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Volume 11.5 Chapter 82 What… About View Page Source Additional Resources Visitor Testimonials

Ming Feizhen opened his eyes after a self-perceived long time to find the surroundings peaceful. Hua Qing, Su Li, Yungu, Miguo… no living organism that should’ve been present was present. As a matter of fact, even the large lotus platform was nowhere to be seen in this world coloured a sickening red. The firmament and earth – if they were even distinguishable – were red. The falling big droplets of blood at the “end” of the realm were the only movement. The red colour in question was identical to the Fengpeng’s eyes.

For whatever reason, the blood started trickling progressively faster, comparably to drizzle turning to hail. As the blood dripped down, a black screen behind the red screen came into view. Incomprehension didn’t stop the realm from splitting apart.

As of a consequence of the blood belting progressively faster, Ming Feizhen’s location was no longer a safe haven. Instead of feeling pain due to being split, though, he couldn’t feel any pain. The realm deprived him of his five senses, rendering him hopeless to struggle against the break down.

In a split second, the realm was reset – Ming Feizhen’s status quo included. The cycle of blood dripping and the world splitting then commenced again.

Subsequent to an unknown number of repet.i.tions, even when Ming Feizhen’s intuition had stopped registering, he still didn’t feel he had adapted. On a certain cycle, he started hearing, “A fire can burn anything. How does a flame exist if there is nothing to burn? If the way of breathing sustains life, where is dao without life? You are the energy’s host. How can it exist if you are dead? Hence, there is no reason for it to take your life.”

Apparently, understanding the adage was the reason behind the destruction and resetting cycle. It was Ming Feizhen’s first time witnessing the time before Chaos – the nebulous state of the universe – the formation of heaven and earth, followed by their separation.

From his observation, Ming Feizhen gleaned something that he couldn’t put into words. Nevertheless, he felt he could nigh pinpoint the source of the mad energy. Regrettably, every time he came close to deciphering the mystery, the world would crumble. This time, he only watched the world’s construction and demise.

The other section he recalled was, “Man’s joy and sorrow, hatred, care and love are the masters of people, fate, yin and yang. Like the universe, as long as qi sustains it, the universe can sp.a.w.n infinite ent.i.ties. Conversely, the universe is not called the ‘universe’ if it sustains qi. If the universe is lasting, transparent and still, the vast universe cannot be formless; yin and yang’s profoundness cannot be without qi; fate’s infiniteness must exist. What I possess now is supreme; I wield yin and yang. If I cease to exist, what am I the master of? I create yin and yang, heaven and earth.”

“What’s going on?”

Ming Feizhen split again, except he had become the heart of the realm’s reconstruction. The blood constantly congregated, forming the shape of Ming Feizhen and espousing a different red unlike previous times. Though both Ming Feizhen’s were the spitting image of each other, they were internally different.

Ming Feizhen clenched his fists.

The once unbridled sinister energy had become cordial and compliant to his will. What once was limited as a lake had transformed into an ocean. Unfortunately, the redness in his eyes was a symptom that couldn’t be expunged.

Maybe I’m expecting too much. How is a monster supposed to not resemble a monster?

The next section Ming Feizhen recalled was, “It serves me, not the other way around. If I am empty, what can serve me? This is the mental cultivation I have compiled over the years. You can utilise it to control the aggressive energy.”

The individual scratched their head, then continued, “I cannot teach you how to deal with the Fengpeng’s aggression; that is the toughest and most dangerous challenge that you alone need to win. Should you fail, your only conclusion will be death on the lotus platform. While the energy won’t kill you, the Fengpeng will. The only thing I can teach you is how to wield the aggressive energy. Don’t give me that look! It took me years to come up with it… Wait, a little cheaper. 50%? No, thirty. Make it ten! Ten!”

Ming Feizhen still found their dispute amusing.

I chewed the Fengpeng’s consciousness into nothing already.


“Baldy!” Ming Feizhen heard Hua Qing scream upon returning to reality. Hua Qing and Su Li were visibly done, but Hua Qing continued to curse at Miguo to protect Ming Feizhen even if it was only for a little longer.

Appreciatively smiling to himself, Ming Feizhen uttered, “You’ve done enough,” the moment before he caught Miguo’s punch.

Although Miguo managed to retreat, he had to sacrifice a hand to do so.

Ming Feizhen sealed off ten-odd accupoints on Su Li, but that only made his face longer. “c.r.a.p.”

Su Li’s meridians had snapped. Besides excessive blood loss, her essence was damaged, as well, as a result of Miguo forcibly drawing it out from her. In essence, she had one foot and half of her other foot in the coffin.

Ming Feizhen grabbed the top of her head with one hand, and only a moment later, she could open her eyes and utter “Eh?” with energy.

“Brother Ming, h-have you transcended?!”

Saving Su Li would’ve been beyond Ming Feizhen before he grasped the concept of wielding yin and yang. Juxtaposing the human body as the scarlet realm’s reconstruction, they abided by the same principles. The approach to fixing meridians and replenis.h.i.+ng essence, therefore, was only a touch away if one truly understood the principles.


A fire can burn anything. How does a flame exist if there is nothing to burn? If the way of breathing sustains life, where is dao without life? – Don’t think too hard about this adage from the scripture 文始真经. “Fire” is a placeholder to express a point.

Martial King’s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 74 It’s Principle

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 74 It’s Principle

“G.o.d of Battle’s blood” was akin to a magical phrase that made everyone tune in; even Zhuo Fengru felt alive upon hearing those four words.

Snapping out of his astonishment, Bai Tianbin laughed hysterically, then said, “Nice thinking, la.s.s. The monk is in trouble, and Liu Shan Men is on their way, so you’re calling for help. Unfortunately, your method isn’t very smart. If we sit back and watch, your group won’t be able to do squat.”

Yungu smiled. “If the three of us join hands, Liu Shan Men is but a bug. Besides, in the event they do come, their first target is unlikely to be Sky Palace.”

There was a rumour that Liu Shan Men’s captain and Divine Moon Cult’s leader were the worst pair of foes in the last century, getting into physical altercations if they ever met and they would tear a building apart every time they fought. People would then scavenge the scene for any object still intact to sell on the black market for a fat sum. Homes, inns, huts, shrines, brothels and even the imperial palace had to once undergo renovations because of their “sparring matches”. As for Liu Shan Men as an ent.i.ty of itself, as if they weren’t enemies yet, their leaders even told them to strangle the other side’s members to death if they ever came across one.

Even if n.o.body understood what Yungu implied, Bai Tianbin did – evident from his silence and grim look.

Yungu turned to Master Le. “Mr. Bai does not seem to have any objections. We are but weak women. Can we count on League of if a dangerous enemy comes?”

“You think too highly of us. I am a businessman through and through. Therefore, I don’t do anything unless I have 100% guarantee of success.” Smiling even with his eyes, Master Le patted his belly. “Hoho, we all know only one last source of his blood remains today. Everyone knows Battle of G.o.d’s body is a divine ent.i.ty, but how do you know it’s him? I only agreed to join because the monk promised to test him, but he just got stabbed in the back, so that plan looks like it’s history. How can we do business when we can’t even confirm if the goods are authentic or not?”

“Had you not confirmed he was the real deal, you would not have had your a.s.sistant send him food, would you?”

“No clue, no clue, honestly no clue. I’m not Killing, yes, but only the boss man can decide to take jobs with no profit.”

“In that case, there is a simple solution. Regardless of whether he is authentic or not, we will only keep him for one month. After that, you can take him – no strings attached. What do you say?”

“… All right, we accept. We can feel your sincerity, hahaha.” Master Le flicked up a thumb, then turned to Bai Tianbin. “Hey, her offer is fabulous. If you don’t offer a bid, you’re going to lose it from right under your nose.”

Bai Tianbin shook his head. “We’re searching for the blood to resolve our cult’s problems. This old one doesn’t know what League of’ endgame may be, but it could purely be for fun. On the other hand, your group never gets involved unless there’s something valuable. For what reason are you investing so much for a monk from the Western Regions?”

“You misunderstand. G.o.d of Battle’s blood will only harness its full potential when endangered. Miguo is the best testing tool. All three of us stand to gain significantly from this. Please do not let your emotions cloud your judgement.”

Both Bai Tianbin and Zhuxing Wuchang nodded.

n.o.body but the three leaders heard the discussion between them.

Yungu saluted the three before heading over to Miguo. “Your Excellency, how does it go?”

Appearance ghastly white, Miguo shook his head. “It does not bode well.”

Yungu stole a gander Leng Jingliu’s way and dimpled whilst saying to Miguo, “Rest up, Your Excellency. There are a series of tough battles ahead of us. Allow this one to take out the trash for you first.”

Hua Qing met with Yungu’s gaze that was comparable to a snake eyeing a frog. While she did trip him, he wasn’t afraid of her.

“You have something to say, Young Master Hua?”

“… You are trying to force Brother Ming’s hand, aren’t you?”

The question wiped away Yungu’s smirk because he wasn’t supposed to have been able to hear their dialogue communicated via Voice Transmission. “You heard?”

“You won’t kill because you can’t beat the one who will avenge me.” Hua Qing didn’t even blink in case he missed any micro expressions. “You want Miguo to kill me and then for him and Brother Ming to hurt each other, correct?”

Yungu’s brightness returned. “Young Master Hua, people need to stop calling you stupid when you’re so perceptive. You’re the first outsider to correctly guess our plan.”

“What do you want?”

“Did you not just state it? This one does not dare to kill you, but breaking your legs, taking your relic and healing Lord Miguo are not out of bounds, are they?”

“Leng Jingliu is Mr. Shen’s disciple…”

“Indeed. He won’t protect you, however, especially not when he knows that our three factions would team up on him if he tried anything now.”

“Today is Lotus Convention! Miguo and I are competing for leaders.h.i.+p! How can you interfere?!”

Yungu amplified her voice. “You were the one who stated that everyone has a fair chance at competing for leaders.h.i.+p, no? This one humbly wishes to offer what unworthy help she can.”

Yungu thrust her hand past Hua Qing’s guard to tag him on the chest, only to pull away in a panic before she transferred her yin energy into him. Although she maintained her usual expression, she retreated twice as fast as she advanced and without the same precision. “Great Guardian Wen!”

Standing in front of Hua Qing, Zhuxing Wuchang giddily responded, “What are you trying to do to my brother?”

“The question is, what are you doing?” Yungu’s brows came together.

“You said we’re competing for leaders.h.i.+p, didn’t you? If you can compete for it, why can’t I?”

“Mr. Bai! What is the meaning of this?!”

“Doing as you suggested, no?”

“When did I ever suggest this?”

“Acting on emotions is this old one’s image and Divine Moon Sect’s credo. If he listens to your suggestion to not act on emotions, he’d be blaspheming cult tenets. He cannot let down his leader. Sword Paragon.”

“Present.” Zhuxing Wuchang vanished out of sight.

Bai Tianbin lifted up the corners of his lips. “Let there be anarchy.”

Zhuxing Wuchang emerged in view again with head eight maidens’ heads, blood still spilling out from their necks. The last thing Yungu expected was for her’ presences to be known, much less taken out so quick.

The blonde man flashed a corner of his white pearls. “Already on it.”

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 77 Unmatched Young Master About View Page Source Additional Resources Visitor Testimonials

Zhuxing Wuchang suddenly removed his eyes from the battle and snickered. “Time’s up. I have to get going. Thanks for the fun.” He pulled out one sword from among the six locked up with the trio, pivoted and thrust his sword behind his neck. “Let’s rematch in the next life.”

The six swords glowed sky-blue and slashed simultaneously, dismantling the trio’s guard stances. Zhuxing Wuchang’s Enlightenment had a dismantling property, making it the mortal nemesis of any defence system. Trying to bait him in with defence would be akin to provoking the grim reaper.

Anyone familiar with Zhuxing Wuchang would recognise his smile in that moment as an indication of his favourite moment in the Central Plain. For him, a strong opponent was something to celebrate, but meeting an opponent he couldn’t defeat was even better.

“There are three levels to Divine Moon Cult’s ‘Lawless Twelve Stances’,” a man stated from within the blue light. “The first level establishes the foundation of ‘Universe’. Those who can learn the twelve stances in the diagrams can become first-rate adepts in the pugilistic world. In the second level, pract.i.tioners practice their own version of Twelve Stances. Zhuxing Wuchang’s ‘Sword Heaven Twelve Stances’, the child of the second level, and Ximen Chuideng’s ‘Fire Heaven Twelve Stances’ are two incomprehensible versions in their cult.”

Upon seeing the man glowing white, Leng Jingliu uttered, “… s.h.i.+chuan.”

Shen Wuzheng turned to his disciple and scrubbed his head. “Get it now? When you’re up against his swordplay, unless you believe you can dominate your opponent with your swordplay, it’s best to stay calm and not adjust to their rhythm. You’ve achieved a good standard with your swordplay already.”

“I just took a defensive approach, though,” replied Leng Jingliu.

“That’s because the blue Enlightenment can’t be blocked.” Shen Wuzheng smiled with amus.e.m.e.nt. “You should’ve ran. n.o.body would’ve made fun of you for running from it.”

Leng Jingliu pulled Shen Wuzheng’s hand off his head and grouched, “When you sent me in as an undercover six months ago, I agreed to wait here because you said you’d uproot them all in one fell swoop today. You think I’d have fought him if you arrived earlier?”

“I didn’t mean to be late. Sky Palace’s formation was more difficult to dismantle than I predicted.”

“Have you dismantled all of them?”

“Regrettably, there are still two I can’t do anything about. Anyhow, we have other priorities right now.” The corners of Shen Wuzheng’s lips returned to neutral as he cast his gaze over to Master Le and Master Ku. “Liu Shan Men’s Shen Wuzheng. It is an honour to meet you.”

While he still appeared friendly, whirls of tension were spinning inside Master Le. “Wow… We are honoured.”

“Are there not enough problems in Three Gorges martial arts community? What do you want?”

Master Le finally remembered to smile. “Constable Shen, that is a bad way of putting it. We are more than happy to share the business opportunities with you. We will not cause you any trouble.”

Master Ku tugged Master Le by the shoulder and, stifling his voice, informed, “It’s time to go.”

”Oh, I forgot I still had something to do. That shall be it for today, then. Let us catch up another day.” Master Le sped off with Master Ku following behind, nerves still fried to the point that he forgot to laugh.

The rest of League of’ members followed their two leaders, leaving orderly as expected of disciplined professionals.

Upon locking eyes with Shen Wuzheng, Zhuxing Wuchang remarked, “You’ve been staring at me for a long time, Young Master Wuzheng, hahaha.”

“Because you are worth my attention.” Switching to a cordial tone, Shen Wuzheng continued, “Divine Moon Cult’s three Great Guardians are capable of fighting an army. Adepts who could match you in the imperial court are far and few between. How would Divine Moon Cult react if The Ultimate Three were to be active in the Western Regions?”

“Good b.l.o.o.d.y point, d.a.m.n. You are being too polite to your target for elimination, are you not?”

Shen Wuzheng jovially saluted Zhuxing Wuchang. “You have spilt very little blood in the Central Plain since your arrival. Elimination and whatnot are unnecessary. If you could cease your plans, that would be for the best.”

“We have yet to decide who the better fighter is, yet you want me to pack up? This is a battlefield!”

Shen Wuzheng just stood there with a smile on his lips.

“… In ten days from now, I’ll let you know where I am. We’ll bring our own spectators to settle the score, deal?”

Shen Wuzheng didn’t respond.

“Let’s invite an impartial judge, then. We’ll leave our fates up to the heavens. The imperial court and Divine Moon Cult can’t argue the results or take revenge, better?”

Shen Wuzheng turned the other way.

“Wait!” Zhuxing Wuchang bolted over to cut off Shen Wuzheng, even using his Divine Realm speed. “Fine, you set the terms. Don’t walk away. Let’s fight in the Western Regions, yes?”

“Sorry, this one has a job to attend to, so he cannot travel so far.”

“Shen Wuzheng! Let’s fight without judges, then. We’ll go until one of us can’t get up, okay?”

“My wife and children are waiting at home to have dinner with me.”

“What a tough nut to crack,” Zhuxing Wuchang muttered under his breath.

“Exactly.” Shen Wuzheng walked off, grumbling, “Man, I’m being overworked.”

“Hey! Hey! Don’t go. Let’s fight in private. No weapons, no risking our lives; just a simple spar. I’ll go back after, okay?”

Frowning, Shen Wuzheng rubbed his chin.

“Hey, man, I’ve been making compromise after compromise! Don’t push it! I’m a Great Guardian. Can’t you show some respect?”

“I’ll decide on the time and place. We’ll stop short. No Enlightenment. If you can accept those terms, you have yourself a match.”

“A man’s word is worth gold in weight!” Zhuxing Wuchang jubilantly headed off.

Shen Wuzheng smiled in preparation to speak to Bai Tianbin, only for the latter to palm his own face and complain, “How are we supposed to survive in the Central Plain when that’s all it took to shoo off a Great Guardian?”

“All the outsiders are gone. It’s time to turn our attention to them.” Shen Wuzheng s.h.i.+fted his line of sight to Miguo.

Wugou had his hands around his throat as though he was fighting off strangulation; even his face was beet-red. The invisible wall of qi around Miguo didn’t just barricade people outside but even imposed pressure on hostiles within.

Bai Tianbin stroked his beard. “Incredible. He must’ve originally been born a c.o.c.kroach. How is he still alive?”

Hua Qing curled up at the same time his chest started glowing. He had lost control over the relic for a while now; it absorbed his internal energy and transferred a ma.s.sive volume in against his will. Only now did he realise Miguo was able to control the relic, nevertheless.

Leng Jingliu: “… s.h.i.+chuan, is this a formation you couldn’t dispel?”

“Indeed… The relic is absorbing all of Miguo Branch’s disciples’ energy through ‘Karma’. If I can’t break the formation, over a thousand people will die before my eyes in less than an hour from now.”


Universe – If you’ve read xianxia/xuanhuan, you may have also seen it translated as “Cosmic Orbit” or something to that effect. It’s essentially the same thing – a term related to methods of qi circulation.

s.h.i.+chuan – Another word for s.h.i.+fu/s.h.i.+zun.

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 81 One Can Say Whatever They Want at the End of their Life About View Page Source Additional Resources Visitor Testimonials

“You deserve to die!” Hua Qing called upon every fibre in his being to aim another shot of Soul Banis.h.i.+ng Order at Miguo’s forehead.

Even though he sent blood pouring out of Miguo’s seven orifices, he continued to pelt and stomp Miguo until Zhuo Fengru shouted, “Saving Miss Su takes priority!”

When he held his fingers under Su Li’s nose, Hua Qing felt her warm blood go from her mouth to his finger. The acute distress rendered him unable to decide if he should staunch her bleeding or check her joints, forgetting that he wasn’t proficient at neither task.

Zhuo Fengru reminded, “There’s someone who can help her even if you can’t.”

Hua Qing scooped Su Li up and rushed to Ming Feizhen. “Brother Ming, what do we do? M-Miss Su is dying!”

The rampaging true qi in Ming Feizhen’s body was on the cusp of bursting from him, so, as he lied onto the ground, he said, “Give me a second… to adjust myself.”

In truth, Ming Feizhen barely had the strength to keep his eyelids apart. At best, people only understood the aggression of Six Evils as an incredibly hostile and sinister energy that was a product of nature. The first time he came into contact with the energy, he learnt that it was just that, an energy source, not a sentient ent.i.ty. He crushed the Fengpeng’s consciousness years ago with his teeth, literally. His battle now wasn’t to stop the Fengpeng but to prevent himself becoming the next Fengpeng.

Hua Qing couldn’t help feeling antsy, not because he was inconsiderate towards Ming Feizhen, but because he could feel Su Li’s body temperature dropping. One look at his aghast face was enough evidence to signal that he, too, wouldn’t survive if she didn’t make it. “Miss Su, it’s all right. Brother Ming is equipped with a lot of knowledge. He’ll save you. It’s all right…”

Ming Feizhen was as still as a log… or a corpse. Hua Qing didn’t want to find out which it was, so he just kept watching whilst mumbling.

Rumble! The rumbling was a product of the lotus platform breaking apart.

Hua Qing, heart thumping comparably to a galloping horse, looked over his shoulder to see a nightmare resurface.

“Your little show before your death is quite the surprise.” Miguo, hands in a pranam pose, glowed – literally and figuratively – unlike before. “That finger spear surpa.s.sed my expectations. Howbeit, there’s one thing my senior is unaware of.”

Because Hua Qing touched the sarira with his hand that had Su Li’s blood on it, it gleamed as bright as the sun.

“Judging from your reaction, you don’t comprehend what happened. Allow me to elucidate since there’s plenty of time. I no longer need to avoid anyone.” Miguo ambled instead of walking briskly as he previously did, each step imprinting a spot of light on the ground. “Utilising the relic as a training tool has always been a method of Miguo Branch that’s been abandoned for three generations; not even my senior and I knew about it. I discovered the holy relic could help me reach this realm after reading about it in our old records. I could control the relic, absorb internal energy, store essence and utilise the energy within. Alas, I couldn’t make the energy my own due to a need for high-volume energy to endure the backlash. My years of collecting energy wasn’t enough, but, thanks to you acc.u.mulating energy from several adepts, combined with my disciples’ life force, it was finally enough, albeit barely.

“What I didn’t expect was for Shen Wuzheng to defuse the majority of the formation so promptly. My plan would’ve fallen through had it not been thanks for your idiotic act of bringing Su Clan’s daughter her. Have you any idea that her pure blood and essence is worth a glazed sarira?”

Upon closer inspection, it was true that Miguo had absorbed Su Li’s blood from his skin into his body – at least presumably so.

“Well, I don’t blame you for your ignorance. After all, I wasn’t cognisant of the fact until Valley of Villains informed me. Either way, the fact that I knew what you didn’t became the deciding factor between our tug-of-war. Now, it’s time for me to take your energy, as well.”

As the relic shone brighter, Hua Qing hunched over accordingly as his life force slipped away. The blinding-white light on the platform disappeared once he forfeited all of his internal energy, restoring the relic to the form of an ordinary pearl.

“It’s time.” Following Miguo’s conceited declaration, a light-form lotus sp.a.w.ned on the ground. At the same time the six golden petals took form, Miguo started emanating a golden glow. “Hahahahaha!” He looked down to his fist and exclaimed, “This is power, supreme power!”

Though Miguo’s golden glow was pale compared to the relic’s, a martial artist who had reached the pinnacle could fathom what his golden energy symbolised.

Miguo strode up to Hua Qing and then past him without sparing the latter a glance. He wasn’t feeling benevolent towards the “ants” all of a sudden. He merely didn’t deem them worthy of his time and effort.

Hua Qing could only hug Su Li tighter as if his embrace could prevent her warmth escaping from her. Despite wanting to go to his sworn brother’s side to protect him from Miguo, he no longer had the strength to do anything. Peace, life and death seemed so distant.

Is there anything else I want to do in my final moments? Is there anything I want to do in my final moments? There is. I want to become a celebrated hero. I want villains to fear me. When they run into me…

Hua Qing stood up. “Baldy!”

Wugou told Hua Qing back then, “If you’re ever cornered and need to distract Miguo, tell him this and then run,” he smiled before continuing, “because he’ll hunt you with a vengeance.”

“You didn’t fail to win leaders.h.i.+p because Lord San Shen beat you but because you’re ugly!”

Miguo actually halted in his tracks.

“As ugly as your momma!”

Miguo really turned around. “You’re wasting my time – the second it takes to kill you.” He ripped out a punch from his chamber at Hua Qing’s face.

“You’re so ugly that you must’ve eaten six thousand tonnes of dog c.r.a.p!”

“You’ve done enough.”

Hua Qing didn’t open his eyes, but a trail of tears coursed down his cheek for he recognised the voice that saved him from becoming mincemeat. “You really good now?”

Upon opening his eyes, he espied Ming Feizhen holding Miguo’s fist in one hand. The golden glint had seemingly been erased.

Irritated with the c.o.c.kroaches that kept deferring his plan, Miguo attempted to cast his Enlightenment so that he could pull his fist out; however, the attempt elicited a sharp pain in his hand. Casting his gaze to his caught hand, he saw a mush of bones, blood and flesh that resembled some body part crushed in between boulders.


“Argh!” Miguo scuttled back as he listened to his hand bones crack.

Gaze focused downward, Ming Feizhen revealed his white pearls. “It seems you can’t be beaten to death but can be verbally blasted to death. Who among us will be the last man standing?”

Given staying on his legs was an ordeal, it took time for Hua Qing to raise his head. “Wh-what’s with your eyes?”

Keeping his red eyes affixed on Miguo, Ming Feizhen replied, “I’m fine. Take La.s.s Su elsewhere. I’m going to whoop the baldy.”

“But… what if the thing inside you goes out of control? What are you going to do, then?”

Ming Feizhen elevated a corner of his lips without aggression. “Then, I’ll whoop it, too.”

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 76 Farewell About View Page Source Additional Resources Visitor Testimonials

The sky-blue energy flashed for only a second, but it rocked the platform and gusted up a thick screen of dust.

“Hahahaha, that was fun. I’m glad this trip hasn’t been for naught.” Zhuxing Wuchang, standing inside the dust screen, cast away his sword and stretched out. He brimmed with so much energy that one might think that was just his warm-up.

“The two of us are glad we could entertain you.”

Master Le was all smiles as though he was at a friend’s banquet. Because the mental cultivation of the internal discipline he practiced – Pouch of Blessings – used smiling as its foundation, he would also be smiling no matter if a family member died or if he was on the verge of death.

Master Ku, despite suffering an injury, looked joyous about it.

Even though he came out on top in dominating fas.h.i.+on with his Enlightenment, Zhuxing Wuchang didn’t celebrate. Instead, he inquisitively looked Master Ku’s way. “Master Ku, was the discipline you utilised back there the Central Plain’s scholar’s ‘Great Dao’?”

Answering on behalf of his silent ally, Master Le flicked up a thumb. “You know your stuff, huh? n.o.body in the Central Plain has identified him in all his active years, yet you could tell. Respect. Respect. I have to put it down on paper.” He looked around as though he really was going looking for a brush and paper.

“Master Le’s ‘Pouch of Blessings’ is a Buddhist discipline reserved for disciples. The last time someone mastered it was supposedly a century ago. It proves you are not one of League of’ five chiefs for no reason.”

The adulation Zhuxing Wuchang gave the two wasn’t just for appearance. They didn’t lose when he cast his Enlightenment, after all.

“And Shen Wuzheng’s disciple.” Zhuxing Wuchang s.h.i.+fted his gaze to Leng Jingliu. He cracked a smile, then grabbed two swords from the floor and ground them against each other. “How can I pa.s.s up an opportunity to test out three celebrated disciplines? Watch out now.”

Master Ku and Master Le ran off, leaving Leng Jingliu to fend off Zhuxing Wuchang’s a.s.sault. According to the unwritten rules between martial artists, the young one had to be composed if the old one was mad; if the old one didn’t let loose, the young one couldn’t. Therefore, Leng Jingliu had no complaints, especially given the fact that he preferred to work alone.

Zhuxing Wuchang deflected Leng Jingliu’s black sword using his left hand and attacked off his right hand, thrusting his sword straight at Leng Jingliu’s face. Leng Jingliu tried to pull his sword back into a guard stance, but Zhuxing Wuchang used his energy to stick to Leng Jingliu’s sword and obstruct his retraction whilst pus.h.i.+ng forward with his right. Leng Jingliu decided to stop resisting and wait.

Master Le and Master Ku came in from either side of Zhuxing Wuchang one after the other, one using a hard hit and the other a soft. The duo decided to let Leng Jingliu fight first because it was the only way they could get him involved. Had they started first, Leng Jingliu would’ve likely just spectated. Moreover, he had a quality sword that would qualify him as the best vanguard among the three of them. The two of them weren’t a match for Zhuxing Wuchang. Howbeit, fighting wasn’t limited to physical prowess, so they relied on wisdom to overcome their shortcomings.

Rather than panic or freak out, Zhuxing Wuchang relished the challenge of fighting all three at once. He intercepted Master Le’s broadsword with a sword slash in his left hand, engaging in a strength contest. He thrust the sword in his right hand at Master Ku again, keeping the latter at bay. Leng Jingliu tried to catch Zhuxing Wuchang when the latter had no means of defending. Zhuxing Wuchang released his hold on his swords, using his energy to keep them operating. Next, he quickly fetched two swords from the ground to cut off Leng Jingliu’s advance and force him to disengage.

Although Master Le and Master Ku demonstrated the ability to adapt exceptionally fast, Zhuxing Wuchang seemed to be in a league of his own. The speed at which he switched from one mode to the next made it feel as though the trio was up against an opponent with six arms.

Regardless of whether they attacked in synchrony or took turns, the trio couldn’t overpower the avalanche-like swordplay – and Zhuxing Wuchang wasn’t even using Enlightenment.

Miguo meditated on the ground while Yungu hurriedly contacted her subordinates. Hua Qing and Zhuo Fengru were unable to mobilise.

Once one mastered Vajra Realm, they could expect their strength to continue increasing until they were truly immune to physical injuries. Nevertheless, if someone could pierce their armour and body, it’d be a miracle if they could retain a third of their previous peak. Therefore, Wugou quietly sneaked over to defenceless Miguo.

“I’ve come for your life.” While Wugou only had half of his total strength left, he knew Vajra Realm to take Miguo’s life in the latter’s condition. Wugou pretended to have been crippled precisely for this opportunity.

As always, Miguo didn’t react to the threat. No matter how far he went down the wrong path, he believed he was in the right; his obsession with his decision and determination to reach the end of his selected path was impossible to hate.

Wugou raised a hand. “It’s time for you to go.”

“… I’m not wrong.”

Wugou shook his head. “Amitabha.”

Wugou brought his hand down!

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 86 It’s You? About View Page Source Additional Resources Visitor Testimonials

Ming Feizhen bobbed his head. “Ripping him apart will leave him like none other freak, right?”

“Precisely,” replied Wugou.

“How is that any different to him being dead?”


“In that case… you believe he’s valuable alive, too?”

Wugou didn’t avert his gaze. “Even so, this one believes he should live. He must personally make amends for his sins. The cycle of karma he created doesn’t end with his death. His disciples will seek an opportunity to take revenge. People connected to him won’t let things end with his death, either. For instance, Valley of Villains and Sky Palace won’t stop just because he’s dead. Miguo is not evil by nature; he’s merely let his stubbornness lead him astray. I will have him use the remainder of his life to expiate. Additionally,” Wugou grinned widely, “as your saying goes, the heavens are benevolent.”

“And if I refuse?” Ming Feizhen looked to Miguo out of his peripherals. “Frankly, it’s not my business how many people he’s killed. The people who he drained energy from are people who coveted his offer. You can say they got their just desserts. Thing is, I don’t believe he will change. Plus, he hurt my friend and nearly killed me. If you want to commit murder, you have to know the consequences, don’t you?”

“You are absolutely correct. He has committed too many sins. He cannot repay what he owes you alone. In saying that, I have never done anything for him when he is a member of Lotus Cult and grew up in Lianhua Temple. As his senior, I cannot absolve myself of responsibility in his wrongdoings. Let me shoulder the burden of making it up to everyone.” Wugou closed his eyes and mouth. Out of nowhere, a trail of black blood dripped from the corner of his mouth onto his white lapel.

“Senior Brother!” Miguo zoomed over to Wugou, hoping he could save his senior with his own essence. Alas, he could sense he was too late when he found his senior had severed his own meridians to his heart.

Despite taking his final breaths, a smile still surfaced on Wugou’s pallor face. “Please accept this one’s life in exchange for his.”

Ming Feizhen didn’t give any form of response.

“Yundan.” Although Wugou looked in Miguo’s direction, the appearance of his pupils indicated that he already lost vision in his eyes. “It is my fault for not showing you right from wrong earlier. If you want to kill again or feel enraged, remember this moment. You’ll be sad when I die. Your victim may have parents, siblings, a partner and even children. What will become of them if you take a life? I hope you can abandon the path of evil and return to the path of just… Remember what s.h.i.+fu taught us. Whether it was then, now or the future, you are the temple’s guardian.”

It wasn’t that Wugou never tried to dissuade Miguo from the path he took; Miguo chose to ignore his senior, and it took his senior’s death to drive out the sentiments that consumed him for all those years.

Miguo knelt at Ming Feizhen’s feet. “This one was wrong, very wrong. It is this one’s defeat. Please save his senior brother.”

Ming Feizhen crossed his arms. “Yeah? What were you wrong about?”

“I took innocent lives, implicated fellow martial artists and more. I am willing to forfeit my life to show grat.i.tude.”

Ming Feizhen picked his nose. “Well, isn’t your life valuable? Your life alone is worth so many lives? Besides, you deserve what you have coming for what you did. Where does he fit into the equation? Why should I save him? Enlighten me.”

“My senior, he… he… is kind and disciplined. Over the years, he has preached, stopped the evil and helped the kind. He is the equivalent of the Western Region’s Buddha.”

Why did I never realise this was the sort of man Senior Brother is? Why did I accuse him of competing for leaders.h.i.+p when he shared with me the good deeds he did? It’s all because I’ve covered my eyes and ears to what I don’t want to hear that I’ve cost him his life. I was wrong; he was always right. I’ve realised my errors too late; it’s too late to save him.

“That’s it?” Ming Feizhen questioned.

Needless to say, Miguo didn’t want to or dare to stop. Regrettably, the list of deeds was finite.

“I lacked apt.i.tude, yet my arrogance knew no bounds. To make a name for myself, I set a trap to hurt my uncle. When my senior took the blame for me, I labelled him a gullible fool. When I was seven, I broke my leg when I jumped over the wall to go hear the bell in the forest. Senior Brother carried me on his back to s.h.i.+fu for treatment. Had it not been for him, I’d be a mere cripple now…” With every successive item, Miguo recounted it more fluidly than the last until no amount of urgency could beat the tears that welled up in his eyes. “Please save him. I am willing to bear any consequence in exchange.”


Miguo turned to see Wugou slowly opening his eyes. Despite still looking ghastly pale, Wugou no longer resembled a man at death’s door. Coming in from the front of Wugou’s body was a faint blue light that went on to steady his heartbeat.

Ming Feizhen stated, “Don’t think cutting off your own heartbeat is fun and games. Had I not restricted him using Enlightenment beforehand, I’d only be able to prolong his life by a few months. Even though I’ve saved him, he’s easily lost a decade or two of his life already.” Catching Miguo’s flinch, Ming Feizhen added, “If you expect him to still have a long life after cutting off his own heart, don’t ask me for help. Consult a G.o.d.”

“Thank you for saving my senior brother.”

“You sure change your tone fast.” Ming Feizhen directed his attention to Wugou. “I’ve heard a lot about you just now, so I believe you’re a good guy and am more than happy to save you. As for him, though, will you be able to rein him in with his skills?”

Wugou smiled. “He’s not bad by nature.”

Miguo nodded. “Your concern is warranted. I have a suggestion.”

“Ming Feizhen, hurry over. Brother Hua is unconscious!” Su Li called.

“He’s at his limit?”

Hua Qing’s essence suffered damage due to internal energy deprivation, yet he lacked the foundational training. To save an empty vessel on the cusp of death, an expert in internal disciplines needed to refill Hua Qing’s lost true qi. Plenty of people at the venue had the means of filling the role, except they just had a brush with death. The second complication was that, even if Ming Feizhen could fulfil the role, not only would Hua Qing lose a chunk of his lifespan but would also be hyper sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Suffice to say, training martial arts would be off his menu, too. Ming Feizhen didn’t care enough Wugou to worry about the latter’s lifespan, but Hua Qing was his sworn brother.

The only fool-proof method was for someone to replenish Hua Qing’s true qi the way his body was designed to utilise it. With time, Ming Feizhen could research “Still Chaos Void” and Hua Qing’s qi circulation route. Unfortunately, time wasn’t a luxury they were afforded.

“Allow me,” voiced Miguo.


Miguo and Wugou gave each other a tacit smile.

“Please lend this one a hand,” Miguo requested of Ming Feizhen, then strode off to Hua Qing. He took out the relic in his s.h.i.+rt and held it up against Hua Qing’s chest.

Ming Feizhen, realising what Miguo’s intention was, laughed. “This guy would probably find gold when others step on c.r.a.p.”

Miguo sat down. As he glowed golden, so did the relic. Meanwhile, Hua Qing’s face went from white to a shade of pink. Ming Feizhen pressed a hand on Hua Qing to help unblock the latter’s accupoints.

Shen Wuzheng and Leng Jingliu victoriously returned roughly fifteen minutes later. Leng Jingliu just frowned at the sight of Miguo and Hua Qing, while Shen Wuzheng chuckled.

Although those who woke up below had lost a considerable amount of their progress, they were thankful just to have survived the ordeal. They all needed some recovery time before they could check up on the situation above. Upon looking up, the first thought that came to mind was, “What the h.e.l.l?”

Instead of scowling, Miguo was smiling as though he had found paradise. One man was floating in the air whilst glowing and releasing white mist from his eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

“Isn’t he the rapist, Hua Feihua?!”

Martial King’s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 68

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 68

Snapping out of his stupefied mode, Ming Feizhen stuffed his finger up his nostril. “The h.e.l.l? Do all of you get such ridiculous names?”

“Ehehe.” Changan Zhile scrubbed the back of his skull. “Only sometimes do we get embarra.s.sing names.”

Ming Feizhen pa.s.sed over his empty bowl. “Young man, you must remember to live an honest and modest life. Have you ever seen me, Ming Mieba, acting arrogant?”

Changan Zhile froze in disbelief, though it wasn’t known if that was because of what Ming Feizhen said or his appet.i.te.

“Thanks for the food. You can take the plates now.”

“I still have a task, though.”

“Now you’re talking. Less plotting. More sincerity.” Ming Feizhen took out an iron skewer from Changan Zhile’s pocket that resembled a hidden weapon to use as a toothpick. “So, what are you here for?”

Changan Zhile thumped his chest. “I’m here to rescue you.”

“Get lost.”

Changan Zhile tugged up a corner of his lips whilst placing his palms together, generating a loud “snap” sound. “You’ll change your mind once you see what I’m capable of.” He stepped into the formation.

There was no way Changan Zhile could’ve practiced any orthodox disciplines when he was a.s.sociated with League of, yet he didn’t bat an eye, mould energy or complain when he stepped into the formation that used sunlight rock as its foundation.

Doesn’t this mean… he’s never trained any internal disciplines? Where does his confidence come from?!

Changan Zhile separated his hands once he reached Ming Feizhen’s side, then ran one hand up the left side and one down the left side – yin and yang. He cracked a smirk again and said, “Keep your guard up.”


To make his stance clear, Miguo himself went to guard the formation for a day, but, after all, he was the man in charge, so he couldn’t stake out there all the time. After five days of no visitors, Yungu paid Ming Feizhen a visit again.

Although the three unorthodox factions had different plans, the cornerstone of their plans was the same person. Demon Sect’s Great Guardian wasn’t fodder Yungu could mow down. Not only was Ming Feizhen capable of holding his own weight, but wealth, authority and women wouldn’t sway him, either. As a group of recluses themselves, Sky Palace understood Mount Daluo better than Wudang and Shaolin. Plus, there was no doubt they researched their compet.i.tion.

Mount Daluo members believed in being upright, observing morals, exercising kindness and not competing for material wealth and fame. Just as white paper was easier to dye different colours, the weakness of such people were extra clear. Sky Palace knew the weakness of every Mount Daluo disciple, which was why Ming Feizhen was different to them. While he showed a lot of openings, it was so difficult to sway his mind that she didn’t know where to start. Therefore, she knew Mount Daluo wasn’t responsible for Ming Feizhen’s lack of interest in her offers. If there was one person who could mould Ming Feizhen into such a challenge, it would be Ming Huayu.

Even after numerous sleepless nights, Yungu had no strategies to deploy. Hence, she decided to do away with strategy and try to pry openings from conversation. “Young Master, I am here to visit again.”

“What is it now?”

Yungu dimpled as though all of her hesitation before was a hoax and walked over to the rock. “I was worried you’d be lonely…”

Yungu: Am I seeing things?

Yungu’s eyes weren’t lying to her. Ming Feizhen really was lying slanted on a big rock, holding a duck leg in his right hand, a sheet of paper in his left hand and a cigarette in his mouth, looking through a pair of and humming a tune.

“How does this feel, Sir?” asked Changan Zhile, whilst giving Ming Feizhen a ma.s.sage.

“Mm, not bad, not bad.” Ming Feizhen exhaled nice and slow. “Go a tad harder on the left shoulder.”

“Roger that.”

“… What in the world?” remarked Yungu.

If Changan Zhile was working, then his rank would be the equivalent of Yungu’s.

Yungu: Why… is he here? And what is he doing?

“This one is here on orders of Master Le.”

Yungu asked, “You were sent… to give him a ma.s.sage?”

Changan Zhile wiped his sweat. “And cook, brew tea, clean, wash his clothes and do his bed. I am good at all of them.”

Ming Feizhen nodded. “He’s especially good at cooking.”

Yungu staggered backwards.

The two youths looked up. “Huh? What?”

Yungu choked out, “Young Master, has he bribed you? I spent so long speaking to you!”

Ming Feizhen: “Says who? You think I can’t tell it’s a ploy? As if I’d fall for such an obvious trick.”

Yungu s.h.i.+fted her gaze to the duck leg in Ming Feizhen’s hand. “But it looks like you enjoy the food…”

“Man, this b.u.g.g.e.r treated me to pork trotters, then forced me to eat a stewed duck; it was h.e.l.l on earth. Had I not been trained, I wouldn’t have been able to endure the harsh torture.”

“I-I lost to a duck?!” Yungu sped off crying.

“I heard Sky Palace’s envoys have all trained Ice Heart, yet you made her cry,” Changan Zhile commented.

“Ice Heart? What’s that? Is it edible?”

Anytime Sky Palace allowed a “herald” out, one could be sure that they had mastered “Ice Heart” – a skill that trained pract.i.tioners to become as cool as ice so that they wouldn’t make decisions with a clouded mind.

Changan Zhile shrugged, then returned to ma.s.saging Ming Feizhen’s shoulders with the edges of his hands. “Back to what we talking about before. Do you really have no intention of escaping?”

“Can I?”

“Can’t you?”

“… Lord Miguo is far more dangerous than I gave him credit for.”

“Really? I can’t tell.”

“I’m a variable he didn’t account for ahead of time, yet he was able to stop me on the spot. I underestimated him. I do have an escape method, except it would cost everyone here their lives.” Ming Feizhen set down the sheet of paper on hand. “That said, I just came up with a new solution.”

“Which is?”

Ming Feizhen looked over his shoulder. “… Another variable not accounted for.”


Though Hua Qing was an exceptionally fast learner, what Zhuo Fengru and Wugou really liked about him was his ability to concentrate on a task, especially when he had the apt.i.tude, knowledge and mentors that he could be boasting about instead. His goal wasn’t to excel as a martial artist but to learn a one-sh*t kill technique.

For the initial two days, Hua Qing saw himself defending justice and punis.h.i.+ng evil with Ming Feizhen, trying to become an accomplished man so that he could eventually propose to Su Li. He smiled in his sleep as he envisioned famous heroes across the land attending his wedding to give their wishes. Unfortunately, he ended up regressing instead of progressing in his training.

On the second night, instead of a cheerful visit from Zhuo Fengru or warm visit from Su Li, Kongkong’er entered Hua Qing’s training chamber and fumed, “Are you crazy?! What are you letting your mind wander for?! These skills aren’t yours! You think you’re a hero now? You’re a thief!”

Kongkong’er swung an iron rod at Hua Qing, continuing, “You learnt my skills; you’ll forever be a thief. Hero? My foot! Ask yourself: don’t you know what your worth is? In the first six months under me, you didn’t even know how to scale a wall. Adept? Get over here!” He dragged Hua Qing out from his sh.e.l.l and held him down to bat again. “Remember when you got caught stealing oil and got bashed? You were bed ridden for a month. You were lucky to have even survived.”

“I-I do,” Hua Qing answered from behind his hands.

“Do you remember when you got caught whilst scoping out a target location? Had I arrived a moment later, his dogs would’ve torn you limb from limb.”

“I do,” Hua Qing replied in a m.u.f.fled voice.

“Take your hands off your head.”

Choking back his tears, Hua Qing pleaded, “s.h.i.+fu, spare my face.”

“Shut up. Remove them.”

Hua Qing shakily removed his bruised hands to see his s.h.i.+fu also crying.

Kongkong’er hugged his disciple. “Never forget that we’re thieves. Yes, it’s possible to sleep on a bed with blankets and not worry at night, as well as enjoy expensive clothes and food, but we’re not worthy of those things. We’re just eye sores. We’re thieves who drag ourselves out of a hail of punches and kicks time after time; however, we only have one life. Lose it and it’s gone for good.” Kongkong’er cast aside the rod, then went to the exit. “I apologise for not teaching him better,” he expressed with his head down.

Zhuo Fengru shook his head. “It’s thanks to you that we now have hope. I wish I had a s.h.i.+fu like you back then.”

For the next three days, whether it was owed to the lecture or the beating, Hua Qing was freakishly focused on learning the skill, finally producing results.

Tonight, Hua Qing performed as they hoped for on all three attempts, so Zhuo Fengru made conversation with him. “Still not planning to tell her?”

“T-tell her what?”

Zhuo Fengru touched his beard and winked. “Not even going to ask who ‘she’ is?”

“Stop making fun of me, Elder.”

“I’m not making fun of you. I’m teaching you. Even if we control every variable we can, we only have a 50% chance of success. We may not even make it out of here. If I had the same opportunity, I’d like to tell my wife my greatest joy wasn’t training or being a hero but marrying her and having Yanran.”

“We can do it… We can get through this.”

“I don’t need you to comfort me. I have a wife and a daughter; you don’t have anyone or anything. If you don’t say it now, you’ll never have a second chance. Don’t waste time. Go now.” Zhuo Fengru pushed and kicked Hua Qing out.

Hua Qing rubbed his b.u.t.t as he wobbled, wondering if his training had any results at all.

Martial King’s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 65

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 65

Book 11.5: Chapter 65

The only reason Zhuo Fengru’s soul didn’t leave his body after sustaining Miguo’s punch was attributed to the new stuff he gleaned from Abyss Theory. Instead of eating the full brunt of the punch, at the moment of impact, he spread out the impact similarly to spreading out a blast over a larger surface area rather than the specific target.

Zhuo Fengru’s desire to reach new heights, in terms of speed, created the attack that pierced Miguo, and the experience gave birth to the concept. Put another way, it was the intent behind his seemingly phantom attack that sp.a.w.ned the idea of defusing the force once it reached a velocity beyond the attacker’s control.

Impressive it may have been, but Miguo’s punch did inflict lethal damage. Miguo predicted Zhuo Fengru only had one day left. At most, Zhuo Fengru had another two. In his state, there wasn’t much Zhuo Fengru could do. The only way he could see himself being useful was through pa.s.sing on the energy he spent all his life cultivating, and he could do so via the sarira, By the same account, the blood debt would be in Hua Qing’s hand to collect.

It’s important to make a distinction between vitality and true qi for they weren’t one and the same. Unlike true qi, vitality was found in every component of one’s body.

It didn’t take long for the relic to start glimmering after Zhuo Fengru’s energy pooled in. Hua Qing was unaware the relic could redirect leaking energy to its owner. A combination of Wugou as well as Zhuo Fengru’s energy almost had it replete. It was the first time it outshone the silver orb in the sky. In exchange, Zhuo Fengru’s vision gradually darkened.

If Ming Feizhen was a s.h.i.+ny gem, Zhuo Fengru would call Hua Qing a plain rock, blade of gra.s.s or wooden board. Although Zhuo Fengru was fond of both of them, he liked Hua Qing’s plainness because it reminded him of himself. Before he was called a hero, he was friendless, broke and just another face in the crowd. He looked up to heroes and craved adventure in the pugilistic world just as Hua Qing did. Speaking of gallantry, they both wanted to be heroes. When it came to romance, they were both clumsy. Talking about their dreams was something they were proud of him. Despite their common traits, though, Zhuo Fengru wouldn’t approve of Hua Qing’s grat.i.tude.

Using the method Wugou taught him in order to absorb internal energy, Hua Qing poured his essence back into the relic, returning the 30% he absorbed from Wugou back into it.

Owing to the different disciplines Wugou and Zhuo Fengru practiced, it wasn’t much, but there was a distinct disagreement between the two energies inside the relic.

Zhuo Fengru couldn’t direct the flow of energy inside the relic, so he could only let his internal energy and essence, on top of someone else’s, return to his body. As a result, Miguo’s residue energy reduced accordingly.

Sweating bullets, Hua Qing conveyed, “Hero Zhuo, I do not know how to give speeches on morality, but I cannot watch you die.”

Hua Qing neither leaned towards good or bad – nor did he have any other special idea. If he had a principle, it was, “If it’s within your means to help, help. Otherwise, run the other way,” even though he grew up on the streets and was a thief by trade. If this wasn’t for his sense of duty, he wouldn’t have earnestly tried to fulfil Master Xu’s last request. On the same account, he believed it was only right to entrust the energy to Zhuo Fengru.

Hua Qing had only learnt a simple absorption and discharge method, then extrapolated to control the energy. Howbeit, guiding qi back to its origin wasn’t something that could be conceptualised from nothing or learnt overnight. The difference between the two levels could be compared to moving large goods to sewing a thread through a tiny hole.

Owing to Hua Qing’s lack of proficiency and knowledge, the large volume of energy he reversed into Zhuo Fengru’s body gushed in ruthlessly. To make an a.n.a.logy, his energy would be horses riding onto a battlefield littered with injured soldiers, which would be his meridians in this case, trampling on the grounded soldiers. Zhuo Fengru had the ability to direct qi deliberately. Sadly, it took everything he had just to absorb the energy in his current condition, let alone direct it. Hua Qing could only slow down the flow; however, again, his lack of training limited his performance. As such, Zhuo Fengru was in immense pain.

“Tch!” Su Li strode over to Kongcang. “Monk, help me, and I’ll let you go.”

Kongcang opened his eyes slightly, then beamed at the sight of Zhuo Fengru. “Miss, what is positive about life? What is negative about death? This one enjoys the view. What could there possibly be to help with? Besides, this one is in trouble himself. How can he help?”

“Second chance.”

“This one is powerless to help notwithstanding his desire to help.”

Su Li’s cheeks turned red. “I gave you a chance. You forced my hand, so don’t blame me.” Su Li pried open the immobilised monk’s mouth, then shoved in a pill.

Caught off guard, Kongcang reactively swallowed the pill. “What did you do?!”

Su Li stomped the ground. “It’s a brand new pill I bought from Shuzhong’s black market. It wasn’t cheap, but the name has a nice ring to it. It’s called ‘Love is Pain’.”

“Tang Clan’s ‘Love is pain’?! Y-y-you’re flipping nasty!”


Love is pain – I’ve taken liberties with the name because there’s no way I could do it justice without being wordy or missing the point. The name is a reference to Jin Yong’s phrase, “Too much love will shorten your lifespan. Too much wisdom will eventually hurt you.” The phrase has a broader sense, but that’s as good as we can do in English. The character for “love” in the phrase can mean a number of things, such as love for family, romantic feelings, emotional investments in things, devotion, empathy, friends.h.i.+ps and the list goes on. As such, how it’s translated also changes according to what the character needs to convey. You’ve probably come across something similar when it comes to the second part, which is really just saying, “When you’re cognisant of too much, it can be draining and mentally hurt you.” The truth sometimes hurts, they say.

Shuzhong – The name of an erstwhile country in history.

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 83 Scion About View Page Source Additional Resources Visitor Testimonials

While Su Li didn’t have the energy to walk straight, pain no longer pervaded her body; to walk, Ming Feizhen would need around fifteen more minutes. Finding herself in Hua Qing’s arms, she queried, “Brother Hua, what am I…?”

Hua Qing couldn’t answer because he was still trying to make sense of Ming Feizhen’s “magic”.

Ming Feizhen patted Hua Qing on the shoulder. “Stop s.p.a.cing out. If you have time to kill, take my sister-in-law to the side and enjoy the entertainment.”

Su Li bashfully chided, “Who’s your sister-in-law?”

“Y-yeah, what she said. We haven’t gone through the ceremony yet.”

“You’re no better than him!”

Hua Qing hurried to his feet. “I-I didn’t mean to make light of it. I was…”

“Young Master Hua, you’re fine, too!”

Until Su Li pointed it out, Hua Qing didn’t notice a gentle, yet potent, internal energy coming in from outside his body that prevented his injuries from deteriorating. Because he obtained his energy from the Buddhist relic, it was essentially obtained through a cheat. Thus, he was bound to lose is within ten days and shave off his lifespan. Ming Feizhen’s shoulder pat stopped his injuries worsening, but it wasn’t enough to repair all the damage suffered.

Walking off, Ming Feizhen wagged his hand. “Relax. I’ll help you later.”

“You… have tamed the aggressive energy?”

Ming Feizhen stopped. “And if I have?”

Tears coursed down from Yungu’s eyes affixed on Ming Feizhen. “It’s you… It’s you. We’ve been searching so long for you!” She cast her eyes towards heaven and choked out, “General… I have finally found your son…”

“I don’t know what has stirred you emotionally,” Ming Feizhen interjected.

“Young Master, I was rude to you, but please believe I am unwaveringly faithful to y-”

“I don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth. Even if you speak the truth, it doesn’t matter to me.”

“Do you not kn-”

“I don’t.” Ming Feizhen looked to Yungu out of the corner of his eyes.

The only other person who had made Yungu flinch with was her leader.

Yungu: What realm has Young Master reached…?

“I was born without parents and won’t have parents in the future. Suffice to say, if someone claims to be my parent, they’re more than likely a liar.”

“No, no.” Hurt and fl.u.s.tered, Yungu stuttered, “Y-you have parents, both of whom were respected heroes to thousands upon thousands of people. They are the nicest people you could ever meet. If they were still alive, they would be doting on you every moment they have; they would never let you become an orphan if they could help it.”

“… I’m not an orphan… As far back as I can remember, my s.h.i.+fu raised me. I share his surname. My s.h.i.+niangs have taken care of my domestic needs. My s.h.i.+fu trained me in martial arts. They treat me as if I’m their child. I don’t feel like I’m an orphan.” Ming Feizhen stepped away twice, then stopped. “If you’re telling the truth, I appreciate it. When you burn paper, let them know I’m doing well.”

“You! You cannot do this!” The formation had yet to be dispelled, so Yungu couldn’t move freely yet, but she was so freaked out that she found the strength to crawl over and grab Ming Feizhen’s boot. “Do you know how heralded your father was? Do you know how mighty he was? Do you know how unjust and humiliating his death was…?” Yungu felt a draft on the back of her neck, then pa.s.sed out, yet her face remained red.

“A touching show, is it not? Why not let her finish?” Miguo questioned from below.

“She just has the wrong person.”

Miguo meandered up the platform, hostility worn on his sleeves as though the previous events were but an illusion. He placed his hands together anterior to his chest. His left hand that Ming Feizhen crushed was still there, except it was a size smaller than his right hand. They both reached Divine Realm one after another through different means and obtained the ability to defy the laws of nature. In Divine Realm, they called the ability “Still Chaos Void”. His proficiency with it paled compared to Ming Feizhen. Therefore, he used Karama and Vajra Realm to reinforce his shattered hand. Howbeit, losing size was the unavoidable price to pay.

“Nice handiwork. In the short time I had to talk, you’ve grown a new hand.”

Miguo smiled. “This one has you to thank.”

“Then… you good now?”

“When have I not been?”

Miguo coiled up, then launched himself at Ming Feizhen, fist occupying Ming Feizhen’s field of vision. Not only was he quick, but his punch generated a gale that would’ve taken his target’s head right off their shoulders. The product wasn’t attributed solely to his Divine Realm achievement but also an increase in sheer brute strength – the relic bequeathed him with one hundred and twenty years’ worth of internal energy.

As dust on the platform rose into walls, Miguo believed he’d deal meaningful damage even if he didn’t break Ming Feizhen physically if the latter took it head on.

The qi breaker settled, revealing Miguo and Ming Feizhen. Miguo’s fist was on Ming Feizhen’s chest. Ming Feizhen’s arms were crossed.

Miguo: “?”

Ming Feizhen: “?”

“Were you already immobilised by previous injuries?”

Ming Feizhen stood there with a straight face for a second or two, then whipped Miguo’s shoulder with a roundhouse, sending the big monk into the stone pillar. “Doesn’t feel like it.”

Miguo vigorously brushed aside the rubble to get up. “How are you unscathed, then?!”

Miguo discharged golden energy to blast the stone around to smithereens. His power had been amplified several folds, so it was understandable for his next punch to fly even faster.

The redness that came to Ming Feizhen’s eyes drove out the golden light that entered from Miguo’s fist, but the punch quickly drove the redness out when it crashed into its target.

Miguo: “?”

Ming Feizhen: “?”

“Have you finally b-”

Ming Feizhen rolled up his sleeve, then blitzed Miguo over the head. “p.i.s.s off!”


Burn paper – As an offering to the dead, people burn paper resembling money during the Qingming Festival.

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 87 A Story for Future Generations (Part 1) About View Page Source Additional Resources Visitor Testimonials

Hua Qing reacted as if he came from another dimension when he regained self-awareness. While the energy coursing through his body resembled the energy he previously absorbed from the relic, its potency and volume was a lake versus an ocean. “Where am I?”

“Hua Gezi, stop wasting time on pointless thoughts. Repeat after me.”

What does he want me to repeat? Well, I can’t go wrong trusting my brother.

“Baldy, I shall spare your pitiful life… The next time this young master sees you, he’ll starch you. Every time he catches you, he’ll stomp you until you mistake a mantou for your dad out of your swollen eyes. You fodder down there, you hear me? From now on, you’re my servants,” Hua Qing repeated. “What the flip?!”

Hua Qing’s distraction resulted in him losing his levitation ability. He should’ve crash landed onto the lotus platform, but the true qi inside him surged up, correcting his posture so that he’d land on both feet without embarra.s.sment.

Those below heaped praise onto Hua Qing. When he looked to his friends for an explanation, they just covered their mouths and giggled – save for Ming Feizhen, who hurled him down into the ground.

Whether or deliberate or not, Ming Feizhen got in Miguo’s way and, in a m.u.f.fled voice, asked, “You sure are generous. You really going to give up all the power you worked so hard for?”

In spite of Miguo’s toughness, going against nature and gifting Hua Qing all of his fruits to Hua Qing resulted in his black hair and beard turning white. The energy in his eyes faded similarly to his youthful skin. Even so, he was all smiles. “One ought to toil for what one wishes to have. Rather than waste the energy, it would be better to entrust it to the future of the just.”

“You think Hua Gezi will go on to become a just hero?”

“I don’t know. Howbeit, he will become someone a hero who can face his conscience.”

“That, I agree with it.” Ming Feizhen turned to leave.

“You’re leaving?”

“Being the centre of attention isn’t my sort of thing, and I don’t crave adulation.”

“Not going to bid your friends goodbye?”

“I was getting to that.” Like a tendril of smoke through the air, Ming Feizhen shouted through his cupped hands, “Hero Zhuo, Miss Su, Mr. Shen, Hua Gezi, see you around!”

By the time they heard him call out to them, all that was left in the firmament was the sun.

n.o.body knew the impact that the event would have on the world in the future, but there were several things that were known.

While the purpose of three unorthodox factions showing up at Shennong was left unanswered, it was a fact that Demon Sect’s Great Guardian stayed for three years after the event for reasons unknown.

Lotus Cult lost two leaders at the same time but found replacements. As for the two erstwhile leaders, they were said to have stayed in the Central Plain somewhere.

Thanks to Shen Wuzheng’s efforts, peace was perennially restored to the martial arts community in Three Gorge’s, and Liu Shan Men added yet another merit to their name.

Zhuo Fengru officially retired and moved away with his family, leaving behind an inspiring legacy.

A young maiden on Mount Daluo received a glazed pearl as a gift, but the giver didn’t show up, grinding her gears. In retaliation, she threw it off the mountain, effectively erasing its existence in the pugilistic world.

A new wealthy adept was born. People considered him a criminal as well as a hero at the same time. Some said he robbed the rich to help the poor, punished evil and rewarded the kind. He was said to possess incredible skill and looks that had women swooning over him. Some claimed he was a heinous criminal, the enemy of men and women, the idol of perverts, the rapist of rapists. According to rumours, he first scored Zhuo Fengru’s daughter in his debut fight and spent a year with her in an unknown location. Someone apparently visited Zhuo Fengru’s family to ask for clarification, and his daughter replied, “Yeah, I spent a year with Brother Hua.”

Word on the streets was that he bloodied Xin Buyi’s f-, b.u.t.t. An insider divulged, “100% true. All the blood was pouring like pfft, pss, fwah. The herbs I tried to apply wouldn’t even stick. Don’t tell anyone I told you this. This dragon still needs to spend two years here.” The insider was later rea.s.signed to Qilin Guards for unstated reasons.

The only verified facts pertaining to him was that he later got married, joined a sect, went on to become one of the ten Supreme Ten Saints and had the nickname Wulang Hua Feihua. On the day he brought down Miguo and established himself as a force to be reckoned with, the first thing his subordinates heard was, “Brother, wait up!”


Unless they were an expert, they never would’ve found the cavern’s entrance amongst the boulders, rocks and stones at Shennong. Even if they did, they weren’t likely to try trespa.s.sing if they recognised the six people seated on either side of the long table inside. Light couldn’t enter the cavern, but the ultimate defenders of light were gathered within.

To the left, there was Yan s.h.i.+san, Emei’s matriarch, Abbess Bai Lou and Canghai Yimin, Huang Yuzao. To the right, there was Clear Mirror Palace’s leader, Tang Mian, Kunlun’s patriarch Lord Dong – also known as Glacial Water Death Sword Empress, Wen Yiyi, and Beggars Sect’s Chief Hong Ba.

Sitting at the end of the long table was an old daoist who looked no different to the friendly neighbourhood grandpa. He was the current leader of the martial alliance, a man said to be unequalled with or without a sword – Wudang’s patriarch, Daoist Shenfa.

“Does this count as a success or failure?”

n.o.body answered for they knew the question was reserved for the man sitting at the opposite end of the table.

“Well, Patriarch Ming?”


Martial Alliance – A term for an a.s.sociation where orthodox sects come together.