Hellbound With You Chapter 763 – This Is Insane

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Chapter 763 – This Is Insane

“You need something from me? You?!” Alicia swallowed hard even as she asked him. Even though she should not be surprised anymore, his answer still caused her emotions to flare up once again. “What is it that you need from me?”

Ezekiel turned, pulling her along with him towards his room. His free hand went to his s.h.i.+rt, unb.u.t.toning it as they walked along.

“That I can’t answer.” Was all he said.

His answer made her grit her teeth and she was about to come at him when he abruptly turned mid-step, causing Alicia to crash right into his now bare chest as his s.h.i.+rt hung open.

She leapt back as far as she could instantly – given his hold on her – as if the contact scalded her.

The look in Ezekiel’s eyes was serious. He seemed to be wanting to say something, but he was again probably thinking about all sorts of complications first. d.a.m.n him! Could he not just blurt things out without thinking first? Does he need to be so responsible all the d.a.m.n time?

A sigh escaped his lips then he ran his fingers through his hair. He suddenly looked tired of something or exasperated? She could not quite tell the emotions as it was so rare for him to even have emotions crossing his face. All she knew was that she was seeing something so human in him again right now. And that was a miracle in itself.

“Look here, Alicia. You said you’ll shut up. You agreed earlier.” He reminded her.

She pressed her lips tight and glared at him, as hard as she could.

He then turned away again and opened his closet. He brought out clothes for him to get changed into. Alicia noticed his white s.h.i.+rt was dirtied with patches of dust from the dungeon.

But that did not concern her. She was still filled with frustration, anger and everything negative. She was unable to calm down at all. As she looked at him, all Alicia wanted to do was pin him down or do whatever that was needed to be done for her to be able to force him to answer all her questions. She continued furiously wracking her head for ideas how to go forward with it.

Suddenly, he threw his head back a little and let out another long and drawn-out sigh. Then he whipped around to look at her. “I think I need you to understand this.” He sounded as though what he was about to say was something extremely important. “I am… being affected by your emotions.”

She blinked at him. What?!

“So do try to calm yourself a little if you please.” He continued then he casually took her hand and placed it on his nape.

“Wait a moment. What do you even mean by that?”

“My demonic power is the reason why you’re back in your physical body. My power runs through you and this connection makes me feel your emotions. Every single one of them… I feel them all. It messes mine up too, especially when your emotions are too intense.”

His explanation rendered Alicia speechless. What?! He could… feel her emotions?! And her emotions mess with his? Could this be the reason why he was unable to keep his perfectly emotionless façade for a few times already since he touched her?!

Whatever he saw in her expression made him let out a small soundless laugh. “Don’t rejoice in that fact and don’t even think that you can use this to annoy me, Alicia. Don’t forget what I just told you, your emotions messes mine up, and you know exactly what happens when one’s emotion is in a mess.” He bent over a little, causing their faces to be much closer now. “They will lose their cool and do things before they even realized it. I am confident that I have an absolute control over myself. But with you here…” his voice dropping lower than usual, “I’m totally different. So you and I better work together… are we clear?”

The look he gave her sent a little blaze speeding down her spine.

But he suddenly straightened, creating enough s.p.a.ce between them again. “You need to calm down and give this a rest for now. You still have eleven days to survive to be exact. Now hold on to my neck.” He reminded her.

“W-what?” She was getting whiplash at the sudden change of topic.

“I need to undress.”

Alicia’s mouth dropped. Finally realizing that since they could not even separate even for a second, that only meant one thing, they were going to be inseparable for whatever the two of them do from now on… w-what?! What?!!!

Her eyes were wide as saucers now. And her reaction and late realization caused a subtle glow of amus.e.m.e.nt to light up in his eyes.

“I can’t believe you just realized that now. I am letting go,” he said then loosening his grip on her hand that was on his neck.

When he finally let go, he immediately moved his hands to take his s.h.i.+rt off.

Alicia did not even know what to do now, whether to look away or keep her eyes on this free show he was putting on in front of her. Her mind could only scream at how the h.e.l.l did she even end up in this kind of situation right now!

Soon, he was half naked right before her. And she was touching the side of his neck!

The moment his hands moved to his belt, Alicia finally burst out. “Wait a moment!”

He met her eyes. His moves and expressions still incredibly casual. Alicia could not believe he could still keep his poker face in this situation. He was really unbelievable! And she did not know if it was in a good or bad way as she shook her head.

“This is insane, Ezekiel. You’re really going to… to undress right before me just like this?!!”

“We don’t have a choice, do we? And aren’t you used to it already? You’ve been spying and watching me for weeks –”

“I didn’t look!” Alicia screeched out, face flaming red.

“Really…?” Ezekiel drawled out, an elegant brow arched up as though doubting the veracity of her statement.

Hellbound With You Chapter 767 – Little acciden

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Chapter 767 – Little acciden

As if scalded, Alicia retracted her hand. That one move was so fast it made the water splash on the both of them.

She lifted that hand up, palm open and facing him. It was as though a policeman had ordered her to ‘hands up’ while pointing at gun at her. She did not know whether she should scream out in mortification or blabber whatever that came to her mind, just to distract both of them from this embarra.s.sing situation or just curl up into a ball and hope that she disappeared until things calmed down. Her fl.u.s.tered expression was almost comical in its extremity.

For a moment, she struggled to find the right words to say as she kept herself as still as she could, not wanting to have another ‘accident’ of the sort occurring again. Once was more than enough. Her heart would not be able to bear it.

“Oops…” she said. An ‘oops’ that did not sound particularly surprise or excited nor was it taunting. It was a nervous and forced ‘oops’. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to touch your… erm… thing. It’s a little accident.”

His expression darkened at her words. Oh d.a.m.n…

“A little accident…??” he repeated her choice of words, his voice sounding darker than usual. “So… what if it’s a little accident?”

She blinked multiple times. “It’s not intentional! I really did not mean for that to happen, so… you should accept my apology and… yes, forgive and forget?” Her tone at the end was pitched higher to sound like a question rather than a statement.

A sound which seemed to be a half snort and half laugh was his immediate response. “Forgive and forget… you’re saying that accidents should be resolved just by saying a simple ‘sorry’?”

“Well…” Alicia knew she was in a pinch now. She could only scold herself inwardly for her own words and for the fact that this body of hers was so clumsy to have that accident occur in the first place. Just where the h.e.l.l did her usual wits go?! She did not like how her comebacks sound so embarra.s.singly dull and bordering on silly! “Of course, a sorry would never be enough depending on the circ.u.mstances and especially if someone got hurt.” She quickly reasoned out, trying so hard to redeem herself.

“And based on how you are putting it… it seems like you think that no one got hurt in this little accident?” He stressed on the word ‘little’. And it seemed to her that he sounded a little sarcastic, but she could not be sure.

Alicia felt her heart began to pace harder now. And it was not only because of his words. That gleam she had seen flas.h.i.+ng within his eyes just now… there seemed to be a lightning storm in those grey irises…

It looked… breathtaking and… dangerous as h.e.l.l.

She struggled for words. “W-wait… you got hurt?” her eyes widened, belatedly registering that his words implied that. It was incredibly unsettling and mortifying how her brain was working so d.a.m.ned slow now that it was embarra.s.sing. “B-but… but I just touched your pen –” her eyes flared but she managed to bounce back and cleared her throat, “I just touched it. Don’t you make a fool of me again! There is no way you have gotten hurt just because I touched you… there!”

Thinking that she had found the right moment to escape, Alicia pulled herself up again to leave the tub.

But instead of finally escaping the tub, Alicia found herself being effortlessly pulled back into it – forgetting that Ezekiel was not only a tall but also solidly built male. She fell on him again. Her eyes stretched even wider at the realization that she was… she was now straddling him! How in the world…

Her entire body went into a paralyzed state at the very clear feel of him between her legs. When her gaze flew up to meet his, she almost felt like someone had forcefully taken her breath away – him. This man she… hated. Yes, hated.

He was looking up at her through the strands of his dripping wet hair. His expression as cold as ice, yet his gaze… they scorched like the fires of h.e.l.l itself.

She could no longer take her eyes off him, could not move a single muscle away from him. The warning bells that had begun to ring like crazy at the back of her head were rendered absolutely useless. Why? Why was her body not listening to her?

Before she realized it, her betraying gaze had strayed down to his lips. Her heart was tras.h.i.+ng wildly in its confines now, the heat between them getting impossibly hot. Something had happened to her… and it was all his fault. He definitely… did something… sinful… to her, right?

She felt his big, searing hand landing and touching her nape and she did not know why she sighed out, as if his touch was something so incredibly pleasant and something that she was looking forward to.

His long searing fingers moved to the back of her neck and then slowly, he exerted a slight pressure and guided her forward. The way he touched her, guided her – it all came as shock to her senses. That felt almost tender… Ezekiel? Tender? Why did these two words not seem to belong together?

“You want to kiss me…” his voice sounded so dark, so… deep, so… she could no longer think of the right word to describe it.

“No…” she lied, breathless. It was almost unbelievable how she managed to say the complete opposite of what she really felt at this moment. He had made her want him… seduced her to bits… and now she could not even deny it to herself anymore. This body… it wanted him… and she reasoned out it must be because of his demonic power running through her. That must be what was affecting her emotions and her mind now.

“Lies…” he whispered in her ear, calling her bluff. All the while, running his fingers down her spine. “Did you forget I can feel everything you…”

Gooseb.u.mps rose over her skin. “All your fault…” came her breathless reply. Still resisting.

“You really love blaming others–”

“It’s… the truth.” Her breath hitched when his hand had somehow slid over her jaw and cupped it, his thumb slowly parting her lips apart.

“Such a little… bad liar…” A seductive gleam filled his eyes.

Hellbound With You Chapter 773 – Civilized

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Chapter 773 – Civilized

As they rushed towards the main door, hand in hand, Alicia suddenly halted at the realization that Ezekiel was still completely naked. Wait…!! Was he… oh good Lord, did he intend to open the door while being b.u.t.t naked like that?! Does this man know no bounds?!

She could do nothing but part her lips in disbelief. She understood that he would not mind it at all because, well, with a body like that, who would?! But still…!

He turned to look at her and Alicia was about to speak and point that very important matter out, just in case he had not noticed it yet – which was highly impossible, even for her – but he placed his forefinger on her lips to hush her before she could do so.

Then he pulled on her again and opened the door. Oh my goodness!

Alicia could do nothing but hide behind the door. There was no way she would be letting anyone see her in the flesh or witness her with this completely naked Ezekiel. She breathed out in relief because he only allowed for the door to open partially.

“What is it, Alex?” his voice echoed almost grumpily and a booming laugh from outside immediately burst out. Alicia widened her eyes after hearing that familiar voice and the loud unfettered laugh.

“Were you actually scared to death that I was going to destroy this door and enter without permission?” Alexander’s voice was filled with amus.e.m.e.nt and disbelief. “Who are you hiding, hmm? Zeke? Maybe I should try doing a Bu0026E just to find out… what d’ya say?”

The teasing and mischief in his voice was just too much that Alicia could even imagine Alexander wiggling his brows annoyingly at Ezekiel while grinning like a Ches.h.i.+re cat.

She should have known that no one else would dare do something like this to Ezekiel but this man, Alexander. Only he could get away with it. After all, these two men had known each other for such a long time since G.o.d knows when that they were definitely friends.

“What is it, Alex.” Ezekiel repeated in a firm tone. Though still annoyed at how this person had just appeared out of nowhere and disturbed his peace and quiet, his face looked as though he was completely unaffected by anything. He was fully back to the normal Ezekiel everyone knew. The only thing different was that he was b.u.t.t naked and the man outside weirdly did not seem to be bothered about his nakedness at all.

“What is this? You’re not going to let me in?”

Zeke’s tone was dismissive, “as you can very well see, I am very busy right now.”

Alex grinned again. He craned his head closer, his fingers on his chin as he scrutinized Zeke’s face. “Hmm… what is this? Lucas! Come over and look at our Zeke here. I think the sun had risen from the north today.” His hand was waving towards Lucas who was somewhere behind him, when Zeke pushed at the door, trying to close it.

But Alex effortlessly stopped it with his hand.

“Who is it? Hmm? Who’s the heaven-sent mystery girl that caused those… those tussled morning hair? d.a.m.n, when was the last time I saw you wake up in this –” Alex was rambling on while he tried to keep the door from being slammed into his face.

“Alexander.” Zeke cut him off, completing his name. “Just call me if you want to say something. You don’t need to come into my house like this. Aren’t you, the new father of two, busy?”

Alex’s face beamed at Zeke’s words. “You’re right. I am a father of two now and that’s why I had really refrained from destroying your windows or door to enter your house. I am going to be good role model to my children.” He bragged shamelessly. Alicia who was listening to the exchange from behind the door could only shake her head. Figures that it would take two weirdos to be friends with each other.

“Congratulations. But you have a long way to go, Alex. Ringing three times without any emergency is still problematic –”

“Oh… who said that I was here for something unimportant? I am here to personally invite you, my children’s great uncle, to attend their baby shower next week.”

Ezekiel slowly half bite his lower lip at Alex’s words. “Baby shower…” he echoed. That was his all-important matter?!

“It’s a bit late, but my wife and I had decided that we’ll do the baby shower after birth. Abi’s back to her great shape now, so it’s about time. Her family are gathered in our house right now, so I had the time to come here. I’ll immediately return as soon as I can though.”

“Alex… you should’ve just called –”

“I came personally to make sure you’d come. And also to find that little witch. How dare he not even drop by to check on my children? And he had promised to be their uncle too! Where the h.e.l.l is he? My wife’s a bit worried about him too. It’s been so long since we last saw him. You didn’t salvage him in secret, did you?” Alex added with a mischievous tone.

“Lucas will take you to him,” Zeke answered calmly.

“Alright. Because I’m a pretty civilized person now, I’m letting you go. But first, let me take a look at her. Just to make sure you’re not trying out something that might end you.” Alex tried to poke his head through the door, but Zeke’s reaction was much quicker, and he managed to hide Alicia behind him.

His broad body completely covered her from Alex’s sight.

“Alex.” Zeke called out and whatever Alex saw in his face, he stepped back with a knowing and disbelieving gaze.

“I got it.” he was grinning, nodding to himself. “We’ll talk about this at the baby shower, Zeke.” He winked at him but not before throwing him a parting statement. “Don’t think you can get away from explaining this, Zeke.” He then turned around and chuckled as he left.

Hellbound With You Chapter 768 – Untamed

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Chapter 768 – Untamed

Alicia gathered every ounce of stubbornness she could muster to keep herself from asking him to just… kiss her. But even that was not enough.

The temptation that was Ezekiel was too strong, and she was helpless in the face of his head-on attacks. His smouldering gaze, his thumb on her lips, their skin-to-skin contact… the increasing charge between them was so palpable that it was threatening to blow up any second now. It was all just too unbearable for Alicia to endure. She just wanted to scream out to him to go ahead and ravage her. And that thought caused her to jolt in surprise – at herself and how wanton her thoughts have become.

For the very first time, Alicia experienced it herself. This feeling like she had turned into a slave to her very own carnal desires. This had never happened to her before. Never. She had no idea… absolutely zero inkling that it could be more potent than spells casted on her. She had tolerance and cure against spells but this… it was just… impossible… to resist.

And she lost it. She bent over his very naked and muscular frame and crashed her lips against his even as his thumb was still on her lips.

She realized a second too late what she had just did. However, there was no longer any turning back as he did not give her any chances to do something about that mistake anymore. He immediately took control of the situation and did not allow her to back up.

As soon as his thumb between their lips was gone, he possessed her mouth – completely and fully – stealing her breath. And she helplessly opened up to him almost in an instant, kissing him back. It had been so long since she had last kissed someone, way back when she still was not the witch queen. But all the past kisses were nothing compared to this… his kiss, his mouth… why? Why does he taste so mindblowingly good?

She felt him nibbling on her bottom lip gently then hungrily glided his tongue inside her mouth. His movements were savage, punis.h.i.+ng, consuming… as if he was aiming to devour her whole. As if stealing her breath was no longer enough for him. So this time he was going to consume her soul too.

And everything ignited. A shocking hunger exploded from within, and Alicia kissed him back as hard as she could. As fierce as she could, matching his ferocity.

Ezekiel… the man who was the epitome of self-control was looking nothing like that right now. She could feel it in her bones. He was an untamed beast out of its cage now and that thrilled her more than frightened her.

Their kiss deepened, and she wished that she could hate it. But the hate was nowhere to be found. Not even an iota. All that was left was an all-consuming hunger… an inexplicable hunger for him…

The moment she pressed her body against him, his mouth latched onto her slender throat. That earned him a gasp and a s.e.xy whimper. And he continued sucking, devouring, as if he wanted her to make those sounds again. Those cries that fell from her mouth.

And she did. It was impossible not to.

When his mouth found its way back to hers, Alicia kissed him back even harder. She never kissed someone this savagely before. She did not even know she could do something like this. To kiss someone like they were in a fierce fight.

Alicia was not sure what was going on with herself… or why they were kissing this way. There was only one thing she was certain about at this moment, and that was she did not want this to end until she… devoured him… all of him…

Her fingers sunk into his scalp as she pulled him closer, her fingers fisting into his thick and dark hair. It was as though their closeness was not enough. She told herself she had gone mad… but at this moment she totally did not care anymore. All caution was being thrown into the wind. She was under a spell… no, stronger than that… and she did not wish to be freed. At all.

She felt his hand gliding lower, from the small of her back, down to her bottom. Another gasp was wrenched from her now swollen, red and moist lips.

He pressed her whole length against himself, and she moulded herself onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck. She longed to feel more. More. She wanted him to do more… so badly that she felt like the need was going to drive her insane.

“Eze… kiel,” she moaned against his mouth, panting hard.

Her hands glided down his side, his taut muscle, smooth and hard. She knew what she was about to do… to touch him… make him know she wanted more from him…

She was going to take his hand and place them on her…

“Don’t… don’t do it.” she said that to herself.

And she only realized that she had said that out loud when he stopped his actions in an instant. His lips that were about to reach her taut bud stopped moving. His hand on her thigh stilled as well.

Before she could react, he made one swift move.

Then they were standing next to the tub. He was holding her up to keep her from falling.

He then made another move and cold water fell on them both. The cold water was like a bucket of ice that had forced her to awaken from such a l.u.s.tful dream.

Alicia did not know what to say, or what to do. She kept her head leaning against his chest, hiding her face as they both breathed heavily, trying to catch their breath.

It did not take him long to steady his breath. She envied him for that because she was still unable to calm down. What had she done? Just what had she done?