Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 460 – Wanting to Humiliate Someone but Screwing Herself Over, Langlang Loses His Temper

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Chapter 460: Wanting to Humiliate Someone but s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g Herself Over, Langlang Loses His Temper

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At this moment, everyone who came to attend the event tonight had already sat down. Everyone was whispering and discussing the auction items tonight.

The a.s.sistant was a little anxious. “Miss He is too domineering, and we don’t dare to be rough with her. Little Boss, please go backstage and settle it.”

“He Xi?” Duan Linbai looked around and saw He s.h.i.+qing and Old Madam He.


“What video is she going to show?”

“I’m not sure. Besides…” The a.s.sistant lowered his voice. “Half of her face is swollen. She even asked us to find an ice pack for her. She looks like she was. .h.i.t.”

“Ah…” Duan Linbai glanced at Yu Manxi, who was chatting enthusiastically with Song Fengwan. Something must have happened between them.

What dirt does she have on Yu Manxi?

He Xi was famous in the circle for being arrogant and deliberately finding trouble with others. She was probably doing it again.

“Promise her first. Then check the content of the video and tell me,” Duan Linbai instructed.

The a.s.sistant immediately nodded.

Duan Linbai watched He Xi walk back with her back straight, and a smirk appeared on his face. The auction was about to start, and the lights below the stage were dim, so he couldn’t see He Xi’s face clearly.

“Where did you go? What took you so long to come back?” He s.h.i.+qing was suspicious. She stared at her face and frowned slightly. “Little Xi, your face…”

“The heating is too high, and it’s a little hot, so I just went to take a breather.” He Xi reached out to rub her face. It still hurt slightly when she touched it.

She was too ruthless.

I’ll make you cry later!


Not long later, the a.s.sistant ran back and whispered into Duan Linbai’s ear…

“What the h.e.l.l?” Duan Linbai was stunned.

“It’s about Miss Yu…” The a.s.sistant was dumbfounded when he saw the video. “I’ve already gotten someone to stop it.”

“Play it.”

The a.s.sistant was surprised.

“What? Go do it.” Duan Linbai had always been someone who liked watching the show and didn’t mind getting into trouble.

“Still playing it? The He family and Eldest Young Master Fu are still here?” Isn’t he deliberately blowing things up?

“So what?”

“Aren’t you friends?”

“Huh? That’s right.” Duan Linbai nodded. “Hurry up and get to work. Don’t talk so much nonsense. By the way, help me with something else…”

The a.s.sistant had no choice but to resign to his fate and return backstage. He asked the staff to arrange to play the video. When he returned and replied to Duan Linbai, he still found it unbelievable.

Isn’t Little Boss deliberately causing trouble?!

“Say, if someone wants to court death, how can I stop her?!” Duan Linbai tilted his head and looked at him. “Besides, if we don’t broadcast it, we’ll let down her good intentions.

“And if we don’t…

“How can we press her to the ground and rub her? Don’t you think so?”

The a.s.sistant lowered his head and didn’t say anything. So, you really want to cause trouble.

“Then, will this matter affect Miss Yu…”

“What could happen? She already hit her. Isn’t she mentally strong?”

“Are you saying that Miss He’s face was. .h.i.t by Miss Yu?” Actually, the a.s.sistant still didn’t understand why He Xi would target Yu Manxi. It was baffling. “Why did she…”

“Why are you asking so many questions?” Duan Linbai glared at him angrily. “It’s not good for you to know too much.”

The a.s.sistant lowered his head and didn’t say anything. After this matter is over, you can leave without saying anything, but we have to clean up your mess.

At this moment, Fu Chen and Jing Hanchuan sat in the empty seats in the last row under the dim light.


The auction started, and the host gave a long and official opening speech.

“… All the proceeds from the auction this time will be used for the construction of mountain infrastructure and Hope Primary School. Last year, we held the first charity auction, and all the funds have already been settled. Now, let us see what changes have happened over the past year.”

The host retreated to the side, and the large display screen behind him instantly lit up.

Song Fengwan was texting Fu Chen when she was suddenly frightened by the sound of an intense slap.

He suddenly looked up and saw a slender girl kneeling on the floor with her hand out…

Before she could react, the woman standing in front of the girl picked up a feather duster and hit her hand.

The camera was shaking. From the angle, this should have been taken secretly.

The entire auction hall was silent until someone said, “Isn’t this the He family?!”

Everyone was in a daze. They noticed that Old Madam He, He Maozhen, Madam He, Zou Li, and even He s.h.i.+qing were all in the video. He s.h.i.+qing looked to be only twelve or thirteen years old. Compared to now, she hadn’t changed much.

Meanwhile, the girl kneeling in the living room had her head lowered. Her hair was messy, and it covered her face, making it difficult to see her face clearly.

“… Let me ask you again. Did you steal anything?” The person holding the feather duster was Old Madam He.

“I didn’t!” The girl’s voice was weak and trembling.

“If you didn’t steal anything, why was it with you?!

“You didn’t learn anything good and became a thief?

“I found so many teachers for you, but all of them ran away in anger. What else do you want?”

“Grandma…” He s.h.i.+qing, sitting at the side, ran over and held her. “Don’t hit Big Sister anymore. There must be a misunderstanding.”

“What misunderstanding could there be? She stole something from me and brought it out with her to meet people. How dare she steal?!” She raised the end of the feather duster and slapped her hand hard. “She’s utterly disgraced our He family.

“People were kind enough to take her out to play, but what did she do?

“She can’t even read a single word. She’s really not presentable!

“He s.h.i.+man, be honest. Did you take it?! As long as you’re willing to admit your mistake, I will let you off this time…”

“It wasn’t me.” The girl was trembling.

“The thing was found on you, but you still refuse to admit it. I originally thought that by teaching you properly, you could become a proper adult even if you weren’t talented. There’s something wrong with your character!”

Next, it was almost always Old Madam He hitting the girl. Even until she was beaten to the floor, no one stopped her. Throughout the entire process, there were only the sounds of smacks and the girl’s m.u.f.fled groans. There was no sound of crying the whole time.

There was a suffocating sense of oppression.

The video was from many years ago, so the scene wasn’t very clear. The girl was dark and thin, and her head was lowered the whole time, so it wasn’t very clear who she was.

This process made everyone feel extremely uncomfortable. Instead of saying that they were punis.h.i.+ng the child, it was more like one-sided abuse.

Old Madam He’s hands were sore from the beating, and the girl finally resisted. She jumped up and pushed Old Madam He down. “I already that I didn’t steal it!”

The girl’s face in the video became clearer. The most shocking thing was that her lips were covered in blood.

The living room of the He residence instantly fell into chaos.

“You wretch! What are you doing?!” He Maozhen rushed over and slapped her face hard.

The slap was so strong that she fell to the floor.

“What are you all still standing here? Lock her up! Without my permission, no one is allowed to give her a sip of water or a bite of food!”

“She’s simply revolting…” Old Madam He had suffered a serious fall. “This girl is really a scourge. She’s a jinx. Hurry up and send her away!

“We can’t let her stay in China. The rumors outside will be too strong. I plan to send her overseas…”

After the video ended, everyone was silent.

This was because some sharp-eyed people at the scene had already recognized that the girl beaten up was Yu Manxi. Her bright and charming peach blossom eyes were scorching and stunning.

“It’s Yu Manxi, right? In the video, Old Madam He called her He s.h.i.+man?”

“It should be. Have you forgotten that more than ten years ago, when the news of He Maozhen having a second child was exposed, he was stripped of his party members.h.i.+p and lost his government job? I heard that he brought the child back, and afterward…”

“If Host Little Yu is from the He family, why didn’t she say anything? Why didn’t the He family acknowledge her?”

“The He family hasn’t acknowledged her all these years. They might have severed ties long ago.”

“You don’t have to beat her to death for stealing. They’re too cruel.”

Yu Manxi didn’t expect there to be a video of what had happened back then. At this moment, she clenched her fists tightly, and she was trembling from head to toe.

Fu Sinian held her hand without saying a word.

Fu Chen and Jing Hanchuan looked at each other. This was the first time they had seen this thing.

The information they could find was that Yu Manxi had an argument with someone. In order to prevent her from getting into trouble, the He family had sent her overseas. But they didn’t expect her to be beaten up like this before leaving the country.

It was really crazy.

The He family members below the stage were also dumbfounded. This was a family scandal. Moreover, many people had appeared in the video. The only one who didn’t appear on screen and could have possibly recorded the video was…

He Xi!

Old Madam He suddenly turned her head and glared at He Xi angrily. “You did it?”

“Grandma, I…”

He Xi had taken the video and kept it until Yu Manxi appeared again. Only then did she take out the video. Since Yu Manxi didn’t want to give her face, then she would ruin her.

An abandoned child, stealing, poor conduct, pus.h.i.+ng elders, kicked out of the house…

There were a lot of scandals.

With so many people present, Old Madam He couldn’t flare up on the spot. Her face turned pale from anger.

Actually, the He family was already thinking of ways to acknowledge Yu Manxi and get her to come back. But with this video broadcasted, it cast a shadow on their already strained relations.h.i.+p.

At this moment, Duan Linbai raised his hand and signaled his a.s.sistant to play another video.

The video showed He Xi backstage.

“… What’s wrong with me asking you to play a video? It won’t affect your work. I know your Young Master Duan. We’re friends. Why aren’t you willing to do such a small thing?

“Let me tell you. If you don’t broadcast this video today, I won’t let you survive in the capital!”

“Miss He, you’re making things difficult for us.” The staff looked helpless. “Why don’t you tell our Little Boss? As long as he says so, we’ll definitely help you!”

“Do you think I’m deliberately causing trouble?”

This video wasn’t long, but it directly showed that the person who got the video to be played was He Xi.

While everyone was discussing, the lights in the entire venue turned on. Duan Linbai had already jumped on the stage. He raised a microphone and looked at He Xi.

“Miss He, when did we become friends? You forced my employee to do things for you and even used personal threats. Do you treat me as a dead person, or do you not take our Duan family seriously at all?”

He Xi didn’t expect Duan Linbai to be so ruthless.

After helping her play the video, he immediately exposed her!

He slapped her hard, catching her off guard.

At this moment, everyone’s focus was on He Xi.

“No matter what, Miss Yu is your cousin. What deep hatred do you have for her that you have to publicize this kind of thing? Besides…

“It’s on my territory. You clearly know my relations.h.i.+p with Fu Sinian, but you bullied his girlfriend like this. If others didn’t know better, they would think I condoned it.

“You pushed me into a fire pit! Who gave you the f*cking guts?!”

Duan Linbai had always been arrogant and didn’t care who she was.

Moreover, the video made him furious. His a.s.sistant had only said that it was about Yu Manxi being beaten up, but he didn’t say that the scene was so tragic.

“Young Master Duan, I…” He Xi originally wanted to use this video to embarra.s.s Yu Manxi. But at this moment, the most discussed topic was not her poor conduct but the He family being too much.

He even started attacking her. This clearly shouldn’t have happened.

“What about you? How old were you back then? You were already so scheming at such a young age. You’re really vicious.” Duan Linbai continued to add fuel to the fire.

“She was the one who stole something back then. It was…” He Xi opened her mouth to explain. But unexpectedly, Old Madam He, sitting beside her, suddenly stood up and slapped her.

“You reckless thing! You dare to release anything!”

How was this trying to embarra.s.s Yu Manxi? She was pressing the entire He family’s face to the ground for others to step on.

Jing Hanchuan sneered. “He Xi is going to be abandoned. She’s as stupid as a pig.”

“She wanted to use the video to bring Yu Manxi down. But during the entire video, everyone only saw how the He family abused her. She’s really stupid.” Fu Chen scoffed and looked at Fu Sinian in the distance.. At this moment, he probably wants to rush over and kick this family to death.

Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 471 – Third Master Was Tricked, Thrown out in the Middle of the Night

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Chapter 471: Third Master Was Tricked, Thrown out in the Middle of the Night

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The He family’s filiation banquet would take place on December 24th, Christmas Eve.

They had originally wanted to hold it in late November. But perhaps because they felt that it was too hasty, they decided to push it back, making it so that everyone would know about it.

The He family had never been so high-profile in recent years, and they instantly became the focus of discussions across the country.

Song Fengwan’s CET4 exam had ended before this. She had finished a few papers and exams for her elective cla.s.ses. Her other exams would start after New Year’s, so she was quite free before then.

During New Year’s Eve last year, she had spent it overseas with Fu Chen. Although there had been an avalanche and she had been frightened, the two of them had expressed their feelings for each other and confirmed their relations.h.i.+p.

Therefore, New Year’s was worth a few years for the two of them. They definitely wouldn’t go to the snowy mountains this year, so Fu Chen planned to go to an island…

“The beach…” Song Fengwan was flipping through the travel itinerary Fu Chen made.

“If you don’t want to go there, we can go somewhere else. Or don’t you want to go overseas?”

Now, the entire country had already entered low temperatures. Cold winds were raging everywhere. At this moment, only the Nanjiang area could see the warm sun, but this place was naturally not within their consideration.

“No, I just…” Song Fengwan tugged at her hair. “I still have to buy a swimsuit or something.”

“Okay.” Fu Chen suddenly remembered how Song Fengwan looked in her swimsuit. His throat was burning, “There’s still time. You can slowly pack your luggage.”

“Is this plane on the first?” Song Fengwan looked at the itinerary carefully.

“Didn’t you want to watch the New Year’s concert live? I booked a plane to Jinling on the thirty-first, and we’ll go overseas on the first.”

“You could get tickets? I heard they’re very popular.” It was almost the new year, and a few TV stations were already promoting the guest lineup for the concert. Song Fengwan had just said it casually to him. She wanted to watch it live, but it was just a casual remark…

“Yes, Jinye is in Jinling. He asked someone and got two front row tickets.”

Fu Chen’s elder sister, Fu Wan, had married the Shen family, whose ancestral home was in Jinling.

Shen Jinye had received a call from his uncle saying that he was coming to Jinling. At the time, he was dumbfounded. It was as though he was facing a formidable enemy and scared out of his wits. In the end, he said that he was coming to watch a concert?

My dear uncle, how many concert singers do you know? You’re just a person who listens to opera. Watch a concert?

In the end, a certain someone said, “I’m accompanying your little aunt.”

F*ck, a big bowl of dog food fell from the sky. You’re really going all out to win Little Aunt’s favor.

At the time, the ticket sales for the concert had already ended. The Shen family indeed had connections in Jinling, so he had gotten the front row tickets, almost all of which were reserved for leaders and their families.

“You don’t want to go?” It was Fu Chen’s first time dating, and it was also his first time planning a trip for two…

He wanted Song Fengwan to be happy. He wanted to do his best to satisfy whatever she wanted.

“I want to go. Thank you…” Song Fengwan tilted her head and pecked the comer of his mouth.

“Just once?” Fu Chen raised his eyebrows, his eyes smiling.

Song Fengwan leaned over and gently kissed his lips…

The heating in the room was warm, and the two of them were sticking together, so there were naturally a hundred kinds of lingering feelings. Speaking of which, it was strange. After dating for so long, even though they were kissing now, it still inevitably made their hearts palpitate wildly.

While the two of them were nibbling on each other’s necks affectionately, they suddenly heard the sound of a key unlocking a door outside. They looked at each other.

They were currently staying in Yishui Community. It was already sunset, and the sun was setting over the mountains. Who would…

“Third Brother, is there a thief?” Song Fengwan’s entire body tensed up. Because the person wasn’t familiar with unlocking the door, the key seemed to be inserted a few times.

Fu Chen and Song Fengwan planned to stay here for the night, so they had sent Qian Jiang and s.h.i.+ Fang back long ago, and there was no one guarding outside.

He rubbed Song Fengwan’s hair. “Don’t be afraid. I’ll go take a look.”

Fu Chen walked to the door and prepared to look through the peephole to see who was outside.

“Third Brother, take this!” What if it was really a thief?

“It’s fine.”

Song Fengwan had no idea that Fu Chen was good at martial arts and would have no problem dealing with minor thieves.

When Fu Chen walked to the door, Song Fengwan was already holding the fruit knife on the table as she followed closely behind him.

But just as the two reached the door, it opened…

Qiao Xiyan suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Cousin?” Song Fengwan was frightened.

“You two…” Qiao Xiyan was wearing a black trench coat, looking murderous and bleak, and his deep eyes seemed to be covered in layers of ice. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think we can do?” Fu Chen said matter-of-factly. He moved back to let him in.

They were dating and alone. What else could they do?

Qiao Xiyan choked and entered the house. His gaze landed on the fruit knife in Song Fengwan’s hand. “What are you doing?”

“I thought there was a thief.” Song Fengwan hurriedly put the knife on the table. “Cousin, why are you suddenly here? Why didn’t you tell me in advance?”

“I asked you a few days ago. Didn’t you say you were busy with your exams?” Qiao Xiyan looked at the two of them. They were dressed neatly and didn’t seem to have been doing anything.

“I just finished my exams. Why are you here in the capital?”

“I’m going to the antique market to collect some jade materials.” Qiao Xiyan had also come last winter, but he had come earlier. “I should have come last month, but I received an invitation from the He family, so I decided to go to both on the same trip.”

“You received one too?” Song Fengwan was surprised.

The invitation cards were already sent to Suzhou?

The He family has really invested a lot this time.

“Yes, the weather in Suzhou hasn’t been good recently. My dad’s wrist joints aren’t feeling well, so he didn’t want to go out and asked me to come.”

“Is Uncle alright?” Song Fengwan knew that Qiao w.a.n.gbei had been working for a long time, so his joints weren’t very good.

“It’s an old problem. He’s fine.”

“Uncle has a relations.h.i.+p with the He family? Why do you want to partic.i.p.ate in this?” Song Fengwan was curious.

“Grandpa and the He family were acquaintances, but they didn’t have a good relations.h.i.+p. Isn’t this the filiation banquet specially held for Miss Yu? She and Fu Sinian have already obtained their certificate. It’s to give the Fu family face,” Qiao Xiyan explained.

Song Fengwan suddenly understood. At this moment, Yu Manxi was not only the eldest daughter of the He family but also the eldest young madam of the Fu family. Even if everyone didn’t give the He family face, they had to give the Fu family face.

This filiation banquet would be very lively.

No wonder they could publicize so much. They were mainly using the Fu family’s reputation.

“What are you two eating tonight? Are you going out to eat?” Qiao Xiyan was used to staying here. With knives, it was indeed a little inconvenient to stay in a hotel.

“No, Third Brother is cooking.” Song Fengwan smiled. “Third Brother cooks delicious food.”

Song Fengwan knew that Qiao Xiyan still had some complaints about Fu Chen, so she naturally praised Fu Chen in front of him.

“Really?” Qiao Xiyan really didn’t believe that Fu Chen could cook.

Fu Chen didn’t expect Qiao Xiyan to come over suddenly either. “Okay, you should rest for a while. You can eat in half an hour.”

“Sorry to trouble you.” Qiao Xiyan was quite polite to him.

Fu Chen was busy in the kitchen. From the corner of his eye, he saw Qiao Xiyan start unpacking his luggage. The first thing he did was take out a few sets of carving knives from his bag. They were of different sizes and materials, and the knives were sharp and cold.

A certain someone treated them like treasures. He lined them up, wiped them one by one, and slowly put them away.

“Do you and him come here often for dates?” Qiao Xiyan turned his head to Song Fengwan, who had made tea for him.

“Not really. We come here occasionally.” Song Fengwan didn’t dare to say that she would come every week as long as she was free.

“Do you stay overnight?” Qiao Xiyan raised his eyebrows.

“Definitely not.” Song Fengwan smiled bitterly.

Qiao Xiyan was much older than her. Although he was her older brother, he was actually about the same as an elder. Moreover, he had an extremely sharp and terrifying aura. She didn’t dare to tell Qiao Xiyan exactly how far she had developed with Fu Chen.

“Is that so?” His senses were keen as he sized Song Fengwan up, wanting to see through her, wondering if she was telling the truth.

“For sure.”

With her cousin’s temper, he would definitely go crazy if he knew that the two of them slept together all the time.

Qiao Xiyan lowered his head silently.

It was also because of this conversation that the root of the trouble was buried. After dinner, Qiao Xiyan said directly to Fu Chen,

“Third Master Fu, it’s getting late!”

In other words: You can go home now.

The last time Fu Chen stayed here, he had slept with Yan w.a.n.gchuan. He didn’t want to sleep on the same bed as Qiao Xiyan. He braced himself and went out reluctantly.

s.h.i.+ Fang had driven his car away, so he could only call him.

s.h.i.+ Fang had already undressed and gotten into bed. When he received the call, he was dumbfounded. Didn’t he say that I would be on standby until tomorrow morning? Why is he calling me so late at night and telling me to go pick him up?

So when he saw Fu Chen, he said directly, “Third Master, did you quarrel with Miss Song? Did she kick you out?”

Fu Chen’s face was terribly dark.

Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 463 – Wanwan Rebukes Angrily: Ill-mannered, You Deserve a Slap in the Face

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Chapter 463: Wanwan Rebukes Angrily: Ill-mannered, You Deserve a Slap in the Face

Jing Hanchuan won the auction for the Tian-tsui headdress but didn’t personally pay for it. He had already left quietly from the back door. His car had already driven into the main road when he found out that Fu Sinian’s proposal had succeeded.

“Sixth Master, Young Master Fu should be the first to get married, right?” The person in the front pa.s.senger seat smiled.

These people had been friends with Jing Hanchuan since they were children and had a close relations.h.i.+p with the Jing family.

“Yeah.” Jing Hanchuan nodded. He was only glad that he had left early. Otherwise, they would show off their affection to his face. Fu Chen was still sitting beside the two of them. Compared to him still hiding his relations.h.i.+p…

Fu Sinian proposing in public was a critical blow to him.

Fu Chen was already feeling depressed, and then he even received a message from Jing Hanchuan.

[How are you?]

Fu Chen gritted his teeth. [At least I have a girlfriend. You only have a few ponds of fish.]

The two of them never stopped attacking each other.

There was another person present who was very depressed. It was Ning Fan, sitting in the back row.

Initially, he was quite happy that the two of them became engaged. Although he wasn’t familiar with Fu Sinian, he knew that he was a person with a strong sense of responsibility. The Fu family also had a strong sense of protection for their family and friends, so Yu Manxi’s future wouldn’t be bad.

But when he got up to applause, he heard some discordant voices around him…

“Isn’t Young Master Ning Miss Yu’s ex-boyfriend? Why is he so happy? Is he stupid from being stimulated too hard?”

“Who knows? Maybe he’s forcing himself to smile.”

“How pitiful. I think he still likes Miss Yu a lot.”

Ning Fan wanted to kneel down and hit the ground. What are these people thinking? I’m clearly smiling from the bottom of my heart. Why did it become a forced smile?

Why is it that when the two of them show off their affection, I have to be dragged out and flogged?!

It would have been fine if he had really had a relations.h.i.+p with Yu Manxi, but he hadn’t. He was simply being shot while lying down.

After the auction ended, Fu Sinian and Yu Manxi kept holding hands and never let go. He didn’t talk much, and he rarely smiled. Today, everyone could feel that Fu Sinian had become approachable.

Everyone was busy congratulating them, making the He family feel very embarra.s.sed.

Everyone had just found out about Yu Manxi’s life experience and couldn’t help sighing. After all, she had been abandoned first and then kicked out later. They didn’t expect Fu Sinian to throw a bomb at everyone and propose in public!

Marriage was between them, and no one present could gain anything from it. Other than congratulating them, there was only gossip.

“The He family is really embarra.s.sed tonight.”

“It’s mainly because her ident.i.ty has just been exposed. Fu Sinian did this to tell everyone that Yu Manxi is very good, that the He family is blind and doesn’t know what’s good.”

“This is even more embarra.s.sing than slapping their faces in public.”

The He family was indeed depressed at this moment. He Xi was too ashamed to face anyone, and she wished she could leave early, but Old Madam He didn’t allow it.

“Grandma, let’s go!”

“Where are you going? Come with me later to apologize. Didn’t you hear? Fu Chen just said that he wants to take the legal route.”

“But…” He Xi bit her cheek. They clearly want to sue you for abusing Yu Manxi. What does it have to do with me?

“Where’s your sister?” Old Madam He took her antihypertensive medicine and sat down to calm herself down for a long time before her breathing evened out.

“Cousin was still here just now. She might have gone to the restroom.” The He family had two daughters. When they first came in, many people came to flatter them.

At this moment, they seemed to have become the target of public criticism. Everyone who saw them took a detour. It was as if they would be contaminated with some kind of stench if they were closer.

He s.h.i.+qing had always wanted that Tian-tsui headdress, but someone else had bought it. She thought that since Fu Chen was here, the person who might have taken the headdress was Jing Hanchuan himself. He might be in the hotel, so she was anxious to confirm it.

The backstage was full of people handing in checks or paying with cards, preparing to receive things.

“Excuse me. May I ask who bought the Tian-tsui headdress?”

When the staff saw that it was the He family, they immediately became vigilant. This made He s.h.i.+qing feel a little embarra.s.sed. He Xi, this fool, had also embarra.s.sed her.

“Miss He, it’s not convenient for us to disclose this.”

“I just like it too much. I want to see the headdress. I won’t do anything.” He s.h.i.+qing was not arrogant and willful like He Xi. Coupled with her sincere att.i.tude, a male staff member checked the record.

“The person who bought it…”

“Who?” He s.h.i.+qing looked nervous.

“w.a.n.g Erma!”

“Huh?” He s.h.i.+qing was dumbfounded. Someone even has a name like that?

“This is the registered information.”

He s.h.i.+qing knew that they wouldn’t reveal too much information, so she could only thank them and leave.

w.a.n.g Erma? What kind of name is that? Is that someone’s name?

Perhaps it’s an alias. At this moment, she was almost certain that Jing Hanchuan had been here earlier. But where was he? As she walked and pondered, she saw Fu Sinian and Fu Chen.

Fu Sinian was holding a box of quit smoking candies in his hand and was crunching on one. Fu Chen, leaning against the wall, tilted his head to say something to him. The Buddhist prayer bead bracelet in his hand was glossy and warm.

One was calm and reserved, while the other was ascetic and gentle. These two completely different people were standing together but complemented each other…

This was the only way He s.h.i.+qing would be able to return to the hall, so she could only brace herself and greet the two of them.

“Mr. Fu, congratulations to you and Big Sister.” He s.h.i.+qing smiled elegantly, acting like a proper young lady from start to end.

After the two of them spoke, she left resentfully.

Fu Chen narrowed his eyes at her back. “She’s the biggest winner in this matter, right? He Xi is abolished, and my niece-in-law can’t go back. The entire He family is hers.”

Fu Sinian didn’t say anything. He had never been interested in these things.

Actually, the two of them had come here to collect the auction item, and s.h.i.+ Fang had gone in to settle the paperwork. The news had spread quickly. His and Fu Chen’s phones were about to explode from the calls from their families, and it wasn’t suitable for them to answer calls in the lobby, so the two of them had come here.

After answering a call, he originally wanted to come out for a smoke. But as soon as he took out the cigarette, he endured it.

Yu Manxi didn’t like him smoking, and he was gradually quitting smoking. It was just that he usually smoked a few cigarettes at work and while socializing. Quitting always required the process.

“Didn’t you want to smoke just now? Why didn’t you?” Fu Chen tilted his head and looked at him.

“She doesn’t like it. Besides… if we’re planning to have children, I’ll have to quit smoking and drinking.”

Fu Chen tightened his grip on the prayer beads in his hand. “Your proposal was quite sudden. You didn’t reveal anything?”

“I’ve always wanted to propose, but I couldn’t find the right opportunity. Before we went out today, we talked about having children. She said that getting married and having children were the correct steps. I thought at the time…

“Tonight then!”

Fu Sinian’s proposal wasn’t because of the He family or a sudden impulse. He had already planned it when he went out.

“Besides, you’re here tonight. Tonight is one of the most important days of my life. It’s good for it to be witnessed by my elders.”

Most of the Fu family members were devious. Fu Sinian hadn’t forgotten that Fu Chen had tricked him before and even showed off his affection at the dining table.

This was not a critical hit at all. It was simply stabbing him in the heart with a knife.

Fu Chen was even more depressed. I’m here to protect my wife, not to witness your happy moment.

“Eldest Young Master, Third Master, the procedures are done. This is the jade pendant.” s.h.i.+ Fang ran over and handed him a box and a bunch of donation and charity receipts.

“Thank you.” Fu Sinian reached out to take them.


At this moment, in the hall…

Duan Linbai was dealing with the guests. Song Fengwan had been with Yu Manxi the whole time, dealing with the guests who came to congratulate them. Yu Manxi was constantly smiling until she saw the He family coming…

After all, this was a public place. Yu Manxi couldn’t avoid it even if she wanted to. These three people were clearly here for her.

“Manman…” Old Madam He had already changed her expression and was smiling kindly at her.

Old Madam He wasn’t tall. Because she was old, her back was slightly hunched, and she was a little fat. When she smiled, her eyes narrowed. If Song Fengwan hadn’t seen the entire process of her slapping Yu Manxi in the video, she might have really felt that this old madam in front of her was really charitable.


“Big Sister, congratulations.” He s.h.i.+qing supported Old Madam He. From beginning to end, she had never been reprimanded by anyone. She was the only one in the video who had helped plead for leniency, and she wasn’t involved at all in what had happened tonight.

Song Fengwan knew how capable this Miss He was. Seeing her with a smile on her face, she felt scared.

“Thank you.” Yu Manxi pursed her lips tightly and didn’t give them any other expression.

“Is it convenient for you now? We would like to talk to you alone…” Old Madam He completely put down her old face and spoke humbly and fawningly.

With the He family’s current strength, they couldn’t afford to offend the Fu family. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been suppressed so severely by Fu Chen.

“If you have something to say, just say it here.”

“It might be a little inconvenient. Just let us say a few words. It’ll be quick,” Old Madam He pleaded again.

“Since it’s quick, then you can say it here.” Yu Manxi’s att.i.tude was firm.

She didn’t like this family to begin with, so she naturally couldn’t be alone with them.

“Yu Manxi, Grandma is already begging you like this. Don’t go overboard!” He Xi was furious. Her gaze landed on her fingers holding the wine gla.s.s. The diamond ring was dazzling and pierced her eyes.

“He Xi!” Old Madam He glared at her angrily.

Duan Linbai was standing not far away. Seeing the two parties meet, he looked around. Where did Sinian go?

“You want to bring He Xi to apologize to me, right? This isn’t anything shameful. The video was publicly played. Since it’s an apology, I need it to be public.”

“Yu Manxi!” He Xi was impatient. She had already been slapped by her previously. Now that she saw her being so unreasonable, she was naturally even angrier.

“He Xi, you’re the one begging me now. Please correct your att.i.tude. If you’re not sincere in apologizing, I don’t think this conversation needs to continue.”

Yu Manxi pulled Song Fengwan to leave. “Wanwan, let’s go.”

“Manman—” Old Madam He pulled her back. She knew very well that if she let her go this time, it would probably be even harder to contact her in private.

Yu Manxi’s body instinctively blocked her. She knocked the wine gla.s.s in her hand, and the wine in the gla.s.s landed on Old Madam Fu’s clothes…

This was the first time that Old Madam He had been splashed with alcohol in public. Although she had done it unintentionally…

It made her angry, but she found it difficult to speak.

Yu Manxi didn’t expect the alcohol to spill and land on her.

“You splashed my grandmother? Yu Manxi, you’re crazy!” Old Madam He had raised He Xi single-handedly. Yu Manxi’s behavior of spilling the alcohol was clearly humiliating them. “We came to apologize to you, but you didn’t accept it and even humiliated us!”

Like a lunatic, He Xi raised her hand and pushed Yu Manxi away.

Yu Manxi was still thinking about whether she should apologize to Old Madam He. She didn’t expect He Xi to dare to take action in public.

She twisted her ankle and fell backward, hitting Song Fengwan. Both of them staggered and almost fell at the same time.

“Big Sister Yu?” Song Fengwan reached out to support her. “How are you?”

“I’m fine.” Yu Manxi’s ankle hurt terribly. “How are you? I didn’t hit you anywhere, did I?”

Song Fengwan’s foot was stepped on by Yu Manxi, but she could only suppress the pain and shake her head.

“F*ck!” Duan Linbai hurriedly ran over when he saw He Xi publicly making a move.

He Xi was also anxious. Thinking about Yu Manxi’s previous threats, she went all out and actually rushed over to knock her away…

“He Xi!” Old Madam He was furious. What else does this stupid thing want to do?

“Grandma, be careful!” He s.h.i.+qing grabbed Old Madam He, who was about to mediate. When Yu Manxi was knocked over just now, her wine gla.s.s had fallen to the floor, and the floor was full of gla.s.s shards.

At this moment, Yu Manxi’s foot hurt terribly. The pain came from her ankle, and she couldn’t stand on her foot for a while. Her shoulder was pushed again, and she was so angry that her face turned green.

“Yu Manxi, you bullied me and even wanted to bully my grandmother. You ill-bred wild girl!”

Yu Manxi found it funny. But before she could do anything, Song Fengwan, who had been silent, exploded.

She raised his hand and pressed down on He Xi’s shoulder. He Xi had always wanted to please Song Fengwan, so she forgot to move for a moment. In the end, Song Fengwan suddenly exerted force and pushed her away from Yu Manxi…

The force was very strong. He Xi was caught off guard and fell to the floor.

“Your He family gave birth to her without raising her, but they raised you. Your He family is the least qualified to talk about manners!”

When He Xi was pushed down, there were sneers around her. She was furious. She got up and rushed toward Song Fengwan…

Yu Manxi was afraid that Song Fengwan would suffer. She endured the pain in her foot and wanted to s.h.i.+eld her behind her. But Song Fengwan moved faster than her. When He Xi rushed over…

She raised her arm and slapped her hard!

“Your He family also questioned the Fu family’s upbringing. I think your family is the most ill-mannered. Is this a place for you to behave atrociously?”

Duan Linbai had already rushed over. Little Sister-in-Law, your slap…

It felt so f*cking good!

This kind of insufferable woman deserves a beating!

Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 462 – Proposal: They Don’t Want You, I’ll Marry You

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Chapter 462: Proposal: They Don’t Want You, I’ll Marry You

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After the charity banquet’s auction officially started, although everyone was discussing the He family in private, their focus was already on the auction items on the stage.

Song Fengwan’s phone vibrated. It was a message from Fu Chen. [Which one do you like?]

[There’s nothing special I like. There’s a Tian-tsui headdress that looks good. I want to see the workmans.h.i.+p, but I don’t need it.]

She wasn’t a Beijing opera fan. The Tian-tsui headdress was gold-studded and had some jade inlaid in it. It was very exquisite. Because it had been worn by a famous character who had pa.s.sed away, it had collectible value.

Only an experienced Beijing opera fan or someone in this industry would be very interested in this.

[Hanchuan is bidding on it. If he wins it, I’ll bring you to take a look.]

Song Fengwan sent him a kiss emoji.

Fu Chen’s seat had Fu Sinian on one side and Duan Linbai on the other.

At this moment, the lights below the stage were very dim. A certain someone was holding his phone, and the light was really a little glaring. “Third Fu, don’t you have anything you want? Who are you texting?”

“Wanwan.” Fu Chen lowered his voice.

“She’s sitting so close to you… Do you two need to do this?”

“She said I’m very handsome and that she loves me. She even kissed me.” Fu Chen scrolled through the messages and stared at the string of praises Song Fengwan had sent just now, feeling very happy.

Duan Linbai rolled his eyes. They’re giving me dog food.

“… The next item up for auction is a Tian-tsui headdress. It belonged to one of the most famous Chinese opera actors in our country…” The host introduced many things. “The starting price for this piece is one hundred and twenty thousand yuan.”

In fact, most of the auction items today were worth more than a hundred thousand yuan. It was for charity in the first place. Although the more donations raised, the better, there was no need to deliberately create hype and raise the prices of the auction items to a few million yuan or nearly ten million yuan. That would be tasteless.

There were many ancient pearl hairpins in the auction today. This headdress set wasn’t the best looking or even the most outstanding, so very few people were bidding for it.

“One hundred and twenty-five thousand…” Before a Jing family member could speak, someone raised their placard.

Jing Hanchuan raised his hand to signal the person beside him to raise his placard.

But the other party seemed to be tireless and kept bidding, and they refused to give in to each other…

“Sixth Master, it’s Miss He,” a Jing family member whispered into Jing Hanchuan’s ear.

Jing Hanchuan narrowed his eyes. He s.h.i.+qing?

The reason she was bidding was very obvious… Everyone knew that Mrs. Jing came from a Chinese opera background and loved these things the most. She probably had ulterior motives.

He s.h.i.+qing had come tonight for this headdress set, but she didn’t expect someone to compete with her over it. When she looked behind, the back was very dark, and she could only see this person constantly raising their placard, not knowing who it was.

The price was getting higher and higher, and it had already exceeded her expectations. A couple hundred thousand yuan wasn’t a big sum to her, but something that could be bought for a hundred thousand yuan was going to cost her a couple hundred thousand yuan. She felt aggrieved.

“Why do you want this?” Old Madam He also felt extremely aggrieved. Everyone’s attention had already s.h.i.+fted to the auction items. But because of the bidding, the focus had gathered on the He family again, making her a little angry.

“I…” He s.h.i.+qing didn’t dare to say directly that she wanted to give it to the Jing family.

“Do you have to attract attention?! Stop bidding,” Old Madam He reprimanded.

In the end, the Tian-tsui headdress was sold for 210,000 yuan.

At this moment, Duan Linbai already knew that Jing Hanchuan was here. He reached out to nudge Fu Chen. “Was He s.h.i.+qing the one who competing with Hanchuan just now?”


“What does she want this for?”

“To woo Hanchuan.”

“Pfft—” Duan Linbai almost burst out laughing. “You said she wants to woo Hanchuan? F*ck, does she want to die?”

Fu Chen pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

The next auction item was a jade pendant…

“… This is the donation of the old madam of the Jiang family. This is her love token with her husband back then. She has been wearing it for more than fifty years, and the two of them have always loved each other. After the old gentleman pa.s.sed away, she donated this item in hopes of meeting lovers who can continue carrying on these emotions…

“This jade pendant is made of Lantian warm jade, and the starting price is one hundred thousand yuan.”

Song Fengwan didn’t pay much attention to this jade pendant earlier because, from the photos, the workmans.h.i.+p wasn’t very exquisite.

But Fu Sinian, who hadn’t spoken, raised his placard. The moment he opened his mouth, he bid 200,000 yuan.

This jade piece was at most 120,000 to 130,000 yuan. With him saying this, instantly, no one dared to bid anymore.

“Two hundred thousand yuan going once, going twice…” Seeing that no one was raising their placards, the auctioneer quickly sold it. “Congratulations, Mr. Fu. This item has a lot of meaning.”

Fu Sinian suddenly stood up. “Can I say a few words?”

The host was stunned for a moment and looked at Duan Linbai below the stage. He Xi had already caused a disturbance, and the entire banquet’s process had already been delayed for half an hour. This…

Duan Linbai nodded.

The lights in the entire hall became brighter.

“What are you doing?” Yu Manxi was also puzzled.

Just as everyone was puzzled, Fu Sinian suddenly stood up, walked to Yu Manxi, and knelt on one knee…

There was an uproar.

“My G.o.d, is this a proposal?!”

“It’s too sudden. He knelt down just like that?”

“It’s definitely a proposal! It’s such a surprise…”

Song Fengwan was sitting beside Yu Manxi. When she saw this scene, she immediately stood up and stepped aside. Her expression was even more excited than Yu Manxi’s.

“Fu Sinian…” Yu Manxi was stunned, and her mind instantly went blank.

Fu Sinian opened his hand and revealed an exquisite black velvet box lying on it. He reached out to open the box. Inside was an exquisite and small diamond ring with a simple design. The single one-carat diamond was s.h.i.+ning brightly under the light.

“Little Fish…

“Do you still want Niannian?”


It was normal for couples to have nicknames, but no one knew that Yu Manxi called Fu Sinian Niannian.

It was a sweet and explosive blow. Many people present had known Fu Sinian for a long time. He had always had a silent and cold temperament. Who had seen him speak in such a sweet and coquettish tone?

“Will you marry Niannian…?

“Grandma Jiang and Grandpa Jiang held hands for more than fifty years. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. It’s fine if some people don’t cherish you. I’ll marry you.

“Take my surname, be my person, and I’ll give you a home.”

Fu Sinian’s words were simple, but each word poked Yu Manxi’s heart. Her eyes reddened, and tears instantly fell.

When the video played just now, Fu Sinian had been holding her hand without saying anything. She was still thinking about how she would explain to him if he asked when they got back. She didn’t expect…

“Big Sister Yu…” Song Fengwan saw that she was crying but didn’t move, and Fu Sinian was still kneeling on the floor, so she reminded her softly.

Only then did Yu Manxi slowly reach out her hand. Instead of saying ‘I do’, she said, “Thank you.”

Fu Sinian took out the ring and helped her put it on. He reached out to wipe her tears and hugged her tightly while still kneeling. “Let’s go get our marriage certificate tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Yu Manxi hugged him tightly.

Thunderous applause filled the venue.

“F*ck, I must have been deaf just now. Don’t you think Young Master Fu’s tone was a little bit coquettish? What does he mean by ‘do you want Niannian’…”

“He’s indeed a straight man. He also has a gentle side when he meets someone he loves.”

“I’m envious. Eldest Young Master Fu looks like the kind of person who will fall in love for a lifetime.”

In addition to the blessings, many people were discussing the He family.

“F*ck, the news just f*cking broke that the He family doesn’t want Yu Manxi, and the Fu family wants to marry her immediately. Isn’t this deliberately slapping their faces?!”

“They deserve it. Their family abandoned her first. Now, their two granddaughters aren’t even married, but their unwanted granddaughter is going to marry a top prestigious family. It’s simply ironic.”

“Do you think Young Master Fu deliberately chose this moment?”

“He already brought a diamond ring. He likely wanted to do it long ago.”

Fu Sinian hugged Yu Manxi tightly. “The diamond ring is a little small since I bought it in a hurry. I saw something decent, so I bought it. I’ll change it to a better one for you in the future.”

“No need. I think it’s pretty good. I like it a lot.” Yu Manxi smiled and shook her head.

Under everyone’s encouragement and cheers, Fu Sinian held her face and planted a scorching kiss on her lips…

At the side, Duan Linbai kept clapping and smiling like a fool. He even kept urging Fu Sinian to kiss her again. On the other hand, Fu Chen kept watching coldly.

He proposed in front of me!

He didn’t want to eat this dog food, but it was stuffed into his mouth forcefully. Fu Sinian proposed, but he never told anyone in advance. He had even brought a diamond ring. It was clearly premeditated.

This meant that marriage should be put on the agenda. Was it far from them having a child? Was it far from him becoming a grandfather?

Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 472 – Cousin Is Married?

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Chapter 472: Cousin Is Married?

Translator: Atlas Studios

Editor: Atlas Studios

After Fu Chen got into the car, s.h.i.+ Fang looked at him from time to time through the rearview mirror.

Although he looked gentle as usual, he could feel that Third Master was in a bad mood. He only knew that Fu Chen had been with Song Fengwan earlier, so he naturally thought that something had happened between the two of them.

“Third Master, did you quarrel with Miss Song?”

Fu Chen rubbed his phone. What is this girl doing? Why isn’t there any news?

“Actually, it’s normal to have conflicts when dating. You just have to coax her


“Old Master and Old Madam have been husband and wife for so many years, and they often have arguments. How can there be overnight enmity between husband and wife?”

Fu Chen looked at him mockingly. “s.h.i.+ Fang, have you ever been in a relations.h.i.+p?” “N-no.” s.h.i.+ Fang cleared his throat. I do want to fall in love, but I’m busy earning money and don’t have time. I have to face Qian Jiang’s scowl when I go home all day. I don’t even have the mood to fall in love

“Are you qualified to teach me about dating?

Critical hit!

s.h.i.+ Fang gritted his teeth. “Not qualified.” “The year is about to pa.s.s again. The company has a lot of things to do. You should stay in the company to work overtime on New Year’s Day.” s.h.i.+ Fang wanted to cry. What did I say wrong? I wanted to be his confidante and comfort him, but all I got in return was the nightmare of working overtime

Even if you’re angry, you can’t vent it on me.

At this moment, Song Fengwan and Qiao Xiyan were discussing some of the photos of the collection she had taken at the auction previously.

“Are you and Fu Chen going out on New Year’s? When Qiao Xiyan entered the house, he saw the itinerary on the table.

“Yes.” Song Fengwan was fl.u.s.tered and uneasy, afraid that Qiao Xiyan would object and not let her go. “You’re already old enough to be in a relations.h.i.+p. Fu Chen is still okay.Qiao Xiyan held his carving knife in his hand and spoke reluctantly with a hint of hatred through gritted teeth.

Fu Chen was definitely one of the best among his peers. Being able to cook for Song Fengwan was already enough to impress Qiao Xiyan. At the very least, he had put in some effort.

He was around the same age as Fu Chen. Men at this age were all striving for their careers. The fact that Fu Chen was willing to spend time with her and even spend effort to please her was more important than giving her any expensive gift.

The two families knew each other very well. When he interacted with Fu Yuxiu, he didn’t like him much. His mother was too domineering, so he was a little too soft. Fu Chen was obviously different from him. When he was. .h.i.t by Old Master Fu, he didn’t even lower his head and admit he was wrong

He appreciated this.

Qiao Xiyan rarely praised anyone, and he was her boyfriend, so Song Fengwan was naturally happy. “I won’t object to the two of you going out. You’re an adult now, so it’s not good for me to say too much. When you interact with each other, you have to know your limits and control yourself.”

Song Fengwan blushed. “I know.”

At the thought that he had personally sent Song Fengwan to Fu Chen’s house, Qiao Xiyan was still enduring his anger. I really wish I could sharpen my knives and teach Fu Chen a lesson.

After Qiao Xiyan arrived in the capital, Fu Chen naturally didn’t have many opportunities to interact with Song Fengwan.

Song Fengwan accompanied Qiao Xiyan to the antique market to shop for three or four days. She bought a jade ta.s.sel for Fu Chen and accompanied Qiao Xiyan to watch others stone gambling

Stone gambling was something that even G.o.ds couldn’t break. If you didn’t have superpowers or were extremely lucky, it was impossible to get good materials every time.

Qiao Xiyan wasn’t addicted to this. He only bought a few stones occasionally, and the results were naturally good and bad.

The process always made people’s hearts beat rapidly as they looked forward to the results. Song Fengwan watched by the side, and she could watch this all


On Christmas Eve, Song Fengwan had an exam for an elective cla.s.s. After the exam ended, Qjao Xiyan went to school to pick her up. Since he was here, the two of them would naturally go to the He residence to attend the filiation banquet.

The heating in the car was sufficient, so it was inevitable that he felt stuffy.

Qiao Xiyan parked the car at the entrance of the dormitory, walked to the trash can, and smoked.

After Song Fengwan finished her exam at four o’clock, she said that she wanted to go back to her dorm room to put away her books and change her clothes. It was already half past four. She was really good at dawdling. He couldn’t understand why girls took so long before going out. Because it was Christmas tomorrow, the festive atmosphere in school was strong

Qiao Xiyan tilted his head and puffed out a smoke ring. He saw a slightly familiar figure.

This is

Wu Yuxin. Since the plagiarism incident, where Wu Yuxin helped testify, her reputation in the school wasn’t as bad as before, and she had a good relations.h.i.+p with her roommates.

When the matter ended that day, the Qiao family had wanted to treat her to a meal, but she had declined.

Wu Yuxin also saw Qiao Xiyan. She hesitated for a moment before walking over to greet him. “h.e.l.lo, Mr. Qiao.”

“h.e.l.lo. Qjao Xiyan had always been polite and distant.

Wu Yuxin had experienced a lot in the past half a year and knew very well that she wasn’t worthy of Qiao Xiyan, so she naturally didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Today is Christmas Eve. This is for you.”

She was holding a bag of wrapped apples. They were obviously for giving away.

Qiao Xiyan was stunned for a moment as he watched her take out a few apples for him. ‘I don’t like apples.”

“You can give them to your wife and child.”

Qiao Xiyan’s hand trembled, and the cigarette fell. “Wife and child?” Wu Yuxin had interacted with the Qiao family before and had also checked on their family. Although the information online said that Qiao Xiyan was single, it was normal for such a big family to have secret marriages and children. She had never doubted Song Fengwan’s words.

“Okay, take them. They’re not worth much. Happy Christmas Eve.” Wu Yuxin gave him the apples and walked away with a smile.

Wife and child?

When did I get married? Wu Yuxin went to Song Fengwan’s dorm room and gave her a Christmas apple. Actually, even after the plagiarism incident, they would only greet each other when they met and didn’t interact much.

“Thank you.” Song Fengwan smiled and took the apple. Her table was already full of various packaged fruits. “I saw your cousin downstairs.” “I know. I’ll be down soon.” After Song Fengwan returned, she specially washed her hair and face, which took up some time.

She changed her clothes, put her high heels in her bag, and wrapped herself in a down jacket before running out. After getting into the car, she even s.h.i.+vered from the cold.

After all, she would be attending a banquet later, so she wasn’t wearing much on the inside and revealed a part of her ankles. The cold wind blew through, and it was bone-chilling,

“Cousin, Happy Christmas Eve.” Song Fengwan had specially brought an apple for Qiao Xiyan. But when she got into the car, she realized that he had a few apples in his car too. Just by looking at the packaging, she guessed that Wu Yuxin had given them to him.

Qiao Xiyan’s fingers tapped the steering wheel gently without saying a word. “You met Wu Yuxin, right? Why did she give you so many apples?” Song Fengwan didn’t realize that anything was wrong and even put her hands against the car vent to warm them. “Because I still have to give them to my uit b ild

Chapter comments on the chapter Song Fengwan stiffened and smiled bit

Chasing Strategy “You don’t know?”

Other than Song Fengwan, no one else could say such things to Wu Yuxin.

“Cousin, it’s getting late. Let’s go quickly.” Song Fengwan coughed twice. “I haven’t even gotten a girlfriend, yet a child actually popped out?” “It’s all because you have too many rotten people interested in you. That’s why I said it on purpose.” Song Fengwan bit her lip. She had already forgotten about this matter. “Besides, you’ll definitely have a child in the future.”

“If this kind of thing spreads, do you think I can still find someone?”

Song Fengwan lowered her head. “Wu Yuxin won’t tell anyone.”

“You only said this to her? Qiao Xiyan started the car and slowly drove out of the school.

“There’s one more,” Song Fengwan said timidly.

“There’s more?

“This time, I didn’t say that you had a child. I only said that you had a girlfriend.”

Qiao Xiyan sneered. “Girlfriend?”

He had never been in a romantic relations.h.i.+p, yet he even had a child for no reason. She was really impressive.

“It’s all because He Xi wants to woo you. I really don’t like her, so I could only resort to this.” The He family?Qiao Xiyan gripped the steering wheel tightly. “She believes it too?

“I said that Cousin-in-Law is overseas. Moreover, her carving skills are better than yours. She can’t investigate overseas anyway.” Song Fengwan suddenly felt that she was really smart. Qiao Xiyan sneered. Look at how capable she is “Cousin, when are you going to find me a cousin-in-law?” Song Fengwan was curious.

“Is love more interesting than carving? Qiao Xiyan asked. Song Fengwan was speechless. It isn’t unreasonable for him to be single for so many years. He holds stupid rocks all day and doesn’t go out to socialize. How could he get a girlfriend?

“Then, what kind do you like?” “You want to introduce me?”Qiao Xiyan raised his eyebrows.

“I’m just asking

“Someone with better skills than me,” he added. Song Fengwan’s lips twitched. He’s destined to live alone for the rest of his life.

When the car was about to arrive at the hotel where the He family was holding the banquet, the road was already very crowded. The He family had hired a lot of security to maintain order. Song Fengwan could see the hundred-meter-long red carpet from afar. Is their family holding a filiation banquet or an award ceremony? It’s so exaggerated

She took out her high heels from her bag and lowered her head to change her shoes. Qiao Xiyan caught a glimpse of the skin-colored thermal pants under her long skirt and chuckled. This girl sure knows how to keep warm

When the two of them reached the entrance of the hotel, it was around half past five. The sky was dark, the thick ink dying the city, and the cold wind blew, making people feel uneasy. The large LED signboard was broadcasting the promotional advertis.e.m.e.nts of the He Group the entire time. In order to promote their company, this family

was unscrupulous.

“Mr. Qiao, Miss Song.” The receptionist led them in

The reporters were all blocked outside, but the He Group had a specialized publicity department. Today, they would be broadcasting the entire filiation banquet live

The benefits would not go to others. The He family was vividly displaying their selfishness and greed to the fullest.

Song Fengwan walked in. The venue was decorated with champagne roses, looking romantic and dreamy. There was also a large photo of Yu Manxi. The He family was receiving guests. Seeing the two of them coming, He Maozhen and his wife hurried over to greet them.


“Congratulations.” Qiao Xiyan had always been succinct.

“Thank you for coming! s.h.i.+qing, come and entertain Young Master Qiao and Miss Song” As the hostess, Zou Li immediately called her daughter over.

She still wanted them to get to know each other well. With many connections, there would be more paths. “Mrs. He, go ahead. You don’t have to entertain us. With that, Qiao Xiyan led Song Fengwan in, obviously unwilling to interact much with them.

“The Qiao family seems to be born with bad tempers. His grandfather was a toughnut to crack. I didn’t expect his grandson to be so difficult to deal with too,” He Maozhen couldn’t help complaining,

“They’re here to attend the banquet, but they’re actually empty-handed. The Qiao family’s upbringing is only so-so.” Zou Li was speechless.

“His family doesn’t have much manners to begin with. Back then, his grandfather had a weird temper too. Everyone said that he was unique. I think he just had no manners.”

After all, it was a filiation banquet, so it was considered a happy occasion. Almost all the guests who came to congratulate them had brought gifts. Very few people came empty-handed.

Actually, Qiao Xiyan had really prepared a congratulatory gift, but Song Fengwan said directly, “There’s no need to bring a gift. We’re just going to watch a show. It’s useless even if we bring one. If the gift is taken away by the He family in the end, we’ll benefit them for nothing.”

Qiao Xiyan knew very well that this filiation banquet wasn’t that simple. “Alright, stop talking. Guests are here.” Zou Li poked her husband and told him to stop talking

“Master, Madam, Eldest Miss is here.” Someone ran in.

He Maozhen was overjoyed. Wearing only a thin suit, he went out to welcome the cold wind. Ever since he was going to hold the filiation banquet, he had invited Yu Manxi home many times, but she had refused. This made him suspect that she would stand him up on the day of the banquet.

But Yu Manxi said firmly, “I will definitely go on the day of the filiation banquet.” Only then did he feel relieved.

“s.h.i.+qing, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and come out with me to meet your sister.” He Maozhen looked slightly sullen when he saw He s.h.i.+qing standing in a daze.

“Okay.” He s.h.i.+qing lifted her skirt and walked out.

As soon as they reached the entrance, they saw Yu Manxi getting out of a car. She was wearing a down jacket as she walked in with Fu Sinian.

He Maozhen had specially prepared a red gown for her. She wasn’t wearing it, but she was wearing black. From head to toe, only the ring on her ring finger was s.h.i.+ning. When she raised her eyebrows and looked at the He family at the entrance, she even narrowed her eyes and smiled.

The cold wind was raging… It made the He family feel cold all over.

Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 466 – Third Master Is Suffering Wanwan’s Disregard

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Chapter 466: Third Master Is Suffering Wanwan’s Disregard

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jiangcheng, Fu residence…

After dinner, Dai Yunqing sent the two men to wash the dishes and dragged Yu Manxi out for a walk.

Only then did Yu Manxi know that Dai Yunqing had come out to dance in the plaza at night. Moreover, she knew a group of middle-aged women and had even established a certain organization and partic.i.p.ated in some compet.i.tions.

She pulled her over to introduce her. “… Yes, this is my daughter-in-law.”

“Oh, she’s so beautiful. She looks even better than on TV.”

“You’re really lucky. Your daughter-in-law is so good-looking and capable.”

“Host Little Yu, I like you a lot…”

These women were all very enthusiastic and praised her endlessly. Yu Manxi was so embarra.s.sed that she almost couldn’t face anyone.

She thought that a person like Dai Yunqing would definitely drink tea with poise like a n.o.ble lady. She didn’t expect her to be so down-to-earth like an ordinary middle-aged woman.

“Yunqing, did your Secretary Fu accompany you out tonight?”

“I have my daughter-in-law to accompany me.” Dai Yunqing wished she could introduce her to everyone.

“Does Uncle usually come too?”

“He’ll accompany me for a walk when he has nothing to do. He’s usually very busy. Sometimes, when he’s free, he’s also lazy. When he gets off work and goes home, he wants to sleep after taking a shower. His waistline has been rising in recent years. He doesn’t know how to control himself…” Dai Yunqing couldn’t help complaining.

At the end of the day, they were all ordinary people who wanted to lead steady lives.

“Little Yu, our Sinian doesn’t know how to talk. He might be a little boring usually. And when he works, he works day and night. You have to be more tolerant. Actually, Sinian is a good person…” Dai Yunqing sighed.

“After getting married, if there are any b.u.mps, you have to communicate in time. Don’t hold it in. That brat doesn’t like to talk. If you continue to hold it in, something will definitely happen. You two have to understand each other better.

“It’s not easy to manage a marriage. If this brat bullies you in the future, just tell me. If you have any problems, you can look for me anytime.”

Dai Yunqing told her a lot about Fu Sinian and also talked about the way husband and wife should get along.

The two of them walked around the garden plaza for a long time. When they were about to go home, Dai Yunqing couldn’t help asking, “Little Yu, when are you and Sinian planning to have a child?”

Yu Manxi squealed in surprise. If it wasn’t because the sky was dark and the lights were dim, she would definitely see her face burning red.

“I’m not rus.h.i.+ng you. You just got the certificate, and you two also have thoughts about having some alone time. I just want to say that if you have the intention, you have to do it early. I can help you take care of the child…”

“Okay.” Yu Manxi smiled bitterly.

“You’re living next door to Sinian now, right? Then why don’t you use that place for your bridal chamber?”

Dai Yunqing had considered a lot. The girl had married him, but it was impossible for him to take her away with just a marriage certificate. The wedding ceremony was indispensable.

“Bridal chamber?” Yu Manxi really didn’t think too much about it.

“We have to redecorate it. The wedding is also complicated and requires proper planning.”

While the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were chatting happily, the father and son at home were very depressed.

“Dad, Mom has already taken her out for almost three hours.”

“So what?” Fu s.h.i.+nan drank tea while soaking his feet and watching the news.

“We’re newlyweds. Do you think this is appropriate?”

“You have a lifetime to spend together. Do you care about an hour or two?”

“Three hours!” Fu Sinian corrected.

“I haven’t said that your wife has occupied your mother for three hours!”

Fu Sinian was speechless. This is simply unreasonable. I really should let Dad’s subordinates see what he’s like at home.

When the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law returned, the father and son thought that they could finally go back to their rooms to sleep. But they didn’t expect the two of them to chat so happily, say that they were going to sleep together tonight, and send the two men away.

On the night of their marriage, Fu Sinian lay on his bed alone and looked at his phone. It was full of blessings. He replied to them one by one…

Little White Dragon in the Waves: [Oh, on your marriage night, you still have time to play with your phone?]

[You’re not accompanying your wife and chatting with us? Isn’t she angry?]

[Eldest Nephew, you’re so efficient! When are you going to have a child?]

Who knew that Fu Sinian was alone on his marriage night?

Fu Sinian and Yu Manxi stayed in Jiangcheng for three days. When they returned to the capital, Yu Manxi’s landlord called her and said that she wanted to settle the condo transfer procedures.

She looked at the landlord with a dumbfounded expression. It turned out that Fu s.h.i.+nan and his wife had secretly found the landlord, bought the condo, and gave it to Yu Manxi.

Fu s.h.i.+nan worked in politics, so his salary was limited. But the Dai family was very rich, and Dai Yunqing was an only daughter, so she naturally didn’t lack money.

After getting their certificate, it was naturally time to prepare for the wedding. Yu Manxi and Fu Sinian discussed and found someone to open up the condo as a bridal chamber. With the need for renovation, the two of them moved to the old residence.

Old Madam Fu naturally welcomed them and had someone tidy up the room early in the morning.

When she saw Yu Manxi carrying the kitten, she chuckled and said, “I haven’t seen Yu Zhaocai in a long time. Has it gained weight?”

“Yu… Zhaocai?” Yu Manxi was tongue-tied. What kind of name is this? She looked at Fu Sinian with a dumbfounded expression, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Yeah, isn’t its name Yu Zhaocai? Did I remember wrongly?” Old Madam Fu smiled.

Yu Manxi thought that she should save some face for Fu Sinian and nodded. “Its name is Yu Zhaocai.”

When the two of them moved back, Fu Chen had even gone home for dinner. As elders, they definitely had to express something for the newlyweds.

He reluctantly gave them a red packet.

“Thank you, Third Uncle.” Fu Sinian had been very proud recently. Although he was still silent, he gave off a completely different feeling.

“I have to remind you of something.” Fu Chen ate leisurely. “The old residence’s soundproofing isn’t good.”

The newlyweds opposite him instantly blushed.

As a result, when the two of them wanted to do something in the future, they even specially found a reason to go to a hotel to get a room. They were acting sneaky like thieves.


On another side…

As winter approached, the cold wind blew, and Song Fengwan became busy. The CET4 exam was gradually approaching. After the exam ended, it was followed by the final papers for the elective courses, and there were also some final exams to take. So she was naturally very busy.

But every weekend, the two of them would meet at Yishui Community.

It was freezing outside now, so it was no longer suitable for them to go out. Naturally, it was more comfortable at home.

After Song Fengwan finished her cla.s.s on Friday, she returned to her dorm room to get some things. When she left the dormitory, Fu Chen’s car was parked at the side of the bamboo forest behind the building. She got into the car, s.h.i.+vering from the cold.

Because it was Friday, the two of them had two days of alone time. Before returning, they went to the supermarket.

When they entered the house, the two of them changed their shoes. Song Fengwan took off her hat and scarf and turned on the heating. Fu Chen lifted his leg and closed the door. Then he hugged her from behind and leaned on her.

“Third Brother.”

“I love you so much.”

Fu Chen’s sudden words made Song Fengwan blush in embarra.s.sment.

“You haven’t seen me for a few days. You’re really hard-hearted. Don’t you know…

“… how much I’ve been thinking about you?”

The two of them leaned against the door and hugged for a while.

“I’ll cook tonight.” Fu Chen took off his coat and was only wearing a thin s.h.i.+rt inside. He carried the shopping bags into the kitchen.

“You know how to cook?” Song Fengwan took the electric teapot, filled it with water, plugged it in, and boiled some hot water.

Unless it was the weekend, no one usually came here, so it looked inevitably deserted.

“I just learned.” Fu Chen had nothing to do recently, so he went to find Jing Hanchuan to learn it secretly.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Song Fengwan tidied up the house briefly and watered the plants. Then she stood by the kitchen and propped her chin up while looking at Fu Chen.

After all, Fu Chen was a novice, so he had to serve every dish the same way. After setting the plates on the table, Song Fengwan specially took a photo and posted it on her Moments.

[It’s a certain someone’s first time cooking. The taste isn’t bad~]

When Duan Linbai saw this post, he was hopping mad.

F*ck, Fu Chen cooked and treated me like a guinea pig all day. He spoke very nicely that he was treating me to meals. On the first day, I had diarrhea and almost became dehydrated.

Of course it tastes good. I f*cking exchanged my life for it.

My stomach is about to be destroyed by him. He finally did a good job, and then he went to please his wife. How inhuman.

But he couldn’t say this in Song Fengwan’s comments section. Fu Chen would see it. But could he only silently like it and praise him? This was absolutely impossible.

After dinner, Fu Chen thought that the two of them could finally be alone…

Then he saw his little wife take out a set of exam papers from previous years and a few pens of different colors from her bag.

“Third Brother, I’m going to study. My exams are soon.”

In other words: I’m going to be busy. Go do whatever you want. Don’t disturb me.

“Studying?” Fu Chen held back his displeasure.

“Yes, I haven’t even finished going over everything yet. Time is a little tight.”

“Okay.” What else could Fu Chen say? His wife had to study. What could he do?

Song Fengwan set a time to do the exam papers. Fu Chen had originally been sitting beside her and playing with his phone for a while. But later, he felt bored and simply leaned against his chair to look at her…

Duan Linbai even sent a message to question him, complaining about Fu Chen treating him like a guinea pig to test food. Fu Chen said that he had to be intimate with Song Fengwan now, disregarding the life of his brother.

But who knew that he was actually watching his little wife study? He couldn’t tell anyone about this, so he could only hold it in.

Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 457 – Banquet

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Chapter 457: Banquet

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The charity banquet was scheduled for Sat.u.r.day night. Song Fengwan thought that Fu Chen wouldn’t go, so she directly contacted Yu Manxi.

She had her own motive for attending this banquet. It was said that some people would donate their collections for auction today. Other than jewelry, there were also vases and ancient paintings. Many people’s collections had never been seen before, so she wanted to take a look.

When she arrived at the Software Garden condominium, Yu Manxi happened to be changing her clothes.

“Wanwan, help me zip it up.”

“Okay.” Song Fengwan nodded. Ever since Fu Sinian moved in, there had been a lot of fireworks in the condo, and couple items were everywhere. She sized up the condo. “Are you home alone?”

“Sinian is having a meeting with his studio’s staff next door.”

The day after Yu Manxi was discharged from the hospital, the two of them had treated Fu Sinian’s colleagues and good friends to a meal. They were all men, and they had exposed a lot of Fu Sinian’s secrets, such as Fu Sinian’s blind dates…

After the group finished eating at his condo, Fu Sinian kicked them out.

Song Fengwan reached out to help her fasten the zipper. The evening gown was a fishtail design that accentuated her curvaceous figure to be even more exquisite. The gown was a backless design, revealing her smooth and beautiful back. She was extremely beautiful.

The injuries on Yu Manxi’s back had already healed. Coupled with the fact that she had been using collagen supplements and lotion, her back looked even more tender than before.

Song Fengwan really envied her figure.

She reached out to tuck her loose hair up. “I was hospitalized some time ago. I think I gained some weight.”

“You’re not fat.”

Song Fengwan saw a few bite marks on the back of her neck. Just by looking at this, she could tell how intense the two of them were usually when they were having s.e.x. Her ears were red. But the zipper really seemed difficult to fasten.

Yu Manxi took a deep breath, and Song Fengwan pulled the zipper up.

“My G.o.d, I’ve really gained a lot of weight recently.” Yu Manxi felt a little suffocated and reached out to touch her waist and abdomen.

She usually didn’t eat much. During her stay in the hospital, Dai Yunqing had cooked a lot of delicious food for her, so her appet.i.te had improved. Now, she couldn’t even control her food intake every day, and her weight was rising.

“I think you’re quite thin.”

“I must be over a hundred and ten.”

“Aren’t you usually around a hundred and ten?” Yu Manxi was taller than her, so she was very thin even though she weighed a hundred and ten pounds.

Why are some people so thin but have b.r.e.a.s.t.s and b.u.t.ts? Song Fengwan was depressed again.

“No.” Yu Manxi specially took out the electronic scale at home and weighed herself. “I’m actually fifty-four kilograms. I’ve actually gained almost ten pounds recently. No wonder the cameramen at the station keep saying that I don’t look photogenic recently.”

“Are you pregnant?” Song Fengwan picked up the cat teaser at the side and walked the kitten.

Yu Manxi was so frightened that her lips twitched. “Impossible.”

She definitely wasn’t when she was hospitalized because she had undergone a full-body examination. After she was discharged from the hospital, her frequency with Fu Sinian wasn’t high.

“You two have been living together for so long. It’s normal for something to happen.” Song Fengwan had often heard Old Madam Fu talk about wanting a great-granddaughter in the old Fu residence.

“We’ve always taken precautions. How could I be pregnant?”

Actually, the first time the two of them went home after Yu Manxi was discharged from the hospital, they had done it a total of three times that night. There was one time when they didn’t…

But how could it be so coincidental?

“If you two have a daughter, she’ll definitely be very cute.”

“I heard that your mother is also pregnant?” Yu Manxi had heard a lot about Song Fengwan’s family later. But her biological father was really unbearable. Many children were unwilling to accept their mother remarrying and getting pregnant, so she had never dared to ask.

It was because she saw that Song Fengwan had a good relations.h.i.+p with her stepfather that she asked this.

“Yes, the baby is starting to show, and we also know the due date. She should be having a C-section.” After all, Qiao Aiyun’s age was there.

“You don’t mind having a younger sibling?”

“At first, it was a little difficult to accept. I’m already so old, and I keep feeling that it’s strange to have a younger brother or sister. But now that I’m far away in the capital, the child can also accompany my mom in the future. She and Uncle Yan will get older, and when I’m far away in the future, I won’t be able to go over in time if they get sick or injured. So it’s also good to have a younger sibling.”

“Do you want a little brother or sister?”

“Sister!” Song Fengwan said firmly.

When Fu Sinian returned, he saw two unmarried women discussing having children.

“You want a child?” He looked at Yu Manxi seriously.

“Huh? I…” The topics of women’s conversations were especially random. They didn’t talk about having children because they wanted children.

“If you want one, come back tonight. We’ll work harder.”

“Wanwan is still here!” Yu Manxi was furious. What nonsense are you spouting in front of your little aunt?

Song Fengwan lowered her head and sent Fu Chen a message, telling him that she was about to leave for the hotel. She tried her best to ignore the two of them and pretended not to hear what they were saying.

“She didn’t hear it.” Fu Sinian lowered his voice. “Do you want a child?”

“We’re not married yet. How can we have a child?” Getting married and then having children was the correct step. What is this person’s brain thinking?

Fu Sinian pursed his lips tightly, seemingly thinking about something.

After the three of them got into the car, Song Fengwan was still texting Fu Chen. [I think I’m a third wheel. It’s so awkward.] She even sent an emoji of b.u.mping into a wall.

Fu Chen smiled. [Did they feed you dog food?]

[No, but these two are discussing creating a small person tonight. Sigh, I’m still a child.]

[Want to change from a girl to a woman?]

Song Fengwan’s face instantly flushed red. Shameless. What nonsense is he spouting?


When the three of them arrived at the entrance of the hotel, because there were celebrities entering the venue and reporters swarming in, the road was a little crowded.

“There are celebrities?” Song Fengwan leaned against the window. From her angle, she could only see a dense crowd and many fans holding signs.

“Yeah.” Fu Sinian nodded.

“So high-profile?” Song Fengwan thought it was just an ordinary banquet.

“You have to see who the organizer is.” Fu Sinian’s fingers tapped the steering wheel. “Linbai is in the media industry. How can he let go of any publicity opportunities?”

He naturally invited some celebrities over to better promote the banquet.

“What you’re saying seems like wherever he is…” Before Yu Manxi could finish speaking, Fu Sinian suddenly raised his hand and pointed not far away.

Song Fengwan also looked in the direction he was pointing.

Duan Linbai happened to get out of his car and walk on the red carpet.

He was wearing a white suit and s.h.i.+ny leather shoes. He was naturally good-looking, and coupled with the aura he exuded, he looked clean and refres.h.i.+ng. He greeted the reporters with a smile. The corners of his mouth curled up, and his eyebrows pressed against his eyes. He looked a little evil, but he was clearly…

Very flashy!

Because a certain someone was actually wearing a floral s.h.i.+rt in his suit.

Song Fengwan suddenly remembered the scene of him wearing a mink coat. This fellow’s aesthetics were really suffocating. He was born with a good appearance, and he looked good in everything he wore.

Not long after Duan Linbai entered the venue, Yu Manxi saw a few familiar figures, and her smile froze.

“You don’t want to meet them? Why don’t we not go?” Fu Sinian had never been interested in partic.i.p.ating in such events. It was just that Dai Yunqing had always told him that he should bring Yu Manxi out more often. It would be good for her in the future.

Song Fengwan looked at the people slowly entering the hotel. She only knew the He sisters because she had seen them at Old Master Fu’s birthday banquet. There was also an old lady. She was most likely the old madam of the He family, who hadn’t gone out for a long time.

“It’s fine.”

She had to face it eventually. Yu Manxi had never avoided anything. Since she wanted to be with Fu Sinian, she had to meet some people sooner or later.

“Okay.” Fu Sinian nodded.

When they parked the car and entered, many people exclaimed. After all, Yu Manxi was a famous host, and Song Fengwan had appeared on TV during the plagiarism incident, so many people in the country knew them.

As soon as the three of them entered the hotel, Yu Manxi heard someone call her from behind.

It was actually Ning Fan.

At this moment, in a certain car outside the hotel…

Fu Chen was rubbing his prayer beads with his head lowered. He only looked away when he saw Song Fengwan enter the hotel.

“The He family is here, and so is Ning Fan. There’s also this restless Duan Linbai. This banquet is lively tonight,” the person sitting beside him suddenly said.

“What is Linbai wearing today?”

“He looks like a flamboyant male peac.o.c.k!”

Fu Chen smiled and turned his head to look at him. “Why are you here?”

“My mom heard that someone will be auctioning the Tian-tsui headdress used by a master in the Republic of China era tonight, so she asked me to buy it for her.” Otherwise, Jing Hanchuan wouldn’t have joined in the fun. “Why are you here?”

“Guard my wife!” Fu Chen said firmly.

After everyone entered the venue, the two of them quietly entered the hotel through the side door without alerting anyone.

The hotel was already full of singing and dancing, and there was a beautiful fountain of champagne.. When the He family saw Yu Manxi and Fu Sinian appear together, Song Fengwan could feel the tension in the air.

Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 475 – Throwing Money on Your Face, Severing the Relationship

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Chapter 475: Throwing Money on Your Face, Severing the Relations.h.i.+p

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Everyone thought that Yu Manxi would definitely be emotional again, but they didn’t expect her to say:

“T’ve never thought of returning to the He residence.”

Astone raised thousands of waves. There was a brief silence below the stage before discussions broke out like a tidal wave.

He Maozhen was gathering his emotions and trying his best to squeeze out his tears. He finally managed to squeeze out a few drops of tears, but his face turned pale from her words.

‘The He family members each had their own thoughts about her coming back. But she had rejected them in public and slapped them in the face. Even the distant relatives of the He family sitting below the stage felt their faces ache.

“Isn’t this too direct? She doesn’t even want five percent of the shares?”

“If she didn’t want to come back, she should have explained it earlier. The He family put in so much effort, but in the end, their faces are swollen.”

“I knew it was impossible for her to go back smoothly. You didn’t see the video on the day of the charity banquet. The He family really didn’t treat her as a human. They beat her up so badly. My mom was beside me at the time, and she almost cried watching it.”

“But if they fall out in public like this, they’ll definitely be enemies in the future. She’s completely blocked her path back.”

“Maybe she’s really never thought of going back. It’s not her whom the He family likes.”

He Maozhen gripped the microphone, his fingers trembling. “Manman, there are so many people. Don’t joke with Dad like this.”

He smiled bitterly, but his heart was pounding.

“Do you think I’m joking with you?” Yu Manxi, standing beside him, looked at the obese man in front of her.

“Manman, I know the He family let you down in the past. We’ll make it up to you… I know you’re very agitated now…”

“Tm very calm. If you didn’t hear me clearly, I can repeat it.”

She was wearing a long black gown with high heels of more than ten centimeters. She was tall and looked down at He Maozhen from above.

She was like a queen who didn’t put the He family in her eyes at all.

“Tll never return to the He family in this lifetime.”

She enunciated every word clearly, for fear that others wouldn’t hear her.

“Manman!”” He Maozhen gritted his teeth and reached out to s.n.a.t.c.h the microphone in her hand. “I know you’re going home, and you’re very agitated and emotionally unstable, but you can’t say nonsense either.

“Everyone is here for you today. You can’t do this.”

If Yu Manxi continued to cause trouble like this, it would probably be difficult to clean up the mess.

Before his hand could touch Yu Manxi, Fu Sinian raised his hand and grabbed his wrist.

Fu Sinian’s hands used to draw bows and nock arrows. His arm strength was very strong, and with just a little bit of force, He Maozhen cried out.

“Mr. He, there are so many people watching. Do you want to lay a hand on my wife?”

His voice was hoa.r.s.e and deep. Coupled with He Maozhen’s scream, it made many people below the stage feel their scalps tingle. This banquet had just started, but it was already a martial arts show?

So exciting?

“..” He Maozhen had never been pinched like this before. It was so painful that his scalp went numb, and he couldn’t utter a word for a moment.

“Eu Sinian, what are you doing?!” When Old Madam He saw that her son was being grasped, she immediately rushed over, but she was frightened by Fu Sinian’s cold gaze.

“Yu Manxi, if you don’t want to come back, just say so. What’s the point of doing this?” Zou Li was also anxious when she saw her husband being captured.

He s.h.i.+qing was smarter. She immediately got someone to cut off Yu Manxi’s microphone before going to stop the fight. “Mr. Fu, calm down. Let’s talk nicely.”

Only He Xi was standing at the side. This had nothing to do with her, and she was still thinking about Qiao Xiyan.

Just as the people backstage were about to cut the audio equipment, they saw a burly man in black standing beside them. They were instantly scared out of their wits.

“Even if I made a move, I didn’t start it. Mr. He, take care of yourself.” Fu Sinian let go of his wrist.

He Maozhen gasped. His wrist was turning pale from being pinched. At this moment, he suddenly let go. Blood surged, and his wrist was red and swollen. He couldn’t use any strength at all.

“Maozhen, are you alright?” Old Madam He was anxious. “Fu Sinian, don’t go overboard! This is the He family’s place. It’s not the place for an outsider like you to behave atrociously.”

Before Fu Sinian could speak, Yu Manxi stood in front of him. “Didn’t you say just now that we’re all family? Now that you’re saying that my husband is an outsider, it seems like I’m not one of you in your hearts either.”

When Old Madam He saw her son being bullied, she was naturally anxious and spoke without thinking. How could she have known that Yu Manxi would catch her mistake and embarra.s.s her?

“Manman, if you don’t want to come back, just say it directly. We’ve been preparing for so long to welcome you. You’re too much…” Zou Li supported her husband.

“Tm too much?” Yu Manxi sneered. “T’ll tell everyone today who went overboard.

“Iwas sent to the countryside when I was born, but you said to the outside world that I was already dead. How could you curse your daughter like that? I heard that you even built a grave for me? And you even went to wors.h.i.+p and clean it every year?”

Since the He family was putting on an act, they had to put on the complete show. The child had died young, and they had even prepared a small coffin.

“Lwas in the countryside for so many years, but did anyone in your family visit me? If the matter hadn’t been exposed, even if I had died outside, you probably wouldn’t have known either, right?

“You’re my mother. You give birth to me without raising me. When you brought me back, you didn’t give me any warmth. Now, you’re accusing me of being too much?

“When you cried and complained about my death in front of others, pretending to be pitiful and miserable, have you ever thought about what kind of life I had in the countryside?”

Back then, the He family gave birth to a dead child and even hyped it up for a long time.

They had truly gained the sympathy of many people.

Zou Li’s face instantly darkened.

“Big Sister, we’re all family. Dad and Mom had their difficulties for doing it back then.” He s.h.i.+qing came out to mediate.

“Their difficulty is that I’m not a boy. Because of my exposure, someone lost his job and was criticized. I am the He family’s jinx,” Yu Manxi said bluntly.

“Big Sister, it’s really not like that.

“Dad and Mom love you a lot. It’s just that they haven’t interacted with you and don’t know how to get along with you.

“Look at how much they’ve prepared for you to come back. Even your bedroom was personally decorated by Mom.”

Song Fengwan was originally eating a plate of cold wooden ears with her head lowered. When she heard her speak, she immediately put down her chopsticks.

“Why aren’t you eating anymore?” Qiao Xiyan tilted his head to look at her.

Today’s meal was destined to be unsmooth. Song Fengwan had just said, “If I don’t eat now, I won’t be able to eat later.”

“Tm disgusted, nauseated.” Song Fengwan took a sip of water. “She’s not the one who was abandoned. She’s standing there and blabbering without having experienced the pain. Why is she making her presence known now? She’s pretending to be a saint.”


He s.h.i.+qing was standing there mediating, seemingly wanting to be the peacemaker.

“Big Sister… you said it yourself. As long as you have what I have and we publicly admit that you’re a member of the He family, you’ll come back. Now that Dad has even given you the shares, what else do you want?”

After speaking for a long time, He s.h.i.+qing finally slandered Yu Manxi.

It was as if she was selfish, greedy, and insatiable.

“[ think she’s just playing with us. Stop talking nonsense with her.” Old Madam He snorted coldly. “Someone like her won’t be satisfied no matter how much you give her.”

“She’s not like that. Actually…”

“Shut up!” Yu Manxi suddenly said, pointing at He s.h.i.+qing.

He s.h.i.+qing didn’t expect that Yu Manxi would suddenly speak harshly against her, and her heart skipped a beat. “Big Sister…”

“I told you to shut up!”

He s.h.i.+qing bit her lip, feeling a little aggrieved.

“Yu Manxi, s.h.i.+qing is speaking up for you out of kindness. What’s with your att.i.tude?!” Zou Li was anxious.

“She’s the least qualified to speak. Should I be grateful and thank you just because you gave me my ident.i.ty and money?

“He s.h.i.+qing, while I was busy farming in the countryside, you lived in a big house and played the piano and danced. When I was thirteen years old, I was illiterate, but you could speak a foreign language fluently. Do you think everything can be compensated?

“Did you become stupid from being spoiled?! I’m just a wild girl. I don’t have the heart of a saint like you!”

Yu Manxi spoke with certainty, making He s.h.i.+qing’s face pale with anxiety. She didn’t expect her words to be so sharp.

It wasn’t a tactful insinuation, and instead, the sharpness directly pierced her chest.

Everyone sneered.

“She’s right. She’s not the one who was abandoned. She even asked her what else she wanted. How interesting.”

“I didn’t think there was anything wrong with He s.h.i.+qing before. Why do I feel that she’s a b.i.t.c.h today?”

“She’s a sanctimonious b.i.t.c.h. I never liked her before. She’s too pretentious.”

He s.h.i.+qing was so anxious that her eyes turned red. Her impression of Yu Manxi was still from a few years ago. She used to be taciturn and didn’t say anything even after being beaten, and she was stubborn.

From the looks of it now, it wasn’t that she had a stubborn temper but that she was full of thorns.

He Maozhen recovered from the pain.

“If you really don’t want to come back, just say it. Do you have to humiliate us in public?”

He Maozhen knew that tonight’s matter wouldn’t end well. Instead of being suppressed by her, it was better to take the initiative to attack.

“You called me and invited me home for dinner. Just because I agreed to go back doesn’t mean I want to go back to the He family.” Yu Manxi’s expression was calm.

Compared to the He family’s indignance and arrogance, she was scarily calm.

“But without my consent, you announced to the public that you were going to hold a filiation banquet. You even used the Fu family to make such a big deal out of it.

“It’s not that I want to humiliate you in public but that you delivered yourselves to my doorstep!”

Old Madam He reached out to cover her chest and almost fainted.

He Maozhen was even more exasperated. “Nonsense!”

“Lhave a recording of every call I’ve had with you. Do you need me to play it for everyone to hear? Did I reply clearly that I was returning to the He family? Or were you overthinking things?”

“Recordings?” He Maozhen was so angry that his face and neck turned red.

“It’s to prevent people from stabbing me!”

He Maozhen sneered.

“When you were overseas all these years, our family spent a lot of money on you.

“If not for us, could you have come back like this?

“Because of this, you can stand here and challenge me with your back straight. I can tell now that you’re an ingrate.”

Yu Manxi reached out to Fu Sinian. He took out a bank card from his pocket and handed it to her.

“When I was overseas, I didn’t use a single cent of the money you transferred to me every month.

“During the time I lived in the He residence, I didn’t get a single new piece of clothes. The clothes I wore were all leftovers from He s.h.i.+qing. Even so, I still included the money for you.

“Including the meals and accommodation at your house, as well as the airfare to go overseas, I added a total of one hundred thousand yuan. It’s enough for all the expenses you gave me back then.

“Take the rest as interest.

“Take this money and get lost as far as you can. I’ll publish it in the newspapers tomorrow and sever all ties with the He family! We’ll have nothing to do with each other from now on!”

Yu Manxi finished speaking in one breath and flung the bank card at He Maozhen’s face.

The nerves on his face twitched unnaturally, and the blood drained from his face.

Directly throwing money at his face was even more embarra.s.sing than slapping his face.

“Yu Manxi, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Zou Li rushed over and raised her hand to hit her.

Just as Fu Sinian was about to protect her, Yu Manxi went forward and received the slap.

Zou Li exerted all her strength, and her wrist throbbed slightly. She didn’t expect her to take the initiative to meet the slap. Their eyes met, and the distance between them was short.

She had never looked at Yu Manxi so closely before. She suddenly remembered what she had said at the beginning of her pregnancy.

“.. Baby, you have to be good and don’t kick Mommy.

“T’ve prepared a lot of new clothes for you. Everyone is looking forward to your arrival.”

“Mommy will definitely give you the best love in the world.”

She had always felt that Yu Manxi didn’t look like anyone in the He family. Now that she was close to her, she realized that her eyes and eyebrows resembled her late mother’s.

Yu Manxi didn’t know what she was thinking at this moment and said quietly,

“You gave birth to me, so I’m willing to suffer anything from you this time. If you still want to hit me, I won’t retaliate even if you beat me to death. Take it as me repaying you for ten months of pregnancy.

“After you finish beating me and scolding me, this relations.h.i.+p

is over.”

Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 468 – Shameless Third Master Fu, Sixth Master Forcefully Swallows Dog Food

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Chapter 468: Shameless Third Master Fu, Sixth Master Forcefully Swallows Dog Food

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When He s.h.i.+qing thought that Song Fengwan might have some kind of connection with Jing Hanchuan, her fingers pinched her phone, and her knuckles turned slightly pale.

Just Song Fengwan being able to enter the Jing residence was enough to anger her to the core.

Actually, she had thought about visiting the Jing residence, but she couldn’t find a suitable reason, let alone she didn’t dare to go.

“You just said that Third Master Fu was the guest at the Jing residence today?” He s.h.i.+qing frowned. Did Song Fengwan go with Fu Chen?

“Yes, the Fu family and the Qiao family have always been on good terms. Miss Song came to the capital for tutoring last year and lived with Third Master. They should have a good relations.h.i.+p,” the man explained.

Fu Chen?

No wonder Song Fengwan had the opportunity to come into contact with Jing Hanchuan.

“Eldest Miss, do you think Third Master and Miss Song are…”

“How is that possible? Song Fengwan almost became his niece-in-law.” He s.h.i.+qing first thought of the difference in their seniority.

Moreover, considering Second Master Fu’s family, it didn’t make sense for the two of them to be together.

Just as she was about to say something, there was a knock on the door. “Eldest Miss, Old Madam is here with Second Miss. Master wants you to go downstairs.”

“Got it.”

He s.h.i.+qing was furious. Because of He Xi, she couldn’t even lift her head when she went out now. How could she have the cheek to come here?!

When she went downstairs, the He family was all present.

Seeing her coming over, He Maozhen directly announced a notice. “I plan to hold a filiation banquet to recognize Manman and get her to come back.”

He s.h.i.+qing’s fingers tightened around the corner of her s.h.i.+rt but suddenly loosened. She smiled. “Okay, I want Big Sister to come back too.”

He Maozhen was originally just observing. But now that he knew Yu Manxi and Fu Sinian were really married, he naturally wanted to use this relations.h.i.+p. Moreover, everyone knew that Yu Manxi was a member of the He family. If she didn’t come back, the entire He family would become a laughing stock.

“Eldest Uncle!” He Xi gritted her teeth, obviously unwilling.

“She and Fu Sinian are married, and the entire capital is laughing at us now.” He Maozhen also had a lot of complaints about his niece. If not for her, things wouldn’t have gotten to this point.

He glared at He Xi fiercely. He Xi also knew how much trouble she had caused the He family, so she immediately stopped talking.

“Maozhen, she might not be willing to come back.” Old Madam He had been humiliated by Fu Chen in public and couldn’t take this lying down.

The day after, she had been brought to the police station for questioning. This was the first time in her life that she had been interrogated as a criminal. How could she not be angry?

“She said her conditions before. She wants us to make a public statement, and she also wants what s.h.i.+qing has,” He Maozhen replied.

“She wants what s.h.i.+qing has?” Old Madam He sneered. “s.h.i.+qing has four percent of the He Group’s shares. Do you know how much this is worth?”

“Mom, do you know how much money the He Group has lost in the past few days? Many business partners are unwilling to renew their contracts with us. Don’t you know why?

“She’s my daughter too. It’s only right to treat her equally.”

He Maozhen took a deep breath. “Mom, you have to consider how many benefits she will bring to our family when she returns. Fu s.h.i.+nan is going to enter the leaders.h.i.+p cadre, and Fu Chen and Fu Zhongli are famous in the business circle. Have you thought about this? Moreover…

“Fu Sinian’s mother has the Dai family behind her…”

Hearing this, Old Madam He bit her cheek tightly. “But will she come back?”

“Yes, Dad. Will Big Sister come back?” He s.h.i.+qing looked gentle and magnanimous, and her tone was very soft.

“I’ve already discussed it with her. She’s about to get married. She can’t possibly not have her maternal family when she gets married, right? How embarra.s.sing would that be? She already agreed.” He Maozhen smiled until his eyes were narrowed into a line.

He s.h.i.+qing suddenly exerted force with her fingers, and a nail instantly snapped.

She agreed?

Previously, at her condo and at the charity banquet, she clearly didn’t want to come back. Is it because she wants the shares?

“This filiation banquet has to be grand. I have to invite anyone with status in the capital…” He Maozhen seemed to be able to foresee the enormous business opportunities that Yu Manxi could bring him.


On the other side, Chuanbei Jing residence…

Song Fengwan was sitting in the Jing family’s collection room, holding a paintbrush and sketching an opera costume. The door wasn’t locked, and occasionally, a Jing family member would come to pour tea and bring snacks for her.

Fu Chen and Jing Hanchuan were chatting in the living room. When they saw that it was almost lunchtime, they went to the collection room to see Song Fengwan.

Jing Hanchuan was also curious. What exactly did Song Fengwan paint after staying in the room all morning?

Song Fengwan heard footsteps and suddenly looked up. Fu Chen had already walked to her side. “You’re still painting? It’s almost time to eat.”

“In a bit. Let me finish painting this part.”

Jing Hanchuan walked to the other side of her. The two of them kept a distance from each other, without even the corners of their clothes touching. He lowered his eyes to size up the painting and then looked up to compare it with the opera clothes not far away…

Although it was an imitation of the embroidery of the costume, the coloring was bold, and the brush strokes were exquisite. The charm was completely different.

“Paint after eating.” Fu Chen was very close to her, almost sitting on her chair.

Jing Hanchuan was standing beside her. Song Fengwan knew that her ears were definitely red, and even her breathing was hot. She was so embarra.s.sed that she was about to get up when Fu Chen held her shoulder and forced her down.

“What’s wrong?” The man’s breath was scorching.

Song Fengwan was furious. What does this person want? There’s an outsider here.

Jing Hanchuan wasn’t a fool, so he naturally saw their private actions. He cleared his throat and motioned for them to pay attention.

“Hanchuan…” Fu Chen suddenly said.


“Have you finished looking at the painting?” Implying that he could leave after seeing it.

Jing Hanchuan took a deep breath. “I’ll go to the kitchen to take a look. Hurry up and come out to eat.”

With that, he turned around and left. I’ve really never seen such a shameless person. This is my house. He chased me away in order to make out with his girlfriend?

As soon as Jing Hanchuan stepped out, Fu Chen walked over and locked the door.

Sixth Master Jing stood at the door, the corners of his mouth twitching violently.

Lock the door?

This move is really flamboyant. Does he think I’ll barge in?

Linbai has always said that Fu Chen is shameless and outwardly cold but inwardly pa.s.sionate. It’s true.

“Why did you lock the door…” Song Fengwan was a little nervous. She immediately stood up and looked at Fu Chen warily.

But halfway through her question, she heard the sound of the curtains being drawn. The entire room instantly fell into darkness, and only a sliver of light shone in through the gap, casting mottled lights and shadows in the room.

Song Fengwan gulped nervously and subconsciously wanted to open the door. But Fu Chen was even faster. He grabbed her arm, wrapped her in his embrace, and held the door with one hand.

“Why do you think I locked the door?”

“This is the Jing residence!”

“Hanchuan won’t come…”

Fu Chen moved quickly and hugged her tightly. His hot breath landed on her face. “Wanwan, it’s not a good habit to lie. You even said you wanted to attend a lecture?”

Song Fengwan felt that her body was a little hot. The blood in her entire body seemed to have received some kind of hint and was boiling. Fu Chen’s fingers reached under the hem of her s.h.i.+rt, slid up her waist, and gently caressed her back.

This person is too bold. We’re outside. Song Fengwan reached out to stop him. “Third…”

Before she could finish speaking, Fu Chen sealed her mouth with his. The man lowered his head and rubbed against her from the corner of her mouth to the side of her face, the back of her ears, and her neck, making Song Fengwan moan softly.

“Take your hand away.” Fu Chen lowered his head and coaxed her.

“Stop touching inside.” Song Fengwan wanted to cry from his torment. No wonder he didn’t react when she said she could skip the lecture. He was waiting for her here.

“I won’t do anything in-depth. Be good…”

Fu Chen always had a thousand reasons to convince her…


Jing Hanchuan was sitting in the living room, pinching some fish food and feeding his goldfish. About half an hour later, he saw the two of them holding hands and walking to the living room.

Fu Chen naturally looked like a gentleman as usual.

On the other hand, Song Fengwan’s face was red, and her mouth was swollen from the kissing. Seeing Jing Hanchuan, she lowered her head in embarra.s.sment.

“Sorry for the slight delay,” Fu Chen said matter-of-factly without any guilt.

Jing Hanchuan sneered. It’s been more than half an hour. How can this be called a slight delay? The two of them were kissing each other. How can they kiss for so long? Don’t they get tired of it? How strange.

“We can eat now,” Fu Chen said.

Jing Hanchuan suddenly exerted force with his fingers and crushed the fish food in his hand. I’m already full from this dog food. Why should I eat?

Is this guy really treating my place as a dating location?

After lunch, Fu Chen and Song Fengwan stayed for a while and then went to the small forest behind the Jing residence for a walk. They said that it was to digest their food.

Just as the two of them were about to leave, a Jing family member reported, “Sixth Master, Miss He has come to visit.”

Jing Hanchuan was expressionless, but the corners of Fu Chen’s lips curled up.

“She finally chased to your house..” He smiled gloatingly.

Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master’s Wife-Chasing Strategy Chapter 459 – Arrogant Provocation, Rebuked

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Chapter 459: Arrogant Provocation, Rebuked

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Skills better than Qiao Xiyan’s!

Wasn’t this purely to fool her? She wanted to woo Qiao Xiyan, so she had naturally asked everything about him. Currently, in his line of work, Qiao w.a.n.gbei was probably the only one with better skills than him.

Marry his father?

Even if Song Fengwan was perfunctory with her, the reason she gave was so lame!

She might as well have told her directly that she wasn’t worthy. This kind of roundabout method felt even more uncomfortable.

Yu Manxi had noticed earlier that He Xi and Song Fengwan had been talking. When she saw her coming over, she couldn’t help asking, “He Xi didn’t make things difficult for you, did she?”

She knew her cousin well. She was selfish and arrogant. When she first entered the He family, she had often made up things to bully her.

“No.” Song Fengwan chuckled lightly.

“That’s good. She’s spoiled by her family, so she sometimes acts inappropriately. Be careful,” Yu Manxi reminded.

“Okay.” Song Fengwan wasn’t afraid of her. As long as she still wanted to woo Qiao Xiyan, she would only curry favor with her.

“Okay, come with Sinian and me. Don’t be alone.” In Yu Manxi’s opinion, Song Fengwan was only eighteen years old. She was just a little sister, so she naturally had to take more care of her.

Song Fengwan nodded with a smile and followed them to greet a group of people.

Yu Manxi’s gown was a little tight to begin with, so after eating and drinking, she already felt that her abdomen was supporting her clothes, making it inconvenient for her to move around.

“I’m going to the restroom.” Yu Manxi walked to the side.

She rubbed her stomach while walking. She had started dieting recently.

But Fu Sinian was a night owl and always ate in the middle of the night. The food was too fragrant, and she slept after eating, so how could she not gain weight?

After she went to the restroom and relieved herself, her clothes didn’t seem to be that tight anymore. She took a powder puff and was about to touch up her makeup when she heard a bang, and the restroom door slammed shut.

She turned her head and saw He Xi walking in with her bag.

She stood beside her in front of the mirror. She had a condescending look as she glanced sideways at Yu Manxi. “Cousin, long time no see. Do you still remember me?”

Yu Manxi hadn’t forgotten how she had humiliated her in every way when she had just entered the He family.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Manxi closed the compact in her hand and stuffed it into her bag.

“After returning to Beijing, you changed your name and didn’t even return home. It’s indeed different to gain the favor of the Fu family. Even a pheasant from the countryside can become a phoenix.

“Don’t think that you can completely get rid of our family by changing your ident.i.ty now.

“If we hadn’t brought you back, you would still be raising chickens and feeding pigs in the countryside. Would you have had a chance to enter the city?”

The corners of Yu Manxi’s lips curled up into a mocking smile. So, the He family gave me charity by bringing me back?

“What are you trying to say?”

“I want to tell you to mind your own business and don’t speak ill of others behind their backs either. You’re trying to sow discord. How dirty and despicable are your thoughts?” He Xi sneered.

“Isn’t it enough to give Fu Sinian pillow talk? But you even went to ruin the He family’s reputation in front of others?

“I’m warning you. If you sow discord in front of Song Fengwan again, I won’t let you off.”

After Yu Manxi returned to the He family, He Xi had always bullied her and looked down on her. She hadn’t resisted either. At this moment, He Xi naturally felt that she was easy to handle.

“Are you done?” Yu Manxi sneered. Why would such an arrogant and willful little princess care so much about Wanwan? “Then I’m leaving.”

Considering that Duan Linbai organized the banquet tonight, Yu Manxi endured as much as she could and didn’t want to cause trouble.

Besides, she didn’t want to argue with a lunatic, so she turned around and left.

He Xi had specially come to warn her. But after she talked for so long, Yu Manxi didn’t respond at all and actually left directly.

This sense of powerlessness of being ignored was like punching cotton after gathering enough strength. How could someone as arrogant and willful allow herself to be ignored like this?

He Xi gritted his teeth and reached out to grab her arm. “Yu Manxi, I’m talking to you. Do you hear me?”

Yu Manxi had long had enough of her. The moment she touched her, she felt as though a venomous snake had touched her, making her feel extremely disgusted.

“Let go!”

Her tone was cold and unyielding, and her eyes were cold. He Xi was so frightened that her heart skipped a beat.

But she obviously wouldn’t be so obedient. “What if I don’t let go?”

“He Xi, I don’t want to argue with you. But if you continue to be so unreasonable, I won’t be polite!” Yu Manxi suddenly exerted force and flung her hand away before turning around to leave.

He Xi didn’t expect her to have so much strength. She was wearing high heels, so she staggered and b.u.mped into the door of the stall at the side. The door slammed open, and she almost fell into the toilet. She was so frightened that her face turned pale.

“Yu Manxi!” He Xi was anxious. She grabbed her bag on the washstand and threw it at her.

The handbag was made of hard leather and had distinct edges and corners. When it hit her back, it hurt so much that she let out a m.u.f.fled groan, and her back instantly flushed red.

“How dare you push me? You’re really capable. Who gave you the guts?!”

He Xi was used to bullying her when she was young. She reached out and pulled her arm, wanting to teach her a lesson.

“You d.a.m.n girl from the countryside, you’re dirty and smelly. How dare you push me? How dare you be so presumptuous just because you have someone backing you?

“Don’t run. You…”

He Xi had just touched her arm when Yu Manxi turned around and glared at him, her eyes fiery…

His gaze was burning and fierce.

He Xi was afraid of being hit by her and subconsciously stopped. But she didn’t expect Yu Manxi to raise her arm and wave…


He Xi’s face was slapped to the side. She was dumbfounded.

Yu Manxi had practiced martial arts, and she was considered half a martial arts pract.i.tioner. When she made a move, she was fast and ruthless. He Xi’s face instantly became swollen.

“You…” He Xi couldn’t even speak properly. “You hit me?”

“I’ve never said a single bad thing about you in front of anyone. If you deliberately find fault with me again, get touchy with me, and speak rudely, I won’t be polite!

“This slap is a warning.

“Behave yourself!”

Yu Manxi looked disdainfully at her with an arrogant expression. Before she turned around to leave, He Xi was already hopping mad.

She had never been hit in her life, and this person was someone she had looked down on since she was a child. How could she swallow this anger?

She pounced at her wildly and raised her hand to scratch her face.

Stupid girl, you’re dressed like a seductress. Didn’t you just get together with the Fu family? If you don’t have this face, I’ll see how you can seduce men.

She wasn’t as tall as Yu Manxi, so her limbs were naturally not as long as hers. Before her fingers touched her…

Yu Manxi suddenly reached out and grabbed her neck.

He Xi took a deep breath. Yu Manxi’s fingers were warm, and one of her hands was holding her neck. She could clearly feel her fingers strangling her throat. It felt as though if she exerted a little force…

She would break her neck.

“Yu, Yu Manxi…”

He Xi was so frightened that her eyes were red, and her legs were trembling.

“The first thing I did when I went overseas was learn self-defense. I was afraid that I wouldn’t have the ability to protect myself when I was bullied.” Yu Manxi looked at her coldly. “When I returned to the He family, you bullied me a lot. Do you think I can still be bullied by you now?”

He Xi tried to retreat and get free from her grip, but Yu Manxi’s fingers suddenly tightened.

She was almost strangling her throat. It was difficult for her to breathe. Her face paled, and only the bright red fingerprints on the left side were becoming increasingly red and swollen.

“In the past, I thought that your parents had pa.s.sed away and you were still young, so I didn’t want to argue with you. But you still dare to be so insolent?

“I can really break your neck.”

Yu Manxi was just scaring her, but He Xi’s face was already deathly pale.

The woman in front of her was dressed in black and had fiery red lips. Her eyes were like fire and seemed to be able to devour her. Just now, a group of people had discussed in private that she was n.o.ble and magnanimous. They were simply spouting nonsense!

She was simply a demon.

The kind that could eat people.

“He Xi, you can’t insult and provoke people wilfully. You don’t have the right to criticize and accuse anyone. If this happens again…

“I promise I’ll slap your face swollen.”

Yu Manxi’s fingers loosened, and He Xi felt her breath return. But when the air entered her lungs, her entire body was so cold that she s.h.i.+vered.

Meanwhile, this arrogant woman had already turned around to leave.

She strode forward and puffed out her chest, looking domineering and proud like a queen.

He Xi’s trembling fingers touched her neck. She felt that Yu Manxi had really wanted to strangle her to death. She wanted to walk out of the restroom, but her feet seemed to have fallen into a swamp. She couldn’t move and was still shaking.

She took a deep breath, and she finally couldn’t stop her tears from falling…

She had never suffered such a grievance before. She was really scared silly by someone threatening her like this. After more than a minute, she walked out with trembling legs.

Yu Manxi had endured He Xi for a long time. Now that she had vented her anger, she felt comfortable. She hadn’t held back her slap just now, so her wrist was still slightly numb from the impact.

She rubbed her sore wrist and walked out, but she unexpectedly b.u.mped into Ning Fan.

“Why are you here?”

“Waiting for you. He Xi also went in. Did you deal with her?” With Yu Manxi’s current personality, she wouldn’t suffer the slightest bit. Ning Fan wasn’t worried that she would be bullied at all.

“More or less.”

“I heard that you and Fu Sinian are getting engaged?” On the day of Old Master Fu’s birthday banquet, Ning Fan didn’t attend because he had implicated Fu s.h.i.+nan and his wife, so he was too ashamed to see the Fu family.

“Who said that?” Yu Manxi chuckled.

“The rumors are all over. If the two of you really get engaged, remember to inform me too. I’m afraid Fu Sinian will hit me if I attend, but I’ll still have to give you the red packets.”

Ning Fan had called out to Yu Manxi at the entrance just now and had almost been killed by Fu Sinian’s gaze.

He didn’t even allow him to call her Little Fish. This person was too domineering.

“I won’t want a red packet that’s too small.”

“That’s for sure.” Ning Fan took out a box from his pocket and handed it to her.


“An apology gift. I went overseas some time ago and chanced upon it. You’ll definitely like it. I feel sorry to you because of Xia Yunong.”

“Ning Fan, we’ve been friends for so many years, and it’s not your fault for that matter. You really didn’t need to get me a gift.”

Ning Fan opened the box. It was a couple’s fridge magnets. It had a decent design and even had rhinestones on it. It had the characteristics of a certain country and was very exquisite. “It’s for the two of you. It’s not expensive.”

Ning Fan knew Yu Manxi very well. He knew that she liked to collect fridge magnets, so she really couldn’t decline this thing.

“I originally wanted to treat you and your boyfriend to a meal to help you check him out. But I don’t dare to see Fu Sinian anymore. I’m afraid he’ll eat me. Take this as my apology to you.”

“You want to send me away with just fridge magnets?” Yu Manxi chuckled. “You said you were treating us to a meal, and I can’t let you run away from this meal. I’ll tell Sinian later, and we’ll ruthlessly burn a hole in your wallet.”

Ning Fan was her friend, and he had also taken care of her when she had returned to China. He really couldn’t be blamed for Xia Yunong’s matter, and they couldn’t break off contact because of this.

“Okay, I’ll wait for your call.” Ning Fan smiled.

Yu Manxi took the box and sized up the fridge magnets. “I’ve been to this country before, but I’ve never seen anything like this…”

“A country is so big. Can you travel all over it?”

The two of them walked out while chatting and laughing.

But just as they were about to enter the hall, Ning Fan reached out his hand and invited her to enter first.

Yu Manxi was dumbfounded.

“I don’t dare to provoke your jealous lover. I want to go home alive tonight.”

Yu Manxi chuckled lightly. “It’s fine. He’s very reasonable.”

“Forget it. You go first. I’ll go in later.”

Yu Manxi could only go in first. When she saw Fu Sinian, she told him about Ning Fan…

“You’re free recently. You can ask him out anytime, and I’ll treat him to a meal,” Fu Sinian said.


“It just so happens that I also want to thank him for taking care of you all this time.”

Yu Manxi felt that he was gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth when he said this.


At this moment, the auction before the banquet was about to start. Song Fengwan even took a few photos and sent them to Qiao Xiyan to discuss the value of the items. Yu Manxi sat down beside her and greeted her.

“You went to the restroom for so long? Are you alright?” Song Fengwan asked.

“I’m fine. Do you like anything?”

“Just a jade vase. It’s not bad, but the auction price should be very high. I’ll just take a look.” Song Fengwan closed the item catalog.

At this moment, Duan Linbai had just arranged everything and was preparing to return to his seat.

“Little Boss, something happened…”


“Someone broke into the backstage and threatened our staff. The video footage we’re about to broadcast has been changed.”


“The He family. What should we do?”

Duan Linbai chuckled. “Causing trouble in my territory? Do you think I’m dead?”