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“Thank you for taking care of me over the last few days. It’s time I get going.” Ming Feizhen got up and wriggled out his body.

Ruisi had heard Ming Feizhen spout plenty of nonsense already. Therefore, she brushed his remark off as him spitting drivel again. “You can leave, sure, but you have to dismantle the formation first.”


The casters’ brains couldn’t keep up with the madness that came out of Ming Feizhen’s mouth.

Once he was done with his mobility routine, Ming Feizhen asked, “Why are you taken aback? You trapped me to force me to break the formation, didn’t you? The sun rock disrupts my body’s balance, prohibiting me from utilising my internal energy. The only way to dismantle the formation is to ignore the balance and give myself up to the energy. That’s your plan, correct?”

“I see…”

“See what?”

“We were told that, if you refused to break the formation if you ever found yourself trapped, you must’ve seen through our agenda. I didn’t believe it, but I do now. You really are likely to be the person we’ve been searching for.”

Ming Feizhen tugged up a corner of his lips. “Well, your leader is a genius to come up with this idea. Your formation uses your casters’ life force as its foundation. Else, even with the sun rock’s aid, there’s no way you could’ve suppressed the energy inside me. Forcing me to break the formation indicates that you know everything.”

“… We do, indeed. If you think your words will deter us, you can save your breath.”

“I know that you know, and I know talking won’t get me out; however, at the very least, allow me to warn you once.” Ming Feizhen’s eyes turned red as though it was his will. “Undo it.”

As if he chanted a spell, a big cracked formed on the rock.

“Undo it!”

Sky Palace members were ready to lay their lives down for their sect if it was ever needed; even though his voice could knock the blood out of them, they refused to release the formation.

“Undo the formation! You all want to die?!”


Miguo leisurely rose to his feet, glowing the same crimson colour as Hua Qing’s chest. There was no need for him to rush when Wugou had knocked himself out due to blood loss; Wugou was consigned to h.e.l.l even if Miguo didn’t touch him. Actually, many, many people at Shennong were in the same shape as Wugou. Hands in a pranam pose, Miguo quietly recited, “We are all in it together. I shall bring to you salvation.”

The relic in Hua Qing’s s.h.i.+rt soared in Miguo’s direction, stopping ten metres away from the latter, where it remained floating.

Sensing the immense energy radiating from Miguo, Shen Wuzheng remarked, “The formation is innovative. This one is grateful to learn something new today.” There was nothing in his tone to suggest that he was scared in the slightest. “Since you can draw a thousand people’s essence into the relic simultaneously, it should be full soon, right?”

“You speak too highly of this one, Constable Shen.”

“Did the consequences of your actions ever cross your mind?”

Miguo deployed a nod. “n.o.body here will survive. This one knew was aware what the result would be when he first set foot in the Central Plain and chose this path.”

Returning to the scene, Yungu brayed, “Miguo, what is this formation?! Why is it not our formation? When did you switch the formation?!’

Miguo chose Shennong as his base because of the a.s.sortment of rocks in the area. While there might’ve been some special ones – not that he’d know about or cared to find out – the majority of them were but ordinary rocks. The sole purpose he needed them for was to hide the real formation he intended to deploy.

Then original scheme was to absorb all the energy from Miguo Branch’s disciples into the relic, empowering Miguo to heal and enhance himself before going off to battle Ming Feizhen. Unfortunately for Sky Palace, Miguo switched out the script they gave him without their knowledge.

Miguo shut his eyes as he placed his hands together devoutly. Subsequently, Yungu’s proprioception felt distorted due to her life force feeling as though it was trying to escape from her body and trying to resist.

Even though Yungu was erudite on the technique, she didn’t know everything there was to know. Absorbing an enormous volume of energy and essence was a cornerstone of Sky Palace’s secret arts that they were proud of. Absorbing life force, a more insidious method, was a different case as it was directly linked to one’s life. The delicate process of absorbing life force wasn’t something Sky Palace specialised in.

Miguo wasn’t educated on Sky Palace’s mental cultivation disciplines or how they circulated energy, rendering it impossible for him to smoothly suck out their life force. That was why his method of draining their energy hurt Yungu. If it was violent enough, it could kill. Whether for better or worse, Lotus Cult didn’t have any skill that could turn it into an skill – one could count on one hand the number of factions who could kill with it.

“There are only four places that this sort of formation can be cast: Divine Moon Cult’s Scorched Imperial Capital, League of’ tomb, Sky Palace and Valley of Villains,” Miguo stated.

Without one of the four said factions’ a.s.sistance, there was no way a renegade monk of Lotus Cult could provoke Sky Palace and get away with it. As to which faction it was… there was only one of them that weren’t present. The rest was self-explanatory. Having said that, Miguo had to check every caster’s background before he could trust them to deploy the formation.

“Valley of Villains… You dare use us?” Teeth clamped, Yungu uncorked the hardest palm she could muster, only for the relic to absorb her energy projectile before it could find its target.

“Ling’er, let’s go.” Shen Wuzheng, heading to the steps leading down, didn’t take action for killing Miguo wouldn’t undo the formation.

“Why are we saving them?” Leng Jingliu locked his brows together.

Shen Wuzheng scrubbed his disciple’s head and smiled. “They’re still alive, aren’t they?”

“… Understood.” Leng Jingliu then cast his gaze Miguo’s way. “How about him?”

“Leave the rest to him.”

Leng Jingliu didn’t need to ask who “him” was because the answer came to him before he opened his mouth.

“La.s.s Yun, had you given the order a moment slower, all your companions would be dead by now.”

Yungu was in too much pain to speak or open her eyes, yet she hiked up a corner of her lips.

Surveying the venue, Ming Feizhen stopped his red eyes on Hua Qing and deployed a nod of acknowledgement that Hua Qing reciprocated.

“… It’s in your hands now,” choked out Hua Qing.

Upon spotting Miguo, Ming Feizhen explained, “Flipping baldy!” whilst closing in and then drove his fist into Miguo’s chest. “Go to h.e.l.l!”


Ling’er – Leng Jingliu’s courtesy name with the “er” suffix to show affection.

Martial King’s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 71

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 71

Miguo loosened his fist, then turned to face Hua Qing calmly because he was expecting someone to try and sabotage his coronation. “Greetings. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the rapist behind the eighteen atrocious cases last year,” he informed in a voice that would’ve had people a.s.suming they were friends if it weren’t for the contents.

Whether it was orthodox sects or unorthodox sects, both despised rapists. In prisons, rapists were treated worse than arsonists, murders, swindlers and arsonists. If bandits were to come across one, they’d bash them even harder than they’d bash orthodox sect members. Therefore, it was no surprise the crowd got rowdy.

Hua Qing brushed it all off with a smile, then saluted Miguo. “Too kind.”

Miguo discerned Hua Qing had improved physically and mentally from his qinggong performance and composure, but he couldn’t tell to what extent. “This one has been searching for you for some time. Could you enlighten him as to why you chose to show up today?”

Hua Qing: Miss Su was right.

Su Li told Hua Qing, “Miguo kept his head on straight even when things that could ruin his plans were introduced. When running into a strong foe or his allies in the unorthodox factions, he didn’t work with them. He likes to say fluffy things for the sake of appearances, which indicates that he works in a roundabout way. If you want to force him to play in your field, that’s where you start.”

n.o.body would argue with Miguo if he splattered someone’s skull in a fit of anger. Howbeit, in order to control Lotus Cult, he had to put on airs as a virtuous monk in the public eye. As such, Hua Qing had overcome one obstacle if he could avoid getting physical as soon as they came face to face. By no means, though, did they a.s.sume Miguo wouldn’t make an attempt on his life later.

Hua Qing laughed over the crowd, leading to people thinking that the rumours about him weren’t unfounded. After all, to commit eighteen rape cases and escape Liu Shan Men was no simple task.

“If an old friend doesn’t come to give his blessings, wouldn’t your coronation be boring?” Hua Qing rhetorically asked in a loud voice.

The corner of Miguo’s mouth twitched. “Old friend… Yes, old friend. Did you bring a gift?” Of course, he was referring to none other than the sarira.

“That will depend on if you’re friendly enough.” Hua Qing raised his volume a notch. “Ladies and gentlemen, do you know why Lord Miguo came to the Central Plain?”

Miguo silently prepared energy to end Hua Qing if the latter ever mentioned anything not in his favour.

Hua Qing answered his own question. “To build a new Lotus Cult. Combining the merits of the Western Regions with the Central Plain’s martial arts community is not only a meritorious deed but also a n.o.ble one.”

Miguo: “Hmm?”

“I am honoured to be part of this great event. I heard you mention anyone is welcome to join, so I wish to confirm if that is true. For example, are officials, those against the government and those not welcome in society welcome?”

Miguo couldn’t figure out where Hua Qing was going with it.

At present, the majority of Miguo Branch’s thousand-plus members were primarily comprised of villains and criminals. Government officials numbered as little as five who wouldn’t even have any place talking. Orthodox sects didn’t like involving themselves with the government, let alone unorthodox sects. If there were people welcome in society present, they wouldn’t need to be committing acts of robbery.

“This one’s doors are open for the sake of building the cult. You are overthinking.”

“Glad to hear that.” Hua Qing brightly offered up a salute. “I shall be the first to join the new cult, becoming its senior disciple.”

“So you wished to join.” Miguo sounded affable, but his gaze had sharpened. He a.s.sumed Hua Qing’s plan was to join the sect so that he couldn’t kill the latter. “Haha, Buddha is benevolent; salvation is for everyone. How can this one turn away someone who has realised his wrongs and wishes to turn over a new leaf? Henceforth, you are our new culct’s senior disciple. Grow alongside this one.”

Hua Qing clapped. “Great. Great. Thank you for not being prejudice. There are more people who wish to join.” He turned around and shouted, “Hero Zhuo, Miss Su, we are all welcome to join.”

As Hua Qing did, Zhu Fengru zoomed through the forest and ascended to the platform, carrying Su Li along.

“Surname is Zhuo, qinggong is advanced… Zhuo Fengru?”

“Why’s he here, too? To fight for leaders.h.i.+p?”

Miguo locked his gaze on Su Li.

“Monk, stop staring. I’m signing up, so I need to see the leader, don’t I?” Hua Qing queried.

Miguo furrowed his brows. “What was that?”

“Since I have joined up, I am part of the family. Shouldn’t I pay my respects to our leader?”

Miguo glared at Hua Qing. “Did you not know I am the leader?”

Hua Qing recoiled as though he was clueless. “Why? We have more than a thousand people here. How did you become leader? Who approved?”

It finally dawned on Miguo that he had fallen for Hua Qing’s ploy, but it was too late.

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 88 A Story for Future Generations (Part 2) About View Page Source Additional Resources Visitor Testimonials

The man slouching in his chair kept s.h.i.+fting around in his chair, yet he didn’t give off the vibe of someone annoying to watch. “Man, shouldn’t you fix this chair? I can’t get comfortable no matter what posture I try,” was the first thing he said at the routine meeting he hadn’t attended for three years.

“I told you not to invite this b.u.g.g.e.r. How are we supposed to have a meeting with him around?!”

“Say something that makes sense, Ming Huayu!”


“Who just took advantage of the situation to diss my brother?!”

“Calm down. Calm down, everyone.”

Yan s.h.i.+san: Here we go again.

Yan s.h.i.+san tossed a broad bean into his mouth and chewed away, then another… and then another. He had enough time to enjoy fifteen of them before they piped down.

“Brother Ming, if you don’t say anything, this meeting will never end.” Daoist Shenfa was still as composed as ever.

Ming Huayu eyed those at the table, then frowned. “Are we dark lights or something? What are we? Gangsters or something?”

“It’s Tiandao Alliance.”

“Thanks, Captain Obvious. Huang Yuzao, this must be your idea.”

“Every thread is the labour of the people. As the heavens’ enforcers, how can we waste the people’s bread?” Huang Yuzao responded.

Ming Huayu shook his head. “How does you chopping wood in the mountains cost the people their livelihood? Just admit you’re a miser. Head of scholars, my foot.”

At this point in time, the scholars’ faction were predominately focused near the coast of East China Sea.

Huang Yuzao and Ming Huayu didn’t mesh – evident from their constant quarrels whenever they met for the last decade-plus – because the former was upright and strict to the point of being unbearably rigid, especially when it came to rules and formalities, things Ming Huayu had a knack for flouting.

“Today’s topic is your disciple. Don’t change the subject.”

“I never did. Ask.”

“I will.”

“Ask, then.”

“I refuse to ask since you’re the one demanding me. Constable Yan, you question him.”

“H-huh?” Yan s.h.i.+san scratched his head. “Okay. Patriarch Ming, you been well?”

“What are you asking him that for?!” exclaimed Huang Yuzao. “I should’ve known better than to ask his mah-jong buddy to question him.”

“So, should we start a war with the unorthodox factions? That’s all I’m interested in.” Like her fighting style, Wen Yiyi didn’t beat around the bush.

“Exactly!” Wen Yiyi’s neighbour, Hong Ba, slammed the table. “Big Bro, just tell me where the enemy is hiding, and I’ll erase him from existence! I’d like to see what a couple of uglies could do!”

Ming Huayu just had to say the word, and there wasn’t a single place Hong Ba wouldn’t march to. While there was no means of proving it, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to suspect it was an innate disposition of Mount Daluo and Beggars Sect if one were to watch Hong Jiu and Ming Feizhen.

“Relax. Relax.” Somehow, Ming Huayu provided light to the cavern with a casual wave of his hand. Whilst glaring at Huang Yuzao, he calmly questioned, “You’re just worried my disciple will find us, right? He’s already gone far, far away. Is there any need to sit in darkness? Is the thing between your ears for decoration?”

Huang Yuzao had no retort.

“The next time we hold a meeting, bring something meaningful to discuss. You think it’s fun to come all the way here? Zhang Tians.h.i.+ beat me in over ninety games and is waiting for me to win it back.”

“Ming Huayu, stop beating around the bus.h.!.+”

“Sister Lou, hold up a second.” Ming Huayu lit up a mouth cannon and had a buff. “Wen Darling.” Despite the glare Wen Yiyi shot him, Ming Huayu said, “You’re even prettier than the last time we met three years ago.”

“We meet every three years to discuss the balance of unorthodox and orthodox factions,” Tang Mian suddenly voiced. “Patriarch Ming, let us cut to the chase. How much longer do you think this balance can be sustained?”

The previous leader of Clear Mirror Palace pa.s.sed away early, leaving behind Tang Mian. The young matriarch had trouble convincing others she was one of the strongest in the north due to her weak disposition and appearance.

“Matriarch Tang, you’ve grown into a fine lady. Most importantly, we need to celebrate this reunion. Give me a hug.”

Tang Mian dimpled. “Sure.”

Ming Huayu beamed.

“Sister Zi visited me a few days ago…”

Ming Huayu started coughing. “One cannot thoughtlessly hug a lady. Huang Yuzao, stop gawking.”

Huang Yuzao flapped his stretched eyes while his mouth hung open. “How dare you blaspheme my name?!”

Hong Ba uncorked a solid palm attack at Huang Yuzao to protect his brother.

Abbess Bai: “Are you children?!”

Wen Yiyi: “We sc.r.a.pping or not?”

“Wen Darling,” Ming Huayu called.

Wen Yiyi: “What?”

Ming Huayi: “You’re beautiful even when you’ve lost your temper.”

Wen Yiyi openly unsheathed her sword.

Yan s.h.i.+san: Here we go again.

Yan s.h.i.+san quietly took out a wine pouch and small cup. He enjoyed his first cup, but someone s.n.a.t.c.hed his second drink. He looked up to see Daoist Shenfa, freaking him out.

Daoist Shenfa quietly said, “… Give this one a drink, too.”


Hence, Yan s.h.i.+san and Daoist Shenfa enjoyed broad beans and wine whilst watching the fight.

Tiandao Alliance consisted of only the present groups – except for Shaolin. Because Shaolin had seldom attended as of late, Liu Shan Men joined since they were on the rise. Big meetings were held once every three years; small meetings were held once annually. They were supposed to discuss major matters in the pugilistic world, but they couldn’t keep their tempers in check when their personalities clashed. Usually, Daoist Shenfa would use his Tai Chi to defuse the situation without making an enemy out of everyone. Alas, he was helpless this time.

Abbess Bailou sat back in her chair. “Are you all children?”

Huang Yuzao: “This one… apologises.”

Hong Ba, from the ground, cried, “… Why am I… the only one who got clobbered over the head with the rod…?”

Wen Yiyi rubbed her head. “… Ow…”

Tang Mian: “Why did I have to get hit, too?”

“You deserve it for relis.h.i.+ng the chaos instead of stopping it,” responded Abbes Bailou. “Shenfa!”

Daoist Shenfa choked on his wine. “Y-y-yes, coming, coming. How can I help you, Senior Sister?”

“Start the meeting!”

“Ah, yes, the meeting. So, Ming Feizhen transformed into a broad bean…”

Yan s.h.i.+san. “Into a Fengpeng.”

“Fengpeng, yes, Fengpeng. What was that about? Brother Ming, what is your opinion?”


Dark lights and gangsters – This is lost in translation. Translated literally, “gangsters/triad/mafia…” can be written as “black/dark society”. “Society” can be translated a variety of ways, such as “meeting”, “convention”, “event” and so forth, hence the correction after Ming Huayu’s sarcastic question.

Wen Yiyi – Rather than a glossary point, I just want to point out that you should remember her name going forward.

Martial King’s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 69

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 69

Hua Qing spun around as fast as he could to see Su Li standing there. She had seen him scratching his head and smiling innocently plenty of times already, so she smiled back and turned to leave.

“Miss Su!”

Startled, Su Li almost jumped. “What?”

“I, uh, want to tell you something.”

“Go ahead. Wait, where are we going?”

Hua Qing dragged Su Li off to the small creek where they hid. For a while, all they heard was the night breeze.

Back facing her, Hua Qing started, “If I can make it back tomorr-”

“Not listening! Not listening!” Su Li covered her ears.

“But I’m not done.”

“Why say something inauspicious?! The flag is solid in the ground!”

“Miss Su, what I’m trying to say is… I… I… I… wanted to ask if there was anywhere you still wanted to see at Three Gorges.”

Fed up with Hua Qing’s inability to look her in the eyes and speak his mind, Su Li blurted, “You like me, yes?”

Hua Qing flung his head up. “Huh? Eh? Eh?!”


The two flapped their eyelids.

“Y-you knew?”

“You stutter and stammer every time. I’m not an idiot.”

“Oh, oh…” Hua Qing went back to scratching his head as the breeze seared his cheeks.

“You face is really red.”

Hua Qing wagged his hand. “It’s because of the wind… Miss Su, your face is also really red.”

Su Li turned her head. “What are you looking at? It’s the wind’s fault.”

“Yeah, it’s the wind’s fault.”

“… Do you know what I think of you?”

Heart palpitating uncontrollably, Hua Qing uttered, “I want to know.”

Su Li held her gaze against Hua Qing’s and dimpled. “At the start, I didn’t like you whatsoever.”

Hua Qing didn’t completely comprehend what Su Li meant, yet he wanted to smile just meeting her eyes. “Uhm.”

“You were nice to me, but I thought you were the same as every other suitor, harbouring ulterior motives. That’s why I didn’t want to give you the time of day. Hey, are you listening?”

“Hmm? Oh, d-didn’t notice.”

“Geez.” Su Li aerated her cheeks. “Listen properly.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Hua Qing straightened his torso, then held his hands behind his ears.

“After learning of your past and going through danger with you, I considered you a friend. Frankly, I spent most of that time watching Ming Feizhen instead of you.”

“I’d imagine so.” Hua Qing smiled. “I don’t stand out when beside him.”

“No, you don’t stand out no matter who you’re with.”

Vajra Realm can help one defend against blades, but words still pierced deep.

“No, no, you misunderstand.”

“Y-you don’t have to explain.”

“At the very least, compared to Zhuo,” recalling Zhuo Yupin’s swordplay, Su Li paused for a beat, “Miss Zhuo, you stand out more.”

“Oh, thank you so much for not comparing me to A-Fa.”

A-Fa was Zhuo Estate’s gardener.

“You got it wrong.” Unable to find the words, Su Li took out a small book from her pouch. “Take a look at this.”

Hua Qing opened the book to find the pages covered in text. “This is?”

“I have a habit of monitoring people and noting their features. This is it.”

Hua Qing blinked.

“Ahem, please turn to page thirteen.”

Hua Qing carefully turned to page thirteen, which was t.i.tled “After Boarding the s.h.i.+p at Three Gorges”. Instead of writing down people’s actions, Su Li noted down their daily moods.

“My mother told me that what we see may not always be the truth, but humans have emotions. Watch their emotions and think so that you are not fooled. I’m not smart, nor do I have a good memory, so I have to do this the fool’s way, which is to record and reflect daily.

“For instance, Hero Zhuo’z brows would come to life whenever he talked about his son and wife. There was no hiding that joy. Contrary to his name, Ming Feizhen will laugh when he feels like it and lash out when he’s angry. If he isn’t used to being unrestrained, then his guardians must have the same temperament. You are someone who is always cautious. You display concern more than anyone. You wouldn’t be so weary if you didn’t grow up constantly weary of people and things. All that said, this isn’t what I’m trying to say. Look here.”

Hua Qing discovered that the number of mentions he received consistently decreased until he was barely mentioned more recently. Eyes wet, he questioned, “Miss Su, have you forgotten about me?”

“It’s because I don’t need to remember. You show concern twelve times more than Ming Feizhen, frown five times more than him and say lines such as ‘Oh my G.o.d’ daily as many times as someone does in a week.” Su Li giggled behind her hand. “You’re old-school, pa.s.sionate and kind. I don’t need time to know I can’t trust you, so why bother recording?”

Put another way, Su Li only recorded observations of those she couldn’t trust entirely yet.

Relieved, Hua Qing beamed. “I see now. Thing is, if you leave me out, how do you know what I’m thinking?”

“Do I need to record to know? As soon as you greet me in the morning, I know…”

The two of them blushed.

“Wh-whatever the case, I don’t know if I like you or not; however… you are the person I trust most among everyone here.” Su Li jogged off.

After midnight, Hua Qing rocked up at Wugou’s place to demand, “I want to improve!” then sat down to commence training.

At first, Wugou was totally bewildered. Once he had a careful smell, he picked up Su Li’s scent from Hua Qing. “Hah, young men.”

Hua Qing always lacked the drive to improve, so Wugou didn’t see a problem with it.

There were three days left.

Martial King’s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 70

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 70

The big tree at the front door had grown taller than last year. More moss crowded the stone steps than yesterday. Look as one may, the location of the ringing bell remains unknown. The sight never rubbed him the wrong way as a child, but, at some point in time, the sight of the temple inflamed him.

“This is the master I’ve been waiting for.”

Ever since that child was born, the tree, the moss, the warm bell chimes, people and even Buddha changed.

Miguo opened his eyes to greet the dark forest and crowd, then slowly got to his feet. “Amitabha,” he recited in a booming voice.

At this point in time, the four unorthodox factions were on the tail of the seven Champion White Princes in terms of power, but neither side attempted to cross into the other’s lane, preferring to build their power instead. Since it gradually dawned on them that they didn’t have anything against each other, the tension between them naturally reduced. Unless there was a heinous criminal, seldom did orthodox sects condemn them. Likewise, unless there was a man so obsessed with upholding justice that he’d provoke them, the unorthodox sects would turn a blind eye. If they ever crossed paths, they’d greet each other with a nod or chin lift, then go their own way. As such, the martial arts community was in an era of “peace”.

The meeting and interaction of members in the martial arts community at Lotus Convention could’ve been considered a small scale version of said situation. Miguo had no qualms inviting people from both sides of the community precisely because of the status quo.

The monk with prayer beads around his neck expressed, “Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.”

Notwithstanding Lotus Cult’s immense fame across the lands, they weren’t very active in the Central Plain. For that reason, Miguo Branch didn’t have enough influence in the Central Plain to invite many big names from orthodox factions, and the majority of attendees hailed from unorthodox factions. Those predominately active in the Central Plain, therefore, didn’t expect Miguo to be as advanced as he was as a martial artist. “Under-levelled” folks jolted upon hearing Miguo’s voice despite him not trying to give them a fright.

Miguo granted the crowd a moment to calm down, then continued, “This one is the Western Region’s Lotus Cult’s second-in-line monk – Miguo. As a foreign group trying to build up in foreign land, and as people who have not been in the Central Plain for long, we did not want to make you listen in to our domestic affairs. It pains this one to say this, but a nefarious fiend has emerged from our ranks to wreak havoc inside and outside our sect. This one vows to purge the miscreant and restore our honour. This one invited you here to act as witnesses for he had no choice. Henceforth, this one shall rebuild Lotus Cult in the Central Plain, purge the fiend and take back Pure Land’s Ten Courtyards.”

“There’s no issue with acting as a witness. In saying that, don’t tell us you called all of us here to watch you swear an oath and curse,” Master Le jibed.

Miguo amicably shook his head. “To honour his teachers and do justice to our cult, this one shall develop our cult once he has rebuilt it. Everyone here is from a martial arts sect. Let us not beat around the bush. This one impudently invited you here with the intention of recruiting new blood for Lotus Cult.”

Attendees expected Miguo to say he was recruiting new blood for Miguo Branch, not Lotus Cult. Firstly, why would anyone want to leave home for some faraway land? Secondly, why leave behind their days in the Central Plain to weather tough days as monks? Thirdly, switching affiliations was frowned upon in the martial arts community. Last but not least, why should they serve him just because he needed help? Attendees definitely wanted to ask what he could offer, but they’d have to raise their voice to reach the monk on the lotus platform, and n.o.body was ready to embarra.s.s himself.

Master Le: “Ahahaha, I mean, props to you for coming up with a plan that takes care of two birds with one stone. With that said, all I see is losses – loss of hair, loss of privileges to drink, eat meat and enjoy women. Look at all our handsome brothers here. Why should they ruin their appearances? What joy is there in life if there’s no alcohol and meat? We can’t kill as monks; how is that any different to putting our lives in other people’s hands in the pugilistic world? If I can’t indulge in any of that, I’d rather kill myself here and now than join your group.”

“Pardon this one for the oversight. You can join the sect without becoming a monk or observing the stipulations. You may continue to live as you currently do. The Western Regions is very far from here. Therefore, we can’t ask you to journey there. We can talk about moving again once we have developed to a certain point in the Central Plain. This one has already planned to spend a decade building the sect here; this is not an impulsive decision.”

Master Le: “Heh, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re trying to profit without investing anything. There are people who will kill for profit, but there’s n.o.body who will work for a loss.”

“By no means does this one have any intention of exploiting your efforts for nothing. This one a.s.sumes you have heard of the discipline he learns. He can utilise it to help you overcome your plateaus. He is willing and able to help any recruits raise their levels.”

Suffice to say, Miguo had many hook, line and sinker by this point.

On the surface, Master Le was disputing Miguo. Howbeit, if one were to a.s.sess the situation now compared to the start, they would see that Miguo had erased a lot of the doubt that people had and answered enquiries they would’ve liked to make in a way that drew them in. In essence, Master Le brought up the doubts and questions, granting Miguo opportunities to deal with them.

Voice m.u.f.fled, Bai Tianbin said, “That fatso usually doesn’t act until he sees the opportunity. For him to be cooperating in tune with Miguo, he’s acting strange.”

Wen Wudao: “Us?”

“Don’t give a toss. Could he possibly be stranger than us?” Switching to a loud voice, Bai Tianbin jeered, “Oi, Fatso, you lot can switch to performing skits instead of You deserve an award for your effort.”

Master Le grinned. “Master Bin, Let us not poke each other when we are in the same boat. Divine Moon Cult is here support him, as well. Else, you would be stooping down.”

For some, it was their first time putting a face to the names Bai Tianbin and Master Le.

“As martial artists, we have teachers and schools of our own already. Even in the event that our skill is not up to your standard, we take it on the chin and show respect. There is no honour in switching schools just to raise our level.”

Bai Tianbin: “Who the heck is he?”

A follower answered, “He is Cha Hao, master of Hangzhou’s Tea Lake Manor. He is quite well-known in the pugilistic world for being decently strong and very upright.”

“Heh, someone who gets it.” Bai Tianbin laughed. “Monk, the man is right. You can’t force people into your group when they have a school and teacher, right?”

Ironically, for the last decade, Divine Moon Cult and Liu Shan Men were notorious for forcing people to join their ranks.

“This one is not imparting martial knowledge, recruiting a disciple or forcing anyone to leave their sect. All he asks is that we share the goal of restoring our sect’s glory. Once the fiend has been purged, we will return to the Western Regions. We dare not and will not force anyone to dishonour their teachers and ancestors. Of course, this one will not force anyone to join him against their will. Everything is voluntary.”

Even if one became a famous adept, they would be blasted for eternity if they were dishonourable. Serving temporarily, however, would be the equivalent of working at Liu Shan Men, learning martial arts whilst serving the imperial court. Why not?

Soon enough, there were people voicing their support, except n.o.body knew it was people Miguo planted into the crowd. Either way, their support convinced outsiders to accept the offer.

“Thank you.” Miguo spoke over the crowd, demonstrating the fact that he had leaders.h.i.+p qualities they could trust in. “Men, bring him in.”

Two of Miguo’s followers brought in Wugou and effortlessly hopped up onto the platform.

“This here is the fiend under our respected leader – Wugou.”

While the uninformed were asking around for details on the unknown face, Bai Tianbin remarked, “He’s the leader of Wugou Branch? No wonder why this Miguo guy was so insistent on holding this convention.”

The old rival of Wugou, Wen Wudao, commented, “Coot sure did a lot without us knowing.”

Miguo waited for everyone to return their attention to him, then elaborated, “To convey sincerity, this one shall slay this villainous monk here in your presence.”

Wugou looked up at Miguo, ignoring the clamouring beneath them. Miguo sauntered over and whispered, “Senior Brother, do you have any last words?”

From Miguo’s perspective, it was impossible to tell if Wugou was looking at him or through him, to the forest behind him. Unlike the noise introduced in this area, though, the forest was as silent as ever.

“… Deer are born in the forest. They drink water, feed on gra.s.s, sleep under trees and don’t have to fret.” Wugou looked up again and smiled at Miguo’s scowl. “You can kill me now.”

“… As you wish.”

Miguo raised an arm, began reducing the temperature in the vicinity using his qi, then lunged forward to deliver the finis.h.i.+ng blow.

“Stand down!” He zipped through the forest and used the heads of the attendees as footholds to cross over, then vaulted onto the platform, landing as light as a feather. “Release him!” demanded the tall young man.

n.o.body, including Miguo, could put a name to the young man’s face, prompting Miguo to question, “Who are you?”

The young man smiled. “Hua Feihua!” The venue fell silent after hearing him announce himself, compelling him to look down for answers.

Martial King’s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 75 Zhuxing Wuchang

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 75 Zhuxing Wuchang

Though not even she saw how Zhuxing Wuchang took her comrades’ heads, Yungu didn’t let it displace her composure. “Divine Moon Cult and Sky Palace are called the heads of the unorthodox sects. We have always stayed in our own lanes. Are you not worried you will incite a war between us?”

Zhuxing Wuchang clapped his hands to signal for Yungu to stop, compelling Yungu to jump out of Zhuxing Wuchang’s range; however, no matter how she tried to run, she couldn’t increase the gap between them. To her, it felt as though it was quite a long chase. In reality, Zhuxing Wuchang already had his hand on her neck only a second after he moved.

“n.o.body will find out if there’s n.o.body to report,” replied Zhuxing Wuchang.

Yungu could tell Zhuxing Wuchang wasn’t making an empty threat even without him squeezing. Sky Palace seldom dispatched combat-specialist apostles because strategizing was their chief purpose.

Before she was completely subdued, in a last-ditch effort, Yungu cried, “Help!”

Thirty-three people from the audience vaulted onto the platform and charged at Zhuxing Wuchang with reckless abandon. They came from different groups, were at different levels and didn’t recognise each other, yet they had impeccable coordination and were more dangerous than they would’ve been any other day. They would happen to be created from Sky Palace’s art “Heartless Puppet”.

Yungu wasn’t naïve enough to believe the thirty-three puppets she planted in the crowd could stop Zhuxing Wuchang; all she wanted was a window to speak and utilise her skills. “Great Guardian…”

Zhuxing Wuchang was no longer visible, but Yungu still felt his hand around her neck, indicating he was moving in the direction of the grunts and groans. It wasn’t her confused puppets that were being hit but Miguo’s disciples below who were exploding.

Catching sight of Zhuxing Wuchang’s imminent arrival, Leng Jingliu narrowed his eyes. “You must be eager to die.”

Zhuxing Wuchang: “Hahaha, your s.h.i.+fu might be qualified to say that, but you’re nowhere close.”

No more than five people could keep up with Zhuxing Wuchang and Leng Jingliu’s movements. Nevertheless, they didn’t need to strain their eyes for too long as Zhuxing Wuchang rolled backwards and then retreated several metres, leaving a trail of blood not long after they commenced.

“Hahaha, nice, nice, splendid swordplay.” Zhuxing Wuchang rotated up to his feet, sp.a.w.ning a rotational force that severed the Heartless Puppet’s limbs. Paying no heed to the headless bodies and blood, he smiled at Leng Jingliu. “You might really demolish me if you have another ten years to train.”

Leng Jingliu wiped his mouth since he felt something there, only to discover it was his blood that left the trail along the ground when Zhuxing Wuchang disengaged.

The Great Guardian had built up a reputation from challenging others in the Western Regions and was considered equally as dangerous – if not more – than the other Great Guardian of Divine Moon Cult who was known for his blade work. Whether Zhuxing Wuchang would take a life or not was predicated solely on a wish to do so or otherwise; there was never any emotional attachment to killing.

Yungu reactively gulped.

“You lot aren’t enough to entertain me.” Zhuxing Wuchang turned to those on the ground below. “League of going to help Sky Palace?”

Master Le leapt up onto the platform. “Hahaha, opposing you would be quite thrilling. What do you say, Ol’ Ku?”

Joining Master Le on the platform, Master Ku replied, “Go.”

Zhuxing Wuchang s.n.a.t.c.hed a sword from one of the severed arms to intercept the two who closed in from either side.

Master Le looked amicable in contrast to his straight, violent attacks.

Master Ku tried to create openings with his dual dagger feints.

Zhuxing Wuchang had no trouble fending off the two despite their styles being polar opposites that complemented each other.

Bai Tianbin commented, “I thought I could outmuscle him, but he seems capable of adapting to anything with his swordplay. Watching him execute ‘Lawless Twelve Stances’ I must admit he has surpa.s.sed me.”

“Hargh!” As if he flipped some switch, Master Le went from a Buddhist to a possessed Buddhist, scowling whilst starting to swing aggressively.

Meanwhile, Master Ku adopted Master Le’s previous style, advancing and retreating orderly to tackle any a.s.sortment of attacks offered.

In spite of Zhuxing Wuchang’s prowess, he couldn’t dismantle the two contrasting styles any longer, resulting in his defence gradually crumbling.

“What are you lot worried about?” Bai Tianbin rhetorically asked of their followers. “He’s one of our cult’s three guardians for a reason.”

Upon looking at Zhuxing Wuchang’s face, they saw him smiling.

“Twelve Sword Stances.”

Zhuxing Wuchang’s blade glowed sky-blue.

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 79 Abysmal Resistance About View Page Source Additional Resources Visitor Testimonials

Between stopping Miguo and breaking the formation, Shen Wuzheng chose the latter because only he could locate the source of the formation and undo it.

“You seem to be really concerned about the Ming kid.”

For once, Leng Jingliu didn’t turn around to his mentor, affixing his gaze on the lotus platform instead. “If he dies, the pugilistic world will be boring in the future.”

A smile came to Shen Wuzheng’s lips. “He won’t die,” he, too, glanced back to the platform, “if… he is that man’s son.”


No differently to the first match, Ming Feizhen sent Miguo flying, and then Miguo rose without any damage. Ming Feizhen rained down punches without an inkling of regard for technique, while Miguo solely defended, waiting for Ming Feizhen to tire.

Curled up on the ground, Yungu tried to open her eyes for she couldn’t miss a second of the action on the platform. After all, all the planning, investments and work had been for the clash. Sure, Valley of Villains’ involvement wasn’t foreseen, but nothing mattered as long as they could confirm that Ming Feizhen was the one they were looking for. “You are G.o.d of Battle’s son. The violent consciousness won’t take over you. You’re the master of power. Don’t let it control you. Just like your father, you, too, can do it,” she mumbled under her breath.

Yungu expected it to be one-way traffic for Ming Feizhen. Howbeit, Miguo was nothing short of a mountain. Ming Feizhen’s execution gradually went further and further away from human resemblance. Anyone from the orthodox sects who saw their fight would mistake Ming Feizhen as the one who needed to be slain for mankind’s sake and Miguo the saviour of the world.

While Ming Feizhen expended energy with nothing to show for it, Miguo collected energy from his disciples via his formation. In addition, owing to the nature of Buddhism’s mental cultivation disciplines being the bane of evil, Ming Feizhen’s face twisted more and more in pain as the fight dragged out contrary to Miguo’s face.

Miguo opened his eyes. “Evil fiend, cease this at once!” Miguo released a punch at Ming Feizhen’s, sending the teenager into a rock.

Lying on the ground, Ming Feizhen grumbled in a breathy voice, “G.o.d d.a.m.n it, he can take more of a beating than a bull,” and then gasped up blood.

Hua Qing supported Ming Feizhen’s back whilst transferring over his own internal energy to alleviate Ming Feizhen’s symptoms. Zhuo Fengru was near Ming Feizhen’s west, but he was powerless to help, so he could only say, “Brother Ming, the page this old one gave you…”

Zhuo Fengru betted on Ming Feizhen being able to reach new heights with the page of “Abyss Theory”, which was why he risked his life to deliver it.

“Yeah, I read it.” Ming Feizhen coughed nastily. “I wouldn’t let you down when you staked your life to get it to me.”

Hua Qing softly exhaled. “What enlightenment did you glean from it?”

“What enlightenment did I glean from it? I didn’t even understand it.”

Zhuo Fengru and Hua Qing: “Say what?!”

“How do you expect me to learn what took you an entire lifetime? What am I? My s.h.i.+fu?”

Yungu noticed the redness in Ming Feizhen’s eyes had faded. “H-how did you recover? Didn’t y-”

“Never let it out,” Ming Feizhen replied.

Ming Feizhen wanted to break out and could have broken out. In saying that, it’d result in him losing control over the Fengpeng’s energy inside him. It took Ming Huayu and Daoist Shenfa’s combined efforts to reinforce Ming Feizhen’s internal strength to a point where the balance inside him wouldn’t be to breaking. Without their seal, Ming Feizhen couldn’t use his own internal energy without apprehension. Their hope was for him to reach a level where he could reinforce the seal himself.

In the words of Ming Huayu, “It is better to free than to block, better to guide than to seal.” What joy could there be if one was constantly being extremely cautious so as to not lose control? The final goal for Ming Feizhen wasn’t to seal the Fengpeng but to control it.

Even now, Ming Feizhen still hadn’t found a solution to the lesson. In reality, the solution was always inside him. It, after all, was next to impossible to find someone who would understand the aggressive consciousness inside better than someone who spent every moment with said consciousness. Although he thought the portion of Abyss Theory that Zhuo Fengru shared could help him counteract the aggression, there were two problems. Firstly, there wasn’t enough time to figure it out. Secondly, “counteracting” and “controlling” weren’t the same thing.

The balance gradually tipped as Ming Feizhen fought, leaking the Fengpeng’s energy out of his limbs. It was akin to him riding a horse that’d lost control and was to diving off a cliff at any moment. Meanwhile, trying to rein it in would leave him exposed to Miguo’s attacks.

Miguo sauntered over to Ming Feizhen, looking at the latter as though he was an ant. “This is the subject Sky Palace wanted to use this one as an experiment for? Disappointing.”

Ming Feizhen sneered. “Talking big now, are we? Imagine if you went and lost now. After Lord San Shen laid you out, you sulkily ran to the Central Plain. Where you going to run to if you lose again here?”

“Fair point. Winner takes all has always been the law. This time, I’ve beat you.” Miguo suddenly looked elsewhere and squinted. He found the relic no longer glowing as brightly as before. “Shen Wuzheng…”

Though Miguo knew Shen Wuzheng was troublesome, he didn’t expect Shen Wuzheng to be this troublesome. It was only a matter of time before the formation crumbled now, so his death would be imminent if he didn’t kill Ming Feizhen now.

Hua Qing jumped in front of Ming Feizhen as he saw Miguo turn back to Ming Feizhen despite his legs trembling.

“What are you doing, Hua Feihua?”

Martial King’s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 66

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 66

Book 11.5: Chapter 66

In a contest for power among Tang Clan’s members many years ago, an eight year old heir had to tearfully listen to how she lost her kind father to traitors in the clan. The traitors didn’t care her brother and her were at home when they stormed the property to steal her leaders.h.i.+p seal; within fifteen minutes of entry, they had ma.s.sacred those present and burnt her late father’s tablet.

For the next twenty years, she dedicated herself to learning and training for revenge. Under her leaders.h.i.+p, her and her loyalists made sure to behead every one of those traitors. Following her successful revenge, she became Ancient Wine’s new leader.

In spite of the constant conflicts and absence of a leader, Tang Clan didn’t become just another name in history. Their matriarch had it all – martial prowess, beauty and their clan’s renowned apothecary, smithing as well as contraption knowledge. In a matter of years subsequent to her taking up the mantle, Tang Clan crawled to its feet and surpa.s.sed its former self.

Those in her time said of her, “Craftsmans.h.i.+p on par with G.o.ds. Unrivalled beauty and talent in Shuzhong.” If she was still alive, there would be two women among the Supreme Ten Saints.

There was a rumour that her success wasn’t attributed to her exceptional talent or vast knowledge but a specific drug. In the past, the drug didn’t have a name. Be it medicine or poison, n.o.body in the world would ever be surprised if Tang Clan had formulated some unthinkable drug, but this particular drug was more famous than many other drugs they manufactured.

Whether it was learning literacy or training martial arts, people couldn’t concentrate because of their other desires. As a consequence, they’d also reap half the results for twice the amount of effort. This particular Tang Clan drug could block out unnecessary emotions and thoughts, thereby raising productivity. The drug wasn’t magical; it was just extremely potent.

Once ingested, whenever one harboured a thought unconducive to their goal, they’d experience pain, which scaled according to how much they tended toward said unconducive thought. For this reason, Tang Clan ancestors who took the drug either went on to become monks or recluses. Similarly, their matriarch became a chilly individual until she lost to her heart.

Tang Clan successfully barred their women from marrying men outside the sect through peer pressure and drugs. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop love from flouris.h.i.+ng in the maidens’ hearts, and their prodigious matriarch was no exception.

n.o.body knew where Tang Clan’s matriarch spent her last moments or how she spent them, leading to numerous rumours being spread for generations. Mount Daluo claimed that she rose after a flash of lightning, then rode a flame to fight Sun Wukong for three hundred rounds in heaven. Needless to say, it was a story that impelled disciples to spit.

Upon taking up his sister’s mantle, her younger brother named the drug “Love is Pain” out of sentimentality, locked it away and prohibited its creation within the clan. Nevertheless, the formula ended up in the pugilistic world some time later, with one vial eventually ending up in Su Li’s possession.

Su Li didn’t know the first thing when it came drugs, nor did she have the slightest interest in them. She bought the drug purely because its background story enamoured her.

Strictly speaking, “Love is Pain” didn’t qualify as a toxin. Unfortunately for Kongcang, he could let go of everything except for his hatred directed at his junior brother. If anything, he hated his senior even more than before due to the fact that he couldn’t surpa.s.s his brother at his old age.

“If… If you don’t give this old one the antidote, you can forget asking for his help!” Kongcang brayed.

“Take your time so that ‘Love is Pain’ works better,” Su Li responded.

“How do you except this old one to help when his accupoints are sealed?”

“You’re not fooling anyone. You just said you won’t help unless you have the antidote. What do you think that implies? You exposed your own lie.”

Zhuo Fengru winced as his body began to convulse and chest began to puff up owing to true qi overload. Given he was connected to the relic that Hua Qing was also linked up to, it shouldn’t have been a surprise for Hua Qing’s face to be as red as a ripe tomato. The difference was, Zhuo Fengru had physically honed his meridians to endure more than Hua Qing could possibly withstand.

“Keep stalling and I’ll destroy the antidote so that you can apologise to them in h.e.l.l!” Su Li exclaimed.

Cornered, Kongcang replied, “Help this old one over.”

Although Kongcang’s sealed accupoints limited his mobility and ability to mould internal energy, the limitations didn’t apply to his knowledge or a.n.a.lytical abilities. Plus, he knew more about the relic than Zhuo Fengru and Hua Qing combined. Watching the two grimace and struggle, Kongcang decided he could make use of the relic’s stored true qi to unlock his accupoints, allowing him to then kill the two. As a matter of fact, that was his plan from the beginning. He just never thought his provocation would prompt Su Li to feed him poison.

Neither Hua Qing nor Zhuo Fengru were aware of Kongcang’s presence as their ears were rumbling and vision was but a blur of lines. Kongcang shakily set a hand onto the relic. Upon picking up a new connector, the relic rushed toward Kongcang, acutely reducing the load on Hua Qing and Zhuo Fengru. In turn, Zhuo Fengru was afforded with time to manipulate his true qi to the site of his injuries. Because Wugou’s internal energy was in the mix, meaning Miguo’s energy from the punch was also in said mix, Zhuo Fengru recovered faster than he estimated.

Similarly to Zhuo Fengru, the remaining energies in Hua Qing’s body eased off until reaching uniform speed. Every lap the energy did, his meridians, especially those that formed his foundation for martial arts training, would expand a bit more. For Hua Qing, having two systems calibrate his meridians simultaneously was shaving off two decades of work for him.

Kongcang couldn’t ask for anything more than for the three of them to share the same body – technically, the relic was their shared body. The ma.s.s of potent energy unsealed his meridians the moment it entered his body in addition to repairing the damage he suffered. If he could just get rid of the two, he could even overpower Miguo with the enormous store of energy. He, in fact, could take Miguo’s place. Zhuo Fengru was occupied with recovery, while Hua Qing was barely trained. No matter how Kongcang looked at it, he held the power to control the storage of energy and their fates. He was overcome with joy until he felt a painful sensation that almost had him curl up.

“Love is Pain”! d.a.m.n it, must it hit not of all times?!

Kongcang’s fit of internal rage sparked a searing pain coursed through his body. Both times he was hurt were between intervals of moulding qi.

Why is it always me who has to deal these uncanny situat-?!

This time, Kongcang felt winded and lightheaded as if he was struck with a solid mace.

What the h.e.l.l is this?

It was beyond Kongcang to now even shadow box, let alone kill anyone.

Kongcang managed to find a painless window, only to see anger, then confusion, then understanding, then danger topped off with a dash smugness in the eyes of Hua Qing and Zhuo Fengru.

Wait. What are you two plotting? What are you doing?! This is my energy, you c-, argh! This b.l.o.o.d.y poison! Stop! Stop!


Zhuo Fengru finished up at night with an extended exhale. “You’re too kind for your own good. I wanted you to take my energy, yet you ended up expending energy for my sake. Why would you do that?”

Hua Qing solemnly conveyed, “I was not the one who cultivated the energy. What is done is done. Had you not taken the initiative to shoulder most of the burden, I would not be alive right now. If anything, I owe you for saving my life.”

“Don’t say that. From now on, call me Uncle Zhuo as Yanran does.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zhuo!”

From his back on the ground, Kongcang thundered, “You two t.w.a.ts are really pus.h.i.+ng that narrative like it’s real! You two stole my energy! My internal energy saved you two! Argh, not this again!”

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 85 The Young Monk Nods About View Page Source Additional Resources Visitor Testimonials

Once upon a time, there was a mountain called Mount Lianhua – Mount Lotus. Once upon a time, there was a shrine called Lianhua Temple – Lotus Temple.

The old monk asked the younger monk, “Yundan, do you like our temple?”

“I like it a little and don’t like it a little.”


“I like it when there’s little to do and don’t like it when we have a lot of work.”

“Haha, that makes two of us.”

“You don’t like work, either, s.h.i.+fu?”

“Of course. You’re my responsibility. I like it when you’re smiling, and I don’t like it when you’re crying.”

The straight-laced monk didn’t understand, but he nodded.

The older monk scrubbed his disciple’s bald head with mirth. “Your job is protect that one, understand?”

Never did the young monk imagine his s.h.i.+fu would pa.s.s away due to illness one year later, and never did he think protecting “that one” of theirs was so challenging. Nonetheless, he tried climbing the tall mountain to honour his promise.

Although he was physically capable of climbing it, people stopped him time and time again. The first time, a supposedly reincarnated kid beat him. The next time, a mad man calling himself Lord San Shen beat him. Next to the column for today’s attempt, he’d have to put another cross.

He seemingly heard the sound of the snow-laden bell in ring out in the forest again.

Since when… did I stop feeling it was something I didn’t need to protect? I merely wanted… to outwork everyone… I merely wanted to…

“Yundan. Yundan.”

Upon hearing the voice in his head, he opened his eyes to see a slightly hunched but happy old monk beside him. Over the years, he constantly pondered what to say if they ever had a reunion. He wondered if he’d be scolded, if they’d get confrontational or if they’d be sad. Instead, though, the old monk cordially said the same line he used to say every morning, “Wake up for morning cla.s.s.”

What morning cla.s.s? I’m no longer the same kid back then. Do you know what I’ve achieved? Do you know i… I…

The old monk patiently waited. The young monk eventually nodded.


A golden glint shrouded Miguo once again, levitating him to his feet to face off against his opponent once again. Unlike his previous “rusty” golden energy, his golden energy now resembled the bright sun, free from any impurities.

The warm energy coursing through Miguo’s body took a different route to his Enlightenment because the former was energy from the relic. Now that he had completely absorbed and converted the relic’s energy, he felt heavier on the ground, while the hatred and jealousy had evaporated from me. Although he had yet to make sense of what happened, he hadn’t forgotten who his challenger was.

“Ming Feizhen, you’re strong, but you’re not unbeatable.” Miguo clenched his fist, expanding the reach of his solid golden energy. The gloating golden hands behind him mimicked his praying hands. “Watch th-” Miguo opened his eyes, intending to advance.

History couldn’t provide a formula for reaching Divine Realm. There were cases of people achieving a breakthrough overnight, cases of people gradually achieving it and, in Miguo’s case, reliance on resources. Absorbing an enormous volume of internal energy was the simplest way to go about it. The problem was that boosting strength didn’t simultaneously boost one’s mind; how was it any different to being a vessel for strength if one didn’t know how to wield the strength? You could have the death touch, but the likes of Shen Wuzheng would pick you apart if you couldn’t touch him.

Understanding that one would lose before any “realm” talk if they didn’t have the technical skills to dance was the key to Miguo truly transcending. Owing to his ascension, he saw it and closed his mouth. Miguo could see the abyss Ming Feizhen stood in. The grey fog enveloping Ming Feizhen forced Miguo’s solid energy similarly to a flame in the wind.

“It’s not considered a bad thing to finally see it,” Ming Feizhen blithely remarked. “If nothing else, you’ll know why you died.”

The grey fog emanated towards Miguo at a ridiculous velocity, occupying his field of vision. Even though he had powered up, his body felt stiff beyond belief.

How can such a terrifying power exist in the world of man?

“This is the sort of monster you’re facing. Like I said, I’m amazed you can laugh.”

When did he move?

Ming Feizhen’s grey mist erased Miguo’s golden hands without making a sound and faster than the latter’s eyes could follow. By the time he realised it, Miguo was already on his back, and every part of him was damaged. He could’ve kept fighting until he drew his last breath thanks to his Divine Realm status; however, he no longer had any desire to fight through the pain.

Miguo had seen the sky for decades, yet he never realised it could be such a deep blue hue. While his eyes were on the Central Plain’s blue sky, his mind was back in the forest, where he could hear the bronze bell chime from the temple. It wasn’t the right occasion, yet he felt a little hungry. Lianhua Temple’s black mantou was notorious; if they wanted, the chefs could proudly a.s.sert there was nothing more disgusting within a five hundred kilometres.

If only I could have a black mantou right now.

“There’s a lot to be gained from working hard, except there’s no need to be hasty,” Ming Feizhen said from above.

“Did… I speak my mind?”

“Would be even better if you weren’t so eager to kill people and stir trouble.”

“… It really stings to hear that from the victor.” Miguo smiled. “It’s my loss.”

“Did you need to point out the obvious? I’m too tough.”

“Hahaha.” Miguo laughed heartily despite never winning a single exchange. While he still sought strength deep down, it was the first time in memory that he wasn’t triggered.

Ming Feizhen ma.s.saged his face. “You’re acting like you won.”

“Believe it or not, for all these years, I always wanted to hear him say one thing and meet him again, but I know it’s impossible, so I gave up. I heard what I had been waiting to hear before, though.”

“You met a ghost?”

Miguo shook his head, paused, then bobbed his head. “I have no regrets. Finish me.”

“I certainly won’t stand on ceremony.” Ming Feizhen raised a broadsword, then stopped to look up. “What now?”

Wugou saw Miguo and Ming Feizhen going at each other’s necks when he came to. Hence, he came over to plead Ming Feizhen to show benevolence. Notwithstanding his injuries, Wugou never let his poise as a monk slip. “Could you please spare my junior?”

“Senior Brother…” Though Miguo was always privy to his senior’s soft heart, he was still touched to hear his brother plead for him.

“Stop. I heard you put together this script. If he wasn’t craftier, you would’ve killed him yourself, yet you’re now stopping me?” Ming Feizhen questioned.

Wugou placed his hands together. “This one promises he will never commit evil again.”

“Listen, Monk, y-”

“Rest a.s.sured, I will lock him up.”

Ming Feizhen: “Huh?”

Miguo: “Huh?”

One “huh” was surprise, while the other was a real “huh” moment.

“This one shall employ torture.”



“He will be imprisoned for thirty years.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Kill me now!”

“There will be someone delegated with the task of torturing him twenty-four hours a day. Lotus Cult’s torture methods are in no way any nicer than the Central Plain’s. We have thirty-six large-scale methods, one hundred and nine small-scale ones, innumerable torture experts and a department leader a.s.signed specifically to punish our sect’s violators. As we are brothers, this one shall exercise mercy. This one shall have his limbs tied to an elephant each, and then they will run in four opposite directions.”

Ming Feizhen. “Well… you don’t have to go that f-”

“In addition, this one shall batter him with a spiked mace three hundred and thirty-three times daily.”

Miguo sat up, protesting, “Wugou, you’re taking revenge under the guise of work. Y-”

Bang! Miguo fell backwards, blood coming from his head.

Wugou tossed away the b.l.o.o.d.y brick in his head. “Amitahba.”

Ming Feizhen: No way am I going to such a shady temple. Ever. My head feels cold.

“This one shall have him reflect daily. He will get his just desserts. Please spare him,” implored Wugou.

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Miguo hated Hua Qing, his actions, manners, expressions and thoughts. When he first heard of Hua Qing, he brushed the latter off as just a petty, unlucky thief trying to make ends meet. His ideal end would’ve been Hua Qing dying at the hands of one of his henchmen; by his standards, sending the three who made an attempt on Hua Qing’s life aboard the s.h.i.+p was making a deal out of nothing.

Only after a year of searching for Hua Qing in vain did Miguo think that, although he was just a n.o.body, he was an annoying n.o.body. Using Hua Qing as his scapegoat only made Hua Qing famous with time. Still, it wasn’t enough to make him respect Hua Qing until the third time Hua Qing was brought up.

Miguo finally gave Hua Qing some acknowledgement when he heard Hua Qing was involved with Su Li, had an adept helping him and found a friend in Zhuo Fengru. Even so, he didn’t expect Hua Qing to come the eye of the storm with the relic in his possession, creating one miracle after another with his small steps.

Miguo acted as though he couldn’t see Hua Qing in front of him. In truth, he was actually irate. They were both ordinary men reaching for things beyond their reach and men capable of staking everything they had, but Miguo didn’t perceive it to be something to celebrate.

Miguo didn’t have the apt.i.tude of the other two branch leaders and, by extension, paled in comparison in terms of accomplishments. With outworking them as his only means of being compet.i.tive, the amount of effort and suffering he had to subject himself to were far more than the other two. Even then, he was late to a leaders.h.i.+p spot compared to the two. Therefore, it was vexing to see Hua Qing suddenly surpa.s.s his two disciples.

By the time he left his thoughts, Miguo was already in round one against Hua Qing, making him freeze for a moment. He was going to laugh, not at Hua Qing, but at himself for actually being vigilant of Hua Qing. While one could raise their internal energy quickly via cheating methods, there was no shortcut to learning and refining technique besides repet.i.tion. Whatever Hua Qing was attempting, Miguo’s technical superiority should’ve empowered him to drop Hua Qing whenever he willed it.

“How are you still standing?”Miguo blurted. He made three attempts to splatter Hua Qing’s skull already, but he failed all three times.

Grovelling on the ground, Hua Qing uttered behind his walls of red teeth, “I… must take you down,” then shakily hauled himself to his feet.

“Yeah?” Miguo went up to Hua Qing’s side and sneered. “Try it.”

Anyone experienced would easily discern Miguo was provoking Hua Qing into attacking from his relaxed posture, yet Hua Qing bit the bait.

“Soul Banis.h.i.+ng Order!”

Instead of guarding Hua Qing’s target – the spot Leng Jingliu ran his sword through – Miguo placed his hands together as he did his eyes and smiled. To aim for that same spot when Miguo focused his true qi there was folly because it was the equivalent of hitting the hardest spot on a wall. Unexpectedly, Hua Qing changed his target faster than Miguo, or anyone else present for that matter, could react; Miguo didn’t even have enough time for his sensors to alarm him.

Miguo’s calculation consisted of two errors. First, Hua Qing’s internal energy level was on par with Miguo’s prior to absorbing energy from the relic, granting him the ability to endure a couple of blows and the strength to inflict enough damage to injure Miguo. Second, had Wugou been Hua Qing’s only teacher, then Miguo would’ve dominated. Howbeit, in order to control the new energy obtained, Zhuo Fengru consulted Wugou multiple times. With an offensive expert and someone who knew Vajra Realm in more depth than Miguo as his consultants, Hua Qing wasn’t all show and no go.

Soul Banis.h.i.+ng Order wasn’t something Zhuo Fengru came up with to beat Miguo but something he grasped from Abyss Theory. Zhuo Fengru replicated the technique almost exactly again. Alas, he could never feint and then catch his opponent as spectacularly as before now that he was no longer in the same realm as before. Nevertheless, once one learns a skill, the opportunity to regain it in its entirety always existed. Notwithstanding a different approach, Zhuo Fengru’s execution of “Soul Banis.h.i.+ng Order” was as blazing fast as in the past.

While Miguo obtained the energy circulation method for Vajra Realm from a.n.a.lysing Wugou’s, his lack of knowledge in regards to its mental cultivation rendered his version an imperfect version. Without injuries, there’d be no means of hurting him; however, once injured, he’d defend the injured spot excessively, leaving a c.h.i.n.k in his armour to exploit.

In Zhuo Fengru and Wugou’s script, either Zhuo Fengru or Ming Feizhen was meant to hurt Miguo. Unfortunately, it appeared impossible at the rate they were going, particularly after Miguo absorbed his followers’ energy. Thankfully, Hua Qing’s determination paid off.

The surge of internal energy that cascaded into Miguo’s body by surprise informed him of the fact that he lost to his senior. The emotional turmoil and distraction reduced his defences even further, resulting in him gasping blood.

Leng Jingliu’s stab was a hole in a wall that could be mended. Hua Qing’s blow on top of it was tantamount to hammering the wall down; even with the sarira’s energy, Miguo was in no condition to utilise it.

Hua Qing rode the momentum to land a second finger thrust, drawing more blood from Miguo’s mouth and dropping him on his back. Nonetheless, Hua Qing’s wounds and fatigue also dropped him onto his bottom.

“Brother Hua.” Su Li prevented Hua Qing from folding. As much as she wanted to help, she withheld as she knew she’d only be a burden.

Hua Fei had to rely on his nose to identify Su Li since his eyelids were too heavy. “Sorry… for breaking my promise to not be reckless.”

Su Li pulled Hua Qing into her shaky embrace, abandoning all other concerns. While her tears sprinkled down onto the nape of his neck, she expressed, “I was scared out of my mind when you confronted him. I was scared you’d die right before my eyes. I was scared he’d kill you. I… I…”

Hua Qing forced his eyes open.

“What are you staring at?!”

“You’re beautiful.”

Su Li couldn’t resist a giggle. “You dork!”

Other victims of Miguo’s formation were still impacted, though they could smile because all that was left was for Shen Wuzheng to undo the formation.

Zhuo Fengru chortled. “Save it for once we get out. If you wish, this old one shall personally visit on behalf of Hua Qing to propose. Of course, the wedding dowry will be up to standard.”

They were worried Zhuo Fengru only said it in pa.s.sing, yet they couldn’t look each other in the eye when the chance of him being sincere also existed.

“Hua Gezi, watch out!” Ming Feizhen came in yelling.

That was the first time Hua Qing heard Ming Feizhen sound so anxious.

“Die…” Miguo sprung up from the ground, teeth gritted and nose wrinkly. “Die! Die! Die!”

“Brother Hua!”

Before Hua Qing could react, Su Li had thrown herself in front of him to s.h.i.+eld him from Miguo’s ruthless punch.

“Miss Su!”


Zhuo Fengru’s realm – Don’t mistake this for being another realm, such as Divine Realm. It’s the abstract realm, where you’re physically and mentally there. You know how we describe some fighters as being a sh.e.l.l of their former self? That’s pretty much the idea. That’s why someone who trains martial arts isn’t necessarily fit to get in a ring. Technically, they may be the same as always, but it’s this abstract thing we struggle to name that’s gone. Although “instinct” isn’t wrong, it doesn’t encompa.s.s everything we’re talking about. In professional combat sports, sometimes fighters decide to take time off after a spate of poor performances. You’ll notice how some find that thing they were missing and return to the win column. Some may come back but underperform and then hang up their gloves.