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Chapter 946: The Beauty Zhu Guang

Yue Yang seemed to have a feeling and turned his head.

Ming Ri Hao was no longer behind him. At some point, he had run towards the Bull Brothers and were enjoying the feast and drinks together.

At this time, the hostess of the birthday banquet walked with grace and beauty, as if a pool of lotuses bloomed behind her feet with every step she took. Standing behind Yue Yang, Zhong Guan, Hei Tu, the Flying Locust, Hua Ban and the other Heaven Rankers fixed their eyes on her. There was an astonis.h.i.+ng look in their gazes, whereas the two Quasi-Heaven Rankers, Feng Ji and Jing Yun had even more of a colourful expression as they have never been this appalled by someone’s beauty.

That was a beauty whose face was as beautiful as the stars in the sky.

Accompanied by a number of pretty maids, she slowly came out of the Country Lord’s main residence. Her wonderful figure and elegant posture made others couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction similar to ‘owning her is like owning the whole world’. It seemed like she was the best treasure in the world— if one could obtain her, they would have no more regrets.

There were countless strong powerhouses present who attuned their concentration to become stronger than steel as they were not even bothered by landslides in the slightest, but when they saw this woman, they were all dumbfounded.

It turned out that the other Heaven Rankers, who had their own scheming plot planned out, focused their attention on this woman for the first time.

The way she was dressed was absolutely stunning.

The hair on her head was like a golden waterfall that was flowing straight down. It was bright and light, glowing with golden waves as she took every step.

Her head accessory was simple and just right. It was merely a ring of pendant that wrapped around the smooth and neat hair that collected in front of her forehead. In the middle of the headpiece sat a bright pearl— huge, colourful and sparkling. Beneath that precious pearl was a perfect face that was adorned with beautiful eyes that were crystal clear, as if the bright stars were reluctant to part in the blue sky when the morning sun was about to rise. Beneath it was a handsomely sculpted nose and two lips that loved to smile like flower petals. Before words were spoken, those lips were happy to curve upwards elegantly, which contrasted with the delicately bright and beautiful appearance that held a charm no one could resist.

What was particularly more surprising to note was that two charming dimples were comfortably shown on the cheeks of the beautiful woman whenever she smiled.

Just with a smile alone, there was a kind of scorching heat that burned the soul.

She hadn’t even arrived where they were, but her peerless appearance had done all the talking.

Seeing such a beautiful woman, the Heaven Rankers who were planning on scheming one another also put aside their disputes and looked at her greedily.

They could understand the beauty of the country when they saw the beauty of Zhu Guang! Wouldn’t every powerhouse’s dream be to be able to hold such a graceful woman like that in their arms?

“…” After Sky Execution was slightly moved, he looked at student Yue Yang.

Not only him, but the Dragon Emperor and the Underworld Emperor did the same.

They too, were worried that this little satyr, whose defence against beautiful women was practically equal to zero, would lose his temper on the spot.

Student Yue Yang’s hands that were behind his back gave a middle finger to the three guys who were worried too much, providing them a super contemptuous counterattack. Although this Young Master liked beautiful women, it depended on the situation. Besides, there was still a rogue tigress in his Grimoire World, so how would he dare to cheat? He wouldn’t pick up wild flowers from the roadside, not to mention that this wild flower still had poisonous thorns, so whoever picked her would be absolutely unlucky! Did this Young Master seem like the type of person who would drool over a beautiful woman to the point where his brains would melt and result him to become stupid?

Yue Yang made the gesture.

When Sky Execution, the Dragon Emperor and the Underworld Emperor saw it, they felt at ease. Fortunately, this kid didn’t turn into a big pervert in estrus just because he saw a beautiful woman.

“This humble girl from the lower realm greets Young Master t.i.tan and the three senior uncles,” Zhu Guang led her beautiful maids to kneel on the ground, and when she bowed down with her beautiful voice and weak figure, it made people feel a surge of infinite love and pity for her. The three Country Lords could not wait to step forward in person and help the beauty. Of course, even if they wanted to do this, Country Lord Zhi Feng wouldn’t let them; after all, he was the Country Lord, so his reputation definitely had to be retained.

“Quickly, rise, I have heard of the Madam’s beauty through rumours. Today I rushed over once I knew that it was your birthday celebration going on, so I didn’t have the time to prepare a great gift, I’m sorry,” Country Lord Qinglang quickly apologised. In fact, the three Country Lords have heard the name Zhu Guang, but they never imagined that this woman would be so beautiful, completely surpa.s.sing the aesthetics of all the other races.

“Ah, this- are you Madam Zhu Guang? Aha, you look really good. You’re, um, almost as pretty as my fiancé, how rare!”

At this time, student Yue Yang pretended that he was a bratty Young Master.

However, what made Country Lord Zhi Feng feel a little regretful and quite happy was that this Young Master t.i.tan was undoubtedly a normal man. He also felt that his concubine was beautiful to no limits, but he was astounded that the youngster could keep his rationality in check and even constantly remembered his fiancé.

From this point of view, the fiancé that this Young Master t.i.tan has was probably as beautiful as his own concubine.

Possibly even better!

Otherwise, the Young Master t.i.tan would not have regained his senses so quickly.

Recalling that he had once offered him two female slaves, it was extremely reasonable for the kid to reject them. After having an unparalleled fiancé in the world and being a famous n.o.bleman, he would naturally look down on the glamorous female slaves of a lower level. Country Lord Zhi Feng was now very at ease withYoung Master t.i.tan, but he was secretly wary of the three guys— Qinglang, Wanjiao, and Louluo. Although these three guys were more interested in power, his beauty was also at stake. There might come a day where one of them would steal the love of his life, so he must make the necessary preparations to make sure that it never happens.

Country Lord Zhi Feng, who was in a complicated mood, still had a little regret.

Young Master t.i.tan’s sanity was beyond expectations, proving that he also had a beauty of the calibre or perhaps one that was even better than his concubine. From his point of view, it meant that the most beautiful woman in the world was not the only one that he had possession of, so this made him a little bit…

“Honoured guests, how can Zhi Feng entertain such rudeness for you to remain at the door! Brother t.i.tan, please! The three Country Lords of Qinglang, Wanjiao, and Louluo, please also enter my palace for a gla.s.s of wine,” The Country Lord Zhi Feng held his concubine. The little hand of Zhu Guang showed that this woman was owned by him and he felt an incomparable sense of accomplishment when he saw the dark, jealous eyes of Qinglang and the others. He first invited Yue Yang into the banquet as he was the most high ranking guest gathered here before he tended to the other three Country Lords for a drink. If it was possible, he really wanted to kick the three Country Lords away from his concubine’s birthday banquet, but he knew that it could merely be a thought and not reality. So, all he could do on the surface was to show his courteous and generous side to show that he was well-socialled with the other Lords.

“?” Although Zhu Guang greeted the other guests respectfully on the surface, she secretly looked at Yue Yang.

From her point of view, she had already seen through Qinglang and the other two Country Lords. Even though they were quite strong, their strength had limits.

However, this Young Master t.i.tan, who congratulated her with the gift of Divine Blood, was an immeasurable existence.

If the Young Master t.i.tan was really a visitor from the Upper Realm of the Heavens, and if he was really a wealthy n.o.bleman who could spend a lot of money by congratulating her with his Divine Blood, then everything would be perfect. She was more afraid that he was not the Young Master he said he was who came to travel the Lower Realm, but came with other intentions. The Heavenly Splendour Territory was in a mess. In addition to the fact that the three Domain Emperors have been fighting for thousands of years, the most important thing was the news of the Divine Grimoire and various legendary Divine treasures.

Perhaps, the real purpose of this Young Master t.i.tan was to come for that Divine Grimoire or those legendary Divine treasures.

Well, maybe she didn’t have to mention the Divine Grimoire for the time being. That item had been something that even the Central Palace was unable to get their hands on for the past millennia.

However, the incomplete G.o.dhead of that year, as well as various Divine treasures with different powers, were the bait for countless powerhouses. They were shown in order to see who was spying on them secretly.

“Young Master’s fiance must be a peerless beauty. Zhu Guang is rather ugly, so I wouldn’t dare to compare,” On the way to the palace, Zhu Guang whispered beside the Lord of Zhifeng, testing the man whose strength she could not see through.

“Our Tigress, needless to say, she must be- Cough, you are also good-looking, but our Tigress is different from you. She is not only beautiful in appearance, she’s also- it is difficult to say things clearly. What I want to say is that everyone has their own unique beauty!” Yue Yang put on a look like ‘I have a strict wife, so please don’t tempt me casually’, which attracted Zhu Guang with great joy. She stretched her lips upwards, revealing a neat row of small teeth, which were extremely s.e.xy and seductive.

“Prayer Bead, the Quasi-Divine weapon,” Sky Execution snorted behind Yue Yang.

“My lord is well-informed; this humble lady of the Lower Realm admires you,” Zhu Guang heard this and her face changed slightly, but she recovered her composure in an instant before giving Sky Execution a bow.

When she turned around, she felt her heart palpitate.

She thought that no one would be able to see the origin of the pearl on her forehead, so she didn’t expect that Sky Execution, who was responsible for guarding the Young Master t.i.tan, could see through it at a glance. It wasn’t until now that the true awe and admiration for the n.o.bles and higher-ranked powerhouses of the Upper Heaven Realm truly settled in.

It turned out that compared with the famous n.o.bles in the Upper Heaven Realm, the people in the Lower Realm were really just a bunch of sc.u.mbags in the countryside.

Fortunately, she never tried to seduce the Young Master t.i.tan.

Otherwise, this ruthless Sky Execution would have beheaded her directly.

Could it be that this Sky Execution was sent by the Young Master t.i.tan’s fiance? For someone like Sky Execution to be able to be controlled like this, who was the fiance of the mysterious Young Master t.i.tan? However, she was probably a.s.sociated with a tiger, which Zhu Guang couldn’t recognise in the circle of female warriors that she knew. She guessed that it was someone else that she couldn’t predict, so thinking about it, she was safe for now.

Zhu Guang breathed a sigh of relief before she formed a smile.

With the att.i.tude of an owner of the property, together with the Country Lord Zhi Feng, hand in hand, lovingly and intimately, they welcomed the distinguished guests into the lord’s palace and diligently persuaded them to be seated.

Although Qinglang, Wanjiao, and Lou Luo pretended not to care, they still looked at Zhu Guang’s face and figure from time to time and even secretly hated the fact that the Lord was able to hold her hand like that.

If it weren’t for the presence of such distinguished guests such as the Young Master t.i.tan, the three of them would have already made their move long ago.

If it weren’t for the Divine Blood, they would have taken the beautiful Zhu Guang away by now.

Country Lord Zhi Feng looked at them and sneered secretly.

Now that they couldn’t make their move, once the banquet ended, the Country Lord was going to bring his beauty to the most secluded area of a secret hideout. There, he will a.s.similate with the Divine Blood. Once his abilities improve and he resurfaces into the public, he would not only be his own Country Lord, but he might even be able to be the leader between the other Country Lords! If he was able to curry the favour of the Young Master t.i.tan from this birthday celebration, Qinglang and the others would merely be three incompetent ants; he totally had the means to ignore them from then on.

They all sat down and toasted as the singing and dancing went on..

After three rounds of wine, the Qinglang Country Lord suddenly stood up.