Martial God Asura Chapter 5056: Another Change

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Chapter 5056: Another Change

Despite the increased sense of urgency, Chu Feng didn’t blindly rush his way through the black threads. Instead, he carefully observed the black threads carefully while making his way forward.

As a result, he wasn’t able to venture too deeply by the time fifteen minutes was up.

A gush of spirit power encircled his body and teleported him back to the entrance of the black spirit formation gate.

In a stroke of coincidence, the s.p.a.ce beside Chu Feng started trembling moments after Chu Feng came out. Then, w.a.n.g Yuxian appeared beside him, seemingly being transported out of the trial by a gush of spirit power too.

“What a coincidence.”

The two of them looked at each other and smiled.

“Do you want to swap?” Chu Feng asked.

w.a.n.g Yuxian had mentioned earlier that they could swap spirit formation gates if both of them were to fail their respective trials.

“Not yet. I’ve already gotten some clues. I just need some time to decipher it,” w.a.n.g Yuxian replied with a confident smirk.

“Let’s continue on then.”

Chu Feng nodded in agreement before entering the black spirit formation gate once more. He was brought back into the pitch-black formation s.p.a.ce filled with black threads, but he swiftly noticed that the layout of the black threads had changed.

He wasn’t too surprised to see that.

The trial would have been far too easy if the layout of the black threads remained the same. One would just have to challenge the trial multiple times and memorize the correct path.

For that reason, such trials tended to have a random element to them.

In fact, Chu Feng wasn’t trying to remember the route when he progressed slowly on his first attempt. Rather, he was acclimatizing himself to the different conditions of the formation s.p.a.ce.

This time, he was going to try it seriously.

He activated the Heaven’s Eye and began flitting ahead. The further he went, the more complicated the layout of the black threads became. That left him with no choice but to slow down by a fair bit.

Even so, he was still able to catch sight of the endpoint just as the candle was about to burn out. There was an item floating there—a military seal!

Military seals were often used as a symbol of authority to mobilize an army. The chances were that he would be able to mobilize the puppet army if he could get his hands on the military seal.

Knowing that, Chu Feng immediately charged ahead at full speed.

Right before the candle was about to go out, he pa.s.sed through all of the obstacles and reached out his hand to grab the military seal.


The moment Chu Feng wrapped his right hand around the military seal, the seal transformed into a whiff of smoke that seeped into his palm. At the same time, spirit power began shrouding Chu Feng, teleporting him back to the entrance.

When he was finally pulled out of the trial, the black spirit formation gate was no longer anywhere to be seen. He turned to look at the puppet army, and he found that he now had a connection with it.

Chu Feng raised his right hand and looked at it. There was a black mark shaped like the military seal he had seen earlier imprinted at the center of his palm. It was thanks to this that he now had a connection with the puppet army.


All of a sudden, the white spirit formation gate and the entire puppet army formation vanished. Following that, a person appeared beside Chu Feng. It was w.a.n.g Yuxian.

“Chu Feng, I’ve succeeded! I managed to lay my hands on the military seal! Look, look! This is the military seal!”

w.a.n.g Yuxian excitedly showed the imprint of a military seal on her palm to Chu Feng. It was identical to what he had on his palm, just that his was black whereas hers was white.

“You’ve succeeded too?” w.a.n.g Yuxian exclaimed in astonishment.

She finally noticed the black military seal imprinted on Chu Feng’s palm.

“It looks like we have both succeeded,” Chu Feng said with a chuckle.

“That’s great! We can control the puppet army together now! Let’s head out and tell Elder Yao Cheng about this piece of good news!” w.a.n.g Yuxian cheered in delight.

She began making her way toward the spirit formation gate, and the puppet army obediently followed her with organized footsteps.

Chu Feng could have done the same too, but he chose to let her revel in the moment and quietly followed her instead.

Just as he had expected, Yao Cheng, the Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief, and the other clan members gathered on the square revealed baffled looks when they saw the puppet army organizing themselves in a neat formation behind w.a.n.g Yuxian. This made it clear to them that w.a.n.g Yuxian had managed to grasp control over the puppet army.

Countless juniors of the Monstrous Spirit Clan had challenged the puppet army formation many times over the past eight hundred years in a bid to gain control over the puppet army, but all of them ended in failure.

Yet, it took w.a.n.g Yuxian a mere thirty minutes inside the spirit formation gate to gain control over the puppet army. How could they possibly not be astonished?

They did think that it was possible for w.a.n.g Yuxian to successfully grasp control over the puppet army after her result in the talent a.s.sessment formation, but they found it unbelievable how quickly she had managed to achieve the feat.

“Miss w.a.n.g is truly extraordinary. It looks like you’re indeed the person whom the lord is waiting for. Otherwise, there’s no way you could have grasped control over the puppet army so easily,” the Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief complimented in awe.

She was more convinced than ever that w.a.n.g Yuxian was the person whom the lord was waiting for.

“Elder, if what you said is true, Chu Feng should be the person whom the lord is waiting for instead of me.”

w.a.n.g Yuxian turned to the puppet army behind her as she spoke.


At her glance, the puppet army immediately parted from the center to create a pa.s.sageway, where Chu Feng stood at the very end of it.

“What do you mean by that?”

The members of the Monstrous Spirit Clan didn’t understand what w.a.n.g Yuxian was driving at.

“Elders, please take a look at this.”

w.a.n.g Yuxian walked over to Chu Feng’s side and lifted his arm, revealing the black military seal on his palm to the crowd.

“You have managed to grasp control of the puppet army too?”

The Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief stepped forward to examine Chu Feng’s black military seal, and her eyes couldn’t help but widen in astonishment. She could tell that the military seal on Chu Feng’s palm was real too.

“The two of us challenged a spirit formation gate each. Chu Feng took the black spirit formation gate while I took the white spirit formation gate. We ended up obtaining the military seal together,” w.a.n.g Yuxian explained.

“This young hero over here challenged the black spirit formation gate?” the Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“Yes, the one he challenged was indeed the harder black spirit formation gate,” w.a.n.g Yuxian nodded affirmatively.

“Young hero, it looks like I’ve jumped to a hasty conclusion regarding your talent. Do pardon me for my foolishness.”

Following that, the Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief actually bowed to Chu Feng to express her apology.

“Pardon us for our foolishness!”

The other clan members, including Yao Cheng, quickly followed suit. Their drastic change in att.i.tude wasn’t without reason. They knew that the trial in the black spirit formation gate was much harder than that of the white spirit formation gate, but Chu Feng actually succeeded despite the odds.

This was more than enough to prove his talent.

“Elder, it’s a fact that I didn’t do well in the talent a.s.sessment formation. I don’t blame you for thinking of me that way,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“Lord Clan Chief, look!”

All of a sudden, one of the clan members pointed her finger at the statue and exclaimed. Yet another change had occurred to the pendant worn by the statue.

The fluid inside the pendant was initially only at the halfway mark, but for some reason, it was on the verge of being filled to the brim now.

Martial God Asura Chapter 5057: Chu Feng’s Worry

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Chapter 5057: Chu Feng’s Worry

“What does these changes mean?”

They thought that the pendant had only reverted to its initial form before it was petrified, but it looked like there was more to it than they thought. They couldn’t understand why these changes were occurring all of a sudden.

“Could this have happened because someone has successfully grasped control of the puppet army? Even though the puppet army was created by the guest who came eight hundred years ago, it’s a fact that it was made out of the lord’s energy. I’m thinking that the pendant might be reacting to that,” a member of the Monstrous Spirit Clan deduced.

“That could be possible.”

Quite a few amongst the Monstrous Spirit Clan expressed their agreement.

Chu Feng also examined the pendant as well, but he couldn’t figure out why such a change was occurring. So, he turned to the Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief and asked, “Elder, may I make a request?”

“Young hero, feel free to ask anything of me,” the Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief replied.

Her att.i.tude toward Chu Feng had become much more courteous and friendlier, just like how she addressed w.a.n.g Yuxian.

“If it’s not presumptuous of me to ask this, I’d like to see the energy that was left behind by the lord. I understand that this request might be inappropriate, and I ask for your pardon if I have offended you in any way,” Chu Feng said.

“Young hero, the energy has been depleted by the guest to create the puppet army. The guest told us that the energy has been fused into the puppet army, awaiting the arrival of a fated person to siphon the energy out of it and put it to better use. Speaking of which, shouldn’t you be able to feel the energy since the puppet army is now under your control?” the Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“Lele, are you able to sense the energy?” Chu Feng asked w.a.n.g Yuxian.

“I don’t think so. I can feel the strength of the puppet army, but it’s only to a superficial level. I can’t even clearly discern the cultivation of those puppets through my link with them, let alone the energy left behind by the lord. If I’m not mistaken, it should be the same for you too, right?”

w.a.n.g Yuxian gestured toward the 32 puppets that she was unable to confirm the cultivation levels for as she spoke.

Initially, they thought that they would be able to fully sense the cultivation of the puppets once they grasp control of the puppet army, but to their surprise, they still weren’t able to properly discern the puppets’ cultivation level.

“I can’t sense it either.”

Chu Feng shook his head before turning to the Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief.

“Elder, is the guest from eight hundred years ago a trustworthy person?” Chu Feng asked.

“That guest has helped our Monstrous Spirit Clan greatly; we’re indebted to him. However, I can’t say with certainty that he’s a trustworthy person. Young hero, are you suspecting that the guest has taken the energy away?” the Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief asked.

“To be honest, that’s indeed what I’m suspecting,” Chu Feng replied.


The members of the Monstrous Spirit Clan couldn’t remain calm after hearing those words. After all, the energy that was left by the lord was the hope of their clan. They were still hoping for a prodigy to emerge who could grasp control of the energy to emerge amongst them and bring the Monstrous Spirit Clan back to its previous glory.

If the guest from eight hundred years ago had truly taken the energy away, their Monstrous Spirit Clan would have lost its greatest hope of returning to greatness. This was a huge shock to them!

“Are you certain? Is it possible for the energy to be hidden so deeply in the puppets that you aren’t able to sense it?” the Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief asked in agitation.

“I can’t exclude such a possibility. Even though we’re able to move the puppet army now, we still don’t have absolute control over it. It’s possible that the energy is hidden too deeply for us to find.

“Elder, please be a.s.sured that we’re only borrowing the puppet army to deal with our enemies. We’ll return the puppets to you once we achieve victory. I’m not too sure whether the guest from eight hundred years ago has really taken away the energy or not, but I promise you that the puppet army will surely return to your hands,” Chu Feng said.

“Young hero, I’m heartened by your words. I wish you the best of luck dealing with the foreign invaders and the traitor of the eastern region.

“If you’re not in a rush, why don’t you stay at our Monstrous Spirit Clan for a few more days? We would be grateful if you could give us an opportunity to make up for our earlier rudeness,” the Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief said.

Before Chu Feng could answer the question, Yao Cheng had already sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, let’s hurry up and look for Sima Xiangtu. The lives of your master and the cultivators of the Nine Souls Galaxy are still in Sima Xiangtu’s grasp.”

Even if not for Yao Cheng’s reminder, Chu Feng wouldn’t have stayed in the Monstrous Spirit Clan either. He couldn’t possibly rest easy when his master’s life was at risk.

The Monstrous Spirit Clan’s Clan Chief also didn’t try to retain them any more than that. She led the clan members to see Chu Feng off.

When the Lady of Dao Sea and the others saw Chu Feng and w.a.n.g Yuxian leaving the spirit formation gate with an army of puppets and the members of the Monstrous Spirit Clan, they immediately realized that Chu Feng and w.a.n.g Yuxian had succeeded.

Chu Feng and w.a.n.g Yuxian filled the others in on what had happened inside the Monstrous Spirit Clan along the way to the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. That brought about a wave of compliments from the G.o.dwish Grandmother, the Lady of Dao Sea, and Princess Xiaoxiao.

This was especially so for the Lady of Dao Sea. She could hardly keep the edges of her mouth from curling upward. It was extremely rare to see such a bright smile on her face.

She was overjoyed because she thought that the prophecy had come true. She was certain that they could overcome the calamity with the overwhelming prowess of the puppet army.

As a result, the initially tense atmosphere relaxed considerably.

In contrast, Chu Feng, who was usually quite talkative, was oddly silent ever since they left the Monstrous Spirit Clan. There was a grave look on his face, and he hardly spoke a word along the way. It looked as if he was worried about something.

Martial God Asura Chapter 5059: God’s Era Has Already Begun

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Chapter 5059: G.o.d’s Era Has Already Begun

Jiang Kongping had the shock of his life, but he continued observing the colossal apparition intently, hoping to find something out from it. His tightly knitted eyebrows showed that he could hardly discern anything at all, but even so, he didn’t give up on it.

It was only till the energy in the Heavenview Divine Rock dissipated along with the image before him that he finally turned his attention back to Jiang Yuantai.

“Big brother, this is too shocking. What is that?”

Jiang Kongping’s face was a little pale from the earlier shock, but his voice showcased his excitement too. He knew that Jiang Yuantai wasn’t lying to him. Something huge had indeed happened in the vast world of cultivation.

It filled him with unprecedented excitement.

“Kongping, do you really not know what that signifies?”

Jiang Yuantai looked at Jiang Kongping with a disapproving frown.

“H-how could I possibly know?”

Jiang Kongping’s body stiffened up. He tried his best to think about it, but he was unable to figure anything out.

“That’s the result of playing around too much. How could you forget about that?” Jiang Yuantai said with a deep sigh.

“Big brother, what’s that thing? Stop beating around the bush and tell me!” Jiang Kongping urged.

“Around thirty thousand years ago, a stone tablet was discovered in an ancient remnant in the Seven Realms Galaxy that dated all the way back to the Immemorial Era. The stone tablet was blank, but everyone could sense boundless power pulsating from it.

“The only problem is that the stone tablet couldn’t be moved. So, the experts in the vast world of cultivation gathered around the stone tablet, hoping to put their strength together to decipher the stone tablet.”

Before Jiang Yuantai could finish his story, Jiang Kongping had already smacked his head in realization.

“Big brother, I remember that! Father told me about that once. The stone tablet is actually not a treasure but a prophetic medium from the Immemorial Era. Words from the Immemorial Era started appearing on the stone tablet later on,” Jiang Kongping excitedly interjected.

“Yes, I’m referring to that prophecy.”

Jiang Yuantai revealed a heartened smile when he saw Jiang Kongping recalling the matter, though it didn’t last for long.

“Wait a moment, big brother. What was written on the stone tablet?” Jiang Kongping asked.

“Didn’t our father tell you?” Jiang Yuantai asked in bewilderment.

“I… I forgot.”


Jiang Yuantai suddenly felt a strong urge to give his younger brother a tight slap so that he could wake up to his idea.

“Big brother, I was wrong. It sounded so nonsensical to me that I didn’t bother remembering it back then. Please tell me what’s written on the stone tablet,” Jiang Kongping pleaded.

Jiang Yuantai shot a sharp glare at Jiang Kongping before continuing with the story.

“Four sentences of words written in the Immemorial Era appeared on the prophetic stone tablet. Upon deciphering the words, this was what they meant:

“Countless heroes there are treading the path of cultivation, but few are able to leave their name under the relentless flow of time. Should a day come where a colossal avatar appears amidst countless stars, a prodigy shall rise to G.o.dhood within a century.”

After reciting the prophecy, Jiang Yuantai turned to look at Jiang Kongping with a gleam in his eyes. However, the latter frowned contemplatively for a moment before asking, “Big brother, what does that mean?”

“You can’t even understand something as simple as that? Use your brain!” Jiang Yuantai bellowed.

“Big brother, you also know that I’m still decent at cultivation, but I’m bad with anything that requires the use of my brain,” Jiang Kongping replied indignantly.

“You sure are a load of trouble! The prophecy is saying that there have been countless experts in the way of cultivation thus far, but none of them have been able to survive the testament of time. If a day comes where heaven reveals a prophetic symbol, a huge ripple of change will come upon the world of cultivation. Countless prodigies will rise through the ranks, and of them, one will rise to the top and become the strongest existence ever within a century.

“It might just be a short century, but it’ll change the history of our world forever. Some call it G.o.d’s Era.” Jiang Yuantai said.

“Big brother, you’re saying that the colossal apparition is the prophetic symbol?” Jiang Kongping asked.

“Yes, the appearance of the colossal avatar heralds the beginning of G.o.d’s Era. Kongping, this is also the reason why I came here to look for you. You possess exceptional talent. If you work hard in your cultivation, there’s a chance that you might become the supreme existence,” Jiang Yuantai said.

“Big brother, if we look at the time of appearance of the colossal avatar, there’s no way the prophesied prodigy is me,” Jiang Kongping replied.

“You don’t understand. The prophecy only says that countless prodigies will appear upon the inception of G.o.d’s Era, but it didn’t state that only those who are born after G.o.d’s Era will be able to become the supreme existence. In fact, it wasn’t stated anywhere that this opportunity is only limited to juniors. Even those of the older generation could possibly be that prodigy.

“What I mean is that everyone stands a chance at becoming that supreme existence within the next hundred years.

“However, it’s common knowledge that the juniors of our generation possess exceptional talent. None of the juniors from the other generations come close to matching us. There have been guesses that our generation will usher in G.o.d’s Era, and the appearance of the colossal avatar verifies that. It’s very likely that someone of our generation will eventually become the supreme existence.

“That’s why, Kongping, I don’t want you to miss this opportunity.”

Jiang Yuantai patted at Jiang Kongping’s shoulder and looked at him with eyes filled with expectations.

“Big brother, let’s not talk about the older generation and the generation after us for now. Even within our generation, there are plenty of people who are more powerful than me. I don’t think that I’ll stand a chance even if I were to work hard. If someone in our generation will become a supreme existence, I think that person is most likely to be Xianhai Shaoyu,” Jiang Kongping said.

There was a complicated look in Jiang Kongping’s eyes when he heard that name. There was no one from the Totem Galaxy who didn’t know of Xianhai Shaoyu.

That young master of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan was known to be one of the most talented prodigies in the current world of cultivation, especially in the Totem Galaxy.

In fact, there was a saying that in this era of prodigies, it was possible to cla.s.sify all cultivators into two categories: Xianhai Shaoyu and everyone else!

Martial God Asura Chapter 5060: Incorrect Prophecy

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Chapter 5060: Incorrect Prophecy

Jiang Yuantai could still remember the tournament that had shaken the entire Totem Galaxy. That was a tournament to determine the greatest prodigy, attracting all of the top-notch prodigies of the Totem Galaxy together to fight it out.

Even someone like Jiang Yuantai could only watch from the spectator stand, unable to step onto the dueling ring himself.

The popular champion pick for that tournament was none other than the young master of the Totem Dragon Clan, Long Chengyu.

Long Chengyu’s birth had induced a phenomenon. It was such a powerful phenomenon that it shook the entire Totem Galaxy. It was unprecedented even for the powerful Totem Dragon Clan. The speed of his growth was also amazing, creating numerous legends in the Totem Galaxy.

However, just as Long Chengyu was about to clinch the t.i.tle of the strongest prodigy, a person suddenly stood in his path. That person arrogantly accused Long Chengyu of infiltrating the Immortal Sea Galaxy and severing his older brother’s right arm. He said that he was here to exact vengeance, but out of respect for the Totem Dragon Clan, he would let Long Chengyu off with just severing his right hand.

With those words, that person stepped onto the dueling ring.

The crowd initially thought that the person was just humiliating himself. After all, Long Chengyu had just defeated all of his rivals with an absolute advantage in all of his battles.

Yet, to everyone’s astonishment, that person actually defeated Long Chengyu and severed his right arm in public. More importantly, he actually managed to safely make his escape despite having injured the young master of the Totem Dragon Clan in public.

That incident shook the entire Totem Galaxy.

That person was none other than the young master of the Immortal Sea Fish Clan, Xianhai Shaoyu.

Jiang Yuantai had personally witnessed just how formidable Xianhai Shaoyu was back then. Just recalling the sight made his heartbeat hasten, and cold sweat would start dripping from his forehead.

That was the airs of the strongest prodigy of the Northern Region. Everything else seemed to pale in comparison to him.

Thinking about Xianhai Shaoyu’s terrifying prowess, he had no choice but to concede that it would be difficult for his younger brother, Jiang Kongping, to catch up with him.

“Kongping, this is G.o.d’s Era we’re talking about. Even if you can’t become the supreme existence, you should at least make a name for yourself here. You should also be aware of our father’s current plight. We have all been expelled from the Pill Dao Immortal Sect.

“My talent is limited, so it wouldn’t mean anything no matter how hard I work. You’re the only one who can restore our father’s honor,” Jiang Yuantai said.

“I know, big brother. I don’t think that I stand a chance at becoming the supreme existence you speak of, and honestly, I’m not really interested in making a name for myself in G.o.d’s Era either. However, I’ll make the Pill Dao Immortal Sect understand that they have made a fatal error by expelling us from the sect,” Jiang Kongping spoke resolutely.

A heartened smile surfaced on Jiang Kongping’s face.

Ling ling ling!

All of a sudden, the ringing of a bell echoed from Jiang Yuantai’s right sleeves. Jiang Yuantai quickly rolled up his sleeves, revealing a bangle around his wrist.

The bangle contained a blue gemstone and a rusty copper bell. The bell was moving on its own accord despite the absence of wind, and its ringing was growing louder with each pa.s.sing moment.

“What’s happening?” Jiang Yuantai murmured with an uneasy frown.

“Big brother, what’s that?” Jiang Kongping hurriedly asked.

He had never seen such an uneasy expression on Jiang Yuantai’s face before. He wondered if the ringing of the bell was an ominous omen.

“This bangle was given to me by one of our father’s old friends in the Seven Realms Galaxy, Daoist Sta.r.s.eizer,” Jiang Yuantai said.

“Daoist Sta.r.s.eizer? Is that the disciple of the World Spiritist Immortal King?” Jiang Kongping asked.

“Yes, that’s him,” Jiang Yuantai replied with a nod.

“I heard that Daoist Sta.r.s.eizer is proficient in the art of prophecy. Could this be some sort of prophecy medium?” Jiang Kongping eyed the bangle around Jiang Yuantai’s wrist and asked.

“It’s indeed a prophecy medium. Our father couldn’t make it here due to some urgent business, so he asked Daoist Sta.r.s.eizer to make a prophecy and see if we’ll be able to achieve our goals here.

“Daoist Sta.r.s.eizer gave this bangle to me, saying that it would give me a hint when the time is right. If the gemstone lights up, it means that we’ll be able to obtain the legendary Soul Fog without any mishaps. However, if the bell rings instead, it means that we won’t be able to obtain the Soul Fog. Instead, we should leave the Nine Souls Galaxy as soon as possible,” Jiang Yuantai said.

“Surely not? This mission doesn’t look that dangerous to me.”

Jiang Kongping was skeptical about that.

“Daoist Sta.r.s.eizer is known for the accuracy of his prophecies, so there’s some credence to his words. It looks like we’ll have to make a decision soon.”

Jiang Yuantai looked at the furiously ringing bell around his wrist with deepening worry in his eyes.


Cracks suddenly started forming on the copper bell, and before long, it shattered into countless fragments with a loud bam. However, instead of falling to the ground, these fragments started glowing and floating in mid-air. They scattered around to form a mirror that reflected two individuals.

One of them was Jiang Yuantai. He was lying on the ground, severely injured.

The other person had a leg crus.h.i.+ng down on Jiang Yuantai’s chest as he pointed a sword toward his neck. That was clearly the pose of a victor.

Jiang Yuantai’s face paled at that sight, but he kept his eyes on the other person reflected in the projection. He wanted to know to whom he had lost.

The appearance of the other person was initially a little blurred, but the image gradually sharpened until it was finally identifiable.

“Chu Feng?” Jiang Kongping blurted out.

“Chu Feng? He’s the person who defeated you?” Jiang Yuantai asked.

“Big brother, you heard about that too?” Jiang Kongping asked with a lowered head.

“Of course I did. I never thought that trash from the Eastern Region would actually be able to defeat you and hold you hostage.”

Jiang Yuantai let out a sigh.

“Chu Feng is indeed a formidable opponent. He possesses incredible means that allow him to easily defeat any rank eight Martial Exalted level cultivator. It would take a rank nine Martial Exalted level cultivator to put up a fight against him.

“But why would such a scene appear from the shattered copper bell? Is it prophesying a battle between you and him? Does this mean that you aren’t able to defeat him too?”

Jiang Kongping looked at Jiang Yuantai worriedly.

He knew how strong Jiang Yuantai was. Under normal circ.u.mstances, the latter shouldn’t have lost to Chu Feng.

“Daoist Sta.r.s.eizer told me that if the copper bell shatters, it’ll reveal the person who is going to stand in our way. It’s just that… I didn’t think that person who would pose the biggest threat to us would actually be a mere junior from the Eastern Region.”

The fragments of the shattered bell had already dissipated by now, but Jiang Yuantai’s mind was still filled with the scene that had appeared earlier. He couldn’t help but feel deeply indignant.

“Big brother, should we tell Jiang Taibai about this? Let’s have him decide whether we should stay or leave,” Jiang Kongping said.

“There’s no need for that. It’d be one thing if anyone else appeared on the copper bell, but why should I fear a mere Chu Feng? Putting aside the fact that Jiang Taibai and the others are here, I should be able to defeat him easily with my strength. Even if Chu Feng doesn’t dare to appear before me, I’ll still seek him out and exact vengeance for you!”

Jiang Yuantai spoke with great conviction.

Clearly, he felt insulted by the prophecy and wanted to prove himself.

Jiang Kongping burst into laughter upon seeing his older brother’s reaction.

“Big brother, you don’t believe in the prophecy? Didn’t you mention earlier that Daoist Sta.r.s.eizer’s prophecy is credible?” Jiang Kongping said with a chuckle.

He personally didn’t believe in prophecies, but he knew that Jiang Yuantai believed in them.

“I admit that Daoist Sta.r.s.eizer’s prophecies tend to be quite accurate, but there are times when his prophecies are off too. Not to mention, the one that is making a prophecy here is this bangle, not Daoist Sta.r.s.eizer himself. The fact that it took this bangle so long in order to come up with a prophecy shows that it’s lacking in power… I think that there are grounds to believe that Daoist Sta.r.s.eizer’s prophecy is off this time around,” Jiang Yuantai said confidently.

He was oblivious to the fact that Chu Feng, w.a.n.g Yuxian, and the others had finally returned to the Nine Souls Sacred Clan through an ancient teleportation formation. Behind them were thousands of towering silhouettes standing in a neat formation as if soldiers.

They were the puppet army that Chu Feng and w.a.n.g Yuxian had brought over from the Monstrous Spirit Clan!

Martial God Asura Chapter 5061: The Great Army Has Arrived!

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Chapter 5061: The Great Army Has Arrived!

Chu Feng and the others confidently stepped onto the soil of the realm where the Nine Souls Sacred Clan was located, knowing that they now had the means to deal with their enemies. They were in a concealed state, such that outsiders wouldn’t be able to see the army they had with them.

“Wait here first. I’ll go check out the situation. If Sima Xiangtu isn’t done with his preparation yet, we should hold our position here so that Chu Feng can have some time to deepen his control over the puppet army. Otherwise, we’ll have no choice but to take a risk and strike,” Yao Cheng said.

With those words, she began making her way toward the Nine Souls Sacred Clan alone. She possessed special concealment means, which made it much safer for her to infiltrate the Nine Souls Sacred Clan by herself.

This was something they had agreed on earlier.

Yao Cheng soon returned, but there was an awful look on her face.

“Elder, have they already begun making their move?” Chu Feng asked.

He could hardly remain calm after seeing Yao Cheng’s complexion. After all, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s life was at stake here. He could turn a blind eye to everything else, but he couldn’t let anything happen to his master.

“They haven’t started killing any of the cultivators yet, but the Pill Dao Immortal Sect’s Immortal Cauldron is already activated and ready to go. I’m afraid that we can’t wait any longer,” Yao Cheng said.

“Since that’s the case, let’s head there straight away. Given the formidable prowess of the puppet army, our chances of victory are still quite high even if we don’t have full control over it yet,” the Lady of Dao Sea said.

“Chu Feng.”

w.a.n.g Yuxian turned to Chu Feng to seek his opinion.

While she had control over the puppet army too, she was more inclined to heed Chu Feng’s judgment on this matter.

“Let’s head into the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. We’ll make a move as soon as Sima Xiangtu attempts something,” Chu Feng replied.

“All right, let’s go with that.”

Having made up their minds, Chu Feng and the others quickly set off. They carefully made their way into the Nine Souls Sacred Clan together with the puppet army, making sure to keep everything hidden.

The Nine Souls Sacred Clan was currently sealed off by a barrier, such that it was impossible for anyone inside to come out. However, the transparent nature of the barrier allowed those outside to see the situation inside.

There were far more cultivators gathered in the Nine Souls Sacred Clan than they previously remembered, but what caught the attention of Chu Feng’s group was a ma.s.sive cauldron spanning a length of over tens of thousands of meters floating in the sky.

A light s.h.i.+mmered around the cauldron, making it obvious at a glance that it was an incredible treasure. Without a doubt, this was the treasure of the Pill Dao Immortal Sect, the Immortal Cauldron.

Right above the cauldron stood Sima Xiangtu. He was planning to turn the cultivators in the Nine Souls Sacred Clan into cultivation resources using this Immortal Cauldron.

Chu Feng felt a rush of anger when his eyes fell upon Sima Xiangtu, but he chose to suppress his emotions. He knew that it wasn’t time to make a move yet.

Sima Xiangtu stood on top of the Immortal Cauldron, which made him look no different from a speck of dust due to the difference in sizes. However, his eyes were glowing with ambition.

All of a sudden, another person appeared beside Sima Xiangtu. It was Jiang Taibai.

“Sima Xiangtu, our clan members have helped you activate the Immortal Cauldron, but it’ll take a huge amount of power for you to channel it. I’ve already told you that I won’t be helping you on that,” Jiang Taibai said.

“Milord, please rest a.s.sured. I have my ways,” Sima Xiangtu said.

“You have your ways? It has already been two days since the cauldron has been activated. You have less than twenty days left. You won’t have an opportunity to use it anymore if you fail to channel it within this period of time. Know that our Pill Dao Immortal Sect has no intention of activating it for you a second time.

“It doesn’t matter to us whether you achieve your goals or not; we have already fulfilled our promise to you. You’ll have to help us find the Soul Fog by hook or by crook,” Jiang Taibai emphasized once more.

Sima Xiangtu revealed a meaningful smile upon hearing those words.

“Milord, aren’t you just curious about how I could possibly have the power to channel this Immortal Cauldron?” Sima Xiangtu asked.

“Of course. The Immortal Cauldron is already right in front of you. You should be able to tell the tremendous amount of energy that would be required to channel it. Pardon my frankness, but I don’t think that you possess the means to use it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have needed the help of our Pill Dao Immortal Sect in the first place,” Jiang Taibai said.

“Milord, I’ll be frank with you too. If you wish to know what I’m capable of, I can show it to you right now,” Sima Xiangtu said.

Jiang Taibai widened his eyes. He noticed that even though Sima Xiangtu was still calling him ‘milord’, his att.i.tude and aura were vastly different from before.

Sima Xiangtu took out the cage where the Ox-nosed Old Daoist was confined and dragged the Ox-nosed Old Daoist out from within. Then, he whipped out a sword and swung it to slice the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s neck.


A ma.s.sive explosion suddenly echoed.

The barrier sealing off the Nine Souls Sacred Clan suddenly shattered. It astonished everyone, and their shock only deepened when they looked in the direction of the commotion.

An army of powerful puppets could be seen there. The terrifying auras they emanated were frightening not just to those from the Nine Souls Galaxy but even those from the Pill Dao Immortal Sect.

Over a thousand of those puppets emanated the auras of a Half-G.o.d level cultivator, making them appear no different from heavenly soldiers to the crowd despite their shabby appearances as wooden puppets.

“Sima Xiangtu!”

Chu Feng sharply glared at Sima Xiangtu. He couldn’t hold himself back anymore upon seeing Sima Xiangtu making a move on his master, so he ordered the puppet army to launch an attack.

“Thank you, Chu Feng.”

However, Sima Xiangtu didn’t lose his patience upon seeing the puppet army. Instead, he revealed a gleeful smile.

Chu Feng felt a clench in his heart. He had a strong feeling that something was about to go awry, and his prediction was spot-on.

To his horror, he found himself losing control over the puppet army.

“Chu Feng?!”

w.a.n.g Yuxian looked at Chu Feng with fl.u.s.tered eyes too. That made it apparent that she had lost control over the puppet army too.

“Chu Feng, you must have heard the story from the Monstrous Spirit Clan by now?” Sima Xiangtu asked.

“What do you mean?”

Chu Feng was finally realizing that something was amiss.

With a smile, Sima Xiangtu raised his palm and revealed a military palm.

Chu Feng and w.a.n.g Yuxian were shocked. They knew that the military seal symbolized the power to control the puppet army. To make things worse, the military seal Sima Xiangtu had in his hand was different from that of Chu Feng and w.a.n.g Yuxian. The two of them only had imprints of the military seal, but what was in Sima Xiangtu’s hand was the real deal.

In other words, they had lost control over the puppet army because Sima Xiangtu had overwritten their control.

“You must be shocked. Why don’t you let Yao Cheng tell you who I am?” Sima Xiangtu said with a chuckle.

It was only then Chu Feng realized that Yao Cheng had unknowingly taken her position by Sima Xiangtu’s side.

“Chu Feng, Sima Xiangtu is the guest who visited our Monstrous Spirit Clan eight hundred years ago to create this puppet army,” Yao Cheng said.

Martial God Asura Chapter 5058: An Affair Concerning the World of Cultivation

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Chapter 5058: An Affair Concerning the World of Cultivation

“Chu Feng, you look like you have something on your mind,” w.a.n.g Yuxian said concernedly.

Instead of answering the question, Chu Feng posed one of his own, “Lele, you should be able to sense it too, right?”

“Sense what?” w.a.n.g Yuxian replied in confusion.

“We don’t have full control over the puppet army. I’m not sure how it is for you, but my level of control over the puppet army is only around 10%,” Chu Feng replied.

“10%? I do sense some difficulty in controlling the puppet army, but I can’t a.s.sess what’s my level of control over it. How are you able to tell that your level of control is 10%?” w.a.n.g Yuxian asked.

Chu Feng began explaining his deduction.

The puppet army was indeed powerful, but Chu Feng was worried about how he didn’t have full control over the puppet army. If they were to lose control over this puppet army, it could very well land them in a bad position.

The fate that befell the Monstrous Spirit Clan tens of thousands of years ago was the perfect example.

While the Monstrous Spirit Clan was the one who had done wrong, the slaughter wouldn’t have taken place if they had full control over the puppet army in the first place.

In view of that, Chu Feng had been wondering how he could gain more control over the puppet army. The focus of his thought wasn’t on the puppet army itself but the formation he had cleared and the military seal in his palm.

Initially, he was unable to deduce anything from just the military seal itself, but when he thought about his own experiences clearing the formation, he swiftly noticed something amiss.

The trial inside the formation contained a dangerous web of black treads, but upon scrutiny, Chu Feng realized that they came together to form a mysterious formation that was connected to the military seal.

His instincts told him that his control over the military seal would increase as his understanding of the mysterious formation deepened. That would further reinforce his control over the puppet army too.

“The way I cleared the formation was different from yours. Mine is much simpler, so there weren’t any clues of that sort. It could also be possible that I simply didn’t notice anything at all. But Chu Feng, are you really able to deepen your control over the puppet army?” w.a.n.g Yuxian asked.

“I cleared the formation in a rush, but I still have an impression of the mysterious formation in my head. I should be able to do it with sufficient time. I’m just worried whether Sima Xiangtu will grant me the luxury of time. Forget it, I’ll just do whatever I can. The greater my control over the puppet army, the safer we will be.”

Chu Feng closed his eyes and focused his attention on recalling the mysterious formation made out of black threads, hoping to decipher it.

The crowd understood what Chu Feng was worried about, but they didn’t slow their traveling speed through the ancient teleportation formation at all. Time simply wasn’t on their side. A ma.s.sacre would indubitably occur the moment Sima Xiangtu was done with his preparations.

By then, Chu Feng and the others would have to step in to stop Sima Xiangtu regardless of whether they had full control over the puppet army or not.

Meanwhile, a group of cultivators from the Pill Dao Immortal Sect were standing outside a palace of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

It was an announcement to the world that they were Sima Xiangtu’s backing.

They weren’t bothering to hide since there was no need for it anymore. They were now the new overlords of the Nine Souls Galaxy, such that even those from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan had to kneel and kowtow to them. Anywhere they stood, the members of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan would have to take a detour around.

All of a sudden, a figure descended from the sky and landed in front of the palace. It was a dark-skinned man with an ordinary appearance, but he gave off an air of loftiness that instilled fear.

The members of the Pill Dao Immortal Sect broke out in smiles upon seeing the man. They quickly kneeled onto the floor and kowtowed deeply.

He was none other than Jiang Kongping’s older brother, Jiang Yuantai.

Unlike Jiang Kongping, Jiang Yuantai didn’t have a playful streak in him. On the contrary, he was obsessed with cultivation and was proficient in managing sect affairs. For that reason, their father had high hopes for him,

Jiang Yuantai didn’t pay the kneeling sect members any heed. Upon landing on the ground, he marched straight ahead and kicked down any doors that stood in his way. Soon, he arrived before a bedroom.

“G.o.dd.a.m.nit! Who dares to interrupt my rest?” a furious bellow echoed from the bedroom.

A naked Jiang Kongping suddenly stood up from a huge bed. There were two other naked figures lying together with him on the bed, but they were men from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

Jiang Kongping had a preference for men, and the men of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan were right up his alley. In fact, he had been fully indulging himself over the last few days. He hated it when someone interrupted his fun, and killing intent gleamed in his eyes.

However, when he saw Jiang Yutantai standing by the entrance of the bedroom, his anger immediately subsided. Fear took its place.

“Scram! All of you, get lost right now!”

Jiang Kongping quickly kicked the two men from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan out of his bed. Then, he hurriedly put on his robe before walking up to Jiang Yuantai with a fawning smile.

“Big brother, when did you arrive? Is father… coming over too?”

Despite the huge smile on Jiang Kongping’s face, he could hardly conceal his unease and fear. He seemed to be afraid of his older brother.

On the other hand, Jiang Yuantai calmly walked into the bedroom and settled down on a chair. He poured out a cup of tea and began sipping on it.

“Kongping, when are you going to stop fooling around? You possess great talents. You aren’t just letting down father’s expectations; you’re letting your talent go to waste too!” Jiang Yuantai said.

He wasn’t angry, just disappointed.

“Big brother, don’t you know me? I have been working hard on my cultivation too, just that my path differs from yours. I personally believe in the importance of work-life balance. We should work hard and play hard. You mustn’t tell our father about this though!” Jiang Kongping replied.

“Don’t worry, our father isn’t coming. However, I’m here to tell you something important,” Jiang Yuantai said.

“What is it?” Jiang Kongping asked.

“Something huge has happened in the world of cultivation,” Jiang Yuantai said.

“Something huge? What is it?”

Jiang Kongping’s curiosity was piqued.

“Here, use this and look at the Seven Realms Galaxy.”

Jiang Yuantai took out an oval stone and pa.s.sed it to Jiang Kongping. It appeared to be an ordinary stone at first glance, but there were many delicate formations constructed on it. Interestingly, the oval stone resembled an eye when looking at it together with its formations.

“Waaa, isn’t this the Heavenview Divine Rock? Our father gave this to you?”

Jiang Kongping appeared to be extremely fond of the rock. Born into a powerful clan, he had seen plenty of interesting treasures. Even so, this was the first time he was coming into contact with something as rare as the Heavenview Divine Rock.

“You know how to use it, right?” Jiang Yuantai asked.

“Yeap! I saw our father using it once. He infused his martial power into it, and it revealed a map of the entire world of cultivation. By focusing his attention on the specific place he wanted to look at, he’s able to get a general idea of the happenings in the region even across galaxies,” Jiang Kongping said.

“Then hurry up and use it. Don’t zoom in to any starfield. Focus on the entirety of the Seven Realms Galaxy,” Jiang Yuantai instructed.

“Sure, sure. Hehehe. Let me see if the Heavenview Divine Rock is as amazing as the legends put it out to be.”

With a chuckle, Jiang Kongping began peering at the Seven Realms Galaxy.

“Holy s.h.i.+t! W-what the h.e.l.l is that?!”

The smile on Jiang Kongping’s face was wiped out in an instant, replaced with a look of shock.

The Seven Realms Galaxy was one of the larger galaxies in the world of cultivation. It was filled with countless realms and stars that it was not easy to find one’s way around. However, the galaxy was currently shrouded by a colossal apparition.

It was translucent, reminiscent of a soul. It appeared to be neither a human nor a beast, but its very presence exerted huge pressure on one’s soul. It didn’t appear to be alive.

Its size was the reason why Jiang Kongping was so shocked by it. Even ten thousand realms put together might not be able to match up to its size. That was why Jiang Kongping immediately noticed it despite all of the twinkling stars in the ma.s.sive Seven Realms Galaxy.

It felt like everything else was insignificant compared to it.