Monster Factory Chapter 554

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Chapter 554: Monster Heavy Industry Response (2).

“This sort of thing cannot be faked because in the video the company that produces this equipment and the location of the sewage treatment plant that are commissioned are shown. According to the time announced on the video screen, such purification equipment can meet the needs of an ordinary city’s wastewater treatment industry. We do not know how many times this equipment can be reused.”

“But I know that soon this sewage treatment plant is going to be requested by national environmental protection agencies around the world, which is a real headache.”

“But why should Internet users pity and insult us?”

Director Lancelot was upset if the video he saw was true. The science and technology it represents have completely overtaken the technology of the United States in wastewater treatment. He is the director of the National Environmental Protection Agency, managing 20,000 employees across the country and 17 environmental research laboratories, but this will all be a thing of the past because this industrial wastewater treatment equipment is the future, ah if this technology is at hand and if it can be used on a large scale in this world, water pollution will no longer be a problem, and countless polluting companies can see this company as a G.o.d.

“It seems that many environmentalists on the internet who re-posted this video are wondering why backward China has such advanced sewage treatment equipment. And it has been running for six months, which prompted them to launch the second generation of products,” Environmental Complaints Bureau chief Fei Kuai Hui reported.

“They are scolding us for finding a perfect solution and making a plan for the Great Lakes pollution problem and the national industrial pollution plan must not be called into question.”

“Right now, immediately, on behalf of the US Environmental Protection Agency, contact this company.”

Lancelot after being shocked by the electricity got up from the chair and looked at his secretary resolutely: “We certainly cannot keep our eyes open and be indifferent to such advanced technology. Tell this company, I will visit it in person. We can cooperate, and we can invest ma.s.sive amounts of money to help them continue to develop this product.”

“Yes!” The secretary next to him immediately acquiesced.

“In addition, it has been stated on the official website that we can immediately enter into cooperative negotiations with this company, and as such, we will endeavor to allow American cities to use this equipment as soon as possible and in this way, we will be able to calm the anger of Internet users.”

Lancelot stood and turned around, like a frog in hot water: “I’m going to inform the President’s Secretary’s office again, I want to report this matter and let the White House invite again this Chinese in the name of the government.”

Lancelot anxiously arranged the plan, the secretary on the side, and quickly logged into Google with a laptop to search for the company called Monster Heavy Industry, then followed the above email address. To access the official English version of the official doc.u.ment. He simply turned the laptop around, desperately wanting to know their answer, expecting no refusal. Just like no player can refuse Real Madrid’s call, and no basketball kid can resist the temptation of the NBA Dream Team.

Lancelot felt that as a representative of the most powerful organization for the protection of mankind’s environmental resources, this company, which Monster Heavy Industry seems to have heard of from him, also cannot refuse the temptation to be helped from his. go. Him, the director, is going to come in person, how big is the glory of Monster Heavy Industry.

“Wait for ~ Headmaster, what did they say?” The secretary screamed in surprise.

Lancelot could no longer hold the secretary’s frame at this point, picked up the secretary, grabbed the laptop, and read the company’s response.

“The other part responded so quickly, I think they appreciate it a lot.”

“Dear United States Environmental Protection Agency, thank you for your technical and financial support,” Lancelot read this response verbatim: “After careful consideration, we have decided to give the following response. Cooperation can be achieved over the next century. You shouldn’t be coming here this century. Please witness our miracles in protecting the environment.”


“What does this mean?”

“Cooperate in the next century!”

“Doesn’t that mean he has to wait over eighty years?” Headmaster Lancelot instantly understood, the other part laughed at them. In the next century, they will have no more bones. Monster Heavy Industry is so daring.

Director Lancelot put one hand on the computer, and the other hand clenched in a fist and motioned: “Is there any response from the Office of the President’s Secretary, I want to see the President right away?”

“Already… He already answered.” The secretary looked into his eyes. Just like Hiroshima moaning and burning in the fire, this company is so brave, they are dead.

Half an hour later, Director Lancelot rushed to the White House in a special car. He didn’t have an inspection, just a verification of his ident.i.ty, and he met Mr. President in the Oval Office.

Compared to when he was sworn in, Mr. President’s temper was more restrained and there seemed to be more wrinkles on his face.

“Mr. President, there is a vital matter which must be brought to your attention.”

Lancelot tried to calm his agitated mood, he put the computer tablet he had brought with him on the desk which symbolized supreme power and pa.s.sed the video for Mr. President to see it.

“What’s the matter, the secretary told me earlier that your Environmental Protection Agency received over 30,000 environmental complaints online within hours.” The President supported his chin with both hands, not too worried in his tone.

“It has nothing to do with the pollution of the domestic environment. It is a contradiction caused by this video.” Director Lancelot turned up the volume a little and then waited quietly for the President to finish watching the video.


Lancelot noticed a detail. Why Mr. President’s calm expression immediately was choked a bit when he saw the Monster Heavy Industry logo?

The Environmental Protection Agency is only responsible for the national environmental pollution program and is considered a very independent department. Director Lancelot, of course, didn’t know much about it, and Mr. President gave a bit of the later story, and he soon realized that there was a lot of content in it.

Mr. President’s expression became more and more bizarre as the video progressed. Towards the end of the video, Mr. President’s expression was even a little funny and nervous. Before the end of the video, the President was clapping with one hand on the table, his eyes turned to the sunny window. He seems… to deliberately avoid meeting his gaze.

“Mr. Chairman, this is a response from Monster Heavy Industry to our Environmental Protection Agency. They have actually informed me, and the Environmental Protection Agency to wait until the next century to cooperate with them.” Director Lancelot showed the electronic response and wanted to invite the president to take a look.

“Hmm…” Mr. President took a quick glance and then turned around.

“Mr. President, if we cannot bring this system to the United States. Environmentalists across the country will certainly use cowboy tenacity to entangle us firmly. Ordinary people will definitely… I want to ask you. Give an order to the spokesperson for the White House and the national channel, to this company…” Director Lancelot said as he said, but he found that he could not continue and became surprised and uncertain… because Mr. President, was not listening to his report at all. Instead, he gritted his teeth and whispered: “d.a.m.n, this is deliberate. This is retaliation. It’s revenge. It’s impossible. It’s a scam by Monster Heavy Industry against me. Oops, People will definitely protest.”

“Mr. President, are you… well?” Headmaster Lancelot unconsciously took two steps back.

“I’m fine.” The President suddenly turned his head, his eyes very unnatural: “It is a hoax, and the White House spokesman did not take note and the national channels opposite either. He simply cannot reject.”

“But… But the video has been verified.”

“It’s your case. The object of people’s anger is you. You have to solve this case yourself.”