Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1586 – Terrifying Jinxes Master

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Chapter 1586: Terrifying Jinxes Master

Translator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen became alarmed when he felt the power in the point of light.

This power was actually attracted by the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder. It flew towards the Heaven-Opening Scripture engraving on the Wheel of Destiny and landed in it, disappearing with a flash.

Could these things… be parts of the shattered Zone Core of the Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds? Zhou Wen’s expression changed as he looked at the points of light.

More and more points of light flew towards the s…o…b..ll in the sky at an accelerated pace. In just a moment, countless points of light gathered together, forming a huge cloud-like blob of light in the sky.

G.o.dsfall used Connate Insight, but he failed to dissipate the light blob with one strike. Instead, he boosted the power of the light blob. He immediately knew that this thing was likely triggered by his strength.

After some thought, G.o.dsfall gathered his strength and charged at Zhou Wen.

Regardless of what the blob of light was, all he needed to do was kill Zhou Wen and leave the Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds before that thing fully formed.

He held the Connate Insight in one hand and grabbed at Zhou Wen with the other. Zhou Wen immediately felt an immense suction force suck the Chaos Egg towards his palm.

Just as Zhou Wen was considering how to deal with it, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Light shone brightly in the sky as a beam of light suddenly shot down from the ball of light. Like lightning, it struck G.o.dsfall’s head.

G.o.dsfall was alarmed, but he couldn’t dodge the lightning, All he could do was gather his strength to resist it.

Lightning struck G.o.dsfall’s head, but it didn’t produce any sparks or electric bolts. G.o.dsfall’s body trembled as his legs went limp and he fell to the ground.

‘The Connate aura on his body instantly vanished without a trace, resulting in the Connate Insight losing its driving force and dimming. It stopped spinning and turned back into the stone talisman before falling to the ground.

As for the blob of light in the sky, it became even more dazzling as it smote down with lightning.

G.o.dsfall’s expression changed drastically as he hurriedly gathered his strength again. However, he had none left. He wanted to dodge, but it was too late. All he could do was summon a bird-shaped Companion Beast to s.h.i.+eld his head.

The lightning seemed to have a life of its own as it circled around and struck G.o.dsfall.

G.o.dsfall had been drained of his Connate Essence Energy. The lightning landed on him and vanished like previously, but the change in G.o.dsfall’s body wasn’t as simple as the disappearance of Essence Energy.

G.o.dsfall, who was originally rather handsome, instantly had his hair tun white, his face covered in wrinkles and his eyes turbid. His vitality dropped to rock bottom, like an old man on the brink of death.

Everyone was alarmed when they saw this scene. Even someone as powerful as G.o.dsfall had ended up in such a state after being struck by two bolts of lightning. It was shocking.

Youkai and Carlos turned around and ran. Who knew if the blob of light would treat them as its next target after killing G.o.dsfall.

Even G.o.dsfall couldn’t withstand two bolts of lightning. They probably couldn’t even withstand a single strike.

“Jiuyang… Save me…” The aging G.o.dsfall was like an old man. It was difficult for him to even struggle to his feet. He used all his strength to cry to Jiuyang for help, but he only let out an extremely weak and hoa.r.s.e voice.

‘When the third bolt of lightning struck down, Jiuyang’s body emitted light as he condensed the Sun G.o.d Light and smote the lightning that descended from the sky.

The lightning seemed bent on hitting G.o.dsfall. Before it collided with the Sun G.o.d Light, it strangely vanished. When Jiuyang saw it again, the lightning had landed on G.o.dsfall.

“Ah!” As the third bolt of lightning descended, G.o.dsfall let out a tragic cry. The flesh on his body shriveled at a discernible pace.

A layer of withered skin clung tightly to the bones, almost no different from a skeleton.

However, G.o.dsfall didn’t die just like that. His eyes protruded due to the shrinking of his flesh. They were filled with horror and despair.

With his current body, it was difficult for him to even crawl up. Alll that was left was death.

Zhou Wen was alarmed when he saw this. After all, he was at the h.e.l.l level, and comparable to a Heaven-level powerhouse with the use of the Connate Insight. Yet, he still ended up in such a state.

Zhou Wen didn’t feel any pity for him, but when he thought of G.o.dsfall’s outcome and how he might have been harmed by Jinxes Master, he felt uncomfortable.

Tiger Soul General had always followed him in the past. Furthermore, he had an even more ferocious Bamboo Blade resulting in double the Jinxes Master. He was lucky that nothing had happened to him.

In the past, he only felt that Jinxes Master had some influence like resulting in him getting hurt, but it wouldn’t lead to his death.

However, to see G.o.dsfall reduced to such a state left Zhou Wen’s heart trembling as his legs went limp. It was a first.

Although it’s quite a pity, it can’t be considered a bad thing if Tiger Soul General dies with G.o.dsfall, Zhou Wen thought.

He originally wondered if he should find an opportunity to retrieve Tiger Soul General, but after seeing G.o.dsfall’s death, Zhou Wen felt that he should cherish his life and stay away from Jinxes Master.

After losing the Human Realm Tiger Soul General, he could still obtain other Companion Beasts. If for some reason he failed to hold back Jinxes Master one day, it wouldn’t be as simple as losing a Companion Beast. His life would be over.

Zhou Wen was already considering whether he should throw the Bamboo Blade out. This was too terrifying, He didn’t wish to become like G.o.dsfall.

Now wasn’t the time to think about this. Zhou Wen and Carlos reacted the same way. They turned around and prepared to run, Who knew if that thing would treat them as its next target after killing G.o.dsfall?

G.o.dsfall had Tiger Soul General, and he had the Bamboo Blade. They were both lethal things.

Just as Zhou Wen was about to run, he heard a boom. An explosion sounded from the blob of light as another bolt of lightning struck down.

Zhou Wen originally imagined that the lightning was aimed at G.o.dsfall to kill him, but to his surprise, the lightning didn’t strike at G.o.dsfall. Instead, it came at him.

Holy sh*t! Zhou Wen was so frightened that he immediately instant transmitted, hoping to dodge the lightning.

However, it was useless. The bolt of lightning struck him amidst his instant transmission, blasting him back into reality.

Zhou Wen was blasted out in an instant. No matter how strong his previous opponent was, they could at most strike him down before he instant transmitted or after he completed it. He had never encountered such a situation.

G.o.dsfall, who was on his last breath, seemed to feel a little more delighted when he saw Zhou Wen being struck by the lightning.

“Come to h.e.l.l with me.” G.o.dsfall gritted his teeth, his hoa.r.s.e voice almost inaudible..

Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1587 – Condensing a Zone Again

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Chapter 1587: Condensing a Zone Again

Translator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen felt his heart palpitate. All he could do was pin his hopes on the Chaos Egg, hoping that it could withstand the power of the lightning.

However, in an instant, Zhou Wen felt a chill run down his spine. The power of the lightning seeped into the Chaos Egg and struck him.

Even the activated Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder and Truth Listener were useless.

Zhou Wen s.h.i.+vered as the Chaos Egg automatically dissipated, exposing his body.

It’s over! Zhou Wen’s body and mind trembled as he felt his calves and stomach cramp. He was only human, one that was afraid of death. In particular, he didn’t want to end up like G.o.dsfall.

He wanted to resist, but he realized that his Essence Energy was instantly sucked away by the lightning that invaded his body.

His Essence Energy was like iron powder, and the lightning was like a magnet. The former was instantly sucked dry, leaving nothing behind.

Without Essence Energy, Zhou Wen couldn’t do anything, He couldn’t even throw Demonic Neonate out.

Now, Zhou Wen finally knew how G.o.dsfall felt when he was struck. It was no wonder G.o.dsfall didn’t have a chance to resist. Zhou Wen didn’t have a chance either.

Zhou Wen could sense that the lightning retreated like the receding tide after absorbing his Essence Energy.

However, before it left Zhou Wen’s body, the Heaven-Opening Scripture on his Wheel of Destiny automatically lit up without any Essence Energy to support it.

The lightning that was retreating at high speeds stopped. It moved toward the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder as though it had been attracted.

Zhou Wen was pleasantly surprised. Although he had previously discovered that the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder could attract the points of light, he felt that it might not be able to withstand such terrifying energy after seeing G.o.dsfall’s outcome.

Lightning surged into the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder and the sutra automatically opened. Strange words gradually appeared on the blank pages.

Zhou Wen didn’t recognize any of the words, but for some reason, he vaguely understood the meaning behind them.

G.o.dsfall lay on the ground as he panted with great difficulty. However, he stared intently at Zhou Wen, unwilling to take his last breath as though he was waiting for Zhou Wen to head to the netherworld with him.

Jiuyang looked at Zhou Wen who had been struck by lightning, After some thought, he reached out and took out something. It was a strange bead that resembled a miniature sun.

With the divine bead in hand, the Sun G.o.d Light on Jiuyang’s body became stronger and stronger. He stared at Zhou Wen as though he wanted to do something.

Another bolt of lightning descended as Jiuyang’s body emitted a divine light. It illuminated the nearby area, revealing everything. The powerful Sun G.o.d Light struck the lightning.

“Jiuyang… What are you doing… Cough…” G.o.dsfall shouted hysterically with all his strength, only to cough out blood.

“He’s my opponent. Even if he dies, he has to die at my hands,” Jiuyang answered calmly.

However, just as he said that, Jiuyang’s expression changed drastically. The Sun G.o.d Light augmented by the Holy Artifact failed to stop the lightning.

The lightning vanished like a ghost. When it appeared again, it had already struck Zhou Wen.

Upon seeing this scene, G.o.dsfall laughed crazily. His face was as warped as a devil’s.

However, G.o.dsfall’s smile quickly froze.

‘When he had been struck by the second lightning bolt, his body had rapidly aged and lost its vitality. However, none of that happened after Zhou Wen was struck by the second lightning bolt.

Zhou Wen’s aura didn’t weaken; it even became stronger. It was as though an intangible force was erupting from his body.

Jiuyang was slightly taken aback as he stopped and looked at Zhou Wen.


Explosive booms sounded from the light blob in the sky as the bolts of lightning formed a thunderstorm that constantly struck Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen seemed to be bathed in lightning, but his body didn’t wither like G.o.dsfall. Instead, his aura became stronger and stronger.

“Impossible… Impossible…” G.o.dsfall widened his eyes as though he had gone mad. He cried out angrily, but his voice was so hoa.r.s.e that it was difficult to hear.

Words constantly appeared on the Heaven-Opening Scripture in Zhou Wen’s body. Every bolt of lightning that fused into it formed words on the Heaven-Opening Scripture.

The shapes of the words were strange, but one could understand their meaning with a glance.

From the looks of it, that thing is indeed the Zone Core that was shattered back then. Furthermore, it happens to be compatible with my Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder. It has benefited me. Instantly, Zhou Wen felt mixed emotions.

Zhou Wen didn’t know if this was considered luck. Although he had previously discovered that the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder could absorb the points of light, he wouldn’t have had the chance to absorb it if G.o.dsfall hadn’t attracted the shattered Zone Core out.

I wonder what the Zone Core looked like before it was shattered? Zhou Wen stared at the blob of light in the sky and realized that it was gradually shrinking.

The blob of light was clearly not the true face of the Zone Core. It was only a collection of fragments. There was no Inowing what the real Zone Core looked like.

Unless one chanced upon an ancient powerhouse who had partic.i.p.ated in the battle, it was very difficult to know what the core looked like.

Zhou Wen was actually somewhat puzzled. This Zone Core was already so terrifying in its shattered state. It could easily kill the Holy Artifact-wielding G.o.dsfall; how powerful would it be when it was complete?

This Zone Core was clearly extraordinary to have so many powerhouses vie for it.

‘More and more words appeared on the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder. Finally, it began condensing a domain power. Zhou Wen could sense that the power of the Heaven-Opening Scripture was building a nomological domain.

Zhou Wen’s body floated in the air as a strange force spread out from his body.

These were the original ancient city ruins. Nearby, the ancient city ruins within the domain’s range were undergoing a strange change.

The broken walls, stone pillars, and ground were like a movie playing backwards as they were restored to their former appearance.

‘The weathered bricks were gradually repaired, and broken stone pillars appeared out of thin air. The entire ancient city seemed to be undergoing a reversal of time.

Zhou Wen… Is he condensing a domain to advance to the Calamity grade? Carlos couldn’t move his eyes away when he saw the strange magical scene.

After running for a short distance, they realized that something was amiss. When they turned their heads and saw this scene, they were stunned.

Zhou Wen… He seems to have a pure human body… Youkai sized up Zhou Wen’s body as his expression tured even odder.

It wasn’t just Youkai. Jiuyang also discovered the same problem. Zhou Wen didn’t have any traces of Spirit Casting on him, nor did he have the characteristics of a dimensional creature after using the Mythical Serum. No matter how he looked at it, he was a pure human.

He’s advancing to the Calamity grade as a pure human? Jiuyang stood there and looked at Zhou Wen in a daze..

Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1584 – Holy Artifact

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Chapter 1584: Holy Artifact

Translator: CKtalon

G.o.dsfall gritted his teeth and raised his hands to clap again. He refused to believe that Zhou Wen had all these trash Companion Beasts.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

After a series of clapping, G.o.dsfall was covered in sweat. His eyes were red, and the veins on his forehead protruded.

‘The Companion Beasts on Zhou Wen’s body flew up like scattering petals of flowers in bloom and headed for G.o.dsfall.

Carlos and Youkai were already stunned, but Zhou Wen was about to burst out laughing.

G.o.dsfall’s luck was clearly not good. Among the Companion Beasts he s.n.a.t.c.hed, there wasn’t even a Mythical Companion Beast, much less Prisoned Dragon. They were all Epic and Legendary Companion Beasts.

In fact, it wasn’t G.o.dsfall’s bad luck. It could only be said to be expected.

After all, the combined ratio of Mythical and Terror-grade Companion Beasts was at most one in ten thousand. It wasn’t easy to get them from drawing one to two hundred Companion Beasts.

Ignoring ten consecutive draws, there was no guarantee of a successful draw of a Mythical Companion Beast even with a hundred consecutive draws.

After the Companion Beasts landed on G.o.dsfall, they belonged to him. Upon receiving the information from the Companion Beasts, G.o.dsfall’s pupils dilated as blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth.

This fellow… How many trash Companion Beasts does he have on him… G.o.dsfall already knew that none of the Companion Beasts he had s.n.a.t.c.hed were at the Mythical stage.

Even Zhou Wen didn’t know the answer to this question. He had farmed a large number of Companion Beasts for the sake of fusion. Although many low-level Companion Beasts were useless to others, their Life Providences, Life Souls, and skills might be good materials for fusion. Zhou Wen naturally

wouldn’t skip out on them. He had been constantly gathering Companion Beasts that were trash in the eyes of others.

Just the Companion Beasts on his back numbered in the tens of thousands. It would be difficult for G.o.dsfall to extract the Tiger Soul General from them.

This was under the circ.u.mstances that G.o.dsfall had made a relatively good choice. He hadn’t chosen the location of the Musical Note Sprites. Otherwise, if he tried drawing Companion Beasts from the hundreds of thousands of Musical Note Sprites, it would make G.o.dsfall suffer a greater breakdown.

No… [can’t let this continue… That b.a.s.t.a.r.d is nuts… Why does he have so many trash Companion Beasts on him for no reason. From that detestable expression he’s wearing, he must still have many trash Companion Beasts. G.o.dsfall also knew that he was at his Essence Energy limits. If he were to

continue appropriating, he would collapse without Zhou Wen needing to do a thing.

Zhou Wen was originally alarmed as he wondered if he should retreat.

However, after hearing what G.o.dsfall said, he felt relieved and dispelled the thought of retreating, He stared at the Holy Artifact in G.o.dsfall’s hand that was changing like a Taiji sphere, wanting to know what use it had.

In the future, he would have to fight the Holy Land, so it was better to learn more about it now.

With the Chaos Egg protecting him, Zhou Wen didn’t panic.

As the power of the Connate Insight became stronger, G.o.dsfall’s entire body seemed to be affected by it. The Connate aura circulated between the man and the talisman, causing G.o.dsfall to undergo a complete transformation.

G.o.dsfall was like an ancient G.o.d. His eyes seemed to have six illusory, intersecting lines. They were like lightning as he stared at Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen felt uncomfortable as though he was being peeped at with his clothes stripped off. In the next second, G.o.dsfall suddenly shouted, “It’s him!”

As G.o.dsfall shouted, he extended his right thumb and middle finger and snapped his fingers.


Although he was still using Connate Appropriation, the snap of his fingers was like a bolt from the blue. There was even a bolt of lightning that lit up between his fingers, illuminating the entire Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds.

After the thunderclap sounded, Zhou Wen felt his body relax as though a thousand tonnes of weight had been lifted off his body. A Companion Beast was forcefully separated from him, transforming into a mecha general that rode a ferocious tiger. It ran towards G.o.dsfall in midair. It was none other than

the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General.

Zhou Wen watched in surprise as the Tiger Soul General flew towards G.o.dsfall. He was alarmed. He actually managed to s.n.a.t.c.h the Tiger Soul General from me. That Holy Artifact is interesting!

The Tiger Soul General wasn’t a Companion Beast that could be easily s.n.a.t.c.hed away. Zhou Wen couldn’t shake it off even if he wanted to, so it was even harder for others to s.n.a.t.c.h it.

Zhou Wen still remembered that the last time Eldest Senior Brother Liu Yun managed to s.n.a.t.c.h the Tiger Soul General was when he used the Zhang family’s ancestral Fate Reversal Talisman. Furthermore, the Tiger Soul General’s level was relatively low back then.

Now that the Tiger Soul General could still be s.n.a.t.c.hed away despite being at the Calamity grade, this piqued Zhou Wen’s interest in the stone talisman.

Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1590 – Teacher Domain

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Chapter 1590: Teacher Domain

Translator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen carried Demonic Neonate back to Guide City. The Holy Land probably wouldnt cause him any trouble so soon after G.o.dsfall’s death.

After all, there weren’t many existences like G.o.dsfall and Jiuyang in the Holy Land. Otherwise, the Holy Land would have long controlled the entire Federation.

However, with high speeds at which anomalies happened on Earth, troubles would only become more prevalent in the future. Zhou Wen also felt that he had to find a dimensional zone to establish a city as soon as possible. Otherwise, any Calamity creature that came might destroy all the humans in Guide


I wonder how Li Xuan and company are doing. Have they found the dimensional zone that Xia Xuanyue mentioned? Zhou Wen played with the Connate Insight in his hand.

From Zhou Wen’s point of view, it was a stone talisman. He could sense the mysterious energy within, but he didn’t know how to trigger it.

He attempted to use the power of the Dao Sutra to drive the stone talisman. After all, the Dao Sutra’s Zone Core was lured out by the stone talisman.

Zhou Wen was quickly disappointed. He realized that the stone talisman rejected the Dao Sutra’s Essence Energy.

The reason the stone talisman could trigger the Zone Core fragments wasnt because of the attraction between them, but because of their repelling forces. To put it simply, it was like the meeting of two enemies.

Therefore, the Connate Insight could draw out the core fragments, and the core fragments immediately targeted the Connate Insight-wielding G.o.dsfall. He died quite an unjust death.

He had not expected to find himself in a dimensional zone that perfectly restrained him and the Connate Insight.

If the dimensional zone was intact, G.o.dsfall would have long discovered this problem. Unfortunately, the dimensional zone was ina half-crippled state with its core shattered. G.o.dsfall never expected such a situation.

Zhou Wen tried a few more Essence Energy Arts, but he was unable to activate the power of the Connate Insight. All he could do was put it away before taking out his phone to study the new domain.


Calamity Zone: Teacher Domain (Human Realm)

Teacher Domain: Domain of Education


What kind of domain is the Teacher Domain? Could it be the domain for being a teacher? Zhou Wen looked at the information on the Teacher Domain and still didn’t understand what kind of domain it was.

He knew the word “education, ” but he couldn’t figure out how a domain could educate others.

Could it be that the domain also teaches physics and chemistry, as well as singing and dancing?Zhou Wen imagined the scene and a dark cloud immediately appeared over his head.

No, I have to figure it out. Just as Zhou Wen was about to switch on his phone and find a dungeon to study the power of the Teacher Domain, he heard the door open.

The baby bear extended its tongue and ran over excitedly. It pounced on Zhou Wen and licked his face, slathering him in saliva.

Zhou Wen hurriedly hugged the baby bear and calmed it down before wiping the saliva from his face.

‘When the baby bear saw Zhou Wen, it appeared abnormally excited. It would occasionally nudge Zhou Wen, preventing him from using his phone. All he could do was put it away.

“Has Jiuyang’s matter been resolved?” Li Xuan walked in and said with a smile.

“No, I don’t know when they will come again, so you have to speed up. Find a dimensional zone that’s suitable for building a city. I’s best if it’s the kind of dimensional zone that even Calamity creatures can’t enter without our permission,” Zhou Wen said.

Li Xuan’s expression immediately fell. “It’s not like you don’t know how odd the dimensional zones near Guide City are. I recently explored all the nearby dimensional zones that I could enter. I nearly lost my life, but I failed to find a suitable place to build a city. Do you think Xia Xuanyue is joking with us?

Perhaps there’s no such dimensional zone at all. It’s impossible for there to be no clues if it really exists!”

Zhou Wen shook his head. “I don’t think so. She’s here to cooperate. There’s no benefit in lying to us, and we don’t suffer any losses.”

“If there’s really no other way, give her some benefits. If it’s really suitable for the building of the city, it won’t be a loss. It’s better than being in such a disadvantaged position, right?” Li Xuan said.

“That’s the only way if you really can’t find anywhere suitable. By the way, which dimensional zones can’t you enter? Make a list of them. I’ll visit them.” Zhou Wen still planned on taking a look himself.

Furthermore, if he visited more dimensional zones, he might be able to find a Zone Core.

“Thave it saved. I’ll send it to you now.” Li Xuan took out his phone and sent a message to Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen took out his phone and took a look. Wow, there were more than ten dimensional zones with their names and addresses listed. From the looks of it, Li Xuan had worked hard.

“These can’t be entered?” Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled.

With Li Xuan’s abilities, was it that difficult to enter a dimensional zone? It wasn’t as though he wanted him to conquer the dimensional zones.

“Don’t you know how odd the dimensional zones in this c.r.a.ppy place are?” Li Xuan rolled his eyes at him and said angrily.

“Alright, I’ll visit them now.’ Zhou Wen got up and prepared to leave. When he reached the door, he seemed to think of something as he stopped and looked at Li Xuan.

“Why are you looking at me? Have you never seen a handsome guy before?” Li Xuan felt a little uncomfortable being looked at by Zhou Wen as he shouted.

“Do you know this thing?” Zhou Wen took out the Connate Insight and held it in front of Li Xuan with his fingers.

Li Xuan’s cultivation foundation was also the Invincible Connate Divine Art. Although it was incomplete, he could be considered half a member of the Connate Holy Temple. Perhaps he could use it.

“This thing looks a little familiar. Let me think.” Li Xuan pondered for a moment before slapping his thigh. ‘T’ve seen this before.”

“Where have you seen it?” Zhou Wen was alarmed, imagining that Li Xuan knew what the stone talisman was.

“You still want to test me? Don’t you know that I’m well-versed in everything from astronomy to geology? This thing is a magatama, right? It’s something from overseas. In the past, Li Mobai had brought some back from overseas. Although he called them divine artifacts, they were actually useless—nothing

more than an accessory,” Li Xuan said.

“Have you seen such a mark on the magatama?” Zhou Wen pointed at the horizontal marks on the Connate Insight.

Li Xuan took a closer look and said in puzzlement, ‘I’ve never seen such magatama. Typical magatama should have a hole at the head. Why is this spot empty?”

“This is called yao. The long lines are Yang, while the short lines are called Yin. Together they form hexagrams. You know about the Eight Trigrams, right?” Zhou Wen threw the Connate Insight to Li Xuan. ‘I got it from a Saint from the Connate Holy Temple. It seems like only Saints who cultivate the

Invincible Connate Divine Art can trigger its power. Try and see if you can use it.”

“”Thave to give it a try then.” Li Xuan caught the Connate Insight and circulated his Essence Energy Art, attempting to inject Essence Energy into it..

Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1579 – Beauty of Simplicity

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Chapter 1579: Beauty of Simplicity

Translator: CKtalon

“Haven’t you already advanced to the Calamity grade? Why are you still

searching for the Zone Core?” Jiuyang had seen Zhou Wen’s speed before. It was

definitely at the Calamity grade, so he was convinced that Zhou Wen had

already advanced to the Calamity grade.

Zhou Wen didn’t answer, nor could he answer. He could be considered a

Calamity-grade, but that was under the condition of simulating other Essence

Energy Arts. He himself hadn’t advanced to the Calamity grade.

“You haven’t told me how to distinguish the level of a Zone Core?” Zhou Wen


“The Zone Core isn’t an inanimate object. Levels are demarcated artificially. To

know what level the Zone Core is, one can only observe the zone itself. The

stronger a dimensional zone is, the stronger the Zone Core condensed. There

are also some other details that need to be observed by yourself. There are no

fixed standards,” Jiuyang said.

Zhou Wen thought to himself, Sweetie’s Hut is definitely very strong, but can

those words be considered a Zone Core? The Ancient Sword Tomb should be

very strong as well. The possibility of it being at the Heaven Realm is very high,

but I can’t be sure. Sovereign Sui’s Tomb can only be considered special. It’s

hard to say if it’s at the Heaven level.

Zhou Wen had been figuring things out by himself all this while. Today, he

finally learned more formal information. It only gave him more questions.

“Why are you telling me this?” Zhou Wen asked Jiuyang. He was considered an

enemy of the Holy Land, so there was no need for Jiuyang to tell him this.

Jiuyang said indifferently, “These things are considered secrets among

humans, but they aren’t considered secrets in the Holy Land. Anyway, you will

enter the Holy Land soon, so it’s fine to tell you this in advance.”

It’s good to be confident, but you have to be prepared to suffer a setback. Zhou

Wen felt that Jiuyang’s temper was very odd.

The two of them were clearly enemies. Furthermore, Zhou Wen had previously

defeated him in Dubhe Palace. They were about to have a duel.

However, Jiuyang could speak to him calmly. If it wasn’t for the impending

duel, Zhou Wen even felt like he was chatting with a friend instead of an


In fact, Zhou Wen didn’t realize that he was also such a strange person. To

Jiuyang, Zhou Wen was also an enemy.

“It’s about time. There’s no need to wait any longer. Let’s begin. Summon your

Companion Beasts and let me see what else you have other than that

Companion Beast,” Jiuyang said to Zhou Wen as he glanced in the direction of

Sunset City.

“It’s just a duel. There’s no need to fight to the death. Why don’t we set some

ground rules?” Zhou Wen didn’t wish to fight Jiuyang to the death.

“What rules?” Jiuyang asked with a frown.

“Me using a Companion Beast or you using a Guardian isn’t the true

manifestation of our abilities. Neither of us will use external forces and we’ll

limit our strength at the Epic stage. How about we rely on our cultivation and

techniques to determine victory?” Zhou Wen had seen Jiuyang’s technique and

knew that his technique and realm were top-notch. He just lacked strength.

“Alright.” Jiuyang looked at Zhou Wen seriously before agreeing.

Just then, Youkai and Carlos returned and heard their conversation. Youkai was

enlightened and said, “It’s no wonder Zhou Wen dares to fight Jiuyang. So

that’s what he’s up to.”

However, Carlos shook his head and said, “Don’t think of it so simply. Although

their strengths are at the Epic stage, Jiuyang has already experienced the

strength of the Calamity grade. By having different vantage points, Jiuyang will

see everything from a more comprehensive perspective. His realm is also

much higher than Zhou Wen’s. It won’t be easy for Zhou Wen to win.”

“That’s true. Even if the same amount of money is given to different people, it

will definitely be the people with more information sources who can earn more

money.” Youkai thought of the industry he was familiar with.

As the two of them were discussing, they didn’t see a figure standing in the

darkness not far from them. As the environment was too dark and the figure

had no aura, he was like a ghost. No one noticed his arrival.

This person was naturally G.o.dsfall, who had been secretly monitoring Jiuyang.

He had heard Zhou Wen’s conversation.

Jiuyang is too stubborn. It doesn’t matter if you call him stupid or clumsy, but

when it comes to persistence, I’m afraid there’s no one else in the world who

can compare to him. He has been cultivating martial techniques since he was

young. Among us Saints, any Saint was better than Jiuyang in the first year. In

the second year, Jiuyang could already keep up with everyone’s progress. And

in the third year, very few Saints of the same generation were his match when

it came to the same martial technique. They could only use other techniques to

make up for it and think of ways to defeat him. After a few years, even if

Jiuyang only uses the most ordinary martial techniques, it will be very difficult

for anyone to defeat him in terms of martial techniques.

G.o.dsfall thought to himself, If Zhou Wen wants to compete with Jiuyangin

technique and realm, there’s no need for me to take action. What a pity.

“What weapon are you using?” Zhou Wen asked Jiuyang.

“My body is the weapon,” Jiuyang answered naturally, exuding full confidence.

“Then you won’t mind me using a saber, right?” Zhou Wen said.

“Feel free to do so.” Jiuyang clearly didn’t mind.

Zhou Wen extended his hand and the Bamboo Blade appeared in his hand.

However, after some thought, Zhou Wen put it away and summoned an Epic

Companion Beast saber.

Since he requested to have an Epic-stage battle, using the Bamboo Blade was


“You can use the saber you are used to,” Jiuyang said.

“It doesn’t matter what saber I use. Since I was the one who came up with the

idea, you can attack first.” Zhou Wen held the hilt without unsheathing it.

Jiuyang didn’t stand on ceremony as he moved his feet and threw a punch at

Zhou Wen.

Indeed, he had only used the strength of the Epic stage. Furthermore, this

punch didn’t look profound. It was just an ordinary thrust. It was fast enough,

but with the strength of the Epic stage, its speed was much slower than usual.

Ignoring Zhou Wen, even Youkai and Carlos could see it clearly. It wasn’t

difficult to dodge.

However, Zhou Wen only used his Epic strength, so the speed he could produce

wasn’t very fast. Faced with such a punch, he didn’t choose to dodge. Instead,

he raised his scabbard and blocked Jiuyang’s attack.

Jiuyang’s expression didn’t change despite having his punch being blocked. His

other fist followed as his punches rained down.

Jiuyang’s boxing technique wasn’t profound. Furthermore, he didn’t have Feng

Qiuyan’s ability to grow stronger while in combat. However, this ordinary

boxing technique pressured Zhou Wen.

In this world, the more complicated something was, the higher the level.

Sometimes, simplicity was also a form of beauty, a simple sublime feeling.

Jiuyangwas the kind of person who could turn something simple into

something sublime.

It was clearly a very simple boxing technique, but when used by Jiuyang, it

became extremely threatening.

The feeling was akin to Monkey Sun having 72 transformations; yet, it was

difficult for him to withstand the might of Buddha’s flip of the hand..

Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1589 – Zone Formation

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Chapter 1589: Zone Formation

Translator: CKtalon

Youkai was rejoicing, “Thankfully, you forced the evacuation of everyone in Sunset City. Otherwise, not many in Sunset City would have survived such a huge disaster.”7

‘The Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds collapsed more and more violently. Carlos and Youkai didn’t dare stay any longer. They turned around and rushed towards the exit of the Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds.

Thankfully, Carlos’s Guardian was already at the Terror grade. Otherwise, it was unknown if he could escape alive.

‘The entire Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds collapsed except the area near Zhou Wen. The ancient city had mostly been restored.

The ancient city had a mysterious and ancient aura. Buildings made of rocks had a very simple design. There were basically no decorations. Occasionally, one could see extremely simple drawings on some walls. They were also abstract things like landscapes.

Is this ancient city built by humans or is it an ancient city that originally existed in the dimensional zone? Zhou Wen guessed.

However, just as he was sizing up the ancient city, it suddenly shattered and turned to dust that rose into the sky. When the ashes flew into the air, they vanished.

‘When the ancient city completely vanished, the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder finally completed its evolution and reached the Calamity grade. Its domain power had completely taken form.

It has finally advanced to the Calamity grade. Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief. This was a pleasant surprise.

He originally thought that he had made a wasted trip, but to his surprise, he raised the Dao Sutra to the Calamity grade and condensed a Calamity Zone.

However, up to now, Zhou Wen still didn’t know much about the Calamity Zones ability. He needed more time to understand it before he could figure out what kind of domain it was.

‘The dark Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds no longer existed. The sky was blue. When the sunlight shone down, there were crisscrossed abysses everywhere.

Just as Zhou Wen was rejoicing, he saw a blob of purple light run towards him. Looking up, it was the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General.

What’s going on? Shouldn’t he perish with G.o.dsfall? Zhou Wen had been paying attention to the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder and the newly formed domain. He hadn’t paid attention to the situation outside the domain and didn’t see what had happened.

Upon seeing G.o.dsfall’s corpse on the ground while the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General was rus.h.i.+ng towards him, he was somewhat surprised. Just as he was about to stop the Tiger Soul General’s charge, he saw the ferocious tiger leap up. The Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General transformed into a purple

flame that flew towards Zhou Wen’s body.

It was useless for Zhou Wen to block it. The Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General transformed back into a tattoo and imprinted it on Zhou Wen’s body—back in its original spot.3

Holy sh*t.. This. What’s going on.. A Companion Beast can return on its own without dying with its master… Zhou Wen was truly alarmed. He looked at the headless corpse that was sliding down the valley and couldn’t help but cry out, ‘Was G.o.dsfall’s head chopped off by Tiger Soul General?”

“He was the one who chopped it off,” Jiuyang said as he stood not far from Zhou Wen.

Was he really beheaded by Tiger Soul General? Zhou Wen was even more alarmed. Such a Companion Beast wasn’t only feared by others; even he was also alittle afraid.

The Companion Beast was one with him. If Tiger Soul General came out while he was sleeping and beheaded him with one strike, that would be such an unjust death.

Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss. He couldn’t fuse Tiger Soul General into oblivion or throw it away. Unless he could make Tiger Soul General die in battle, it was almost impossible to shake him off.

It also seemed difficult to let Tiger Soul General die in battle. The more this fellow fought, the stronger he became. If he really took him to a particularly dangerous place, Zhou Wen might die before he died.

“Zhou Wen, are you a pure-blooded human?” Jiuyang stared at Zhou Wen and asked. Although the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General was very strange, Jiuyang wasn’t too interested in him.

Instead, it was Zhou Wen who piqued Jiuyang’s interest.

“Probably.” Zhou Wen looked at his body and didn’t discover anything different from a human.

After receiving Zhou Wen’s affirmative answer, Jiuyang’s expression became even more complicated.

“Can you tell me how pure-blooded humans can advance to the Mythical stage?” Although Jiuyang knew that Zhou Wen probably wouldn’t give him an answer, he couldn’t help but ask.

Up to now, the human experts at the Mythical stage and above he knew had relied on external forces other than Zhou Wen.

The education Jiuyang had received since he was young and what he had seen made him believe that it was impossible for pure-blooded humans to advance to the Mythical stage.

The teachings of the Holy Temple clearly indicated that humans were sinners of the world. They were punished by G.o.d and had natural flaws. It was impossible for them to advance to the Mythical stage as humans.

However, Zhou Wen in front of him made Jiuyang suspect the teachings of the Holy Temple for the first time.

“Having nine Life Providences and nine Life Souls allows the advancement to the Mythical stage. Of course, it’s only a possibility. The chances are very low and the possibility of failure is very high.” Zhou Wen answered Jiuyang unexpectedly.


In fact, this wasn’t considered a secret. This was because Xia Jiuhuang had previously attempted this method. Furthermore, Jing Daoxian had told him this method, so Jing Daoxian definitely knew about it.

Zhou Wen didn’t believe that the other families didn’t have any information about this.

However, no one could do it. Apart from Xia Jiuhuang who used an inhuman forbidden technique, no one else could gather the nine Life Providences and nine Life Souls.

“You have nine Life Providences and Life Souls?” Jiuyang was stunned as he asked Zhou Wen in disbelief.

“Guess,” Zhou Wen said with a smile. He suddenly instant transmitted to a spot and reached out to grab the Connate Insight that had fallen to the ground. Then, he teleported away and instantly vanished.

He had already achieved his goal here. There was no need for him to continue wasting time. Furthermore, he wasn interested in continuing the battle with Jiuyang.

Jiuyang was very strong, but Zhou Wen had already seen through him. Furthermore, he had gained insight into the Nondisputatious Sword Intent. There was no point in continuing the battle. Furthermore, he didn’t plan on killing Jiuyang.

Previously, when the lightning struck, Jiuyang had tried to help him block it. Regardless of the reason for helping him, Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to kill him now.

In contrast, Zhou Wen was still very interested in the Connate Insight. G.o.dsfall could use the power of the Connate Insight to reach the Heaven level, so it was obvious that it was at least a Heaven level item.

Jiuyang didn’t s.n.a.t.c.h the Connate Insight because it was useless to him. He couldnt stimulate its power.

Besides, before G.o.dsfall’s death, Jiuyang wasn’t willing to touch the Connate Insight. Otherwise, it would easily trigger a misunderstanding between the Connate Holy Temple and the Sun G.o.d Holy Temple.

Later on, G.o.dsfall’s death, as well as Zhou Wen’s advancement to the Calamity grade as a pure-blooded human, shocked Jiuyang greatly. His attention wasn’t on the Connate Insight that had fallen to the side.

Of course, it was mainly because it was useless to him. Therefore, Jiuyang didn’t take the Connate Insight seriously.

However, Zhou Wen was different. The appearance of the Zone Core fragments triggered by the Connate Insight made him feel that he might be able to use it..

Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1583 – Snatching Companion Beasts

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Chapter 1583: s.n.a.t.c.hing Companion Beasts

Translator: CKtalon

“What did you do to me?” Zhou Wen asked as he checked his body.

He could clearly sense that there was something wrong with many of his Companion Beasts. There was a faint force that seemed to lock onto a portion of his Companion Beasts.

It was especially so for the Companion Beasts on his back. This feeling was extremely intense. A similar situation happened at his chest where G.o.dsfall had touched.

G.o.dsfall smiled at Zhou Wen and said, “What I did was to hold your life in my hand. Your life is now in my hands.”

“Ido want to know how I’ll die,” Zhou Wen said indifferently.

“You mostly rely on your Companion Beasts, right?” As G.o.dsfall spoke, he snapped his fingers.

With a snap, a hidden tattoo on Zhou Wen’s body automatically surfaced and flew out. Even the Chaos Egg failed to stop the Companion Beast from leaving.

Soon, a Poison Bat-like Companion Beast flew to G.o.dsfall’s side and circled him twice before flying onto his back and turning into a tattoo.

“How can this be?” Carlos and Youkai were alarmed. They had never heard of anyone capable of s.n.a.t.c.hing a person’s Companion Beast.

‘There was a powerful contractual force binding Companion Beasts. Once they hatched, they couldn’t even be transferred. If they were forcefully transferred, one had to pay a huge price or even pay with their lives.

G.o.dsfall had actually s.n.a.t.c.hed a Companion Beast from him. If this ability were to spread, it would probably cause panic in the Federation.

“Is that all?” Zhou Wen remained unmoved.

Zhou Wen had already seen similar powers from Liu Yun. Furthermore, Liu Yun’s technique was better than G.o.dsfall’s.

Zhou Wen had roughly guessed that G.o.dsfall needed to touch his Companion Beast tattoo to steal it. As for Liu Yun’s Star Stealer, it had long reached the stage of stealing pets out of thin air.

Zhou Wen had always wanted to lear Star Stealer, but he had never had it drop. This left him vexed.

“Is that all?” G.o.dsfall’s expression turned cold as he raised his palms and clapped.

With a clap, another Companion Beast tattoo appeared on Zhou Wen’s body. This time, it wasn’t just one, but ten. All of them flew towards G.o.dsfall.

G.o.dsfall originally wanted to strike fear in Zhou Wen. Ordinary people would be horrified to have ten Companion Beasts stripped from him.

However, G.o.dsfall soon realized that the ten Companion Beasts he had appropriated from Zhou Wen were all low-level Companion Beasts like Poison Bats, Runic Heavy-Armored Warriors, Steel Cauldron Sprites, and so on. He didn’t even get a single Mythical stage, much less Tiger Soul General.

“Any more?” Zhou Wen asked G.o.dsfall.

He had many low-level Companion Beasts on him. Ignoring the Musical Note Sprites, he needed a large number of Runic Heavy-Armored Warriors, Steel Cauldron Sprites, and other Companion Beasts for fusion. He would farm them every now and then, so he had a lot of them. Furthermore, these

Companion Beast tattoos were mainly on his chest and back.

G.o.dsfall’s expression changed slightly. He never expected Zhou Wen to have so many low-level Companion Beasts.

Although there were no restrictions on the number of Companion Beast contracts, having too many Companion Beasts was useless in battle. A person’s control was limited. It was not bad for an ordinary person to control two or three Companion Beasts while fighting.

It would be impressive even for some experts who cultivated psyche techniques to simultaneously control more than ten Companion Beasts.

Unless it was an extremely intelligent Companion Beast, summoning a large number of Companion Beasts was similar to having a disorderly mob. They might even become a burden, much less be of help.

Therefore, most people would choose Companion Eggs that were useful to them or excellent Companion Eggs for incubation. Most of the Companion Eggs they didn’t need were sold.

It was especially so for a high-level powerhouse like Zhou Wen. He had no interest in Companion Eggs below the Mythical stage. Even if he picked them up, he would give them to his friends and juniors or exchange them for the materials he needed.

It was very rare to have low-level Companion Beasts like Zhou Wen.

If Zhou Wen didn’t need them for fusion, he wouldn’t have had so many low-level Companion Beasts on him.

“Let’s see how many low-level Companion Beasts you have,” G.o.dsfall said coldly as he clapped his hands again.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

G.o.dsfall could only appropriate ten Companion Beasts for each Connate Appropriation. He could only sense that Connate Appropriation had locked onto Zhou Wen’s body, but he didn’t know how many Companion Beasts there were.

This was because no matter how many Companion Beasts there were, the tattoos would overlap. Furthermore, different Companion Beasts could appear in the same spot. Zhou Wen’s back and chest were densely covered with overlapping tattoos.

G.o.dsfall could only sense the Companion Beast tattoos, but he didn’t know how many Companion Beasts there were or what Companion Beast they were.

His clapping wasn’t done at random, Every time he used Connate Appropriation, he expended a large amount of Essence Energy. Even if G.o.dsfall had tremendous amounts of Essence Energy, this series of clapping made his forehead drip with sweat.

Zhou Wen’s Companion Beasts flew out like scattering flowers. More than a hundred Companion Beasts flew towards G.o.dsfall.

Youkai and Carlos were deeply shocked by this scene. To them, G.o.dsfall’s Connate Appropriation was an invincible divine technique.

With such an ability, he was an existence that could do whatever he wanted among humans.

After all, most humans relied on their Companion Beasts to fight. Who wouldn’t be afraid of G.o.dsfall’s ability?

“Twonder if he can s.n.a.t.c.h a Guardian. If he can do so, it will be too terrifying,” Youkai muttered to himself.

They were alarmed, but G.o.dsfall was so depressed that he nearly blew a gasket.

G.o.dsfall clearly saw the Companion Beasts before they flew over. Many of them were low-level Companion Beasts he had seen previously. Even if he had never seen them before, there were many that looked familiar. Clearly, they were commonly-seen, low-level Companion Beasts.

G.o.dsfall wasn’t sure if there were any higher-level Companion Beasts, but there was definitely no Tiger Soul General.

“Continue.” Zhou Wen stood there without moving, nor did he have any intention of attacking G.o.dsfall. He wanted to know how many Companion Beasts G.o.dsfall’s ability could s.n.a.t.c.h from him—he wanted to know the limits of this ability.

As for whether his important Companion Beast would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away, Zhou Wen wasn’t too worried.

He had too many Companion Beasts on him. It wasn’t easy for G.o.dsfall to win the luck of the draw—Companion Beasts that Zhou Wen valued. Furthermore, there weren’t many Companion Beasts that Zhou Wen valued.

Prisoned Dragon was in that area, but the Limitless Demon Dragon King wasn’t. It was located slightly lower.

Tiger Soul General was also situated in that region, but Zhou Wen wasn’t worried about it at all. If G.o.dsfall really s.n.a.t.c.hed Tiger Soul General, Liu Yun’s experience back then would be what was awaiting him..

Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1588 – Regicide

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Chapter 1588: Regicide

Translator: CKtalon

Jiuyang had always believed that Zhou Wen had used some method to advance to the Calamity grade. Now, he suddenly realized that Zhou Wen was condensing a domain. Furthermore, it was completely different from what he had imagined. Zhou Wen seemed to be a pure-blooded human without using

any external help.

Can pure-blooded humans really reach this stage? Jiuyang looked at Zhou Wen with a complicated expression.

G.o.dsfall’s expression was even more complicated. He didn’t have any blood left to vomit. Otherwise, he would’ve definitely vomited another three liters of blood.

He had lost his vitality from being struck by the lightning. Zhou Wen had been struck by the same lightning, but he ended up advancing to the Calamity grade. There was no justice in this world.

It shouldn’t be like this… It shouldn’t be like this… The resentment in G.o.dsfall’s heart couldn’t be appeased. He used his last breath to order the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General to kill Zhou Wen. Even if he couldn’t kill Zhou Wen, it was fine if he could interrupt his advancement to the Calamity grade.

The Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General accepted the order and turned to look at Zhou Wen. The purple flames in his eyes constantly flickered, but he didn’t immediately rush over.

G.o.dsfall believed that due to his severed vitality and how he was on his last breath that his connection with his Companion Beast had weakened. All he did was repeatedly urge the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General.

The Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General received G.o.dsfall’s repeated orders, but it still didn’t charge at Zhou Wen.

He slowly turned around and walked towards G.o.dsfall.

“You… What are you doing… I told you to kill him…” G.o.dsfall roared at the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General. He didn’t know what had happened. Why would the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General walk to him? He had clearly ordered the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General to kill Zhou Wen. Why would

the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General walk back?

G.o.dsfall was puzzled. At the same time, he seemed to realize something, He immediately sensed the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General’s information again.

Malicious Evil… Heaven-defying Slaying… Jinxes Master… What kind of f*cking Companion Beast is this… Only then did G.o.dsfall realize that something was amiss with the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General. Be it his Life Providence, Life Soul, Wheel of Destiny, Terror transformation, Calamity Zone, or

skills, everything was very wrong.

Just looking at it might not be much, but when combined together, G.o.dsfall felt a chill run down his spine.

He had never seen a Companion Beast with such evil and vile attributes. Together with the Heaven-defying Slaying zone and Jinxes Master skill, this deepened the chill running down his spine. He opened his mouth to seek help from Jiuyang.

However, just as he opened his mouth, the spear in the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General’s hand slashed across his neck. G.o.dsfall’s head was sent flying.

This development stunned everyone.

Jiuyang never expected G.o.dsfall to be killed by his Companion Beast. He looked at the Tiger Soul General with blood still dripping from his spear tip. His face was filled with shock.

“Carlos, am I dreaming? Wasn’t that Companion Beast s.n.a.t.c.hed away by G.o.dsfall? His owner should be G.o.dsfall, right?” Youkai rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

“You aren’t dreaming. I saw it too. He’s indeed G.o.dsfall’s Companion Beast and it has indeed killed him,” said Carlos with an odd expression.

“A Companion Beast killing its master? How can that be? Furthermore, once its master dies, it should be reduced to ashes, right?” Youkai’s mind was filled with question marks.

G.o.dsfall’s head fell to the ground as his eyes nearly popped out. It was obvious how he couldn’t accept his death.

The Companion Beast tattoo on his body dissipated with his death, turning into Essence Energy that returned to the universe.

However, the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General remained standing proudly on his mount without any signs of dissipating.

This strange scene made everyone shudder. If Companion Beasts could kill their masters, then with so many Companion Beasts on them, they wouldn’t even know how they died if a Companion Beast attacked them one day. There was no way to defend against it.

The blob of light in the sky shrank as the domain power emitted from Zhou Wen’s body intensified. The restoration of the ancient city nearby sped up.

Ancient buildings were erected out of thin air, gradually restoring the ancient city to its original appearance.

Strange. Could it be that the Heaven-Opening Scripture’s domain is a Time Reversal Zone? Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled.

The power displayed by the domain now was like reversing time, but the Heaven-Opening Scripture of the Highest Elder had nothing to do with temporal powers. From the beginning to now, he had never used a temporal item to advance.

No, it’s not temporal, Zhou Wen quickly realized the problem.

If it was a reversal of time, not only would the ancient city be restored, but everything inside would also be restored.

Zhou Wen didn’t know if there were any residents in the ancient city in the past, but there would definitely be creatures destroying it. If time flowed back, the creatures that destroyed the ancient city should have appeared in the reverse flow of time.

Now, only the ancient city was being restored. The creatures that had destroyed it didn’t appear. Furthermore, upon careful inspection, one would discover that many places in the domain hadn’t changed because of the domain’s power. Only the ancient city had changed.

‘What kind of domain is this? Zhou Wen kept sensing the domain’s power, but he still couldn’t understand what kind of domain it was.

The power of a domain was formed from two parts. One was the Essence Energy Art that one cultivated, including the Life Providence, Life Soul, Wheel of Destiny, and Terror transformation formed during the cultivation of the Essence Energy Art. These would have a certain effect on the domain’s


The other important component was the Zone Core that one absorbed.

Zhou Wen could sense the portion of the Essence Energy Art, but he didn’t know what kind of power the Zone Core gave him. He also needed to constantly discover the domain’s abilities.

From the beginning, when the Zone Core severely injured G.o.dsfall, its power showed some form of devouring and absorption. However, now that Zhou Wen had absorbed the Zone Core’s power, it produced an effect similar to the reverse flow of time. This made Zhou Wen momentarily unable to

determine what kind of ability the domain condensed by the Dao Sutra was.

Zhou Wen also thought of another possibility. If one’s Essence Energy Art and Zone Core combined to produce a domain, producing a special reaction, it might also trigger a domain ability that was different from both.

Just like a chemical reaction, the combination of two different elements could form a new material.

Of course, this was only Zhou Wen’s guess. Perhaps it wasn’t a new ability. It was only because Zhou Wen didn’t know much about the Zone Core’s abilities.


Only a tiny portion of the blob of light remained. This portion transformed into a huge pillar of light that blasted at Zhou Wen.

As the pillar of light descended on Zhou Wen, the entire Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds began to tremble. It was as though a huge earthquake had happened. Cracks that spanned hundreds of kilometers appeared on the ground as everything collapsed.

The buildings in Sunset City collapsed one after another, and huge rifts opened beneath the city. Half of the city had already fallen, and the remaining parts were constantly sliding down.

The darkness in the sky seemed to be cut open like a curtain. It peeled off piece by piece, revealing the originally blue sky. The entire Forbidden Land of the G.o.ds was collapsing.

So to advance to the Calamity grade, one needs to use the power of a dimensional zone as the price. Carlos seemed to understand something…

Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1581 – Nondisputatious Sword Intent

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Chapter 1581: Nondisputatious Sword Intent

Translator: CKtalon

Sincere words are not fine; fine words are not sincere.

Those who are skilled do not dispute; the disputatious are not skilled in it.

Those who know are not extensively learned; the extensively learned do not know it.

The sage does not acc.u.mulate for himself. The more that he expends for others, the more does he possess of his own; the more that he gives to others, the more does he have himself.

With all the sharpness of the Way of Heaven, it injures not; with all the doing in the way of the sage he does not strive.

This was the origin of the Nondisputatious Sword Intent. It was a pa.s.sage from ancient scriptures.

The skilled didn’t need to strive. Things would naturally fall into their hands because others couldn’t do what they could do. It would only be natural for the things to be given to them.

Jiuyang’s realm also contained this concept. He pursued his own cultivation without being affected by anything else.

Zhou Wen looked at Jiuyang’s realm and gained a deeper understanding of the Nondisputatious Sword Intent.

3000 sword intents are just too many. If I want to figure out the true meaning of all of them, forget a mortal like me with about a hundred years of lifespan, even if I could live for more than a thousand years and figure out one every year, that will only cover a third. Besides, it’s impossible for me to figure

out the true meaning of one sword intent in a year. I’s fine if I just figure out a few things in the fature, but I can’t pursue perfection like Jiuyang. The ancient scripture’s saying is right. Those who know are not extensively learned; the extensively learned do not know it. Although my 3,000 sword intents

aren’t weak, Jiuyang’s realm is much higher than any of the 3,000 sword intents, Zhou Wen thought.

As the essence of their realms were too similar, Zhou Wen quickly made a huge breakthrough in the Nondisputatious Sword Intent from referencing Jiuyang.

Til give it a try and see how well I’ve cultivated this sword intent. Zhou Wen’s saber stance changed as he used a concept similar to Jiuyang’s. It was none other than the Nondisputatious Sword Intent that had just experienced a breakthrough.

Jiuyang,Carlos, and Shenluo’s eyes focused at the same time. They could tell that the change in Zhou Wen’s saber aura was very similar to Jiuyang’s boxing concept.

He actually wants to imitate Jiuyang’s technique and concept. Isn’t he a little too idealistic? How can such a realm be mastered in a short period of time? It’s especially so for Jiuyang’s characteristic of pursuing details. It’s not something that can be mastered just from mimicking. He’s aiming high only to

achieve little. Shenluo snorted coldly.

Carlos was also somewhat puzzled. Zhou Wen’s actions seemed a little too rash.

It was true that Zhou Wen was a genius, but Jiuyang was also a genius. Furthermore, he was a top genius. To use Jiuyang’s ultimate skill that he had cultivated for so many years after such a short period of time was a little arrogant.

However, the battle left the two dumbfounded.

‘The saber in Zhou Wen’s hand remained sheathed, but he had already switched from defense to offense. During the battle with Jiuyang, the similarity of their techniques and realms exceeded 90%.

More importantly, Zhou Wen had managed to tie with Jiuyang without being at a disadvantage.

“Could it be that… there’s really such a genius in this world…” Carlos widened his eyes and muttered to himself in disbelief.

“What do you mean?” By the side, Youkai didn’t understand. He could only tell that Zhou Wen wasn’t blindly defending, but his attacks weren’t very powerful. They were very ordinary.

Carlos said with a bitter smile, “Youkai, do you think I’m considered a genius?”

“Of course. If you aren’t a genius, there aren’t any geniuses in the Federation. Although you don’t have the Sovereign Body inherited from your family, your talent and comprehension far exceed those fellows with the Sovereign Body. I still remember the time when you trained in an Essence Energy Skill

John took two months to master. You did it for a short while to be much stronger than him,” said Youkai.

“Then, do you think it’s possible for someone to learn something that will take me one to two decades in just a few minutes?”

“That’s naturally impossible. A human who can do such a thing, no—I shouldn’t say human; it’s impossible for humans to do it. If they can do it, they are not human at all,” said Youkai.

“But that fellow just did it,” said Carlos with another bitter smile.

“Who? What did he do?” Youkai was stunned and asked blankly.

“Jiuyang’s talent isn’t inferior to mine. I believe his cultivation realm was obtained through arduous cultivation. If it were me, I would also need so much time, but in the short twenty to thirty minutes of battle, Zhou Wen actually reached the same realm as him. He’s even on par with Jiuyang,” said Carlos.

“That’s impossible, right? Could it be that Zhou Wen already knew it and is only using it now?” Youkai guessed with a look of disbelief.

Carlos sighed and said, “I hope so too, but it’s obvious that his realm is still improving. He should still be in the midst of comprehension. In the past, I always felt that I was a genius, not inferior to anyone in the Federation. Even An Tianzuo was only a target for me to catch up with in my studies.

However, after meeting Zhou Wen today, I suddenly feel disheartened and even some despair.”

“Don’t think that way. There must be a reason. It’s impossible for there to be such a genius among humans. There must be a problem. We can find the problem. Don’t give up…” Youkai immediately panicked. Carlos was the most promising person in the Cape family now. If he were to be dispirited, it would

undoubtedly be a fatal blow to the Cape family.

“Don’t worry. I’m not a greenhouse flower who hasn’t experienced storms. Even if Zhou Wen is really such a genius, I won’t give up on my goal. I’m just feeling wistful.”

“That’s good.” Youkai heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that there was nothing abnormal about the latter’s expression. However, he was still alarmed.

If it was really as Carlos had said, Zhou Wen was too terrifying.

Shenluo’s surprise was far greater than that of the two. They didn’t know much about Jiuyang, so they were only speculating.

However, Shenluo knew a lot about Jiuyang. Among the many Saints in the Sun G.o.d Holy Temple, only Jiuyang had obtained the recognition of the Sun G.o.d Guardian and obtained the Sun G.o.d Holy Temple’s Holy Artifact.

Although everyone was a Saint in name, Jiuyang, who controlled the Sun G.o.d Holy Temple’s Holy Artifact, was actually the Sun G.o.d Temple’s Holy Son.

Shenluo was in a similar situation. He knew very well how great the price one needed to pay to become the Holy Son who controlled the Holy Artifact.

Jiuyang had been cultivating arduously since he was young. His achievements were the result of years of hard work. Even Shenluo had to admit that he was no match for Jiuyang in terms of the martial arts realm.

It was very difficult to mimic Jiuyang’s realm because it wasn’t as simple as hard work. It also required inhuman talent.

Such a talented and extremely hardworking person had actually been imitated by someone in a short battle. Furthermore, the combat strength he displayed wasn’t inferior to Jiuyang’s. Shenluo found it unbelievable.

This Zhou Wen looks much more terrifying than expected. It’s no wonder Lord Holy G.o.d sent me to help Jiuyang. Indeed, Lord Holy G.o.d has foresight. I definitely can’t let such a fellow grow stronger. Otherwise, he will be a great enemy of my Holy Land. Killing intent flashed in Shenluo’s eyes..

Let Me Game in Peace Chapter 1585 – Tiger Soul General Appropriated

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Chapter 1585: Tiger Soul General Appropriated

Translator: CKtalon

When G.o.dsfall saw Tiger Soul General fly towards him, he revealed a gratified smile and thought to himself, Although the process was a little tricky, I still completed the mission.

After Tiger Soul General landed on G.o.dsfall, G.o.dsfall looked down at Zhou Wen and said indifferently, “You should be proud to be able to force me to use the Holy Artifact.”

However, when G.o.dsfall sensed the information from Tiger Soul General, he was stunned. He almost couldn’t believe the information he had received.

“Impossible. How can it only be at the Human Realm?” At that instant, G.o.dsfall thought that he had s.n.a.t.c.hed a fake Tiger Soul General.

From Tiger Soul General’s performance on Dubhe, he was undoubtedly at the h.e.l.l level. Furthermore, he had to be a top existence at the h.e.l.l level. Only then could he possess such might and easily kill two Starlord Ravenous Wolves.

Therefore, G.o.dsfall found it unbelievable that Tiger Soul General was only at the Human Realm.

However, the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General’s name wasn’t wrong and its appearance was right. It couldn’t be fake. After all, Calamity-grade Companion Beasts were relatively rare. Zhou Wen couldn’t have two identical Calamity-grade Companion Beasts, right? The chances were too low.

Could it be that Tiger Soul General is really that strong? He can kill h.e.l.l-level creatures at the Human Realm? G.o.dsfall had his suspicions.

Apart from the difference in physical attributes, there was also the evolutionary difference of the Calamity Zone. A h.e.l.l-level domain would undergo a qualitative change.

For example, the two domains of fire and water that were both at the Human Realm might be able to mutually restrain each other, but if one domain advanced to the h.e.l.l level, it would completely crush the other.

G.o.dsfall only noticed Tiger Soul General’s level and ability, but he didn’t have the time to carefully study his skills. Therefore, he didn’t realize how terrifying the Jinxes Master skill was.

“Zhou Wen, is this the Tiger Soul General you used to kill the Starlord Ravenous Wolves?” G.o.dsfall summoned Tiger Soul General and asked Zhou Wen.

Although he felt that the possibility of Zhou Wen possessing two Tiger Soul Generals wasn’t high, G.o.dsfall still wanted to get to the bottom of it.

“It’s whatever you make it to be.” Zhou Wen looked at G.o.dsfall with a look of pity.

It was fine if he possessed Tiger Soul General, but to actually summon it—even Liu Yun hadn’t been as arrogant as him.

It’s coming… It’s coming… Zhou Wen was somewhat excited.

In fact, he didn’t know what the snowflake-like points of light were. However, he had a nagging feeling that the sudden appearance of these snowflakes was related to Tiger Soul General.

The points of light constantly condensed in the sky as they s…o…b..lled. Although no one knew what it was, the terrifying energy fluctuations in the s…o…b..ll left everyone alarmed.

“Stop gaslighting!” G.o.dsfall held the Connate Insight in his hand and transformed into a Connate Divine Light that struck the huge s…o…b..ll in the sky.

‘The Connate Divine Light was indomitable and could destroy virtually anything in the world. However, when it struck the s…o…b..ll, it was like water being soaked up by a sponge as it seeped into the s…o…b..ll.

The s…o…b..ll that was originally emitting light became even brighter. As for the snowflakes that flew out of everything, they flew towards the s…o…b..ll at an even faster speed and fused with it.

The points of light that seemed to be snow appeared to have accelerators activated as they charged towards the huge s…o…b..ll in the sky.

G.o.dsfall was first taken aback before he realized the problem.

These snowflake-like points of light weren’t caused by anyone. They seemed to have appeared because of his Connate power and the Connate Insight.

Zhou Wen naturally saw this scene. His thoughts were the same as G.o.dsfall. The points of light were definitely affected by the Holy Artifact.

However, he went one level deeper than G.o.dsfall. He felt that this coincidence might not be a pure coincidence. Perhaps it was thanks to Tiger Soul General.

Zhou Wen carefully sensed the energy fluctuations of the points of light, hoping to know what kind of power it was.

However, the energy fluctuations of the points of light were very special. He could only sense the existence of energy, but he couldn’t tell what attributes it had.

Zhou Wen extended his finger and touched a point of light with his fingertip. Immediately, he felt a strange force enter his body from his fingertip.

This power… Zhou Wen widened his eyes in disbelief.