Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2469 – No match for the Demon Lord

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Chapter 2469: No match for the Demon Lord

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“Phoenix Star? The Phoenix Sovereign?”

His blood-red eyes stared at Feng Jiu with a ghost of a smile. “If you are the Phoenix Star, then I am the Emperor Star! Sooner or later the world will belong to me, and so will you!”

He swooped forward to attack, but not with the intention of killing, as if he wanted to capture Feng Jiu alive. However, because he lacked the murderous intent, there were no injuries as he and Feng Jiu traded blows. Injuring him, on the other hand, was extremely difficult.

The two fought back and forth. After a long battle, Feng Jiu was increasingly at a disadvantage due to the disparity in strength. When Sage Hun Yuan saw Feng Jiu was losing, he sprang out of nowhere and launched a surprise attack from behind.

When the Demon Lord sensed the murderous attack coming from behind him, he instinctively backed away and swung his fist. When he realized it was an old man, his blood-red eyes narrowed and his tone became gloomy and dismissive. “An upright Immortal Sect launches a sneak attack?”

“Hehe, what’s wrong with the sneak attack? To deal with a demon like you, I’ll take whatever opportunity I get to kill you so that the great harm to the world will be eliminated!” Sage Hun Yuan sneered and turned his palms in the air. A Tai Chi Yin Yang diagram appeared. He yelled, “Feng Girl, let’s join hands! It’s rare that this old monster came out. Even if we can’t kill him today, we can abolish his hand!”

A gleam burst in Feng Jiu’s eyes. Without saying anything, she immediately attacked and brandished her swords. No one saw or noticed when she later flicked her sleeve, scattering white powder in mid-air…

Feng Ye, who was watching the combat from behind Bai Xiao, scrunched his small face with worry when he saw the situation at the sect gate and Feng Jiu’s fight with the Demon Lord.

“That Demon Lord is so strong, how can my niece beat him? What if she gets


The little guy looked worried. He couldn’t tell the difference in cultivation strength between the two, but he heard Bai Xiao say that his niece was already an Immortal Emperor. After all, an Immortal Emperor was already a very powerful force in his eyes, but Bai Xiao added that the Demon Lord was even more formidable, a level above the Immortal Emperor. When he heard this, he was dismayed.

The Demon Lord’s eyes were blood-red, and his entire body was filled with devilry cultivation and strong killing intent. Even from afar, he could sense the unbearable devilry energy, whereas his niece was fighting such a devilry cultivator hand to hand. He couldn’t help worrying about what to do if she lost.

Bai Xiao was concerned as well, but he consoled Feng Ye to a.s.suage his fears. “Don’t worry, Feng Jiu has a very powerful ancient sacred beast. She can kill those who are much stronger than her. Even if she loses to the Demon Lord, the Demon Lord will gain nothing from it.” “So she’ll lose in the end?” As he witnessed the three men fighting in mid-air, Feng Ye’s little face collapsed. The old man in the back appeared to be quite powerful, but after the two people worked together, they were still unable to gain the upper hand. He couldn’t help but feel concerned about the end result


Bai Xiao opened his mouth but couldn’t think of anything to say. He certainly didn’t want Feng Ju to lose and fall into the Demon Lord’s hands, but it was hard to tell from the situation at hand.

He was well aware that just a few people in the vicinity were capable of combating the Demon Lord, but not everyone was like Sage Hun Yuan, who would risk his own life to help.

He couldn’t help but think that if only Xuanyuan Mo Ze were here, everything would be alright.

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2478 – A grand entrance

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Chapter 2478: A grand entrance

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Feng Jiu was shaken when she heard the voice coming from the horizon. Her heart was pounding and her eyes were filled with surprise and wonder as she turned around.

A smile appeared on the corner of her lips as she spotted the familiar figure in black approaching from afar and her gaze was drawn strongly to the approaching figure.

Even if the person had a large beard and the appearance of a slovenly uncle, his sight made her forget about the pain from her wounds and prompted her to smile cheerfully.

She could tell by his appearance that he had come all the way home without stopping to rest.

There was a warm current coursing from her heart through her entire body, making her forget the pain caused by the wounds and making her happy as she remembered the person who had always cared about her even when he was far away and rushed to be with her without stopping in the journey.

It’s just a question of whether it was possible. After all, a hundred years ago, the Demon Lord was an Immortal Emperor. His strength was even more unfathomable a hundred years later. Xuanyuan Mo Ze was just approximately thirty years old as compared to the old devil, who was hundreds of years old.

Was he capable of fighting the Demon Lord since he was still so young?

When Bai Xiao noticed the man’s appearance from afar, from the mountain peak, he grinned widely. “It’s the h.e.l.l’s Lord. He’s back! That’s great!”

Feng Ye, who had been watching nervously, looked at the bearded man in black robes in the air with a frown on his small face. “Is that the man my niece likes? Why is he so old?”

“Not old, he just hasn’t shaved.” Bai Xiao grinned and looked ahead. His anxiety had dissipated. h.e.l.l’s Lord was a powerful figure in his heart. Feng Jiu should be fine now that he’s here.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze appeared at Feng Jiu’s side a few moments later… His deep dark pupils were layered with ice as he gazed at the azure robe splattered with blood

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2472 – Shame

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Chapter 2472: Shame

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Apart from Ning Lang, who was originally a disciple of the Nebula Immortal

Sect, the other three were summoned back to their sects but raced here after

discovering that the Demon Lord had targeted this sect. However, as soon as

they arrived, they noticed Feng Jiu’s bones had been broken by the Demon


Who was Feng Jiu? ‘They hadn’t seen anyone break her bones in as long as

they’d known her, but the Demon Lord of the Demon Clan had reached out and

snapped her bones off right away! How despicable!



Feng Jiu saw the cultivators under her command rus.h.i.+ng up to attack the

Demon Lord. They were unable to approach him and were killed instead. Feng

Jiu couldn’t help but yell, “Withdraw from here!”

No one listened to her, however, because they knew that if they withdrew, the

Demon Lord would lash out again at their master, so they might as well protect

her now, even if the eventual result was death.

Feng Jiu’s hand drooped powerlessly. The azure cloth on her shoulders was

dripping with blood, which seemed to seep from her fractured bones. She could

only stare blankly as she was held and protected by several people around her.

However, when she witnessed cultivators being slain one by one for defending

her, her eyes gradually became bloodshot. She kept staring at the scene in

front of her, as the Demon Lord killed the cultivators with a wave of his hand.

Cultivators who were unable to approach him were slaughtered.

“Let me go.

Her voice was calm and faint, like water with no ripPples or waves.

Others, including Sage Hun Yuan, were taken aback. She let go of their grip and

dashed in mid-air while they were still reeling from the shock.

“Feng Jiu..”

Song Ming intended to stop her, but he was taken aback by her expression. He

stopped reaching for her hand and just stood there watching her walk away.

Even when Ning Lang and others tried to stop her, he blocked them with his


“What are you doing? Block Feng Jiu instead of us. She will die if you keep

stopping us!” Ning Lang said anxiously and was about to take a step forward.

However, Song Ming extended his hand again.

“Don’t you know what kind of person Feng Jiu is? How could she stand by and

let her subordinates be bullied and killed? She would keep trying even if she

knew that it was impossible.”

When the three of them heard this, they all turned to look at Feng Jiu. Their

lips moved, but they eventually said nothing and just stared at her.

They’d been by her side for a year. They were familiar with her character and

knew that if she made a decision, she would stick to it even if they tried to stop


“Step back!”

Feng Jiu’s chilly voice reverberated around with the pressure of an ancient

sacred beast. The cultivators could only glance at her as soon as her words

were spoken.

Even though they were covered in blood from their wounds, their battle intent

remained unwavering. On the contrary, their blood and anger were ignited,

giving people the sense of a savage and ferocious breath.

When no one dared to speak up, these bloodthirsty and ferocious cultivators

stepped forward. The Nebula Immortal Sect’s Peak Masters and above felt their

faces scorched with shame as they witnessed this scene.

Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu came to their aid, but when she was defeated, no one

from their sect dared to intervene.

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2467 – : Coming From All Directions

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Chapter 2467: Coming From All Directions

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Even though she intended to test him with the sword, she didn’t expect him to solve it so easily. The Demon Lord didn’t even make a move to avoid the sword. As soon as he raised his hand, Blue Edge was s.n.a.t.c.hed from her hand. She had to say that the Demon Lord’s strength was greater than she had imagined.

“I heard that Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu possesses remarkable alchemy and medical skills, dressed in an enchanting red robe with an outstanding bearing, magnificent and uncommon. It’s a pity that I can’t witness all that and only see you in a simple and unremarkable azure robe.”

He paused and his gaze lingered on her lovely face. A gleam flashed in his eyes. “Nevertheless, your appearance surprised me. I haven’t seen a woman as dazzlingly beautiful as you in a long time, especially one who dared to look me in the eye.”

Feng Jiu’s lips curved up as she heard his compliment. She moved her gaze away from him and toward the cultivators who flew down from the clouds on their flying swords. Her speech reached the ears of those around her in a clear voice carrying spirit energy breath.

“Any devilry cultivators who attempt to intrude into the Nebula Immortal Sect will be killed without mercy!”

Like ripples of water, the voice containing spirit energy spread out in the air. The cultivators descending from the clouds on their flying swords immediately responded, “Yes!”

Their voices were sonorous and powerful, filled with the pressure of each cultivator’s strength. The voices that mingled and resonated in the air were as powerful as the mountains and rivers. Both the devilry cultivators and the Nebula Immortal Sect’s people were taken aback when they heard it.

When they looked back and saw the throng of cultivators coming from mid-air, the devilry cultivators were terrified and exclaimed, “How can there be so many cultivators? What’s more, their strength…”

They said nothing more because before they finished speaking, the devilry cultivators had already attacked them. For a moment, a mighty killing intent pervaded the air and meld with the devilry cultivators’ killing intent to form a fierce blade intent that slashed at the crowd.



“d.a.m.n it! These people’s strengths are too…”


The screams and wails came in varying pitches. The devilry cultivators who had rushed forward with great momentum were like ants scattered by the flood. They ran around in disarray, utterly defeated.

The situation was abruptly reversed due to the powerful cultivators’ unexpected appearance. The devilry cultivators neglected to attack the Immortal Sect. They were preoccupied with defending themselves and avoiding death.

Disciples of the sect couldn’t help rejoicing and immediately joined the battle. In the chaotic battle, some of the devilry cultivators who had rushed into the gate of the Immortal Sect were killed while some retreated and fled from the sect’s gate.

Just then, an eerie flute sounded, followed by the violent vibration of the ground and the roar of beasts.

“Aaah! d.a.m.n it!”

‘How can there be so many beasts?

“Help! Aaah…”

Those ferocious beasts who suddenly turned up only besieged the devilry cultivators and paid no attention to cultivators who had no devilry energy in their bodies. The Nebula Immortal Sect had already gained the upper hand due to the cultivators’ arrival. With these ferocious beasts joining in, the situation stabilized quickly.

After driving all of the devilry cultivators out of the sect’s gate, the sect’s elders hurriedly arranged a formation array to guard the entrance gate….

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2479 – Distress and anger

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Chapter 2479: Distress and anger

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The person he adored and cherished had been hurt so terribly!

Her blood-dyed azure robe was a horrifying sight!

She was covered in wounds, each one stinging his eyes and tearing his body apart. He was distressed to see her wan and exhausted face light up with a happy smile when she saw him.

Did this foolish woman know how to look after herself? Why would she risk her life to save other people’s lives?

Didn’t she realize that she was more precious to him than the whole world? Didn’t she realize that she was the most valuable treasure in the world, deserving of his protection?

He desperately wanted to hug her in his arms, but after seeing the horrific wounds on her body, he couldn’t because he was frightened of pressing her wound and causing her pain.

He walked up to her, one step at a time. He softly touched her cheek with his palm, but he didn’t dare to touch the cut on her cheek caused by a vital energy blade.

“Does it hurt?”

The low voice radiated his distinctive magnetism, containing his pity, heartache, and guilt.

“It hurts.” Feng Jiu smiled as she gazed at him. “But I don’t feel any pain when I see you coming back,” she added.

His heart was tense as he heard her answer and his deep voice was remorseful and guilty. “It’s entirely my fault. I should have returned sooner.” He should not have left her behind and gone to the land beyond the seas for more than a year.

He would never, ever have let anyone hurt her like this if he had been by her side.

‘When he saw her injury, the tenderness and angst in his deep and dark eyes turned cold and icy. Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes flashed with killing intent as he turned around to face the Demon Lord, who was staring at them with a frown.

“Please step aside and apply a simple bandage to your wounds while I eliminate the devilry cultivator!”

His low voice carried a ferocious breath, and his physique radiated killing intent and rage. Even the Demon Lord, who had been observing him closely from afar, could not help but narrow his eyes once the mighty pressure was released.

Feng Jiu looked at the Demon Lord and told Xuanyuan Mo Ze, “This man is the lord of the Demon Clan. His power is unfathomable.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m going to kill him!” Xuanyuan Mo Ze spoke in a low, domineering tone.

While the two of them were talking, the Demon Lord noticed Feng Jiu’s closeness to the bearded man, and his blood-red eyes burst into flames. His vicious blood-red eyes locked on Xuanyuan Mo Ze, and his voice was filled with killing intent. “How dare you compete with me for a woman? Are you looking


“Hiss, aah!”

The bearded man, who was talking to Feng Jiu not far ahead, suddenly shot forward and came to him at an unusual pace before he could finish his words. Before he knew it, a fist slammed down on his chest, full of rage and power.


The punch landed hard, accompanied by a loud bang, the snap of ruptured bones, and a gasping scream.

The people were stunned for a moment, and all they could see was the Demon Lord being shot down from mid-air to the ground by the bearded man, and his body leaving a large hole in the ground

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2480 – Retreat

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Chapter 2480: Retreat

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The crowd simply felt a mighty pressure come out of the hole, generating a forceful airflow that caused everything within around a hundred metres, no matter people or things, to fly out.

Feng Jiu looked on with a hard-to-conceal shock in her eyes. She had no idea Mo Ze had the ability to punch the Demon Lord down from the air.

After the dust cloud dissipated gradually, the scene in that hole became visible to everyone.

The Demon Lord, who was now laying on his back inside the pit, was struck in the chest by the bearded big man in black. The Demon Lord’s face was pale and blood was gus.h.i.+ng out from his mouth. He was unable to stand and could only grunt and gulp for air.

That enraged black-robed bearded man pounded his fist at the Demon Lord’s chest. His eyes were bloodthirsty and cold, and a strong spirit energy airflow swept up. Without giving the Demon Lord a chance to catch his breath, his fist slammed down once more.

He struck his fist savagely at the Demon Lord’s right chin. The Demon Lord spat blood. Several teeth knocked out by Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s punch were mixed in with the blood.

However, when Xuanyuan Mo Ze was about to pinch the Demon Lord’s throat and kill him, a powerful pressure erupted from his body. Xuanyuan Mo Ze instantly removed his hand and retreated after seeing the sudden change in the breath.

A crimson spark struck the ground where he had just stood as he retreated. At the sight, his deep eyes narrowed. The Xuanyuan Sword emerged in his palm with a burst of light.

The Demon Lord rose to his feet, one hand covering his wounded and aching chest and the other gripping a b.l.o.o.d.y sword. Following a quick glance at Xuanyuan Mo Ze, his figure flashed and swept forward at the speed of light.

The sword intent on the b.l.o.o.d.y sword manifested itself as a pillar of blood. He continued attacking at the same speed after Xuanyuan Mo Ze blocked his attack with the ancient divine Xuanyuan sword.

Two black figures, both equally powerful, fought back and forth in the air. The Strong Exponent’s breath was diffused and the formidable pressure became even stronger

Perhaps the Demon Lord’s internal organs were injured after being punched in the chest by Xuanyuan Mo Ze, so after trading dozens of moves with Xuanyuan Mo Ze, his speed gradually slowed and his attacks became weaker.

The Demon Lord knew he couldn’t kill his opponent because of his severe internal injury and the unyielding strength of the bearded man in front of him. He stabbed his sword fiercely after blocking the Xuanyuan Sword, then withdrew hundreds of meters before finally stopping in midair and staring at

Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu.

“I won’t let it end this way! Wait for me, Feng Jiu! I shall return!” The figure rushed away to the skies as soon as he uttered these words. In time, the sound subsided as the figure faded from view.

The wounded devilry cultivators who remained saw the Demon Lord flee and quickly followed him.

The people below were astounded to see those devilry cultivators receding like a tide….