large number of shadow vines.


Another dragon roar.

This time, accompanied by the stink of dragon breath, there was poison in the wind.

Han Fei protected his body with spiritual energy, which was corroded in an instant. Before he could fight back, a giant vine slapped him away.

The force of that blow almost split Han Fei into two. At the moment he flew through the air, countless Void Soul Spikes pierced through him.

However, at this moment, not far away, Han Fei’s Indestructible Golden Body appeared. And on the field, what was pierced was only Han Fei’s afterimage.

His white-mist body had already fused his black-mist body.


Han Fei said, “He’s very strong. He’s in the Half-King realm. With the Twin Divine Technique, I’m no match for him.”

The old turtle said, “The combat power of a Half-King… This is not good news. At least, from the battle just now, the soul in this body might not be a new soul body, but a mutated one.”

Han Fei added, “Besides, this dragon head has already turned into a demon plant. Will one turn into a demon plant if he stays in this array eye for too long?”


At this moment, Han Fei saw that a lot of energy was flowing towards the dragon head from all directions. That guy had just fought Han Fei and was absorbing energy.

The old turtle: “It seems that you guessed wrong.”

Blue soul fire danced in Han Fei’s eyes.

Yes, he guessed wrong.

This dragon head could absorb energy from all directions. It seemed that other demon plants in the Venerable realm had entered but were swallowed by it.

Han Fei couldn’t help but say, “I see. The array eye under the Forbidden Island absorbs energy, and the place where the energy gathers is the purest. On the contrary, the array eye of this place is constantly emitting energy. Just now, when we came in, there was a suction force because its tide storm had

just pa.s.sed, producing a suction force. Usually, the energy released in this array eye is relatively slow. Therefore, when the energy gathers to a certain extent, an energy tide will erupt.”

The old turtle nodded. “Yes, this dragon head must have swallowed more than one Demon Plant Venerable that entered this place, causing it to mutate.”

Han Fei said, “I’m afraid that their souls have been fused. Just now, in addition to the dragon roar, it had other soul attack means. Um, I have to try again.”

In the second experiment, Han Fei used the Twin Divine Technique. However, this time, he attacked with his black-mist body.

After sneaking past, Han Fei suddenly launched a Heavenly G.o.d Stab and the Hundred Beast Soul Devouring.

‘The dragon head had never encountered an opponent like Han Fei. It was attacked before it even noticed Han Fei.


The Heavenly G.o.d Stab pierced his soul.

With a dragon roar, the dragon head was not attacking Han Fei, but roaring in pain.

‘The effect of the Hundred Beast Soul Devouring shouldn’t be too great, because the dragon head didn’t stop long because of the Hundred Beast Soul Devouring, only about half a second.

Immediately afterward, a semi-curved light shield made of soul power enveloped the entire platform.

“Not good! It’s a Great Dao domain! In this Great Dao domain, he’s the absolute master.”

Inan instant, Han Fei saw countless tentacles extending out of the void and grabbing at him.

Of course, Han Fei couldn’t let him do that. He launched a storm of golden fist marks. Infinity Water turned into Blade Inferno, intending to kill the dragon head from the periphery.

A large number of void cracks appeared, and those fist marks were absorbed by the s.p.a.ce cracks in the end, disappearing without a trace.


Then, another new skill appeared. The billowing sound waves of different frequencies stunned Han Fei.


The twin bodies fused again. Han Fei stood on the periphery, quietly looking at the dragon head, soul fire dancing in his eyes. “Interesting. It did swallow more than one Demon Plant Venerable!”