I Can Track Everything Chapter 494 – stepping into Heavenly Devil

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Chapter 494: Chapter 492, stepping into Heavenly Devil


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation | Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“That… that is…

Before the boss of Yi Xing Hall could react, ten black-robed cultivators

suddenly appeared in the sky east of Yi City.

These ten black-robed cultivators were all wearing masks, and their faces

couldn’t be seen clearly. There weren’t any special marks on their bodies. If he

had seen this group of cultivators in other places, he wouldn’t have been able

to guess where these ten black-robed cultivators came from.

But now, he knew.

These ten cultivators must have come from Heavenly Devil City. As for why

they had to hide their ident.i.ties, it was self-evident.

They were just trying to shirk responsibility after making a move.

“It’s over…with this group of people here, that kid can’t be caught…”

Muttering to himself, the boss of Yi Xing Hall turned around and flew away. It

didn’t take long for him to fly out of Yi City.

Now, the one who had to hide and live in seclusion… was him.

On the other side, Chen Chen had just repelled an evil G.o.d Hall unity cultivator.

Just as he was about to break out of the encirclement, a voice suddenly

sounded in his mind.

“Calm down, don’t be impatient.”

Hearing this voice, Chen Chen subconsciously looked to the east.

He saw ten black-robed cultivators shooting toward his direction from the

east. A moment later, they entangled a group of evil G.o.d Hall unity cultivators.

Apart from that, the leader continued to fly upward, looking for the divine

might city lord.

It was obvious that these ten black-robed cultivators were all at the Unity


“Fellow Daoist, don’t panic. They are Heavenly Devil City’s reinforcements!”

Zhou Fu’s voice rang in his mind, and Chen Chen heaved a sigh of relief when

he heard it.

Seeing that the group of black-robed cultivators had instantly suppressed the

evil G.o.d temple’s cultivators, he did not continue fighting. Instead, he landed

on the ground and came to Zhou Fu’s side.

“Sect Master Zhou, thank you very much.”

Seeing this, Zhou fu smiled and said, “There’s no need to thank me, fellow

Daoist. It’s just that I don’t know if our agreement still stands”

“of course it does, “Chen Chen said with a calm smile.

“It’s good that it does. It’s our Danxia sect that has a traitor. Fellow Daoist has

been shocked.”

As the two of them spoke, the divine might city lord in the sky suddenly let out

an angry roar.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of Heavenly Devil City, don’t go too far!

However, the ten black-robed cultivators were like machines that only knew

how to fight. No one responded to him at all. They just kept on attacking and


After more than a hundred rounds, the divine might city Lord gave up. He

could feel that these people were holding back. Otherwise, several of his

subordinates would have already died.

Thinking of this, he no longer asked for trouble. He immediately roared,

“Retreat, scoundrels from Heavenly Devil City. Today, you guys are ruthless.

However, regarding this kid’s matter, Your Heavenly Devil City must give an

explanation. Otherwise… HMPH!

After throwing out these ruthless words, he took the lead and flew out of Yi

City. His subordinates followed closely behind. Not long after, the group of

people completely disappeared without a trace.

At this time, ten black-robed cultivators landed in the sky and flew to Chen

Chen’s side.

The black-robed cultivator who was fighting with the divine might city Lord

took off his mask and revealed a rather young face.

Facing Chen Chen, this person was full of smiles. Although he was a devil

cultivator, his body emitted traces of the aura of sunlight.

“Fellow Daoist, you really made it easy for me to find you! You’ve finally shown

your face today!

Chen Chen smiled awkwardly and asked, “You are…

I am Shen Chong, the city lord of firmament city of the southerm domain. My

Master is Dongfang Conglong. I am the third disciple of the city lord of

Heavenly Devil City. At the same time, I am the city lord of the southern

domain of Heavenly Devil City.

Shen Chong cupped his hands and smiled as he introduced himself.

Chen Chen could not help but take another look at this person when he heard


This person was able to fight against the city lord of divine might city. He was

obviously a cultivator at the peak of the Unity Realm. However, this person

looked much younger than the city lord of divine might city.

“May I know your name, fellow Daoist?”Seeing Chen Chen sizing him up, Shen

Chong asked with a smile.

“Chen Chen”

Chen Chen hesitated for a moment, but still told him his real name.

“So it’s fellow Daoist Chen. I heard that fellow Daoist has mastered the nine

transformation golden body art. May I have a look?”

Shen Chong asked.

Having come this far, Chen Chen had nothing to hide. He immediately released

the golden light unique to the nine transformation golden body art.

Seeing the Golden Light, Shen Chongs eyes flashed with a hint of envy.

It was the nine transformation golden body mantra.

This was the strongest technique in the upper realm, and it was also the

technique that made the Heavenly Devil City Lord Famous.

At this point, he no longer needed to have any doubts.

“Fellow Daoist Chen, follow me to Heavenly Devil City. The city lord once said

that as long as the cultivator who mastered the nine transformation golden

body mantra is his disciple, you are no exception.”

“Uh, Alright.”Chen Chen replied and put Ao Yu into the Longze. As for the ten

thousand transformations Divine Blade, he had already put it away.

A moment later, Chen Chen and the people of Heavenly Devil City arrived at

fimament city via the teleportation array of Yi City.

They then used the teleportation array of firmament city to arrive at Heavenly

Devil City’s branch city in the Southern Domain.

The city lord of this city was the person in charge of Heavenly Devil City in the

southern domain, Dongfang conglong.

Compared to Yi City, this city was more like a sect. All the cultivators Chen

Chen met along the way were wearing the clothes that were unique to heavenly

devil city.

Obviously, this city was not a city that welcomed cultivators from the outside


“Senior… Senior Uncle Chen, my master is inside.”

Shen Chong brought Chen Chen to the front of a large hall and pointed inside.

Chen Chen could not help but laugh when he heard his martial uncle address

him as martial uncle. However, he did not reject the t.i.tle. Instead, he nodded

and walked into the large hal.

This large hall occupied a huge area and was dozens of meters tall. There was a

huge sculpture of a dragon head right in front of it. The size of the sculpture

was almost the same as a true spirit.

Under the dragon head stood a middle-aged man who was two meters tall and


Seeing the middle-aged man’s back, Chen Chen finally became a little nervous.

It was not the first time he had met the disciple of the Heavenly Devil City

Lord. He had met wind devil before.

However, wind devil was far less majestic than the back of the man in front of

him, especially in the context of the grand hall.

“Ahem, Chen Chen greets senior.”

Seeing that this person didn’t seem to realize his arrival, Chen Chen cupped his

hands and bowed.

Hearing this, Dongfang conglong turned around, revealing an incomparably

imposing square face.

After seeing Chen Chen, he squeezed out a smile and said in an excited tone,

“Little junior brother, I’ve finally found you! Now I can explain to master!

Chen Chen wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say.

In fact, he had many questions in his mind, such as how many benefits it

would bring to become the disciple of the Heavenly Devil City Lord, how many

crystals he could get every month, and so on.

But at this moment, he suddenly couldn’t bring himself to ask.

“Junior brother, Ive already spread the news that I’ve found you. It Won’t be

long before master will send down the projection. At that time, you’ll know his

arrangements for you

Dongfang conglong patted Chen Chen’s shoulder, acting as if he was very

familiar with him.

Chen Chen hesitated for a moment and asked, Then what about the things Ive

committed in the evil G.o.d Hall?

“Tll naturally solve this matter for you, senior brother!”Dongfang conglong

smiled confidently, his expression full of contempt for the evil G.o.d Hall.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, Shen Chong rushed in, his

expression somewhat unsightly.

“Master, the evil G.o.d temple’s venerable Xie Sheng has brought many people to

our sky demon city.. It looks like he’s not here with good intentions.”

After saying that, he subconsciously glanced at Chen Chen. His meaning was

self-evident. That Venerable Xie Sheng was here for Chen Chen.

“So what if he’s here? Junior brother, accompany me to meet this venerable Xie


After Dongfang Conglong finished speaking, he did not care whether Chen

Chen agreed or not. He directly pulled Chen Chen and walked out.

I Can Track Everything Chapter 493 – the Gamble was right

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Chapter 493: Chapter 491, the Gamble was right

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“Whoever helps our evil G.o.d temple capture this person, will be rewarded with 100 spirit crystals!”

The divine might city lord let out a roar.

A few fusion cultivators who were watching from afar instantly moved upon hearing this.

100 spirit crystals was equivalent to all their wealth, and now, as long as they made a move, they would be able to obtain it.

Although the divine might city Lord had previously said that he would reward ther handsomely, how could he be so direct in listing numbers? The old man who was the first to attack saw that Ao Yu already had the intention to retreat, but when he heard these words, he immediately became spirited as if he was injected with stimulants.

However, he was also afraid that something unexpected would happen, so he quickly turned around and shouted to the surrounding cultivators in the distance, “100 crystals! What are you all still hesitating for? Could it be that the evil G.o.d Hall will deceive us? Everyone, follow me…”

Just as the old man was talking excitedly, he saw the expressions of the surrounding cultivators change drastically. From eagerness to fear, he felt an extremely strong gust of wind behind him.

Without thinking too much, the old man directly took out a huge axe and slashed at the wind behind him!


With an earth-shattering sound, an extremely strong shock wave spread in all directions, causing the buildings below to collapse.

The expression on the old man’s face suddenly froze, and his eyes became somewhat vacant.

When Chen Chen saw this, he withdrew his ten thousand transformations divine edge and glared fiercely at the surrounding cultivators in the distance. For a moment, no one dared to meet his gaze. After he turned around, crackling sounds that sounded like exploding beans came from the old man’s body.

Not long after, a gust of wind blew past, and the old man in the form synthesis realm along with the huge axe in his hand turned into ashes, drifting away with the wind.

The surrounding cultivators were greatly frightened, and they did not dare to watch, nor did they dare to join in the battle. Instead, they fell to the ground at the same time and hid in the buildings.

Chen Chen did not glance at the old man behind him. Instead, he held the ten thousand transformations divine blade tightly and looked at the group of form synthesis cultivators from the evil G.o.d temple.

The group of form synthesis cultivators from the evil G.o.d temple were also stunned at this moment. Chen Chen’s attack had directly killed a form synthesis cultivator, and this had shocked them too much.

After all, they were only unity cultivators.

If that attack had been directed at them, would they have been able to hold on?

Thinking of this, the group of people felt a sense of cowardice. No one dared to attack Chen Chen again.

Chen Chen sneered when he saw this. The brave would win in a narrow road. This was the logic.

As long as he showed a bit of strength, the other party would definitely cower.

After all, everyone only had one life, and no one was unafraid of death.

Seeing that no one was stopping him, Chen Chen did not say anything and once again launched an attack on the array formation above Yi City.

Although this avatar’s cultivation was not enough to unleash the strongest power of the ten-thousand transformation divine blade, the physical attack that was unleashed by just waving the ten-thousand transformation divine blade was far stronger than other attacks.

After all, it contained exquisite divine gold, which could make the ten thousand transformations divine blade become heaven-defying in an instant.


There was no one blocking his way. Chen Chen struck the array formation above him with his sword.


With an explosive sound, the array formation shattered. Chen Chen was overjoyed, but his expression remained cold.

“Brother AO, let’s Go!” “Okay!” Ao Yu responded and flew out of the array formation, arriving outside of Yi City.

The Divine Might City Lord was furious and anxious when he saw this. He immediately used a trump card and heavily injured Zhou Fu in one strike, landing in Yi City.

“You want to run? It’s not that easy. If I really let you run, where will my face


After injuring Zhou Fu, the Divine Might City Lord Roared angrily and chased after Chen Chen Chen. Before he arrived, the nomological chain had already pounced towards Ao Yu like a flood dragon.

“What are you all standing around for? If we let him escape, we will count each and every one of you as one. All of you will be sent to the Small World!”

Seeing that his subordinates were still in a daze after tangling with Chen Chen, the divine might city lord cursed at them for failing to live up to his expectations.

Hearing this, the group of Demon G.o.d Temple’s combined body cultivators mustered up their courage and surrounded Chen Chen.

Ao Yu took the initiative to meet the divine might city lord. However, as soon as the man and the Dragon fought, Ao Yu was at a disadvantage.

There was nothing they could do. After all, he was only at the late stage of the unity stage. The other demon G.o.d Temple’s unity cultivators had also learned their lesson. They did not think of taking down Chen Chen directly. Instead, they used the power of various laws to restrain him.

Although Chen Chen’s ten thousand transformations Divine Blade was invincible, it was impossible to get rid of so many unity cultivators at once.

The scene fell into a stalemate for a moment, but a group of unity cultivators from the evil G.o.d temple knew that as long as the city Lord took down the true dragon descendant and regrouped with them, then no matter how strong this person was, he could only surrender.

Thinking of this, they put in even more effort to pin him down.

Just as the battle was going on above, the cultivators in Yi city below began to flee in all directions.

Now that the array formation had been broken, there was really no need for them to stay in this dangerous place.

Meanwhile, in a ruin near Yi Xing Hall, Zhou Fu struggled to get up. He had been injured by the divine might city Lord’s Special Magic Treasure. If not for the fact that he was rich and had all kinds of elixirs, let alone standing up now.., he was probably about to die.

“Father, are you okay?”

Zhou Qiong came over and helped Zhou Fu up. She asked worriedly.

“I’m… fine.”

As Zhou Fu spoke, he looked at the sky and saw that Chen Chen was fighting alone with a group of people who had the upper hand, he could not help but exclaim, “As expected of a person who can become the personal disciple of the Lord of the Heavenly Devil City. He has such amazing combat strength even before joining the Heavenly Devil City… He is not from the same world as US ordinary cultivators.”

“Father, that true dragon descendant won’t be able to hold on for long. We should leave quickly. From now on, we should live in seclusion and not get involved in the affairs of these large sects.”

Zhou Qiong’s eyes were filled with tears as she said this. She had thought that her father was going to die just now, and this kind of experience had caused her state of mind to quickly change. She had forgotten all about the Danxia sect and her proof.

However, before she could finish her words, Zhou Fu took out a communication token and began to transmit the message. After the transmission was over, Zhou Fu suddenly laughed.

“The news has spread out. Hehe, we made the right bet this time.”

“What did we make the right bet?

Not far away, the sinister voice of the boss of the Yi Xing Hall could be heard. Seeing that Zhou Fu was holding a communication token in his hand, he struck out without thinking and shattered the communication token.

Zhou Fu smiled faintly and said, “I’ve already informed the Heavenly Devil City. Junior brother, what use is there for you to do this now?”

The Yi Xing Hall’s owner’s face was gloomy as he said coldly, “So what if I’ve informed the Heavenly Devil City? That Brat and that true dragon descendant won’t be able to hold on for much longer. Can the people of the Heavenly Devil City rush over?

“As long as that Brat is captured, senior brother, I’ll have done a great service for the evil G.o.d Hall. From now on, I’ll be the sect master of the Danxia sect!”

With that said, he directly grabbed towards Zhou Fu, wanting to directly kill this senior brother of his.

Zhou Fu casually took out a protective magic treasure to block in front of himself and his daughter. A mocking smile appeared on his pale face.

“Junior brother, our Danxia sect has long since pledged allegiance to Heavenly Devil City. You Don’t think that the cultivators of Heavenly Devil City will fly over like the people of the evil G.o.d Hall, do you?”

Upon hearing this, the boss of Yi Xing Hall’s expression changed drastically. He hurriedly turned his head to the west of Yi City, where the teleportation array of Yi City was located.

However, there was no movement there.

Upon seeing this, he was overjoyed. He no longer cared about killing his senior brother. He took a step forward and prepared to destroy the teleportation array. However, before his feet left the ground, an extremely dazzling teleportation array suddenly lit up in an inconspicuous corner to the east of Yi City.

It was obvious that the teleportation array connecting Yi city to omen city was actually hidden there.

I Can Track Everything Chapter 495 – the blood of the sun glory vajra

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Chapter 495: Chapter 493, the blood of the sun glory vajra

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Not long after, Chen Chen saw the honorable Sir Xie Sheng.

It was an old man with a sinister appearance. His entire body was covered in a

red robe, and the way he looked at people was like a vulture, making people


All in all, it was obvious that this person was not a good person.

The Honorable Sir Xie Sheng did not look at Chen Chen, but looked at

Dongfang conglong, his tone was cold as he said, “Dongfang conglong, Your

Heavenly Devil City has gone a little too far this time! This kid did not just kill a

disciple of our evil G.o.d temple. Instead, he destroyed a subsidiary sect of our

evil G.o.d temple!

“If this gets out, where will our evil G.o.d Temple put our face?

“Let me tell you, Dongfang conglong, we were tolerating before because of the

stability of the southern region. It was not because our evil G.o.d temple was

afraid of Your Heavenly Devil City!”

Dongfang conglong’s face was still full of smiles when he heard these words. It

was as if he and venerable Xie Sheng were old friends.

“Senior, why are you so angry? The destruction of the Demon Dragon sect was

pushed onto the true spirit realm. As long as you don’t say anything, I won’t say anything. How would your evil G.o.d Hall lose face? Don’t you agree?”

“Ir’s the evil dragon sect! Dongfang conglong, I’m not here to joke with you. If

you destroy one of my affiliated sects, if you don’t give me an explanation

today, our evil G.o.d temple will destroy two sects that are affiliated to Your

Heavenly Devil City Tomorrow!”

Venerable Xie Sheng’s voice and expression were both stern. After he said that,

a powerful aura came crushing toward Dongfang conglong

The smile on Dongfang Conglong’s face disappeared, and a vague pressure

emerged, which then dissipated the aura.

“Then what explanation do you want? Tll tell you in advance, Chen Chen is now

officially in the sect. If you dare to touch hinm and my master finds out, no one

will be able to protect you!”

Dongfang conglong said coldly. Although his voice was not loud, his tone was

full of determination. No one would doubt his words.

Xiesheng the venerable seemed to have thought of something, and a trace of

fear appeared on his face.

Chen Chen, who was at the side, also sighed softly in his heart.

Having a backer and not having a backer were indeed different things.

Fortunately, he did not have the strength to destroy the netherworld, or else

the evil G.o.d temple master would not have let him off so easily.

In this upper realm, the relationship between master and disciple seemed to be

even greater than that between parents.

Actually, this was understandable. When a world interpreted the law of the

jungle to the extreme, imparting skills would be regarded as the greatest favor.

Because being a weakling was really better than not being born.

“Since he is the city Lord’s disciple, then our evil G.o.d temple will naturally not

touch him, but it’s impossible to let him go just like that…”

“Just say what you want. Spirit Crystals or treasures, or secret arts”Dongfang

conglong interrupted impatiently before the honorable Sir Xie Sheng could

finish his words.

Since this old thief had come personally, he must be here to seek benefits. He

was already used to it.

Xiesheng Knight was not angry after being interrupted. Instead, he smiled

faintly and said, “It’s very simple. I heard that the Heavenly Devil City Lord

once killed a true spirit called the sun glory vajra. Its physical body was

extremely powerful.

After that, every time the city Lord took in a disciple, he would bestow the Sun

Glory Vajra’s blood to help temper his body. What our evil G.o.d Hall wants is a

portion of the Sun Glory Vajra’s blood!”

Hearing this, Dongfang Conglong’s expression turned extremely ugly.

No wonder this old thief had suddenly become so easy to talk to. It turned out

that he wanted the blood of the true spirit!

The sun glory vajra might only have one true spirit in the world. Its blood’s

body tempering ability far surpa.s.sed that of other true spirit’s blood, and it was

of great help to the nine revolutions Golden Body Mantra. Back then, when he

had obtained the blood of the sun glory vajra., the cultivation of the nine

revolutions golden body technique had risen by a whole realm.

How could sky demon city hand over such a supreme treasure to the evil G.o.d


“Impossible, absolutely impossible! Don’t even think about it!”

Dongfang conglong directly refused, and his tone was very angry.

Xie Sheng Knight’s face instantly darkened when he heard this.

“In that case, Sky Demon City will just wait to lose two sects. Farewell!”

After saying that, venerable Xie Sheng turned around and left without any

intention to negotiate.

Dongfang conglong looked at his back and clenched his fists tightly. His eyes

were full of anger.


Chen Chen suddenly shouted. Seeing that venerable Xie Sheng had stopped, he

turned his head to look at Dongfang conglong.

“Senior brother, canI really get that Sun Glory Vajra Blood?”

“That’s right. The True Spirit’s blood has already been sent to me through the

teleportation array. If it wasn’t for this old thief who suddenly rushed over, I

would have checked your cultivation and prepared to give it to you.”

Dongfang conglong explained in a low voice.

“If there’s no other way to solve this problem, I can give it to them. Alas, this

matter was caused by me after al”

Chen Chen said with a bitter smile.

It wasn’t that he was generous, but rather that he had no choice.

He didn’t want thousands of cultivators from two sects to die because of him.

Moreover, the evil G.o.d Hall wanted to destroy two sects, and the Danxia sect

was the first to bear the brunt. The sect master of the Danxia sect had risked

his life for him before, so he didn’t want to get involved in this karma.

The most important thing was that he had his own principles as a person.

He could owe others, but he couldn’t owe something that couldn’t be repaid.

“Junior brother, do you really think so?”

Dongfang conglong’s voice transmission rang in his mind.

Chen Chen’s expression was sincere, he used his spiritual sense to transmit his

voice, “Senior brother, since I’ve joined Sky Devil City, I have to think about Sky

Devil City. If Sky Devil City loses two of its helpers because of me, how can I

feel bad? “In the future, which sect is willing to join Sky Devil City?

“If word gets out, people will only say that in the eyes of the Heavenly Devil

City, the treasures of two sects are încomparable to the treasures of a personal


As Chen Chen spoke, he was moved by himself, and his voice actually became a

little hoa.r.s.e.

Dongfang conglong naturally believed it. He immediately patted Chen Chen’s

shoulder and transmitted his voice, “Junior brother, it’s great that you can

think like this. Our Heavenly Devil City is lacking people with true natures like


“Tll give them the Sun Glory Vajra’s blood!”! “As for yours, don’t worry. When I

mention this matter to master, he’ll definitely give you another portion. He’s

not a stingy person. Hehe, he’s hiding a lot!”

When Chen Chen heard this, the touched expression on his face disappeared

and was replaced by a slight awkwardness.

He originally thought that it was a precious item. It turned out that he could

get another portion after giving it away.

If that was the case, why did this cheapskate senior brother have such an ugly

expression just now?

He really had nothing better to do.

“Venerable Xie Sheng, we were at fault in this matter. I will give you the sun

glory vajra to stop the bleeding, but you have to promise me that from now on,

the grudge between your evil G.o.d temple and my junior brother will be written

off! You can no longer cause trouble for my junior brother!”

Dongfang conglong shouted at Venerable Xie Sheng

Xiesheng the venerable turned around with a victorious smile on his face.

“Of course. Our Cthulhu Hall will not go back on our words.”

Hearing this, Dongfang conglong took out a small bottle and threw it to

Xiesheng the venerable.

Xiesheng the venerable checked it and put.i.t away. Just as he was about to

leave, Chen Chen could not help but ask, “The Cthulhu Hall is not good at body

refining. Who are you going to give this blood of true spirit to?”

Only then did venerable Xie Sheng look at Chen Chen, he said indifferently,

“The little disciple of the temple master has been obsessed with body refining

recently. If he had not made a request to the temple master for the blood of the

Sun Glory Vajra, our evil G.o.d temple would have destroyed two of your sects in

Heavenly Devil City!”

After saying that, venerable Xie Sheng flew out of Heavenly Devil City without

turning his head back.

Chen Chen was stunned when he heard that.

The disciple of the temple master of the evil G.o.d Temple, wasn’t that the


This kid was actually going to refine his body?

I Can Track Everything Chapter 496 – the Great Void Dragon Kun

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Chapter 496:Chapter 494, the Great Void Dragon Kun

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Could it be that because he broke his wrist three times, he felt ashamed and became brave?

Chen Chen thought that it was really possible.

Ifhe had his wrist broken three times, he would definitely have to think of a way to refine his body and avenge his previous humiliation.

What was Karma? At this moment, Chen Chen finally experienced it.

He did not expect that this karma would really affect him.

After venerable Xie Sheng left, Dongfang conglong brought Chen Chen to a secret room.

A special array was set up in the secret room. After Dongfang conglong triggered the array, a projection suddenly appeared in the room.

Chen Chen had seen this projection before. It was the seemingly ordinary white-clothed middle-aged man in the devil statue. He was the current master of Heavenly Devil City.

“Master, this is the newly accepted junior brother, Chen Chen.”

Dongfang conglong bowed respectfully to the white-clothed middle-aged man, then pointed at Chen Chen and introduced him.

Chen Chen hurriedly followed behind and bowed.

‘The Lord of the Heavenly Devil City had taught him the nine transformation golden body mantra when he was in the lower realm, even though he did not rely on the nine transformation golden body mantra to ascend in the future.

However, without the nine transformation golden body mantra, he would not have been able to muddle along so smoothly in the early stages of the Devil sect. Whatever happened afterward would also become unpredictable.

All in all, it was not a loss for him to call this heavenly demon city lord his master.

The projection of the Heavenly Demon City Lord looked at Chen Chen and revealed a smile.

“You ascended from the four sacred worlds, right? Hehe, I didn’t expect that you would actually bear fruit on a whim back then.”

Four Sacred Worlds?

A trace of doubt flashed through Chen Chen’s eyes, but he quickly understood.

The four sages realm should be referring to the lower realm, right? As for the four sages, could it be the Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise?

Before he could continue thinking, the projection of the heavenly demon city lord frowned and said somewhat unhappily, “You’ve cultivated other body refining techniques? Why do I feel that your bone structure is not pure?”

Chen Chen hurriedly explained a few sentences when he heard this, and explained the matter of the true body being with Sky Scorpion in detail.

“Lsee. I really can’t tell that this is a clone of yours just from this projection.

I didn’t expect that you and Sky Scorpion’s true spirit would be tainted by Karma. Sky Scorpion… Hehe, it’s not a character to be trifled with.”

The Heavenly Devil City Lord said with a smile. Although he said that he was not to be trifled with, his tone did not have the slightest bit of worry.

This made Chen Chen’s heart relax a little.

With his status as the disciple of Heavenly Devil City Lord, that Sky Scorpion should not act rashly against him, right?

“Master, just now, venerable Xie Sheng came over. He is going to take away the blood of the sun glory vajra…”

At this moment, Dongfang conglong chimed in from the side and then explained the reason in detail.

Heavenly Devil City Lord listened very seriously. After listening to it, he said indifferently, “In a few days, I will send another copy over through the teleportation array. This is not a big deal. Don’t worry.”

Dongfang conglong laughed when he heard this, but the skyfiend city lord said, “Conglong, you can leave first. I have something to tell your junior brother alone.”

“Yes! Master!”

Dongfang conglong responded and turned to leave the secret chamber. Only the projection of Chen Chen and the Skyfiend City Lord was left in the chamber.

After a moment of silence, the Skyfiend City Lord was the first to speak.

“Chen Chen, do you know why I want to take in cultivators who can cultivate the nine revolutions golden body technique as my disciples?”

“I don’t know,”Chen Chen answered honestly.

“Then do you know why our world is called the True Spirit World?”The Heavenly Devil City Lord asked again.

Chen Chen knew.

“Because this world has a large number of true spirits, and the power of a true spirit is not inferior to a cultivator.”

“That’s right. Actually, it can’t be said that it’s not inferior to a cultivator, but is stronger than a cultivator. In fact, the strongest person in this world is not among us cultivators, but a true spirit.”

Hearing this, Chen Chen was a little surprised.

He had come to the upper realm to read a lot of books. When he mentioned the true spirit, he only said that the true spirit was very strong, but he did not say that the strongest person in this world was a true spirit.

“That true spirit is called the Great Void Dragon Kun. It has lived for more than a million years, and its strength is extremely powerful. Some people even suspect that it is a creature that came from the immortal world.”

“There is such a thing?”

Chen Chen showed a surprised expression in cooperation.

He already vaguely felt that the cultivation of the nine revolutions golden body mantra was related to the great void Dragon Kun. Otherwise, the Heavenly Devil City Lord would not have mentioned the great void Dragon Kun.

“although it is strong, it is sealed and unable to move. If it is just like this, then it is fine. But the problem is that it is blocking a path. A path that is crucial to all cultivators!”

The Heavenly Devil City Lord pointed at the top of his head as he spoke.

Chen Chen immediately understood when he saw this. He asked in a low voice, “It is blocking the path of Ascension?”

“That’s right. The Great Void Dragon Kun is too powerful. It is ahead of all the cultivators on the path of s.p.a.ce. Because of its existence, the pa.s.sage between the true spirit world and the immortal world is blocked. No one can ascend to the immortal world, “the Heavenly Devil City Lord explained.

Chen Chen was a little puzzled when he heard this.

“T’ve read a lot of books, and they often mention immortals who ascend. Since the pa.s.sage is blocked, how did these people ascend?”

Chen Chen asked in puzzlement.

“They didn’t ascend to the true immortal world, but to some small worlds with rich spiritual energy, commonly known as the small immortal world. No one has ascended to the true immortal world for hundreds of thousands of years.”

“The Real Immortal World?”

“That’s right. There aren’t that many immortal worlds. The Immortal World is the only one, so it’s also called the true immortal world,”the Skyfiend City Lord said as he looked up.

Although Chen Chen didn’t understand, he felt that it was very powerful.

“Then what if they can’t ascend to the Immortal World? Kill the Great Void Dragon Kun?”

As he spoke, Chen Chen made a hand gesture to slit his throat.

The Heavenly Demon City Lord smiled and nodded, but in the end, he let out a deep sigh.

“How can it be easy to kill the Great Void Dragon Kun? For hundreds of thousands of years, many powerhouses have tried hard, but none of them could shake the Great Void Dragon Kun.

However, we cultivators did not give up. After all, ascending to the immortal world was the ultimate wish of cultivators.

‘The few super forces each thought of their own ways, and our heavenly demon city relied on the nine transformation golden body mantra.

It was rumored that the nine transformation golden body mantra originated from the immortal world. Once it was successfully cultivated, it would be indestructible, and the destructive power of its physical body would be even more astonishing.

‘My master once said that if we could gather nine Mahayana cultivators who cultivated the nine transformation golden body mantra and set up the nine nine return to one great formation, we would have a chance to kill the great void Dragon Kun’s physical body!”


Chen Chen nodded. It seemed that joining the heavenly demon city was not as simple as simply enjoying the benefits brought by the Heavenly Demon City.

‘There was also a certain amount of responsibility. This responsibility was to kill the Great Void Dragon Kun in the future and open up the Ascension pathway.

“Master, including me, how many disciples have you taken in?”

“Ten, but two do not cultivate the nine transformation golden body mantra,”the Heavenly Demon City Lord replied.

Chen Chen did some calculations after hearing that. Two out of ten did not cultivate, which meant that eight cultivated the nine transformation golden body mantra.

Plus the Heavenly Demon City Lord… nine.

Didn’t that mean that after finding him, the Heavenly Demon City Lord would gather all the people?