Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1290 – Flawless Plan

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Chapter 1290: Flawless Plan

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The party continued after the host had arrived and given her speech. With wine in hand, many men were eager to drink or chat with Yan Jiaren. But before they could get too close, her bodyguards went up to her and whispered something into her ear.

Seemingly hearing something surprising, Yan Jiaren couldn’t hide her delight and joy. She left the venue immediately, with no regard for the guests who had come to see her.

Yun Xi watched Yan Jiaren as she hurriedly left the venue. Besides Mu Feichi, Yun Xi couldn’t think of anyone else who could get Yan Jiaren to disregard her upbringing as an heiress and leave her guests behind with no words of apology.

She was showing the evident joy of a young girl in love after she had heard what the bodyguards had said. So, anyone with sharp eyes would be able to tell what was on her mind.

Mu Feichi’s whereabouts had been kept secret. Thus, for Yan Jiaren to have gotten the news of his appearance so quickly, she must have planned everything ahead of time.

Her bodyguards in the venue were obviously there to keep a lookout for Mu Feichi. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for anyone to notice his arrival so fast.

Yan Jiaren seemed to really care for Mu Feichi. So even though she wasn’t sure whether he would appear, she had still made arrangements to look out for Mu Feichi. No wonder Mu Feichi wasn’t fond of her and even said that she wasn’t a simple woman.

Most people would either contact Gu Baifan or make an appointment if they wanted to meet Mu Feichi, But to make such a perfect plan like Yan Jiaren had, any man would be afraid of her.

As soon as Yan Jiaren left the party, the men at the party began looking around for other targets.

Yun Ziling looked around the venue and immediately saw Liang Xinyi in the crowd, trying to make friends with several socialites and heiresses. Many heiresses knew her because of what had happened at her mother’s wedding banquet. However, everyone shunned her like the plague because of her bad


Just such a simple act and Liang Xinyi had disgraced herself and was now greatly embarra.s.sed.

Seeing how she was being ostracized, Yun Ziling felt an inexplicable joy.

Yun Ziling had always thought of Chen Lixue and her daughters as country b.u.mpkins and s.l.u.ts from the countryside. She didn’t have a good impression of them at all, especially after Chen Lixue seduced her father and almost caused her parents to divorce.

So, it was extremely satisfying to see how Liang Xinyi had gotten to a point where everyone shunned her.

Even though she was only watching the show from the sidelines, Yun Ziling didn’t want to let go of this chance to ridicule Liang Xinyi. So she gathered up her gown and walked over to Liang Xinyi.

“Twondered who was the one everyone is avoiding? And it’s you!”

Liang Xinyi hadn’t noticed Yun Ziling at first. If Yun Ziling hadn’t come looking for her, she would have never expected Yun Ziling to fit the criteria to get an invitation to this kind of event.

But knowing Yun Ziling and her mother, they must have used Yun Xi’s connections to get themselves an invitation. If not, they would never have been able to get into such a party.

“Liang Xinyi, look at you now. You should reflect on why you are such a failure. You and your family are all country b.u.mpkins, so why would these people from reputable families make friends with you? Don’t think you are an heiress now, just because your mother married into the Su family. You and your

sister are nothing more than just burdens from your mother’s previous marriage. Take a look at yourself. Do you think you are Cinderella?”

“You…” Liang Xinyi’s face turned white as a sheet after being humiliated by Yun Ziling in public.

Having just been shunned by a group of heiresses, Liang Xinyi suddenly felt a wave of intolerable burning anger inside her after now being humiliated by Yun Ziling..

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1294 – Crisis

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Chapter 1294: Crisis

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Yan Jiaren had initially placed the gown in her boutique as a representative piece of her work. However, she had received news that the dress had been stolen yesterday. Her cousin had happened to be at her boutique yesterday, so she had asked him to report it to the police.

She did not expect that someone would actually dare to wear a dress stolen from her boutique to her party!

Was she just fearless or simply didn’t care about getting caught?

Jiang Chenghuan had to finish his part in the show, so he immediately went over to Yan Jiaren when he saw her walking into the ballroom. According to their original plan, he was to act as the fuse for the dispute to intensify further.

“Miss Yan, Second Master Jiang is here…”

“Miss Yan…”

“Second Master Jiang…”

Someone in the crowd called out their names, and everyone started making way for Yan Jiaren and Jiang Chenghuan.

Jiang Chenghuan glanced at Yun Ziling and exclaimed, “Isn’t this the dress that was stolen from your boutique yesterday?”

Yan Jiaren turned to look at the masked guest and took a closer look at the gown. She frowned when she saw that it was indeed the gown she had designed. The way she looked at Yun Ziling got sharper. “It is indeed the stolen gown.”

What should she do now?

With all the focus on her, Yun Ziling held onto Liang Xiugin’s clothes and hid behind her, looking weak and helpless.

However, Liang Xiuqin had started panicking when Jiang Chenghuan talked about the dress. After all, she had never committed a crime, but now she could only protect her daughter no matter what.

The only idea she could think of was to temporarily divert everyone’s attention, especially since Liang Xinyi had gone way overboard.

“B*tch, what nonsense are you talking about?” Liang Xiugin pushed Yun Ziling closely behind her back and shouted at Liang Xinyi. “You messed around and even got s.e.xually involved with a man for money when you were still a young girl. You have no right to talk about someone else when you are such a

horrible person yourself.”

For Liang Xinyi, the incident between her and Han Zhongteng had always been a thorn in her flesh. Though she was upset that Liang Xiugin had brought it up in front of everyone, she was also smart enough not to let Liang Xiugin divert the focus to her.

“We are talking about the two of you stealing the dress and even wearing a dress stolen from Yan Jiaren’s boutique to a party she organized. I really admire your courage. But, Miss Yan, since they are here, I suggest you should call the police now.”

Liang Xinyi knew that Liang Xiugin would divert attention to something else. But this matter was entirely up to Yan Jiaren and not anyone else.

Yan Jiaren glanced at Liang Xinyi and did not acknowledge her immediately. Instead, she turned toward Jiang Chenghuan and said, “Are they the two thieves described by the store a.s.sistant?”

Jiang Chenghuan turned and saw a pleading look on Yun Ziling’s face. He then nodded. “I heard it was a mother-and-daughter pair, and the younger girl looked a little chubby. So it should…should be them! I will call the store a.s.sistant to come over to make sure we have caught the right people.”

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1295 – Shameless

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Chapter 1295: Shameless

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Yan Jiaren nodded her head. Although she had to wait for someone to come and confirm it, all the surrounding guests had already subconsciously confirmed that the mother-and-daughter pair in front of them were the ones who had stolen the gown.

Ian instant, the crowd erupted in a heated debate…

“Nowadays, thieves are getting bolder and bolder.”

“That’s right. She’s wearing a stolen gown and prancing around. She’s not worried about being caught.”

“Hasn’t she already been caught? I heard they are the wife and daughter of a certain director in Jingdu.”

“The director’s wife and daughter have become thieves.”

In this isolated and helpless situation, Liang Xiugin looked anxiously and nervously at Jiang Chenghuan, who was the only one she could count on for help. “Young Master Jiang, we really didn’t steal it. It really has nothing to do with us… I… didn’t know that this gown was designed by Miss Yan. If we had


If they had known, they would never have come to her ball and dug their own graves.

Now it just so happened that they had b.u.mped into each other.

Yan Jiaren turned to look at her cousin and frowned. “Did you invite them?”

The two continued to talk to one another. They did not intend to give anyone a chance to explain themselves.

Jiang Chenghuan nodded and shrugged his shoulders, as if he had also been forced into a corner. “Someone I owed asked me for a favor.”

“So you’re saying that she asked for an invitation for them? What about your savior? You didn’t invite her?”

“If I did, would today have played out like this? Not only does Yun Xi not know you, but she also doesn’t have any motive. Even if I’d invited her, she might not have had the time to come.”

In other words, these two had gotten in through the back door and were not among the invited.

Jiang Chenghuan’s protective words instantly cleared the air about Yun Xi’s relations.h.i.+p with the mother-and-daughter pair.

No matter how dumb the guests were, they understood what was going on. They looked at Liang Xiugin and her daughter with even more disdain and disgust.

It turned out that the two of them had an ulterior motive for stealing the gown. However, they probably had not expected to be caught red-handed on the spot. This was really divine retribution.

No matter what happened, stealing was stealing, and the crime of being a thief could not be erased..

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1292 – Heroic Aura

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Chapter 1292: Heroic Aura

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Ina corridor on the hotel’s third floor, Yan Jiaren stood quietly at the elevator. Upon seeing her, one of her bodyguards looked toward the end of the aisle and then spoke in a low voice, “The Young Commander just came out of the VIP room, and he is sitting in the communal area.”

“I got it. All of you can leave now.” Yan Jiaren took a deep breath and walked toward where Mu Feichi was.

The soft carpet cus.h.i.+oned and muted the clicking of her heels. In the small communal area, Mu Feichi sat alone on a small sofa next to the window with a laptop open in front of him. He happened to be facing the corridor where Yan Jiaren was walking, and he looked up as soon as she approached.

Mu Feichi’s cold eyes fell on the uninvited Yan Jiaren. With dissatisfaction about this disturbance written all over his face, he scrutinized her with a sharp look.

Yan Jiaren felt as if she was standing outside in the icy snow after just one look from him. This man was still indifferent and arrogant toward women.

‘What an overweening arrogance. However, when it was a battlefield hero like him acting so arrogantly, she wasn’t disgusted at all.

He had a mysterious charm that could attract women who had an obsession for heroic figures.

In Yan Jiaren’s eyes, frivolous wealthy young masters, ruthless elite businessmen, or fas.h.i.+onable, elegant gentlemen all lacked the unique qualities that she saw in Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi was different from other men. He had been born into a n.o.ble family, and it seemed as if he had been born with a certain amount of arrogance and aloofness. Even though he spent most of his time with the army, the Mu family’s businesses were never adversely affected after he a.s.sumed the role

of decision-making for his family.

He was a soldier. It was his determination and powerful heroic aura that made her crazily in love with him.

Her Yan family wasn’t one of the most important families in Jingdu. However, they were backed by the wealthy, well-known Jiang family, giving them a little more leverage than other regular families.

Yan Jiaren had studied and worked hard overseas so that she could be worthy of him and be with him in the future. If not for the fact that she had received some unconfirmed gossip, she wouldn’t have returned home in such a hurry.

She had asked her cousin to send the party invitation on her behalf, thinking that he would accept and show up to celebrate her return. Though he did show up in the end, it obviously wasn’t for her.

“Young Commander…” Yan Jiaren walked toward him with her usual smile on her face. She looked at him as if she was the owner of the place he was seated in.

“Lam holding a party downstairs, and I heard that you happened to be up here too. I hope that I am not bothering you.”

Standing before him, Yan Jiaren unconsciously softened her stance and att.i.tude. She didn’t dare to be overly arrogant, as she was worried that Mu Feichi would think of her as a defiant, uncultured young lady.

However, her actions did not work on Mu Feichi at all. Instead, he looked again at the surveillance footage he was watching on his laptop, keeping an eye on every movement and action at the party.

Yun Ziling and Liang Xinyi continued to argue with each other, not knowing that they had already attracted much attention.

‘Two of her guests were causing a stir, but Yan Jiaren had come to look for him instead of dealing with it. If she didn’t return to the party right away, Yun Xi’s plan might just fail because of him.

Yan Jiaren leaving the party venue was something that had happened that was out of Yun Xi’s control when she made the plan. After all, he didn’t expect Yan Jiaren to come looking for him either. However, when he was watching the surveillance footage and saw her leaving the party, he immediately knew

someone had exposed his whereabouts.

With a frown on his face, Mu Feichi turned his laptop to Yan Jiaren and said casually, “Miss Yan, something is happening at your party.”

Yan Jiaren looked at the laptop screen. However, instead of focusing on what was happening, she was puzzled about why he was monitoring the party.

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1297 – Denouement

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Chapter 1297: Denouement

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Yun Xi went up to the third floor to find Mu Feichi. He tuned his laptop around and looked at her with a faint smile.

“I’s such a pity that your sister isn’t an actress. She is talented indeed.”

Yun Xi looked at the surveillance video he was watching on the laptop. After she had left, Yun Ziling had fainted.

The scene was in chaos. Liang Xiugin was screaming in panic. In the end, the hotel staff helped to take them out of the banquet hall and escort them to the hospital.

“In this kind of situation, if she doesn’t faint, she will have to justify herself, and she won’t be able to escape either. Other than those who are there to add insult to injury and watch a good show, no one will help them.”

Pulling a tissue from the box on the table, Yun Xi wiped her lipstick off and looked at the time on the laptop. “It’s getting late. Let’s go home. There’s going to be a good show tomorrow we should catch.”

Seeing that there was no sadness on her face, Mu Feichi did not probe further about her plans. He closed the laptop, got up, and followed her into the elevator that led to the underground parking lot.

This long night and its many events were enough time for the mother and daughter to suffer in the hospital. Tomorrow, there would be a big show.

The task of calling the police had been handed over to Jiang Chenghuan. In this way, Yun Xi would have time to prepare for the crucial moment.

Memories from her previous life came flooding back. Now that she had made her move on Liang Xiugin, she would not show any mercy.

In the city hospital, Yun Ziling woke up from her fainting episode. The moment she saw Liang Xiugin’s worried face, she felt irritated.

If her mother had not done such a stupid thing, she would not be in such a sorry state now. Not only had she ma.s.sively embarra.s.sed herself, she had even wasted such a good opportunity.

She had worked so hard for nothing and had even become thought of as a thief who everyone wanted to beat up. Now that the matter had been blown up out of all proportion, she did not have any idea about how to explain herself to her father.


“Ziling, you’re awake?” Liang Xiugin looked nervously at Yun Ziling who was finally conscious and heaved a sigh of relief.

Yun Ziling gave Liang Xiugin a disgruntled side glance. Everything was her fault. She was the one who had caused all of this. If she hadnt stolen that gown, none of these things would have happened.

At the thought of this, she decided that she did not want to talk to her anymore.

“That’s good… Thankfully, you fainted. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to escape the situation.”

“Escape? Do you think that’s the end of it?”

Yun Ziling was mad as h*ll about her mother’s intelligence. At this point, her mother was still hoping to get a lucky break. She was building castles in the air.

“Te already called your sister. Miss Yan is Second Young Master Jiang’s cousin. As long as Second Young Master Jiang is willing to help us, this matter could be resolved…”

Yun Ziling sat up weakly and looked at her “Did you get through then?”

Now that something like this had happened, Second Young Master Jiang had failed to treat Yun Xias a friend. Whether he could help was one thing, but whether he wanted to help was another matter altogether.

“Not yet… It’s already so late…”

‘When Yun Ziling saw her stammering, she knew that there was no hope. They could naturally try to use Yun Xi to help them, but if she no longer had any pull with Second Young Master Jiang, even if she was willing to help… On what basis did Second Young Master Jiang have to help them?

This time, their situation was truly worrying.

Yun Ziling lay back on the bed feeling weak, rolling her eyes to look at the ceiling above her. She could not understand how things had turned out like this.

“Don’t worry, I’l continue to call her. If she doesn’t pick up, I’ll go to her school to look for her. No matter what, even if she has to beg Second Young Master Jiang, I’ll make her explain this matter to Second Young Master Jiang. It was just a gown, and it’s not a problem for rich people like them. As long as

Second Young Master Jiang is willing to put in a few good words for us in front of Miss Yan, this matter can still be resolved privately. No matter what, Mom won’t let this matter get you in trouble.”

“Then you try to see what you can do.” Yun Ziling looked at her mother helplessly, closing her eyes and turning over.

Now that she had lost all respect and had been so publicly humiliated, why would she care about being implicated?

Anyway, she was not the one who had stolen the gown. If anyone really had to take responsibility, it would be her mother’s responsibility. She had nothing to do with it..

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1291 – Shocking Coincidence

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Chapter 1291: Shocking Coincidence

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Liang Xinyi was shaking with anger as she spoke through clenched teeth, “Yun Ziling, don’t go too far!”

If it wasn’t for the fact that she might get kicked out of the party for causing trouble, Liang Xinyi really wanted to give Yun Ziling a few slaps across the face.

“Lam speaking the truth, so how have I gone too far?” Yun Ziling felt great to see Liang Xinyi biting her lips together tightly out of anger and shame.

Liang Xinyi gritted her teeth. It took her a lot of effort to control her temper, but she also knew better than to stay on the topic.

She looked at Yun Ziling from top to bottom, and she frowned at what she saw.

‘The gown on Yun Ziling had been designed by Yan Jiaren. Liang Xinyi had seen the dress when shopping for hers at Jingdu Tower. She had liked it a lot, but it was too expensive so she couldn’t buy it.

Also the gown had been too big for her, so she’d given up on getting the dress. But she definitely hadn’t expected to see it on Yun Ziling.

Even though she was with Han Zhongteng, she still couldn’t afford the dress with the money he gave her. So how did Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling afford the gown?

Even if Yun Xi were generous enough to get them into the party, she wouldn’t spend so much to get a dress for Yun Ziling.

‘Thinking about all of that, Liang Xinyi looked at Yun Ziling with a sharp and penetrating look.

“It seems as if your mother has put a lot of money into getting a rich son-in-law. But even if you wanted to get Miss Yan’s attention, she might not be interested to see you. Didn’t you see how many rich heirs were waiting to meet her? You wouldn’t get a chance even if you waited.”

“[ didn’t come to this party for her.”

“Why would your mother spend so much on this dress if you are not here for her? I guess your mother is a lot richer than I thought.”

“What…what do you mean?” Yun Ziling was slow to react to what Liang Xinyi had said, and she got nervous when Liang Xinyi started talking about the gown.

“What? Don’t tell me that you didn’t know that Yan Jiaren was the designer of your gown? The Beauty is a fas.h.i.+on brand she created after returning from overseas. You are wearing a gown of her design, yet you didn’t even know? How can you be so ignorant?”

…” After hearing what Liang Xinyi had said, Yun Ziling felt like a bolt of lightning had struck her.

No way! How could there be such a coincidence?

Yun Ziling suddenly remembered how she and her mother had stolen this dress. If Yan Jiaren were to recognize it and accuse her of stealing it in front of everyone, it would be useless to keep on living even if she could dig a hole to hide in.

Seeing Yun Ziling’s reaction, Liang Xinyi thought she had hit the nail on the head and was immediately pleased with herself.

Yun Ziling had publicly humiliated her just now, so Liang Xinyi gave no second thoughts about fighting back. “I guess Miss Yan still doesn’t know that an ignorant person bought the gown she designed. Well, an upstart family will always act like one and will never be on the same level as a wealthy and

famous family.”

Yun Ziling couldn’t be bothered about being ridiculed by Liang Xinyi. She was considering whether to stay or go. She had already seen Yan Jiaren leaving in a hurry after all.

As the boutique owner and designer, Yan Jiaren would definitely know that this gown had been stolen from her boutique. But as long as they didn’t meet each other, everything should be all right.

Besides, she still must find the directors of Jingdu High School. So she was reluctant to just leave before she’d done that.

After all, this was her only chance left. If she couldn’t find and persuade them, she isn’t going to be able to take the college entrance examination either.

If she can’t get into a university, she would be a girl with a congenital heart disease and no educational qualifications. With that, her future would be ruined, and there would no chance for her to marry into a wealthy family..

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1296 – Opportunity

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Chapter 1296: Opportunity

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Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo were also at the party, standing in a comer beside the buffet table. They were casually holding their plates and eating cakes while enjoying Liang Xiugin and her daughter’s pitiful plights.

“Yun Xi, your mother just tried to bring up your name to plead for help at this critical moment. During normal times, she treats you as if you didn’t exist. Now suddenly when something terrible has happened, she remembers that you are her daughter. How shameless of her!”

“Even now, she doesn’t really treat me as her daughter. She just thinks that she can rely on my relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chenghuan to escape this calamity. Since I’m the one who set up this trap, I have no intention of interfering.”

This was also the reason why she wasn’t going to show her face. Once Liang Xiugin and Yun Ziling saw that she was here, they would definitely ask for her help and try to drag her down with them.

She was not stupid enough to dig this hole for herself.

“Let’s go. This show is over. There’s still going to be a better show later.”

After putting down her plate, Yun Xi pulled Zhao Yumo out of the hall.

“There’s another good show coming? Does it have something to do with your father?”

Zhao Yumo followed behind her. Yun Xi no longer cared about the situation that was taking place at the party. Everyone was certain that Liang Xiugin and Yun Ziling were indeed thieves, and the store a.s.sistant was also on the way to identify them. When the store a.s.sistant arrived with the surveillance

footage in hand, Yun Xi didn’t believe that the mother-and-daughter pair would be able to do anything to get out of their calamity because there was concrete evidence on the tapes.

Yun Xi nodded, her red lips curling into a cold smile. “The police will definitely come after Liang Xiugin after she did such a stupid thing. Even if Yun Yuanfeng can afford to be so embarra.s.sed in this way, he won’t indulge Liang Xiugin anymore. This will be a good time for them to get a divorce. If he

doesn’t make good use of this situation, and his mistress gives birth to a son who can’t be his legitimate child, who knows what other things will happen to his career?”

‘When she heard this explosive news, Zhao Yumo immediately stopped. She looked at Yun Xi’s extremely calm appearance with an expression of disbelief.

“No way? How did you know that your father had a mistress and that she is pregnant?”

“What news in Jingdu can be concealed from the Young Commander’s intelligence network?”

“That’s not right. Why don’t you seem to be worried at all?”

“What can I do when the sky wants to rain and Father wants to remarry? Furthermore, I’ve never grown up close to either of them, because they sent me away when I was young. Don’t you see how they treat me? How deep can my relations.h.i.+p with them be? Furthermore, even if my father wants to bring

his mistress into the family, don’t you think I can stop her with my methods?”

She had been able to handle Liang Xiugin, so why would she be afraid of a mistress?

She was the one who had facilitated Yun Yuanfeng’s current situation. If she wanted to kick him down from the clouds where he lived in blissful ignorance, it would only be a matter of minutes. Therefore, no matter what they tried to do now, it did not matter to her at all anymore

The only important thing was that everything had to be put to good use at crucial moments or else everything she had done after returning to Jingdu would have been for nothing.

“That’s true!”

Zhao Yumo had watched everything that Liang Xiugin had done to Yun Xi. Yun Yuanfeng had completely treated Yun Xi as a chess piece that could add icing to the cake that was his career. Having such an unorthodox pair of parents had indeed been hard on her.

However, after this incident, some things would have to be finally settled.

Without Liang Xiugin and her constant drama, everyone would be able to live a more peaceful life.

Zhao Yumo thought that this matter would end just like that. What she didn’t know was that Yun Xi had even more brilliant plans besides this to come.

‘Mu Feichi had told her before that she could not be too gentle this time. Otherwise, he would light a fire behind her and be even more ruthless than she was going to be.

She had understood what he meant. Rather than letting him dirty his hands, she might as well do it herself…

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1298 – B*tch

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Chapter 1298: B*tch

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

It was, and Yun Yuanfeng didn’t have to go to work. He didn’t see Yun Ziling and Liang Xiugin when he came back from his mistress’s house. He only found out after making a call that Yun Ziling was a little unwell and had gone to the hospital.

Yun Yuanfeng was already used to this kind of thing. Usually, Liang Xiugin would be the one to accompany her. He’d only asked a few questions and did not want to go over to take a look. In any case, he did not have much hope for his daughter, so he did not care much about her.

Furthermore, it would be better if they did not come back anyway. He had to take his girlfriend to the hospital for some pregnancy tests tomorrow, and this way he would not even have to make an excuse to leave.

At the hospital, Liang Xiuqin went out to buy breakfast. She wasn’t familiar with the city hospital, so she took a long detour to buy Yun Ziling’s favorite shrimp mushroom porridge.

‘When she got out of a taxi, she saw a familiar figure from afar.

Wasn’t that Yun Yuanfeng? Why was he here?

Furthermore…there was a woman in a maternity outfit standing beside him.

Liang Xiuqin thought she was seeing things. She wiped her eyes and confirmed that it was Yun Yuanfeng.

She watched as her husband carefully supported the pregnant woman. He looked so cautious, as if he was afraid that she would into something. Even when she had been pregnant, she had never seen Yun Yuanfeng be so gentle and considerate.

Now that she was seeing this strange pregnant woman, the alarm bells in her head started to go off.

After catching him and Chen Lixue in bed, she was now wary of any woman who appeared beside Yun Yuanfeng. After all, she had nothing now and had to rely on Yun Yuanfeng to survive. Without him, she would be desperate.

She had guarded her position for so long, and now she was the director’s wife. It was impossible for her to give up what she had.

Seeing them walk toward the OB-GYN Department, she quickly followed them. Her eyes were glued to Yun Yuanfeng’s hand that was supporting the pregnant woman.

It was still early, and there were only one or two pregnant women who had come to the OB-GYN department for their check-ups. Liang Xiuqin did not come close. She stood at the corner of the stairs and tried to eavesdrop on their conversation.

“The doctor says that our baby is a boy, and when it’s due, we have to come to the hospital early. You don’t have to worry about money. You and the baby are more important than money. I’m already at a pretty old age, and now I’ve finally got a son. In the future, everything I have will be his. You just have

to focus on taking care of the baby, and you don’t have to worry about anything else.”

The woman nodded. “What should we name our son? You’ve been flipping through the dictionary for the past two days. Have you decided?”

“T’ve thought about it a few times. I’ll let the fortune-teller take a look. It wasn’t easy for me to be able to have a son, so I can’t just give him any random name. Not only do I have to give him a good name, but I also have to give him a name that will enhance his life…”

In the corner, Liang Xiugin listened to the gentle conversation between the two. Her hand holding the breakfast takeaway trembled slightly, and the expression on her face gradually tuned ferocious.

Once upon a time, Yun Yuanfeng had said these words to her when she was pregnant with her second child, which was a son.

Now, he was talking to another woman who was pregnant with his son.

She had given birth to three daughters in a row. She had always thought that as long as her daughters were successful and married well, she would be able to help his career in the future. Even if she did not have a son, it was fine. However, she had been too naive.

Yun Yuanfeng still wanted a son to carry on the family line, and he’d even secretly slept with someone behind her back in order to get it.

If not for being in the hospital today, she would probably still be in the dark about this, even though the mistress had gotten a son to force her out of her position as his wife.

All of a sudden, a sense of emergency washed over Liang Xiugin, causing her to wake up ferociously. She became so angry that she couldn’t control herself. She rushed out of the corridor.

“Go to h*ll, b*tch!” With a wave of her hand, Liang Xiuqin threw the breakfast takeaway at the woman’s stomach..

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1293 – Good Show

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Chapter 1293: Good Show

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If he wasn’t here for the party, why he was monitoring the party venue? What was this all about?

‘Mu Feichi had always been unpredictable, and Yan Jiaren didn’t dare to ask him too many questions now to get to the bottom of the matter.

After hearing what Mu Feichi had just told her, Yan Jiaren smiled awkwardly, but she was thinking fast.

She could understand why the Young Commander didn’t want to go to her party. After all, she could count the number of parties he’d ever actually attended on the fingers of one hand.

But he had been keeping an eye on her party and had even told her that something had happened. Was he trying to see how she would handle unexpected incidents, or was he just giving her a kind reminder?

If he paid so much attention to her business, did it mean she would finally have a chance to get closer to him?

Yan Jiaren couldn’t figure out what he was thinking at all. It took her a long time before she managed to say something. “Sir, would you like to go down together for a drink? I’ve mostly invited people in our circle to the party.”

She didn’t dare to say that he would probably meet a friend at her party. Though everyone wanted to know him or even become his friend, very few could do that. How could she be such a daredevil to blow her own trumpet?

“I still have something to do.” Mu Feichi rejected her invitation with a simple sentence.

“All right… You’re very welcome to join the party when you are free.”

Yan Jiaren was reluctant to leave, but it was obvious that Mu Feichi did not want her to stay. She didn’t dare to push him any further, so she could only leave, disappointed.

She was as upset to leave now as she had been delighted to see him before.

Mu Feichi didn’t say anything else. Instead, he continued to look at the surveillance footage on his laptop. His little girl had made such a big plan, so he couldn’t let it fail just because of him.

If it hadn’t been because of Yun Xi’s plan, he would have already given Yan Jiaren an att.i.tude for disturbing him.

As Liang Xinyi and Yun Ziling stood arguing at the party, the other guests around them started looking over to see what was going on.

Liang Xinyi deliberately talked about Yun Ziling’s dress in a loud voice and even mentioned that Yun Ziling was the daughter of Director Yun. All the commotion had attracted a lot of attention from the surrounding area.

The dresses that Yan Jiaren had designed were expensive. If one were to emphasize the purchasing power of Director Yun’s daughter, the income of Yun Yuanfeng could definitely come into the discussion too. The more Liang Xinyi a.n.a.lyzed the matter, the more dubious it felt.

If they had really bought the dress from the boutique, then the money they had must have come from dubious sources. After all, Liang Xinyi knew that Liang Xiugin wasn’t as rich as she had been before. If not, Liang Xiugin wouldn’t have asked for money as payment for her to continue staying with the

Yun family.

Liang Xinyi also roughly knew the monthly income of Director Yun. But even if his income was quite a lot, it would still be difficult for the family to spend 30,000 on a dress that Yun Ziling would only wear once.

So she continued harping on the topic. If she really could make the impression that Yun Yuanfeng was corrupt, that would give her a lot of pleasure.

Liang Xiugin couldn’t tolerate watching Liang Xinyi bully Yun Ziling. So, like a mother hen protecting her baby chick, she walked over and glared at Liang Xinyi.

Yun Ziling was already feeling guilty, so she couldn’t think of a way to remind her mother about the dress with Liang Xinyi just in front of them. So Liang Xiugin thought Liang Xinyi was jealous and deliberately was finding fault with her daughter.

‘When Liang Xiugin realized that Liang Xinyi had just kept on talking about the dress, it was already too late to do anything about it.

By then, Yan Jiaren had already returned to the venue.

‘When Yun Ziling saw Yan Jiaren walking into the ballroom, she panicked and tried to hide. However, Yan Jiaren walked straight toward her as if she had noticed something.

Yan Jiaren had come back to the ballroom to deal with the dispute that had broken out at her party. But before she could see who were the ones quarreling, she had immediately noticed the dress on Yun Ziling..

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1299 – Rampage

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Chapter 1299: Rampage

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Before Yun Yuanfeng could react, Liang Xiuqin had already picked up some more food and thrown it at the woman’s face.

Yun Yuanfeng put his arms around the woman and tried to help block the attack. A bowl of hot congee smashed onto Yun Yuanfeng and the woman’s heads, burning them as the woman screamed.

Yun Yuanfeng definitely had not expected Liang Xiuqin to appear here. He was completely stunned.

Initially, he had thought that the mother and daughter would go to the central hospital, so for safety’s sake, he had never dared to go to the central hospital for these prenatal checkups. Instead, he had chosen to go to the city hospital, which was farther away from where they lived.

He had never imagined that they would into each other under such circ.u.mstances.

“Shu Hua…are you all right?” Yun Yuanfeng looked at the woman whose hair and neck were drenched in porridge. He then looked at Liang Xiuqin, who was rus.h.i.+ng forward to fight some more. He grabbed Liang Xiuqin’s arm and pushed her over to one side.

Liang Xiuqin’s feet landed in the porridge that was all over the floor. She slipped and fell to the ground, screaming in pain.

“Liang Xiuqin, what’s wrong with you?” Yun Yuanfeng looked at his wife who was wailing on the ground, and he wiped the hot porridge from his face. He was only worried about his unbom son. He really hardly noticed the on his body.

“Yun Yuanfeng, you b*stard! How dare you keep a mistress behind my back and even get this woman pregnant? Are you even human? I’m going to your office and sue you!”

“Do you think I’m afraid of you? Liang Xiuqin, let me warn you. If anything happens to my son, I will hunt you down.”

Yun Yuanfeng was a little frightened by Liang Xiuqin’s crazy words. He was afraid that something might happen to his son. When Liang Xiuqin sat up and started attacking him, he kicked her mercilessly. Then he helped Shu Hua up from the chair.

Just then, a doctor from the examination room heard the commotion outside and came out. Yun Yuanfeng hurriedly helped Shu Hua over to see the doctor to prevent Liang Xiuqin from attacking her again.

This was the son that he had been looking forward to for 18 years. If he was killed by this idiot Liang Xiuqin, he would definitely tear her apart.

Novel Full

After being kicked by Yun Yuanfeng, Liang Xiuqin sat on the ground and howled in pain.

“B*stard! Liar! How could you do this to me?”

Looking at the pregnant woman standing before her, Liang Xiuqin felt as if the sky above her had collapsed. Her anger and sense of danger had consumed all her rationality.

It was fine if Yun Yuanfeng cheated on her, but when she thought about how he would have a son in the future and how he might marry another woman and divorce her because of this son, she was so mad that she could not control the anger and resentment in her heart.

She had taken care of the Yun family for him and raised his two daughters. Even if she had not done anything for him all these years, she had still worked hard. And, in the end, he had betrayed her mercilessly.

How was this fair? What had she done wrong? She had done nothing wrong. The only ones at fault were Yun Yuanfeng and this b*tch.

At her age, it would be impossible for her to remarry. Any b*tch who stole her happiness and husband would be her enemy.

‘The doctor understood what was going on. After all, pregnant women were more important, so he had no choice but to take the pregnant woman away.

The doctor had just taken the pregnant woman’s hand from Yun Yuanfeng and was about to help her into the room when Liang Xiugin suddenly got up from the ground and ran toward Shu Hua’s back.

Yun Yuanfeng did not notice immediately so he was too late to stop her. He could only watch helplessly as Liang Xiugin shoved Shu Hua’s pregnant belly against the door frame.

“Abhbh…” The woman’s screams filled the corridor.

Liang Xiugin had rushed over with all her might, and she also b.u.mped into the hard door frame. The gynecologist watching all this was completely shocked.