Monster Factory Chapter 553

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Chapter 553: Monster Heavy Industry Response (1).

……After tens of minutes, EPA director Lancelot and his secretary rushed into the conference room where there were about 20 heads of different offices and dozens of staff. The electronic map of the Office of Environmental Complaints was projected onto the large projection screen. There has never been a situation like this before.The electronic map of the fifty states is all red, with red dots covering almost everything on the map. There were over 24,000 complaints online, and the number is growing rapidly. Almost all of the comments are linked to a video.[Strong ionization industrial wastewater purifier].The video has yet to be watched by officials, and yet they are in the conference room in a panic. They were thinking just in case, and this video is the sort of shady news that the Virgin of the Environment has been filmed risking her life undercover for many years. So these complaints today are a reminder that will plunge them into a huge crisis.China has been mentioned several times in the posts. Could it be a shocking basket of environmental pollution that a US-based Chinese company stabbed them in the back?Looking at the complaints online that have exceeded 25,000, EPA Director Lancelot was ready to give an explanation to the extremely angry American people. If it was really the ghost of the Chinese company posed in America, it will immediately announce on the official website that the company will be brought to justice, and its director will be removed from office, all to appease the angry people.When everyone was there, Director Lancelot nodded and signaled that they could start viewing the video. A moment later, the lighting in the conference room was dim and the projector was emitting a flirtatious light.”How much harm does industrial pollution bring to man and nature?”The start of the video was a gray and white doc.u.mentary style in which the male narrator emitted a loud sound criticizing photographs of polluted industrial water, and giving shocking statistics.In the dignified and silent conference room, people were surprised by the voice of the male narrator because he spoke in Chinese, but luckily English subt.i.tles are aptly added to the video at the very bottom of the image.Director Lancelot and a group of people are a bit inexplicable. This man was talking about pollution in China, and there was no connection with the United States. Lancelot and the others could only watch patiently.The intro lasted thirty seconds, and when the image on the screen rotated, a huge monster logo similar to a movie appeared. After that, there was another bend, and the image became a medium-scale chemical wastewater treatment plant.The camera slowly pa.s.sed through the treatment plant and the narrator continued the introduction: “This treatment plant has to treat 100,000 tons of industrial wastewater every day. Six months ago, this wastewater treatment plant could only cla.s.sify polluted water into four types of water pollution, organic pollution, inorganic pollution, metal pollution, and color pollution, and then pour it into a water treatment tank separately through sedimentation, oxidation tank, biological filter, and secondary sedimentation processes, and the wastewater is transformed into wastewater that meets national discharge standards.”After watching part of the video, this obsolete equipment, and the wastewater discharge that meets the standards, Lancelot’s secretary couldn’t help but laugh at this wastewater treatment method that was behind the American technology. If these factories can exist in the United States, not only factories, even more, even sewage treatment plants will be fined.This video appeared to introduce sewage treatment equipment produced by Monster Heavy Industry, and Director Lancelot was patient and continued to watch the video.Indeed, after presenting the situation six months in one minute ago, today’s wastewater treatment plant has changed its appearance. There are no longer different treatment tanks, only a large-scale wastewater concentration tank in the middle, and the wastewater produced by different companies was mixed, and even though the screen was in front, Director Lancelot unconsciously covered his nose.Director Lancelot couldn’t help but feel quite an absurdly ridiculous feeling in his heart while watching the screen close-up because the particular shape of the sewage treatment equipment looked a bit like a boat in this sewage basin which has abandoned its cla.s.sification.……The chemical industries as well as the metal, printing, and plastics industries discharge different mixes of untreated wastewater separately, just relying on equipment that looks like ceramic membrane filtration technology has caused countless chefs to scream high-tech. These stupid bosses really didn’t understand science at all.”G.o.d is there, and he cannot save this sewage basin. This device should not be a ceramic membrane, but no matter what it is, it cannot separate the contaminants inside,” someone has come to this conclusion.The male narrator continued to say, “A strong industrial ionization plant for wastewater treatment is activated! Wastewater a.n.a.lysis is at 5%… 12%… 17%… Is it still under test? Haha ~ it is a real increase in knowledge. The tests are complete, the ionization preset when calculating the loading range, the calculation is complete and the directional start will begin.”The next moment, a light purple float in the huge sewage basin appeared.”Ah! Discolored?”In the meeting room, someone curiously shouted: “Is this a computer special effect?” It looks very real.””Wait ~ Look at the sewage.” A staff member in the front row pointed to the sewage under the equipment in surprise. Where it was pointing, there was a purple float that is uncovered in the red, sinking slowly inside the strange equipment, then there appeared a drop of pollutant as bright red as blood, and everyone here understood that it was, in fact, pink sewage, the color that had appeared after being concentrated.A drop of red, earth-like solid pollutant along the pipe above the equipment drains into a dry room next to the facility into the waste collection bin.”Just a drop!” Lancelot, the director of the US Environmental Protection Agency, and all the staff in the conference room, had a sudden heartbeat.Then the drops followed, the second drop, the third drop… in the basin of waste which dries quickly, it looks like someone is pouring fine bright red sand there. This inexplicable technological method of depositing the solid waste extracted from sewage was like fine roots.A needle had fiercely pierced their hearts, letting their blood pressure rise rapidly as well as their breathing.Then the screen went into a quick-release mode, and an electronic clock in the top right corner showed the exact time of the quick release.Two minutes later, they were stunned to find that the sewage pool that had been sentenced to death by them turned from dark brown to pink, and the water quality improved dramatically.Three minutes later, the water quality turned light yellow and it had met discharge standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.Four minutes later, in the sewage basin, clear, transparent water was quietly contained in the basin. In the garbage pool next door, bright red solid pollutants resembling fine sand were piled into a hill.Their perception of the wastewater treatment process was completely shattered. They forgot about the shock, for it was beyond the limits of their comprehension. Is this kind of thing that violates physics and science really stood?”…”Lancelot was very innocent, and looked helplessly at the subordinates around him, and asked with difficulty: “You…, who know, is that true?””Should… should… that’s wrong.””I think it should be true. I think our Great Lakes have finally found a solution to deal with heavy metal residues in siltation.»Ps: (If you liked this novel and you need to read more chapters, please become a patreon and like this you encourage us to work better and more, your satisfaction is our goal.)

Monster Factory Chapter 552

If you are looking for Monster Factory Chapter 552 you are coming to the right place.
Monster Factory is a Webnovel created by The Sheathed Sword, 匣中藏剑.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

Chapter 552: Angry American Internet users.

Among Marine’s superiors were foreign students on a work-study program and among them Chinese who wanted to earn extra money, settle and work in the United States.

This morning, a promotional video filmed by Monster Heavy Industry spilled discreetly between this group, so this video was immediately uploaded from the Google video site, then this group split the video, and after splitting it into several short and long videos, they will use these pieces of videos to share them on different channels in the forums after making changes to them.

This group of senior Marines, after reviewing the video, discussed how to change the content of the message piece by piece in the group.

Admin 01 said: “Before posting it, everyone should first enter two points. The first point is to point out that this equipment has been used in China for six months. The second point is to point out that in China, and this equipment is highly regarded by the government and the US government plans to establish such wastewater treatment centers in all cities within five years. “

“Boss, do they really have this plan?” O7 asked.

“How would I know? Are you stupid? I don’t know, even Americans don’t know, just say it by mouth. Either way, it stirs up the emotions of their people, and creating this kind of equipment in China is already very common. Proud and arrogant Americans will definitely get their hair pulled,” Administrator 01 said then turned to 05: “O5, what is the situation on your side?”

“I just posted it on Facebook, and I also added names of a few professors who focus on protecting the environment. It seems like there is nothing moving,” A foreign student sitting in the library at the University of Chicago, Sitting in a corner, quietly typing in the computer. In his ~ study ~ work ~ programs

This cla.s.smate named Jiang Cheng chose a rather unpopular sideline, however, what we do not know is that he is particularly profitable in his secondary activity in the US Navy because when he typed a hundred clicks he made a dollar, and when his performance is good, he could earn up to eight thousand dollars a month.

“I was on a forum where environmentalists were concentrating, and the result seemed to be good. The comments below started becoming popular. They are discussing and want to go to the official Environmental Protection Agency site to complain,” replied 05.

“I’m counting on ~ I’m counting on ~ I’m counting on ~” A little nervous, Jiang Cheng, who was constantly refreshing the web page, suddenly covered his mouth, hammering his thighs, trying to hold his heart in excitement.

“05, my post was reprinted by these well-known environmentalists, and they were shocked…”

“… My post was just recommended by the t.i.tle of this forum.”

Over ten minutes later, the mood in the group gradually became lively. Almost everyone shows off their accomplishments and shares interesting user posts with screenshots. Then everyone got on fire and carried on the next wave of beats, as the headlines used to grab viewers’ attention were exaggerated one by one, but no matter how over the top the final t.i.tle is or how much the shared video is short. At the end of these articles, the initial link will be attached to the world’s largest video site, the YouTube

How big is YouTube

There are over 100 million users worldwide and almost a third of all internet users worldwide watch videos on this site every day. Of course, China can not go up here, we have Youku iQiyi

YouTube headquarters are located in San Bruno, California, hundreds of employees gather here to take care of the maintenance of the entire video site. Today is no different, a boring day.

Chattaway, a 25-year-old content review editor, felt a little miserable after morning work because he hadn’t found any interesting videos for several days. He couldn’t dig any interesting videos, and he doesn’t want to talk about his work because he only got a few pennies in bonus.

After brewing a cup of coffee, Chataway sat down at the computer, in a boring mood, looking at the intricate data graphs on the screen that looked like stock lines. This is a video from around the world uploaded to its server today. The lines represent the state of each video, and finally, various fluctuation curves are calculated by big data. Chattaway wanted to take a video of the existing potential of these curves. He then clicked on those videos to watch them and judge if there was any recommendation value. Data is calculated based on the number of video clicks, viewing time, and message status from registered users.

On the screen, the lines fluctuated one by one, and whenever there was a large fluctuation, Chataway would click to look at it. He just looked at a few in a row, they were all kind of vulgar blogger eyeb.a.l.l.s and had no value.

Chattaway, who was drinking coffee, kept switching between 100 groups and 100 groups. Suddenly he almost spat out a sip of coffee with a “pouf” on the screen when he saw a red curve on the data card that had just switched, like a rocket, and he stood straight up in place.

Everything else is at the bottom of the curve, but this curve made a direct rocket-like climb, almost every time he refreshed it, it crosses a scale used to measure data scores.

Chattaway has never seen such a situation, at least not in the area he is responsible for. He only heard of Justin Bieber doing this. In the little video above, the data had flown out of the path like a rocket.

The heart rate shot up to one hundred and five in an instant. Chattaway started opening this video while he was ecstatic in his heart. It must be a big star’s video, and he finally seized the opportunity to get a look.

[Strong ionization industrial wastewater purifier]?

“What is that?” Chattaway clicked on the video and extracted the data below. As a result, his eyes almost locked. Registered users who viewed the video amounted to 12,300 and leftover 13,700 comments?

It was not a video of a big star. At first, Justin Bieber’s video snapped hundreds of thousands of clicks in just ten minutes, but the number of user comments was only about one in ten. It turned out to be rated at 1.5 stars.

“The backward country, China, needs to promote this kind of equipment in various cities. Is our Department of Environmental Protection eating s.h.i.t? Our taxpayers’ money must have been spent on travel and vacations for government officials. My G.o.d, we need it in the Great Lakes, which are heavily targeted by heavy metals. I am a resident of the St. Lawrence River. On behalf of the people here, I strongly demand from the government a set of this equipment and also the import to purify our river.”

Watching the entire video, Chattaway was outraged.

“Is our Department of Environmental Protection eating s.h.i.t?” Angry Chattaway used his utmost authority to open a recommendation channel for this video.

If this video was said to have done a rocket view climb before, then when it opened it up as a recommended channel, this video had a s.p.a.ceship climb with a curved motor.

In the United States, countless people suddenly saw this video.


The United States National Environmental Protection Agency is headquartered in Washington, and this powerful department is in charge of controlling anthropogenic pollution in the United States. It has more than 20,000 employees and has 17 environmental research laboratories. More than 700 employees work hard in the headquarters building. Naturally, they don’t have the ability to watch online video entertainment at will.

Today is an ordinary day at the Environmental Complaints Bureau, with dozens of employees working in boredom at their desks. Here they receive environmental complaints about the Internet from all over the United States, and there is a huge electronic map on the wall. Whenever a complaint is submitted by users, a small red dot will appear on the map.

If the little red dots are concentrated, it means there is a serious problem of environmental pollution. When there are more than ten complaints in the area, the employees will formally carry out investigative work. Everything is normal, who would have the right to complain early in the morning?


“Ding Dong ~”

An employee’s computer sent a message reminding someone to make a complaint through the official website’s complaint channel.

A small red dot has lit up on the electronic board on the large screen.

“A farmer from the St. Lawrence River,” The employee choked on his mouth and clicked on the complaint message.

“You guys who only sit at the desk and blow the air conditioning on, please take a look at this video.”

“Huh?” The employee looked at the information inexplicably.

“Dingdong ~”

The computer next to him also rang. This time the complaint area is in Washington.

“Why has this kind of equipment been used in a town in China for six months, but none of your farts?”

“Dingdong ~”

“Idiots, you are all idiots ~”

“Dingdong ~”

“Dingdong ~”

“Dingdong ~” …

Slowly, dozens of Environmental Complaints Bureau employees stood up involuntarily, as if stunned, looking at the red dots on the electronic map.

Like storms, the red dots have spread rapidly through all 50 states of the United States and their numbers are no longer counted.

Accompanied by the harsh sound of ding-dong, people mistakenly thought it was a Resident Evil explosion.

“Quickly ~ download this video and call a specialist to inquire.”

Monster Factory Chapter 554

If you are looking for Monster Factory Chapter 554 you are coming to the right place.
Monster Factory is a Webnovel created by The Sheathed Sword, 匣中藏剑.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

Chapter 554: Monster Heavy Industry Response (2).

“This sort of thing cannot be faked because in the video the company that produces this equipment and the location of the sewage treatment plant that are commissioned are shown. According to the time announced on the video screen, such purification equipment can meet the needs of an ordinary city’s wastewater treatment industry. We do not know how many times this equipment can be reused.”

“But I know that soon this sewage treatment plant is going to be requested by national environmental protection agencies around the world, which is a real headache.”

“But why should Internet users pity and insult us?”

Director Lancelot was upset if the video he saw was true. The science and technology it represents have completely overtaken the technology of the United States in wastewater treatment. He is the director of the National Environmental Protection Agency, managing 20,000 employees across the country and 17 environmental research laboratories, but this will all be a thing of the past because this industrial wastewater treatment equipment is the future, ah if this technology is at hand and if it can be used on a large scale in this world, water pollution will no longer be a problem, and countless polluting companies can see this company as a G.o.d.

“It seems that many environmentalists on the internet who re-posted this video are wondering why backward China has such advanced sewage treatment equipment. And it has been running for six months, which prompted them to launch the second generation of products,” Environmental Complaints Bureau chief Fei Kuai Hui reported.

“They are scolding us for finding a perfect solution and making a plan for the Great Lakes pollution problem and the national industrial pollution plan must not be called into question.”

“Right now, immediately, on behalf of the US Environmental Protection Agency, contact this company.”

Lancelot after being shocked by the electricity got up from the chair and looked at his secretary resolutely: “We certainly cannot keep our eyes open and be indifferent to such advanced technology. Tell this company, I will visit it in person. We can cooperate, and we can invest ma.s.sive amounts of money to help them continue to develop this product.”

“Yes!” The secretary next to him immediately acquiesced.

“In addition, it has been stated on the official website that we can immediately enter into cooperative negotiations with this company, and as such, we will endeavor to allow American cities to use this equipment as soon as possible and in this way, we will be able to calm the anger of Internet users.”

Lancelot stood and turned around, like a frog in hot water: “I’m going to inform the President’s Secretary’s office again, I want to report this matter and let the White House invite again this Chinese in the name of the government.”

Lancelot anxiously arranged the plan, the secretary on the side, and quickly logged into Google with a laptop to search for the company called Monster Heavy Industry, then followed the above email address. To access the official English version of the official doc.u.ment. He simply turned the laptop around, desperately wanting to know their answer, expecting no refusal. Just like no player can refuse Real Madrid’s call, and no basketball kid can resist the temptation of the NBA Dream Team.

Lancelot felt that as a representative of the most powerful organization for the protection of mankind’s environmental resources, this company, which Monster Heavy Industry seems to have heard of from him, also cannot refuse the temptation to be helped from his. go. Him, the director, is going to come in person, how big is the glory of Monster Heavy Industry.

“Wait for ~ Headmaster, what did they say?” The secretary screamed in surprise.

Lancelot could no longer hold the secretary’s frame at this point, picked up the secretary, grabbed the laptop, and read the company’s response.

“The other part responded so quickly, I think they appreciate it a lot.”

“Dear United States Environmental Protection Agency, thank you for your technical and financial support,” Lancelot read this response verbatim: “After careful consideration, we have decided to give the following response. Cooperation can be achieved over the next century. You shouldn’t be coming here this century. Please witness our miracles in protecting the environment.”


“What does this mean?”

“Cooperate in the next century!”

“Doesn’t that mean he has to wait over eighty years?” Headmaster Lancelot instantly understood, the other part laughed at them. In the next century, they will have no more bones. Monster Heavy Industry is so daring.

Director Lancelot put one hand on the computer, and the other hand clenched in a fist and motioned: “Is there any response from the Office of the President’s Secretary, I want to see the President right away?”

“Already… He already answered.” The secretary looked into his eyes. Just like Hiroshima moaning and burning in the fire, this company is so brave, they are dead.

Half an hour later, Director Lancelot rushed to the White House in a special car. He didn’t have an inspection, just a verification of his ident.i.ty, and he met Mr. President in the Oval Office.

Compared to when he was sworn in, Mr. President’s temper was more restrained and there seemed to be more wrinkles on his face.

“Mr. President, there is a vital matter which must be brought to your attention.”

Lancelot tried to calm his agitated mood, he put the computer tablet he had brought with him on the desk which symbolized supreme power and pa.s.sed the video for Mr. President to see it.

“What’s the matter, the secretary told me earlier that your Environmental Protection Agency received over 30,000 environmental complaints online within hours.” The President supported his chin with both hands, not too worried in his tone.

“It has nothing to do with the pollution of the domestic environment. It is a contradiction caused by this video.” Director Lancelot turned up the volume a little and then waited quietly for the President to finish watching the video.


Lancelot noticed a detail. Why Mr. President’s calm expression immediately was choked a bit when he saw the Monster Heavy Industry logo?

The Environmental Protection Agency is only responsible for the national environmental pollution program and is considered a very independent department. Director Lancelot, of course, didn’t know much about it, and Mr. President gave a bit of the later story, and he soon realized that there was a lot of content in it.

Mr. President’s expression became more and more bizarre as the video progressed. Towards the end of the video, Mr. President’s expression was even a little funny and nervous. Before the end of the video, the President was clapping with one hand on the table, his eyes turned to the sunny window. He seems… to deliberately avoid meeting his gaze.

“Mr. Chairman, this is a response from Monster Heavy Industry to our Environmental Protection Agency. They have actually informed me, and the Environmental Protection Agency to wait until the next century to cooperate with them.” Director Lancelot showed the electronic response and wanted to invite the president to take a look.

“Hmm…” Mr. President took a quick glance and then turned around.

“Mr. President, if we cannot bring this system to the United States. Environmentalists across the country will certainly use cowboy tenacity to entangle us firmly. Ordinary people will definitely… I want to ask you. Give an order to the spokesperson for the White House and the national channel, to this company…” Director Lancelot said as he said, but he found that he could not continue and became surprised and uncertain… because Mr. President, was not listening to his report at all. Instead, he gritted his teeth and whispered: “d.a.m.n, this is deliberate. This is retaliation. It’s revenge. It’s impossible. It’s a scam by Monster Heavy Industry against me. Oops, People will definitely protest.”

“Mr. President, are you… well?” Headmaster Lancelot unconsciously took two steps back.

“I’m fine.” The President suddenly turned his head, his eyes very unnatural: “It is a hoax, and the White House spokesman did not take note and the national channels opposite either. He simply cannot reject.”

“But… But the video has been verified.”

“It’s your case. The object of people’s anger is you. You have to solve this case yourself.”