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Chapter 363 – The Leyline

Thanks to Lan Wenxi’s introductions, the pharmacists maintained very good att.i.tudes toward Gu Zuo — Although they were also often called geniuses of medicine refinement, since they could be selected as Lan Wenxi and Shen Yuanbai’s personal pharmacists, they would have the ability to read someone’s expressions. Granted that Gu Zuo was another candidate who had appeared out of thin air, they were capable of remaining polite and amiable on the surface. What’s more, they quickly realized that Gu Zuo was, in fact, already a personal pharmacist of another prodigy, so they were even more friendly.

After going into the leyline, perhaps they would need to draw support from Gu Zuo’s strength.

Hence, it didn’t take long for the couple of people to familiarize themselves with one another.

Gu Zuo didn’t chat too long with these pharmacists, whom he had just met. Without any conscious decision, his gaze took measure of his surroundings.

They definitely weren’t the only people in this place, and the number of bystanders wasn’t low. There were similar combinations of one pharmacist and one martial artist that had also gathered at Maple Forest Ruins.

Lan Wenxi said: “Our Heavenly Martial Sect has granted these folks permission to use this path.”

Gu Zuo understood in a flash.

Although there were many entrances, not every entrance was close by. Naturally, one would usually need to find a nearby sect or organization that held an entrance in their possession.

However, if a person thought about it, they would also realize that borrowing an entrance wasn’t done for free. Who knew how many resources one needed to pay in exchange?

With such thoughts, Gu Zuo suddenly heard a voice that was as clear and melodious as birdsong.

In a split second, he felt an inexplicable headache coming on — It wasn’t actually painful. Instead, it was a bit of an ill omen.

In the next moment, Gu Zuo saw a cyan wild bird descending from the sky at great speeds. It didn’t sweep past the heads of the numerous prodigies. Rather, after circling a few times far away, it suddenly dived down and landed on the ground.

Sitting upright on top of this cyan wild bird was a young lady wearing a robe as white as snow. Her looks were impeccably beautiful, her temperament was ice-cold, and her entire body emitted a faint chill. It seemed like no one else was reflected in that pair of gorgeous eyes.

This was the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess. Jade Flame Valley’s Mu Baizhi.

The Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess jumped off and flashed downward. Strands of snowy light seemed to linger and curl around her, and the contrast gave her a fairy-like appearance. Each and every man who looked upon her almost couldn’t help giving another glance. If a pa.s.sionate fellow saw her, he would’ve had an even harder time resisting the desire to conquer her, and take her into his arms with gentle tenderness and honeyed love.

Gu Zuo: “…”

He really didn’t want to see this lady appear.

Every time he looked at her, he always had a strange feeling.

Behind the cyan bird, there were two more birds that were flying over. At this moment, they likewise landed, revealing the pa.s.sengers on their backs.

Atop the bird on the left sat a male pharmacist with a slender build. After settling on the ground, he promptly stood behind the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess with a deferential look. Meanwhile, sitting atop the bird on the right were a man and woman. The woman’s complexion was quiet and exquisite, her temperament was tender yet unyielding, and it was clear that she was extraordinary. She was another pharmacist. As for the young man, his features were pale, and the edge of his lips carried a weak smile. He appeared refined in manner, but somewhat frail.

Upon seeing this, Gu Zuo secretly pondered: Jade Flame Valley, which the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess hails from, is just a bronze-ranked organization, but it actually has two Gate Opening Pearls in its possession? Even the gold-ranked Heavenly Martial Sect’s Lan Wenxi only has one pearl. Shen Yuanbai, who has the Divine Wind Trading Company, has no more than three pearls. Big brother is Ten Ultimates Sect’s all-star prodigy. If it wasn’t for Shen Yuanbai’s gift, it would’ve been hard obtaining one… Sure enough, this Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess isn’t simple.

Thinking as such, Gu Zuo didn’t place any more attention on the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess. However, while he didn’t want to get in touch with this woman, it seemed that she didn’t share the same thoughts.

Very quickly, the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess’ clear and cold gaze swept over everyone present, and landed on Tianheng. In an instant, the indifferent light in her eyes receded as if a trace of joy flickered past.

“Brother Gongyi?” The Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess’ tone also warmed up, “I haven’t seen you for so many days. Brother Gongyi has only become increasingly graceful and outstanding.”

The outer corner of Gu Zuo’s eye twitched slightly.

He was in a bad mood.

Tianheng didn’t have any intentions of going over to chat. He only faintly nodded his head: “G.o.ddess Mu.”

The Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess didn’t take any offense to Tianheng’s reticence. Her words were soft and unhurried: “When we enter the leyline, there will be dangers one after another. It’s quite rare to meet Brother Gongyi, so I wonder if we can journey together and give one another a helping hand?”

Gu Zuo’s mood worsened.

What did this woman want to do?

Tianheng bore an apologetic expression as he said: “This time, I’ll be traveling with Brother Shen and Brother Lan because of sentiments and face. I also wouldn’t have a Gate Opening Pearl were it not for them. I appreciate G.o.ddess Mu’s kindness, but I’ll have to decline.”

A hint of unhappiness streaked across the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess’ eyes. She was just about to say something, but another man’s voice echoed out, which put a stop to her actions.

“Little sister.”

The person of this voice was the young man with the pale complexion.

Having heard what was said, the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess gently nodded her beautiful head: “Since it’s like this, Brother Gongyi must take good care of himself.”

Tianheng didn’t say much, and only stated: “The same to you all as well.”

Immediately following which, the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess stayed far away, and didn’t have any intentions of walking over like before.

Gu Zuo looked at the young man who spoke, and thought about how he addressed the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess.

— Little sister?

He and the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess were brother and sister?

Gu Zuo hadn’t paid attention just a while ago, but as he carefully observed now, he discovered that their appearances really did seem somewhat similar. It was only due to the fact that the temperaments of both people were as different as night and day that he wasn’t able to tell at first glance.

It had to be said that Gu Zuo’s impression of this young man was much better than that of the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess.

…Of course, this wasn’t simply because the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess seemed interested in his big brother, while this young man lacked such thoughts.

When he was turning his gaze away, Gu Zuo was caught by surprise.

He inadvertently saw the expression of the young lady who came with that young man. It seemed to bear a hint of disdain, and the one this disdain was directed at was the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess.

Gu Zuo blanked slightly.

He thought that only carefully selected individuals with good relationships would explore this leyline together. He didn’t expect that there would be this type of person who held others with such contempt.

However, while it didn’t matter that this young lady disliked the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess, why did she also look down on the other?

For the time being, Gu Zuo wasn’t able to get a clear understanding of their internal matters, but the young lady’s expression was noted down in his mind.

There ought to have been a reason for this.

The thing that would make people feel even more astonished was that this young lady treated the pale young man with great respect. There was also a wisp of indiscernible…sympathy?

Gu Zuo collected his thoughts with exasperation.

Whatever. Anything he couldn’t make sense of right now could be mentioned to his big brother if it cropped up again in the future.

Back to the matters at hand. The short conversation between the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess and Tianheng just now was naturally noticed by many people. Although the youths who could come here were mostly the outstanding personages of numerous organizations, regardless of their elite standings, it didn’t mean that they were immune to feminine charms. As a result, quite a few of these people had become fans of the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess. When they saw the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess expressing goodwill to Tianheng, they were rather envious. And after the Ice Phoenix G.o.ddess was turned down by Tianheng, they somewhat resented him. Of course, at the same time, they were also secretly delighted.

Hence, a few displeased lines of sight swept towards Tianheng.

Though, Tianheng was unconcerned.

This sort of people who were easily swayed by feminine charms couldn’t shake his state of mind.

On the contrary, after Lan Wenxi saw this spectacle, he let out a derisive scoff and flared his suppressive might.

In the blink of an eye, those elites retracted their gazes. They remembered this trip’s objectives, and recognized Lan Wenxi’s ident.i.ty. Seeing that Tianheng was definitely journeying with Lan Wenxi, they didn’t dare to make any more moves.

Afterwards, Lan Wenxi sized Tianheng up and down, and teased: “Sure enough, Brother Gongyi exemplifies an upright and well-favored appearance. It’s no wonder that you would catch the interest of a beautiful woman. It’s only a pity that Brother Gongyi has a heart of iron, and that beauty is a blossom floating on treacherous waters.”

Gu Zuo: “…”

Why was the meaning within these words so strange?

Meanwhile, Tianheng gave a respectful smile: “Unfortunately, such a beautiful woman cannot be enjoyed.” After saying this, he asked with a slightly puzzled tone, “Does Brother Lan also know G.o.ddess Mu?”

Lan Wenxi sneered, and said: “I have a tentative friendship with her older brother, Mu Baiyue.”

Speaking up to this point, Lan Wenxi didn’t continue the conversation.

Gu Zuo grew suspicious.

Mu Baiyue? Was that the pale young man just now?

But since Lan Wenxi was friends with Mu Baiyue, why did he look down on Mu Baizhi like this? There was certainly something going on.

It was unfortunate that Lan Wenxi wasn’t willing to talk. The root cause probably couldn’t be investigated by ordinary people.

Gu Zuo restrained his curiosity.

Off to the side, Tianheng didn’t get to the bottom of the matter.

As even more people gradually arrived, so too was the opportunity to open the leyline.

The members of Heavenly Martial Sect didn’t only include Shen Yuanbai and Lan Wenxi. In addition, there were a few others who also showed up. It was just that the relationships between them and the pair of sect brothers appeared average and mediocre. They only came over for perfunctory greetings, and nothing more.

Once everyone was present, a woman with a graceful figure delicately emerged from the crowd. Her jade-white hand stretched out with a Gate Opening Pearl placed in the hollow of her palm. She spoke: “Ladies and gentlemen, please take out your Gate Opening Pearls.”

The numerous arrivals didn’t dare to neglect anything, and brought out their pearls.

That woman continued: “Now, would the pharmacists please stand in front with the martial artists behind them? Both sides need to keep their hands clasped. There must be no mistakes.”

Gu Zuo hurriedly clutched the Gate Opening Pearl in one hand. Soon after, his other palm warmed up. It was because Tianheng took the initiative to hold his hand.

In a split second, his heart became hot.

Ah, we’re h-holding hands…

It wasn’t that he never experienced similar skin contact before. It was just that the perception had changed, and his heart wanted to jump out of his chest. What was he supposed to do?

His big brother absolutely couldn’t be allowed to hear this and find out!

Tianheng stood with a smile on his face. In a low voice, he said: “Ah Zuo, after we enter the leyline, don’t leave my side. We must be extra careful.”

Gu Zuo put away those thoughts, and nodded his head in a serious manner: “Big brother, you can rest a.s.sured.”

Once everyone made suitable preparations, they suddenly sensed waves of powerful vibrations under their feet. It seemed like there was an earthquake. It was as if the entire Maple Forest Ruins was being shaken!

Gu Zuo tightly grasped Tianheng’s hand, but his gaze was firmly affixed to the Gate Opening Pearl in his possession.

At this time, the Gate Opening Pearl erupted with glaring rays of light. In the blink of an eye, the pearl grew in size and encapsulated both of them! In the next moment, the rays of light completely engulfed the pair. In the place where they once stood, not a trace of them could be seen!

Around Maple Forest Ruins, everyone who had been holding a Gate Opening Pearl met the same fate.

The Gate Opening Pearls had opened portals that delivered them into the leyline!

Gu Zuo only felt a dazzling flash before his eyes. Once he snapped out of it, he realized that he had arrived in an area of pitch-black darkness.

His heart was worried: “Big brother!”

Immediately following that, someone lightly squeezed his hand: “Ah Zuo, your elder brother is here.”

Gu Zuo’s heartstrings loosened, and he looked to his side.

Sure enough, both of them were still holding hands. They hadn’t separated.

So long as he didn’t lose Gongyi Tianheng, Gu Zuo felt safe and secure. He wouldn’t have any nervous or scared thoughts.

Gu Zuo said: “Big brother, what about the others?”

Just as these words fell, another voice echoed not far away.

It was Lan Wenxi who was speaking: “We’re over here.”

Shen Yuanbai also uttered: “Here.”

Then, the remaining pharmacists and the Shen Clan martial artist called out one after another.

This was good. Including the two of them, the group of six didn’t have a single person missing.

Shen Yuanbai spoke again: “Pharmacists, pour your psychic powers into the Gate Opening Pearls.”

Because he was the oldest among them and he probably understood the situation the most, after hearing this command, all of the pharmacists complied without the slightest hesitation.

Gu Zuo similarly poured in his psychic power. After that, he discovered that the Gate Opening Pearls were blossoming with radiance once more. In a split second, the surroundings were lit up.

— Right. They were lit up.

At this time, Gu Zuo found that this place originally had many enormous pearls embedded in the ceiling. They were just like giant versions of the Gate Opening Pearls. And when the rays of light shining from the smaller pearls transformed into pillars of light, they instantaneously shot straight up and entered those enormous pearls. Following this, those giant pearls also released rays of light, which illuminated the surroundings as if it was daytime!

Gu Zuo was relieved.

If it was pitch-black the entire time, then finding those stone ova would’ve been a nightmare. Now that the lights were turned on, the situation was considered much more hopeful.

At this moment, everyone started surveying the environment.

After getting a clear view, they couldn’t help gasping in amazement.

This place was incredibly unusual!

Gu Zuo held his breath as he looked around.

There were no doubts that everyone was underground, and that they were inside that sealed leyline. This leyline was absolutely gigantic, and the interior formed countless panoramic sceneries.

Lifting his eyes, he saw things resembling stone dragons that winded up and down, and extended far into the distance. On the backs of the stone dragons were numerous stone forests. Each and every cl.u.s.ter was like a barb on the stone dragon’s body. It was as if the forests grew from the dragon’s scales and absorbed the stone dragon’s flesh and blood. It was eerie and incomparably majestic.

Likewise, on the sides of the stone dragons were innumerable, jutting rocks. The positioning and shapes of these rocks were like corals. Though, they were even more ma.s.sive and thickset. With crowded frameworks and hollowed nests, these coral reefs held another type of exotic beauty.

When he looked farther away, he saw that there was a gigantic stone tree on every dragon head. Each tree soared into the “sky”, and was wreathed with innumerable branches and tendrils. Each thick and solid branch interweaved into giant nets that canopied vast tracts of s.p.a.ce.

Apart from this, there were many ferocious beasts made of stone. They presented with all kinds of postures and stances, but every beast was unbelievably large and lofty. Although they were hewn through natural processes, their imposing auras were terrifying. It seemed that they could turn into living animals at any time, and pounce on people to devour!

Presently, everyone was standing at the edge of a stone dragon.

The stone dragons and beasts were like towering mountain peaks, and those stone forests and coral reefs were vast and giant landscapes to them. As they stood in this place, they appeared extremely insignificant like mole crickets and ants. Awed by the unseen qi emissions radiated by these ma.s.sive structures, even standing firmly on their own became difficult.

Tianheng realized that the six qi oceans within his body had been sealed, and the profound qi couldn’t be utilized. On the other hand, his physical body was sufficiently st.u.r.dy, and his strength wasn’t low.

Shen Yuanbai, Lan Wenxi, and the remaining martial artist were similarly restricted. On the contrary, the few pharmacists were the same as before, and didn’t feel that anything had changed.

All of a sudden, a beam of ashen-white light shot out.

Although Tianheng couldn’t use internal qi, his awareness was still sharp. At once, he pulled Gu Zuo and said: “Ah Zuo, be careful!”

Gu Zuo also reacted immediately. His psychic power promptly burst forth, and completely covered himself and Tianheng in a psychic power net. When that ashen-white light attempted to turn around and retreat, the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows heated up. A dagger rushed forward, and instantly cut down that ashen-white light!

At this time, everyone saw it. What fell to the ground were two severed sections of an ashen-white thing. It appeared to be the length of a chopstick and the thickness of a little finger. The entire body was as smooth as a common stone. However, if one looked carefully, they would realize that the front end had a set of mandibles and the back end had a sharp stinger. Small amounts of gray liquid flowed out from its body.

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I Have Medicine Chapter 361 – Leyline Secret Land

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Chapter 361 – Leyline Secret Land

Gu Zuo got a clear view of that white light. As it turned out, it was a snow-white cicada. The pair of jade-hued cicada wings was flapping furiously as if it was constantly struggling, but in the end, it couldn’t break free. Its entire body glittered like clinking jewels, and looked exceedingly lovely. It appeared to have quite a bit of spirituality. The instant it broke through the ovum, it wanted to run away. However, since it was born as wondrous medicine, how could anyone allow it to flee? Therefore, once his big brother took action, it was already captured.

After seizing it, Gongyi Tianheng only held the snow-white jade cicada between his fingers.

At this moment, the cicada didn’t move anymore. It was like a tiny, motionless jade carving.

Gu Zuo moved closer: “It’s a Snowy-Jade Cicada?”

Tianheng said: “Ah Zuo recognizes this thing?”

Gu Zuo nodded his head: “There’s a record of it in an ancient text.”

Although Details of Ten Thousand Medicines had very few records of wondrous medicines, it referenced many types. It was just that these wondrous medicines weren’t recounted in detail, and only rough drawings were given.

The Snowy-Jade Cicada was one such type. As a result, Gu Zuo could recognize it.

As for Tianheng, he had browsed through many books in Ten Ultimates Sect. Among them were those that contained things pertaining to medicine refinement. Although martial artists didn’t study the body cultivation methods of pharmacists, it was essential to read up on these kinds of medicinal ingredients — Otherwise, when they went out on adventures by themselves, what could be done if they failed to recognize the good things they encountered?

Coincidentally, Tianheng had read the introductions of wondrous medicine in some books, but the records in those books detailed an extremely spa.r.s.e number of species. It was to the point that he wouldn’t have been able to recognize a few upon seeing them. He wasn’t familiar with the Snowy-Jade Cicada either.

Gu Zuo and Tianheng were together now. After supplementing each other, it seemed like there was nothing they didn’t know. In Shopkeeper Fang’s eyes, their extensive knowledge became increasingly apparent.

Gu Zuo slightly pondered, and put the Snowy-Jade Cicada into the Divine Medicine Palace Hall.

This thing had a bit of spirituality, but this spirituality was actually due to growing inside the stone ovum for years on end. Upon dashing out and coming into contact with the outside world, all of the spirituality would be discharged. Once this outburst pa.s.sed and it was captured by someone, that spirituality would dissipate. Then, it would only be wondrous medicine to be used.

Sure enough, after more than half of the white light on the Snowy-Jade Cicada scattered, it didn’t struggle even a little bit. There also weren’t any signs of life or qi emissions to be seen. While it was considered a living thing, it wasn’t an animal or plant. Instead, it was an anomaly that straddled the line between both sides.

Gu Zuo considered things, but didn’t understand the principles of this thing’s existence. Thus, he didn’t think about it any further.

When all was said and done, did it really matter what it was? In any case, it could be turned into medicine.

No matter how lovely it looked, the Snowy-Jade Cicada was also…a type of medicinal ingredient.

Afterwards, Gu Zuo spoke to Shopkeeper Fang: “The Snowy-Jade Cicada is an excellent wondrous medicine. Shopkeeper Fang, pa.s.s along our grat.i.tude to that friend of yours.”

Shopkeeper Fang smiled and said: “He would be most pleased if these two sirs would be willing to meet with him.”

This time around, Gu Zuo was very straightforward: “Shopkeeper Fang, you’ll still have to set a time and place.”

Shopkeeper Fang nodded: “He wants to entertain these two sirs properly, and hasn’t neglected anything. He previously mentioned that, if these two sirs agree to a meeting, it will be held at Phoenix Wind Restaurant, tomorrow at noon.”

Gu Zuo looked through his memories, and recalled that it was a well-known restaurant. He glanced at his family’s big brother.

Tianheng slightly nodded his head.

Gu Zuo answered: “Okay.”

Shopkeeper Fang’s heartstrings seemed to relax.

With this, the meeting was set.

Soon after, the three ate a meal together. Then, Tianheng and Gu Zuo bade farewell, and returned to the manor.

Meanwhile, Shopkeeper Fang turned around and went his own way. He also had many matters that required his busied attention.

Very quickly, the next day arrived.

Tianheng and Gu Zuo showed up at Phoenix Wind Restaurant on time.

At the restaurant’s entrance, Shopkeeper Fang was standing next to a similar-looking man with the facial features of a thirty-something year old. They both seemed to be waiting.

Upon seeing the two arrive, they stepped forward in welcome and cupped their hands in greeting: “Prodigy Gongyi, Pharmacist Gu. Punctual, as expected. Please come inside and have a seat.”

Gu Zuo and Tianheng similarly call out in greetings, and entered the restaurant with them.

As before, the meeting was held in a luxurious and comfortable private room. Following the gestures of a few people, they all took their seats one after another.

The Divine Wind Trading Company’s manager smiled and said: “This one is Lou Wei. As this location’s office manager, it’s this one’s pleasure to welcome Prodigy Gongyi and Pharmacist Gu. Sure enough, these two sirs are just as Anfu said — Radiant with health and vigor, and in possession of well-favored, handsome, and extraordinary bearings.”

While speaking, he cast a glance at Shopkeeper Fang.

Shopkeeper Fang cupped his hands.

As it turned out, his full name was Fang Anfu.

Gu Zuo listened to the adulations of this Manager Lou Wei, and felt slightly embarra.s.sed.

All of this flowery language actually described his big brother perfectly. But when these terms were used to describe himself, didn’t it feel a little unnerving?

One just had to look at this scrawny body of his…

However, Gu Zuo’s current disposition was disguised as prideful and arrogant. As a result, he appeared to calmly accept these compliments.

Meanwhile, Tianheng slightly smiled, but didn’t say anything.

After Lou Wei’s sentence of praise, he didn’t waste time with excessive conventional pleasantries. From what Fang Anfu mentioned, he had long known about these two people’s temperaments. Inviting the two over also hadn’t been only to meet them.

Consequently, after the dishes and three rounds of drinks were ordered, he directly addressed his own objectives: “I won’t hide it from these two sirs. This Lou has actually come here on the order of his master.”

Tianheng’s expression remained the same. He faintly inclined his head, and gave the impression that he was listening attentively: “Oh?”

Gu Zuo put down his chopsticks, and looked over.

Logically speaking, a prodigy like Tianheng wouldn’t have made a personal appearance at a meeting with another organization’s subordinate to engage in talks. It was just that, because this business involved Gu Zuo and because Tianheng expressed how importantly he regarded his little pharmacist, Tianheng tagged along to safeguard Gu Zuo. As for Gu Zuo’s willingness to step forward, it was originally for the sake of building a connection with the owners of the Divine Wind Trading Company and Medicine Heart Pavilion…

Now, it looked like it would be happening earlier than they thought.

Lou Wei rummaged around his sleeve, and a pearl the size of a clenched fist appeared in the palm of his hand. The interior of this pearl was engraved with strange, lined patterns. The pearl radiated glistening and dazzling lights, but due to the patterns, the entire pearl was shrouded in a layer of mystique.

Gu Zuo raised an eyebrow: “What is this?”

Tianheng saw Gu Zuo putting on an act, and couldn’t help chuckling.

Gu Zuo: “…”

Don’t think that he couldn’t hear his big brother making fun of him in their consciousness.

Contrary to what one might expect, Lou Wei didn’t notice the communication happening between the two. He only respectfully stated: “This is a Gate Opening Pearl. It’s capable of opening a sealed leyline. This leyline manifested and took shape long ago, and it has produced countless stone ova. It only opens once every ten thousand years, and only those who carry a Gate Opening Pearl can enter it. Altogether, there’s no more than one thousand Gate Opening Pearls, and each pearl can only bring in two people.”

Gu Zuo’s heart slightly stirred.

This person wouldn’t have brought out the Gate Opening Pearl just for the sake of telling them about this matter, right?

Tianheng smiled and didn’t speak. He only waited for Lou Wei to proceed.

Lou Wei saw that these two people were calm so far, and couldn’t help thinking about his own master. Suddenly, his heart trembled. He didn’t dare to keep them in suspense, and continued to talk: “My master has three Gate Opening Pearls in his possession. The first was conferred by his sect, the second was bestowed by his clan, and the third was obtained through a fortuitous encounter.

“For the first Gate Opening Pearl, my master carefully selected someone from his own personal pharmacists. For the second pearl, it was reserved for an outstanding younger generation of my master’s clan and that younger generation’s personal pharmacist. As for this third pearl, my master intends to present it as a gift for these two sirs, and invites thee to journey together.”

Although Gu Zuo had a guess, he still felt that this favor was was a bit too big.

On the entire Central Continent, there were only one thousand Gate Opening Pearls, and the owner of the Divine Wind Trading Company only had three. Unexpectedly, he was giving one of the pearls to them… Wasn’t this a little unscientific?

Off to the side, Tianheng was as unfl.u.s.tered as ever: “This object is far too precious. I wouldn’t dare accept it presumptuously.”

Although “countless” stone ova were quite attractive to people and many would be reluctant to give them up, when Tianheng spoke in such a tone, he acted as if he didn’t care about it at all. It was like what he rejected wasn’t a huge opportunity to obtain resources, but an ordinary, trivial matter.

Lou Wei saw these two’s reactions, and was even more determined to not underestimate them. This was especially so when his gaze met Tianheng’s serene and deep eyes. He only felt a cold sweat sweep across his back. The muscles throughout his body stretched taut.

He composed himself, and voiced what hadn’t been said: “Naturally, there’s a reason why my master did this.”

After speaking this sentence, that suffocating pressure seemed to ease slightly. He hastily continued: “The location of that sealed leyline is unusual. Anyone carrying a Gate Opening Pearl needs to bring a pharmacist, and the age of the pharmacist must be less than thirty. If the person who brings the Gate Opening Pearl is a pharmacist, then the restriction will be the same. When taking along a martial artist, their age cannot exceed forty…”

Following this, Lou Wei gave a complete recounting of that leyline’s situation, and didn’t leave out any details.

Within that leyline, a pharmacist’s psychic power could be utilized, but a martial artist’s internal qi would be sealed within their body. They would have no other choice but to rely on their physical body’s strength to take action. Because the offensive capability of a pharmacist at this age usually wasn’t powerful, basically no fights would occur in the leyline.

After entering the leyline, everyone had to rely on a pharmacist’s psychic power to look for stone ova. Although there were many stone ova in that place, it didn’t mean that they were everywhere. The amount that one could find depended on the individual’s luck and strength.

Moreover, the leyline wasn’t completely without danger. That place had a type of organism called an Earth Worm. These creatures were just a little over a foot long. If a martial artist was fast enough, they could use their physical body to capture it. If one wanted to kill an Earth Worm, it required a pharmacist’s psychic power. However, suppose a pharmacist’s control over their own psychic power wasn’t particularly good. When they used their psychic power to explore for stone ova, an Earth Worm might pounce on the psychic power and devour it.

As a result, in times of great opportunity, so too would there be many challenges.

Thus, more than half of the pharmacists who could enter the leyline would’ve already been filtered out.

Through the summarized experiences of successive generations, the upper echelons of some large organizations determined the realm requirements for those going inside. The realm of those pharmacists had to be at the Core Psyche Realm. In addition, they had to be outstanding pharmacists — The most optimal were those who could refine pills of the top three grades and above. Otherwise, if weaker pharmacists went inside, it would end with most of their psychic powers being devoured by Earth Worms, and they wouldn’t be able to bring out their selected stone ova.

The pharmacists who satisfied these requirements usually had the potential to reach the earth level or higher — Almost all of them were twenty-something year olds at the Core Psyche Realm. And as for Gu Zuo, who hadn’t even reached twenty and was already at the Core Psyche Realm, that potential of his was absolutely at the heaven level.

Lou Wei said: “Begging thy pardons, but there’s no need to harbor suspicions. If these two sirs are willing to accept this object, when it’s time to enter the leyline, thou may move together with this one’s master for mutual a.s.sistance. Merely, provided that these two sirs reap a large harvest afterwards, please allow ten percent of them to be sold to this one’s master. This would be considered the price in exchange for the authority to use this Gate Opening Pearl.”

Speaking up to here, he paused. Then, he supplemented: “Naturally, if there’s anything among the stone ova obtained by this one’s master that these two sirs need, it can be bartered for.”

Gu Zuo listened to this, and felt that his own side had the greater advantage.

After all, this fellow said to sell ten percent, not take ten percent… Of course, he also knew that this might’ve been the other party valuing his so-called potential in the hopes that he could find even more stone ova. So long as there were stone ova, things like the price didn’t matter at all. Though, it still placed them in an awkward position to agree to this affair.

This was different from Qi Xuanao’s invitation previously. That time, Qi Xuanao had thought that such a team-up was required to enter the cave abode. Later on, after they were unexpectedly separated, and no one wanted to take out their own spoils to split things evenly. Thus, both sides reached a tacit agreement, keeping the benefits they obtained for their own means. But now, the owner of the Divine Wind Trading Company didn’t have to give them the Gate Opening Pearl. It also could’ve been granted to his own subordinates. This was purely sending off benefits…

Tianheng pondered slightly, and said: “Since it’s like this, many thanks for the kind intentions.”

Lou Wei heard this, and a smile spread across his face: “This Lou will promptly return to report to his master. Would these two sirs make early preparations? The journey will be set in a few days!”

Tianheng smiled: “Okay.”

On the side, Fang Anfu also said: “My master possesses a Gate Opening Pearl as well. If thou happens to cross paths with my master in the leyline, thou may join forces.”

At this time, Gu Zuo spoke: “If we run into each other, we naturally can.”

Fang Anfu smiled, too.

However, the fact of the matter was that, at the present time, Tianheng and the other two didn’t know one another…

Gu Zuo silently considered things.

That owner of the Divine Wind Trading Company would be able to get acquainted with Tianheng rather quickly. As for the owner of Medicine Heart Pavilion, the Divine Wind Trading Company’s owner was already familiar with him.

Actually, this made no difference.

After saying their farewells, Gu Zuo told Tianheng what he had been thinking: “I’m glad that they view us with importance, but this is a favor. It isn’t particularly good to owe too many…”

Tianheng smiled and said: “Ah Zuo’s words are reasonable, but there’s no need to overthink it.”

Gu Zuo raised his head, and looked at Tianheng.

Tianheng elaborated: “When all is said and done, it isn’t known how dangerous it’ll be inside the leyline. It also isn’t known how many stone ova we’ll be able to obtain. Thus, it isn’t appropriate to say too much in advance. After this trip is concluded, if we obtain enough stone ova, we can take out a number of them to present to the owner of the Divine Wind Trading Company. If he requires some stone ova that we don’t urgently need, then we can conduct an exchange with him. In this way, it doesn’t count as an owed friendship nor a claimed advantage.”

Speaking up to this point, he ruffled Gu Zuo’s hair: “Naturally, he’s giving us an opportunity this time. After that, you and I should observe his personal character. If he proves himself, then we can become friends. In the future, we certainly can’t forget about him when there are benefits. And if we can’t become friends, we’ll search for another way to pay him back for this opportunity.”

Gu Zuo nodded his head: “Then, we’ll do as big brother says.”

In this world, let alone taking unfair advantage of others, even becoming hostile and backstabbing one’s benefactors was a common sight. However, he always felt that, while it wouldn’t be a big problem if he did too many contemptible and petty things, he might develop some unseen heart knots or something — After all, he wasn’t someone who was born and raised here! It was better to be safe than sorry. What was he supposed to do if this negatively affected the speed of his breakthroughs? As a result, no matter what he did, he would maintain his own bottom line.

Gu Zuo silently glanced at Tianheng.

He would handle matters according to his own thoughts. Other things were for his big brother to consider…

A few days later, Lou Wei punctually arrived outside Ten Ultimates Sect.

Gongyi Tianheng’s mode of transportation had long been prepared. For this trip, he was bringing along Ao Min and the others, as well as five hundred battle slave elites. This grandiose and majestic delegation grouped up with Lou Wei’s procession, and both parties hastened towards their destination.

Because Lou Wei was the guide this time, he was received into Tianheng and Gu Zuo’s small palace hall. While sitting down on the side, he spoke in the capacity of his own master.

The owners of the Divine Wind Trading Company and Medicine Heart Pavilion were a pair of friends. At the same time, they were also fellow disciples of the same sect. The sect that the two belonged to was the gold-ranked organization known as Heavenly Martial Sect.

The Divine Wind Trading Company’s owner was called Shen Yuanbai. He was currently thirty-five years old, and was already a mid Celestial Realm young powerhouse. He had been developing his force for twenty years, and its foundations were deep. In addition, with the support of a gold-ranked organization, he established the Divine Wind Trading Company in countless cities, which brought him untold profits. Consequently, although he was only at the level of an exceptional genius, no one dared to provoke him. Even some prodigies held restraining fears towards him. Moreover, many people believed that his fast cultivation speed didn’t lose out to that of ordinary prodigies. It wasn’t known, but perhaps he had improved his potential beyond the level of an exceptional genius during these years of training.

Shen Yuanbai was traveling to the leyline to get a hold of even more stone ova for his Divine Wind Trading Company to act as merchandise. With such precious goods, he could open up higher channels, and allow the Divine Wind Trading Company’s reputation to grow. This would grant him with even more power.

With such a line of thinking, it appeared reasonable for him to boldly gift a Gate Opening Pearl to the newly-acquainted Tianheng and Gu Zuo.

As for the owner of Medicine Heart Pavilion, he was called Lan Wenxi. He was a low Celestial Realm young powerhouse, and was similarly an exceptional genius. Presently, he had just turned thirty-two. Because his clan’s organization was inferior to that of Shen Yuanbai, it had only been twelve years since he started developing his own force. However, he had been friends with Shen Yuanbai from the beginning, and the help he got from Shen Yuanbai wasn’t small. As a result, his current personal a.s.sets were substantial, and he was a well-known figure among his peers.

Of course, Lou Wei didn’t know too much about the specific circ.u.mstances, but his words made it clear that Medicine Heart Pavilion and the Divine Wind Trading Company were in a partial alliance at the very least.

For this time’s trip to the leyline, perhaps Lan Wenxi was simply traveling together with Shen Yuanbai.

Having come to such an understanding of certain things, half a month of time unwittingly flashed by.

The group travelled day and night. The wild beasts galloped at great speeds before arriving just beyond the boundaries of Heavenly Martial Sect’s sphere of influence.

However, everyone didn’t actually enter Heavenly Martial City, where Heavenly Martial Sect was located. Rather, they only waited outside its immediate territory.

This was because the location of that leyline wasn’t inside Heavenly Martial City. Instead, it was quite far away.

After gifting that Gate Opening Pearl, Shen Yuanbai had also been hastening his journey.

Both sides were going to meet one another at the iron-ranked Wuxin City.

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I Have Medicine Chapter 362 – Lan Wenxi

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Chapter 362 – Lan Wenxi

Shen Yuanbai owned properties inside Wuxin City. Among them, the Divine Wind Trading Company had the best development. Occupying half a street, many distinguished and domineering buildings stood tall in great numbers.

The location of the meeting was naturally going to be within the grounds of the Divine Wind Trading Company.

When Gongyi Tianheng and the others entered the city, they caused some waves. However, because this iron-ranked city was at the level of a veteran organization, it didn’t catch excessive amounts of attention. Just a few of the city lord’s people came over to make discreet inquiries. After clarifying that this prodigy only came to visit a friend, and having their invitation to a banquet tactfully declined, the city lord’s people let the matter rest.

Shen Yuanbai had long been waiting inside the trading company.

Tianheng instructed his subordinates to follow the attendants for arrangements by themselves. Then, under the guidance of Lou Wei, Tianheng led Gu Zuo and several bodyguards to enter the core area of the trading company.

This was a lofty building, but it wasn’t a palace. Rather, it was a large house. It looked like it wasn’t a place for entertaining guests. On the contrary, it seemed like Shen Yuanbai’s own residence.

Lou Wei silently withdrew. In the end, he was a subordinate who didn’t have permission. He wasn’t someone who could go inside without authorization.

Tianheng slightly paused. After letting a breath loose, he calmly walked inside.

Gu Zuo followed close behind while giving furtive, measured glances all around. Soon after, his gaze landed on the owner of this large house.

There was a handsome young man who possessed a pure, masculine air. His facial features were deep and sculpted, his brows were as black as calligraphy ink, his fringe of hair was styled on the edge of a blade, and his temperament was grave and stern. While he sat in there, he didn’t need to make any movements to give others a strong sense of danger. As his eyes swept over, it was as if a bolt of cold lightning burst forth with even more suppressive might.

He was Shen Yuanbai.

Gu Zuo felt a little shocked.

He had seen so many prodigies, but the feelings Shen Yuanbai, this supposed exceptional genius, gave people were the most frightening. Even Qi Xuanao and the others weren’t like this — Perhaps, he really wasn’t a mere exceptional genius any longer? Moreover, Gu Zuo could detect that the source of Shen Yuanbai’s formidable pressure didn’t lie in his realm. Instead, it was due to his own body. Although Gu Zuo couldn’t figure it out, he could perceive that, in addition to the qi energy surrounding his body, there were some other qi emissions that entwined around him. It was this kind of qi emission that gave off a feeling like a mountain of daggers or an ocean of flames. With a single look, one wouldn’t be able to stop their heart from palpitating.

However, after the two walked inside, those qi emissions surrounding Shen Yuanbai vanished. He was originally sitting down, but now, he gave even more face by standing up. He said: “Welcome, please have a seat.”

Gu Zuo and Tianheng looked at this person, and observed the necessary etiquette without speaking. Then, they called out: “Senior Shen.”

Shen Yuanbai spoke: “I’m just a few years older. There’s no need to address me as such.”

Following this, Gu Zuo and Tianheng changed the designation to Brother Shen.

To be honest, the feelings this Shen Yuanbai gave off were very different from what Gu Zuo imagined.

Gu Zuo originally felt that, since he had been running many industries, he ought to have been a little closer to his big brother in terms of temperament. But now it seemed that, let alone close, he was practically…a fierce general who had just returned from the battlefield. Or perhaps, it should’ve been said that he seemed like a lone swordsman, a reclusive saber wielder, or some other personage. It was quite unusual.

But overall, his temperament was still “upright”.

Shen Yuanbai appeared to have a hint of a good impression of Tianheng. After everyone took their seats and Tianheng expressed his thanks, Shen Yuanbai’s lips, which were stretched into a thin line, slightly moved: “I’ve heard that the one Brother Gongyi has joined in Ten Ultimates Sect is the Blood Transformation Palace Hall?”

Tianheng had a smile on his face: “Precisely.”

Shen Yuanbai nodded his head: “The Blood Transformation Palace Hall possesses miraculous skills and is extremely powerful.” Then, he said, “With Brother Gongyi’s apt.i.tudes, you’ve surely claimed a seat under the Blood Transformation Palace Master as an apprentice.”

Tianheng replied: “It’s certainly as you say.”

Shen Yuanbai didn’t pursue the heart of the matter. After making these two inquiries, he changed the subject. They talked about when the leyline could be opened as well as when they would officially enter the leyline.

Following Shen Yuanbai’s explanation, Gu Zuo and Tianheng were even more clear about the leyline’s circ.u.mstances.

As it turned out, this leyline was one that had been sealed up by someone.

Many tens of thousands of years ago, a pharmacist travelled to this land, and happened to discover that a leyline was on the verge of transforming. At that time, the earth would be overturned, and stone ova would burst out of the ground. This would’ve inevitably led to a b.l.o.o.d.y compet.i.tion that erupted with unrest throughout the entire Central Continent!

That pharmacist was benevolent and charitable, and couldn’t bear such a thing. Thus, she used her psychic power to create a blockade, which sealed the whole leyline underground and prevented it from emerging. If anyone wanted to secretly wrest control of the leyline, their psychic power would’ve needed to be stronger than that pharmacist’s psychic power. And in the wake of that virtuous pharmacist’s advancing realm and growing strength, she was ultimately bestowed the t.i.tle of emperor. Over the years, the psychic power that blockaded the leyline became more and more secure. Even when that pharmacist finally pa.s.sed away, the psychic power in the leyline solidified when that pharmacist was at her strongest. Generation after generation, the blockade had never weakened.

It was also from that moment onward when information spread out. That pharmacist allowed the leyline to open once every ten thousand years. At that time, the matured stone ova could be harvested by those who would come later. The numerous stone ova were also for the sake of nurturing the younger generations. By doing so, it prevented any extremely powerful pharmacists among them from wrecking havoc and bringing about a reign of terror.

Gu Zuo heard this, and only felt that it sounded somewhat familiar: “That benevolent and charitable pharmacist…”

Tianheng opened his mouth as well: “Could it be Greater Emperor Medicine Sage?”

Shen Yuanbai spoke: “That’s right. It’s precisely that Greater Emperor.”

That female Greater Emperor had accomplished many matters such as this since her time as a youth. With her capabilities and luck, she originally could’ve turned all of these things for her own use. However, because she didn’t take anything away and properly preserved them instead, it allowed the younger generations to make use of these resources like a thin stream that flowed forever. This deserved the unparalleled grat.i.tude and reverence of the current pharmacists on the continent.

Gu Zuo finished listening, and sighed.

Truly extraordinary.

If it was himself… Gu Zuo was a little ashamed. He definitely wouldn’t have done that. His strength wasn’t high enough, and there were still objectives he needed to achieve.

But supposing that, in the future, his realm was profound and he really came across an opportunity, he would try to do the same.

It was just that the present him couldn’t do that.

Tossing this abrupt state of mind to the side, Gu Zuo looked at Shen Yuanbai.

Shen Yuanbai hadn’t said these things to stimulate any enlightening thoughts within Tianheng and Gu Zuo. When talking about the leyline, he simply mentioned its origins.

After that, Shen Yuanbai continued to speak: “Three days from now, we’ll head to Maple Forest Ruins. There are twenty-something entrances to the leyline, but there’s only one entrance under the jurisdiction of my Heavenly Martial Sect.”

In any case, the leyline was huge, and very few people could enter each time. One entrance was adequate. Even though smaller organizations might’ve known about the positions of other entrances, there was nothing they could do about it. Basically, there was no need to fight over the entrances.

Tianheng responded: “Ah Zuo and I will certainly be on time.”

Shen Yuanbai seemed satisfied, but he didn’t say much. He only said: “Junior Sect Brother Lan will be coming along, too.”

Tianheng smiled: “We know.”

Since there would be only one entrance, it wasn’t strange that all members of Heavenly Martial Sect would be going inside together.

Gu Zuo suddenly understood.

That Shopkeeper Fang talked about running across Lan Wenxi within the leyline, but this encounter would be happening before they went inside.

Immediately after this, the two bade their farewells.

Gu Zuo followed Tianheng, and left this residence. While walking away, he had an odd feeling. He didn’t dare to turn around, but he felt that Prodigy Shen Yuanbai was staring at his big brother’s back. However, he also felt that gaze didn’t contain anything peculiar… En, that fellow shouldn’t have been l.u.s.ting after his big brother’s charms.

When thinking about the word “charming” to describe Tianheng, Gu Zuo felt embarra.s.sed.

So, what was this type of gaze in the end… He was unable to make sense of it.

[Big brother, d-do you sense that?]

[There’s no harm in it.]


[Anyway, it shouldn’t have anything to do with me.]

Gu Zuo: “…”

Alright. Since big brother thought there weren’t any problems, then there definitely weren’t any problems.

If Prodigy Shen liked to watch, then just let him…

The period of three days pa.s.sed by in the blink of an eye.

Maple Forest Ruins was located in the back of Wuxin City. As far as prodigies were concerned, this bit of distance wasn’t worth mentioning. However, this time around wasn’t going to be the same as before. Although some people were heading over one after another, the total number wasn’t particularly high. Also, there weren’t any bustling, crowded scenes of people from the city after discovering a secret realm like in the past.

During these few days, Lan Wenxi met up with them.

He didn’t resemble the words that made up his name. Not only wasn’t there any feeling of culture or gentle elegance, he was instead born with broad shoulders and a thin waist. His facial features were handsome and bright, and his temperament was heroic and high-spirited. Looking at him, one would feel cheerful and delighted.

Shen Yuanbai’s att.i.tude towards Lan Wenxi was pretty good, but from beginning to end, his face was solemn and serious. One couldn’t see any changes that were too big. Meanwhile, Lan Wenxi was the one who held more respect for Shen Yuanbai. While Lan Wenxi would occasionally be chastised by him when asking for guidance on martial skills, this fellow would always listen respectfully.

To be honest, this wasn’t like a pair of good friends. Instead, it seemed like a stern older brother and an obedient younger brother… Though, on the contrary, there still existed a friendship between them.

But as far as Gu Zuo and Gongyi Tianheng were concerned, it was enough to determine that their friendship really existed and that both parties were able to contact one another.

Lan Wenxi was outspoken and straightforward: “While we go on this trip, my numerous subordinated battle slaves will remain here. Senior Sect Brother Shen, would you mind tending to them for a few days?”

Shen Yuanbai’s face was expressionless: “They won’t lack for a bite to eat. If you disdain that as insufficient, then you can fork over the spirit crystals for their meals personally.”

Gu Zuo: “…”

This was considered cracking a joke, right? Haha.

Soon after, Shen Yuanbai spoke to Tianheng: “If you don’t mind, your subordinated battle slaves can also stay here. When we head to Maple Forest Ruins, the battle slaves won’t be able to follow us inside, so there’s no need for any grand processions. Naturally, if you have some other arrangements, you can do as you wish.”

Tianheng plainly said: “What arrangements would I have? I will have to trouble Brother Shen.”

At this moment, Lan Wenxi smiled and said: “Senior Sect Brother Shen treats Brother Gongyi with such cordiality, but is so stern with this little brother. It truly leaves one with a saddened heart.”

Shen Yuanbai still didn’t make any expressions, and stated: “Previously, you’ve eaten my things, and now, your battle slaves are going to eat my things, too. This has been going on for years. Brother Gongyi has only eaten a few meals from me. What are you sad about?”

Lan Wenxi sighed: “Eventually, we all grow old. Senior Sect Brother Shen no longer cherishes me.”

Shen Yuanbai gave him a sidelong glance: “Talking out of your a.s.s.”

Gu Zuo felt exasperated.

Okay. Now, he knew that these two people didn’t just have friendly relations. Rather, this friendship was very strong. Though, watching Shen Yuanbai make jokes with such a deadpan expression still caused people to flinch a little in their hearts.

However, those two fellow disciples didn’t intend to show off this brotherly camaraderie in front of new acquaintances on purpose. After they spoke a few words, Shen Yuanbai stood up first, and began moving: “Brother Gongyi, you and Pharmacist Gu should follow us.”

Tianheng nodded his head, and said: “Brother Shen, Brother Lan. We’ll be in your care.”

Gu Zuo stood on Tianheng’s left side, displaying his closeness.

Shen Yuanbai took the initiative to lead the way.

Contrary to what one might expect, Lan Wenxi’s complexion became somewhat subtle after seeing this scene.

His Senior Sect Brother Shen normally wasn’t a talkative person. Today, his senior sect brother was in the mood to joke with him, and had actively conversed with this Gongyi Tianheng. It was truly too rare.

Something strange was going on for such an unusual event to occur. Lan Wenxi was somewhat curious.

At first, he was quite interested in Gu Zuo, who could refine prismatic pills. As for Tianheng, he felt that the other party’s apt.i.tudes were pretty good, but he would wait until this fellow’s realm was more profound before genuinely regarding the other party with importance. But now, just by looking at the unusual att.i.tude of his Senior Sect Brother Shen, he wanted to pay even more attention to these two.

What was the reason for Shen Yuanbai’s att.i.tude? The mystery made Lan Wenxi’s heart itch.

Due to the rather good relationship between their two masters, he had received a lot of Senior Sect Brother Shen’s care since joining Heavenly Martial Sect. Yet, he had never seen any intersections between Senior Sect Brother Shen and Gongyi Tianheng. Besides, it had been no more than a short two months since Tianheng appeared, so the source of his senior sect brother’s special respect most likely wasn’t on Tianheng himself.

…It truly left one yearning to figure it out.

Just as he was considering this, Shen Yuanbai, who was originally in the very front and had turned his head to provide directions, suddenly swept a sharpened gaze at Lan Wenxi.

Lan Wenxi immediately kept an upright att.i.tude.

Even if he wanted to know, it seemed that he could only make discreet inquiries on the sly.

Gu Zuo’s thoughts were preoccupied with the leyline, and he didn’t notice anything strange.

The edge of Tianheng’s lips wore a smile. It appeared that he similarly hadn’t realized anything.

After traveling for a while, the group reached Maple Forest Ruins without a hitch.

Soon, a number of people came to welcome them. Lan Wenxi gave introductions, and pointed at the four: “This time, we’ll be entering the leyline. My spot has a pharmacist who’ll be going with me. Senior Sect Brother Shen’s spot also has three people.” Then, he presented Tianheng and Gu Zuo, “These two will be going with us. One is Ten Ultimates Sect’s prodigy, and the other is a pharmacist with heaven-level potential. All of you can’t be neglectful.”

Between those people, there were three pharmacists and one martial artist. Among them, the martial artist was slightly similar in appearance to Shen Yuanbai, so he must have been the chosen member of the Shen household. As for the pharmacists, apart from the one who was close to that Shen Clan member, the other two were deferential to Shen Yuanbai and Lan Wenxi, respectively.

At this time, they also came over to call out in greetings.

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I Have Medicine Chapter 360 – Wondrous Medicine

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Chapter 360 – Wondrous Medicine

Wu Xing was extremely quick to bow: “Greetings, young master.”

Gongyi Tianheng slightly nodded to Wu Xing. Then, his gaze turned to Gu Zuo: “Ah Zuo, have your affairs been handled?”

Gu Zuo replied: “Everything’s been taken care of.”

Tianheng smiled: “Ah Zuo has worked hard.”

Gu Zuo hurriedly stated: “I’ve just been talking and giving orders. The one who’s really been taking action is the Wu Clan Head.”

Tianheng swept a glance over the deferential Wu Xing, and said: “The Wu Clan Head has been working hard, too.”

This time, it was Wu Xing’s turn to reply without delay: “This subordinate wouldn’t dare talk of ‘working hard’. These are all matters that are part of this one’s duties.”

After speaking a few simple sentences, Tianheng spread out his palm, and a card appeared.

Gu Zuo stared blankly.

Tianheng said: “A member of the Gold-Devouring Mouse Race came to deliver this thing. Because Ah Zuo wasn’t present, this message was handed over to me.”

At this time, Wu Xing tactfully withdrew.

Gu Zuo took the card, and looked at it: “It’s a message from Shopkeeper Fang.” He slightly furrowed his brows, “Hasn’t it been only a few days since we last met? Why has another card come?”

Shopkeeper Fang previously gave him some information, which was pa.s.sed along to Tianheng to read through. However, he felt that he didn’t have to agree to a meeting so easily. Otherwise, it would seem out of line with his character. When these people saw there was no response, they would naturally consider things more. If they still wanted to meet, then there was probably more to discuss. It was just that he didn’t expect it to happen again so quickly… Who knew if there was anything strange going on.

With such thoughts, Gu Zuo unfolded the message.

Inside the card, Shopkeeper Fang wrote clearly. Besides reporting how he had perfunctorily declined several clans that had come searching once more, he mentioned that a new person arrived to make an appointment. This person brought forth a worthy gift, and his ident.i.ty was that of a member of the Divine Wind Trading Company. Naturally, this person knew that Shopkeeper Fang was someone familiar with Gu Zuo. Consequently, this matter was difficult to conceal or brush aside.

Thus, another message had been delivered.

Gu Zuo paused: “Someone from the Divine Wind Trading Company?”

Tianheng took the card, and looked it over. Then, he smiled and said: “Ah Zuo’s prismatic pill had been given to the Divine Wind Trading Company by Shopkeeper Fang, but while the Divine Wind Trading Company and Medicine Heart Pavilion have a good relationship, it may be a.s.sumed that the trading company isn’t willing to get in touch with Ah Zuo only through Shopkeeper Fang. Thus, it’s to be expected that they’ll want to contact you personally.”

Gu Zuo nodded his head: “In that case, shall I go see them?”

Tianheng asked a question in return: “What does Ah Zuo think?”

Gu Zuo thought about it: “I feel that Shopkeeper Fang definitely knew that the Divine Wind Trading Company would make this request. It’s just that they might’ve discussed something before finding me?”

Tianheng praised: “It’s more than likely to be like this. If the Divine Wind Trading Company didn’t offer an adequate price tag, Shopkeeper Fang certainly wouldn’t have been willing to act as a bridge of his own volition.”

Gu Zuo felt that these kinds of twists and turns were particularly taxing on one’s mind, but he could see how this affected his benefits: “Also, I think that since I’ve made friends with Medicine Heart Pavilion, it wouldn’t hurt to make another friend of the Divine Wind Trading Company. After all, if I can’t find certain medicinal ingredients in the sect one day, then I can ask the trading company to make some discreet inquiries. Moreover, I wouldn’t want all aspects of the transactions between me and the Divine Wind Trading Company to be known to Medicine Heart Pavilion.”

Tianheng said: “Ah Zuo’s considerations are valid. No matter how good the relationship is between the owners of Medicine Heart Pavilion and the Divine Wind Trading Company, they wouldn’t want to share everything like this elder brother and Ah Zuo. Therefore, it would be even more advantageous to make friends separately.”

Hence, Gu Zuo settled the matter: “Then, we’ll send the news to Shopkeeper Fang, and let him find a suitable place for big brother and I to go together.”

Tianheng gave a faint smile: “Okay.”

After going through the experience once, the second meeting went smoothly.

Shopkeeper Fang was waiting at the same location. As the door opened, he was surprised to discover that the party to come this time wasn’t one person. Rather, it was two people k2014; Of course, Ao Ying and the other bodyguards weren’t counted.

That Pharmacist Gu still looked the same as before. As for the other person, his bearing was natural, and his complexion was handsome. He seemed like an aristocratic family’s young master, but when one looked into the depths of this fellow’s eyes, one could tell that this wasn’t a simple personage.

Compared to Pharmacist Gu, who previously made him feel some restraining fear, the sense of danger coming from this fellow was even greater.

Gu Zuo saw Shopkeeper Fang, and lifted his chin: “This is my big brother, Gongyi Tianheng. Surely, you know his ident.i.ty?”

Shopkeeper Fang heard this, and blanked. But soon, his eyes slightly turned and he cleared his throat. At once, his expression turned solemn. He stood up and bowed: “Ten Ultimates Sect’s newly joined, all-star prodigy — Gongyi Tianheng. This Fang has been looking forward to meeting thee for a long time.” Shortly thereafter, his words slightly flickered with a tone of regret, “So it turns out that Pharmacist Gu stands beside Prodigy Gongyi. Please forgive this one’s presumptions.”

Tianheng’s att.i.tude was magnanimous. Although he gave people a somewhat distant feeling, his temperament didn’t appear that peculiar compared to that of ordinary prodigies: “Ah Zuo is my personal pharmacist. Previously, I was in the middle of secluded cultivation inside the sect, and didn’t know about this matter. Since I’m out now, I ought to accompany him for a turn.”

Gu Zuo pretended to be proud of himself: “That’s right. My big brother and I have been together for a very long time.”

At this moment, Shopkeeper Fang had already given up on introducing Gu Zuo to his master. In addition, his idea of inviting Gu Zuo to stay beside his master switched directions. Now, it had changed to facilitating a good relationship between the two parties: “So it’s like this. People would look up to the profound friendship between these two sirs.”

Sure enough, once these words were spoken, Shopkeeper Fang discovered that Tianheng and Gu Zuo’s expressions had improved. He silently noted this in his heart.

From last time’s meeting, Shopkeeper Fang knew that Gu Zuo wasn’t the type of person who liked to waste time with pleasantries. As a result, after both sides exchanged conventional greetings, he agilely took something out from his sleeve. He nudged it towards the pair, and said: “The manager of the Divine Wind Trading Company that this Fang got in touch with greatly admires Pharmacist Gu’s skills. After properly settling the matters of the auction house, he made a few overtures to meet Pharmacist Gu. Although this Fang made several evasions, magnificent hospitality is hard to refuse. And the visitation gift he took out is truly too precious… Thus, this Fang didn’t dare act arbitrarily.”

Gu Zuo heard Shopkeeper Fang speaking in this way, and somewhat curiously looked at the wooden box he pushed over: “It’s something that precious?”

Shopkeeper Fang nodded: “If the person whom he wanted to deliver it to wasn’t Pharmacist Gu, this Fang would’ve wanted to appropriate it for himself.”

Gu Zuo was even more astonished. He turned his head to look at Tianheng: “Big brother, come have a look, too.”

Tianheng had a smile on his face, and moved to sit even closer to Gu Zuo. Then, he took that wooden box, and opened it.

In a split second, a rich and intoxicating fragrance a.s.sailed the senses. An extremely irresistible feeling arose unbidden from the bottom of their hearts.

Gu Zuo blinked his eyes, and felt as if he had been struck into a daze.

And at this very moment, Tianheng composed himself, and reached out a hand to grasp the object inside that wooden box. The particulars were revealed before everyone’s eyes: “This is a…stone ovum?”

At this time, Gu Zuo also snapped out of it. His gaze settled onto the item between Tianheng’s fingers.

Sure enough, that thing’s appearance wasn’t ordinary.

It was about the size of a pigeon egg, and its entire body was ash-white. At first glance, it looked like an unremarkable stone, but upon closer inspection, one would almost think that its outer sh.e.l.l was formed out of jade. The surface should’ve been covered in tiny pores that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, which were faintly releasing the fragrance that they smelled just now.

However, what was a stone ovum? A stone egg?

Such an interpretation was naturally correct, but Gu Zuo felt that what his big brother specially mentioned wasn’t only a description. Rather, it was a specific designation.

Shopkeeper Fang smiled and said: “As expected, Prodigy Gongyi is knowledgable. That’s right, this is a stone ovum!”

Tianheng sighed: “Indeed, this is extremely precious.”

For the sake of maintaining a unanimous front with his family’s big brother, Gu Zuo didn’t ask any questions in his presence.

However, Tianheng was aware of Gu Zuo’s thoughts, and secretly transmitted to him.

[Ah Zuo, a stone ovum is something produced from leylines. It’s wondrous medicine.]

Gu Zuo’s pupils suddenly shrank.

Wondrous medicine?

He knew about wondrous medicine. It was just that Details of Ten Thousand Medicines only gave a comprehensive explanation of ordinary medicinal ingredients and spirit medicines. As for wondrous medicines, it only stated that such things were stored in rocks. Only a non-descriptive footnote was written about it. So for a short while, he didn’t make a connection to the stone ovum.

But now that he heard his family’s big brother mention this, he had a realization.

— Wondrous medicines were actually a type of wondrous object born from leylines, and protected by an outer stone sh.e.l.l. Because the wondrous objects usually had medicinal effects, they were directly called “wondrous medicine”.

And wondrous medicine was indeed more precious than ordinary medicinal ingredients. This was because their characteristics were usually quite special. According to Gu Zuo’s thought process, this ought to have been due to growth under the protection of the earth’s qi as well as the corresponding mutations that would arise. As a result, places that produced wondrous medicines were often located within environments of extraordinary geography.

Gu Zuo returned the voice transmission.

[Big brother, is this wondrous medicine so precious?]

It was just like his skewed sense of valuation towards prismatic pills. When it came to wondrous medicine, which he had heard about long ago, he also didn’t have a clear understanding of its true worth.

Tianheng’s reply was swiftly sent.

[Leylines produce special wondrous objects. Due to changes in a leyline, it may form stone ova with jade-like qualities. After cutting one open, a person can obtain whatever’s inside. While the wondrous object within the stone ovum usually can’t be seen, if the stone ovum hasn’t completely transformed into a jade ovum — Just like the stone ovum we’re looking at today — It’ll still release some qi emissions for people to a.n.a.lyze. However, once it becomes a jade ovum, it’s hard to predict what’s inside. The object is always extremely rare and precious, causing others to rush like a flock of ducks. Therefore, a stone ovum isn’t as valuable as a jade ovum, but stone ova aren’t ordinary at all.]

Gu Zuo finished listening, and carefully thought about it.

[So to say, one still needs to look at the thing inside to determine the specific value…]

Tianheng wore a smiling expression.

[Correct. Though, based on the qi emissions and rich fragrance this item is releasing, it’s certainly extremely precious.]

Gu Zuo understood.

In any case, stone ova seldom appeared. Some had great uses, and some were rarely seen. However, from the qi emissions of the stone ovum that had been taken out now, it was judged to be both rare and useful. As a result, it was incredibly precious.

To put it simply, the other party had given him a type of wondrous medicine that was perfectly intact and of the highest quality!

It was no wonder that Shopkeeper Fang expressed that he didn’t dare to take action for himself.

Gu Zuo previously showed how much he liked medicinal ingredients. Whether it was based on a sense of fair play or selfish motives, Shopkeeper Fang had to look to Gu Zuo to make the final decision.

The conversation within the pair’s consciousness lasted only a breath of time. The connection had already ended.

Shopkeeper Fang was none the wiser. After Tianheng confirmed the stone ovum’s value, he said: “Since it’s like this, would these two sirs please accept this gift?”

Tianheng handed over the stone ovum to Gu Zuo: “If Ah Zuo is interested, it’s better to open it now, and take a look.”

Gu Zuo took the stone ovum, and simply nodded his head: “Shopkeeper Fang, does this place have any tools?”

Shopkeeper Fang heard these two speak in such a way, and his smiling expression became even more distinct. He knew that so long as the two cut open the stone ovum, it indicated that they had already accepted the gift. The matter of meeting the other person was basically settled. He didn’t dare to neglect anything in the slightest, and immediately reached into his sleeve again to take out a knife that had been forged from a special metal. He pa.s.sed the knife into Gu Zuo’s hand: “Pharmacist Gu, please take this.”

Gu Zuo placed the stone ovum inside the wooden box. Using his fingers to hold it in place, he readied the knife. After lightly placing the knife against the stone ovum’s sh.e.l.l, he slowly tapped it.

As it turned out, Tianheng was sharing another voice transmission with him.

[Ah Zuo, when cutting open the stone ovum, lightly knock on the ovum’s sh.e.l.l. Bring down the knife where there’s a hollow sound…]

Without missing a beat, Gu Zuo strictly did as instructed.

Sure enough, upon hearing a crisp noise, his fingers slightly exerted the knife on that spot. That knife moved like it was cutting through tofu, and a hole was sliced out of the stone ovum.

In the blink of an eye, an even heavier fragrance billowed out, and almost instantly filled the entire room.

The stone ovum rapidly split apart. After a clear and melodious sound echoed out, a beam of white light burst forth!

Gu Zuo was startled, and swiftly mobilized his psychic power.

Tianheng had already stretched out a long arm, and a formless palm closed around that white light!

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