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Chapter 2471: Crack

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Suddenly, he looked at Feng Jiu with a strange and bloodthirsty smile. “Since

you care so much about them, follow me obediently, or else, instead of killing

you, I will kill them one by one in front of you”

Feng Jiu’s mood turned gloomy when she heard this statement. Anger welled

up in her heart as she observed that the Demon Lord didn’t seem to be joking.

She summoned both her mystical and spirit energy, causing two tremendous

pillars of energy to form around her.

While keeping silent, she pursed her lips, turning her anger into bloodthirsty

killing intent. The figure in azure flashed and swept out in the blink of an eye.

Since her speed became significantly faster than before, her figure was

invisible and only a shadow flitted by was seen.

The Demon Lord felt strange when he saw this. When he was about to take a

careful look, suddenly, he detected fierce and chilling killing intent slas.h.i.+ng at

his neck. Even though he couldn’t see the sword’s attack at the time, he

instinctively avoided it. Despite this, the fierce sword intent pierced his neck

and left a b.l.o.o.d.y gash.

Blood gushed out, dripping from his neck to his black robe. Even though there

was no colour, the b.l.o.o.d.y smell and the wound on his neck made the Demon

Lord narrow his eyes. As the devilry energy in his body turned turbulent, his

killing intent became even stronger than before.

Without dodging, the Demon Lord fixed his evil and chilly blood-red eyes on

the figure in azure who launched another atack on him. Using his finger, he

smeared a small amount of blood from the wound on his neck and then licked

The expression on his face and the way he looked made people s.h.i.+ver.

In a split second, he stepped forward, reached out to grab Feng Jiu’s shoulder

from the shadow and held her body to his side. He spoke into her ears witha

cold voice tinged with bloodthirsty intent. “How dare you hurt me?”

The hand clasping her shoulder used so much force that she thought her

shoulder was going to shatter. The pain reached her bone marrow, causing her

complexion to turn pale and cold sweats to ooze from her brow.


Sure enough, her shoulder bone was broken, preventing her from gripping

Blue Edge. The blade’s hilt shook as it dropped to the earth, cras.h.i.+ng into the

ground with a swish.

“Hiss! Aah!”

Feng Jiu couldn’t help but cry out when the sharp pain struck. It turned out that

the pain from having a bone crack was so excruciating! d.a.m.n it! Her hand was

broken and her shoulder bone was injured. She couldn’t heal herself, even if

she was a doctor.




“Feng Girl”

“Feng Jiu!

A scream of alarm came from all sides, filled with fear. When everyone who

was watching from a distance noticed it, they all rushed forward in panic. The

people under Feng Jiu’s command, as well as her friends, were not listening to

her order not to come forward at this time.

Fire Phoenix gave a shrill cry, swooped down from the high alt.i.tude and struck

the Demon Lord fiercely. All of the cultivators hurried up to provide a.s.sistance.

To protect her, the crowd formed a dense layer of people. One cultivator after

another rushed forward and attacked the Demon Lord with all their might.

Sage Hun Yuan abruptly regained his composure and came swiftly to steady

her. Luo Fei, Duan Ye, and others exclaimed with shock. Despite the efforts of

those around them to stop them, they kept moving forward to her side.

“Feng Jiu, how are you?”

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2477 – His arrival

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Chapter 2477: His arrival

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Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed with cold killing intent. She slightly tuned her Blue Edge Sword, transferring the spirit energy breath from her palm to the blade. Blue light flared from its blade and a ferocious and icy sword intent erupted from the sword’s tip.

The crimson flame scuttled from the blade, merging with the blue sword intent. The figure in azure swept ahead with the inclined sword carrying Feng Jiu’s fire source in her wake. She let out a loud shout and leapt into the air while swinging the sword.

The sword intent on the Blue Edge Sword and the flame emitted a monstrous breath in that blow, and the sword intent soared, das.h.i.+ng towards the Demon Lord quickly and fiercely.

The Demon Lord’s cold eyes narrowed as he noticed the fire source. Without hesitation, he deflected Feng Jiu’s attack. Her a.s.sault, on the other hand, never stopped. She unleashed one attack after another, each one swift and ruthless, each one bearing a fierce and cold bloodthirsty intent.

The Demon Lord was taken aback by the sword’s blade, as well as the killing intent and battle intent that erupted from Feng Jiu’s body. Feng Jiu, who had been wounded, surprisingly still had a powerful combat strength.

Suddenly, a sword intent combined with flames attacked him while he was too late to evade. With his sleeve, he immediately blocked the attack. The airflow, however, snipped off the sleeves, and the sword intent hit him right on the shoulder.

He stared at Feng Jiu with his menacing blood-red eyes narrowed. Like lightning, his figure swept up and landed in front of Feng Jiu. A powerful impact struck her before she could react.


Feng Jiu spat blood from his mouth. She fixed her somewhat shaky form after being knocked back tens of meters and stared at the Demon Lord, who slowed down and approached her step by step.

“Feng Jiu, I will give you one last chance. Follow me obediently and be my woman! Then I’ll be able to let go of the people below as well. This is your last chance!” The blood-red pupils stared at the beautiful woman who was still standing proudly in front of him with the determination to win. After this

fight, he had an impulse to take her for himself.

“She’s my woman. Why does she need someone else to give her a chance?”

A fierce and domineering voice suddenly came from the horizon….

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2468 – I Want You Translator: Misty Cloud

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Chapter 2468: I Want You Translator: Misty Cloud

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When the Demon Lord saw this, he looked up into the clouds in the sky, his blood-red eyes flas.h.i.+ng with anger. He must have noticed the floating land above the clouds.

He had heard of Feng Jiu’s prowess and the mighty cultivators she led, but it had never occurred to him that she had even reclaimed the floating land along with the cultivators who lived there.

After all, those people were not ordinary cultivators. He couldn’t help but gaze at the sect gate, thinking that those people came out of the floating land, unrivalled in their killing intent and battle strength.

Sure enough, his subordinates withdrew, leaving a slew of casualties in their wake. One of those cultivators could be said to be capable of dealing with ten enemies, while the mightiest among them could deal with a hundred. Half of the devilry cultivators under his command were dead in the s.p.a.ce of a few breaths.

He had no regrets and simply stared at Feng Jiu with surprise. “How did you conquer people of that nature, and so many of them?” He was surprised that she had succeeded where others had failed.

After all, he had the idea of reclaiming this floating land at that time, but it didn’t succeed. As a result, this scene was quite a shock to him.

Above all, he had the impulse to capture the woman named Feng Jiu for his own use.

If he possessed and used such a person, let alone the continent, the whole world would be in his pocket!

His eyes lit as this thought crossed his mind and his figure flashed to Feng Jiu’s side in a blink. “Feng Jiu, I want you to be mine!”

Only his people will give their all for him! Only his people would never betray him!

Feng Jiu was taken aback as the words reached her ears, first because the voice resonated in her ears, and then because of his words. She couldn’t understand how the Demon Lord could move so quickly.

Before she could react, her body had already moved and averted the hand coming for her in an instant, as if by instinct. After retreating a few meters away, she looked at the devilry cultivator with a frown. Seeing that the look in his blood-red eyes was not fake, her heart sank. It’s horrible to be targeted by such a powerful and twisted individual.

“That’s just your wishful thinking!” She calmed down and snorted coldly at him. The pressure of her real strength burst out from her body and a powerful airflow materialized. The pressure from her cultivation strength as well as the ancient sacred beast intertwined, so strong that n.o.body dared to approach. With the blow of her Blue Edge sword, a figure in azure swooped out like lightning.

This time, she moved so fast that the Demon Lord couldn’t see her clearly. When he saw the cold glint accompanied by a fierce blade intent swept towards his neck, his eyes narrowed. He stepped back quickly and fought back. “You’re already an Immortal Emperor?”

The Demon Lord stared at Feng Jiu who had released all her spirit energy breath. The pressure on her body was very powerful, but he could tell at a glance that it was the pressure of the Immortal Emperor. An Immortal Emperor Strong Exponent in her twenties? Oh! Feng Jiu was truly a genius!

However, he remembered that the woman was rumoured to be the Phoenix Star who came into this world…

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2475 – Dishevelled

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Chapter 2475: Dishevelled

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He rushed back after completing his duties overseas. As soon as he crossed the continent’s border, he learned that the Demon Lord, who had not left the Demon Clan’ss territory in over a century, had besieged the Nebula Immortal Sect with a large number of devilry cultivators.

Feng Jiu, especially, would appear in this battle.

He didn’t stop when he heard the news, despite being tired from the journey, and rushed to the Nebula Immortal Sect’s boundary as quickly as he could, fearing that Feng Jiu would be defeated by the Demon Lord and injured.

For all he knew, the Demon Lord had already ascended to the rank of Immortal Emperor a hundred years before. After a hundred years, his strength must have increased. Even with Fire Phoenix’s help, Feng Jiu’s current strength was insufficient to defeat the Demon Lord.

He was aware that those people looked up to her as the Phoenix Star. The Phoenix star, according to Old Man Tianji’s prophecy, would become the Sovereign of the World. They believed that if they had her, they would be able to deal with the Demon Clan. But, in his opinion, no matter how strong she was,

she was just a woman in need of protection.

So, regardless of whether that sect was wiped out or this continent was in turmoil, all he cared and was concerned about was her safety.

In order to reach the Nebula Sect’s boundary faster, he put away the flying sword under his fect with a motion of his hand and then lifted the robust spirit energy breath in his body. His figure swept forward, treading high in the sky.

The figure in black morphed into a flash zipping across the sky. He vanished into the horizon in the blink of an eye, heading for the Nebula Immortal Sect

Sage Hun Yuan was struck by the Demon Lord’s hand in mid-air in front of the Nebula Immortal Sect. He flew out, blood spewed from his mouth and then collapsed.

The people below were horrified as they witnessed this. They rushed forward to catch him.


After Sage Hun Yuan was helped up, another mouthful of blood came out of his mouth. His face immediately turned pale and his body s.h.i.+vered as he struggled to stand up.

“Immortal Lord, you’re seriously injured, please don’t go up again!” The two peak masters held him, and their brows furrowed in concern.

Sage Hun Yuan fixed his gaze on the Demon Lord above him, then opened his mouth and began speaking, emphasizing each syllable. “Even if Feng Jiu is an Immortal Emperor, the Demon Lord’s unfathomable cultivation is difficult to resist. Who will help her if I don’t? Let me go! Even if it means risking

my life, I’ll go help her!”

He pushed the two men away, but his feet shook, his body couldn’t stand up straight, and he nearly fell to the ground.

Feng Jiu, who stood in mid-air, could hear and see everything, She wiped away the blood that was oozing from the comers of her mouth. She looked down at Sage Hun Yuan. “Don’t come up here, old man, you’re old already. Even if you do, you will not be able to defeat him.”

She s.h.i.+fted her sight away from the old man and onto the Demon Lord. She was wounded since she fought with all her strength, but the Demon Lord also had numerous injuries on his body. But, after a tense battle, she discovered that she could only harm him, not kill him.

Even if she advanced in the battle and had her broken bone was restored, she still looked disheveled, her whole body stained with blood.

Even if they chose to, the four men Song Ming, Duan Ye, and others, were powerless to help. The disparity between their abilities and those of Feng Jiu and the Demon Lord was too great. When the two were fighting, the pressure released in the sky prevented them from approaching. They had no choice

but to watch anxiously below.

“Ah Jiu, if you can’t fight, run! Don’t fight him!” Ning Lang called from below.

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2473 – She advanced again

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Chapter 2473: She advanced again

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As the cultivators retreated, Fire Phoenix appeared, flapping its wings and spewing flames from its beak. The Demon Lord’s black robe was singed as he was unable to dodge the attack. When his robe started to catch on fire, he decisively used his palm to cut off its corner.

As he watched the flames that Fire Phoenix spewed out transform into airflows, his palm released a black breath that enveloped and extinguished the flames ina flash.



The flames flew through the air. Fire Phoenix scurried away from the attack, but the Demon Lord’s palm had already reached its side, grabbing a clump of its feathers.


Fire Phoenix let out a hiss. When it saw the Demon Lord toss the clump of feathers into the wind, it was stunned for a moment before becoming even more enraged.

“How dare you pluck my feathers? Outrageous!”

Fire Phoenix was incensed. Boiling with rage, it rammed into the Demon Lord. From a distance, the crowd could only see a beast and a demon fighting back and forth. Their surging airflows filled the air.

While engaged in combat with Fire Phoenix, the Demon Lord sustained multiple blows to his body, eventually tearing his black robe to show the clothes inside.

Feng Jiu pursed her lips as she watched the battle between the Demon Lord and the Fire Phoenix. Blue Edge flew back into her hand with a command in her mind. One of her hands drooped, while the other grasped the sword, ready to join the fight.

No one stopped her this time. They simply stood there quietly watching, their hearts heavy with worry.

She was only a woman, no matter how strong she was. But now they’ve asked a woman to protect them

They soon realized, however, that something was not quite right. One by one, they returned to their senses and exclaimed, “Look, the mystical energy breath surrounding Feng Jiu seems to be transforming?”

“It’s not just her mystical energy breath, her spirit energy breath is also transforming. Is she going to advance again?” Sage Hun Yuan pulled his beard and exclaimed, staring at Feng Jiu in awe, as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

How long had it been since she attained the level of Immortal Emperor? And now she’s going to advance again?

The clouds billowed in the sky just as his voice faded. Half of the sky was obscured by a dark cloud and a faint rumble of thunder could be heard. When Feng Jiu pointed her sword to the heavens, a bolt of lightning struck the Blue Edge Sword she was wielding.

Along with the sword’s attack, the lightning’s power struck the Demon Lord with ferocity. n.o.body antic.i.p.ated that she would be able to summon the might of heaven and earth to hit the Demon Lord, who then flew away tens of meters away with a bang,



The roar of the two lightning bolts echoed as if they had been sent from the Heavens. The sound was so loud that it made the earth tremble. The two flashes of lightning struck Feng Jiu one after the other, releasing a powerful mystical energy breath. Feng Jiu, who had attacked the Demon Lord earlier,

closed her eyes. She just stood in the air while being tempered by the lightning tribulation.

“Hiss! She’s advanced in the midst of the battle?”

Those sect’s people gasped in astonishment. What shocked them even more was what happened later.

They couldn’t help but sigh when they observed the might that Feng Jiu displayed at that moment. “What a genius. It was because of this that she had been called Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu.

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2476 – Follow me

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Chapter 2476: Follow me

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Ning Lang looked anxious as if he wished to move forward and yank her away. When the mighty Strong Exponent’s pressure was released from both Feng Jiu and the Demon Lord, they couldn’t get close even if they used all of their strengths.

They realized at this point that, while being regarded as rare Strong Exponent both within and beyond their sects, they were as helpless as newborn babies in the face of the Immortal Emperor’s Strong Exponents and those with unfathomable strength like the Demon Lord.

“Ab Jiu! Don’t fight him! Run!”

Ning Lang screamed again, unable to stop worrying because she was still standing in mid-air, as if ready to fight again.

What’s the matter with her? This didn’t appear to be her personal style! She used to flee if she knew she was going to lose a battle, but today she fought the Demon Lord over and over. He was worried that if things continued like this, her body would give out.

Song Ming, Duan Ye, and Luo Fei pursed their lips and remained silent. They merely sat and watched from below. Even though they were frightened and worried, there was nothing else they could do.

“Why don’t all of you try to persuade her? Tell her to get out of here as soon as possible! If things keep on like this, she’ll die!” Ning Lang looked anxiously at the three people standing next to him.

Duan Ye and Luo Fei looked grave but said nothing. Song Ming let out a sigh. “It’s not that we don’t want to urge her to leave; it’s just that we know she won’t.”

“She knows that as soon as she leaves, everyone here would be slaughtered,” he added solemnly as he glanced at the worried Ning Lang.

Song Ming turned his gaze to the black-robed Demon Lord, saying, “The Demon Lord’s strength is unmeasurable. Even Feng Jiu, who had the strength of an Immortal Emperor, struggled to withstand his attacks. Tell me, if Feng Jiu manages to get away, won’t he take out his rage on these people? Even if

the entire Nebula Immortal Sect is dispatched, they will not be able to withstand the Demon Lord’s wrath.”

Ning Lang was taken aback by his answer and was unable to respond for some time. It’s no surprise that in the past she would flee when she realized what was about to happen, but today she clung to her position and refused to leave, even if her body was stained with blood. It turned out that she was well

aware that after she was gone, everyone in the area would be murdered. Perhaps not only the people here, but many more, would perish because of the Demon Lord…

“What then? Are we just going to stand here helplessly watching? She has no chance against the Demon Lord!” Ning Lang was worried, his heart was pounding, and he had no idea what to do.

“Tm at a loss on what to do as well. Who else on this continent possesses the ability to fight the Demon Lord?” Song Ming mumbled that he, too, had no idea.

This Demon Lord was no ordinary Strong Exponent, after all. He was the Demon Clan’s supreme ruler. A hundred years ago, all the cultivators regarded him as a Strong Exponent of the continent. Who could stand up to him in a fight?


The Demon Lord raised his head to the sky, laughing heartily. The laughter created a great pressure that tumed into a circle of sound waves that spread across the air. The people below were shaken by the pressure brought by his laughter and the Strong Exponent’s breath, causing their blood to churn and

their ears to throb with pain. Their qi and blood seemed to be about to burst out of their bodies.

Wailing could be heard constantly below, with occasional cries of anguish and screams. They retreated one by one, covering their ears. The weaker ones had blood poured out of their seven holes, causing them to fall to the ground and perish

The Demon Lord’s laughter came to a halt when he stared at Feng Jiu’s frigid face. He locked his gaze on her and said, word for word.. “Follow me, I can let the people here go!”

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2470 – Have No Chance Of Winning

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Chapter 2470: Have No Chance Of Winning

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Those cultivators helped the Nebula Immortal Sect turn defeat into

victory. The situation on their end was now stable and under control.

Meanwhile, Feng Jiu and Sage Hun Yuan still couldn’t gain the upper hand even

after joining hands, especially since the Demon Lord appeared to be playing

with them. He obviously had the ability to kill them but did not do so, leaving

those watching to wonder what the Demon Lord’s true intention was.

As soon as Cang Qing saw that Feng Jiu and Sage Hun Yuan couldn’t beat the

Demon Lord, he flew over and tried to help. However, before he got close, the

Demon Lord who had been staring at Feng Jiu with a squint whirled around and

directed his palms towards Cang Qjng. A black airflow quickly turned into a

wolf head-shaped smoke and charged at Cang Qing with a violent and terrible


At the same time, the overwhelming killing intent and mighty pressure came

out from his body and suppressed Cang Qing

“Look out!”

Feng Jiu exclaimed loudly. She was certain that if the Demon Lord’s

earth-shattering killing intent struck Cang Qing, he would surely die!

However, it’s impossible for her to rush from her location to save him. In the

first place, she wouldn’t be able to get there in time with her speed, and

second, even if she did, she wouldn’t be strong enough to take the impact.

So, she immediately called out sharply, “Fire Phoenix!”

At this point, a clear voice containing ancient pressure erupted, accompanied

by the appearance of the ancient sacred beast Fire Phoenix. With its wings

spread out, it emerged from her s.p.a.ce with a cry. It took off in a flash but did

not make a move forward. A gust of wind burst out with the flap of its wings,stopping the Demon Lord’s attack.

At the same time, cang Qng, who was initially shaken by the blow, was swept

tens of metres away by the strong wind and therefore escaped the Demon

Lord’s attack.


Cang Qing let out a m.u.f.fled groan. He felt a sting in his throat and had a b.l.o.o.d.y

taste in his mouth. He pressed his chest and stared up at Fire Phoenix in the

sky after regaining control of his steps. With a solemn look on his face, he

faced the Demon Lord whose whole body was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with killing intent. His

heart was pounding like a surging sea with billowing currents.

It’s very likely that the black wolfs head that the Demon Lord shot would have

killed him if it hadn’t been for the ancient sacred beast Fire Phoenix pus.h.i.+ng

him away.

He was taken aback as he recalled being unable to move under the pressure of

the Demon Lord. No wonder this man was the master of the Demon Clan. His

strength had far surpa.s.sed all the people present.

Even if there were many cultivators protecting the Nebula Immortal Sect, as

long as the Demon Lord had the intent to destroy, cultivators like him would

be powerless to stop him.

Feng Jiu breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Cang Qing had been saved

by Fire Phoenix and had avoided the fatal blow. She spoke in a calm voice while

looking quietly at Cang Qing. “Don’t get close. Everyone else should stay away.

You have no chance against him.”

She was fully aware that the outcome would be the same for everybody. The

cultivators under her command lacked the necessary strength to take on the

Demon Lord. They would only end up dead if they came to her aid.

They’re no more than a handful of inconsequential cultivators. Why are you so

concerned about their life and death?” After hearing Feng Jiur’s order, the

Demon Lord realized how worried she was. He was taken aback and glanced at

her with surprise. A dark glow flashed in his blood-red eyes, yet nothing could

be deduced from his face..

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2474 – Eager to return home

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Chapter 2474: Eager to return home

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Is she now a Mystical Profound Cultivator, a rank higher than Mystical Divine?” Sage Hun Yuan murmured incredulously. He was awestruck as he stared at the dazzling light on Feng Jiu’s body.

She appeared dishevelled. Her azure robe was stained with blood, and from a distance, it looked like blooming plum blossoms. That powerless hand hung low, but after the third bolt of lightning, her entire body seemed to be renewed.

Even the arm that was severed by the Demon Lord appeared to have a light pa.s.sing slowly through it and repairing it at this time.

Feng Jiu moved her broken hand and slightly lowered her head as she watched the light mend it. She seemed to hear a faint crackling sound as her bone marrow was repaired.

“I don’t believe my Blue Edge Sword can’t hurt you at all!”

Feng Jiu’s cold voice erupted with killing intent as soon as she sensed her hand could move. She locked her gaze on the devilry cultivator and threw down the Blue Edge Sword. The sword transformed into dozens of identical swords hovering over her head in an instant.

Her hands turned rapidly. While she continued to chant silently and the swords hovered above her head, a swoosh was heard and a cl.u.s.ter of flames materialized. These swords formed a formation and advanced to attack.

When the Demon Lord waved his hand with a slight frown, attempting to block them with his black breath, he discovered that the Blue Edge Sword and the flames could penetrate his black energy mist. The black mist vanished without a trace as the flames and the Blue Edge Sword pa.s.sed through.

The Demon Lord didn’t expect Feng Jiu to be so troublesome. He had started off leniently, but when he realized the situation was deteriorating, he would no longer show mercy, but would instead use all of his intent to kill every step of the way!

“Because you have decided not to follow me, I will abolish and imprison you!” His icy tone was eerie. His hand morphed into a claw and he lunged at Feng Jiu. He intended to demolish her and leave her with nowhere to flee!

Feng Jiu unexpectedly dodged his attack with lightning speed. They traded dozens of blows in the air until one of his slaps knocked her flying.



With a loud thump, Feng Jiu was shot down. She threw up a mouthful of blood and fell backwards. She lost her balance, but fortunately, Sage Hun Yuan who stood behind gave her a hand.

“Stop fighting!”

Sage Hun Yuan fixed his gaze solemnly on Feng Jiu. “Your body will be unable to bear it if you continue fighting. Furthermore, it is hard to predict the outcome of this combat if you fight another battle here! Don’t worry about the Nebula Immortal Sect now that he’s set his sights on you. Flee quickly!”

He had a.s.sumed that Feng Jiu would be able to deal with the Demon Lord, but he had not antic.i.p.ated that the Demon Lord, who had gained the Immortal Emperor rank a century ago, would have grown so much stronger today.

Feng Jiu felt a suffocating pain in her chest after being struck by the palm. “I’m going to have to keep fighting! He would never give up, even if I stopped!”

The life or death of others had no bearing on this devilry cultivator. Even the death of the devilry cultivators under his command had no effect on him.

Feng Jiu, who was currently fighting with the Demon Lord, had no idea that at some distance from here, a figure in black stood on his flying sword with his hands clasped behind his back, making his way towards her.

His black robe was fluttering in the wind and his handsome and resolute face could not hide his eagerness to return home.. If Feng Jiu saw him, she would recognize this man as Xuanyuan Mo Ze, whom she had not seen in over a year and from whom she had had no news.

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2469 – No match for the Demon Lord

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Chapter 2469: No match for the Demon Lord

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations

Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Phoenix Star? The Phoenix Sovereign?”

His blood-red eyes stared at Feng Jiu with a ghost of a smile. “If you are the Phoenix Star, then I am the Emperor Star! Sooner or later the world will belong to me, and so will you!”

He swooped forward to attack, but not with the intention of killing, as if he wanted to capture Feng Jiu alive. However, because he lacked the murderous intent, there were no injuries as he and Feng Jiu traded blows. Injuring him, on the other hand, was extremely difficult.

The two fought back and forth. After a long battle, Feng Jiu was increasingly at a disadvantage due to the disparity in strength. When Sage Hun Yuan saw Feng Jiu was losing, he sprang out of nowhere and launched a surprise attack from behind.

When the Demon Lord sensed the murderous attack coming from behind him, he instinctively backed away and swung his fist. When he realized it was an old man, his blood-red eyes narrowed and his tone became gloomy and dismissive. “An upright Immortal Sect launches a sneak attack?”

“Hehe, what’s wrong with the sneak attack? To deal with a demon like you, I’ll take whatever opportunity I get to kill you so that the great harm to the world will be eliminated!” Sage Hun Yuan sneered and turned his palms in the air. A Tai Chi Yin Yang diagram appeared. He yelled, “Feng Girl, let’s join hands! It’s rare that this old monster came out. Even if we can’t kill him today, we can abolish his hand!”

A gleam burst in Feng Jiu’s eyes. Without saying anything, she immediately attacked and brandished her swords. No one saw or noticed when she later flicked her sleeve, scattering white powder in mid-air…

Feng Ye, who was watching the combat from behind Bai Xiao, scrunched his small face with worry when he saw the situation at the sect gate and Feng Jiu’s fight with the Demon Lord.

“That Demon Lord is so strong, how can my niece beat him? What if she gets


The little guy looked worried. He couldn’t tell the difference in cultivation strength between the two, but he heard Bai Xiao say that his niece was already an Immortal Emperor. After all, an Immortal Emperor was already a very powerful force in his eyes, but Bai Xiao added that the Demon Lord was even more formidable, a level above the Immortal Emperor. When he heard this, he was dismayed.

The Demon Lord’s eyes were blood-red, and his entire body was filled with devilry cultivation and strong killing intent. Even from afar, he could sense the unbearable devilry energy, whereas his niece was fighting such a devilry cultivator hand to hand. He couldn’t help worrying about what to do if she lost.

Bai Xiao was concerned as well, but he consoled Feng Ye to a.s.suage his fears. “Don’t worry, Feng Jiu has a very powerful ancient sacred beast. She can kill those who are much stronger than her. Even if she loses to the Demon Lord, the Demon Lord will gain nothing from it.” “So she’ll lose in the end?” As he witnessed the three men fighting in mid-air, Feng Ye’s little face collapsed. The old man in the back appeared to be quite powerful, but after the two people worked together, they were still unable to gain the upper hand. He couldn’t help but feel concerned about the end result


Bai Xiao opened his mouth but couldn’t think of anything to say. He certainly didn’t want Feng Ju to lose and fall into the Demon Lord’s hands, but it was hard to tell from the situation at hand.

He was well aware that just a few people in the vicinity were capable of combating the Demon Lord, but not everyone was like Sage Hun Yuan, who would risk his own life to help.

He couldn’t help but think that if only Xuanyuan Mo Ze were here, everything would be alright.

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2478 – A grand entrance

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Chapter 2478: A grand entrance

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Feng Jiu was shaken when she heard the voice coming from the horizon. Her heart was pounding and her eyes were filled with surprise and wonder as she turned around.

A smile appeared on the corner of her lips as she spotted the familiar figure in black approaching from afar and her gaze was drawn strongly to the approaching figure.

Even if the person had a large beard and the appearance of a slovenly uncle, his sight made her forget about the pain from her wounds and prompted her to smile cheerfully.

She could tell by his appearance that he had come all the way home without stopping to rest.

There was a warm current coursing from her heart through her entire body, making her forget the pain caused by the wounds and making her happy as she remembered the person who had always cared about her even when he was far away and rushed to be with her without stopping in the journey.

It’s just a question of whether it was possible. After all, a hundred years ago, the Demon Lord was an Immortal Emperor. His strength was even more unfathomable a hundred years later. Xuanyuan Mo Ze was just approximately thirty years old as compared to the old devil, who was hundreds of years old.

Was he capable of fighting the Demon Lord since he was still so young?

When Bai Xiao noticed the man’s appearance from afar, from the mountain peak, he grinned widely. “It’s the h.e.l.l’s Lord. He’s back! That’s great!”

Feng Ye, who had been watching nervously, looked at the bearded man in black robes in the air with a frown on his small face. “Is that the man my niece likes? Why is he so old?”

“Not old, he just hasn’t shaved.” Bai Xiao grinned and looked ahead. His anxiety had dissipated. h.e.l.l’s Lord was a powerful figure in his heart. Feng Jiu should be fine now that he’s here.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze appeared at Feng Jiu’s side a few moments later… His deep dark pupils were layered with ice as he gazed at the azure robe splattered with blood