Medical Master Chapter 1059 – The Reappearance of the Killer!

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Chapter 1059 The Reappearance of the Killer!

Looking at the escaping man, Fang Qiu didn’t chase after him though he was able to kill that person on the spot. He believed that this person being alive would be more useful to him than being dead.

There were two reasons why Fang Qiu let that person off. One was that this man was hostile toward the Gospel Division, and the other was that the situation in Zhongdong was very chaotic.

The people in Zhongdong were all living in misery.

For those terrorists, wars meant opportunities and profits. That was why Zhongdong had always been chaotic.

Different from others, this middle-aged, fat man was a top expert of the Truth Division.

If the Truth Division lost this expert and the other two forces found out about it, the situation of balance between those forces would change, and it was likely that those forces would start a war. By then, the people in Zhongdong would suffer.

Although Fang Qiu really wanted to wipe out those forces one by one, the current situation was too complicated and it was obviously not the right time for him to deal with them now.

Now, he could only take one step at a time.


After the middle-aged man disappeared, Fang Qiu took a deep breath, opened the plutonium material map, and took a look. After making sure that it was real, he immediately put it away.

“Next, the Truth Division would begin hunting the sorcerers from Murica.”

With a stir of his mind, Fang Qiu immediately took off his mask and burned it into ashes with his internal Qi.

Then, he changed all his clothes and disguised himself as John Doe again.

After that, he patted his clothes gently and stood where he was, starting to wait.


After a while, a night breeze blew past.

With the wind, a ma.s.s of black mist approached Fang Qiu from behind, and it was less than three meters away from him.

Under the cover of the dark night, a hand holding a three-edged military knife reached out from the black mist and stabbed toward the back of Fang Qiu’s head.

However, the moment the hand moved, Fang Qiu immediately turned around and looked at the hand that suddenly appeared as if he had expected it. “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time,” he said.

As soon as he said that, the hand, which was about to retract, reached out again. Then, a person walked out of the black mist.

This person was no other than Thomas!

“You were actually able to discover me?”

Thomas looked at Fang Qiu with suspicion written all over his face.

“Who are you?” asked Fang Qiu.

“I’m the person who is here to take your life.”

Thomas laughed before adding, “However, I have changed my mind now.”

As the number two killer in the world, Thomas knew very well about the rules of killers.

Among those rules, the first one was that a killer should never expose himself in front of his target even if the target was dead.

Thomas had never broken this rule since the day he became a killer.

He had wanted to leave the moment Fang Qiu discovered him, but he didn’t in the end because he had changed his mind.

After watching the battle between Fang Qiu and the middle-aged, fat man, a battle that he shouldn’t watch, and seeing the map that was worth one billion dollars, he changed his mind.

He now wanted to kill John Doe and seize the map.


Fang Qiu looked at him with great interest and said, “I’ve changed my mind, too. How about you tell me how you changed your mind?”

“Give me the map.” Thomas stretched out his hand directly to Fang Qiu.

“Are you going to take just the map or both the map and my life?” asked Fang Qiu.

“Give me the map and I can give you a quick death,” Thomas said with a sneer.

“Well, this condition sounds quite tempting.”

Fang Qiu smiled indifferently, then shook his head and asked, “Don’t you want to know how I changed my mind?”


Thomas narrowed his eyes threateningly. Apparently, he thought that Fang Qiu was being a little noisy.

“You followed that fat man from the Truth Division just to track me down, because you knew that I would follow that man and seize the map from him.

“But you didn’t expect to see a strong sorcerer from Murica who defeated and drove away that fat man. For the sake of your country, you decided not to interfere in it. But just as you were about to leave quietly, you found that the sorcerer from Murica turned out to be someone else, and you were shocked yet surprised because your target showed up and brought you a chance to get the plutonium material map,” Fang Qiu said with a sneer.

Upon hearing this, Thomas laughed.

John Doe’s guess was absolutely right.

At first, he followed the expert of the Truth Division to track John Doe down but didn’t expect to watch the fight between them.

He didn’t leave when he found that the sorcerer from Murica was actually John Doe just because he thought John Doe got injured in the fight. Otherwise, John Doe wouldn’t have started a seesaw battle after just exchanging one move with that expert from the Truth Division.

Besides, he believed that the just battle must have consumed a lot of John Doe’s energy.

He didn’t know why John Doe could use witchcraft, but he knew that John Doe, who was injured now and most of whose energy had been consumed, was no match for him.

That was why he had taken the initiative to show himself.

Not only was he going to kill John Doe, but he was also going to s.n.a.t.c.h the map.

“Don’t challenge a killer’s patience. Give me the map.” Thomas snorted.

“Well, I had thought about letting you off. But I now know that you’re the person who launched a sneak attack against me last time because I recognized your aura. Being targeted by a strong man who could perform fatal moves and conceal his aura like you, I feel quite annoyed. So I changed my mind and now, I’m going to… end your life.”

Before Thomas could make his move, Fang Qiu charged at him with a divine sword forming in his right hand. He then waved his right hand and slashed toward Thomas’ throat swiftly with the sharp sword.

“You’re courting death!”

Thomas snorted.

Just as the sword was about to land on him, a ma.s.s of black mist appeared in front of him. While using the three-edged military knife to fend off John Doe’s attack, he fled into the black mist and disappeared.

“This trick of yours doesn’t work on me.”

With his Divine Consciousness scanning the place, Fang Qiu moved toward the spot that was giving off energy. He slashed down fiercely though it seemed nothing there in the dark.


Seeing that the sword was about to hit him, Thomas, who was hiding in the black mist, rushed out of the mist and dodged Fang Qiu’s attack.

Although the black mist could hide him well, his speed would slow down when he hid in the mist, as he had to use a lot of energy to control the black mist.

This was his only yet fatal weakness.

Previously, he had never met anyone who could break down his trick, not even those strong sorcerers from Murica.

But now John Doe had found his weakness.

He began to panic and even wanted to run away.

However, since he had seen Fang Qiu’s secrets, Fang Qiu would not let him go.

Thomas also understood that since John Doe had found his weakness, it was impossible for him to escape now, and no matter where he fled to, John Doe would find him in the end.

The most important thing was that John Doe was faster than him.

It seemed that he could only fight his way out now.


After fending off John Doe’s attack, Thomas went all out. A ma.s.s of black mist rose from his palm and quickly covered the three-edged military knife in his hands.


He charged at Fang Qiu again at a fast speed.

“Clang! Clang…”

There were sounds of metal on metal.

The two started fighting again and Thomas managed to fight neck and neck against Fang Qiu

Fang Qiu was not surprised by it at all. When Thomas attacked him for the first time, he had known that he was a Half-step Guru and was stronger than that fat man from the Truth Division.

“He now could attack so fast as if he had become a completely different person,” Fang Qiu thought.

During the fight, Fang Qiu found that with the help of the black mist, Thomas could attack very fast and even faster than him.

However, in terms of body movements, Fang Qiu was faster than Thomas.

After all, Thomas was not from Huaxia, so it was natural he didn’t know much about body movements.

While the fight continued, Thomas was shocked.

In his eyes, John Doe had been injured and a lot of his energy had been consumed. He didn’t expect John Doe to unleash such strong strength and fight neck and neck against him.

As he thought of this, his killing intent grew even stronger.

He knew if he couldn’t kill the current John Doe, he wouldn’t have a chance to kill him anymore. He wouldn’t give up this mission, nor would he admit that he was incompetent.

He must take this opportunity to kill John Doe here in one fell swoop!

As long as he killed John Doe, he might be ranked first on the World Killer List. Besides, getting the plutonium material map would greatly boost his reputation.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became, and the faster and more aggressive his attacks became.

However, Fang Qiu was still calm in the face of this.

He launched attacks and defended himself repeatedly.

This was his first time fighting against a remarkable talent from Murica. He wanted to take this opportunity to learn more about the way those talents fought and to train himself and improve his attack speed. After all, Thomas had put him under much pressure in the fight.

They had exchanged more than a hundred moves in the past three minutes.


Seeing that he could not injure John Doe, Thomas became furious. He wanted to end the fight quickly. As a killer, his goal was to kill his enemy with one strike and end the fight as soon as possible.

Medical Master Chapter 1057 – Framing Gospel Division!

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Chapter 1057 Framing Gospel Division!

Without a word, Fang Qiu walked to the sink, washed his hands, picked up the small bag on it, and turned to leave.

Now that he was here, Fang Qiu naturally wouldn’t directly leave after using the bathroom. He hadn’t eaten for almost a whole day and night so he ordered a bottle of wine and some cooked food, and then began to eat.

As he helped himself, he opened the small bag.

Apart from a piece of paper folded, there was also a transparent box in the bag.

It was not the first time that Fang Qiu had seen such a transparent box. He knew very well what was inside this box.

Taking out the paper, Fang Qiu unfolded it and began to read.

Because he was around the corner and there was nothing unusual around, Fang Qiu could read it in peace.

There were only two sentences written on the paper.

“Gospel Division is leading several large mercenary groups and some foreign forces, seeming ready to attack Truth Division and take the plutonium material map from it.

“But Gospel Division seemed to take this opportunity to destroy Truth Division in one fell swoop and dominate Zhongdong rather than rob the map!”

After finis.h.i.+ng reading, Fang Qiu crumpled the paper into a ball and put it in his palm. He secretly a.s.sembled his internal Qi to turn the whole paper into ashes and then threw them out.

“Here comes my chance.” After doing all this, Fang Qiu took a sip of wine with a smile and continued to eat.

Before that, Fang Qiu had guessed that in order to keep the plutonium material map, Truth Division would inevitably ask the Half-step Guru to take it away. Now that such a thing had happened, the situation would ineluctably become more turbulent and chaotic.

He believed that Truth Division must have been aware of what Gospel Division would do, too.

In this case, it was necessary for the Half-step Guru to leave.

After the meal, Fang Qiu walked out of the pub and left the town.

In a dense forest outside the town, he produced the transparent box in his small bag, taking out a mask made of human skin.

That was right. It was made of the same material as Lin Yu’s human skin mask.

As soon as Fang Qiu put on it, he instantly turned into another person, a person from Zhongdong completely!

Returning to Esfahan, Fang Qiu strolled around the city for a day.

Sure enough, in the afternoon, Fang Qiu clearly noticed that the headquarters of Truth Division had begun to strengthen its firepower. It seemed that the people and masters of other branches had been transferred over, including several experts above seventh-cla.s.s.

Obviously, Truth Division was ready to fight!

But how could Fang Qiu believe what was showing on the surface?

When the sun was setting and it was getting dark, Fang Qiu left the city again, reaching the previous place and continuing to wait for the Half-step Guru.

Night fell soon.

At midnight, n.o.body was stirring in the headquarters of Truth Division. The Half-step Guru was still resting motionlessly as Fang Qiu monitored him through Divine Consciousness.

Until one o’clock in the morning, the Half-step Guru finally moved.

As expected, the Half-step Guru chose to leave through the back door.

This time, Fang Qiu kept still as a stone, without revealing any aura.

Last night, this guy somehow found Fang Qiu’s location, so Fang Qiu was very vigilant this time.

Maybe this guy had some unique technique.

“What is he doing?” Watching the man leave the headquarters of Truth Division and close his eyes at the back door, Fang Qiu was suspicious.

However, he found another very special and faint aura, which seemed to touch his Divine Consciousness.

No, it didn’t touch. Instead, it was sent through his Divine Consciousness without noticing its existence at all.

“Spiritual force!” Fang Qiu thought of something and immediately understood.

Therefore, this guy was also a cultivator of spiritual force.

Last night, he had been moving fast, so he left aura in the headquarters of Truth Divine. As soon as the Half-step Guru arrived, he stood in the center with his eyes closed. It turned out that he was searching with his spiritual force. Finally, he found where Fang Qiu was.

“So that’s how it is.” Fang Qiu smiled.

Such a simple question had troubled him for a long time, just because he hadn’t expected that there was a cultivator of spiritual force in Zhongdong.

However, when he thought about it carefully, he found that there were a lot of believers and followers in Zhongdong. These people all had extreme spiritual force and willpower. Therefore, it was not particularly surprising that some cultivators of spiritual force appeared.

Since he knew the truth, there was no need for Fang Qiu to be so reserved.

As long as he didn’t use internal Qi, it was absolutely impossible for his opponent to find him. Fang Qiu could even use his powerful Divine Consciousness to form a s.h.i.+eld of spiritual force around him, isolating perception of his opponent’s spiritual force.

As expected, the Half-step Guru moved and immediately left after closing his eyes to check.

Seeing the man moving fast and hurriedly, Fang Qiu could only set up a s.h.i.+eld with his Divine Consciousness and then followed him all the way quickly.

They ran for a few hours and directly left Linaye.

“This path will lead to Gospel Division.” Fang Qiu had been to the territory of Gospel Division before and also seen the division of the territory of the top forces in Zhongdong, so he was very clear about his location and the environment around him.

“Is he trying to frame Gospel Division?” Fang Qiu was curious.

After entering the territory of the Gospel Division, the other party still didn’t stop, but continued to go deeper.

After another 20 minutes’ walk, they stopped when going deep into a small city less than 300 kilometers away from the headquarters of Gospel Division.

“Gospel Agency!” There was a branch of Gospel Division in this city.

In addition, in the center of the city, there was a large company named Gospel Agency with 12 floors, which seemed to be the property of Gospel Division.

Because it was in the middle of the night, it was dark in Gospel Agency, and no one was there.

The Half-step Guru stopped, found a hidden corner, and then closed his eyes, using his spiritual force to check. Then he quickly and quietly entered the ventilation duct to Gospel Agency.

Fang Qiu followed him quietly.

Soon, the man went straight to a luxurious office on the 12th floor.

As soon as he arrived, he took out a map from his pocket at once, put it on the desk, and turned on the light, quickly taking some photos then.

In the ventilation duct, Fang Qiu, who saw this, immediately laughed out loud.

This person had spent an hour traveling more than 1000 miles with the purpose of framing Gospel Division!

But this was indeed the only way for Truth Division to deal with the disaster!

Of course, Fang Qiu didn’t disturb him. Instead, he watched the person take the photos and directly open the window to leave.

Fang Qiu continued to follow him.

It was until the other party stopped and rested for a while that Fang Qiu started to chase directly. He quickly caught up with the man, blocking his way.

“Who are you?” While seeing Fang Qiu, the Half-step Guru changed his face.

Along the way, every time he arrived at a new place, he would use his spiritual force to explore, ensuring that there was no one nearby.

Just now, he stopped to rest and search around, with the result that he didn’t find any aura of energy at all.

In this case, how had the man who suddenly appeared next to him, dressed in a Zhongdong-style white robe and wrapped tightly around his body, come to him?

The Half-step Guru was shocked.

At the same time, it was also the first time that Fang Qiu had clearly seen the appearance of the Half-step Guru.

He was a fat man, a typical middle-aged fat man who looked more like a rich man from Zhongdong with a beer belly and was often seen on TV.

“What do you want to do?” asked the fat man cautiously as he stared at Fang Qiu.

“Leave behind the map and I can spare your life,” Fang Qiu did not answer but said directly.

“You?” The middle-aged fat man snorted. Obviously, he was somewhat disdainful of Fang Qiu.

Although he didn’t know when Fang Qiu got close to him or how he came to him quietly, he didn’t think it was Fang Qiu’s strength. He thought that Fang Qiu must have learned some special method to make it. In terms of strength, he was a Half-step Guru, who could be among the top three in the entire Zhongdong!

“I haven’t fought with you all the way from Esfahan. Now, I’ll give you one last chance. Hand over the map,” said Fang Qiu.

Originally, Fang Qiu hadn’t intended to spare his life.

However, after seeing that he was ready to frame Gospel Division, Fang Qiu decided to change his plan.

The first time he came to Zhongdong, he saw how Gospel Division had done evil, which he would never forget in his life. He had promised that sooner or later, he would destroy Gospel Division.

Because it was simply an organization without any humanity at all!

This time, Fang Qiu had a task, so it was not convenient for him to attack Gospel Division.

However, since he saw such an incident during the mission, why didn’t he give it a hand? As long as the other party did as he said, Gospel Division would inevitably take a heavy toll. Even if it wouldn’t be killed, it would be enough.

“You’ve been following me when I was in Esfahan?” The middle-aged fat man was even more shocked.

If this person who suddenly appeared had really followed him from the beginning, things would not be so simple.

For a few hours, he hadn’t even found the other party?

“Are you going to hand it over or not?” Fang Qiu didn’t want to talk more.

“No way!” The fat middle-aged man narrowed his eyes with a cold expression.

Even if he had known that the person in front of him had been following him for several hours, he was not afraid at all. This was the confidence of a master.

He believed that there was no one in Zhongdong who could rob him!

“Swoos.h.!.+” he shouted in a deep voice, and then moved, immediately rus.h.i.+ng toward Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu sneered.

He hadn’t even taken action, yet the other party had started to attack. He was trying to seize the initiative!

Without hesitation, Fang Qiu stretched out his right hand as he saw his opponent coming at him, directly punching his fist toward his opponent.

“Bang!” A loud bang burst out. The two collided in an instant. Tremendous power in their fists collided with a loud bang!

Medical Master Chapter 1058 – Fang Qiu Got the Map!

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Chapter 1058 Fang Qiu Got the Map!

It was as if two iron fists had slammed into each other.

“Clang!” A loud bang burst out as the two fists collided.

The powerful and horrible energy Qi instantly spread out in all directions from the place where their fists collided.

In the pitch-black world flickered a dazzling energy light. And then it faded away.

Fang Qiu and the fat middle-aged man’s fists were still facing each other. Neither of them intended to back down.

Wearing the face mask and the gauze mask, Fang Qiu looked calm without any panic or tension. The Half-step Guru in front of him was indeed strong, but he was not strong enough to make Fang Qiu afraid.

After all, even Lin Rusheng, who had been a Guru, had been defeated by Fang Qiu. How could this Half-step Guru beat him?

After the battle with Lin Rusheng, Fang Qiu had spent a lot of effort in stabilizing his strength, which made him a little stronger than before.

Therefore, an ordinary Half-step Guru was no longer a threat to him.

Unlike Fang Qiu, the fat middle-aged man didn’t look good.

It was because he actually felt a kind of pressure from this person when two fists collided, which came from Fang Qiu’s combat ability.

In terms of both strength and speed, the person in front of him was not inferior to him at all, which made him very shocked.

“Who are you on earth?” The middle-aged fat man stared at Fang Qiu, asking in a cold voice.

“It’s not important. What’s important is the plutonium material map in your hand,” Fang Qiu responded indifferently.

As he had expected, he did not intend to kill the Half-step Guru, which was also not easy for him. Therefore, from the beginning, Fang Qiu had planned to take the plutonium material map.

So this middle-aged fat man would definitely return to Truth Division alive.

Then, how could Fang Qiu expose his ident.i.ty in the battle with the other party?

“If I use common moves, Truth Division would definitely find out it was John Doe. At that time, it was hard to say whether it would frame Gospel Division. However, what was certain was that Truth Division would spread the news that John Doe had robbed the plutonium material map!

“In that case, it won’t be so easy to bring the map back safely.

“Truth Division might even give up framing Gospel Division, choosing to join forces with it to search for John Doe all over Zhongdong.”

At the thought of this, Fang Qiu immediately stopped and stepped back.

Although he thought too deeply and things might not necessarily go as he had expected, considering the cause and effect thoroughly before doing something had become an unchangeable habit of his!

“Hmm?” Seeing Fang Qiu stepping back, the middle-aged fat man paused for a second and then immediately chased.

But at this moment, he saw that some scattered azure rays of light were s.h.i.+ning around the mysterious man, just like a mist.

That’s right. It was like a mist.

With the appearance of the mist, Fang Qiu suddenly waved his hands forward in the face of the middle-aged fat man who was chasing after him, making a threatening gesture.

Following that, he released all of his pressure, pressing down on the middle-aged fatty.

“Hmm?” As soon as the pressure came, the middle-aged fat man promptly felt as if he had fallen into the gravity field. His speed slowed down a lot, and he even had a sense of crisis in all directions.

This was a special attack formed by Fang Qiu’s pressure and Divine Consciousness, which Fang Qiu learned from Isabel, the witch from Anglan!

“Wizard? You are a wizard?” The fat middle-aged man widened his eyes and said angrily, “A blue curse… Are you a Murican wizard?”

Hearing that, Fang Qiu was surprised.

Originally, he had intended to imitate Murican metahumans. However, it was difficult to imitate the descendants of vampires, and he had no blood Qi. Hence, he could only choose Isabel, who was the easiest to imitate. Unexpectedly, the man had mistaken him for a Murican wizard?

However, when he pondered it over, he found that the metahumans in many countries seemed to be rather scattered. For example, there were vampires in Anglan, L’hexagone and Murica. And there were werewolves in the five countries except Huaxia. Wizards were naturally divided into different groups according to their countries!

“You deserve to die!” Fang Qiu responded indifferently.

Sure enough, the fat middle-aged man’s face darkened. He had long heard that there was a group of very powerful wizards in Murica who used blue curses, but he hadn’t expected to meet one of them here today.

“Someone like you wants to kill me?” The fat middle-aged man was furious.

As the most powerful person in Truth Division, he naturally knew that the news that plutonium material map had been secretly auctioned was discovered by Murican intelligence agent first. Even the idea of the five major countries joining forces was also put forward by Murica first.

Therefore, there was no doubt that Murica was the most eager to get the plutonium material map among the five major countries.

In this case, other than sending out that descendant of vampires, it was also possible for Murica to send out another powerful wizard!

“How do you know if you don’t try?” In the face of the angry middle-aged fat man, Fang Qiu sneered and directly exerted his internal Qi, quickly increasing the pressure around the other party.

At the same time, he secretly used Great Hand of Destruction, gathering Heaven and Earth energy from all directions, and then he mobilized his spiritual force to control the sharp stones on the ground.

In the blink of an eye. the stones quietly floated in the air, wrapped in azure energy. It was exactly the same as the scene of the battle between Isabel and the other party!

It made the middle-aged fat man more convinced of the speculation that Fang Qiu was a Murican wizard.

“Hmph!” Seeing that the attack was coming, the middle-aged fat man stamped his foot and a layer of golden energy s.h.i.+eld immediately spread out from his body, completely covering him.

“This won’t be able to stop me.” Fang Qiu chuckled and waved his hands. The stone wrapped in the azure energy immediately crashed with waves of extremely sharp energy Qi.

“Crack…” Like a dense rain, the stones slammed fiercely on the golden s.h.i.+eld, causing it to shake and ripple, but they did not break it.

On this side, the fat middle-aged man secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

It seemed that his golden s.h.i.+eld could still hold on.

He knew very well that the strongest move of a wizard was continuous explosive attacks. Once he was able to withstand this wave of attacks, more than half of the wizard’s spiritual force would be consumed, which led to a lack of combat effectiveness.

He himself was a cultivator of spiritual force as well. Thus, he was clear that it would take a very long time to recover spiritual force.

At that time, it was the best time for him to counterattack!

However, the ideal was full, and the reality was very skinny.

Just when he thought he could stop it, something suddenly appeared before him, which made him panic and afraid.

It was a gigantic trident, just like the trident used by Sea G.o.d from Murican mythology!

In his eyes, this trident was formed entirely from azure curses!

It quickly took shape above Fang Qiu’s head and pointed at the fat man from top to bottom.

“Shoot.” The fat middle-aged man panicked and immediately strengthened his golden s.h.i.+eld.

“Break the s.h.i.+eld!” But at this time, with a wave of Fang Qiu’s right hand, the trident that he formed by using Great Hand of Destruction fell from the sky offhand and crashed into the opponent’s golden s.h.i.+eld.

“Crack…” A crisp sound came.

Crashed by the trident, the golden s.h.i.+eld was instantly destroyed.

And the instant the gigantic trident broke through the golden s.h.i.+eld, it slammed heavily onto the middle-aged fatty!

“Puff…” Spitting out a mouthful of blood, the middle-aged fat man quickly retreated three steps after taking this move, but he did not fall.

After all, he was a Half-step Guru.

Although Fang Qiu had used Great Hand of Destruction, he really couldn’t win in one blow because too much energy had been scattered on stones!

But this was not the end.

After the strike, Fang Qiu continued to strengthen the pressure, using the control method of Great Hand of Destruction to suppress all the power of heaven and earth that continued to converge on him.

Because his opponent had been injured and consumed a lot of energy, the other party was temporarily suppressed by it, as if he had fallen into a swamp, and even his movements slowed down.

In this case, Fang Qiu moved quickly, rushed to the man, and reached into his s.h.i.+rt pocket.

“Ahhh!!!” Just as he was about to get the material map, the middle-aged fat man suddenly roared angrily.

An extremely violent aura of energy burst out from his body, which immediately offset most of the pressure he was suffering.

He regained his freedom in an instant.

Without hesitation, the middle-aged fat man swung his right hand and threw a hard punch at Fang Qiu’s chest.

In the next moment, the azure energy around Fang Qiu moved. It immediately pulled Fang Qiu’s body so that he quickly retreated to dodge his punch.

“You’re in trouble now.” Seeing that his opponent was about to attack again, Fang Qiu suddenly got annoyed.

He immediately used Great Hand of Destruction again and formed a trident above his head anew, slamming it down heavily on the other party.

This time, the fat middle-aged man was enraged, directly waving his hand to block the blow!

The result was that he retreated another three steps.

As soon as the first blow fell, Fang Qiu formed another trident.

The fat middle-aged man just resisted it hard, taking another five steps back.

As soon as he kept himself upright, Fang Qiu formed the third trident.

The middle-aged fat man was dumbfounded.

“What the f.u.c.k! Does the spiritual force cost nothing?”

“Boom!” The trident fell again, and then came another one.

Fang Qiu formed five tridents in a row, four of which were aimed at the opponent, and the fifth one had been chasing after the opponent.

The middle-aged fat man had nearly been beaten to death.

Because Fang Qiu didn’t give him a chance to get close at all. If he tried to approach, he would be suppressed, as if he had fallen into a swamp. If not, he would be chased by the trident.

Although the trident didn’t injure him so much, the four consecutive strikes turned his light injuries into serious ones.

Finally, Fang Qiu suppressed him again.

Then he quickly approached the man, taking out the map from his underwear pocket. When he was about to kill him, he deliberately reduced his strength.

“Swis.h.!.+” The middle-aged fat man found an opportunity to explode again, but he didn’t dare to attack Fang Qiu anymore. Instead, while struggling to break free from the suppression, he directly turned around and fled.