Medical Princess Chapter 916: Palace Maids Who Teach

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Chapter 916: Palace Maids Who Teach

“Actually, Countess Yong could take responsibility for this matter!” Mr. Liu said meaningfully.

This time, Mr. Liu not only attracted Duke Yong and Di Rufeng’s attention but also attracted Chu Liuyue’s attention. Chu Liuyue asked, “What do you mean?”

“Your Highness, what I just said is the worst plan. Now, this matter has just started. If Princess goes to the yamen and takes responsibility for it, saying that it is just a misunderstanding, the Emperor will not dig too deep in this matter. He would think it is just a dispute of the inner court between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and he does not have that much energy to deal with the matters in the backyard!” Mr. Liu said.

“A dispute between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law?” Chu Liuyue repeated. Then his eyes lit up, and he couldn’t help clapping his hands, saying, “Great, great!”

If it was a dispute between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law, then it would be the least serious matter. Even if it was a scandal, it was impossible for the Emperor to carefully investigate such a trivial dispute between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law that happened in the backyard.

“But… who should take the responsibility for this?” Di Rufeng said in a pained voice. He had a bad feeling.

“Of course, Countess Yong will suffer from some grievances to admit that it was her mistake. Comfort the Princess. I heard that Prince doesn’t treat Princess well, so you should ask Prince to accompany Countess Yong to go and persuade Princess to withdraw her complaint from the yamen. Whoever started the trouble should end it. That’s the best!” Mr. Liu a.n.a.lyzed.

“But the reputation…” Di Rufeng said in a low voice. Although he had no special feelings for Countess Yong, if Countess Yong took the blame, it would inevitably involve him and affect the reputation of the entire Duke Yong’s Mansion.

Moreover, in this case, Countess Yong would end up meditating in the Buddha Hall if she was not divorced.

It was not that he felt bad about making Countess Yong meditate in the Buddha Hall, but because most of these girls he kept were managed by Countess Yong and Old Madam. If Countess Yong was unhappy and made a scene about it, it would be a big deal!

“My wife knows that I’ve been keeping a group of girls, and she oversees it. If she takes the responsibility this time, I’m afraid… I’m afraid that she will make a big deal out of it!” Di Rufeng said unpleasantly.

He had to say that.

Mr. Liu thought for a moment and said, “If that’s the case, maybe you… you will have to do more things!”

“What… what kind of things?” Di Rufeng asked, and his face changed dramatically.

After a pause, Mr. Liu said, “After Countess Yong invite the Princess back, Countess Yong could pretend to fall ill and couldn’t even get up. In this way, there will be less talking about Duke Yong’s Mansion and the Emperor won’t suspect us!”

“Uh… okay!” Di Rufeng said with his hands trembling.

“Duke Yong, I will remember your kindness. Don’t worry. I will only need your wife to look sick, and nothing should happen to her. If there is a chance in the future, I will definitely make your son an official. After all, I am grateful to the Duke Yong’s Mansion!” Chu Liuyue stood up, bowed deeply to Di Rufeng, and said to him.

How could Di Rufeng dare to accept his courtesy? He hurriedly leaned to avoid it and said with a bitter and mixed expression on his face, “I’m at your command, Your Highness!”

What else could he do at the moment? He could only do what Prince Yue wanted. Otherwise, the whole mansion could not bear the anger of the Emperor. He had done this kind of thing for Prince Yue earlier. In fact, he was on Prince Yue’s side. But Prince Yue had not yet become the new emperor, so it would be a disaster for his family if the Emperor found out he chose the other side.

Compared to his wife, the execution of his entire family was much more horrifying…

It was dark. Chu Liuchen got up from the darkness. He looked at the pet.i.te girl in his arms and then walked over quietly. He put on the outdoor robe, and when he got outside, Xiao Xuanzi had already been waiting outside.

“How is it going?” Chu Liuchen stood in the yard with his hands clasped behind his back and asked coldly.

“Everything is ready. Don’t worry, master!” Xiao Xuanzi said in a low voice.

“What about Chu Liuzhou?” Chu Liuchen asked with cold eyes.

“The matter has been exposed. Prince Zhou is still awake and so is Prince Yue. Duke Yong has entered Prince Yue’s Mansion and hasn’t come out yet!” Xiao Xuanzi said.

Chu Liuchen raised his head. Under the moonlight, his handsome face showed a trace of coldness and cruelty that he had hidden in the past. At the moment, he was more like an elegant Asura looking down at the world in his cold eyes.

When Shao Wanru told him that Chu Liuyue was Fanglan Embroidery Shop’s secret boss, everything had been set up. He had been waiting for a suitable opportunity to reveal it.

Chu Liuyue would inevitably avoid trouble, but no matter how hard he tried, it would be difficult for him to adapt to the volatile situation. Moreover, Chu Liuzhou was cruel, and he had also been keeping an eye on Chu Liuyue…

When Shao Wanru woke up, Chu Liuchen was nowhere to be seen.

She guessed that he went to practice martial arts. After marrying into Prince Chen’s Mansion, she knew that although Chu Liuchen looked a little weak, like a sick n.o.ble young master, in fact, he had good health. Especially, he began practicing martial arts at an early age. Although he was interrupted from time to time due to his illness later, generally he had been keeping this habit for many years.

Moreover, his martial arts skills were quite good!

This reminded Shao Wanru of an incident that happened a long time ago. At that time, Chu Liuchen climbed over the wall to look for her.

Hearing Shao Wanru’s voice, Yujie and Qu Le immediately came in to serve her.

“Where is the Prince?” Shao Wanru sat in front of the dressing table and asked. It was getting late and there were no elders in Prince Chen’s Mansion that Shao Wanru had to greet. She felt embarra.s.sed that she went to bed so late recently. She went to bed after they talked for a long time yesterday.

“Prince has already had breakfast. He said you can have breakfast by yourself. He went to deal with the affairs in the front yard!” Yujie answered with a smile.

Before their master got married into Prince Chen’s Mansion, Yujie and Qu Le were a little worried, but now all their worries were gone. Prince Chen really cared about their master. Princess was the only one that he cared about, and there were no other girls. Moreover, all the servants serving Prince were eunuchs. There was never any young girl close to him.

Thinking of this, Yujie suddenly thought of something and said, “Miss, the supervisor asked for your opinion about how to deal with the two palace maids.”

“The palace maids?” Shao Wanru froze for a moment and did not catch what she meant.

Her confusion was completely different from her usual shrewdness and powerfulness. In fact, she looked like a little girl now. The two servant girls couldn’t help laughing.

“Princess, they are the two girls sent from the palace to teach Prince how to consummate his marriage!” Qu Le explained with a red face.

Her words were obscure. Shao Wanru blinked her eyes twice, suddenly realized what they meant, and couldn’t help blushing.

“What did Prince say?” Shao Wanru asked.

“Prince said it’s for you to decide. If you don’t like them, you can throw them out of the mansion straight away!” Yujie said with a smile.

How could she like this kind of girls? Shao Wanru rolled her eyes secretly. A legal wife who had just married into the mansion would never like these girls who taught her husband how to consummate his marriage.

Fortunately, Chu Liuchen did not allow them to get close. He left them in a secluded courtyard since Empress sent them over.

But the current situation was indeed a bit difficult to deal with.

“Princess, I heard that the two palace maids both have powerful backgrounds. That’s why they can get into Prince Chen’s Mansion. They are unlike the palace maids sent by the Empress in the past; those maids were directly thrown out or even killed!” Yujie said in a low voice.

Before Shao Wanru got up, Yujie specially inquired about the two palace maids. She had heard that previously none of the palace maids could stay in Prince Chen’s Mansion. What backgrounds did they have?

“What do you mean?” Shao Wanru asked curiously.

If they were ordinary palace maids, they could not stay in Prince Chen’s Mansion. According to her understanding of Chu Liuchen, he would not listen to anyone’s advice. If he wanted to throw them out, he would. If they made him unhappy and dared to seduce him, they would not even get out of the Prince Chen’s Mansion alive.

With such a bad reputation, no palace maid dared to come to Prince Chen’s Mansion after that.

“Princess, I’ve inquired about it. One of the two palace maids was sent by Empress Dowager, and the other was chosen by the Empress. The one sent by Empress Dowager seems to be related to Nanny Wei. She seems to be Nanny Wei’s niece. Although the relationship is far-fetched, she is related to Nanny Wei. The Empress Dowager also likes her very much in the past,” Yujie said.

“The palace maid sent by the Empress also has something to do with the Empress. She seems to be a relative of the Empress’ family. Her ancestor was a palace official. Later, something happened, and her whole family became servants. The Empress pitied her and left her in the palace. Now she is favored by the Empress!” Yujie added.

Shao Wanru’s eyes darkened, so both of them had powerful backgrounds and could not be treated as before.

“They want to see me?” Shao Wanru’s watery eyes were slightly cold, and she had an idea in her mind. No one had mentioned this matter in the past few days. It could be seen that these two people had been restraining themselves. Now they couldn’t restrain themselves anymore?

“According to the supervisor, it seems to be true!” Yujie said with anger.

Their ident.i.ties were unusual, so it was not easy to deal with them. Thinking that her master had just married into the mansion and there was already so much trouble, Yujie was angry on behalf of Shao Wanru.

No matter what, they were just two palace maids. It was impossible for them to get superior to Princess.

“Let them be. I don’t have time for them now!” Shao Wanru waved her hand lazily and said. Not everybody could meet her at their will. “Do they really think they have become superior to me?” Shao Wanru sneered in her mind.

She didn’t care what their backgrounds were. Since they got into Prince Chen’s Mansion, they had to obey the rules of Prince Chen’s Mansion. Of course, it would be better if they got anxious.

Subconsciously, she knew that these two palace maids were not ordinary people. They were closely related to the Empress Dowager and the Empress. If they were ordinary people, they would not be sent into the mansion. “What are they after? Is it only Chu Liuchen? They know that Chu Liuchen would not like them. Even if they are backed by the Empress Dowager and the Empress, so what?

“Then, why did they enter the mansion?

“Are they trying to drive a wedge between the Empress Dowager and Chu Liuchen, or are they trying to drive a wedge between me and Chu Liuchen, or do they have other purposes?” Shao Wanru wondered.

At present, she was not sure, so she decided to stay calm and deal with it. She wanted to see if the two palace maids who got into Prince Chen’s Mansion would feel anxious!

Anyway, they would feel anxious, and she just needed to bide her time…

Medical Princess Chapter 917: Prince Zhou Capitalized on Prince Yue’s Disasters

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Chapter 917: Prince Zhou Capitalized on Prince Yue’s Disasters

It ended up that Duke Yong’s Mansion stood trial in the imperial court. Inspectors impeached Duke Yong for his lax management and accused Countess Yong of coveting her sister-in-law’s and daughter-in-law’s dowries for a long time. As a Madam of an aristocratic family, what she did had disgraced her whole family!

Some of them even suggested that Duke Yong divorce his wife.

Some others said Countess Yong had no womanly virtues and proposed to send her to the temple and order her to pray for blessings for her family there for the rest of her life.

Some people reported that Countess Yong, in order to monopolize the shops of her daughter-in-law, made the latter have a miscarriage, and later gave her the medicine that would cause permanent infertility!

She was an unbelievably vicious woman…

Faced with the charge and indictments of their crimes, Di Rufeng couldn’t speak a word but kneel in the hall trembling all over!

The Emperor was furious that he smashed all the memorials on Di Rufeng. Then he ordered everyone not to discuss it for the time being but to focus on more important affairs.

The intense accusation finally subsided thanks to the Emperor’s words. The ministers and officials returned to their positions and reported their political affairs.

Chu Liuchen, lazy, sat on a wide chair and squinted at the scene in front of him, with his head resting on one of his hands. The chair he sat was still there, though he was in good health now.

Chu Liuyue stood in his position with a calm look, and Chu Liuzhou stood behind him with the same peaceful face. So no one could see from the two faces that they were actually enemies of each other, hoping that the other would die as soon as possible. Right at the moment, one was fl.u.s.tered in his heart while the other was secretly complacent.

Chu Qing looked quite excited. Although he did not know the specific details, he faintly felt that it would not be simple.

The officials reported their events one by one, and the Emperor handled them with a majestic look. Everyone seemed to turn a blind eye to Duke Yong, Di Rufeng, who was still kneeling in the hall.

The helpless and desolate situation scared Di Rufeng. He took a deep breath. Then he remembered what Prince Yue said yesterday and what his wife and son had promised before he went out today. They said they would coax Qin Yuru back with the promise of satisfying all her demands, no matter what they would be. So the whole thing would be suppressed.

“How is it going on outside the Palace? It will be great if it ends up here!”

Di Rufeng felt extremely anxious, his back soaked in cold sweats. The Emperor’s emotional violence almost took his consciousness and forced him to faint in the hall.

Finally, the meeting was over. The Emperor went to the Imperial Study, followed by the princes, and Di Rufeng who was dragged by a eunuch.

When they arrived at the Imperial Study, the eunuch let go of Di Rufeng, who immediately fell to his knees. He was trembling all over.

It was a critical moment for him. He had no idea what the consequence would be at all, so he was haunted by fear now. The longer he stayed, the more pressure he stood.

A guard presented a memorial to the Emperor as soon as the latter entered the Imperial Study.

Derong took the memorial and handed it to the Emperor respectfully. He read it and then showed a cold face. He sneered and said, “A fight between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? How energetic Duke Yong’s Mansion is! They even started a fight between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in a yamen!”

“Your Majesty! I admit the loose family rules should be to blame for this!” Di Rufeng felt that he came alive. He swayed and almost collapsed to the ground, but he was excited in his heart. The Emperor’s guard had delivered the result of the investigation, which was good to him. It was going in the direction that he had wished.

“Can the loose family rules justify your family’s taking the yamen as their own house at will?” Chu Liuzhou sneered and questioned.

“Second Brother, it’s Duke Yong’s Mansion’s domestic affair. Duke Yong must be reluctant to see it happen. It is inevitable for a man to have an unethical wife!” Chu Liuyue seemed to be more tolerant.

Chu Liuchen sat on a chair and half-closed his eyes. His long eyelashes fluttered slightly. It was hard to tell whether he was asleep or awake.

“You are so kind, Eldest Brother! You rarely defended your officials like this in the past. You always took Father’s idea as the top priority!” Chu Liuzhou sneered.

“Second Brother, I will always obey Father! But this matter is indeed…” Chu Liuyue shook his head calmly as if he didn’t know what to say. It seemed that he didn’t want to argue against Chu Liuzhou, as he looked much calmer than the latter.

Falling into a disadvantage, Chu Liuzhou immediately became angry. Then he stepped forward and said, “Father, I have something to report!”

“What’s the matter?” the Emperor asked coldly.

“Father, there is another reason for the case of Duke Yong’s Mansion!” Chu Liuzhou said.

Di Rufeng swayed back and forth and almost fell over. He tried his best to calm himself down. “No matter how powerful Prince Zhou is, he can’t dig something out. Those girls are hidden in the houses outside the city. What’s more, they rarely showed up in front of people in the past. I didn’t investigate it on my own so I couldn’t expose myself. Prince Yue has warned me not to panic…”

“Father, I got the news yesterday. Please verify it!” Chu Liuzhou handed over a memorial. Derong took it and handed it to the Emperor.

The Emperor read it with a solemn face. After finishing it, he showed a cold expression and suddenly threw the memorial at Chu Liuyue’s head.

Chu Liuyue was shocked, but he didn’t dare to avoid it. He suffered a blow that happened to hit him on the nose. He felt pain, and then tears came out of the corners of his eyes.

He hurriedly knelt without wiping away the tears. “Father!”

“Excellent! You have infiltrated your people into lots of areas, haven’t you?” the Emperor scolded in a fury, pointing at his nose.

“Father, I didn’t dare!” Chu Liuyue lowered his head and said in a hurry. He didn’t know what was wrong with his father. He couldn’t help feeling panic in his heart. He wondered what Chu Liuzhou had shown his father and why it made his father angry with him.

He raised his hand to wipe away the tears in the corners of his eyes and calmed himself down. But in a daze, he seemed to be confused about why the Emperor scolded him.

“You didn’t dare? Is there anything that you don’t dare to do? What good sons you are! I brought you up, but you have even become so ambitious!” the Emperor said with anger, pointing at both Chu Liuyue and Chu Liuzhou with his fingers.

“Father!” Chu Liuzhou was frightened and knelt.

However, Chu Liuchen was still indifferent to them. He only cast a casual glance at the two brothers and then continued to rest with his eyes closed. If other princes dared to be so disrespectful, the Emperor would have lost his temper. But it was Chu Liuchen. When the Emperor’s eyes swept over him, he did not blame Chu Liuchen at all. Instead, the Emperor suddenly remembered that later he needed to ask the imperial physician to feel pulses for Chu Liuchen.

“If you are tired, you can leave now, Prince Chen!” the Emperor said.

Chu Liuchen opened his eyes, sat up, and replied in a gentle voice, “No, I am not tired, Uncle the Emperor! I am not busy, so I want to listen to it!”

His reply infuriated Chu Liuyue and Chu Liuzhou so much. They might be tolerant of Chu Liuchen’s indifferent att.i.tude, but they couldn’t stand that he even saw them as jokes. They were princes but not clowns, so how could he be so contemptuous of them?

However, he was Chu Liuchen, so they had no choice but to swallow their anger.

As was expected, after hearing Chu Liuchen’s words, the Emperor nodded and no longer paid attention to him. He didn’t even blame Chu Liuchen for his frivolous att.i.tude in his words.

“Take a look at this!” the Emperor pointed at the memorial on the ground and said to Chu Liuyue angrily.

Chu Liuyue hastened to pick up the memorial and read it quickly. When he finished, he showed an angry and sad face. He looked up at Chu Liuzhou with deep sadness in his eyes and asked, “Second Brother, why… why do you think it has something to do with me? How… how could I…”

“Don’t you have anything to do with it?” the Emperor asked coldly.

“Father, I know nothing about it! How could I…” Chu Liuyue kowtowed to the Emperor and then raised his head with an extremely sad face.

Di Rufeng was so nervous that his lips trembled. He looked at Chu Liuyue in despair. He didn’t read the memorial, so he didn’t know what was on it. If the Emperor knew their crimes, he didn’t know what would happen to Prince Yue, but he knew that none of his family would get away with it. It had been very generous if only the t.i.tle was removed. They might be all sentenced to death!

“You don’t know?” the Emperor said coldly and pointed at Di Rufeng, “If you have nothing to do with his thing, why did you ask your people to connect with him? Was it because he gave you money to spend?”

“Father, I really don’t know why this person has contact with the supervisor of Duke Yong’s Mansion. Although he is the supervisor of my mansion, he only works in the outer court. He used to be a scholar who failed the exam and didn’t have the money to return home. I met him and appreciated his talent, so I employed him to be the supervisor of the outer court.”

It was Supervisor Ji’s matter that Chu Liuzhou’s memorial was about. It claimed that some people witnessed that he, as a servant of Chu Liuyue, was sent to form gangs everywhere for the sake of spying on the masters of different mansions.

Supervisor Ji had a good relationship with not only Duke Yong but also a supervisor of Chu Liuzhou’s Mansion. Of course, apart from the two mansions, he also had contact with Marquis Xing’s Mansion! There was no denying that Supervisor Ji had a wide range of connections.

“Father, I didn’t know about this in the beginning. But after Duke Yong’s Mansion’s event got about, my supervisor told me that the supervisor of Eldest Brother’s mansion used to give him some money to show kindness. But he didn’t say what he wanted! I felt it strange, so I sent someone to investigate him. I didn’t expect to find out that Supervisor Ji also used to bribe Duke Yong with a large amount of money, and he did so more than once!” Chu Liuzhou said with anger.

Chu Liuzhou looked very angry. Anyone would show such a face when he was told that he had been set up by a brother in whom he had always believed. However, there had never been such a thing as mutual trust between Chu Liuzhou and Chu Liuyue. Even though they looked like brothers on the surface, they were eager to kill each other in secret. Therefore, the so-called betrayal didn’t exist at all.

“Father, I really didn’t know about it!” Chu Liuyue defended himself with the grievance.

“Father, I don’t think a small supervisor can have so much money. Besides, he has given more than one sum of money!” Chu Liuzhou was furious. “Eldest Brother, if you want to know about me, you can just ask me directly. Why do you bother paying others to keep an eye on my mansion? No wonder you always knew what happened in my mansion before anyone else did!”

Medical Princess Chapter 915: Help! The Master Behind the Scene

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Chapter 915: Help! The Master Behind the Scene

“The Emperor is your uncle…” Shao Wanru said.

It was quite surprising that he intended to pa.s.s down the throne to his nephew rather than his son.

“The Emperor took over the throne from his elder brother! Of course, I can take over it from my uncle!” Chu Liuchen said. He held Shao Wanru’s hand and touched it gently, but his eyes were cold and unfathomable. He seemed to be thinking of something dark in his heart.

Shao Wanru’s heartbeat was calm. She listened to him quietly. It was not surprising for her that Chu Liuchen said such bold and defiant words.

He was like this in her previous life.

She didn’t know why he was so cruel and looked so in despair in her previous life, but she felt distressed about that.

“He lived a very hard life in his previous life, didn’t he?”

Even though he had finally reached a higher status, he was not happy!

“Do you like it, Your Highness?” Shao Wanru suppressed the bitterness in her heart and asked softly.

“If I don’t take this step, I will end up in h.e.l.l. But with Zhuozhuo’s company, I like it very much!” Chu Liuchen said with a smile, “At least I won’t be lonely! I am very happy to have your company, Zhuozhuo!”

His voice was so gentle, quiet and steady that it made people calm and peaceful. It sounded like nothing could stop him.

Her restless heart somehow calmed down a little. For a moment, some memories. .h.i.t her heart and she felt sour and astringent. “How did Chu Liuchen live his last life, in which b.l.o.o.d.y corpses of women were everywhere in the Palace… and his desperate and languished eyes…”

“I will be there for you!” Shao Wanru said in a low voice with slightly wet eyes.

It sounded like both a soliloquy to and a promise to Chu Liuchen. It was just a light sentence that disappeared in an instant, but it left an eternal mark in Chu Liuchen’s heart.

Chu Liuchen looked at the beautiful girl in front of him and smiled with his gentle eyes full of happiness.

With her, he would not be lonely anymore. With her, it was more obligatory for him to stand higher. If he couldn’t protect her, what does it matter if he was good to her?

“I should have had everything! No one can take it away from me! No one is allowed to covet my treasure!”

It was quiet at night in Prince Chen’s Mansion. A beautiful couple lying side by side could be seen through the window, covered by gentle warm light. A layer of faint yellow halo dyed their delicate and beautiful eyebrows and eyes, making them extremely pretty!

Here was Chu Liuyue’s study in Prince Yue’s Mansion.

“Explain!” Chu Liuyue stared at the middle-aged man in front of him with a livid face. Di Rufeng, Duke Yong, was sweating profusely and dared not raise his head.

“Your Highness, it is an incident!” Di Rufeng stammered.

He was often a sedate middle-aged man, but his face turned pale when he was scolded at this time.

He was just a duke of the declined kind. He was mediocre, and his son was even less promising. Almost no one thought highly of Duke Yong’s Mansion or took him seriously, but he had depended on Prince Yue early.

More precisely, Prince Yue’s mother Consort of Virtue was the master Duke Yong depended on for a long time. He secretly worked for Consort of Virtue and helped Prince Yue cultivate beautiful women rather than create a great career.

His job was to make those women look more like obedient girls from humble families instead of charming and coquettish beauties from a brothel. The goal was that even when they worked as servants girls in others’ mansions, people must regard them as girls from ordinary families who met difficulties in their lives.

After all, compared with prost.i.tutes, such girls would be embraced by Madams, some of who would even help them make up and dress up so that they could be given to those Madams’ husbands. They thought that it was easier to manipulate obedient girls. As long as they controlled the girls’ parents, they could order the girls to do anything.

It was easier for a man to feel tender and protective toward a delicate and beautiful woman who had to be forced into a dilemma. Although she was not as dignified and decent as the madams of n.o.ble families, she was elegant like a young lady from a humble family. Like a dewdrop in the morning, she tempted men, especially the officials who had been in the officialdom for a long time.

Sometimes, they hoped to have a pure and good woman with them. They hoped she was just an innocent girl who would bring no intrigue or other conflict of interest. She would stay with them wholeheartedly in need of their love.

Therefore, obedient girls of ordinary families were sometimes even more charming and attractive than those from the brothel!

Duke Yong’s Mansion had arranged several villas in the far suburbs, where they helped Prince Yue’s Mansion raise such women. In case other people found out its connection with Prince Yue’s Mansion from the financing, Duke Yong’s Mansion handled everything by themselves and took all the responsibilities.

For others, Duke Yong’s Mansion was still a declining family which was not valued.

Duke Yong himself did not have much money to support the secret deal, neither did his falling mansion. Therefore, he set his eyes on Madam Di’s dowry shops.

When Madam Di left, Countess Yong was in charge of those shops. So the latter began to make use of the former’s shops to make a profit for her family.

She embezzled money from the shops and invest it into the girl cultivation.

To ensure that the girls were cultivated perfectly, they would naturally spend a lot of money. Although Chu Liuyue would sometimes send some money to them in secret, he didn’t dare to do so too many times. He was afraid to be exposed by others. So Duke Yong handled it by himself most of the time.

Chu Liuyue had always praised Duke Yong in secret. But the deal was dug out by Qin Yuru. How could Chu Liuyue not be angry?

“Your Highness, we have to suppress it first!” Mr. Liu, the advisor of Chu Liuyue, said with frowned eyebrows.

“What should we do now? My father will get the news.” Chu Liuyue was so angry that he walked around the study many times. Recently, everything seemed to go against him. Now bad thing even happened to Duke Yong’s Mansion. “Your daughter-in-law doesn’t know about our secret business at all! Just kill her as soon as possible. Why did you let her make such trouble?”

“Your Highness, she is anyhow my mother’s granddaughter…” Di Rufeng said with a wry smile. He also regretted it now. If he had known things would turn on like this, he would not have been soft-hearted. He should kill her directly at that time.

“As your daughter-in-law, she has never been a decent woman. No wonder your son doesn’t want to go home. What a squandering behavior to take such a daughter-in-law!” Chu Liuyue said coldly and then sat down in the chair behind the desk with a gloomy face. Ignoring Di Rufeng, he turned to Mr. Liu.

“What do you think we should do now, Mr. Liu? If my father investigates it carefully, he will target me!”

Although Prince Yue’s Mansion had no connection with Duke Yong’s Mansion on the surface, and Duke Yong’s Mansion almost ran the business alone, some key clues were likely to be got if the Emperor wanted the truth. Chu Liuyue could not a.s.sure himself that his father would never find out his secret.

“Your Highness, we should prepare for the worst…” Mr. Liu frowned and said slowly. “It is indeed difficult to deal with the matter at the moment.”

“What’s the plan?”

“If those women are found, Duke Yong will insist that it is he who trained them to serve you in Prince Yue’s Mansion. Duke Yong’s Mansion does that because they want to curry favor with you, Your Highness!” Mr. Liu said.

“How, how could you…” Di Rufeng was stunned and said in a hurry.

Chu Liuyue waved his hand with discontent and said, “Shut up and listen to Mr. Liu!”

Mr. Liu looked at Di Rufeng, who was so anxious that his eyes were about to pop out, and then said slowly, “Your Highness, if His Majesty knows that you raise these girls and plan to send them to various mansions to collect information for you, he will not spare you. His Majesty is in the prime of his life. If you let him know your secret plan, you will bring disaster to yourself. What’s more, the Empress and Prince Zhou have been waiting for the chance to defeat you!”

Chu Liuyue fell silent. He knew that Mr. Liu was reminding him. If his father knew his secret actions of plotting against his ministers, he wouldn’t be able to defend himself in front of his father. In addition, if the Empress added fuel to the fire behind the scenes, he would be done.

Since the situation was so urgent, he had no choice but to deal with it at once.

“Okay, we’ll do as you say, Mr. Liu!” Chu Liuyue nodded vigorously. For him, it was like cutting his flesh to carry out such a plan. He felt very distressed, but he had no other choices now. If he couldn’t bear it, he would mess up the big plan.

“Your Highness… but, Your Highness, it is my painstaking efforts for so many years, and some of the women have been sent out…” Di Rufeng said with cold sweats all over. He was unable to take all the responsibilities alone.

At the very beginning, Duke Yong decided to handle everything by himself to show his loyalty to Prince Yue. Now he regretted it. He shouldn’t have taken the responsibilities for the sake of taking credits for Prince Yue in the future. When they ran into difficulties now, Prince Yue was reluctant to share the responsibilities.

“We should cut off the connection with the people who have been sent out. They will be girls from ordinary families and have nothing to do with you!” Mr. Liu suggested.

Chu Liuyue nodded repeatedly to agree on the suggestion. At this time, he must hide his relationship with them and warn them to stop collecting information.

In fact, some women had already infiltrated the ministers’ mansions and become their concubines.

“But, Your Highness, if His Majesty figures out that it has something to do with my mansion, he won’t spare me!” Di Rufeng pleaded.

Duke Yong’s Mansion was just a mansion on the wane, and it could not bear the anger of the Emperor.

“However, there are other possible methods. If Duke Yong can make do as I say, you may be able to get away from it!” Mr. Liu stood aside and said slowly.

His words made Di Rufeng widen his eyes. In a hopeless dilemma, he took it as his last hope…

Medical Princess Chapter 918: Duke Yong Was Driven into a Dead End

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Chapter 918: Duke Yong Was Driven into a Dead End

“Father, I’m wronged! I didn’t bribe anyone! I don’t know where Supervisor Ji got the money. If you don’t believe me, you can summon Supervisor Ji here, and I will confront him!” Chu Liuyue cried out his grievances in a tough voice.

The Emperor looked at his two sons with suspicion. One had the evidence—the supervisor of Prince Zhou’s Mansion—to charge the other. But the witness was Prince Zhou’s servant, which made him less convincible.

But Chu Liuzhou had physical evidence to prove that Duke Yong’s Mansion made deals with Supervisor Ji twice with banknotes. Although the interval was long, the supervisor of the money house paid special attention to them because of the large sum of money.

According to the supervisor of the money house, Supervisor Ji of Prince Yue’s Mansion deposited the money, and someone from Duke Yong’s Mansion withdrew it.

Normally, the person who received such a large amount of money should have been invisible, but the accountant working in the money house was an astute man with a photographic memory. He specially paid more attention to the payer and payee at that time. When he saw the two people the next time, he realized that they were from different aristocratic families, one from Prince Yue’s Mansion and the other Duke Yong’s Mansion. The bank accountant was confused because he had been told that the two mansions had no connection.

All the information was collected by Chu Liuzhou. There were witnesses and physical evidence in his statement, so it was hard not to believe it.

“Why did you give money to Duke Yong’s Mansion?” the Emperor snapped. How could he be unaware of the intrigue between his sons?

“Father, I swear I am wronged. I don’t know anything!” How could Chu Liuyue admit it? At this time, he gritted his teeth and held on to himself.

Though Chu Liuyue was surprised that Chu Liuzhou could dig Supervisor Ji out, he was not afraid of it. After all, Supervisor Ji would lose his life before he showed up to testify against him if there was even the slightest incident.

“Bring him here!” the Emperor ordered the guard.

The guard took the order and left, but he came back soon with a message. When he went to find Supervisor Ji, the latter had hung himself in his room.

“Father, I’m really innocent. If Second Brother hadn’t mentioned him, I wouldn’t even have remembered such a person. How could I have given him such a large sum of money and ordered him to bribe other officials with it? Father, please trust me!” Chu Liuyue said.

In his words, he not only just defended himself but also implied that Chu Liuzhou framed him up. Chu Liuzhou couldn’t know what he didn’t know, unless the former told a lie.

Chu Liuzhou was furious and said, “Father, obviously Eldest Brother is the person behind the scenes. The evidence is conclusive! Please make a clear judgment!”

“Supervisor Ji is involved in the trouble, but now he is dead! Second Brother, why do you insist that I am the mastermind? What did I do to offend you?” Chu Liuyue looked sad and distressed.

“How dare you argue now?”

“I am not distorting the fact, Second Brother. You have two witnesses, one a servant of your mansion and the other of my mansion. But the one from my mansion is dead now. A dead man can’t say anything, so you can say whatever you want! I believe that Father will find out the truth to prove my innocence!”

“What a good plan, Eldest Brother! You killed Supervisor Ji so that there is no witness to testify against you, didn’t you?”

“Second Brother, I am really wronged. Is it appropriate for you to say that?”

The two of them started a verbal fight in the Imperial Study. Chu Liuzhou insisted that Chu Liuyue conspired against the Emperor by secretly bribing some officials with a financial relationship. While Chu Liuyue kept declaring his innocence and hinted that Chu Liuzhou was the one behind the scenes who had ulterior motives.

The Emperor was angrier and angrier when hearing their quarrel. He smashed the writing brushes on the desk to the two people.

The writing brushes were not heavy, but the black ink on them splashed on their faces, marking their handsome faces with several black lines.

But neither of them dared to wipe them away with hands. They fell to their knees and didn’t dare to make a move.

“Duke Yong, tell me where you got the money. Why did the payer give you money? Since he gave you money, he must need your help.” The Emperor ignored his two sons and looked at Duke Yong.

The Emperor couldn’t tell who was right or wrong for a moment, Chu Liuzhou or Chu Liuyue. But it was sure that Di Rufeng was involved in it. The Emperor slammed his hand on the desk and questioned, “Has Duke Yong’s Mansion been at such a loss of money? You not only stole money from your sister and daughter-in-law, but also took money from the prince’s mansion! What do you want to do?”

Di Rufeng had never thought that he would be linked to it again.

It was too surprising for him, as it was not what he had discussed with Chu Liuyue in Prince Yue’s Mansion yesterday. He was indeed the one who had contact with Supervisor Ji, and the money he received was indeed given by Prince Yue in private. It was also a large amount of money.

Di Rufeng stole a glance at Chu Liuyue, only to see that he ignored him with his head lowered. Di Rufeng became anxious and annoyed.

“Di Rufeng, can’t you talk without looking at Prince Yue?” The Emperor’s voice became colder.

“Duke Yong, if you have something to say, you can tell Father. Just tell him the truth! I am not afraid of Father’s investigation because I am innocent!” Chu Liuyue said aloud.

Di Rufeng was forced into a dead end. He, with his forehead full of drops of sweats, slowly closed his eyes and then opened them, clenched his teeth, and said, “Your Majesty, Supervisor Ji of Prince Yue’s Mansion did give me some money!”

“What did he ask you to do?” the Emperor asked with a calm face.

“He didn’t ask me to do anything for him. He just said that Prince Yue appreciated me. He heard that my mansion was in a financial strait, so he gave me some money. At that time, my mansion did have some money problems. And… and Prince Yue didn’t ask for anything else, so I just accepted the money!” Di Rufeng said with a bitter face.

“Did Prince Yue tell you in person?” the Emperor asked again.

“How could I meet Prince Yue in the flesh? It was… it was Supervisor Ji who said so and gave me the money. He also mentioned that he was the supervisor of Prince Yue’s Mansion. I watched him enter Prince Yue’s Mansion. Later, I asked the people in Prince Yue’s Mansion, and they all said that he was indeed the supervisor of Prince Yue’s Mansion!” Di Rufeng said with his head lowered.

Since Supervisor Ji was confirmed to be implicated, he had to say so. Otherwise, he couldn’t keep his own life. At this time, he had to declare his innocence to get rid of the danger.

“When you knew nothing but that he was the supervisor of Prince Yue’s Mansion, how dare you accept the money he gave?” The Emperor sneered.

“Your… Your Majesty, I had no choice! Since I wasn’t asked to do anything, I just took it as Prince Yue’s pity for me! I have a disappointing son, who squandered money on drink and women and owed a lot of debts… When Supervisor Ji sent me the money, I was just in short of it. Otherwise, there would be a scandal in my mansion!” Di Rufeng covered his face and burst into tears.

“I only have one sister, and I have always doted on her! If I had not been in such a difficult situation, I would not have swallowed her dowries. How useless I am!” Di Rufeng became more and more excited. He pounded his chest hard with a regretful face.

The Emperor had known early that Duke Yong’s son was a black sheep that shamed his family lots of times. “The heir of Duke Yong is not a promising man. He is just a useless playboy addicted to sensual pleasures!”

But it was hard for him to determine whether Chu Liuyue or Chu Liuzhou was telling the truth. He just looked at Di Rufeng, who was crying silently, with unpredictable eyes.

“Father, I swear I didn’t give any money to Duke Yong! My mansion is not wealthy, and I am not rich enough to give others such an amount of money, though Mother gave me some allowances sometimes. If you don’t believe me, Father, you can check the accounts in my mansion and see how much money I have!”

Chu Liuyue cried out his grievances again. Actually, the money he offered was not relevant to the business of Prince Yue’s Mansion. Chu Liuyue earned it somewhere else.

Since he mentioned his mother Consort of Virtue, people naturally thought of the Empress.

Consort of Virtue, as one of the four consorts of the first rank, was the second most powerful woman in the harem. However, the Empress was on the top, always oppressing her. Therefore, when it came to supporting their sons, she certainly could not do it better and easier than the Empress.

According to this, the person behind Supervisor Ji was more likely to be Chu Liuzhou! After all, Chu Liuzhou had the Empress behind him, so he must be richer than Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuzhou was infuriated. He said with his eyes wide open, “Chu Liuyue, don’t falsely accuse me of doing what you committed!” His hatred for Chu Liuyue, for new and old wrongs, welled up in his heart with the memories flashing in his mind that they had battled against each other in public or secret and they had a physical fight in Marquis Xing’s Mansion.

After that fight, they felt something wrong, but they had given vent to their anger and hatred. At least, they had punched each other on the bodies.

“Second Brother, we are in the Imperial Study. You can’t be presumptuous!” Compared with Chu Liuzhou, Chu Liuyue was much calmer. He even had the mood to remind Chu Liuzhou.

Suppressing his anger, Chu Liuzhou said to the Emperor, “Father, Chu Liuyue is ambitious. Obviously, he hooks up with some officials in secret. But he just came up with such excuses to deny his crime. Supervisor Ji worked for him and even has inquired about my information, so he must be Chu Liuyue’s henchman!”

“Father, I think someone wants to frame me up in this matter. Please uphold justice for me!” Chu Liuyue also said to the Emperor.

His two sons started another quarrel, and neither of them gave his way to the other. The Emperor became furious and the blue veins on his forehead stood out. “Someone comes and takes them out of the hall! You two knee outside and reflect yourselves! You can’t come back until you think it clearly!”

A eunuch showed up and caught them, so they had to stand up and leave together after casting a fierce glance at each other. When they walked out of the door, they knelt side by side outside the Imperial Study.

“Duke Yong, if you don’t tell the truth, I don’t know what will happen to my Eldest Brother and Second Brother, but I am quite sure what will happen to you!” Chu Liuchen looked at Di Rufeng with gentle eyes and said with an elegant smile…