Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby Chapter 819 – What Do You Want To Talk About? You?

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Chapter 819: What Do You Want To Talk About? You?

Translator: Yunyi

Tang Xinrou sat down unwillingly, her eyes red with anger.

She gnashed her teeth. “If An Feiran dares to rekindle his old feelings for Song Jingwan, I’ll castrate him!”

Even if she didn’t want him, she couldn’t let that faker get away with it!

“You can’t just look at the surface of everything.” Song Yaoyao propped up her chin and raised her eyebrows. “Occasionally, you have to learn to look through the surface to see the problem.”

“What problem?”

Tang Xinrou felt wronged. “I’ve looked from side to side, up and down! All I see is An Feiran, that stinky man, having a good conversation with that faker! Don’t I look good? He didn’t even look for me tonight!”

“How dare he brush me aside! We need to have a proper talk.”

Song Yaoyao gently knocked on her forehead. “Be more patient. Before you have any evidence, don’t be blinded by anything. Otherwise, you might regret it for the rest of your life.”

How many couples ended up becoming enemies because of a misunderstanding when they were clearly in love before?

Tang Xinrou was already used to listening to Song Yaoyao, so she sat down beside her and stared in An Feiran’s direction.

“What do you think they’re talking about?” Song Yaoyao smiled. “About you.”


Tang Xinrou was shocked. She then pursed her lips. “You’re not lying to me, are you?”

Talking about her with another girl? Was he sick?

Song Yaoyao said helplessly, “Look at the shape of his mouth.”

As they were talking, An Feiran seemed to have noticed that someone was looking at him. He turned around and saw Tang Xinrou.

In that instant, his polite smile was instantly covered by gentleness, and his eyes were filled with starlight.

Tang Xinrou’s heart skipped a beat, and her face started to heat up.

She nervously held Song Yaoyao’s hand. “Yaoyao, are you… are you serious? Was he really talking about me just now?”

“Why do you have to guess it yourself?

Song Yaoyao held her chin and looked at the man who was surrounded by the crowd, talking and laughing cheerfully. She smiled softly. “Can’t you just take the initiative to ask?”

So many women liked her Gege. Did that mean Huo Yunque was having an affair with them even though Song Yaoyao couldn’t help but feel jealous?

Tang Xinrou did not seem to understand. “How could I do that…”

As she spoke, An Feiran had already walked to Tang Xinrou’s side and extended his hand towards her.

“Tang Tang, I’ll bring you to meet someone.”


Tang Xinrou instantly turned cold and stared at him with resistance. “It can’t be Song Jingwan, right? I don’t want to!”

Song Yaoyao facepalmed.

This woman was hopeless.

Perhaps G.o.d had placed all his skill points on her looks when he created her and had forgotten to give her a brain.

An Feiran was also very surprised. He and Song Yaoyao looked at each other. It was funny. “Why would you think it’s Song Jingwan? What do we have to do with her?”

“I can’t believe you’re asking that!” Tang Xinrou could not hide her grievance, but she raised her head high with an arrogant expression. “Tell me, what were you talking about just now? She even touched you! How annoying!”


An Feiran could not help but laugh. His amber eyes were like honey, especially warm as it moved under the light.

“She came to talk to me, but she was asking me about my relations.h.i.+p with the chairman of An Corporation.”

Tang Xinrou squinted. “What did you say?” “Of course, I told her the truth.” An Feiran was very curious. “Is my father very shameful?”

“Fool, he’s obviously too attention-grabbing!” People like Song Jingwan wouldn’t do anything if it didn’t benefit her. She used to look down on An Feiran, but now she took the initiative to talk to him. Could it be that she suddenly changed her mind and discovered his strengths?


Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby Chapter 815 – The Despised Huo

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Chapter 815: The Despised Huo

Translator: Yunyi

Lin Shuang rubbed Tong Tong’s head and told Song Yaoyao to look after her. Then, she went to find Xiao Ye.

Tong Tong raised her head and looked at Song Yaoyao with admiration. She said excitedly, “Sister Yaoyao is so great!”

Song Yaoyao touched her nose and said proudly, “I think I’m great too, but the best one is still your Uncle Huo! I have to praise him. His performance today was great!”

Huo Yunque chuckled.

“Then can I apply for a reward?”

Song Yaoyao understood Huo Yunque’s tricks now, so she blushed and immediately rejected him.


She hugged the child and said righteously, “It’s your responsibility to serve your girlfriend, how can you ask for a reward for such a small matter?”

“Is that so…”

Huo Yunque clicked his tongue and pretended to be hurt.

“But Song Yaoyao, this will demotivate your boyfriend. Are you sure?”

Song Yaoyao blushed and her eyes were watery. She snorted, “Aren’t you normally motivated enough? Any more motivated and I’d die.”

He better not be more motivated.

Old men were too scary.

Fortunately, Huo Yunque did not read minds. Otherwise, Song Yaoyao would not be able to escape that night.

Old man? Huo Yunque would show her later whether he was old.

Children did not understand much. They only wanted to hear what they wanted to hear.

Therefore, Tong Tong only heard the word ‘die’. She quickly covered Song Yaoyao’s mouth and her chubby fingers were like carrots, “Sister Yaoyao, you can’t say this word. Mommy said this word is unlucky! Quickly learn from me! Pfff! Spit out all the bad luck!”

The little girl was cute and soft, making people want to pull her into their arms and give them a good ma.s.sage.

Tong Tong saw that she was only smiling and did not follow the way she taught her. She pouted unhappily and said, “Sister Yaoyao, you’re not good!”

She glared at her very seriously, indicating that this behavior was very bad!

“Alright, alright!”

Song YaoYlao squatted beside her and obediently spat three times with her.

Only then did Tong Tong smile again. Her chubby little hands caressed Song Yaoyao’s face as she lectured her like a little adult, “Don’t say that word again in the future. It’s unlucky.”


Tong Tong was satisfied.

Huo Yunque raised his eyebrows. He looked at the Little Brat who was still curled up in Song Yaoyao’s arms, refusing to leave. He said calmly, “Tong Tong, come to uncle.”


Tong Tong quickly hugged song Yao’s neck and looked at her warily, as if she was afraid that Huo Yunque would come and s.n.a.t.c.h her away.

“I want to be with sister Yaoyao!”

Huo Yunque looked down at the two shorties squatting on the ground and asked, “I’m an uncle? but why is she a sister? Why?”

“Why are there so many questions?”

Tong Tong leaned on Song Yaoyao’s shoulder and bit her finger. “Of course there is. it’s because sister Yaoyao is pretty!”

After saying that, she kissed Song Yaoyao’s face and giggled.

A string of laughter rang out in the hall.


Song Yaoyao keenly felt that someone’s aura was starting to turn cold. She felt a chill on the back of her neck and weakly explained, “Gege, Tong Tong is a girl.”

Huo Yunque smiled. “I know.”

If it was a boy, he would have thrown him out by now.

Oh, no…

To be exact, a boy would not have a chance to get close to Song Yaoyao, let alone sit in her arms.

Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby Chapter 814 – Little Rascal And Big Rascal

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Chapter 814: Little Rascal And Big Rascal

“Yaoyao, you can’t be so rude.”

Fortunately, Huo Yunque quickly helped her out.

He looked down and patted her head lightly in disagreement. From an angle that others could not see, his deep phoenix eyes were filled with a faint smile.


Song Yaoyao pouted aggrievedly and shook Huo Yunque’s sleeve. “Then, Gege, when are we leaving? I don’t want to stay here anymore.”


Song Yaoyao’s mood was low. She buried herself in Huo Yunque’s arms and pretended to cry. “I have a feeling that the Old Madam doesn’t like me very much. But, I clearly like the Old Madam very much! Huhu…”

Lin Shuang almost laughed. She quickly held it in and her shoulders trembled slightly.

Old Madam Yi’s expression froze. “How can that be? Yunque, you can’t believe what she’s saying. I liked her from the moment I saw her! Why would I chase her away?”

Huo Yunque’s lips curled into a casual smile. He patted Song Yaoyao’s back gently and looked at Old Madam Yi with a smile.

“I think you’re right. There must be some misunderstanding. This little girl has a good temper. Those who don’t like her are probably blind. Old Madam, how could you be blind, right?”

“You, you…” Old Madam Yi was so angry that she was trembling. Huo Yunque, however, was not the person she could lose her temper at just because she wanted to. She endured one thing after another, her head hurting so much that it felt like it was going to explode.

Song Yaoyao turned her head at this moment, and her big black eyes were filled with worry. “Oh my, what happened to you, Old Madam Yi? Are you alright?”

She was still in Huo Yunque’s arms, and her little face that was slightly covered in makeup was fair and clean. She did not look like she had cried at all?

She was pretending!

She was indeed a vixen!

Old Madam Yi hated girls like this who liked to please me; they were not dignified at all.

She gripped her walking stick tightly. Because she was thin and weak, her veins were bulging, making her look especially scary.

She tried to soften her tone and said amiably, “I’m fine. You just stay here and have fun. Don’t think too much!”

Upon hearing that, Song Yaoyao beamed and responded with a clear voice, “Old! Thank you, Old Madam Yi!”

After that, she said to Huo Yunque delicately, “Gege, you’re right! Old Madam Yi likes me very much! As expected, those who don’t like me are all blind. Old Madam Yi is not blind.”

Cough, cough, cough…

Old Lady Yi could not catch her breath. She was so angry that she almost fainted.

The surroundings instantly became chaotic as the maids tried to help the old woman to the back for some rest.

“Tsk,” Song Yaoyao wrinkled her small nose and shook her head. “The older you are, the more open-minded you have to be. Otherwise, it’s not good for your health. It’s not good.”

She commented in a serious manner.

Huo Yunque wanted to laugh, but he pinched her nose.


Song Yaoyao immediately jumped into his arms with a smile. “Hehe.”

“You Little Rascal.”

He knew everything she did, but he still willingly played along with her.

Song Yaoyao retorted immediately, “You Big Rascal!”

Old Madam Yi nearly fainted from anger and Huo Yunque played a part in it.

Huo Yunque did not comment and smiled at her.

Lin Shuang breathed a sigh of relief and rubbed Tong Tong’s little face. “It’s okay, be good.”

She looked at Song Yaoyao gratefully. “Yaoyao, thank you so much.”

If not for her, she would have lost face in front of so many people, and she would be laughed at by her sisters-in-law for who knows how long.

Although she was used to it, who would want that if they had the choice?

“It’s okay.” Song Yaoyao smiled. She waved at Tong Tong, and she immediately ran over and hugged her legs..

Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby Chapter 816 – Someone Who Bullies Children

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Chapter 816: Someone Who Bullies Children

Translator: Yunyi

“That…”Song Yaoyao blinked.

“That won’t do either.”

Huo Yunque bent down and pulled Tong Tong out of Song Yaoyao’s arms mercilessly. He tucked Tong Tong under his arm and allowed her to struggle.

“Ahhh, you baddie! Uncle Huo is a baddie! Sister Yaoyao, save me!”


Song Yaoyao could not help but look at Huo Yunque innocently.

Huo Yunque raised his eyebrows and replied with an equally innocent expression.

Song Yaoyao covered her nose.


Her Gege was suddenly a little cute! What the h.e.l.l?

She pretended to be calm.

Tong Tong was dragged out of the room under the man’s arms as she stomped her little feet.

“Uncle is a baddie!”


“Baddie! I want Sister Yaoyao, not you!”


Tong Tong raised her head. “Why should I listen to you?” She puffed her cheeks and became angry like a puffer fish.

She felt that Uncle Huo was as annoying as her father.

The former did not allow her to get close to Sister Yaoyao, while the latter did not allow her to pester her mother.

So annoying, so annoying.

“Because she’s mine.”

As Song Yaoyao listened to the man’s serious reply, waves of heat surged up to her face. She protested softly, “Gege, Tong Tong still doesn’t know anything.”

Tong Tong was completely at odds with Huo Yunque.

She glared at him. “Sister Yaoyao isn’t yours! She’s mine!”

“Oh, we sleep together at night.”

Tong Tong: “…”

“We can see each other every day.”

They could even hug and do some happy things.

Tong Tong hadn’t seen Song Yaoyao for a long time but she was agitated in this way as soon as they met.

She pulled a long face. Song Yaoyao felt that something wasn’t right. Tong Tong was too quiet.

Just as she walked over worriedly, she called out her name.

Tong Tong suddenly burst into tears.

“Mommy! Uncle Huo is bullying me!”

Song Yaoyao was at a loss. “Don’t cry, don’t cry…”

She wanted to hug Tong Tong, but Tong Tong had already opened her chubby arms and was about to throw herself at her.

However, in the next second, Huo Yunque calmly dragged her back.

This time, he changed his position. Compared to hugging Song Yaoyao, it was like h.e.l.l.

Tong Tong missed her target. With tears in her eyes, she watched as Song Yaoyao moved farther away from her.

She opened her mouth wide and cried even louder.


Song Yaoyao looked at Huo Yunque in silence. “What should we do?”

Huo Yunque asked, “Do you want to take a shower?”

Tong Tong was dragged to the lakeside.

Song Yaoyao: “…”

Tong Tong: “Wahhh! Sister Yaoyao, Sister Yaoyao, save me! Huhu, Mommy… I want Mommy…”

Song Yaoyao could not hold it in any longer and rushed forward to s.n.a.t.c.h Tong Tong back.

She glared at Huo Yunque, and when she saw his calm and innocent face, she gritted her teeth.

What should she do?

Seeing Tong Tong’s fate, Song Yaoyao could foresee that her child would not have an easy time in the future.

Was it okay to bully a child with a straight face?

Yi Ting held Xiao Ye in one hand and Lin Shuang in the other.

Seeing this scene, his eyelids twitched. “What’s going on? Who offended our little princess?”

Song Yaoyao turned her head timidly and looked at Huo Yunque.

The man was calm and composed, and his expression did not change.

“She wanted to cry.”

It had nothing to do with them.

Yi Ting: “…”

Looking at his good friend’s expression, why did he not believe it?

Those who were not familiar with him all thought that the person in front of them was a divine figure who was untainted by the mortal world.. But those who were familiar with him knew how evil and childish he could be.

Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby Chapter 817 – Gege Is A Repeat Offender

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Chapter 817: Gege Is A Repeat Offender

Translator: Yunyi

He knew that the two children were afraid of him, but he still liked to tease them.

And he always teased them until they cried.

“Second brother, it was you, wasn’t it?”

Yi Ting took Tong Tong from Song Yaoyao’s arms with a cold expression.

Tong Tong was crying and sobbing. Her chubby hand was still pointing at Huo Yunque, letting her father know who the culprit was.

Yi Ting expressed his helplessness.

Daughter, your father can’t beat this man, and I can’t beat him in business.

You just have to endure it. In the future, you will bully his son and take revenge.

Huo Yunque shrugged.

Song Yaoyao rubbed her nose. She was too embarra.s.sed to say that he was bullying a child. It would be shameless if she told others.

But why did Yi Ting make it sound like her Gege was a repeat offender?

“Xiao Ye, where did you run off to? Your mother was worried sick, do you know that?” Song Yaoyao said as she touched Xiao Ye’s face.

Xiao Ye pulled a long face and turned his face away from Song Yaoyao.

Lin Shuang frowned. “Xiao Ye…”

“It’s okay.”

Song Yaoyao squatted down and placed her hands on Xiao Ye’s shoulders. She asked patiently, “Does Xiao Ye not like coming here? But this has nothing to do with your mother. Why are you angry with your mother?”

The girl’s voice was exceptionally gentle, making Lin Shuang want to cry.

She quickly raised her head and swallowed the little bit of sourness.

Xiao Ye matured earlier than Tong Tong, and he wasn’t as heartless as her. In fact, he had a lot of things hidden in his heart at such a young age.

Otherwise, he would not have said what he said.

But no matter how mature he was, he was still a child.

Especially when he heard his favorite sister’s gentle voice, his eyes reddened slightly. He said coldly, “I hate Great Grandmother! I hate this place!”

“Uh huh, what else?”

Yi Ting patted Lin Shuang’s back with heartache. “We won’t come here anymore, okay?”

“She always scolds Mommy! That’s why I don’t like her.”

At this point, everyone understood what he meant.

Song Yaoyao glanced at Yi Ting but did not say anything.

This was their family matter, so it was naturally up to them to settle it. Although she felt sorry for Lin Shuang, as an outsider, it was not appropriate for her to interrupt.

Smooth sailing only happened in fairytales. Real life was filled with obstacles.

Xiao Ye hugged Song Yaoyao’s neck, unable to hold back his tears.

Huo Yunque pinched the s.p.a.ce between his brows. No matter how he looked at this little brat, he did not like him.


Seeing that he was so pitiful, he let him lean on her for a bit.

Song Yaoyao and Huo Yunque did not arrive early so it didn’t take long before the banquet began.

Old Madam Yi rested for a while. She had clearly recovered.

She had a smile on her face, and beside her was the weak girl from before. In the hall, other than the guests who had come to celebrate the birthday, there were also the descendants of the Yi Family.

From old men with gray hair to babies who were still in their infancy.

Five generations were present in the same house.

They had suffered so much when they were young, but even now, they were still living under her wrath.

As long as she was still alive…

Old Madam Yi smiled proudly. When her gaze swept past Lin Shuang, she could not help but show disdain. But soon, when she saw Yi Ting, her smile became gentle.

“Yi Ting, come to Grandma.”

She looked at Yi Ting’s figure with antic.i.p.ation.

This was her proudest grandson, the most promising one among the younger generation.

“I’m sorry, Grandma. Xiao Ye and Tong Tong are scared. I have to stay with them.”


In front of the entire hall of guests, Old Madam Yi’s cheeks puffed up.. She nodded with a smile and asked with concern, “That’s only right. Is everything okay?”

Mrs. Huo Is A Crybaby Chapter 820 – Meeting Parents

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Chapter 820: Meeting Parents

Translator: Yunyi

She clearly knew that he was the sole heir to the An Corporation.

What a joke.

“Anything else” “Tang Xínrou felt that Song Yaoyao was right. If there was

anything that she didn’t know, she had to ask. Otherwise, she would be

paranoid and there would be problems sooner or later. “Then why did she

touch you?

An Feiran said innocently, “She didn’t touch me.”

I clearly saw it!

Song Yaoyao tooka sip of her drink and slowly added, “Seeing may not be the

truth. Now that she’s taught you a lesson, you should be careful when you go

out in the future. Don’t get photographed by the paparazzi.”

With just one sentence, Tang Xinrou instantly understood.

Was it just the angle?

d.a.m.n it!

She knew that this wretched Song Jingwan had bad intentions.

“What else did you talk about? Just this? Why are you smiling so happily?”

She crossed her arms and snorted coldly.

An Feiran felt even more wronged. “I’m not… Haven’t I always been like this?

When he said this, Tang Xinrou frowned and thought for a moment.

Then, she touched her nose and felt awkward.

It seemed like that was indeed the case…

His temperament was clean, and he always had a scholarly air about him. He

smiled slightly at everyone and was very polite.

But soon, her face darkened.

“No! You have to change this habit in the future! Don’t smile at her

An Feiran nodded obediently. “Okay.”

“Actually, not just her. You can’t smile at other girls too

An Feiran: “Okay.”

That’s more like it.” Tang Xinrou was satisfied.

He didn’t know how attractive his smile was. He didn’t mean it, but it didn’t

mean that others felt nothing when they saw it

Then you can come with me now, right?

An Feiran found it funny and gently held her hand.

“Where are we going?” Tang Xinrou calmed down and her temper improved.

“My dad wants to see you. I told him that I have a girlfriend and I’m attending

the banquet tonight.”


Tang Xinrou pulled her hand back and stared at him.

“We’re going to meet your parents now?! No, no, no! I’m not ready yet!

“Yes, you’re ready.”

An Feiran interlocked his fingers with hers again, telling everyone that he and

Tang Xinrou were a couple.

“But I.. Yaoyao. Tang Xinrou begged Song Yaoyao for help.

The girl’s face was slightly red as she waved her hands at her with a smile.

“Good luck, I have hope in you.”

Tang Xinrou’s eyes darkened as An Feiran pulled her away.

Her legs started to tremble.

Meeting the parents… why was she suddenly meeting the parents?

Song Yaoyao hummed a tune happily as she watched Tang Xinrou walk away.

The smell of desserts filled her nostrils. Song Yaoyao pursed her lips, but

nfortunately, she couldn’t eat it.

At this moment, the maid split the cake and gave song Yaoyao a piece.

She licked her lips and glanced at it, but didn’t move.

“Why aren’t you eating?I remember you like desserts.

Tonight, Song Jingwan was wearing a dress from the same collection as Song

Yaoyao. It was the same color but a different style.

The light blue color made her look even purer and more beautiful, her

temperament graceful.

Seeing that Song Yaoyao ignored her, she didn’t care and directly sat down

beside her

“By the way, are Tang Xinrou and An Feiran really together? It’s really

unexpected.” Song Jingwan smiled and sighed.

Hearing this, Song Yaoyao raised her eyebrows and smiled meaningfully.

“Yeah, what a surprise. They’re already meeting the parents.”

Song Jingwan was stunned. “What?

“They’re meeting the parents. Didn’t An Feiran tell you when you were chatting

just now? Tsk..” Song Yaoyao raised the corners of her lips with interest. “I

thought you knew.”

Song Jingwan swore that she saw deep malice in Song Yaoyao’s eyes..