Ms. Doctor Divine Chapter 759 – Fraud

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Chapter 759: Fraud

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Obviously, Lady Chaoyan was very happy for him about the wedding, just like everyone else. That was a good thing for him. In this way, it was proved that she never had any other feelings for him. For her, his wedding was just a very common thing she encountered, but..

He understood, yet he just could not expect it completely. His heart felt stifled. The wedding didn’t seem to be a happy occasion for him any more.

Gu Chaoyan also sensed that he was not in the right mood. She looked at Zhou Huaijin, who showed a blank expression. Gu Chaoyan asked confusedly, “Are you alright, Young Duke?” Zheng Chenyi instantly stopped showing his true feelings. He forced a small smile.

He had just lost Lady Chaoyan, but Lady Chaoyan had sensed that he was not in the right mood. That was not a good thing at all.

Zheng Chenyi shook his head. “No, not at all. It is just that I feel very anxious for the wedding, Lady Yu is a nice girl, she is from a n.o.ble family, though not the lineal daughter, but I used to be so badly-injured and most of the ladies in the capital had no interest in marrying me, so it is already nice of Lady Yu not to care about that. Also, my mother likes her too, I believe that she is a very suitable wife.

Gu Chaoyan nodded and felt that Zheng Chenyi was right, but something still seemed wrong

Gu Chaoyan just could not figure out what had gone wrong. She forced a smile. “It’s good that Lady Yu is a nice girl!”

Zheng Chenyi forced a smile again.

He felt the book of The Saint Divine Anecdotes. He had intended to return the book to Lady Chaoyan today. He had finished the story, and he was getting married soon, so it wasn’t right for him to keep the book, but he was just unable to take it out.

Zheng Chenyi thought for a while, then he decided to wait for another, more

proper occasion, where he could return the book and ask Lady Chaoyan about some confusing stories within.

When he thought about this, Zheng Chenyi decided that it was not the right moment to return the book. So he dropped the idea.

Then he informed them about the wedding date and left.

When Zhou Huaijin offered to walk Zheng Chenyi out, he turned him down.

Zhou Huaijin just could not help, but feel that Chaoyan’s slowness in affection was a good thing, otherwise she would be troubled too.

Everyone around could tell what Young Duke was thinking, but if he did not point it out, Chaoyan would never get it.

Zhou Huaijin could not help shaking his head.

When Xinlin Clinic was about to open, it was the period for the selection of new girls. So the Clinic was opened in silence.

Xiu Jie had been put in charge of the clinic, and he had hired a pageboy to do the daily guarding. Gu Chaoyan did not spend the whole day there.

No medical materials were sold in the clinic at all, other than the medical pills that were sold at 1,000 yuan per bottle. Also, the clinic only treated people who were dying. Many pa.s.sers-by laughed at the clinic rather than walking in, but Xiu Jie was not anxious at all.

One afternoon, dozens of doctors came to the clinic.

Those doctors looked at the things on display at the clinic. One of them shouted loudly, “How dare you conduct fraud under the name of a clinic!”

Well these people had come to a mutual understanding of driving Xinlin Clinic out of the capital. The leading man was the visiting doctor at the Jis.h.i.+ Clinic.

Gu Chaoyan had just walked into Xinlin Clinic when she heard the name calling. She came to the gang and asked with a frown. “Who is saying that we are frauding?”

“Who are you?” The leading man asked.

“The doctor of this Xinlin Clinic.” Gu Chaoyan answered calmly. “Hahah, a young girl! How dare you conduct fraud under the name of a clinic!” The leading man looked at Gu Chaoyan disdainfully..

Ms. Doctor Divine Chapter 761 – Busy With

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Chapter 761: Busy With

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So judging from what this young girl was saying, she was not going to do

anything according to their suggestion? And she sounded very confident that

she was able to cure dying people

Doctor w.a.n.g suddenly became very furious.

He had received a lot of respect from doctors in the capital, but this young girl

dared to counter him so boldly leaving him totally humiliated.

Very well. Very well.

Doctor w.a.n.g looked at Gu Chaoyan. “So you mean that you are able to cure

dying people?

“of course.” Gu Chaoyan answered peacefully.

Doctor w.a.n.g nodded. He did not continue to argue with Gu Chaoyan, but

turned to the other doctors as he said confidently, “Since she thinks that we are

causing her trouble, then we will wait and see if she is able to cure dying

people. If she fails, then we will have to do something about her!”

The other doctors had a discussion among themselves, then they nodded at

what Doctor w.a.n.g said. They believed that it was a good idea.

Those visiting doctors could just send their patients who they were not able to

cure to the Xinlin Clinic.

When that moment came, it would be more than about arguments.

Doctor w.a.n.g went away with the gang and silence dominated the Xinlin Clinic


As Xiu Jie saw these people going away, he asked worriedly, “What are we going

to do, Elder Miss?

“No worries.” Gu Chaoyan answered briefly. She did not attach much

importance to these people at all, but Xiu Jie was still very worried.

He did not think that Doctor w.a.n.g was a man with integrity. He was a doctor

with a terrible look in his eyes and he might use some filthy tricks to win the


Sword One patted Xiu Jie’s shoulders seeing his worried look. “Aren’t you

confident in Elder Miss’ medical skills?

Xiu Jie nodded.

Well He did not have to worry about anything. Elder Miss was a very capable


Gu Chaoyan glanced at the clinic, then she nodded in satisfaction.

Xiu jie looked like a tough man, but he was very careful in his tasks.

The Xinlin Clinic wasn’t very large in size, but Xiu Jie had very carefully

decorated it. They were not specialized in selling medicine, so the Xinlin Clinic

looked a bit concise inside, but the Xinlin Clinic set up shelves in the clinic,

where some medical books were placed neatly.

That must have been prepared by Xiu Jie for her, when he noticed that she

loved reading books.

After the examination, Gu Chaoyan had intended to take a walk around when

someone came to the clinic.

Gu Chaoyan was very surprised to see the visitor, who turned out to be

Madame w.a.n.g!

A look of delight and surprise appeared on her face.

Madame w.a.n.g’s grandson was the first person she cured, and she had taken

good care of her, but Madame w.a.n.g barely went outdoors, so they almost

never ran into each other. Unexpectedly, she was at the clinic now.

“Madame w.a.n.g” Gu Chaoyan went up to greet her politely.

Madame w.a.n.g was in a good mood. “Theard that you opened a clinic, so I am

here to check up on you. You are selling medical pills, right? Officer w.a.n.g has

been very busy these days, and he barely has time to take a break, so I would

like to buy some medical pills for him to be healthy. I am very a.s.sured about

your medical skills, so I am very a.s.sured about your medical pills too.”

Gu Chaoyan was very surprised. Nothing special was going on in the court. So,

what kept Officer w.a.n.g so busy?

“What is Officer w.a.n.g busy with? Gu Chaoyan asked subconsciously..

Ms. Doctor Divine Chapter 760 – How Did You Know?

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Chapter 760: How Did You Know?

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They had been anxious when they arrived here, since they had no idea who was behind the clinic. That was why they formed a gang so that they could come together as one. In this way, they could feel slightly more a.s.sured.

However, they had not expected that the doctor of the clinic was a young girl!

These people instantly showed a disdainful look on their faces.

Well, even though men and women were all allowed to learn medical skills in the Saint Divine Land, there were just few women doctors who were skilled enough in the capital, and those two who were excellent were already working the court.

This girl, who looked young and immature, dared to brag so openly! There was only one explanation for that- she was commiting fraud!

Gu Chaoyan glanced at those so-called doctors.

She sneered. “Fraud? Who have I scammed? You?”

“You can sue me at the government, but I have done nothing wrong,” Gu Chaoyan said confidently.

These people were all doctors, but she was very aware of what those doctors

wanted. They were willing to cure small diseases just to earn some money, but

they never accepted any seriously-sick people from ordinary families, in case

they failed to cure them and ended up ruining their own reputation.

Therefore, they started to get very annoyed and worried, when a clinic that

only accepted dying people was opened in the capital.

They normally did not accept any dying people, but she did. So that was

basically a huge humiliation for those so-called doctors! That was why they

could not stand her Xinlin Clinic.

However, even though they could not stand the clinic, it was still going to open

to the world.

Gu Chaoyan’s confident words still made those people feel disdainful.

Doctor w.a.n.g, the leading doctor from the jis.h.i.+ clinic, was not young any more.

He had been a visiting doctor at the Jis.h.i.+ clinic for a long while, and the Jis.h.i.+

clinic had been a very prevailing clinic in the capital. So the other doctors were

very willing to hear what he had to say.

At this moment, Doctor w.a.n.g looked at Gu Chaoyan disdainfully, “Not

commiting fraud? You are not now, true, that is only because there is n.o.body

dying here! Little girl, do you know that you are truly commiting fraud, if some

dying man is here and you fail to cure him?

“You are too young to makea fuss out of this, you better think about marrying someone rather than being a con-artist!”

Doctor w.a.n.g was very confident. And he believed that he had already seen

through hovw this young girl was going to act as a con-artist!

The payment was 10,0oo, which would not attract anyone from an ordinary

family. And those who were able to pay 10,000 yuan would never choose an

unknown cinic. So she was just making use of the so-called “dying man” to

open up a business. And what she was going to make profits from was the

medical pills!

One thousand yuan for one bottle, so ten bottles would cost 10,000!

Doctor w.a.n.g was sure that some rich people would be willing to pay for the

medical pills that cost ı,000 yuan! However, that was not the issue! The issue

was that they should have earned the money rather than this young girl!

Well. Doctor w.a.n.g had already set upa plan – when they drove away those at

the clinic, he could sell the medical pills himself! Therefore, he had to get the

clinic shut down now!

Doctor w.a.n.g looked very determined, but Gu Chaoyan was not afraid of these


“How do you know I am unable to cure dying people?” Gu Chaoyan asked


Doctor w.a.n.g frowned and threw a very profound look at Gu Chaoyan..