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Chapter 117: Demonic Dandelion Vine

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As time pa.s.sed, the people infected in Xiaoxia City also increased.

In less than two minutes after it had leveled up to silver-level, a shockwave came from its body and it upgraded to silver-level rank-2 and with that, its body color brightened.

Charcoal continuously attacked it but the blood-colored vine retaliated forcefully. A loud bang echoed and this time, Charcoal was blown away by the hit, smas.h.i.+ng its head on the rock wall. Lin Huang could hear Charcoal’s growl of anger though he was unable to witness what was happening.

“Xiao Hei, how long more do you need?” Lin Huang was panicked but Xiao Hei did not answer him.

After blowing Charcoal away, the blood-colored vine went back to attacking the ground and Lin Huang underneath it. Soon, the ground collapsed. The energy sphere protected Lin Huang who was hiding right at the bottom of it.

Lin Huang was extremely nervous because he was afraid that the ground would collapse any moment.

Fortunately, the blood-colored vine stopped attacking after a short while because Charcoal attacked it after recovering from its previous attack.

Knowing that his power was reduced to absolute inferiority, Charcoal decided not to launch a frontal attack but to wrestle it instead.

Flapping his wings, Charcoal spewed fire at the blood-colored vine continuously while dodging its attacks.

The dragon flames had no effect on the blood-colored vine but the burning sensation in its body annoyed it even more. It swung its vines to stop the flames but missed.

Seemingly, the blood-colored vine had noticed that Charcoal was there to distract it from attacking the ground. It decided not to bother with Charcoal and turned the tip of its vine into a drill bit to drill into the ground.

Underground, Lin Huang was still in his Specter form. There were changes to his vision that he experienced; he was able to see through the soil as if it was semi-transparent. He was initially in an upright direction and now he was lying down, with his body adhered firmly to the base of the energy sphere.

The tip of the drill was less than one meter away from him. Lin Huang’s back was drenched in sweat. It would certainly wound him badly if he was struck by the blood-colored vine since its combat abilities were now silver-level rank-2.

Charcoal needed to get the blood-colored vine’s attention. Charcoal pounced on the blood-colored vine once again with a close attack.

Although the combat abilities of the blood-colored vine had become stronger in addition to a substantial increase in its defensive power, Charcoal’s attack was no longer as effective as it used to be. However, wounds still appeared on its body right after it was attacked by Charcoal’s sharp claws and mouth claw.

Charcoal had triggered the blood-colored vine again and it was angry. It gave up attacking Lin Huang and fought Charcoal instead.

The blood-colored vine wrapped its vines around Charcoal’s neck. Its force was now beyond what Charcoal could handle. Charcoal could not get rid of it at all and struggled using its mouth and claws at the same time.

“Warning: Charcoal encountered a fatal attack. Please recall it immediately!” A notification suddenly popped up in front of Lin Huang.

“Recall Charcoal!” Lin Huang instructed because if Charcoal died, its monster card would disappear as well. It was not easy to obtain an Epic dragonkin.

Once the instruction to recall it was given, Charcoal instantly turned into a card and returned to Lin Huang’s body.

The vines with the circ.u.mference of an adult arm transformed into a drill bit and penetrated the ground repeatedly.

“Xiao Hei, how long more do you still need? Please answer me!”

Lin Huang felt that he could not withstand the force anymore. The vine’s attack had swept away most of the ground close to him. The closest attack it made was less than 20 centimeters away from the back of his head. If the vines twisted upward a little more, it would have drilled a hole in Lin Huang’s head.

“Done!” Lin Huang could sense the warmth on his palm vanish.

The blood-colored vine growled loudly. One of its vines fell right on Lin Huang’s head. It was so fast that Lin Huang could not avoid it. At this moment, Charcoal was summoned once again and it covered Lin Huang as he ran.

The blood-colored vine’s fatal attack struck Charcoal’s on its left wing and dragon blood splattered all over the place.

Lin Huang turned back and saw the scene.

“Summon Bai!” Lin Huang ordered.

The next moment, Bai appeared in the underground cavern too.

“Upgrade him the second time!” Lin Huang instructed again. The reason why he summoned and upgraded Bai was so that they could attack the parasite together.

“Are you sure you would like to use two Advance Cards to upgrade Bai?”

“I’m sure!”

Two beams of golden light filled the air, enveloping Bai. Soon, it had completely morphed into a big golden coc.o.o.n with Bai wrapped inside.

The strange aura Bai exuded caught the blood-colored vine’s attention. As it saw a big golden coc.o.o.n on the ground, it sensed something alarming and immediately attacked the coc.o.o.n, stopping the mutation of the monster that appeared all of a sudden.

If this was an ordinary monster mutation, perhaps its attack could hinder the mutation. However, with the Advancement Card, the process would not be interrupted. Even if it was attacked by a demiG.o.d, the outcome could not be altered. The blood-colored vine’s attack was useless.

In less than one minute, the golden coc.o.o.n disappeared.

A young man with white hair appeared again in front of Lin Huang, his aura was even more deadly and dangerous. However, there was a mask on his face that covered half of his face.

“Congratulations! You have gained an Epic Monster Card – Four-Winged Blood Baron (G.o.d’s Servant).”

At this moment, the blood-colored vine launched an attack again.

All of a sudden, Bai’s eyes turned b.l.o.o.d.y and he extended four of his crimson-colored wings, turning into a stream of blood and disappeared from the ground.

He acted so fast that Lin Huang could not capture it at all.

“Charcoal, you will a.s.sist Bai to kill the parasite!” Lin Huang ordered.

The wound on Charcoal’s wing was recovering. He was born with extremely fast healing abilities.

He fluttered his wings again and spat dragon flames on the blood-colored vine repeatedly and it no longer had the recovery ability from the energy sphere.

On the other hand, four of the crimson-colored wings behind Bai had turned into four b.l.o.o.d.y, sharp blades that cut the blood-colored vine at a terribly fast speed. His body resembled a beam of b.l.o.o.d.y light, shuttling back and forth underground, cutting up multiple parts of the parasite’s body.

Although the blood-colored vine defense was astonis.h.i.+ng, Bai’s sharp wings were more powerful than gold-rank equipment.

There were too many wounds on the vine’s body because of Bai’s wings and Charcoal attacked it from the other side. Soon, it was exhausted.

Lin Huang then noticed that the aura of the blood-colored vine rising again.

He did not know that there were more than 100,000 people infected in Xiaoxia City. Furthermore, many of them were bronze-level hunters and some were even silver-hunters.

The silver glow was constantly gus.h.i.+ng out of the blood-colored vine’s body. This was a sign that it was going to breakthrough once again to silver-level rank-3.

When he was underneath the blood-colored vine, he emerged from the ground and transformed back into himself. He grabbed a Sword Relic and used Thunder Sword on the wound caused by Bai earlier.

Lin Huang’s lightning-fast action caught the blood-colored vine off guard. Its gigantic body was cut in half by the sharp relic but it did not die. A vine that was transformed into a drill bit fiercely penetrated Lin Huang’s stomach and came out from his waist. This strike had blown his body away causing him to hang in mid-air, making him look like bacon hanging on a hook.

Lin Huang spat out a mouthful of blood. Before he lost his consciousness, he was able to say, “Use the Healing Card…”

As soon as Lin Huang regained his consciousness, he saw that Bai and Charcoal were beside him.

“Where is the parasite?” He saw that the blood-colored vine was no longer moving.

“It’s dead?!” Lin Huang could not believe his eyes.

“Congratulations. You have gained an Epic Parasite Species Card. The parasite belongs to a new species of monster. It does not have a name. You may name it.”

“Then I’ll name it the Demonic Dandelion Vine.” Lin Huang recalled the demonic dandelion tree that he read from a novel. It was a parasitic monster too. He chose this name.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 692 – Duo Er

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Chapter 692: Duo Er
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

What Lin Huang was looking at was not a building, but rows and rows of buildings. It looked like it used to be a city. However, it seemed to have gone through a catastrophe. The buildings had collapsed, and even the houses were destroyed. There seemed to be no activity anymore.

“b.l.o.o.d.y, go take a look.” Lin Huang stood where he was, not wanting to get closer to the city at the moment.

b.l.o.o.d.y released its Leech Pods which then floated in the underground city sky. Soon, it came back with results.

“This should be an empty city. There’re no signs of human or monsters.”

Lin Huang was not surprised. After all, this ruins had existed for many years. Judging from the damage, there should not be anyone living there anymore.

“There’s a tower-like building in the middle of the city that seems perfectly fine. If there’s really any treasure here, it’s most probably in the tower,” b.l.o.o.d.y added.

Lin Huang nodded as he noticed the red arrow from the Treasure Card which appeared once they got to the underground city. It pointed at the center of the city. He then flew up and headed towards the direction that the arrow was pointing at. As he flew up in the sky, he observed the buildings in the city. From the colony of buildings, this city should have been a busy one. Although it could not compare to most of the grade footholds, it was similar to most B-grade footholds albeit much smaller. However, he could tell that this unknown civilization was developed for a city that had been founded before the new epoch.

As Lin Huang pa.s.sed through a toy store, he saw movement from a doll that was placed in the broken window. He stopped immediately and floated mid-air, observing the toy store from far away.

“Did you see that?” He asked b.l.o.o.d.y.

“Yes, I did. The doll moved.” b.l.o.o.d.y noded.

“You saw that too. I thought it was an illusion.” Lin Huang changed his direction and teleported outside the toy store.

“Don’t go in yet, let me take a look first,” b.l.o.o.d.y said.

b.l.o.o.d.y then released a couple of Leech Pods that flew into the toy store through the broken window.

“There’s nothing in there.” b.l.o.o.d.y was puzzled.

“Let me go in and take a look.” Lin Huang summoned a couple of flying daggers that surrounded him as he crawled in through the broken window.

The toy store was small at only 60 square meters and consisted of only one floor. Lin Huang stood by the window and could see everything that was in the store. The only place that was covered was the cas.h.i.+er. He walked carefully and looked behind the cas.h.i.+er, but there was nothing there. Lin Huang frowned as he turned around and observed again. Besides all sorts of dolls, there was nothing else in the store, and there was nowhere to hide. If it were not for him and b.l.o.o.d.y who noticed that the doll had moved, he would have thought he had seen an illusion. Since the both of them saw it, Lin Huang did not think so.

He walked back to the window and picked up the doll that he had seen moving earlier. The doll was just a cartoon puppet with a big head and googly eyes. It was only 30 centimeters tall with a pink dress and dark red hair with a yellow flower clip in it. Lin Huang took a good look at the doll, but there was nothing wrong with it. Recalling that the doll had moved its head, he attempted to touch the doll’s head to see if it could be moved or not.

Just when his left hand was reaching for the doll’s head, a female voice was heard.

“What are you trying to do?”

Lin Huang looked around immediately as the flying daggers surrounded him, ready to attack. However, there was nothing around.

“The voice seems to have come from the doll,” b.l.o.o.d.y said.

Lin Huang then looked at the doll in doubt. “Were you the one speaking just now?”

“It wasn’t me!” The doll insisted, but noticing that she had revealed herself again, she struggled her way out of Lin Huang’s hand.

“It’s alive?” Lin Huang thought it was unbelievable as he had never seen such a monster in the monster encyclopedia.

The doll then hid behind a bunch of fluffy dolls as it revealed half of her face, looking at Lin Huang in fear. Lin Huang then squatted down without going closer to her.

“Little fella, are you a local here?” Lin Huang asked.

“Don’t call me little fella. My name’s Duo Er,” the doll corrected him.

“Duo Er, what a nice name!” Lin Huang smiled. “My name’s Lin Xie. Nice meeting you.”

“Lin Xie… You must be a human from the outside world then?” Duo Er asked.

“That’s right.” Lin Huang nodded. “You’ve seen humans from the outside world before?”

“I’ve seen them from far away, but it’s my first time looking at one up-close.” Duo Er was curious about Lin Huang.

“My father doesn’t let me get close to humans from the outside world. He told me that they’re bad people.”

“I’m not a bad person.” Lin Huang was surprised because what Duo Er said proved that she was not the only one in the city, so he attempted to get her to talk more.

“Duo Er, you must be an aboriginal here.”

“Of course.” Duo Er was proud of herself.

“Besides you, there must be many of your tribe in this city?” Lin Huang glanced at the other dolls that were in the store.

“Of course.”

Duo Er noticed that Lin Huang was looking at the other dolls, so she laughed while covering her mouth.

“That’s so funny! You thought all of us look like dolls?”

“Is that not how it is?” Lin Huang was puzzled.

“Only a few of us including myself are dolls while the rest are in different forms. After all, dolls aren’t a great fit in battles. Our father and the rest chose their bodies to be fit for battles.” Duo Er seemed to have her guard down as they chatted, then she walked out from behind the dolls.

“They get to choose their body?” Lin Huang was puzzled.

“I don’t know how to explain to you. Follow me if you’d like to know. I’ll bring you to where our tribe is. The tribe leader and my father will explain to you.” Duo Er thought about it and decided to bring Lin Huang to see her tribe.

“Does your tribe welcome outsiders like me?” Lin Huang raised his eyebrow.

“Usually, they don’t as most of the humans who came were bad people. But I can explain to the tribe leader that you’re not bad,” Duo Was said in all seriousness.

“Will your tribe leader listen to you?” Lin Huang was skeptical.

“Of course, the tribe leader loves me.” Duo Er was sure.

“Loving you and trusting me are two different things…” Lin Huang thought to himself, but he decided to go with Duo Er as he wanted to know more about the ruins.

“Alright, follow me!”

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: Wild Beauty

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang frowned when he saw the image that Yang Ling had sent him. He did not think that the lady in the photo was the murderer that he was looking for. It was a middle-aged woman who looked like she was at least 47 years old. She was fat, and although it was a photo of her upper body, Lin Huang could tell that she was not tall. She did not look like she had any combat strength. No matter what, Lin Huang thought her body was too different from the lady in black robes that he saw in the surveillance camera footages. Although her body had been covered by the big robes, Lin Huang could see the shapeliness of her body. If this middle-aged woman was to put on the same robes, she would look completely different.

Moreover, among the four hunters that had died, the oldest one would be in his 30’s while the youngest one was not even 20. If they were really met the woman in the photo, they would have probably run away instead of following her to an underground hotel. Besides, Lin Huang had asked the security guards in the apartments that the Brain Eater used to stay in with the help of illusion, and all of them had said that the lady was beautiful with a nice body.

Perhaps the victims and the security guards like this type of women. Just as Lin Huang was puzzled over this, Yang Ling called.

Lin Huang picked up immediately.

“Is that a mistake? Are you messing with me?”

“No, it’s not a mistake. The fingerprint belongs to this aunty,” Yang Ling said.

“However, she’s not the culprit, but the owner of the house. She must have touched the stuff that you retrieved after the Brain Eater left. I was shocked when I found the ident.i.ty of the woman and realized that she’s not the one that we’re looking for after I checked the registration of her Emperor’s Heart Ring,” Yang Ling explained.

Lin Huang was relieved after he heard Yang Ling’s explanation. It would be hard to accept if the culprit was that aunty.

“I’m still looking for the information that you asked for this morning. I will contact you again once it’s done.”

After hanging up the phone, Lin Huang summoned the Viridian Wolf and headed to the hotel. Awhile after he got into the hotel room, Yang Ling called again. He picked up immediately.

“I have looked at all the surveillance cameras. All the four victims went to the underground hotel alone on the day they died without any companion. Also, I have also looked at the surveillance cameras around the area the culprit was staying in the day the bodies were dumped. Until past five in the morning, n.o.body appeared. It seems like the culprit never returned home after she got rid of the bodies,” Yang Ling told Lin Huang the result of his investigation in all seriousness.

“That means that before the Brain Eater carried out the murder, it was ready to move away…” Lin Huang frowned as the investigation came to a dead end again.

“However…I followed the way you think and investigated the four underground hotels. I found something…” Yang Ling smirked.

“What did you find out?” Lin Huang asked.

“I found out that the hotel owner of one of the underground hotels had surveillance cameras secretly installed in every room. The stuff that I saw was interesting. Even a professional like me learned a couple of new positions.” Yang Ling smirked again.

“You saw the face of the murderer?!” Lin Huang’s eyes flew wide open.

“Hehe, not only her face, I saw the entire process of the murder. Unfortunately, a great p.o.r.n video turned into a horror movie abruptly. I couldn’t take it.” Yang Ling patted his chest as a gesture of fear.

“Send it over right now!”

“Look at you…Would you want videos of other rooms as well? They are all high-definition, it’s complimentary for you.” Yang Ling winked at Lin Huang.

“I’ll tell you what, if I were to upload all these videos to the network and make them available for download for 10 credit points, I would make big money from that…”

Lin Huang stared at him without saying a word.

“Alright then, it’s no fun to talk to you! I will send it over now.” Seeing Lin Huang ignored him, Yang Ling stopped his nonsense.

A moment later, Yang Ling sent a couple of photos, a video and some personal details to Lin Huang.

“The Brain Eater went to the black market a few months back and got her location system on her Emperor’s Heart Ring removed. Even if we got her ident.i.ty and her Emperor’s Heart Ring’s code, as long as she doesn’t launch the Chilly Night app, we can’t locate her at all.

“However, I’m trying to get into Luoxi City’s surveillance system to look at the areas that she had appeared in before. Hopefully, I can get the location of her current accommodation. I’ll contact you once there’s news.”

After they hung up, Lin Huang looked at the photos immediately. In the first photo, a naked lady was walking out of the bathroom. Her hair was wet and she seemed to have just showered. There was a naked man on the bed. He was the fourth victim who had died more than 20 days ago. He was the one with the nicest body according to Liang Yin. In the second photo was a naked lady closing the curtain at the window. As she was very close to the camera, Lin Huang could even see the pores on her face. He finally understood why Yang Ling said that the videos were of high-definition. From the quality of the photo, the owner of the hotel had spent big money on the surveillance equipment.

The lady had long, dark brown hair that reached her waist and she was pretty but she was not the type with sharp features. Her eyes were big and she had a high nose bridge. Although her lips were not small, after she put on red lipstick, she seemed extra s.e.xy. She had a healthy tan on her body with long, toned legs. The killer feature on her body were her; perhaps 99% of the ladies in Luoxi City would have low self-esteem when they saw her She exuded a wild kind of beauty, and even Lin Huang was drooling when he looked at the photo.

After looking at the photos, Lin Huang started watching the videos. In the video, the lady got out of the shower. She used a hairband to tie up her hair and got onto the bed to kiss the man…

Their bodies got closer together and the man was breathing heavily as he indulged in the lady’s multiple kisses.

Suddenly, the lady opened her eyes. There was a silver antennlike thing the size of a thumb extending from the top of her head and it made its way to the back of the man’s head. After staying mid-air for a moment, the antenna plunged and pierced into the man’s head. The man experienced a sudden death before he could even react. As the antenna pierced into the man’s head, it was like a snake slithering deeper into his head. There was no blood coming out of the wound.

Around 10 seconds later, the silver antenna came out of the man’s head. In the video, Lin Huang could clearly see that the antenna was slick with blood and brain juice. After the antenna returned to her head, the lady let go of the man softly, let down her hair and showered in the bathroom. Later on, she slowly cleaned up the scene in her naked body. She kept the man’s body in her storage s.p.a.ce while looking around to see if there were any blood stains. After cleaning the room and keeping the man’s shoes and socks in her storage s.p.a.ce, she put on her clothes. She then put on a big, black robe and looked into the mirror. Confirming that n.o.body could see her face, she left via the hotel back door…

After finis.h.i.+ng the complete video that was 20 minutes long, Lin Huang opened the last doc.u.ment that Yang Ling sent. It was the lady’s ident.i.ty…

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1157 – How’s Mr. Fu Doing?

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Chapter 1157: How’s Mr. Fu Doing?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Huang Tianfu and Huang Baiyu were speechless when they saw the building as they stood outside the Union Government headquarters. Lin Xin looked away while blus.h.i.+ng a little. Clearly, she recognized the shape of the building.

“It’s huge! It’s much bigger than the video projection!” Huang Baiyu, who had been silent, could not help but exclaim.

Guan Zhong and the rest turned away. None of them were looking straight at the building.

In reality, Lin Huang had gone searching for the reason why the Union Government headquarters were designed like that out of curiosity when he got back from his visit last time.

In the end, he found out that it was not a joke the architect was trying to pull.

The buildings were designed by a powerful demiG.o.d named Gao Lou during the new era. He was hot-tempered and possessed powerful abilities.

The Union Government requested him to build a main building and two subsidiary buildings with the main building being so tall that it soared into the sky like a giant sword. Meanwhile, the subsidiary buildings had to be beautiful and tasteful.

In reality, the two subsidiary buildings were three to four times bigger than what they were now compared to the draft. Apart from that, the main building looked more like a sword that pierced into the land. It should be taller and thinner than what it was at the moment.

However, the Union Government was unsatisfied with the draft. They thought the main building was not tasteful enough and that the subsidiary buildings were too attention-seeking. They got the architect to change the sizes again and again.

After amending the draft for more than 20 times, Gao Lou could no longer take the Union Government’s warped sense of beauty and decided to drop the job entirely. The last version he drew was the current ratio of the trio.

The Union Government went looking for Gao Lou after he dropped the job, but he disappeared.

Unable to do anything else, the upper echelon looked for other architects. However, none of them wanted to take the job.

There were very few demiG.o.ds in the entire world back then whereby there were only less than ten of them. As the only demiG.o.d-level architect, Gao Lou was the best architect in the field and was an idol to many architects.

The act of the Union Government offending Gao Lou would mean they offended everyone in the architectural industry.

Without having any idea what to do, the Union Government built the headquarters using the last draft version that Gao Lou designed since the previous ones were all gotten rid of.

Ultimately, it turned out to look like this, a Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon.

The current the Union Government would have definitely chosen a dimensional demiG.o.d relic or G.o.d relic as their headquarters instead of constructing a building from scratch.

However, the discovery of ruins had yet to take place when the Union Government was founded 800 years ago during the new era. Not many people had demiG.o.d relics, let alone dimensional demiG.o.d relic and G.o.d relic.

“It’s windy outside. Let’s get in.” Eventually, the committee chairman, Zhao Lingming, broke the awkwardness and gestured for Lin Huang to go in.

They followed Lin Huang into the main building and arrived at the 198th floor, which was the highest floor of the Union Government office building by elevator.

Both sides sat at the table after entering the meeting room, and they fell into silence again.

After the staff served everyone tea, Guan Zhong finally broke the silence, “The chief found the tree of these tea leaves in a grade-5 ruin over 100 years ago. It’s considered an ancient tea. They brought 12 trees back, but only one survived. I think this should be the only ancient tea tree in the world.”

Lin Huang took a sip. All he tasted was a light sweetness and fragrance that lingered on his palate. There was no bitterness at all.

“How’s the annual production of these tea leaves like?” Lin Huang carried on with the topic.

“The annual production is extremely low with only approximately a pound a year. The chief usually serves 50% of them to our guests, sets 30% aside as a reward, and keeps 20% for himself.”

“One pound is indeed a little low,” Lin Huang responded.

As the few of them chatted about tea leaves, they soon moved on to something else. The atmosphere in the meeting room that was initially silent was now livelier.

Not long later, a few new people soon came into the meeting room one after another.

There were faces that Lin Huang was familiar with, such as the deputy chief of the Union Government, Dongfang Bai, and the press representative, Han Yao.

Both of them always appeared in the Union Government official news site, so it was hard for people not to recognize them.

Apart from the two familiar faces, there was another old man with silver hair who was the committee deputy chairman of the Union Government just like Ran Ning.

There was also a middle-aged man who was clearly a security guard or some sort who came with Dongfang Bai. He had the same combat strength as Huang Baiyu, which was Virtual G.o.d rank-3. He sat next to Dongfang Bai and almost never took his eyes off Huang Baiyu as soon as he came in.

Huang Baiyu merely peeped at him and ignored him completely.

Everyone introduced themselves courteously after entering. They then found themselves a seat after chatting out of politeness.

When it was almost 8.55 a.m., the Union Government chief, Jiang Shan, finally walked into the meeting room. He was the last to arrive.

As soon as he showed up, everyone in the meeting room including Lin Huang and the rest stood up to welcome him as a sign of respect.

It was Lin Huang’s first time seeing Jiang Shan in real life. This man looked 35 or 36 years old and was almost 1.9 meters tall with a strong body. He wore a neat, light gray suit. Among everyone present, he was the most formally dressed.

Lin Huang could not help but hold his head down to look at himself after seeing how Jiang Shan was dressed. He thought he might have dressed too casually.

Jiang Shan looked through the room while standing at the door. His eyes soon landed on Lin Huang, and he walked toward him while smiling and gripping Lin Huang’s hand.

“Mr. Emperor, it’s such a pleasure! I’ve heard of the name Lin Xie around half a year ago. I told myself I must meet you if I had the chance for you’re such a talented young man. I never thought the No. 1 genius would become the Emperor of Dynasty in the blink of an eye! I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news. And now, you’re here as an organization leader. We should never underestimate the younger generation!”

“Well, I can only say that life is unexpected. I didn’t expect myself to be the Emperor of Dynasty as well.” Lin Huang smiled while nodding.

“It’s fate now that I think about it. You’re Mr. Fu’s disciple. He’s taught me before as well, so I’m considered his half-disciple. We’re pretty much senior and junior brothers of the same sect.” Jiang Shan soon found common ground.

“It’s nice to meet you, Senior Brother!” Slyness flashed through Lin Huang’s eyes. He did not think that calling Jiang Shan Senior Brother was a loss to him. After all, Jiang Shan was older and held a high position. Now that he was his junior, it would benefit him in the discussion later.

“How’s Mr. Fu doing?” Jiang Shan asked out of politeness.

“Pretty great. His injury has recovered.” Lin Huang’s answer surprised everyone.

The reason he revealed that at such a time was that Mr. Fu had informed him last night that he had elevated to Virtual G.o.d rank-9. Moreover, he told Lin Huang that he could use his name when he needed to.

Even Jiang Shan was stunned to hear the news. He asked immediately, “Are you serious?”

“Of course, I’m serious! I never joke about things like that,” Lin Huang replied grimly.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Fang Wen’s Information

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Fang Wen stayed in Room 1801 in the building across. Lin Huang got to his room number easily. Although they were supposed to be training now, as long as they did not enter the training tower, they were allowed to move around within the residential area but they were not allowed to leave. Although the dormitory did not have an elevator, it was still a breeze for Lin Huang to get up to the 18th floor.

As he walked on the corridor, he noticed that Fang Wen’s door was opened.

“Luckily he’s here.”

Just when Lin Huang was making his way to his room, he hears a woman’s voice. Not one, but two voices. Lin Huang did not expect that Fang Wen would do something so inappropriate.

“Who is that?!” Somebody shouted from the room. Fang Wen walked out with a white robe. It was awkward but Lin Huang turned around and waved at him, “Oh, good morning…”

“Lin Huang?” Fang Wen did not expect him to come but he wanted to talk to him so he said, “Give me a minute, let me clean up.”

“It’s alright, you seem busy. I’ll come by tomorrow.” Lin Huang knew he was interrupting the fun.

“It’s alright, I can have that anytime I want. You’re more important, just give me two to three minutes.” Fang Wen then returned to his room.

A moment later, two tall ladies sprinted out from his room with their pajamas and left. Fang Wen dressed up appropriately and nodded to Lin Huang, “You can come in now.”

Lin Huang was stunned by the size and decor of the room, “Your room is so big and luxurious!”

“I renovated it myself. If you wanted it, I believe the manager would do the same for you.” Fang Wen knew very well that Lin Huang must have even someone even stronger supporting him from the shadows.

“That won’t be necessary; I won’t be staying here for long you see.” Lin Huang shook his head and followed Fang Wen into his room.

There was a living room, a bathroom, a bedroom and a kitchen in Fang Wen’s room. The four part.i.tions took up the s.p.a.ce of ten regular sized rooms. It was at least ten times bigger than Lin Huang’s room and there was still a feminine scent lingering in the living room. However, it was really clean. At least Lin Huang could not see anything that was messy or dirty.

“Come, come, have a seat.” Fang Wen said, pointing at the couch.

Lin Huang hesitated as he was not sure if the couch was where Fang Wen had intercourse earlier.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t do it on the couch today. I have done that before but I would always get someone to clean the covers.” Fang Wen explained.

Lin Huang shook his head while he got himself a chair. Fang Wen did not say anything as proceeded to sit on the couch. He smiled at Lin Huang, “Bro Lin Huang, is there anything that I could do to help you?”

“This is what happened. I realized that I have lost one of my storage rings this morning. I couldn’t find it anywhere in my room. I thought about it and figured I must have lost it in Gong Sunying’s clothes when I was searching his dead body yesterday. However, his dead body is gone now. I know you must know more than I do, so I’d like to know how they handled his corpse? Is there any way that I could get my ring back?”

“I think it’s a difficult task. Is there anything valuable in the ring?” Fang Wen bought Lin Huang’s lie.

“There’s nothing valuable, just some equipment and Life Crystals. However, it was a gift from a girl. This would upset her.” What Lin Huang said was not a complete lie because the ring was indeed given by Leng Yuexin.

“Ahh… It’s a gift of love…” Fang Wen teased.

“Is there any way to get it back?” Lin Huang continued to ask. He did not want to give too much information.

“I don’t think so, I bet you have no idea how they handle dead bodies here.” Fang Wen then explained the process to Lin Huang patiently.

“If someone died in the training camp, a truck would pick up the dead body on the day itself and toss it from the cliff outside the camp and monsters will feed on it. This area is practically a graveyard. Since Gong Sunying’s body was collected yesterday, your ring was either taken by the staff or its already in the monster’s stomach, bro. Either way, it’s impossible to retrieve it.”

“If the girl who gave you the ring is really important, I have an idea for you. Once you get out, get a ring that looks exactly the same, possibly with the same amount of storage s.p.a.ce. She won’t know the difference.” Fang Wen said to Lin Huang.

“That’s a great idea.” Lin Huang nodded. Fang Wen knew so much more than the rest, he even knew the exact location of the training camp. He had gotten the most important information from Fang Wen, which was how the camp handled corpses.

“It’s a pity that Gong Sunying doesn’t have a proper grave.” Fang Wen sighed, “If he had the same background as we did, at least his body would not be thrown away like a piece of trash.”

Lin Huang was stunned, he then asked, “Would the treatment be different if the background is different?”

“Of course. Those who come with a good background would have their dead body kept for their family to collect. The camp doesn’t want to offend anyone, keeping the dead body is for the family or person-in-charge to do as they wish, probably an autopsy to find out the real reason of death if that’s what they want.” Lin Huang was concerned after hearing Fang Wen’s explanation.

“What’s wrong, you don’t look too good.” Fang Wen noticed Lin Huang’s became fidgety.

“I ate something cold this morning, my stomach doesn’t feel too well. I need to go back now.” Lin Huang lied.

“If you cannot hold it, you can use my bathroom here.” Fang Wen was generous.

“It’s alright, I will go back to my room.” Lin Huang bid him farewell.

Lin Huang was frowning all the way back from Fang Wen’s room. If he faked his death, he could successfully leave the camp. However, Scarface would definitely keep his dead body and inform Hong Zhuang. Even if he managed to escape before Hong Zhuang’s return, she would know that he faked his death if there was no body. By then, the trouble would be even more serious. That was not what he wanted, he wanted to disappear and leave no trace behind.

“What should I do?” Lin Huang squatted on the toilet bowl and mumbled to himself. Since he told Fang Wen that his stomach was not well, he had to continue his act or Scarface man might find out that he was up to something. After half an hour, Lin Huang could not think of anything. However, he recalled that he had yet to acc.u.mulate the 10 cross-ranking rewards.

“I shall get the 10 bronze-level cross-ranking reward cards and hopefully I can get something that could help me escape…” After cleaning himself, he then pressed the flush b.u.t.ton and put his pants on. He headed to the training tower. He entered a vacant door on the sixth floor. This time, he did not summon Bai. Instead, he took out his bronze-level battle sword and started killing the monsters.

An hour later, two circles of Life Power were consumed. He then left the training room and proceeded to the seventh floor. There were silver-level rank-1 monsters on the seventh floor, it was his first time on this floor. He chose a vacant room and summoned Bai.

“Xiao Hei, disconnect my Life Wheel from Bai’s temporarily.”

“Life Wheel has been disconnected.”

When his Life Wheel was disconnected, Lin Huang could not obtain Life Power from Bai. It was what he wanted. He consumed his Life Power on the sixth floor on purpose to prevent himself from having his Life Power getting filled and the Life Light Baptism from happening. After all, he had just broken through bronze-level rank-3 not long ago and the Life Power in his body was not stable yet. If he were to receive the Life Light Baptism under such conditions, his Life Power might go haywire and possibly break his Life Wheel or cause death.

“Bai, block the other monsters. Give me two at once.” Lin Huang instructed Bai.

Since he was a bronze-level rank-3, he could handle silver-level rank-1 monsters. However, there were too many monsters here. If they were to attack all at once, he would have to run away. That was why he had Bai control the number of monsters he would fight. Bai nodded and extended his Blood Powerwings. Standing right in front of Lin Huang, a pair of wings were transformed into an arena that measured 50 meters by 50 meters while the other wings were transformed into two long vines to tie up two monsters. He then tossed the two monsters into the arena that Lin Huang was in.

“Great job!”

Lin Huang did not expect Bai to create an arena just for him, he gave Bai a thumbs up. The ring on this right middle finger was then transformed into a bronze-level battle sword. He lifted the sword and plunged towards the two monsters…

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 662 – Never Insult The Heaven Alliance!

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Chapter 662: Never Insult the Heaven Alliance! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang did not know why Huangfu Lin suggested that he leave the Sweep Alliance. However, he knew very well that it was just an excuse as Huangfu Lin had told him that the Sweep Alliance was not a place for him to s.h.i.+ne. There were some other reasons that she did not mention. Since she was reluctant to share, Lin Huang did not ask any further.

After the farewell dinner, Lin Huang returned to the hotel.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, he opened the communication page and studied the invitation letter that the Heaven Alliance sent to him.

Joining the Heaven Alliance was actually a wise decision since he had to achieve imperial-level in three years time. He needed plenty of resources to support him. He would be going onto something big five years later. Therefore, he had to keep improving himself. If Huangfu Lin had not asked him to leave, he would have probably gone after achieving immortal-level to join a stronger alliance.

After thinking for a while, Lin Huang tapped the invitation letter open. He carefully read through the details of the letter twice. He did not hesitate after confirming that not many restrictions were imposed on him. He immediately signed the letter with a digital fingerprint and sent it back to the Heaven Alliance.

In less than ten seconds, a system message came from the Genius Union.

“Congratulations! You’re now a member of the Heaven Alliance!”

The next second after Lin Huang received the message, a notification from an unknown number arrived.

“Welcome to the Heaven Alliance! I’m currently the chief of the Heaven Alliance. My name is Chan Dou. If you’re free tomorrow morning, let’s meet up to talk.”

Lin Huang was surprised to see the sender of the message.

He was familiar with this name. It was not his first time coming across this name after coming to Division 3 because not only was he the current chief of the Heaven Alliance, he was also one of the five strongest geniuses in Division 1 (by the Genius Union’s standard below 40 years old). He was only 28 years old and was now an immortal-level rank-9. It was said that he had killed a crimson gold-rank before.

“Alright. May I know the time and venue please?” Lin Huang gave a short reply.

“I’ll see you at 8 a.m tomorrow at the Heaven Alliance’s 46th checkpoint.” Chan Dou soon sent him the place and time to meet.

Lin Huang was shocked as Chan Dou seemed to have paid attention to him. After closing the communication page, he snapped out of his thoughts and continued practicing his Army Attack Tactics.

The next morning, Lin Huang kept to his regular schedule and logged into the virtual reality after breakfast.

Through the cracks on the branch on the 46th checkpoint of the Stairway Tree, the location of the Heaven Alliance was displayed on Lin Huang’s Emperor’s Heart Ring. It was at one of the branches near to him. After confirming the location, Lin Huang quickly climbed towards the branch.

After more than ten minutes, Lin Huang finally reached the branch where the Heaven Alliance was at.

As he leaped forward from the tree branch, everyone recognized him.

“Are you Lin Xie?!” A squat man was stunned the moment he saw Lin Huang and exclaimed.

The people nearby who heard that immediately s.h.i.+fted their focus to Lin Huang.

The short man soon noticed that something was wrong. A flicker of fury flashed through his eyes, and soon, two daggers appeared in his hand. He immediately dashed towards Lin Huang. “Four million points are mine!”

Lin Huang was startled as he wondered why would they attack him the second they met him. However, when he heard what the man said, he instantly understood why the person was coming after him.

He did not bother replying with nonsense. Soon, a silver glow flashed through the air and pierced between the man’s brows.

Just when he was about to pounce on Lin Huang, the short man’s body became limp. He was shocked, and his intention to kill was unsatisfied. His body immediately turned into pieces and disappeared as he was sent to the first checkpoint of the Stairway Tree.

“Zhang Hui has been killed. You’ve obtained 123,181 points!”

Seeing the crowd coming after him, Lin Huang frowned.

He had to say that the man called Zhang Hui had acted recklessly as he attacked him without thinking twice. He did not even consider whether he, as an immortal-level rank-4, was capable of obtaining the four million points.

The abilities of the people who surrounded him now all surpa.s.sed him, and the weakest one was on immortal-level rank-5. The strongest one was on immortal-level rank-7.

Lin Huang would not worry if the a.s.sailants were just ordinary immortal-level rank-7s. However, most of the Genius Union members could cross three ranks to fight him.

Seeing four of them charging at him, if he did not use any unique skills, he definitely could not defeat them.

It seemed like the four of them were in a team as they did not fight among themselves.

“Are you Lin Xie? We aren’t going to make things difficult for you. As long as you’re willing to let go of half of the total points you’ve collected, we won’t attack you,” a muscular young man said, “I guess you don’t want to start again from the first checkpoint since it’s not been easy for you to reach here.”

In the virtual reality, the transfer of points was like plunder. The most that they could transfer was only half of their total points. Moreover, only one transaction could be a day as the Emperor’s Heart wanted to protect the weak.

“If I were to transfer half of my points to you, won’t the others mind?” Lin Huang asked with a sardonic grin.

“There’s no need to sow discord between us. The four of us have come to an agreement regarding the distribution of the points. As long as you’re willing to transfer half of your points to me, you don’t have to worry about the rest.” The muscular man and the other three were approaching Lin Huang.

They did not act rashly. They were aware of Lin Huang’s telekinetic throwing dagger as the immortal-level rank-4 man’s head had exploded in an instant. They were unsure about Lin Huang’s ability, so they were reluctant to risk their lives. However, they knew that Lin Huang was a psychic. If somebody attempted to approach a psychic, the psychic could activate less than 10% of his skills. This was the reason why they went closer to Lin Huang slowly.

After confirming that the four of them were in a team, Lin Huang scowled. He did not want to waste his Transformation Card to increase his combat strength at such a place. However, if he did not kill the four of them, he would have to give them half of his points.

Aware that the four of them were getting closer to him, the Transformation Card suddenly appeared in his hand. Right when he was about to crush it, a strong, intimidating aura suddenly appeared behind the quad.

They then turned around to see where the aura came from and saw a man in a white s.h.i.+rt who was gradually walking towards them.

In an instant, the white s.h.i.+rt man had surpa.s.sed them and immediately appeared in front of Lin Huang.

Lin Huang’s eyes could not capture the man’s movement at all as if he had teleported. However, Lin Huang knew very well that such a traveling skill was prohibited in the Stairway Tree.

“h.e.l.lo, Lin Xie. I finally get to meet you.” The white s.h.i.+rt man extended his hand.

“You’re Chan Dou?” Lin Huang guessed.

Both of them shook hands. Chan Dou then turned back, glaring at the four of them who wanted to rob Lin Huang. “So, the four of you are attempting to rob a member of the Heaven Alliance?”

“Heaven Alliance?” They were stunned and soon, their facial expressions changed.

“He’s the chief of the Heaven Alliance, Chan Dou!” A couple of them could finally recognize him.

“I’m sorry. It’s just a misunderstanding. We’ll leave immediately,” the muscular young man apologized and was about to leave.

The rest of them begged for pardon as well and were about to flee.

“It’s too late to leave now!” Chan Dou did not want to let them go. “I’ll teach the four of you a lesson today! Never insult the Heaven Alliance!”

After uttering his words, a black shadow streaked through Chan Dou’s eyes and in the next second, a black mist gradually emitted out of four of their bodies. Soon after, their bodies were shrouded in a black fog. They screamed in terror and completely disappeared.

Seeing that Chan Dou had killed the four of them within seconds, the people surrounding him immediately left as they were afraid that they might get into trouble.

After killing them, Chan Dou turned to look at Lin Huang contentedly as if nothing had happened. “Let’s have some drinks and chat at the subdivision of the foothold.”

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 791 – It Is Here

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Chapter 791: It Is Here

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“These demonic monsters are really crazy!”

As Lin Huang showed up in the next moment, he had already left the area of the Fiendish Osiery that was within the osiers’ control. He then turned back to look at the continuous explosions of the catkins that were scattered through the air. A third of the region near the Fiendish Osiery was now shrouded in flames.

“It’s not that out of the ordinary for demonic monsters to do something crazy like this.” b.l.o.o.d.y slowly floated toward Lin Huang, “The mentality of those demonic monsters is controlled by their negative emotions. When they’re triggered, their negative emotions will multiply, causing them to lose all ability to think rationally and consider the consequences of their actions.”

“But why would they hurt themselves to kill me?!” Lin Huang felt amused when he saw the Fiendish Osiery shrouded in flames with most of the osiers left with nothing.

Neither the daggers not the bombs were usually used by the Fiendish Osiers. Those abilities were usually reserved for self-protection and once activated, it would remain unusable for the next three months. The Fiendish Osiers had given their all in their attempt to kill Lin Huang.

“It’s almost time to attack! Although the explosion did directly affect the group of Luna Beasts, some of them may have been severely injured. If we don’t attack them now, the Fiendish Osiers might kill them.” b.l.o.o.d.y reminded, “If they’re killed by the Fiendish Osiers, you won’t get any points.”

Lin Huang nodded his head and s.h.i.+fted his gaze in the direction where Bai and the rest were. “It’s time to show up!”

After saying that, a few shadows flashed by and at the next moment, Bai and the rest appeared standing next to b.l.o.o.d.y.

“I relinquish the task to you.” Lin Huang then allowed b.l.o.o.d.y to take charge of the situation.

b.l.o.o.d.y nodded slightly and called out the first name. “Charcoal!”

As soon as b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice was heard, Charcoal rapidly returned to its original body size.

It knew very well what it was doing because b.l.o.o.d.y had already planned a strategy to fight when they began setting up the trap. Charcoal only had to follow what had been planned.

It opened its mouth wide as black flames shot out in waves, engulfing the Fiendish Osiers and some of the Luna Beasts.

The Luna Beasts that were caught in the attack attacked groaned as they struggled. They wanted to break free from the Fiendish Osier’s entanglement and escape from the fire.

However, the Fiendish Osier waved their osiers, extending their tentacles in Charcoal’s direction to rip Charcoal into pieces.

In the beginning, Charcoal would still flutter its wings so it could fly to a higher position. It feared getting tangled by the Fiendish Osiers but soon, it realized that the height b.l.o.o.d.y told it to fly at had already exceeded the Fiendish Osier’s range so it did not need to worry about attacks from the Fiendish Osiers.

“Kylie!” b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice was heard before the first attack was over.

Kylie who was in her black armor then picked up her spear, pointing the tip of her spear toward the sky. A purple electric glow began flickering on the spear.

All of a sudden, dark clouds were formed in the air, and purple lightning was quickly formed on top of the cloud layers.

After a short while, endless thunder rumbled in the sky and lightning bolts struck the ground like a storm was coming.

The lightning accompanied with the purification power was a poison to the Fiendish Osiers. In addition to the injuries caused by Charcoal’s dragon flames, many of the Fiendish Osiers were burned and died on the spot. Despite there being a small number of Fiendish Osiers that were still alive, they were severely injured and were already on the verge of death.

As for the Luna Beasts, the Fiendish Osiers had almost taken their lives away. After experiencing the explosion of the catkins, the dragon flames, and the lightning strikes, it was not easy for them to stay alive. They did not have the energy to run away now, let alone engage in a fight.

b.l.o.o.d.y did not seem satisfied with the battle’s outcome so it did not immediately ask the rest of them to enter the Fiendish Osiery. Instead, it called Lancelot.

Lancelot nodded its head before it brandished its saber, pointing toward somewhere in the Fiendish Osiery.

A strange force wave could be felt coming from the sky. A black saber was then formed out of nowhere. Its blade was narrow, long, and was about a meter long.

As soon as the first saber appeared, a second and third saber with the same length began to form. In a blink of an eye, tens of thousands of black sabers that looked exactly the same appeared in front of Lancelot.

The tips of the sabers were all pointed in the same direction as the saber Lancelot was holding – the Fiendish Osiery.


A deep voice was then heard, accompanied by tens of thousands of sabers that streaked across the sky with a whistling sound.

The streaking sabers raced toward the Fiendish Osiery like a torrential rain, pa.s.sing through the bodies of the Fiendish Osiers.

Lancelot’s Sword Manipulation was not that strong and could only be compared to a random attack from an immortal-level rank-8. Usually, it could do no harm to the Fiendish Osiers. However, its attack was the final straw that would spell the doom of the Fiendish Osiers. The ones that were already knocking on death’s door could no longer defend themselves against their enemy. Soon, they succ.u.mbed to their injuries after the onslaught of the sabers.

The Fiendish Osiers finally died after three attacks from Charcoal and the rest. Less than a tenth of them managed to survive the onslaught.

The Luna Beasts were rather pitiful. Each attack from Lancelot’s dominating saber was a fatal strike especially since the Luna Beasts had depleted their life power earlier. The onslaught of Lancelot’s sabers only added to their casualties.

However, due to a limited range attack, it only managed to cover a twentieth of the Fiendish Osiery.

“Charcoal, Kylie, Lancelot! Continue a.s.sisting the fight. Attack the rest of the areas in the Fiendish Osiery. You don’t need to care how many Luna Beasts and Fiendish Osiers are killed. I’ll ask the rest to complete the remaining task.”

After instructing Charcoal and the rest, b.l.o.o.d.y turned its body around and looked toward Bai.

“Bai, please lead the rest to continue clearing up the monsters. Kill the remaining Fiendish Osiers and Luna Beasts that are still alive after the first wave of attack. Don’t go to places where Charcoal and the rest haven’t been to. Just go after them and complete the kill.” b.l.o.o.d.y intentionally glanced at Ghastly after finis.h.i.+ng its words as if it wanted to warn Ghastly.

Ghastly grinned as if it did not mind at all.

“I’ll look after it.” Bai took a glance at Ghastly and whispered to b.l.o.o.d.y. After taking a leap, a voice was heard, “Follow after me!”

Tyrant and the rest immediately followed after Bai and Ghastly was no exception. However, it followed at the back of the team, looking relaxed without even an ounce of nervousness despite the fact that the battle was about to begin.

Soon after, the battle began as instructed by b.l.o.o.d.y.

The battle was not as intense as expected by Lin Huang. After three rounds of attacks launched by Charcoal, Kylie, and Lancelot, they no longer had the strength to fight back, be it the Fiendish Osiers or the Luna Beasts. This made it much easier for Bai and the rest to complete the kills.

It was certainly a one-sided fight, and Lin Huang’s points kept increasing every second.

In the Fiendish Osiery, Bai and the rest were busy with the fight while Ghastly walked leisurely as if it was on a vacation.

It did help to attack the Fiendish Osiers in the beginning. However, it began to slack off after a while.

Since it did not influence the overall efficiency of the team, b.l.o.o.d.y did not bother scolding it.

Ghastly walked before one of the Fiendish Osiers for about five times, having observed it for a long time. Them, as it made up its mind, it waved its right hand that wore a white glove. Soon, a gigantic arm was formed out of nowhere, grabbing the Fiendish Osier’s trunk and easily uprooting it. Ghastly then dragged it toward the sky and disappeared from sight.

b.l.o.o.d.y and Lin Huang saw everything that just happened clearly.

“Ghastly, what are you doing?” b.l.o.o.d.y frowned as it asked.

“Killing all of them is just a waste. I want to catch a few of them alive so that I can do some experiments.” Ghastly was being frank with b.l.o.o.d.y.

Although the instruction given was to kill, Ghastly did not actually go against b.l.o.o.d.y by catching a few of them alive. b.l.o.o.d.y did not say anything else.

“It’s fine. Just let it be.” Lin Huang then whispered to b.l.o.o.d.y.

He did not mean to spoil Ghastly. In fact, there was nothing wrong with Ghastly’s decision to catch them alive.

Despite Ghastly slacking all the while, the battle ended very quickly. After less than 10 minutes, they were about to end the fight. They managed to wipe out all the Luna Beasts and almost two-thirds of the Fiendish Osiers had sacrificed themselves in the battle.

Just as b.l.o.o.d.y was about to give the last instruction to clear up the Fiendish Osiery, its body suddenly became stiff.

At almost the same time, Lin Huang who was standing next to b.l.o.o.d.y had a shocked expression.

Lin Huang’s neck was stiff as he turned his head around to look at b.l.o.o.d.y. b.l.o.o.d.y’s face had a shocked expression as well as both of them exchanged glances with each other. They knew they had seen.

“It seems like it has discovered us.” b.l.o.o.d.y was feeling worried.

“Yes. In fact, it’s already staring at me.” Lin Huang shook his head, forcing a smile.

“I felt like something was wrong right at the moment when she entered the area covered by my Territory. I checked what’s actually happening out there with my Divine Telekinesis. However, it activated its telekinetic skill as well and the power it was on par with mine. It then managed to locate me after getting into contact with me.” Lin Huang told b.l.o.o.d.y what had just happened.

“I’ve hidden thousands of leech pods throughout the journey, and it has destroyed all of them in an instant. I was wondering how it did it earlier but after listening to what you said, I finally understood. It’s because of its telekinetic skill.” b.l.o.o.d.y felt relieved as it was really frightened by its opponent.

“It’s really strong even without its telekinetic skill. Its aura can be compared to that of Chan Dou. It’s the strongest immortal-level monster that I’ve ever encountered.” Lin Huang’s face contorted.

“Should we leave?” b.l.o.o.d.y asked.

“Yes, we should.” Lin Huang quickly nodded his head. “The ability of the hornet queen is incredible. Also, there are 12 hornet guardians that have abilities that are almost at the imperial-level as well as millions of Combat Hornetdemons. With our current abilities, we’re incapable of fighting them.”

“Moreover, I’ve earned enough points.” Lin Huang smirked as he looked in the direction where the hornet queen was leading a swarm of hornets at several kilometers away. “Keep the rest of the Fiendish Osiers alive, let’s get them into trouble.”

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 326

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Chapter 326: Suspended Training?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After Luo Li left the submission place, Zang Bing looked at the three of them.

“Don’t go anywhere before Sister Luo comes back.”

“How long would that be?” Lin Huang did not want to waste his time there.

“If everything goes as planned, she should be back in an hour. Perhaps, she might even make it within half an hour if she’s fast,” Zang Bing answered.

Zang Bing’s answer had proven that what Yi Yeyu had said earlier was true. She was not exaggerating when she said that Luo Yi could fight a triple mutated monster of the same level with the G.o.d’s Blood. After all, Yi Yeyu was not even a holy fire-level a few days ago, so her judgment on Luo Li’s ability might be subjective. On the other hand, because Zang Bing was on the same level with Luo Li, his judgment would be relatively more objective.

“Let’s wait for a while then, since it’s only one hour at the most,” Lin Huang said to Yi Yeyu and Li Lang.

The both of them did not object to him as it was dangerous for them to be outside in these conditions. In usual circ.u.mstances, partic.i.p.ants of the training would avoid territories of monsters that were above white flame-level. However, since the black dragon’s instruction had been issued, the monsters that were above white flame-level might leave their territory to hunt humans down, which made the ruins more dangerous than the night before.

Zang Bing and Si Kongjian got busy with their Transmission Snails. To prevent from confusing people with multiple instructions, the Union Government had given out three types of Transmission Snails to the staff. The first one was exclusively for the three examiners of the training. They used a Transmission Snail that only connected the three of them and none of the other staff had access to that. Zang Bing and Si Kongjian informed their own group of staff about what was happening to get them to secretly protect the training partic.i.p.ants.

Just when the three of them were getting bored, a white dimensional relic appeared in the sky and Luo Li casually walked out of it.

“So soon?! It hasn’t even been five minutes!” Li Lang was shocked.

“It hasn’t even been three minutes…” Lin Huang looked at the time on his Emperor’s Heart Ring. Luo Li had been gone for only two minutes and 16 seconds to be exact. It was stupefying that she had managed to kill the Molten Dragon with such a short period of time!

“Didn’t I tell you that Sister Luo Li is powerful?” Yi Yeyu beamed proudly. As the white dimensional relic disappeared, Luo Li appeared before Zang Bing and Si Kongjian.

“You settled it so soon?” Zang Bing’s eyes were wide open. Although Si Kongjian did not say a word, the corner of his eye that was lifted slightly betrayed him. He did not expect Luo Li to be back so soon.

“No, the fella escaped by shedding its outer skin…” Luo Li grumbled annoyedly, “I didn’t expect the sky dragon to be such a p.u.s.s.y. It ran away before I could even do anything.”

Luo Li did not bother lowering her voice, so Lin Huang and the rest heard her loud and clear. Li Lang rolled his eyes as he thought Luo Li was exaggerating. However, Lin Huang thought what Luo Li said might be true. Perhaps, the Molten Dragon sensed something dangerous from her demeanor, so it escaped. Some monsters were very alert to danger, and the Molten Dragon may possess such a supreme sensing ability.

Yi Yeyu, on the other hand, trusted what Luo Li said fully as she knew how powerful she was since she had grown up with Luo Li. The other two examiners trusted Luo Li too as both of them were well-versed with her ability.

“That black dragon was terribly lucky that it managed to escape from you.” Si Kongjian teased, “But too bad for it that it escaped by shedding its outer skin because then, its combat level would drop a level or two lower.”

“It won’t have such good luck next time!” Luo Li was furious.

“So, what should we do now? Since the black dragon is still alive, the other monsters will be striving to fulfill its order and hunting down all the training partic.i.p.ants. If that is the case, our training difficulty will increase as well as the death percentage. Should we suspend the training?” Zang Bing looked at the both of them worriedly.

“Wow, look at you! You guys must be sick of being an examiner by now. My a.s.sessment hasn’t even started yet!” Luo Li objected.

“But it would be dangerous to proceed with the training now,” Zang Bing insisted this time.

“What do you think?” Zang Bing looked at Si Kongjian.

“I have no comment. You guys can discuss. I’m okay with anything.” Si Kongjian opened his arms in nonchalance and backed off. He did not stand on any side as he did not want to offend anybody.

“Xiao Bing Bing, it’s not as bad as you thought. I’ve heard many things from the little black dragon’s follower. The instruction isn’t about killing humans, but to bring humans alive to it.” Luo Li toned her temper down when she saw Zang Bing being all serious.

Although she was daring, there was nothing that she could do about Zang Bing’s stubbornness. Once he decided on something, it was impossible for him to change his mind. He would not give in even if he was beaten up. He would only change his mind with legit reasoning.

“An order is an order but the executor might not execute what it says exactly. Even though the decree is to capture humans alive, it might eat them later on. The goal of this training is to allow the young people to challenge themselves. That’s why they’re asked to kill white flame-level monsters. But now that they will be encountering monsters above crimson flame-level, blue flame-level and even purple flame-level, they might be killed instead. That would mean that there won’t be any room for them to train themselves, which defeats the purpose of the training. There’s no meaning to carrying on with the training,” Zang Bing elaborated.

Luo Li was silent after hearing what he said. She knew that it would be too much if she insisted on carrying on with the training. She spoke again a while later, “How about this? We get all the partic.i.p.ants to come back and tell them what’s happening. They get to choose to stay or to leave. If most of them choose to suspend the training, we do just that. However, if most of them choose to leave, we’ll send those who want to leave out of the ruins while allowing those who want to stay.

“However, we have to change the mechanics of the training. We’ll need to discuss further on how to keep everybody safe if we’re carrying on with the training.”

Luo Li compromised in the end but she suggested the option of allowing trainees to stay as she did not want to give up the opportunity of being an examiner. Zang Bing stayed silent.

“Lao Zang, let’s do what Sister Luo suggested. After all, there’ll be some partic.i.p.ants who don’t want to lose the opportunity of this training,” Si Kongjian finally spoke, sidelining Luo Li this time. Zang Bing lifted his head and looked at Lin Huang and the others.

“What do you guys think?”

“I’d like to carry on,” Lin Huang answered without thinking twice.

“I’d like to level up to white flame here,” Li Lang answered.

“Although I have already leveled up to white flame, I still want to train myself by battling more.” Yi Yeyu smiled at Luo Li.

“See, five over one.” Si Kongjian patted Zang Bing’s shoulder smugly.

“Alright then, let’s get everybody back and decide later.” Zang Bing nodded.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 738 – A Death–Seeking Spirit Transfer

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Chapter 738: A Death-Seeking Spirit Transfer
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just as Zhu Xing’s body turned into ashes, a black glow appeared abruptly. Lin Huang was caught unprepared and the black glow flicked between Lin Huang’s eyebrows.

“F*ck! It’s a spirit transfer!”

Lin Huang’s heart skipped a beat but when he was finally able to react, it was too late. He could vaguely guess what the black glow was. Soon, he was immersed in his thoughts as he entered the world in his body.

In the world within Lin Huang’s body, Zhu Xing… No, he was now Wu Zhi. Wu Zhi’s consciousness rapidly transformed into his true body.

He looked totally different from Zhu Xing and was different from what Lin Huang imagined previously.

Lin Huang initially thought that an intelligent man would be physically inferior to other men. However, Wu Zhi was muscular and had a height of about three meters. His body was comparable to polar bears and could possibly even be stronger than them.

His consciousness was transformed back into his true body in the world within Lin Huang’s body. He did not deliberately increase his size. In fact, his body had always been that size.

He was muscular and tall, with a fierce expression that made him seem like a butcher. He did not look intelligent at all. It was the first impression Lin Huang had when he first saw his true body.

Upon entering the world within Lin Huang’s body, Wu Zhi saw the ten Life Wheels that he had. He was shocked and soon, he realized that the burning Life Fire in his Life Wheels was hundreds of meters tall. It had far surpa.s.sed Zhu Xing’s Life Fire.

“This person is more talented than the previous. This is such a steal!” After uttering those words, he saw an all black “painting” hanging in mid-air as he lifted his head.

“What’s that?” Wu Zhi was curious. Just as he was about to look at it carefully, a black glow was released from the “painting” all of a sudden.

Wu Zhi could not react to it in time, and the black glow penetrated through his body. The body that was just formed began collapsing at a slow speed.

He was in fear as he watched his body collapse. Aside from that, he could clearly sense that his consciousness was being erased. He could neither utter a word nor make a sound. He could do nothing as he saw his body being transformed into countless energy particles while his consciousness gradually emptied itself.

As soon as Lin Huang regained his consciousness, he saw Wu Zhi’s body collapse.

“He died too quickly… Xiao Hei, it seems like you’ve restrained your power previously.” Lin Huang raised his head to stare at the “painting” in mid-air. He was the only one who knew that it was not a “painting”. Instead, it was a huge card.

“I may not be able to do anything to him elsewhere, but this is my territory.” Xiao Hei’s voice resounded and did not bother to explain any further.

“Alright, I’m leaving.” Realizing that the so-called spirit transfer was just a false alarm, Lin Huang did not want to wander around in his body any longer.

“As for the consciousness of the Virtual G.o.d, do you want me to turn it into an Inheritance Card or a Combat Soul Card?” Xiao Hei’s voice was heard once again.

“Huh?” Lin Huang was stunned.

“The Virtual G.o.d’s consciousness can be turned into a card. Choose either one of them. Do you want an Inheritance Card or a Combat Soul Card?”

“I didn’t know that there’s such a great deal!?” It was not because Lin Huang did not hear it clearly. Instead, it was because he thought he did not hear it correctly. “I’ve gotten Wu Mo’s inheritance so let’s just forget about Wu Zhi’s inheritance. Let’s turn it into a Combat Soul Card.”

Lin Huang decided without hesitation. Since he had gotten the True G.o.d’s inheritance, he felt that there was no need to obtain the Virtual G.o.d’s inheritance anymore. Moreover, the Combat Soul Card was apparently much stronger. With a Virtual G.o.d as the combat soul, it could be summoned when he eventually became an immortal-level. He would have no fear of demiG.o.ds by then.

“Nothing will be consumed if you were to make it into an Inheritance Card. However, as for the Combat Soul Card, 300 card draws are required.”

“Eh, you did that on purpose! You know that I’m left with 310 card draws! Why are you still forcing me to use 300 card draws all at once?” Lin Huang stared at Xiao Hei.

“You’re overthinking it. If he was in good condition, I wouldn’t be able to turn him into a card even if you have 3,000 card draws, let alone 300. It consumes a large amount of energy in order to transform it into a Combat Soul Card. If I were to convert it into a card by using my own energy, it’ll cause me to fall asleep. Most of the system functions will be disabled and I figure you wouldn’t want that to happen. Fortunately, only a small portion of his consciousness remains. I can barely transform it into a Combat Soul Card with the energy gathered from the 300 card draws.”

“I actually concealed the fact that it can be transformed into three types of cards from you. However, this would consume even more energy.”

“What is the third type of card?” Lin Huang immediately asked.

“It can be transformed into a spirit type monster card or an undead-type monster card so that it can become a summoning monster.”

“How many card draws are required?” Lin Huang was startled and immediately asked.

“More than 30,000 card draws.”

“Just ignore my question…” Lin Huang was shocked. At first, he imagined himself owning a Virtual G.o.d summoning monster. However, he immediately gave up on his thought when Xiao Hei told him the number of card draws required.

“Are you sure you’d like to consume 300 card draws to turn it into a Combat Soul Card?”

“Please wait a minute. I have two questions that need some clarification.” Lin Huang did not answer recklessly. “The first question is, will it be able to retain its ability as a Virtual G.o.d after being transformed into a combat soul?

“The combat strength of his true body is originally on Virtual G.o.d rank-8. Creating a combat soul with the remaining consciousness will result in his combat strength being on Virtual G.o.d rank-1 where it will be maintained.”

“As for the second question, after transforming it into a Combat Soul Card, I suppose that I won’t be granted the authority to summon it even after I’ve gotten to immortal-level. Will the card be sealed?” Lin Huang then raised an issue related to his summoning authority.

“It won’t be sealed but yes, your authority will be restricted. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it. Instead, a restriction is imposed on its usage. An immortal-level only can only summon it once and the summoning period is limited to three minutes. At the imperial-level, you’ll have three chances to summon it with a summoning period is five minutes. After becoming a DemiG.o.d or a Virtual G.o.d, these restrictions will be removed.”

“Is it possible to increase the number of uses allowed?” Lin Huang asked.

“It’s impossible to do so. These are the rules, and I’ve no control over it.”

“Alright. It’s great that an immortal-level can summon it once.” Lin Huang knew that Xiao Hei did not lie to him regarding not being to change the number of uses allowed.

“Do you have any other questions?”

“No, I don’t. Let’s turn it into a Combat Soul Card.” Lin Huang shook his head since he had already got the answers that he was looking for.

“Consuming card draws x300. Commence forming a Combat Soul Card… The Combat Soul Card is completed.”

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained a Mythical level Combat Soul Card – Sorcerer G.o.d!”

Lin Huang had already regained his consciousness earlier. After staying at his original position for about 10 minutes, a notification from Xiao Hei finally arrived.

Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 940 – Meeting Chan Dou Again

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Chapter 940: Meeting Chan Dou Again

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Since there were not many changes on the Stairway Tree leaderboard and few people were online in the Genius Union, n.o.body noticed Lin Huang breaking through to checkpoint 63.

He noticed that Chan Dou was online when he arrived on checkpoint 63. Lin Huang recalled the Herculean King and headed straight to the Heaven Alliance foothold.

Just when he got into the range of the Heaven Alliance foothold, Chan Dou welcomed him, dressed in a white suit.

After taking a good look at Lin Huang, Chan Dou said in surprise, “Your combat strength…”

“I’m already on immortal-level rank-7 now.” Lin Huang nodded. There was nothing to hide since those Heaven Alliance members would find out sooner or later.

“The elevation rate of your combat strength is terrifying!” Chan Dou had found out from Tan Lang that Lin Huang was only on immortal-level rank-3 when they came out of the Fallen G.o.d Land before the New Year. It had only been less than three months since they got out of the Fallen G.o.d Land and he had already elevated four ranks so quickly!

Though surprised, Chan Dou knew it was Lin Huang’s private matter, so he did not ask further. The duo chatted while walking towards the office.

“How do you know I’m here?” Lin Huang asked.

“My communication device notified me when you logged in. I realized you were breaking through the checkpoints rapidly. You spent less than an hour getting to checkpoint 63.” Chan Dou flashed a thumbs up.

Lin Huang had just recalled that he added Chan Dou as a friend on his communication device whereby there would be notification whenever a friend came online. He only had Chan Dou as his friend in Genius Union, he had countable friends overall including Yi Yeyu. Since he was often offline, he seemed to have never heard the notification tone and almost forgotten about it.

“Since you’re already on checkpoint 63, it means you’re eligible to run as the deputy chief of the Heaven Alliance. I’ll find time to gather everyone within these few days to officially recommend you as our deputy chief of the Heaven Alliance. I’ll let you know once I’ve fixed the time, but you must be present by then.” Chan Dou brought up the notion of nominating Lin Huang as deputy chief again.

Lin Huang had already promised him earlier, so he did not bother rejecting him this time. All he did was remind Chan Dou, “I won’t stay too long on immortal-level. I’ll definitely elevate to imperial-level within this year.”

Chan Dou nodded a little helplessly wearing a smile. “I could see that. It’s my mistake. I thought you were still far away from elevating to imperial-level, but it’s alright. Just help us whenever you’re still the deputy chief.”

“Are you really ready for your elevation?” Lin Huang could not help but ask when both of them arrived at the entrance of the office.

“So what if I’m not ready? The situation’s more powerful than I as a person.” Chan Dou forced a smile and shook his head. He pushed the office door open. “The Union Government’s rules are set. Those below imperial-level aren’t eligible to obtain the methods.”

Lin Huang walked into the office too. After taking the cup of tea Chan Dou handed him, he sat on the couch and fell into silence for a while with his head held down. He put the tea down and lifted his head to look at Chan Dou. “What if I have my ways to get you the methods?”

Initially, Lin Huang was unwilling to involve Chan Dou in this because his ident.i.ty might be exposed as soon as the ancient methods spread out. Although Chan Dou would not sell him out, the Union Government would find out about him if they put enough effort in.

However, he thought about it and realized that Chan Dou had been taking care of him all this while. He had a kind personality too. It would be unfortunate if he ruined his future just for the ancient methods.

Moreover, Mr. Fu did not say that the Union Government prohibited him from spreading the methods around. Even if the Union Government were to find out about Lin Huang and his ident.i.ty, they would not look for him about that matter.

Most importantly, two of Lin Huang’s G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls had elevated to imperial-level purple gold-rank and had the ability to fight demiG.o.ds. He had sufficient power to take on any powerhouse’s challenge now.

Chan Dou, who sat across the couch, was first stunned by what Lin Huang said, but subsequently shook his head immediately. “Stop fooling around. Even if you manage to get it, the risks are just too high. The Union Government isn’t any other organization, you’ll be doomed on the entire continent as soon as you offended them.”

“I’m not stealing intelligence from them. I don’t think they would come for me just for that,” Lin Huang said with a smile, “I’ll ask you again. Do you want it?”

Chan Dou had a complicated expression on his face and he finally nodded after some struggle. “Yes! I owe you one.”

“These methods can’t be transferred through data, so I can only give you the method via jade slip in person. Are you getting someone to pick it up from me in Division 3 or do you want me to send it to you?” Lin Huang asked.

“I’ve been tied up here recently. Otherwise, I would’ve taken it from you myself.” Chan Dou thought about it. “I think Tan Lang’s in Division 3 these few days. Give it to him. I’ll get him to bring it back.”

Although Tan Lang had ‘graduated’ from the Genius Union, they had been good friends for years and knew each there even before joining the Genius Union. Chan Dou had no concern getting him to help.

“Sure, I’ll arrange the time to meet him.” Lin Huang nodded. He had Tan Lang’s contact number.

“If your family asks about the methods…”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll insist that I obtained them from the black market without deliberately looking for them. I won’t involve you in it.” Chan Dou already had an explanation prepared.

In reality, even if the Chan Clan did not believe that explanation, they would not investigate further into it. The possibility of them helping Chan Dou to keep the secret was even higher.

“Don’t rush into elevating to imperial-level. Break through after you’ve done all the preparations.” Lin Huang did not want to see Chan Dou ruin himself, which was the reason why he wanted to give him the methods.

“I know.” Chan Dou grinned while nodding. He then took a long look at Lin Huang. “To be honest, I can no longer tell how powerful your ability is.”

“It’s just immortal-level rank-7. That’s two ranks lower than you,” Lin Huang said humbly.

“Hey, I can’t obtain 100 billion points on the Stairway Tree.” Chan Dou waved and grinned immediately.

“Unfortunately, I can’t do that now.” Lin Huang was rather annoyed as he thought about that.

“What plans do you have now? Are you going up further?” Chan Dou asked.

“No, I’ll stay on checkpoint 63 for now.” Lin Huang shook his head and looked at Chan Dou while raising his brow. “Are you so sure that I can break through checkpoint 63?”

“I think you can.” Chan Dou picked up the tea and sipped it slowly.

“I heard the bug guardians and the Queen Mother are very powerful. Have you fought them before?”

“I’ve no idea about the Queen Mother. I’ve never seen her fight, but the bug guardians are indeed formidable. Their abilities alone are much more powerful than triple mutated monsters. They might be quadruple mutated. Their abilities are on par with mine if three of them fought together. I’d have to run away if four of them attacked me at once,” Chan Dou shared his battle experience.

“Is that so?” Lin Huang was a little disappointed not to have learned anything about the Queen Mother’s ability.

“I think you could take three of them down at once. Try it.” Chan Dou attempted to persuade Lin Huang while smirking.

“Not today. I’ve reached my limit before dawn.” Lin Huang shook his head while returning the smile.

“I’ve almost forgotten that you didn’t obtain any points all the way from checkpoint 58 to checkpoint 63.” Chan Dou just recalled that Lin Huang’s points remained the same since he had logged in earlier.

Just when Lin Huang and Chan Dou were chatting happily in the Heaven Alliance office, someone finally noticed that Lin Xie had made it to checkpoint 63 on the Stairway Tree leaderboard.

“Lin Xie has arrived on checkpoint 63!”

Soon, the news spread in the Genius Union.

Many powerhouses who stayed on checkpoint 63 stopped treating Lin Huang as a junior ever since they heard the news. They began treating Lin Xie as being on the same level as they were.