Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 742 – A Little Brainless

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Chapter 742: A Little Brainless

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“It’s not right for you to say that, Elder Sister. Even if you were to replace it

with a jade worth hundreds of millions, it won’t be able to compare to Miss Jia’s

original piece. Since there’s a crack, of course, we have to repair it and return it

to her. How can we just casually replace it?” Su Bei asked.

Seeing that she was being unreasonable, Tang Yue said, “Didn’t Master Situ

already say that the cracks on the jade can’t be repaired

“He said there’s no way to fix it?” Su Bei continued to ask.

Tang Yue patiently explained, “Situ Songhui is known as a master and is

knowledgeable in jade, jewelry, and antiques. He said that he can’t fix it, so it

can’t be fixed.”

Situ Songhui also said arrogantly, “Miss Su, Ive said it before. There’s a deep

crack in the internal structure. After repairing it, it’ll be difficult to restore it

completely. There will be flaws, so the jade will be imperfect.”

“To clarify, are you saying that you don’t know how to fix the jade or everyone

wouldn’t know how to either?” Su Bei looked at him with a smile. The smile on

his face was pure and innocent, as if she was seriously asking.

When Situ Songhui saw that he was being questioned, he was displeased and

kept a straight face.

The person beside her couldn’t help but say, “Miss Su, this jade is indeed

difficult to repair. If we repair it and leave behind traces, we might as well not

repair it.

You’re a celebrity. Of course, you don’t understand the professional knowledge

in this industry. However, Situ Songhui has been in this industry for a long

time. Even the director of the national museum has acknowledged his ability.

Why would he lie to you

“Miss Su, just follow your sister’s suggestion and compensate Miss Jia with the


Su Bei raised her eyes and looked at everyone. He casually stretched out her

slender fingers and combed them through her thick hair, smoothing it.

This casual action caused everyone to hold their breaths. She was too beautiful!

It was a pity that although she was beautiful, she was a little brainless!

Su Bei curled her lips as a small smile appeared on her face. “Master Situ can’t

fix it, but I can find someone to repair it. Miss Jia, do you want to choose the

jade that my sister is offering you, or shall we try repairing your jade?

Tian Jinnuo was a little angry. “Miss Su, you’ve already wasted a lot of our

s.h.i.+yun’s time.”

Tm really sorry about that, so I’m sincerely suggesting a solution to the

problem. What will you choose, Miss Jia?” Su Bei asked with a smile.

Jia s.h.i.+yun felt that it was a pity to lose out on this piece of valuable jade. She

wanted the piece in Tang Yue’s hands that was worth tens of millions more.

However, how could she act so unscrupulous in front of everyone?

Even so, she was certain that Su Bei would not be able to fix her cracked jade,

so she might as well give it a go.

She also put on an appropriate smile and said, “Then Ill have to trouble you to

give it a try.”

Su Bei reached out and took the jade necklace from Jia s.h.i.+yun. She raised it and

said, “Everyone here can see it. This is Miss Jia’s jade necklace. Don’t forget the

appearance of it. I’ll bring it to repair it. I’ll be back soon.”

After saying that, Su Bei said something to Lin Moli and went out.

Situ Songhui coldly snorted. How could Su Bei find someone to fix something

that he couldn’t? What a joke!

Tang Yue also apologized, “Tm sorry, everyone. My younger sister is a little

stubborn. Please forgive her.”

“Tt’s alright. I’l just wait a little longer.” Jia s.h.i.+yun pretended to be


Tang Yue’s expression was calm because she didn’t believe that Su Bei could

really fix it. Anyway, it was certain that she would befriend Jia s.h.i.+yun after this


Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 744 – Complete Failure

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Chapter 744: Complete Failure

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Su Bei had asked her if she had taken a photo of the original jade and left after

confirming it.

Now, it came in handy.

Everyone carefully compared it and found the original small crack. It was

indeed the same piece of jade.

Su Bei smiled and said, “Miss Jia, I said that I’d help you fix your jade and I did

Do you have any objections now?

When Jia s.h.i.+yun saw that Su Bei had indeed fixed it, she could only smile in

front of everyone and say, “It has already been fixed. Of course, I have no


Su Bei smiled and looked at Tang Yue. “So Sister, you don’t have to help me

compensate Miss jia with a new piece of jade. I’ve said before that I’ll take

responsibility for my own matters.”

Everyone nodded at Su Bei, their att.i.tudes toward her greatly changing

Tang Yue’s heart was filled with panic. Su Bei had already repaired Jia s.h.i.+yun’s

jade. She couldn’t rush to give the other piece of jade to Jia s.h.i.+yun now.

Jia s.h.i.+yun also wore a smile on her face. She was furious, but she had no choice

but to maintain her smile.

Tian Jinnuo unhappily said, “Miss Su, you’re really not magnanimous enough.

There were clearly two cracks on this jade. You can repair it if you want, but

you only repaired one crack. Aren’t you clearly showing your dissatisfaction

with s.h.i.+yun?”

With her reminder, everyone looked at Su Bei.

Su Bei smiled and said, “Now that you’ve reminded me, I remember. Just now, I

was only focused on fixing the crack that we caused. I also wanted to make sure

that we could compare it to the photo of the original state it was in after fixing

it, soI didn’t think too much about it. I’m really sorry. You guys should have

told me earlier and I would have gotten my friend to fix both cracks. Now that

he’s gone, I’m really sorry.”

Her words made sense, and everyone agreed.

Tian Jinnuo could only swallow her anger.

Jia s.h.i.+yun smiled and pleaded, “How about I see your friend another day and

ask him to help me fix the other crack?”

Tian Jinnuo pa.s.sed the jade necklace over, wanting Su Bei to keep it and repair


“Then let’s talk about it another day when we meet him. Miss Jia, this jade

necklace is so precious. It’s unique in the world, and it’s also a gift from Di Xing

Media to you. I don’t dare to keep it with me. I’m afraid that if I accidentally

crack it, it’ll have to be repaired again. This time, it was able to be repaired, but

I can’t guarantee that it can be fixed for the second or third time.” Su Bei smiled

and refused to accept.i.t.

The meaning behind her words could not be clearer. She was mocking Jia

s.h.i.+yun for protecting the jade necklace like it was a treasure yet she still

accidentally cracked it. She was also mocking ia s.h.i.+yun for breaking the jade

after being knocked into by someone.

Everyone smiled knowingly.

Jia s.h.i.+yun instantly lost all dignity. Tian Jinnuo had no choice but to retract her

hand and take back the necklace. “Forget it, it’s not like your friend is the only

one who can repair it.”

“Let’s go.”Jia s.h.i.+yun glared at her. Wasn’t this embarra.s.sing enough?

Jia s.h.i.+yun and the rest left unwillingly. Although Situ Songhui, whom Tang

Yue had brought over to show off, wasn’t ridiculed by the crowd, he was still

humiliated by Su Bei’s friend.

Tang Yue originally wanted Situ Songhui to be present to introduce antiques to

everyone, but who knew that many people had gathered around Su Bei to ask

about her friend instead.

Tang Yue’s face darkened. This fair was a complete failure.

Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 743 – Got Someone To Fix It

If you are looking for Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband Chapter 743 – Got Someone To Fix It you are coming to the right place.
Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband is a Webnovel created by Su Su Su Ru Yi.
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Chapter 743: Got Someone To Fix It

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Jia s.h.i.+yun leisurely picked up her cup of coffee and took a sip. Today, she

would definitely accept that jade stone that was worth tens of millions.

Tian Jinnuo said from the side, “I wonder where Su Bei went with that piece of

jade? Could it be that she left and won’t return?

Jia Jia echoed, “That can’t be, right? If she really leaves, isn’t she afraid of being


The guests watching by the side also began to have second thoughts.

To be honest, Su Bei’s performance tonight was a little disappointing. They

didn’t expect her to look so much better in real life than in photos, but her

personality was much worse than the rumors.

Some people started to sympathize with Lin Moli. “Look at that girl, she’s about

to cry from fright but Su Bei won’t be coming back anymore. What kind of

friend is she?

“Don’t spout nonsense. Su Bei won’t leave me behind,” Lin Moli reb.u.t.ted loudly.

However, although she knew that there was nothing wrong with Su Bei’s

character, when she thought about how that piece of jade might not be able to

be fixed, Lin Moli felt a little worried.

As everyone was discussing, Su Bei’s figure finally appeared in front of


“Miss Jia, your jade necklace has been fixed!” Su Bei reached out and handed it


No one believed that Su Bei could fix something that even Situ Songhui said he

couldn’t fix.

“Su Bei must be boasting. How could it have been repaired?

“You sure talk big, but I wonder if it’s true?

“Even Master Situ Songhui has determined that it can’t be repaired. What kind

of joke is this?

Tian Jinnuo was the first to reach out to take it. She took a look and realized

that the crack had really disappeared!

Moreover, the repair could be said to be flawless!

“This. This.. Miss Su, did you swap it with another piece? Tian Jinnuo could

not believe it.

Jia Jia and Jia s.h.i.+yun also hurriedly took it to take a closer look. They

discovered that it had really been repaired without a trace left behind. It was

both shocking and unbelievable.

Situ Songhuif’s expression changed slightly as he looked over.

That was impossible! In this world, no one could completely repair a jade stone

that had a crack on it.

However, the truth was the truth. Even Jia s.h.i.+yun couldn’t help but feel

astonished when she saw how her jade had been repaired.

Tang Yue could not help but say, “Su Bei, did you go and swap it to a similar

piece? That’s a good idea.”

Lin Moli couldn’t help but say, “That’s impossible. When Di Xing Media gave it

to s.h.i.+yun, they said that this kind of jade is unique. Tt’s impossible for the same

piece of jade to exist in this world. Didn’t the magazine say that as well

Jia s.h.i.+yun nodded proudly. “Indeed, it’s unique.”

This was the unparalleled glory that Di Xing Media had bestowed upon her.

Situ Songhui’s face turned even uglier. He couldn’t even repair the jade but Su

Bei actually got someone to fix it! Who was that person? Could it be his junior?

Lin Moli took out her camera and said, Tf some of you don’t believe it, wel

know after comparing it. I took a photo of the necklace on Miss Jia’s neck just

now. It can be seen very clearly, and even the original crack on her jade is


She enlarged the photo for everyone to see. Indeed, there were small cracks on


So now that it has been repaired, all of you can try comparing it to verify

things,” Lin Moli said..